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(2.68 MB 1132x10706 92u3hWKYYIfgg.jpg)
(115.66 KB 1100x904 chrome_RrVFX2B5rU.png)
(92.69 KB 401x305 ClipboardImage.png)
Epic vs Apple : Week 2 begins - Epic still faces an "uphill battle" Anonymous 05/12/2021 (Wed) 18:26:48 Id:d9f319 No. 307849
>"Where Epic describes the iOS and App Store as 'the plan' to lure in developers and users alike with conveniences and other benefits before locking them into their 'walled garden', Apple, of course, frames the exact same behaviour as offering benefits and opportunity to consumer and developer alike," he says. <"At times, it seems like Apple's counsel have been helping Epic up that hill." >"Apple slinging mud [at Epic] and getting it all over themselves in the process." <"I don't know what Apple's lawyer was thinking," says Buscaglia. "But they sure missed making any points with this lame argument and lost credibility in the process. It also shows that Judge Rogers is sharp and not moved by bad arguments or impressed by sloppy 'gotcha' questions." >"If 'a hardware manufacturer that controls access to the software that runs the hardware' is a monopolist by law, then ALL of the console manufacturers might have problems" >"If you think of a game or app, games are incredibly dynamic," he said. "Games have a beginning and end, there's challenges in place. I look at the experiences that are in Roblox similar to the experiences in Minecraft." <For Buscaglia, this was "some of the dumbest testimony" so far, adding: "Their definition of what a game is was laughable in today's world, trying to distinguish 'games' from 'experiences'. A big shitshow of a legal battle - people Epic, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Stadia?, itch.io, Google all called up for witness, Since trial was open for view, children started singing "Free Fortnite" and shit, Lots of confidential legal documents were uncovered like epic games is still on loss and expected till 2023. This is a fun shitshow if surely I've seen one, I just wish I they streamed it live on video. https://archive.ph/S2a5c
>>307849 >"If 'a hardware manufacturer that controls access to the software that runs the hardware' is a monopolist by law, then ALL of the console manufacturers might have problems" This is why I support epic. Death to consoles.
>not shorting Apple
>>307849 >muh walled garden This is coming from the same company that pays for exclusives on their store. They'd do the exact same shit if they were in Apple's place. Get fucked, Epic.
>>307940 Unlike Apple, exclusives to Epic's Store don't do anything to prevent you from going elsewhere too. You can freely install both Epic and Steam and get all the benefits (if any) of both. With Apple, you have to give up any apps you've purchased in order to use Android ones instead (by switching hardware). Frankly the whole "exclusives" hatred against Epic is unfounded. As long as the games are on PC it doesn't matter. It's like arguing over whether a console game is exclusive to Walmart or Gamestop, who the fuck cares? It has no effect whatsoever on whether or not you can play the game.
(160.40 KB 352x279 wideload.png)
Shit company vs. shit company.
>>307948 The hate for Epic Games, is mostly because of their predatory practices, of paying developers for timed exclusives, even to those that originally promised a Steam only release in their trailers, then suddenly switched to an Epic Games exclusive. They also guarantee developers a minimum amount of sales money, in that if devs don't sell X copies on the Epic Games store, then they receive the rest of the money from Epic Games. Keep in mind, stores like Uplay or whatever EA has, don't do this, and their catalogue are for games they actually own. This makes EG unique in this regard. There is also the whole Tencent/China thing, so if you dislike China, then you will dislike Epic Games as well. Lastly, there were all the accusations of it being spyware, including it looking at you Steam data to know how long you played your Steam games, and they were forced to respond https://archive.is/4y2VH
>Epic violates the agreement every dev has to sign to be on the Apple store >gets booted off, which the clearly stated outcome in said agreement for violating it >WOOOOOW THIS IS LITERALLY 1984 I'm about 70% sure they'll lose this case
>>307948 Keep sucking the CCPs cock, the whole end game for EGS is for Tencent to have a piece of the PC market in the west through EGS. If EGS gets their piece of the pie expect Timmy to sell off to Tencent entirely. Exclusivity is a cancer and is no different on PC especially considering the open nature of the platform. EGS has done more damage to the PC market than any good, never forget Timmy decided to buy up Easy Anti Cheat in an attempt to harm Valve by stifling it's compatibility to Linux distros.
(175.83 KB 600x298 Buttfucker 3000.png)
>>308264 >The hate for Epic Games, is mostly because of their predatory practices EGS isn't predatory, it's just funded by predatory practices - bilking kids out of their lunch money to buy all the newest Fortnite skins unless they want to be a social reject like that one kid who smells like sour milk. All the other bullshit you mentioned is built upon that edifice, and then on top of that, China owns 40% of them. Effectively, they're just a means by which to disrupt the market and get Steam to try to compete with Epic's unsustainable practices - causing them to take a loss in both profits and marketshare - and opening a space for WeGame or whatever Tencent's named their launcher in the west. As soon as Tencent doesn't need them anymore, they'll absorb the rest of Epic and feed Tim to the pigs.
(135.97 KB 1024x683 curry.jpg)
>>308275 >>308269 Epic's business model is insane they expect to literally buy half the market, while tencent literally bleeds money through asshole. Sweeney said EGS will have 35% market share AND be profitable by 2024. Normalfags are jumping onto EGS for 1.Fortnite 2.Exclusive games 3.Free games when signing up. Like most free players, getting them to pony cash for buying regular games is gonna take some serious Pavlov conditioning. All steam has to do to maintain its position is not shoot themselves in the foot, not fuck up by doing some publicity stunt, maybe reduce their cut, and they will win the battle of attrition. Hell even GoG could beat EGS at this point. But at the rate Chinese is throwing money at this, they are gaining momentum fast.
>>308308 >maybe reduce their cut Steam already do this if your game sells X amount of copies. The 12% is only sustainable so long as Epic keeps their store as bare bones as possible and so long as Fortnite money keeps coming in which will dry up eventually and Tim is becoming increasingly aware of this which is why he is trying to force himself into the market now because unless he gains a foothole now, once Fortnite dies off he will be back to only getting money from licensing out UE and I highly doubt that brings in as much cash as Fortnite does.
>>308275 >Epic Games Store isn't predatory, it just exploits social phenomenon and peer pressure to get kids to give them all their money Uh huh
>>307948 And a ching chong bing bong to you to, comrade. >>308308 >All steam has to do to maintain its position is not shoot themselves in the foot >All Valve has to do to not fuck up Uh-oh.
(28.54 MB 640x360 AJ News- Epic V Apple.mp4)
I had to go off the deep end to find info about this because the only people who are covering this suit are boring news articles, fortnite channels who suck epic's dicks, or law firms who get all legal. So I have stoop down to Angry Joe for list of shit going through. >Because the viewings were open, people spammed "FreeFortnite" "bababooey" and shit before they learned how to mute audio >Tim Cook didn't know who Tim Sweeney was when he email him >Apple starts by going "What will the world be without Apple? If Epic has its way we will lose Apple from our lives" >Apple says "Minecraft and Roblox aren't games, they are full fledged applications on its own" because people can share mods and create shit >Witness were called for Stadia if it was still alive, they couldn't confirm. Twice. >Epic made $5.4 billion on just fortnite in 2018, more than its rest of division combined >Epic thinks 2023 will be when EGS will be profitable >Wolfire games was called too because their lawsuit against Steam for not able to discount their games elsewhere. That lawsuit is ongoing. >Testimony against Sony - their monopoly allows super prices on their digital store, another lawsuit filled against Sony for anti-comsumer practices >Epic has to pay Sony for doing crossplay for Fortnite - the only console which charges money for that >Tim Sweeney says "Fortnite is not a game, its a MetaVerse, its a phenomenon" because of concerts and create shit just like minecraft >Nvidia was called because GeForce Now was kicked off app store because it was game streaming and people could buy microtransactions for many games, apple wasn't getting anything >Microsoft was called, had to reveal a lot of confidential shit about Xbox - like its sold at a loss and only subscriptions and store purchase makes them money >Epic tried to pay $200 million for Sony's exclusivity for PC releases, but got turned down. Exclusive games might be the only other source of income outside fortnite Any other non-biased sources would be appreciated. I couldn't find the site where they were getting all this info.
>>308358 >confidential shit about Xbox - like its sold at a loss That's fairly normal, at least at the beginning of the generation. It's why attach rates are so important for gauging a console's health, because Sony, MS, and Nintendo make their money through royalties on game sales. The same standard 15~20% cut they've always taken since console makers stopped producing proprietary cartridges and switched to CD/DVD that could be sourced from any supplier. Retailers take the other 30% - which with digital being increasingly popular, is Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. So the big three are taking 50% off the top of any game sold on their stores. Nintendo is, I think, still selling cartridges to publishers again now with the Switch - and Sony wants to jack up the price of games to $70. Not to mention they all have services to bilk even more money, and more importantly, steady reliable money that can be accounted for in future planning. Selling your hardware at a loss is a small price to pay for getting in on that action. It's literally just getting the customer into the store where they can be raped repeatedly. Though it used to be that as more fabrication plants were opened up to feed demand, and the processes were more streamlined, the parts became cheaper due to mass production, and redesigns to make the system more efficient - console fabrication costs would come down to a point where they'd make money on hardware sales as well. That's taken a bit of a hit as of last generation since the concept of "mid-gen refreshes" basically means anything you make on original launch hardware gets poured right back into recouping the losses of an R&D cycle that's been cut in half to accommodate twice the hardware launches and more powerful hardware. Not to mention that, Microsoft at least, has been regularly completely redoing the dashboards of their systems every few years whether users wanted them to or not ever since the 360. Sony just adds/removes a few features here and there to make their system slightly less unusable and mostly focuses on patching vulnerabilities in their spaghetti code. If this lawlsuit ends up forcing Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony to open up their systems to other digital storefronts, you're going to see some massive changes in the industry as these companies scramble for a way to make up that lost revenue. Microsoft might have just failed upwards on this, focusing so heavily on services to boost their failing hardware numbers.
>>308358 >Apple starts by going "What will the world be without Apple? If Epic has its way we will lose Apple from our lives PERFECT! I now officially root for Epic Games to win, and for the yellow midgets to take over the market so everything is ruined for everyone involved.
>>308358 Does anyone else find it highly fucking coincidental that the lawsuits against Valve and Sony emerged around the same time this trial kicked off? I'm all for opening these platforms wide but this really seems like Epic paid off a bunch of fags so they could make their case look stronger.
>>308512 Never doubt Chinese chicanery.
>>308512 Not coincidental at all, It is valid that when you have decided to sue a company you want gather all the lawsuits you can come up against them, so that you don't have to work all over again over something else. And to overwhelm your enemy so as to they bleed money on all sides. For Tencent, its against Apple - leader in mobile, Valve - leader in PC, Sony - leader in console (nintendo won't be counted since its nintendo). Fight in all sides, see victory in atleast one.
>>308358 >Epic tried to pay $200 million for Sony's exclusivity for PC releases, but got turned down. This is the part I do not understand. Sony are mega Jews of the highest degree and they turned down a free 200 million to put their walking simulators on Epic? that does not seem like something they would do, especially since their gaming division is the only thing that makes Sony any money these days supposedly.
>>308522 You misunderstand, I'm saying that Sony and Valve would not have been sued in their respective cases were it not for Epic offering benefits to the plaintiffs.
>>308525 Oh, could be. Wolfire games is already linked to epic. It could be "you fight this legal battle, we'll give you a $100,000 'investment' " Maybe more, it does benefit Tencent.
(182.59 KB 732x532 autism wolf.png)
>>308524 You know whats even funnier. They considered the same for Nintendo then decided against it because the did not want laughed at by them. >They actually wanted Sony, Microsoft AND Nintendo games on their store. >Epic is fucking delusional. I detest Apple but I kinda hope Epic loses and loses badly.
(1.47 MB 480x360 haha.mp4)
>>307849 Apples line of argumentation is stupid but so is the entire case. Epic is essentially suing apple for not shouldering the cost of distributing their game on their platforms without getting a cut of the profits. The whole thing reeks of desperation and stupidity on Epics part. Suppose they win and Apple is forced to let them keep Fortnite on the Appstore + bypass Apple on the micro-transactions or simply Apple legally losses the right to keep its walled garden and has to open it up to other distributors. Wouldn't that then mean Epic also loses any ability to enforce its exclusivity deals? I mean if Apple is not allowed to control what is distributed on their devices through their distribution platform why should Epic? Especially when as this whole thing revealed Epic is essentially trying to undermine the market as a whole. We knew that before but now there is definitive proof.
>>308541 From what I understand, Epic just wants to sell their Vbucks and skins without giving Apple a cent. Let's say they win, and all the games on the Epic Store can sell their own virtual currency and skins without giving Epic any money, they still believe that the amount of money they would earn from selling those stuff on the Apple market, will offset the loses they get from all the other games on the Epic Games platform doing the same thing.
You know I think the most unfortunate thing about this case is the fact Epic is actively pursuing monopolization in the pc market will probably harm the precedent for getting this malicious noncompliance that Microsoft started from finally getting razed like it should have been over a decade ago. This isn't even getting into the fact Epic (as a result of sweeny being a retard and believing valve "owns" linux in some major capacity) fueled them going around and cancering up everything with anticheat shit.
>>308524 >especially since their gaming division is the only thing that makes Sony any money these days supposedly. Which is why their exclusive games cannot go elsewhere. Exclusives are used to get people into the walled garden and tied to the platform. If Sony's games were on PC, people would have even fewer reasons to buy a PS5, which means lower revenue from the PSN.
>>308541 You're incorrect, the case is about marrying a piece of hardware to a specific software distribution platform. It would be like if you installed Linux and could only use Aptitude to install packages. You're not even allowed to download package files manually and install them. Nobody would use that fucking distro. Apple doesn't have to shoulder the cost of distribution if a developer does not choose their store. But Apple doesn't allow any other platform for distributing software, so developers have no choice. Developers do have a choice on PC, they don't have to use EGS. >I mean if Apple is not allowed to control what is distributed on their devices through their distribution platform why should Epic? Did you even think about this sentence before writing it? Epic doesn't have any devices. It's about devices being locked down to a specific form of distribution if you want to get software.
>>308275 >egs isn't predatory >spent most of it's introductory launch intentionally stalking wishlisting data for steam to rip games for exclusivity >to the point Valve had to reassert that you actually have to deliver a game when you publish a store page >while intentionally parasitizing features from other platforms to foot the cost of their own M8
>>308558 >It would be like if you installed Linux and could only use Aptitude to install packages. Actually I correct myself, it would be more like if you bought one of those shitty Indian/Chinese laptops with a homebrow Linux distro that only allowed you to install software from their shitty package repository.
>>308533 Sony and Microsoft they maybe could have had a chance with if they kept pestering them but to think Nintendo would want anything to do with Epic is truly hilarious thinking on Tim's part. Nintendo turned down and laughed Microsoft out back in the day when they had more money than God and it seems history has repeated itself once more.
>>308546 I am thinking about the precedence this could set up afterwards. Not the immediate effect it will have. The argument could be made that it stands to reason that if Apple cannot control what is distributed on their own hardware then why should Epic or anyone else for that matter be allowed to control where and how software is distributed. Its a down the line problem that can emerge afterwards not a direct/immediate consequence.
>>308275 Tim owns the company, not china. At 40% they can't "absorb the rest of the company", but Tim could buy them out at any time. Besides, if Epic manages to break Steam, it won't just be an opening for China. It will be an open season for EVERYONE. The whole PC market will balkanize into a hundred different storefronts, and that's a GOOD thing because it leaves NO ONE with the power to choose which games are allowed to make money (which steam currently does, banned by steam=dead game) Eyes on the prize. I've hated steam since they've been inconsistently banning adult games. I want steam DEAD. I don't care who does it, it won't matter in the end, because it will open the market to competition from every angle at once.
>>308630 >banned by steam = dead game What bizzarro world did you come from?
>>307849 Why is nobody talking about pic 3? Is pic 3 real? The lawyer's hiding her apparent thirst for banana cock with "What do Yoshi's eggs smell like haha"-levels of subtlety.
(17.18 KB 343x676 Video game stores.PNG)
>>308630 >The whole PC market will balkanize into a hundred different storefronts, and that's a GOOD thing No it's not, having to download a hundred different clients, just to play my video games, is not a good thing. I prefer having no store front, but between having 2-3 large ones and a hundred tiny ones, I'd rather go with the former, and we don't even know what would happen if one of those store fronts were to disappear/go bankrupt, if you could still play the games, or wouldn't be able anymore, because of their DRM trying to connect to a nonexistent store. I am not saying Steam is too big to fail, but it's highly unlikely for it to do so in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, even with a so called "Steam monopoly", there's GoG, Epic Games, Uplay, Origin, BattleNet, Microsoft Store, and other tiny stores, like itch.io, in fact here is a list of all of them I got from wikipedia, and you are saying this isn't enough, that we need a hundred more of them to clutter the computer? Let's say, the market does get fractured into a hundred of tiny stores, what would happen, is that one store with a lot of money, *ahem* Tencent *ahem* would start buying all the smaller ones, until their catalogue becomes big enough and more and more people start using their store, that they become the new Steam, good job you made a bad situation even worse. >banned by steam=dead game Nobody is stopping them from selling their game on their own website, in fact there are plenty of games that do so, problem is that Steam is just that popular and people have a better chance of selling their game on that store than on itch.io, but this isn't because Steam has some magic monopolistic formula, it's just that right now it's the most popular platform. If you were to divide the market and the consumer base into a hundred game stores, then almost all games will be dead games since they wouldn't have the same exposure as on a giant store like Steam, so good job on that front. You might say that the smaller devs will simply put their game on a hundred different stores and that will solve the audience problem, but then they would have to go through the hassle of maintaining their games(pattches, dlcs) on a hundred different platforms plus having to sign a hundred different contracts with a hundred different store fronts, I am sure all that time that could have been spent on ironing the bugs would be much better spent negotiating prices and cuts with a hundred different store fronts. Again, being the biggest one, isn't necessarily a bad thing, and it can be preferable to fracturing it. Take imageboards for instance, are we better off now that the original 8/v/ was split into here, zzz/v/, /geimu/ and some anons don't even know about these places? Is cuckchan/v/ too large, and it should be divided into a hundred different /v/s, because they have an insane PPH and it's not fair for us? Should there be only one /v/ or store front?No, but I think a hundred dead ones is much worse. Don't get me wrong, I dislike Steam for what it has done to the market, in regards to DRM and other stuff, but I hate Epic Games even more, and right now Steam GoG is still the lesser of three evils.
>>308578 You're still speaking nonsense. Epic doesn't control anything. You sign a contract with them, they sell your game on their platform. You don't have to sign the contract to get your game distributed on the same hardware and into the same audience's hands. Are you trying to say that publishing and distribution contracts should be invalid?
>>308630 >Tim owns the company, not china >they can't "absorb the rest of the company" >but Tim could buy them out at any time lol >It will be an open season for EVERYONE. The whole PC market will balkanize into a hundred different storefronts, and that's a GOOD thing And guess who will be the biggest fish in the pond then? Guess who will try to buy up steam? You didn't think Epic v Valve would result in Steam shutting down, would you? It simply not have market dominance, have small market share. I know GoG, M$ and other retailers will try to take as much as share as they can, but who could oppose the one slayed the beast? Like I said valve have to shoot themselves in the foot to lose their foothold. >balkanize Gee whiz, I wonder what caused all those different ethnic groups under a powerful rule to all form their own nations and fight amongst themselves when that rule ended? And how similar can be replicated on a gaming market filled with sheep with no loyalty, who flock to the latest release, highest discount, most popular flavour of the month, "what my friends are playing right now" could actually benefit from splitting into "launchers" of game companies just to play 1 game. And as if that not what's gonna happen if Steam loses its steam. I get it anon, you dislike monopoly. I hate steam more than you possibly could, but letting Mao take over Jew Newell spells nothing but despair for PC gamers. There needs to be genuine competition, not pretend "we are big company we want market share" fronts. A place where games are sold openly without a launcher, without a contract, hell multiple sellers for the same game. A true marketplace, rather than a storefront. As of now, piracy is the only friend we have. >>308640 For many normalfags, if a game is not in steam, is not in PC. Western porn games are such. Maybe his favorite western porn game got banned.
>>308680 >Western porn games I'm pretty sure more of those are sold on Patreon than anything else.
>>308630 >Besides, if Epic manages to break Steam, it won't just be an opening for China. It will be an open season for EVERYONE. The whole PC market will balkanize into a hundred different storefronts Epic literally only managed to compete by monopolizing titles. Even if they manage to obtain dominance because of that, Steam will end up dominating a very strong 2nd position for a very long time due to the quality of their platform exceeding just about any other. I don't see any reason for other digital distribution platforms to suddenly grow and take up a significant enough market share. >I've hated steam since they've been inconsistently banning adult games. Smut being inconsistently banned will always be a thing. Some stuff is legal in one place and not in the other, and it often isn't worth the time and effort to figure out what exactly is and isn't allowed.
>>308578 No one should be able to control what is distributed "on their own hardware" because once a consumer buys the hardware it's THEIRS. That consumer should be the first and last say in what they buy. Same goes for the developer/publisher. They made the software, they own the hardware they built it on, it should be their choice if it's sold on that hardware. A company like apple or Sony should ONLY be allowed to control their own storefront, and ONLY if that storefront is NOT the only option on that hardware. Anything else is an illegal monopoly and should be destroyed utterly.
(777.12 KB 708x540 ClipboardImage.png)
>>308358 >What will the world be without Apple? http://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=uG3uea-Hvy4
(60.98 KB 653x377 peely good time.png)
>>308670 Its real Anon and all over the internet.
>>308358 >So I have stoop down to Angry Joe for list of shit going through. I don't watch Seven Buck Chuck, but isn't he supposedly good for industry news?
>>308630 Anon your only option right now it's The fucking rope and a tall tree
(421.48 KB 1439x1434 gamer.jpg)
>>308808 He's been doing the News segments for like a year now and yeah he's usually pretty good. Sometimes he does say something pozzed but the fans call him out in the comments. I've noticed over the years he's been opening up more to the idea that game companies are generally pieces of shit and none of the big ones are redeemable.
Can they kill each other?
>>308386 >confidential shit about Xbox - like its sold at a loss >That's fairly normal, at least at the beginning of the generation I think sony and microsoft switched to sell the 8th gen at a profit which was why there was less of a jump from the 7th gen which was sold at a loss. Are they referring to the current xbox as I don't know about the 9th gen? I don't think Nintendo has sold at a loss. At least that was what I thought was happening.
(329.31 KB 640x360 AVGN kills Akko.mp4)
>>308896 >Unironically watching Pissed Off Pendejo >Unironically watching a registered Democrat that praises EA trash >Unironically praising a fucking balding blob a husk of his former self
>>308948 Asshurt Joe is an irredeemable pile of shit but it is entertaining watching him eat crow and becoming red pilled even though he does not want to be red pilled. Reality is forcing it's cock down his cuck throat.
>>308677 >GoG is still the lesser of three evils. Didn't they screw over those Taiwan devs to appease the chink market? There was a thread about it a bit ago.
>>308896 >>309097 Wasn't joe accused of rape by one of his fans?
>>309153 Well I did call them the lesser of three evils, and not "the only good one". >>309154 Was he just accused or was there actual proof?
>>309161 Just accused turned out to be bullshit.
(1.33 MB 1385x1500 anchor_vivian_pirate.png)
>>308630 Why isn't there a decentralized free and open source pirate client for easy downloads and managing of cracked games with optional crypto donations to the crackers or devs?
Does anyone else realize that, if Epic wins this case, it will result in Apple maintaining their dominance in the market? Think about it. While it will be difficult for a competitor to enter the market (If Apple wins and nothing changes), that doesn't prevent the the possibility of it taking place. And, with said competitor entering, it will result in a "market war" of sorts where Apple and Google try to maintain the status quo of their business model, meanwhile the new entree fights back with a business model that better benefits the customer and developer. As opposed to (If Epic wins), Apple will be forced by court order to change their business model, and will solve nothing except further entrench their position in the market. For example of this, need look no further than how previous (potential) anti-trust cases brought up against companies has solved nothing except to further their existence in the marketplace.
>>309404 You're being extremely vague about this so I don't really see how you have a point. Provide some reasoning for your assertion besides the incredibly broad "it's happened before in other antitrust cases." Software is a unique commodity in our market due to the fact that it can be manufactured at virtually no cost so any legal case involving it is going to be different than any precedent.
>>309421 Microsoft's separate anti-trust cases with Netscape and OEM clients. The former didn't prevent Edge and the latter didn't prevent them from forcing developers to drop W7 support.
>>309432 >>309421 Oh, and M$ is now one of the biggest tech companies on the planet. Also, I remember something about AT&T and Bell doing jackshit to resolve anything.
>>309432 >Edge is dominating the market as much as Apple dominates their own market False, try again. Your point is totally irrelevant and does not apply. >AT&T and Bell That was a simple corporation split, it had no lasting ruling and set no precedent. It did not make AT&T "more dominant," as your last post said Apple would be. It just allowed AT&T to continue doing what they were doing with a minor setback. >M$ is now one of the biggest tech companies on the planet Correlation does not imply causation. Edge is definitely not what got M$ to where they are now. Neither was dropping W7 support.
(610.65 KB 875x915 ClipboardImage.png)
Make them settle it in battle. >>308798 This dude has a diaper bulge. Everything about Fortnite is retarded, I guess.
(50.25 KB 894x412 ClipboardImage.png)
>>309433 >>309435 I mean, from an investment perspective, Microsoft is actually a pretty good bet. They've effectively only ever grown, pay a decent dividend, and smaller companies consolidate into bigger ones over time. The downside is that you're parking money in a company that is completely awful, morally and ethically (but that's why you have to put aside emotion when investing and only look at facts)
https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/20705652-epic-games-store-presentation >Page 151 Confirms Tim is paying for shills, not that that is a surprise, but it is funny.
(44.95 KB 660x396 Tim Cook.jpg)
>>309514 >Tim is paying for shills
>>309404 It could raise the barrier for entry somewhat. If new companies are not allowed to use the walled garden approach, it may be even harder for a new company to actually compete with an established one as they can't bring anything "unique". Essentially it would have a similar effect as banning exclusive games (in fact that could be exactly what ends up happening). How can you force people to buy your new console if you can't offer any games that aren't on other consoles as well? In my opinion however, even if this does somehow help Apple, it's still preferable.
>>309514 Influencers are a thing the world didn't require.
>>309561 Influencers is a marketing term. Even if it's legally distinct, they're paid shills.
>>308358 Look at Angry Jew, just sitting there rubbing his hands and thinking about how he's going to suck a tranny's dick as soon as filming ends.
(3.56 KB 240x240 digimonslopixels.png)
>>309439 >Everything about Fortnite is retarded, I guess.
>>307940 >They'd do the exact same shit if they were in Apple's place. But they aren't and they won't be. If they were fucking with other software on purpose, it would be malware and even punishable by law in a lot of countries. Apple just isn't officially malware by selling the phones and preventing their customers from installing anything else in the first place.
>>309404 >with said competitor entering, it will result in a "market war" of sorts where Apple and Google try to maintain the status quo of their business model, meanwhile the new entree fights back with a business model that better benefits the customer and developer. That literally never happens. Apple must go down completely. The market is already shit. At least Apple will go down from all of this, bringing all leftards occupying it to porerty overnight. If the chinese dominate it, so what? It is already a lost market full of SJWs. It is better to have nothing than to have SJWs. And it is better to have China controlling and/or destroying everything than to have SJWs getting money.
>>309768 This. It sounds faggy but a return to phones being perceived handheld computers and me having the right to do what I want to do on my computer is necessary. It's a net negative that computers are easier to use for normalcattle. It's a net negative that Apple has normalized the idea of a locked down fischer price phone, particularly "for our safety". It's a net negative that Apple charges and has normalized charging such high rates to publish on its store. It's a net negative that Apple is advancing the American puritan agenda by moderating it's store as it does.
(68.06 KB 450x200 computers-are-racist.jpg)
>>309944 >It's a net negative that computers are easier to use for normalcattle. What do you mean? They finally made computers not racist. Now people in the community can get good jobs and get ahead now that the white man and chinese can't hold them down no mo.
(290.36 KB 649x828 apple.png)
https://archive.is/2GYU8 New news >apparently Apple's Ceo doesn't know how much money the App store makes. he only has >"a feel if you will"
>>314989 >we're protecting our customers against security threads and privacy intrusions >now buy our Minecraft 2 >and let's ignore that the first popular viruses were written for Mac A lot of retards still think there are no viruses for operating systems other than Windows. They don't need to install an antivirus on Windows either. Just don't fall for phishing and you're as safe as possible. Nothing can protect against driveby exploits.
>>314989 >apparently Apple's Ceo doesn't know how much money the App store makes. I wouldn't actually doubt that, Apple makes more money than most countries and from a lot of different sources. At massive tech companies like Apple the job of the CEO is to lead the company and generally increase profits across the board, the nitty-gritty of exactly how much each venture earns would be the job of an accountant or sales analyst.
>>314990 Well its tiring arguing against those types of people. jut be happy its not your info on the line >>314991 I don't buy that for a second. If someone can't even give you a rough estimate they're hiding something. How the hell are they going to increase profits across the board when they don't even know how much money each venture roughly earns Are they losing money? Should the venture be supported? Should it be cut? No apparently this ceo doesn't know he has to rely on his feeling.
>>314991 Nigger that feel is a 64 000 000 000 dollars application monopoly. That's not nitty-gritty and he's just playing stupid. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/08/apples-app-store-had-gross-sales-around-64-billion-in-2020.html
>>314991 It's the job of the CEO to make decisions for the good of the company. To make these decisions requires at least an understanding of the bottom line. The analysts would put together the information that summarizes the bottom line, but it is still the duty of the CEO to know what that bottom line is. What Cook is essentially saying is that he has no idea how successful his own company is. It's absurd no matter how you slice it and if I were an investor I'd be getting pretty anxious right about now.
>>307948 This is bait, but Epic actually intentionally targets developers publishing games to other services to sell Easy Anti Cheat to, because they think crippling linux support harms Valve long term.
>>309297 >with optional crypto donations to the crackers Because selling copies of games (no, it doesn't matter if you call it donations) is headass faggotry >or devs >implying developers want your shitty funny money
>>315026 >they think crippling linux support harms Valve long term. I doubt they actually think that. It also harms them long term, because it helps Microsoft, who have their own distribution platform.
>>315065 Microsoft primarily makes money as an OS distributor. Windows store is a post scheme for people that they couldn't scam into permanent subscriptions to office from.
>>315075 >Microsoft primarily makes money as an OS distributor. Probably not for forever if their business model plan goes through. They've said before that they plan for Windows 10 to be their "last OS" and are just going to update that from now on and possibly shift to subscription. I don't know if they'll stick to that but it shows they aren't afraid to shift away from distributing licenses of Windows. It certainly reflects in the way they maintain its code, which is to say "don't touch the poop from 3 decades ago because Pajeet can't figure it out."
Would be an interesting ruling if hardware and software manufacturers had to support sideloading in some form. Could be a golden age for pirates depending on implementation. Could also be a preservation nightmare if they had to go more hardcore on drm to compensate. I doubt there would be much of a change as far as what is on the official store vs an alternative platform even if it happened, even for consoles. My reasoning being Android already allows sideloading, there are reasonably popular alternative store apps and webstores that support Android, but in reality they don't seem to get a lot of use by devs. Consoles have the issue of dev kit licensing terms which would probably only get changed through yet another legal battle. So something like this could be mildly beneficial (you can already sideload by jailbreaking or cfw) or extremely bad (heavier drm inhibiting game preservation) for us. It would probably be safer for Apple to win here. Epic's full of shit anyway. Would be nice still if both sides were told off and nothing changed, because this whole case and their arguments are fucking retarded.
>>315004 > It's absurd no matter how you slice it and if I were an investor I'd be getting pretty anxious right about now. Valve made a similar statement earlier this year when the court was asking for records in regards to stats recording some of the profits made from Steam games within certain dates. When I brought it up that it could be showing that Valve is hiding something, some Anons defended the act stating that it was probably deemed as "irrelevant information" for tax purposes. Then, surprise surprise, Valve announces the move to New Zealand a couple months later. >>315093 From hearing about how the actual court case is going, Apple is going to win it, no question. However, despite they're victory, the judge may end up ruling that Apple has to allow developers the ability to list alternate platforms for in-app purchases. As of this moment, all iOS games manage in-app purchases exclusively through Apple, and you cannot list alternate sites or platforms where those same purchases can be made. You can still make purchases on said alternate platforms, and have the effects of these purchases carry over to your iOS version of the game, but developers cannot mention that this is an option per Apple's ToS. AFAIK, that may be the only change as a result of this case. But, remember, Epic may appeal this, so the changes could become more extensive as time rolls on.
>>315095 >Valve announces the move to New Zealand a couple months later. They announced a TEMPORARY move to NZ not a permanent one, specifically due to quarantine shit, it's like you only read parts of headlines you want to read.
>>315075 >Microsoft primarily makes money as an OS distributor Not for a long time. They earn their money now selling "enterprise" business packages to businesses. Basically companies pay MS a contract and MS takes care of shit for them. At this point they'd be happy to give the OS away for free if it locked people in (and they did with all those free and all-but-mandatory Windows 10 "updates).
>>315102 >They announced a TEMPORARY move to NZ not a permanent one, specifically due to quarantine shit https://archive.vn/OPELz <Oct 20, 2020 <Gabe applies for NZ residency https://archive.vn/88ine <January 22, 2021 <Gabe Newell And Valve Are Genuinely Thinking About Moving To New Zealand https://archive.vn/Pw9O7 <MAY 20, 2021 <And if you're trying to plan where is a safe place to have a workforce, New Zealand has proven that it is, if not the best, certainly in the top three places in the world for hosting high-tech workers, where you're going to be able to distribute risk. >it's like you only read parts https://archive.vn/XgZLX <New Zealand is not looked upon as being a traditional offshore financial center, nor is it known as a tax haven, yet the country provides all of the advantages of an established offshore jurisdiction. For those looking to go offshore in a country where English is the principal language in business and government, New Zealand has much to offer. https://archive.vn/bzwRj <Tax Haven New Zealand <Tax haven New Zealand’s economy is mainly based on the service sector which contributes 68.8% of GDP. https://archive.vn/P6QuJ <Is New Zealand a tax haven? <Are the foreign trust rules a tax haven? That probably depends on what you think a tax haven is. If you think that a tax haven is a country that explicitly sets out to create a benign tax system and enable people to hide assets and minimise taxation, then no, we’re not a tax haven. On the other hand, if you think that intent doesn’t matter, and what really counts is the way the tax system and secrecy rules operate in practice to allow people to avoid and evade tax, then we are a tax haven.
>>308708 Why don't you make your own plataform then? i mean that sounds like lazyness at it's finest Then again, Sony is building their consoles with a kill switch, maybe in the near future every component on every device will have a kill switch and we will not be allowed to own anything.
>>281239 I remember being spawn camped by like 12 minisentries on Thunder Mountain while someone mcspammed a radio show host, I think his name was Ghost or something, being trolled by MLP.
(674.57 KB 960x720 Cans.mp4)
>>316243 >Ghost Damn, I forgot about that guy. I'm still convinced that his "rage" was faked for entertainment.
(151.85 KB 478x324 laughs.png)
>>308575 >Nintendo turned down and laughed Microsoft Anon it was more funnier than that. They flew Microsoft suits out to their HQ to make Microsoft think they where accepting their deal then spent A WHOLE FUCKING HOUR just sitting at the meeting laughing at them. >Microsoft suits took a 16 hour flight to Japan just to get laughed at.
>>316294 They were real alright, at least until his popularity with reddit started increasing (around 2015~2017 IIRC) and eventually he became too self-aware and interacted with the fucktards too much. Everything before he returned right around 2015 was genuine I think, though he did like to play around occassionally like with his Engineer and Boss Nigger shtick. That's probably when he and the trolls peaked in quality. t. started listening to him when he was first called True Conservative Radio and hadn't introduced Radio Graffiti yet
>>315102 >it's like you only read parts of headlines you want to read. t. propagandist projecting. >>315284 The elites will be killed before that.
(27.57 KB 496x377 1508653066.jpg)
>>315126 I didn't see any of the follow up articles so I was going off of the one where they just talked about temporarily moving so they could "work", this is fucking clownish.
>>309153 >ccp lovers Sad.
>>309153 Yeah, they caved to the chinks.

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