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#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Hip To Be Tiananmen Square Edition Anonymous 06/05/2021 (Sat) 01:08:35 Id:e93071 No. 323427
ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >Quinton Flynn Replaced as Kael’thas Voice Actor in WoW; Despite Judge Ruling Sexual Misconduct Allegations Came from Obsessive Stalker https://nichegamer.com/2021/04/19/quinton-flynn-replaced-as-kaelthas-voice-actor-in-wow-despite-judge-ruling-sexual-misconduct-allegations-came-from-obsessive-stalker/ https://archive.is/Dj5a5 >A petition to deplatform once cancelled game "Six Days In Fallujah" started by Hala Alsalman receives game industry developer and figure support; gets stealthily updated https://archive.is/h6Da1 https://archive.is/eSpno >Pro-GG developer explains reason for leaving project. Claims family issues rather than cancel culture are to blame https://yewtu.be/YBVyJhn5AGg >Game journo who wrote articles for Vice Waypoint and PCGamer calling for blacklist on Hogwarts Legacy over pro-GG lead developer: https://archive.is/7gsws >State of Decay 2 drama involving the "Punched Nazis" trait https://archive.vn/XsItt CURRENT TASKS: 1. OPERATION TRAJAN: Collect and catalog all of the various localization and censorship accounts of past video games into a single repository from these sources: romhacking.net The_Cutting_Room_Floor Segaretro https://yewtu.be/channel/UCFItIX8SIs4zqhJCHpbeV1A 2. OP OUR LIFE OUR HOMETOWN: SONY FORCING JAPANESE DEVELOPERS TO CENSOR THEIR GAMES IN ALL REGIONS http://archive.vn/XQOHW Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process: https://archive.fo/awzFF Japanese blog post about it: https://archive.fo/bF9bE Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids https://archive.fo/U3GLa -Confirms censorship was deliberate https://archive.fo/XgAgP -No rules for censorship policies, games judged case-by-case https://archive.fo/37DhK -Marvelous partner starts petition against policy https://archive.fo/rxQtf https://archive.fo/84UHo •Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed. •Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well. http://archive.vn/URjtu ONGOING TASKS: A. Support archive.fo! Accountability needs proof: https://liberapay.com/archiveis/donate B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices http://archive.vn/9bylT C. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc. https://www.eff.org/de/deeplinks/2020/03/earn-it-act-violates-constitution D. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc. http://archive.vn/JfuSb Reminders (important, READ THESE!): •Use https://archive.fo to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later •Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags •Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests: https://pastebin.com/p5dVp1e5 •Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies: https://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm •STOP REPLYING TO BAITS AND OBVIOUS DERAILMENT ATTEMPTS, JUST REPORT AND FILTER Resources >Summaries of #GamerGate:https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics •https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=5fnRSL3d_xU - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds •https://archive.fo/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address >Background and Evidence for #GamerGate: •The #GamerGate Dossier: https://archive.fo/nv1Fb •#GamerGate Wiki: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Main_Page •History of #GamerGate: https://www.historyofgamergate.com/ •View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section! >Lists: •GG Steam Support & Boycott List: https://v.gd/vzRsRb •Key GamerGate Hubs: https://v.gd/LNJbat (Needs updating) >Thread Repository: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/blob/master/ThreadRepository.md https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Thread_Repository >Full OP Text: •Current: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=The_GamerGate_OP >How Can I Help? https://8chan.se/gamergatehq/ •All OPs: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/Operations •OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating: https://v.gd/Kbzw0L •An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics: https://v.gd/nwrbYF >Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki? https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/How-to-Contribute Visit the following boards to discuss hobbies and interest: >>>/a/ - Anime, Manga, & Japanese Media General >>>/ai/ - Anime and other media for young girls, prichan, aikatsu, cocotama, precure, shining star >>>/bane/ - Baneposting >>>/c/ - Cute, comfy and blog posting >>>/ck/ - Culinart arts, cooking tips, and general home cooking >>>/co/ - Comics and cartoons of western origin >>>/comfy/ - Even more comfyposting >>>/cyoa/ - Choose Your own Adventures @ RolePlay >>>/fast/ - SFW Sonic the Hedgehog discussion >>>/fit/ - Fitness, Health, & General Body Improvement >>>/from/ - Talk about games made by From Software >>>/g/ - Everything about Gondola >>>/loomis/ - Art Gains for practice and improvement >>>/liberty/ - Discussion of private property norms, Austrian-school economics, and natural rights >>>/monarchy/ - Discussion about the past, present and future of monarchism >>>/mu/ - Music discussion & Generals >>>/pol/ - Politics & Political Incorrectness >>>/polarchive/ - Redpill Archive & Dumping Ground >>>/t/ - SFW Discussion of Technology and Software >>>/tg/ - Tabletop & Card game related discussion >>>/vapour/ - Aesthetic Appeal & Nostalgia >>>/vg/ - Video Game Discussions & Generals >>>/vhs/ - Movies and Cinema >>>/vr/ - Retro Video Gaming >>>/vyt/ - Virtual Youtuber Generals & Discussions >>>/wooo/ - Professional Wrestling and Combat Sports >>>/x/ - Paranormal, Occult, and Conspiracy Visit the following boards to discuss lewds: >>>/cb/ - 2D and real life gay porn >>>/delicious/ - Western and cartoon-style lolicon, although anime-style lolis are allowed too >>>/fur/ - All things furry related >>>/gts/ - Gigantism and other fetishes involving size difference >>>/h/ - Hentai of all kinds >>>/hyper/ - Girls with hyper proportions >>>/loli/ - Japanese/anime lolicon only >>>/rule34/ - Self-explanatory at this point >>>/sm/ - Gay and straight shotacon of all kinds >>>/ss/ - 2D Ara/Boy love >>>/tot/ - Toddlercon and babycon >>>/u/ - Yuri of all kinds, including futa, zoo, and real life lesbian porn and discussions >>>/u2/ - Yuri, 2D anime/cartoon only, no futa or "extreme" fetishes like zoo Visit non-English boards to talk about their cultures and hobbies: >>>/de/ - German board for topics of general interest to Germany >>>/hisparol/ - Spanish board for "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories >>>/ita/ - Italian board for topics of general interest to Italy
(373.02 KB 1063x731 rv15l0my65451.jpg)
(91.73 KB 215x223 1507793796.png)
>>323439 Which benis would you fuck?
(653.54 KB 574x545 ClipboardImage.png)
(390.23 KB 640x480 do you know benis.webm)
Also, poor Naka-san
(79.87 KB 619x557 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.fo/36ArP If anyone knows Nip, kindly send this to 2ch.
>>323427 Taimanin?
>>323444 Who's this freak and why would they care?
>>323447 Writer for IGN, formerly for Kotaku.
(106.16 KB 640x1059 ClipboardImage.png)
Chink mobile game (Queen's Choice) voice actors quitting after one was fired for saying Taiwan was a country. >Very recently, a colleague was fired from their VO gig for asserting that Taiwan is a country, something irrelevant to any contract we signed >Effective immediately, I refuse any future offers to reprise as Kiro in #MLQC until/unless Jonah Scott is allowed to return as Victor >The agreements we sign throughout our careers cover a large number of reasonable accommodations: not leaking confidential info, not disparaging the project, and others >Punishing talent because of political interference by your benefactors isn't one of those reasonable demands https://archive.is/4I8HK
(148.83 KB 850x486 bunny.jpg)
>>323440 bunis
>>323449 Not that I'm displeased with making an effort to stand in solidarity after an unlawful firing over opinions makes them better than those fags who crucified Vic but aren't VAs disposable? They could just replace the entire cast and the normalfaggots who play chink mobileshit wouldn't notice at all.
>The Goblina Soldier Someone needs to take American comics to the back and put it out of its misery already.
>>323445 You know what annoys me about Taimanin? She's supposed to be a super elite ninja. Yet she never does super elite ninja stuff. She's completely incompetent. All she does is get kidnapped and raped. It's boring. >>323453 How is the comics industry still alive? Aren't even flagship characters selling fewer than 100k copies per issue now? >>323455 I would like to cheer up an OL, one with big tits and who dresses like a librarian, but I cannot stand the noises nip women make when they fuck.
>>323425 >>323436 The mask is pretty fucking retarded either way since original Cap never had to wear one. Actually a cute though, reminds me of Akira from Rival Schools.
(1.05 MB 765x1481 ClipboardImage.png)
>>323455 >The Goblina Soldier
>>323443 A hack deserves to be purged.
>>323457 >How is the comics industry still alive? The TV and movies branches print enough money to fund the comic branch. Is like how the PlayStation and insurance branches keep Sony alive even when they failed horribly in the PC, phone and TV branches, or how Google's ad and search engine money compensates YouTube's gigantic losses.
>>323457 >can supposedly move at the speed of light >still gets ORC'd on a regular basis I don't even bother taking it seriously.
>>323458 >Actually a cute though, reminds me of Akira from Rival Schools. That's because she is a school student. In the press release: > Ari is a local Captain America-inspired hero who seeks justice on her college campus. When her school turns a blind eye to fellow students behaving badly, she springs into action—and she’s not afraid to fight dirty.
>>323448 You double check that? Might be a ruse cruise. >>323457 >How is the comics industry still alive? Seems they are taking losses but betting the 5-6 year olds will see it, not understand it, but still get into it.
>>323444 Another used up whore that can't compete with the perfection that are anime lolis. Get used to the new reality, meatsacks: Men prefer anime drawings over real women. Nobody likes you anymore.
>>323457 >Aren't even flagship characters selling fewer than 100k copies per issue now? Manga has decisively dethroned them for two months straight. Decisive meaning not a single comic appears in the top twenty. For the last year comics would still appear one-three times in the top twenty now they've disappeared altogether >How is the comics industry still alive? Libraries buy up the garbage
(1.09 MB 768x1093 1572019532002.png)
>>323444 Seems like a ripe target to get a hate mob whipped against for racist comments, especially after the waves of "Asian Hate" perpetrated by their pet negroes and purposefully obfuscated to make it seem like a major problem plaguing "Trumps America". All you'd really need to do is to drop the implication that you're "literally shaking" with fear out of the tone deaf messaging - and she'll either turtle up and delete the tweet, or double down and start a shitstorm.
>>323449 Anyone who do business with China deserves to be exploited to death.
>>323457 they made a mobile game "Action Taimanin" where Asagi and Sakura are actually competent and dont get raped, impregnated, ryonaed, etc etc When you know teh source material and all of its weirdshit, its really bizarre to see the game (heavy on the gacha side)
>>323444 >>323448 Bullshit, I can't find any Kotaku or IGN writer called ""Kieroni Macaroni". It's some random Twitter troll.
(172.72 KB 845x814 demonbait.jpg)
>>323444 (checked) >most of the replies are just calling the bait out The only reason why I'm even responding is because of your trips.
(80.46 KB 856x618 is he alive.JPG)
I wonder whatever happened to this guy.
(834.58 KB 695x900 Gas Goblins.png)
>>323459 >Goblins
(3.76 MB 640x640 -jZWPuDUFlsNejqZ.mp4)
>>323484 Oh shit, that was today? I always feel an strange mix of emotions when I think of this incident.
>>323485 imagine how much of a dick you have to be to make a man do this to you
动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门 Is someone booty blasted?
(232.33 KB 1438x871 ClipboardImage.png)
(124.50 KB 944x800 ClipboardImage.png)
I stumbled upon this by accident, but this should put some fear into you anons. I was looking for a connection between CBS and the chinks and was looking into who was the largest shareholder into them. I came across a company called Vanguard who was the biggest holder at 10% for them, and this company is bigger than huge. Think of the 10, or 20 biggest companies you know. This probably has more control in terms of financial power than all of them combined. Its a firm called The Vanguard Group, handles investment advising. It has 7.2 trillion fucking dollars under its asset management. They were only at 2 trillion in 2013. They've more than tripled in power in 8 years. A single fucking company has just under 1/3 of the US's GDP in terms of assets under its control. That's fucking ludicrous, and it should be fucking worrying that they have investments into corrupt media corporations. It might be worthwhile to start looking fucking into them. The sources are right there on their own fucking websites if you'd like. https://archive.ph/0q5eJ
Also damn, what's with the fucking shills and raids lately? This is fucking cancer.
>>323484 What caused this?
>>323493 I don't buy the name lasting to 2035 -- something'll happen that will cause probably this site going down, Acid getting V& by the feds since they know where his fun shop is, and Mark finally blowing his brains out since no site in the world will ever allow him to control a board, let alone a /v/ and without his protection the name just sorta dies out in the next drama. But I'm going to enjoy the ride while it lasts. >>323497 >investment advising. I don't even need to look any further to know their leader(s) will have noses.
(3.77 MB 483x556 China Chinese lol no.gif)
>>323500 Probably because of the thread theme. Just have to get out the bug spray.
Looks like pigbait and the failed abortion are at it again. https://archive.is/RdjVz
>>323497 How does Vanguard scale up to competitor investment firms?
>>323501 Bureaucracy
>>323508 Well, to put it into perspective their AUM (Assets under management) is more than triple the size of a giant like Goldman Sachs for example. However, apparently in the last few months specifically because of the gaymestop shit, it seems like Fidelity blew past them, they were the second or 3rd biggest, but the difference was still 2-3 trillion more than them until this year.
>>323497 >>323508 Vanguard is only second in the US, Blackrock is larger, which is also somewhere in the $7 trillion dollar mark. By comparison Goldman Sachs only manages around $2 trillion in wealth. To be fair, wealth management firms are usually some of the lesser jewy financial enterprises (especially as of late since client fees have experienced a race to the bottom). Vanguard itself doesn't own any of that $7 trillion dollars they simply manage it on behalf of their clients. Who are more often than not, average people who want to invest their money or individuals/companies who invest wages into pension plans, or similar things, but don't want to spend all day monitoring the market or make buying and selling decisions.
>>323518 >asset management firms less jewy the GME shit proves otherwise anon. Not even getting into shit like the wall street disasters of '08
(39.68 KB 852x301 ClipboardImage.png)
>>323497 I'm at a loss for words regarding the CEO of this abortion of a company. The guy seemingly popped up out of nowhere and there are seemingly no jewish ties. He might be the result of some sort of miscarriage.
(581.62 KB 659x1041 wikipedia january 6 GG.png)
>>323523 I wish we were this active.
>>323524 I wish there had been a coup.
>>323521 The firms shorting gamestop were hedge funds though, which are by far one of the most kiked financial organizations that exist
(296.45 KB 492x360 you got me.mp4)
>>323526 I remember the threads on that day and how we had people talking about there being a new civil war, but months later and it hasn't happened. So much for accelerationism. Probably for the best though since a civil war in America would probably start world war 3.
>>323520 >AFRICA IS BETTER THAN EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!! Not gonna lie, I've been playing FarCry 2 lately and just driving around in the African savanna gunning down niggers and mercenaries is super fucking comfy. Too bad it didn't have a good radio station/options to choose from so I could listen to Toto.
>>323534 Too bad FarCry 2 is fucking shit
>>323539 It's not great, but it's not terrible either. To be honest, the jank kind of fits in well with the theme, since everything else is broken down and held together with mud and duct tape.
>>323539 game too hard?
>>323523 Well obviously GG did it. Danger hairs and ass blasted journalists everywhere said GG was behind Trump and all of the worlds ills. That wikipedia took this long to post the truth speaks volumes on how much more work must be done to close the gate for good this time. >>323545 If they made a direct sequel to it back then, they might have been able to salvage something pretty good out of the mess that was 2. But instead you got the ass cancer that followed and continues to this day.
>>323539 Get a load of this cum guzzling nigger.
>>323523 As part of the ripple effect, absolutely. The whole thing's a fucking sham anyway, if it was an "attempted coup" every single fucking politician would've been fucking publicly hanged and the footage would've spread worldwide. None of that fucking happened.
>>323527 I'm referring to how many investing firms shut down trading of GME, siding with the hedge funds, like Merrill Lynch for example.
>>323523 What coup was that? The time a bunch of autists entered a "do not enter" area of a public building and got called an insurrection force?
>>323523 Now this is a list entry.
>>323497 Yeah, when I'm looking at stocks to buy or flip for a few months, I'll see if Blackrock or Vanguard is already holding a sizeable stake. My logic is that if the smart money has a position, they'll get their money's worth and have already done the research. You'd be surprised by some of the stories you'll hear about banks and high finance
>>323554 I'm pretty sure it already is. Like, months ago.
(79.92 KB 295x366 smug loss.jpg)
>>323522 >Bum Tickley
>>323564 Nigga at least repost it on /co/.
>>323501 Man got pushed around by a corporation doing dirty dealings with the state government and the local paper.
>>323574 Make it 2 posts (4 counting my posts as 40b8d4). The news aren't the problem, is your insistence on posting them here and only here. Post it on /co/ or /pol/ and link the posts here.
>>323577 Except this was actually related to video games, what the fuck are you doing, Kazu?
(375.90 KB 800x800 Tibet.png)
>>323484 Did the mayor or whoever the dirty official was get exposed after his stunt?
I swear Mark, if you don't put Kazu on a fucking leash, you better fix this trigger happy faggot or your ass is grass.
>>323579 Stop discussing video games here. This is the watercooler thread.
>>323578 >stop posting about political shit that effects the video game industry Then post political shit that actually affects the video game industry instead of the first thing you see in your news feed, idiot. >Autistically obsessing over memorizing IDs <what are the (You)s next to your name and n posts quoting you >You the same user that defended deleting post criticizing China and Disney by quoting red letter media memes like a redditor? No. >>323579 Here: Far Cry 6 Reveals Why Fan-Favorite Character Has Been Removed >For the first time since the character was introduced, a mainline Far Cry game won't have Hurk Drubman Jr, a character that's been in every mainline release and more since Far Cry 3. >According to Ubisoft, this controversial decision comes down to the team wanting to focus on the characters of Yara, which means Hurk is on another adventure during the events of the game. >The manifestations of Hurk (including Urk) are legends in Far Cry," said Navid Khavari, the game's Narrative Director. However, in the context of Yara we wanted to mainly spotlight characters from the region, so Hurk will be on other adventures during the time of Far Cry 6. >Unfortunately, this vague reply from Khavari is all Ubisoft has had to say on the matter. What's unclear is why Hurk prevents the team from focusing on the characters of Yara any more or less than the characters of previous games. Whatever the case, the door is open for the character to return in the future, but at the same time, it also sounds like the team may be ready to move on from the character as well. Source: https://archive.ph/Jv1K0 Ubisoft just admitted they retiring the most popular far cry companion for being too white for far cry 6. >Far Cry 6 is political after all, says Ubisoft narrative designer >Far Cry 6 narrative director Navid Khavari says that the upcoming game is a political one, backtracking on previous statements from Ubisoft that drew criticism last week. >Our story is political,” begins the post. “There are hard, relevant discussions in Far Cry 6 about the conditions that lead to the rise of fascism in a nation, the costs of imperialism, forced labor, the need for free-and-fair elections, LGBTQ+ rights, and more within the context of Yara, a fictional island in the Caribbean.” >Ubisoft initially drew criticism after Khavari told The Gamer that Far Cry 6 was not making a political statement on Cuba, which the game’s island of Yara is based on. Source: https://archive.ph/7FuhG >>323581 Check the logs, retard.
>>323444 I think that most Japs don't give a shit from crazy cunts like these, like that one time were the Japanese were shitting on some black guy because they don't give a shit about BLM. >>323523 How the fuck does the Capitol Raid connects to GG? >>323568 He also destroyed some business because some of those guys wronged him of something.
>>323580 As far as I know, he didn’t. He caused a whole bunch of property damage but I don’t think he ruined any of his enemies and all the government people got away with it. Despite killing no one and only destroying the properties of the people who wronged him, there is still a major push to vilify him to this day. I think there’s a (((Netflix))) hit piece “documentary” about it. >>323586 >How the fuck does the Capitol Raid connects to GG? Everything that goes against the globalist establishment agenda is GG, because that was the first time a big group stood up to it, even if at the time it was only focused on a small arm of it. GG was a populist movement against propaganda machines of globalists and it scared them so fucking much they forever changed how Twitter worked because of it, tried to turn gamer into a bad word and when that failed tried brute forced memes to instead make anything associated with “gamers” as something to be mocked. They now invoke it as a boogie man forever, ironically ensuring it never truly dies.
>>323584 >Hurk being 'fan-favorite' What? Nobody fucking likes him, he's an obnoxious frat-boy and the shtick is only funny for around two games. >Our story is political,” begins the post. “There are hard, relevant discussions in Far Cry 6 about the conditions that lead to the rise of fascism in a nation, the costs of imperialism, forced labor, the need for free-and-fair elections, LGBTQ+ rights, and more within the context of Yara, a fictional island in the Caribbean.” Good, atleast they straight up told you that up-front. It's not like i'm gonna buy it anyway. >>323600 no u >>323602 Hi glowie
>>323604 I don't remember any of the buddies from FarCry 3, and the only one in FarCry 2 that's even half-way memorable is Warren. Not because of anything actually to do with him, but because he looks like a Dollar Store Charlie Sheen knockoff.
(10.57 MB 2199x2163 ClipboardImage.png)
/r/'ing a vidya version (or other versions) of the suffering charts? Could swear one existed.
>>323606 >buddies from FarCry 3 the only one that's memorable to me is the german guy who got killed at the end. >Warren He's also the most gung-ho of the bunch, it's like he's a character from a campy 90's action movie.
(37.76 KB 362x286 Buying a ton of bread.JPG)
Archive of previous bread https://archive.fo/pi5wk
(1.55 MB 3354x3331 YumiRoll.png)
>>323444 Not wrong about pedophilia, tripsman. It took Japs until 2014 to illegalize possession of child pornography, and the law went into full effect in 2015. The rest of the world figured that shit out by the 70s/80s during the pornography boom. Nippon is also the number one per capita producer of stories about girls explicitly described as under the age of 13 engaging in sexual activities. I'd bet it likely has to do with Asian neoteny and the fact that they have more freedom of expression than other slant eyed countries. :^)
>>323617 Kind of a shot in the dark, but is that from meruko-chan?
(18.51 KB 423x132 ClipboardImage.png)
>>323624 No. >We
>>323620 Not him, but yes. >>323625 That's niggerpill.
>>323625 That is niggerpill again anon. Just report the fag.
(260.14 KB 759x587 ClipboardImage.png)
>>323624 Lmao.
>>323626 >>323627 Sorry. I couldn't help but post the dissent against that twitter nobody's retardation.
Maybe the real niggerpill was the friends we made along the way.
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>>323631 Install CloverOS.
>>323630 no, niggerpill is just kampfy and he needs to niggerpill himself.
>>323632 >install cuckchanOS No thanks
>>323629 Niggerpill really needs to get off the brain rot that is twitter and better himself by suck starting a shotgun
>>323627 Since when does niggerpill change his posting style?
>>323638 But he didn't?
>>323638 >change Linking to twitter nobodies and saying how "we are the only ones against this", "we are getting destroyed by -----" or "we lost" is pretty standard niggerpill anon.
>>323635 It's a decent project all things considered, and probably one of the few real accomplishments of /g/.
>>323633 >Men idolize these people <Bateman <Joker Why do they confuse "idolize" with "sympathize"/"empathize"?
>>323640 you ever once stop to consider maybe niggerpil is actually just shitposting/strawmanning a common behavior on imageboards (mostly 8chan) taken to the extreme? ronery has always existed on imageboards so honestly when you niggers call people who are skeptical of things in a social setting as "nigger pill" you are basically giving him exactly what he wants. but what ever, you youngfags have fucked over this site for a long time so i'm not even going to bother if this low effort shit is capable of being a major boogieman to you fags then you all seriously have lost anything of greater meaning to worry about
>>323644 >inb4. le big bad niggerpill
(21.53 KB 494x741 71-SOfgeikL._SY741_.jpg)
>>323621 >anime is absolutely full of "sjw" creatives, and has been for decades Of course it has, it's so obvious and in your face that that I'm surprised nobody ever noticed it in all those decades. Why, we could have gone another decade or two to see it, it's so plainly there.
>>323644 its mostly a question of being a defeatist faggot and also getting constantly deleted and jumping IDs to be a defeatist faggot.
>>323647 I don't think you understand what a strawman is
There's just no way there's more than one niggerpill poster, and the possibility of anons latching on to it because attention is paid to it is just ridiculous.
(12.09 KB 720x480 aagn5eaikfs21.png)
>>323647 If he tries so hard to be a defeatist, then can he really be called a defeatist? Wouldn't he have just given up already? Seems pretty motivated and determined to me.
>>323649 holy shit bro take meds
>>323643 >Why do they confuse "idolize" with "sympathize"/"empathize"? Because these narcissists can't do any of that so they fail to recognize the difference.
(15.02 MB 480x360 KALASHNIKOV TIANANMEN.mp4)
JUNE 4 天安门 坦克 liu四 六四 学潮 ⅥⅣ IIXVIIIIX Jun 4th 陆肆 天安門 五月三十五 瓶反鹿死 six四 six four TAM 王维林 春夏之交 Winnie the Pooh 小熊维尼 Baozi 包子 Dalai Lama 达赖喇嘛 Tibet Independence 西藏独立 苏联笑话 Go, Hong Kong 香港加油 709 709律师 Liu Xiaobo 刘晓波 Great Firewall of China 伟大的防火墙 Dictatorship 专政 Tiananmen 天安门 June 4 六四 Zhao Ziyang 赵紫阳 Tank man 坦克人 boarding a plane life-long rule long live the emperor Animal Farm Doing it twice is not enough falun sex tianwang bignews chinesenewsnet dajiyuan falundafa freechina freenet hypermart
>>323457 Anon, that´s your standard hentai heroine. It doesn´t matter if they are highly competent in their profile, they´ll lost to the most basic shit ever or some "stealth" attack because otherwise it wouldn´t be "plot". That´s why people say "You´re more useless than a hentai heroine".
>>323584 >Ubisoft just admitted they retiring the most popular far cry companion for being too white for far cry 6. Neither of your archives remotely say or implicate this.
>>323799 >It doesn´t matter if they are highly competent in their profile, they´ll lost to the most basic shit ever or some "stealth" attack because otherwise it wouldn´t be "plot". I never read that, the NTR tag already tells me it's trash, but how many chapters does this shit have already?
>>323621 You believe this shit? This is gaslighting at best.
>>323643 Who the fuck empathizes with Patrick Bateman? He is a sick piece of shit, just read the book.
(83.63 KB 700x512 Escape from these digits.jpg)
>>323833 If you use reaction images with him in them, you are literally Bateman.
(986.21 KB 705x592 meh.PNG)
>>323841 Hey Snake, thought you were dead
>>323846 I'm not Snake, my name is Iroquois Pliskin. He died on that tanker two years ago. I don't even like snakes, except maybe when cooked.
(299.99 KB 600x255 Escape from LA tranny.png)
>>323851 What the fuck am I reading?
>>323852 d-don't be wude (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞
(300.98 KB 656x998 screencap old snake.png)
(169.47 KB 626x705 ara ara old snake.png)
>>323584 Where the fuck is the cap of that former ubi-dev who told us all this shit like 3 months ago? I honestly thought he was larping. Crazy
>>323833 >Who the fuck empathizes with Patrick Bateman? He's a guy screaming to be unique and looking for recognition in an environment that demands uniformity and only cares about positions and titles. >He is a sick piece of shit, just read the book. Will see about reading it when I get the book. Have only seen the film.
(130.77 KB 669x673 Meguro laughing his ass off.jpg)
I was going to make a post wishing Shoji Meguro a happy birthday yesterday, but I had some things going on and I forgot. Meguro, if you're reading this by any chance, I apologize.
(1.16 MB 498x450 1604851162941.gif)
>>323478 Probably in a federal ward somewhere.
>>323905 The only terror event you need to worry about is my peenus weenus tearing up your boypussy
(25.02 KB 413x241 ClipboardImage.png)
>>323926 Now that's an omen if I ever saw one.
>>323926 Holy shit, that's pretty neat.
>>323926 Huh, i guess californians can have more fun now.
>>323934 It's open season towards criminals, Antifa and BLM now.
>>323938 I want to have more fun too, but that probably won't happen before a long time. t. not a burger
>>323926 >inb4 immediately followed by a controlled mass shooting to "prove" legalizing assault rifles is bad and they should be banned with further restrictions on top
>>323444 個人的な軍隊じゃん
>>323938 Hasnt that been the case for a long time with latinos getting illegal funs in order to protect themeselves from looters?
(164.20 KB 456x409 DigDug.png)
(883.41 KB 1837x1728 mckinsey.png)
>>323497 > I came across a company called Vanguard Vanguard is a part of Inclusive Capitalism. https://archive.is/bqR69 http://www.inc-cap.com/leadership/ Just some of the names: * Dominic Barton - Global Managing Director, McKinsey * Sharan Burrow - General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation * Ann Cairns - President, International Markets MasterCard * Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles - Group Head of Government Affairs, HSBC Holdings < (but it's not the government! they're a private company!) * Professor Herman Daems - Chairman of the Board BNP Paribas Fortis and KU Leuven * Dr Mohamed A. El-Erian - Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz; Chair, Global Development Council * Larry Fink - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BlackRock, Inc * Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild < OY VEY! You can't mention that name, goyim! * Dr Guido Fürer - Group Chief Investment Officer, Swiss Re < tard * Bob Greifeld - Chief Executive Officer, Nasdaq * Andrew Liveris - CEO, The Dow Chemical Company * F William McNabb III - Chairman and CEO, Vanguard * Kathleen Murphy - President, Personal Investing, Fidelity Investments * Indra Nooyi - Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo * Tracy Palandjian - Co-Founder and CEO, Social Finance > Ronald Moron Cohen's company. http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990_pdf_archive/274/274620963/274620963_201612_990.pdf > They were running the Democracy Fund https://archive.is/V4Arj and the White House Office of Social Innovation. https://archive.is/UVggG/ * Paul Polman - CEO, Unilever * Sir Evelyn de Rothschild - Chairman, E.L. Rothschild LLC * John J. Studzinski CBE - Vice-Chairman and Senior Managing Director, Blackstone * Darren Walker - President, The Ford Foundation Some of their Inclusive Capitalism organizers https://archive.is/2Yj90 and partners https://archive.is/PVIjt * City of London * Financial Times * Edelman * Rockefeller Foundation * Blavatnik Family Foundation And Blavatnik's partners https://archive.is/W8Wst * Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England * William Jefferson Clinton * Mathias Döpfner, Chairman and CEO of Axel Springer AG * Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel * Philipp Hildebrand, Vice Chairman of Blackrock * Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google Is Not What It Seems https://archive.is/XSD4h * George Weidenfeld, President of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (not anymore, see https://archive.is/oxh4K post 327932 and https://files.catbox.moe/qqjbfv.jpg ) * Lord Mark Malloch Brown https://archive.is/xoGQT the partner of George Soros https://archive.is/t8ypt https://archive.is/FiWW3 and vice chairman of the World Economic Forum at Davos https://archive.is/MJBL4 * Queen Elizabeth https://archive.is/KKaJ3 So what is "Inclusive Capitalism"? What are these "Inclusive" people doing? They are funding al-Qaeda https://archive.is/8ahQE directly, from the headquarters of Unilever https://archive.is/B57Rf Yes, that is one gigantic business-government alliance based on the principle that they should finance al-Qaeda. We are ruled by absolute idiots.
>>323979 If I recall correctly, it is one of the main investors in Microsoft.
(278.44 KB 1614x662 ajfatrack4.jpg)
>>323979 I've decoded about a third of the AJFA message. They were telling us that anti-GG worked for Richard Branson's company ONE.org and the order came from Morocco (Morocco Dirham = MAD). Part of the message is the initials of a Moroccan who co-founded the Clinton Global Initiative, runs the PR for the World Economic Forum, and is a member of the Epstein/Maxwell network. My theory is that they were working for the entire Organization of Islamic Conference. https://archive.is/vD1fx https://www.worlddata.info/alliances/oic-organization-of-islamic-cooperation.php And they were working for Russia and China since no one was stopping them. The entire network was taking orders from Prince Turki, Qatar, and from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. https://archive.is/uEeM9 http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1560 https://archive.is/OGzzc https://www.globalmbwatch.com/wadah-khanfar/ https://archive.is/yuWZi https://al-shabaka.org/policy-network/policy-advisors/ Note how the International Crisis Group's singular Israel/Palestine expert is from a PR shop for terrorists.
(202.57 KB 780x487 pakicensor.png)
>>323991 > If I recall correctly, it is one of the main investors in Microsoft. and Microsoft was one of the central hubs of anti-Gamergate. https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Microsoft There were similar groups in Facebook, Yahoo, every one of the tech companies. Microsoft's is only the one that we caught because they were so aggressive. The rest were quietly working for Saudi Arabia's "counter-terrorism" efforts to censor any opposition to Islam so that nobody organizes and shoots back as they take over the world. https://archive.is/xYSJz https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/12/12/1959689/0/en/The-United-Nations-Counter-Terrorism-Centre-performed-Cybersecurity-Innovation-Challenge-in-Collaboration-with-OICT-and-AIT.html
>>324027 also, we have Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, and George Soros together at a secret meeting. A little suspicious. https://archive.is/lMxMw https://www.nbcnews.com/id/wbna30851839
(169.60 KB 320x320 seriously.gif)
>>324019 >Zoe Quinn has slept with a lot of powerful people And none of them have the cash to pool together to hire a hitman?
>>323556 >smart money where do you fags get you financial nicknames?
(420.73 KB 1015x1066 89328162_p2.jpg)
>>323440 The question is, would you suck her benis, anon?
(80.79 KB 672x528 britishspies.jpg)
>>324044 Given that they were dealing with spooks, royalty, and a secretary of state who could give orders to the CIA, that could gave gotten them disappeared for thinking about it
>>324019 Am I still asleep? ┐( ̄ヘ ̄;)┌ Reality has been warping around me.
>>324051 Silly anon I only suck shota venjs because I am not gay
>>323449 >work for chinks >surprised you're fired when fanning the flames of chink civil war >thinks the chinks actually give a fuck if he comes back What a dumb fuck.
>>324056 I don't think he's surprised per-se. Now, are you going to give us the source of that image or what?
>>323822 They aren't mine. I just reposted a deleted post.
(460.80 KB 927x534 ClipboardImage.png)
(6.48 KB 426x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>323904 You are probably right-o Archives for his website go all the way until Geocities closed down back on 2009 https://web.archive.org/web/2009*/http://www.geocities.com/thefabian Which reminds me that I used to own a Geocities page as a child I don't think that having these interests that he had, particularly the photographers part made it a good idea to use his real name during the early days of the internet but it would probably be a lot worse today. I visited that website out of sheer curiosity, this is what it looked like around the time his work was in that doujin. It looked that way up until 2007, when it jus led you to a page that reads SOLD OUT What does this mean? Whatever happened to this guy? Or does that mean that he had to scrub his website because he got a job for some company? It's been over twenty years so who the hell knows (″ロ゛)
(38.01 KB 643x426 ClipboardImage.png)
>>324084 His website also had a fan mail section It's odd to see underage people commenting considering the nature of his work.
(10.57 KB 583x157 ClipboardImage.png)
>>324084 >>324085 This dude mailed him from a Dreamcast (!!!) 〣( ºΔº )〣
>>324087 >>324085 >>324086 By mail I should have said guestbook, which is a different thing.
So something kinda funny I noticed, activision went in and tagged every single image containing dingodile with their copyright tag on e621.
(3.25 MB 1983x2880 ClipboardImage.png)
(372.24 KB 480x480 ClipboardImage.png)
>>324084 Aaaand I guess that my quest ends here. It ends with extreme dissapointment might I add. This artist went from promising to utter shit within twenty years. His art style developed but in the worst way possible. He went from drawing cute lolis and being featured on loli/toddlercon compialtions to whatever the fuck this abomination on the right is Both these things are by the same guy, twenty odd years apart. How is that even possible? To get WORSE? I should probably make my own board to dump this autism ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ Sorry GamerGay
>>324101 >I should probably make my own board to dump this autism ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ Or you can post everything you found on /h/ or the loli boards.
>>324100 More likely, they added an alias tag to Dingodile to automatically tag Activision as the copyright holder
>>324106 Sure that's a way to go about it. I still think it's a little funny of a coincidence, given the redesign from the mobile game is now the mainline version of the character.
>>324105 I'll go to /delicious/ and make a thread since this is a western artist.
(60.95 KB 457x472 i have some concerns.png)
>>323478 >Photographers
>>323501 Living in a society.
(461.40 KB 1075x954 GAMERS.jpg)
(55.58 KB 400x437 3213123123.gif)
>>323478 Lolifaggots jerkin their pedo gherkins to a trace of sonic art
>>324119 It was a different time, 2001. I already found his twitter https://twitter.com/fabianbdart Most of his art seems to be lost, I made a thread on /delicious about this, feel free to drop by. >>>/delicious/14530
>>324133 Are ye 'avin a giggle m8? I just want to know if the guy still finds "the art in the little girl form". I couldn't care less about your meta bullshit.
(77.93 KB 317x441 Whew.png)
>>324143 >Are ye 'avin a giggle m8? No, he's definitely entirely serious. Would a joker ever call old 8chan "icky"? I don't think so, faggot.
>>324146 >faggot And I took that personally, I might have over 10GB worth of shotacon but its entirely for research purposes.
(237.38 KB 640x360 disgustatfakeswedes.png)
>>324133 Pretending to be retarded is still retarded. >>324148 >And I took that personally You could take that back to wherever you came from instead.
>>324151 I don't think I fit in there anymore, it's been well over two decades. Besides she is dead.
>>324155 boy do i have news for you
is this a gayop by a /hebe/fag upset that some fags who jerk it to lolicon don't like those who jerk it to 3dpd?
>>324157 Check mate ( ̄へ ̄)
>>324157 Probably, pretty sure I've seen his sperg outs before less it was different shit stirrers which is also possible.
>>324157 Dunno about the rest of this shit, I just think it's funny you fags are jerking it to a sonic trace I find pedophiles disgusting, but y'all probably don't care
(41.99 KB 640x640 80s.jpg)
>>324157 Imagine being still so deluded to try and maintain the idea that lolicon has absolutely nothing to do with 3dpd.
>>324160 >y'all Erm, that's not very gamer of you. That's a no-no word here. I'll have you evicted (#`Д´)
>>324165 Fuck you I'm actually from the south
>>324167 Cool, me too. From across the border
(1.97 MB 107x314 burning_rage_juice.gif)
>>324155 Did you get tired of being a pedantic fuckwit with only one thing on his mind and decided to be an annoying faggot who decides to be "ironic". This shitpost quality is fucking low, even for you. >>324157 I think its the same faggot that was pushing the 2D=3D faggotry some time ago on the meta thread and here. His rancid kind will fuck off to their site eventually where they'll stay there. I don't know the reason for the low quality posting in general though, can't blame it all on summerfaggotry. >>324164 There's a hard barrier between 2D and 3D that in many cases is insurmountable, if you can't accept that you genuinely don't belong in this thread(or the site, for that matter) and you need to fuck off to your shit-hole.
>>324133 >>324145 >>324148 >>324158 >>324160 >>324165 >>324179 Please stop. I can only take so much shitposting. If you niggers and pedoniggers continue, I will be forced to contact the local bobbies.
>>324183 Anon, do I need to remind you that conflating loli and pedophilia is against the final section of global rule 2? If you really must skirt this rule, at least take it to /site/ or the meta thread where you can also challenge the rule itself.
How long you faggots are going to sperg out about >muh drawings?
>this place down not too long ago >sleepychan down right now as well
>>324191 Can you at least take it to the lounge thread? (/・・)ノ (You)
>>324192 I only talk about it when the topic is brought up.
(11.34 KB 480x360 ebichu can't be.jpg)
>>324194 Yeah, can you do it there instead of here? This is a small board, people will find their way and argue with you, as much as you want. I personally don't care either but this derailment is unnecessary.
>>324195 Gomen.
>>324194 For all anyone knows, you're samefagging to bring the topic up. Take it elsewhere, negro.
>>324201 I'm not that bad. I'm not even discussing it anymore. See?
(747.10 KB 478x701 dick grayson.png)
(49.50 KB 903x774 Ari.png)
(1.16 MB 728x620 penis parker.png)
(252.84 KB 570x451 The more you know.png)
(1000.44 KB 509x701 Heroic Dick.png)
>>323425 >>323453 >>323463 Friend from flipland thought i was bullshitting her when i told them this was a new character. Apparently Ari often means penis. The more you know apparently. Fucking marvel can't even start conversations without pissing someone off now. Thank goodness i could jewgle the name otherwise that would have made for an awkward aftermath
>>324233 Now I'm imagine a comic of her breaking into some random guy's basement because she was told about how college girls were getting raped down there, bumbles around looking for "evidence", while somehow losing more and more of her outfit until she's running around naked with nothing but the mask and shield on while trying to cover her privates.
>>324237 >the mask and shield on while trying to cover her privates Funny thats what the friend said, though not in that context, more in a mean hearted: >What is she going to do(heroic deed)? cover her privates with a shield?
>>324252 >t.Hiroschlomo
>>324252 If you have time to complain then you have time to make a squilliam.
>>324252 Glowniggers help pay to keep this place up, otherwise they'd have to do their job
>>324233 (digits) >name means penis Their constant fuck ups when attempting diversity are genuinely entertaining. >>324252 So what did you get banned for this time. Also what were you expecting after the community was destroyed then reformed, and then scattered again. >>324265 How is firefox responsible for you using discord.
(306.57 KB 804x1201 His name is swedish for FUCK.webp)
>>324279 >name means penis Wait until you hear the other
(7.89 MB 320x240 Boot to the Head.mp4)
>>324283 >Swedish for Fuck I wonder how many instances of this kind of thing happen. Where someone tries to make an exotic sounding name only to realize said name means something that will get them in trouble somewhere else. >>324284 Never said I wanted you banned anon. I just assumed you drifted in here after cuckchan gave you the boot. >>324286 So where do you like to go these days then anon. Everywhere I liked to go is either half dead, dead, or dying a slow prolonged death.
(142.11 KB 500x635 A nice smile.png)
>>324286 Then why are you whining that this place is dead when most alternatives are deader or even less interesting than cuckchan while doing nothing to fix your problem by becoming a more active poster? Did bonegoblin's twitter post bring you here? >>324297 I remember that vid from a collection Jewgrounds, better times.I wonder where all the AA fags back on 8chan went.
(3.70 MB 1100x452 Omnilaugh.gif)
>>324297 It happened with Fire Emblem where they had to translate a character's name in the german release. In Fire Emblem's Telius saga, the main character has a little sister called Mist, obviously named after the english word. However, in german, mist means "horseshit" or "bullshit" can't remember which, so the germans used the german word for "mist/fog" as her name in that version only. But that's an accidental thing, the Knull shit is some retard trying to make the word "null" sound cool and ending up with a swedish swear word.
(45.75 KB 640x480 tits gtfo guide.jpg)
(115.66 KB 1024x568 mournful.jpg)
>>324325 >>324333 First and foremost, timestamp. Secondly, i'm neither impressed nor happy to see those, but rules are rules.
>>324337 i told u im not a girl but your friend doesn't believe
(29.32 KB 522x528 a.jpg)
How to make money out of inflation fast? [CLICK HERE]
>>324279 >Their constant fuck ups when attempting diversity are genuinely entertaining. I wish i wasn't caught in the damn crossfire
>>324353 Understandable. If given the option, I wish they were not pulling this dumb shit at all.
>>324343 >How to make money out of inflation fast? Loan as much as you can and buy bitcoin with it, then sell the bitcoin when it is worth 300x your initial loan. Just make sure the fucking jews didn't add "now your loan also gets updated by inflation" clause. Of course, you are betting your fucking life on such a silly game, go ahead only if you can also save and load.
(100.36 KB 424x419 Cream of disapproval.png)
>>324257 >>324269 >>324270 >>324271 >>324275 >>324282 >>324295 >>324301 What the fuck is wrong with this faggot?
(183.43 KB 850x719 store.jpg)
>>324365 He's the same hebenigger who spammed /v/, /b/ and /hebe/ with jailbait a couple of weeks ago.
>>324365 >>324371 The functioning part of my brain says ignore this and don't keep pulling things off topic, but the monkey brain wants to know what I missed
>>324375 Do you mean new movies?
>>324374 off-brand shitposting and loli is pedo arguments that have been debunked a million times, its like that arguing with jews thing that hitler or some other nazi guy said.
>>324374 (((Somebody))) shilled 8moe on a 3DPD porn site and this particular faggot stuck here because the porn site went down a couple of days later (and because he's a sperg).
>>324365 Only the last three are from me. Whoever "I" am.
>>324388 (you) are already dead
>>324389 Nani?!
>>324385 to be fair, acid isn't doing anyone a favor by keeping /hebe/ or /interracial/ around, it's as if he is letting them know their kind is welcome here, why would he leave? you would think after the death of 4/b/, you would know that inviting normalfags and cumbrains simply ruins communities. muh free speech doesn't matter much when you turn your community into another cuckchan, or worse
(497.44 KB 850x680 1464375028313.jpg)
>>324377 Yeah, haven't watched a single new movie since Endgame. Something new from the past 2 years. ANYTHING decent.
(89.11 KB 220x325 ClipboardImage.png)
>>324392 Have you watched The Lighthouse (2019) yet, wickie?
(7.04 KB 225x225 1449862951137.jpg)
>>324392 >Yeah, haven't watched a single new movie since Endgame.
>>324391 There's no community here for me to ruin You are nothing but remnants
>>324396 Endgame was 7/10 capeshit movie and a okay closure to Infinity War, which was probably the best capeshit since Ironman. Sadly, no other movie I can think of that released after endgame was as good as Endgame.
(7.69 MB 854x480 sm33433203.webm)
>>324398 >a okay closure to Infinity War, which was probably the best capeshit since Ironman
>>324398 >Watching capeshit >Watching anything >Ever
>>324398 Best capeshit was Burton's Batman
Wow. Actually deciding to review everything I've seen released in the past two years, the only things I can think of worth watching boil down to Joker and Midway, with honorable mentions to Bloodshot and Godzilla VS. Kong if it wasn't for the fact that both of those movies might as well be animated given how much CGI they use.
(26.22 KB 640x480 yamcha.jpg)
>>324400 >implying any jewwood capeshit movie after Ironman was any good >implying I'm actually wrong What did you expect after Infinity War? For their million dollar capeshit boy Spidercuck to stay dead? Infinity gauntlet had to have a arc. Endgame did that, and it did that in it's obvious way you'd expect. Big climatic jewwood battle? Of course it was going to have that. Endgame really only failed in the details of anything. The plot on a fuzzy level was solid but the details was dumb. Maybe 7/10 is a bit high for some niggers but if you haven't watched it and only have a kneejerk cringe reaction from a couple of webms showing the worst parts of the film, I can't really say anything to you, can I? Infinity War is only the best post 2008 capeshit movie because it had the balls to kill everyone off and Thanos was the best (that doesn't mean he's good you fucking assuming faggot) villain capeshit had for awhile >>324402 I didn't like the 1989 Batman as much as the 2008 one. But I had a lot more fun with Iron Man. >>324406 Yeah. Joker is the only exception but I didn't really think of that movie. I didn't watch Godzilla vs Kong. Was it as dumb as the last one?
>justifiably calls it capeshit >still follows it near religiously sometimes my expectations are too high
(483.07 KB 2697x1960 EhGwp9UWAAA6pkL.jpg)
>>324377 See, THIS is why no one posts here. Politics? Fine; GG related. Random porn? Fine; GG Related. Pop culture (movies, comics, games)? CURATED (Not GG related!)
>>324409 I still call shonenshit, shonenshit, but that doesn't stop me from watching/reading Haitus X Hiatus and Boku no Picodemia.
>>324407 >What did you expect after Infinity War? For their million dollar capeshit boy Spidercuck to stay dead? That's what I hoped for. The Marvel movies nosedived in quality after The Avengers, and the only ones worth watching in the first place was Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. > Infinity War is only the best post 2008 capeshit movie because it had the balls to kill everyone off Infinity War was just a series of each hero acting like an idiot, letting Thanos getting each step closer towards achieving his goals, that exists for no other reason than to provide drama and pad out the runtime. The End of Evangelion ending was the perfect ending after everything that happened.
>>324412 it's called being a retard and having garbage taste, you don't need to tell me about it
>>324401 >>324400 as someone who actually read the comic books, I was excited for the first two iron man movies, captain america and even avengers. after that, the movies were so mainstream they not only made me ashamed to be associated with them in any way, but also ruined the comics themselves, that was right before marvel put a bullet in their head and went full woke, anyways I'm actually surprised that it took this long to make a proper avengers game than anything, considering how MCU exploded in popularity. Seriously, it's a setting ripe for a video game adaptation, and they sat their asses on that for years. When it did come out, it was a disaster, similar to the levels of Anthem and Fallout 76, I assume most people forgot about it by now. I have no clue how you can have an IP that has a bulletproof concept(such as a dude in a flying suit of power armor), a blank check when it comes to the setting and story, if you tie it to the comic books somewhat, and not do anything with it other than having a few cash grab tie ins to the movies.
>>324411 >no one posts here nigger what are you talking about? The GG threads are the most active on the site, and far more active than any of the bunker shit boards. Pop culture has relevance to GG when its censorship or SJ-related pozz; personally I don't agree with censoring general discussion of it but don't act like such a faggot because /v/ isn't fucking /co/, /tv/, or /tg/ (the former 2 have far more problems and I wouldn't want it touching them to begin with) Go back to Gahoole's sweaty body if you want that shit to be a regular topic. Here it should only be allowed when its not a problem to the threads. Though I'm speaking without looking at what happened in the thread mind you. I don't support curation of the GG threads either.
>>324416 >I'm actually surprised that it took this long to make a proper avengers game than anything What about Ultimate Alliance?
>>324418 I believe these came BEFORE the MCU, but I could be wrong They are based off the comic books, at any rate. That's exactly my point, all they had to do was make that, maybe in 3D, and they would have made bank after the avengers
>>324411 >muh curation meme If some poster gets reported enough times then there's probably something he ain't doing right. Almost any discussion is allowed ITT, I swear that some fags just want to complain for the sake of it.
>>324421 >all they had to do was make that, maybe in 3D, and they would have made bank after the avengers You can blame that on Disney. There was a licensed game for every MCU film that came out until The Avengers, when Disney decided that they weren't making enough money from game licenses and publishing in general and scrapped everything except for Disney Infinity. Since then, prior to SquarEnix's blunder, the only other Marvel game was the Lego titles.
>>324417 >They most active <5-10 samefags sperging over random shit <The ocasional schizo who post or derail because fuck yeah he can <The ocasional tourist who lurks and inmediately leaves the thread Ye' nah chief, ain't buying that
(45.39 KB 1024x576 Tanya Disappointed.jpg)
>The video "Internet Darlings vs. The Gay Community" cannot be found on the internet anymore due to gays being offended by wrestlers making homosexual jokes in their promos >MFW it's lost forever
>>324428 Too bad it's "wronghtink" lost media and the entire lost media clique is run by trannies from discord.
>>324425 That was such a waste. Remember when Arkham was the newest hot thing since sliced bread, and a new game was coming out what seemed like every other year? They could have had that with Iron man and friends, and the games would most likely still be coming out every other year, considering the cult following among the soy boys alone What a missed opportunity. And if I remember correctly, Arkham was originally going to be a tie in game to the dark knight movie anyways, but they changed direction or tone or something at some point and it more or less came out as it's own separate story, but around the time movie came out to attract new buyers anyways. I don't know how accurate that description is anymore ,but point is they could even make something based off the comic books, not directly related to the movies, and it would still sell copies as long as characters from the movies were in it
>>324427 Then leave faggot, why would you be here if its so dead to you anyways?
>>324431 >Remember when Arkham was the newest hot thing since sliced bread, and a new game was coming out what seemed like every other year? They could have had that with Iron man and friends, and the games would most likely still be coming out every other year, considering the cult following among the soy boys alone You're forgetting two things. First, Arkham was a completely independent passion project that didn't have any ties to then-released Nolan films. Hell, just before Arkham Asylum was released, they actually released a game based in Batman Begins, and dropped everything for a follow-up game with The Dark Knight when Arkham Asylum came out and proved to be so popular. Also, second thing is that practically of companies abandoned film-licensed games around 2013. Remember that, in the most recent examples, we had games based on Wanted, Terminator, James Bond, The Expendables, Avatar, Tron, Star Trek, The Last Airbender. All that gone after 2013.
Trump's doing a speech at a rally. He's talking about the fraud now.
>>324401 Had to watch and explain to friends. Hated every fucking minute of it? >But why doesn't thanos just make infinite resources >>324436 > The Dark Knight Was such shit
>>324428 Smarks likely flagged it down, they love hiding their favorite indie wrestlers flaws from the woke mob but love going after wrestlers they find "problematic" such as Hulk Hogan. >>324430 >lost media and the entire lost media clique is run by trannies from discord. That's /x/'s fault for not gatekeeping, SCP turned the same way.
(607.33 KB 330x438 shitposting loudly.gif)
>>324414 I do.
>>324365 >>324370 I've noticed that there's quiet a bit of oyakodan porn of Cream the Rabbit & her mom for some reason or is that just me?
(282.51 KB 526x443 barron.png)
(143.14 KB 479x354 EsdfJSfW4AENBnv.jpg)
>>324437 He better apologize for selling out his supporters who protested at the capital. I didn't even know it was even illegal to enter the "peoples house" for fucks sake. Antifa, blm can get away with their shit for months and even set washington DC on literal fire but when jan 6th happned the left treats it like 9/11 when they been doing even worse shit for MONTHS non stop. I'd still vote for him over any other politician though, Candace Owens should be his VP. I want Ron Desantis to stay my governor, if hes gone then Florida is truly fucked
>>324445 It's totally just you, nobody absolutely NOBODY has noticed this seemingly hidden pattern before. ( ̄~ ̄)
>>324407 >Was it as dumb as the last one? If you want to watch Godzilla and Kong fighting each other, then its alright, most people just want to see the two big famous monsters. The human interactions in the Monsterverse however are really lame that I stopped give a shit about them. >>324437 What's his goal?
>>324448 As if the Humans in the jp films had been any better, Shin Godzilla was cringeworthy.
>>324448 What the fuck do you think he does rallies for? You don't even need to fucking think about it at this point its obvious.
>>324450 Because he likes doing them ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
>>324446 He did shittalk the Left quite a bit and made fun of Biden falling over three times. Even called (((Zuckerberg))) out and the media in general. You could say he's giving out false hope but that's a lot better than prescribing a bottle of niggerpills. >>324448 Making leftists seethe is good enough for me. The stream nearly reached 170k viewers and got over 100k likes.
>>324450 The only thing I know that he does rallies is to gain and maintain his supporters, and he's planning to be POTUS again in the next 4 years. But I think it would be hard for him to be president again because of the whole crap of the Capitol Riots, considering that he condemned the rioters of entering into the building.
>still thinking Trump is anything but controlled opposition
>>324437 I'm legitimately surprised he hadn't been suicided yet after being forced into radio silence by (((big tech))) banning him from all platforms and his stubborn boomer refusal to go anywhere that isn't twatter. >>324454 >Making leftists seethe is good enough for me. <vote for the back who backstabbed you to own le libs
>>324458 Alex Jones, The Corbett Report, and David Icke are what I would call controlled opposition. Trump is just a guy flying things by the seems of his pants, who manages to piss off everyone by just being himself.
>>324467 (・・ ) ?
>>324464 Luciano, you don't even live in Commiefornia.
>>324470 didn't even know luciano came to these threads. This is the first time I've ever seen him post hear.
>>324284 There is no point in you complaining. We can do whatever we want to. You don't control anyone here.
>>324446 >>324448 >>324450 >>324456 He's coming back into office this year.
>>324446 It's made even more ludicrous considering the black panthers actually stormed the capitol with assault rifles in hand. Notice how the media made no attempt to compare the two incidents and instead chose to relate it to 9/11? It's actually more fitting because both were inside jobs.
(156.86 KB 836x972 Goblin Cop.jpg)
>>324491 Not happening at all. Even if Biden were to be convicted of fraud he would be impeached but Trump wouldn't be reinstated at all. Someone else would get approved via the house of representatives or the senate.
>>324491 No, he's not. Not going full niggerpill here, but unless Trump manages to convince the military that he is justly commander in chief he's not doing anything. There's quite literally nothing otherwise. And that means the military has to do some secret tribunal shit to find something out, find enough proof that they feel their asses could be on the line if they don't do anything, and then get enough of the sitting niggers to act. Then, and only then, can Trump be the best president we've had in years by doing absolutely nothing, including actually cracking down on Big Tech which is arguably his second biggest enemy right now. Basically >>324495. If Biden and Kamala are impeached and convicted of fraud, then you're looking at President Nancy Pelosi. Which is the opposite of what fucking anyone wants. I seriously doubt a single person wants Pelosi over Biden, except Pelosi. So you can't even get him in at that angle either. They'll have to really coordinate double as hard if they don't want the slower democrats to win 2022.
(16.76 MB 2065x2823 ClipboardImage.png)
Have something for those looking for pulp magazines: http://www.luminist.org/archives/periodicals_index.htm This site has PDF scans of just about every periodical you can think of released up through the 1970's. Figured it was worth posting for those looking for different material in regards to literature due to how shit things have become.
>>324497 >implying someone from the legislative branch can be allowed to take executive office without being voted in it will be cabinet members instead
>>324502 I thought it was VP - Speaker of the House -> senate votes on a nig in terms of replacement.
>>324503 Well its never been put into practice, but some other anon mentioned a rule prohibiting someone transferring from legislative to executive branch. Of course the law only matters if anyone cares about it.
>>324503 >>324505 Here's the law detailing the line of succession: https://archive.vn/mRysx The catch, however, is that you have to be qualified to be president in the first place (As in, there's nothing stopping you for running for election) in order to not be skipped over. In other words, if Biden was impeached, Pelosi would immediately become president as Harris' birth doesn't allow her to assume the office of president.
>>324375 No. All movies from pedowood are shit.
>>324508 >Pelosi would immediately become president as Harris' birth doesn't allow her to assume the office This is incorrect, because even if it's true that the circumstances of her birth would technically preclude her from office, absolutely nobody on either side of the isle or the courts or the military have any intention to actually uphold those qualifications. The Dems would not have allowed her to be picked for VP, hell hand picked her for VP as she ticks all the right boxes and is a loyal whore of the establishment, if they couldn't actually put her in office. Joe being removed by one means or another, and her stepping in, was the plan all along. Whether or not they'll wait for the mid-terms is the only question in play. It wouldn't surprise me if they really do want to repeat the birther nonsense of the Obama era since it provided a bountiful harvest of bullshit they could use to point to the Tea Partiers and smear them in the media as irrational lunatics. The modern GOP is not the NeoCon party anymore - and hasn't been since Bush. It's an amalgam of Libertarianism, Reagan Republicans, and (after the last 6 years of REEEEgressive politics) even moderate liberals. Trump united them all under a populist banner, but it's still very much searching for it's center as they gain momentum. Especially now without Trump there as a focus, they have a prime opportunity to strike at the heart of the nascent movement with internal confusion and noise to get them to tear each other apart for them. Even if true, reintroducing birther bullshit would just be handing them the poisoned knife.
>>324508 Obongo, El Rato, among others weren't born American either, and that didn't them from running.
I'm obese. Should I get the jewvaxx? Doctor says yes but I don't wanna catch myocarditis or turn into a Nemesis T-Type. For all I know mRNA is something that allows nanobots to stay in your bloodstream for years so that they can remotely stop your heart from a control room in the pentagon.
>>324497 >but unless Trump manages to convince the military that he is justly commander in chief The Military has nothing to do with it. There is simply no constitutional process by which to resolve this kind of scenario in the way that people want. They would just remove anybody involved, and believe me - nobody is going to be found to be involved direction aside from low-level officials and interns - and follow the existing rules for succession of office. >>324525 >I'm obese. Should I get the jewvaxx? Why bother, you're going to dodge the coof just to die to 'beetus. Lose weight, and see if you can find a doctor to prescribe Ivermectin. It hasn't been fully tested as a preventative for Covid, but data from samples where people were prescribed the drug for other ailments are HIGHLY encouraging. It's also extremely safe and has been in use for a long time as an antiparasitic.. so we actually have a well documented understanding of it's long-term effects and acute side-effects. Also, it's out of patent and extremely cheap. Not only would it being effective be a huge financial blow to drug peddlers, but it being effective would outright kill the Covid vaccine since the coofjab is only approved for emergency use. If Ivermectin works, there is no emergency and the coofjab has to go back to the lab for 6~8 years until proper clinical trials are complete.
>>324525 You have to make the cost benefit analysis yourself. Being obese is the highest comorbidity condition for just about every disease, including corona. It's one thing if you want to avoid being vaccinated because you're young and relatively healthy, but if you're already at risk it's worth considering. You'd probably feel pretty retarded if you ended up in the hospital because someone on an imageboard convinced your obese ass that if you got the vaccine nanobots would control your brain. But it's very difficult to make any sort of definitive assessment. The numbers are all over the place in terms of how deadly it is, some people exaggerate it too much and others down play it too much. It certainly doesn't help that the government is rhetorically incompetent and routinely fucks their optics game in the ass by saying and doing stupid shit. As someone who is a pretty paranoid person these days I'm paralyzed by not trusting the government but also not trusting a single thing dipshits on the internet peddle either. Everyone is driven by insane ideological nonsense and are all too confident is asserting things that have no fucking clue about as fact. So just be yourself, anon.
>>324525 The nanotechnology in mRNA vaccines is just wrapping the mRNA in "nano"-sized globules of fat. If they were capable of keeping a secret like the vaccine being malicious despite all the people and multiple companies in multiple countries involved (or a secret like nanobots existing) they could just as easily put it in your food or in the vaccines you got as a baby. >>324527 It's extremely safe by the standards of medication, it can still have side effects. Taking something preventative is held to a higher standard (even when that doesn't make sense) that's why they flipped out about a handful of blood clots out of millions of vaccinations.
>>324532 >It's extremely safe by the standards of medication <Never mind that the Corona-chan vaccine hasn't had even a fraction of the tests that normal vaccines have <Not to mention of records of all the tests that they DO conduct all result in the test animals universally expiring
>>323506 Hey can someone with Shitter tell the kike with Israeli flags in his name that Mark was the one who was rejected by Josh and only got a board here, and not Julay, or Zchan, or anywhere else, because he was the first to claim it here before getting buddy buddy with Acid? I know those fuckers don't care about the truth but for God's sake.
>>324532 >It's extremely safe by the standards of medication, it can still have side effects. Yes, and I acknowledged that it had side effects. Point being, however that it's risk profile is MUCH more well understood than any of the Covid vaccines - and so long as your doctor knows you're taking it, they can keep an eye on any potential interactions or recognize and accurately diagnose adverse reactions quickly before they have a chance to do much long-term damage. And not all prophylactic medication is held to such high a standard, such as asprin - which can have severe negative side effects with long term use or over-dose, but is sold over-the-counter in unregulated amounts. Not to say that Ivermectin is as safe as asprin, but in emergency use scenarios, this should considered as a first line of defense. Besides, as I understand it, the mechanism by which it provides protection from Covid is much more broad spectrum than the vaccine - offering it a much higher potential resilience against mutations compared to the vaccines which are (all, I believe) just targeting the spike protein.
>>324535 You're being kind of revisionist. Mark funded this site with Acid and was clearly in talks with him about it before it went live. This site was a reactionary creation to Mark bailing on 8kun, not something Mark stumbled across. To say that Mark "used the same words" or whatever is silly because Mark didn't actually have a hand on the site creation itself, though.
>>324535 I thought Josh was the kike with the flags. I honestly can't keep track of these irrelevant niggers anymore.
>>324538 Never the less Josh literally rejected Mark first. The Twitter jew is acting like Mark went out of his way to come here instead of approaching Josh first and lord knows who else, knowing the fat fuck he probably sent out messages begging to at least be a mod or something on the other /v/'s before coming here. >>324540 If it is, Josh is a bigger retard than thought because he himself said he rejected Mark, meaning he's contradicting himself to look as good as possible without remembering that posts made in the past are a thing.
>>324498 >that picture I'll bet you 10 internets that's someone's fetish.
>>324538 >reactionary everything is a reaction, this word is mostly used by lefties describing everything that's opposed to them
>>324541 >If it is, Josh is a bigger retard than thought because he himself said he rejected Mark, meaning he's contradicting himself to look as good as possible without remembering that posts made in the past are a thing. Josh is a retard but he's not contradicting himself. My guess is he told Mork that he could move /v/ to 9chan if loli was banned. Basically he would have to abide by the same rules that caused the exodus from 8kun. He's just being a disingenuous faggot like always because he's an unbelievably massive faggot. I truly think Josh is one of the biggest faggots on the entire internet.
>>324544 The word reactionary has application outside of the fact you hear leftists say it a lot you fucking retard. Are the same kind of retard that thinks words like "problematic" should be stripped from our vocabulary because leftists use it to describe random shit they don't like? Stop being stupid.
>>324495 I don't care about Trump getting back in power, I just don't want electron fraud to slide.
>>324546 you stated it was a "reactionary creation", this has meaning outside of just "reacting" to a thing. the word mostly has a political meaning to it, just like the word "progressive"
(2.72 MB 400x400 Boogie trying to skate.webm)
>>324525 >Should I get the jewvaxx? No. If even healthy people have horrible side-effects from the vaccine, then you will most certainly die. Your body is already struggling with one thing, there is no need to pile twenty other things on top just to potentially reduce your risk of a memevirus. If would be better for you to get things that actually work against the virus such as any of the following options: >HCQ with azithromycin >vitamin C, D and K with zinc >ivermectin >quercetin with vitamin C and bromelain >remdesivir Other than remdesivir, all these options work both prophylactically and when shit starts go do down. The vaccine on the other hand has yet to be proven to work for anything other than depopulation.
>>324548 I don't understand what reactionary is supposed to imply politically. Reacting to something isn't political. To be a progressive implies you want to progress, to be reactionary implies you want to react? Everyone reacts to everything, what does that even mean? I'm aware leftists use this term, I just refuse to understand it.
(1.22 MB 1024x568 ClipboardImage.png)
>>324550 >If even healthy people have horrible side-effects from the vaccine, then you will most certainly die. Sou ka. I'm not one of those "healthy at every size" faggots, so I'm not trying to pretend I'm healthy despite being fat, but outside of that and IBS, I don't really have any serious conditions. My blood pressure's good, my cholesterol, testosterone and stuff are all fine, I'm trying my hardest to lose weight (although there is a lot of weight I have to lose). I've done my blood tests and everything checks out well, the only problem I have is that my triglycerides are slightly elevated. I take multivitamins and don't always eat garbage, most of the time I eat home-cooked stuff. I'm not entirely sure how many people are dying from the vaccine which is why I asked, but so far my doctor seems to have advised me to get it as the risk of me dying from the actual virus is far greater than the vaccine, or so he says. So I may do the vaccine. If I do croak you can have my retro game collection.
(2.97 MB 1278x1118 glownigs_watchingme.webm)
>>324557 >but so far my doctor seems to have advised me to get it as the risk of me dying from the actual virus is far greater than the vaccine, or so he says That is most likely because he is looking at it from the perspective of "well i've been perfectly fine the past ten shots i have had as a doctor, this new one will undoubtedly be the same". Over here I have had a fair number say that they most certainly won't get theirs even if it means getting fired. The immense opposition from the medical establishment worldwide during the initial phases of the outbreak to the solutions previously stated alone should give a fairly decent indication as to its effectiveness. For the past 70 or so years HCQ has been something anyone can get over the counter super cheap, immediately after the outbreak started not only were pharmacies refusing to sell it over the counter as they had done for the past 70 years but they were also refusing to sell it to doctors, with a fair number of governments also additional putting pressure on top. And then, to nobody's surprise, politicians were somehow magically getting theirs despite these hurdles.
>>324551 Reactionary means you are reacting to the revolution. Since you are reacting to it, it is implied that you are not part of it and therefore are either simply an obstruction or in direct opposition to this same revolution. >To be a progressive implies you want to progress Specifically advancing the progression of the timeline set by historical materialism, which is a retarded concept by the commies that effectively means the historical progression of certain thresholds that history not only should not go back on but that it is outright incapable of regressing past. In other words, by sheer magic information cannot be lost by any means whatsoever and technological progress also by complete magic inevitably progresses into a singular direction towards utopia. A progressive is by definition a communist, there is no "slightly more on the right" or "more of a centrist" regarding progressivism, they are simply communists trying to chip away bit by bit towards their end-goal.
>>324557 Let me put it simply for you sir: The risk from the virus are known. The risks from the vaccine are unknown. Better the devil you know
>>324525 >I'm obese lol ur fat
>>324525 >stop your heart Being fat will do that quicker than some glowniggers can.
(114.64 KB 640x480 Scott Steiner - He's Fat.mp4)
(162.41 KB 540x392 hohol pro..jpg)
(51.44 KB 600x457 absolutely hohol.jpg)
>>324582 t. salo pro :^)
(19.38 KB 500x449 moesmile.jpg)
>>324580 >The risk from the virus are known. >The risks from the vaccine are unknown. I mean it is known that the virus likes to kill fatties. The vaccine risks are unknown, granted, but I just don't buy fully into the belief that the jew cabal is trying to murder us money-spending goys. Either way I'm on a sinking ship here and I have to make a choice soon. I hate being forced into a decision where either choice is a gamble with my life but here we are. Thanks China. I guess I have a third option which is that I continue living my NEET lifestyle and not leaving the house for any reason which has worked so far, but the problem is I live with somebody who goes out to work and do stuff and if she brings home the coof one day and gives it to me, I'm fucked. Despite being a NEET I don't much like this lifestyle, I did enjoy going out once in a while instead of not at all. I don't like house arrest not being my own choice.
>>324597 If you're a fatty, the not-vaccine will probably kill you too. Why not lose the weight?
>>324598 I am losing weight. The problem is I am very large and there is a lot of weight to lose. It doesn't happen instantaneously. It's going to take a long time for me to drop it all and in the meantime the virus is coming.
>>324597 Let's assume for a second the vaccine actually works in some capacity and the side effects are just that rather than the prime purpose the pharma corps just don't give a shit, they want their shekels. That'd mean you can just let others get the vaccine and the chinkflu dies out through that. So if you make it through the next couple months, you should be golden, and the chance of getting it lowers every day. At least that's my plan as a fellow fattie.
>>324557 Good for you anon, I found out I was obese 2 weeks ago and started dieting, already lost ~10 lbs. I recommend trying one of those couch to 5k programs.
(779.08 KB 1094x1334 f8750e3521ff7b5ebf01bcf3aff7a5d1.png)
>>324566 >That is most likely because he is looking at it from the perspective of "well i've been perfectly fine the past ten shots i have had as a doctor, this new one will undoubtedly be the same". The doctor has the advantage of monitoring dozens, if not hundreds, of patients who likely all have had the vaccine. So he's basing it's safety and efficacy on what he's seeing in their data - not his own subjective experience. That said, it's the long term effects of the vaccine, not the short term - which are not known. If they had catastrophic side-effects significantly outside of the normal range for vaccine reactions in the short term, we'd have known about it. >>324580 >The risk from the virus are known. The long-term effects of the virus are not well known. We know about the short-term effects, the sickness, but it may be decades before we find out if it has other knockon effects. It's caused a strange array of tissue damage and sensory damages. It's not outside of the realm of possibility that it may have other effects that won't manifest for years or decades on. Look at Chicken Pox. Fairly harmless in childhood, but you're never really cured of it. It gets into your nervous system and resurge when you're much older in the form of shingels. Shingles isn't typically harmful when it flares up, but it's in the nerves, it can be painful as fuck. We just don't know yet the full scope of the problem.
>>324543 it probably has an entire subculture on deviantart
(3.09 MB 345x525 TAKE_IT.webm)
>>324597 >Either way I'm on a sinking ship here and I have to make a choice soon Not really. The choices you are giving are all the wrong ones, every single one of them. It's like the choice between saving the sinking ship by drinking the ocean dry and saving the sinking ship by dumping all of the passengers including yourself into the water to make it float better. Both are retarded and so are you for refusing any and all solutions that aren't those two. >>324603 >we'd have known about it. I always find it incredibly hilarious whenever anyone tries to give me "well, that's how it SHOULD work" as their reasoning. It "should" work that way, but it never does. In fact, people saying that it's how it "should" work generally is a pretty good indicatator that it doesn't.
>>324603 Why would the long term affects of covid-19 be any different than other coronaviruses like SARS? More than likely we would see similar outcomes to those. >>324597 >jew cabal is trying to murder us money-spending goy More than likely there will be a yearly covid booster shot. Already we know that the federal government has given the vaccine manufacturers immunity from lawsuits from vaccine related issues. It's not about murder. It's about getting you to buy more shit.
>>324609 >The choices you are giving are all the wrong ones, every single one of them. So, what? The only right choice is listening to anons who aren't doctors and don't know my medical history tell me to down a shitload of pills I've never heard of?
>>324621 Time to trust the actual doctors then anon and get your yearly shot.
>>324625 This. I'm not getting the vaccine because I've never taken a flu shot. If you require that shit more than once I'm not putting in the effort to go get it. No amount of Krispy Kreme donuts or Nintendo Switches or cape shit movies is going to make me not lethargic enough to do that. It's either sex or nothing tell you superiors at Mossad NSA.
(442.20 KB 1920x1088 Mossad Dog.jpg)
>>324628 >Thinking with your dick and wanting 3DPD like a normalnigger..
(2.35 MB 320x180 HCQStellaEmmanuel.webm)
>>324621 >shitload of pills I've never heard of? Those are all alternatives to one another that get used by doctors to treat patients that have severe cases. Most of them have been used as prophylactics long before corona and unless something has changed they are still available without needing a perscription (except remdesivir). HCQ and quercetin are zinc ionophores, they aren't some super exotic drug, they simply let zinc into cells. Can't remember how ivermectin works but remdesivir is an antiviral that simply inhibits RNA polymerase and as such prevents viruses from reproducing. I'm not just blindly naming random drug names, I am stating things that have been used by a fair number of doctors to treat it and that have actually worked for people.
>>324620 >Why would the long term affects of covid-19 be any different than other coronaviruses like SARS? More than likely we would see similar outcomes to those. You're right. More than likely, we wouldn't see long-term effects significantly different than other SARS variants. However, this is a new variant - a novel strain - that may contain epidemiological properties that are novel. It was also tinkered with in a lab, and since we've been dragging our feet for a year trying to pretend that it wasn't because it was politically convenient for some... we don't know exactly what the goal of that gain of function research was geared towards, or how successful it was at the stage of development it was in when it escaped. It already has symptoms (such as loss of smell and taste) which are not part of the pathology of other SARS variants. You can't just sit back and say, "well it's SARS, so it'll behave like SARS". We don't know yet.
(1.62 MB 349x190 sadleopard.gif)
>>324635 I don't wanna make a mistake but everyone seems ideologically motivated and I don't know who to believe. I can only really believe my doctor. I also have a large family with many members who have gotten their second doses already. So the fact that they're all fine gives me hope that I will be. But then again I am the only one in my family who's as fat as I am.
>>324651 thats a cheetah though
>>324652 >thats a cheetah though Don't assume it's species, bigot.
(1.28 MB 320x213 sad orange.gif)
(643.60 KB 588x3759 db-fullpage.png)
The anti DDoS service used by several prominent sites such as rutracker and Nyaa got hacked so if you use these sites you might want to prepare for downtime. https://archive.is/Od4lw
>>324658 Assuming it's real and a dox of everyone who ever used its service is on there, how the fuck did they let some yahoo on a script-kiddie forum get his hands on it? Why the fuck is everyone who runs an alternative to "big-tech" services completely fucking retarded?
>>324660 Everyone's getting hacked. Remember Sony? Equifax? Microsoft got hacked so bad a few months ago you'd see news every single week of them realizing it was even worse than their worst case scenario. DBs also get sold on random sites all the time.
>>324661 There's a difference in skill though. Most of those large hacks happen through zero-day exploits that there's no way to defend against. The small hacks, like the mangadex hack, happen because they're too retarded to get someone who knows what he's doing and so misconfigure shit/don't update when new exploits become known/etc.
>>324651 >I can only really believe my doctor. Well your doctor is a retard, what else can I say? If anything goes wrong, he won't claim responsibility for that. He might pay lipservice, maybe throwing a few breadcrumbs your way and will give a bit of surface-level sentimental bullshit before carrying on with his life, but he won't take responsibility for any of the consequences. As with the companies that have been granted total immunity to any lawsuits, he won't pay your medical bills. I mean, why would he? He will just say he didn't know and that he simply trusted the guy in the next link of the chain, after which he will offer you additional treatment to solve the problems this one caused. Not for free though. And he can be as well-intended as can be, he doesn't need to hate you to do any of this.
>>324664 >Most of those large hacks happen through zero-day exploits that there's no way to defend against. I'm not so sure, I feel I've heard plenty of big hacks that happened because of them doing dumb stuff. Equifax's hack for instance was because someone left an exposed service with a default admin:admin access if I remember correctly.
>>324417 >nigger what are you talking about? The original question post was "curated" >>324375 Because it obviously didn't contain enough Trump/eceleb bullshit.
(284.25 KB 1920x1080 New Vegas Fantastic.jpg)
>>324664 >because they're too retarded to get someone who knows what he's doing That's a problem on every level of every industry. Someone that tests well but isn't suited for the job gets in, and then suddenly your foot bridge turns into a wave ride, or you're buying data back from сука блять
>>324658 Are people going to finally realize that there is no security better then something physical? "Cybersecurity" seems to be a meme and not remotely possible
(186.55 KB 2048x1280 Computer Security.jpg)
>>324672 >"Cybersecurity" seems to be a meme and not remotely possible. It's always been a meme. It's like those ADT signs in front of people's houses, that's only there to scare off dummies and scrubs, but really is just an expensive safety blanket. I started using computers on a 386, and even back then the rule of thumb was - if you're on a network, don't assume that you're secure.
>>324672 i still find it strange when even people here ask why i keep all my passwords in a notebook and why i'm not using a password manager
>>324676 It's much safer that way.
(115.25 KB 1229x1326 Decoder Ring.jpg)
>>324676 But did you encrypt the passwords in your notebook?
>>324665 Are you a doctor, Anon? I live in Canada, I don't know if that was apparent since I thought there was a flag that showed up, but I don't have to pay any medical bills here.
>>324674 >Tubular locks What a fucking meme, you can open a good chunk of them by jamming a pen in them. >>324664 The mangadex hack happened because someone left an admin-tier acount auth token that was leaked in the previous hack stay active which is retarded in two ways, an auth token of that kind shouldn't be active for more than a few hours certainly fucking not a few months and you should always nuke everything after a leak.
>>324686 >Are you a doctor, Anon? No. I do however take great interest in medicine. There was far too much corruption in the realm of medicine for me to have ever considered becoming one. And in the modern day it hasn't gotten any better, it has only gotten worse.
(106.59 KB 1222x267 notebook.jpg)
>>324679 >paranoid anon encrypts his notebook password by writing it down with his semen so the only way to see it is under a UV light Absolutely foolproof
>>324693 If only that wasn't the first thing feds do when combing through your double headshot suicide. Wonder if there's anything that gets activated from infrared light instead.
>>324664 >>324691 Why's the mangadex leak a big deal? The passwords are all still safe. Besides, anybody who uses the same password for more than one thing deserves what's coming to them. It really doesn't seem like something worth shutting the site down over.
>Elon Musk tweets 💦🚀 in reference to the memecoin CUMROCKET on the CUMMIES network >Laughed about this shitcoin a month ago >Would have been a good move simce its up 4x by now >There is a very good chance it will get reported on and that my dad will ask me what CUMMIES means
>>324706 make sure you're wearing your cutest panties when he asks so you can give a full demonstration and remember how to spell uwu
>>324699 >Why's the mangadex leak a big deal Because it's the only site scanlators post manga releases on anymore. Before, they used to have their own readers on their own site, or made their releases available for download from Mediafire or Megaupload.
(115.43 KB 1079x1076 hi cumming.jpg)
>>324712 so that daddy can tear it off
>>324709 Yeah, I understand that. What I don't get is why did they need to shut the entire site down? The passwords weren't leaked, so it's basically a whole load of nothing.
>>324716 I don't even get what the big deal is if the accounts got leaked. What fucking point are the accounts on mangadex besides making a throwaway one to use the search function/follow some releases? It's not like my life is over now that someone knows I like a shounen-shit.
>>324718 Exactly. "Oh no, they'll find out what manga I like". It's fucking nothing.
>>324719 >>324718 >>324716 The site closed because they took the opportunity of the attack to upgrade the site entirely. The security issues are also not just "hurr durr leak muh password", if someone managed to get admin access it means they could have done literally anything they wanted without repercussion on the site and that includes serving malware stealthily to your unsuspecting asses. Not to mention "I have nothing to hide" or any similar variant such as "it's nothing if they just know that part" is retarded and you know it.
>>324720 I realize it's retarded to go "I have nothing to hide" but the way it seemed to have been presented by mangadex is that the loss of accounts was a big deal, when it really isn't considering how little mangadex accounts mean. If it meant admin access that's a different story.
>>324721 It's always a big deal when some random faggot gets admin access on your site without the owner knowing. There's quite a few thing the guy could have done and you'd never know.
>>324658 Thought Nyaa was "down" due to some ISP(s) outright blocking access. Same with Mangadex.
>>324557 Personally I'm going to believe the prior CEO of pfizer and head of one of their divisions who warned about the vaccines having severe consequences, like causing sterility/infertility since the "spike" protien is already essential in women's bodies to produce placenta, and in testing coronavirus vaccines on animals resulted in death 100% when exposed to the actual virus post-innoculation, from vaccine antibodies causing a fatal immune response. Also going to listen to the virologist who talked about the spike protein being a toxin which binds to platelets to spread through the blood destroying the lining of major arteries to the smallest capilaries and damaging the heart because it's like arsenic to endothelial cells, then collecting in essential organs like the spleen, liver, and sex organs. You do what you want, but I now have doubts that anyone in america caught the supposedly deadly virus, everyone saw how hospitals ignored every other illness known to man when this shit started, and I think a lot of people died of common bacterial infections as a result of trying to treat "the virus". I get sick every summer with a cold, and I can't even go to the doctor because they'll want to do a retarded PCR test to find a viral particle in my body instead of a bacterial culture and prescribe antibiotics. Also consider that there are now a surge of cases of mothers wiho's infant children have developed rare gasotrointestinal bleeding after the mother received the shots, lending credence to the claims that the spike proteins are spreading through their blood, and are now contagious as it even ends up being secreted in breast milk.
>>324725 Neither Nyaa is down, are there people who can't access it? Mangadex is down for everyone because after being hacked they took down the site until the planned new version.
>>324674 Keeping things physical is pricey, especially since datacenters and virtualization is so popular these days (and relatively cheap). A lot of hacks these days happen because some asshole end user clicks on a bad email and exposes the whole network. Not much you can do unless you manage to lock down the exposed computer before it can spread. What can you really do?
>>324736 >What can you really do? Make an internet ID, that you have to pass a test to receive, a requirement for anyone to use it. That would restrict a lot of the idiots.
>>324739 >"oi you got a loisense for that internet?"
>>324739 Yes, that might work, but who would be in charge of this? The governments that want us all dead and replaced?
>>324739 >>324742 Internet id for the social media scrubs, while >we bask in h8chan anonymity without internet passes?
>>324736 >What can you really do? Go back to the time where people submitted requests for computing tasks, to be carried out by a professional computer operator. You can't trust normalfags with a computer. They'll watch goybook, send money to a nigerian prince, and go on twitter if they're allowed in the same building as one.
>>324712 Twerking is a pretty nigger tier fetish.
(34.75 KB 338x480 spooked_loli.jpg)
(475.71 KB 427x240 1357185040334.gif)
(623.91 KB 500x375 Spooky.gif)
>>324739 They will dumb it down or lower their standards for spics and nigger once they realize there's no diversity online, just like what Harvard or Yale does.
(148.11 KB 884x810 ay, tone.jpg)
>>324746 Internet ID means a method of identification and verification to go with that identity. Requiring one has two possible outcomes: either it is completely useless as a deterrent or you surrender your anonymity so you could pretend that you have somehow made the internet better.
>>324760 And still when you point out this inconsistency of how modern technology apparently cant compete with a ww2 crematorium you're the crazy one
(1.24 MB 10x10 ^).webm)
>>324763 German engineering just can't be beat.
>>324760 Internet ID is only used to identify and track, to the benefit of the corrupt. Lists are used and abused and society needs chaos and the unknown, even crime, to survive. Because it acts as a release valve. If no one on the bottom is untracked, the ones on top will be the ones doing the crime, and they are the ones who can do serious damage. An individual criminal might steal, kill or rape, but a corrupt politician makes it so there's loooooads of individual criminals. Crime isn't stoppable, it's manageable. Systems made means systems exploited, the more you make the worse it gets and like the FBI and CIA it never goes away. They were only formed decades ago for comparitively minor issues compared to the shit they get up to now, up to, beyond and including international drug dealing on the CIA's part and so on.
>>324763 In actuality cremetoriums haven't changed much since WW2. Because the only thing you can do is use fire, which has a set temperature and burn time. The only updates would be safety features.
>>324736 When things really, truly get bad enough it will drive enough people pout to make an alternative Internet viable. Something on the order of Zeronet, but with enough people to be interesting and maintain anonymity. At that point the technical hurdle will keep the worst normalfags out, and things will be good for a while until somebody makes an iphone app that lets you join it.
>>324764 But, all 12 of the death camps were in occupied territory. So the Slavs must really be have efficient methods when it comes to body disposal.
>>324763 Electrically conductive wood and electric crematory ovens are basically lost technology at this point
>>324766 >Lists are used and abused and society needs chaos and the unknown, even crime, to survive. It doesn't need pedos and CP though.
>>324574 Also, a lot of their so called "progress" is just a regress to animalistic behavior. There is no progress at all. They just want to behave like animals, for being failed human beings.
>>324785 >we need pedos so that pedos wont run free like we see today
>>324789 Why do you have to strawman him? Are you that scared that hes right as you watch an increasing number of progressive first world countries illegalize the precious drawings this site was created for?
>>324712 Ass isn't fat enough. Give me bigger ass.
>>324767 Thats the point. hitler must have been using time magic because even china with its billions of people thousands crematoriums were still overworked.
>(1) >Attempting to conflate real child abuse with drawings Fuck off!
>>324815 By the looks of it you're one of the few retards in here whos cognitive dissonance is so bad its lead them to believe barebacking this place is appropriate. IDs are pointless.
>>324816 >thinks his shit dynamic ip or chink vpn protects him from anything
>>324816 >barebacking this place >IDs
>>324819 >If I make some pathetic attempt at fear mongering maybe he'll drop his guard and trust the retards running this shitshow of a site
(366.63 KB 683x3053 ClipboardImage.png)
Nigeria bans Twitter. If only every other country would follow since nothing good ever comes from that shithole. >The African country’s government recently announced an indefinite suspension of Twitter operations >The Twitter ban came a few days after Twitter suspended President Muhammud Buhari over a tweet that referenced the 1967-70 civil war in the nation’s southeastern region, threatening to treat “those misbehaving today” in “the language they will understand.” Twitter removed the tweet and suspended Buhari’s account for 12 hours, because the tweet violated its policy on “abusive behavior.” https://archive.is/NkeGj
>>324808 All child rapists must be killed. If the drawn line is used against me, I will just make sure to have those doing that be killed to. What I think that is right IS right, and everything else is wrong and must be purged. >>324823 Lolis will keep being drawn, we we will all keep exposing all the failures and corruption in the industry, child rapist. Stay mad. You have no power. We do. And you fear confirms it. >>324825 >even apes are smarter than the average normalfag
>>324735 According to smugloli, the .si one is blocked by either the ISP or the server itself due to piracy or whatever. No clear answer but very annoying regardless. Pain in the ass as I do torrent occasion, particularly when I see an anime on a streaming site I like enough to actually bother with much higher quality. DDLs aren't exactly a thing anymore and forget about especially old and obscure anime. Granted, I can use TOR and maybe paste the magnet links on a regular browser but I don't like the idea of using a separate browser just to access one or two sites that aren't even on the darknet or whatever.
>>324823 >barebacking is retarded >but this 100% trustworthy server somewhere will protect me :)
>>324827 Whats stopping them to federate into different proxy frontends? Have a new instance eveytime the frontend gets taken down?
>>324828 Your ISP "100%" harvests your data. A VPN provider may harvest your data, despite the fact that if they were discovered to be doing so they would go out of business. The possibility that VPN's might be honeypots is only an argument if it weren't a guarantee that your ISP already does what you proclaim these honeypots to be doing in secret, except the ISP's do it openly. When the only 100% guarantee you can make is that routing unencrypted traffic through your ISP will result in data harvesting, the only choice is to not route unencrypted traffic through your ISP. It isn't a matter of trusting a VPN, it's a matter of not voluntarily letting your ISP do what they openly admit to doing with your traffic.
>>324829 /hebe/, you're not fooling anyone here. No one will support you in order to defend loli, no matter how much you try to spin it as "y-you must defend pedos if you want to defend lolis", go back to your BO's thread with his "promised smolbox land" And >Im changing IP after every post for safety >Im using the same vpn though
>>324826 >All child rapists must be killed good thing nobody here falls under that description
>>324832 Or you can just make your own vpn out of a raspberry pi and solar battery dropped onto the roof of a cafe. With any luck you can set it up to change its mac address and device id whenever its kicked off.
>>324833 I don't give a shit about some cucked pedo board on a site thats failing to pretend like it has any relation to how 8chan used to be run, and I don't want your support. I just see the writing on the wall, boorus hiding the content from public view, modding sites banning it all together, imageboards cracking down on it to save their own ass, even this site is slowly chipping away at what you're actually permitted to post. You think these actions indicate nothing?
>>324833 Consider medication.
>>324785 >If you draw a line, it will be used against you. Morality is a handicap in the fight against evil, yes, but a necessary one.
>>324813 >Chinese products aren't as good as western ones Who'dve thunkit? :^) >>324826 Quit RPing as a lolicon, pedo. It's really obvious.
(158.24 KB 922x617 kind.PNG)
comfy /c/ are trying to are trying to get at the comfy boards across the web together, since kind.moe is back again. I'm surprised they aren't as well connected already.
(104.11 KB 800x1409 tiny tina.jpg)
(254.85 KB 394x321 big borderlands theory.png)
>>324811 He need dat badonkadonk!
Don't reply to posts you don't like holy shit. You end up derailing the entire thread. Sure you'can report it but I can't NOT swiss-cheese the entire thread when severa anons who are falling for it are also multi quoting. JUST DON'T REPLY.
(44.36 KB 500x480 Fuck you kermit.jpg)
Threadly reminder to filter, report and ignore /hebe/ niggers that bring up the Loli=CP shit after identifying them. Dignifying these fags with an answer despite actual arguments being stated in the past not reaching their ears is a waste of time. >>324825 I wonder how much of a brain-tumor twatter is over there, not that I'd agree with that decision but it's still an interesting one. >>324849 >cognitive dissonance I've seen you faggots post this a lot lately, is this going to be your new favourate term? If you're trying to be anonymous by IP hopping doesn't mean much when you remain the same faggot throughout all your posts.
Kotaku: Report: Quantic Dream Executives Cry, Ask If They Can Lie During Recent Court Appearance https://archive.is/hd0sG
>>324844 >/kind/ is back SWEET
(1.33 MB 1785x2400 eugh, not this shit again.jpg)
>>324859 >Cucktaku Is there anyone else covering this? If I want to read about the legal battle of the Jews I'd rather avoid them, even with archives.
(177.66 KB 640x480 Give me a Promotion.mp4)
>>324870 Because reddit would censor things that people don't want censored.
>>324870 go to the meta thread and pose your question there.
>>324877 >So do the arbiters of whats okay to talk about and whats not on this board, why do you think the lounge thread exists? There's a difference between voluntarily opting into censorship and it being forced onto you from top down. Someone making a new board here with different rules is fine, but if Acid were to start banning people for talking about anything he deemed political it would be an issue. Reddit isn't bad because individual board owners there can censor people, it's bad because the admins of the site censor people.
>>324870 >why not make a gamergate subreddit? You have to go back.
>>324881 You do opt in to being censored here arbitrarily by nature of choosing to post on this board instead of another one. Just like you opt in to being data harvested if you choose to use Windows instead of Linux. Or did I miss the memo where Mark was standing behind you with a gun in hand demanding you post nice things about Nintendo?
>>324870 >>324887 What the fuck is so bad about a thread being kept semi on topic?
>>324890 He justs wants his pedo discussion bullshit on every fucking thread.
>>324892 It is on topic for what the GamerGate thread is and has been for years.
(110.36 KB 1280x720 smug_sakurai.jpg)
Second reminder to ignore the pedoposter that's angry he can't force the Loli=CP derail like he isn't aware of the long history of his shit and totally having honest intentions of free speech from even the earliest days of 8/v/ as we knew it. >>324868 >I'd agree with that decision. Twitter is cancer. Well yes, but banning it is an admission of weakness and Niggerland is not exactly well off. I genuinely wonder how many actual internet users they have for it to do much, there as it's third world as you can get short of active warzones and literal jungle villages. >"Switch your DNS" says the (6) to a (5) >>324878 It's also bad due to a massive history of corporate dicksucking, shady activity by admin staff, a system that favors e-celeb faggotry and dog-piling, a general userbase of sycophants and enabling people to play real money for privileges. >>324888 >Tripsman doesn't remember the days of Sonyggers calling this place Nintendogaf. >>324890 There's always fun to be had with natural and fun derails, this nigger wants it all to be about him and his 3DPD faggotry like it's was GG's core. Ignore him and move on, the sooner these thread learns to identify the pedantic imbecille and learn to not give him any (you)s will be the moment this thread will return to a somewhat higher quality than now.
>>324867 I tried Nichegamer, but they have no articles about Quantic Dream founders acting liike kids in court. The sites I found repoting this are part of the cabal.
>>324891 Not him. But I apologize for my pedo discussion/shitposting in this thread. I'll stop helping the pedoniggers derail and take it to /b/ or /hebe/.
(113.28 KB 1024x768 no_ones_as_sad_as_Gaston.jpg)
>>324897 Damn shame, I guess this is what "Industry Privileges" and "Established reputation" get you. I wish a recording of the whole thing starts floating around at some point, whole thing sounds like something out of Ace Attorney. >>324901 I'd be expecting this shit out of a country with a reasonable supply of PCs or Smart-phones like India or Turban country, not in a continent where mud cookies are a thing and people look for cars to salvage and repair. Nigeria's internet presence is minimal outside of maybe Narailand and its nonexistant on Twitter. I get and appreciate the point, but it seems like an empty gesture at best.
>>324906 >whole thing sounds like something out of Ace Attorney. <Cage allegedly cried on the stand, stomping his feet, screaming about interferences to his business and damage to his honor, and eventually storming out of the court room altogether. <Near the end of his own testimony, de Fondaumière reportedly looked at the judges and asked, “But I’m not under oath, so can I lie?” before claiming Quantic Dream was seriously damaged by the stories about its toxic work environment. If this is true, that's an Ace Attorney episode alright.
>>324894 >I genuinely wonder how many actual internet users they have for it to do much It's mostly faggots on smartphones. There was also that thing with the military that happened last year resulting in a good deal of people getting gunned down. Information was mostly spread through Twitter, involving a leak of the homes of some security officials.
>>324917 He presumably doesn't know they exist. He's just baiting for replies without knowing anything about GG, probably because he's mad at the site for some reason and noticed this is the most active thread.
>>324859 >>324867 This story makes me conflicted. I hate David Cage and his games but the media gobbles up any #MeToo story regardless of veracity.
>>324870 >gamergate subreddit You have KiA 1 and 2. Both are under tons of pressure to fold to reddit admins. 1 cucked out and continues to do so, so topics are severely limited, rules are gay as fuck, and shit mods are frequently out of control. 2 which was far less cucked, goes private often due to other reddit fags shitting up the place in an effort to get it banned. From what I understand they are/were very near the point of getting deleted off reddit.
>>324938 That's what they get for being reddit-using normalfaggotniggers. I swear that reddit is the worst site on the internet, no contest.
(121.22 KB 500x584 smuganimegirl#10861.png)
>>324941 What's even the point of Leddit? I remember it having something to do with Digg, but that's it. Outside of that, is just across as a site that promotes users based on them having the "correct" opinions.
>>324941 Cuckchan is worse
>>324950 Cuckchan is basically an edgy version of GameFaqs, but that was as of five years ago. Not sure how much worse it is.
>>324949 An echo chamber, it did start out as competition to Digg but quickly surpassed it and became a cucked shithole as time progressed and more wronghtink communities kept getting shutdown. The idea itself is interesting but upvotes and profiles that have all your post history ruin any positives it could have.
>>324951 Cuckchan blocks half the IP ranges in the world from posting, and even some from viewing the site in order to push people into buying their cuckchan gold pass. Meanwhile reddit you can post through TOR perfectly fine. Reddit also has multiple front-ends for accessing the content without JS.
>>324955 They are both total shit but reddit is still "wholesome epic dogger upvoted have some gold"
>>324957 I'm less disgusted by normalnigger "memes" than I am people that spend their time filling out jewgle slave captchas every time they want to make a post. There will never be anything more detestable to me than cuckchan subhumans.
>>324968 there are so many manga sites, why focus on using md? reminds me of the retards who stuck to kissanime till the end.
(150.94 KB 852x480 just fine.jpg)
>>324951 >Cuckchan is basically an edgy version of GameFaqs It's worse : >Cuckchan is the edgy version of Plebbit, Twatter, Neogaf, Discord, tumblr and other shit, acting as an aggregate for all those people to say the no-no words their sites ban then for <GayFaqgs is the passive aggressive version of the cuckchanners that despise other cuckchanners so they edge it up and act like fart-sniffing faggots on the forums of that site, within the limits of moderation, while engaging in proxy wars with a thousand clone accounts >>324968 I know. If the reader was ok it'd be nice but they majorly fucked it up so fucking much and there no options to put it back to the previous reader settings that it just hurts. >>324969 Many scanlation groups dump their shit there first and foremost and the add-on to dl them cleanly is handy.
>>324970 >Many scanlation groups dump their shit there first and foremost Scanlators should be less retarded then, centralizing is never a good idea when dealing with pirated media and autistic communities that hold grudges.
>>324969 it's like batoto in that it's where most groups are based. Most other manga sites are scappers that aren't always likely to have what you are looking for or don't update chapters when the groups fuck up and fix their mistake.
>>324971 >Scanlators should be less retarded then, centralizing is never a good idea when dealing with pirated media Yeah, ok gramoa Cornette, let us all go back to IRC and give faggots more of a reason to push discuck >and autistic communities that hold grudges. Now that's the actual threat and actual trouble with this kind of online activity but I suppose it comes with the territory.
>>324974 >gramoa Cornette who
>>324941 How big is h cock?
(1.30 MB 1024x977 ClipboardImage.png)
>>324981 It's 6 inches
(2.75 MB 3341x4800 Tsunuki.jpg)
>>324982 I wish a tomboy had my cock in her mouth.
>>324979 Meant to write "Grampa Cornette". Jim Cornette is an old school wrasslin' manager and walking wrassling encyclopedia that's basically an old man yelling at clouds nowadays.
>>324987 Ah, I see. I thought that you were trying to type Samoa for some reason and just had a stroke.
(183.69 KB 1754x1240 (tom)boy pussy?.jpg)
>>324941 >>324982 >>324982 >>324984 Careful anons. Tomboys are dangerously borderline gay. I'd advise caution unless you want to join the ranks of the gamer gays. There's only actually a thin line between tom boy pussy and boy pussy an extra inch or two of meat actually
>>324994 >fat bastard
>>324995 >>324994 >Mark Bastard
>>324994 Theres an infinite abyss of difference between sticking your dick in something designed for a dick and sticking your dick in a shit chute. If someone would give up the former to be replaced by a dick therefore forcing them to stick their own dick in the sewer then they were super gay too begin with. Tomboys are not a gateway drug to faggotry in any sense.
>>325004 No, /h/ is icky and probably run by a black man
>>325003 >omboys are not a gateway drug to faggotry in any sense. But anal is. >>325004 You first. I've tried to breath life into the discussion on /h/ and multiple /d/s in regards to content I enjoy to little avail. Not enough anons.
>>325005 >/h/ is icky and probably run by a black man Well, black men are really only able to run
>>325004 >haha I tricked you the artist drew a girl and said its a guy so you're gay now whats it like to be aroused by men >also why don't you just talk about this where no one else is instead of the one place everyone on the site congregates because at the end of the day its just a glorified bunker >>325007 Yeah I'd argue a guy who would rather stick his dick in assholes instead of vaginas is way more likely to be a faggot than a guy with a tomboy fetish.
>>324894 >but banning it is an admission of weakness Removing a tumor is never an admission of weakness. All sane civilizations do this and have done so for thousands of years.
>>325011 Last week I was saying this. Ubishit's games are political, they always are political. The company cannot seperate their politics from their work. Every time without fail they will claim their products are not political and they will then be political. Youtubers and "anti SJW" boards rushed to Ubishit's defense and there were us that said do not be fooled by the guiles of the devil, but on death ears did our sermon fall. Now they're looking like morons and fools. Is there any interest in this game? I'm seeing near zero buzz for it. Journos aren't interested, consumers aren't interested, hardcore gamers aren't interested, even Ubishit fans don't seem all that interested. Is there hype for this and I'm just missing it or does it look as dead in the water as New Dawn was?
(409.31 KB 700x525 ClipboardImage.png)
(594.30 KB 700x525 ClipboardImage.png)
(286.12 KB 600x480 ClipboardImage.png)
(486.40 KB 700x525 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325014 Was Rayman Legends political? was Trials Fusion? was Child of Light? Or is it just their AAA shite?
>>325018 also these pics are neat for a new OP
>>325018 >Was Rayman Legends political? well they did redesign the female characters to be uglier in that one.
(1.48 MB 678x1176 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325021 But they failed
>>325020 >Done: Noice.
>>325026 These people have defended this boards poor moderation until the userbase has dwindled down to this extent, what makes you think they'll stop here? At this point its like they derive a sick sense of satisfaction out of getting anons like this one to leave and never come back: >>324411
>>324988 Sorry about that Bateman, I tend to have slippy fingers when speed typing. >>325011 >The Injustice 2 news <You can't hit an LGBTQ+ villain despite her being a bitch ecoterrorist with a massive bodycount that would have her scorched in any other country but some Bat-tard and his friends let her roam free >>325017 >Kane Doi, Japan director for the New York-based group Human Rights Watch >Kane <Japanese for (((money))) Fucking hell, you just can't make these things up anymore.
(340.24 KB 680x680 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325031 >Censor of Anti-China Speech Among Us ? >>325022 >muh kazooo rent free
>>325031 >High school chapter of Turning Point USA Thank God they're shutting this shit down. Political discourse has already been memed into the ground. The internet was ruined by allowing teens to use it; same goes for politics. Retarded.
>>325026 >Enjoy more anime pushing BLM bullshit like Netflix BNA. It's okay when nipsectistan panders to dogfuckers tho
Is it me or are IDs fucked
(703.84 KB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325035 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
>>325027 They didn't
>>325040 They always are, I can tell you for a fact that there aren't 172 users ITT, more like 20.
>>325035 amogus
>>325040 They switch around every day (or at random on Tor).
>>325043 >20 Thats charitable, honestly I've never understood why IDs were ever a thing. Its so antithetical to the imageboard experience where the only point I can see in them is to look through someones post history for some bullshit you can nitpick at to avoid having to address what they actually say.
>>325045 ah, that makes sense. >>325044 >amogus
>>325046 They make it easy to ignore spammer faggots.
(30.29 KB 640x640 AMONGUS WOT.png)
>>325044 >amogus
>>325058 Yeah I guess filter by ID can be a good way to combat walls of text being spammed to destroy a thread but if a mod isn't around to deal with it they're going to destroy the thread either way so its not much of a fix.
(785.77 KB 640x640 Adolfus.mp4)
>>325044 <adolfus
>>325040 >>325045 It's because sometimes cuckflare uses your IPv6 address (which can change multiple times per day) instead of of your IPv4 (which is more "stable").
(710.56 KB 3024x4032 E2RMaC2WUAEShB2.jpg)
(165.94 KB 1332x2000 E2hPrH5X0Ag4z6j.jpg)
>>325043 >>325046 >only 20 users Damn. Oh look at how far we've fallen. I still won't go back to cuckchan though. Some of our lost brothers are on twitter, I found this redanon from an artfag on there.
(340.24 KB 640x352 We are the....mp4)
>>325065 I don't know why anyone, especially people who regular imageboards would ever use twitter
>>325065 there are lurkers too.
>>325065 What baffles me is the total lack of self-awareness, like they honestly believe this site is being run perfectly and the users for no reason at all just aren't coming back. At least on 8kunt you knew the owner just didn't care how many users he lost, here its worse because they honestly seem to believe they're doing the right thing.
>>325067 To keep up with happenings, its faster than the news.
I'm afraid that Archive.org might get sued into oblivion considering that they are now hosting even every Vita and PS3 game.
>>325048 RIP kitty
>>325082 Depends if the games were uploaded as part of some "official" preservation project or if they were uploaded by a random user. If it's the later archive.org probably will delete them the moment Sony or another company complains about it and the drama will end there, but if the people working at archive.org are the ones uploading the games (similarly to how they have an online library where people can borrow digital books) then things can get ugly.
(25.08 KB 515x360 E3ExgnIXEAE0N2E.jpg)
>>325070 This plus memes and anime titties. Theres surprisingly also a lot of cool dudes on there. Unfortunately they have to keep a low profile and not raise their power levels too high or else they will of course get banned. >>325044 AMOGUS???
>>325086 It doesn't look official to me, just some No-Intro dumps and whatnot. It would p gerobably be the best source for 7th gen piracy if their servers weren't so damned slow.
>>325065 "20" is just them making up bullshit, the board hovers at around 200 UIDs even when there aren't people switching IDs. I don't remember what the thread usually is but it's a lot higher than 20. Note for the board that's per 24-hour period so it's not directly comparable to 8kun/8ch which was 72 hours.
>>325088 In that case expect it to be removed the moment enough people complain or a company tries to sue, which can take days or years. There are multiple game and software packs on archive.org that have been up for years because nobody cares about, and even a huge collection of CandyDoll pics used to be available there until a couple of years ago.
>>325089 Yeah I guess we should believe you over our lying eyes, theres totally 200 people browsing this board right now.
>>325090 >and even a huge collection of CandyDoll pics Wrong board?
>>325097 Nope, just a (bit extreme) example of how all kinds of stuff are stored there without anyone caring about them.
>>324983 >image I seem to have a thing with big girls.
Peru presidential election today. Look it up, it's quite fascinating.
>>324955 reddit shadowbans new accounts created from tor exit nodes, you can still post but only in the new js-heavy retarded mobile view does it tell you that your post didn't get posted, then you have to message the anti-evil operations team and wait weeks for them to unban you when they realize you haven't done anything wrong, anything at all in fact.
>>325117 No one has given a shit about South America since the Cuban Missile Crisis (And I'm not referring to Bill's kinky tastes).
>>325117 Why don't you post a quick rundown instead?
>>325120 they are on a 50/50 between a corrupt regime (again) or Venezuela 2.0
(48.48 KB 830x830 31826310._UY830_SS830_.jpg)
>>325117 I only know about that half jap Peru prime minster that was convicted on corruption. Theres a lot of weird stories of immagining Japs of the early 20th century. Like the one who fought in the Mexican civil war
>>325117 Make a thread on /pol/ with a quick rundown. I want to see how many south Americans lurk here. >>325121 Hasn't that been the norm for all of Latin America since it became independent?
>>325121 What's the honest difference? Also, and I keep asking this and get zero responses every single time, where can I read up on Central and South American history? No one seems to actual provide any material detailing why Mexico and everything South of it is so screwed up.
>>325122 Japs in South America, whaaaat? How come they are so shit as a continent then?
>>325125 that book is from Mexico, no southamerica. Also, wasnt there a huge japanise colony in Brasil.
(116.28 KB 850x1250 Exlic000zx61a.jpg)
>>325069 So if you were God Emperor of 8chan how would you do it differently?
(65.29 KB 1920x1088 ninja-gaiden-nes.png)
>>325125 >Japs in South America
(73.15 KB 675x227 Metal Slug Laugh.gif)
>Bucky Barnes' Filipino version of Captain America, taking advantage on this "stop Asian hate" shenanigans, have a name called Ari, which in Filipino means two things: Either you're a genitalia or you're a property >MFW
>>325134 gabdain benis :DDD
>>325069 >not offering constructive feedback
(23.50 KB 581x222 ClipboardImage.png)
SENIOR JAPANESE OLYMPIC COMMITTEE OFFICIAL DIES AFTER BEING HIT BY TRAIN -MEDIA https://twitter.com/Fxhedgers/status/1401769340739801088 https://archive.is/HDIHc Sure hope he wasn't someone important, eg preventing western policy or influence on the Japanese media. I wonder if he shot himself twice, first.
>>325069 >What baffles me is the total lack of self-awareness, like they honestly believe this site is being run perfectly >What are the last few GG threads, meta threads and site posts complaining about /hebe/,/interracial/ advertising to reddit, Mark's and Kazu's retardation and Mark/Kazu's fat fingering. You are genuinely retarded and know nothing of these threads or their history. There are issues but its still preferable to a lot of places that are have other issues, are deader or also suffer from even worse staff. Now fuck off to wherever you came from.
>>325154 Some random tweet with no source
>>325157 >fxhedge >random tweet
>>325158 Looks like a random tweet to me.
>>325157 there is a source dude >-media
>>325153 https://archive.org/details/manga_dojinshi Dude even more, I didn't even know that Archive.org allowed porn, I thought it was some boring old site.
>>325165 brewster kale, he founded it, he said publicly at some event that they have a lot of porn
>>325168 >brewster kale Of course that a fucking beady eyed looking kike would brag about distributing porn. Dude looks like he belongs on Seinfeld.
>>325169 he wasn't bragging, he was being asked if there's stuff that they remove "like porn for example"
>>325171 He is still a kike.
(507.30 KB 1290x1004 01.png)
(787.96 KB 1290x1004 02.png)
(1.14 MB 2560x1600 03.png)
(391.36 KB 1280x964 001.jpg)
>>325153 >https://archive.org/details/doubutsu-banchou-unreleased-carrot (Unreleased Cubivore 64 proto) >https://archive.org/details/azumangafighter.7z >https://archive.org/details/falcombookcollection Cool findings. Nice job. >>325165 A good bunch of internet is porn, so it makes sense that an internet archive has porn too.
>>325165 >I thought it was some boring old site. no dude. uploading is completely open to everyone and there's no way they manually sift through all the shit people upload there. stuff hardly ever gets removed because nobody looks. if you look hard enough you can find full movies there, massive collections of no-intro roms i looked at their reports once, which are public, people were asking to take down dox and beheadings and shit
>>325153 https://archive.org/details/Twilight_1990-08-12_Evil Check it out, they even have fucking C64 emulator support.
(1.67 MB 980x8220 ao.jpg)
>>325180 Archive.org has offered online emulators and ROMs of old arcades/consoles/PCs for years. Check this: https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary https://archive.org/details/consolelivingroom https://archive.org/details/internetarcade
(434.23 KB 330x465 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325180 I found this https://archive.org/details/doujing11-come4/mode/2up Gonna concern troll on their forums
>>325188 Don't be a nigger.
(33.03 KB 600x328 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325189 I prefer to call myself chaotic neutral
>>325192 More like nigger faggot.
(12.58 KB 379x339 q76fxpV.png)
>>325082 I doubt Vita games are even going to get touched, Sony so far isn't making a successor and most of its library has been ported to other platforms.
>>325154 Coming soon: I Was Reborn In Another World To Unite Them In Olympic Spirit But They Don't Have Normal Drugs, Just Aphrodisiacs, So I'm Fucked Even Harder Than Most Victims Of Truck-kun
>>325194 Wasn't there an Uncharted game for the Vita? Sony definitely cares about that franchise.
>>325082 I'm pretty sure they were already being sued into oblivion for something else. It was discussed here a few months ago.
>>325199 Yes there is, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and it isn't in the PS4 compilation of the trilogy. Give them some time and there will likely be a newer compilation made for the PS5 that will include the vita game similar to how there were two versions of the HD Metal Gear Solid Collection
>>325200 Bookfags kvetched that people tried to salvage their work from falling to the depths of time, as if piracy isnt the best thing to happen to these retards that have no advertising otherwise.
>>325201 Not sure Golden Abyss could be ported to PS5. It contains mechanics that utilise the Vita's camera. They would have to change or remove those mechanics.
(58.06 KB 856x347 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325200 Is that so? I wonder if they will reply to my post then, i'm nothing but a concerned parent after all!
>>325215 >I hope Archive.org takes down all content like this or else, there are many concerned parents such as myself out there. >or else >concerned parents
>>325215 >drawn CP How many lines does it take before something becomes CP do you think? Does anyone care to draw some trees, that would be 3 lines right? Do you think these people legitimately believe 3 strokes of a pencil in a specific configuration should result in prison time? Or are only good drawings illegal on this hypothetical moral conundrum?
(1.71 MB 1280x720 "I'm Going to Jail!".mp4)
>>325200 Publishing industry trying to erase human history (literally one of their demands was to destroy all archive.org's books) and just generally ruin the world
>>325205 you are such a nigger don't even do this as a joke
>>325192 more like chaotic nigger
>>325223 Not only that but delete all the scholar articles and published material because they "OWN" it under some copyright bullshit, even though the authors themselves published it for their students
>>325154 FXhedge seems to be run by some redditor, they were pumping out GME and crypto news nonstop with same all caps
>>325218 Just like the current moral conundrum of obscenity laws regarding CP it'll be based on a "know it when you see it" system thats totally arbitrary, why do you think the act of adding to which pornography is illegal is somehow breaking new ground?
>>325230 its only teh lulz when its against someone you dislike rather than our or your own interests; you may as well post a(nother) manifesto on /pol/ thanking mark for the 0.01 bitcoins before you commit a federal offense just to see if it gets the site shut down
>>325227 I don't have an issue with piracy in general, but for scientific publishing I am radically in favor. The entire point of science is that it's open and anyone can read it and test it, and copyright goes against this in every way. Everyone who works for a for-profit scientific publisher should be publicly guillotined.
>>325215 He's not wrong. Ethical issues aside, drawn cp is drawn cp, and no amount of "it's just lines", or "she's over 9000yo!" will change that..
>>325236 in some countries sure >Ethical issues aside ignoring this the fact that it is illegal is retarded and anon is a nark
(811.47 KB 850x1015 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325236 Not in my country, maybe in my mind when I had too many Flintstones gummies.
>>325230 >Whatever happened to doing shit for the lulz? this is true... i'll allow it
(105.45 KB 960x691 saigon execution.JPG)
(39.44 KB 500x500 grimace.jpg)
>>325236 And drawn murder is drawn murder, so if you see any parodies of killings, to say nothing of liveleaks, you're guilty of the same crime.
>>325252 every time you see an image of someone murdered they are revictimized, and drawings are no different
>>325124 Corrupt regime at least pretends to care about their people.
(49.86 KB 1024x576 9819347213546788.webp)
(212.70 KB 1920x1080 989857398471233467.jpg)
>>325154 he wanted to become the little girl
>>325215 >>325230 This is niggerpill-tier, kill yourself
>>325330 >he wanted to become the little girl He wanted to meet Terry again
>>325345 >might be lack of happenings There is no such thing as a lack of happenings. It is always happening. There is not a single day where there isn't some shit going down. Of course, some days have more than others, but there is no such thing as no happenings. Only happenings you personally do not know about yet. And even when there aren't that many, there is still the option to start your own by raiding something. Doesn't mean DDoSing anyone, sending free bibles or anything illegal, it can be something simple like trying to colonise a portion of the internet. >>325353 Growing user count brings with it more users that have static IPs, which provides a sort of baseline. So global IP counts are still relevant.
>>325365 It was Sunday.
>>325365 also it was past 500 posts which is usually a race to 700 and thus a new thread
>>325368 Should we change the GG OP to include the board suggestions?
>>325365 The only one bitching and moaning here is you, because you cant even entertain the thought of absolute freedom of speech. Nobody argued about wanting to post illegal content on the side. Talking about why x should be legal/illegal isn't bitching about not being able to commit a crime. Fucking retard.
Thread cleaned. I guess? There were way too many reports piling up for 73208d
MangaDex celebrating pride month! And, you retards didn't think that it was enough to worry when they removed the Rapeman scan's credit pages.
(417.48 KB 1280x720 Obscene exhibition.jpg)
>>325476 Have you seen their new website? Celebrating child molesters is the least of their problems.
>>325483 You mean the mobile UI, with their response to criticism entirely telling users to go pound salt?
>>325476 They had that on twitter ever since June started. That was the biggest red flag for me and the deathnail to the whole thing. Hopefully scanlators wisen up and go elsewhere.
>>325476 And faggots still defend it because scanlators post there, which probably means that most of them are trannies ore are coddling with trannies. >>325483 They don't even have a password recovery option on their site and it forces you to use Javascript now.
(77.29 KB 714x463 ClipboardImage.png)
(50.74 KB 731x298 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325522 Archive?
>>325545 Thank you. > As for groups having their own readers: In my experience unless they get a good deal with someone who helps host it, it just isn't worth it. You either don't get enough traffic to justify spending the money on it or you get too much and it becomes too expensive. Why not just make a default website using any one of the number of make-your-own-site entities that exist? Along with using another one of the number of free file hosting service sites?
>>325502 >MangaDex Found better alternative: https://readcomicmanga.com/
>>325585 It was another 3DPD not fucking legal porn argument though.
>>325598 Go to the meta thread, that's where meta discussion goes.
>>325600 Discussions require more than one person to go somewhere else besides this thread and thats a big ask here.
>>325603 That damned thread is always active. Just make your goddamn post there.
>>325483 Do you own Gamestop stocks?
>>325611 >Already did Are you the same fag the sperged about how the bone goblin was the "best" admin of the site, and endlessly screeched at anyone who said otherwise as being a "revisionist"?
>>325657 >giving him replies
(1.93 MB 640x360 Bug Spray.webm)
>>323427 I forgot to post this.
(295.96 KB 1024x1024 darkwoods shotgun chomper.jpg)
>>325657 Who else would it be? Who else would have no images and no other things to talk about and would rather endlessly repeat this shit ad nauseum like he can't email Acid directly or talk to him IRC, the person who matters most in this "rulecucked place" over basic rules that have been effectively been applied since this site's creation.
Don't start this discussion again. It's like the third time in this thread.
>>325438 >There were way too many reports piling up for 73208d Can you verify something for me if you're the faggot who deleted the entire convo? Both the obtuse guy and another anon (who was otherwise arguing against him) stated that saying "loli is pedo" is a site-wide deletion offense thanks to enough people complaining on /site/ about people using it as a derail tactic. Is that true? I'd rather it not be, tiresome as the argument may be, banning discussion of a subject because it's annoying feels wrong -- and hypocritical given the whole "/hebe/ deserves a place to talk" stance Acid otherwise had >>325491 >the mobile UI, with their response to criticism entirely telling users to go pound salt? I've seen actual website making guides nowadays that say you should make your site cater/operate primarily for mobilefags because "it's the majority of traffic nowadays" and that desktop is dying out. Sickening.
>>325733 >soydevs not knowing pure html 2.0 and css is the best way to optimize for mobile so you don't waste ram and cpu cycles
>>325733 >you should make your site cater/operate primarily for mobilefags because "it's the majority of traffic nowadays" and that desktop is dying out. Sickening. What about the fact that mobile UIs are even shit for smartphones?! I'm serious. With sites still traditionally designed for desktop browsing, browsing them on a smartphone is an absolute breeze. I can find what I want, and everything is easy enough to navigate regardless of phone orientation. The sites that have mobile versions (THIS site included), it's an absolute nightmare to navigate. If I change phone orientation, everything on the site rearranges position, you cannot zoom in or out on something you want to read, and that's in addition to how site features are either missing or hidden behind submenus. I know that some companies intentionally make the mobile site shit on purpose in order to entice people to download their app, but that doesn't represent the majority, and it's no excuse in the first place.
>>325733 No he didn't: >Loli=CP shit was banned in /site/ because the people pushing this shit were a nuisance with nothing else to talk about, as they pushed that shit on GG too often enough for it to get banned here as well. He acts as if pedoniggers getting deleted and banned for pushing their shit onto other boards is some new development rather than history repeating itself as a result of /hebe/fags burning goodwill left and right. He said it's banned on /site/ and in the GG thread, not that it's banned site-wide. I don't know if it's actually banned on /site/ or if he's simplifying the situation, I don't read the board. Since the site doesn't plan to ban loli or allow CP no matter how much they complain I can understand not wanting them making/derailing threads on /site/ about it.
>>325744 Probably, it's complete lack of actual testing.
Love Hina Mangaka Warns Of Rising Pressure From Foreign Markets To “Introduce Political Correctness Into Manga” https://archive.ph/1YWyK
>>325769 No shit, but at least someone's actually bringing it up. They shouldn't ignore internal cancer like Soyny though.
>>325733 >>325749 It's not banned sitewide, the rules just clarify that lolicon and CP are not the same thing and will not be treated as such.
>>325788 sony isnt japanese any more :^)
>>325806 Isn't the only part that's still Japanese their real estate business?
>>325806 You aren't wrong. After all, they did move their main HQ to Commiefornia around 2016.
>>325809 Possibly their camera business which became a separate entity entirely.
>>325769 also, chinese censorship puts more pressure on studios than murrican sjws
>>325883 Since you already proved you aren't trying to bait for attention at >>325205 and >>325215 and actually trying to get shit deleted off archive, you can fuck right off. People like you are the exact type of people I came here to avoid, you're actively making things worse.
>>325883 >book burning >ITS FOR THE LOLZZ!! kys
>>325883 where do you live? i'm going to tell a pack of niggers that you're a kkk member. for teh lulz teehee
>>325897 >I've done it in the past. It's fucking Esther.
(84.45 KB 300x356 vNyGqmc.png)
>>325883 Unironically kill yourself. You know, for teh lulz.
(23.79 KB 400x329 1354175821350.jpg)
>>325890 >>325892 It's like an austistic faggot burning down the local library because mcdonalds wont let him jerk off to the plastic ronald on the bench and shit in the ballpit, saying "FOR TEH LULZ" while really he's saying "I CANT SHIT IN THE BALLPIT SO FUCK NICE THINGS".
(201.91 KB 850x850 I diagnose you with gay.jpg)
>>325899 (waste of dubs) >>325900 (waste of dubs) Way to fall for bait, idiots.
>man can't pull some shit purely for teh lulz without some faggots getting anally ravaged When did this place become full of denizens of Reddit?
>>325897 there are no lulz. everything you described is you being a giant faggot.
>>325901 You know what website will solve this problem: https://www.jigokushoujo.com/
>>325903 Who would've thought a board that curates the right opinions would be full of people that can't handle being trolled.
>>325897 >But I do it for fun, i'm not politically motivated. Bullshit, you're targeting things that are imageboard related on purpose. >You might love to hear that I have personally reported people selling repro carts and patreon accounts working on hackroms before and gotten replies from Nintendo for being such a good goy. >Earlier today I was alerting several artists regarding their content being posted on kemono.party without their knowledge So not only are you a faggot ,you're a shill too. Unironically commit suicide, it would be an improve over what life you have now.
>>325904 >I spend my free time helping billion dollar corporations maintain control over their IP >this is epic trolling Is sucking black cock for the lulz supposed to be hilarious now too or something?
>>325905 >there are no lulz. everything you described is you being a giant faggot. One of the utterly assravaged faggots I was talking about. >>325908 >fomenting chaos in this way that I really don't like please stop makes him a shill Pathetic.
>>325897 >aiding Nintendo you are not human. end your life.
>>325909 >>this is epic trolling Yes. You might not like it, but yes.
>>325912 Epic trolling is burning the house down with everyone inside it, including yourself?
>>325912 >>325910 Your "troll" is only in coming here to gloat about it. The act of having gay sex with black men is not itself "trolling". Having gay sex with black men and maintain corporate status quo is not trolling.
it's not trolling. trolling would be lying about doing all this gay shit and reporting back in this thread to a mass of angry replies. he's just being a fag
>>325916 Yes, sometimes. As it always has been. >>325917 >brings up nigger dick for whatever reason >>>/interracial/
>>325904 First of all, this isn't /b/, second of all this is as much "for the lulz" as would be voting democrat to the republicants or orchestrating a school shooting to get guns banned because that's epic trolling gun owners.
>>325919 >for whatever reason It's called an analogy. I used sucking nigger dick to probe the extent of your logic. If you think working for a corporate body for free is trolling because it may upset someone ITT, then your logic is that anything that upsets anyone is therefore trolling. So if someone was to upload images of themselves sucking nigger dicks ITT that would be trolling in your eyes. Where I disagree is that the act of being a faggot is not itself trolling. The act of telling people who it bothers about it is trolling.
Funny how hard this thread has been hit in comparison to previous threads when you look at the OP's subject matter.
>>325922 You can have fun with your fellow faggots at /interracial/, bud, no need to justify your love for nigger cocks to me.
>>325925 You sound upset. Seems like I've done a bit of trolling myself. Get owned.
(67.71 KB 211x254 (smug).png)
>>325926 Try again some time.
Taiwan #1
>>325931 Found the newfag
>>325932 Found the newfag.
I must have touched a particularly sensitive nerve.
>>325932 I'm not new, I just left 8chan when it got shutdown.
>>325939 Esther is alleged name of some faggot that reported fatchan resulting in it shutting down. Also alleged to have attempted similar things with other sites.
>>325940 Ah I see, that sounds like a Jewish name? Or is that just me?
(175.44 KB 369x515 20210511_131953.jpeg)
I wish I could find the "abhorrent post tor" picture to show you why you should never engage with these cunts but I can't so just don't do it.
>>325942 You know you love it.
>>325941 Nebuchadnezzar's wife, remember her?
>>325939 How'd you find your way here then? >>325941 The full alias was (((Esther M. Aronowitz)))
>>325946 >How'd you find your way here then? I tried looking for Mark's old twitter account and stumbled onto his new one.
>>323631 Speaking of software, I just paid for Krita on Steam to support them. I hope I didn't make a mistake and they are pro-BLM or something. (っಠ‿ಠ)っ
>>325993 Krita has a donation page with multiple payment options: https://krita.org/en/support-us/donations/ You could have used it to donate to the project without giving (((Steam))) 30% of the money, just saying.
>>325996 Well, fuck me sideways.
>>325997 Well, if you insist. *unzips dick*
(44.41 KB 300x168 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.37 MB 2048x1536 Hōnen_Matsuri_2.JPG)
Question: Do you think the SJWeebs that all bitch about "Muh sexism" coming from Japan ever know about the annual Japanese festivals dedicated to celebrating 8 foot long wooden cocks?
>>326012 I don't think they know anything about Japan.
>>326012 I think every country in the West should adopt Japan's celebration of masculinity like this one. We should start this movement too.
>>326012 Even if they do they would still deem it problematic and would prefer for Japan to adhere to their bullshit. They know that people durng the 50s were racist but still love Fallout.
>>326017 They also have one celebrating pussy too: https://archive.vn/Mwkmt >In a neighboring village, a vagina festival is held the Sunday before that. This year, that was the 14th — meaning rare, back-to-back genital worship days. >At the Hime-no-miya grand vagina festival, parents dress up their kids, pray for healthy babies, and celebrate with sake, beer and snacks galore. >In the morning, children carry a small vagina to the Ogata shrine. Later, some 40 grown men strain under the weight of a massive vagina while carrying it to the shrine in the main parade. They're followed by two smaller vagina litters. >At the end of the day pink and white mochi (glutinous rice ball treats) are hurled into the crowd.
(239.29 KB 730x540 23010068-01.jpg)
>>326012 Tanuki also have giant testicles.
>>326012 If they knew anything, they'd be bitching even more. Practically anything of actual cultural meaning is shit that would piss them off. >>326019 >people during the 50s were racist but still love fallout They've got this weird love-hate relationship with the fucking 50s, like they love the aesthetics, the minimalism, the high trust society, but they're completely incapable of realizing that all of that shit was possible due to the "racist" stuff that they despise, like everyone's favorite Stepford Wife.
(596.84 KB 630x420 ClipboardImage.png)
>>326012 There's this too
(442.65 KB 480x360 1530933329-2.png)
(1.04 MB 710x534 1530933329.png)
(106.31 KB 700x368 yokai tanuki.jpg)
(185.05 KB 214x357 Call of Duty Sengoku Warfare.png)
>>326022 They're multi use too.
>>325358 >pic And lefty cucks will still try to claim that soy is harmless and doesn't turn you into an effeminate faggot. >>326012 Anon, we all know the left know jack 'n' shit about foreign cultures outside of America. Hell, the left are the most xenophobic and intolerant people I've ever seen, despite claiming to hate imperialism they gleefully browbeat foreigners for not being like them and tamper with foreign media to remove anything that's offensive to their sensibilities.
(133.95 KB 1024x714 P12-1024x714.jpg)
>>326080 They think they're on the "right side of history". It's a form of Manifest Destiny.
>>325940 I've also reported this site multiple times It would seem the feds are keen or keeping it up
>>325358 Well shit, the crazy bastards managed to do it actually. It's been a few years but I don't remember if fish in the Siluriformes order are capable of sex changes unlike a ton of other fish like those of the Pomacentridae family, which the Clownfish are a part of fucking Nemo for those who don't get of fish that belong to the Labridae family like the wrasses : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrasse <INB4 Jewedia article and shit However, something that is common among all these families of fish is that they do exhibit a natural hermaphroditic tendency in their genes but I'm not sure about the catfish, especially the genus found in Japan, so if the soy extract doesn't trigger their inherent hermaphrodicism found in some members of the Actinopterygii class, one of them being the various species of Catfish, then this is pretty disturbing actually.
>>326106 They're also collectivists who want a one-world monoculture.
>>325788 That's not the first time Akamatu or other mangaka have spoken out about this, Akamatsu even attempted to become an ambassador of manga for the UN but we all know it fell on deaf ears. Political correct niggers also not only loathe the fact that something like Interspecies Reviews exists in the manga world, they want to force it out of the manga world in order to enforce their "morals" and stop people from reviewing whores in real life. And something for the China-worrying anon.>>325864
>>325912 "Trolling" is sooooo early 00's. An antiquated concept. Get with the post-pre-meta-irony times, oldfag.
>>326162 Gintama predicted feminism cancer before i even noticed the patterns.
(135.66 KB 1024x1497 The Radiance Gijinka.jpeg)
Beating the radiance from Hollow Knight was pretty cathartic yesterday considering how much I struggled with it on end and finally got the Dream no More ending. Anyone else have any similar experiences in games they'd like to share? I haven't felt this annoyed in a boss fight since Soul Rebirth & Soul Eater in operation abyss.
>>326238 I beat the Demon of Hatred in Sekiro after about 2 days which was pretty nice (pic definitely not related) it was annoying at first but that stopped after I looked up a guide how to beat him (I don't consider this cheating, the alternative is I ragequit because finding a strategy myself isn't fun). unfortunately it's just an optional boss and the actual final boss i haven't beaten and i haven't played the game for weeks
(21.88 KB 721x250 ClipboardImage.png)
>>326080 For all their talk of "tolerance", they really are completely intolerant of any group/country with an even slightly different world view. I don't get how most of them don't see this. How have they trained these people to lack even basic self awareness?
>>326241 Demon of Hatred isn't that hard, it just doesn't play like most other bosses, but you can beat him pretty easily by running in and out of his range to your right to chip away at him. Literally run circles around him. Probably took me only a couple tries. Also, you can cheese him in a few minutes by luring him to the edge of the cliff, getting him stuck on a tree, then climbing a tower, jumping onto the gate, and making him fall to his death. Did that twice while getting the Platinum. Pretty funny.
>>326162 Wait, so Soyny's stupidity is actually mainly because of China?
>>326311 lol yeah I saw that cheese strategy recently but yeah I agree he's not that hard really if you know what to do, once i knew what to do it became fun again
Hello? Is anyone there?
>>326368 definitely not
>>326368 こんばんは、ファゴットです。
>>326371 And, a nip nong ching chong ping pong, to you too.
>>326368 Hello. I'm reading Sousou no Frieren which an anon in this thread recommended to me last year, it's good.
>>326375 He's saying 2d is justice and pedos deserve the rope
>>326404 >>326406 It's where some /pol/acks went to after speaking with a couple on cytube
>>326410 >>326406 >>326404 >Telegram what's the difference between it and discuck?
>>326411 Telegram requires a phone number at sign up and discuck only requires a phone number if your account gets flagged as suspect for bot activity. The fact anyone from an imageboard is using a service that flat out requires a phone number associated with your account is hilarious to me.
>>326409 No he isn't.
>>326415 Remember when so many signed up for twitter in the early days of GG before they added phone number verification so they could SHUT IT DOWN? i miss those memories of having Gamergate trend so much that they changed the algorithm in the response. >>326418 Like what would you have in mind? Maybe bombing BLACKED content producers would be a first good step in garnering prestige and attention. Which actually ties into the theme of the next thread somewhat
>>326425 Kill yourself pedonigger.
(99.81 KB 1362x541 8chan refugee.png)
>>326422 I recently tried searching keywords like 8chan or 8ch on the half/v/ archive, though it's hard to find mentions because of the word ban, and saw some refugees who clearly don't know about this place. Like this guy who shows up for "8chan" because of the method he uses to evade the wordfilter. But obviously those threads were dead so I couldn't reply. But if someone made a script that pinged off the right keywords you could look for mentions from refugees and inform them. Or do it manually, but at that point you're probably better off using your time for something better like digging journos. https://arch.b4k.co/v/
>>326433 I suppose shilling on cuckchan probably isn't the worst possible thing to do, but I think using alternative federated social media platforms will ultimately be more productive and potentially even less likely to bring over insufferable retards. But I'm certainly not interested in barebacking that shit-hole and desperately trying to maneuver around their spam filters. I figure the organic shilling process would look something like this >announce various site happenings on a pleroma/mastodon instance >ideally people see or even engage with the posts >a handful of people realize this site exists as the "new" 8chan, start dropping links in their gay discord channels to their friends >so on and so forth I know there's some of you faggots with retarded shit like jewtube and twitter accounts. If a few dedicated retards focused on pleroma and LBRY posting instead it would potentially do some good for the site. Fuck at this point someone should even make a webm advertising it like Jim got all those stupid fucking Qniggers to do when they were whispering "8kun" like creepy idiots for 8 minutes straight.
>>326425 That fat faggot goth hand in the first pic disgusts me more than the food.
Thread's pretty much done-could use one more picture before posting as is so I was wondering if anyone has that drawing of redanon plowing that black twink
(92.69 KB 394x390 Matt Baker.jpg)
(6.96 MB 640x360 BroTeam laughing.webm)
>>326451 See: >>326450 That last drawing would have been perfect in the OP for the NEW THREAD: >>326452 >>326452 >>326452 >>326452 >>326452 >>326452 But alas, it was already risqué enough as it is. Don't be too gay during white boy summer for the latest tv sensation that's sweeping the nation you gay gamers.

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