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(82.91 KB 1152x864 Squilliam.jpg)
(10.50 KB 640x640 squilliamM.png)
(6.16 KB 640x640 squilliamF.png)
(13.24 KB 640x640 squilliam flat 1.png)
Squilliam thread Anonymous 05/30/2021 (Sun) 22:41:24 Id:fd103c No. 320097
>13 days to E3 It's time to get ready. Prepare your bingos. Ready your report cards. But most importantly, make some Squilliams. There's been some uncertainty about lack of video anons, so unless someone wants to volunteer I'll do it. I'm a complete editing noob however The song I'll be using: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=CoZ8KmVuhqI
(32.92 KB 600x581 c43.jpg)
>>320097 OH BABY
Last time I had fun playing a videogame was 7 years ago.
(15.62 MB 640x640 e34.webm)
I recommend you post this thread on the other webring video game boards so that the squilliam count can swell. Without all three working in conjunction, you probably won't get any more than 15 squilliams
(11.89 MB 640x640 WorldsApart.webm)
Only comp I've got saved, but boy do I love it.
>>320101 Last videogame that I had fun with was MGSV in 2015 and its FOB invasion threads. good times.
>>320103 Good point, I'll send ZZZ and /geimu/ a thread. Any other /v/s on the webring I should include? Smug/vg/ maybe?
>>320108 Might as well send to smug as well, yeah.
(22.86 KB 556x625 ClipboardImage.png)
Rate my card
>>320110 bingo in the first 10 minutes/10
>>320111 Nigger, I probably have a bingo now
>>320112 You'll need at least 10 minutes before they even start showing the games
(15.70 MB 640x640 e3 2018.webm)
(15.62 MB 640x640 True_Faith_[E3_2019]_[8ch].webm)
>>320104 I got 2018's and 2019's (both versions of 2019)
>>320108 sounds good.
(530.95 KB 640x640 pinhead squilliam.PNG)
I can't into paint. Here's a quick little Pinhead I did. An idea for others is the green shirt guy and I don't think I've seen an AJ Styles one.
(50.58 KB 640x640 zagreus squilliam.png)
(2.77 MB 398x266 [gasping erratically].webm)
>>320103 >>320127 ZZZ and /vg/ are up but I'll need someone else to post the /geimu/ thread because I'm a torfag and can't post the templates
(58.54 KB 736x736 cat thumbs.jpg)
>>320151 Thanks m8
(174.51 KB 640x640 noita squilliam.png)
(174.52 KB 814x640 Jacob&Esau.png)
Here's my entry. I'm not a drawfag so if some parts can be improved let me know while I still have the .psd open.
(194.97 KB 1500x1500 megamanattack.jpg)
Mildly optimistic predictions beyond just more shit on games that have been announced but absent after last year. Nintendo >new bit on Legends: Arceus and DP remakes >new Style Savvy >new Smash character >teaser for Fire Emblem 17 (or proper reveal if it's a remake of 6) >random new game in dead franchise (but not one people were desperate for) Xbox >new fable that looks like shit >something on Starfield >bare minimum of actual information on TES6 (title/province) >Obsidian's TES clone >shit nobody cares about >minecraft shit Ubisoft >cringe as always >more of their annual open world shit Square Enix >new remake of older Nippon-only game since Trials of Mana did well >that's it besides shit we already know about and ports Verizon >so bad it will make Ubisoft look non-cringe T2 >new GTA teaser >new Firaxis thing Bandai Namco >Digimon Survive, now with FeMC >Blue Protocol >Elden Ring and Tales of Arise still exist Freedom Games >no idea what they'll show how the they're such a high tier Mythical Games >at least Freedom Games exists, this company is literally nothing but some promises in vague corpospeak WB Games >bunch of things confirming they're alive after being sold and nothing else Capcom >Battle Network Legacy Collection with online MP and ports of the two phone games <mobileshit based on BN >small confirmation of Legends LC pushed up due to Sony killing their store and removing the only way to buy the games with it >various ports of older things for the new consoles >Dragon's Dogma 2 announced but nothing real shown >Shield and/or Regolith announcement
>>320108 Make a post on /comfy/ too. Maybe on the Post here when you visit" thread.
>>320173 Let's be real, Dragon's Dogma 2 is the only important game announcement.
(15.31 KB 640x640 fatman.png)
(15.96 KB 640x640 fatman2.png)
(16.84 KB 640x640 fatman3.png)
Also here's one that someone made on fatchan last year that didn't get a chance to be used.
>>320173 Is Bethesda doing a show? If they are then I expect TES 6 news
>>320180 MS is and MS owns them now.
>>320177 Checked. I'm curious to see what they'll show on it, if anything. As shit as it probably was I hope that kikeflix show gave them some enough extra money so they'll have the budget/time to more fully realize what they want to do. >>320180 I'm prepared for disappointment. If TES6 is shown, I'm expecting one of two(three) outcomes <Hammerfell with Redguards' race as the focus >the entire continent is just the Alik'r desert because rednigs are just arabs because that's what they were in shitrim and fuck the lore or <High Rock and Hammerfell, i.e. Daggerfall 2: Skyrim Boogaloo >map is the smallest it's ever been, everything is a generic medieval English countryside like Oblivion except it's less fun than Oblivion since it won't have the charm of all the weird idiosyncrasies that game had >just boring Skyrim caves but replace draugr with generic zombies Fuck Bethesda, I'll be replaying Morrowind yearly for-fucking-ever because at least modders have more talent to pour into new landmasses than the washed-up faggots at beth will ever have from here on out. >>320178 I miss fatchan
(9.65 KB 640x640 squilliam_grid f 2021.png)
>>320097 Also I thought we could do this since it turned out nice last time.
(192.00 B 160x160 A1.png)
(158.00 B 160x160 A2.png)
(524.00 B 160x160 A3.png)
(384.00 B 160x160 A4.png)
(878.00 B 160x160 B1.png)
(343.00 B 160x160 B2.png)
(1004.00 B 160x160 B3.png)
(693.00 B 160x160 B4.png)
(158.00 B 160x160 C1.png)
(328.00 B 160x160 C2.png)
(1.17 KB 160x160 C3.png)
(223.00 B 160x160 C4.png)
(372.00 B 160x160 D1.png)
(462.00 B 160x160 D2.png)
(432.00 B 160x160 D3.png)
(425.00 B 160x160 D4.png)
>>320191 A4 claimed
>>320185 >just boring Skyrim caves but replace draugr with generic zombies Which wouldn't just be lazy, but also lore rape, per Corpse Preparation. >In Hammerfell, where worship of Arkay is strongest, the dead are almost always subject to Arkay's Law. There are exceptions after large battles or in remote areas where death occurs far from meddlesome priests. Fortunately, the dangerous terrain and creatures in the deserts and mountains of Hammerfell makes the acquisition of corpses possible, though they are often in poor condition and require special care in preparation. >In my native High Rock, traditions dating back to the witch kings and nomadic horsemen mandate cremation of the dead. This is practiced almost without exception in the north, through an Imperial burial in a tomb or city cemetery is more common in the south. There are still many corpses easily taken from the battlefields of the War of Betony and the lawless times that followed. There are even rumors that King Gothryd of Daggerfall may institute the Imperial practice of donating the corpses of criminals for Necromantic study as a deterrent to the bandits and pirates that still threaten the Iliac Bay.
(304.20 KB 640x640 paimonsquillam.png)
Is there a checklist somewhere so we dont double up on squilliams?
>>320214 You mean in case two people dont draw the same character? I think it should be allowed if someone really wants to draw a certain character.
>>320214 I guess you can check the booru to see if someone has already done a particular squilliam in the past. https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=squilliam
>>320214 >so we dont double up on squilliams I don't think that much of an issue. There's been repeats before, even with the same season. Everyone ends up having a different style or take anyway.
>>320097 >13 days to E3 my god, already? time is going way too fast now that i finished my college courses.
(76.59 KB 280x261 1471216240628.png)
>>320191 i'll take A2
Has one of mark been made already? If not then I'm going to make one.
>>320230 I haven't seen it so knock yourself out.
>>320230 I haven't seen one don't bully too hard
>>320246 Bully the jew!
>>320097 >There's been some uncertainty about lack of video anons, so unless someone wants to volunteer I'll do it. Good luck with that. If you want the image to "pop" over to the next image on a beat and actually have the next image align with the previous it is very difficult to do because many anons somehow manage to screw alignment by shifting, cropping or resizing the template image. I complained about this every time, but it was always an issue regardless so I had to not only edit the video, but edit many images to fix the abundant alignment issues from image to image. And when anyone strays from the template significantly you just gotta center to the foreground or the eyes of the character from the previous image. There's also a rare occurrence of GIF animations that have to be duration / speed modified to match the timing of the music and transitions. Modifying the speed of a video clip tends to increase the likelihood of Adobe Premiere crashing either randomly or during the render. Protip: Decide the music beforehand and edit the entire video with a few repeating dummy images to be replaced later by the actual submissions. This cuts down workload significantly since the timing is already sorted. You cannot simply place images into a timeline with a set duration for all of them because no matter how close that set duration is to the beat it will not match perfectly throughout the entire song, it will always shift slightly and begin missing the beat so it's best to get it timed in its entirety beforehand saving grief later.
>>320191 Claiming B4
(26.31 KB 640x640 The fat jew.png)
(6.04 KB 209x200 hitler approves.jpg)
>>320283 Very good
>>320283 inb4 deleted mysteriously
(21.54 KB 160x160 A4.png)
A4 Done >>320283 Now someone draw an interpretation of Kazu!
(10.17 KB 263x192 kazu.jfif)
>>320298 >Now someone draw an interpretation of Kazu!
(75.11 KB 1000x1200 nintendo bingo scorecard.png)
(22.47 KB 1000x1200 bingo scorecard blank.png)
Here's my Nintendo bingo card and a quick template.
>>320361 Thats insanely bland, be more specific.
>>320361 You forgot Splatoon 3.
(93.63 KB 1275x857 1.png)
(667.17 KB 640x640 640.png)
An attempt was made. And it sucked dick
>>320389 It really didn't, well done.
(86.71 KB 703x626 yeek.jpg)
Please tell me that no one had this idea before. I sort of gave up when I had to draw the stripes and I didn't know how to properly apply some pattern and use layer masks.
>>320389 Only problem is the face looks more octopus/quarren than squid.
>>320399 nice but it could use a background
(686.64 KB 1920x1080 alex0.jpg)
(371.31 KB 1920x1080 alex1.jpg)
>>320399 I think Sammy would be a fitting background, since he does the same pose right after she gets taken away.
>>320517 >skeleton hands Man, I've been watching an LP of this game bit it's such a hot mess.
(455.09 KB 702x626 Vibrating with motion.png)
(197.41 KB 1000x1200 Xbox2021.png)
(13.46 KB 1000x1200 Template.png)
>>320361 Your template is fucking gay >>320389 Just remove the upper nose and it'll be fine.
(498.82 KB 640x610 squilliam yomogi.png)
Please, for the love of God, forgive me. I don't have an artistic bone in my body, but I wanted to contribute.
(492.10 KB 640x640 alexsquilliam0.png)
>>320561 Don't forget to keep it 640x640. >>320399 >>320446 >>320528
>>320564 Yeah, that's better. I'm shit at edits.
(678.37 KB 640x640 squilliam yomogi.png)
>>320564 >Don't forget to keep it 640x640. oops
>>320570 Do you still have the layers of the image? You can just stretch the background or expand the canvas size to include more of the background, instead of stretching the whole image. Nice drawing, though.
(343.96 KB 600x571 bulma annoyed.png)
>>320574 No. I'm retarded and did not save a backup. I did this all within 5 minutes of installing GIMP and watching a couple of tutorials. I'm sorry
>>320575 We can just improvise, then.
>>320577 Nice. Thanks, Anon.
Everyone looking good. >>320110 >>320361 Think there'll be anything about Elden Ring this year or ever?
(220.89 KB 640x640 wario.png)
(209.79 KB 640x640 Wario without text.png)
(210.03 KB 640x640 wario without text.png)
(221.12 KB 640x640 wario.png)
>>320611 Fixed the eyes. Never edited this way before, especially Squilliam
(398.48 KB 240x144 spittake arse hall.gif)
>>320101 My nigga. >TFW Capcom won't do a Basara game with Thunderbolt Fantasy characters espite TM Revolution wanting something like that for quite some time now <Either that or Basara 5 with him voicing a character that sings for extra songs in the OST, even at half the money >>320177 Please don't give me hopes digitman. My heart can't take it anymore. >>320283 Perfect. Now do one mirrorring the documentary shit, with the 100bucks and icecream. >>320528 Kek, nice.
>>320615 >Kek You gave me a flashback straight to 2016, I don't think I've seen anybody say that in years
>>320652 My friends on Discord say it all the time?
>>320661 So does my Club Penguin gf
>>320661 >>320663 So does my chinese ladyboy
I just realized something. The butchering of STALKER will probably be in the microsoft show.
(16.90 KB 640x640 fatman4.png)
(16.87 KB 640x640 fatman5.png)
>>320178 I made that here shortly after fatchan died, actually. I remember enjoying the constructive criticism (even "not fat enough" kek) and working to improve it. I was still unhappy with that last one, so here's some more. Hopefully the final revision, but I'm open to more feedback.
>>320104 >>320114 Gotta love how the first one has minimal backgrounds to now where both of the vids has full backgrounds. I love you quality bastards
>>320185 >fatchan tom resurrected this ib, its missing the old boards though.
>>320173 Nintendo >anything concerning Metroid Prime 4 and/or Bayonetta 3. Breath of the Wild sequel is a given at this point >Switch Pro (just out of curiosity; my current Switch is just fine) Bandai Namco >more ports of older Tales games to the PC and/or Switch That's it. Expectations will remain at zero so as to make any good surprises that much sweeter. Also, since when did an ISP like Verizon get into the gaming industry?
>>320763 >since when did an ISP like Verizon get into the gaming industry? I have no fucking clue. They're just on the official list of E3 events. Searching says it's all mobile focused (they're a phone service company besides ISP), so cancer is basicly confirmed.
(1.06 MB 640x640 Test.webm)
>ZZZ thread nuked without a single reply thanks hotpockets I'm starting to get a grasp on the editor, so here's a test encode. Let me know if there's problems with the playback. >>320257 Thanks for the tips. Timing the images will have to wait until I can make a rough estimate on the number of submissions though.
(4.30 KB 570x533 clean.png)
(2.40 MB 1656x924 QuarkLaughingExponentially.webm)
>>320782 Set the top portion on a loop so the audience doesn't jarringly pause whenever plankton does.
>>320191 Fuck it. Claiming B3.
>>320399 >>320517 >>320528 >>320564 Fan-fucking-tastic.
(56.32 KB 640x640 Into the Storm.png)
(30.90 KB 160x160 D4.png)
>>320196 >>320191 Here's D4. I didn't know what to put as a background, I might change it to fit with what other people do.
>>320900 fantastic
(737.07 KB 1063x842 Teagan Tiddies.png)
>>320902 Those fanfics still give me nightmares
>>320782 >Timing the images will have to wait until I can make a rough estimate on the number of submissions though. I never did it that way. I edited the video for the timing with dummy images which gave me the number needed and if we couldn't meet the target I would edit down the song or if we overshot the target I'd repeat parts of the song to make it longer and fit more into it.
>>320110 It's shit
(10.31 KB 640x640 Phillip.png)
>>320900 Needs a Switch on the table
>>320953 Funny, 11 years later and Space Funeral is how I feel everyday.
>>320931 is that tegan?
(66.79 KB 640x432 not this one you dipshit.jpg)
>>320931 >reverse search image everywhere >no results
(56.33 KB 640x640 DarkTimeMark.png)
(81.19 KB 640x640 Shoop.png)
(228.22 KB 640x640 ShoopLazer.png)
>>321046 I wanted to turn him black and got carried away.
>>321052 HOL UP
(433.90 KB 640x640 Lena.png)
I actually put effort into this one.
>>320900 >>321062 Fantastic. Great job man and excellent dubs. >>321052 >Shoop Now that's a blast from the past.
>>320097 Fuck it, I'm super busy but I'll make time for making some of these Is there a limit to the number of squilllliams per user?
wait they're doing e3 this year? How? Like, only one of the major console platforms even has a real install base, the rest are sitting in some scalper's garage.
>>321089 The other two are pretending that Taiwan will eventually produce enough silicon to cover hardware shortages and that Taiwan won't actually be invaded and ultimately destroyed by Worst Taiwan.
(52.24 KB 640x640 1.png)
(137.63 KB 453x448 jews.PNG)
>>321101 >1.png Kraut detected
(58.51 KB 640x640 Good job.png)
(55.49 KB 640x640 Good job 2.png)
I'll just reupload these pictures that got deleted.
(410.38 KB 640x640 Commando Squilliam.png)
I think I should redraw the syringe.
>>321135 Yeah, align it a bit more with the thumb
(409.40 KB 640x640 Commando Squilliam.png)
>>321136 Better? I'm not too good at drawing.
>>320283 >>320900 >>321052 >>321129 One Mark image is enough, we shouldn't devolve this project into forced meta memes. >>321139 Yeah, better.
>>321139 A bit but here's what I had in mind. Protip: use layers to draw a single straight line, then draw the interrupted line over it
>>321142 >One Mark image is enough Pick the one with the switch then
(411.27 KB 640x640 Commando Squilliam.png)
>>321147 I see, thanks. I really should look up a tutorial on Krita, I have no idea what 90% of the functions are or do.
>>321107 >That Devilman panel Bless you anon. >>321142 >Tomboy Anon, that's clearly just a boy.
(34.29 KB 600x450 bad-touch-3.jpg)
>>321152 >Anon posts last pic not knowing the creator of Nu-She-Ra was a bi dyke that got off to youngsters in spats. Anon that final pic is almost factual and thats kinda fucked up.
>>321170 >Anon posts last pic not knowing the creator of Nu-She-Ra was a bi dyke that got off to youngsters in spats. >dyke <That fucking thing was a woman Jesus fucking christ, I thought "she" was a mental deranged tranny. I didn't even know she was an actual woman like Sugar, who I could buy as an actual woman given (((where she belonged)))
>>321046 Here you go, mate.
>>321180 Now that's something worth living for.
(17.99 KB 160x160 bee thuree.png)
>>320191 >>320194 B3 done. I did the same thing I did two years ago lel, even with the genderswapping. >>321180 I need me a big ol pair of mommy milkers like that in my life.
(23.00 KB 113x269 WIP.png)
Pretty damn good grid lines for eyeballing it, if I do say so myself.
(95.14 KB 720x720 mark finds this funny.webm)
>>320097 Which games that haven't yet been touched yet? I'm planning to make a Warband one featuring Jeremus or Harlaus.
>>321142 >>321152 >Anon, that's clearly just a boy. She needs bigger thighs and abs.
>>321073 Feel free to make as many as you want, the number of Squilliams'll probably be on the lacking side anyway. >>321062 and >>321095 shouldn't have been deleted Mark you fucking faggot. I don't really care if the bdsm screencap is acid, but you shouldn't ban for an OC Squilliam in a Squilliam thread. Just make your own parody Squilliams on the topic instead. If there's too much meta shit I'll simply compress it to one spot in the video. >>321129 Luckily I had the thread open on auto refresh, but thanks for reposting. >>321142 >>321148 I'll put in the unique Mark pics, but I plan to give them as much screentime as about two normal Squilliams. >>321300 Were there Squilliams for any of the Lego games? I can't remember any. Even if there were some in the past, I'm hoping for a few Berserk Squilliams.
(483.47 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>321336 >Were there Squilliams for any of the Lego games? I can't remember any. Only one that I remember https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3601
>>321339 Oh yeah, the rock raider one. That still leaves the Racers, Bionicle, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter games.
>>321310 >She needs bigger thighs and abs. I don't think I need to find the old Zyzz photos but you'd be surprised with how ladyboys look, especially thai ones. Believe me, my fellow countrymen who get paid above the minimum wage just don't shut up about them. I have learned way too much about the subject for no reason.
>>321354 I don't want to hear about fucking thai ladyboys, I want that lesbian looking woman to have thighs that crush skulls, abs that grind meat, and perhaps hips that destroy doorframes for good measure.
>>321336 You're right, but I just don't want this project to become about myself and acid. Please just put the two pictures of me and acid and leave it at that. Apologies.
(168.95 KB 640x640 Treasure Master.png)
Behold! I bring you the white pill.
>>321395 Radical, dude!
>>321395 Tubular duder!
>>321395 Looks awesome dude >>321336 Great, cause I can't draw for shit and I'm halfway through mine Also, as a side note: >>320103 >>320104 >>320114 Has anyone compiled the list of names of each individual character/series in the squilliam videos? I recognized a great deal of them, but there's a ton (especially those from RPGs) whose names and references go way above my head.
(15.60 MB 640x640 moonwalker.avi)
I would like to add the little sparkle effect if anyone has the sound effect.
(95.76 KB 640x640 moonwalker.mp4)
>>321420 Lossy version since you can't view .avi in browser.
>>321423 hot damn yes
(24.64 KB 500x500 Billy.jpg)
>>321423 Now that's some good fucking shit
(1.22 MB 486x362 michael-popcorn-1518029708.gif)
(95.11 KB 160x144 Penalty Kick 91.mp4)
>>321420 >>321423 Very nice.
(18.00 KB 640x640 Waiting for silksong.png)
Cuckchan has probably already done this but I don't care. I just made the background lighter so hornet's hand can be seen easier. I deleted my previous post so to not have two versions of the same picture
(9.31 KB 261x238 EdOT1yqXgAMCXjF.jpg)
>>321423 Sweet jesus anon thats amazing.
>>321423 >>321436 Is that Prince?
(871.49 KB 1020x490 skele fangirls.png)
>>321423 If the Squilliam vid doesn't start with this as the kick-off then this thing might as well not happen. Fucking brilliant work.
>>321423 Impressive, very nice.
(2.01 MB 1200x801 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm so fucking tired I can't even think of anything snarky to say about E3. It's all the same shit. Garbage Smash reveals. Microsoft showcasing how they're hiring more handicapped alphabet creatures off of twitter. Ubisoft and EA always being the ones to sleep or take a piss through. Sony pushing more anti-consumer shit and weak graphics for normalfags who think their console wasn't already obsolete by the time it came out. I'm just so tired.
>>321625 Sony isn't even present according to the official site.
>>321652 They aren't. They probably have jack shit to show after revealing Ratchet and Clank: Most likely on PC Edition so might as well not show up.
>>321520 It looks good, but I dunno, a bit flat? You can add some silly effects or more dumb shit else it looks just average compared to others we have here. Not that we are competing against but just cause? >>321395 Reminds me of the meme posted few years ago, one had nothing in life matters with dark and nihilism, and 2nd had this guy in it with 'nothing in life matters'
>>321625 I don't even care about the event, all I care is about the Squilliams, the post-stream mockery and maybe the SmUsh character reveal.
(307.48 KB 640x640 Waiting for silksong.png)
>>321659 Translation: Use a screenshot for the background like everyone else. This is what I get for effort-posting.
(80.67 KB 850x680 Silksong.jpg)
>>321664 You drew the previous one? I genuinely thought it was a screenshot, that's really well done anon.
(288.11 KB 499x353 Nihilism_Pills.png)
>>321659 >Reminds me of the meme posted few years ago, one had nothing in life matters with dark and nihilism, and 2nd had this guy in it with 'nothing in life matters'
>>321520 >>321664 >Translation: Use a screenshot for the background like everyone else. Not necessarily. I have used screenshots before and they are a quick shortcut but sometimes screenshots don't end up looking as good as a hand drawn background. Some times you just can't find a good quality image and sometimes and sometimes the different style and resolution of a screenshot completely clashes with the simplicity of a squilliam. I actually think both of your versions look fine. The first one doesn't really look "flat" so much as bare. It could stand a couple more doodads and maybe a slightly translucent "fog layer" between the squilliam and the BG to give a little more contrast.
>>321663 >I don't even care about the event, all I care is about the Squilliams, the post-stream mockery and maybe the SmUsh character reveal. Are you some kind of pedophile?
>>321694 I remember it as >When Russia Drinks <When Australia Drinks
>>321664 why don't you draw the screenshot as the background? Maybe some boss character?
(214.44 KB 640x640 SquilliamPhasmophobia.png)
(474.56 KB 640x640 SquilliamValheim.png)
>>321826 Betty nice :DDD
>>321593 Would it have to be set to bad then?
What are good setting to export from photoshop? My colors keep getting fugged up in the process and I hate it.
>>321957 What are you doing specifically? What settings are you using?
>>321998 Default settings for export PNG in save for web export. I also tried with and without embedding the color profile. Color profile for it was sRGB. Additional stupid but related question: If the image shows up miscolored in windows photo viewer but shows up correctly when I open it with my browser, what is going on there?
>>321912 >Would it have to be set to bad then? A song named after modern vidya? That's fucking perfect.
(53.44 KB 640x640 Duke Nukem II.png)
(1.71 KB 348x122 dn gun.png)
>>322046 I would have drawn the gun from scratch like last time but DN2's title screen sprite was just too good.
>>322150 Didn't mean to quote.
(30.19 KB 600x615 42c.jpg)
>>321625 It's been shit for a long time, and we're still here. You're still here. That's proof that you're tough and you won't quit, and that's good. On the bright side, there is always a potential guilty pleasure lurking around the corner. Shit all over me if you want, but I loved the hell out of The Division 1. D2 was pure shit but D1 I loved, and I totally understand if people hate it. But things are definitely getting worse and it may be that even the guilty pleasures will vanish. Only one way to find out - keep going.
(196.82 KB 640x640 1247.png)
Made some minor adjustments. It's better than I expected, so I'll live with that.
(32.07 KB 620x664 Madotsuki_Profile.png)
(38.65 KB 640x640 yhvh e3.png)
>>320193 Claiming C1 and just finished my own >>322198 it's good but you're missing the background pal.
(10.73 KB 640x640 squilliam YHVH.png)
>>322220 Aw shit you made a better one than the one I did years ago. Please do not actually put mine in the collab, we had it already.
>>322220 >>322225 I would have represented his hands with other heads.
(1.09 KB 291x248 depressed spongebob.png)
>>322241 Shit that would have been a good idea when I made mine, I also don't know why I bothered leaving the stage.
>>322220 Sorry about the missing background, I'll do that after work today
Niggers I'll be making a template + bingo card and I expect you goys to help me make it better. What shows are there going to be? I'm hearing Sony's pulling out again.
>>322330 So far I've seen scheduled events confirmed for EA, Squeenix, Microshill, Jewbisoft and Ninty. There's also quite a few streams not associated with any publisher, like the PC gaming show and Niggers Trying To Make Video Games.
>>322188 I can't get the reference, pls explain >>322330 Add a todd howard for m$ slot
(1.69 MB 1920x1080 1.png)
(1.23 MB 1920x1080 2.png)
>>322352 >I can't get the reference, pls explain It's a case in LA Noire. Skip to about 5 minutes in. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=EBK7P0A_1_0
>E3 starting >only about a dozen and a half new Squilliams No video this year, huh?
>>322460 It's still a week and a half away, there's still time. But that being said, it's disappointing that the only site actually bothering to make squilliams is 8moe
(53.80 KB 640x640 Duke Nukem II v2.png)
(125.28 KB 640x640 Duke Nukem II v3.png)
(38.60 KB 640x640 classic duke CGA.png)
(3.51 KB 320x200 Q2DRm.png)
>>322150 Improved Duke a bit and added a version of weapon firing. Not sure if it looks good or not. I also Did a quick CGA version of my DN1 duke fron a couple of years ago because I figured why noy and we could use some more squilliams. >>322480 Some of the others have done one or two. Make sure to keep a check up on them.
(25.46 KB 639x641 amongus.png)
(33.81 KB 640x640 Biomutant.png)
>>320191 Claiming C1
>>322569 C1's already been claimed >>322220
>>320191 >>322584 ai you're right, claiming D1
Mosaic Update Blue dots are claimed squares. Black squares are claimed and delivered.
(10.26 KB 500x250 1622631436209.png)
>>321420 Spent some time exctracting this. It's only from youtube gameplay, but here you go: https://volafile.org/get/EY9zI9MHXuEvg/sfx.wav Nice work. >>321593 Can't promise it as kickoff because I'll need to see how the added sound effects gel with the intro, but I'll try to find a good spot for it. >>321912 >>322046 I'll be sticking to the song in the OP. Besides, the stage is set to Smooth Criminal. >>321520 >>321664 If you don't mind I'll use the former version with a drawn background. >>322514 Sportschan did one too and >>320165 was cross posted on /geimu/.
(7.08 KB 160x160 ClipboardImage.png)
Reminder that X-wing miniatures is doing right everything 40k miniatures is doing wrong, and isn't jewing everyone with their game
>>322610 Wrong thread m8
(24.92 KB 640x640 DD.png)
I'll be honest, I spent more time playing DD and scrubbing through replays to find a good screenshot of Leviathan than actually drawing this.
(707.24 KB 640x640 Welcome_to_the_city_of_Angels.png)
>>322460 I made one hopefully I fixed it this time. >>322502 I like it. >>322188 (checked) Nice.
>>322615 No, it's actually me posting D1, I see I wasn't being clear.
As of right now the mosaic is 1/4 complete and nearly half claimed. >>322610 I like it.
>>322589 Claiman B2
(296.30 KB 515x510 CBGB7HC.png)
>>322460 >be me >no E3 last year >no new vidya worth playing >don't feel like playing old vidya >rarely go on brazilian monkey-head cauldron forums either Anon, I barely realised there was a new E3 this year. But, it reminded me that it's squiliam season, which I always participated in times gone - so I came here as my second choice. I'm sure other anons will slowly trickle in. I don't even know what to draw, since I usually based what I drew on what I was playing at the time - and I haven't been doing that.
>>320191 what font is that, anon?
(10.70 MB 640x640 vidya_e3_2.webm)
>>320104 >>320114 If those are 2017-2019, which is this? My timestamps say 2019, but I know that's untrue because that's when I shifted hard drives about.
>>322637 2017 or 2018 I think
(11.07 KB 645x257 xentype.png)
>>322636 It's xentype. I almost never get a chance to use it because not as readable as I would like, but despite that it's fucking wonderful looking. If I ever eventually get down to making a CV clone or something like that like I want to it's definitely going to be one of the font's I'd use.
(313.53 KB 640x640 unnamed.png)
wanted to do strong and wolfman too but I'm far too lazy
>>322708 >boss >no orbs what did he mean by this?
(17.63 KB 160x160 B2done.png)
>>322627 B2 done
>>322610 What are they doing? t. 40k fan
(297.38 KB 640x640 wip_eito.png)
>>322644 Thanks for sharing, anon. Quick question, how much longer do we have? Mine is almost complete but I wanted to touch it up some more.
>>322771 E3 starts on the 12th
(138.54 KB 640x640 sponge among us.png)
(30.29 KB 640x640 AMONGUS WOT.png)
I hate this game so fucking much. I don't even know anything about it.
>>322789 >I don't even know anything about it. Amogus? It's like if someone stripped down and skeletonized Space Station 13 to it's utmost barest essentials.
>>322708 Lul nice
>>322789 >I don't even know anything about it. It's 2D Trouble in Terrorist Town with tasks you have to do.
(248.07 KB 1212x5472 bingo2021d.png)
>>320097 Here's a bingo template.
>>322806 >amogus Why can't you twitterfags keep your shit memes on twitter?
(4.59 KB 160x160 C1.png)
C1 finished >>322225 I forgot his weird elf ears thanks for reminding me >>322241 I would add that but I made it as the one from SMT 2 >>322789 Could have been worse but whatever it's alright
>>320097 Fuck me this took too long to edit.
>>322768 You don't have to buy codixes and a bunch of weird forge world shit at ridiculous prices every other week, there's just an app with point updates. The regular game mode is about 3 to 5 minies, with larger battles not being the standard, games are way faster and more interesting, with simpler rules for the most part, yet more depth because individual ships have different possible moves available to them, with all ships having to plan their move for the turn before any ships move, so being able to predict your opponent is extremely important.
>>322867 Fuck.
>>322873 Breddy gud, I'll be sure to use it
(257.16 KB 640x640 LOL.png)
How low is the bar set?
(48.44 KB 640x480 dignity.jpg)
>>322903 thats far fetched but it works.
>>322830 I only filled Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. It's half-assed but someone could use this for references on their own bingo card. I was probably too generous with some of these points.
(1.57 MB 1920x800 You Serious.webm)
>>322789 Among us characters have floating rayman hands you know.
>>322960 It looks like SMTV accuse put a release date up on it’s website for November 11th, so that’s likely going to be at E3.
>>322984 I just saw right after I posted that. Talk about timing.
>>322903 noice
(136.06 KB 640x640 squilliam floyd 2021.jpg)
>>322995 It should have a table of a sidewalk photoshopped in instead of Spongebob and pattrick.
>>322903 I dont get it
>>323042 I legit can't tell if you're joking
(418.31 KB 640x640 simple_planes.png)
>>323042 Look up "Cow Tools" and the entire "drama" the author inadvertently stirred up
(24.98 KB 640x640 captain vidya - transparent.png)
Fuck I can't think of what to do for the back ground. Any ideas?
>>323102 Green Hill Zone?
(138.78 KB 640x640 sponge among us v2.png)
>>322789 Minor edit. >>322979 As I said I know exactly fuck and all about Among Us. I'd change it if it weren't so much work.
(183.47 KB 640x640 lin_xue_ya.png)
(120.78 KB 480x270 Good_Job.webm)
(138.68 KB 640x640 sponge among us v2.png)
>>323118 Damn it.
(1.73 MB 640x360 Spongebob it was funny.mp4)
(142.96 KB 426x426 I feel it, Spongebob!.mp4)
>>323128 >>323118 Good job.
(606.68 KB 1600x1200 8chan Robotnik.jpg)
>>323102 Noice
>>323102 Sonic game-overing in the background.
(526.00 KB 1212x5472 DtbRAgDY.png)
Still a work in progress but here you go. Repurposed some of >>322960 boxes too.
>>323176 >coke heda >glitches in a trailer >todd smooth talks the audience >DORITO POPE
>>323176 PC: Gamer gurls. Unreal 5. RTX. VR (but no VR native games that are actually games)
>>323176 Some suggestions for Jewbisoft. >outrageous French accent(s) >"attractive" mixed mongrel hostess >an attempt to be funny, but even worse than Bethesda >apology for getting #MeToo'd >uPlay encroaches on vidya once again >absolutely irrelevant celebrity makes an appearance
>>323194 >>323183 Is EA gonna just be a stream where they play games and not a conference? Is it worth it having a bingo card for them in that case?
(42.71 KB 640x640 captain vidya v1.png)
(36.24 KB 640x640 captain vidya v2.png)
>>323109 >>323168 Did two versions. Not sure which is better.
>>323205 v2, definitely
>>322931 >far fetched Don’t you mean far sided?
>>323205 Definitely v1.
(64.13 KB 640x640 squilliam mosaic update.png)
By my count we currently have either 41 or 42 squilliams, including the half finished mosaic. How many do we usually need?
>>323222 (checked) According to the archive of all the squilliams I have, >2016 had around 100 >2017 had around 150 >2018 had around 200 >2019 also had around 200
>>323205 I'd say #1, the stage pops out a lot more and translates better to the viewer than #2.
>>323237 So we're roughly half way to a quarter of the way there depending on the song and other factors. Pretty good for only 4 days.
>>323205 What about using grass texture instead of ground?
>>323257 I considered that. I'll try to do that later tonight.
(1.03 MB 1189x5470 DtbRAgDY.png)
Going to need help with EA, got no fucking clue if it's even a show or just them playing games.
>>323275 -Apex DLC character announced -Apex DLC character is a racial token stereotype -Mike Zampella shows up -Soy Wars -FIFA ESPORTS
(21.61 KB 640x640 squilliam_tonk_WIP.png)
I HAVE NO TONK GAEMS AND I MUST DRIVE. Suggest me a background to use, I can't think of any.
(581.25 KB 1920x1200 Tiberian Dawn.jpg)
>>323275 >"We're very sorry" shtick >SPORTS >New lootboxes >Origin shilling >Celebrity speaker >No-show?
(303.95 KB 640x640 eito_squilliam.png)
>>322771 And it's done.
(281.83 KB 640x640 squilliam_tonk.png)
>>323301 There you go, I added a bit more details. I think it should be good enough now, though maybe the background needs more tweaking.
(923.45 KB 2560x1440 Wargame.jpg)
>>323325 On second thought, it doesn't fit very well with C&C, plus it being a Leclerc even less so. Found something very fitting though, features the tank and it's made by the filthy frog bastards as well,
(317.08 KB 640x640 squilliam_tonk.png)
>>323338 Good point, might as well throw in some baguettes, coffee and a croissant while I'm at it to make it even more french :^). >Wargame is made by frogs Shieet I didn't expected that game was made by frogs.
(113.22 KB 1280x720 Two thumbs up.jpg)
(497.30 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
This was posted on /geimu/
>>323176 >>323275 >Nintendo >SMT release date SMT already has a release date from its leak. A better square would be "SMT V is a Nocturne HD asset flip," "SMT is delayed," or "SMT leak confirmed".
(49.12 KB 480x640 THE POWAH OF YOUR INTELLECT.jpg)
>>323347 Good shit anon, much appreciated
How do you feel about some NSFW stuff? I could make a some
(194.80 KB 369x400 DQVI_Medal_King.png)
>>323316 I love it.
(112.26 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
(48.72 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
(62.15 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
(901.04 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>323454 These are about the lewdest squilliams i've seen in the past, so I guess it would be a bit of a break in tradition to add outright pornographic ones. Personally i'd be ok with lewd ones, just not anything that would have to be spoilered.
>>323468 Yeah, that's pretty tame, and to be honest, it's better that way. I'll make something that does not have to be spoilered.
(191.63 KB 640x640 phelps.png)
>>322188 Made some further adjustments. Looks a little better, in my opinion.
>>323562 Very nice work, anon.
(116.99 KB 640x640 Boyfriend1.png)
(118.14 KB 640x640 Boyfriend2.png)
(103.61 KB 640x640 Boyfriend3.png)
Help me pick one to use
>>323587 I am liking the stubbier one due to his large yes and cheeky grin like the original but loving the expression where he's struggling, and the E3 logo.
Post some requests for other anons to do. I'm out of idea atm >>323587 I like the 1rst one.
(36.32 KB 640x640 captain vidya v3.png)
(35.11 KB 640x640 captain vidya v4.png)
>>323257 >>323265 Did two more versions. >>323468 Gosh that Annemarie one is just the tops. >>323587 I kind of like the first one.
>>323587 With a bit of editing these could work as a sequence... just move the logos a bit on the first one so that the E3 logo isn't fully visible and they could be shown in a 3-1-2 sequence of Boyfriend losing the battle against E3.now someone needs to do a Pico one
>>323356 >>323382 th-thank.
(440.71 KB 640x640 Slavya.png)
My brain can not figure out how to make clothes look folded or wrinkled. Whatever, this is good enough for tonight.
(4.13 MB 540x360 beautiful sosny song.webm)
>>323562 Noice. I don't have many L.A noire menes
>>323609 How about something with Corona chan? The background could be something like the falling casualty rate.
>>323275 New Battlefield game trailer full of wamen and poz.
>>323176 >>323200 Yeah I think we could just remove EA from the bingo card entirely this year.
>>323275 >>323857 Or alternately we could just fill it up with typical EA-isms.
>>323275 EA: nigger e-celeb shows up to talk about SPORTS
(347.57 KB 640x640 MMMMMMMM.png)
I CAN SET THE BAR EVEN LOWER Or just use this for inspiration if anyone is looking for an easy contribution.
(3.41 KB 640x640 stage.png)
>>323903 Anon you could have at least added the stage.
(1.16 MB 1189x5470 E3 2021 Bingo Card.png)
It's complete.
>>324034 You did good anon.
>>324034 neat, I'll merge the E3 thread to include this OP tomorrow
(3.06 MB 1000x800 bingo.png)
(765.02 KB 1278x720 ????.png)
>>324113 >A mysterious lack of mormons I don't get it.
>>324115 >>324113 I don't get it either.
(193.36 KB 640x640 Amano.png)
>fucking magnets hair How does it work?
(20.16 KB 320x242 gygax.jpg)
(29.06 KB 360x450 sandy_petersen.jpeg)
>>324132 >>324115 I'm not sure what he means precisely, but Mormons do seem to crop up pretty often in game design.
(432.99 KB 640x640 honda_.png)
>>320191 >>320195 Claiming C4. >>323454 >>323468 Toss some spats and a sports bra on her and it'd look fine.
(1.95 MB 1920x1080 Duke.mp4)
(1.94 MB 1920x1080 Duke.gif)
>>322637 Looks like a remix of 2017. >>322502 For you, TORfag anon. Because I had some spare time.
>>320097 How's the video coming along?
(322.28 KB 640x640 Rad_Gravity_Squilliam_2021.png)
Just dropping by to post this SFW squilliam. Went for Rad Gravity, easy choice, sure. You only need to nail the hair, the smile and the jaw. Had fun doing this while getting insanely drunk. You guys are making great art, seriously good shit. Makes me want to learn a better program and not use my over customized, 100 plugin heavy, 2010 version of Paint++. But I cannot escape this hell I created for myself. I'm the 323454 torfag, btw.
(13.63 MB 1920x1080 squeak.mp4)
>>324176 Sorry but I had to one-up you because I love the soundtrack of this game too much.
(1.62 KB 160x160 C4 done.png)
>>324173 C4 done. Please clap.
>>324208 >Paint++ Never heard of it, I use SAI.
>>324210 No harm done, nice work.
(25.12 KB 700x368 19-flag.jpg)
>>324170 nice, you should do an alt where the rising sun is gone
>>324218 I thought about having him hoyahoyahoya for Chuns fat cheeks, but I am retarded gimp is the most unintuitive retardgorillaniggershit I've ever laid hands on, so no ebin animation
>>324211 That's really good pixel art and a gondola at that. >>324176 >>324210 Bretty gud.
>>324215 Shit, right, the "Paint++" is "Paint.net" now, but yeah, SAI looks like really good. Gonna look into that program, thanks. The good thing about Paint.Net is that it allows you to chain plugins, write them, and it allows you to dump an image and use any 3rd party program that supports basic command line inputs to do whatever you want. Cannot recommend P.Net though, it's too plugin heavy and literally shit. Anyhow, thanks for the recommendation, have a better version of the NSFW squilliam.
>>322708 >>322734 Means he deliberately avoided the blue Orthrus and ran into Neff the third time at base form. That's some fucking hardcore mode.
>>324231 It's great, way better than CSP which is bloated with garbage i'm never going to use.
(1.64 KB 160x160 C4 done fix.png)
>>324211 Minor fix so it'll mesh better in the full picture.
(297.14 KB 640x640 jerkcity e3 squilliam.png)
One last contribution for the thread. Feel free not to include this one since it's not very /v/-related and I doubt anyone will get the reference, but I couldn't help myself once I got the idea.
>>324210 How many bubblegums did you kicked in order to make this ehm-peh four?
(8.65 KB 640x640 speccy.png)
I don't think any of you can even begin to understand how tedious and autistic making this was.
>>324581 I'm actually still not satisfied with it but I'm going to have to leave it off for the night and reconsider tomorrow whether I made the correct decisions about overlapping colors on parts of the outline.
(16.03 KB 640x640 Tanimura-PullTheTrigger1.png)
Anons, how do I make the arm holding the gun look less retarded?
>>324682 ´Move the hand left or the rest of the arm right
>>324682 You could make the are in front of him a table or the choice text box where it asks how to pull the gun.
>>324513 It could be smaller but I got lazy while encoding it.
(8.62 KB 640x640 speccy v2.png)
>>324581 >>324592 OK after a long night's sleep I managed to do this. Unlike before I think this is actually readable.
>>324737 If anyone has any other suggestions on how to improve it I'm listening.
(8.56 KB 640x640 speccy v3.png)
Correcting errors.
>>324737 >a long night's sleep I don't even know what sleep is anymore
(69.15 KB 640x640 squilliam girl mosaic2021.png)
>>320191 What happened to A2 >>320229 and >>320267 B4 anon?
>>324682 You could always try copying and pasting the other hand and then flipping it.
(25.54 KB 640x640 Tanimura-PullTheTrigger2.png)
Does any anon have advice on how to draw hair and creases in clothing? Also I have no idea what to put as the background. >>324687 I've tried my best. >>324689 That's the plan anon. >>324896 Damn it that would have been a good idea.
(276.69 KB 640x640 squilliam_Travis_E3_2021.jpg)
(322.02 KB 640x640 squilliam_Travis_E3_2021.png)
>>320097 Travis Touchdown Squilliam since I do not recall seeing one so far. Hopefully I am not too late. JPG and PNG in case either is preferrable over another for the video. >>324914 I struggle with it myself, but you just have to keep in mind that shadows play a big part. Making them work well with lineart alone can be tough, and simplistic styles like squilliam do not lend themselves too well to drawing creases. Drawing too few generally works better than too many in my experience. Other than that, just git gud studying and working form references. Just like with anatomy. If anyone has more insight and possibly some good books on it, I would be interested too.
(41.62 KB 500x500 WHEN YOU SPOT A SIDEQUEST.jpg)
>>324923 >Travis Touchdown Squilliam since I do not recall seeing one so far. There actually was one but I like yours a lot more. >>324914 >Does any anon have advice on how to draw hair and creases in clothing? I am absolutely terrible at drawing but technically creases should just be lines that move from the part where the cloth is the most stretched, think of how you put your shirt in your pants and suddenly small vertical lines appear from the rim of your pants upwards. Check out /loomis/ or references for what you want >Also I have no idea what to put as the background. This
>>324049 do it mark or it will get lost
(4.98 KB 640x640 -c- gondola.png)
From /c/ >>>/c/589
>>325398 Thank you anon
>>324914 >hair Anon you've done a pretty damn good job with the hair. Just keep doing what you're doing.
(359.00 KB 640x640 Tanimura-PullTheTrigger-final.png)
I'm sorry anons, this is the best I can do. I don't think I've forgotten anything.
>>325693 >I'm sorry You have nothing to be sorry about. This is really good.
>>325398 Good shit
>>320191 Claiming A3
(7.85 KB 175x211 86363.jpeg)
>>320097 What's the update on the video itself? I wanna get it and remake the OP at least before the 10th.
What's the deadline for Squilliams?
(236.64 KB 600x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325802 If OP isn't sure then I'm gonna make the complete deadline to June 12th since that's the first day with multiple shows, and we really can't wait till any later than that.
>>325797 >>325802 >>325812 Well I guess if we are forced to then we could add in some of the best squilliams from previous years. Everyone needs to try and make some more. We also need to finish the mosaic. If anyone hasn't taken square then do so. >>320191
>>325837 how much more Squilliams do we need? I can nag the drawfags that I know.
>>325849 I don't think we need Reddit or Twitter to get involved, no
(24.36 KB 160x160 metatron squilliam.png)
>>325837 A3 done.
>>325849 We have 54 to 57 so far going by previous years >>323237 quite a few more. Like I said reusing previous ones would probably be OK, that was done for the 2017 compilation. It would be ideal if we could get as many new ones as we could. I'll be able to make a few more myself, I think. >I can nag the drawfags that I know. That... potentially could be OK provided that it doesn't invite some sort of cancer.
>>325914 Honestly I just had trouble remembering what games came out in the last year or so. After searching here's a quick list of games I either don't recall seeing a Squilliam for (this year) or completely forgot existed, in case anyone needs an idea: >TLoU 2 >Half-Life: Alyx >Fall Guys >Crusader Kings 3 >Spelunky 2 >Animal Crossing: New Horizons >Warcraft 3: Reforged >Dreams >Pathologic 2 >XCOM: Chimera Squad >Subnautica: Below Zero >Deep Rock Galactic >Void Bastards >Minecraft Dungeons >Superliminal >Paper Mario: The Origami King >Factorio (1.0) >Super Mario All-Stars >Super Mario Bros. 35 >Cloudpunk >Amnesia: Rebirth >Bugsnax >Watch Dogs: Legion >Omori >>320614 Also I completely missed this one which is really good.
>>324923 Thanks. I wish I have noticed so I could go with something more original. >>325837 >Well I guess if we are forced to then we could add in some of the best squilliams from previous years. How much time do we still have? I might be able to have something ready for tomorrow evening at the earliest.
>>325952 >How much time do we still have? Around 4 to 4 and a half days.
(92.79 KB 640x640 creation aged.png)
I don't know if I'm allowed to resubmit ones already included in previous compilations, but I did this about two years ago. I just tried to "age" it a little because I thought that was clever. Is no one going to do the Morshu idea?
>>325975 I think that would be fine. The Annemarie one >>323468 was made in 2016 and then resubmitted in 2017 with improvements and I've made a literal pallet swap of my Duke Nukem 1 squilliam. >>322502
(396.70 KB 640x640 Mike.png)
>>325975 All improvements on squilliams are good, thats more than what I can say for myself >>325944 >Pathologic 2 this maybe but im not sure what character we can use >Half-Life: Alyx Just a normal Alyx with VR headset and GMan throwing his briefcase in the background. >Subnautica: Below Zero Underwater diver squilliam with a giant squid and "soundtrack not available" >Omori Haven't heard this game, /c/ has someone post pics of it though
(59.97 KB 640x640 Clock.png)
(269.64 KB 640x640 Ghostrunner.png)
I banged out two more.
(537.79 KB 283x282 smiles.gif)
>>326025 >Ghostrunner That's a good one
(359.46 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>324231 I SWF'd your squilliam :^)
(550.36 KB 640x640 family bonding.png)
Didn't think there'd be so many squilliams this year. I found enough motivation to make at least this one please don't bully me for it. if someone can, can you make it so that it seems like the front sides of their bodies have a bright light shining on them as a reference to what happens immediately after? I am not that good at drawing sorry
>>326048 Fucking fantastic man.
(87.75 KB 640x640 Clock Animated.gif)
>>326025 I made it animated.
>>326048 I know its Invincible but I don't get the reference
>>326048 I gotta say, we have much less squilliams than years prior but they are of a much higher quality this time
What other drawthread/drawboards are present in the webring? I'm trying to get some of the drawfags motivated. There - >drawthread here >/loomis/ here >smug/a/ drawthread >smug/monster/ drawthread >anon.cafe /loomis/ Anyplace else?
>>326114 The /animu/ drawthread had a drawfag or two, though one hasn't posted anything for a while.
>>326102 In the last episode of invincible Omni-man grabs mark by the head and uses him as an immovable wall to splatter a train and all of its passengers onto him.
>>324487 t. anon good jerkcity reference hluahulg
(18.40 MB 1280x720 train scene.mp4)
>>326102 Here. See for yourself.
>>326123 This is excellent, anon. >>326223 Perhaps he's wondering why would you beat up a man - before stopping him with a train.
(380.04 KB 640x640 invincible.png)
(354.63 KB 640x640 nag.png)
(268.35 KB 640x640 free of charge.png)
>>326048 I hope you don't mind that I changed the background. It seemed weird that he was standing on the station platform. >>326187 It almost works. >>323967
(181.14 KB 1125x2000 EuvucVYVEAQdeLg.jpg)
>>326283 Fucking beautiful anon I appreciate it. Have some anime girl cow milkers as a thank you gift.
(6.17 MB 640x480 Quark_hears_a_buzz.webm)
>>326283 >First and last
>>326283 >It almost works. Maybe shrink the picture?
>>325812 OP here, I'm gonna set the deadline to the 12th at about 09:30 EDT. It's ok if you overshoot a bit, but try to warn me beforehand. >>325849 We could definitely use some more, as it stands I'm gonna have to cut the song about a minute short.
>>326301 What song are you going with?
>>326304 see the OP
(21.85 KB 160x160 B4.jpg)
(276.06 KB 640x640 SquilliamCoco.jpg)
In case my ID changed, I'm 0d939e. Delivering B4 and hopefully not my only squilliam for this year.
>>326321 Nice Squilliam. Got sauce on the background?
>>326301 >12th at about 09:30 EDT am or pm
>>326369 Alright, I'll do what I can.
(14.67 KB 640x640 wolf in progress.png)
>>326383 Nice anon, keep going.
>>326390 Has anyone ever done a Sekiro one yet? It seems to me like someone did back in 2019 but I don't have it in my squilliam file if they did.
(173.09 KB 640x640 journoscrytwice.png)
>>326405 Your memory serves you well.
Better version of Rad Gravity. The last one got some botched bloom in it. This is 100% better. Also posting some joke Squilliams. Don't use the jokes, maybe just the Corona one, but only if you want to use it. Also feel free to change the text if you want to. Thakxs bois.
(386.02 KB 640x640 xcom_chimera_e3.png)
>>325944 >XCOM: Chimera Squad I'm still a little mad about how they fucked up so bad with just about everything in that game. I should have seen it coming though.
>>326421 It was immediately obvious how shit it would be just based off of the character descriptions combined with the background for the game. >not even a generation has passed since the war ended between humanity and the alien empire >the elites of humanity now trust a sectoid hybrid whose specialty is subtly brainwashing everyone to be in their super secret counter-terrorism squad >the game is about suppressing human purists (aka Definitely Not Right Wing Extermists) as if that would be a niche political stance in such a short timeframe after the war >just the right mixture of pandering to memes and degeneracy to cover up their shit writing with the viper strip clubs I think they said it was only something like 5 years since the war ended. Something absurd like that.
>>326283 Fucking amazing anon. I love how you made the cape a part of the scene. Top tier. >>325975 Looks great, holy shit it's good. >>324743 Dude, It's nearly perfect. The palette restrictions make boners to retrofags. Hard enough to cut glass. I don't have silicon glass to test, but looks good.
>>326427 Yeah I really have no idea how they thought that pos was in any way acceptable.
>>326419 Here is the explo of Corona Chan.
(96.81 KB 640x640 alibsquidbg.png)
(161.99 KB 640x640 Sparky.png)
(25.81 KB 640x640 postal_dude.png)
(18.25 KB 640x640 Wario.png)
(95.67 KB 480x480 1440086349297.png)
(22.50 KB 640x640 Helena.png)
(451.36 KB 640x640 rad dude.png)
>>326462 >he actually posted my stuff dude nice.
(499.78 KB 640x640 infinite the edge.png)
(105.48 KB 1021x881 CoX4_5GWAAgIJkF (1).jpg)
>>326335 Yes, here it is. Although it must come from cuckchan, it used to be posted back on our /pol/ and even GG breads whenever chY-nuh was mentioned. There was also this larger copypasta advising anons against learning mandarin which was quite insightful too. >>326414 Hey I made that, nice to see it still around. I can post the other ones if we end up being short on squilliams by the end date but I'll have to dig through my backups.
(41.56 KB 193x217 harvey bearman.gif)
>>326421 Ahahah, that's incredible! Nice. >>326427 The characters and writing immediately ticked me off. A city of marginalized populations left over from the war could have been believable if it was just the human-hybrids, but literally all of the aliens just accepting it like that was ridiculous. I was half-expecting a chyrssalid representative to show up at some point.
>>326517 I still can't believe Liveleak is dead The internet gets more sterile by the day
>>326531 What's happening in that gif? Sauce?
(92.42 KB 450x300 Chinese Queue.jpg)
>>326537 >What's happening in that gif? Just the average day in China
>>326537 It's a queue for some water park ride.
>>326531 >>326517 >Liveleak is dead Pretty funny (((coincidence))) how it went away about a month before Israel started bombing Palestine!
>>326561 I thought it was literally the defore before the palestine thing
(388.62 KB 640x640 sekiro.png)
(136.39 KB 640x640 headless.png)
Ashina kappas are fuggin scary.
Welp, I jinxed it. Coco just announced her graduation. Don't bully me too hard
(189.70 KB 640x640 squilliam_E3_Risitas.jpg)
(422.10 KB 640x640 squilliam_E3_Risitas.png)
>>320097 >>325952 I could not make Risitas drawing look quite right, so here is a lousy photobashed version. >>325956 Thanks
(8.56 KB 640x640 speccy v4.png)
(363.00 B 640x640 grid.png)
>>326432 I had to end up making a grid to keep myself straight and I was constantly selecting back and forth between layers to get all the color zones in the right place. I foolishly thought that this was going to be a quick 30 or 45 minute squilliam. Holy shit did I underestimate the effort. Also after you made your post I noticed yet more errors but I think I finally got them all hopefully.
>>326576 Damn was just about to respond to you. Fucking chinks. https://archive.is/pDrKw
>>326576 >>326630 I don't follow vtubers at all, so idk what this means.
>>326633 It's an idol thing, it means they're now too old for jailbait and must find another way to make money. Although in the case of vtubers, they're all too old to be real idols anyway.
(2.19 MB 1280x720 Kiryu Coco's Tail.mp4)
>>326636 When vtubers graduate it usually means real life shit intervened and they can’t do it anymore, or something happened that was bad for the brand. After Coco dared to call Taiwan a country obsessive bugmen followed her everywhere to harass her and anyone she streamed with. Cover didn’t fire her for this and they even pulled out of chinkland because of it. I guess though that it was too much to deal with so she’s leaving.
>>326593 >grid to keep myself straight and I was constantly selecting back and forth between layers Are you on Paintdotnet? I am. It's terrifying. This is why I posted on your project so much. I feel what you are doing, but how many layers is is going to take? 16, maybe? 32 is closer to reality. The Hell is: there is no option to "show ALL layer boudaries, or even layers below and up." It would solve everything. but here we are. Not still sure if you are on the same terrible platform, but making a big snap grid does not help. I think you might just have to up your game, and go categorically named layers and multiply them by 2. And keep a notebook by your mouse. What you are doing is not easy to do right.
>>326648 Oh yeah I'm on paint.net. >>326648 >What you are doing is not easy to do right. No kidding. I think it might have been easier to have used an actual Spectrum to make the image that to jump back and forth like what I was doing.
(303.85 KB 722x768 questionmarks1.png)
>>326593 I think you can just color mask it with two inverted grid layers like you just made. Have a grid of alpha and black and inverted version of that layer. So five layers: Draw Image,Drop Image, Grid ,inverted grid and BG. Now you can just "slice" through the grid and get the image you want. You are going to have to manually tweak a lot of places, but it might save some time. Or just start your spectrum emulator and draw that could be cool.
>>326654 >>326650 For got to say that you can paste alpha in Paint.net. Dont's ask how. It just works. Might help you.
>>326654 >I think you can just color mask it with two inverted grid layers like you just made. Have a grid of alpha and black and inverted version of that layer. So five layers: Draw Image,Drop Image, Grid ,inverted grid and BG. Now you can just "slice" through the grid and get the image you want. You are going to have to manually tweak a lot of places, but it might save some time. That's basically what I did
(45.20 KB 221x260 question_mark_explo.png)
>>326661 Yeah, that was my convoluted post >>326654, but normal programs don't work that way so I though it might of been confusing, just like editing with this piece of shit.
(163.66 KB 1280x720 fucken_saved.jpg)
>>326509 I love the energy on this. Great job anon. >>326495 Strange shit, but I like it.
(363.61 KB 640x640 Vincent.png)
Probably my last one.
>>326686 Why does she have two right hands?
>>326531 >site is really good at one thing >"hey guys we updated it to fit in better with the standards of the internet!" >doesn't do that one good thing anymore but it's just a watered down version of the most popular competitor Why do they keep doing this? Do they expect brand loyalty to keep them alive? >>326643 >>326630 Can't this slut literally stream all by herself? Does the company own the Coco 3D model? Couldn't she literally make an Original The Character version and be done with it? >>326741 It's not called the left to bear arms.
>>326459 can we get a fark as well?
>>326582 that is incredible, may he still laugh
(413.32 KB 640x640 squilliam 2.jpg)
(506.54 KB 640x640 squilliam.jpg)
Mark sent me.
(60.74 KB 765x572 Jerry_nice.jpg)
>>326773 great job mate
>>326786 Y-you too.
(136.33 KB 330x297 Awesome.png)
>>326773 Holy hell, that's amazing! Seeing these great artists make squilliams makes my heart warm. That perfect parry!
>>326773 Dante needs the >easy mode has been unlocked
>>326743 She has another channel she just did a birthday livestream yesterday. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ruVYPv7yJmV0Rh0NKA-Lw
>>326773 >Geese Howard >Howard A relative of Todd Howard?
(760.65 KB 1095x1240 Toward Hodd.jpg)
>>326812 Possibly.
>>326812 Who you think is throwing that kick
(15.33 KB 239x217 nice nice.jpg)
I'm noticing I'm having massive troubles trying to draw hair on the squilliams. It's either just a mass of toothpaste on someone's head or a six year old's drawing of a son. Any tips there?
>>326868 Post what you're doing
>>326870 I got frustrated and closed without saving it, because it looked like shit
(18.13 KB 632x634 Shitty kuze.png)
(58.42 KB 424x1200 kuze.jpg)
>>326870 >>326872 So what I'm trying to do is Kuze from Yakuza 0. What I don't get is how to "define" the strands in the hair so that it doesn't just look like a black mass, similar to anon's dante here >>326773
(19.42 KB 192x144 1331092349518.jpg)
>>326826 I...I... I don't know.
>>326875 Try to use a smaller brush for individual strands. Instead of pure black, go for a dark grey, go for blacks only on the parts with more shadows. Are you drawing with a mouse?
>>326875 Have you considered using grey color for strands?
>>326881 I see >Drawing with a mouse Yes, I wanted to spend for a graphics tablet but at the moment I cannot justify a fair bit of my paycheck on something I want to vaguely pick up for fun. I've always been shit at art but I wanted to improve for the sake of it. >>326883 So a super thin brush and trying to outline strands of hair on the black mass? I guess that could work, thanks anon.
>>326875 for shiny hair you can use a brush with multiple "bristles" to paint the highlights
>>326875 When I draw I always try to imagine the direction of one big "global" light source and base all shading from that. Also like >>326881 said avoid using absolute #000000 black (and #FFFFFF whites) except for shadows and specular reflections.
(16.83 KB 632x634 ClipboardImage.png)
>>326875 something like this?
>>326891 That's a lot better
>>326892 If anon is reading this, he can feel free to use the picture and work from there or use it as reference.
(41.39 KB 639x644 shitty kuze 2.0.png)
Not as good as Anon's(>>326891) here, but how does this look? I'll work on the coloring and shape of the hair more, but just the basic look of it.
>>326880 >>326826 Terry Bogard obviously
(1.78 MB 500x625 angry_coffee_haruhi.gif)
(1.11 MB 500x401 chaika_chomp.gif)
(1.64 MB 400x300 coffee_glare.gif)
>>326896 If I were you I'd try to go for a flatter style, you don't need that many strokes to give definition to the hair. It works better with the simple style normally used in these squilliams. Think about anime hair. All you really need is 3 colors, the "normal" color, the shiny color where the light source is directly hitting it, and the shadowed color for where the light is blocked. I'm not really an artist though.
These might not be the best for someone like Kuze, but I always use these past squiliams that other anons made for hair reference.
I suppose the gigantic issue here is that I have no idea of drawing concepts, and I have not trained or exercised it in the slightest before drawing Squilliams. Genuinely the first thing I've drawn in a decade was that commando squilliam earlier in the thread and that was editing what was already available to me. I suppose I could go off the better drawn hair first and exercise later, when I have some free time probably post E3 and in the weekends.
>>326875 >>326891 >>326896 One of the things I do is make the outline first and then fill it in. I do that even if I'm making a squilliam with a low color palatte that will end up with the hair and outline as the same color.
>>326914 The few times I have had a dedicated effort at drawing things mostly for RPG campaigns, I try to use "simple but effective" styles that suit my (lack of) skills. There are ways for novices to make serviceable art, you just have to know which concepts are important. I think it's mostly about lighting and perspective.
>>326914 Also consider drawing with curves it's what I do since I only have a budget logitech mouse and not a tablet and pen.
(3.16 MB 1920x1080 Laugh hue.mp4)
>>326048 >>326283 >invincible holy fucking shit I'm dying
(354.09 KB 640x640 nessa.png)
(352.67 KB 640x640 shiny_nessa.png)
>>326939 Needs a "fuck yeah a shiny" caption somewhere
>>326686 I mean anon all you've gotta do is paint a whole pink ball all over the grip and transform the thumb into an index
(651.79 KB 640x640 sseth1.png)
(650.24 KB 640x640 sseth2.png)
(355.74 KB 640x360 HEY HEY- people.mp4)
(348.32 KB 640x640 JeremusSquilliam.png)
Sorry i'm late, here's another one to the pile
(89.90 KB 1600x900 Zyzz-124006.jpg!d.jpg)
>all these squilliams over the past 24 hours We're gonna make it anons.
(98.93 KB 640x640 poacher_final.png)
Oh and here's one fro sleepy/v/ that didn't get cross posted yet.
>>320191 We've got 6 more unclaimed squares and one tardy.
(281.08 KB 1920x1080 Go Jeremus, kill them all.jpg)
(34.68 KB 640x640 ahsokaWIP-sabre-off.png)
I am once again asking anons if they have any idea for what should go in the background and the stage. In the meanwhile I need to figure out what the autistic shading will look like if I draw the lightsaber active. >>326914 Neva gib upo! That's the most important thing. Keep going and never stop. >>326939 Very nice, anon. >>326948 It happens to all of us. At least it's something you can fix rather than an issue fundamental to the drawing. >>327019 >>327026 >>327034 These are all great.
>>327055 Big desert, maybe?
(363.71 KB 640x640 Vincent.png)
>>326686 Alright I fixed it.
>>327055 Helicopter lightsabers
>>327062 >terrible trigger discipline
>>327062 looking good what's the story behind this though
>>327067 >ATF in the background Seems about right to me.
(363.72 KB 640x640 Vincent.png)
>>327067 Nah, she's just about to shoot an ATF agent.from the hipwhile not looking at her targetwhile leaning backwards But here's one with proper finger placement anyways. >>327068 There's no specific story, it's just Rally Vincent, she hates the ATF, like all good people do.
>>327055 And she was a good friend.
>>327070 >she hates the ATF, like all good people do. I've never seen anyone liking the ATF, good or bad.
Here's one I made on behalf of >>>/vhs/
>>327158 Actually now seeing it I think I like a cross between the two.
(170.82 KB 640x640 team orochi.png)
>tfw twinkass shotafag gets choked by BIG onee-san's BIG thighs It's just not fair, fellow old manlets
>>327068 She's a bounty hunter and gun shop owner who hates the ATF. In the anime she helped destroy a anti-gun politician by uncovering that his gun control legislation was actually a scheme to drive up prices for his illegal arms trafficking ring, like Leland Yee did in real-life California twenty years later.
(505.05 KB 640x640 steph.png)
>>327361 >that background
(2.58 MB 268x268 fraser go.gif)
>>327167 >not turning the table into the wheel Come on, anon.
(356.05 KB 640x640 jibus.png)
(412.47 KB 640x640 laura lauert.png)
It looks like we now have 90 some odd squilliams. Doing bretty good. WE STILL NEED TO FINISH THE FUCKING MOSAIC THOUGH
>>327576 how many more do you need?
(664.98 KB 728x1029 ClipboardImage.png)
(681.88 KB 728x1029 ClipboardImage.png)
(792.26 KB 728x1029 ClipboardImage.png)
>>327582 There's 6 that havent been claimed at all and at this point I'm going to just consider A2 anon MIA because it's been nearly a week. So 7 squares in total. Two of the remaining squares are blank or functionally blank so it should be relatively easy to fill them.
(65.51 KB 500x375 Rally No.JPG)
>>327583 >faggot shit This is why Riding Bean is superior and Gunsmith Copy Cats is a shitty wannabe.
>>327592 no, I mean for the video.
>>327601 >Riding Bean Doesn't that have the A E S T H E T I C loli in it too? >>327604 I don't know I'm not the vid anon.
>>327607 oh, fugg
(237.60 KB 734x950 mint.jpg)
>>327607 >A E S T H E T I C loli Robotech's got you beat there
>>327604 See these posts: >>327576 >>323237 >>323249 >>326301 >We could definitely use some more, as it stands I'm gonna have to cut the song about a minute short. The song is Whitesnake - Don't Break My Heart Again (Come An' Get It 2007 Remaster) btw, since the link in the OP won't load for me.
>>328310 I know that, and we had a bunch of pics posted with four more on the way.
>>327583 Is this in Burst? Because I sure as hell don't remember this in the original manga.
>>320097 Mark don't forget to re-pin the thread we're in autosage.
(66.41 KB 708x717 1429372994255.jpeg)
>>327601 >not liking yuri
(257.41 KB 640x640 Bonzi XP.png)
(9.67 KB 640x640 Squilliampod.png)
>when you realize 2001 was twenty years ago
(1.63 MB 640x360 Jesus Is Coming.mp4)
>>328709 Faggots get the rope
(279.93 KB 737x449 yuribible.png)
(22.17 KB 325x325 image-401-2.jpg)
>>327592 Do you think if I posted the partially assembled mosaic that it might spur on and inspire anons to finish the remaining squares?
(228.34 KB 517x818 lewd_grin.jpg)
>>326913 >I always use these past squiliams that other anons made for hair reference >anons One anon made all of those. I know because it was me. >>326123 >>326773 Neat. >>326004 >The Annemarie one was made in 2016 and then resubmitted in 2017 with improvements There was also a Vivian Squlliam which was rehashed into a /v/ + Vivian Squilliam. As long as most things are new and any reused content contains significant changes or improvements then some rehashing doesn't matter IMO.
(23.78 KB 319x378 28qpd16ex5u61 (1).jpg)
>>327592 If no one claims any more squares tomorrow, i'll shit some out. Also claiming A1
(7.48 MB 480x360 Naga laugh.webm)
>>328865 You should make another Slayers one, make Naga doing here ohoho laugh. I'd do it myself but I suck massive ass at drawing.
>>329090 don't post without sauce
>>329166 Slayers.
>>328819 Here's the partially done mosaic. Spoilered for those who don't want to see it until it's fully completed. >>329026 Thanks anon.
>>329166 How stupid can you be to not realize he already mentioned it? Fucking Google the two capitalized words in his post, Jesus Christ
(11.63 KB 160x160 A1.png)
>>320191 >>320193 Here's my lazy black sun edit
>>329194 Absolutely honorary!
(419.83 KB 1969x2232 bikini 2.jpg)
>>329185 Can't wait to see what anons do with the tits.
(48.30 KB 488x364 be the shit.jpg)
>>320191 Clayman D2.
>we’re not going to complete the mosaic What a shame.
>>329269 >we >Says the man not claiming any squares Go do one.
(10.45 KB 160x160 shitty beast.png)
>>320191 >>329244 Shitty D2 is done.
(12.09 KB 160x160 D2 shitty beast v3.png)
>>329312 Eh edits.
>>329269 We've only got 5 squares left. 4 if A2 ever delivers.
(446.38 KB 640x640 gabupoached.png)
Greetings from /fur/! Might do a non shitpost edit later.
>>329406 Sure why not.
(158.00 B 160x160 A2.png)
(878.00 B 160x160 B1.png)
(328.00 B 160x160 C2.png)
(1.17 KB 160x160 C3.png)
(432.00 B 160x160 D3.png)
>>329406 Also, if you're up to it please pick a square.
(448.40 KB 640x640 gabupoached_.png)
>>329406 Minor edit, forgot the inner ear like a dumbass
(580.10 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
(556.03 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
(475.77 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
(497.69 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
four more
>>329595 Good shit, Anon
(258.25 KB 640x640 tard.png)
>>329646 Good one, anon
>>329429 >>320191 Tentatively claiming C3.
(209.09 KB 640x640 Chauvilliam.png)
(35.62 KB 640x640 ahsoka.png)
(8.03 MB 640x640 i1.mp4)
(9.08 MB 640x640 i2.mp4)
Fuck it I can't work on this anymore.
>>329725 >they're yuv420p10le mp4s
(5.28 MB 640x640 i1.mp4)
(5.97 MB 640x640 i2.mp4)
Here's those same videos but without shitty unembedable colour sampling
(49.58 KB 160x160 billymiura e3.png)
>>327592 >>329429 For A2, in case the original anon doesn't show up.
(31.47 KB 600x394 Bush Jr.jpg)
How many more squilliams until the collage is done? I want to do a Demi-friend squilliam. >>329646 I'm mildy retarded I don't get it.
>>329752 >How many more squilliams until the collage is done? There's 3. B1, C2, and D3.
(4.50 KB 160x160 C3.png)
>>329712 >>329429 >>320191 C3 delivered.
(217.20 KB 640x640 eversquilled.png)
Did it in a rush. Feel free to add more detail to it.
(246.04 KB 640x640 Vert Squilliam.png)
I put way more effort into this than my other Squilliams since best Nep was nowhere to be seen in the booru. Not really good at doing hair but I really like how it came out. Need good drawing tablet recommendations that will work with Linux, drawing on touchpad with fingers is quite the challenge
>>329801 Those are pretty fucking eyes on that squilliam.
Song suggestion for the Squilliam compilation.
>>329801 If you'll allow me to critique, I think this image will be a lot better if you put some shading detail in the hair
>>329864 No problem. Like I said I'm not good at doing hair.
>>320097 Male and female Halligan from heavily anticipated hit game Mystery of the Druids 2. I will try to get Lowry done tomorrow morning.
(248.60 KB 640x640 Vert Squilliam.png)
>>329801 There was an attempt in shading detail.
We are so fucking close. >>329909 Better.
(249.74 KB 640x640 PINGAS.png)
Not my best work.
>>329909 Lot better, mate. Well done.
(249.06 KB 640x640 Vert Squilliam.png)
>>329909 Noticed some spots on her that didn't get shaded. This should be my final revision.
Next year we've got to make sure to start the squilliam thread 3 to 4 weeks a head of time. The 13 day crunch is just pushing things too much considering our currently smaller population. We've got some awesome submissions this year despite of all that though.
>>329913 I'll take B1.
(480.83 KB 640x640 final squil.png)
I'm going to sleep, so I'm going to share my progress so that the anon making it doesn't make the compilation before the end of the 12th. I should finish it tomorrow, I just need to add a couple more details and audio. It's shittier than my previous ones, but I'm not a drawfag and I'm doing all this shit in paint.net with a mouse.
>>329937 Danke anon. That leaves just two more squares.
>>329946 That reminds me, if anyone has suggestions for some quality "audio" I'd be open to suggestions because I don't watch porn that much.
(39.34 KB 160x160 b1.png)
>>329937 Done.
(11.43 KB 640x640 SMB Special.png)
Probably my second to last squilliam of the season. >>329961 Oh I really like that.
>>329913 Will also claim D3.
(24.22 KB 160x160 C2.png)
>>329913 C2 done without notice.
(1.54 MB sex.ogg)
>>329946 >>329950 Idk if this audio would be good for Lucy, but here you go. You don't want to know the source, trust me
>>329961 GR8 why's Luigi there too though? >>329717 sweet
(35.83 KB 160x160 d3.png)
D3 is done. >>330021 It's the signifance of his Mario 64 model being discovered from the leak.
>>330027 Absolutely amazing, specially maria's megamammaries.
>>330027 Beautifully autistic
(62.29 KB 640x640 Lily v1.png)
(68.08 KB 640x640 lily v2.png)
(65.60 KB 640x640 Lily v3.png)
I think I've done my final squilliam this year. I'm not sure which one is best and frankly I could go through a hundred more variations. After last year I was beginning to think that we'd never have this again but we managed to pull it off after all.
>>330055 What is that skating Loli from? Ive seen lots of artists drawing her but as far as i can tell shes an oc.
>>330067 She's one of Andava's OC's. I just really wanted to make a squilliam of her and I knew that I could tie her into a skating game of some sort of another. I considered T&C or Tony Hawk too but I never could find a decent looking background to use.
>>330075 Neat, now shes only missing the autism face and a dick in her butt.
(505.81 KB 640x640 CHIHUAHUA.png)
Yesterday's stream was yet another reminder why Ren should have delivered
>>330027 Fuck the low effort faggot that made B3
>>330099 Someone should remake B3, it looks incredibly out of place.
(11.13 KB 160x160 B3New.png)
>>330107 already done
(394.60 KB 640x640 mosaic_alt.png)
>>330109 Much better if you ask me.
>>329946 That was a magical thread, cheers anon
>>330107 >>330109 Oh okay. If it has to be that way. Then I don't mind really. It looks much better anyways.
>>329946 Does anybody have the webm with the song, porn noises and that picture? I might have misplaced it, but it's not in my webm folder.
>>330192 I liked your B3 Anon.
>>330192 You just needed a background. I don't know why you thought leaving it white was okay.
>>330283 And just keep in mind, you can cut the length to whatever you want, vidanon. I'm sure you know that. Just get some slapping and an orgasm, or even replace the audio with a better clip. Here's the image if you wanna do that.
I slightly adjusted it to fix his left hand because it seemed a little small. I'm not going to bother uploading the lossless one again.
Last edit I promise.
(489.95 KB 640x640 linus0.webm)
(445.18 KB 640x640 snoy2.png)
>>330697 I fucked up the webm. Fixed again. I didn't think I'd be creating any Squilliams this year and yet I ended up with a bunch. Funny how these things work.
>>330108 >>330109 Why is the mosaic a nigger? >>330332 Yeah I agree. I could edit the BG if you want?
(430.22 KB 640x640 squilliam mosaic 2021.png)
>>332355 He's probably trying to learn how to use sony vegas
>>332358 Ah yes, I was looking for this one.
>>332371 I have all of them if you want me to post em
>>332372 May as well, I'd like to pass the time while I see what OP comes up with.
(2.66 KB 640x640 glasses template.png)
I've got a couple of extra sub-templates that I made this year that might be helpful in the future.
>>332407 Neat, thank you anon!
(10.70 MB 640x640 E3 2017 I_Will_Survive.webm)
(11.89 MB 640x640 E3_2017_Worlds_Apart.webm)
(7.86 MB 640x640 Sweet Victory E3 2016.webm)
(25.71 MB 640x360 squ.mp4)
>>320097 OP is a massive faggot and a fraud. "minute short" my ass, I had too fucking much to work with.
here's the 1080p version https://litter.catbox.moe/cbxhx6.mp4
(26.73 MB 848x480 Squilliam3602.mp4)
>>332562 >>332564 OP here, just woke up, my version is still in progress. Major cause of the delay was the restructuring of an entire section of the song, which is mostly done by now. Now I'm mostly error checking, retiming parts of the template to follow the vocals instead of riffs and finishing up the ending. I hope to be done by the first conference today so I can watch my first e3 show of the year.
>>332576 Good. The other version is using all my outdated Squilliams and I hate it.
(203.60 KB 499x498 32108.png)
I am rendering.
>>332565 >not starting with Michael Jackson You had one job, anon
>show starting >video not posted Damn it OP.
>>332903 He is still rendering.
Not wasting your time streaming Microshit? See file related for an EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE
(29.06 KB 482x800 5_out_of_5_bretty_good.gif)
(99.16 KB 639x588 Dogger_Happu.jpg)
>>332951 NICE >28.6 mb Not so nice That's the only bad thing really, i'm blown away by the amount of quality Squilliam this year. The Invincible and Mark squilliams took the cake (heh) for me though. Also post it over to the webm thread for more visibility
(594.58 KB 640x640 sekiro DLC.png)
(649.02 KB 640x640 sekiroDLC.png)
(19.28 KB 640x640 Lily alt T&C.png)
(37.35 KB 640x640 Lily Aesthetic alt 2.png)
(36.93 KB 640x640 Lily - Aesthetic alt 1.png)
Now that we've got an official vid I'll post some alts that I made that didn't make the cut.
(193.36 KB 640x640 Amano.png)
>>332951 >anon >anon, we need more squilliams >there's not enough squilliams, bro >make more >more squilliams <doesn't put my squilliam in NIGGER
(4.43 MB 1536x2048 Meanwhile on gm_construct.png)
>>334014 Fug, I missed a folder of 16 Squilliams >there's not enough squilliams, bro When I wrote that I hadn't repurposed the solo yet. Let me see if I can extend the song in a way that doesn't sound like shit.
>>334056 Just shorten the time between a bunch of squilliams, you don't need to extend the song. Plus the strawberry clock squilliam >>326076 looks like shit with the white flashing frames. Anything you can do to fix that?
>>334088 It showed up in every render I tried and it's a problem that doesn't even appear in the editor. I'll try different encoding settings but I don't have an idea to fix it.
>>334135 I can send you an individual .png file for each frame if that would help.
(36.26 KB 478x435 real funny.jpg)
>>332951 >that WarioWare to Wario transition Real neato, next time I'll just have to make the sequences for the timer and text.
>>334142 If nothing else works that would probably solve matters
>>334195 >>334142 Overlaying the transition with still frames fixed things
(486.04 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>321150 >>321826 >>322514 >>324139 >>326459 >>328724 >>329779 >>329922 >>333984 >>321101 don't include this since it's lazy as shit >>332951 You missed a lot anon, including pic related from zchan.
>>335387 Well I didn't intend my post here >>333984 to be included. They were just some alts I posted while waiting for the vid. Some of them aren't even properly assembled and edited.
>>332951 Missing Squilliams be damned, this turned out incredible. There were way more submissions than I thought there would be.
>>335387 >>335890 Which ones are missing?
>>335922 Aside from the one in >>335387 there's 1.png alibsquidbg.png Amano.png Biomutant.png Commando Squilliam.png eversquilled.png noita squilliam.png PINGAS.png pinhead squilliam.PNG postal_dude.png Sparky.png squilliam yomogi mirrored background 640.png SquilliamPhasmophobia.png Squilliampod.png SquilliamValheim.png and tard.png
>>335937 It would be nice if he could do another pass and include those missing ones. The vid was really good otherwise.
>>335942 [I'm] working on it
(63.32 KB 860x1024 i-it's alright.jpg)
>>332951 >used the unfinished Linus Pretty good otherwise. If you wanna do a second pass, the right one is >>330720. It's my fault really, I shouldn't have posted it until it was finished.
>>335955 I picked the "unfinished" one because the headphones look closer to the WH-1000XM4
(445.72 KB 640x640 snoy2.png)
(127.71 KB 537x296 Kübler_Ross_grieving_curve.png)
>>335962 Okay, here. NOW FIX IT please
(51.67 KB 1092x614 sony-wh-1000xm4-23.webp)
>>335964 still doesn't look like them and even if they were used wired, the jack is on the right cup
>>335967 No its not, the 3.5mm audio jack is on the left and the power jack is on the right.
(1.18 MB 1920x1080 HS2_2021-01-13-02-39-32-506.png)
>>332951 >there were 2 other drood posters Holy shit nice!
(444.83 KB 640x640 snoy2.png)
>>335967 Alright NOW PLEASE
(177.50 KB 1232x1012 when you exist.png)
>>335981 You don't have to redo the ending anymore. Just swap out the image and render it again and we can go our separate ways amicably.
>>335981 >>335986 I agree, add that one anon's last fix and make the best possible version of the video.
(12.03 MB 640x640 squilliam2021_2.02_small.webm)
And here we go, the finished version of the video without missing Squilliams.
>>336003 Wow, you even changed the ending. Cheers, mate. I can sleep in peace now.
(236.86 KB 1680x1050 1510282874326.jpg)
>>336003 It is done. Have a lewd.
(8.50 KB 200x279 1471027024476.jpg)
>>336003 Worth the wait, anon. Great job!
>>336003 Good shit anon.
(511.68 KB 800x585 good ol days.png)
>>336003 That's the good shit, anon.
I can't fucking believe I forgot to add a Squilliam for like the third year in a row, I was putting it off all month
(511.60 KB 800x585 good ol days.png)
>>330027 >>330005 >>332951 >>336003 extremely late but good job my niggers
>>337646 >>337489 wait what
(33.67 KB 600x300 Psycho-Mantis.jpg)
(1.28 MB 680x690 1567617893406-1.png)
>>337621 Well just start now. I begin planning for the next year squilliams immediately after E3. Sometimes I even do some initial work on them then too. I actually had Treasure Master planned for back in 2019 and even had the line art finished but I got stumped on how to do the background so I put it off until 2020, which itself got put of until this year.
>>337662 >Well just start now. I begin planning for the next year squilliams immediately after E3 What will we do when E3 finally dies?
>>337732 Well we can make them for something else. Maybe TGS or Gamescom.
>>332951 >>336003 Top Shelf Anon, top shelf.
(46.66 KB 300x300 dr_doomguy.png)
>>339097 Alright, who's the leak
>>320564 >>336003 >Didn't add this one Go fix it nigger.

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