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(60.90 KB 616x353 Cyber Sleuth.jfif)
Digimon games thread Anonymous 04/19/2021 (Mon) 23:05:23 Id:f70c22 No. 289170
Pokemon tends to stay the same but holy shit Digimon goes all over the fucking place. I loved Cyber Sleuth and plan to get the complete collection version because I never played the sequel and apparently it upgraded the first game to have all the fuckers they added in the second. You're going to come across EATER enemies in the first game pretty early so you should be looking for at least one mon with a piercing attack, you're also going to want to level up three poopmons into Platinum Sukemons and steal 9 Tactician USBs so you can insta-grind ya bois into infinity for endgame content, so do it ahead of time. Doesn't actually take as long as you think. I think the original adventure movies were trash but I think it's because life essentially ends for Japanese people when they leave school and become endless wage slaves due to japanese society. A lot of Japanese anime has that vibe lately because of all the fucking isekai/"hobo gets run over by bus and becomes overpowered" anime that's being released in the past decade, but when actually forced to tell a story that's not isekai it really shows how bleak society got over there. So aside from the absolute horribly fucked up existentialism, which is your favorite Digimon game, any recommendations?
>>289170 >I think the original adventure movies were trash I meant Last Adventure Kizuna and Tri, not the OG movies.
>>289170 Last Adventure was a hell of a lot better than Tri. Not great, but I could tolerate it. That said, I find it hilarious how the entire point of the movie is that you can't go back to your childhood and it's bad to want to, but then immediately after, the whole series rebooted and all the main characters were kids again. At first I was hoping that the new series might get really autistic and say that the villain in Last Adventure actually won, or maybe the entire series takes place within a moment near the end of the movie in their minds when they all got frozen or whatever. Now I realize the new anime doesn't give a fuck and is just very generic. Still better than Tri though.
>>289170 >evolved Tiger Vespamon in HM >dude voice I thought it was a grill this whole time. I hope survive is good because it seems like they genuinly want a nonshit game to get more interest in the series. Having the new anime also might be a reason they are really trying.
>>289170 Isn't it closer to SMT these days?
Reminder that Redigitize Decode got an English patch. I got it from Zipperto. I don't know a lot about the game, but from what I gathered, this is the best version of the game to get. Maybe someday Bandai will port the game to PC, like they did with Cyber Sleuth.
(355.16 KB 1920x1080 Arcadiamon.jpg)
>>289218 Cyber Sleuth is, but every mon can evolve into anything else given enough leveling up and you have to do this multiple times to increase base stats because each evolution has stat requirements like "Level 50, 100 Attack, 100 Affection" and some of the more powerful ones (Like OG Wargreymon) require you to solve cases. There's also DNA Fusions which require you to train up your mons, which fuses two of them for as long as you want and if you decide against it the mons can keep the abilities they learned in DNA Fusion. Essentially instead of discarding demons as fodder, you're training up a team of bros, switching forms when appropriate. There's a shitload of them too, and they all have their own roles. The game is as such that most teams will work until the postgame superbosses, which requires your team to be well trained because you'll basically be playing rocket-tag. Speed is the dominant stat in the end game, basically. However in online battles it works way differently, low evolution digimon (Like Agumon and Gabumon) are used in the meta due to their low memory usage (party size is determined by memory) which allows them to quickly throw out heavy debuffs that lock down your opponent and can kill a team of Mega/Ultras if you're not careful, so long as you build them right.
(3.09 MB 1552x9350 reallyinto2.jpg)
(942.72 KB 870x1014 pantsugrab.png)
Why is Ami such a dyke? Whatever happened to Survive?
(1.47 MB 640x480 Digimon_Tri.mp4)
>>289362 I wish we didn't have 01's defiled corpse on display at all. Tri is an abomination of an anniversary that decided it was a good idea to take screentime away from the original cast in favor of a bland, boring and forgettable OC with an overdesigned AIDScat. Its and it's sequel's existance on the franchise is a net-negative.
>>289378 They shouldn't have made Tri in the first place when they could've made the Tamers sequel that we deserved. That or something new with no ties to the old stuff.
>>289362 Reminder that Musimon is very gay
>>289378 Last Adventure is at least a slight palate cleanser in comparison to Tri. It's slightly less awful of an ending than Tri. If Tri has to exist, then i'm glad Last Adventure exists too. But yes, Tamers 2 would have been better.
>>289224 did you use an emulator to play? i tried to get it to work with standard citra but the emulator is getting 15 FPS on my AMD hardware (i fucking hate the citra devs and not just for this), do you know any good forks?
which game has agumon
Do any of the Digimon anime still hold up? How are the Japanese movies that the American Frankenstein movie was made out of?
>>289324 >Why is Ami such a dyke? Ami was added near the end of development; the script was written with a male PC in mind and they didn't think to add a female PC until later then they failed to rewrite lines to accommodate her so she gets the male PC-oriented script and as a side effect gets to be about as straight as Sailor Moon characters in season S >Whatever happened to Survive? according to the website and a quick wiki search, delayed until later this year because of winnie the flu >>291812 a mathematical yes. I can't think of any that don't, he's like the pikachu of the series plotwise, Agumon and Gabumon hold some importance in Cyber Sluts 1 where they're basically the love interest Nokia's digimon
(8.33 MB 3392x4410 Burning Greymon Chenks-R.png)
Are World and Dawn/Dusk worth playing? I heard that an emulator's speed up function is almost mandatory for them. >>291805 Same anon you replied to. RIP. I have an original model, hacked 3ds to play the game on. I didn't know the Citra version performed that poorly and I don't know of any forks either. >>291842 Wait, I'm confused about Cyber Sleuth. Are both the male and female characters used or does the player only select one of them?
(1.20 MB 974x1223 1578324949476.png)
(278.01 KB 800x1231 1573958172572.jpg)
(2.16 MB 1358x1948 1603182814617.png)
>>291842 >Ami was added near the end of development; Really? I remember he being announced really late. I'm glad they added her though, because she's really cute. Maybe they'll take advantage of the delay to add a cute yuri girl option to Survive. >>291854 The player chooses to play as a male or female character at the start, like Pokemon ect.
>>291821 I watched Tamers 2 years ago for the very first time, and enjoyed it a lot. Overall well written, and went into places I didn't expect it to go.
>>291854 >Are World and Dawn/Dusk worth playing? Yes. I liked them both. >emulator's speed up function is almost mandatory for them. It gets a bit slow during battles and dungeon diving, so it helps a lot.
>>291821 Adventure and Tamers hold up excellently. Maybe even better now because you can have the internet and watch the Adventure stuff in the proper order, without the butchered movie, and you can watch the whole series without the awful dub. The series was so good it was good even with that dub, so that's saying something. Also, if you're autistic enough to be into the games, then you can get right into the deep lore of the franchise. For example, at first glance, Digimon World seems entirely unrelated to Adventure. But it's not. It was released after Adventure in the west, but well before Adventure in Japan, and takes place well before. Then there is a manga, V-Tamer 01, that takes place in an alternate universe (like how most of the anime do) but has crossovers, and with the multiverse stuff, stuff that happens in one universe does affect others. Stuff that happens in V-Tamer 01 was referenced in Adventure the whole time, but of course kids, especially outside Japan, wouldn't get that. There are also the WonderSwan games, which directly tie into and connect the Adventure universe and the Tamers universe, and are where all the real deep story is. But only the first two of the games are translated. One only recently. The first game Anode/Cathode Tamer (had two versions like Pokemon, then a third enhanced version, like Pokemon) has pretty simple catching and training mechanics and your digimon can't even evolve, but the battles are grid based and I like that. The second, Tag Tamers, has better raising mechanics and you can evolve and merge your Digimon (in fact, you'll need to do that a lot), but the battles are simple three on three non-grid based stuff, so I find it less fun than the first game. I recommend both to fans though. Also, it turns out that Tag Tamers was actually very heavily referenced in Adventure 02, and nobody outside Japan could have known since the game was never released anywhere else. I'd almost go as far as to say that Adventure 02 is as much a sequel to Tag Tamers as it is to Adventure. There are three more WonderSwan games, D-1 Tamers, Brave Tamer, and Digimon Medley. D-1 Tamers and Brave Tamer apparently get into much deeper lore about the origins of the multiverse and directly connect the Adventure and Tamers universes. Digimon Medley apparently has you do stuff again with characters from all three seasons, but nobody talks about that one, presumably because it has a less serious story or something. Also the Digimon Battle Spirit games are fighting game spinoffs of this series, which is why they have the same villain. Of course those were released on GBA, but the first one had an enhanced edition, Battle Spirit 1.5, which is still WonderSwan exclusive. Battle Spirit kind of sucks though so I don't care much. But I do hope we don't have to wait another 20 years each for translations of D-1 Tamers and Brave Tamer. The Japanese movies that were frankensteined together into the American disaster were actually good. They easily could have made two American movies instead, and I don't know why they fucked it up. The first one, just called Digimon Adventure, was a short film that came out before the anime and is heavily referenced in the anime, so treat it like the first episode, basically. A prologue. The second, Our War Game, takes place after Adventure (and after the first WonderSwan game, Anode/Cathode Tamer), and is just generally a good movie, with a decent story and cool animation. They cut so much from the latter movie in particular, they could have just put these first two together without cutting anything and sold it as a full length animated movie in America. Instead they cut so much from them and then added a third butchered movie as well, even though it had a whole different cast of characters. The third movie they added, The Golden Digimentals, is the most bizarre case, as it's the closest to being a regular feature length film, but it's about the cast of Adventure 02, while the first two movies obviously are not. But it has a substantial subplot about the cast of Adventure 1, except they cut that subplot out of the American version even though it's the only part of the movie that's about the same characters as the other two movies. Anyway, it's actually pretty good. I don't know if it's as good as Our War Game, but the Japanese version at least comes close. If they thought it was too short, there actually was a second Adventure 02 movie, Revenge of Diaboromon, that was about the same villain from Our War Game coming back, so they could have added that on, since it's kind of short, and packaged that with The Golden Digimentals to make a whole Adventure 02 movie for America. They could have had two good movies instead of one awful one. No idea why they did what they did. Tamers is pretty standalone (until you pay close attention and see references to Adventure 02 that are actually references to the WonderSwan games that connect the two anime universes), but most seem to agree it's the best, if not tied with Adventure. More serious and darker in tone, with even better characters (though I'd argue the characters are what make Adventure good as well). Also there are like two movies but they're nothing that will leave you confused if you miss them. They're pretty good though, and if you do watch them, they have some good autismbait deep lore stuff. The fourth anime was Frontier and people don't care about it. Much lighter in tone than Tamers, and even Adventure. Story is a bit simpler, characters are simpler. Also the kids turn into digimon instead of having partners, and that's weird. I didn't like it as a kid because it felt too different, but rewatching it more recently, I'd say it's actually pretty decent, but not as good as the previous ones. A lot of people like it better than 02, but I don't. I skipped talking about 02 because I like it but most people don't. I say just watch it. I like the world and characters and think the plots they get into are actually pretty cool. Some plotlines don't get the attention they deserve, but the ones that do are still good. There's a movie called Digital Monster X-Evolution. It has PS2 cutscene level CG animation. That's because it's actually a sequel to Digimon World 4, which nobody seems to like. But still, it's there. The movie is actually okay, and does introduce some important stuff to the overall lore. I'd give it a watch. You can understand it without Digimon World 4, though I hear if you do play it the movie is better because you know more about the characters and stuff. Digimon Savers has a different artstyle that again turned me off of it like Frontier's kids turning into Digimon did. But it's actually good once the plot gets going. The main character is older than the other series, but it's not like it's as "mature" as Tamers, or even Adventure. Much more than Frontier though. Most people would probably rank this third, behind Adventure and Tamers. Xros Wars is shit but it lasted for three seasons. Each season is better than the one before it, at least, and I'd say the final one is actually decent. It has a new main character, but the main guy from the first two is still around and important. At the end it Gets into multiverse shit, which I like, just because I get to see characters I give a damn about show up and do stuff. The last couple of episodes are probably the only real reason I have a positive feeling of it. Seasons 1 and 2 were lame though. I only just barely started watching Appmon. It seems okay so far.
Digimon Adventure Tri is back in the same universe as Adventure and Adventure 02 but does its best to barely reference 02 at all because people don't like Adventure 02 as much. Well good news for 02! Now that Tri is out, 02 looks excellent by comparison, because Tri is the worst piece of Digimon media ever produced! Far less watchable than the American movie. While it's clearly banking on nostalgia from people who loved Adventure, it doesn't share the same tone at all. While Adventure is great because of interesting and surprisingly deep characters, an interesting and surprisingly deep world, and interesting and surprisingly deep plots, Tri is about all the old characters constantly talking about how much they love some new girl, and how cool it is that she has a Digimon, even though by the end of Adventure 02 (which is barely referenced, but is referenced enough to prove it's canon), there are like thousands of kids with Digimon all over the world. Tri was released as a series of six movies, and it takes until the fourth for the plot to actually get going. The rest are filled with things like spending half a movie showing them go to the hot springs, or half a movie showing Mimi trying to open a Hooters in her high school. Now I know that sounds both sexy and hilarious, but first of all, we all know they aren't gonna actually show the goods, so why should I give a shit? Secondly, that Hooters plot could have been funny, but instead it was played completely straight, like it was a normal thing and not even sexual or funny, so it sucked. Thirdly, this isn't why I watch Digimon. I want to see giant monsters fighting each other goddamnit. I came to see kids commanding their own Godzillas to fight Dracula and stop him from doing universe bending autistic deep lore world ending keikaku. Try sort of tries to get to this in the latter half, but by that point it's too late. The high point of the series is when every single main Digimon evolves step by step through all their forms, so we get to hear an extended version of the evolution music. At least it's a montage of things I kind of want to see with good music, instead of a bunch of stupid shit that has nothing to do with Digimon. Last Evolution is another movie that takes place after Tri. It seems to have learned from some of the mistakes of Tri, and doesn't reference it too heavily. It's not as good as Adventure, but it's okay, and at least it means Adventure doesn't suffer by ending on Tri. At least it ends on a slightly better note. Current anime is called Digimon Adventure: (note that colon at the end). It's very generic. It's about the kids from Adventure again, the same age they were in the original. It's a reboot. I had higher hopes starting out, as it has some cool ideas in it, but so far they haven't paid off in really cool ways. Hell of a lot better than Tri, but not anywhere near as good as Adventure, or Tamers, or Savers. Better than Xros Wars, though. Anyway, my point is that Adventure and Tamers are both excellent and everyone seems to agree they hold up extremely well. They have a lot of depth a kid might not catch, and now you don't have to deal with dubs. Also you can now easily watch all the movies and stuff in the right order, and play the video games if you want. Well, unless you don't know Japanese and want to play D-1 Tamers and Brave Tamers, but still, even just Anode/Cathode Tamer and Tag Tamers make Adventure, 02, and Tamers (especially 02) a lot cooler. Since I'm already in full autism mode, here is the order of stuff that actually seems to tie together. Note that some games, like Digimon World 2 and 3, don't seem to tie into anything else, so I'll leave them out even though they're actually good. Also note that the first four Digimon World games all have completely separate gameplay styles and stories, so what you think of one probably won't impact what you think of any other. >Digimon World (PS1 game) >Digimon Adventure: V-Tamer 01 (manga. Actually, this continues for years, while the first four anime series were running, and there was a bonus crossover with the latest anime recently. So uh... maybe read it at the end actually. But it does set up stuff before Adventure came out that was then referenced in Adventure. Maybe find the release dates of chapters and episodes online and do them all in proper release order) >Digimon Adventure (movie) >Digimon Adventure (anime) >Some Digimon Adventure audio drama CD I forgot to mention but is actually pretty important to the lore but fuck it because it's in Japanese so just go on the wiki and read a translation) >Digimon Adventure: Anode/Cathode Tamer: V-Dramon Edition (WonderSwan Color game. Upgraded version of regular WonderSwan game) >Digimon Adventure: Our War Game >Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers (WonderSwan game) >Digimon Adventure 02 (anime) eps 1-21 >Digimon Adventure 02: Hurricane Touchdown! The Golden Digimentals (movie) >Digimon Adventure 02 (anime) the rest of it >Digimon Digital Card Game (PS1 game. Known in Japan as Digimon World: Digital Card Arena, not to be confused with its Japan only predecessor, Digimon World: Digital Card Battle >Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 Tamers (WonderSwan game) >Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer (WonderSwan) >Digimon Tamers (anime. The first Tamers movie came out in the middle of the anime. The second one takes place after the anime.) >Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley (WonderSwan) >Digimon Frontier (again has a movie that takes place in the middle of the anime but again isn't that important) >Digimon World 4 (PS2 game) >Digital Monster: X-Evolution (movie) After that the series went on haitus for a few years and things get simpler. But then there was Digimon World: Next Order, which is a direct sequel to Digimon World 1, which means it's technically the same universe as Adventure, and it delves deeper into the world again. But I haven't played it yet.
>>291983 >The player chooses to play as a male or female character at the start, like Pokemon ect. Ah. Thanks for clearing that up. >>292035 >Yes. I liked them both. >It gets a bit slow during battles and dungeon diving, so it helps a lot. Cool. Thanks. In that case, I'll play them on my PC, instead of shoving them onto 3DS' SD card.
>>292506 >>292507 Fuck, I had no idea Digimon had so much lore. I assume a lot it was left out of the English dubs. Also wasn't Tamers made by the same guy who did Serial Experiments Lain? >It's about the kids from Adventure again, the same age they were in the original. It's a reboot. I think Pokemon did something similar a few years ago. They may be trying to capitalize on that.
>>296776 >Fuck, I had no idea Digimon had so much lore. I assume a lot it was left out of the English dubs. Honestly it's not so much that the dubs left out the lore, it's just that they were annoying, and some of the things they did change, like Digimon names, end up leading to a lot of confusion. Like sometimes they'd localize a name for a Digimon one way in one season and a different way in a different season. Or sometimes they'd localize a name one way only for another Digimon to actually have that name, so they had to change that one too. Like Analmalocarimon is named after an anamalocaris, but the dub figured kids wouldn't be able to pronounce that or whatever (even though there are already tons of japanese names in the show that english speaking kids wouldn't have experience with), so they changed Analmalocarimon to Scorpimon, figuring that an anamalocaris looks kind of like a scorpion. But the problem is that there is a different Digimon called Scorpimon, so now they had to change that too, and it just leads to a cycle. Also there are more justifiable translation issues, such as "hikari" meaning "light" in Japanese, and one of the main characters' names is Hikari, and an important location in the series is Hikarigaoka, and both are connected to "light," but they changed Hikari's name to Kari, and instead of throwing in a line about how Hikari means light (since by that point the show is taking place in Tokyo anyway and referencing tons of real life places in Tokyo), they just leave that whole bit of subtext/foreshadowing out. It's understandable how they got to that point, but if you just go with subs, it's easy to get the actual meanings intended by the creators. Also, the dub of Tamers actually introduced one bit that was not made explicit in the original. Tamers takes place in a world where Digimon is a popular media franchise, but the original anime only makes reference to the card game. The dub throws in a line about the previous two anime seasons (which happened in the same universe as each other), saying that that show was just a tv show in the Tamers universe. Years later, Xros Wars would mention this in Japanese as well. It could be inferred in the original version of Tamers, but wasn't explicit until the dub. The real stuff that got left out of Digimon lore was due to things not getting translated at all, mostly the manga, V-Tamer 01, and the WonderSwan games. Especially the WonderSwan games. Also, the fact that Digimon World was released after the anime outside Japan makes it a little confusing, but it makes more sense if you consider that it was actually made and released well before the anime. There was that awful dub movie, which really dud fuck things up. But luckily, the things they change in the dub aren't really things that are important later, so it doesn't fuck up the lore. It just fucks up the movie. >Also wasn't Tamers made by the same guy who did Serial Experiments Lain? Yes. >I think Pokemon did something similar a few years ago. They may be trying to capitalize on that. Did characters in Pokemon even age? I would see an episode on tv every now and then and Ash always looked the same age. The characters from Digimon Adventure actually did age. Each event took place on specific dates. The original anime took place in Summer 1999. Digimon Adventure 02 is called that because it takes place in 2002, ending right after a Christmas episode, because it's the end of 2002. All the characters are older, so the younger characters are the age the rest of the characters were in the original series. Tri takes place in 2005 or 6 (I forget), and by that time they're in high school, and in Last Evolution, they're adults. Last Evolution is about some girl whose Digimon died trying to freeze everyone in their childhood states so they don't have to experience loss or something. But then the lesson is that loss is a part of growing up and you have to grow up and let go of your childhood. A very obvious allegory that I'm frankly sick of seeing in media that are completely banking on nostalgia in the first place. But then the entire message of the movie is undone because immediately after, a new anime starts where the same characters are all suddenly children reliving their childhood again. It's a reboot, and not like they actually de-aged or something, but still, it's hilarious how the series' greed completely undid its own message. Still, clearly the reason they just did an Adventure reboot was the same reason they did Tri and Last Adventure, they knew Adventure was successful and they were trying to recapture that by using the same characters. They seemed to finally realize that starting over fresh every season just killed their momentum once a year. But it doesn't matter because even if it's characters with the same basic names and designs, they don't have the same histories, so I'm not attached to them. I didn't like the original series because of the main guy was called Taichi, I liked it because it had characters with interesting personalities and character arcs and plot arcs, in addition to the monster fights. The new one has okay monster fights, but none of the depth in the characters or plot that really made the original interesting. The original had a lot of clever foreshadowing and subtle characterization and consistent use of themes, and that is all absent from the new one. But it has okay monster fights, I guess.
(286.77 KB 1410x1000 E0EcDVyUUAQkHzO.jpg)
>So aside from the absolute horribly fucked up existentialism, which is your favorite Digimon game, any recommendations? The original Digimon World game, it is really janky but i love the freedom it gives you and the way the digital world looks. Oh, and the monster raising stuff was aslo really fun (even though it can be really grindy if you don't know about the upgrades) i liked how they didn't tell you what you had to do to get a specific mon, that way you could evolve into a mon you've never seen before and end up loving it >>291821 Well, Digimon Adventure might have a lot of reused aimations and kinda wastes time with the evolution sequences but it's still really fucking good. Tamers is a little bit darker and takes place in a different univerese but it is just as good as Adventure. 02 has some cool ideas and moments but you can tell some of the key writers left at some point, i say it is worth watching it tho
what have you done you awakened the lore autist >>298020 i replayed digimon world 2003 (2003, not 3) couple months back and boy does that game have content. its a shame the combat is so slow and soulsucking. i went and got all the legendary cards, all the legendary weapons, defeated the world champion in the post-game scenario, and still couldn't get enough battle exp to digivolve more than 1 digimon to the point that i wanted to have all of my partners at.
>>298215 >what have you done you awakened the lore autist There is more than one of us. There are at least one or two others who know much more Digimon lore than me.
>>298215 >>298242 Indeed, there are a couple of us.
>>298367 But seriously, whoever put Angela Anaconda in for a few minutes before the real movie fucked up horribly. I saw the movie but thankfully didn't remember that part. Or I cleared it from my mind and didn't find out until later. Maybe they cut it from the TV release.
I bought Digimon Cyber Sluts Complete for PC . What should I expect? Who is best girl? Who is best boy? >>298370 I read somewhere that Fox, since they owned the rights to Digimon and AA, they wanted to promote two Fox shows at the time.
>>298373 >Who is best girl? I don't know if it counts as "best girl" exactly, but I wanted to hatefuck the policewoman.
>>298373 >I used to think this was a good song How embarrassing. I must've had terrible taste. Kids in America has aged a little better.
>>298373 >best girl I know you're asking in relation to Cyber Sluts, but if I may interject for a moment... Many say that Sora is best girl, and I get the tomboy thing making that seem like the obvious answer. But Sora is a fucking cunt, and even after she earns her crest and all the other things that happen over the course of the series to make her the embodiment of love, she never stops being a cunt. She knows she is effectively a superhero, but she almost lets Tokyo get nuked because she didn't like a present Taichi got her. Then she goes and fucks bad boy Yamato. Worst girl. Mimi begins as a cunt, so that turns a lot of people away, but once she earns her crest and evolves Lilymon and all that, she actually does turn into a nice person and a representation of Purity. She goes from hating Scumon for existing (and well he was throwing shit at her), to being the one most hurt by his death, and most dedicated to avenging him. Mimi is truly a top tier waifu. Hikari has the loli thing going, and I know that appeals to many, but I'm turned off by what a super special mary sue they try to make her, exemplified by how she becomes the vessel for God (later confirmed as Homeostasis, but Homeostasis is basically God). Also, she is much less likable in Adventure 02, even though she's basically a non-character in everything she appears in. Miyako is a cunt but it's acknowledged by the show, which makes it a bit better than when we're supposed to pretend a character isn't a cunt (Sora). On the other hand, she barely develops at all, so she remains a cunt. A cunt that isn't treated as not a cunt is better than one that we're just supposed to pretend is nice, but not as good as one that actually develops. Also, Miyako has the nerd girl thing which can certainly be appealing, but I'd consider it a lesser factor that what is described above. She's better than Sora, worse than Mimi. I guess worse than Hikari too, but it's hard to judge Hikari because she's barely a character. Ruki has the tomboy aspect of Sora with the redeemed bitch aspect of Mimi, and ends up feeling like a much more fleshed out character overall, since that's what Tamers excels at. While she ends the series still having a more reserved and brooding personality, she becomes a good person who understands the value of love and friendship and sacrifice. Ruki may be the best character in the whole series, in terms of character development and depth, and it's hard to argue she isn't also best waifu. Then again, there is also Juri. In many ways, she has the opposite character arc of Ruki, where she begins seeming happy and innocent, but events drag darker feelings out from deep inside her. Also a very well fleshed out character with an interesting development. Her obvious crush on protagonist Takato is also endearing, and it's nice to see a character who is just nice and not a cunt like Ruki, even though Ruki mostly stops being a cunt. I guess between these two, it comes down to if you are into Ruki's brooding personality or Juri's innocent personality. Knowing they both have a bit of the other one's personality deeper inside them makes them both much more interesting and appealing. There is also Xiaochun, and I know we have toddlercons here, but I'm just not that shallow with my waifus. She is the least developed character in the series, and very easily forgettable. Nowhere near as good as Ruki or Juri. I don't think anyone would argue any of the girls from the later seasons are particularly worth remembering, so I won't bother to go over them. Izumi from Frontier is pretty good if you want to count her Fairymon form, though. Shutumon is okay, but not as good as Fairymon. But then Izumi is both, plus her regular loli form, so those are some pretty good points in her favor. But I don't think it would match her up with any of the better girls from Adventure or Tamers.
How much of the first season of Tamers can I skip? I tried watching subbed it and I couldn't get though the first season.
>>298418 You should probably drop it to be honest, what makes Tamers good is how you get to see all these characters change over the duration of the show, not just the kids but the adults and mons as well. Like how Jian is a pacifist at fist but then accepts that he has to fight and you even get to learn why he doesn't like fighting near the end
>>298418 There is only one season of Tamers. Do you mean Adventure? The first 13 episodes or something are basically an introduction arc, but I would argue that events there pay off later. There is a lot of stuff you won't notice at first but actually fits well with things you learn later. If you're still really close to the start, maybe you can skip to Episode 8. The first seven are basically showing off all the characters evolving for the first time. If you're past there, skip to 13. If you're past that and still don't like it, skip to 20 and 21. If you don't like Episode 21, I contend it's because you skipped too much, but most people would say Episode 21 is when things start really kicking off. However, arguably the events there don't start paying off until 27/28/29. But yeah if you get to episode 29 and don't like it then obviously that's way too far and you just don't like the series. If you actually meant Tamers, then Tamers is more slow and about the characters, so skipping is an even bigger problem. Adventure is also largely about the characters, but the plot does get more complex as well. Tamers is all about the character development. If you were gonna skip anything, I guess one could say to skip to episode 13, which is when more stuff starts to happen. Things do ramp up a lot from the sort of slow start, but it's hard to define when. It's hard to skip to a more exciting part without missing other stuff in slower episodes that makes the later episodes good.
>>298384 I still like both songs. As well as some of the music from Beyblade. >>298413 Thank you for your analysis, anon. I guess I like Mimi the most.
>>298419 >>298422 I watched Tamers as a kid, I didn't like it until they entered the Digital World. I just want to know how much of the real world I need to watch to get to the good parts.
>>298413 I've wanted Ruki since the first episode.
>>298463 And I've wanted the digicock
By the way, the Digimon X V-Pet is about to come out in the US, i think it's already available for pre-order in amazon. Do any of you guys like the Digimon vpets?
>>298460 Looking at a list of episodes, your best bet for when the stuff related to that starts happening is episode 23/24.
>>289170 >I think the original adventure movies were trash but I think it's because life essentially ends for Japanese people when they leave school and become endless wage slaves due to japanese society. > but when actually forced to tell a story that's not isekai it really shows how bleak society got over there. Have you watched Kachou Ouji? >>291821 >Do any of the Digimon anime still hold up? The first four seasons, Savers somewhat, haven't watched anything afterwards. And, it's been a several years since I watched them anyway. >>292506 >Then there is a manga, V-Tamer 01, that takes place in an alternate universe (like how most of the anime do) but has crossovers, and with the multiverse stuff, stuff that happens in one universe does affect others. Stuff that happens in V-Tamer 01 was referenced in Adventure the whole time, but of course kids, especially outside Japan, wouldn't get that. The only time V-Tamer crossed over was with 02, Frontier, and the protagonist of the WonderSwan games. >>296862 >They seemed to finally realize that starting over fresh every season just killed their momentum once a year. That's never a problem for Power Rangers or PreCure.
>>298510 >about to come out in the US >not ordering them from PREMIUM BANDAI STORE I have had the Ver.3 of the X for about a year and have 2 DIGIVICE Ver.Completes. Get on my fucking level.
(304.13 KB 754x420 adventure63.png)
>>296862 I'd rather they go back to starting fresh every season if it means the Adventure cast can get laid to rest already. Truth be told, I was kind of hoping Tri would've built off 02's ending, as hated as it was, because at least that would've been better than the writer inserting a poorly written new character into the universe.
>>298526 >The first four seasons, Savers somewhat, haven't watched anything afterwards. Savers feels weird because the artstyle a bit different, but then Frontier feels weird because the kids turn into digimon. Savers ends up getting a much more interesting story and characters by the end though. Frontier has a fun light tone that makes it feel more like Adventure, but without almost anything that made Adventure actually interesting. Frontier feels very shallow, as far as Digimon goes. But then Xros Wars came out and made Frontier look like Citizen Kane. >The only time V-Tamer crossed over was with 02, Frontier, and the protagonist of the WonderSwan games. I'm aware. By crossing over with 02 it is effectively crossing over with Adventure. But for example, one of the things I was actually referring to (spoilered for top tier autism) The Digivice used in V-Tamer 01 is the Digivice 01, and notably cannot do a lot of stuff that the Digivices from Adventure can, like sending energy from the kids to the Digimon to help them evolve. However, at least there is a Digivice, which is technically more than Digimon World has, since that came out before. Later, Adventure 02 would have the D-3. It's the third Digivice, if you count the one from Adventure as the second. >tl;dr: V-Tamer 01 shows the series' early development and it's interesting to consider how it came out, and thus in multiverse-terms, happens before Adventure. >That's never a problem for Power Rangers or PreCure. I don't know PreCure, but I know when I was a kid, Power Rangers had a lot more carrying over every year than Digimon did starting with Tamers. I don't know if things have changed since. Adventure 02 was one thing, where it was a new cast but the same universe, and then Tamers was cool because it was like a "real world" thing and Tamers was fucking awesome, but when they rebooted every year, clearly they lost audience every year. It isn't rocket science that if you take away the characters and world and backstory that the audience is attached to, they'll have less incentive to come back each time you do that. >>298616 Unless one of the last few episodes of Digimon Adventure Colon somehow establishes that there is at least some sort of connection to the old universe, then as far as I'm concerned, these are new characters, and the original cast was laid to rest. They can have the same names and designs, but without the same histories, they aren't the same people. Now, given that Millenniummon is in the show, it's entirely possible that they could do some mega autistic shit and link it all up, but given all the episodes so far, I don't think they're gonna do anything close to that. Unless I missed a couple of the latest episodes from just forgetting to watch, because they're all very generic, and would never do anything cool like that.
(184.26 KB 872x467 vegeta realizes.png)
(373.09 KB 506x683 cursed realization.png)
>>298616 >tomboy yamato what the hell have you just awoken in me anon
>>298743 >Frontier has a fun light tone that makes it feel more like Adventure At what fucking point does Adventure have a "fun light tone"? Adventure 02 maybe, but that's one of the many reasons 02 sucks. In 02 they can leave the digital world and end up treating it like a game (something explicitly mentioned later in the series). 01 however they spend most of the time running for their lives and trying to survive, or that arc with demidevimon, and every time they DO confront the bad guys it ends up with someone presumed dead.
>>298370 It was exempt from TV airings but was present on the VHS. I remember refusing to rewind said VHS back too far and, had I a better understanding of VHS technology, was thinking of trying to literally cut that part of the VHS tape out. >>298383 That's some damn fine taste. >>298743 >it's entirely possible that they could do some mega autistic shit and link it all up, but given all the episodes so far, I don't think they're gonna do anything close to that. So, here is something to know in regards to Digimon, which is that lore that pertains to the multiverse is left in breadcrumb format. by doing so, it leaves one able to enjoy a show/series/game on it's own without needing outside context to understand what the fuck is going on. Multiverse situations are left via breadcrumbs so that only lore autists LOOKING for it will find it as the discovery of the Big M in the newest Adventure series showcases that, if you KNOW who and what that thing is, then you know just how fucked sideways things are. >The story STARTS with a conjoining digimon virus and Omegamon is summoned >This means Yggdrasis is in HIGH FUCKING ALERT >find out that we are literally in a post-apocalyptic digital world where a bigass war took place, one bad enough where Yggdrasil took notice and presumably took action, hence his eagerness to summon Omegamon >Series has shown more of the divergent branching nature of digimon is important >Agumon's "wrong" evolutions showcase a change first into an incomplete Mugendramon, then into Blitz Greymon >Who is one half of Omegamon Alter S, who is NOT one of the royal knights and thus, not under Yggdrasil's thumb It really is looking interesting.
(444.89 KB 476x344 ClipboardImage.png)
>>299013 you're omegamon he's omegamon I'M OMEGAMON are there any other omegamons i should know about?! >*meow*
(51.81 KB 600x600 600px-Omedamon2.jpg)
>>299088 *meow*
(72.30 KB 184x285 skindeep.png)
>>298413 >She knows she is effectively a superhero That's bullshit because it was implied they hadn't heard anything from the digital world for a while. What's even more bullshit is most of the Adventure cast treating two thirds of 02 as occasional side activity, but I digress. >but she almost lets Tokyo get nuked By not answering a call. By that logic the others not in the movie did the same thing. >because she didn't like a present Taichi got her. And Taichi had avoided any contact with her afterwards. >Worst girl. Xiaochun, (at the very least) pre-Lilymon Mimi and Miyako beg to differ. At least you remembered best girl Juri this time.
>>299097 I can't fuck this
>>298747 Nothing if you have good sense
(51.22 KB 1024x768 1466615611060.jpg)
survive when NeO on PC when
>>299442 not with an attitude like that
>>299013 >So, here is something to know in regards to Digimon, which is that lore that pertains to the multiverse is left in breadcrumb format would you be willing to give us a 'tism talk on the subject?
i want a game like pokemon mystery dungeon but with digimon that isn't digimon world 2004 because that game was fucking garbage.
>>299634 Digimon World 2. Make sure to use your emulator's speed up function.
(4.15 MB 192x144 DMW2 Leomon.mp4)
>>299636 i already played it. i even installed a mod that ads content in post-game. its such a good game handicapped by the slow combat.
>>299634 >>299636 DW2 is kinda garbage. All the first three DWs were a little questionable. I love them because of nostalgia, but I think someone playing them for the first time won't like any of them. 1 is okay, but it's not the kind of game you're asking for. Everyone hates 4 so don't bother with that. There's also Digimon games for handhelds but I haven't played them.
>>299639 Oh, you liked it? I'm surprised. The mod probably added Kimeramon.
>>299640 of course its trash, i played it. all of it. and it was garbage. they made evolutions mega only and they're just cosmetic because your digimon uses guns and swords instead. >>299642 https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2587/
>>299645 >2021 romhack I've never seen this before. I'm shocked people are still making DW mods. The Kimeramon thing I was talking about was made way back in the day. I'll have to check this out sometime.
>>299648 read the changelog. this doesn't just add kimeramon on 99f of tera domain.
>>299651 Yeah, I saw. I mean a different mod did back in the day.
>>299653 also i am pretty sure the black megas in the hack are custom made, but i could be wrong.
>>298779 There's also an arc where the main bad guy is a monkey that is a professional popular music artist. It's overall a pretty lighthearted show. Less than Frontier, but still. There are times when it gets a little more serious, particularly in the Vamdemon arc, but it's still mostly pretty light. Especially when you have something like Tamers, which is much more serious in tone. >>299013 Obviously as soon as I started being able to guess who the bad guy in the new series would be, I got excited for some high-level autism, but the series is very light on story so far. Yes, I'm aware of how Digimon multiverse lore is very subtle, but this series in particular really seems like it doesn't want to do anything to complex at all, with any part of its plot. Like right off the bat, it seems pretty clear that the Millenniummon from the new series is not the same Millenniummon from Adventure/Tamers. So my hopes have been dashed. >>299327 >That's bullshit because it was implied they hadn't heard anything from the digital world for a while. Bullshit. Adventure took place in August 1999, and Our War Game is March 2000 (forgive me if I'm getting the dates slightly wrong, but I know it was really close to that). However, in between then, even if you don't look at any side material, the movie makes clear that they've made contact with their Digimon again even though they weren't supposed to after Adventure. Now, it is bullshit that technically that happens in an audio drama, but I digress. After that, Anode/Cathode Tamer happens on January 1, 2000, so there have been at least two events that happened since Adventure and before Our War Game, and one was only about three months earlier. So Sora knew she was still able to contact the Digimon, and that major events were still happening that required the intervention of the Chosen Children, but she just ignored one of her teammates because she didn't like a gift he got her. Total cunt. >By not answering a call. By that logic the others not in the movie did the same thing. The others in the movie missed the call by accident. Sora did it on purpose. >And Taichi had avoided any contact with her afterwards. Not being social with someone outside of your world saving destiny is a different matter than being so irresponsible like this. Also frankly she would have been a cunt due to her reaction either way. Taichi would be right to avoid a bitch like that. >Xiaochun, (at the very least) pre-Lilymon Mimi and Miyako beg to differ. Pre-Lilymon Mimi is a timeframe and not a character. Maybe if you counted their appearances in different series differently, I could buy that, but pre-Lilymon Mimi was clearly just a character that had not yet completed her planned arc. Her flaws exist so that the character can overcome them, and the clever planting of these flaws, long before we find out about the Crests, is one of the main reasons Adventure is so clever. Miyako is a cunt but the show doesn't expect you to pretend she isn't. That dissonance is what makes Sora so egregious. Xiaochun got the loli appeal and isn't a bitch. Barely a character, but at least not a bitch. Tamers has the best characters so it's really not fair to compare. Of course Ruki and Juri are the best, because they're in the series that generally focuses the most on having the most fleshed out characters. Adventure does that pretty well, but it's not really on the same level. In Adventure, you're left with three main girls; one that begins as a bitch but only so she can learn to be nice, a loli that is barely a character beyond being a perfect super special near-mary sue, and a tomboy that is secretly a cunt but is supposed to learn to not be a cunt, but actually she doesn't learn shit and keeps acting like a cunt. Their rankings are very easy. If I'm counting the whole Adventure universe, it goes Mimi>Hikari>Miyako>Sora>Mei. Don't worry, Mei is still the worst, and ruined the whole universe. And if Sora didn't totally cuck Taichi over a hairclip, he wouldn't have ended up with that cunt. They tried to say she was the girl Taichi is with in 02's epilogue, to justify why she would be important in Tri. So Sora is indirectly responsible for Tri. Fuck that. >>299627 Not him, but from what I can tell, the biggest infodump about the multiverse is in Brave Tamer, the fourth WonderSwan game. But beyond that, sometimes you get little bits of info that you kind of have to put together yourself. Like in the first Tamers movie, there is an Omegamon fighting an Apocalymon, and there's a line saying Apocalymon came back, and Omegamon chased him to this other universe, so you are clearly lead to think they're the same as the characters from Adventure, but you don't need to know that. Another cool bit is how Millenniummon is made from Chimeramon and Mugendramon. Mugendramon doesn't have a Digisoul, and Ken made Chimeramon from parts of different Digimon, including the Digisoul of Devimon from Adventure, whose hatred was so strong or something like that that his soul couldn't be destroyed, so technically, Millenniummon is Devimon. It also fits with how Millenniummon can't fucking die no matter what's done to him. Of course, that's also Mugendramon's thing, so Millenniummon is double immortal.
(237.45 KB 650x662 terr.png)
>>301450 tamers also has the hottest digimon
(73.69 KB 750x727 E0T7lfSXMAYiZ1p.jpg)
>>301669 Hey! That's not Meramon!
>>301450 Why do people hate the 02 ending and Tri so much? 02's ending was kind of cheesy, but still preferable I think to what they do in every other series where the kids and mons are forced to separate, permanently unless they decide to do a new season. As for tri, admittedly everything regarding "resets" is utterly retarded as a concept, but I don't see anything wrong with Mei specifically and I still enjoyed the series in spite of its flaws.

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