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Castlevania-like Games Anonymous 04/21/2021 (Wed) 05:52:34 Id:ef1194 No. 290441
I'm suddenly in the mood for these sort of games. For the sake of a common definition I'm talking about any game that has the same look and feel as Castlevania, not that it necessarily has to be an action horror game or be monster themed. So something like Ninja Gaiden definitely counts. Spiritual successors, out right clones, fan games, or demakes are all welcome too.
If you like NES games, Kabuki Quantum Fighter.
>>290441 Shatterhand/Solbrain and Kage/Shadow of The Ninja for Nes. Both by Natsume, and both are pretty good.
The Lecarde Chronicles 2, a free fangame. It's this odd mix between the igavanias, simon's quest and a little bit of classicvania but I really liked it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ub3gnp5zuwe43w0/CTLC2upc.rar/file
>>290441 Their called metroidvania's anon. The genres name has been set as that for decades now. A Record of Lodoss game came out last month it looks pretty fun, great reviews too. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1203630/Record_of_Lodoss_WarDeedlit_in_Wonder_Labyrinth/ Not to mention the anime is also pretty good.
(33.50 KB 460x215 BF image.jpg)
Thoughts on Blue Fire? I've seen people call it 3D Hollow Knight, which makes me really interested in it.
>>290672 Castlevania has been more about learning the enemy patterns and weighty combat where you commit to your actions. In a sense, it shares that spirit with games like Dark Souls. I mean that in the most general and non faggot way possible Metroid is faster and more about exploring and backtracking. Castlevania is more linear and challenge based while Metroid is more adventurous in nature. You can absolutely have a more CV oriented game like anon requested
(168.57 KB 640x876 33495_front[1].jpg)
you ever notice how Capcom and Konami seem to compete in some thematic genres? RE vs SH, Mega Man vs Contra, Castlevania vs Ghouls & Ghosts...
>>290672 >Their called metroidvania's anon. That's not exactly what I mean. NG and Curse of the Moon certainly aren't metroidvania but they are Castlevania like (or Castlevania clones or derived or however you want to put it.) To limit it to just metroidvanias would exclude classicvania style games. I don't mind metroidvania style gameplay but I'm personally a much bigger fan of classicvanias.
>>290672 prior to SotN, only two Castlevanias (Simon's Quest and tentatively Vampire Killer (level-based but each level had open exploration)) were metroidvanias and what a terrible name for a genre that was began with Jet Set Willy; exploration platformer is a much better name for it
>>290672 Classicvanias are not Metroidvanias, you homophone-confused dingus, and OP is clearly talking about the former.
(324.43 KB 1920x1080 volgarr.jpeg)
Volgarr the Viking was pretty fun.
>>290780 The other two I'll give you,but Mega Man and Contra aren't really similar at all.
>>291017 futuristic setting with run-and-gun platforming okay, maybe Wily's robot army isnt comparable to Red Falcon's alien horde
>>291252 >futuristic setting with run-and-gun platforming But the settings are fairly different aside from being futuristic (one is about a boy robot, one is about muscly army men) and they play fairly differently as well. If you look at Casltevania and G&G, they both have similar platforming physics as well as very similar theming. SH and RE aren't quite as close setting-wise, but they're incredibly close in gameplay, at least for the first few entries of each.
>>290780 >>291017 Castlevania and G&G are thematically similar but very different gameplay wise.
8 Eyes is like Castlevania... if it sucked ballz.
(36.32 KB 236x325 8_eyes_front.jpg)
>>291638 I've been meaning to ask about that game.
>>291772 From what I remember, it has terrible music and plays awful despite the superficial resemblance to Castlevania. Master of Darkness on the SMS is supposed to be an actual good Castlevania clone, but I haven't actually played it to confirm whether that is in fact true.
(626.25 KB 1280x1848 004.jpg)
>>290787 How about Willyvania's?
>>292301 >splendid dick I don't know why but this phrase is catchy and amusing.
(90.14 KB 275x354 ClipboardImage.png)
>>292301 She looks like a slug woman with a million chins
>>292301 You cant go around posting stuff like that and not giving a sauce.
There's Silver Night's Crusaders. I haven't played much of it but it seemed promising. Also one that's less promising(mainly because of how it's marketed), infernax. It's not yet out but I think there's a demo.
(987.48 KB 1500x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>292324 At this point I'd take a slug woman or an eldritch to make abominations with. I even had dreams about one, I want to die.
(817.10 KB 326x326 sauce.mp4)
>>292326 What're you gonna do? Mongle my cock?
(30.59 KB 611x791 ascended CM.jpg)
>>292336 Are you willing to take that chance?
>>292339 Is this The Grifter?
>play through B:CotM >it a solid CVIII clone with inbrovements and a couple of twists >play through B:CotM2 <it complete fucking bullshit Do you know what no one ever said when playing a classicvania game? "Hey this's game's geat and all but I think it needs fucking ICE PHYSICS! And that volcano level is bullshit of the highest grade.
(53.06 KB 1691x909 LOOK AT THIS SHIT.png)
The last stage is obnoxious horseshit of the highest caliber. I blame Hachi for this game going off rails.
(134.37 KB 1125x1389 EojjbnpXYAEXv3V.jpg)
>>292326 >(C94) [childwife (Jitsuma)] Natsu no Haha ni Goyoujin https://exhentai.org/g/1809741/562773c0f8/
(182.15 KB 697x832 Byuu Byuu Bitch Ch.5 063.png)
>>294477 The art is mediocre and the woman is ugly, I want the ass eating doujin instead.
>>294477 Thanks for keeping the spirit of anon delivers alive, anon.
>>294493 >image Checkmate, Jews.
(7.99 KB 197x189 Byuu Byuu Bitch Ch.5 065.png)
>>294499 Byuu Byuu Bitch chapter 5 It's... something
(112.86 KB 680x573 stop.jpg)
I've has some time to collect myself and I think I can enunciate why CotM2 has gone off rails compared to the first game, which was excellent. It's got a case of "sequel 'cleverness' syndrome". The first game is just a clone of CV3, arguably an improved clone. It doesn't really stray far from the original and it doesn't mix up the overall gameplay too much. Now the sequel on the other hand decided that it has to "mix things up" and, as often the case, it didn't turn out as well as planned. Three issues come to mind specifically. >1. Stage Hazards While the first game has wind on that one ship stage and had you running from a horde of hellbats on the final stage, it was otherwise a conventional classicvania experience. In comparison the sequel goes absolutely balls deep on stage hazards from stage 5 onward, culminating on an unkillable ball of destruction that dogs you through the last stage. And unlike running from the hellbats in the final stage of the first game which just functioned like an autoscroller that pushes you to progress quickly, the ball of hellbats in the second game requires you to constantly manage it by knocking it back which not only slows you down it also divides your attention away from platforming and dealing with the monsters in front of you. >2. The Party In CotM your party was just a set of alternate (and optional) characters. You can easily complete the game with just Zandatsu or with Grandpa Sypha, Girl Trevor, or Not-Alucard or with any combination there of. The second game instead is tuned around you having all 4 (not optional) characters and if you lose one of them you're basically fucked. Gun Guy in particular has a really small health pool and a slow attack speed so it's easy to lose him. >3. Abilities Specifically the abilities of Spear Bitch and Dog. Spear Bitch lets you transform MP into a large health drop for anyone to pick up. Dog just has an invincibility button at the cost of something like 1 MP per second. Obviously both of these abilities could be very abuseable and could trivialize large parts of the game. So in response they ramped up the difficulty to solve the situation that they caused by giving them those abilities in the first place. There are several screens across multiple stages from stage 5 onward that basically require you to run through with the dog with invincibility on to not take too much damage from attrition.
(58.80 KB 1648x786 episode 1 End.png)
The fucking Lord of the Goddamned Flies was easier than the level that came before him. It was like a gentle, naked skip through the daises in comparison.
(69.23 KB 438x370 ClipboardImage.png)
Did anyone play this?
>>295925 This is my first time hearing of it. What's it like?
(285.92 KB 1200x675 bloodlines_6.0.jpeg)
What are your favorite classicvanias? I really like Bloodlines but I feel like it doesn't live up to the spirit of the NES Castlevanias. The movement isn't as limited or stiff, it's much more forgiving and it's somewhat faster. It's a good game but certainly not as brutal.
>>296408 I know its babymode, but super castlevania 4, its just so well done and fun!
(1.53 MB 1326x1078 caschron1.png)
>>296413 It's as baby mode as Bloodlines, but it's pretty good, yeah. That being said it's not like there aren't any NES-style Classicvanias outside of the NES. Chronicles is a pretty NES-style Classicvania, maybe even harder. I feel like there was a missed opportunity of making a full blown CUHRAZY Castlevania with Belmont characters. Like the SotN Richter mode, but with levels specifically designed for Richter. It'd have been so much fun to fly through the air and through enemies with tons of fun combos with levels actually designed around it. If you're going to go baby mode, might as well go the full length.
>>296408 I feel like the fact it operates on limited continues bumps it up in difficulty somewhat. The NES games might have been hard, but you could game over as much as you wanted and still start at the same level. Bloodlines makes you start the game completely over again if you get too many, unless you decide to use the password feature.
>>296474 Good point. >unless you decide to use the password feature I'd argue that makes it an unlimited continues game. It's just unlimited continues with a bit of a hassle. Regardless, I never got a game over on it, it's not specially difficult. It's got quite a nice balance of difficulty.
(64.51 KB 254x172 deedlit alucard.gif)
I played quite a bit of that new Lodoss War game, Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth. The art and animations are very SotN influenced. She even has Alucard's signature brisk jog (comparison included). The gameplay is basically also SotN but with a touch of another platformer. Can't remember the name, but there was this free game that Atlus put out where you could swap between Jack Frost and Pyro Jack to become immune to ice element/fire element projectiles. The big system in this game is basically that resistance swap.
>>296516 I enjoyed Luna Nights so much that I'm already 3/4ths sold on that Deedlit game.
Although, speaking of Luna Nights, I wish they would add Cirno to the boss rush mode and add a Rumia fight somewhere as well.
>>295925 Yeah. It was okay, I guess.
>>296516 >but there was this free game that Atlus put out where you could swap between Jack Frost and Pyro Jack to become immune to ice element/fire element projectiles. SMT: Full Synchronicity. Same developer and everything, here's the DL. https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1pZWYXRk0SwXVjVaCpQBuo_Gn3CO9XghF&export=download
>>296832 If they didn't add koakuma even though they did use her stage and theme they ain't gonna add the darkness loli. Cirno is just there because she's a fucking meme, pretty much everyone loves stupid girls.
(647.34 KB 400x400 baka rumia.gif)
(64.61 KB 414x248 rumia.png)
>>297748 But Rumia is a stupid girl too.
(129.47 KB 770x1200 1599627222070.jpg)
>>297770 But chillno got called an idiot by ZUN and has her own game.
>>297775 best 3hu
Anyone else playing the Deedlit game?
(39.11 KB 881x515 Deedlit with a chainsaw.png)
I have now achieved full Sister of Battle mode.
(151.24 KB 1861x1019 deedlit map.png)
I can't believe that I got to the end of the entire fucking game and only then did I discover that there are breakable secret walls. >99% What the hell am I missing?
(292.31 KB 1920x1080 secret message in the background.png)
Also what's with this room? There's clearly some secret here but I can't figure out what it trying to say.
>>295925 Me. It's pretty short, and pretty okay.
>>301636 The one in the middle is obviously a QR code.
>>301636 Crop to the window next time to help prevent thread derails and bullying. >>301719 They didn't do a very good job of obscuring it, but they probably couldn't do so given that it's a relatively fixed format based on imagery. I guess it could've been one frame of a relatively inconspicuous animation requiring you to screencap the frame then read it, or something. Then again, it's probably something they didn't want people to have a hard time finding.
>>301719 I came to that conclusion but since I don't have a smartphone I couldn't check. I did find the secret in that room you jump in the center 50 times and it leads to a shitty joke sword. I wonder if that's what the code says? >>301720 >Crop to the window next time to help prevent thread derails and bullying. shid
>>290672 You stupid fucking retard, that only applies to games with backtracking elements.
>>301791 You know I don't even really like the term metroidvania that much because it's so imprecise and worse it's being used incorrectly by normalfags. I saw the Curse of the Moon games tagged as "metroidvania".
What's the best Castlevania track and why is it Richter's? Is it Divine Bloodlines or just Bloodlines?
>>302804 Bloody Tears.
>>302811 second for bloody tears or dance of illusions
>>302811 >>302814 Bloody Tears is almost just the [free space] for Castlevania songs. It's both famous and really catchy. So other than Bloody Tears, two of my favorites are Dance of the Holy Man and Wicked Child. Also speaking of Bloody Tears, has anyone else noticed a trend of people thinking that BT is the night theme from Simon's quest?
>>302837 Isn't it the opening day theme though? Night is completely different >Bloody Tears is almost just the [free space] for Castlevania songs Thats why i gave Dance of illusions incase it wasn't accepted
>>302844 >Isn't it the opening day theme though? Yeah. BT is the field theme. Monster Dance is the night theme.
>>302864 im glad i got that right
>>302804 I'll never forgive the Smash remix for leaving out the best section of that song.
(9.41 KB 320x217 what a horrible night.jpg)
>>290441 If you want a 3D Castlevania but more in line with the originals in a way you can try Dark Souls of course. You wander through a seemless interconnected enviornment and find weapons, fight bosses and upgrade your character along the way, SOTN gave me a real DS feel back when I played it a few years back because they play and flow pretty similarly. >>290679 >>290781 >>290787 >>290810 Stop fucking confusing yourselves its obvious what I mean. If a first person shooter plays differently to another first person shooter I.E Halo vs Doom does that mean that Halo can't be a first person shooter? No you fucking idiots. You ever play Bejeweled and Tetris, can Bejeweled not be a puzzle game because its core gameplay and concepts are different? No, its a fucking puzzle. The definition and what it does is very cut and dry. Stop putting yourselves through mental gymnastics to hop into retarded conclusions you are not doing yourselves any favors. Metroidvanias are a subgenre of 2d action adventure games that play similar to Metroid and Castlevania there's nothing more and nothing less to it and somehow thinking Castlevania itself who is half of the reason why that genre term exists and its spiritual successor aren't Metroidvanias must mean that you are either trolling me or are a drooling troglodyte fucking IQ test failing Brazillian. >>300894 I beat it on the 3rd and it only took me 5 and a half hours to beat it. Its possible to go through the whole thing in one afternoon sitting. But yeah I PLAYED the game and its a solid fucking game dude, I loved it. Didn't bother with finding all the secret rooms or whatever, no achievements either but its still worth every penny.
>>303068 SOTN is much faster than Dork Souls, what are you on about?
(337.88 KB 1220x1600 CastlevaniaFINAL.jpg)
(679.15 KB 500x622 sengoku.gif)
What your ideal concept for a Castlevania clone/sequel that's never really been tried before. I have 3 in mind: >1. a Classicmetroidvania like Simon's Quest but with all the bugs worked out and perfected I don't think anyone anywhere has done that. >2. a Vampire Killer Castlevania 3 hybrid This is another one that I don't think anyone has even attempted. Being able to fully explore each level and also having alternate branching levels would be a really nice touch. Curse 2 kind of hinted at something like this in its design and frankly it would have turned out to be a better game if it had. >3. a Japanese themed Castlevania clone I would be fine with either a Classicvania or a SOTN clone. I imagine it would end up playing something like a Nioh 1 or Sekiro demake crossed with classic Ninja Gaiden and maybe with a little Sengoku thrown in. And I'd be damn happy with such a thing too. >>303068 >3D Castlevania The best shot for a good 3D Castlevania would be if Sony finally relents and puts Bloodborne on the PC and then someone mods it and Frankensteins together Cainhurst, Hemwick, The Astral Clock Tower, the Lecture building and maybe parts of Mensis and Old Yharnam and some of the chalice dungeons and then fiddles with the weapons and hunter tools.
>>302804 Wicked Child.
>>302804 >Metroidvanias are a subgenre of 2d action adventure games that play similar to Metroid and Castlevania there's nothing more and nothing less to it and somehow thinking Castlevania itself who is half of the reason why that genre term exists and its spiritual successor aren't Metroidvanias must mean that you are either trolling me or are a drooling troglodyte fucking IQ test failing Brazillian. Metroidvania isn't a term that encompasses all Castlevanias, you blathering idiot, because not every Castlevania is similar to Metroid. Metroidvanias only relate to Castlevanias from SotN onward, and Castlevania II retroactively, because those are the only ones that share design qualities with Metroid. The term is used to describe the games that emphasize exploration and the acquirement of new abilities that allow further exploration. That description does not apply to the majority of Castlevania games before SotN, which are the ones that OP was referring to. There's a reason Castlevania games are commonly categorized between "classicvanias" and "metroidvanias". Imagine if someone asked for games similar to the first three Crash Bandicoot games, and then someone said "those are 3D brawler platformers, I know some good ones", because Crash of the Titans existed. That's what you're doing.
>>302804 For me its a tie between beginning, dracula's Castle and divine bloodlines. Also i want to remind to everyone that opus 13 is a cool ass track.
>>303059 Which part? The keyboard transition between the intro and the guitar parts?(0:07-0:08)?
>>303126 My ideal concept would be a classicvania with more focus on movement abilities like the Rondo backflip. It's such a small addition but it makes the game feel so good to play and I find it an absurd shame how the Curse of the Moon games focus more on the NES/Draculas Curse era of classicvania than the Rondo/Bloodlines era. Preferably themed around the war of 1999. >I don't think anyone anywhere has done that. I know it's a free amateur fangame but really try TLC2. You might get what you want out of it. >>290467
>>303235 The entire section from 1:00-1:30 is not included in the Smash remix. It's a travesty.
>>303251 Youre right, its the best part and also were he uses grand Cross to kill the skellies in the intro.
(111.32 KB 372x1000 sakuya.jpg)
For those of you who've played both, which do you prefer more Luna Nights or Deedlit in Wonder Labryinth?
>>304559 Deedlit. Luna Nights I liked the gimmicks but the game just grinds to a halt the second you get thousand knives and is too easy for a team ladybug game. Deedlit was all around really fun and you still got to play around with lots of fun shit like the chainsword too. I still think Pharaoh Rebirth+ is their best game
(120.19 KB 1280x720 justfuckmylifeintopieces.jpg)
I cannot beat the fucking mummy boss in Episode 2.
>>304725 I can't make any headway on rape mummy I'm going to try this Egyptian rabbit game instead. It looks pretty fun.
>>290441 Odallus: The Dark Call

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