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(428.80 KB 938x507 1594291774817.png)

Anonymous 06/06/2021 (Sun) 22:00:14 Id: 000000 No. 324944
Play old games on CRT.
Or simply don't play old games
(85.20 KB 308x188 subpixel.gif)

Your image is a confused mess that's mixing examples and terminology, most of what it's talking about is unrelated to scan lines. >It's a technique where by slightly changing the color of the surrounding pixels, to the human eye it looks like the pixels move by around 0.5. Note that keyword there: it looks like the pixels move. The technique it's talking about is subpixel animation, (not to be confused with subpixel rendering or subpixel resolution, though they work on the same principle) which looks like this. This is from Metal Slug, the game it's using as a supposed example of that technique. What you see on the left is something completely different
(164.80 KB 320x320 subpixel2.gif)

>>324966 Because it doesn't, whoever made that image had no idea what they were talking about. They found some quotes that vaguely sounded like they were about CRT shading and stuck it beside a screenshot of Famicom Wizardry.
I have a Sony Trinitron and a BenQ CRT for PC games, never use them. First, I lost most of my consoles during a house invasion (when I wasn't home lol) and secondly my hacked SNES Classic is pretty much all I use to play old vidya. I hate niggers but also thanks niggers, now I don't spend all my time playing vidya so w/e, make lemonade and shit.
Once I find a way to properly play emulated games on a good CRT TV I will. I'm a big proponent of emulation for experiencing and archiving old games, fuck buying old hardware from faggot collectors and scalpers. That shit will just be fucked and unusable in time. Feels like a waste of good money. No matter the condition you keep them in they WILL fail, sooner or later. >>324976 Boy you sure are a glass-half-full type of fag aren't you? Good on you, wish I had that mindset.
>>324944 >TOR >low effort DO THING meme shitpost Check my dubs and >>>/cuckchan/
>>324944 CRT fags might be right, but how many people have the space to set up a second and super bulky TV? At some point you just pick a CRT filter and say "eh, it's good enough". It's just like with real hardware fags.
>>325643 Frankly, I don't find getting the CRT as big a problem as getting all the old consoles and the best cables (which many times weren't the ones used by most people when the consoles were current) and everdrives that would be required to give me the game selection I can get through an emulator. That said, I'm no expert, but I suspect that just plugging a computer into a CRT and running the games through an emulator will not give the full effect that one would want if they were autistic enough to get a CRT in the first place.
(7.73 KB 222x208 very nice and gay.jpg)

You know, this could have been a decent thread OP on how pixel art was practiced differently back then due to accounting for cathode ray tube displays, but you just had to signal how much of a cuckchan TORnigger transplant you are with your template retardation to appeal to low attention span morons.
>>325643 Aren't there filters you can use on emulators specifically for this kind of thing? I'm sure it's not the same thing 100%, but it should be close enough that it doesn't justify getting a CRT specifically for this kind of thing.
(439.13 KB 1512x1008 1523788323925-crtshader_small.jpg)

(137.00 KB 1280x720 CRT shader.jpg)

>>325692 yeah, they actually multiple filters to emulate CRT screens.
CRTs are bulky dust catchers with toxic shit inside them. It's bad enough that I own an AMD GPU, why would I want yet another fire hazard in my house? Just to play vidya with scan lines and better colors? No, fuck that, I'll wait for OLEDs
>>325702 >emulating curvature You're as bad as the autists who hoard these themselves.
Gamers of today and tomorrow will never appreciate the stench of dust and ozone that gathers in front of the glass of a CRT from ionization of air by the bremsstrahlung soft xrays generated by the electrons boiled off the cathode slamming into the glass. You'd mash your nose up against the glass and get tingles of static built up in it from the same. It's the little things in life that I miss these days.
(39.63 KB 640x678 skele pasta.jpg)

>>326034 Remember pressing the "degauss" button on an old CRT and it would flicker and shimmer with that popping "zap" noise before settling back into place looking crisp and sharp?
>>324944 Try playing new games on crt.
>>325740 >CRT >fire hazard In decades of everyone in society owning multiple CRTs, I never heard of a single one causing a fire. >>326158 >Try playing new games Is this the new "deliberately bad advice" meme, like /tv/ always recommending Problem Child 2?
>>324964 >>324967 I'm not normally a CRT fag but the image is correct about those particular sprites. The skeleton in particular looks way better. His hand holding the sword has fingers, and somehow the shields emblem even looks like a face.
>>326256 What's wrong with Problem Child 2? Mind you I havent watched it in over 15 years but I have fond memories of it. Actually a lot of VHS movies my sister had (Man of the House, etc) had under 30% RT rating
Why is this low effort cuckchan thread still up? Is cake nigger still worried about a stagnant board population?
>>326281 >I'm not normally a CRT >the image is correct Then how do you know if it's right?
(1.41 MB 1400x616 Sonic transparency.png)

(221.69 KB 632x366 Spotlight transparency.png)

(795.86 KB 955x671 blending.png)

(2.05 MB 1827x1047 Vania texture.png)

>>326281 The idea of CRT and other older screens being taken advantage of by 80s and 90s devs as a blending technique is true, but the accompanying caption is nonsense.
>>326256 Surely you are not curious how current year games would look like on crt TVs.
>>324944 I really really don't miss CRTs. The retarded flickering and high pitched noise they emit hurt my eyes and gave me a headache. Also a lot of games looked blurry as well, although that helped with the jaggies. Not sure if all my TVs were shit but even my later Sony ones had these issues although a little less. While they don't produce perfect results I think CRT shaders are vastly superior.
>>326339 They look like dogshit because they have to be scaled down and modern game assets do not scale down nicely to 480/240p. a shit thread deserves a jewtube link https://youtu.be/mcqskbCWPCs
>>326805 I have the same exact experience. I have a CRT and I hate turning it on because of that mosquito tone. Makes me feel like I have tinnitus. I don't know how other people stand this shit, I wonder if their ears simply don't hear sound in that range.
>>326315 Meanwhile the characters look like an indistinct blur that makes my eyes water to look at, especially in the first 2 pictures (crt version/filter). It can be good in some aspects, but horrible in others. Couple that with how absolutely horrible CRTs themselves are and I think I'll just put up with some weird transparancies and sharp corners.
(217.89 KB 1296x800 Sony-BVM-1296x800.jpg)

>>324944 >Play old games on CRT. Only if you can afford a BVM + custom SCART cables + RGB modified consoles + flashcarts. This is a hobby for richfags, NEETs need not apply.
>>326995 >BVM + custom SCART cables + RGB modified consoles + flashcarts In other words, spend so much shekels just get your radiation box to display games in the same quality as raw pixels you get in an emulator. >>326315 >CRT and other older screens being taken advantage of by 80s and 90s devs as a blending technique That's composite video cables doing that you niggertard, not the CRT. You can get the same quality if you plug an old console into a component jack on a modern TV if it still has them.
>>326909 The first picture does not make the characters look like an indistinct blur. It makes Sonic look rounded, but you can still see all the details. I have no clue what you're talking about.
(172.40 KB 1280x720 proxy-image.jpg)

>>327007 >In other words, spend so much shekels just get your radiation box to display games in the same quality as raw pixels you get in an emulator. What is the point of having a lot of money if you can't flex on people who have less than you do? :^) But srsly, high end CRTs are one of those things that you need to see in person to understand the appeal. The perfect contrast and smexy scanlines are something that really can't be replicated with a monitor. The closest thing to that would be an OLED panel that costs even moar than the BVM and will probably have burn-in in about two years.
>>327098 >But srsly, high end CRTs are one of those things that you need to see in person to understand the appeal I have. It's a novelty. Also reminder developers didn't intend for their games to appear on P or BVMemes. >The closest thing to that would be an OLED panel that costs even moar than the BVM A 55 inch LG OLED is around 1500 federal reserve notes. If you can waste money on your meme monitor that will need to recapped, you can afford an OLED. >What is the point of having a lot of money if you can't flex on people who have less than you do? :^) >flex >>>/twitter/ >>>/cuckchan/
(3.14 MB 4032x3024 yoshi.jpg)

(4.30 MB 4032x3024 yoshi2.jpg)

(3.64 MB 4000x2992 sly.jpg)

Disregarding crayon-munching retard, picked up a PVM 5 yrs ago for $120, looks good, would recommend (for cheap).
>>326314 I mean those particular sprites were clearly designed to be displayed on a CRT because the scan lines are part of the sprite's aesthetic. They add sub-pixel lines that the original hardware is not capable of rendering. I don't agree with the retarded parts of the caption that have nothing to do with the visual comparison though. And I don't like the blurriness as shown in this post >>326315. I'd rather just use a scan line filter to create that same effect. I actually like clean, un-aliased pixels.
(18.99 KB 300x324 you_retard.jpg)

>>327098 >Burn-in >While playing video games
>>327484 PV what?
What I don't understand is if pixel graphics were made with CRTs in mind, why would you buy a PVM? i.e. if CRTs create a blending effect why would you want a CRT that's so good it basically doesn't have that. Why not just play on a monitor instead?
>>327517 >what are UI elements I have burn in all the time on my LCD when I play a game, you stupid fucking faggot.
>>351369 >i.e. if CRTs create a blending effect It's composite video input that does the blending, not the TV itself. The real question is why morons insist on using RGB when you have developers admitting they used the shitty composite signal on systems like the Genesis to turn dithered meshes into transparencies. Playing in RGB always seemed retarded for sprite games because it's essentially the same quality as raw unfiltered pixels you'd get in an emu.
>>351400 Then my advice to you is to stop buying cheap off brand monitors. I have a couple that are at least 6 years old with zero burn in, and on at least one of them I'd have the same IRC chat window open all the time.
>>351436 I have a pair of acers about 4 years old and I do the same thing
>>324944 No >TORpedo Neck yourself
>>326995 just use some shitty portable tv instead blurriness is less of an issue when your screen isn't the size of a fridge
(281.63 KB 767x504 rs.png)

(143.54 KB 1600x1200 packard.jpg)

>>324944 You're not playing Runescape right if you play it on anything but an old IBM monitor. Bonus points for playing on a pre-GE server.
>>351498 >packard bell Billy Coore spotted, commence termination
(65.94 KB 600x338 Falador.jpg)

>>351498 Rather a 1080p plasma because I'm not a retarded nigger. Also, Runescape sucks dick
>>351539 You suck dick and wouldn't know a good point-and-click game if it shit in your mouth.
>>351592 Every PC game is a point and click
(51.13 KB 501x382 1496758972058.jpg)

>>325643 For me the problem isn't the space, it's the fucking cables, i can't stand image/audio noise and it's very noticeable if you crank up the volume, even worse if you hooked up your console/crt to external speakers because you have one of those shitty sony PVMs without internal ones. And no, it doesn't matter if you use official sony/nintendo cables, or even those $200 """braided shielded with gold contacts""" pieces of shit that that one bespectacled soyboy sells on his website, they're all going to suffer from noise because they're analog signals and that's just how they work. Funnily enough this is not an issue to a lot of people because they can't even hear it, meanwhile i can hear the noise when playing games and even notice if my crt is plugged in or not because it makes a very distinct sound on standby. This is why i prefer emulation of 5th gen and earlier on pc, as for 6th gen you can simply hack 7th gen consoles, which use hdmi, and have them run those games natively (ps3 and wii u can at least, 360 needs some hacked emulator).
>>351592 Anon when Runescape came out and was "popular", you could have played games like Dark Age of Camelot, Anarchy Online, EverQuest, Ultima Online, Ragnarok Online, Asheron's Call 2, Neocron, Star Wars Galaxies and many more legendary awesome MMORPGs in their motherfucking prime. Yet you played a shitty browser game for poor kids and niggers. It's like playing a shitty Mario Kart clone that came from a magazine CD, when you could play the real Mario Kart or one of the good Racing Clones. The idea to invest into Retro hardware, just to play such low quality garbage is preposterous.
Runescape is a dogshit game and I regret wasting a year of my life playing it instead of better vidya. Even the "good parts" of runescape were at best the mediocre parts of other games and it baffles me how OSRS or RS3 has a playerbase.
SNES games look like shit without some >filters.
>>352920 Again, I don't know how old you are, but when I was a kid, all I could think about when playing on my NES, SNES, and Playstation, was how awesome the games would look without the weird lines all over the screen that CRT TVs had, and to this day, I still think they look far better without the lines.
>>353035 When I was a kid, I didn't think at all, but I have to say I liked things a lot better once I saw how games looked without scanlines. Never hit me at the time.
>>353040 I didn't realize that you had to hold the duck hunt gun next to the screen and instead came to the conclusion that the lines were getting in the way. The TV had really noticeable lines as well.
(320.40 KB 1000x1000 MSI_Optix_G241.jpg)

It's getting more difficult to get a CRT monitor and old cartridges nowadays. There's absolutely nobody with these types of displays where I live, and if there are, they're in another state. It's much cheaper to get a 144Hz IPS monitor and experiment with emulation and filters to get the visuals that you'd want.
>>353242 >msi >gaming monitors They along with AOC and benq make some good stuff
>>353035 It's not so much the scanlines but rather the NTSC color bleed/distortions and phosphor glow along with an impromptu anti-aliasing effect. The Saturn especially seems to have been tailor made for Composite as its transparent mesh hacks don't work on S-Video.
>>324944 I wish a single CRT filter didn't look like ass. Nigger, I'm not pulling out my CRT in July.
Whoops, meant to ask if anyone knows if any DOS western artists used this technique, because a lot of those can seem terribly flat without a filter.
>>352920 I have mixed feelings about it. In my opinion it makes the background art of that screenshot look slightly better, but the character and runic symbol in the foreground both look worse. And obviously there are low-cost transparency hacks that only work with blending.
>>352920 Filterfags need to be gassed. You can get composite blending without the need for memelines and fake ass phosphor glow you mongoloid.
one of the reasons people go for CRTs is conversion lag. If you still have your old game system, may as well play it on a display that matches. Though I kind of wonder if anyone has bothered to try setting up a modern display to live-draw an analog signal in the type of "sweeps" the signal comes in instead of adding them together to make a digital picture. I mean, in theory an LED screen set up to work that way might even work with scanline-watching light guns.
(1.87 MB 1246x917 PVM1340.PNG)

(2.15 MB 1237x922 VHS.PNG)

Figured this question belongs in this thread. Anyone know what kind of adapters I need to hook up the VHS/DVD player (pic 1) to the Sony PVM in pic 2?
>>360173 Basic tv cable. Treat it like a tv channel.
>>360174 RG6 coaxial.
>>360174 >>360176 ...There's no coax port on the CRT, though. I'd prefer to use RGB but component is also an option.
>>360190 Shit im looking at the black thing on the bottom of pic 2.
>>360190 So use component. RGB usually sucks.
>>360197 What kind of adapter would I need?
>>360198 Idk the vid in on the pvm is freaking me out. Audio I can figure fine but the fuck is with all the vid ins and outs?
>>360199 Hence why I came here.
>>360207 Yep I've gone from dismissing this, too sharing your discomfort. What in the fuck.
>>360198 I got you covered, pal. I also got a PVM for pure vhs watching and retro gaming. You need a RCA Female to BNC Male adapter. Pic related
>>360245 My PC setup is fucking awful, and I can't plug speakers in because of having a large desk and a distant outlet, so I always use headphones. However, I use the 3.5mm connection and it's output only. I don't want to use a USB mic, and so awhile ago, I bought a lavaliere mic to connect via 3.5mm that I could use while playing or whatever. However, it's dead on my PC and works on my phone. Turns out it had 3 bands / 4 regions, meaning it had headphone, left, right, and mic; whereas PC jacks apparently accept 2 bands / 3 region, or left, right, mic, so there was some shit not working. Apparently it's as simple as buying a splitter and it'll convert from the 4:3 band automatically. Can you confirm? I ask because I've never used RCA/coax shit before and I figured you'd have more knowledge about low level hardware than I do
>>360248 That's a sound card issue. Check the card if supported or else get a new one.
(13.85 KB 494x203 ClipboardImage.png)

>>360261 Right, because the hardware only accepts the 3-segment style, but forums claim that using a splitter will convert it, and it's a common issue. Have you seen that anywhere else?
>>327606 PVM - Professional Video Monitor Basically TVs that were made for broadcast studios and other professionals. They're a lot higher quality than consumer CRTs.
>>324944 you can simulate the left with redoing the pixels to look like it.
>>326315 you can disply the transparent crt style. you prove it by the fact it's right here on an lcd display.
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >>352920 That's a pretty good filter, what's it called? >>353687 The PC is a mixed bag, but the symbol looks better. The edges are less jagged and the effective reduced gamma makes the symbol pop out much more. In general I think the reduced gamma output is a much overlooked part of video made for CRTs. It's why the colours for older stuff seem much more washed out and you can observe the same thing with older anime.
>>352920 left one looks good. it can be simulated to, with more detail now
(202.47 KB 803x802 ClipboardImage.png)

I do play retro games on my childhood consoles but I kinda like how both visuals look. I like sharp pixels as well as CRT-corrected ones. I think we can both agree though that people who play emulated games with this filter on deserve to perish in fire.
>>389172 Im willing to agree with you on that
>>389172 lookin' good
>>324944 >Play old games on CRT. No. I'd rather have crisp sprites instead of shitty pseudo anti-aliasing
>>326995 all this to make it look exactly as it does on my n2dsxl woah
>>389311 Yeah, I really don't get the point of CRT guys who use those kinds of extremely high-end setups. It completely defeats the point, the artifacts are what you want if you're using a CRT.
>>389312 It's the same type of people who only listens to music on vinyl records claiming it sounds more authentic than anything more modern.
>>389352 Analog does technically have more sound depth than digital but its not something thats perceptable
>>389352 Idk about authentic. And a lot depends on your needle and speakers really, but yes Vinyl can sound better than a cd, and will always sound better than a cassete.
I like my lightgun games and I don't think anyone's going to bother making a modern display draw the picture in "sweeps" for the ones that track where they're pointed by noting the screen's refresh rate.
the crt can be simulated
(806.40 KB 320x180 1408377067423.gif)

>>326084 Remember the soothing tinnitus noises the TV made as it ran?
>>388902 It's CRT-Royale, perhaps the most autistic CRT shader known to man.
>>388896 >>388898 >>388918 You're missing the point. It's not that those things are reasons CRTs are inherently better at everything, it's that the games were designed with CRTs in mind, so by not playing them with that intended hardware, you're missing some of the intended effects.
>>389795 How can a filter be autistic, or is this just your retarded way of saying that it's the most "accurate"?
>>391543 Things created by humans can be autistic if a high amount of autism went into creating them. He is saying it is highly detailed or that a high amount of attention went into creating it.
>>391517 There are some cases where wanting to preserve the original as best as possible makes sense. There are others, like widescreen hacks for old 3D games that can enhance the experience. And personally, the sharp pixels infinitely enhance the experience of 5th and 6th gen games. It's debateable what the "intent" was, just like it's debatable what the actual intended aspect ratio is for SNES games. Internal rez was 8:7 while TVs were 4:3, and some games corrected for the stretching while others didn't. In the same way, some devs made things with CRT defects in mind while others saw the game mostly in pixel-art form in their devkits.
>>391517 >>388898 Blended pixels are caused by the poor color signal of composite cables you niggetards.
(349.57 KB 640x640 filters.png)

(42.36 KB 615x593 lookin good.jpg)

>Got a decent CRT TV in January. 15" Toshiba from 2004 or something like that. >HDMI to CRT converter >Plugs into laptop, looks great, runs great >Only costed about 40$ + 20$ shipping, the ebay shop raised their prices to 99$ for the others of the same model in stock shortly after. <Can't adjust overscan so any reason not video/retro console related has disadvantage. On one hand, I feel like I got really lucky. There are computer monitor CRTs that go for twice as much as I paid for this at absolute lowest. Can't afford space or get a proper computer monitor. I would like to play PC games that don't design UI for overscan, but this isn't the worst at least. Just a pain that Thief's health pips goes offscreen mostly and Daggerfall has a lot of cropped off screenspace. Running vidya streams, youtube, and glorious subbed Bluray quality 90s anime rendered at 480p looks really great, though. For its job as a TV, it's really good. I kind of want to take an old mini-PC and set it up with Linux to send commands to watch streams and videos on demand from my PC and pretend it's a 90s in-service TV.
>>389795 I'm not much into CRT autism but some of the comparisons ITT convinced me, so I tried CRT royale with some pixel games I have, Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth, Touhou Luna Nights, and Lost Ruins. At first they seem to look better, like the colors blend better, but then I start noticing fuckery with some colors, namely the whites are inaccurate and show as reddish or bluish depending on the positions, and some horizontal lines tend to have an annoying flicker. Is this part of CRT autism or are they just bugs in the reshade port of CRT royale?
>>396312 >namely the whites are inaccurate and show as reddish or bluish depending on the positions I'm not sure about this one. I mainly use CRT Royale in Retroarch for games that are supposed to be affected by CRT fuckery to begin with. Color fuckery tends to be more prominent with NTSC shaders which CRT Royale can come with or without. Are you using JUST crt royale, or is it like crt-royale-ntsc or something? >some horizontal lines tend to have an annoying flicker That doesn't sound normal. Maybe this is because older games tend to scroll the screen up/down more abruptly? That sort of thing is normal for NTSC shaders though, as for some colors it seems to alternate between two colors each frame (I'm not really sure how to describe it).
>>396375 Example of NTSC flickering, and the website I got it from: https://www.chrismcovell.com/gotRGB/screenshots.html
>>396375 >>396406 I just searched for CRT royale reshade and found this reshade version of the filter: https://github.com/akgunter/crt-royale-reshade I managed to solve both problems by tinkering with the configuration. The annoying flicker happened on horizontal white lines in specific positions of the screen, I solved that by disabling the interlacing option. It also goes away by reducing the scan line size but that causes the filter to sperg out every once in a while and flicker the whole screen for a moment so I just disabled that option. The inaccurate colors only happened in white vertical lines in specific positions of the screen, I solved that by tinkering with an option called "Convergence Offset X RGB". If a white vertical line looked blue, I just moved the B slider back and forth until it looked white, if it looked red, I moved the R slider, and so on until it fixed the issue. Overall, I'm liking the look more with the filter than without it. I think the grass especially looks nicer.
(2.73 MB 1920x1080 LostRuins CRT.png)

(566.62 KB 1920x1080 LostRuins no filter.png)

I figured out what the problem with the colors was. That seems to happen when a pixel from the real image falls "in-between" pixels from the filter. This has given me a lot of problems with Lost Ruins, because I realized this game is not pixelated because it runs at a low resolution, different parts of the game have different resolutions, like the UI is much higher resolution than the sprites, and there are effects that don't use consistent pixel sizes, so you end up with a lot of "in-between" pixels. This is about as good as I managed to make it look after tinkering with the offset setting, but the UI is just not designed for CRT. What a shame.
The older I get the less it matters. It's getting harder and harder to see details. Thanks for reminding me I'm dying, OP.
>>324956 Kill yourself zoomer.
>>389225 But the sprites that were designed in a time of CRTs look like shit when they're "crisp". Maybe your pixelshit games look great but older games don't look as good.
(4.59 KB 1192x136 ClipboardImage.png)

>>396312 It's not "pixels look better on CRT". It's "pixels look better when they're tailored to your display". Text renderers these days do this automagically. Make a screenshot and zoom in on some text. Chances are you'll see that the character glyphs aren't just shades of grey, but also have some reddish on the left side, and blueish on the right. If you take a screenshot on a smartphone, you'll see a different pattern instead. Rotate your phone and the pattern will rotate accordingly.
(8.47 KB 316x159 GDQ logo.jpg)

More like play old games on HRT.
>>421981 Luna Nights and the Lodoss game do look better on CRT though because they have a consistent resolution and use a lot of old timey pixel art techniques, you just have to find the right settings for the filter so that 1 pixel from the filter matches 1 upscaled pixel from the game.
(60.39 KB 203x247 ClipboardImage.png)

>>326339 >how current year games would look like on crt TVs.
(128.92 KB 1000x605 collecting_arcades.jpg)

(313.25 KB 1024x956 Star Fox.png)

(507.79 KB 670x757 TLoZ.png)

(3.67 MB 1126x1940 Streets of Rage.png)

(4.75 MB 1970x1746 Super Metroid.png)

Also, here's something that needs to be said about the whole CRT autism that no one ever seems to bring up: Actually go out and look at the games running in the arcades. All this argumentation about how games are "suppose" to look entirely ends when you see the original machines that were shipped by the manufactures. Hell, you can even get an idea of what NES and SNES games are exactly suppose to look like as Nintendo made literal arcade machines that were just giant versions of those systems. And, if there isn't an arcade within a reasonable distance (One hour of drive time) of your home, then your next best options is to look at the actual manuals of those games and fiddle with the graphical settings until they look "close enough". If you want some references on where to find manuals here are a couple of links: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/clv/manuals/ https://www.nintendo.co.jp/clvs/manuals/ http://replacementdocs.com/news.php https://segaretro.org/
Not gonna lie I would rather kill myself than going back to CRT.
>>391864 They were viewing their devkits on CRTs. Also, lots of widescreen hacks can result in you seeing things you're not supposed to see, or otherwise fucking things up. There are cases where I would argue games can legitimately be improved beyond their original state (some NES games are better than their Famicom Disk counterparts because you don't need to flip the disk and wait for it to load every five seconds. Though other games are fucked up when you remove or shorten the loading screens that contain art or something that you're supposed to appreciate), but it's a very case-by-case basis, and relatively rare.
>>422170 It's not all or nothing...
What's the recommended shader to play NES games with?
>>425024 >Filter: NTSC S-Video >Shader: CRT Lottes Fast <Mask type: 2 <Curvature: 0 <Corner round: 0 <CRT Gamma: 2.1 >Palette: RGB
Well, I tried. Any more blur than this is too much. The scanlines do seem to help with breaking up large spaces of single colors and hiding blockiness, not sure if they come across on smaller screens. >Emulator: RetroArch + various cores >Shader: /shaders_slang/blurs/gaussian_blur.slangp >Shader Parameters: <Horizontal Blur Radius: 1.00 <Horizontal Blur Sigma: 0.50 <Vertical Blur Radius: 1.00 <Vertical Blur Sigma: 0.50 >Overlay: /effects/scanlines/scanline-fade-integer-nocrop.cfg <Overlay Opacity: 0.10
(1.68 MB 1920x1020 ClipboardImage.png)

>this shitty thread is still up >more niggers doing stupid shit >>425024 Depends. There's already a profile Nintendo made themselves for the NES mini, I use that. >>425031 >Palette: RGB Nice yellow games. >>422152 >Actually go out and look at the games running in the arcade Only applies to arcade games, and arcade units break down like any other piece of machinery to where they may look wrong. >Hell, you can even get an idea of what NES and SNES games are exactly suppose to look like as Nintendo made literal arcade machines that were just giant versions of those systems. The Playchoice 10 systems for NES look fucking terrible and give the games an oversaturated look to the point where the games look too yellow. >look at the actual manuals of those games and fiddle with the graphical settings until they look "close enough Except when the manuals aren't direct captures form gameplay and are polaroids taken off the screen. Please do more research before posting shit you think is relavatory. >>426160 >>426161 >1080p >scanlines Nice unevenness. Use an integer scale of 240p for clean memelines. >>426164 Emulating screen curvature is for niggers.
(158.99 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

There's a laughable amount of underage and gatekeeping autists in this thread. You don't have to go out and buy an expensive PVM or BVM in order to enjoy a CRT. You can find people throwing away CRTs everywhere and most of them are going to have s-video inputs which is not the best connection you can get but it is perfectly fine. Also if you are not wanting to get expensive flash carts Wiis and WiiUs are great emulation consoles to display on a CRT.
Took some pictures of my old CRT for reference, camera is crap but whatever.
(26.62 KB 1881x1368 Shadow Dancer - 01.png)

(8.52 MB 4096x3072 IMG_20210814_065739.jpg)

Have a lot more pics I want to post, but I just made this one.
>>426189 This was true when TFTs started to get cheap and big companies dumped their monitors in the trash by the truckload, but is it still true today in first world nations? Even the poorest assholes have LCD monitors today. If you're talking about television sets, then I guess it might be a little different although I'm still not sure that's the case.
>>426273 >8mb jpg Relax
>>426295 >YES IT IS SIMULATABLE I always hear an 8k display at the minimum is required to properly simulate a low-res crt (this one I believe is 430TVL)
>>426188 >Emulating screen curvature is for niggers. The actual image is flat, there's just a curved border around the image. I'm not very fond of the curved shaders either.
Made a new overlay based on my crt, use at 0.30 opacity with the shader mentioned in my previous post. If you have a 1080p display, you may need to adjust the opacity some more.
>>426164 >retroarch
>>353035 Same, but I didn't see the lines. I just thought it looked blurry and gay and when I had the option to emulate I noticed how much clearer it looked so I never wanted to go back. Maybe I was just a dumb kid but I still think CRTs look a little ass today. I still have one. Then again I didn't swap over to LCDs in the SNES era, the first game I tried with an LCD was Diablo 2. They're comfy because they're old and nostalgic but they don't look good. I guess I can see how they make the pixels look a little more rounded and things were built around that however they look that way because they're imprecise and shit. I also had a small CRT for a lot of my life (maybe 13-14 inches), that might be a factor.
>>426430 What do you like to use? I'm willing to learn about alternatives.
>>389172 >You can have the crispy look of sharp pixels that is pleasant to the eye if a bit rough. >You can use blending techniques of the CRT >Both look pretty fucking good >You chose this abomination instead.
>>426679 Honestly, the only games that really look "better" with a CRT filter are games that were on systems released prior to 1995 (And handhelds prior to the previous decade, but because of different reasons). Beginning with the Dreamcast, LCDs reigned supreme. And, all the 5th gen systems are up to personal preference (I find that bilinear filtering, or upscaling provide the best results).
>>422152 Here's some more places where you can download manuals: http://www.videogameden.com/fc.htm https://archive.org/
>>389352 >>389353 Actually vinyls do sound alot better when the album is mixed for vinyl. Transferring the original mix to a digital format usually sounds shit and needs to be remixed. But the remixing of classic albums is usually done by retards like Steven Wilson who fuck up everything
>>430622 >Steven Wilson who fuck up everything What did he do? I know he did some YES albums and has remastered all of Jethro Tull albums, but i always have avoided those things. If it isn't a re-release or some alternative take of the album (Like Hatful of Hollow. Which i think its better) I really love what he did with Porcupine tree, blackfield is ok, but its a shame he had that fucking kike singing with him. The Mikael Akerfeldt colaboration was an absolute dissapointment.
(280.26 KB 1440x1080 Mega Man X4 (USA)-211001-010950.jpg)

(55.44 KB 1920x1080 overlay 1080p.png)

(413.57 KB 1920x1080 Final Fantasy X CRT.jpg)

(384.52 KB 1440x1080 Final Fantasy X LCD.jpg)

Made more improvements, found out that the 'gaussian_blur_2_pass.slangp' shader gives the same result as the previously mentioned shader except with better performance. Also realized that I could afford to add more blur thanks to the overlay pattern, the new shader parameters are: 2.00, 0.60, 2.00, 0.60. Use the 1080p overlay that's included in this post at 0.15 opacity. At this point I'm pretty happy with the result. Probably not going to bother messing with colors or motion blur, might as well take advantage of the strengths of an lcd display since I'm using one.
I'm playing original Deus Ex on steam right now. Any way to add CRT filter to it?
(517.17 KB 1080x1521 looking good .jpg)

>>430694 Looking good Anon.
>>434129 >buying steam games >using a CRT filter on a game that doesn't even support 240p
(136.19 KB 279x327 anon.png)

>>434129 >CRT filters >on PC games from the late 90/early 00s
>>434180 >>434373 >>434383 rope yourselves niggers
>>434823 >playing a game where by 2000 PC games were usually on average played at a resolutions of 800x600 or 1024x768 >were played on 31hz VGA monitors where the only way to notice memelines would be press your face into the screen No underage nigger, you get lynched.
I have two CRT monitors but it's not the same as using a TV for some games and I can't handle looking at 60hz anymore, the flickering bothers me too much. (though that could be because the last CRT TV I used was just shit, for one thing I didn't even have the remote and I think the brightness was turned way up) >>326339 I've played recentish FPS games and faux-retro meme games on my CRT monitors and it was nice besides the HUD scaling to 1024x768 >>434833 He's retarded but scanlines are still noticeable on my 31khz monitor if it's at 800x600
>>434823 >rope yourselves niggers I would Anon but I applied CRT filters and super-eagle.cg to real life and now I can not tell a noose from a fucking light bulb.
>>435136 I really like this post
>>435136 Try entering hypoglycemia and see if the alternate frame interpolation the visual cortex sometimes uses in that state helps out.
>>326256 I guess since it's low res, high refresh rate with novelty because it's a CRT means you could run recent, demanding games with older hardware
>>430694 >overlay 1080p.png Would you mind if I used this for my own projects?
>>435111 >60fps is too much flicker So watching a movie must drive you mad, huh? 24 fps? Most people can see them just fine, but I guess you're like The Flash and see so fast you perceive things normal people cannot, and thus ironically cannot perceive things normal people can. Most cartoons are at 15 fps or less. Do they just look like slideshows to you? Your superpowers are amazing. Or you're just a sick little Melvin that is so broken you cant play video games.
>>437567 Are you pretending to be retarded or have you just never used a CRT monitor before?
>>437568 Yes. Unlike you, I'm not underage.
>>437572 So the former then, got it.
>>437581 Says the retard whose brain cant handle machines that everyone else in the world used for decades.
(51.66 KB 1280x720 game_s 2021-nf.png)

(918.15 KB 1280x720 game_s crt.png)

The Libra Heart games look great with a CRT filter.
>>438212 that looks cool, how do you set that up? (re-shade?) Here are some pics of my (Trinitron) KV13FS100 sony crt from 2004. it has a TVL of 400 (I think), so it doesn't have very thicc scanlines. its got more of a "dot" structure. when you do see lines its either the damper wires that help support the grill (very thin horizontal black line only viable on very bright backgrounds) or the vertical lines of the aperture-grille itself (you see then on very clear on bowser's red eyebrows in the last image) it has a very neat look (at least I think so) for both 2D and 3D graphics.
(950.17 KB 1920x1080 MCS CRT.png)

(795.54 KB 1280x720 MCS CRT 2.png)

>>439375 I used reshade with the shader from this post >>396613 I disabled interlacing and adjusted the triad width until it matched the ingame resolution. I tinkered with some other stuff too like the bloom, but I don't remember exactly what I did. Just mess with the options until you get something that looks good to you.
>>438212 Are the gameplay parts of castle in the clouds any good?
>>440311 Yes. It's very good classicvania. A bit on the easy side though.

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