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Metroid Dread Anonymous 06/18/2021 (Fri) 02:55:28 Id: 0e2eb0 No. 341325
Trailer calls it "Metroid" 5. But I thought all the metroids went extinct in Metroid Fusion (aka Metroid 4)
>>341325 Did it ever occur to you that brand recognition is a thing and has fuck all to do with lore faggotry?
>>341325 It's a direct Fusion sequel.
Samus is part metroid now.
>>341326 >Did it ever occur to you that brand recognition is a thing and has fuck all to do with lore faggotry? This. How do you want it to be titled? "Samus Aran's new adventure"? By the way, from what i saw it looks meh to be honest, Mercury Steam proved that they can't recreate the Metroid feel and atmosphere for shit, even a guy developing a fan game in his spare time did better than them. AM2R>>>OG Metroid 2>>>Nothing>>>>>>Samus Returns
>>341326 The Elder Scrolls was only named that because "Arena" didn't sound fantasy enough. The actual lore for whatever they were supposed to be wasn't written until later games. A catchy title is incredibly important.
>>341325 Mother Brain is in Super Metroid, AKA Metroid 3. But I thought Mother Brain died in Metroid 1. Oh wait, sequels exist and they can just bring anything back to life, including the creatures that the series is named after.
>>341326 It's like having a Mario game with no Mario tho. I don't like how they're trying to replace the metroids with generic robots.
>>341377 >It's like having a Mario game with no Mario tho. Metroid is the protagonist now.
>>341381 Ok fine. It's like having a Zelda game with no Zelda.
Metroid Fusion is literally "no Samus you are the Metroids". So unless Dread has her purge all Metroid DNA from her system there'll always be Metroid DNA in the games. And Samus appears to be on a GalFed planet getting chased by GalFed robots so you can be sure they're doing breeding experiments again just like on the BSL.
Forgot to mention, but Metroid Dread is the to seller for all vidya on Amazon US and UK at the moment. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/06/metroid_dread_tops_amazons_best_sellers_chart https://archive.is/fRoIS Hopefully Nintendo fucking pays attention to making some god damn money with this franchise.
>>341384 Plot seems to be the GalFed fount a planet that might still have surviving X Parasites, so they sent these robots to investigate and probably bring some back for experiments. Cue the robots going rogue and Samus showing up to clean things up because she is immune to any X Parasites that might still be alive. That Chozo may or may not be the cause of things and the antagonist.
>>341383 But there are a bunch of Zelda games that don't have Zelda in them. Granted, they're all spinoffs, but still. >>341384 Metroid Fusion is literally "Alien Resurrection." But yeah they'll just clone new metroids or just plain find them somewhere. It's not like it matters.
>>341401 They could just invent new metroids since the originals were bio-engineered to hunt x-parasites anyway.
Cool Bloodstained graphics, Chinktendo
>>341377 And again, lore faggotry is nothing compared to brand recognition. You seem to be too autistic to understand not every title to something is meant to be taken literally. Here I'll settle this for all of you right now: At some point in Dread it's revealed some new villain shows up and some how creates new Metroids for Samus to hunt down. Said villain uses some space-age Chozo magic technology or whatever to autistically explain how new metroids are made. There I solved your problem.
>>341347 I think Samus Returns was very mediocre, though I emulated it on PC so that might have enhanced my experience (as opposed to abhorring it). It definitely made me never want to play OG Metroid 2, though if those two games are that different, I might give that or AM2R a shot at some point
(21.04 KB 240x160 Metroid - Zero Mission_56.png)

As of Fusion, Samus is a Metroid.
>>341459 More like a weird human/chozo/metroid chimera.
>>341446 Definitely give AM2R a shot. It's great. If Ninty-Mercury Steam are smart they would have hired the guy for Dread.
>>341459 Does she really have feather pubes?
(118.47 KB 500x279 yano.png)

>>341559 We'll never really know but it wouldn't be bad if she did.
Metroid is chozo for ultimate warrior
>>341564 Well the Chozo did invent them to kill X-Parasites because they are more dangerous to have around.
>>341384 My thought for years was that X escaped from the BSL on Samus ship via Adam (since its seen interacting with machines no less than 3 times in the game; youre away from your ship for a long time during the power outage). Like you said, the GalFed were likely breeding things; eg X parasites were known to them pre Fusion, they have a means to provide immunity to them, and said robots are probably some horrible biomechanical fusion
>>341568 I'm guessing the robots are either reprogrammed by that Chozo, or they have become a bunch of SA-X types.
>>341377 >It's like having a Mario game with no Mario tho. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening has nothing to do with Zelda.
>>341559 I choose to believe that she does. It's probably soft, downy feathers.
You guys do remember that the first Alien movie is called Prometheus, right?
>>341571 They better not fucking have living Chozo
(331.64 KB 1294x728 infinite.jpg)

>>341377 Or a BIOshock game not taking place in WATER
You are all fucking retards. The robots have Metroids in them. Obvious shit is obvious.
>>341647 There is a living Chozo, and he's probably evil.
>>341660 But Bio means Life, not Water.
>>341668 That post is very very old bait.
(21.82 KB 739x415 images (6).jpeg)

>>341661 I was going to mock you because that's too retarded, but then I remembered what timeline we're in. Also, I considered >E.M.M.I. >Electronic Metroid Machine Interface or something to that effect. More importantly, will we get to see Samus in her zero suit in this game? Will she have a different type of zero suit now she's part Metroid? Will we get to see her in glamour shots for finishing the game in under 2 hours?
>>341670 >implying owls are birds
>>341559 I hope so.
>>341687 Also the needle thing EMMI users to kill Samus? That's the mechanical life-sucking syringe of the new robot Metroids.
>>341387 That doesn't mean shit. It'll probably still end up selling less than Samus Returns.
(126.98 KB 1200x800 smash_bros_zero_suit_samus.0.jpg)

>>341559 If Samas had feather pubes she would have had feather hair as well, which is not the case
>>341810 >the carpet always matches the drapes
(2.05 MB 480x271 YesItIs.gif)

>>341810 I reject your logic on the grounds that you can't actually prove that Samus doesn't have feather pubes. Unless we see Samus' pussy in canon material, it's entirely possible that Samus does in fact have feather pubes.
>>341687 The only game over we saw at Treehouse was the one hit kill from the robot. Hopefully the standard game over still has the suit explode. Reminder that in Fusion she didn’t wear the zero suit, but a skimpy halter top and shorts. The ZS wasn’t iconic then though, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see them use it instead.
>>341818 That's a logical fallacy.
>>341821 >The ZS wasn’t iconic then though It didn't even exist then, it was invented for the suit-less segment in Zero Mission.
>>341325 They will probably make a comeback soon, Fusion had Metroids because the Galactic Federation had DNA samples and made lots of clones. >>341362 Didn't the creator of Metroid said that Prime is not cannon? >>341383 >>341401 >>341598 The Zelda series was supposed to be called The Hyrule Fantasy since the first game, and the "The Legend of Zelda" was actually supposed to be the subtitle.
>>341963 >Didn't the creator of Metroid said that Prime is not cannon? That was a mistranslation. They are considered non important side stories.
>>341963 That doesn't make it any better. Hyrule isn't in Majora's Mask or Link's Awakening either.
>>341963 >Didn't the creator of Metroid said that Prime is not cannon? First, Sakamoto isn't the "creator" of Metroid. That honor goes to Makoto Kano (You know, the guy who then made Metroid II while Sakamoto was elsewhere making X and For Frog the Bell Tolls). Second, Sakamoto's brainchild that is Other M causes EVERY SINGLE METROID GAME EVER MADE to become non-canon as it contradicts events in every single one of those games.
>>341983 Reminder that Adam is Sakamoto’s self insert, that Sakamoto thinks Samus is an emotionally fragile wreck obsessed with the Metroid hatchling, freezes in fear when she sees Ridley and has a bizarre obsessive Electra complex relationship with said self insert to the point of agreeing to not use life saving equipment because he didn’t say she could. Sakamoto also claims Samus never takes money for bounties. He’s a grade a retard and weird, creepy waifufag who shouldn’t be allowed near the series again and who’s words should mean nothing.
>>341559 Better question: Is she still fertile?
>>342015 >Sakamoto thinks Samus is an emotionally fragile wreck >freezes in fear when she sees Ridley Which is still retarded as fuck. Other M takes place after Metroid 1 and Super Metroid. After she has already fought Ridley twice. And yet despite that, she gets scared and suffers an emotional breakdown upon seeing Ridley in Other M? Bullshit bad writing.
(16.26 MB 1280x720 metroid-5-dread-trailer.webm)

>>341325 >didn't post the trailer OP is a faggot as usual.
I hope Ridley gets a lot of porn again
Her new suit looks like she is wearing a diaper imagine if she filled it up when she got scared by the robots haha
>>342311 Leave, Sakamoto.
>>341384 Samus will be bred raw by Federation fucking machines.
>>342034 I don't know if it's canon or not, but I saw a manga where the space pirates modified her to be able to shit any type of alien out of her ass after receiving their "genetic material".
>$30 Metroid Dread amiibo figures increase players’ health and missiles https://archive.is/lvF3L Confirmed to be shit, post Ridley porn!
>>342650 >$30 Metroid Dread amiibo figures increase players’ health and missiles Doesn't this imply that it will be difficult without said plastic toys
>>342650 Thanks for posting those, I want to fuck and huff Ridley hard
(563.51 KB 628x554 ClipboardImage.png)

(67.75 KB 512x245 ClipboardImage.png)

>>342650 Metroid are not for fucking, they are cute babies. You monster
>>342668 Theyre for draining away your cock energy until you have a null bulge
(747.57 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)

>>342677 NOOOOO
>>342650 >faggot furry shit Why am I not surprised?
>>342650 >ridley nutting in metroid, like not the girl metroid, the actual metroid jellyfish thing What the fuck did I just see.
>>342015 Still mad that Samus isn't the musclebound 7' tall musclebound tranny that you envisioned?
(94.38 KB 720x556 1611528159867.jpg)

>>342700 >>342668 >the metroid is what's wrong with the picture >everything else is fine
>>342668 >they are cute And cute things should be given lots of loving.
>>342757 What if you think Ridley's cock is cute?
>>341325 Apparently it's a sidescroller. Are people seriously excited for a sidescrolling Metroid? Those games were boring as shit, they are the definition of tedious, and absolutely nothing happens in them, it's just 'hold right because nothing happens if you go left'. Even if Prime was interesting at parts, I still dropped it once it told me to back track and get the Chozo artifacts. It's fucking toiling, I play Wurm and these games look like toil to me.
(35.11 KB 356x594 Metroid_games.png)

>>342925 >Are people seriously excited for a sidescrolling Metroid? I got kinda bummed out when I saw that Dread was a 2d game. I thought we were finally gonna see Prime 4 this E3, but nope. We got Dread instead.
>>342943 >I thought we were finally gonna see Prime 4 this E3, but nope I'm kind of worried that the rot has gotten so bad in the west that even a studio like Retro can't pull their shit together to make anything worthwhile anymore.
>>343028 >Retro can't pull their shit together to make anything worthwhile anymore. Retro has been having problems for years behind the scenes. Massive losses in staff, no games for over half a decade, tons of rumors of shitty working conditions and lots of cancellations. Truth is Metroid Prime 4 won’t be worked one by the people who did it before. Maybe it will turn out good, but it’s a big question mark. It might not end up feeling like Metroid Prime at all.
(2.19 KB 255x255 bait (2).jpg)

>>343086 Retro has been hiring back some talent that previously left, as well as a lot of other names that have worked on big titles. That said, shit looks grim because the only thing they've released in a decade is Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. I hope they pull it off, I want MP4 to be good, but at the moment odds are 50/50 at best. >>342925 pic4u at least pretend to bait the hook
>>342925 >>342943 Fuck off, Bizarro-Moviebob
I really hope they tone down the melee counter shit in Dread. It made exploring in Samus Returns so fucking tedious until you got enough beam upgrades to just blast through everything.
>>342705 Why are you this retarded, anon?
>>341404 >Cool Bloodstained graphics, Chinktendo That's what reminded me of. All the cool gloomy and creepy atmosphere is gone. I am not hyped for this one, i wished it was developed by the Fusion devs.
(1.69 MB 1600x1600 Samus-Kasha.png)

Samus is mommy
>>343522 Hi autismo
(67.43 KB 498x325 boomer samus.jpg)

>>343522 >Thinks Samus is mom material. Lets be honest Anon if Samus ever found herself looking after an actual child she would probably give it a beer and some actual fucking guns to play with and be really fucking confused when she finds it dead the next morning.
>>343568 But anon <THE BABY! I think she would be an oerbearing mother.
(39.21 KB 850x638 kick the baby.jpg)

>>343568 She's a woman Anon.
>>343569 It was a Metroid and could look after itself. Put it this way when Samus hits 70 years old she will have a collection of cats. Trained assassin cats but cats none the less. >>343572 She is still a complete space hermit. You all can not see the trees for the forest because she is hot. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILDREN TO SAMUS. She will fling then at Ridley thinking they are weaponry.
>>343573 You think Samus is as autistic as a /v/ poster? I also don't want to give her my children, I want to put my children inside her.
>>343568 >Implying Samus's lonely heart doesn't yearn for the love only motherhood can bring >Implying she wouldn't be loving and nurturing out of a retributive desire to give the child the love she never was able to know from her own murdered parents >Implying she wouldn't find solidarity with a cute orphaned catgirl and would not care for and protect her with her very life >Implying she wouldn't give her lots of sweet milkies
>>343573 >>343568 I would have thought she's the stoic type that has learned to shut out her primal urges but when she's exposed to them (having the child), is fascinated by them.
>>343576 >You think Samus is as autistic as a /v/ poster? I also don't want to give her my children, I want to put my children inside her. She was orphaned as a child when her entire colony was destroyed by a space dragon and she was raised by birds on an alien planet so inhospitable to human life they had to genetically alter her to make her strong enough to survive. I'd say that even if she isn't a sperg she has zero fucking social skills anyway.
(8.17 KB 225x225 samus.jpg)

>>343576 >You think Samus is as autistic as a /v/ poster? Scared of human interaction and when not in action she spends all her time at her computer in a onesie. So yes she is a /v/ sperg.
>>343619 Wait, we are supposed to get onesies?
>>343621 >not owning progrmaming socks
(222.47 KB 706x425 highly autistic girl 2.PNG)

>>343619 >>343586 I still argue that we are worse.
>>343663 As a collective? Yes. As individual Anons? Samus is probably more of a sperg then us, at least some Anons manage to hold down jobs/have friends/marry. >>343586 >>343619 >orphan >emotionally cold >only shows emotion when in combat >Hung up on her lost "child" >The only man to show any interest in her is Solid Snake, who's probably just channeling the genetic memory of his father's Oedipal lust for the Boss >Her entire life is just killing space pirates and shitposting in between jobs. >Probably shaves only once in a blue moon so if she does have feather pubes they'd probably make a decent down pillow. She has a hard life.
>>341646 >the first Alien movie is called Prometheus you might want to run that one through google pal.
>>343682 >you will never have a samus body pillow filled with samus's feathers
(117.68 KB 820x543 autism samus.png)

>>343663 >Obsessed with jellyfish. >Bullies a scalie because he is into vore shit. >Wants to kill every single last space pirate just because. >Once picked on a girl for having a massive brain. >Does not like smart people. >Walks about in LABO armor. >When in a tight spot curls up into a little ball and hides..
>>343682 >Probably shaves only once in a blue moon hairy girls are nice too.
(17.11 KB 500x281 spot.jpg)

>>343715 With all her autism that is the one girly thing Samus does is make herself look good but I put that down to her being raised by birds and birds tend to be vain. (I have parrots they are all fucking vain even the males. Especially the males). So I reckon she shaves BUT her autism also leaks into her appearance. She pencils in a beauty spot because she thinks those human male thingys like that.
(43.59 KB 620x310 Engineer.jpg)

>>341646 >Prometheus I fucking hated that boring movie and its gayass bald alien. The only good Alien movies are the first two. The rest are utter garbage.
>>343877 Was I the only one that got some serious ryona vibes from that film? It felt like fetish fuel.
>>341818 I reject your logic on the grounds that you can't actually prove that Samus have feather pubes. Unless we see Samus' pussy in canon material, it's entirely possible that Samus doesn't have feather pubes.
>>343522 I am going to make her a mommy.
(97.44 KB 1200x522 this is fine.jpg)

>>343910 >Anons arguing over theoretical feather pubes. >Anons have not considered the theoretical body horror that is beak vagina.
>>343990 >>Anons have not considered the theoretical body horror that is beak vagina. That's ONLY and issue if you want to fuck a squid or an octopus, and we don't currently have a Splatoon thread.
>>343994 If we had a Splatoon thread, there'd be that guy that posts about CUNTBOYS
(1.85 MB 2430x3247 Chozo_ghost_ingame.jpg)

>>343994 >That's ONLY and issue if you want to fuck a squid or an octopus Is it tho? Think for a second have any of you ever seen a Chozo vagina? We have no idea what those things are like.
>>343998 >We have no idea what those things are like. Well, they're (space) birds, so it's logical to assume that the vagina and ass are the same hole. How this would effect Samus is in one of two ways. First is that, as a result of the genetic engineering, she now has one whole as well that serves both the purpose of an anus and a vagina (Leave it to your imagination to know what this means). The second way is that she was developed enough as a human that her vagina and anus stay intact, however we are left to our own imagination to understand what that means entails. Also, Samus is part-Metroid later on, so she could be a hermaphrodite towards the end of the series.
>>344006 If Samus was already out of the womb by the time the Chozo got to her, they'd need more than gene therapy to give her a cloaca. More likely it affected her womb and ovaries in such a way that she now lays eggs instead of having the fetus gestate internally.
>>343994 A squids beak is its mouth
>>343994 >>344086 That reminds me of a sketch that some drawfag made of a splatoon girl with a beakpussy.
Will there be a game in which you play as the aliens instead, or at least a friendly alien that assists Samus like a co-op mode?
>>344121 >Will there be a game in which you play as the aliens instead There was one, it's called the multiplayer mode of Metroid Prime Hunters.
(105.24 KB 427x1418 262.jpg)

>>344121 >space pirate management sim >have to complete research without arousing suspicion >but have to steal resources and tech to be able to finish them >the more you steal, the more notoriety you get >if it pass a certain threshold the GF sends samus after you >have to scramble to get the most research out safely while she tears the whole complex apart I would play it.
>>344161 >>344161 >>space pirate management sim >have to complete research without arousing Ridley I'd play it
(37.23 KB 570x470 zss glomp.jpg)

>>344006 >Also, Samus is part-Metroid later on, so she could be a hermaphrodite towards the end of the series. She's human female with some space-bird DNA, so it's safe to assume she has human genitalia and no feathers. Chozo are not depicted as very feathery either, and since Samus has regular hair and eyebrows it's safe to assume the rest of her body hair remained the same. BUT, and this is a big point. SAMUS IS NOW A SPACE-SUCCUBUS. She has metroid DNA in her, and a metroids primary method of attack is to drain the life-force of an enemy that it is attached to in larval form by sucking creatures up inside it. If you stick your dick in Samus, she effectively has the power to drain your life-force from you via your dick which is lodged inside her. And since she has super-strong bird DNA mutations and metroid DNA she likely has the kegel strength to hold you in place so you can't pull out. But also, remember that it's not one-way. The Baby clearly showed that sucking the life-force is a conscious action, meaning it has to intend to suck the life out of you, but even more importantly, Samus also has the ability to reverse the energy flow to give you energy. Just like the Baby did in the final battle with Mother Brain's biped form. Samus could, in theory, fuck a bunch of guys and steal their life-force and then restore it back to you in order to save your life. Samus is not only a succubus, but she can use her succubus powers to cuck you back to full-health (and possibly beyond, given her state after the incident with Baby and Mother Brain).
>>344140 >There was one, it's called the multiplayer mode of Metroid Prime Hunters. I hope MP4 has a Hunters type multiplayer/co-op mode in it. Actually, no I don't. I want the game to be single-player only so they can focus on making the campaign the best it can possibly be. After MP4 they can make a new multiplayer spin-off using the same engine and assets, and include a co-op mode like Federation Force too (which was a decent game it just wasn't what anybody wanted at the time). But given the financial failure of FedForce it will likely never happen. >>344208 >>344161 I'm imagining a 4X type game where you play as the space pirates and have to colonise new worlds and research technology and weapons and also build your bases like a tower defence to keep the Galfeds out and then if shit goes haywire they call in Samus and you have to stall her long-enough to self-destruct the planet and evacuate your VIPs and tech.
>>344225 Holy shit anon, would you be ok with getting cucked back to Life?
>>344227 Not really, but if it was the only option she had and the choice was between letting me die or keeping her honour and I was just too important for her to lose, and if she performed some kind of purification trial/ritual afterwards I guess I could live with it maybe.
>>344161 So basically Dungeon Keeper in space? >>344225 Fuck off Sakamoto, you have already ruined Metroid enough with your fetishes.
>>344232 But she did It for you anon!
>>344232 >some kind of purification trial/ritual afterwards You mean pulling her vagina out and replacing it with a fresh 3d-printed one?
>>343581 >Implying she wouldn't find solidarity with a cute orphaned catgirl and would not care for and protect her with her very life That's how I know you're new to Metroid. It's obviously a doggo boy she'll take. >>344082 Samus was at least 6 when the Birdies took her and pumped her full of warrior juices.
>>344263 >Samus was at least 6 Yeah, then barring extreme hentai logic, that’s two late for gene editing to give her a cloaca. Im still holding on to feather pubes though
>>344263 But does she ara ara the dogboy?
>>344420 The Choze were able to give Samus a cloaca, but she has to dilate to keep it open
(328.09 KB 800x800 rosiesamusargue-notext.png)

>>344263 >That's how I know you're new to Metroid. It's obviously a doggo boy she'll take. Fuck outta here and make way for the superior wholesome mama/daughter nesting. Once we spread the word we will supplant all /ss/ plebs with our superior cuteness.
(71.11 KB 1121x362 Youre-a-gay.jpg)

(298.91 KB 748x426 AJ Styles Warrior Supreme.jpg)

>>344504 >mama/daughter nesting Fucking gay.
>>344511 You get off to a dog boy named Nicole, tell me more about how you're gay.
>>344517 >You get off to a dog boy named Nicole Projecting is bad for your mental health anon. 8^)
It will be a cute orange-haired catgirl, not a dog boy, that will be Samus's new The Baby.
>>344492 Does anyone else remember the whole 'Samus is Trans' bullshit from a few years ago?
(102.58 KB 1113x836 paul_holds_b_tunnels.jpg)

>>344532 >don't force your traditional gender roles on us <oh look, a female with any amount of masculine traits behavioral or otherwise, it's a trans
>>344532 That was John Flynt pushing that shit wasn't it? Before he rain for Governor of Massachusetts and advocated for developing weapons to carry out Gundam style orbital drop attacks? Say what you want, but out of all the members of the old GG Literally Who trio, "Brianna" is at least good for a laugh. Anita fell into irrelevance, Zoe just kept on sucking dick, but John went into politics trying to become Trans Gihren Zabi.
>>344539 >That was John Flynt pushing that shit wasn't it? Yeah, even got caught editing the Metroid wikipedia article to use his own article as a source for the claim.
>>344532 >>344535 I wouldn't be surprised if one of them found the dev interview of Super Metriod. For those who don't know, everyone that was interviewed for it was a "what's a thing about Samus that only you know?" Clearly a joke question as someone said her 3 measurements. Except Sakamoto get the memo apparently, with "he knew where her secret beauty mark was" ending up being true. Long story short one of the programmers for his 'secret' was "samus was a shemale".
>>344545 That's exactly what happened. Flynt found the interview, published an article citing it to claim Samus was canonically trans, tried to edit the wikipedia article to say the same thing while citing his own article as the source, and pissed off a lot of people in the process. Even a lot of feminists got mad because they saw it as the trans community trying to take one of the most significant female characters in the industry away from them. He of course then blamed GG for all the backlash. And then the whole incident faded into obscurity. Shifting this back on topic, I wonder what the suit upgrades in Dread will look like. I honestly really liked them in Samus Returns, especially its take on the Gravity Suite. I mean nothing will ever beat the Dark Suit, but you can't surpass perfection.
>>344557 it seems like one of the suit upgrades will let you go invisible to throw off the murderbots.
>>344557 >I mean nothing will ever beat the Dark Suit, but you can't surpass perfection. The Dark Suit really was great.
(357.81 KB 1022x484 samus.png)

>>344637 >uhh samus has a dick cause she's male <no she doesnt, she's a girl, who the fuck told you otherwise? >this article written by a tranny says samus is a tranny, so it's legit, please edit the wiki to say she has a cock then lock the article <your article literally quotes fanfiction >fucking gamergators, she's a tranny until nintendo proves otherwise, what's burden of proof anyway? Are these people legitimately retarded?
>>344679 >Are these people legitimately retarded? That's rather kind of you to consider them people and not just subhumans
>>344679 >Are these people legitimately retarded? Yes. Their brains are so broken they want to mutilate their own genitals for fun. They are literally retarded.
You know I don't know if I can get behind this whole Metroid fighting robots thing. I liked it better when she fought jellyfish and pterodactyls.
>>341561 >being a furfag
>>344683 She's already fought robots a number of times. Prime 2 and Prime 3 had whole areas dedicated to robots.
(156.63 KB 1067x1600 zss demon hunter.jpg)

(18.41 KB 282x350 zss knight.jpg)

(99.67 KB 900x900 zss phazon suit 3.jpg)

(204.51 KB 383x599 zss phazon suit 2.png)

(464.78 KB 900x1400 zss phazon suit 1.png)

>>344557 >Dark Suit It's cool, but for me the Phazon Suit is my favourite. Phazon is done now though, that trilogy has ended, so who knows. I'd like to see a more "Metroid" looking power armour, something like pic related, as the power armour becomes more Guyver over time as the Metroid DNA in Samus evolves. Not sure how it would ever fit, but a medieval knight armour version of her power armour would be sweet too. Maybe as a cameo in a non-canon FE spin-off or something, where she appears as a bounty hunting archer on the trail of mysterious pirates. >>344683 >You know I don't know if I can get behind this whole Metroid fighting robots thing. What if I told you there was a metroid in the robot? And that there will be plenty of oragnic lifeforms to cauterise with your beam cannon along the way?
>>344720 I find the Phazon Suit to be boring. It's just the Varia Suit in edgy colors. Doesn't even make sense as phazon is super blue.
>>344731 I like it because it's the classic Varia design but with the NES colour palette (black, grey, red). The Dark Suit is good but it's a bit too "grunge" for me, with the rusty colours and industrial bulkiness.
>>344731 I like the phazon suit because it's g a m e r
>>344752 Its powered by Mountain Dew and hates niggers?
>>344225 This is the best thing I've read all week.
>tfw you'll never be picked up by a blonde amazon bounty hunter who fucks you so hard you regain consciousness just as she finishes a new mission and returns to her ship ready for round two
>>344225 >cuck you back to full-health (and possibly beyond nwf
>>344679 >>this article written by a tranny says samus is a tranny, so it's legit, please edit the wiki to say she has a cock then lock the article No, they locked it to prevent the trannies from vandalizing the article and falsely claiming that Samus is trans. So at least there's some sanity left in the world.
>>344829 But you will die!
>>344867 Samus would never hurt you Anon. Samus loves you.
>>344867 >Either let yourself be cucked for a good cause and live with the shame of knowing that, even if she’s loyal to you for the rest of her days, she had to hop on other men’s dicks Or >Die and she’ll eventually get with another man anyway Truly a Catch-22
(39.90 KB 352x360 pufferfish.jpg)

>>344225 Quite possibly the worst post made on this site. Horrendous.
>>344901 >tranny dubs Since when was Funimation making a Metroid anime?
(129.11 KB 237x213 ClipboardImage.png)

(24.11 KB 601x469 100%nuclear.jpg)

>>343619 >Samus probably shitposts here >>344225 You could have thought of any way to leech someone's life force, like drinking someone's blood or plunging their hand into someone's body, but no, it HAD to be about "cucking you back to health". You are beyond salvation.
>>344751 >but with the NES colour palette Anon, I have to inform you that palettes are about more than just what colors are used, it's also about how they're used. For the Phazon Suit to be NES colored, at the very minimum the grey and the black would have to be swapped around, because an NES is like 90% grey. The Phazon Suit has way too much black.
(85.41 KB 1280x720 joker trick.jpeg)

>>344817 It still has to like Doritos and play Halo all day while dreaming of Haloid to happen, to fully embrace its G A M E R side >>344833 Great digits and a very cute Samus. Thanks anon.
>>344937 >It still has to like Doritos and play Halo all day while dreaming of Haloid to happen, to fully embrace its G A M E R side Don't forget the customizable RGB lights
(47.04 KB 576x596 thinkink araki.jpg)

>>344895 Im not going to advocate cuckholdry here, but what hurts people is the betrayal of a loved one, not the fact per se, so if there was no betrayal because that was the only way to bring you back, would it still be cucking? These are the kinds of questions that makes one think.
(357.95 KB 1084x1265 gamer grils.jpg)

>>344941 Of course, how could I forget?
>>344943 I'll give you a good answer to your question: it doesn't have to be about cucking, she doesn't have to, there are other ways to represent life-stealing powers, or gaining energy from them by eating them, for example. >but I said "because that was the only way- No. She'll eat their enemy's hearts like Kobe beef and drink their blood like fine wine. Fuck Halo, let's go for a Blood x Metroid crossover.
>>344958 Anon youre dodging the question, if you cant wrap your head around it, then lets just say a space wizard did it.
>>344945 There needs to be a way to artificially increase the number of autistic girls in this world.
>>344928 >Samus probably shitposts here Hi Samus if you read this can you please sit on my face
(12.55 KB 378x389 7 - zOt2Rtd.jpg)

>>345091 Why would you want that? Have you ever even INTERACTED with an autistic person?
(62.73 KB 790x500 normalfags.jpg)

>>345127 >interacting >with people
>>345128 >not having a cute assburgers girl interacting with your penis
>>345128 Hey, i'm not the one who brought it up. You are the one who wants females to be a bunch of socially and developmentally stunted retards, even moreso than they already are. I literally have autism, I can't imagine a woman being like me and that not being absolutely disgusting.
>>345129 I have her Being alone kind of really sucks
>>345131 I am not seeing a downside here.
(10.06 KB 253x205 blue feather of autism.png)

(369.35 KB 999x1500 01.png)

(447.96 KB 996x1500 02.png)

(335.72 KB 994x1500 03.png)

(380.89 KB 998x1500 04.png)

(389.26 KB 985x1500 20.png)

>>345128 But Tomo-kun, it's good for you
(286.21 KB 1366x768 despair but also erection.png)

>>345137 >>345129 Hmm. >makes my dick hard >have to interact with people Hard bargain man.
>>345127 >Have you ever even INTERACTED with an autistic person? autism is a meme though, if you have brain damage you are called autistic here even you have a different disorder.
>>345134 Okay, here's one, you have be like a fucking discord pedophile groomer yes i know I was repeating the same word 3 times to get her to fuck you.
(107.75 KB 720x694 156849747442.jpg)

>>345127 Every day when I look at myself in the mirror. I am my own autistic wreck.
>>345134 Every legitimately autistic/aspie girl I've met has been a whore, for some reason. I don't mean she had bad values, I mean literally had a body count above 60. That being said, just going by probabilities there's probably sperg girls in the webring, at least, so you could just ask in threads if you really want to know how it'd be like. Though they're all probably gay, going from my experience.
(9.78 KB 300x218 nes controller.jfif)

>>344931 >because an NES is like 90% grey Controller is at mostly black with six of the eight buttons also being black, some grey trim with red highlights for text and action buttons. >>345547 >I don't mean she had bad values, I mean literally had a body count above 60. That's my experience as well. Aspie girls aren't always loyal, but they can be if they're in a committed relationship, but they're also really down for just fucking if they're single.
>>345584 That's only one side of the controller. The rest is all grey.
>>345584 >Controller is at mostly black with six of the eight buttons also being black, some grey trim with red highlights for text and action buttons. This is like saying the Gameboy palette is all red because that's what the color of the A button is. >>344751 said "NES color palette", not "NES controller color palette". Even if we were to include the controller as part of the whole NES, grey still takes up most of the system.
(162.57 KB 480x270 retarded.mp4)

>>345596 >this painting is shit >the back of the canvas is totally blank next you'll complain Samus isn't rectangular enough to match the controller
My understanding of autism is that it gives you a smoking hot body for you to rub peanut butter on.
>>341647 Why not? The Chozo aren't dead. They raised Samus and gave her her suit. When she left them they were still very much alive.
>>345690 Many people are under the impression that because all you tend to encounter of them is their ruins, they are long extinct, when really they are just of an unknown status.
>>345698 I think they're on their way out. My understanding is that many of them ascended to a "higher" state as energy beings, and some few remained as some kind of "galactic shepherds" to help the remaining sentient life forms. And then there's the splinter group of Chozo who stayed behind because they rejected ascension and want to rule the galaxy. These are likely the Chozo seen executing the others in the secret ending of Samus Returns.
>>345702 What about the lumox from echoes? iirc they are on the same level as the chozo just not as space driven.
Does anyone have that drawing of what Samus' face might look like after the metroid hybridization and a prolonged period of time? With the three glowing red eyes and the two fangs coming out of her mouth? I can't fucking find it and I know one of you fags would have it. Pic related, something I managed to find but not what I'm looking for.
(181.76 KB 800x843 zss mutated 1.jfif)

(157.76 KB 485x603 zss mutated 2.jfif)

(133.63 KB 792x1008 zss mutated 3.jfif)

(407.26 KB 850x773 zss mutated 4.png)

(126.47 KB 732x930 zss mutated 5.jfif)

>>345737 I'm not sure which one you're talking about but I found these.
>>341350 the setting was based on the director's D&D game. The Elder Scrolls title came from the artifacts from said campaign
>>345702 >My understanding is that many of them ascended to a "higher" state as energy beings, and some few remained as some kind of "galactic shepherds" to help the remaining sentient life forms. And then there's the splinter group of Chozo who stayed behind because they rejected ascension and want to rule the galaxy. These are likely the Chozo seen executing the others in the secret ending of Samus Returns. We're talking about Metroid, not fucking Stargate.
>>345786 I thought the Pirates murdered them all
>>345786 >>345788 The one in Dread is supposed to be the one from Chozo Memories 10 and 11, 11 specifically features the mass slaughter of the Chozo on SR388 at the hands of Chozo warriors and himself.
>>345786 So? Wouldn't be the first time Metroid blatantly ripped off sci-fi. And everything I said is at least supported by in-game lore. The Chozo on Tallon IV ascended to an energy state but those energy states were corrupted by the phazon, which is where the Chozo ghosts come from. And the Chozo were a warrior race before their enlightenment, but I don't see why a splinter faction would have rejected the pacifism or at least returned to their war-like ways given the space pirates are constantly trying to genocide them.
>>345801 Also I have a feeling the space pirates and the chozo stem from a shared but forgotten common ancestor.
(102.52 KB 238x350 ClipboardImage.png)

(387.23 KB 1310x330 ClipboardImage.png)

Finally found the post about Metroid contradictions and why Metroid Other M is not canon. >>345807 It's true, unarmored zebesians give me that vibe, although with their theme of stealing tech, I like to think it's more to do with that particular strain of pirate being genetically manipulated to live in Zebes, like in the manga.
>>345174 >you have to be a chomo to get an autistic gf >>345749 >Have fun touching yourself to a horrifying mass of veins and see-through bones Someone here could probably do that.
>>345825 People have wacked off to worse
(6.31 MB 3222x3520 samusflex.png)

here is a samus i drawfagged yesterday
>>345852 Where's the benis
>>341331 Wasn't Other M the direct sequel to Fusion?
>>345879 No, it takes place right after Super Metroid.
>>345879 Is Other M still canon?
(203.88 KB 438x512 wtf.png)

>>345893 Thanks anon, I missed that post earlier.
>>345892 There hasn't been any mainline Metroid games since Other M, so it's hard to tell. The fact they're making Prime 4 makes me think it isn't.
>>345914 Why would Prime 4 mean Other M isn't canon? The Prime games already take place before previously released games, to the degree that you could easily think they're an alternate timeline where even Super Metroid isn't canon. Also, considering manga and Nintendo Power comics are canon, I'm inclined to figure every game is canon. Even if there are contradictions, like things in the Nintendo Power comics sort of overlapping with the game but not quite being the same, elements from there still carry over to later things, so it feels like you're just supposed to sort of squint and figure it all counts. The contradictions are minor.
>>345920 The Nintendo Power comics aren't canon, though some elements they had were later added into canon. I don't think Samus Returns disproved anything in Other M, but it wouldn't really matter since it's a remake. If Dread or MP4 contradict Other M I'm sure we'll all be happy to write it out of canon (until it gets an HD re-release on Switch).
>>345924 The Nintendo Power comics introducing very specific elements that become very important later makes it seem like you're intended to read them and count them as part of the story. The contradictions are minor and you can understand what you're supposed to think happened in spite of the contradictions. It's like how none of the Evil Dead movies (and the tv show, for that matter) actually match up with each other, but if you aren't being autistic, you can understand what you're supposed to think happened.
(4.32 MB 854x480 WAKE ME UP.mp4)

>>344225 >cuck you back to life
>>345920 >The contradictions are minor. Not with fucking Other M. The way Samus's suit works is a major fucking plot element in Zero Mission, Fusion, and Other M, and Other M contradicts the other two. These games' stories would not play out the way they do without those contradictions.
>>345980 Zero Mission doesn't exactly mesh well with other games either, if you're counting things like her suit. She gets a bunch of powerups earlier than the other games established. Also, though those games have more story than the games before them, they still don't have much. Most of the story is in the manga, and there are random references to the manga that are practically incomprehensible unless you seek it out, and it was never released outside Japan. Metroid barely has any story at all unless you look at the manga and Nintendo Power comics. And that's fine. I love the way Metroid tells its story, but getting too specific and pedantic about it is stupid and missing the point.
>>345869 fuck off Mark
>>346066 The thing is, the series has remained pretty consistent in both its stories and the way it tells them, until Other M, which decided to not only emphasize a strong story much more than the others, but basically didn't care to remain consistent with the stories of the other games as long as it got to tell its own story how it wanted, which was shit. That's the main problem with it in terms of the whole series, it shoves everything else aside to push its own special story that ended up terrible.
>game looks ugly and cheap >animation is very linear, no acceleration or anything to make it seem more dynamic; looks like a unity game >title font looks bad I'm not sure this was worth it.
(252.13 KB 640x320 sam disgust.webm)

>>344225 >inventing a system where you have to be cucked to stay alive
>>346273 I mean, you're posting on /v/ so
(23.56 KB 400x273 1565975961145.png)

>>345749 That first one, thanks. Keep being a good person.
>>346280 I suppose you couldn't tell, but we do things differently around here to cuckchan
>>344225 >wanting to stick your dick into a flagrant case of vagina dentata Someone post it. I know one of you faggots has it.
>>346407 It was more of a lighthearted jab at Mark
>>345823 This image is needlessly autistic, and you fuckers need to realize that nobody making the games puts in this amount of thought. The majority playing do not either. Also, a contradiction doesn't mean something isn't canon, it just means someone fucked up. Additionally, contradicting something from Zero Mission doesn't mean the original game is contradicted as well. And as for the "cold vulnerability," it's easy to figure they wanted the regular stage metroids to no longer be vulnerable to cold. Maybe they want to use that stage of metroid and not the later ones.
>>346675 >This image is needlessly autistic Says the guy autistically defending one of the worst games Nintendo has ever put out. Other M is shit on all fronts, its story is terrible on its own merit, it is blatantly contradictory to the rest of the series in several ways, and even if it wasn't it should not be considered canon on the principle of every single thing it does being retarded and performing character assassination on both Samus and Adam. It's more damaging to Metroid than the CDi games were to their respective franchises, and I don't see Nintendo considering those to be canon.
>>346688 I never even played Other M. I just think these particular arguments are stupid. However, I'm not arguing against claims that the story and the game overall are shit on their own merits. Those may well be true. I don't care enough to play the game and see. >It's more damaging to Metroid than the CDi games were to their respective franchises, and I don't see Nintendo considering those to be canon. Nintendo never made those, and they were on such an obscure device that nobody was even aware it existed until like 15 years later when it became an internet joke. They also don't count the Zelda game watch as canon, probably. Not that it matters. The CDi games don't matter either. They could be canon and it would change nothing.
>>346691 >I am apathetic to the idea of maintaining a clear, consistent canon >and canon in general >I don't know anything about the game I'm talking about or its story >anyone who takes canon more seriously than I is autistic and stupid, and I have the authority to judge arguments concerning the game I don't know anything about Do you understand how stuck-up and idiotic you sound? If you don't know anything about the game, how do you know those arguments are stupid? You don't know anything about the events of its story or what they would mean for the worldbuilding of the series. You have no context for those arguments, no idea how significant those points are for the story of Other M. It's blatant you don't give a shit about consistent worldbuilding or lore, or don't care for a serious sci-fi series to keep its stories consistent with each other, which is fine, but don't act like other people are wrong to give a shit where you don't. That's just being an arrogant dickwad, expecting everyone to only care as much about things as you do. You don't give a fuck, fine, but let everyone else give a fuck if they want. A lot of people like having a series maintain a consistent universe.
>>346707 >>I am apathetic to the idea of maintaining a clear, consistent canon >and canon in general No, I didn't say the story was good, or that the contradictions don't matter. I'm saying that saying a contradiction means something isn't canon is stupid. >I don't know anything about the game I'm talking about or its story I'm not talking about the game, I'm talking about the things people are saying. >anyone who takes canon more seriously than I is autistic and stupid, Anyone who thinks that contradictions, especially relatively minor ones, means a thing straight up isn't canon, is stupid. There are contradictions in any long running series, and while an entry having a lot of contradictions isn't good, that doesn't mean it isn't canon. To think this means you must never have been exposed to practically any long-running series ever. You can understand what is intended, and clearly what is intended is not for you to think that nothing else is canon. It is pedantic and autistic to act otherwise. >no idea how significant those points are for the story of Other M. I played all the ones before Other M. Even the ones that have a bit more story, the GBA games, have very little, and what is there is already told in obscure stories in other media, which already require you to squint and ignore minor contradictions if you want to get the big picture. This is why I mentioned the Nintendo Power comics. They don't match up perfectly, but saying they're "not canon" due to their contradictions, even though it's very easy to tell what you're supposed to think the story actually is, it's very easy to see the big picture. So cheating yourself out of that big picture because of those contradictions is autistic. Other M focusing more on story than previous entries, but then having a bad story, is a good argument against it and that's why I'm not arguing against that argument. >It's blatant you don't give a shit about consistent worldbuilding or lore, or don't care for a serious sci-fi series to keep its stories consistent with each other, which is fine, but don't act like other people are wrong to give a shit where you don't. It's actually quite the opposite. By being this autistic, you're missing more worldbuilding than you lose. Now, maybe the worldbuilding here is shit, I'm not arguing that. All I'm arguing is that saying contradictions mean something isn't canon is stupid. It is very common for stories to obviously be intended as canon, even if they fuck up at points. While I'm at it, I'll point out that Prime comes across as an alternate universe that disregards the canon of Metroid 2 and 3. Technically you can say it's a midquel, but only with autistic explanations of clones and shit that don't feel very organic to the plots of 2 and 3. However, it's easy enough to roll with it, so whatever.
>>346707 >>346725 Your both autistic.
>>346786 Well yeah, but it's about which type of autism is better.
>>346786 Aren't we all?
>>346786 *you're :^)
>>346407 Do we have to remind you of the kind of image Acid faps to? Especially the Samus one he retweeted?
>>346847 Do we have you remind you this is an imageboard where people fap to backpack cucking, loli guro, anita sarkeesian, /zoo/, and the state of ohio?
>>346725 I'm just too tired of this to continue the argument for most points, but here >ignore minor contradictions I think this is the fulcrum this entire discussion hinges on, the reason why I interpretted you didn't care, and why you think the arguments are stupid. These aren't minor contradictions in Other M, and let me explain. I would have before had I known you knew nothing of Other M's story (and really, shame on you for assuiming they must be minor even though you know nothing about the game). I'll use it's contradictions with ZM and Fusion to illustrate. In Other M, it is shown that the power suit is something Samus can materialize and dematerialize at will. Additionally, she needs to maintain concentration to keep it on. This is key to two incredibly important scenes in the game. The first is the big encounter with Ridley, where, upon seeing him, Samus has an emotional meltdown as she relives her traumatic childhood experience when she first saw Ridley. This causes the suit to disappear, leaving her vulnerable to attack (and she gets majorly attacked), necessitating Anthony (a supposed old friend of hers) to come in and sacrifice himself to save her (though he doesn't really die). His "death" snaps her back to reality and she reforms the suit, starting the boss fight. The second major event is when Adam shoots her in the back with a light pistol right before she's about to charge into a lab filled with Metroids that are supposedly invulnerable to cold. This single shot in the back causes her suit to disappear, again, and incapacitates her long enough to stop her from preventing Adam from sacrificing himself to destroy the lab, instead. Major parts of Other M's story cannot happen without the suit working as it does. This is a contradiction to Zero Mission and Fusion, because major factors of their stories depend on the suit working in a different way. In Zero Mission, Samus takes off the suit after defeating Mother Brain and returning to her ship. She's ambushed unexpectedly and shot down, losing the suit in the process, setting up the part where she has to sneak though the pirate ship and chozo ruins to restore her suit. This entire section of the game would not happen without her losing the suit, which couldn't have happened had it worked like in Other M, staying with her even when she takes it off. For Fusion, in the very intro, after Samus is infected with the X, she loses consciousness and crashes into a big space rock. When Federation personnel recover her, the suit is still on her, despite her being unconscious. This means they have to surgically remove pieces of it to get to her body. Those pieces are then put in storage and eventually form the SA-X, a driving force and primary threat of the story. If the suit disappeared upon concentration loss like it does in Other M, they wouldn't have needed to remove it, thus the SA-X would never have existed, and a major element of the game wouldn't be there. In other words, major swaths of both games could not happen if Other M were canon. Thus, these are not minor contradictions. They're major. It's a similar situation with other contradictions it makes. Important elements of its story, like how the space pirates work, whether or not Samus has worked with the Feds since she left their service, etc, prevent several games from playing out as they do, if not keeps them from happening entirely. This is what people mean when they say Other M can't be canon.
>>346786 >You're
>>346881 >your're
>>341325 >But I thought all the metroids went extinct in Metroid Fusion (aka Metroid 4) wow way to spoil it dude, I haven't even played the original Metroid yet
>>346883 They went extinct in Metroid 2 where you fucking shoot them all to death because they're a threat and the Space Pirates used them for bad things in Metroid 1.
>>346875 Yes, our disagreement is about the subjectivity of the word "minor." However, my point is that you can still tell it wasn't intended to be a semi-reboot or whatever you'd call an entry that deliberately disregards some (but not all) entries in a series. Frankly, it could have very major contradictions, whatever you'd interpret as major, but the intent is obvious. Contradictions do not mean something isn't canon. They just fucked up and/or didn't care. Given how much story the average Metroid game has, it's pretty obvious they just didn't think about them very much when making Other M. They also probably didn't think about the story of previous games much when making any Metroid game, but the other games have barely any story to begin with, so it's not a huge problem. Just say it's stupid, not that it's "not canon." That's what I'm saying. >prevent several games from playing out as they do, if not keeps them from happening entirely. Yes, this is what happens with contradictions in any stories. However, it's just plain autistic to think that means they can't be canon. Canon is about intent. I'll almost guarantee they intended it to be canon with all the other games, but just didn't give a shit and figured the other games had so little story that they wouldn't worry about contradicting it.
(8.30 KB 300x168 kill yourself.jpg)

>>346881 >You're >Anon tries to correct someone. >Fucks it up. You know what you have to do Anon.
>>346875 >This is a contradiction to Zero Mission and Fusion not to ZM, the suit she loses in ZM is not the same one she uses from there onwards until the start of Fusion, and it does materialize itself on her when she get it there, and on the end of metroid 2, super metroid, metroid prime 2 and metoid prime 3. though in all of those it was a conscious decision and not loss of will or focus. IIRC she even blacks out twice in the prime 2 and 3 and the armor stays on, at least i think that's how the PED suit is installed on her. but then again, nintendo hate the prime games because shitty gaijins made them, so it's quite possible that sakamoto not only not played the prime games as well as he didn't even regarded them in any way in making the story of other M Tho even if you take the prime games out it still leaves the fact that the armor stays on samus on SM after Mbrain mega ray, if a shot on the back can take her armor out, a lot of shit should too. Also, anyone defending Other M for any reason should be shot, that shit should be deleted from history
>>346892 >Canon is about intent See, I don't agree with that. The end result is very important to canon. If the author does contradict things, either by mistake or intention, they either have to clarify what is and isn't canon, or they essentially, by omission, create two or more canons, where the different contradictions exist in separate realities. Otherwise, the audience can't tell what is and isn't supposed to be canon, because there's no word of what contradictions overwrite the others, and they can't read the author's mind.
>>346971 It doesn't create two or more canons, it just creates a canon with contradictions. You're clearly intended to just squint and ignore contradictions, and sometimes this is easier than others, but still, it's clearly not two canons. I get what you're saying, where depending on what specific entry or even moment you're looking at, you have to prioritize one contradictory detail over another, and then if you're looking at the other entry/moment you'll have to prioritize the other one, but this is what I mean when I say this is the bad kind of autism. It's a needlessly complicated way of saying "yeah they fucked up and you have to ignore details to make it make total sense." >Otherwise, the audience can't tell what is and isn't supposed to be canon, because there's no word of what contradictions overwrite the others, and they can't read the author's mind. When two elements (not entries or stories, but elements) contradict each other, the one you are currently looking at is the one that is canon. When you're playing Metroid 1, Metroid 1 is canon. When you're playing Zero Mission, Zero Mission is canon. When you're playing the others that came out before Zero Mission, obviously Zero Mission isn't canon to them since it didn't exist yet (but they are canon to Zero Mission), but when you're playing ones after Zero Mission, then what is probably actually intended is more of a mishmash of both games, since both would be in the minds of the people making later games, and even if you were to say Zero Mission "overwrites" the original game, it's a stupid point to make, because the original game will always be heavily referenced. This also reminded me of another analogous point. What do Ridley and Kraid look like? They're absurdly different in their original appearance compared to their reappearances in Super Metroid. Am I to think that this contradiction means Metroid 1 isn't canon to Super Metroid? No, I'm supposed to just understand that this detail was changed and not worry about it too much because I can still understand the idea that they were trying to communicate by having these characters reappear, even if they looked different than they originally did.
(3.75 MB 3366x2439 EhHO1S1XkAAFz13-orig.jpg)

>>346992 You're focusing on the trees instead of the forest, when the concept of canon is all about the forest. Yeah, when you're talking about a specific entry, of course its own details are going to be canon to it. But canon is about more than one entry at a time. Canon is about the series as a whole, otherwise there would be no point to defining a canon in the first place. This is especially important when discussing topics that span more than one entry in the series. Like if someone were to try and write down a canonical chronology of Samus's life from birth to the most recent story she's in, for any contradiction, only one option can be considered canon. In some series, like TES, you can maybe consider all options canon, because they make it a point to steep their lore in conflicting accounts, metaphysical mechanics, and ultimately incorporate the idea of contradicting facts all being true. But, for most series, canon isn't fluid like that. The author(s) intends one true account of events, and if this changes as the series progresses, that means certain conflicting accounts become non-canon to the main canon. That's what a retcon is. You can consider the outdated information to exist in their own offshoot canon, sorta like with the first Metroid, since it got overwritten by Zero Mission, but they're no longer part of the important canon. And some series might have multiple important canons, but they still have set events and facts. Star Wars basically has two canons, the one composed of the first six movies and all the EU content surrounding them (which most fans still consider the true canon), and Disney's new canon which only incorporates the first six movies, their nine movies, a TV show, and any new EU material created after this new canon was established (which Disney wants everyone to accept as the true canon). But Metroid hasn't done anything like that, so it has one main canon and a few offshoot canons born of retcons. So, when it comes to Other M, there are two options. Either A, when it released, its account became the main canon. If that's the case, then most of the other games, at least as they previously existed, are no longer the primary canon (due to Other M's numerous contradictions to their accounts), and we cannot take them as in-universe fact, or use them to predict and discuss upcoming stories and games, because those new games would likely no longer take those older games as true in the series history. Or B, at some point, Other M became not part of the main canon. This could have been before it even released, or this could have been a decision later made by the people at Nintendo, most likely by not considering it when making new games in the series. In this case, while it can be discussed in isolation as one canon, and we may hypothesize what elements of the other games can be considered true to it, it in can no longer, if it ever was, be considered a part of the true timeline of events in the series. You're taking a very loose and fluid definition of canon, when most people and discussions follow a much stricter one. Because what is the point of even having the term if everything is canon depending on what you're discussing and how? It's like the tumblrites that want gender to have nothing to do with sex, interests, appearance, or even personality, and be purely defined for a person by the person at an individual level depending on how they're feeling at any particular point in time. At that point, gender becomes a meaningless term, because whatever gender a person would be would tell you absolutely nothing about them, their gender becoming an arbitrary label with no real definition. And that's what you seem to be defining canon as, an arbitrary label whose definition changes depending on what you're talking about when you're talking about it, which makes it an ultimately meaningless term to use, as whatever is discussed as "canon" can change on a whim and has the durability of a sandcastle in the tide.
(1.89 MB 1003x1416 85243238_p0.png)

>>346934 Have you never thought that maybe, just maybe, Adam with all the Federation's resources at his disposal and his intimate knowledge of Samus, just happened to have developed a weapon just for disabling Samus just in case he needed to? I mean, it wouldn't be difficult for a man in his position.
>>347039 Go back to work Sakamoto.
(863.76 KB 868x1182 85778156_p0.png)

>>346875 Also, the Ridley contradiction could easily be explained. What if there's some special function of her suit that players were just never informed about that maintains it stably without her needing to consciously focus on it, but she just wasn't using it 'cause daddy Adam didn't explicitly authorize it because he knew he'd also be needing to disable her later. See. No more contradiction. Samus was vulnerable because Adam needed her to be.
>>347039 >>347045 >avatarfagging
>>346892 Nah man. You fuck up a bit, it's passable. You make a fucking trainwreck that reads like bad fanfiction, it's not passable, it's shit, and people will reject it because it fucks with the entire series fundamentally. The only idea that I sort of liked is Ridley being some kind of Pokémon. And I'm still not sure about it, but hey. I guess space dragons don't just materialize out of thin air.
>>347099 I never said it wasn't shit. I just said that saying it isn't canon just because you saw a contradiction is dumb. When another game comes out and deliberately contradicts it, then it won't be canon to that game. It is clear though that Other M didn't intend for all the other games to not be canon. They just fucked up. People have pointed out that Other M contradicts every other game except the original (though it does contradict Zero Mission) but clearly they didn't intend for it to be some sort of Halloween style thing where it deliberately deems all the other sequels non-canon. They just didn't care. Which is even worse. But saying that "it's not canon" is stupid.
(7.59 MB 1860x3583 ClipboardImage.png)

How do people even play Metroid without envisioning a kilometers-tall Samus anally voring entire cities?
>>349438 Go back to work Sakamoto.
>>341381 You mean like how the original Warioland was officially called Super Mario Land 3?
(19.67 KB 732x412 Nintendo's Rambo.jpg)

(47.35 KB 342x431 Nip cover.jpg)

(81.36 KB 500x500 Original Nip advertisement.jpg)

>>349477 Sort of, Wario Land was sort of a Rambo : First Blood Part II kind of situation.
>>349477 You mean like how the original Yoshi platformer was called Super Mario World 2?
(68.85 KB 482x474 thanks bobo.gif)

>>349438 Myself, I like to envision other things..
>>349438 Does the anus normally suck in air?
>>349490 Mario features very prominently in that game, though. You don't play as him but he's in pretty much every moment of the game.
>>349538 Have you never heard of Le Petomaine? The French vaudeville performer who could fart on command because he figured out how to clench his ass to suck in air?
(1.14 MB 1366x768 shittyunityfangame.png)

Reminder that this is an actual licensed game and not just a fan project based off a canceled Metroid title.
>>349562 >French Yeah that makes sense
>>349594 >we need to make sure to reduce contrast as much as possible in our 2D action platformer What the flying fuck. And tinting the minimap red doesn't help either. Jesus even if I had some other reason to play this game, I'd have to skip it for these reasons alone because my eyes are shit.
>>349594 I noticed this as well, the game itself doesn't look bad but the graphics are very cheap.
I wish it was actual 2D graphics. But still, it's the first game I've preordered since 2006
(434.09 KB 1280x720 0T7-rhzZurpmZ1K6.mp4)

(40.99 KB 434x435 SANS GENGARTALE.png)

>>356167 >Preordering Terminal cancer goes to 4cuck
>>357714 Okay, what's your point?
>>341963 >They will probably make a comeback soon, Fusion had Metroids because the Galactic Federation had DNA samples and made lots of clones. i dont remember fusion at all tbh, but even in super metroid, the space pirates had been successful in creating tons of mocktroids, so its not like its out of the realm of possibility that that work was improved upon
(834.20 KB 576x864 VITALITY.png)

>>350293 >>349642 >>349594 eh dont worry about it too much in all likelihood nutendo will blow it but its almost irrelevant due to how many great hacks have been coming out recently go play VITALITY SM hack if you havent yet
>>342060 Something about her suit looks really weird, like the legs and boots make it look like she's wearing a big pantsuit. >>357714 >>357773 Probably taken from some video dissecting trailer footage and going "look, at this frame there's an animation for shooting down a hole, WOW!" The attention to detail is nice, I guess.
>>363923 >Probably taken from some video dissecting trailer footage and going "look, at this frame there's an animation for shooting down a hole, WOW!" The attention to detail is nice, I guess. Attention to detail is nice, but it really should be standard and not some amazing thing that people point out. Even Metroid Prime got liquid droplets appearing on Samus' visor down and how many years ago was that?
(534.82 KB 537x537 032563.png)

>>363986 >suggesting people play a romhack is shilling Luciano, you get more retarded every day.
>>363886 I just played this for about an hour and a half and it fucking sucks so far. Is there a point where it actually gets fun? Being stuck in that goddamned retarded jungle tree zone where the background is so overdone that you can't tell what the hell you can and can't jump on, being attacked by the same two enemies over and over and over, and slogging for fifteen minutes to get to the end of a hallway where "oops there's a big rock here you can't get past sorry friend but hey look just beyond this impassable wall is a nice powerup I bet you can't wait to get it :^)" is just shit. This hack has pretty good reviews so I assume there's a decent experience in there somewhere, so my question is: where the fuck is it?
>>341384 Can you blame them? Who wouldn't want to do breeding experiments with Samus?
>>364034 >wahha muh exploration hack has me exploring lol then go play fusion again you retard why would you expect not to have to explore in a metroid game?
>>364198 >I don't like the art style and the level design is boring, am I missing something? <lmao just go play fusion faggot Solid argument
>>364034 Vitality is kinda like dream theater, the music is trash, it overstays it's welcome, but music aficionados love it because it has so much technical shit crammed in it that it's a amazing display of skill in the craft. The shit vitality does with base tiles is amazing, but the game itself is not really that good. I still prefer ancient chozo to it.
>>364333 >lots of technical skill That tends to happen a lot with metal and progressive bands. I always thought Dream Theatre was a little pretentious, I dont want to read liner notes to know who's dialog is happening in a one hour epic, for example. I feel like Tool falls into the same niches they do, but are pretty solid all around
>>363886 I really need to get off my ass and work on that room generator I wanted to make
>>364289 every major item is telegraphed by the environment and youre shittalking one of the best looking vanilla tileset hacks ever made idk what to tell you look around if youre stuck its fucking metroid my dude
tho i will say theres one obtuse moment where you have to die after saving so that you can respawn in the adjacent saveroom but that makes sense if you beat the game, and its not until a bit further into the hack
>>364333 ancient chozo is rly pretty ill give you that dream theatre sucks gigantic dicks tho
>Do not play VITALITY with zsnes Okay but why
>>364480 zsnes has some pretty glaring accuracy issues and vitality has some serious sorcery going on with its various layers and parrallax i can imagine youd end up with some horribly corrupted graphics at best, if it even runs idk try it if youre bored and post pics
(122.55 KB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

>>364666 It looks like most of its effects are on layer 2, which is one of the BG layers. Also it seems to rely heavily on flexglow (a patch that lets modders use room data to animate any tiles). Seems pretty standard to me, so far. Very nice atmosphere, but I got politely chewed out on the SM modder discord for asking if zsnes was really that bad. I'm probably not playing it to the creator's vision, but it's perfectly serviceable, and looks nice anyways. Also, where the fuck do I go now? I've got PB's and can't seem to make any headway in Andavald
(96.73 KB 876x655 ClipboardImage.png)

(127.35 KB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

(130.83 KB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

(124.60 KB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

Here's the same room in SNES9x and zsnes. Looks the same to me. Also have a quick look at different layers: Layer 1 only, Layer 1 + Layer 3
>>364671 eh you know how those guys get they spend a lot of time on that shit and get pissy over the details. if it works it works, and tbh thats kind of fucking impressive given that zsnes hasnt been updated in well over a decade as for >where the fuck do I go now? i played it when it came out, so im a bit foggy but did you do >>364419 yet? because iirc after that you get speedboost and a bunch more shit opens up
(127.74 KB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

>>364419 >>364680 Well I saw this when I reloaded my save to test above >>364675, but its the first reload I saw, so I'm not sure if that was a thing or not. I didn't end up anywhere unusual though. Though, Andavald sounding like a retard saying "Underworld" seems like a spooky clue
>>364683 yea the area names are all retard shit lol but if im thinking of the right area, theres a place where theres two save rooms right next to each other. youll fall into the one on the left, be stuck with the only room you can go to being full of acid and spikes, then go "wtf bruh??", reload, and youll be in the save room on the right and iirc thats where youll get speed. after you have that the world opens up a lot more its honestly some clever little world building in retrospect, but i got stuck there too and found it a bit obtuse as ive never seen a hack force you to die to progress like that
(61.10 KB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

>>364689 I don't have two adjacent saverooms yet... though that might be the one I haven't gotten to yet. Fugg, I'll keep bombing shit
>>364690 its definitely that middle one youll save there, be functionally softlocked, with one fuck you room off to the left. then youll respawn in a save room directly to the right andtheres a progression item over there iirc sry if i had a save on my computer that was anywhere near there id cap the map, but the save i have on my computer is basically locked into the ridley fight, which is way the fuck on the other side of the map and tbh the ridley fight in this hack is kinda brutal. i was always shit at ridley tho i have some other files, but theyre on my flashcart and that shits in storage rn sry bud
>>364702 According to a video speedrun, I didn't fully explore the area above your ship and missed the Draygon fight and the speed booster
>>364713 oh shit you get boost from draygon? thats right fuck me wtf do you get down there? it might be screw i remember getting walled down there too, basically exactly where you are, then just wandering off and the next time i got walled mustve been that funky save/death room thing sry for leading you in circles m8 honestly wasnt my intention
>>364715 That's why I checked a video, since there was literally nothing I could find, I bombed most walls, ceilings, etc, and it all needed stuff I didn't have. I suppose it's obvious to check the ship area after you get a message from the power bombs but whatever.
shieeeeet its all coming back to me now the rock that was above the start falls on your ship and destroys it. then draygons up there where you couldnt get before
>>364717 Yeah. I skipped the save room there, went almost completely around the outside of Draygon's room, went "WELP THERES NOTHING HERE YET" and fucked off. Kinda my fault too
>>364719 Actually looks like there's some stuff to do in !Norfair, go to the !Wrecked Ship, get the grappling beam, and enter it from the other side, since the Chozo Statue fight unlocks the area properly. No wonder shit's fucked
So, now that it's official that Samus's armor is regenerating back to normal, we will see Varia at the end of the game? sakamoto already shown that he doesn't like Gravity, so it's quite possible that last upgrade will be Varia suit.
>>367233 biomech
(104.85 KB 1280x740 dread suit.jpg)

>>367233 what i got from it is that the biological part of the suit is creating it's mechanical parts layer by layer, that's why it looks like it's halfway between fusion and varia in dread it doesn't explain the color though.
>>367263 Samus' armor has always changed based on its protection level. I wouldn't be surprised if the base-level is blue like the Fusion suit or Zero Suit rather than starting at the yellow coloured base level from the original, and later advancements change the colour through the spectrum to yellow and then red (and maybe that purple glow to denote Gravity Suit levels when the gravity compensator is active).
>>367198 Is this the first explicit confirmation Dread takes place after Fusion or was it already mentioned?
>>367338 It was mentioned in the original announcement at E3 that it takes place after Fusion.
(541.65 KB 1024x854 ClipboardImage.png)

>>367972 >no early years Metroid game where you play as a loli Samus sneaking out past your bedtime, exploring caves and ruins with a homemade suit of armor before getting chased by a monster and getting caught revealing it's just one of her Chozo parents, and she's just been using a flashlight and her overactive imagination. I really shouldn't be giving them ideas.
>>368007 >It happens normally once, and the second time it happens, reveals that a Space Pirate just killed your chozo family
>>368007 Why not have it be a Samus clone made by the Space Pirates which is only revealed mid-game after all pre-release material implied it was a prequel? They run into Chozo gene locked stuff all the time, are stupid enough to try domesticating very dangerous things (see Metroid Prime's Metroids), and have cloning tech (see Super Metroid's Metroids)
>>341325 metroid means ultimate warrior in chozo samus is the ultimate warrior
>>369274 If Samus was the ultimate warrior then her name would be Metroid. Samus probably means "One with bird vent" or something
>>369276 Samus is old enough to remember her parents being slaughtered. Samus is definitely the name her parents gave her, even if you ignore the manga (which makes it explicit).
>>369276 Samus is an earth name.
>>369276 Samus is an actual name, it's the female version of Séamus which apparently means supplanter.
(192.19 KB 1193x1200 lager.jpg)

>>369285 >Samus is an Irish name >Aran is a Scottish name >original version of Samus is a redhead >loves to fight to the point where it's her profession I bet she could down a pint in seconds
>>369277 >>369282 >>369285 >>369290 And "Ottawa" is a word that means "meeting place". Different cultures can have different meanings for the same words. I maintain she is One With Bird Vent
>>369290 Samus is a common Scottish name as well, To be honest both those names are. Samus is either of Scottish or Irish ancestor. I doubt shes Irish though as Samus uses too much tech and the Irish are fucking retarded.
>>369274 >metroid means ultimate warrior in chozo Do you really think the nips making the game had that in mind when naming it? According to a GGCX interview it was a combination of metro and android. >>369425 >the Irish are fucking retarded I hear this a lot on imageboards and I find it really strange. I've been all over Europe and I say Ireland really isn't that different to say Scotland or Wales. I guess people still fall for British colonial era propaganda. Northern Ireland on the other hand is a completely different story.
(169.80 KB 600x1200 power suit.jpg)

>>367234 >>367263 Strange how the post you're replying to was deleted. >it doesn't explain the color though. More than likely a stylistic thing, it differentiates this suit from Samus' other suits. It's not the first time she's had a blue suit, either.
>>369276 >>369277 >>369282 Or the Chozo could have just given her a normal Earth name.
>>369546 >Irish >Normal Faith and begorrah, 'tis another potato famine!
>>369559 Anon please don't try to derail the thread with your retarded feud
>>369574 There is no more feud between normals and irish than there is between men and ants.
>>369447 >Strange how the post you're replying to was deleted. Mark "let's use the delete by IP button again" Mann must've been doing what he does best. >More than likely a stylistic thing, it differentiates this suit from Samus' other suits. It's not the first time she's had a blue suit but that is the first time her suit is regenerating, where the hell does the white parts come from? Do they only get the color later and start white like a cub fur or something? >>369290 Wasn't Aran a short version of Arantes, the last of name of Pele, the soccer player?
>>369673 >Wasn't Aran a short version of Arantes, the last of name of Pele, the soccer player? That seems to be in line with Japanese character naming of that era. (i.e. stuff like "Char Aznable" being a corruption of the name of the French singer Charles Aznavour)
>>369285 >>369290 Huh, I always thought Samus Aran was a bullshit made-up name like they have them in Star Wars.
>>345869 Where it belongs, in your mom
>>369424 That's just your fanfic with no basis in the actual lore though.
>>382086 >no gameplay Come the fuck on nintendo
>>382086 >Varia colored suit confirmed >Chozo confirmed >Samus possibly fucking pissed
>>382095 >Visor looks nice >Chozo flashbacks >Seriously better not be any left >Emotions so THE BABY becomes THE BIRDIES >NO GAMEPLAY
>>382099 The Chozo have never been confirmed extinct or not, most likely so that they can include a live one at any given moment. All evidence so-far points to one being in this game, and not a friendly one.
>>382086 Wow. Some actual lore and history about the Chozo for once. Metroid games up to this point hardly mention them much.
(242.93 KB 512x256 MSR_Chozo_Memory_11.png)

>>382105 A lot of it is lore added by the Metroid 2 remake, they are using the lore bits from there for this game such as the Chozo General who issued the execution of all the Chozo on SR388 by his own hand and a regiment of warriors.
>>382105 >>382112 >chozo lore It's gonna be shit. It's like when a horror movie shows you too much of their monster. It's just a shitty rubber suit at the end of the day. Somethings are better left to the imagination.
Nipponese website is up, lots of gameplay clips on it. https://www.nintendo.co.jp/switch/ayl8a/index.html
(1000.64 KB 1363x768 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.08 MB 1728x972 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.24 MB 1728x972 ClipboardImage.png)

(268.84 KB 1701x1712 img_section_001_1.png)

>>382228 >robot's name is EMMI OoOoOoOo. "emmy". I'm so scared. /s
61 days away until release day
>>384584 Pisses me off that they delayed it but I'm not against it if they need to polish it more. Just pisses me off since I found out like 2 days ago.
Guess I'll emulate it when it releases but from all the footage shown so far, I'm not excited for it. Not going to bother rewriting it but I wrote a blogpost a year or two ago on why Fusion despite it's faults was more of a Metroid game than the remake after playing it, even AM2R is superior to the remake and that was made by fans for free whereas MercurySteam had approval from Nintendo. So far I haven't seen MercurySteam admit any of the mistakes they made with the remake and instead double down with it, enemies still look to have too much health, forced chase sequences, melee counter they are so fucking proud of, the ugly modelling and colors which makes it look cheap, too much action not enough exploration, overly aggressive enemies. Pisses me off that Nintendo gave the series to fucking MercurySteam after they ruined Castlevania instead of the people that made AM2R, the latter actually understood what made the games a Metroid game instead of some mediocre pew pew action platformer but I guess I shouldn't be surprised when Nintendo let treehouse remove story elements from Fusion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTuMfsWwd0E.
>>384632 That's too much text just to state you're a faggot.
>>384647 Not my problem MercurySteam makes shit games, feel free to eat the shit out of Nintendo's ass but I expect better for a series like Metroid. If you're game is worse than the free fan made one, you might as well not bother.
>>384632 I get where you're coming from but no way in fuck were the A2MR ever getting any official OK from nintendo. Nintendo has consistently shat on fans for decades now in the worst of ways and no one gives them even a fraction of the shit other get for pulling jewish tricks.
>>384655 That's what frustrates me, I remember when SR launched and had paywalled content, most "fans" still shilled the game so Nintendo will make more Metroid, all the talk about quality of the game itself and how inferior it was to a fucking fangame was dismissed cause it's Nintendo and they can do no wrong.
>>384652 It's not even because you're shitting on SR but because you're shitting on fusion. Fags like you can stay in your cuck bubbles for as long as you want playing nothing but AM2R.
>>384693 >Fusion despite it's faults was more of a Metroid game than the remake after playing it Read my post again. You're the retard that lacks reading comprehension.
>>384662 Quite frankly I don't think Dread looks good either. It looks very much like the Metroid equivalent of Castlevania Mirror of Fate which was I recall a really fucking terrible game.
>>384720 It's action focused unlike all the 2D games previously which was exploration focused and to it's detriment which was what happened with MoF, it was meant to be a return to 2D for Castlevania but it wasn't either classic or Iga styled but just plain old action platforming, MercurySteam just repackaged it with a Metroid coat of paint as SR and Dread.
>>384632 Even if Other M would have been better with more accurate localization, it still would have been shit. You can’t explain away the scene where Samus has a mental breakdown over Ridley with bad localization. Sakamoto is still a shit writer and Adam is still a self insert oc. The localization just made it worse.
>>384713 >this thing is shit but look! it's still less shit than the thing I'm criticizing which is the ultimate shit! You're still calling it shit and you're still a massive faggot.
>>384788 That's based, redditor. Cunts can't be brave. Samiss should pee pee in her panties before every boss fight in every game IMO. That way it would accurately portray womyn.
>>384966 How in the fuck was that my point? In fact I made basically the opposite point. All I said was the game was fucked even in Japanese.
(164.04 KB 958x1009 20210809_160035.jpg)

>>384788 Maybe she couldnt accept that Ridley is sexier than her
>>384960 Fucking hell, how are you this retarded? I don't care about sequence breaking but apparently some people do, Fusion doesn't have that and is linear, not to mention Fusion's bosses has wonky hitboxes, I said it's a flawed game but I like it compared to SR which I hate and complained about. Have some fucking reading comprehension retard, don't make up shit then think you're right. >>384788 Wasn't just Other M that had a shit localization, Fusion also suffered. Hell the whole series has this issue where NoA just fucking made up shit and inserted it into the series and now we're stuck with it. I was more commenting on the shit localization, I don't care about Other M as a game.
(79.13 KB 453x553 1458695411205_copy.jpg)

>>382208 >It's gonna be shit. It's like when a horror movie shows you too much of their monster. It's just a shitty rubber suit at the end of the day. Somethings are better left to the imagination. I agree with this, it's like when at the end of the movie they explain how every fucking little thing happened. Anyway, to me Mercury Steam can't do Metroid's atmosphere justice, everything looks and feels sanitized and washed up. Hell, AM2R was a better Metroid 2 remake than Samus' Returns.
>>394541 Tried using Google Translate for a quick shitty translation. Anyways... >絶滅したはずの寄生擬態生命体「X」 >Parasitic mimicry life form "X" that should have become extinct >その存在を示す映像が銀河連邦に届いた >A video showing its existence has arrived at the Galactic Federation >連邦は発信元の惑星へ調査用ロボット「E.M.M.I.」を派遣 >The Federation dispatches a research robot "E.M.M.I." to the source planet >7体の「E.M.M.I.」からなる部隊は惑星到着後ほどなく >A unit consisting of seven "E.M.M.I." >消息を絶つ >Cut off the news --- 迷子たちの機嫌をそこねないように細心の注意を払え. レディー. >Take great care not to upset the lost children. Lady. >(Treat our lost assets with care, Lady) >大気圏突入まであと10秒. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. >10 seconds to enter the atmosphere. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. --- Apparently, the X Parasite (from Metroid Fusion) was thought to be extinct. Until the Galactic Federation received a video showing that some are still alive on some planet. The Federation then sends 7 robots (codenamed E.M.M.I.) to research the planet. Suddenly, the robots mysteriously stopped sending reports back to HQ. They then send Samus to figure out what happened to their missing robots. Possibly retrieve them as well. She shortly enters the planet's atmosphere in 10 seconds.
The official English site is up (and apparently has been for a month). It includes English versions of all translated videos posted already. https://metroid.nintendo.com/
new trailer dropped https://youtu.be/V_XnbTayTH4 seems like the whole "two samus, one planet" theory might be true.
>>400569 So Samus will be fighting a Chozo, huh?
>>400569 So an evil Chozo is gonna be the new antagonist? Ok sure, why not. Also, nice to see my boi Kraid is back.
>>400569 >2 girls 1 morphball
>>400573 Wonder what his (?) deal is. Obvious explanation is an exiled criminal and/or guy who join the Talon IV Chozo in being luddites (like the Technocrat from Power Pack Holiday Special). That and/or related to the "Horus Rebellion" vaguely mentioned in Prime 3.
>>400575 I'm actually happy I never saw that video.
>>400593 It was fake anyway
>>400596 Was it? Really? Huh.
>>400598 >Was it? Really? Huh. they gave one of the girls a chocolate enema and made it look like it was shit. it's still degenerate enough in my opinion.
>>400569 Damn this is looking pretty good.
If Ridley is named after Ridley Scott, what's the origin of Kraid's name?
>>400569 Why does the gameplay look so rough? And are they bringing back that godawful parry shit again? >>400697 Douk cameo in metroid when?
(1.71 MB 743x1115 ClipboardImage.png)

>>400569 This looks like actiony made in Unity shit. This isn't Metroid
>>402668 But anon, what about the hype? If you don't buy this game they won't be able to butcher the franchise even more!
(149.27 KB 1280x720 seinfroid.jpg)

(113.22 KB 1089x613 7 robots in this pic.jpg)

(73.23 KB 960x540 evil chozo.jpg)

(75.22 KB 1200x675 kraid.jpg)

So the story so far seems to be... >Galactic Federation sends 7 robots to investigate a certain planet if has X-parasites or not >(pic related has 7 robots in the pic) >7 robots mysteriously stop sending reports to HQ >Galactic Federation then sends Samus to find out what happened to them >soon, she is being hunted down by these 7 robots (hence, the feeling of "Dread" that the player feels as you're being hunted) >she also encounters an evil chozo who seems to be the main antagonist (pic related) >(and kraid is back as one of the bosses)
>>414647 that's old info, a new report shows that there is a lot of chozos in the planet. and one them seems to be able to control the emmi it's also possible they are all X-clones of the chozo. https://youtu.be/AOvefm5U250
>>414869 there seems to be a warrior leader that fight samus at the start, warriors that follow him and you will fight as bosses in the game, and a good chozo that will help samus.
(22.08 KB 220x305 sfdgjfsguj.jpg)

I've never played a single Metroid game, but I have the Prime Trilogy rom sitting around. So... are the Metroid Prime games decent?
>>415137 No, they're not "decent". Metroid Prime is genuinely one of the best games of all time and still looks pretty. The sequels are steps back in many ways, but still way better than decent. I'd play Zero Mission (remake of the first game) and Super before the Prime trilogy though.
>>415138 This is the worst possible website to say this, and the worst possible thread on top of that, but I don't want to play another 2D platformer. I'll begin with the trilogy once I manage to get them Wii controllers.
>>415145 >rom >Wii controllers Use Primehack instead if you're emulating it anyways. Lets you play with keyboard and mouse controls. https://github.com/shiiion/dolphin >DL release >extract it to a folder >put a portable.txt in the folder (just needs to have the file present, can be blank) so it stays away from Dolphin's settings >set graphics to vulkan >check "Immediately Present XFB" >uncheck "Use PAL60 Mode (EuRGB60)" (even if you are using the NTSC-U version) >check "Load custom textures" and put the custom textures linked on Dolphin's page for the game in prime hack's user directory as it says to (fixes a minor but presistant graphical issue) https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Metroid_Prime_(Metroid_Prime:_Trilogy)
>>415145 You know how there's a game that's really good and everyone tries to copy it and it results in a flooded genre that makes everyone sick of it? Super did it.
>>415156 That's interesting. I'll look into it. >>415160 Oh, I bet. Still, when you see an old landmark movie, whatever it innovated is now a cliché.
>>415175 >>415175 > whatever it innovated is now a cliché. I'd say it's much rarer with games as the gameplay part of games is harde to make "cliche".
>>415180 I've played many metroidvania games, and I've never played a metroid or a castlevania. I don't want more of that, or 2D platformers. It just doesn't do it for me anymore. Maybe I'm just getting old but I don't have the patience for anything that isn't new. Mere competence isn't enough. I'm also getting a lot more intolerant with bullshit: I abandoned Doom Eternal a little after it first took camera control away from me.
>>414874 I always wondered if that kind of feet would actually work with an upright humanoid body.
>>415219 Probably not. The weight is being held by toe muscles. It also won't be able to run with those backward thumbs.
(167.29 KB 861x1300 island kangaroo.jpg)

>>415593 Bipeds with weird legs like that don't run, they hop. Those bodies don't look built for hopping, though.
>>416677 There's not much that one can do with that backfacing toe.
(458.37 KB 1500x1876 the gigaroo.jpg)

(73.84 KB 363x500 I sleep.jpg)

>>416677 Roos are the weirdest thing. From the waist up they look like furry OCs brought to life.
>>416679 The design in general doesn't look very practical, I think the artist wanted something that looked cool without caring much if it would actually work. Their animations will probably have them walking like humans but faster. >>416682 That depends what species you're talking about, I think most kangaroos look like overgrown rabbits.
>>416688 the devs have made kangaroos' back bones more functional then humans making less likely to to have back pains later in life Bipedism is a mistake
>>416682 Why would furries be drawn to muscular OCs? Is there a specific reason for that?
>>416787 >Why would furries be drawn to muscular OCs Because the majority of furries are fags who like bara.
>>416688 >I think the artist wanted something that looked cool without caring much if it would actually work. You see this everywhere in 3d modelling, like when a sci-fi armor has those stupid 3 holes, or helmets with impractical, bullet catching concave angles.

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