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(335.79 KB 2560x1440 BO3 mods.jpg)

(150.29 KB 1200x675 DwSiBFDWwAA2sn_.jpg)

(770.15 KB 739x428 ldxn3fdpssb31.png)

(771.62 KB 320x568 elRKPvkVxlfLs91z.mp4)

(2.62 MB 1146x638 1617889800670.webm)

Call of Duty Thread Anonymous 05/10/2021 (Mon) 22:07:49 Id: 9e46d3 No. 306120
What mods are you playing? What skins are you using? Do you want to play with anyone?
Been playing vanilla zombies for the most part. I kinda want the multiplayer shit in BOIII, but playing a bunch of team deathmatch sounds exhausting.
World at War or Call of Duty 4
When BO2 and Ghosts came out I remember everybody criticized CoD for being repetitive and the same shit over and over again, people usually saying something like "MW2 was the last good CoD game!" There were memes about this nine years ago, pic related. Spoilered as not to bring back repressed memories of 2012 internet culture When MW2 came out I remember people were criticizing the series for taking a modern military approach and said the last good game was CoD3. When CoD3 came out, people were criticizing the series for being a rehash of Medal of Honor. Now with Warzone I see people criticizing the series for catering to Fortnite kiddies and saying the last good game was BO3 or 4. So with this I must ask: was Call of Duty ever good? Because with every new release I always see people say CoD was good a few years ago, and a few years ago people said the same thing as well.
>>306748 I think it might be like the Civilization series, where the first game you've played is your favorite, and everything else is different enough to be bad in your eyes. Also, no, it's average.
>>306748 >That image It's the fault of the billions of faggots who actually buy call of duty because clearly it's their golden goose to the point of Activision shifting all teams to being CoD support devs.
>>306120 >a fucking CoD thread I think the first Black Ops was the last one I owned. People outside of the usual underage faggots really still play this shit?

(289.81 KB 590x332 neptic-590x332.png)

(1.42 MB 858x720 RvjfjnPXdjk8Wck8.mp4)

(2.92 MB 1280x720 outplayed.webm)

(853.33 KB 639x747 Shadow Company.png)

>>306127 What's your favorite vanilla map? >I kinda want the multiplayer shit in BOIII Really? I was never fan of it and it came out when CoD was filled with microtransactions so be prepared for that. I'd just stick to the mods. >>306748 >was Call of Duty ever good? Just as good as it was when CoD 4 came out, however good you feel that was. Graphics and animation standards have increased, but the actual gameplay is still the same thing. >>306775 This. >>306780 >People outside of the usual underage faggots really still play this shit? It's fun. It's really not that different from any other shooter on the market.
I enjoyed World at War the most, a gamenight for it could be fun but i doubt anons would be down for it since its cowadoody
>>307377 kill yourself OP >>307378 World at War multi is abominable CoD4 shit tier Anons had plenty of United Offensive gamenights which were fun as fuck.
(12.59 KB 300x168 Minecraft.jpg)

>>307378 >a gamenight for it could be fun For zombies? Because in that case BO3 makes more sense in everyway especially with Steam integration so anons could just left-click to get the addons/mods. However, it would make this more true: >but i doubt anons would be down for it since its cowadoody
The best thing to ever come out of the CoD series is ELPRESADOR's commentary videos. When the nerdsole wars were losing steam and he needed new material, CoD came in pretty handy.
(20.70 KB 480x360 trash.jpg)

>Call of Duty Thread
(125.75 KB 1000x750 cod2tunis.jpg)

(105.41 KB 1280x720 comradesniper.jpg)

(105.30 KB 1280x720 dday.jpg)

(224.02 KB 1280x1024 hill400.jpg)

Move over plebs, best Call of Duty coming through singleplayer only
>>307508 Don't get me wrong it has cool cinematic missions, but the rest of is one shooting area to the next with the same voice lines and sound effects played over and over again. If you play through a campaign from start to finish you realize that the fun parts are separated by tons of filler that is boring or annoying depending on your difficulty.
COD lost me after they failed to focus on spec ops/multiplayer and instead shifted everything towards battle royale. I liked the direction of multi of MW4, and how it was very similar to COD Ghosts(still my one of my favorites to this day), but I could see the writing on the wall when the 25$ skin packs and free to play battle royale were starting to arrive. I simply lost the will to play that game and moved on to something else. Seems like it was the right choice, as soon after, the george floyd riots started. Activision was one of the first to cuck out to BLM, and the game literally had a "virtual kneeling" black screen with text sucking off george floyd for weeks on end, not to mention a crackdown on "racism and hate crimes". That, and the fact that I was tired of black ops in general, made me miss out on that new cold war game as well. Too much similarity to MW4, seems like a pathetic attempt to pander to nostalgia after treyarch's blunder with black ops 4 which wasn't that bad, just rushed, and the game still heavily focused on battle royale from day one. The zombies story neatly wrapped up in blops 4 as well, so I didn't see a need to continue buying those games simply for that, which ended up being the right choice, as people started getting BANNED for getting to high rounds for no reason not too long ago. Activision isn't budging on this issue, either, and will not unban anyone, or even explain what is going on. Imagine getting to round 50 on kino or something, and then your account gets perma banned and you cannot even start up the game anymore, that's fucked. Ironically enough, that chink mobile game looked like it had the most going for it, at least at the start before the cancerous micro transactions started and they completely destroyed the artistic direction of the game to pander to normalfags who never played most call of duty games. Call me a casual if you want, but there is no better feeling than taking a shit and ravaging nuketown or crossfire like it's 2010 again, it was pretty fun for a while and I actually continued to play that for a bit after I was done with MW4. I still would, since it's free, but my tablet has a fucked battery, and I heard that tencent literally has a bitcoin miner and other nasty things in their launcher, and you can't do shit about it cause they briefly mention it in their legal agreement you have to check on before installing
>>307508 That's not 1 and UO >>307520 A fucking Nazi Zombie shitter is spouting these words with no hint of self awareness. Cuckchan is back in town it seems
>>307568 There's a mod that adds the chink game weapons to BO3, will probably try it this weekend. That banning for getting to high rounds is fucked though. Just under 20 rounds in Nacht and the thought of getting banned for getting good is disturbing. >>307377 Not sure yet. Haven't really tried them all, but put the most into Nacht since its the simplest/first.
(1.18 MB 1221x3414 cod micropayments.png)

>>307667 funny thing is that I was going to actually buy that cold war game, as the thought of them rebooting nacht with the actual campaign crew(woods being a playable character, for example), and revamping how the mode played(being able to escape when you were done with the easter egg or you were confident you couldn't get any further, with the extraction chopper arriving after a little while and ending the game, for example) made it seem like they were going to blend the two together, something I think they tried doing since BO2 days, but failed due to time constraints, or in BO2's case, console limitations. I was going to buy the game, but I noticed in the trailer that they had the swastikas censored. I know it was naive of me to think they would put them back in, after that fiasco in BO3, where they replaced them with iron crosses and pissed off quite a lot of people with that, but that was enough for me to wake up from the delusions of treyarch going above and beyond to make the best product possible, they're just towing the line and milking the cash cow at this point. Same thing happened in black ops 4, they had something good, if unconventional going, but ended up putting in minimal amount of work and milking the small fanbase for as much as possible, see pic related. I heard that zombies themselves went free to play recently, just like the battle royale, and with that came micro transactions and a slew of new players, as well as casualization of the franchise. I think that's why activision is so blatant about banning good players, there must be some agenda that has to do with them replacing the oldguard/good players with the horde of normal niggers, so they can then put in the minimal amount of effort and keep making those sweet MTX bucks at the same time, they can make the changes that would piss off the old fanbase, but the new players that were brought in from the battle royale mode or simply got the game cause it was free and never played the other games would be none the wiser. Acitivision is scummy enough to try doing this, especially since it's been 10+ years since WaW was released, realistically speaking most oldschool fans either moved on or didn't buy the newest game, so they're not losing out on that many hardcore players, and would in fact benefit from alienating them/replacing them. Underage, "Weekend Gamers" and game streamers(as well as their viewers) are the most likely group of people to spend money on micro transactions, and as I said in my last post, there is some outrageous prices going around, with 25$ for a character or an outfit/weapon skin pack, with things getting even worse in the free to play mobile game from china. Bobby boasted that this was now how they were making a bulk of their profit, which is why they "graciously" got away with the season pass/DLC map pack system, so this is not a stretch to assume that they want to get rid of the playerbase that is realistically making them the least amount of money, and pandering to those who are willing to spend money on something as useless as cosmetics in zombies
(64.10 KB 454x640 carltonduty.jpg)

(34.86 KB 354x500 carl-on-duty-black-cops.jpg)

>>307421 >Carl on Duty
>>307702 Looks like my time enjoying Zombies is going to be BO3, then BO2 if it gets a good sale next year, then maybe BO4. I got BO4 in some Humble Bundle and I still feel ripped off Thanks for the info though and the blackpilling about where the series is headed.
>>307725 BO4 zombies are really good, they made unique changes that I think make the game both harder, and more enjoyable to play. The game lets you be ridiculously overpowered(every player starts with specialist weapons from multiplayer, that get recharged and upgraded as the game goes on), most grenades are instakills now, and every map revolves around you running around with the shield. However, to compensate for it, the game is harder than ever before, with zombies getting tougher and more aggressive extremely quickly. On top of that, every map aside from the Five remake has uber zombies that spawn alongside normal ones, but Classified is super small(as you might remember) to compensate for that. The zombies also run faster than before, and even have good AI pathing, not only punishing even the smallest lack of attention span when running trains on later rounds, but also actively try and flank you from all sides rather than just running directly at/behind you. It's good fun, the weapons themselves also became much more powerful and there is an elemental upgrade for almost every single wonder weapon, which means you can get to very high rounds easily, but only if you're experienced/dedicated. My biggest gripe was that they tried focusing on two storylines at the same time: aether and the new story, chaos, which went nowhere. This results in a very sloppy array of maps, a new story and set of characters that get dropped without any continuation or answers explained, and every single aether map with familiar characters and storyline is some sort of remake of the older map, with little in the way of new content except for minor map extensions and the new, faster paced gameplay that doesn't suit them. One of the remade maps is fucking nuketown, of all things, so good luck surviving that one with zombies on round 15 running at you like niggers and rushing you from all sides. One very good addition is the new game mode that was introduced, zombie rush: It's essentially just an arcade score attack mode, with no cost on weapons, doors automatically opening for you after clearing waves, all buildables already there for you and points instead acting like score from arcade games, with bonuses for unbroken streaks and extra lives/downs given once you break certain thresholds. That's when you really see every new feature in this game working at full horsepower, you can see the vision they had(which didn't really translate well into the "main game", but it's a good challenge if you're a good player all the same). A great mode if you just want to get a few good games going without bothering with all the nonsense newer maps have you do every game just to get yourself set up. I forgot to mention that you also get to select which 4 perks each map will have, from about a dozen total, and everyone gets jugg by default. No speed cola, but you get faster reloads as a "bonus" once you have a full set of 4 chosen colas, so that's a neat touch. This works on both normal game and zombie rush. And if nothing else, at least, the storyline gets all wrapped up, the remake of call of the dead is canonically the very last aether map(not counting some half assed continuation in the cold war game, I don't count that) The ending is actually pretty dark, once you realize what is really going on, there was a good tl;dr on that here once upon a time but I didn't save it. My other gripe is that the game needs you to be connected to the internet at all times to be able to play the game, even by yourself. It sucks, and if you play on PC, you know how bad blizzard/activision is with bans(thankfully, they don't ban players for reaching high rounds in bo4 zombies). The real loss here is that supposedly, they completely remade all BO2 maps like tranzit, die rise and buried for BO4, and they're all just sitting on someone's HD, but they never got released because BO4 sold poorly, and acitivision thought people were suffering from "zombies fatigue". MW4 was also going to have a zombies mode, which was cut for the same reason, leftovers of that were most likely the bases for the cold war zombies
>>307732 That's a shame about the BO2 remake maps, it would have been nice to have just two games to have most of the zombies content. I'll revisit BO4 zombies after gitting gud at BO3 zombies.
>>307807 one word of advice, try not to depend too much on the "alchemical antithesis" bobblegum if you plan on moving to black ops 4 afterwards, the simple reason being that it is an infinite use item in BO3, where as it is a limited use item in BO4, the quantity of which depends wholly on the loot crate system they have. It is also harder to get divinum in BO4 than it is in BO3, so don't get too used to it.
>>307820 Can do, don't use too much of the gobblegum in general so far.
(29.10 MB 480x270 elpres_halo_reach.mp4)

>>307396 His best content was his Halo Reach beta video, no contest.
(3.01 MB 1920x1080 Kowloon2.png)

>>307651 >A fucking Nazi Zombie shitter is spouting these words with no hint of self awareness. Am I wrong? >>307667 Shadows of Evil has good aesthetics and Der Eisendrache is good with friends because it's really easy to learn, but Town will always be in my heart for nostalgia. >>307702 Someone made Cold War in BO3 which is kinda funny. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2370179373 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2383600531 >>307807 There's has been some BO2 remakes on BO3 to varying degrees of success. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1680193042&searchtext= https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2272246143&searchtext=
(27.31 KB 600x533 trash.jpg)

OP you need to kill yourself.
(29.15 KB 265x375 call of duty.jpg)

(746.75 KB 1000x1431 call-of-duty-2-cover.jpg)

>>307421 >>308131 Anon the first two CoD games where fucking amazing. Yes later games are trash but this thread does not focus on one game in particular do not be so quick to shit on a thread.
>>307886 >"A FUCKING SWORD" I remember that one, classic beast vid.
>>308167 >Anon the first two CoD games where fucking amazing. They weren't. You're only remembering the fun missions that you replayed over and over. Most of the game was not very good.
Anything after black ops is garbage.
>>307997 >Am I wrong? Yes Now go shill your ecelebs and soy infused Michael Bay yearly shovelware elsewhere.
>>308202 MW2 and Black Ops were garbage too
>>308204 I dont understand why people praise mw2, it was mediocre. I liked black ops because of its campaign, although they fucked zombies up with the introduction of crawlers and other retarded enemies.
>>308203 How? CoD 2's campaign as a whole is not the greatest thing ever made. There are some amazing missions, but all together it's mediocre and one boring shooting gallery to the next with the same enemies, voice lines, and unsatifsying weapon damage played over and over again.
>>308208 MW2 was the real nosedive. CoD4 was kinda tolerable, but MW2 was the game that introduced the most retarded aspects of the meta like extra melee range perks combined with infinite sprint. World at War had the same thing, but it was kinda balanced, because you had to attach a bayonet to get the extended melee and only specific guns which were otherwise middling could use it. In the big picture, though, CoD was never my favorite franchise and I only played it because my roommates in college had it, and I am forever doomed to play games I know I won't like just to see how much I won't like them.
>>308208 MW2 was hyped up to high heaven and people remember the fun, but completely broken MP. That's it I didn't like it when it came out, either, I went back to COD4 after renting it out for a bit, and only bought a used copy years later
>>306748 >was Call of Duty ever good? From 2003-2004 yes. From 2005-2008 it remained tolerable but the moment it went multiplat it started a terminal decline.
https://archive.fo/zc2pA leftists cancelled Jeff Leach aka Ghost from MW4, over "misogynistic comments". Never mind the fact that shit talking in those lobbies is as strong as ever
>>308167 None of the games that came out during the 1999-2004 flood of casual, cinematic WWII FPS's were good, let alone amazing. More people need to go back and play them again to remove their nostalgia googles.
(945.76 KB 4032x1887 mosin.jpg)

>>308419 Stop being a nigger anon, you will hurt yourself. >>308219 >>308167 >>307651 Actually, the 2 weapon system only works on WW2 setting because you have a smg in one for close combat and rifle in other - Mosin in one and ppsh in other - Thompson and Garand - LeeEnfield and Sten. When you need special weapons like Panzerschrek you'd have to give up one of them. Modern games have no reason for this system so you always carry two assault rifles, 1 AR and 1 shotgun for fun, or 1 sniper 1 AR.
>>308419 I replay them every summer alomg with Half Life, STALKER, World in Conflict and Cryisis They're good and you're wrong
>>308419 >None of the games that came out during the 1999-2004 flood of casual, cinematic WWII FPS's were good, let alone amazing. Your a faggot for this statement. >More people need to go back and play them again to remove their nostalgia googles. Your a SJW cuck for that one.
(368.48 KB 460x498 WHAT IS THIS.webm)

>>308411 Who is this guy again? Was he another wannabe twitch streamer? Anyways fuck Activision and their fake activism.
>>308495 >>308508 >>308534 >CoDkiddies furious Those games sucked more dick than your mothers, they were riddled with cutscenes, had terrible level design and focused more on "muh cinematic set pieces" than the actual game. Even a mediocre mid-90's FPS shits all over them.
(5.94 KB 364x295 trollge.jpg)

To be honest I'm kind of baiting with that last post. But 2000's WW2 FPS had a lot of issues and were generally not as good as FPS that came both before and after. Not to mention how they heavily influenced the genre for years, with everything being turned into boring on-rails shooters made with consoles first and foremost in mind. It wasn't until a few years ago that Blood and Quake style games started getting made again.
>>309238 Not everything has to be Quake or Doom.
(2.98 MB 1200x506 1597198868955.webm)

(2.87 MB 480x360 1597203463602.webm)

(2.90 MB 1280x720 1597274913088.webm)

>>309238 >I was only pretending to be retarded >Posts wojak
(538.97 KB 625x626 maximum over bait.gif)

>>309476 >>Posts wojak
>>309229 >CoD 1 and 2 Nah Nobody gives a shit about your hipster cred faggot. >>309476 >>309467 Go back to cuckchan you miserable piece of shit. >>309238 Outside Unreal Quake and Doom clones were mostly fucking awful. 2000s WW2 shooters were muh immersion but that's part of what made them good.
>>309564 Why does that game look like that? It looks like an Ipad game.
(47.92 KB 284x768 howdoiquickscope.jpg)

>>307378 World at War coop was pretty neat. It's a shame the mods for WaW were entirely zombies-only, with only three being for coop. With only one of those three actually being a map. >>309564 UO zombies servers had maps with vehicles?
>>309238 >o be honest I'm kind of baiting with that last post. But 2000's WW2 FPS had a lot of issues and were generally not as good as FPS that came both before and after. Not to mention how they heavily influenced the genre for years, with everything being turned into boring on-rails shooters made with consoles first and foremost in mind. This honestly wasn't a thing until 2007, maybe 2006, when multiplayer gameplay made console FPS worth focussing on. That's actually after WW2 fps had passed as a trend in favour of modern and 'future with modern military tech' settings. Comparatively there honestly weren't that many WW2 series at their peak and those that did exist were all in different niches it was just trend chases trying to get into that niche that flopped. CoD/MoH/BiA/Battlefield/H&D are all in distinct subgenres with only CoD and MoH really competing.
>>309846 >UO zombies servers had maps with vehicles? From my memory most mainstream ones did not. To be fair though that might just be that the popular maps didn't have them but I cannot recall playing on a UO zombies server with either jeeps or tanks. >>309564 Early CoD zombies is not the same as WaW+ zombies. The former was a multiplayer modded gamemode in which some players were zombies and the latter was a dev-made coop survival mode.
(173.47 KB 1024x614 bia12.jpg)

(29.55 KB 474x355 bia32.jpg)

(149.22 KB 1024x768 bia31.jpg)

(265.65 KB 1119x1600 bia30.jpg)

If I may show you fags a different ww2 game. Brother in Arms succeeds in accomplishing CoD's original goal. CoD originally wanted to show the authentic war experience, and show that you're the small soldier in a big battlefield. That's why infinity ward split from EA. But in quest of "cinematic experiences" they made you a pretty hefty soldier, a Main Character, with other soldiers occasionally killing enemies, but mostly were fodder. This went worse later in series. Brother in Arms had no pretension, but delivered way better in showcasing you're one guy in a whole battle. Your squad is essential in winning fights. Even if they are dumb bots, they serve their purpose in flanking enemies. You will simply die if you don't use your squad correctly. This succeeded in delivering the "war experience".
>>310825 BiA is good, Hell's Highway not so much but still worth playing. Also worth digging into the unlockables to see how much work they put in.
(73.34 KB 1280x720 dod.jpg)

(251.93 KB 1600x1064 ds.jpg)

>>310843 BiA hill 30 is better in many regards, just people somehow always forget about it when talking ww2 shooters. Or talked once and forgotten. I guess Gearbox has to take some blame in hindsight, but if it had caught on I believe Gearbox had been a completely different studio. Also another unmentioned - Day of Defeat
>>307705 Nice >>308167 >Obvious bait Nice try but no dice >>308495 >>308508 >>308534 >>309238 >Thread baits the absolute retards to come out of their hiding holes for maximum retardation or a (1) and done shitfit Amazing.
(37.07 KB 625x626 ClipboardImage(1).png)

one great thing about mw3 and ghosts ghosts especially due to the larger maps was the infected mode reminded me of ts2 virus. i know there's a shit ton of mods/wads for games that have this, but is there something that similar to cod's take on it?
(17.71 KB 232x233 hmm.jpg)

>All these 16 year olds Dear fucking God, someone nuke this thread, the Facebook ads are working their magic and this thread is attracting them to post
>>310878 Co-Op was easily the best part any cod, simply because you were playing with your friends who could only be bothered to play cod with you because they were normalfags I don't know specifically infected mode but there was a indie shooter with lots of similar mechanics to it, I can't remember its name.
>>310904 We told you faggots the Chart threads were turning this place into reddit and you decided to push forward. Enjoy the death of yet another 8chon.
(325.46 KB 490x720 STI fixing his server.png)

>>310935 >8chon
>>310904 Is it just me or does it feel like the overall quality of posts have gone downhill recently?
(818.84 KB 1280x720 no_more_for_today.webm)

>>310964 Where have you been for the last 2+ years
(423.85 KB 645x455 jeep.png)

>>309564 Vehicles was the best part of UO. Running over people in jeep while blasting 30 cal was the most fun. They should have atleast tried to make it usable in 2
>>310964 Something to think about: half of /b/'s posts have been made in the past 2 months. >>310967 8chan going under did a good job at filtering out the chaff.
(574.55 KB 1920x1080 WaW Winter.jpg)

(360.63 KB 1920x1080 WaW Downtown2.jpg)

(292.85 KB 1920x1080 WaW Bessie 3.jpg)

(549.21 KB 1920x1080 WaW Bessie 5.jpg)

Scouts and Raiders on WaW is fun. Ignore the boomers and millennials on here saying CoD bad.
>>310973 But muh Xbox 3 had it but was stuck to cucksoles, sad end
>>310973 >They should have atleast tried to make it usable in 2 Consoles. >>310848 Earned in Blood is probably the overall peak of the series since it eventualy carried on its difficulty curve from the end of RtH:30 and also has more reactive enemy AI. Also a fun coop mode where you can also play as the Germans.
(351.25 KB 1406x2031 gay.png)

>>311395 >Scouts and Raiders on WaW is fun. Ignore the boomers and millennials on here saying CoD bad. Looks pretty gay to me, and that's not even including the shitty rules about not being mean in the chat. Interesting idea for a mod though. https://archive.ph/qcJdb
>>309980 Well WaW also had multiplayer zombies through modding. Both a cooperative gamemode on multiplayer and the regular type where other players are zombies. Multiplayer coop one was nothing as mindblowing as the one in MW with the hordes of super low-polygon zombies, giant crabs and endless killstreaks, but it was still pretty good.
>>307702 >Conpiracy about making sure to push away the old guard to make way for casual fags But anon, most companies are already doing that type of shit. Look at Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon,Doom, Dawn of War and many more thats getting fucked by Normalniggers and streamniggers
>>306748 I don't think it's the same people changing their opinions, it's different people complaining at different times. The people who liked MW2 disliked BO3 and like Warzone. The people who liked BO3 dislike Warzone. So there's always someone complaining. It has little to do with the games in a vacuum. I heard guys say BO3 was bad because you wallrun and double-jump and have abilities with cooldown. If it came out now, they'd probably like all of those things because games like Apex Legends and Overwatch have primed people to like less "realistic" games. Personally, I've only ever played the campaigns; I marathonned the whole series in 2016 out of curiosity. I think the only time I had fun, ever, was playing BO3 because it had splitscreen co-op, and when you and a friend play different classes, your cooldown abilities can do interesting things. Besides that, holy shit this franchise is bad.
>>314674 Outside Spec Ops in MW 2 and 3 there's nothing worth salvaging from the franchise post World at War.
(1.16 MB 3840x2160 IZTm0AH.jpg)

(161.55 KB 1920x1080 ty9w8f46w2q11.jpg)

(249.40 KB 1920x1080 CoDIWPC_09.jpg)

Infinite Warfare was based.
>>311462 ahh that shit is not really followed anyway. It was written in 2015 and is broken constantly. I've never seen someone get kicked or banned for breaking any of those rules anyway since most of the rules are either impossible to enforce or impossible to break.
>>316976 Care to give a quick rundown on Scouts and Raiders? Never played it.
(533.96 KB 1920x1080 WaW Winter 2.jpg)

>>317239 Multiplayer mod/server for WaW. It's search and destroy with realistic weapons, movement, classes, damage system, and custom maps. It's very focused on communication and teamwork since dying is usually really easy when you're by yourself. The play base is made up almost entirely made up of boomers that all play at the same time. So the player counts go from 0-10 to 30-40 with not a lot of in between. So if you're interested in playing check out the website to see the player counts to see if it's dead or not.
>>318182 Is that the server that will immediately kick you if you run for more than 2 seconds and refuse to crouch constantly?
>>318277 Are you talking about crouch servers? They aren't this. This is an evolution of crouch servers, but you aren't supposed to crouch constantly.
>>306748 CoD was never good. It was always a nominally better Medal of Honor. >>306775 Civ 3 & 4 objectively better than the others and that's not down to being first played or not unless you're retarded. >>307702 >I was going to actually buy that cold war game Holy shit kill yourself for even thinking about it. Fuck off normalfaggots CoD is shit. >>311395 >durr boomer Go back to cuckchan. t. gen z >>309229 /thread
(1.97 MB 295x273 1621899078510.gif)

>new battlefield we can't stop winning codbros... >>330220 What was the last cod game you played?
(340.90 KB 1145x726 Tier list.PNG)

>>338816 Any game without mods and custom maps is instantly F-tier. They require both, simply having mods is insufficient.
(83.94 KB 1280x960 shaggy.jpg)

>actual Cawadoodyfags on /v/
>>339771 Have the decency to sage the spammed casual threads.
(462.25 KB 1130x692 tier list.png)

>>338816 What the hell, I might as well WW2 is an automatic F because it has censored swastika, niggers in SS uniforms, and tranny flag playercard, so it's one of the few I never played. >>339771 >>339798 Still better than the off topic spam in the GG thread, at least this is still videogames
I don't usually plug in channels or videos, but since this is on topic, I think everyone should see this https://yewtu.be/watch?v=-YmBkZa9KQs The guy plays every single call of duty game, including DS titles and even obscure java phone and pocket PC titles, and reviews them, each and every single one. The video is 3 hours long, and is pretty interesting even for those who don't care about these games, a little history lesson if you will. It's interesting to see how these games change as the industry around them does, and how even with an environment as sanitized as COD, with a yearly release schedule, how even these games have a surprising amount of evolution and changes to them inbetween games. With some of the obscure ones, I'm pretty sure he's the only guy who has recordings of these titles on the internet, if you're into that sort of thing.
>>339798 >he thinks you have to write sage in the subject field to sage >>339826 >Still better than the off topic spam in the GG thread Anything is better than the GG thread so that's not a very high bar
>>339853 >he doesn't uphold his traditions
(92.22 KB 1280x720 Swastikas.jpg)

>>339768 That's why BO3 is S tier, it has the greatest and most alive modding in the franchise. See OP's image. >>339826 >WW2 is an automatic F because it has censored swastika Not really, but it's still shit.
(975.12 KB 2560x1440 cod flag.jpg)

(91.52 KB 616x840 cod gender.jpg)

(191.33 KB 1920x1080 Average WW2 Soldier COD.jpg)

(97.81 KB 750x430 Average WW2 Soldier COD01.jpg)

(1.07 MB 1395x482 cod is shit.png)

>>340137 Swastikas are censored in multiplayer and zombies mode for all regions. They only appear in single player for selected regions, so vast majority of people still won't see them(only a small fraction of players even bothers with campaigns, hence why activision thought it could get away with replacing it with a battle royale mode in black ops 4) This also doesn't excuse all the other pozz they included in a WW2 game, like tranny/non binary ect flags, shoehoerned metaphor about wacism thrown randomly in the middle of the campaign, a fucking holohoax reference in the ending, where your protagonist chases after his (((jewish))) friend to find evil white men shooting poor jews in dug up holes and burying them, or even the shitty microtransaction(even for this franchise). Let's not forget the "Headquarters" mode, which acts as a "social hub" for players, something that isn't rarely new but it was for COD at the time, it mostly serves as a place where you literally watch others open up their lootcrates, you even get daily challenges for doing so and get rewarded with your own. And on top of all that, zombies mode is super try hard and forgetabble, with a generic story and the whole thing trying way too hard to be "scary"(due to some of the devs in sledgehammer, condrey himself(pic related) as well, working on dead space 1). This whole thing is mediocre at best, and left a bad taste in my mouth. I didn't even point out how the game is built from Advanced Warfare as a base, a jet pack game, and how if you actually played it, it feels just like that, a futuristic COD without jetpacks reskinned to be a WW2 game. Because that's what it is at the end of the day, and I still remember how the devs lied how they were "going back to the roots" with it. That was bullshit, and they weren't even the only devs who did this at that point in time, devs of Dead Rising 4 and Pokemon Let's Go said the exact same things, and the other 2 also turned out to be hot dogshit(Dead Rising 4 turned out to be such a flop that it not only killed the studio behind it, but also ended Capcom's western initiative they took thruout all of 2010s, as well as likely axing the franchise itself) That last one deserves a thread of it's own, but assuming all the leaks are correct about it's development, here is how incompetent and downright malicious the devs behind it were. Explains why capcom send a literal EA Shovelware maker as their tard wrangler and turned the game into dead rising christmas special at the last minute https://yewtu.be/watch?v=6glExmQadfY At this point, due to all the above, the phrase "Going Back To It's Roots" automatically writes off whatever game the devs are marketing as a failure and fills me with rage, and I don't plan to change my mind about it unless the game itself comes out and is above average
>>340412 While it's not okay to accept a compromise, it's surprising they still left them in in some capacity
(110.71 KB 500x670 cod transgender.png)

(426.49 KB 1009x885 COD Black German Woman.png)

(994.37 KB 1210x1270 cod ww2 racist.png)

(1.09 MB 1585x828 cod is shit01.png)

(2.48 MB 1920x1080 cod black female soldier.png)

>>340416 No compromises, if the game inserts poz, it is automatically dogshit. Despite me putting BO3 in the S tier, I also didn't buy it on day one due to similar story with it censoring their swastikas, I only bought it at a summer sale and loved it since And even if the game had uncensored historical symbols, it would still have niggers in it, and would otherwise be dogshit, so that's a moot point. WW2 stands as everything wrong with modern day industry, activision and COD all in one package While this is mostly irrelevant, I should point out that the devs of the game were extremely spergy, whining about fans not liking the game and banning anyone who had MAGA/confederate emblems(this was also the last game that allowed custom emblems for this reason, IIRC). The confederate thing actually dates back to advanced warfare, a fucking 2014 game, and it's mostly due to Condrey himself, who was sperging HARD about it. One thing worse than a bad game is a bad game made by lolcows
>>340418 Anon the CoD games are shit regardless of politics, play an actually good series
(91.55 KB 1791x425 Russia WW2 lend-lease.png)

>>340137 >That's why BO3 is S tier, it has the greatest and most alive modding in the franchise. See OP's image. Right but half the list is lacking its F-tier rating.
>>340457 >Play an actually good series inb4 halo
>>340466 after seeing the e3 trailer for the infinite multiplayer(free to play for everyone on pc and both xbox consoles), I would not hold out much hope. halo never clicked with me as a multiplayer title(aside from the hours I spend playing halo 2 back in the day), and as single player titles, they're alright. nothing mind blowing, but it's good fun, COD has a lot more replayability, both in multi and even single player, but it also has zombies, survival mode ect., it's the go to game if you just want mindless shooting or if you want to party up. With COD dead in the water, I am looking into playing other FPS games, probably some oldschool shooters I missed out on or the new ones(known as "boomer shooters" by the normalfag cattle) Still, no matter what happens, COD used to be a pretty good franchise imo, 1-3 were good but 4-bo3 was where it really shined, nobody can really take that away from me
>>340465 >lend Lease Program Anon, do you happen to have the screencap where same anon discussed with sources the Lend Lease program aswell?
(4.93 MB 853x480 egorgian.webm)

>>307396 >>307886 elpres never gets old. It's too bad all of his recent videos are just him golfing
(1.83 MB 572x540 video0-686.mp4)

>>340471 >With COD dead in the water MW2019 is really good and Blops Cold War had a nice campaign.
(698.98 KB 360x720 Fuck you reddit.mp4)

>This whole thread
>>306780 >>307421 >>308131 >>310860 >>310904 >>339771 >>341044 Why do you guys dislike CoD so much?
(79.01 KB 1280x720 1504381308.jpg)

>>341054 >Why do you guys dislike CoD so much?
Play MOH:AA instead
>>341069 What's that?
(7.70 MB 480x464 mw2.mp4)

(2.45 MB 640x356 MW2_Bantz.mp4)

(1.09 MB 480x480 Peak COD.mp4)

Allow me to contribute to this thread.
>>341071 The niglet on the first one is peak hilarity
(601.41 KB 705x1200 cuckchan justice1.png)

Kill yourself Mark
>>341105 You know what, I think M-rk is actually a CIA plant.
(50.68 KB 800x450 Bo4-breakers.jpg)

(173.74 KB 517x800 Environment-sketch-2-wall.jpg)

(306.98 KB 1099x616 Bo4_companion.png)

(159.82 KB 506x239 Bo4_data_escape.png)

(386.20 KB 1099x615 Bo4_main_menu_career.png)

since people here mentioned black ops 3, here is an interesting little tidbit into development of black ops 4, and why it was such a disaster: https://callofduty.fandom.com/wiki/Cut_Content/Call_of_Duty:_Black_Ops_4 >Game originally started out as a sequel to black ops 3, a futuristic game with jet packs. There is even a leftover playercard in the final release of black ops 4 that straight up shows concept art from this lost phase >Game would have shown the collapse of 2 major world coalitions of BO3, Winslow Accord(The west) and CDP(Russia and friends), after the CIA breach at the end of BO3. 2 new factions would basically be globohomo vs free people's liberation front >Infinite warfare comes out, worst reception from a call of duty game of all time, activision scraps black ops 3 two: electric boogaloo, tells them to make a modern warfare game >setting completely revamped, but the 2 vs 2 coop still implemented at this stage, just like in the previous build, you would either side with faction A or faction B, you could play co-op with up to 4 players, 2 per faction, every mission would be played from one of the two perspectives, whoever won each mission would determine fate of the rest of the campaign. It would be possible for the "bad guys", in this case, to win, or for "good guys" to suffer a pyrrhic victory that accomplishes nothing if enough missions and objectives failed >Treyarch still wanted jetpacks and other soft futuristic stuff from BO3 in the game, as it was, and is still today, a prequel to that game. Devs internally fight over whetever advanced exo movement should be included at all, as playtesters didn't like it and it didn't fit with the setting. This is why despite being "boots on the ground", the game has more jumping and sliding and other advanced movement than black ops 3 >WW2 was supposed to have a battle royale, game is an unpopular disaster and it is scrapped. Activision sees campaign in an unfinished state, tells them to scrap it completely and start working on the battle royale mode to replace it >Treyarch still wants spec ops like missions that give you lore about the setting and specialists, starts working on specialist missions, for example, in one pic related we have ajax specialist running around one of the multiplayer maps during a terror attack, looking for a CEO of a corporation that was also cut from the game. Civilians run around the map and friendly soldiers assist you in your mission, like they would in any other COD campaign, this is the only "completed" mission they had before they had to scrap the spec ops missions entirely and the map was repurposed for multiplayer >They run out of time, all they have are cutscenes that are in the final game. Specialist HQ is literally just a wall of lore dump for each character and a tutorial mission for each character, no unique content for any of them, despite it being planned >Multiplayer is a disaster, game doesn't know if it wants to be overwatch, rainbow six siege, or an actual call of duty game, feels like a mix of 3 on release, people either love it or hate it >Lastly, zombies mode was supposed to have a cool faction system in place, where the player would join one of the 4-8 cults and do special missions for their factions, trying to complete objectives for each season for their faction to win to win unique rewards and screw over other factions. Mode is scrapped, as nobody liked the new "Chaos" campaign, and the devs release half baked remakes of old zombies maps for the rest of the DLC season, after the first and only chaos DLC map I think someone posted the awful micro transactions and how they completely ruined what was left of the game as well. What a sad story, say what you want about treyarch, but they just wanted to create a fun co-op campaign that would actually try to innovate more than the black ops 2 one did. They were cucked not once, not twice but three times out of it, and the poorly received multiplayer and cancerous MTX system cemented their product as a failure and a mockery. I think the only silver lining here is that some of the ideas, like letting the bad guys win and multiple endings and story paths, was carried over to the cold war game. That in itself is a shitshow, game started out in production as some sort of obscure cold war conflict realistic war title by sledgehammer games(devs of advanced warfare and WW2), but had internal problems and had help give to them by raven. Details are sketchy from here, but at the end, raven and sledgehammer devs HATED each other and project went nowhere, once it was obvious that BO4 was an unsalvagable disaster, the devs were brought over to slap a black ops title onto the cold war project and salvage it somehow, so it would sell at all costs. The devs left behind to work on post launch seasonal content for black ops 4, at least past operation grand heist(last and arguably only "operation" that actually had decent content added to the game, as was planned to happen for an entire year or more) were literally just interns, that's why the content afterwards was mostly just ported assets from bo3 or 2, or cosmetics or finished content that would have otherwise been scrapped entirely, but barely anything actually new. The very last DLC map was just "Jungle" from BO1, but it was raining and the formerly dry part of the map was filled with water you could swim in, divining the map even further into a campy maze. Makes me wonder how much of a shitshow the development of other games was. MW2 comes to mind, as the devs of original COD4 were fired mid way thru, and ghosts was originally going to be MW4(which would ultimately release in 2019, rather than 2013), but was so radically different from those games they had to market it as it's own separate story, or even Infinite Warfare, which from the cut content that was found looks like was originally going to be a whole another game altogether, all those "what might have beens" are almost more interesting than the current assheap that the franchise is today I will try and host cut campaign vids somewhere, since the file upload limit here is far too low for them
>>343262 It's a fascinating clusterfuck. Feels like now they're just throwing as much money, developers, and time as they can just to keep the series bloated, but afloat.
(104.56 KB 300x324 Bo4blackjack1.png)

(170.10 KB 502x240 Bo4_data_control.png)

(191.60 KB 1280x424 Factions_Logo_BO4.jpg)

(627.61 KB 1270x711 Bo4-earlyperks-vod.png)

(1.86 MB 1920x1024 Bo4-cut-death-machine.png)

https://streamable.com/t4oqis Video that shows the pre alpha prototype footage of multiplayer, still uses futuristic BO3 specialists but more grounded setting. Shows that the DLC weapons for BO3 that resembled modern warfare weapons are scrapped concepts for weapons that would appear in BO4. It also shows all BO3 specialists were going to be available at launch(were released later, some as late as in mid 2020), pic related is also a concept of blackcjack that never saw release in any form https://streamable.com/uq9i6h The ajax campaign mission I wish I had more, I would kill to get my hands on that futuristic build, even if it only had one or two missions https://streamable.com/d79f83 Last, but not least, it's common knowledge for anyone that plays zombies that juggernog and speed cola were cut at the last minute, and were hidden in the game files thru out the entire development. Basically, zombies devs decided that both were crutch perks(meaning everyone would get them every single game), and that led to boring perk selections in the end game. They decided that everyone would start with more HP by default(not actually implemented at launch, only in an early patch), and that for getting 4 perks at once you would get speed cola for free, as long as you had all 4 perks. Ultimately, I think that was a wise decisions, shame that due to failure of BO4 and it's zombies mode, we will never see this "pick your perks and weapons" system we saw in BO4. They were supposedly going to remake all BO2 maps like tranzit and release them for BO4 zombies, but the game failed and they're all sitting in a HD somewhere, now if only someone leaked that shit already
(102.54 KB 1024x485 V8Ja5nzh.jpg)

(167.79 KB 1437x676 APeaQMq.png)

(340.21 KB 1275x544 E1gnKxR.png)

(684.64 KB 1275x611 PDKXJwe.png)

(1.02 MB 1382x777 Ed-i1R0XkAUdrjQ.png)

>>343276 *mid 2019, as BO4 is a 2018 game might as well post some pre alpha black ops 3 zombies screenshots as well, as you won't find those on the wiki
I've been trying to find more content outside that wiki, but it's no use. Probably sitting on some discord tranny server, and it pisses me off These screenshots look interesting, they show what they were going for with the campaign. It's also pretty much confirmed that literally all the assets from the game(vehicles in battle royale, random soldiers, cutscenes, the woman in the specialist HQ) were all part of the story campaign, some generic soldiers even still have FPA armbands on them(one of the factions in the cut story mode, originally meant for the futuristic story but carried on to the modern story mode as well). Even noticed some promotional material mentioning the two factions, what a mess One of the mock ups for the HUD even hints at Winslow Accord(aka "black ops" of BO3) becoming corrupt, and other rogue black ops agents fighting them, the specialist HQ "intro" even sets up some sort of mysterious double crossing for the characters that is never explained.
>CoD thread. WTF.
>>343603 The slaves of Abraham and Moloch need a place to blog about their enslavement to the merchant bankers.
>>343658 Take your meds
(46.42 KB 637x358 download (2).jpg)

Why was BO3 so kino, bros?
(21.56 MB 960x1710 VwlvA6K.mp4)

>>341071 heh >>343777 (checked) The plot of that game was fucking retarded.
>>344600 It's kind of funny how easy it is to just not get upset on the internet over dumb shit. You think this guy gets a lot of the "targeted harassment" dumbfuck journos keep going on about?
Anyone play this shit. Cheaters in abundance.. I'm very interested in the whats and hows of cheating in this game. I don't much care for using hacks, but I'd love to know what I'm dealing with so I can look out for it during kill cams, spectating, twitch streams and etc...
>>355023 The best cheat is to neck yourself for playing COD and shilling it.
>Call of Duty
(117.00 KB 600x334 Take it easy!.jpg)

>>355023 Newfag thread merged
Who invited cuckchan? Why is this thread so unbelievably shit?
>>355369 Why are you so upset about this?
Reminder that Black Cocks supports private servers but only with the cracked version
>>357194 Imagine thinking cowadoots players are going to be supported here.
(104.12 KB 900x969 firefox_hliPzeNI8l.png)

>>341070 >What is a search engine
>>358443 Moh aa? Uh if I recall medal of honor allied assault?
>>358443 That's a weird looking search engine. Also why is a lot of the text blacked out?
(537.27 KB 431x997 ClipboardImage.png)

>>341105 >>341152 Dr Anon, I'm CIA
>>359700 Why do you assume we're newfags? Just because we have different tastes than you?
>>359713 Stay mad and leave. Let the people actually play video games talk.
(28.35 KB 474x477 does it for free.jpg)

>>359716 You don't play games, you subscribe to a yearly dopamine hit for the lowest common denominator. Play real games homo, and fuck the hot pockets for their echo chamber faggotry.
>>359716 Don't feed the trolls fren. Hide, report, ignore.
(179.47 KB 1000x1916 selfie.jpeg)

>>359717 I play yearly kino. Everyday I feel the dopamine surge through my veins. I cum as I play my games. Pic related is me. I am everything you want to be.
(75.45 KB 722x394 numbers.jpg)

>>359723 Why would you want to be one of those faggots even as a joke?
Mark plays CoD, what a faggot
I never played the cod games. Which game should I start with based on their singleplayer campaign?
>>359799 Black Ops 3 is entertainingly stupid.
(78.67 KB 1920x1080 VIDEOGAMES.webm)

>>359799 Kinda depends on what you want. Call of Duty 2 was easily the best of the classic era games and unquestionably the best of the WWII era games. Cod4 was just really entertaining and engaging the whole way through. World at War had a really brutal and gory campaign with some ok-ish vehicle segments. MW2 was probably the series' peak for retarded balls-to-the-wall action. Black Ops had a pretty entertaining spy/thriller story. Black Ops II had a ridiculous amount of variety in it's campaign (some missions you're on horseback, other's are flying or stealth and one basically turned it into an RTS game). The original Call of Duty certainly isn't a bad game but COD2 basically did everything it did but better. All the other ones that I didn't mention, I don't recommend usually because they're shit. >>359809 Do video games make you upset?
>>359799 With the first one. The campaigns stay playable through to at least WaW but 4 in particular ends up so scripted that it's not very replayable. The three console-only games (Finest Hour, Big Red One, 3) are inferior but are not terrible though I know Finest Hour and Big Red One don't emulate well. If you're looking into classic WW2 FPS then BiA is also worth your time. Play them in order and on the highest difficulty they allow for new players and give them a few levels to get going. >>359811 >Call of Duty 2 was easily the best of the classic era games and unquestionably the best of the WWII era games Only if you like almost every level to work under the lazy 'enemies respawn forever until you hit this one checkpoint' system which gets old fast and prevents you doing anything the devs did not intend. On a few levels where you're attacking a position this can work but on others it turns levels into a repetitive slog. Also regenerating health. If you turn the difficulty up both of these are far more noticeable as flaws to the point the max difficulty borders on unplayable in some segments. Its best levels are pretty great though and the few times it opens up and lets you decide what order to do things in were a good idea it should have used more. Every game after it has the same issues except with more and more scripted cinematic setpieces.
(189.29 KB 327x380 hoppina.png)

Why don't you like CoD 4 anons? Is it from the influence it had because it became popular? I recall that the trend at the time was nothing but WW2 games that everyone getting tired of, so a modern combat game was pretty fresh. Or is it because it ended up rejecting the arena shooter roots it had? Do you hate it because it was released in the year that must not be named?
>>359799 >>359811 Black Ops Cold War's campaign did better everything Black Ops 1's did.
>>362683 CoD4 is excessively scripted. The change of setting and subtle shitting on the Iraq war were good but gameplay is what matters in any game except possibly hardcore RPGs.
>>359811 Shit video games appear to. >>362683 It's casual dogshit for the lowest common denominator. MP is for literal retards. Taking the same shitty medal of honor ww2 game clone and slapping a modern warfare coat of paint on it doesn't make it a better game, it's the same thing in a different setting. >>362998 >subtle shitting on the Iraq war I think you mean very blatant heavy handed pro US military propaganda complete with a dictator named Asad, and a dose of Russia bad. The reboot I hear is even more heavy handed.
(3.59 MB 1920x1080 Wallzone.png)

Warzone was pretty fun until it became cheater central.
>>362683 Laser tag is a pretty boring game after a while and matchmaking only multiplayer is, as always, total dogshit.
(45.63 KB 402x386 [xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa].jpg)

>>362683 For the same reason I hate halo. Two weapon limit and regen health.
>>365401 It was always shit. It's probably the gayest battle royale game out there, which is an achievement, since the whole genre is pure trash. Specifically, it is so terrible because of their retarded weapon balance. Since it came out it's been the same shit of wondering which gun was comically broken for that week, and it only got worse when Cold War came out, and all of the old guns got phased out by objectively better weapons, to level which you needed to buy Cold War. Not to mention that the combination of low recoil laser beams, the low TTK and the slow movement makes not moving the only winning move, so the usual BR problem of there being 90% of downtime compared to 10% gameplay gets even worse, because everyone is squatting in buildings with a sniper and AR, while also running the perk to keep off radar.
>>338816 I haven't played a lot of the CoD games, but I have a lot of great memories from the ones that I did. Black Ops 2 S&D was a magical place.
(568.29 KB 1064x811 cod tier list.png)

>>367861 forgot image
(3.46 KB 256x192 1303459319018.jpg)

CoDfags always say CoD "used to be good [3 games ago]" and 3 games ago they were saying the same shit as well
>>368003 Because CoD is always good.
>>367862 I was born after the millennium, the chart.
(38.96 KB 512x512 I ain't lovin' it anymore.jpg)

>>374990 Eh, can't help when I was born. On another note, I finally got around to playing Black Ops 2's story and Jesus Christ what the fuck. >One of the most important vessels in the US Navy is called the U.S.S. Barrack Obama >The president looks like Hillary Clinton >There's a (((late night talk show host))) cameo (already forgot who exactly because they're all so fucking forgettable) >one of the ways to get the best ending is to make the USA become buttbuddies with China >the writers expected such a gigantic leap in technology within the next decade to be believable in such a short amount of time I loved the multiplayer back in the Xbox 360 days, but the campaign has a lot of retarded bullshit in it. Also, the main villain came off as a pretentious cunt in an annoying way as well. The main saving grace is that most of the campaign has you killing spics and chinks. >game is STILL $60 in most physical/digital retailers Un-fucking-acceptable.
(28.64 KB 342x441 Conflict Desert Storm.jpg)

>>379387 >I loved the multiplayer back in the Xbox 360 days lmao, eat shit kid Eat a dick
(452.03 KB 480x360 usual xbox360 session.mp4)

>>379395 Fuck you too, gramps.
>>379404 >Babies first multiplayer Little faggot 7th Gen console cocksucker, you completely missed the golden age of vidya.
>>379431 Boo hoo nigger, I don't get to choose when I was born. Doesn't mean that I haven't lurked or checked out old vidya before.
>>379387 >>game is STILL $60 in most physical/digital retailers Lucky you, it's on sale on Steam for 50% off right now. What a deal. :^)
>>362683 It removed vehicles and big open maps and became a Counter-Strike for retarded children. It's the antithesis of a good game. I'd criticize the campaign but they're all shit.
Why do so many people get upset over CoD? It's probably the only franchise that always puts out a decent game.
>>379489 >Counter-Strike for retarded children. That's just counter strike as a whole. Try using fun guns such as an autosniper, autoshotty, or negev, and get kicked in a causal lobby.
(451.87 KB 720x1083 hitler 2.png)

new cod game was announced, you will get to kill da nazis all over again, this time as a band of diverse misfits after 1945, a la new wokenstein
(650.13 KB 828x1621 vanguard first look.jpg)

btw, this is where they got the inspiration
(49.15 KB 640x428 hitler 2 shop.jpg)

(13.46 KB 289x174 hitler 2.jpg)

>>394795 >Trying to kill Hitler 2. Too late faggots that shop is doing great business.
>>394795 Hey Commies if Hitler is so bad, how come there's a Hitler 2? >>394798 >old WW2 game >you are fighting nazis and japs >new WW2 game >you are the nazis They should be careful what they meme.
>>394795 Least it has a campaign this time, but I'm certain it won't hold a candle to BO3. I'm interested in how Zombies intergrates into it.
>>394933 Imagine using BO3 as a baseline for quality.
>>394935 I just love how batshit insane it got, I want more surreal bullshit from unexpected places.
>>394935 Yes, the only COD game that received official mod support.
>>394967 For a shit game, and if you paid attention (kek CoDfags with attention span) you'd know we were talking about the Campaign.
>>395146 > implying mods can't fix it
(11.89 KB 462x323 I'll fucking stab a bitch.jpg)

Playing a lot of Black Ops 2 Plutonium has made me realize just how broken the game is. Let's break down what happens if one or two enemies happen to live a long time and get a lot of kills or objective points: >EMP, which shuts off your hud and many weapon attachments >only 100 points away from EMP is Orbital VSAT, which is UAV on steroids and reveals your entire team's location and aiming direction to the enemy team, making the game nearly unplayable >EMP and VSAT being so close together in score requirements means that they're often used together to double the amount of frustration >Hunter Killer Drone Swarm/K9, a bunch of small things going around instantly killing you and your team if you don't have Flak Jacket or suck at shooting dogs >Airstrikes/Hellstorm missiles out the ass >the occasional Lodestar to make the game unplayable for a few minutes, basically impossible too shoot down with rockets due to it shooting out heat flares to divert your rocket >one or two enemies who happen to be extremely lucky/good at the game/know how to cheese and play like a complete bitch with things like C4 and Riot Shield/maybe even cheating, cause all of this destruction and make the game not fun to play at all for an entire team >only one or two fucking people I'm starting to think that kill/scorestreaks the way they were implimented are actually a bad idea game design wise. It makes no sense for a tiny fraction of a team of be able to control the entire match without going around actually shooting people. I can deal with a vaccinator medic up a heavy's ass in TF2 because they can be invalidated by a competent sniper, spy, or focus fire from a somewhat intelligent team with decent coordination. I can't deal with one guy steamrolling the entire match over, and over, and over with gamebreaking instakill shit.
>>306780 I have one friend that has bought me every CoD game just to make me play. After maybe a month we never touch it again. Some people are addicted to brain dead shooty game and try too hard to be competitive
>>395198 >mods >fix a game that is more unfixable than Skyrim Mark should kill himself for allowing this thread.
>>394795 >The existence of Hitler 2 also implies the existence of holohoax 2
>>400362 It might just be this-time-things-will-be-different-ism, rather than an outright addiction. It's more like an abused spouse situation.
(100.28 KB 1280x720 BO3.jpg)

>>394935 >>395146 >>401986 Cope. BO3 is unironically the best game in the franchise.
(113.87 KB 624x452 Trash.jpg)

>>408075 I've played BO3, it was fucking atrocious, how did they manage to make a game about cyborg super soldiers so boring?
I swear i'm going to /k/ill myself.
>>410574 >Night Raid Mastercraft Fucker that's a Torgue. I don't know if the more fantastical Borderlands guns have real world analogues outside of Dahl and Vladof, but I don't like being reminded of Borderlands in COD.
>>410574 I get the sentiment but over-editing and loud noises != humor.
>>408075 I'd tell you to fuckoff back to cuckchan but the fat fucking kike is downright inviting them here, so pls stay you waste of life.
>>410586 He obviously got this from some reddit thread, same cancerous humour
>>410588 I looked it up and it's a youtuber who does doom(as in classic, not bethesdoom) videos, unfortunately they also seem to have the same style of editing.
(766.99 KB 1174x468 cold war removed assets.png)

In the midst of the recent activision workplace sexual harassment scandal, they censored a player card depicting 2 male zombie workers checking out a female zombie. Not sure what that was supposed to accomplish, but it happened. Misty's Boobs(Zombies Character) were massively nerfed in BO4 from her BO2 appearance, so that shouldn't be too surprising. Here is side by side comparison https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=sKxdx0RYNeY (Comparison starts at 2:10) I don't have the pics for it, but the many, many anime bundles for MW and the Mobile chink game use traced content from both pixiv artists and actual copyrighted anime(including goblin slayer, of all things). I'm not sure if that's common place among these kinds of gaming, but it's scummy all the same. You would think with how much money Activision is throwing at these devs every year, they would hire a weeb artist or two, but why do that when you can trace/steal art someone else made and sell it for 24 bucks a pop to the underage/cuckchan audience
>>431573 >You would think with how much money Activision is throwing at these devs every year, they would hire a weeb artist or two, but why do that when you can trace/steal art someone else made and sell it for 24 bucks a pop to the underage/cuckchan audience They almost certainly contract that work out to a third party. There's a quiet segment of the vidya dev market that exists purely to do non-credited work for big vidya companies.
>>400123 >Playing a lot of Black Ops 2 Plutonium has made me realize just how broken the game is >I'm starting to think that kill/scorestreaks the way they were implimented are actually a bad idea game design wise You've only now just realised that killstreaks are imbalanced bullshit that let's one player/team snowball the enemy with little to no counter play? They've been that way since CoD4 introduced them and they've only got worse as the series has progressed. >>431573 I'm not surprised, CoD has been full of SJW libshit for a while now.
>>394798 >He got the inspiration from the worst character in Nu-Wolf 1 instead of basically anyone else >>410574 >fucking everything I'm sure the final product is gonna be worse than anything I can ever imagine. I can think of the shittiest thing they'll ever do, and they're gonna top it in terms of shit.
>>379431 I miss Team GamerFood
>>408075 the anime mod makes it good
(2.58 MB 1280x720 Girls.webm)

(805.45 KB 1076x1432 sam maggs wants 2 sequels.png)

(222.23 KB 720x619 abomination.png)

(274.17 KB 1920x1080 vanguard no swastika.jpg)

(126.79 KB 742x807 ricochet new anti cheat.png)

(67.05 KB 2048x1152 The Vanguard Special.jpg)

warzone is getting a new anti cheat that goes kernel deep. it gets better, it hasn't even been released ingame yet, and somehow, it leaked and hackers are currently reverse engineering it. this anti cheat had some serious "hype" and advertisements behind it btw, raven and others made cringy tweets how "your time has come, cheaters!", you would think activision announced the end of all cheaters themselves same anti cheat will be used on launch day of vanguard as well in other news, the zombies mode, aside from looking completely and utterly unremarkable, will not have a single round based map at launch, a staple for the game mode. every single map will also be based off existing multiplayer maps, in this new "hybrid" zombies mode of BR and zombies, which seems to be the new standards. oh, and they still censor swastikas. I should point out that zombies have been the driving force of this shambling franchise for a good long while now, seeing a decline in it likely means the death throes of the entire franchise. there will not be a single good part of vanguard, which will be a first for quite a while, COD used to be like a halloween variety pack, there was usually something good in it, even if a little bit and even if it was a mixed bag no archives because I am lazy and honestly who gives a shit, nobody here cares about COD
new game coming out in less than a week, and literally nobody is talking about it, not even COD niggers. there is no hype, even from people who said they will buy it this might actually be even more pathetic than the first time they released a WW2 game filled with niggers, in 2017
>>454174 Same thing is happening with the new Battlefield, except it's getting some talk because everyone's complaining about it missing deadlines and features, and there's some crowing about trannies that literally nobody else cares about but which only further drives away people who just wanted to play vidya. There's a real chance COD and Battlefield will die within a few years.
vanguard is officially out, and as expected, nobody fucking cares LMAO >multiplayer is a reskin of MW4/2019 >nobody liked the beta, complete and utter gun gore and pozzing up of WW2 setting turned off most normalfags >the youtuber "content" creators are coping that sledgehammer(game dev) is "listening to the community!", in an effort that reminds me of all these 10/10s last of us 2 got from journos >zombies mode is, for the lack of a better word, CRINGE >censored swastikas, saturday morning cartoon NATHZEE villain with an army of dead, and lots of QUIRKY and MYSTERIOUS demigod characters, that just turn the mode into a joke >one zombie boss has a minigun, for no reason >UI hud recycled from cold war, previous cod game. since the mode was so rushed, it is nothing more than a reskin, you see images of modern ballistic vests when asked to purchase armor, for example >round based mode, the cornerstone of zombies, is GONE, replaced with some weird mode from cold war, except gimped to high heaven >the mode as is is a DEMO or a BETA, finished up content, including a proper STORY(also known by community as "easter egg") and boss fight, will come in a later update >game has a hubworld that is forces you to choose objectives to complete. there is no "proper" map, instead you get to fight for 1-5 minutes in gimped multiplayer maps against the zombies, then come back to the hub world, killing all momentum >only 3 objectives at the moment, there is barely enough content for the youtubers to make videos about Here is a video of literally everything the game mode offers at the moment, if you can stomach it. notice the lack of any hype or excitement in the comment section, even the paid shill himself cannot force any hype in his vid https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=PRgwD8hp7yo The singleplayer campaign might be the only thing I am going to actually look up on youtube, but only because I am excited to see just how awful it will be. I will be disappointed if it will be just mediocre and soulless, I expect it to be "so bad that it's good", or at least get a laugh at seeing sam maggs try to paint a "realistic" world war 2 story When is halo infinite coming out? the moment it does, it will fucking bury this piece of shit, no matter how glitchy and unpolished it will be at launch
>>458558 I was not going to make anymore posts about this abomination of a game, but I found this video, which is a bit more impartial than the shill video, and it about sums up this entire game in a few quotes https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=jhu0UXeJm-k >The game has been out for only a few hours, and I am already BORED of it >what kind of content can I even make out of this? what is there to do? >most boring, lackluster day one experience I just noticed that it's been almost a one year anniversary of the big three failures of last year or two(last of us 2, cyberpunk 2077 and fallout frontier, one dumpster fire after another), and I genuinely think we may have that again, between the failure of vanguard and battlefield 2042, I dunno what else is coming out around the same time that could be the third wheel. Honestly, when was the last time you heard the words "The game has been out for only a few hours, and I am already bored of it"? even cyberpunk was more entertaining after a few hours than this, due to all the dead brain AI and glitchy shenanigans alone. everything the new zombies mode has to offer on day one has been documented, and people are literally speedrunning the mode to round 100 out of boredom, as there is nothing else to do for reference, for people wondering why I am harping on about this one sidemode, zombies is always the selling point in a COD game that has it, meaning that this is the best vanguard has to offer, neither campaign nor multiplayer is going to get any better
Notice how in one of the vids, he says that he is going back to cold war(2020) and black ops 3 zombies(2015), not even trying to hide that he both hates this game, and that he cannot even pretend to be excited about it
(829.02 KB 2006x700 vanguard ballistic vests.png)

(1.01 MB 1284x692 vanguard minigun.png)

(9.95 MB 1280x720 vanguard guns.mp4)

reminder: highly historical and gritty, realistic WW2 game BTW
https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=y-nImHKFfIo You thought there wasn't any ficky ficky, white genocide in your WW2 game? think again Nigger claims he is a "proper european", and brags about how he saw white women raped, with the euphemism being "marrying them" my hat is off to sam maggs for literally blacked posting in a call of duty, and trying to push this as something cute and funny. next, they will try to actually pass off that germany was actually multiracial back then
game throws cuckchan tier blacked posting lines all over the place, you can definitely tell sam mags wrote this the game has absolutely no basis in history and no respect for the setting, I've seen people call the campaign "COD Avengers", due to the "quirky, multiracial" cast of heroes, and they also have superpowers. that's right, from seeing people thru walls to downright aimbotting(game literally aims gun for you), the game has magic superpowers for your player character. the gameplay itself is also very boring(according to reviewers, fuck if I am every playing it), not challenging and by the numbers, when it works that is. game is very glitchy, and AI is fucking braindead, there is literally zero reason to play this when World At War, a 13 year old game, exists and is better in every way, including the zombies mode. I don't get it, who at activision thought aping battlefield V was a good idea? did they not get the memo that the game failed and nobody liked it?
>>458558 >CoD and Activison will die within the next few years >if it takes that long I hope their IPs are put up for sale separately. I'd love to see someone that actually cared get Interstate 76. All that really needs to be done is to make it run on modern PCs at modern resolutions since the graphics, due to be the stylized graphics (90% of textures are just flat colors, the remaining ones are basic stuff like stripes. Only some text is even moderately complex.)
>>460125 Meant to include "need almost zero updating" at the end.
>>460125 I guess I know why those companies don't sell off those properties that they buy or inherit and then never ever utilize. I suppose it's kind of an instinct to hoard them up for the times when you might have to break one out and try for some series-revival sales. But you'd think that they'd even just occasionally need to generate some fast cash by selling some off, and I guess it must happen without my really noticing it. Possibly the problem is that there just aren't enough interested buyers. Really, there're only the big publishers and the indies left, and nearly all of the latter don't have the multi-millions of dollars that the former would want for the sleeping IPs; the formers aren't interested in trading IPs amongst themselves because they're all in similar-looking holes.
(335.93 KB 1880x1080 vanguard donutsteel.jpg)

Abort these franchises already and nuke every company related to these games while simultaneously nuking all of California.
>>460253 >fellow jews Into the oven with this nigger kike
>>460253 Thats a >she?
>>459955 I remember seeing this post about how Black Rock the hedge fund had set up a fund to pay companies to be as woke as possible. I reckon they're aping Battlefield 5 so the can get paid for being woke. It also completely insulates them from market feedback, the elite have made it clear what you are to think.
any active cracked waw servers? i'm dying to play it again, but every torrent was either inactive or didn't work i just want to mow down some faggots with an mp40
>>460549 maybe it should be a future game night, if nothing else to spite the activision faggots trying to destroy one of the better games of the genre last I checked, there should be plenty of active games, but not sure if they're cracked or not. people can always host, which would be the point of a gamenight
>>460550 a gamenight would be great, it's been a few months so i'll check if the cracked servers have populated since then
>>460554 it would also be fun to make a separate gamenight for custom zombies in waw/black ops 3, but that would be a topic for another date, and we would have to figure out how to divide ourselves in groups of 4, but I guarantee it would be a blast. another alternative would be cracked cod4 servers that host ROTU mod, which is 26+ player based zombies and should fit most, if not all, players in one lobby
>>460335 >I remember seeing this post about how Black Rock the hedge fund had set up a fund to pay companies to be as woke as possible. How do we get on this gravy train? also, I stopped giving a shit about cod once they killed all the fun in the zombies campaign. haven't played since Cod:bolp3 and 4 looked like online only trash+fortnight (I watched some of the story stuff on youtube and it looked worse then codww2). anything else out that has game play like OG black ops zombies? (has any remade Call of the Dead yet?)
>>460555 (very nice) >cracked cod4 servers that host ROTU mod, which is 26+ player based zombies and should fit most, if not all, players in one lobby i haven't heard of that, but that sounds more ideal for a gamenight. as much as i love WaW
>>460557 they remade call of the dead, but it was actually the funeral of the call of duty zombies story. the post apocalyptic crew from tranzit/black ops 2 basically complete the last easter egg and kill off the original COD universe and give birth to the rebooted universe, which gave us MW2019 and Vanguard. The game it's in, black ops 4, is also very different to OG black ops zombies, so not sure you would like it I wrote an effort post on the story of zombies at some point, but I didn't archive it or save it, might have to write a wall of autism in this thread at some point to fix that(plus add dark aether stuff that settles the story of samantha in cold war) speaking of OG black ops zombies, it was reverse engineered not too long ago, and there are many mods for the game, including custom maps. there is a kowloon custom map, for example, that plays exactly like OG black ops zombies, uses same engine ect. and was even supposed to have voice of frank woods, before activision stepped in. if you're interested, I would google black ops plutonium(black ops 2 has also been similarly cracked, and many issues of that game have also been fixed, with added custom map and mod features) >>460560 it does, it's kind of a mix of killing floor and cod zombies, utilizing wonder weapons and killstreaks. there are videos on youtube of it. it's both chaotic, but also comfy, kind of thing you can just kick back with a whole load of anons without worrying about being sweaty with mp40s/juggernaut/dead silence and bayonet rushers ect.
>>460562 >it does, it's kind of a mix of killing floor and cod zombies... that really would be a great gamenight set it up for friday please
>>460571 I'm too busy to set up anything right now, sadly, but I would gladly participate, if someone else did cod4 was one of those cod games which was fully customizable, so there is plenty of nice custom maps, like one with low gravity on the moon, or one that takes place in re4 village from the start, an arena straight from quake 3, there is plenty of choices, so whoever hosts it in the future should look for a good selection
>>460576 fair enough, i reckon sleepychan will be game (tehe) for it too
>>460557 >how Black Rock the hedge fund had set up a fund to pay companies to be as woke as possible It's more than that, they're major shareholders in most, Tech, Multi Media companies and retailers.
Every COD game after Black Ops 3, has been shit.
>>460583 The correct sentence is "Every COD game has been shit"
>>460586 Now thats just wrong.
(1.65 MB 1860x926 vanguard donutsteel01.png)

(2.05 MB 1891x1054 vanguard donutsteel03.png)

(2.10 MB 1888x1076 vanguard donutsteel04.png)

(2.22 MB 1874x1080 vanguard donutsteel02.png)

this was posted in gamergate thread, so I might as well repost it here reminder, not only is sam maggs the game's writer, she also plans to make a trilogy using these characters, AND market the game as historically accurateTM all the while
>>460562 >they remade call of the dead, but it was actually the funeral of the call of duty zombies story. are you sure you don't mean blood of the dead? (call of the dead was the one with a frozen abandoned Siberian outpost, and Sarah Michelle Gellar). thanks for all the info. i'll check those mods out.
>>460583 *After WaW Ficed that for you faggot
>>460641 tag der toten, call of the dead remake, was the final bo4 dlc map. they were originally going to release zombies chronicles 2, but they had to scrap year 2 of bo4 zombies due to the game bombing and being forced to work on cold war(sledgehammer games failed and were moved onto vanguard, while treyarch scrambled to finish cold war, mostly by slapping a black ops label on it) the remade map confirms both george and the 4 actors died, and adds a nazi research facility to the map, as well as a new starting room. it's pretty good, but you won't like it if you didn't like blood of the dead or other bo4 maps.
>>460631 >((( sam maggs))) looks like a tranny
this game is already absolutely dead. for reference, dk dynamite is probably the biggest COD shill right now, literally defending the honor of treyarch whenever anyone even thinks of criticizing them, even if it's warranted. he spends vast majority of his videos trying to get you to buy their games, and other cod games(altho he has a strange hatred of infinity ward games, aka the good ones), and it's done with such ferocity and desperation, I am not even sure if activision is paying him for this If even he is actively telling people that this game sucks, and will fail, you know they're in deep trouble. he usually pays someone to make a clickbait title card for him, usually with a clickbait video title, to get as much youtube money and suckers to buy the games as he can, but he just fired up ms paint today and called it a day. that's how bad it is, he knows he can't shill it, nor can he even profit from making videos about the game, nobody wants to see videos on vanguard, other than seeing people shit on the game the level of failure this game is quickly heading towards is reaching andromeda and last of us 2 levels, not even the COD title or activision shill money can tun this around
I am watching this dk dynamite video, and I have to backtrack: he's not admitting the game failed, he's actually blaming the entire COD community for being an echo chamber and shitting on an unfinished product. I'm only 2 out of 30 minutes in, and he's already begging people to stop being toxic/mean/trolling, and I can see where the rest of it is going I will not be linking the video here due to him being a retarded e celeb, but if you want a laugh, the video is definitely teeming with desperation. I also take another thing back, he is definitely paid for this. I can only imagine bobby kotick himself staring him down in his own room, gun pointed at his head by craig houston, the director of the zombies mode, as he's forced to pathetically grovel to his fanbase and tell them that reddit LOVES the game, and so should you what a wild ride. anyone remember when COD used to be all about having a good, memorable campaign? when your average gamer(for the time) enjoyed both single and multiplayer content and didn't really take the game all that seriously regardless? now you have this pathetic paid advertiser, no older than 22, I imagine, who was just a toddler when the first COD released, and he's begging people, literally anyone off the streets, to buy the newest release, when he himself doesn't even have an inkling of what the franchise is supposed to be about. feels like the last slide of some cynical webcomic from a decade ago, but here we are
>>460701 > feels like the last slide of some cynical webcomic from a decade ago, but here we are. everyone has been waiting for activision to fuck up cod like they did tony hawk and guitar hero. (surprised it took this long).
>>460631 You know there were Africans that fought for the Wehrmacht, so therefore we need to encourage them to have a playable German campaign. It would be racist not too, right?
(847.95 KB 480x480 VANGUARD Guns.webm)

(710.00 KB 480x480 VANGUARD Guns PART2.webm)

>>460701 Yeah jewtubers getting paid for this shit is nothing new. Some of them are honestly more paid off than the gayming media. Watching them desperately try to salvage this mess is great. I can't wait to hear what they blame this abortion of a game's failures on in a few months from now.
>>461347 Stupid aside, are they even fun to shoot? Or is it just WWII's guns again?
>>461367 They're fucking peashooters
>>461376 Welp, RIP this whole game then. Might as well just play the Black Ops pack for Doom source ports.
(360.96 KB 610x314 vanguard charms.png)

(68.56 KB 589x740 vanguard islam.jpg)

(1.25 MB 1366x1382 vanguard kotaku.png)

Imagine being so woke that even fucking otaku shits on you for pozzing up the WW2 setting, when they were cheering for the same garbage that you shat out in COD WW2 only 4 years ago. And look at the dogshit they are giving away for free, in desperation to keep the cattle that plays this slop happy. Absolutely disgraceful And the funniest part is that despite there being no muslim operators or mentions of muslims, best to my knowledge, there were a few pages of quaran scattered on the floor in some parts of the game, and they were removed super quickly by the devs, same as they did removed the footage of tianmen square from cold war trailer a year ago. Guarantee you they won't strip out the immersion breaking non whites when we ask them, that's for sure I don't have the article, nor do I care about archiving it, but the game is flopping right now, to absolutely nobody's surprise. Nobody likes any of the game modes, and people only somewhat agree the multiplayer being more fast paced is a nice change, compared to the last few titles, but even they agree that the mode is too broken, unpolished and downright unbalanced to be enjoyable, unless you like camping. and let's not get into how many cheaters the game already has, richochet my ass Battlefield is not doing any better, but this isn't really a thread for that. It looks like only Halo Infinite might have a chance at being an enjoyable experience, but only due to it's 2 rivals committing suicide together, like the woke trannies that worked on the game should
>>464358 >even Kotaku is caling it shit wew lad
>>464362 >>464358 Fucking bizzaro world, shits insane
>>464358 >the game is flopping right now Did anyone expect otherwise? Why the fuck would you hire someone like Sam Maggs to write a Call of Duty game? It's not like the average CoD normalfag is interested in a game about a quirky diverse cast of strong womyn, they just want their quasi-realistic military shooter. And of course we all know SJWs don't buy games. It's hard to imagine the devs ever deluded themselves into thinking this game would sell.
>Cowadooty LMAO.
>>461347 Just put drum mags on everything, that's gun design. Right?
(566.58 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>460651 It is a woman, a very ugly, mannish one, but a woman. Fun fact she's also the one who ruined black cat on the latest spooderman game by zipping up her latex suit and replacing her face with her ugly mug.
(117.20 KB 763x763 laughing reaper.jfif)

>>461347 >>472589 That's amazing. Utterly pointless, but props for actually letting it be made.
(93.44 KB 518x370 huh_wha.jpg)

>>472589 How does it even reload?
(52.79 KB 598x562 darkest_dungeon_shrug.jpg)

>>472865 Like a normal sawnoff shotgun or not at all. the foregrip and handgun grip are so close to each other that you could open the gun but not enough to reload it.
>>472905 I think I figured it out: The foregrip is a kind of charging handle, pushing it forward moves both barrels with it. The gap behind the barrels is where you then awkwardly replace the cartriges with your mouth. When you're done you pull the foregrip back to close the breech and are already in position for another round of sawed off shotgun sniping.
(49.57 KB 1859x301 vanguard constanza01.png)

(45.91 KB 951x282 vanguard getting STUCK.png)

(58.96 KB 1024x664 vanguard reset era.jpg)

(352.54 KB 1080x783 vanguard what happened.jpg)

(417.09 KB 1920x1080 vanguard name my squad.jpg)

https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=-5ZzjQzF5e8 Here is a bit more details about how historically inaccurate this game really is. On that note, it looks like the game is already getting lore breaking skins in their "season 1", including dumb shit like candy canes, christmas outfits, leprechauns ect. The game is going to resemble fortnite before long, the only difference being that instead of seeing a cartoon character do the floss after match, you get to see a nigger in a clown costume and an anime skin savagely beat a german to death using a pink dildo(btw, there are no factions in multiplayer, both teams use the same "operators", and not a single one of them is a nazi. It's a WW2 game with no nazis) Activision is also shoving their foot in the door as far as anime aesthetics go, they made them millions over the last few years, and Vanguard will be no different. Attack on Titan will be the first crossover, to test the waters as the manga/anime takes place around the time of WW2, but I have no doubt in my mind there will be full on moe pink glittering schoolgirl modern anime aesthetics by the end of the game's life cycle, kinda like in cold war, an 80s game, they didn't bother taking advantage of the setting and making skins/outfits that matched the anime that came out around that time, only the generic bullshit we see today(it was also proven to be at least partially traced as well). Imagine one of these ugly mutt shitskins in a sailor moon outfit, now that's gross. Only thing that could somewhat redeem this game would be if they had an official crossover with Jin-Roh, but that would make the nazis actually look cool, and we can't have that. I was hoping that I would follow this trainwreck for months, like I did with Last of Us and Cyberpunk 2077 last year, but there is nothing to talk about. It's a very boring trashfire, and I think the reason for that is because people have to divide their attention between vanguard, battlefield 2042 and to an extent, the very disappointing halo infinite release. The game is already dead, people who don't use crossplay feature are already getting dead lobbies and have to search for 5-10 minutes or more for a match, and zombies is seemingly cancelling it's iconic round based mode in favor of battle royale/whatever the fuck the new tech demo map "der enfang" is supposed to be, and that's not mentioning all the glitches and technical problems the game has had in all modes since the launch, new ones being added, and how they will likely never be solved. Only people still talking about the game are COD tubers/streamers who do this for a living, and there are no middle ground, just playing it for fun players, they either absolutely hate it or pretend to love it. Zombies creators aren't even talking about vanguard, most admitting they haven't touched it since they made their initial videos, about a month ago now. The youtuber I linked in my earlier post >>458608 straight up moved over to halo content, others are taking this time to quit altogether. Oh, and the game went on sale a week after it's release, and it's free weekend didn't even work, not to mention that the "double XP" they advertised didn't even work properly, it was a 11% XP increase due to a bug in coding(something that was a feature in COD for over a decade btw, and it always worked as advertised). In any other game, this would make them a laughingstock, but with vanguard, that's the least of this game's problems. It was funny to see people shit on the game so hard they said they would move over to battlefield/halo/buy previous COD games instead or play something else alltogether when they say how much of a technical shitheap the game was on free weekend.
(70.42 KB 468x591 gurkha.jpg)

>>483510 The jig is up in their case. They can't feign interest in this long enough, even when a mediocre tier game like Halo now is beating and winning against them, just because its atleast working properly at release. This is how bar is lowered, they will make millions and be "game of the year" just because its not as bad as other game. Its almost sad that CoD of all franchises with such a formulaic copypaste each year concept is failing so hard. Is this what the "loss of consumer faith" feels like? Also >Indian female character in ww2 >no Gurkha battalion who actually fought in the war, who is even more obscure and oppressed throughout history.
>>483578 what gets me is that that story about the nigger that "inspired" kangsley actually sounded pretty good. I will have to do my own research, but just from hearing about him in the linked video, it sounded like a cool concept. Delivering mail back and forth on the frontline of the worst years of WW2 sounds like a fun concept, with how many times this guy has been shot at, you could excuse any amount of ridiculous action scenes, or put in as many stealth sequences without it feeling forced due to him being a mail courier, not a soldier. You could even use the warzone/battle royale engine and let the players decide how they will get from point A to point B, using a large, open world map and events happening in the game with or without their involvement, you could rush straight at the objective, use stealth or ride around in vehicles. It could have been death stranding, but actually good, all the resources were there to make it happen But instead, they hired sam maggs and made what is essentially capeshit with tumblr tier fanfiction characters. The concept could have worked, if they weren't shoehorning modern day politics in, and focused on the gameplay instead of "cinematic story". What is the story behind World At War? Call of Duty 1? Any other WW2 game? There is no story, it's always good guy allies who did nothing wrong fight and defeat evil guy axis who are evil and icky. The details differ, but that's the "story" of every single WW2 game, what really matters are the individual missions and the gameplay. WZ/Battle Royale lets you "make your own iconic gameplay moments", using the sandbox that is the giant map and all the toys within it, that's why so many people play it over and over again, you could easily replicate this with WW2 setting Hell, thinking about it, didn't ARMA did this for ages now? Plenty of people play that game, so it's already been done and been proven to work(Even if ARMA is a hardcore MIL SIM, Vanguard is much more arcadey, which might be a plus for some people). Vanguard had the right idea, but good lord did it fucking flop. I agree, I actually wouldn't mind this gimmick of seeing some lesser known WW2 divisions in action, that's one of the reasons I still like COD3, which let you play as canadian and polish soldiers in the campaign. There is still much you can do with the setting, but I doubt many games will want to have anything to do with WW2 for a while, after the stinker Vanguard became
One other thing, since I'm venting: Many videos on the topic of how dreadful the vanguard zombies mode is have the main menu theme of zombie mode from that game in the background, so I checked it out. It's actually rather decent, especially the second half of it, which makes me sad that it will forever be associated with this game. I had a lesser issue with cold war's zombies theme(Echoes of the Damned), but from what I have seen, in it's current state, with all the content it has right now and no paid DLC(minus cosmetic bundles), it might have been worth a black friday discount sale I will find out, since I bought it on the cheap on black friday
>>483636 >>483623 On a youtube video (i forget which) I saw how many casual franchises, whether its films or games or tv shows, when they get a new sequel now they get led by a person who has no involvement with the franchise before, has little to no experience with good productions, but are propped up as the "new hip and trendy director" who is famous in younger circles, who knows all the new trends the kids are following, who say that they are the "biggest fan of X franchise", and ultimately do such things that could only be described as current-year-ing. Examples were Marissa Mayer who bought tumblr and ran it to ground, Kathleen kenndy of star wars, patty jenkins of wonder woman 1984, joss whedon, and now sam maggs. One thing you'll notice is that you know their names. It could be that they're "famous", but you usually don't know people's name before they do something big. In their case, they have worked real hard to get their names out there, to be a famous personality. Even in today's twitter world where everyone is a "celebrity" they go one above to really fuel their ego. So when your work includes writing shitty listicles for buzzfeed and proto-Mary Sue, you write it as huge achievements and paint yourself as "premier geek girl writer" and "voice of canadian fan culture" (all taken from her wikipedia article, which seems to be written by her). And they surround themselves with Yes Men and women, who think they are following a hot shit and can get a leg up in the industry by following them. Now they are one of the "it" people in the industry. When corporate suits want someone to lead a new project, they pick them over years old veterans in hope of getting the new audience, trying something new like that Frank Zappa video. And this is how these people get jobs, literally by networking and hacking their way up. Where they use even the most dudebro of product like call of duty to fuel their ego and to say "I made this. I made it like I wanted, and its beautiful. You should all look up to me" And this is without getting into any sjw stuff they are involved in. Any more music you have?
(271.07 KB 720x1280 Bobby.mp4)

>>483729 >Any more music you have? You can say what you want about COD, but it's got great music, and Zombies in particular has some definite classics. Most maps have a hidden easter egg song, and I mean a brand new actual song with lyrics and original instrumentals, performed by professionals. Kevin Sherwood is the guy who did most of it, and his channel has every song he made for COD zombies over the last 10 years https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UCh_F0VRprS4yx3urdcl4FRQ I wanted to link here a few songs I enjoyed, but it seems you cannot post MP3s on the site anymore? Or I am having a server issue, who knows, I am uploading my zombies folder(over 300 songs from treyarch zombies and otherwise) to mediafire. No, it is not a virus, I just don't know how else to share so many files at once(anonfiles is down for me). >"I made this. I made it like I wanted, and it is beautiful" I don't think anyone will brag about being involved with Vanguard, not even Sam Maggs. That's like saying you're one of the people behind Cyberpunk 2077, and you're proud of the finished product. If Sam ever says she is proud of working on Vanguard and was proud of what she made, she will be lying thru her teeth, cause she will likely never get over how much of a flop and a laughingstock her brand new characters in a shitty game nobody will remember in a few months are. If anything, their constant "quips", personalized playercards that literally spell out their names, that you unlock as playing them, and seeing them do the same stupid animations after EVERY game on the MVP screen make people resent sam's special snowflake forces more and more with every passing day. Even investors and other non-SJW outsiders who don't know anything about video games will immediately see all the recent sex scandals involving Bobby Kotick and pals, and will want to steer as clear possible from this, in fear of being cancelled or looking like sex pests themselves
>>483773 >I am uploading my zombies folder(over 300 songs from treyarch zombies and otherwise) to mediafire Sounds great anon, thanks. I often don't really notice the music in Zombies since I'm focused on shooting.
(1.43 MB 1280x800 folder.jpg)

Looks like Mediafire flagged some of my files for copyright reasons thru a bot before they even became public, which is now a thing? I uploaded a zip to anonfiles, which is now usable for me after switching my proxy and IP. https://anonfiles.com/1eT9g8Z4ud/Zombies_zip Note that this is not a complete collection, as I do not have: >Exo Zombies >WW2 Zombies >Cold War Zombies >Only Spaceland and Rave for Infinite Warfare Zombies Note that some tracks are not technically original, like Twisted Sisters "I Want To Rock", as Spaceland and Rave have a "DJ" system which plays licensed, era appropriate music throughout the match. Most of the songs flagged by mediafire were those, but also some others, which is bizzare to me I also have things like perk jingles and short ambient tracks, to try to be as thorough as possible, along with a few tracks that were cut altogether and only datamined or shared by their creators The songs also aren't really organized in any way since I never had the time, but they're all there, so good luck figuring out what map they're from or what their context is without playing the games When I update it to include everything aside from WW2, because fuck that game, and organize it properly, I will post another zip in the share thread(assuming it is up)
In case you didn't read the last few dozen replies, or have been sleeping under a rock for a month, you might be asking yourself why the newest COD is so shit in particular this year. To answer that question, I found a video that really goes in-depth as to why single player and multiplayer are dogshit(I assume zombies was so barebones it was barely even worth mentioning, as it is not even a full fledged game mode as much as it is a mobile tier minigame for leveling up guns) The video mostly talks about how woke the game is, but also talks about the technical and gameplay side of things https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=5wiA2jfHLHs
(494.30 KB 2048x1363 Sup Bitches.jpg)

>>485510 >Why it's fucked 1.It's been fucked since 2009 when they started pandering to Michael Bay dudebro retards and took paychecks from the USA Military 2.DLC and Microtransactions 3.Removal of content for the reason stated above 4.Half the fanbase will buy it anyway 5.Blackrock and the USA government funding this cancerous woke shit along with the fact that they want to pander to the majority of women 6.Skins raping the art design
>>483510 >>464358 Now WW2 vets are dying off like WW1 vets. Do you think white WW2 vets realized they are being black wash from history before they die? Half the global war on terror vets I met ended up agreeing with the muslims that america the great Satan. Imagine what it feels like Ike being a white WW2 vet knowing all the anti-west woke shit their fault. Edward Shames, last surviving officer from ‘Band of Brothers,’ dies at age 99 >Edward Shames, the last surviving officer from Easy Company, the World War II unit featured in “Band of Brothers,” died Friday at 99. >Shames died at home in Norfolk, Va., according to a local funeral home. He was only 19 when he enlisted in 1942, forging his mom’s signature so he could fight in the war. >He was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division and was one of the men who helped make it famous. The division’s E Company was famously chronicled in “Band of Brothers,” which was based on a bestselling book. >But first Shames had to go through grueling training in Georgia. “A 25-mile march for us was just like a Sunday stroll,” he said in 2012. “We had to walk 10 to 12 miles to get to our training area at Toccoa and then train all day and walk back 10 or 12 miles back to camp every day.” https://archive.ph/SO6Qo
(331.14 KB 600x489 sad.png)

It's Saturday morning and you woke up early to play search & destroy with your buddies, hoping to get a game in nuketown.
>Wake up the week before Christmas >Shake boxes >One sounds like it has diskettes in it >Carefully open it >Dragon Wars.exe >Install game >Repackage everything, reapply new tape >Christmas Morning - Open gift >I hope you like it, son >I did >What? >Thank you
>>486271 >play search & destroy with your buddies Fucking nerds
>CoD post WaW >CoD multiplayer that's not United Offensive >Black Cocks 2 >Console FPS >Template thread >Duplicate thread Go back to your containment thread cocksucker
>>486303 its more of an adrenaline rush than team deathmatch. being the last one alive in your team during a final round knowing they're all spectating you.
Who are the 156 autists still playing?
>>486271 I knew that heatmap was bullshit
>>486317 Kek, I always assumed its real since it had high concentration in big cities and populated areas.
>>485525 Isn't he Jewish?
>>483826 Your work is not unappreciated Anon
>>486548 Russian Jewish parents, yep OH SAY
>>486271 >call of duty world at war on Xbox 360 has more players than blacks ops 2 The hackers use to annoy me. Nowadays hackers on WAW apart of the charm.
(328.87 KB 1359x749 vanguard futuristic gun.png)

(439.48 KB 1297x727 vanguard futuristic gun01.png)

(474.68 KB 1450x573 vanguard futuristic camo.png)

(829.02 KB 2006x700 vanguard ballistic vests.png)

season 1 dropped for vanguard, and guess what's in it? everything but ww2 content update brought in a ton of skins and a battle pass, but broke almost everything else. they also added in a grenade that is so OP that it is better than 3 other kinds of grenades that already exist, and does all of their jobs at the same time. this game is a joke even the new battle royale map barely works, nobody likes it. don't forget, vanguard and warzone both have a new kernel level anti cheat for the pc versions, which has been CRACKED ON DAY 1, so we can expect some fallout 76 levels of shenanigans in respect to players getting doxxxed and having their PCs hacked by hackers, and the anti cheat itself doing jack fucking shit in the long term
(353.36 KB 1023x321 vanguard modern polymer in ww2.png)

(404.69 KB 997x741 vanguard awoken skin.png)

(430.92 KB 1005x582 vanguard edgy overlay.png)

(942.86 KB 1461x734 vanguard crash dummy camo.png)

>game shop is broken, takes your money but gives you no content/COD points >QA testers fired recently(https://archive.fo/enF8x), and the game is buggier than ever to show for it. For example, the "new" map(which is a remake of a mw3 map) can spawn players inside walls, and then instantly kills them since they're inside a death barrier. Other times, it is painfully easy to get out of bounds or inside a glitch spot, and every single base game map has at least one exploit like this that hasn't been patched yet >game won't let you see your seasonal challenges in it's menus, you have to download or boot up warzone and see everything from there, which is VERY convenient for those who are getting tired of this shitty game, and are being offered this free alternative in it's place >Anime crossover bundles confirmed, with the first one being attack of the titan themed Don't forget about this entire controversy with bobby kotick and the rape of female employees or the employees constantly having walk out during work hours going on right now

(375.92 KB 997x313 vanguard puke gun.png)

(471.29 KB 641x751 vanguard QA testers.png)

(565.54 KB 932x531 vanguard takes the piss.png)

(613.07 KB 1166x729 vanguard scuba diver.png)

forgot to mention there are already 20$ bundles in the game store, all the while the zombies mode doesn't even have a pause function in it yet, not even mentioning any side quests or main easter egg
>>487854 >everything but ww2 content I mean was anyone expecting anything else? >>487854 >it barely works and is plagued by issues Trouble behind the scenes is clearly being expressed in the games now. They were never that good, but they were at least competently made games before. This is just a mess.
>>487878 Second reply was meant for >>487873
(679.19 KB 1396x753 vanguard watch.png)

(1021.63 KB 1416x716 vanguard cdl.png)

(313.98 KB 1187x607 guess what game is this from.png)

(1.33 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

This shit makes Blops 4 look respectable, at least there it was already kind of a joke so stupid stuff like >>487881 wasn't entirely out of left field. So what's the story for the campaign this time? People I know who played nuBlack ops last year said the story was pretty alright to play. I know it's definitely gay but I'm morbidly curious.
(998.31 KB 576x360 vanguard muh dick.mp4)

>>487884 https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=5wiA2jfHLHs this just about sums it up it's a 4 hour campaign with 2 of those being cinematics. japanese are using stg44s, a nigger makes a rape joke about white women being raped, and white characters are called "white boys" for no reason by non-whites. even the black character, kingsley, isn't anything like the real world soldier he was based off of(who would actually be interesting to play as)
(130.47 KB 1200x900 battlefield v.jpg)

(922.36 KB 1292x729 battlefield vagina.png)

(534.38 KB 1080x2400 iw8ship.jpg)

I hate to be linking jewtubers, but this one is so crazy, I don't think anyone here would believe me if I didn't link some video of it being talked about. By the end, he gets so angry that he is calling out for any of the many hackers to openly cheat until this issue gets resolved, that's how little benefit of the doubt people have anymore in this franchise https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=ICf0sVjgnWQ https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=4NxBdi0jUgM So, I said a few posts ago that activision fired their QA team, right before christmas. To be specific, it was a Raven QA team, and it's kind of a big deal, those who haven't been fired yet have been having a walkout over this, not to mention the whole sexual harassment and bobby kotick situation going on there that is getting the same treatment. You would think Vanguard and Warzone being buggy pieces of shit would be about the most that these lost QA testers would effect, but it gets much worse: It turns out that right before leaving, these QA testers left activision a christmas present, and that being COMPLETELY BREAKING THE PREVIOUS 2 COD GAMES the list of things broken is too long to mention here, and almost every single one of these is so specific that I cannot imagine it was made by accident. If you own or buy Cold War or Modern Warfare 2019 right now, the game doesn't work. You cannot play it, either because the option isn't there or because the performance is so shit you cannot get any good gameplay out of it. Some examples include awful stuttering, operators from wrong game appearing, game functions like mounting guns simply not working, create a class deleting your guns and giving you the default assault rifle, the game telling you that you don't own the game and booting you to the main menu, game modes like survival not even appearing as an option in the menu, the list goes on and on, there is no way that so many issues came about like this by accident. MW doesn't even appear as a game on consoles when you hover above it on the main menu, the game's title has changed to "iw8 ship". the developer title for the game, iw8 standing for the 8th game being developed by Infinity Ward, nobody is supposed to see this. This is happening right before christmas, too, so not only are vanguard and warzone buggy pieces of shit, the "better" games are even more broken, and burned players cannot even go back to playing them if they want to, their paid product simply doesn't work. It's been a while since I've seen a shitshow of this caliber, and last time it was this bad, it was cyberpunk 2077, a much more highly anticipated game that had all the hate thrown at it justified. I doubt this will be the end of it, either, I think vanguard shitshow is just getting started, and it will drag down the older games with it. Don't forget, DICE actively mocked their own playerbase when they reacted negatively to BFV's reveal, I can see current devs of COD and activision doing the same thing, as if there weren't enough comparisons between Battlefield Vagina and Call of Duty Transguard. As someone who used to play these games religiously, years ago, I feel so satisfied knowing how much of a dumpster fire this franchise has become, after making all these rather shitty decisions with it. People who play this garbage will likely not have anything to play this holiday season, or it will be their worst christmas COD season to date, maybe these fuckers will even spend time with their family instead. Hell, with how much turmoil, and "muh pandemic" excuse, I would not be surprised if MW and Cold Ware were still fucked a few months from now, don't forget that for Cold War, snipers were straight up broken at launch, and it took Treyarch about 8 months to fix them, and that was when they were actively working on the game. You think IW, who are putting finishing touches on MW5, or Treyarch, who are trying to scramble to both put on a little puppet show for vanguard zombies mode, keep the charade of goodwill going for a little longer, all the while they are panicking trying to come up with a brand new call of duty in 2023, that either of the studios will take time to go back and fix games that don't even make them that much of a profit anymore? Hell, Activision could prevent them from doing so even if they wanted, they might see these 2 games being broken as a benefit, as that means there are more suckers willing to pay for a brand new game in frustration, and buy more microtransactions in it, especially right after they released some real winners in the cosmetics shop(that you can see above my post). I would definitely not put it above activision to break the game themselves, even if the QA testers didn't break the game themselves on their way out to make a point, just so they can improve the sales of vanguard and get more players into warzone
I don't know what you fuckers expected after they started their DLC whoring and complete disregard for aunethticity 12 fucking years ago. COD has been worthless since World at War and BAttlefield has been worthless since 2142.
>>490165 So from what I am understanding, after the Raven QA team got fired, they got their revenge by sabotaging the previous two games. I can understand that, but I have three questions: 1. Aren't there two companies that release a COD game every two years, so that they can have their yearly release? If so, then the Raven QA team, could only have sabotaged the Raven CoD games, which wouldn't include the previous CoD game. 2. Aren't they using some sort of version control, like IMS or Git(yes companies can have private gits)? If so, couldn't they just revert the game to how it was a week before they announced the lay offs, which wouldn't take more than a day? Unless the Raven QA ever since development put in some kill switches in the game, in case they got fired, but even then they should be able to revert the activation of the kill switches? 3. How does the QA team have access to the code, usually they should only have access to the compiled code, and even if they have access to the code, they shouldn't have the access rights of updating it on their server, that should be only on the devs side?
(30.73 MB 852x478 iw8 ship servers broken.mp4)

couldn't post this one in my last post, filesize too big. compression likely made it look like shit, nothing I can do about that. this is how your average MW match looks right now, thousands of people are all reporting the same thing >>490172 raven works with every COD game, how do you think COD can release a brand new game of this caliber every year? people say raven works in the COD mines for a reason, that's all they do, nobody knows more about these games than raven, and all games effected work on the same engine, so it would make it trivial to break things in all the games with minimal effort as for how this update got thru, I would say others at raven who did not support their firing must have let it slip thru, activision is dealing with too much shit right now to be actively paying attention to everything. I bet they won't care, as long as it doesn't effect their bottom line, I remember a game breaking glitch in BO3 that would not be fixed for several years, YEARS, because activision would not give them the green light to release the patch. note that the issue was fixed within days, but the devs were not authorized to actually release this patch until much later by the suits, there is budget and resources going into those so they get to asses if the game really needs to be fixed right now. Of course, it could be activision poisoning the well themselves, I just assume somebody at Raven played a prank on them, giving the timing. Nothing coming from this publisher would surprise me anymore, but like I said, only people testing these games day and night for years now could break so many things, so many conveniently annoying bugs could be introduced, only by people who know the ins and outs of the game, the why of it would be simple, the devs are at war with the company itself over the myriad of work related issues, and the christmas firings were the last straw
>>490174 Thank you for the explanation. I knew that Raven was working on CoD, but I didn't know they had their fingers in every pie. In case the whole CoD thing will implode, or at least they will stop releasing it yearly like Ubisoft did with Ass Creed, I wonder what will happen with Blizzard, if this will actually save them from becoming the last company that enters the CoD mine. While highly unlikely, maybe this will force Activision to diversify their game portfolio instead of being just CoD and Blizzard's latest disaster. Regarding the webm you posted, as someone whose last CoD game was World at War, is there any tactical advantage to switching weapons every millisecond? Is it a bug or is to not get bored when you don't have enemies fighting.
at this point, one has to wonder if the poor man's mobile game that is the vanguard zombies mode being so shit and lackluster is also intentional, as some means of taking a jab at activision
>>490177 >>490178 Is Warzone not the more popular game? Is Warzone also affected by this?
>>490177 nigger, literally EVERY activision dev is working on call of duty right now. a company called "toys for bob", fucking TOYS FOR BOB is now working on making warzone dildo cosmetics. COD is every single egg in the activision basket right now, and I guarantee you that if that fails, blizzard will not have much to bail the company out with. WoW? Dead. Overwatch? Even deader. Warcraft: reforged? Don't make me laugh. Diablo 2 remake? Already forgotten. Starcraft? When did the last game came out? How many people still play SC2? >>490179 warzone is broken, both from the technical standpoint, and because it's filled with cheaters. you cannot play the game without being aimbotted, without people knowing where you are via wallhack, or without stuttery, shitty glitchy gameplay experience, the only reason it is "popular" is because it is free to play. the new map is dogshit and the whole launch is a disaster, nobody is happy, aside from people not playing these games and laughing at this garbage fire >is Warzone affected by this? MW, Cold War, Vanguard and Warzone all work on the same engine, it's literally just a different mod for the launcher, so yes, one issue effects all games. MW more so than the others, probably because someone felt jealous people still actually play that game over the hot new vanguard/warzone experience
for context, "frangible" does not exist in MW4, it is an ammo type in vanguard, how something like this happened is beyond me I cannot speak for charms because I cannot ever imagine running gay shit like this on my gun, but it seems some are being removed for no reason, not sure if because they were controversial or because of bugs, I will say the latter right now Every way you turn, you see something like this. I have to stress, MW4 didn't have a rocky launch, connection issues nonwithstanding, but it had good content and was a good game when it worked. How the game can be fucked up this badly, 2 years after it was released, is just mind boggling as seeing 20 year old GTA games getting similar treatment out of nowhere
>>490166 >I don't know what you fuckers expected after they started their DLC whoring and complete disregard for aunethticity 12 fucking years ago. Most anons here probably started playing about that time.
>>490305 On their fucking Xboxes no doubt Christ, 7th Gen was pure cancer
>>490174 > the christmas firings were the last straw Honestly I'd see it as a present to not work with Activision anymore
>>490188 There's a million significant factors at play here, but I think what's happening here is simple: They got too big. Literally, everything about CoD, from the amount of money and resources spent on it to the filesize, is just too much to realistically sustain. This probably isn't the end, and no one in a position to do anything will learn a lesson, but it's going to slowly collapse as all giants do. >>490340 It was the Wii for me.
>>490629 >Going It's been happening since 2013 Steady decline Good fucking riddance, been waiting 11 years for this moment.
The game has been out for over a month now. Not only has call of duty: vagina been on sale longer than it has been selling at a full price now, the zombies mode, which I have posted about a bit over a month ago as well, has barely changed. It's still as dead and boring as it has been from the start, the new "content"(features that were cut at launch due to time shortage) that has been introduced could be counted on one hand >new objective, domination from multiplayer >new area on the overworld(not objective map), the office of the nazi guy that berates you on the radio every round. note that you could glitch into it from day one, all they did was open the door. it seems that there is an "easter egg" there, but nobody who has been autistic enough to look for those in the past is playing this game, and nobody else cares >launchers have been added to the mystery box, game launched with none >new special abilities added to the altar thing, including new ammo types boring gameplay, mind numbing objectives, streamlined and boring killing, no pack a punch camo, dead brain AI and lack of any soul, as well as a lack of PAUSE FEATURE IN SINGLE PLAYER MODE are all present from day one Here is a video I found that sums up what's going on with this game in it's zombies mode, giving you context of previous games as well if you don't play them https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=8_PfXVfoZkA (note that like all youtube content creators, he shills something at the start and then shills his patreon or whatever at the end, skip first 2 minutes of the video, or skip the video altogether if this bothers you, I already made posts about this >>458608)
>>490629 >just too much to realistically sustain AAA needs to die or at least be drastically altered from this current abomination. They spend so much money/effort on useless diversity hires/political niggers ruining their (overworked) environment even more, they spend so much time doing risk averse feature checklisting/safe or just bland/stale design because the budgets have ballooned way out of control and risking that much money is dangerous, they spend way too much effort trying (and usually failing) to make paid games work as a games as a service model, they are getting increasingly ass rammed by the "we will fix it later after launch" approach and putting out games less cooked than ever before, and they spend more money on the marketing than the actual fucking games themselves a lot of the time. I am honestly amazed they were able to keep this mess going for so long without the massive failures people are seeing more and more now.
I already made a post on how broken MW4 is at the moment, but I should state, EVERY SINGLE game using it's engine is also broken, ESPECIALLY on PC: MW4, Cold War, Vanguard, and Warzone, none of these games work properly, and I have very little doubt any of it is not intentional sabotage anymore. My last few posts documented some very intentional changes made to the game that broke it, and made iw8 ship barely playable. That wasn't the end of it, the list of things broken or set intentionally by the devs is way too high to even doubt this anymore. I truly believe the devs within activision are striking by breaking activision's golden egg basket, and I believe they WILL get away with it, since activision is making vast majority of their profits from COD alone. They will not kill their golden goose, they will simply continue letting the franchise rot away, as long as the golden eggs and those sweet microtransaction shekels continue filling their coffers. That's why these devs can get away with breaking the game, in protest, and will likely not get fired over it. I still believe that those fired QA testers were partly responsible for this shitfest, and that the devs stand with them, hence why this is happening For anyone disagreeing with me, I would like them to explain to me the alternative explanation on why this pepper sticker(a fucking sticker) is worth 100$ of real currency. Someone set it up as high as they could for the laughs, and they know they will get away with it. Knowing activision, they might even get a promotion for it You have to understand, I keep making these posts fairly regularly now, but I am just scratching the surface. There is no way for me to document every single thing broken with this game right now, not one individual game let alone all 4. I simply don't care to, but I haven't seen a game this fucking broken, and the game itself being such a PR disaster since fallout 76 or mass effect andromeda, and those were just 2 games, not 4. I will even give cyberpunk 2077 a little benefit of the doubt because there was a good open world single player experience buried underneath, the game was simply in it's pre alpha stage, Andromeda was a dogshit game from day one and the rest are GAAS shitshows, so they deserve the full brunt of criticism. I wonder if this downhill trend of COD literally imploding on itself will continue until bobby kotick is removed from the company, for all I know MW5, COD's last hope, might be sabotaged right now as I type, despite the leakers saying they like what they see so far BTW, price will likely die in this one, or at least get captured and heavily beaten, judging by leaked screenshots BTW, game will be free to play during the holidays. Again, mere weeks after the last free to play weekend, which was a disaster. The game must be leaking userbase at an astounding rate, same way as battlefield 2042, and those who played the last free weekend were universally claiming the game was dogshit, both from gameplay and technical perspective. Imagine people playing this game for free during the holidays, in it's current state, bugs and glitches everywhere and spawning problems and all that. I forgot to mention that the new incendiary grenade, on top of being completely OP and fulfilling the role of 3 other grenades at the same time, looks like complete dogshit and can completely fill up the map with flames and smokes and make it completely unplayable, it's most easily seen on small maps like shipment(keep in mind, you get one per life, and with vanguard's hectic gameplay, you will die a lot. You can spam these to your heart's content every life, and even more if you run ammo crates). The devs either clearly never play tested this grenade, or didn't bother fixing it, likely because they are trying to sabotage this shitheap. I won't link anymore videos for now, but youtube videos are still up of leakers saying 8 months ago that the game's development is a disaster and the game is going to be a shitshow, and they were 100% spot on All that said, I didn't even touch on how out of control the hackers have become in these games, and how activision just doesn't care. Aimbotters and other obvious cheaters are just the icing on this shit sundae, you might be getting the big picture on how much of an unmitigated disaster this peak modern day AAA product is
>>491586 >You have to understand, I keep making these posts fairly regularly now, but I am just scratching the surface. I appreciate your reporting on this intentional train wreck.
(474.68 KB 1450x573 vanguard futuristic camo.png)

>>491586 In case anyone is curious: >MW is still broken and unplayable >Vanguard is still broken, unbalanced and unplayable >Warzone is still broken, unbalanced and unplayable >The latter 2 are still dead as fuck >Microtransaction store is a disaster, many items resort to downright fake advertising that could get activision thrown in court(again). Good example is pic related, which doesn't actually glow and looks more like a blue dog toy than anything when actually bought. Reminder, these cost upwards of 25 dollars per pop >Everyone is openly shitting on the games and activision/COD game studios >Warzone is losing MLG players and streamers, who are mostly moving to Halo Infinite and Apex Legends >People who are literally paid by activision to promote the game actively shit on it regardless because it is so fucking bad >Everything I said about zombies still stands, the devs literally didn't add anything new since >Leaks show they aren't planning on adding any content to the zombies mode, either. No refunds >Only multiplayer fix that was added was fixing an exploit that would let you skip the MVP screen after the match(After the end of the match, the game would randomly select 3 players that got the most kills/melee attacks or other bullshit, each operator would viciously beat or shoot a defenseless german soldier like a rabid nigger(this is the only place in the multiplayer where nazis actually appear btw), and of course new animations for this scene are in the microtransaction store). This means that sledgehammer games is not going to fix any actual bugs, but will do anything to keep the store running ,and incite people to buy microtransactions >No hype for the game at all >Zombies circles not covering the game at all, only mock the devs for making a big deal out of the next patch adding a fucking pause button into the game and treating it like a big deal(no, you cannot currently pause in zombies, not even in single player) >Devs, both treyarch and sledgehammer, both released really PR heavy christmas wishes over the holidays, both talking about embracing diversity and standing up to bigotry and hate Oh, and the stupid elf event in the pic above really glitched the game or something, nobody actually plays the game enough to care too much. Vanguard has united every single COD player and even consumers who don't pay for these games every year, into coming together to hate on this game and announcing it as the worst game in COD's history without a close second place. That's impressive on it's own right, I personally have a feeling that this will be the very last sledgehammer game ever made and they will be relegated to the support studio role until the end of time, which is where they belong It is very telling even the devs themselves don't give two shits about the game, I bet between this and the ongoing sex scandal fallout within the studios, many are already looking for work elsewhere
>>511748 I stopped giving a shit a long time ago. You should too, the people making and the people playing these are the don't deserve your time and anguish. Just play another game, just play another franchise or just play the actually good older games. It's what I do from time to time
>>511749 I'm just bumping the thread, I'm hoping it can be filled to bump limit by the year's end thanks to the incompetence of activision and sledgehammer
>>511750 That would involve having another person that bought Vanguard to talk with. I don't want to be that person.
>>511949 >That would involve having another person that bought Vanguard to talk with kek
The new "easter egg" update just dropped for vanguard zombies, and it's the saddest shit I have ever seen. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=8YPoxwipXkA New content included is on par with the "Fly Trap" easter egg all the way back in Der Riese, in 2009 in World At War. The fact that it took over 2 months to get this in is a joke. Hilariously, they finally introduced a half assed round based shi no numa "challenge" for those pesky "round based fans", despite the devs clearly telling them they will not be catering to them this year. Turns out that there weren't any other fans to begin with, and now they have to grovel to them to gain any sort of semblance of fanbase back, who are all either moving on from youtube altogether or doing something else with their channels, it is very entertaining to watch. Don't get me started on the whole "lore" of the game mode as well, aside from all of it being literally just recycled content from Black Ops 4's "Chaos" story that they had to drop halfway thru the development cycle due to poor reception, budget cuts and to help out with Cold War zombies(since Sledgehammer dropped the ball and Treyarch had to finish the game for them), all of this just smells of a saturday morning cartoon. The villains are ridiculous, the nazis might as well be team rocket or Kobra or some other band of loony goons you would find in these sorts of cartoons, and your "allies" are compromised of a schooby gang of "elder gods" and a kike that spouts exposition, barks you your objectives and tells you that nazis are evil, and that you should hate them. It is a joke, how treyarch thought that these warcraft rejects could carry the game for an entire year is a joke. The real joke, however, is this "Easter Egg" if this is all there is to it, if the story is indeed continued in a next map, then this was a giant waste of time, both for players and for the story characters(who I should remind you, are just the quirky sam magg rejects from multiplayer and campaign). Nothing happens, nothing is resolved, and I don't even know what the main villains want, I think that tencent mobile COD game literally had more lore in their half assed zombies mode, AND it allowed you to play on shi no numa round based mode from the get go when it released, not made you wait 2 months for it. It also offered not one, but two final bosses, as well as a slew of special zombies from previous maps in the franchise, it was a bit of an underrated gem, and it was made by chinks that never played a zombies COD game, on a budget of a bowl of rice and a shoe string. This is really giving me Fallout 76 vibes, with how broken and lackluster content wise the game was at launch, and how it took them so long to add proper NPCs with quests. I genuinely cannot think which game is a bigger disaster, vanguard or battlefield 2042, as both games are unfinished, buggy and clearly had false advertising as to what the final game would look like
>>511749 Good taste in tracks anon. That's probably the best from the first game, followed by Red Square.

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