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(44.26 KB 500x373 unnamed (2).jpg)

Vidya Lounge Thread Anonymous 06/20/2021 (Sun) 16:37:19 Id: 33c988 No. 343401
Welcome to /v/'s comfy lounge. This thread is for general discussion about /v/-related topics that don't deserve/fit in regular threads. The rules 'may be treated more flexibly here, but please take care not to make a mess and don't be a retard. Rules: 1. The lounge is a shared community with /v/. Posters should have posts elsewhere on the board before entering the lounge. 2. Discussion should pertain to /v/-type content only, such as funposting about video games, more video games, industry matters, and gamer™ interests. Colouring outside the lines MAY be okay, however posters do so at their own risk with the understanding that said posts might be moderated without forewarning at any time.
<<347953 >terribly-optimized eilitist invite-only messaging program mainly used by degenerates that steals your data >designed for videogames No.
>>347946 >I also play Elite Mod for DoW 2 How are the player counts in that these days? Last time I tried it, people told me to join a discord so I dropped it there. >>348002 >To be fair, IG has a pretty unique style in DoW2 I hear you. I just would like some variety in the micro vs macro intensity of DoW1/2. Which was why I mentioned Space Marines being deployed in smaller tactical groups making sense where as Tyranids doing the same gameplay as those Space Marines really does not fit at all. It never feels like a devouring doomsday swarm in DoW2. The playstyle should be different (would be cool if subfactions toyed around with this). Though I admit that is asking a lot of a developer to spend so much time making the races have more distinct and unique gameplay.
What was the last game you guys actually beat? Maybe not 100%, but final boss/end sequence/credits rolling? As a kid I always got near the end of games then just dropped them for whatever reason. Now though I've been knocking a few out every couple weeks.
>>349036 Bioshock 1. Man, the game really goes under after Ryan kills himself, the only reason I keep going back to it is how charming the idea of Rapture is, and it's honestly nice to explore it, and imagine what it could be if it wasn't set in a shitty game. The Wrench of Doom build is fun too, though. >Overpower the wrench to ridiculous levels >Get the electrid plasmid to max >Side plasmids only for defense, electricity and of course the wrench >Electrocute one splicer >Hit it with wrench >Insta dead Also, Fountain is one of the shittiest antagonists ever, and one of the most disappointing final bosses ever, even more so if you destroy him with a fucking wrench. I'm going through Bioshock 2, and although it is an improvement to most of the previous game's mechanics, it feels pretty meh. I don't want to even touch Infinite, though.
>>349036 Witcher 1
(3.85 MB 1350x1800 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.20 MB 1400x802 ClipboardImage.png)

>>349036 I used to do the same thing with 75%ing a game then dropping it. Mount and Blade Warband took fucking ages but I did it. Prior to that I finished With Fire and Sword as well. Also recently suffered through all of PSO2's story shit if that counts. >>349073 >Bioshock 2 is kinda meh I think because at that point the Bioshock stuff is getting a bit stale by the end of it. I mean it improves on the first one, but doesn't really do all that much in terms of new shit to keep you interested. >I don't want to even touch Infinite Yeah good call. The interesting setting/visuals is about the only redeeming quality of it. The original vision for the game looked like it had potential which is why it is a damn shame how it ended up. Though with all the behind the scenes trouble they had with it, I guess I shouldn't be shocked that it ended up lackluster.
>>349073 >>349095 loved bioshock 1, wish you could somehow side with ryan, even if that doesn't make sense story wise. as for bioshock 2, the game was meh, the single player at least. only got a bit into it, played the minerva dlc more than I did the base single player, but finished neither. the multiplayer was GOAT, and I played that until the game started losing playerbase. it was everything bioshock 1 was, but with other people, it was amazing. wish it came bundled with bioshock 1, actually, and then bioshock 2 had a more refined version that would maybe last longer it is a tragedy what happened to infinite. it looked so good with pre-release trailers and info, but the main product was so meh. glad I never bought it, I was kinda over bioshock by that point. is there a good video that explains exactly what went wrong with infinite?
>>349099 >is there a good video that explains exactly what went wrong with infinite? Yes. I don't remember it off-hand, but there WAS a video made which went in depth on what changed between the first gameplay demo (and original trailer) and why. And how horrible the game became as a result of it.
>>349111 Was it the crowbcat one? Or was that just a comparison between pre-release and post-release stuff?
I got Trails of the Sky Evolution for Vita with DLC and translation patch. The first and second chapters. It might not be the original art but I'll live with it. Too many games to play, I am drowning in them.
>>349036 I think the last one I beat was Yakuza kiwami 2, but now I'm on my way to beat Cold Steel 4.
>>349292 >>349336 What a coincidence, I've just finished Cold Steel 2 recently. I find the games a fun ride but at the same time I get the feeling that if they didn't show up in my backlog and I wasn't mega autistic about finishing shit that come up in my backlog right now I wouldn't have played them.
>>349502 Is Geno in yet?
(2.02 MB 1400x1400 ClipboardImage.png)

(315.30 KB 445x245 ClipboardImage.png)

>>349502 Yeah, but since it's going near it's end, then the hype is not what it used to be. Kazuya was ok, I guess there are high expectations about the final character too. But with Dante and Shantae out of the way, I guess it's even worse. >>349504 Never ever, Geno fag.
(1.85 MB 761x8261 ClipboardImage.png)

>>349099 (checked) >that explains exactly what went wrong with infinite There was an article detailing the behind the scenes issues. https://archive.is/CYyRv >>349502 I haven't played a Smash game since the Gamecube one. So no I don't give a shit.
Super Mario Sunshine, I hated it.
>>349656 What's wrong with you?
>>349656 I hated trying to 100 percent the game with every last blue coin and shine. But the rest of it was peak platforming. Why did you hate it?
>>349661 >>349665 >limited moveset compared to Mario 64 >admitedly inferior level design centered around the water gimmicks >only the special stages are worthwhile >awful art direction with lots of washed up textures that don't look like a tropical beach at all >lots of padding
>>349656 Getting rid of FLUDD and adjusting the level design as such, giving the player a choice of going to the next mission or getting kicked back to the hub world with a single button press, and keeping track of blue coins would've made the game immediately better than 64. The base game is okay however, it's not worth hating. >>349668 >limited moveset compared to Mario 64 This point is retarded since the moves from 64 have been trivialized by FLUDD. You don't need a long jump when you have the triple jump and the hover nozzle. Everything else here is mostly correct.
>>349668 >limited move set compared to Mario 64 Why do people keep saying this? Sunshine's movement wasn't limited, it was just different, it was literally a new gimmick so Mario had more reach but it was also more lenient. Only because Mario 64 could be broken far more easily to achieve stuff you NORMALLY SHOULDN'T achieve, doesn't mean it was limited. You could argue it was slower and sloppier compared to 64, though, especially the no FLUDD levels, but it was a pretty enjoyable game when it took into account its own mechanics since you had far more reach vertically and horizontally with the right nozzle. I think FLUDD was too much of a leap in mechanics, though. The things added in Galaxy or Odyssey weren't nearly as changing, but I insist, that doesn't mean Sunshine was bad, just different, and platforming was still cool as fuck in most instances.
>>349672 >>349673 Really the moveset of Sunshine isn't far off from a 3D version of SMB2's Peach and it trivializes the stages in much the same way. Now that I think of it a Princess beach vacation platformer would be pretty damn great.
>>349676 >Princess beach vacation platformer That has even less chance of a release than a Waluigi FPS involving a mission to rescue George Bush from the forces of Bowser and Al-Qaeda. If trannies are still butthurt today about a game where Peach is fully dressed rescuing Mario then imagine the reaction to a game where she's scantily-clad and not rescuing Mario.
>>>/ff/18 Tell me about your favorite Final Fantasy
(281.40 KB 640x800 1407354501378.jpg)

Don't forget your rabbits in a few days!
>>349765 but anon, i nut to rabbits everyday.
(245.26 KB 900x1291 Plunderer 0018-019.png)

>>349507 >no dante I no longer care about smash in the slightest anymore. I don't think that I would even play it ever again to be honest with you.
Fuck, seeing every shills and their mothers shilling for the necro'd corpse of Ragnarok Online just made me feel disgusting.
>>320956 >Haibane Renmei Kemono Friends.
(1.04 MB 1280x720 YGO-ARC-V-Ep-126-Img-0031.png)

>>349765 The 30th couldn't have come at a more eventful time. Dragon dragon.
Hope you remembered your rabbits! >>351992 Good luck, dragon dude!
(12.93 KB 694x143 ClipboardImage.png)

(125.29 KB 453x275 ClipboardImage.png)

(941.48 KB 1200x557 ClipboardImage.png)

Stop shilling for Godot, I fucking swear on my mom. I hate you libretards so much
>>352193 What's wrong with it? t. Nodev
>>352193 We will talk about Godot and you will like it.
>>352195 Lack of documentation and just how shit GDScript is all around. Unity is comparatively worse in many regards but at least you have tons of tutorials for every little thing and you can troubleshoot everything easily. >>352197 Never, unless you talk about the Ace Attorney character.
>>352198 Admittedly I don't like GDscript either and I would have preferred if they would just stick one of those standard interpreted languages instead of inventing another language which there is more than enough out there as it is. Lack of proper documentation hindered me too to better understand how this engine works in contrast to GZDoom/ZDoom wiki page that its detailed enough so that almost any idiot can pick it up and sharting out a weapon mod.
>>352198 So your problem is that almost nobody uses it. Well, start using it, faggot.
>>352202 Yeah, I would have preferred Lua any day of the week but alas, every single one of these projects seem to be run by retards. >>352208 I'm just some rando trying to put together a game, not a pro who can bring insight.
>>352209 Lua has a game engine called LOVE I think.
>>352211 I haven't tried that one out yet but if it does then that's good news, I'm desperately looking for something to work with.
(861.37 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

Just figured out your ass gas will stoke small fire embers if you're too lazy to spread fire elsewise.
(499.30 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

What a dumb wand to dick around for. I think the ass blast is probably just air like how air burst stokes flame really well, didn't mean gas gas.
>>355786 >minimap Neat. Never looked into mods for Noita yet. I still have trouble combining spells to make a decent wand, so unless it's awesome the second I pick it up I usually just leave any wand I find. My best runs seem to happen when I get wands with decent mana regen, cast delay and recharge delay, whereas a really powerful spell on a slow-firing wand seems to always be worse.
>>355786 >>356860 Can't really enjoy it, it slows down horrendously when there's an explosion. >Hurr every pixel is simulated! That's not the problem, the problem is not being able to reduce the fidelity of the lighting effects entirely
>>356866 Only slowdowns I've ever had was during a run where I got more blood and vampirism and had low damage wands that would make enemies bleed rivers before death that would flow through the entire map. Was practically invincible the entire time with a full inventory of blood vials until I accidentally stepped into my own plasma cutter while digging for gold and instantly died, my best runs always end like that.
(385.29 KB 1280x720 Vincent weaker than a rabbid.jpg)

Can anyone tell me why a fucking Rabbid is considered stronger than Vincent from FFVII?
>>356978 Rabbid Mario has more defensive points that Vincent, but Vincent has a solid lead of attack power over Rabbid Mario. Vincent can also support more support spirits which boosts his power level.
>>357017 >A fucking down syndrome rabbit is more tanky than a hybrid undead edgelord. That still does not make sense. Smash is retarded.
(158.53 KB 468x599 potato.jpg)

>>356978 'tard strength. it's a real thing.
>>356978 Is Dirge of Cerberus any good? I've been going back and playing some of the older TPS that I haven't played because Max Payne was just about the only thing I had going on at the time. Winback's a fairly fun game and it' pretty depressing seeing what might be the first game to have cover shooting actually deal with it infinitely better than a lot of modern shooters do. PN03 is fine but I think that's the ass man in me saying that. It could have been much better.
>>357068 Dirge of Cerberus wasn't even a good TPS when it launched, and considering how much the genre has grown since I don't think you'll have a fun time playing it for the first time now. Winback was good though. Clunky, as most first attempts at these things are, but fun. PN03 is another good game that fills a niche that I really like, in the "playable character uses agility to evade" design, like the original Tomb Raider where combat was more about spacing out your enemy and using agility to keep them at range, rather than player accuracy, which is an absolute godsend in hindsight. Can you imagine if TR1's combat had been typical OTS ADS but with a fucking d-pad on the PSX?
>>356978 spirits aren't canon.
(760.83 KB 1920x1080 idiotic.webm)

Is Gmod still the only game out there where I can build tonks and armored vehicles? It's annoying as fuck trying to construct a basic vehicle with those jankiest tools that I have ever used, I would be much faster shitting out a vehicle model then trying to make models with those stupid tools provided in GMod.
(51.04 KB 400x420 fuck off die.jpg)

>>357355 >Nobody mentioned canon. >Smash sperg talks about canon.
>>349656 Play SUNBURN It's called that, but it's actually garnished with tons of QOL improvements
(1.04 MB 950x635 ClipboardImage.png)

(76.96 KB 141x392 .png)

>>345438 >trainers willing to suck off their Pokemon Very Farfetch'd.
>>360090 >>345438 I want a Lucario that's VERY proud of his power
>>360095 Could you handle a Lucario packing Arcanine inches?
(79.04 KB 707x663 lucario.jpg)

>>360103 It's about the journey, not the destination
Oh wait I just got it
(878.71 KB 900x506 ClipboardImage.png)

>The “next-generation edition” of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition will feature an updated box art (above) and free downloadable content inspired by Netflix’s The Witcher show, developer CD Projekt RED announced. >The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition next-generation edition is due out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC in 2021. As previously announced, it will feature “a range of visual and technical improvements—including ray tracing and faster loading times—across the base game, both expansions, and all extra content.” Users who already own the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC will be able to upgrade for free. >More information will be announced “soon.”
>>360164 At least it is just extra items. So easily ignorable. Prettier game is prettier I guess. I doubt how free it is but okay.
>>360167 CDPR is going the way of the AAA publisher, expect, expect GOG to support DRM soon enough.
>>360164 I expect the new items are cosmetic only, perhaps a change to Geralt's wolf medallion and new skins for Triss and Yen to nigger-fy them. >>360167 Free as in if you already own the game the update patch is free. Honestly it's surprising how many games are doing the free upgrade thing this generation. >>360172 There is some content on GOG that can only be accessed if you use GOG Galaxy, so it's already happening.
(272.09 KB 1920x1080 tonk.jpg)

(79.38 KB 1920x1080 tonk2.jpg)

(150.06 KB 1920x1080 tonk3.jpg)

>>358441 You want a game where you build tanks?
(7.91 MB 448x252 besiege drone strike.gif)

>>358441 Compared to how free and open-ended gmod is there isn't really much. Off the top of my head Besiege is the only game I can think of that lets you build crazy armored contraptions, and it's more modular than gmod is. >>360180 >There is some content on GOG that can only be accessed if you use GOG Galaxy, so it's already happening. Accessed how? As in logged in and online? Doesn't that go completely against GOG's pretense?
>>358441 There's a sequel coming out, so you could keep your eye out for that.
>>360218 Yes. Can you fight off against monsters/AI or something in this game? >>360222 (checked) How is it more modular than GMod? >>360238 Meh my computer would be too weak for that and those future mods would probably rape my limited HDD space even more, I looked at some coop map packs for GMod and one of them had around 150-200mb sized for each maps which is fucking ridiculous a lot for a single map, for 150mb I can have tons of dood 32 megawads instead. Right now my current primary partition has only around 237GB of lebensraum left, if I were not too much of a lazy bastard and setup my 4TB one then I would have additional ~2TB more for my primary partition.
(104.01 KB 1500x945 jungle green n64.jpg)

(113.12 KB 1280x720 crystal shock 4.jpg)

(109.46 KB 1500x1500 ice game boy color.jpeg)

(217.98 KB 1600x1600 crystal xbox.jpg)

What does /v/ think about the translucent design that was prominent in the 90s to 2000s? A very cool aesthetic or did it make the devices look more cheaply made?
>>360340 i always thought it was kinda gay tbh like wow im playing with jolly rancher gear hot damn
>>360340 It looks like fucking shit I never want to see it again.
>>360340 I think it looks nice
(31.45 KB 455x420 jojo clown mime ss13.png)

Nigger fucking SS13 is broken again.
I want to play Ninja Gayden but I hear the pc ports are of a not particularly good re-release. How well does Black emulate now?
(57.22 KB 640x480 resident-evil-dreamcast-2.jpg)

>>360340 Nice.
There are no good online games, I just want to play something where I don't have to fucking interact with others beyond beating the crap out of them and all the good fighting games like rollback netcode.
>>360493 >like lack*
>>360340 As an aesthetic, it's cool, and subdues the urge to take things apart. Also helps when looking for side clips when prying them open. But I do hate that it was an Apple fad first. Bonus points for giving former prisoners PTSD, since all their allowed electronics had to be transparent.
>>360340 It definitely looked cool for some things (and as long as you kept your shit clean). A lot of stuff that didn't have much circuitry ended up looking really cheap however, sort of ruining the illusion a hefty piece of plastic gave.
(7.95 MB 1280x720 RIP Iwata.webm)

>>343401 >today I will remind them
>>360351 What happened this time?
>>360340 At a kid I thought it was cool. Like if you had a Nintendo like that you were basically the coolest kid in the neighborhood.
(24.65 KB 440x427 [Deathly Silence].jpg)

(79.27 KB 600x511 SS13_cluwne.jpg)

>>360652 Byond's main site was down yesterday in the evening, so you couldn't get through to the servers if not on already. I think it's back to just generally shitty now.
>>360655 wrong post, meant for >>360643
(7.15 MB 1920x1080 OpeningShot.mp4)

(8.46 MB 1920x1080 BrownClan.mp4)

>>360483 See for yourself.
getting an archive now
>>361497 Now that looks fun. Good franchise.
(78.36 KB 220x273 Descent.png)

Recently I played Descent after it being highly recommended by the board for years, and I didn't have much fun with it. It's just so.. uninteresting. The levels feel the same, the gameplay feels the same in every encounter, the enemies feel the same, the weapons often feel useless. I got about a third through the game before I lost any desire to keep playing. Is it the 6DoF that makes people fondly remember this? It wasn't bad by any means, but its something I'd have to force myself to beat.
>>361630 Descent was a full 3D game released the year before Quake. It's also the first real game of its genre. Just like Super Mario Bros wasn't the first platformer, but it is considered the platformer, Descent is the first of the 6DOF genre and one of the first 3D games ever released. If it seems simple it's because, like SMB, it had to be, because it was breaking new ground, and the book hadn't been written yet.
(5.15 KB 448x130 ClipboardImage.png)

Did anyone forget it's Jackbox week? I sure did. https://cytu.be/r/Jackbox1
post more yellow benis
(784.60 KB 2250x3000 1.jpg)

protogens are the sparkle dogs of the furry fandom.
We have a /fur/ board you could post in, you know. There's also the GamerGate thread if you really want to stay on /v/
(38.96 KB 640x853 angry sockey.jpg)

>>362939 they are still shit.
When will you die of aids?
>>362941 Hey you shill the >>>/zoo/ board. Those furries are gonna come begging to be in our board message.
>>362944 they are shit because they are, kys faggot
>>362944 I mean you can find people to share your interest and not be banned, killing two boards with one stone And as I told you previous protogens are garbage fauxbots
(383.58 KB 1920x1080 THAT_WAS_QUITE_GAY.webm)

Nigger that's quite gay.
weird furry thread merged
>>363000 My lewdpost didn't show up though
>>363006 Sorry anon, you might have posted it after the thread got merged.
>>363025 >>>/zoo/ Also one of my cats is gay. I know because he rapes my other cats.
(1.71 MB 640x1129 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.12 MB 698x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

(936.45 KB 775x721 ClipboardImage.png)

I read Remember11 -The Age of Infinity-. I couldn't put it down because the story was addictive. A shame it is incomplete so there is no real closure. Now I got Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. I played Spiral Chaos before when it was still untranslated but never finished it, I should be able to finish it now. I don't expect to finish Lenneth because the port is said to have bugs but I will shoot for the good ending by using a guide.
(387.98 KB 600x689 1562806660.png)

(115.63 KB 404x404 1539210381.png)

>>369903 I know that orc. Can't remember what it's from though.
Soon it'll be time to say your rabbits again!
(300.38 KB 798x420 751.png)

>some days Lounge Thread is here >some days Lounge Thread is not here
>>369985 It's from Lodoss War
>>374854 Fuck your rabbits. Every month passing this year is yet another month without Dragon's Dogma 2.
>>374854 How big is her cock today?
>>374857 Makes it special
>>374854 I'll suck your dick faggot
>>361630 Descent is one of those games that I've been wanting to play for a long time but still haven't. It has special appeal to me because I had it in the 90s (or early 2000s?) but couldn't get into it because I was terrible at it at such a young age but still wanted to continue playing it because it had some kind of mysterious atmosphere to it. I haven't given it a try again yet because I don't want to ruin my experience because of not having a controller. Did you play it with one, anon? Maybe I should use this thread to write mini reviews of the games I play and give my opinion on them. I've been wanting to do something like that for some time.
>>377198 Not that anon, but I played it with mouse and keyboard. Once you get the hang of trichording it's a blast but honestly the game's a bit of a shit once you start getting to a certain type of enemy that's hitscan, has massive DPS, is long range and little to no windup time to their attacks. I'd recommend skipping to 2 and then playing Overload if you'd like more I don't actually remember playing 3 at all
What are some decent vidya jewtube channels? Just anything that's long, interesting to listen to and without a guy with a grating voice or shitty gimmicks or jokes.
Just Finished the Breakout. What the fuck will even Harvey's New Eyes be about considering the ending of The Breakout? Also, despite being pretty predictable, it was an enjoyable ride simply by how absurd every single thing in this game was.
>feeling confident about my tetris skills after practicing for a while >find a tetris 99 clone >it's packed with people >community seems nice at first >try it out for a while >get my ass absolutely kicked about ten times in a row by korean and japanese players >get depressed >swear to never touch tetris again
(2.82 MB 1348x1422 23f.png)

(13.41 KB 304x272 p17.jpg)

I'm so insecure that I side with the faction/character that appreciates my efforts the most rather than with the one(s) who have ideals/objectives similar to mine.
(873.09 KB 1448x1083 ur a fag.png)

(1.82 MB 850x1137 2020.png)

>>379892 Whenever I play a game, I absolutely despise siding with any side at all. If I can't go my own way or choose an option that annihilates everyone then the game is poorly thought out. People are garbage and that extends to videogames because they are written by real people.
>>379905 I don't like this image, it's mocking nature is making me upset.
(55.16 KB 597x321 Badass.png)

(200.18 KB 818x664 magic randy.jpg)

Randy Bitchford just called all game journos poorfags. Get your popcorn ready because two autistic tribes are going to go to war. >He kinda has a point unfortunately. >Now excuse me I am off to kill myself for agreeing with Bitchford, I'll tell Hitler you guys said hi.
>>379911 Don't kill yourself anon, you're not niggerpill or luciano.
(5.02 KB 190x266 sad kitty.jpg)

>>379913 Anon once you find yourself agreeing with Bitchford its too late but for you Anon I wont kill myself I'll just fly to Iran and say I'm gay. They will do it for me. >I'm not gay btw.
>>379911 Broken clocks, etc. Game bloggers have a huge stick up their ass about paying for the games they review. It's like a mark of honour to get free shit just for writing for a website. Handy Randy will get thrown under the bus here.
>>379911 >>379915 This is clearly reverse psychology. Tribes of Midgard came out a week ago and I haven't even heard of it before now. I just went to youtube and searched the game. The only "influencer" I recognize is >Fextralife and most of the videos on the first few page loads are from one guy named Triple G who is, to quote his own about page >Official Content Creator for Borderlands 3 and Outriders Ambassador! Business Enquires: GorillaGameGuru@hotmail.com AKA a Gearbox shill. Randy is trying to get people to give free coverage of his game from anyone, be it a journalist, critic, or influencer, and also advertising its low sale price in the same fucking tweet. All he is asking for is 3 paragraphs describing of successful they are.
>>379923 Least this is going down better for him than that time he tried to pass off a Battleborn porn subreddit as a organic thing.
(222.02 KB 1195x2000 house taxes.jpg)

>>379905 I'm the same way because every faction is always written in a half-assed pants-on-head way and even if you agree with their message the people or reasoning behind it are a bunch of neanderthal retards. Unless there's a really good explanation or assertion for the faction, like a few from New Vegas, it just feels like I'm shrugging and going along with it because the game won't advance any other way.
>>379772 What sort of videos are you looking for? I mostly watch things from Mandalore and (when the stars align) Accursed Farms. Oneyplays is also fun, but that is lets play.
>>380001 I've never seen that dialogue before, kek.
>>380362 Vidya. I really dislike Scott's voice and I have this suspicion that he's actually DSP-tier at video games but very few people played some of the more obscure games he's played so no one's noticed. Something about his Doom rant just set me off.
(23.08 KB 500x419 1506505017373.jpg)

>Check OpenSAGE page for new blog post >absolutely nothing this year
>>379859 Welp, it was something.
(412.44 KB 1078x569 Konga 1488.png)

Jackbox Night is now live: https://cytu.be/r/jackbox1
(70.78 KB 720x960 BOBZrsYCIAI7yyq.jpg)

>>377781 Thanks for the advice! >>379879 Kek >>379905 I also hate siding with other factions or NPCs. The only time I've regretted this was in Dark Souls. >>379910 >it's
Realm's Deep was on recently, what did you guys think of it? I meant to make a thread but completely fucking forgot, sorry.
>>389438 I watched the first hour or so of it. Nothing really grasped my attention outside of "might be cool". I'm not sure how to feel about Hellforged studios and the idea of selling GZengine games. I mean yeah something like Selaco looks like a monumental effort for the GZDoom engine, but still something about it rubs me the wrong way entirely.
>>389441 It's nice to have such a huge fandom to make something like Realm's Deep work. That said my eyes glaze over when the most of the games visually blend together so much. I'm sure they all play pretty differently from each other, and I like that there's so many demos to try, but the first impression after the fact is "Meh."
>>389442 I really dislike how a lot of the actual sprite and artwork looks nice but is completely ruined by very terrible lighting and post processing effects, like Cultic or Forgive me Father.
>>389446 I'll say though that in a warped sense Dread Templar looks very appealing to me because a lot of people are calling it the indie Doom Eternal and I think I would have liked that game specifically if it wasn't designed with a AAA mindset and also the twin katana javelin and power glove look awesome. I'll have to play it and actually see for myself once it's out of EA but at least I plan on playing that.
How do I hide a game from Steam Big Picture so my friends don't see that I own Futanari Quest?
>>389788 You don't. Valve's privacy settings were until very recently almost non-existent, and even the privacy settings they've introduced now are inconsistent. They freely allowed people to scrape profiles and catalog over a decade of data on people and built the platform in a way that makes changing your login username virtually impossible unless you beg a customer service employee with a sob story about being transgender or something. I wouldn't mind steam as much if valve wasn't so unbelievably negligent when it comes to basic privacy.
>>389788 Rename it something less embarrassing and hope nobody actually looks at your playtime stats.
(285.74 KB 640x698 snackistfacion.jpg)

>>389788 You don't. Sit back and relax as your friends are notified every single time you bust a nut. They'll remember the word futa because of you and that alone should satisfy.
>>389798 Pic without the snickers in it please?
(555.67 KB 640x698 1.png)

>>389818 Perfection, thank you
Imagine using mark as a fleshlight
>>389912 My dick would be too small to get past his butt cheeks
>>389912 imagine using flesh as a marklight
>>389914 >using flesh as a marklight Is that what happens when the Tau fall to Chaos?
>>389788 You can't on Big Picture unfortunately, you'll have to use the desktop version somehow, right click the game Manage > Hide this game.
https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=kn6F5Wk2oe4 I'm always rather pessimistic about the state of video games and see it as a disgustingly regressive landscape of predatory tactics and lacking innovation, but then I see some beautiful comfy shit like this and it reminds me how far we've gotten in regards to visuals and tech and shit, and I have hope for the future of interactive media. Does anyone have any more examples of some cool refreshing recent games?
>>392621 Tech demos have had impressive graphics for awhile. But actually implementing that into a well optimized fun game at scale is much more difficult. 99% of people can't afford a 3080 to run a dinky lego tech demo with acceptable FPS to show off ray tracing. There's a reason why all the most popular games in the world can be played on potato hardware and are mostly CPU bound.
I'm going to hide here since the GG thread has become completely unusable as of late.
(56.14 KB 488x600 FEBRUARY 1988.jpg)

>>393206 You're going to fuck this thread up.
>>393206 >TORnigger Fuck off back to your rat hole
>>393569 >anonymity on an anonymous imageboard? yikes sweetie!
>>393579 >yikes >sweetie
(833.49 KB 700x930 Yukari topkek.png)

>>324499 Stop being butthurt over Turkish snack cakes anon.
>>394205 I didn't expect a reply to my months old post, you are special.
(35.94 KB 695x392 Mr house society .jpg)

>>380383 House's dialog is some of the best TBH.
(82.09 KB 850x1258 knives.jpg)

>>394207 >you are special Yeah, mommy says I'm quite the special boy too.
(243.24 KB 774x784 49669248_p0.jpg)

How "furry" is to fap to Sonic and Animal Crossing characters or humanoid Pokemon? I was about to ask this first on /fur/ and /fast/, but assumed that their answers would be very biased due to the nature of these boards, so I'm making the question here instead.
>>394318 Its not like youre participating in the furry community. Calling yourself a furry is the same as saying /v/ and Reddit and NeoGAF are the same because they play VIDEOGAMES
>>394318 theres 4 levels of furry not furry fapping to girls with cat ears or some shit with(not without) a preference for it fapping to full-blown anthropomorphic animals and the last is making it your lifestyle you're at the third one
(140.51 KB 419x669 1549156203865.png)

>>394349 >you're at the third one Yeah, I was expecting that, but I imagined that there would be a specific term for the particular flavor of "furry" present on Sonic characters and AC villagers, considering that they look nothing like the average furry OC and even other anthro characters from games and cartoons. They're smaller, with less defined animal traits (small muzzle, fur that looks like colored skin, body proportions that aren't either human or animal), kinda like the Nendoroid counterpart of a more realistic statue of some character.
(323.84 KB 1358x1889 furry japan.jpg)

>>394363 There is a term, and it's called 'kemono', which is just japanese for animal but that makes it seem more mysterious than 'beastiality'.
(419.27 KB 990x3037 KTQ.jpg)

>>394406 >it's called 'kemono', which is just japanese for animal "Beast" would be a better approximate, and it's used almost exactly like "furry" is with the same connotations, subcategories, and fuzzy boundaries just with different names. The only major difference is that the Nips use a separate word for "one who likes kemono things:" "kemona" (ケモナー - kemonaa) which is, being as obsessed with English as the are, their attempt at applying the English agent suffix "-er" ( "one who does ..." e.g. reader, writer, singer, etc.) to kemono, so a kemona (person) likes kemono (topic) as a furry (person) likes furry (topic). In fact, here's the afterwords of a doujin where the publisher talks about the English equivalent of "KTQ" (亀頭球 - きとうきゅう, kitoukyuu: literally "glans sphere" or "knot," but used like the conjunction of "feral" and "canine").
>>394318 You already know it's furry. That's why you're asking this - you want us to convince you that it isn't.
>>394318 >Sonic Depends heavily on the characters, if you're talking about Cream or Vanilla or Tails, you weirdo then absolutely. If it's Rouge, kind of? She doesn't fit traditional furry aesthetics as much but she's still definitely in on the furry side. But you don't have to be a furry to like her, you might just like shortstacks. If you're talking about characters like Bokkun or E-102 that's definitely weird, but not furry. >Animal Crossing They're pretty much all furry. >humanoid Pokemon Depends entirely on the Pokémon. Humanoid is generally "less furry" than feral, but some Pokémon aren't furry at all like Aegislash and Golurk. If you're fapping to the Eeveelutions or Lucario you're definitely in the furry zone.
(31.34 KB 480x360 Level_1.jpg)

(124.22 KB 448x448 Level_5.png)

(359.03 KB 850x1200 Level_3.jpg)

(154.14 KB 750x920 Level_2.jpg)

(64.71 KB 580x821 Level_4.jpg)

>>394349 I'd say there are 5 levels of furry. >Level 1: Not furry. A regular human. Not furry at all. >Level 2: Kemonomimi. Human with animal ears/tails. Skin isn't covered in fur. >Level 3: Anthro Furry body. Leans more towards looking like a human instead of an animal. Like having a somewhat humanlike face and human anatomy. >Level 4: Anthro Furry body. Looks more like an animal than a human. Like a having an animal head on a humanoid body. Or having animal-like hindlegs or paws or whatever. >Level 5: Feral. Literally just an animal. Has the anatomy of an animal and everything. >>394318 Animal Crossing characters are animal heads on chibi humanoid bodies. Very furry. For pokemon, it depends on the pokemon. Humanoid mons like Braixen are very furry. While other humanoid mons like Meloetta hardly look anything like an animal.
There are charts explaining exactly this shit. Multiple charts, really: there should be some standardization.
I never really got the "furry" part of the equation. I mean ultimately it's still just attractive human proportions but with a different coat of paint. If there's a sexy 2d lady then it's a sexy 2d lady, the fact that she has a tail or cat ears or fur isn't neither a dealbreaker nor the main event, it's just there I suppose. I say as long as you're not being a faggot about it and aren't taking your fetish too seriously to the point that it's affecting your life go wild. It's only 2d after all.
>>394584 So, you're saying you can fap to something without making it part of your identity? What a novel concept, wish someone would tell it to the faggots in the meta thread next time they want to replay the "loli = pedo" debates.
Is it wrong that I think Halo Infinite looksfun?
(17.70 KB 233x280 fun once.jpg)

>>381202 >OpenSAGE >blog Check the commit log of the github repo anon. https://github.com/OpenSAGE/OpenSAGE/commits/master Not super active but not dead either.
(808.30 KB 328x268 1464781910791.gif)

>Try to make a account at (((nexus mods))) >use all 3 e-mails from cock.li >hurr its not valid What a piece of shit site, what fucking e-mail do I need to use so that it is valid?
Chernobylite's growing on me the more I play it. Its really giving me that Terminator Resistance feeling that I really like. >>394932 10minutemail doesn't work?
>>394932 Some cock.li email domains work, not all of them though. I had one signed up on @nuke.africa for a bit, when they banned me ten year old account for 1 infraction via a comment on a mod like absolute fucking faggots.
>>394934 Thanks it works now. >>394939 >Account ban for one single fucking infraction Yeah thats really fucking faggotish from them. >>394650 Oh I did checked there, I was just wondering if they had some notable progress being made in the meanwhile.
>>389788 Why the fuck do people buy porn on Steam anyway? Just the fact that people can know you play "Gamer Sister Impregnation VR" should have been. A deal breaker for everybody, this shit has to stay private. And speaking of VR, why is there so much porn on it? I swear there's always at least one eroge in the first page of the VR best selling section.
>>394941 It was on a Bannerlord mod that implemented the flag of Natsoc Germany and all I did was reply to a guy that said muh holocaust etc. with "Implying that happened." or some variation thereof and poof my account was permabanned. Imagine policing historical accuracy in the comments of a mod hosting website to make sure everyone is following the kosher narrative. Madness.
>>394932 https://www.emailondeck.com/ I've been using this for throwaway accounts these days.
>>394939 >>394941 I really wish someone would just mirror all the nexus mods onto torrents. It's annoying as fuck that you need an account to download from them. Especially considering they permanently log everything you download.
>>395018 Is that fucking Website even hosted in America? Eh kind of a dumb question since even other American hosted websites are cucked beyond belief. >>395019 Noted. >>395021 Yeah me too, torrents are superior for these types of stuff which makes me wonder why those fuck wits never considered this idea in the first place, do they seriously think that torrents are solely used for piracy or what?
(157.88 KB 569x547 1499497553069.png)

>playing New Vegas for first time >I'm on the part where you need to choose a faction >want to align with Mr Dr House because the idea of letting a genius focus on fixing everything with the help of his big brain and robot army is more appealing than helping the NCR to turn the Mojave into a bureaucracy ruled by incompetent and corrupt retards >can't do it because helping him probably means that every low rank NCR soldier/ally that I've helped and said "Good job, anon. I don't know what I would've done without you." will get rekt horribly I don't know what to do. The feeling of being useful for a lot of people weights a lot in my moral compass in part because I'm so starved for affection that a simple "thanks" means a lot to me, and is blocking me from choosing any possible route that isn't the NCR (which I'm not particularly fond of due to the horrible management of the higher ups). >>394980 >Why the fuck do people buy porn on Steam anyway? Because they trust Valve/Steam with their money and credit card more than dedicated porn shops. Despite the constant sexualization in media, porn still is a taboo topic to many.
>>394980 >Why the fuck do people buy porn on Steam anyway? I don't know. Maybe because it's advertised to them and think it's a good deal because it's "on sale?" These are the same type of people too stupid or impatient to realize you can find everything online sooner or later. >And speaking of VR, why is there so much porn on it? Because VR games are incredibly difficult to make work well and if you add porn to anything it's a cheap and easy way to get it sold. >>395034 At this point I just try to make a very solid character profile before starting a new game of NV, so I don't need to spend an hour considering my moral compass or what I'd actually do. Also helps me experience routes I'd normally not.
>>395021 They are just kike leeches acting as middlemen, I fucking hate that site and the fucking nigger cattle that all exclusively use it to upload. Now they're ceasing user file deletions too to lock in money at the expense of people that actually made something for themselves on top of it all. >>395029 I don't know where the host is, but the admin is a British faggot, so it all makes sense even if it's also infuriating and retarded.
Daniel from Second Life uploaded a new video about two days ago, I had forgotten about him. Probably his best so far, 30 minutes of negresses screeching. Cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slXHhu86SaY
>>395590 >Shit look at those bazonkers I completely lost it. Daniel is a true artist.
(4.15 MB 1280x720 VOTE DANIELS.webm)

>>395590 I am glad he takes time to bring us the best he can.
(262.29 KB 597x484 Daniel.PNG)

Robin Atkin Downes (Travis Touchdown's VA) will be playing NMH3 to celebrate it's release 5 days from now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6RU3buc2Ys He is a cool dude.
(3.26 KB 224x225 athome.jpeg)

>>395034 I like House too, he's the only leader that actually treats you decently (dig out of grave, free 38 apartment, money for delivery of chip etc), NCR and Legion will send assassin squads if you go against them. House will just kick you out 38 and most likely hire another mailman to do his bidding. He doesn't guilt trip like NCR nor threatens like Caesars legion, also you can still be idolized by NCR while working for House so that's nice.
(21.21 KB 540x456 Jashua, BUT.jpg)

>>395034 It's for the Republics own good, occupying the Mojave for them is like the USA or USSR occupying Afghanistan hoping it will change despite being ignorant of the many diverging cultures and tribes there that they fail to get along with and constantly bleeding man power and resources when you've got your own problems back home to deal with. Delusional profligate politicians venturing on a futile path to ruin.
>>395034 Mr. house isnt bloodthirsty, he considers the NCR his best clients, so if you side with him that just means they get kicked out of the strip, not that they get massacred like they would with the legion. I always go either NCR when i wanna play a patriotic ranger/cowboy or Mr. house when i wanna ring a ding ding, the others are SHIT.
>>395661 >you can still be idolized by NCR while working for House so that's nice How? I thought picking a route blocks the rest and prevents you from collaborating with their respective factions.
(903.01 KB 300x200 1380083933908.gif)

>>395590 >>395648 it's amazing how easily irate these people get and they literally can't do anything about it >imma bout to blow his ass away >pulls out virtual gun like what the fuck do they think is gonna happen? they're going to shoot the virtual character and they're gone forever? also their avatars are all so hideous jesus christ
(1.90 MB 320x200 tee_hee.gif)

>>395748 >>395648 oh fuck I just got to the end and almost spit my drink when that sheboon was on a rant and literally said "we wuz QUEENZ"
My monitor came in the mail today. I had to assemble the monitor's stand though and screw some nails. I forgot how tedious this process was and now I'm exhausted after assembling it.
>>395648 Every year I think Daniel has peaked and every year he outdoes himself. That rant the negress does at the end is pure nigger hate fuel. >>395748 >The gun What about the balloon attack? That was fucking scary.
>>395769 Never heard of a monitor stand being exhausting to assemble. Most you just slide the monitor on top of. Unless it's a vesa mount like >>395784 says.
>>395590 What the fuck was that rant at the end?
>>395769 A monitor stand generally has something like two parts. It shouldn't be tedious to assemble. Secondly, no monitor stand uses nails except possibly to attach it to the wall, and even then they probably give you screws and those shitty plastic wall anchors. Thirdly, if you are "screwing" nails, no wonder you are so tired; generally driving nails with a hammer (or even a brick) will be easier than trying to screw them in. Fourthly, never use nails for anything except certain kinds of carpentry tasks where screws are difficult to drive and perhaps hanging very light things on drywall. >>395021 Plenty of sites permanently log everything you do, they just don't make it so visible to you. I'm not saying Nexus is right or that this behavior is tolerable, just that there are lots of others that do this silently that you should also be upset about.
>>395590 >Sheboon literally says WE WUZ KANGZ N QUEENZ Good on Daniel for exposing the stupidity of niggers
>>396054 >Plenty of sites permanently log everything you do, they just don't make it so visible to you. I'm not saying Nexus is right or that this behavior is tolerable, just that there are lots of others that do this silently that you should also be upset about. I assume anything that requires you to enable cookies and have an account is doing that. But even so I'd rather information logged not be visible on the account, even that is more of a risk than it only being held in secret on their servers.
>>396054 >Plenty of sites permanently log everything you do 8chan.moe being no exception. It's creepy knowing that Mark's greasy eyeballs can violate the privacy of my post history whenever he wants.
(115.58 KB 720x1226 20210821_221444-1.jpg)

>>396065 Anonymity is a lie
>>396105 >cellphone users stopped reading there
>>396118 Nigger youre missing the point. No matter the data set, cellphone or not, they just need 3 or 4 points of reference and they can narrow you down to one of a handful of people from a list of millions, then perform more focused and targeted surveillance. The technology exists. Its here.
>>396129 I don't think you understand what they mean by that, they're talking about literal spacial locations.
(355.16 KB 768x766 1518142738.png)

>>396129 Nigger the shit posted was about finding where someone is posting from through their cellphone based on cellphone transmitters, it has nothing to do with uncovering who's behind the screen of a computer, kill yourself.
>>339958 >>339978 >>340214 >>339984 >>340218 >>340221 You know ethnic Han Chinese people who speak mandarin and aren't commies also live in Singapore, Taiwan (which is a a independent nation too), Malaysia granted their a small minority there, and Commiefornia. Also is Steam even allowed in Mainland China? I'd imagine their firewall blocks it but I could be wrong.
(44.16 KB 300x360 1468298655424.png)

Does anybody got a webum where a goy is mic spamming that donald duck "I HATE NIGGERS" music?
>>396132 >>396138 And I'm saying that with massive dataset and only 3 or 4 pieces information, you can identify someone. Cellphone tracking is just one application of it
(28.19 MB 1280x640 Chinese Steam Explained.mp4)

>>396419 >Also is Steam even allowed in Mainland China? Kinda, and here's a video where a Canadian is showing chink steam.
>>396427 Heuristic-based big-data driven pattern recognition software can be extremely accurate. And, as with all heuristic-based systems, easily deceived IF you know how they work.
>>379879 You gotta watch the replay to see how they're beating you. It's practically the best part of the gitgud process.
(5.87 MB 512x288 jt.gif)

>be me right now >ordered some pc parts on Amazon.com a few days ago >was sitting down near my window >watch the Amazon delivery van roll up in front of my house >Amazon driver steps out >delivers my stuff to the elderly couple who live across from my house >mfw I'm sitting there, watching Amazon's incompetence in real time
Jackbox night has already begun, but it's a quiet one tonight: https://cytu.be/r/jackbox1
(806.41 KB 680x917 The memes jack.png)

>>396675 I'm glad I don't live in a city. Amazon delivers through UPS here and the UPS guy is a local guy so he just knows everyone who regularly gets deliveries and is always careful and considerate with packages. I don't have to deal with retarded niggers delivering for 5 cents a package.
>Metro Kingdom starts with a pretty epic introductory mission <Although the boss itself is pretty disappointing >You help with the city and directly meep Pauline which explain her appearance in the DK games >You gather the band to start the festival >The festival has a fantastic OST >The festival has a fantastic section to pay homenage to DK and Mario Jesus Christ, I actually shed a tear. Metro Kingdom is definitively a highlight, and the city itself is great. I think Odyssey is probably the best 3D Mario so far.
>>401329 I felt the same way when I first played it. Really beautiful moment.
>>401329 >>401365 Gotta hand it to them, that big finale with the music and the fireworks in the city got me teary eyed aswell.
(83.79 KB 400x341 hat slut.png)

>>401329 I still like Galaxy 2 more, but Odyssey really surprised me. I thought Nintendo were done with genuine 3D platformers for good after the torrent of bad Mario games during the 3DS and Wii U era.
>>401559 I bet odyssey was planned for Wii U, but with the terrible sales and all the Mario games already on it they didn't really want to make the leap, especially if they knew they had a good game already in hand. It's like Breath of the Wild, came out for Wii U but obviously had way more success on Switch.
Give me some edgy vidya music. Human Nature would have been better as an instrumental like it was in the trailer
>>402238 Necromunda has a kickass soundtrack, i specially like the fists.
(520.45 KB 454x360 Something about us.mp4)

>beat Terranigma >that goddamn ending I didn't expect this game to emotionally destroy me like this. I want fucking to cry oh my god, poor little Ark. He tried so hard. He did so very much. He just wanted to go home and have his life go back to normal.
>>396443 Neat thx
>new destiny 2 expansion gets announced >40$ base >10$ per season >4 seasons >digital deluxe edition which included all seasons used to be 70$, and had some cosmetics included >it's now 80$ >instead of cosmetics it now has exclusive gameplay content like dungeons >bungie also putting out a pack of cosmetics for their 30th anniversary >but it also includes an exclusive dungeon >which you can't buy separately from the cosmetics >it is 25$ >the all-in-one edition is 99$ We've reached a point in time where if you want all of the actual gameplay content in a videogame release you have to pre-fucking-order for 99$ or pay EVEN MORE.
>>402731 I understand being angry at such a wanton display of jewry but anon what exactly were you expecting from Activision?
>>402741 Not Activision, at least not any more. Bungie parted ways with them two or so years ago, and either went independent or back to microsoft. I don't remember.
>>402741 Bungie and Activision split more than two years ago. And to be honest, I expected to pay 70$ and get all of the content that actually matters for the entire year, like it worked for the past six years.
Why are steam curators and reviews such uninformative garbage? All I want is a quick summary if something's good or not but then you have dogshit like Falcom's games marked as "overwhelmingly positive" or negative reviews on games because "this dev ticked a faggot/the chinese off on twitter so we're downvoting him" or you get hundreds of these worthless gimmick creators who so helpfully let you know that this game tagged with the turn based tactics tag is in-fact a game tagged with the turn based tactics tag or some unfunny faggot going "Yes, no, batman likes this, batman does not like this, meow, nyaa, :), :(" What the fuck is this shit
(14.92 KB 320x288 1471103843515.gif)

>>325959 Ah, so that's what I've been shooting ropes to. I wonder how much of it I've consumed
Good morning, I hate journos
>>403408 Waifu Hunter seems good to me.
>>396443 Also China is starting to clamp down on gaming there for children to be a few hours a day, and i do think we are beginning to see them slowly close themselves off from the world again. It would not surprise me if Consoles are going to be hugely effected by this along with PC's it becomes a grey market again that is back within the Chinese government. Especially Phone apps will be popular due to their nature of short but addictive gameplay. This can only be good news as maybe hopefully the era of self censorship will end to appease the Chinese government.
It's the first jackbox stream of September: cytu.be/r/jackbox1
>>406885 Good morning journo hater.
>>409124 My feeling is that China's government is trying to choke off the incomes of all non-Chinese-government rich people, and their "cultural" controls are really just ass backwards ways of doing this. It's based on nothing, naturally, and is just a wild guess.
>>409124 >and i do think we are beginning to see them slowly close themselves off from the world again This is really because of Xi Jingping, who is not that popular even in China. He's a wannabe dictator who's destroying a lot of China's international relationships. The social credit system, while having its roots as far back as the Xiaoping era, has been considerably expanded under Xi's administration.
I want something entertaining and preferably vidya related to read, like a good text-only let's play like the ones for YiiK or Drakengard. Any recommendations?
>>409449 It's some wild anti-western-influence shit actually. Big changes happening in China lately, where privately run foreign language teaching institutions have been completely outlawed, twinks and feminine looking men in general have been banned from appearing on television, and other huge restrictions are being put out to "preserve the masculine and proud spirit of the Chinese people". My best guess is that the videogame ban is a part of that whole thing. I think it's just China being scared of NEETs and generally people who don't want to participate in society, and the growing influence of celebrities. If you wanna learn more about it, there's this pretty good channel ran by some South African cunt who lived in china for a long time but I can't remember the name of the channel for the life of me.
>>409682 >masculine and proud spirit of a race that averages 5'4" in height
>>409712 I assume they mean relatively.
Should I delete Hyrule Warriors to make more space for other games? What other anons said seems to sadly be true, if you play one Musou, you played them all. I loved pirate warriors 3, and played it a fucking lot, but even then, Hyrule Warriors just feels so fucking slow. I'm betting it gets good later, but right now it's such a slow game, holy shit... The moveset is pretty boring too, and I bet when you have all the combos is pretty fun, but having to unlock everything is retarded, and Hero difficulty should be unlocked from the beginning. I really wanted to like the game, but God I feel like I'm forcing myself to go through it.
>>412119 I liked both Hyrule Warriors games, but I only played through the main story missions. Fuck getting all the unlocks.
>Can emulate games just fine >Don't care about PS3 era games I have, such as JJBA:ASB or random Wii U shit Should I sell it on ebay or whatever? I don't expect modern discs to hold any value, and I'm not going to sell my PS1/2 stuff or cartridges. Ideally I'd have a collection of old sealed games for investment purposes. I also have the Zelda WW Wii U, out of box with box.
Happy 9/11 anons. I hope whatever ends up happening today isn't used as an excuse to break us all up again.
>>412869 BULLSEYE!
>>412864 Happy 9/11
(27.53 KB 224x400 1448564611113.jpg)

>>412864 People who are 25 or younger were either toddlers or unborn when it happened and likely don't have any first hand memory of plane crash day.
>>412864 Good ol' 9/11 Finally a good excuse to replay MGR
(57.92 KB 567x379 memri death to america.jpg)

>>412864 Happy 9/11!
(4.80 MB 1280x720 jambo jets.webm)

>>412890 >spent the day playing lodse vidya at a friend's >come back home >oh sweet, time to watch DBZ <there's no DBZ <only some amerishart building burning or some shit <turn off the TV I was mildly miffed, let me tell you.
>>412935 >be on the beach house of my grandparents with my parents and other family members >reception is shit so we are watching TV with one of those shitty antenna portable TVs we used to have >the adults are watching TV and im playing with some toys >suddenly 9/11 never forget on the tv >dad goes full "oh wow someone fucked up big time" >i get annoyed becasue i wanted to go to the top of te towers some day >continue playing with my toys
>>412935 I was in the middle of watching an episode of Futurama that I'd never seen before, and then they interrupted it. I was absolutely livid.
>>412935 I have no memory of 9/11, probably because I'm Scandinavian, so I probably played some video games or whatever.
>>412864 Imagine. Joe Biden gets assassinated today.
(3.53 MB 3172x2114 AP19308352653798.jpg)

>>412915 > memri tv Israeli military intelligence Institute that purposely miss translates "death to America" instead of down with America.
>>413023 So I'm more of an extremist than the islamic terrorists that are widely considered to be the biggest and most evil threat in the world today? Honestly, being able to call them casuals is a bit of an ego boost. Death to America, death to Israel, and death to the usurious zionist empire that they have created.
(264.87 KB 1920x1200 9-11-2001.jpg)

(6.21 MB 720x450 911 sim.webm)

(24.40 KB 370x278 mission accomplished.jpg)

>>412864 y-you too when I first saw it on TV, I thought at first that it's something about the Ostankino Tower fire that happened a year before
>death to America >America: we'll show you! *kills itself* epic, A+, I rate this millennium a TEN...out of ten
>>412974 By getting jabbed, and the prpetrator goes, "Sorry, I thought he could use another booster." Seriously, though, as a veteran it turns my stomach watching the sham of a "ceremony." I realize that military service was a meme from my only tour, but the amount of disrespect and disingenuity from the POS JCoS still causes a reaction within me.
>>412890 I don't remember 9/11 at all. I've lived my entire conscious life in this clown world. You merely adopted the cream pie the world threw in your face; I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't comprehend sanity until I was already a man, and by then it was nothing to me but insanity itself! >inb4 underage No. Time isn't holding up.
(78.99 KB 800x420 150419cry.jpg)

>>401329 >>401366 I thought it was cool when I played through it, but tears? Really? I'm sorry, but you deserve this.
>>412935 Your story reminded me of this.
(105.93 KB 1127x931 happy 911.jpg)

(10.71 KB 480x360 delfin.jpg)

>>412935 Anyone has that .webm where there was a kids show airing and then the footage changes suddenly to the WTC, only to switch back to the kids show again?
>>413292 I remember there being one about Dick Cheney(?) dying, then after they say their shit, it goes back to the "comedy" show that's two fat faggots on stage doing gay dolphin stuff
>>413398 I know what you're talking about, anon, and it wasn't Dick Cheney. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=FxvOqRtLzTs
>>413288 That music really nined my elevens.
>>413398 >>413419 Shit that's almost eerie
>>412890 I'm 26 and I remember how my parents reacted to it on TV. It was scary just because of their reaction alone, but it's not something that particularly affected me.
>>413435 Best thing is that, that music is used in shitty cooking oil commercials https://yewtu.be/watch?v=gvsdDKn7Y1s
>>413398 >>413419 >>413558 Reminds me of this.
(7.07 KB 144x186 Myla.webp)

Played Hollow Knight for the first time recently and it's as good as people said it is, but man it is so depressing, pic related. It's basically Dark Souls world building but with less retarded gameplay.
(410.96 KB 375x523 ClipboardImage.png)

I thought we had a TCG game general up, but I can't seem to find it. Oh well, I made this
Is getting a Wii U worth it? Most games I wanted to play on Wii U were ported to the switch, and I already have one. The only game I think remotely worth it is Star Fox Zero because I want to experience it myself.
>>418066 Not really. Like you say, most of the Wii U's best games were ported to Switch. And whatever exclusives it did have, such as Wind Waker HD, aren't really worth buying a new console for.
>>418067 Fatal Frame is getting ported and is multi-platform now.
>>418067 >That image Splatoon was never ported, and the superior version of TMS is the Nip Wii U version. Also, that list is missing Devil's Third and Rodea: The Sky Soldier. >>418069 Just like with TMS, they're porting the censored Western version of the game. NOT the original uncensored Nip Wii U version. It's similar to how all releases of Doom 3 since BFG have used the Xbox version of Doom 3, which removed some of the content that's present on the original PC version.
>>418067 Also, Mario Kart 8 on the Switch recently started censoring content, too, so it's back to the Wii U version.
>>418078 >>418079 then buy the wii u versions you autistic fuck
(383.43 KB 636x348 nice.png)

Is this the best drawn 2D ass ever? Just say yes.
(47.74 KB 1280x720 download.jpg)

>>421823 objectifying a strong independent video game woman (who don't need no man). thank god games are dead, or might have been offended. I wrote a blog post a while ago about why I fucking hate video games, because this is what it does! It appeals to the male fantasy!
>>421829 Is Solid Snake the female fantasy, then?
Not even close. Details are lacking, not round, defined or puffed out in a shapely way Even if you don't like that style, it can be defined properly and this one is just not Its average at best if not worse
>>421837 What do you mean, it's really big and round.
>>421823 Cuckchan-tier thread. Make a vidya girls thread and post this in it instead.
>>421823 Merged low-effort thread.
I want to listen to something in the background. Audio book, podcast, "video essay", long form reviews, etc. Any recommendations for anything entertaining and well presented(as in the guy's voice and/or cadence doesn't make me want to strangle someone)? Vidya, movies, tech, history, etc I don't really mind what the subject is.
>>421875 TehSnakerer on youtube, specifically his yakuza videos. The latest one on Yakuza 5 is almost EIGHT HOURS long. If that's not enough for you, he also has vids covering various games, I'm particularly fond of his review of YIIK, Oxaca and Hunt Down the Freeman.
>>421881 I've already listened to all of his videos, including his Yakuza 5 one as it was releasing in parts. Same for PatricianTV and his Morrowind 8 hour deal, I still haven't gotten around to his Oblivion video.
>>421884 I haven't heard of patrician, I'll check him out later.
(139.90 KB 1280x720 dk studying.jpg)

>>421875 >Twin Perfect's entire Silent Hill reviews/rantology, including their huge video on how shit Silent Hill 2/3 HD was https://yewtu.be/watch?v=cDEHuzeOr9M >PCP university lectures on vidya (just skip like 90% of whatever else they make, only the vidya, animorphs, one piece and french revolution ones are good), made by The Pro Crastinators, Ben Saint and BestGuyEver https://yewtu.be/watch?v=q6lXDUj1ilk For non vidya, generally speaking, all WW2 videos by TIK & Mark Felton Productions are worth listening to and well sourced, though the former is kind of a big ancapfag so if you hate the ideology you're not going to agree with some of what he says, but he's not shy about dissing on anyone else, while the latter is very analytical and you're missing out if you don't look at the historic footage he plasters on the videos. >>421881 Also seconding TehSnakerer but he's kind of an acquired taste There's a bunch more pompous dicks who do the same song and dance but have utterly nothing to say (think Super Bunny Hop tier of stuck up their own asses), try and avoid them as much as possible.
>>421875 >>421881 >>421897 I made a post about analysis videos like PatricianTV's a few weeks ago in the Friday Night thread. Here's a few more you can put on in the background: >>406592 TehSnakerer is good but I'd also offer Running Shine (covered Yiik, Sonic Adventure, Mischief Makers but the fucker takes a year to release a video) and TheGamingBritShow (covered Ratchet and Clank and some other stuff) as other options. And Matthewmatosis, probably the most "professional" long-form reviewer I've listened to (did a really detailed analysis of DeS and the Dark Souls games).
>>421884 >Being able to make it through the first 20 minutes of that shit Morrowind video
>>422730 Honestly Running Shine was the ideal I had in mind. The video editing, pacing, content Milo's voice and just style of comedy is exactly what I want. I wonder how they're doing with that vidya they were making.
>>422730 Is Ross Scott still making reviews? I heard he did a video on Sonic Heroes which honestly sounds like it could be fun.
>>422953 Ross is working on a movie so his video output has dropped dramatically, but he still does the odd Game Dungeon or Freeman's Mind. His videos have gotten a lot longer, regularly hitting or surpassing the hour mark. The Sonic Heroes video was over a year ago but it's worth a watch if you haven't seen it, it's one of his best. The funniest and most interesting parts of his videos are all the observations he makes that most people would never think about, like how high up the some of the levels are or how Big the Cat seems literally mentally retarded.
(2.62 MB 294x227 Toads falls to the void.gif)

Does anybody else feel Mario 3's level design take a fat shit in the toilet towards the end? Currently at World 8 and the game isn't fun anymore, this barrage of bullet hell autoscrollers was bad enough but that fortress level. What the hell was that about? Do you know what I love about Mario? Running around on a timer going through doors trying to figure out what the fuck to do. That's the series at its best. Everything I've heard about this game over the years has been great, why did nobody ever tell me about it pulling all this cheap bullshit towards the end?
>>423056 SMB3 is one of those "the last part makes you use everything you learned" but it does it over an entire world with timed stages, autoscrollers, bullet hells with precision jumps, puzzles, and gotchas. I understand where you're coming from, but I like world 8 because it's a nice "everything and the kitchen sink" marathon finale. Did you play through every stage on the way to world 8 or did you use the whistles?
>>423059 Warps being a thing was something I was unaware of. I did play through every stage, but the levels were already irking me starting from World 6. World 8 feels like everything I disliked about Worlds 6 and 7 but worse, minus the ice physics from 6.
(339.21 KB 814x702 e8a.png)

>>423056 World 8 is supposed to be a pain gauntlet. It's the final stretch before the showdown with Bowser, and back then games were supposed to really put you to the test as a way of giving you value for your dollar and beating rental stores. If you don't like it go play some shitty easycore platformer like Celeste.
>>422949 They were making a game? I guess that explains the long wait between videos.
(172.51 KB 995x935 That bowser tho.jpg)

>>423056 >Gets filtered by Super Mario Bros 3 You posted the correct gif as you are a little bitch just like Toad.
>>424885 I already beat it, actually. Not long after I made that post. Turns out the fortress was the second-to-last level. Strangely the final level was one of the easiest of that world. My problem with the levels isn't that they're "hard", they're tedious. Hunting for a P switch somewhere hidden in the level then finding a secret door is terrible and I don't give a shit what you say about it.
(609.46 KB 1333x1000 Don't be a bitch.jpg)

>>424887 Anon I am glad you got good but if you did not give a shit about what I said about it you would not have replied to me so your still a bitch.
(8.18 MB 720x544 gondola_8chan.webm)

It won't stop hurting. You feel it too, don't you?
>>426465 I don't think I feel anything anymore. Sometimes I think I died years ago and just haven't realized it yet.
(42.47 KB 1280x720 the more you know.jpg)

>>426534 >Sometimes I think I died years ago and just haven't realized it yet. That is actually kind of true anon. Humans replace and shed cells at such a rate that the you from ten years ago is long dead and the majority of those old cells got shat out your ass.
>>426614 Sure, but we're still the sum of our thoughts and actions. It's not like someone actually dies several times over their life. The last few years have just felt very wrong, like nothing makes sense or it's all a bad afterthought someone had. Maybe I'm just bad at handling grief.
(42.20 KB 600x525 1440713457685.jpg)

My church is shilling their vr church service. I didn't know vr church services were a thing, I guess it's to move new hobby if I can't escape from my parents then what is the point. My mom is too controlling. cheers anons as I get a shot of whiskey from under my bed.
>>426968 Companies are shilling VR really hard for meetings and other stupid shit. I really have no idea why because it's completely unnecessary for actually getting any work done. I guess faggots are really good at making useless job titles and endeavors sound productive.
>>427028 Unnecessary and expensive. I don't understand why companies forego the cost of regular equipment upgrades/replacements or things that would actually benefit people but always seem to be instantly eager to hop on whatever new tech trend pops up.
>>427028 >I really have no idea why <Give communication companies even more power while you stream your company's private meetings on their service <Advertise how it's "greener" for the environment since people no longer "need" to travel for meetings <Advertise and emphasize "work from home" positions since you're still in the "office" <Have a wider audience buy $600 headsets that serve no real purpose <Have more people going to virtual reality to fulfill their needs instead of real life
(4.41 MB 1280x720 B8BIlhQwCU_FkE2N.mp4)

Pardon the fat guy in the corner, but this new Final Fantasy looks fucking great.
>>431262 They've officially stopped giving a shit
(4.50 MB 320x514 STRIDE.gif)

>>431262 >Bullshit <plays music loudly on his phone <walks away
>>431262 Not gonna lie, this moment alone made him one of my favorite characters even if the rest of his story and game are shit.
>>431262 ah, fuck, I have to pirate the game now. That scene is so good. I hope the game is just filled with unironic edge like this.
>>431262 I wonder how many more edgy teens, will start playing their "theme song" as they walk away, because of how "cool" this scene was?
>>431262 It's Limp Biskit. He's playing Limp fucking Bizkit.
>>431486 What song from Limp Bizkit?
(16.62 MB 1280x522 Free Guy.webm)

What's the biggest example of CLAP, CLAP YOU FUCKING MONKEYS in video games in terms of utterly blatant fanservice in the "REMEMBER THIS" way? Basically the vidya equivalent of pic related.
>>431595 Thank you for saving me the hard drive space and/or bandwidth. Unrelatedly, you can install Diablo from the original CD in Windows 10 if when the installer fucks off and says it failed, you copy the installation directory, paste it somewhere else, let the installer continue to fuck off, then paste the copy back into where it belongs. That's retarded, but it works. Or you can just use a pre-cracked portable install of it.
(96.18 KB 840x700 s.jpg)

>>431595 what in fuck did i just witness
>>431595 Is every movie just going to be Ready Player One now? Even Ready Player Two?
>>356978 The lower power level is to offset him having more support slots maybe it's a materia joke
>>423056 All those Clouds and P-Wings you've been handed over the game were building up to World 8. World 8 is merciless, but if you've been saving your good items, it's far from impossible.
>>426465 i'll never forgive the faggots that turned the internet into this political shitheap
>>431629 I don't know, do you not want to recognize a reference in every scene of every movie?
>>431595 I haven't watched a movie in so long. Is this what modern cinema is like?
>>337786 You say that like the first remake wasn't pozzed
(32.63 KB 720x433 kermit suicide.jpg)

(302.49 KB 491x356 ClipboardImage.png)

https://cytu.be/r/Jackbox1 It's Jackbox night again, can't believe it's been two weeks yet again.
>>421875 This request is still open, but I found some guy making a 4 hour video shitting on MK11 which I've so far been enjoying in the background and thought I'd share it. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=hkfO9zaSD60
>>433094 There are still good movies but it's largely become unbearable.
>>441019 >There are still good movies Mind recommending a couple?
(604.79 KB 717x403 ClipboardImage.png)

It is the Jacking night with anons again. New Party Pack 8 games, small review I read seemed like most will play well. https://cytu.be/r/Jackbox1
There's a Hunger Games thread on >>>/b/139368 if anyone's interested.
>>450202 >CP board No thanks
(29.55 KB 284x253 IHNMAIMS.jpg)

Why isn't Monstergirl Quest Paradox Part 3 out yet? Why isn't Teraurge v3 out yet? Why isn't Half-Life 3 out yet? Why is the number 3 cursed? Isn't it supposed to be holy?
>>453963 It's a well described phenomenon on some other website. I forget the details.
Holyshit, how did Mario Kart of all things get away with such lewdness? Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and the Inkings all wear form fitting outfits and shake their asses in the air when idling on a bike. Also Waluigi, but who gives a shit? >>418079 >Mario Kart 8 on the Switch recently started censoring content What the fuck? What was it? What is there to censor, beside all the female racers shaking their asses when using a bike and idling, which is definitely still there. I just checked.
>>455192 Oh, and Rose Gold Peach.
I want to fuck videogame characters so bad right now.
(590.77 KB 640x640 A_New_Scam.mp4)

Is VRchat technically a videogame?
>>341239 >pops up every time somebody mentions lolis. I wish I had a 6th sense for that like him.
>>341282 So you're seceding from your country? Have fun defending your land and property from other country's militaries.
>>341526 You played yourself by relying on Jewtube.
Ahh, yes, the TORmongrel shitting another thread
>>457683 Am I kawaii, uguu~~?
>>343405 Rurus are uncool.
>>343486 You know, normally I fucking hate those kinds of lips, but on Medicham, I like them. that webm is ugly though.
>>345438 What in the fuck.
>>349656 It was fun. You're just a faggot.
(105.32 KB 431x431 335.png)

>>345438 >>458762 >Zangoose Best known for their outright hatred of Seviper, Zangoose are nevertheless exceptionally popular among young female trainers in the Hoenn region for their "cuddly" appearance and natural protective urges towards their trainer. This protectiveness stems from how Zangoose behave in the wild with their mates. Upon mating, male Zangoose guard their mates fiercely against any Pokemon (or human, for that matter) that tries to come near. Somewhat ironically, this behavior is only exhibited by the males; after the egg is laid, female Zangoose will readily mate with any Pokemon that comes along, and fights between multiple male Zangoose over one female are all too common in the wild. Upon hatching, male Zangoose take it upon themselves to ensure the newborn manages to survive a week, after which they are mature enough to fend for themselves. Zangoose families tend to stick close together, though there is little tenderness between mother and offspring; generally speaking, female Zangoose are not above attacking their own young if they get in the way of food, and father Zangoose usually have to protect the offspring from the mother. As far as human/Zangoose relations go, trainers will have wildly different experiences with their Zangoose depending on the gender of the Zangoose. Trainers mating with female Zangoose will find their partner is rather lax and will gladly allow for multiple partners, and they are not overly attached to their mates. Mating with a male Zangoose, on the other hand, becomes quite a challenge after the initial copulation. As mentioned above, male Zangoose are extremely protective of their mates, and this is one trait that can not simply be ordered out of them. Zangoose will repel any and all intruders who come near their mates, which can be tiring and even embarrassing among friends and family if the trainer in question is a closet Pokephile. A temporary stopgap is simply storing the Zangoose in its Poke Ball, however it will continue to guard the trainer regardless of how much time has passed. The only surefire way to end a Zangoose's protection is to simply wait it out. Once two weeks have passed, the natural inclination to guard their mate will fade, and the Zangoose will return to normal.
>>445880 Damn, I missed it again. Next week then.
>>458817 Where are you getting this pasta?
(554.12 KB 1280x1280 571.png)

>>345438 >>458835 I saved them from an old /furry/ thread circa 2015. >Zoroark The infamous trickster Pokemon, Zoroark have surprisingly mundane mating habits in the wild. Zoroark mate for life, and are very protective of their offspring. They have traditional mammalian genitalia, although unusually they do not produce "knots" upon arousal. Despite their classification as a Dark Pokemon, Zoroark are very loving mates, although their mating interactions with humans are wildly different than their interactions with other Pokemon. If a human expresses a desire to mate with a Zoroark, the Zoroark will create a large-scale illusion for the human to navigate. The exact nature of the illusion varies: everything from forests and castles to ancient battlegrounds have been reported, and there does not appear to be a pattern to the creations. Zoroark then find a place to hide in this illusion, and expect their suitor to find them, proving that they are strong and willing to fight for their Zoroark. If the trainer fails, the Zoroark will not accept another offer, and will outright refuse to mate with the human. If the trainer succeeds, the Zoroark will become submissive and accept their trainer's advances. Lifelong mates of Zoroark have reported that Zoroark will often use its illusionary abilities to create elaborate sexual fantasies at the trainer's behest. However, it must also be noted that Zoroark are in the Aggressive category of infidelity response, and will not hesitate to attack their former mate's psyche with intense illusions before abandoning them, so (as is true with most Pokemon that mate for life) one must be cautious when mating with a Zoroark.
>>458893 Okay. Could you include TL;DRs?
>>431595 Really gotta push + sell those brands. Fucking cancer. >>456703 >I want to fuck videogame characters You wouldn't dare.
(3.39 MB 1440x1080 rebecca can handle it.png)

(2.90 MB 1440x1078 capcom angels.png)

(2.44 MB 1080x1440 april practices journalism.jpg)

>>459806 Bluethebone is a blessing upon this world.
>>459808 >BlueTheBoner His art soothes the soul. Didn't mean to spoiler.
>>459817 Well im gonna spoiler THIS!
(364.58 KB 1024x768 Bluethebone flashing.webm)

>>459819 Godly.
>>394318 >Sonic and Animal Crossing 100% furfaggotry. >humanoid Pokemon? Depends. Gardevoir is a monstergirl or xeno, not a furry. Same goes for Medicham.
>>360340 I love it, shame about the crystal DS4 not having a black backplate and there being two versions of it, one with a "smoked" front plate and another that is actually transparent.
>>360340 My favorite N64 controller was one of those. My brother and I used to fight over it all the time even when the stick was all worn out and the buttons got stuck. I liked the novelty of seeing the insides. >>459806 You are out of control anon. >>459808 That third image reminds me of the deer avenger games where one of the calls was something like: <Help I'm naked/horny and I have a pizza
So I was thinking, it's pretty obvious that Callie and Marie together are Calamari, so Pearl and Marina probably mean something together too. Well, a marina is a kind of harbor, so together they can mean Pearl Harb-, uh oh.
>>460039 >Help I'm naked/horny and I have a pizza
>>460045 The only two games I know of with a Pizza Elemental were the QFG2 remake and that Khimera game made by that hue.
(517.43 KB 540x265 shitposting shock.gif)

>recently beat system shock 1 (enchanced edition) >now i cant stop listening to the soundtrack and remixes Anons its just oo fucking catchy! specially R&D, security and generator.
(491.44 KB 1072x1742 ClipboardImage.png)

(86.77 KB 911x995 ClipboardImage.png)

>>460061 So, should I play enhanced edition, or emulate the PS1? I'm not sure I can trust something that came out in 2015 to not have significantly fucked with something two decades older. >A planned live-action television series based on System Shock was announced in October 2021. The show will be made for Binge, a video-game-centric streaming service, to be directed by Allan Ungar and with Night Dive's Stephen Kick and Larry Kuperman serving as executive producers.[90] https://archive.md/rWEX2
>>460284 I agree with that first guy. So far the studio have been beyond incompetent and haven't gotten anything shipped
I had to sell all of my consoles (except my DSi) to collect money for my family (property damage after a fire) and now I am left without any consoles nor do I want to start retro-collecting again. If I want an all-in-one emulation console to mod, should I go with a Wii or has the Wii U surpassed it? Are Wii U expensive or dirt cheap? Is the PS3 any better or easier to mod? How many of these can output 240p? Sorry about the blogposting.
>>460373 How your house got burned?
>>460377 I think you Americans call them crackheads, an unidentified one literally decided to set one of our walls on fire and it spread all across the room. Thankfully there wasn't structural damage, only shit like beds and stuff.
>>460380 Oh yeah I forgot to specify that the fire crept in from the window onto the inside of the house so we lost and entire window and its wooden frame.
>>460284 Couldnt tell you how different it is since i didnt play the original, seems they mostly did QoL improvements and fixed compatibility problems.
>>460383 >>460380 Lmao lol did they find whose responsible?
>>460434 Sort of, there's a small abandoned house next block down the street where the homeless gather to do drugs and stab one another. It was one of them, but the police said they couldn't do much.
>Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter with the Senator. <I take it he was agreeable? >He didn't really have a choice. <Has he been infected? >Oh yes, most certainly. When I mentioned we could put him on the priority list for the Ambrosia vaccine, he was so willing it was almost pathetic. <This plague — the rioting is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it. >Why contain it? Let it spill over into the schools and churches. Let the bodies pile up in the streets. In the end, they'll beg us to save them. <I've received reports of armed attacks on shipments. There's not enough vaccine to go around, and the underclasses are starting to get desperate. >Of course they're desperate. They can smell their deaths, and the sound they'll make rattling their cages will serve as a warning to the rest. <Hmm. I hope you're not underestimating the problem. The others may not go as quietly as you think. Intelligence indicates they're behind the problems in Paris. >A bunch of pretentious old men playing at running the world, but the world left them behind long ago. We are the future! <We have other problems. >UNATCO? <Formed by executive order after the terrorist strike on the Statue. I have someone in place though. I'm more concerned about Savage. He's relocated to Vandenberg. >Our biochem corpus is far in advance of theirs, as is our electronic sentience, and their... ethical inflexibility has allowed us to make progress in areas they refuse to consider. <The augmentation project? >Among other things, but I must admit that I've been somewhat disappointed with the performance of the primary unit. <The secondary unit should be online soon. It's currently undergoing preparations and should be operational within six months. My people will continue to report on its progress. If necessary, the primary will be terminated. >We've had to endure much, you and I, but soon there will be order again — a new age. Aquinas spoke of the mythical City on the Hill. Soon that city will be a reality, and we will be crowned its kings, or better than kings: Gods!
>>460441 What shithole country are you from? If that happened in America there'd be a 50/50 chance of a "mass shooting event" by an anonymous party at that crack house within a week or so.
(89.73 KB 1024x944 unknown.jpg)

Should I finally play the new Kingmaker or replay the NWN2s vanilla campaign again?
>>461157 You mean Wrath, right? NWN2. The devs learned fuck all from the previous game, it still somehow has more bugs than an average bugchaser faggots despite using the same fucking engine as the last game.
>>461036 Brazil
>>461220 Argentina?
>>461287 I'm from there, too. Moved to Brazil due to work and family, boludo.
(69.66 KB 700x535 beta concept.jpg)

I will never, ever get over Valve scrapping the original Half-Life 2 in favor of what we got. All the weapons, all the enemies, all the interesting maps and story concepts, the Half-Life 1 styled level design, the industrial dark sci-fi aesthetic, all of it thrown in the goddamn garbage because of the hack and retarded playtesters. Such a waste of material. The only game I've seen even close to the style and tone of the Half-Life 2 beta is Divine Cybermancy. Imagine what we could have gotten.
(18.28 KB 250x434 Combine_Assassin_con.jpg)

>>461537 They stole her from you
>>453963 >Why isn't Half-Life 3 out yet? Probably so its released a few months after the Steam Deck™ hits the shelves at least that or perhaps it's already programmed to run.
>>461537 I didn't know that, only the beta weapons who had been Made public a while ago and were playable Can you elaborate more about the beta? And how valve really fucked up everything again?
seriously though does anyone wanna play mario party?
(1.10 MB 1255x868 Sita.png)

>playing iron harvest >get to the arabia campaign >get pic related >she's described by a character, unironically, as a "Beautiful desert princess" Desert princess should mean tanned, sweat, sultry, beautiful but dangerous. This looks like what I assume old arab grandmas look like after smelling a rotten egg, what the fuck is this? You know I get maybe we're not in the later 2000s anymore where pretty, fit women willing to strut around in copious amounts of cleavage and showing lots of midriff like in Red Alert is no longer possible, but what exactly compels character designers to downright make their female characters as ugly as possible? And then they go out of their way to make sure their clothing doesn't make them look attractive or appealing in any way. Am I just going mad and I have "unrealistic beauty standards"? What the hell is this garbage? I expect this shit from AAA devs but not indies.
>>461681 dat bitch bald????
>>461681 She looks more like a desert Karen.
>quora >how do I disable internet access for a certain faggot that keep leeching off our free wifi <you need to login with google/fb to read this question
>>416982 What's the deal with this bug. Beat the game several years ago but I don't even remember it.
(90.69 KB 1280x720 Air Exchange.jpg)

(184.27 KB 1914x1054 original city 17.jpg)

>>461654 If want to see for yourself, large portions of the beta were leaked and be downloaded and played, it was really neat. VERY different to the final Half-Life 2, it was much darker and more classic FPS in gameplay. There's this entire Russian community trying to rebuild what the original HL2 was supposed to be, they have some of the most (though still very unfinished) complete recreations if you want to give them a try.
(345.14 KB 640x480 Air Exchange intro.png)

(372.36 KB 1000x563 wasteland in hl2.jpg)

(27.69 KB 360x360 Wasteland Scanner.jpg)

To add more information, beta HL2's ambitions were huge. It was meant to be spread over 4 days with tons of different chapters, a bunch more weapons and like triple the enemies. The most famous chapter is probably the Air Exchange, which had these large complex and industrial maps. The other most famous would be the Wasteland, this massive expanse of nothing. You briefly see it in the botched teleporter scene at the start of retail Half-Life 2. It's kind of hard to explain what the beta was meant to be because there's just so much to it. Look into it, You'll see why that anon is so upset.
>>462073 She can be found happily mining at the start of the crystal whatever it's called, the part where you get the charged dash. The more you progress in that area the more the infection strengthens in her, her dialog shows that she's losing her mind When you finish the area she gets completely infected and attacks you, when you kill her she goes "nooooo" in a fairly sad way.
>>453963 >Teraurge v3 You're lusting for gay aliens, huh? >Half-Life 3 It's not like Valve didn't try. There were several Half-Life 3's in production but none of them got finished for one reason or another. After Half-Life: Alyx the chance of them starting again and finishing it are significantly higher, but as of now they seem to be working on a different Half-Life related game called Citadel which there isn't much information about. It seems to be an asymmetrical VR multiplayer game.
Jackbox night be up again in 30 minutes or so: https://cytu.be/r/jackbox1
(172.54 KB 850x1417 futatama_tsukas.jpg)

>>467937 >Waiting for savior futa gf Poor guy
(65.51 KB 1059x167 Top seller.png)

>has been shat on since the closed beta tests >constantly made fun of >everyone knows it's shit >mostly negative reviews >still gets to be the top seller on steam Why are normalniggers?
>>471299 I don't think that list accounts for refunds, so refunded purchases still count as purchases in the eyes of the top seller list.
>>471299 Top seller is relative to what else is being sold. What other games are people buying right now? I'd love to see a histogram breaking down the hour-by-hour (or okay maybe day-by-day or week-by-week) top sellers for, like, the last decade, so I can see how often obscure garbage like Meltys Quest has been a top seller. There must be a fascinating trove of data that Valve is sitting on.
>>471299 Cause the game functions as advertised and the only faggots complaining about it are boomers who think it's literally fortnite.
>>471299 Steam also lists random furry porn games as top sellers randomly even when you have NSFW games disabled in the settings. I wouldn't put too much stock in the shit that shows up on the store representing any meaningful data, the Steam client is some serious spaghetti code. Can't wait to see how Valve manages an operating system.
>>461646 Leaks show Valve is making a game in the HL universe that's going to have heavy Steam Deck integration, but it's not HL3.
(29.82 KB 293x339 Lemmings.jpg)

>>471299 >tfw you don't want to eat shit but being a part of the nigger herd is life.
>>471299 Show us the other current top sellers, faggot. What is this game competing with right now?
>>472439 Again?
>>472548 The following games >Death Stranding >Forza 5 >Farm Sim 2022 >FIFA 2022 >Back 4 Blood >AoE4 >>472554 Gabe said Alyx created real momentum within the company to make more Half-Life games again.
(7.18 MB 640x346 Cyberpunk2015.mp4)

repostan I see Cyberpunk77 is still in shambles. I was halfway tempted to pirate and stream it in its current state, but then I saw there weren't any new dlcs or anything, so it wouldn't even have anything I hadn't already seen.
>>472568 There's major restructuring at CDPR and they've been working on core engine changes, seems no new content is coming until next year.
>>472558 >real momentum within the company I guess "momentum" means "we think we can make money off it now," because a company isn't some fat tranny in his basement making a furry porn game. The guy at the top says "get HL3 out by (season)" and the people below him make the coolies get it done or delay it--insulin inertia shouldn't enter into it.
(1.84 MB 3840x2160 victorious bear jew.jpg)

I noticed we don't have an MMO general thread anymore but if any anons are around/were around that back when 8moe/v/ played Lord of the Rings Online, and there was talk of the fact that last year they gave away like 90% of the games content for free, they're once again doing that until Nov 30th. Promo code is LOTROQUESTS2021 Also some expansions on sale. It's a lot of free shit if you like LotR.
>>473252 Valve has a completely flat structure so there isn't anybody "at the top" dictating anything. That's why there was never a HL3. Employees would work on it, get bored and stop.
Has anyone played that new The Last Stand game? Is it worth a pirate?
(155.02 KB 708x479 ClipboardImage.png)

>>471299 I think you're overreacting.
(288.25 KB 1024x1024 a1699451314_10.jpg)

how do I stop listening heavy metal music? I haven't listen to anything heavier than ac/dc in over five years and now I have can't stop. The main reason I stopped is because I live with my christian parents sometimes it sucks being a neet. I wish I was my own man making my own decisions but the judge said I am too mentally disabled to make my own decisions
(12.14 MB 720x720 FUNERALOPOLIS.mp4)

>>475252 >how do I stop listening heavy metal music? Listen to extreme metal instead.
>>475252 Then study and figure out how you can be independent Work on a new skill each day (like cooking, driving, cleaning/hygiene, employment/social skills, possibly something like programming or computer literacy) and eventually appeal that court ruling or determination or something like that
>>475239 >that money Are you a moonman?
>>475267 >cooking used to cook my own food but now that she is working at home, I can't anymore >driving don't I'd pay someone to practice really know the combination to the briefcase, I don't have my social card or any proof and she doesn't trust the drivers ed. If I need to get around it's by bike >cleaning/hygiene I do shower daily shave almost everyday and take care of myself. I do admit I haven't gone to the barber in a 2 months but that is because most barbers cut the top too short. I just don't like it short because it is harder comb hair sticking up, hair seems to be stubborn when it is short. I just want the sides and back cut and leave the bangs alone or cut just a little but not too much. Finding a good barber is hard to find but I am just gonna grow my hair I little more out even if if the back and side hair looks shit because I feel so frustrated . >employment/social skills I have a job but hours is low and it's a fucking dead-end job. I get so many complements on how the store looks clean when I am there. I got a five dollar tip because someone said they think I am the best worker there
>>475263 this I cannot go back
(3.68 MB 1920x1200 212500_20190609053444_1.png)

>>474027 The gold coin floor is the patrician's choice of housing floor materials.
>>475252 Why'd the judge say that
(4.24 MB 1920x1080 Trinity.png)

>>475237 Oh man these models.
>>475237 it's pretty fun for a couple of hours. You run around loot stuff try and progress. The is a little bit grindy in that your first characters will inevitably die just because you don't have the right stats but once you level up a bit the game becomes a bit easy. There's a bit of jank in the game at the moment with some of the shooting for instance shooting uphill or over sand bags will often just hit nothing. If you enjoyed the previous games you'll probably enjoy this.
>>475252 Start listening to symphoic rock and metal and power metal instead.
>>475252 Why stop? Listen to Stryper with your parents. >>475571 >don't I'd pay someone to practice really know the combination to the briefcase What the fuck did you just say?
(7.83 KB 301x167 pink angel.jpg)

Dolores get
(3.18 KB 480x480 arrow check.png)

>>477777 nice one. really brings out the pattern
>try out battletech before giving roguetech a shot because I almost never play a game's mod as my first playthrough ever >fucking character creator has a "pronoun" section Already I feel my decision was a poor one.
(6.85 MB 2048x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

>>412119 I'm this anon >Uninstall Hyrule Warriors >Install BOTW >100% it and love it >Uninstall BOTW so I have space for more games >Fuck it, download Pirate Warriors 4 >Suddenly, I'm into Musous again I'm pretty sure the problem was Hyrule Warriors. PW4 let me choose the difficulty from the very start, and the evolution system feels way more natural than HW's. Speaking of PW4 specifically, I think the game has as many improvements as it has flaws and downgrades. I just don't get why they can't just reuse content from the previous game to build an even bigger game. They cut characters and maps from the previous games for the fuck of it, hell, they cut the entirety of East Blue and Skypea, but you have to play 5 scenarios in fucking Arabasta. Also, they got rid of the partner system, but I think the "choose your final move" is pretty good. Activating the super state mode also sucks ass compared to the previous game, but the game does feel a lot better and fast-paced. However, it still does have the flaw of having to unlock full combos, making the combat at first way, way more repetitive. Fuck that shit.
>>477855 Wait until you see the strong independent rebellion princess who need no mercenary group to do all the works for her stumbles upon a bunch of pristine Star League mechs in middle of fucking nowhere.
>>478598 >I just don't get why they can't just reuse content from the previous game to build an even bigger game. They cut characters and maps from the previous games for the fuck of it That's every sequel everywhere. If you make a sequel that has everything the previous game had, plus even more new stuff, that sets a precedent that you should surpass yourself every single time. If sequels are just the same amount of content, with something old taken away for every new thing thing introduced, studios can endlessly churn out content without every worrying about painting themselves into a corner. It's all about managing the expectations of the ignorant consumer cattle.
(125.37 KB 1000x1350 Oppw2-enel.webp)

>>478601 I would agree with you if it weren't for the fact that they can just reuse old models. Enel already had a good enough model to be used, why the fuck he isn't in Pirate Warriors 4? Let alone old stages. Hell, he doesn't have to be playable, he can just be an NPC. As I mentioned, they rather have 5 fucking scenarios in Arabasta instead of one scenario in each location of the east blue + arabasta.
>>478602 Don't forget that these people need to get paid. Making a new model is billable man-hours. Reusing models from the previous game gets the boss asking uncomfortable questions about the necessity of your continued employment.
>>478603 You've basically outlined the premise of Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber
>>478606 Yeah, basically. People don't work to work, they work to get paid. If you have to lie to your boss to stay employed then your job isn't to work - your job is to lie to your boss. This happens in every industry at every level.
I've got a snapshot of my Linux install squashing into a live ISO at the moment, have a decent looking distro upgrade on the horizon but it's one that's a pain from my version to jump to, nothing new with Linux for me with that. I have a few games that are a bit annoying to get rolling just there already like OpenMW there already set.
>>478603 >>478608 That's still a very retarded business practice even if your objective is wanting to get paid. The people who make these decisions aren't the ones getting paid but the ones paying as well. Plus, you can just make new models or new characters instead of remaking old models over and over for no disernible reason.
>>478616 >The people who make these decisions aren't the ones getting paid but the ones paying as well. Are you serious? Even in the absolute smallest studios that consist of the dev team and nobody else, that would only apply to the lead programmer or project lead (i.e. whoever was ponying up the cash to bring the other employees on board). Everybody else still needs to prove their existence to their boss just like usual. Out of everybody that you know (including yourself), how many people can you think of who would voluntarily quit their job because they felt that their work had no effect and that paying their wages was an unnecessary burden on the company? Now compare that to how many people you know who would lie about the work they're doing in order to stay employed, even if it meant that the company they work for would go bankrupt. People don't work out of principle or passion. Well, some people work out of passion, but only after their immediate needs are already provided for. That kind of work is a luxury, not a necessity. People work so they can live indoors and eat food that didn't come out of the garbage. The difference between not getting paid or the company going belly up is non-existent. Either you get paid or you don't.
>>478622 >Everybody else still needs to prove their existence to their boss just like usual. That's easy, though. Bosses are suckers and simps.
>>478622 >Everybody else still needs to prove their existence to their boss just like usual You are not going to get an extended payroll just because you are putting in extra effort or some shit like that, especially in a company of hundreds of workers. You don't "stand out" or "prove your work", you just do what you are told to do and you get paid for it, that's it.
>>478921 >You don't "stand out" or "prove your work", you just do what you are told to do and you get paid for it, that's it. That's exactly what I said.
(85.22 KB 579x485 shirtimage-0 (2).png)

(204.33 KB 553x312 ClipboardImage.png)

It is time to jack boxes together again. https://cytu.be/r/Jackbox1
>Oh a dragon dogfighting multiplayer game is releasing an hour from now, but it's free to play >Let me check the forums and see if anyone has any criticisms of it because it probably had some gay invite only beta or something >thread titled 'not interesting' >I wonder what this is about, it might help me temper my expectations of the game! I'm genuienely curious how anyone can find a game not worth playing unless it has a battle pass.
>>482849 There are people out there who legitimately do not play games for fun, but to grind. This is especially bad in the mobile/modern AAA FPS sphere.
>>482854 The game I'm currently playing, Dysmantle, feels a lot like this. I like the quests and progression, I could not give a fuck about grinding materials or waiting real life minutes for material refinement. It's a singleplayer game and I cannot for the life of me understand why it's so heavy on the filler grind content.
>>482849 >needs a battle pass >Battle pass being another way to jew money out of idiots. All one he has a zika virus baby as forum avatar as that fuckers retarded.
>>482854 >>482849 That is probably a literal child in whose mind "battlepass" means "more content," and he's just too inexperienced to elucidate what he actually wants out of the game. I guess it's possible he's just using it as lazy shorthand for "more content." It's a really lazy post, after all.
I cannot fucking wait for this game to come out.
(174.10 KB 2291x492 Faputa's hole 1.jpeg)

(4.68 MB 2480x3517 Faputa's hole 2.jpeg)

>>486246 What a manga.
(669.93 KB 2556x1862 tezuka too far.jpg)

>>486276 and the true spirit of anime and manga lives on
>>486246 >>486276 I found out Tsukushi used to work for Konami. Which begs the question, between him and Kojima, what is it about Konami that attracts piss fetishists?
(1.00 MB 1280x720 mitsudomoe02.png)

>>486289 i hate to be the one to break it to you but the japanese are fairly well-documented for their casual piss fetish, among many others one could mention
(2.04 MB 1876x1377 tsukushi designs.jpg)

(245.92 KB 1000x667 nanachi perfume 2.jpg)

(730.99 KB 1830x2048 nanachi perfume 1.jpg)

(229.98 KB 1477x1125 dick churros 2.jpg)

(639.25 KB 1000x1176 dick churros.jpg)

>>486246 >>486276 I just hope they let him do as he pleases with the game's "features". TL of the 3rd pic: >Nanachi secretes Nanachi oil from the Nanachi gland in their mouth, and by grooming their fur with that oil they preserve its special fragance and fluffiness. >The scent differes by location, and this perfume is made to resemble the sweet smell of the base of Nanachi's ear. >Nanachi's scent is irresistible and normally irreproducible. >This perfume is made with the eager desire and imagination to reproduce that impossibility. >Yes, imagination. >The Nanachi in the depth of the Abyss. >The Nanachi running through grasslands on four legs. >The Nanachi in your home. >The Nanachi put into turbo mode in order to function as an air cleaner. >I would be happy if you used this perfume to aid your imagination of various situations. >t. Tsukushi Akihito
>>486276 What I find hilarious is how all the aCcUrATe aNImaL ANaTomY fetishists are apparently too retarded to realize that a lot of those exotic genitals aren't meant to feel much pleasure. Just quick and boring reproduction. If an animal had human intelligence, that animal would be jealous of US.
(659.42 KB 1038x1165 cute Cute CUTE.png)

Thinking about it now I've seen complaints about the upcoming live-action adaptation, the usual >They're going to shit on the source >Everyone will be adults >It'll look ugly as sin >The writers and actors won't even look at the source material But I realize now that much of that is a blessing. If those faggots actually read this shit, they would most assuredly start a crusade against the source material and author for ebil cartoon pedophilia. There's already some partial precedent for this, such as when Funimation dubbed and released an entire two episodes of Interspecies Reviewers before everyone involved realized what they had gotten themselves into and refused to continue working on it.
>>486299 Decent TL, but <The Nanachi put into turbo mode in order to function as an air cleaner. What? Here's a better translation: >The Nanachi who is put into turbo mode after getting too close to the air cleaner
(372.17 KB 1012x1012 sweatingFAPUTA.png)

>>486276 God damn, Riko's backless top in most the latest chapters has me UOOOHHHHing every other page. Reg probably sees her DFC every other minute from the side.
>>343401 Do any of you anons know any ss13 servers that aren't shit? I have the itch again and I cant find a single one that scratches it. I miss negroid that aussie cunt.
(730.61 KB 1378x766 ClipboardImage.png)

I know you fags typically hate e-celebs but I've discovered a genuinely good one. Not sure if he's popular among 8chan's audience or not. His channel is called Running Shine and he reviews video games. The way he carries himself in the videos and sometimes goes on tangential rants with visual gags makes me feel like it's a tech/game-savvy older relative telling me about the games he used to play back when he was young and cool and hip. He doesn't upload enough.
(2.50 MB 640x360 Sonic and Race.webm)

>>487729 Running Shine is good yeah. I love his YiiK review. I wish more ecelebs would have these hour long videos that focus more on being entertaining while talking about the game instead of these slow, drab boring "analysis" videos that feel up their own ass. The only others I can think of are Ross and TehSnakerer, and Snake's appeal for me mostly comes from clever wordplay more than anything, if he didn't have that he'd fit right into the boring analysis type of faggot for me.
>>487729 From what I observed, discussing e-celebs (reviewers/analysts) on imageboard is always cancer. Yes, even when you bring up the good ones. Always cancer, always devolves into shit.
I hate celebreties with a passion, especially e-celebs.
(121.54 KB 1000x1000 1496750131424.png)

It's her birthday today. Say something nice!
>>488917 She's very cute and I wish she had a sequel.
>>488917 She looks great for 22 years old
Is the Steam "new and trending" page personalized or does everyone get the same shit?
So, me and my gf have just made this meme today. She has been having a blast with lobotomy, and is getting caught up with the Sephirah meltdowns, and one of the employees seems to be getting all the luck with the EGO drops. When we dressed said employee in Magical Girl's outfit, well, she looked pretty pissed, and that's the story behind this artwork.
(19.94 KB 364x295 A dark wind blows.jpg)

>>489628 I have no idea what almost anything in this post means
>>489642 Lobotomy Corporation is a game about managing SCP-like creatures. They can grant you items (EGO) that are reminiscent of the creature, but while you can purchase weapons and armor, some drops are obtained by a dice roll (usually 5% chance or lower) by working with the abnormality itself. Now imagine being a high level veteran at the facility, having bested untold horrors, being granted the approval of creatures beyond comprehension and having received their unnatural artifacts, and the manager tells you "You must wear this cute magical girl dress, trust me, it comes with good defense".
>>489672 >Lobotomy Corporation Just googled it, looks like weeb garbage
>>489699 Would you rather have western garbage?
>>489699 Don't worry, the waifus are all dead.
>>489700 I'd rather prefer not garbage at all
>>488917 I never played your game.
(205.28 KB 900x534 HK centurion.jpg)

Terminator Resistance: Annihilation Line DLC just came out. I like it especially the art design in the levels which is even better than the main game, but holy shit, I'm playing in the hardest difficulty and they really fucked it up. In the base game and the Infiltrator DLC you had decently hard enemies, but nothing like this, right now they're spongey as fuck, everyone is a fucking sniper that can detect you from halfway across the map and you die in 3 hits. Shit is tense as fuck, and it kind of works in the open ended missions if you focus on Stealth, but you can barely pop out of cover without dying in the linear action setpiece parts of the game. Someone fucked up hard
>>490344 Oh I wasn't aware it was out, I'll give it a shot. Here's the big question, does it add more romance options?
>>490351 Yes, you can fuck Kyle Reese in the ass No, but you can find your father, the DLC is also standalone and off the main campaign even though it happens inbetween the events of it
>>490353 But I don't want to fuck Kyle Reese, I want to fuck Jennifer or Baron again, or more sexy resistance members.
>>488917 I know know you exist because of that one flash game by Mausland
(40.79 KB 680x513 schizo meltdown.jpg)

I wonder how a Tails Gets Trolled-tier webcomic made by an anon here would be received. Y'know, poorly made visuals due to a genuine lack of practice/skill but a lot of care put into the story. I got a really autistic vidya webcomic idea (inspired by something that would get me laughed at and called a faggot for) that I'm seriously considering putting on paper. I'm already putting notes together on characters and all the story-related questions I'd need to answer in the story, like "why does character A do what they do?" and "what is this group's reason for forming?" and such. I've written fanfiction before (even passionately), but no other of my original/kinda original story ideas has made me feel THIS excited and eager to write every single thought down and put it all together like it's a jigsaw puzzle. All I need to do is break the habit of always starting but never finishing projects.
(150.22 KB 577x323 ClipboardImage.png)

https://cytu.be/r/Jackbox1 Last jacking before Christmas, if you lost track.
I just had an idea and i know it will never happen but i wanna share with anons. What makes system shock 1 and 2 such good immersive sims? To me, its the fact that youre stuck in a single area that you have to move around unlocking shit and its pretty diverse through its levels, giving you much to do while also being able to backtrack. What other games had this? castlevania with dracula's castle. Therefore, imagine a castlevania immersive sim.
(70.88 KB 1024x640 alone.jpg)

>>495788 Literally describing Alone in the Dark
>>495867 Yes but at the same time no, alone in the dark isnt an immersive sim, nor FPS.
>>495788 >Therefore, imagine a castlevania immersive sim. Immsim isn't a genre, it's a set of design principals.It's also horribly named. Try looking up the immsim tag on Steam, almost everything listed is a literal simulation game that's been tagged as am immsim by confused gamers who don't know what immersive sim means.
(557.98 KB 710x675 anime tiddies.png)

Are there any vidya remakes radically different to the source material you actually like?
>>496739 I am almost certain I had this happen once. I am also certain it was a game I originally gave zero fucks about so that was likely the reason for not caring that they fucked around with it so much. If you care about the source material, you will notice even minor differences and it will drive you mad in no time.
>>496739 Most remakes of NES games, especially if they were on the SNES/PS1. Anyone who plays the NES version of Final Fantasy 1 or Fire Emblem 1 is a fucking maniac.
>>496799 Can you name me a few post-NES remakes that are radically different? I wouldn't consider UI improvements, bug fixes, and translation whackjobbery radical. Now, remaking FF4 as a 3D game MIGHT be radical considering they also added a bunch of DS specific minigames and a minor character plus declined to bring over a bunch of optional content from previous remakes. However, the transition to 3D really didn't change the game play as much as some radical remakes have. I think that anon was thinking more of the FF7 to FF7 "Remake" radical kind of radical.
>>496800 I gave you two examples, dude. FF1 is a particularly good example, as it had a PS1 rerelease AND it was actually released in English, unlike FE1. The PS1 remake mostly contained graphical changes, but had a few important gameplay changes like going from each character having individual inventories to the typical party-wide inventory you see today. The NES FF1 is a really grueling and buggy game based on Dungeons and Dragons. The PS1 remake tries to bring it more in line with what Final Fantasy became, and the GBA remake sealed the deal when they removed spells per day and changed spellcasting to use MP instead AND forced you onto easy mode. FF1's NES and GBA versions are so radically different in gameplay, visuals, translations, etc. that I would almost consider them different games. The spirit is certainly not the same. For 2002, that WAS radical, short of remaking the entire game in 3D, which I don't think was really done at the time.
(39.88 KB 300x450 Ys oath.jpg)

>>496739 Would Ys 3 remake count? Though I haven't played the original, I have seen some gameplay footage. >>496800 >post-NES remakes Trials of Mana, heard it's actually good. Now that I think of I guess the one remake that changed the story a bit and even gameplay mechanics would be Ni No Kuni on PS3/PC vs the original DS one. The original was more of a turn based pokemon style game, whereas the remake was an action RPG.
>>496806 I guess I can give you changing spell counts to MP--I totally forgot about that and it's a pretty extreme mechanical change. I was hoping for some more examples, though, mostly because few games were remade as many times as FFI was. In my mind is some game that was remade for SNES while basically being the same game with the graphics fancied up a bit, which is most cases isn't a night-and-day difference because the game play is unchanged, but I can't at all remember what it was. It happened several times the other way around--simple NES games being made into substantially similar except even simpler Game Boy games--but I'm just not coming up with the example I wanted to give of a NES remake that really wasn't. Kind of pooches my argument.
Ready or Not is in early access now, anyone play it yet?
(38.62 KB 809x296 faggot force.png)

>oh hey an eceleb I like listening to is in a big collab project with a bunch of people I've never heard of talking about the games they liked this year, this ought to be a good listen and hopefully a chance for some obscure recommendations! >look at descriptions to see what the game and channel names are >get this What the fuck is this lala homo gay faggot shit? They're all dudes so what's the fucking point?
Both run fine on 7; the launcher, too.
(133.29 KB 279x516 Welsh.PNG)

>>497081 I'm assuming the author asked them, and they just answered to avoid trouble and get it over with.
>>497081 >Jacob Geller >Liam Triforce Don't even bother watching this, these reccs will be junk. A lot of these people are """video essayists""" who make 2 hour videos on why Wind Waker is secretly some deep masterpiece. I don't know why, but video essayists often have the worst opinions and taste in video games.
>>497894 All I want is anyone who can talk about a game for at least an hour and making that talk and game sound interesting and fun, even if I don't care about the guy himself. I play a lot of Turn Based Tactics and I'm always looking for audiobook, podcast or just videos to listen to in the background while doing so.
(1.58 MB 1603x445 ClipboardImage.png)

(842.35 KB 759x433 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.57 MB 1626x459 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.64 MB 1884x841 ClipboardImage.png)

Made In Abyss videogame promotional site got an update. Looks like there's going to be two modes at least, one where you play through the story as Riko+Reg, and one where you play as a generic delver child who leaves after Riko and Reg, but can encounter them on their way in a somewhat different story. This new story and game are supervised by Akihito Tsukushi, which bodes well, as Spike Chunisoft can be really hit or miss when developing adaptation games. It's going to have crafting, but that actually makes sense for the setting, so hopefully it's not shit. You get a minimap, which I find disappointing. Would've been great if you made the map yourself, with the parchment being a resource. I'm hoping we get lots of new and interesting monsters with a detailed bestiary.
>>498387 But crafting makes "sense" in a lot of vidya settings, it's a shit mechanic because it's balanced poorly and is often boring busy work more than anything. I think you're hoping too much out of an anime adaptation game. I expect nothing more than a shameless cashgrab if I'm being honest.
Anons seem to be having a lot of fun with their families, because wow is /v/ slow today. Good for you guys, I've been hanging with friends myself.
>>498829 No one wants to look at this blinding dogshit css so they just stopped using 8moe all together.
>>498836 You can easily disable it in the top menu, silly TORfriend
>>498839 No you can't you fucking retard.
How's everyone's day going so far?
(152.96 KB 524x447 shameful-.png)

(66.57 KB 524x447 -display.png)

(223.83 KB 1920x1200 Spoonfeeding.jpg)

>>498909 Open wide, here comes the airplane
>>498829 I had a bad time, like every Christmas, but this time my social anxiety flared up pretty badly. Good thing I could escape to my room and tune out the pain, for the most part, with video games.
>>498915 I feel great. Worked out, made a nice beef stew with some creamy mushroom soup, and started a new vidya called Unsighted. I'm not too keen on the story and character design, but just moving around I find really satisfying and it's vaguely similar to the top down zeldas except there's a time limit on some characters that can I assume lock you out of vendors/quests/story etc which I like, you get to extend their timers with some consumable item but the thing is you also have a timelimit on yourself as well, I find the mechanic interesting but I wonder if the game's going to be very easy and lenient to the point that the time limit won't actually matter. I also find it a shame that despite having a fairly weighty and neat combat system it also has a very lenient perfect parry that restores all of your stamina and stuns enemies and lets you do more ranged damage without breaking that stun and guarantees a critical hit if you do a melee attack. >>498909 Refresh the page you dingus.
(3.53 MB 498x425 essay.gif)

>>498387 Holy shit its actually getting a game. Me and a few anons speculated on how a MiA would be like and I sperged out into so much detail I convinced a goon to never watch the anime at all. I'm glad our autism won't be in vain in the end.
>>498940 How dumb are their opinions? I could use a chuckle
(3.53 MB 1898x999 ClipboardImage.png)

(981.09 KB 1776x1080 Punished reg.png)

(77.39 KB 473x800 bandaids.png)

(300.17 KB 464x600 Crossdressing girl.png)

>>498699 >I think you're hoping too much out of an anime adaptation game. I expect nothing more than a shameless cashgrab if I'm being honest. Normally, I'd say yes, but it's not like it's a generic anime arena fighter. They're building something specific to this world under the oversight of the author, rather than taking any of the established sets of mechanics entirely usual to adaptation games, like musou, visual novels, and arena fighters and making it entirely without the author's say. Are there any other common anime game types? I can't think of any more off the top of my head. Also, it's releasing for PC, and considering kind of audience the source material attracts, I can expect it to be cracked and get lewd mods. > it's a shit mechanic because it's balanced poorly and is often boring busy work more than anything. Hopefully it's well balanced. I have relatively high hopes for this game, that it will at least be serviceable, generate more lewds, and expand on plant and animal bestiary autism. >>498918 For the entirety of Christmas, the holiday theme would override any other theme chosen for a lot of anons, myself included. Just sometime today, it stopped doing that on /v/ for me, but still does on some other boards. Unless you block it with something. >>498965 Caps or it didn't happen.
>>498967 No one wants to watch a 3 hour video of someone repeating retarded shit just to feed it to you. Go find out yourself if you don't value your time.
>>498991 That was back in 2018 anon and I don't cap my own posts. I made like 2 maybe more large greentexts back in those days and if no one cared to cap it for me then they're gone into the dust. We were discussing the MiA video game concept art drawn by the one artist who typically does that shit. Unfortunately I lost those pics too.
>>486276 >only 1 hole I'd hit it anyway.
>>486276 How the fuck is she supposed to know what the SUN smells like?? It's 92 over MILLION miles away for fucks sake. Why did nobody here catch that or at least thought it was weird? Are you people bots or were you all that interested in Faputas hole?
>>499032 A nip said it. Nothing nips say is supposed to be interpreted literally you fucking retard. They have speak in the most vague and indirect manner culturally.
>>499043 I'm not retarded I'm autistc. And whats with the hostile "fucking", are you an actual bot? Did I expose you? I'll speak and a most literal and direct matter now and tell you to kiss my skinny ass faggot. I hope you fuck Faputa and I hope she gives you cursed abyssal aids, which makes your dick fluffy like a feather duster.
>>499000 >Unfortunately I lost those pics too. I swore I had them, but apparently I lost them too. >>499032 No, you're just a retarded autist. The smell of the sun is the smell of things dried in the sun, most often referring to fresh laundry. >>499047 >I'm not retarded I'm autistc. If you were just autistic, then you'd understand the nip's autism. >skinny ass <Being a lanklet
>>499032 I've heard the expression in other places. It's a term used to describe "natural and clean" smells, like the outdoors. >well why didn't she say that Because she chose that phrase.
(393.71 KB 1280x1830 b68.jpg)

(1.46 MB 1100x801 Res_006.png)

(2.02 MB 1618x1147 MadeInAbyssCoverEnglish.png)

(371.20 KB 1100x1600 1528559708-1.jpg)

(249.39 KB 733x911 1508091145.jpg)

>>498387 Will I be able to undress my loli/shota in this geimu?
(243.28 KB 1500x844 shen-yh-0920.jpg)

(244.99 KB 1500x844 shen-yh-0924.jpg)

(168.63 KB 1500x844 shen-yh-0912.jpg)

(165.86 KB 1500x844 shen-yh-0917-2.jpg)

>>499032 Faputa talks weird anyway. >>499000 Were these the pics?
>>499094 Ah in that case it makes sense. I never heard that phrase even once in my life and I lived a fairly long time in my opinion. Theres a first for everything even though I may be late for it, and I guess simply never hearing that makes me legally mentally retarded too. Can I get neetbux from the government for being retarded? Not because of me being mentally deficient, but because I never heard a phrase probably not spoken in the area I live in? >>499134 YES. Those pics, thank you anon. I got called autistic for making up a really fun concept of a game using those. Hopefully the game will be unforgivingly difficult and have permadeath. It would be really cool to see other players mutilated bodies here and there as you go down the abyss too.
>>499123 I've seen articles where they say Tsukushi has direct involvement with the game, so I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, who do you think pushed for the piss meter?
>>499123 Even if you can't it will be modded in. >Fluffboner God, I love this mangaka. >>499134 Sweet, these are they, but I think there's one or two more, and your second one doesn't have a hud, so it's not vidya, it's just by the same artist. >>499138 >Hopefully the game will be unforgivingly difficult and have permadeath. Sadly, I doubt that's the case. >>499142 >piss meter? Sauce? I don't see it in the promotional website. This isn't the first I've heard of it though, and I could have sworn I saw it myself, but I might be thinking of more of those fake game drawings like >>499134 >I've seen articles where they say Tsukushi has direct involvement with the game It's right on their site in big letters. >>498387 >Original story supervised by Akihito Tsukushi.
(1.23 MB 783x874 ClipboardImage.png)

(355.60 KB 480x275 ClipboardImage.png)

(11.78 KB 467x120 ClipboardImage.png)

There's both EN and JP promotional sites, but aside from text changed, there's little difference between them. Something I noticed is that the synthesis screen is slightly different. Most difference are inconsequential, however the JP version has question marks for many of the synthesis recipes, meaning you'll either have to find them, buy them, experiment to make them, or some combination of the three. The MiA game's JP promotional site already has a rating too, CERO Z. >>499142 >I mean, who do you think pushed for the piss meter? Wait, I think these latter images are the one with the piss meter, however is very difficult to make out the icons.
(227.52 KB 380x213 ClipboardImage.png)

>>499165 Even digging for the source in the html still turns up a jpg for ants.
>>499123 >>499142 The game is also rated Z by CERO, which is the Japanese equivalent to the ESRB AO. So there is probably going to be some undressed shotas/lolis.
>>499167 Here's a better image of the icons, but the second image is more recent, so we can assume the old icons are no longer a thing. It's also development builds, so there is probably going to be more UI changes before release.
>>499348 >a compass nice >minimap why have a separate compass then? If its an exploration game then a compass should be sufficent
>>499348 Where did you get high res versions of these images? Do you have the rest? >>499352 >separate compass Compass is merged with the minimap in the latter image, which is from a later build. But I agree. Fuck minimaps.
>>499394 >Where did you get high res versions of these images? Do you have the rest? Video game news websites, I'll dump the rest of images. I think this is all the images that exists.
(539.39 KB 700x500 1.png)

>>499399 >First image Shit, I wonder if we'll be able to look up Riko's skirt while in Orth.
(210.44 KB 628x438 oya oya.png)

After hearing about ubisoft bleeding employees to the "great resignation", i was wondering if anyone here has quit their job, whether it be coof or general shitty jobs? What's next for you?
(553.61 KB 1080x596 K9999 Xmas.png)

(474.10 KB 1076x599 ninja memories.png)

(391.99 KB 1078x605 Who the fuck is Eric Sparrow.png)

(598.75 KB 1081x588 Jewish necessity.png)

(600.70 KB 1078x596 throw poop at CIA NIGGERS.png)

After an almost hour long delay we're back with the last Jackbox Game Night until January: https://cytu.be/r/jackbox1
>>498387 >Spike Chunisoft this bodes poorly
>>499032 anon have you never smelt a blanked after hangin a full day in the sun?
>>499830 What kind of ingots would a blanket make?
>>499913 "Smelt" is a correct spelling for the past tense of "smell".
Is there a way to quickly tell if a game is in early access or not on steam? I find it odd how they isn't a small banner or badge or some visual indicator that lets you know that without you needing to enter the individual game's store page and look under the screenshots.
>>499932 >"Smelt" is a correct spelling for the past tense of "smell". In British (correct) English. This is one of those things that got "fixed" by Americans so they spell it "smelled" (same with learnt and learned, which leads to the funny scene in the Simpsons with the pronunciation problem where one means past tense of to learn and the other means one who is educated).
In these times of steam sales, is Valheim worth it? I'm wary of early access.
>>499830 No I'm not poor I dry my clothes in my dryer next to my washing machine. Imagine being a subhuman who lives in a 2nd/3rd world country lmao. >>499397 >>499398 >>499399 Game is looking kinda eh. I figured it would be more of a BOTW/Surivial game kinda situation. I wonder how deep in the abyss the game will let you go?
(933.37 KB 500x365 Steam early access.gif)

>>503313 It's not that different from every other crafting based, randomly generated survival Early Access game. If you're a sucker for that shit good for you, but otherwise it has nothing every other one of its kind don't have.
>>503313 A game being called early access doesn't really mean anything anymore because every game launches in an early access state. Valheim launched in a better state than Halo Infinite did from what I can tell based on seeing shit online, but Halo Infinite was a AAA game that wasn't called an early access. A game calling itself early access used to be a marker of shit quality and used as an excuse. But now all modern games just release in the same shitty state as those original early access titles except they don't even have the humility to label themselves early access anymore.
(23.10 MB 1920x1080 Smells like the sun.webm)

>>499032 >>503324 You're a fucking retard.
(495.84 KB 640x360 rape-whistle.webm)

>>499401 Why does she have a whistle on her neck? Is that a rape whistle?
>>507945 Watch the show or read the manga.
>>499123 Considering the current state of PS and Steam I wouldn't be surprised if the undressing mechanics become a Switch exclusive. >>499348 >hunger >thirst >anxiety >sickness/poison >sleep >stamina? The last icon looks like a toilet seat (which could imply pee/poo mechanics), but since it's red and empty I think it's a stamina meter that is used for fast climbing and running. >>507945 The whistle indicates that she's an abyss dweller, while the color indicates her rank (which in turn indicates how far in the abyss a dweller is allowed to go).
>>507999 >dweller delver* I am of retard.
(494.04 KB 600x386 reg_bully.gif)

>>507999 >The whistle indicates that she's an abyss dweller >which in turn indicates how far in the abyss a dweller is allowed to go You mean delver? >>508004 Is okay.
>>507999 But the whistles are also used to signal for help when you are in danger of being killed, so technically it is a rape whistle. Not a very helpful one, but the thought counts.
(169.07 KB 590x327 ClipboardImage.png)

It's that time again. https://cytu.be/r/Jackbox1
(157.31 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)

I have so many questions. Why do the fuck does Bulma has her classic outfit when Cell is around?
>>511932 I have no knowledge of the game, but the obvious answer is time travel.
(87.16 KB 960x539 Supreme Kai of Time.jpg)

>>511932 Because it's the Time Patrol, game involves Time Patrollers who have little to no innate power and have to rely on tricks, dragon balls, or gadgets to not die at the hands of Frieza, Cell, or Majin Buu.
I'd love to call myself a gamer, but it's tough when your best pc is a laptop with like 100 MB of integrated graphics. Anyone got recommendations for where I can pick up a cheap but functional gaming pc, or the parts for one?
>>512076 >Anyone got recommendations for where I can pick up a cheap but functional gaming pc, or the parts for one? Build a time machine, and travel to three years to the past. Honestly, just play anything that was released prior to the 2010s as there are LOADS of games that exist that remain untouched. If you're looking for games to play, go to: >>491068
Do you ever feel like playing games just fills a void you'll never fix?
>>515083 No, I just enjoy them a lot because I find them fun
>>512076 Build an APU PC based on the 3600G or 5600G.
(15.83 MB 1100x618 camp_blackie.webm)

>Playing CoH >1vs1 as the Americans >Get M8 before the krauts get a Pak out >Get into his base >Plant mine in front of Krieg Barracks >Wreck the shit out of his Pioneers >Cap all of the map >M8 finally at a sliver of health due to Volksgrenadier Panzerfausts >Get M8 out of there >Use 105 Arty on the MG bunker damaged by the M8 >Riflemen get into his base <I'm in ur base killing ur doodz Post Gaymer moments that left you euphoric
>>499043 >We should treat the words of the Japanese like ancient Babylonian literature
>>516586 Except the Babylonians were actually one of the most successful historical civilizations and gave to the world a whole wealth of important knowledge. Japs haven't produced anything worthwhile since the Meiji restoration, especially after being so hilariously destroyed by America in a war that themselves started. They're now a Chinese-American puppet state that only functions on maximizing productivity and grinding their own people into dust with their horrific labor culture to produce mediocre vehicles, games, cartoons, and wives for the Western market, China, and Korea. Not like I'm complaining. If 20 japs have to die to get me another Armored Core than I don't care.

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