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NIHON FALCOM THREAD Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 12:46:29 Id:12de89 No. 281116
Trails of Cold Steel IV releases on PC and Switch today! >Latest News -Ys IX: Monstrum Nox will get an English release by NISA in 2021 on PS4, PC and Switch. -Trails of Cold Steel IV will get released in English on PC and Switch today. -"Hajimari no Kiseki" was released on August the 27th in Japan. -"Kuro no Kiseki" will be released in Japan in 2021. >Fan-translations -Trails from Zero got its last update on March the 14th. -Trails to Azure is completely edited and has entered the testing phase. The old leak got a few updates, including updated NPC and item names, that now fit the other games, and a lot of bug fixes. (https://imgur.com/a/bQOs4kX) -Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga is completely edited and has entered the testing phase. >Undubs Mega of every undub: https://mega.nz/#F!k5ZjwTCD!A4Uyb67OpQQ_qCoB-zvx0g Merge the JP voices and Dummy files into one folder and dump that folder into the voice folder. >Falcom pastebin (download links for scans, Falcom Magazine volumes, soundtracks and more) pastebin.com/G2mswYCt
(39.39 KB 354x422 Tio.jpg)
Previous thread archive https://archive.fo/HrJUy
>>281122 Cant believe Nisa killed all enjoyment i had in this series desu
>>281151 >What is piracy?
>>281154 nope not even gonna waste my time on their mind melting translations.
>>281154 >what is getting a bad product regardless It would've been better if it was untranslated so the fans would be forced to do something This is like when fags think everything is fine because they can use anime "fansubs" that are just cancerous funimation and crunchyroll rips
>>281181 >This is like when fags think everything is fine because they can use anime "fansubs" that are just cancerous funimation and crunchyroll rips <Where do you think the most cancerous fansubbers went?
>Latest news >just modern ys shit and trails shit >no mention of Sorcerian's incredibly impressive lost java-phone port getting re-released on switch or the fact that it's getting a PC release on steam in the near future https://archive.vn/lzik3
>>281312 is it going to be subbed by nisa
>>281314 It's not gonna be subbed at all. But if you've played the old IBM version you'll know what to do since it has all the scenarios from that release
How badly was CS4's translation butchered? Also, how soon will Azure's translation be released? I've been marathoning the series in chronological order and just got to the intermission in Zero and I know once I finish this I'll want to play it immediately.
>>281425 The translation for Azure that already exists isn't that bad if you really want to play it.
>>281425 >How badly was CS4's translation butchered? Overall quality-wise it’s about the same as CS3, which is to say not quite as good as XSeed but still more or less fine. The big problem with CS4 is the script is way rougher, having more typos, text going off the border and some wrong lore names. This stuff was corrected quickly with CS3. But CS4 hasn’t seen a single patch yet in like seven months. It’s possible the PC version doesn’t have these errors. I don’t know, I haven’t played that version yet.
>>281520 Oh so they handed over CS4 to Durante's crew again? As for the technical issues, have retranslation mods ever been done for the Cold Steel games?
>>281736 There is one for 3 https://archive.fo/s2Rrk But I've heard it changes around some names for a more literal translation.
>>281736 There were some touch ups done for III by a very cool dude. Hopefully they're on the case again.
They churn out the Kiseki games like hotcakes. Holy Shit. And they're all long as fuck. Who does anybody have time to play them. Even as a NEET with nothing better to do, it would scare me to devote all that time to 1 series.
>>281181 The fans did do something. CS4 has had a fan translation for a long time. Hajimari has one too.
(721.09 KB 3991x4003 IMG_20210403_214331.jpg)
(549.62 KB 600x849 68339950_p20.png)
(401.72 KB 600x713 68339950_p10.png)
>>281744 This mod is ass. It fixes nothing and in some cases just makes things worse. It was made by an autist who got mad at things like “Duvalie the Swift” and changed it to “Godspeed Duvalie.” He has very specific and stupid grievances and if you’re looking for a more complete retranslation he is not your guy. >>281756 If we’re talking about the same guy, he fixed nothing and was a retarded autist. >>281769 Kitsune’s spreadsheets cover the critical path but leave out npc and minor quest dialogue, not to mention any variations with other party members. Even if you were to mod the game with a that, the parts of NISA’s translation that are probably the weakest would be the ones you were still stuck with. Kitsune is not without his own faults too. He once tried to add “mansplain” to he CS3 spreadsheet. Thankfully he was bullied enough to remove it. >>281759 I managed it as a neet. As someone with a full time job it has become way harder. I can’t even imagine someone trying to catch up with a schedule like that. I’m lucky I already played most of the series.
>>281990 I played through Zero and Ao back when I had a job. You just have to plan your evenings around only playing trails tough, which worked well for the most part.
>>281994 Do you have NPC autism though? The need to talk to all the npcs?
>>281996 Yes. There are hidden subquests in just about every game in the series, in addition to every NPC's dialog changing per story event.
>>281996 Yes, and spending some evenings only walking around and talking to NPC's wasn't the most exhilarating time I've had in a trails game.
>>281996 I really only talk to a couple NPCs that I liked.
Is learning nip the only option to properly enjoy cold steel?
>>282620 Until 3 and 4 get translated by the fans yes 1 and 2 were handled by xseed when they still had Tom and Brittany so they're pretty much fine
>>282620 The writing in the Cold Steel games isn't good enough for NISA to ruin in the first place. >>282642 Aside from the text spilling outside the borders when talking to a few minor NPCs, I didn't notice any real difference between the XSEED and NISA games.
when the fuck is someone gonna translate Brandish 3
>>282841 >Aside from the text spilling outside the borders when talking to a few minor NPCs, I didn't notice any real difference between the XSEED and NISA games. Based on what I’ve heard Durante fixed this anyway as well as the typos and lore mistakes.
(207.63 KB 850x1098 ClipboardImage.jpg)
Its sad how far these threads have fallen from their glory days. Makes me both sick and tired of it, but I suppose it makes sense given the circumstances. >old threads back on 8ch.net used to have plenty of memes, discussion, recommendations, a general vibe of hope and optimism for the future >the NISA shit was generally met with righteous anger and a hope that Falcom would change their ways and give CS where it rightly belonged >People slowly realize that Falcom won't budge and will only get worse, start making shit like gachas and giving fucking MORE IPs to NISA because Kondo likes the taste of their president's cock and the promise of frog money >people start fucking off from the threads as discussion and interest decrease, XSEED fucking collapses and turns SJW while tossing out Brittany and Tom >As legitimate anons fuck off, only the fucking desperate faggots and listless people who still care about this shit stay like the single lone autist who made up over 170 posts of the last thread by himself >Nobody has the time or energy anymore to tell Falcom "Fuck you" until they actually stop being cancerous after they ignored the emailing campaign and steam review carpet bombing >the whole shit with 8chan going down for a whole fucking year and the 8kunt disaster ensured even more legitimate anons wouldn't be around anymore >now the threads have neither discussion nor memes (nor hope for that matter), just a few people rightfully bitching about NISA because they have nothing better to do now that everyone else is gone, and 1-2 people IP-hopping to basically say that the NISA version wasn't that bad because "Muh D-durante" and "i-its not good as XSEED's but its fine otherwise, please believe us" despite top NISA staff literally admitting to (((localizing))) content in the game in their own past streams on it And by the way, you fucking faggot(s) who keep saying that sort of bullshit about how NISA's version is mostly fine or whatever. Nobody with a brain is fucking buying it. There is a reason these threads are by and large completely dogshit now, and it has entirely to do with two major things. Falcom cucking out with NISA, and quality anons fucking off from the thread for entirely justified reasons. I've barely used these threads for a long fucking time as a result of this dogshit, this is more of just a final "vent" before my usage of them all but drops to 0. Posting the same screencaps in every fucking thread or a few nice pieces of fanart doesn't fix the fact that these threads are utter dogshit now. Anyone with a brain and eyes can see these threads are fucking doomed. Thread quality logically is an extension of the series quality, and if Falcom cares this little about you and their own IPs, the writing is on the fucking wall for the future of this company unless something radical changes. Personally they've slapped the community (both east and west) on the face with their cocks one too many times to accept this kind of bullshit anymore, but to those who want to keep enjoying the taste, be my guest. God I'm pissed and tired.
>>282968 I can at least rest easy knowing my top 5 falcom games were all faithfully translated by fans or localized to a great/satisfactory level before this whole Armageddon started. It just pains me that we never got Sorcerian Original or Dinosaur Resurrection in English before it happened.
>>282968 It's a fucking shame how that all went down. I was actually planning on getting into TitS, but held back when NISA butchered Ys 8. Now i've pretty much written the whole series off. Of course now XSeed is arguably even worse than NISA so it looks like we were damned either way.
>>283201 Trails in the sky may arguably be my favorite rpg and the best one I’ve played. Xseed’s original localization team worked hard and with passion and delivered. I would highly recommend playing through it. I didn’t have an overwhelming urge to do CS afterward anyway, though Trails to zero/ao were also exceptional RPG’s.
>>283201 The trails in the sky trilogy and the Ao/Zero duology are still more than worth playing even if the series goes to shit anon, they are masterpieces even if they weren't interconnected across a massive series of games in an incredibly well-designed way, they are just that good. Just don't give XSEED, NISA, or really anyone any money for this shit. Appreciate TitS for the masterpiece it is, talk about your experience with any anons still willing to, and take your leave, either forever or until things get better The nice thing is, unless they start retroactively patching games to add in pozz, you can still enjoy Sky and Crossbell as the great works they are. I'm not exaggerating when I say that trails FC and SC (together) are a service to the vidya medium and put nearly all works to shame with its world and writing.
>>282968 >XSEED fucking collapses and turns SJW while tossing out Brittany and Tom >Of course now XSeed is arguably even worse than NISA do you have any proof at this? i remeber tom leaving the company and he was resposnsible to keep the game free of censorship despise wanted developers to censor themselves, but after that i didnt see xseed fucking up any game... in fact i didnt see xseed WORKING on any game for the matter.
>>283232 Their localization leads are openly pro-censorship SJWs. XSEED's previous bosses literally cut Tom and Brittany out of their game credits retroactively after they were gone as well iirc, and the timing on Tom and Brittany leaving was suspicious since it was within literal days of each other and not long after the CS contract shit went down. Go look back at the old archived threads, this was already discussed. I'm too tired to pull that shit up again. I never said XSEED was arguably even worse than NISA, that was a different anon, but they are certainly cancer now. XSEED certainly lost a lot of business and shit, doesn't help that Marvelous cucked out.
>>282968 >making shit like gachas Falcom doesn’t make gachas. A third party company does Akatsuki. They have nothing to do with it other than allowing them to use the license. >>282968 >lone autist who made up over 170 posts of the last thread by himself That’s what happens when a thread lasts for like 8 months. >>282968 >And by the way, you fucking faggot(s) who keep saying that sort of bullshit about how NISA's version is mostly fine or whatever What do you want me to say? The quality is a little worse but it’s really not that different. Honestly I had a weird moment when I played Tokyo Xanadu and Ys 8 back to back and realized TX’s localization was infinitely worse. This was after months of these threads saying that Aksys would have at least been preferred to NISA. But Aksys was the one who filled their script with shitty memes and cringy deviations. Even at it’s worst when it came out Ys 8’s script wasn’t memey, just really fucking lazy. And after the retranslation it’s just a bog standard localization: I’m not going to lie just to stick to the 8chan party line. I’ve been in these threads for years. I’m sure as shit not going to pretend NISA is perfect. They’re obviously lazy and do minimum effort. I wish XSeed was still in charge too, but having seen the localization, no it isn’t that bad. They haven’t censored anything. They even ported over all the lewd loli costumes. They even realized they were shit at porting and just have someone else do it now. The real problem is if you like modem Falcom or not. If you think Cold Steel is shit then knowing Japanese or getting a different translation isn’t going to fix it for you. You just don’t like modern Falcom, which is fine. It’s very different now. For all it’s faults I still like the Trails world and want to see where it goes. I fully get if other people don’t. I’m gonna stay here and talk about it. If you don’t want to that’s fine, but if these threads do anymore is make you mad maybe you should just stop coming. It would have to be healthier for your state of mind at least.
>>283239 >I never said XSEED was arguably even worse than NISA, that was a different anon, but they are certainly cancer now. yes i forgot to link the anon post >XSEED certainly lost a lot of business and shit exactly my point. after they lost falcom games contract i dont remember they even working on any game AT ALL, thats why im asking they actuallly cucked a game?
>>283248 >They haven’t censored anything. there are videos saying they removed a bikini costume for one of the characters in cold steel 3 thought
>>283248 There is no way this woman isn't build for exclusive anal use
(138.77 KB 1000x861 ClipboardImage.png)
(126.71 KB 887x793 ClipboardImage.png)
(71.73 KB 1167x635 ClipboardImage.png)
>>283239 since I didn't want to be too lazy of a faggot, I found some archives and screenshots for some of the shit I was talking about. https://archive.is/iQtnp https://archive.is/bPLwi https://archive.is/jEa2T >>283248 >They haven't censored anything Right right. Just because you didn't get any pantyshot issues this time around doesn't mean they didn't censor shit anon. 3rd pic related. I'm ignoring you now, you can keep living in your delusion with this "8chan party line" shit, which everyone else just calls "hating NISA for being cancer to pretty much every single game they've touched". People like you will literally never learn anything. I don't want you to "say" anything, if anything I want you to start talking less you colossal faggot.
(14.64 KB 1139x195 ClipboardImage.png)
(10.38 KB 1406x91 ClipboardImage.png)
>>283254 oh and I forgot to mention, they are definitely confirmed to be inserting memes. This was all information taken from their stream about Trails of Cold Steel 3, aka its all self-admitted from their higher up localization staff.
(28.95 KB 408x332 AltinaMood.jpg)
>>283252 >there are videos saying they removed a bikini costume for one of the characters in cold steel 3 thought That was Juna's active red. It was put up later for free. The only costumes that didn't make it were ones tied up in store specific deals. >>283254 >Right right. Just because you didn't get any pantyshot issues this time around doesn't mean they didn't censor shit anon. 3rd pic related. You do know that the entire Japanese script and the entire localized script of every Trails game can be viewed side by side on a specific site, right? And that people have gone over it with a fine tooth comb? This quote likely refers to a line a dialogue in chapter 2 where Altina says "you're surprisingly good at cooking" instead of "you're surprisingly feminine." The sentence is still basically the same thing: being surprised tomboy Juna has a feminine skill. It's just less overt. Was it an unnecessary change? Sure. Was it a big one? No. And one thing I've come to notice when viewing that site is just how much XSeed changed things too. In all honesty, CS3 and CS4 are probably closer to the Japanese script than any of the Sky games or CS1 or 2. >>283257 >oh and I forgot to mention, they are definitely confirmed to be inserting memes. Anon, I have played both games. I have spoken to every NPC. There was one who had dialogue I would consider an inserted meme and that specific dialogue was specifically taken credit for by one of the freelance former XSeed translators they brought in, not even a NISA employee. Respectfully, anon, your knowledge of everything here seems to come third hand, while I've actually looked this stuff up and played it directly.
>>282968 I hate this idea that Falcom's games are now bad because of the garbage translations and not because Falcom themselves have seemingly forgot how to make a decent game.
>>283283 >There was one who had dialogue I would consider an inserted meme Is it the one that says "dood" all the time? To think one inconsequential NPC can sour my mood so much.
Just finished Zero, shit was great. Even if the game was bad I'm just happy that Renne gets a happy ending after all of the shit she went through. I'll probably start the old translation of Ao if the new Geofront release doesn't come out in a month.
(121.82 KB 1024x979 1616067192363.jpg)
>Falcom plans on releasing Zero no Kiseki Kai and Ao no Kiseki Kai on PC & Switch >they only have chinese & korean text >not even a japanese text option I don't understand Falcom's decision on this one.
>>282968 >Its sad how far these threads have fallen from their glory days. That's just a reflection of the current state of Falcom. NISA is the least of my concern, I play Trails from Sky 1 to CS4 in Japanese. I felt that somewhere around CS1 their scenario guy binged crack and popped a few screws from his head. >Nobody has the time or energy anymore to tell Falcom "Fuck you" The top reviews on Amazon Japan for CS3 and CS4 already voiced all of my dissatisfaction that I have for the CS series. Whether Falcom wants to pretend those reviews don't exist, that's up to them.
>Still buying localized shit <Haven't learned nip just to not get memey shit from Californian faggots You people are either new at this point or have gotten soft, to a disgusting degree, over the years. >>283253 >Has huge tits and a fat ass <Exclusive anal use Come on now... >>283294 Depending on which game we're talking about. They've definitely forgotten how to make Ys games. >>283347 >I felt that somewhere around CS1 their scenario guy binged crack and popped a few screws from his head. That's just Kondo binging crack and speed while at the same time playing Super Robot Wars Masou Kishin and watching Aura Battler Dunbine. He basically unleashed his true otaku self. >The top reviews on Amazon Japan for CS3 and CS4 already voiced all of my dissatisfaction that I have for the CS series. I'll have to check those.
>>283249 Your answer is Rune Factory, which was fucked even while Tom was at the company working. XSEED also defaults a lot of Marvelous's work, so they picked up Kandagawa Jet Girls (but not Uppers, because they're cowards). Anyways, there's legit script changes in RF4 to make it pc-friendly, and there's that controversy in RF5 where a voice actor was Me Too'd with zero actual evidence and XSEED disassociated with the man almost-instantly. They're not good people.
>>283365 Don't forget that when people called them out for removing the ages of the Senran girls in SK2, they doubled down by adding pozz shit to Akiba's Trip on the vita. And Tom was aware about it and in on the whole thing.
>>283351 >I'll have to check those. Check for Hajimari no Kiseki's reviews too.
>>283370 Just saw all of them. Jesus, the nips are way too savage sometimes. Not that they are wrong about Rean being a haremfag MC and everything revolving around his dick post Sen2 but wow. I still don't get their compaints about the gameplay, what balance? The game went from a buff-debuff fest to something closer to a buff-team-attack-ULT fest which is at least a bit flashier. Unless they fucked the Combat Arnament system.
Let's also not forget, that the deterioration of Kiseki and Ys is not the only problem. Falcom barely releases anything else. The last three non Kiseki/Ys games were Tokyo Xanadu (2015), Nayuta no Kiseki (2012) and Brandish: The Dark Revenant (2009).
>>283294 >and not because Falcom themselves have seemingly forgot how to make a decent game. Tokyo Xanadu was the point where I finally woke up to the "Falcom hasn't made a good game since Nayuta no Kiseki" realization.
>>283384 Considering the only games that came out after Nayuta were Tokyo Xanadu, Ys Celceta and Sen I and out of those only Sen 1 was decent, so it was probably blackpill back then, especially when EX+ came out. Not to excuse Falcom but their downfall does begin with the Vita and TX.
>>283308 Nah it was the guy in Ordis who made a Baby Got Back reference. The “dewd” guy had a similar weird text quirk in Japanese I believe.
(247.07 KB 660x623 earth shaker.gif)
>>283232 https://archive.is/S2L27 >While many of the voice actors from the original returned for the Switch version, one major notable change to the game is that fan-favorite Vic Mignogna was not brought back to voice Vishnal. Here was an OAG article about the Switch release of Rune Factory 4 excluding Vic Mignogna for the english dub. If you aren't aware of who he is, the article explains the controversy. Ever since then, it was clear that XSeed is reliable whatsoever. RF4 is a niche game with a relatively small community. Nobody publicly demanded Vic be removed from the game - XSeed did it proactively. Any company that sacrifices one of the best English VA's for shit like this is untrustworthy. In my book, the people there are no different than NISA in ethics and people like that don't deserve to be supported.
>>283400 It’s gonna be bad when Atlus has to make the decision for Junpei. Dancing Moon Night was right before the storm hit and PQ2 had no dub. But they can’t avoid it forever. Either way it’s going to be a way bigger storm.
>>283400 >That gif Ah, the memories of using Hurricane and learning the hard way.
(281.99 KB 595x632 boner rising.png)
>>283404 Atlus USA is another company thats basically openly SJW after the whole Catherine tranny fiasco and many of their employees on twitter criticizing the jokes about faggots. If I am being completely honest here, I have very little faith in most localizers at this point. There are very few localizers left like Tom who had well-defined standards and stand by their anti-censorship principles proudly. Hell, he was the one who prevented a lot of censorship that was going to come into the games he was working on. Meanwhile, NISA and the rest publicly and constantly shit on the original creation. >Tom writes publicly in XSeed forums to remove himself from the credits of Akiba's beat because the original Japanese text was censored. https://archive.is/X7ziQ >Interview about Trails in the Sky/Falcom localization with Tom (~35 minute youtube interview) https://archive.is/tJGRP >GoG interview/AMA with Tom/Ken Berry https://archive.is/vdyKv
>>283413 Oh I have little doubt the cowardly choice is the one they’ll probably take. Just saying that it will be bad either way. Either they stick with Vic and get pounded by journos and Twitter activists or they cuck out and cause violent arguments in the fanbase.
>>283283 >you do realize that >other people have done X >I consider You are not trustworthy whatsoever, they literally admit to shitting up the game and you try to find some way to dismiss and minimize it as much as possible with vague dogshit and saying that a fan translation exists and people totally did their due diligence or some other bullshit. You can say you play the games all you want, I dont give a fuck about your shitty anecdotal opinion. Their top translators have admitted to (((localization))) before the game even fucking released. Your word pretty much counts for nothing.
>>283422 >He played the games >It sounds like you didn’t >He provided an explanation about specific points >You just point at vague quotes from localizers and go “see!” At least get some actual concrete things to counter his points with. You call him vague but so far he’s the one who actually brought up specific lines of dialogue while you just swing in the dark at possibilities because you clearly haven’t actually seen the script.
>>283294 The bizarre thing is that it's not like a bunch of new people came in and ruined everything. It's the same people who were behind the PSP golden age. Either there was a gas leak at the Falcom offices that gave them all brain damage or good video games only happen by accident and Falcom's luck finally ran out.
>>283509 >not like a bunch of new people came in New people have explicitely come in during the Vita era, however it was all new programmers to replace the aging staff but even then, you're right, the scenario writters, directors, producers, planners, designers etc were the same not just from the PSP era but from the fucking Trails and Napishtim era so at best, from 2004 in Falcom. The most damning thing one can throw at them is the fact they're unable to code for PC and do shitty ports and shitty optimization for PS4 games but beyond that, not much else. Falcom's like Banpresto : they just couldn't keep up with the new trends. They should have retreated back to the PC once the Vita was killed by Sony. HD and the PS4 effectively killed the company more than the demands for a high quality game on a high end pc when everybody knows, they could churn out a SnK looking game on the PC tomorrow and people would buy it if it had the same passion that Gurumin II had. Kondou wanted the PSP to be their door to the mainstream marketplace and the Vita to be their legacy but what happened was that the PSP was the door for the normalniggers to find and shit them while Rean's games and Ys8 are their legacy amongst the same fags that ridiculed them back in the PSP days.
>>283424 Nigger what the actual fuck are you talking about? The source for the translations literally directly confirmed that they altered the script in multiple ways. That is stronger evidence than randomly pulling any random bits of dialogue you imbecile. The most prolific and well-known scam artist is telling you that they scammed you, and you're asking specifically how you got scammed as if you're giving them the benefit of the doubt against their own nature and statements. >Oh they said they altered dialogue but they really didn't, after all some random people totally went through it with a fine-toothed comb and found that NISA, despite admitting to creating cancer, somehow didn't end up as cancerous as we thought This is the conclusion that you're expecting people to buy. I don't have such time to waste right now to go through a hellishly long script, to prove to you in overly specific ways that a company that already confessed to altering the script for a literally massive fucking game did it. Anecdotal evidence to the contrary means literally nothing here since the conclusion is literally giving the benefit of the doubt to a company that has already admitted to the fucking crime. The conclusion I draw from this is that that anon is a retard with no standards who I wouldn't trust to pick up my dog's shit without eating it.
>>283616 And yet you are so profoundly lazy that you can’t even go look up a single instance, so why the fuck should I care what you say? You’re less than useless. All you’re saying is “it must be there!” with absolutely zero examples. I actually had to look up your goddamn examples for you and you still whine like a bitch. But since you want to drop the niceties, double nigger, take a look at pick related and tell me honestly that you think what we have now is any different than what’s already been there all along. You’re argument is that NISA is worse. That they change more and insert more memes. Show me how they do more than this. If your entire contribution to a conversation about localization is to point at interviews without so much as looking at the script to find examples of your grievances then what fucking good are you? You’re like an “ideas guy” in a conversation who tells other people to work for him except somehow even less helpful.
>>283652 >please waste your time to satisfy my autism despite the past-convicted career criminal's completely voluntary confession Nah fuck off. Their admission is more than strong enough on its own considering their past and the nature of the admission, not wasting my time combing through a nip script (which I don't know enough on my own so I would have to rely on fanslator scripts) and a NISA script (which afaik I can't do without playing the game) to please your retarded ass. Finding examples to prove a completely redundant point is for people who really don't have anything better to do with their time. Do you know how things work in criminal courts anon? If a criminal has a past history, and they confess it's usually more than enough to out them away, let alone an entirely voluntary confession of their own free will with no outside duress whatsoever. Not gonna waste time with the minutia when the meat is right in front of you faggot. Only a completely ignorant retard would ask someone to prove NISA being worse than everyone else since its already a statement that's been proven by their well-documented past.
>>283681 NISA currently being worse*
(7.29 MB 640x360 NISA_censorship_stream.mp4)
>>283652 >>283424 https://archive.is/tMZLM This article contains information and links to the archived stream where NISA staff (Editing Coordinator Eric Mort, and Project Coordinator Moët Takahashi). >Mort then explains how this can include Japanese jokes that “have a different values than we do.” Takahashi then explained “So things we tried to kinda work around, things that might be a liiiiiitle sexist for example, in Japanese humor. And with those things we like to try to make it more culturally appropriate for our players.” Nobody has the patience or energy to directly compare the translations of the Japanese and English, that's ridiculous to even assume so. Its about the principles and values of the people localizing your games because how they translate depends on that. I guarantee you the reason the localization was amazing was because the people in charge refused to censor the Japanese work and gave the games respect they deserved. But the bottom line is: THESE ARE THE PEOPLE LOCALIZING YOUR GAMES. Let's not even discuss the atrocious job they've done with Ys 8 and CS3 on launch, that would be too easy anyway.
>>283681 >Nah fuck off. Their admission is more than strong enough on its own Thanks for admitting you lost the argument. I’ll mute your posts from now on. If you ever feel like nog being a useless piece of shit, here’s your resource: https://trailsinthedatabase.com/
>>283753 >lost the argument kek, what argument? You're an actual retard. The real world isn't some Danganronpa trial where you're defending someone innocent in some ridiculous mind-bending situation. They told you they fucked the games. They fucked up nearly all previous games and its visible for all to see, everyone with a brain knows this. You can try to look through every single little wound, bruise or pinprick on the skin of the victim for more clues but in this case its just going to lead you back to the same people who already fucking told you they murdered the person just like they did with everyone else they murdered up until this point you goddamn retard. Nothing you have said has disproven anything, you're just asking for more supporting evidence when something more powerful than all the script nitpicks in the world is right in front of you, you just refuse to accept it because you're retarded.
>>283382 >>283529 This company has made nothing but literal dogshit for more than a decade. Having a thread for them at this point is like having a thread for EA or Ubishit
KeA is so cute in 3d.
Ys IX PC on July 6th. Like all other recent releases it’s being done by Durante’s company, so if nothing else the port should be good. https://archive.is/OHpBn
>>291441 As if on cue. Great to see the thread is back to its normal quality (read: dogshit)
>>291429 >>291441 Shitty coomer games, sage
>>292179 If there was a more shit reason to disagree with actual fags, yours would be it Fuck your "coomer" cuckchan shit, and you didn't even sage you colossal faggot
>>291441 Yeah but is it still absolute trash like every Ys game that has the party system?
>>292196 It’s basically the same. More fun to move around, I suppose.
>>292196 What's so bad about Ys after the party system's introduction? t. Never played Ys, only Sora no Kiseki 1-3 and Zero
>>292549 Generally it’s seen as much more simplistic and less nuanced since instead of being about positioning and tactics it’s more just about timing guard or dodge to get an invincibility window and a power up. In short: it’s easier. Since the gameplay is seen as the draw for Ys as opposed to the story in something like Trails, people who dislike the party system see the series as having lost any point to exist.
(16.68 MB 426x240 flash.mp4)
>>292549 It completely erased any challenge the series had thanks to flash guards and flash moves which progressively get more broken with each entry.
>>292566 >>292567 That's truly a shame, does that mean even Ys 7 is irredeemable? I always got the impression that it was decent but looking at that gameplay video is making me reconsider even picking it or any later entries up. Here's hoping that Falcon gets their shit together in any case.
>>292569 Ys 7 has flash guard but no flash move, which was introduced in Memories of Celceta. So maybe it’s considered slightly less bad? It’s also the only party game that actually has Dogi as a party member, which is nice at least.
>>292569 7 is the least broken out of the bunch so it's a bit more palatable compared the the rest. Still a complete step down from the Ark of Napishtim era games.
>>292571 How difficult is it to pull that off though? I can't royal guard in DMC at all, for instance, or have any success parrying in Dark Souls.
>>292567 >tfw the guard sound effect replaces the OST for the game
>>292567 I'd argue if guarding ruins the game for you, simply don't use it.
(20.13 KB 1545x142 ClipboardImage.png)
>>292591 handicapping oneself of a core mechanic (if not one of the optimal ways to handle things) in a game to enjoy it doesn't sound like a particularly well-designed mechanic to me.
>>292591 >don't use flash guard >stuck fighting giant health sponge bosses that are designed to be taken down with skills instead of attacks >skill meter build extremely slow if you don't use flash guard >now you're stuck with a bad version of Zwei 2 without the fun experience system and 20 minute long boss fights Wow! How fun!
>>291441 No bumpan no buy
>>292567 It's the direction they took with flash guard + the fact that nobody in Ys7 took the time to balance the game for a team of people, instead of a solo experience. Try and compare the solo challenges on youtube, where everyone tries to turtle and the battles tak up to 10+ minutes at times, while people with basic knowledge about Ys can finish the battle in less time. Not only that, Flash Guard isn't as favourable in Ys 7 as it is in future games. Another thing that pushed flash guard like that is the lack of any sort of extremely hard mode in Ys7 along with an utter lack of New Game Plus and most importantly : Time Attack. >>292578 Also very true. It had potential to be better but they fucked it up and threw it away for flash shit. >>293175 >All that shit Ever consider doing tag combos anon or playing with the rest of the mechanics?
>>292569 I'll say as much as I fucking hate the party games I still found them much more fun than something like the Tales of games or the Trials of Mana/Final Fantasy 7/15 remake.
>>293879 Doesn't seem like nips can make good games anymore despite what weebtards think. Shame. Literally everything that came out of yellow nigger monkey land as of late has been dogshit.
>>293879 >something like the Tales of games Which games, specifically? >INB4 Vesperia because that's all weebs talk about >>293892 Decided to leave your tor Luciano?
>>293894 >INB4 Vesperia because that's all weebs talk about It's sad how hard that game got exposed after the definitive version got ported worldwide. Went from being the best received Tales game to the worst in almost no time.
>>293903 What did the definitive version change that made the game so disliked? I played the original version years ago and thought it was fine for a 3D Tales game.
>>293959 The dub for it was absolutely terrible, and apparently the original's dub was great, and they didn't reprise the old VA's role for the MC. plus the localization was sloppily and poorly done.
People actually modding the games this time it seems.
>>293903 It's not even the worldwide edition, even the regular Vesperia got fucking shilled to high heaven and back because it was literally "Halodudebro's first japanese anime ever" or whatever was hot shit when it came out in the west. Then other's learned it was on the 360 and since some people had experience with Tales of Symphonia, rushed and got it. I think Vesperia is also the very first time Troy Baker ever got a main character role? Even in Japan Vesperia and Yuri Lowel are insanely popular but if you were to ask Yuri's seiyu or any of the staff that worked on the game, they'll tell you they have no fucking idea how this happened. Even Kosuke Toriumi, who voiced Yuri, is completely dumbfounded and thought people would clamour for Flynn who was voiced by the then, very hot commodity superstar seiyu Mamoru Miyano, fresh off from Gundam 00 and rookie of the year, along with Flynn being designed to be deliberately the dude who won the audience's heart. >>294296 I had no diea the definitve edition had so many problems.
>>294296 Yeah funny story about that, Bamco tried to hire Matt Mercer to do Yuri’s new lines and he turned them down flat because he was basically sick and tired of being “discount Troy Baker” just picking up his old roles. So they got a new guy to do it, but also only had him record the new lines so you literally have two noticeable different voices for Yuri in the game. The cherry on top is that Baker said he would have come back and taken peanuts out of respect for one of his first big roles, but Bamco never even approached him.
>>293894 Vesperia. For all of party ys' flaws at least it's energetic and fast and has good music and you want to drop it after 8 hours instead of 1.
>>294908 >The cherry on top is that Baker said he would have come back and taken peanuts out of respect for one of his first big roles, but Bamco never even approached him. What the hell? I haven't heard of shit like this since Squeenix absolutely refused to contact Billy Zane after KH1 to reprise Ansem for god-knows-what reason despite him being totally willing. I thought nips were big on VA fidelity?
>>295809 The western branch of Bamco has always been dogshit bad localizations and bullshit like this is not exactly uncommon with them
>>295811 >You will never get an accurate translated script of Ace Combat 7 >That one guy who wanted to do the daunting job of making an entire translation of the Japanese script is MIA Well, now I am depressed
>>295946 Besides the whole comment on the Bulgadarapest Wall to keep foreigners away, was there that much of a difference between the 2 scripts?
>>295955 A lot, don't have the AC7 thread archives, but there was a lot more going on the story cutscenes and radio conversation on the campaign, but alas, Bamco really likes to go for cheap with the anime dub localizations.
>>296004 Wait, so they pulled an AC3 with AC7? Why the hell isn't this bigger news?
Just beat the second boss with Altina and Millum and it really pushed my shit in, hard mode btw, i beated the first two cold steels games on nightmare many years ago on ps3 but i didn't remember the games being so hard, maybe i'm just dumber.
>>300547 CS3 might be a bit difficult for some in the beginning, but once you get access to everyone’s brave orders and the ability to slot in the second master quartz the game becomes cake. I think the last fight anyone ever has trouble with is the act 1 ending boss and maybe some of the Divine Knight battles on nightmare. But once you realize that you can use Juna’s order to break everything and then Kurt’s to give you infinite turns after the enemy is broken for minimal bp the game is basically over.
>>300547 >>300838 Exactly, the bosses get new tools but so do you, so it's just a matter of getting used to them as you transition from CS1-2 to CS3-Hajimari. Other than abusing the break mechanic, ways to trivialize the game include Chrono Burst spam (using Musse's BO as a mana battery), or Emma spammable perfect guard (Altina's could work too).
>>301115 I like to trivialize by maxing Kurt's dodge, and turn him into an insane damage dealer with the power of his master quartz.
>>301118 Dodge tanks with Sirius and the critical counter quartz are hilarious, though Fie is way better since she counters from anywhere whereas Kurt has a very limited range. Fie isn’t available for most of CS3 though. Some people actually put all of Kurt’s stuff on Juna and leave her in gunner mode so she can counter from range instead in CS3.
>>301115 >Chrono burst spam Is it like the cheese with Machias in cold steel? kek you might think that Falcom would have learned by now, but i preffer games without perfect balance that are fun to break.
>>301144 C4 Altina and Fie stealth spam team with Juna spamming accelerate was absolutely broken.
>>301161 Pretty much. In Hajimari they did finally nerf Chrono Burst (can't be chained anymore) but several characters can work around that (with zero-delay crafts). At the same time, Hajimari with its huge roster and new items enables you to create lots of game-breakingly powerful builds. Not sure how far into the series you are, anon, but you'll like it when you reach it.
>>301236 I just started cold steel 3, 13 hs in and taking it very slowly talking to everybody and stuff.
Would CS2 help me like the CS games compared to 1, like SC was compared to FC? FC and 1 weren't too bad I just didn't really want to replay them, and FC at the very least had a very compelling cliffhanger for it and a decent MC.
>>301344 Nigger the games are connected, no shit No one with a brain would judge an entire trilogy of works by only one of the works, just do CS2 and see if it turns out well If not just drop it since iirc cs2 is an acceptable place to stop once you're done with it, if you don't feel the need to continue further (not that I would recommend it with NISA but I digress)
Gonna give Tokyo Xanadu EX+ a try
>>301352 Get ready for a shitty localization. It doesn’t start too bad but it begins to creep in after chapter 5 and really starts to degenerate from there. Prepare for some really shitty forced memes, slang and inexplicable references to Cthulhu. The gameplay is okay I guess and the story is alright. Not great but okay. I wouldn’t pay for the game, but if you want to kill some time it’s decent at that.
Can I ask for that one DL for Nayuta no Kiseki with the english patch? I keep misplacing the fucking thing and Nayuta's finally came up in my backlog.
>>304386 Thanks anon.
(34.04 KB 601x196 E1Ms6GDWUAI02He.jpg)
(333.40 KB 1725x1080 E1MkRubWEAAsGLR.jpg)
(377.82 KB 1700x1079 E1MkgpTXEAQNef8.jpg)
(380.08 KB 1716x1080 E1MkDVSWUAAkeGK.jpg)
New characters and some of the returning revealed. I don't like the Fagboy
>>308492 And gayest design of 2021 goes to
>>308492 That’s pretty bog standard shota bait. The worst part is the design is the boots going too high. Shorts are common for those types, but male characters should never have ZR.
>>308492 >meido with stockings and stirrups god tier >shota weaing shorts >no knees visible whats the point
>>308492 >Broomhandle medio Nice >Shota At least he has a robot dog.
I don't know why but I really want to play Ys 9. I think have a good feeling about it and hopefully it'll fix most of my issues with the party games
(174.03 KB 800x1143 NTR - A question.jpg)
(160.30 KB 800x1143 NTR - boiling.jpg)
(142.51 KB 800x1143 NTR - the build-up 1.jpg)
(155.39 KB 800x1143 NTR - the build-up 2.jpg)
>>309311 >Spoiler kek, good shit my guy but the feeling of playing Ys9 is similar to the manga panels I just posted. Except you're the one getting INARIZUSHI'd
>>309311 I have a feeling a "lot" of IDs got changed.
>>309322 I just want a new good Ys
>>309338 Blame Mark and his pet monkeys for fucking up constantly. >>309350 I know anon. But what you seek to play just isn't that.
>>309311 I kind of do too because I love the concept of an rpg centered around a large city. It reminds me of Radiata Stories.
>>309359 I played through Ys 9 and I didn’t really get that that feeling from it. Yeah, the whole game takes place in one city pretty much, but there’s no real connection going on. It’s not like Crossbell where you get to know each district and the people in it. It’s just a big open area with nothing to do that happens to be a city. Hell I felt less connection to your supposed comrades at the bar, the only people you really interact with, than I did to the castaways in Ys 8.
Geofront patch for Trails to Azure comes out on May 22nd. Also Clouded Leopard is putting Hajimari out on PC in Asia, which would make bootstrapping the translation spreadsheet easy without the crazy rig needed to do it on the PS4.
(78.51 KB 1193x365 Dream-devoiding words.JPG)
(53.88 KB 862x374 Giggle.JPG)
(3.85 MB 1920x1080 Gelato revolution.png)
(557.25 KB 1920x1080 Get in the shed.jpg)
>>311799 Guess I'll be replaying Crossbell after CS4. But I'm probably going to miss some of the janky dialogue.
(3.25 MB 1918x987 wait a minute.png)
>>308492 ZIN! ZIN! ZIN! I can't wait to Genbu it up with my favourite Taito boy. >>308505 >>308526 We're most effeminately looking at a reverse ambuscade. That's right. >>312177 Please let me know if they keep the senior before Randy. I loved that
>>313019 >let me know if they keep the senior before Randy I haven’t played it yet but I can all but guarantee they won’t. Unless absolutely necessary honorifics are completely excised from official localizations and Geofront, which basically uses the official localizations as a model.
Trails to Azure keeps crashing at the main menu for me on Linux, has anybody gotten it working?
>>315654 Run Azure with Wine/Lutris: - On Lutris do the following: Game Info tab -> Runner (Select wine) - Game Options tab -> Executable(whatever dir your azurelauncher32 is) -> If you don't have a 32bit wineprefix, create one -> Wine prefix (name you want your prefix to have) -> Architecture (32bit) - Runner Options tab -> wine version(the default one that comes with Lutris should work) -> Enable DXVK/VKD3D - Save and now hit "Play" in the main menu, it's going to launch the installer and ask for the setup .rar file, just browse and add it and let it install - When it's done, go to button to the side of "Play" and click on the down arrow. There'll be a list of options, you'll select 'Wine configuration' - Add 'dinput8' (you don't need to edit, by default it's native and builtin) - Hit Play to launch the installer again, this time hit the Launcher's Play button, and it will start If you can't make it work doing it this way, try changing your wine version via lutris (runners -> manage versions -> select "Lutris 6.1-3" , this should make it work.
(43.21 KB 453x679 2646302.jpeg)
(54.56 KB 560x840 2652240.jpeg)
(67.00 KB 560x840 2652242.jpeg)
(71.44 KB 560x840 2652241.jpeg)
(29.37 KB 453x679 2646303.jpeg)
Would you? It's not yet up for preorder as far as I'm aware. >>313124 >uses the official localizations as a model Surely not NisA tier CS III and IV translations. I really hate the shit that they came up with for Randy's pet names.
>>316004 Just tried it and the input's fucked. Up is always being held for some reason. Has anyone found a fix for that yet?
>>316012 >Surely not NisA tier CS III and IV translations. I really hate the shit that they came up with for Randy's pet names. Yes they do. Specifically they try to make the games seem like they’re officially localized so they use official localization terms including nicknames. Randy’s nicknames are an absolute bitch to try and translate, but I’m not going to act like what they came up with was good. The original attempt from the first translation la weren’t great either. Tio’s, for instance, only makes sense written down and would be downright retarded to say.
>>300256 Reminds me of my personal favorite spreadsheet game, Dope Wars. >Originally a dos game, dope wars drops you into the shoes of a drug pusher down on his luck. You are at a zero sum with a 50k loan hanging over your head by some people more dangerous than the 1970s streets of nyc you frequent. You must buy guns, hire bitches to haul your shit, dodge trigger happy cops and buy the ludes on coney island cheap to sell them for a massive profit on wall street. Can you make it all back and even breakthrough it all to be a millionaire? https://dopewars.sourceforge.io/ This is download of a "remaster" of the game to run on modern systems. I love it because you can edit every part of this, from prices of guns and drugs, to the location names, and even make it so that you are shooting hotpockets and moot himself. I think this also has a multiplayer mode as well. Great way to kill time at work. >Picture is the dos version,the revamp looks different
>>285704 >>285694 Try not using the dog for a while, when you learn to make full use of wirebugs and shortcuts you end up getting to the monster first, with more permabuffers and helpful endemic life. The palamute is an excelent tool for the new player, but once you become experienced the cats are far superior. Not hating the dogs btw, they are good boys and very cute, but thats all they are.
Is there a DL for the base chinese version of Ao no Kiseki? all the shit I've seen on nyaa is either pre-patched I don't really want to fuck around with a pre-patched version, especially if there's setup settings of the geofront patch or a dead torrent.
>>316441 You can download the game directly from Joyoland, even if you don't own the game: http://download.baiyou100.com/bg/BG_setup.rar The download is very slow. It took me about 16 hour.
>>316465 But don't I need to buy a key or some dumb shit afterwards?
>>316467 You don't. The translation patch removes the license check.
>>316571 Oh, that's nice. Thanks anon.
(91.96 KB 621x353 charreveal.jpg)
(179.57 KB 739x1080 Judith.jpg)
(198.16 KB 739x1080 Bergard.jpg)
(345.47 KB 1280x720 Judith 2.jpg)
Last two characters for kuro revealed. Judith who uses a whip and Bergard who uses fists. Releases 30th of September for PS4.
>>317276 >Bergard >Old man >Uses fists >Muscle >Beard >Eye patch I already love him. It can only get better if he has some grapples.
(83.47 KB 912x317 skele yes.jpg)
>>317276 >hot redhead >ponytail >with thigh highs >delicious ZR >uses a whip Hot damn. >>317301 I hear you. Gruff old men make the best characters. I hope he can suplex enemies.
>>317304 >>317301 >>317276 The old man is almost assuredly Barkhorn, former 8th Dominion who was “killed” in Nord and passed his Stigma to Gaius. He looks exactly the same and apparently the article even all but says it, saying he “died” in Erebonia. Also his attacks have a lion motif and his title as a Dominion was “the roaring lion.” He’s also in front of a church in one of those screenshots and there’s always a dominion party member. Jennifer is apparently a movie star (orbal movies are big in Calvard whereas stuff like that is way less heard of out west). Her dialogue there makes her sound like a fairly typical bratty tsundere. Her design is pure sex though. It’s looking more and more likely this game will continue the harem tradition.
>>317753 >Jennifer Fuck I meant Judith. Also here is Barkhorn do you know what I’m talking about.
>>317276 >finally a character that uses fists in a game set in the calvard republic
>>317811 Can't wait for the punch outs against Walter.
>>317839 Honestly Falcom missed massively making Kuro more like FF15 instead of Yakuza.
>>317915 >FF15 How? Do you mean the battle system? Honestly they’re not similar at all. The “action” mode is just field attacks with some dodging. The game still has and encourages turn based combat. Kondo basically said the action mode was mostly for trash mobs on the field.
>>318026 Really? >Just for trash mobs Sounds like too much effort to implement just for trash mobs, especially considering how quickly they go down after group rush became a thing. And I'm sorry, I saw action combat and the closest thing I could think of was FF15, I don't actually know if it's closer to that or Tales of/Trials of Mana Remake. I haven't actually looked up that much gameplay because I want to go in mostly blind.
>>318034 Yeah the game still has turn based combat. You can switch between them. The only major change to the turn based system is you can freely move in a limited area during your turn for positioning, but there’s still a turn order and bonuses and ep, cp and all that.
>>317915 >>318026 >>318034 >>318039 It's FF7Reeeeeemake's cobat they are poaching from, not FF15's. >Yakuza no Kiseki God I fucking wish.
>>318050 >FF7Reeeeeemake's Except for the fact that, like I said the game can still be played turn based. It doesn’t pause when you select a skill. Everyone literally stops and waits for their turn.
(54.80 KB 351x354 Sad Heihachi.jpg)
>>318095 Yeah, checked it and I could have sworn FF7Retardmake had a "turn based" system like FF13's for some reason, which is why I made the comment. Holy fuck, I'm going senile.
(218.82 KB 399x737 drachma.png)
>>317753 I would be extremely surprised if they got rid of the choose your waifu aspect since it's ALWAYS popular to the point that it becomes a deal breaker if you were to take it away. Considering that it also always has really nice character designs and characters it would be a waste at this point.
So far I'm liking Ao no Kiseki but I have a couple of issues >why is the music so good sans the start of the regular battle theme, of which you'll be hearing a lot of considering how quickly fights against trash mobs go >I recognize they're fan-submissions but jesus christ the chest messages are mostly shit. >Why can't I fuck Elie/Rixia?
>>318310 >Why can't I fuck Elie/Rixia? Because Lloyd is too busy getting over barriers.
3D Kilika.
>>318918 Higher quality. Plus pictures of Cao and Jack and Halle.
>>318453 Elie's virginity's a barrier, isn't it?
>>319957 Given how even Estelle can't score for 2 years into her relationship, the rampant blue ovaries are most likely the work of enemy septerrions.
>>319994 Meanwhile Schera is pregnant almost immediately after marriage.
(1.94 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
I think this is worse than the translators themselves putting shit like this in, because some idiot wrote this up and submitted it and then some bigger idiot accepted it.
>>320418 Now I don't mind the machine translation only had "the chest is empty" and CS removing chest massages altogether.
>>320418 >>320428 Is it really that bad? Yes, that chest message is shit, but the only way to get it is to intentionally open an empty chest, like you have to go out of your way to get such messages.
>>320451 The chest messages overall can suck a fuck. The rest of the patch is good besides the fact that turbo mode can break when moving over stairs.
>Sieg appears in a cutscene >Some notes from Looking Up at the Sky play in the background How the fuck does this low budget series with literal potato men graphics get me so invested in its world and characters
(1.96 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Fuck. I actually like that pun
>>319994 >>318453 >The intermission This is why fucking around with "you can (sorta but not really) date anyone!" bullshit is bullshit. Just have Lloyd actually want to love someone and stop halfassing all of his relationships with all of the female cast, it completely takes away from the writing. Estelle and Joshua being lovey dovey meant from the get go you can write more shit for characters besides "she gets flustered around him but he's dense!".
>>321376 Also this is why I like Tio the most, there's as little as possible of the I wish Lloyd sama would break my barriers deal.
(738.72 KB 1920x1080 TioSmell.jpg)
(24.17 KB 543x407 TioHajimari.jpg)
(43.58 KB 900x510 TioHeadpat.jpg)
>>321377 >Also this is why I like Tio the most, there's as little as possible of the I wish Lloyd sama would break my barriers deal. You just haven't gotten to it yet. Or you haven't done enough of her events. She's equally thirsty.
>>321529 I still think she's the closest thing to an actual character relationship with Lloyd.
>>321624 Oh that’s true enough. They have a connection via his brother. She’s always been my preference too. I was just saying she absolutely wants him to get through her <walls>.
>>321751 Which sucks. I like Lloyd as the detective and his brotherly relationship with Randy and the superior relationship with Dudley/Sergei. I love his older brother/friend role with Tio/KeA. I'm mostly ambivalent with his naive "our resolve will overcome anything" stuff and his cheesy speeches. I fucking hate him as a harem protag.
>>321755 >I fucking hate him as a harem protag. Well is he is one. Rean is an even bigger one and it looks like Van might follow suit. Clearly Falcom has chosen harems.
>>321818 >rean's a bigger one Aw fuck.
>>321818 >Clearly Falcom has chosen harems. Honestly, even Joshua was a haremfag, right down to the usual shenanigans if you brought in Josette and Kloe to the floating city rest room, if I recall correctly. It's kind of bullshit, but at least it isn't one of those kinds of harems where none of the side characters get even scraps thrown at them, or even worse get cucked by the protag's harem gland radiating pheromones into overdrive. Not much of a consolation for people who got baited into the series with sky, and expected a regular JRPG and not a chuuni VN with gameplay, though.
>>321822 Rean ultimately has 12 girls in his harem, with like two more on the periphery. Lloyd has 4 with a few more orbiting on the periphery.
>>321900 Does he at least have an interesting relation with any of the girls beyond the romantic like tio with Lloyd?
>>321924 Depends on what you mean. Alisa is the one shoved down your throat the most, but she’s just like Elie with basically nothing in common. They tried to shoehorn in a forgotten childhood meeting in one of her bonding events in CS2 but it was so contrived it’s never mentioned again. There’s something that kind of connects them at the end of CS3 but it ends up being kind of nothing. Laura and Rean have a lot in common, at least. They grew up in similar situations and are both sword autists. Their relationship is pretty much based on mutual sword autism. Emma’s secret job was literally to watch over Rean for plot reasons, so I guess that’s something. Fie is just his classmate, though given she was a child soldier before it’s not like she had much in the way of social interaction before that. Sara is Rean’s teacher and they have a pretty fun relationship, I guess. Towa and Rean’s relationship is based on them mutually supporting each other in most things. It sounds simple but it’s actually one of the best ones in terms of writing on my opinion. Elise is Rean’s literal adopted sister, so obviously past relation there. Alfin’s is pretty shallow all things considered. Juna’s relationship with Rean is at least fairly well explained by the plot but is impossible to go into without spoilers. Altina works as Rean’s partner for a while and he is basically the one who teaches her how to human. Musse is initially just trying to use Rean but eventually likes him in the end. And Claire is just a hot mess of complexes.
>>321755 I didn't mind the haremshit in the Crossbell arc that much. It's pretty sparse, except for the vacation section in Ao, and the girls still get a good amount of development even if you don't pursue them at all. Then again, I played the Crossbell games after CS1 and 2 so maybe Lloyd's harem antics only seemed tolerable when compared to Rean's.
Sigmund and his time limit are utter balls.
(178.40 KB 1000x1000 TLoU1.jpg)
>>322609 There's a reason why the five minute man is a meme.
>>322792 Finally got the fucker, never really realized how powerful Elie's arts are until I took a look at my party stats to figure out this fucker of a fight. To be fair the boss is more the 5 minute time limit than the actual guy, yeah's deadly but if I had time to think and position shit it wouldn't be nearly as difficult.
>>322795 Elie is powerful because she has wind affinity and spark dyne is extremely op and reasonably cheap to use. Give her the wind bell. It’s the only way to actually win on nightmare. Lloyd eva tanks and Elie and Tio spam spark dyne.
First full Kuro trailer dropped. Showed Eileen and Hime finally. Also shows a in, Walter and apparently Fie.
(123.96 KB 1280x720 Angry purple.jpg)
(183.35 KB 1280x720 Power of old man.jpg)
>>322975 I wonder who that angry purple is, and I can't wait to yell at monsters as old man punches hard. The music was pretty good too.
(476.40 KB 843x718 exited viv.png)
>>323007 >An actual bearded MANLY MAN in a japanese game Holy goddamn of fuck, is this for real? I thought real men were extinct from almost all japanese media. I know nothing about these games, and I probably won't ever play them, but this man is the best character already, and all I have to go on is this single image.
(61.01 KB 490x768 THE BEARD.jpg)
>>323067 > I thought real men were extinct from almost all japanese media. Given who the old man is based on, I doubt you looked hard enough.
>>323067 Old men... are the future.
(289.19 KB 1000x500 General_Morgan_%28Akatsuki%29.png)
(216.59 KB 267x644 Olaf_Craig_%28Sen_III%29.png)
>>323067 Trails has some bearded men that hit hard, but I think Bergard is the first that will be one of the main characters.
(2.74 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>323114 I think the reason these suck more than Sky ones is so many of them are: take meme phrase, replace it with Trails terms. The Sky ones at least weren’t just shitty repurposed memes.
>>323131 I've made my peace with it. Ao's optional bosses are breaking my barriers and I think for the first time I had to go back and "grind"(i.e until enemy encounters don't give triple digit exp) to actually beat the "Secretary". Also holy shit things just went up to 11, even for a Trails game.
>>323073 I'm just waiting on the trails game where you play as all the legends you encounter over the games. A party of Arios, Richard, Cassius, Garcia, Loewe, etc.
>>323250 CS4 had a party with Victor, Aurelia, Vita and Toval, which is pretty close.
Nips are drawing more art of Hime than any other character revealed so far.
Beautiful. I can't wait to let Zin kick everything. Damn, though, doesn't he look younger? Fie has a different air about her, too. And I can't accept that her naval is hidden. Restrained! It won't do.
>>323839 >I can't wait to let Zin kick everything. Damn, though, doesn't he look younger? Well I have a gut feeling that the playable characters shown in this trailer like Zin, Fie, Elaine, CID Guy and Hime will be more temporary party members while the previously released ones will be the “main” party. That might change in sequels though. And he looks younger because of 3D. It’s the same with Walter. >Fie has a different air about her, too. And I can't accept that her naval is hidden. Restrained! It won't do. I agree. I don’t mind her growing up and getting boobs (though it’s kind of silly since it’s only been six months since Hajimari), but Fie is supposed to show her tummy. That’s just how it works.
Here's some more gameplay, https://yewtu.be/watch?v=wuPZJcOX2Oc this video features combat and being able to enter buildings without loading screens. This video features the crafts of our playable characters https://yewtu.be/watch?v=REahKWcIf78
Ao no Kiseki Bonding events >Elie: I WUV YOU >Tio: Emotional conversation about how Tio views life and some insight into her parents >Randy: Backstory into why Randy deserted and his current outlook on life >Noel: I WUV YOU >Wazy: His history and his relationship with Abbas, and a future promise to return to crossbell >Rixia: History into Yin and how Rixia is like after the troupe What the fuck is the point of Noel and Elie? Yeah Elie's hot but she's barely a character besides her "relationship" to Henry, Dieter and Bell and Noel's just nothing too.
>>324070 To be fair Tio’s event is romantic too (Geofront was cowardly and took out the smell line), though there is other stuff, I suppose. I was surprised Rixia’s was less romantic considering how she’s treated later in the series.
(4.45 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>324070 Now I think I know what Elie's point is.
>>323994 No way! I reckon we'll be on the Zin train all game. He needs to equal Cassius' achievements in order to feel deserving of S rank, after all. >Fie is supposed to show her tummy. I'm also worried about Fie's skirt as it looks kind of weird on her hips when she's in combat. And the chest enlargement sad, but that's the way it goes. >>324108 Wow. Why, though?
>>324601 >Zin So far there hasn’t been a single Sky or Crossbell cast member that has become a main party member in a later series. Not even Olivier in Cold Steel. They’re certainly around doing things and even have some important plot points and join the party occasionally, but they aren’t main characters. The absolute closest were Tita and Randy who were available for a good chunk of CS4, but still not to the level of the others. That’s the best you can hope for I’d bet. >Wow. Why, though? You’re going to have to be more specific because I talked about several things in that post.
>>324759 >Zin Don't forget that this is the first Calvard game. There is no way in hell they are letting you keep old characters when they need to do the new character and setting introductions. At best I'd wager old characters are just going to show up to do the same old double ambush reversal character introductions, that the scriptwriter has been going wild with since Zero.
>Dudley's final s-craft I like Lloyd, but why the hell is the main character not the smooth, mature, experienced detective with a gun who pulls a Yakuza suit coat throw before punching faggots into the sun?
>>324822 Characters who already have their shit together are harder to make work as protagonists. Honestly it’s one of the reasons why I think Lloyd is the weakest Trails protagonist, because he’s already pretty much where he needs to be mentally. He only really grows in power. Estelle started off as a naive and borderline irresponsible country bumpkin who grew into a caring, capable and experienced hero. Kevin was capable but a psychological wreck. Rean is a hot mess of insecurities and borderline suicidal lack of self esteem. Lloyd starts as an extremely competent detective who knows what he wants. Most of his problems are external. It’s why I argue he’s even more of a self insert generic protagonist than Rean is. At least Rean has an arc, even if that arc gets undone at the end of each game as the plot kicks him in the dick, making his issues worse.
>>324830 I don't know, just have Dudley start off recovering after a crippling injury and having been completely shamed and shat on by the force after Guy's death.
Also, considering Kuro's a new engine(? or at least introduces new gameplay mechanics), is it safe to assume Ys X if it ever happens changes shit from the party system?
>>324872 >is it safe to assume Ys X if it ever happens changes shit from the party system? Ys and Trails use different engines regardless as far as I know. That aside Kondo has already said he views Ys in eras and considers Ys 7-9 an “era” and that X will change things. Whether or not that means getting rid of the party stuff, dodging and blocking or not is unknown for now. We’ll likely be in Trails for a while regardless . At the very least Falcom has never started a new trails arc and not followed it up with a sequel the next year before.
>>324759 >Geofront was cowardly and took out the smell line It's senseless. >>324759 >>324795 I believe. Zin will stick around long enough to satisfy me. >same old double ambush reversal character introductions No more, please. Surely that tapers off in Hajimari. It was so obnoxious in IV.
>>325079 Trails has used the “saved by character they’re trying to make look cool” since Sky. It happens plenty in Crossbell too. No idea why people act like Cold Steel invented it.
>>325102 I didn't think I were acting so. Cold Steel is when it wears thin and I only felt that it was particularly tiresome in IV. That might have had more to do with how clumsily Falcom catered to their large roster than the repetition of their narrative beat, though.
>>324108 >little intoxicating being this close to Tio iirc the Japanese version says "she smells nice"
So wait, is ao's ending supposed to feel really abrupt or did I do something wrong with the installation? There was no ending cutscenes, no credits, not even an epilogue for what happens in Crossbell, just a really low res picture of the entire cast. Also while I didn't like the entire OST, the highlights for me in Ao were the best in the entire series. >>325114 I don't mind the large rosters the way Sky/Crossbell implements it, which is the large roster comes into play at the final chapter and you can switch in and out of certain characters for big scenes against bosses as you please. If it's something like the Third I'm honestly not a big fan of that, even with how convenient the Third tried to make it. >>325191 I'm not really sure why that was changed.
>>325197 Did you get the closing narration with Lloyd? He says what happens to Crossbell at the end. It is pretty abrupt. It doesn’t get resolved until the second half of Cold Steel and Hajimari. The first half of Cold Steel happens at the same time Crossbell is happening.
>>325203 Nope, suppose it was missing.
>>325203 >>325207 I looked that up, talk about even more abrupt. Love how the brights and the church just went "see you guys, call us when you manage to pry that golden stallion horsecock out of your asses", that was hilarious in how it was presented.
>>325197 >There was no ending cutscenes, no credits, not even an epilogue for what happens in Crossbell That happened for me as well, I assume it's a version problem. Here is what is supposed to play after you defeat the final boss https://yewtu.be/watch?v=nGu3OR1ufGk I'll point it out anyway, but spoilers for the Ao ending.
>Cold Steel 1 >Huh, cool 3d graphics, rough animation but I can deal with it >ENGLISH VOICES >TERRIBLE FUCKING ENGLISH VOICES Son of a bitch, I still need to download more shit?
>>325649 >plays non-fan translated nip vidyer >doesn't reflexively check for undubs and uncensor patches Setting yourself up for fuckery in general right there, anon. At least shit for CS is right here in the OP so you don't have to hunt it down on obscure ass registration-only forums with mostly dead links and whatnot.
>>325674 >>325649 >Undub Dual audio has been on Cold Steel pc version for years.
Well I for one can't get that Kuro trailer music out of my head, I hope the rest of the soundtrack will be just as good.
>>326250 Probably will have lots of stuff like what was heard in that Hajimari epilogue scene. Hilariously enough despite Elaine appearing in that trailer she has been completely forgotten in the wake of Hime. I don’t think a single person has drawn her.
>>326443 Japan loves their white haired swordswomen I guess, and I think her tits are bigger.
I like Colesteel 1 so far but I have a couple of concerns >Arcus/Link system breaking the fuck out of combat(yeah it was broken but never off the bat like now) because everyone can effectively hit twice with unbalance/detector. >Sepith Masses breaking economy(Again, was always broken with shit like the EBC but at least you were giving up your chance to synthesize quartz in the process >Quartz being nerfed by placing absurd importance on master quartz giving you the bulk of your arts and not what type of quartz you have slotted, I liked the Ao system of master quartz+quartz more. >Animations a bit awkward. Sky/Crossbell weren't the best lookers but they at least tried their best with the artstyle they had and I actually liked some animations like the troupe ones or the combat ones against ouroborus. Here everything seems very stiff, like an old animatronic. >While on the subject, everyone(sans gaius I suppose) in class 7(and a lot of people outside of c7) seems to share the same facial and body structure in terms of model. This is something I've noticed with the portraits in Crossbell(how Lloyd and Elie share the same face/eyes and the only difference being their hair) and the party Ys games(Laxia sharing a face with Adol) Laura's supposed to be a built amazon according to the dialog from the gym but she's practically a slightly taller alisa. Fie's a scaled down alisa and emma's just alisa with glasses. Rean and the other boys are just alisa without breasts and pants instead of a skirt, it just gives off the same model being reused over and over.(Which yeah, sans a few exceptions like Zin in Sky was the case in Sky but then again not much you could have done with that artstyle) I know the last two are graphics whore shit but it's hard not to notice, especially since they went with a neat little 3d engine and all and I guess that's not changing until Kuro.
(1.25 MB 960x960 Aurelia pathetic.png)
>>327402 Don't worry, combat gets even more broken in CS3&4 with the power of evasion and the Sirius master quartz, and the models get better in CS3, but you are going to have to wait until Hajimari for animation. >This is something I've noticed with the portraits in Crossbell(how Lloyd and Elie share the same face/eyes and the only difference being their hair) That could be consequence of the evolution artstyle, it suffers a lot from sameface.
(512.15 KB 835x1200 trails emma r34 1.jpeg)
(367.17 KB 850x1202 trails emma r34 2.jpg)
(258.31 KB 850x1133 trails emma r34 3.jpg)
(245.92 KB 850x1133 trails emma r34 4.jpg)
>>327402 >emma's just alisa with glasses YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH Best girl is absolutely not Alisa with glasses. She also has thicker thighs and bigger tits. And glasses. And magic powers that need to be recharged through sex by taking on the vital life force of the male due to succubus blood in her family lineage. That last bit it my head-canon but it's fucking hot. Laura also has an inflated rack compared to that flat-chested tsundere.
>>327412 I don't know if evasion was always broken but I've noticed how ridiculous it is when paired with someone like Lloyd who has a built in Dark Matter, guy can just pull the fuck out of bosses into the a corner and pummel them with counter attacks while the rest attack from a distance with arts and guns.
>>327402 A lot of companies do this with art assets where you make a base model and then use it to make a lot more models. 3d modelling takes a lot of time so it makes sense to cut down the work load as well as it means your animations are going to be a lot easier to do as well since you can use the same skeleton and animations. Even a game like Hades where the modelers made one model for females and males and then modified them to make the other characters. For reference it would probably take about a week to do one decent model you multiply that by potentially hundreds of character models in an rpg you gonna have to cut corners somewhere.
>>327423 I get that. Maybe I'm just being an autist but I feel like the model between characters isn't being modified enough to make everyone feel unique. At most what's changed is hair and eye-color, I feel that there just isn't enough playing around with face structure or body structure. Someone like the fat noble in the cooking club visually stands out for more than just her hair style/color. It's not a deal-breaker but it feels like far less effort was put into the visuals than anything else which is of noticably higher quality, the music, the gameplay, the fights, etc.
(1.70 MB 2078x2092 Caster by Ishikei.jpg)
>>327418 > That last bit it my head-canon but it's fucking hot. Whatever you say Kinoko Nasu.
>>327429 >Kinoko Nasu Considering you pretty much have Neko-Arc and vampires in CS, he mind as well be involved.
>>327429 >Kinoko Nasu I don't know who that is. A quick search tells me they're an author? Or are they a character in the later games or something?
(34.57 KB 378x252 AJ_Dubs_community.jpg)
>>327433 Lol nice. >>327435 >Not knowing Fate/stay Night How new are you?
>>327440 >Not knowing Fate/stay Night Oh right. It's one of those things I never got into. I did look into it once but there's a whole fucking bunch of it and I just didn't know where to start so I just shrugged and contented myself with a vague understanding of what "saber face" is.
(74.05 KB 633x456 nice memories of 2007.jpg)
>>327446 It's also part of imageboard culture. Don't you remember how "GAR" started. Fun times.
(90.38 KB 770x1100 celine_route.jpg)
>>327447 >oldfag type-moon maymays At least post the topically relevant ones.
(28.20 KB 500x366 Sex Ed for Sword Autists.jpeg)
(97.96 KB 680x482 The Legend of Shiro.jpg)
>>327474 >Not posting the klessiks Come on now.
>>327491 >jam it in Fucking hell, where did the years go?
>>327495 Nowhere, we just stopped enjoying things because the world decided to have a giant piss'n'shitfest in 2013 and it has soured everything. It's why it seems so long and why time moves "faster" after you realize it. Compare to when things were actually fun back in the day and everything was so jam packed that you thought time moved faster but it turned out every day was so packed that you thought ages had gone by. Yeah, it sounds nonsensical but it is what it was.
Is Angelica's entire character "I'm like Olivier but no one actually gives me shit for it?"
>>332475 No. That implies she has an actual personality like Olivier does. She's just an obnoxious lesbian that all the characters inexplicably love.
>>332598 Not to mention in English she's voiced by a negress and you can hear the fucking ebonics and lip smacking in her dub. It was horrible. Even if her character design is fucking sexy, her non-personality and VA turned me off completely. Emma still retains her crown as best girl.
>>332632 >English dub Apparently a character's voiced by Ashley Burch so I bowed out of that shit instantly. I like the characters of Class 7 more than the SSS(besides Tio/Randy) but again Rean is(so far) a very weak main character compared to Estelle/Joshua. Better than Lloyd, but still weak.
>>332637 >Ashley Burch Yeah cuckette voices the loli with the mech.
(1.03 MB 2100x2970 Millium Altina.jpg)
(551.85 KB 745x428 I don't mind being boring.png)
>>332640 She voices Millium, and is by far the most grating to listen to. I like Altina more.
>>332598 >all the characters inexplicably love More like one of the devs probably waifu'd her. In addition to all of the other bullshit and almost implied cuckoldry she supposedly causes offscreen, none of the other characters get a tutorial basically saying >lol we gave her emblem, but if you wanna get the most out of it put her as the lead wwwww Makes me wonder if the whole part of Towa pairing her up with the fat man was put there as an internal jab against the waifufag on the team going too far on something.
>>332661 My theory is that she's some dev's self-insert who was changed to a female so that the sexual harassment scenes wouldn't look as bad.
>>332702 But Olivier harrasses everyone. The difference is >Everyone makes fun of him or takes the piss around him, even after they realize he's a prince >There's more to Olivier than "I want to flirt with everything that moves" I also find it depressing how Olivier's relationship with Schera is more believable and charming than Elie's with Lloyd's. Or Alisa with Rean. I can't stand Alisa, honestly.
>>332475 Her entire character is: “I flirt with girls lol.” The games actually subtly imply she’s secretly straight and is just trying too hard to be audacious. At most people just get mildly exasperated with her. It’s a one note joke that gets used a fucking lot. >>332632 She’s voiced by Kimberly Brooks who was/is Shinobu in No More Heroes. Angelica is obnoxious in any language though. >>332637 Ashley Burch voices Millium but only in CS1 and 2. She was recast in 3 and 4. It’s a noticeable improvement. >Rean is(so far) a very weak main character compared to Estelle/Joshua. Better than Lloyd, but still weak. Rean is and will remain worse than Estelle and Kevin. At least you recognize he’s better than Lloyd. A ton of Falcom fans will jump down your throat for saying that. Crossbell is the sacred cow and they act like Lloyd can do no wrong despite being the most generic harem protagonist of the lot. Rean has a bigger harem but at least he actually has an arc. >>332705 >I can't stand Alisa, honestly. Good man. She’s worst CS girl. Too bad the games favor her so much. Thankfully CS1 is the worst offender of shoving her down your throat, though she still gets preferential treatment in later games. Her worst character traits are mostly gone by the second half of the series but by then the damage is done.
>>332705 >I can't stand Alisa, honestly. Alisa is just the weakest character in general. And it isn't even the generic tsundere shit that drags her down, since the fucking cat of all people out-tsunderes her and still manages to be both a more likable character and have a better relationship with Rean. Pretty much the only thing she has going for her is the OL theme she had going on in CS3/4.
>>332725 >She was recast in 3 and 4. It’s a noticeable improvement. I went and listened to her, my what an improvement, my ears don't hurt now.
(810.30 KB 640x360 Dojima No Kiseki.webm)
Kind of wish I had a better quality video to work off.

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