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(44.26 KB 500x373 unnamed (2).jpg)

Vidya Lounge Thread Anonymous 06/20/2021 (Sun) 16:37:19 Id: 33c988 No. 343401
Welcome to /v/'s comfy lounge. This thread is for general discussion about /v/-related topics that don't deserve/fit in regular threads. The rules 'may be treated more flexibly here, but please take care not to make a mess and don't be a retard. Rules: 1. The lounge is a shared community with /v/. Posters should have posts elsewhere on the board before entering the lounge. 2. Discussion should pertain to /v/-type content only, such as funposting about video games, more video games, industry matters, and gamer™ interests. Colouring outside the lines MAY be okay, however posters do so at their own risk with the understanding that said posts might be moderated without forewarning at any time.
(244.07 KB 423x896 absolutely.png)

(20.15 KB 436x256 20210603_013816.jpg)

>>603495 i like the way you think
>>603523 Why would someone draw this
(251.38 KB 768x469 futa hotdog.png)

>>603525 because its true. open your minds eye anon.
>>603526 At last I truly see... 1 + 1 = 11!
(89.21 KB 326x314 poison appreciate.png)

>>603526 I'm not reading all that. >>603539 Sorry I'm straight.
(93.25 KB 500x371 medium.jpg)

>>603448 >>603452 It's funny because the actual issue is: >"Hi I'm a character designer" >"here are my characters" <they're all fucking humanoid <every single last damn one of them Pick a different bauplan every once in a while you faggots. At least throw a quadruped in.
(3.02 MB 498x272 bootsy-board.gif)

>>544925 Mike, James and Bootsy. Board James series is the best thing that came out of Cinemassacre by far.
>>603546 >Sorry I'm straight. Lies.
>>604678 Show me your ass, anon. Make me gay
Do any of you fags ever think "what would Hank Hill do?" or how to convince Hank Hill to like things you like? I can't stop. What the fuck is wrong with me. He got really into vidya in that one episode about Propain.
>>604757 naw i mostly think "what would Johnny Cage do" and then punch someone in the dick
(1.00 MB 1280x640 ClipboardImage.png)

(759.25 KB 1061x899 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.88 MB 1024x722 ClipboardImage.png)

>>599047 And the conclusion: >John is basically brain dead and Cortana is now operating his body + armor like some kind of meat puppet >they tried so hard to humanize Chief and he basically ends up being a machine anyway >Cortana is 100x better at playing MC than he ever was (silent, helmet on, kills bad guys) >the lady he cucked Cortana with gets shot and presumably killed >they have the chance to kill not one but three Prophets and not a single one of them tries to kill them, just lets them float around up there >Reach and Reach city yes they renamed New Alexandria to Reach city, A+ writers are still fine >Halo Rings? not this season >the chink pandering character everyone hated is still alive >Halo Co-Creator Marcus Lehto “Confused By Many Of The Choices” Made In Paramount Plus Live-Action Adaptation: “Not The Halo I Made” Overall a good example of how to waste 90+ million dollars. It takes genuine talent to be this bad. Halo Landfall and those Halo 3/ODST commercials are still better despite being a decade old. >>604757 >What the fuck is wrong with me There are far worse role models out there. Hank is a good man.
>>599765 >>599827 >>599858 >>600152 Just ignore it and watch the original. The original series had like 11 seasons so it's not liked there's any need for more content at this point anyway.
>>604777 >There are far worse role models out there. Hank is a good man. He's a cartoon parody, tripsman.
>>604781 Good point. >>604784 I'm aware. Hink Hall is a good man.
(217.18 KB 600x338 Absolute.png)

>>604808 >That really steams your beans, doesn't it, Hink? God, I love that show.
What games does one play in 2022? I've been out of the loop for a year.
>>604979 Super turbo turkey puncher 3 is a good choice.
>>604981 I said a year, not 6 years.
>>604979 Team Fortress 2
>>604994 Probably sucks more than a year ago ;)
I'm gonna try subverse now. It's been out for a while after all. Can't be much worse than HoneySelect considering the money they wasted on this shitty porn game
>>605002 >subverse But why? Its cuckshit and the porn isnt even good.
>>605003 How about you recommend some good games then. Maybe some that came out in the past 5 years because I didn't play those yet.
>>605004 Well what do you even want to play? Anon there have been lots of games, im not going to list them all when youre being so vague.
>>605005 RPG are my favourite. Like Gothic, Risen, KoToR, Mass Effect 1, Jade Empire. Those really sucked me in.
>>604979 <2021 >Ashes Afterglow[FREE] TC for Doom. Great music, great level design, really satisfying weapons and upgrade system and it uses Strife's hub levels every now and then. >Intravenous Top Down stealth game. Basically plays like splinter cell except you're a murderhobo murdering junkies. <2022 >Patrick's Parabox Really cool puzzle game about recursion and entering boxes to achieve your goals That's all I've got off the top of my head, not counting upcoming games/early access titles that I pirated or demos.
>>605007 >they are all 2D games
>>605006 Play expeditions: rome.
>>605011 Looks like Expeditions: Vikings I already played a year ago iand it was shit.
>>605008 Did you specify non 2d games?
>>605014 My bad then. I don't know of similar games to those released recently because they're not my go to genre.
(95.67 KB 726x564 girlinpost2.jpg)

(191.55 KB 1364x1478 girlinpost.jpg)

>>603448 Guys lust after women and give them more attention. Also, a good character design is recognizable by just its outline. A subtly hidden second point.
>>605053 fuck reddit
>>605084 no thanks, who knows what I would catch
>>599128 >Bloober team apparently Oh, so the game's going to be a (not)scary walking simulator, PT clone that rips-off other people's ideas. >>599131 >Are they good? No, all of their games are shit. See vid related: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=I_uD7gxIF2s
>>599131 >>605149 Don't forget they patented split screen. https://archive.ph/KyWlj >The described feature matches a patent approved in 2019 for a “method of simultaneous playing in single-player video games.” >“The player using one controller controls simultaneously at least two characters, wherein each of the characters controlled by the same player acts in a different story universe simultaneously displayed in a separate viewport, which makes a separate story universe,” the patent reads.
>>604979 I binged FFXIV. It's decent. Story and gameplay is complete utter dogshit from level ranges 1-50. 50-60 it slowly gets more interesting. From 60 onwards the plot is actually good but Stormblood is still a downgrade. Nothing quite as good as Heavensward, although Shadowbringers gets there in places. Endwalker was half payoff (so, good.) and half disappointing, because I disliked some of the antagonists. I really liked how Zenos being the simplistic one dimensional villain works perfectly since Zenos managed a perfect answer to Meteion's ultimate question of despair. However, I would not recommend it for any anon for a couple simple reasons: >paying for anything >giving squeenix money
>>605524 >giving squeenix money At least it's free up to level 60.
>>605544 True, getting the best story arc for free is a lot of value. But, I raise you this: >giving squeenix traffic Unless a FFXIV private server exists.
>>605489 Forgot to mention that Tencent is a majority shareholder for Blooper Team.
(1.25 MB 1920x1080 22-05-22-1653204014_scrot.png)

(731.04 KB 1920x1080 22-05-22-1653209027_scrot.png)

(1.53 MB 1920x1080 22-05-22-1653213517_scrot.png)

(1.27 MB 1920x1080 22-05-22-1653215410_scrot.png)

(1017.49 KB 900x900 LETS FUCKING GO.png)

Lambda mod loaded... Angelic Aviaray mod loaded... Custom map loaded... Forget about loading gore mod? Check. Violence against women? Check. LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOO DOCTOR FREEMAN
>>602775 The more Inti Crates releases Gunvolt games, the more I think they're Macrossfags on top of being a /m/illion other things. Not that I complain, I dig the series after all >>605116 Probably the new monkey virus, given how homosexual all of the users in that site are. >>604777 >Overall a good example of how to obviously launder 90+ million dollars. >>603526 This reminds me of the old retards on /a/ that pointed at the depictions of Millenium-tan in doujins as a futa and posted similar shit
>>599048 Which anime is this from? >>605053 I'm impressed the girl recreated the Last Supper with only Pepes in it.
>>605590 >Which anime is this from? Probably not a hentai that's good enough for your dick anon there are better one for that kind of animu tiddy anyway, by the same artist
>>605587 That reminds me that I never did manage to find the PWAD version that one DOOM2 hack
>>605605 >PWad version of Doom2Hack mod There are 2 versions of this mod? I have also a music wad that contains the music from this mod. While searching for this mod I found a eceleb faggot mediafire link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ogjcmxjwihbmgyk/DoomHack.zip/file
>>605623 There's the full IWAD version (the one you linked) and there's a PWAD version someone over at half/vr/ made around 2016, obviously only dead links there. https://doom.fandom.com/wiki/PWAD https://doom.fandom.com/wiki/IWAD Ultimately it's not super important, having a PWAD version means you can continue work on it and share it without having retard be pissy about it. Supposedly the PWAD guy made a few optional change that make the mod less terrible to actually play, also modern sourceport compatibility because the original breaks with one of the latter GZDOOM iirc and the ZDOOM version it comes with is very old and shit.
>>605655 (checked) Well fugg that sucks, I don't know then. I guess maybe ask at around various doom community and see if somebody else have them? That is if you have the guts to stomach their faggotry and are willing to do so.
>>605661 They ban on sight because they think it's the nth guy asking for the IWAD version Gave up asking half/vr/ and since the author is anon as well that doesn't help much if I wanna contact him directly.
>>605678 >they would rather ban because they think its the same anon asking again What a bunch of idiots. >author is a anon That was unexpected.
>>604979 Elden Ring
>>606217 Microcephaly
>>606220 Macrofalco
elden ring more like sheldon bazing
(1.38 MB 1024x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

Is this port good? Or should I buy an xbox to play the rest of the games I've been meaning to get into a ninja gaiden game for the longest time and I wanted a hack and slash game to fulfill that.
>>608479 I'll do it by game: >1 You are not getting Ninja Gaiden Black, and are instead getting Ninja Gaiden Sigma which is shittier compared to the original. They lost the code to Black so they had to settle for Sigma in this collection. >2 You are getting Ninja Gaiden Sigma II which was a downgrade compared to Ninja Gaiden II. Gore was also basically censored in this version. There was a Vita version that had an option to add the gore back in, but they chose not to use that one for whatever reason here. Again the original code for II was lost so they had to settle for Sigma. >3 This version was actually ok for once with Razor's Edge but I was never a fan of 3. Multiplayer which was in the original is not included in this collection in case you were aware or cared about that sort of thing. >PC issues No keyboard/mouse support. Graphics options are minimal. Have to manually set resolution which is strange. >Or should I buy an xbox to play the rest of the games You can actually get NG Black and II on xbox one if you have that console. They were among the games that got enhanced versions of them as well. Overall, if you care about playing the best possible versions of each game, I would pass on the collection. Otherwise it is functional, so you could still give this a go if you don't really give that much of a shit and just want to play through the games.
>>608479 I'll give you the detailed breakdown of everything. but the TL:DR is your gonna want an Xbox for NG Black, and NG2. There are multiple versions of each game that all have their differences. There is NG 2004, NG Black, NG Sigma, NG Sigma+ --- NG2, NG Sigma 2, NG Sigma 2+ ---NG3, NG3 Razors Edge. As well as the Master Collection versions. Ninja Gaiden Black is basically the Directors Cut version of NG 2004. It is considered The Definitive version of the game, It takes the DLC additions from NG2004 and organically incorporates it all into the Main game, in NG 2004 Harder difficulties had you fight the same enemies but with larger health bars, NG Black has you fight entirely different enemy types depending on the difficulty. Ninja Gaiden Sigma is the PS3 version of NG1, it has some additional content such as an additional weapon, Boss, and playable character, and well as Balance changes and Pacing changes. Whether or not these additions are improvements is up to debate. there are pros and cons to everything Sigma changes, but all in all NG Black is seen as the more pure experience, Sigma is more like a Remix. Sigma Plus is the Vita version The additions here while optional can effect the balance of the game even more, you can fire Arrows in the air now, you get costumes that buff your attack and defense, as well as Accessories that can buff you as well, and this all stacks. Using all of these Sigma, and Sigma Plus additions can take parts that were previously quite challenging in NG Black and completely trivialize it because of how busted the right combo of things can turn out. It can be fun to mess around with, but again Black is recommended to play first. The Master Collection comes with the Sigma Plus version of content. When it comes to Ninja Gaiden 2 (Xbox), and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 these game are entirely different experiences. Again Sigma 2 adds additional Weapons, Playable Characters, Bosses. but this time the changes to the games balance is far more drastic. Xbox NG2 prides itself in throwing overwhelming amounts of enemies at the player, on a Base 360 Slowdown from the shear amount of chaos on screen was common. To avoid slowdown on PS3 Sigma 2 severely cuts down on the enemy count. but due to decreasing the amount of enemies fought at once, this requires tons of balance changes. Ranged Weapons that were made to kill multiple enemies are Nerfed or outright removed, since if they stated the same all nearly all fights in the game would be trivialized by the Windmill Shuriken that would decapartite enemies in Xbox NG2. The are also many other balance changes that are basically just trying to make an easier game, artificially harder such as making enemy grabs practically 1 hit kill the player on harder difficulties. Sigma 2 is not an improvement Xbox NG2 is highly superior, and Sigma 2 is only worth playing if you end up curios about the additional content, which there is a fair amount of at least. When it comes to the Vita version Sigma 2 plus it added the Ninja Race mode which is five levels that have you race against a decreasing timer that fills back up with kills, and getting a long kill chain increases your damage output, it's meh. NG3 was straight garbage, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge was the effort to fix Ninja Gaiden 3, and considering how bad NG3 Vanilla is, Razors Edge did an admirable job trying to salvage the whole game. allot of mechanics were removed in NG3, and basically brought back in Razors Edge, still NG3RE can be a love it or Hate it kind of game still, since it's still quite a bit different from NG1 and NG2, and it has it's own Flow to it's gameplay that can be hard to adapt to for allot of players, PS3 Sigma 2 and NG3RE had online Co-op modes, in the Master Collection the online part is removed, you still have the same content, but part of it is nerfed so it's more balance for a Single player to beat, this can actually be a point in favor of the Collection because beating the hardest challenges originally required not just One but Two impossibly good players. now it's actually somewhat manageable.
Anyone tried V Rising yet? Looks kind of interesting and reviewers are generally giving it a lot of praise.
>>608902 I haven't since it feels like one of those shill games that are artifically hyped up like Celeste. Like where did this game come from and why does it have so much interest surrounding it. That's the questions we should be asking around it.
>>608902 It doesn't look terrible, but it also didn't look all that interesting to me. >>608964 is probably right about it being one of those randomly overly hyped up games.
>>608964 >>608971 It seems to be mimicking the "hype" around Valheim. I had no interest in playing that game but I do like the topdown ARPG style combat and vampire aesthetic so I may give it a try. Though the survival side of the game doesn't really interest me very much, but hearing people talk about the mechanics of having to avoid the sun by hiding in the shadows of buildings and trees sounds kind of cool so maybe the survival aspect is done well. In other survival craft games it always just seems like tedious shit to mask the lack of a real core gameplay loop that is truly satisfying. But the game apparently has LAN built in so I assume it would work well pirated and maybe even for game nights if you can spin up servers which I believe you can.
Why are you fags talking about video games on a video game board?
(15.38 MB 640x372 Video_games.webm)

>>608981 Well give it a go and report back on it later. See if it is worth playing. >>608996 It is a dirty job but someone has got to do it.
>>609002 Fucking gay, bro.
(11.83 MB 1280x720 >the_gayming_community.webm)

>>609024 Join the community anon. A world of suffering awaits.
>>609002 Upon further research into the negative reviews on steam it seems the game is heavily focused on the multiplayer survival craft experience akin to games like Rust. Also they apparently lied about being able to play it solo offline, as in true offline. Though they said they will add it in ASAP. You're supposed to be crafting these castles that other people can raid while you sleep and stupid shit like that. I'd rather just play a basic diablo-like ARPG so most of my interest has been lost since the negative steam reviews mention the game isn't really properly played in a solo setting. Also your character progression is tied to individual servers.
>>609160 >the game is heavily focused on the multiplayer survival craft experience akin to games like Rust Bleh. I burnt out on that genre a long time ago. >Also they apparently lied about being able to play it solo offline, as in true offline. Though they said they will add it in ASAP That is a huge fucking red flag. >Also your character progression is tied to individual servers That is pretty common but still annoying when it lacks any character transfer and you don't feel like starting over again so you get stuck on a server you don't like.
(2.72 MB 1920x1080 Untitled.png)

Payday 2 has some interesting mods. Speedpull mags on all guns, extra hud options or this one I found, an actual working heartbeat sensor. There's also custom heists that aren't complete ass.
>>609764 That is neat. Shame their absolute ass handling of Payday put me off that series for good though.
>>609764 I got filtered by that games UI and systems that rival Blizzard's MMO design autism.
>>609160 I decided to purchase it and try it out but the game was optimized so poorly that it was unplayable. The only way to get 60 FPS was to render it at 1600x900 using FSR to upscale and that was a barely legible blurry mess. Apparently people with 3080's only manage to get 70 FPS in the game. I just refunded it and will consider trying it in a year or two when they fix their shitty optimization.
>>609764 >>609880 >>609887 The worst thing about Payday 2 is how bloated it is due to all the additional content which makes all the systems and progression a chore, and the filesize and performance fucking ridiculous. Which is why I prefer Payday the heist despite being much more grindy and basic.
What's a decent multiplayer game I can play? The last I've played was either Tribes Ascend or Hawken and I really enjoyed them in spite of their grinds, so anything first person and with fun gameplay is fine for me. As long as it's not too expensive or expects me to spend twice the game's price in DLC(unless it's really heavily, as in sub 10 bux as a whole discounted) I'm fine with anything.
>>609901 Yeah I can only imagine how bad it is now. I also find it funny how they mangled the sequel so much, that the first game has a growing number of people preferring it despite having a fraction of the content.
dark-skinned girls
(166.22 KB 745x1468 knuckles niggers.png)

(761.92 KB 1900x1300 boner.jpg)

(329.40 KB 640x459 ClipboardImage.png)

>>609920 >multiplayer I've been playing Gaylo Infinite. I wouldn't recommend it though as it still is pretty bare bones and very rough in general. MCC and el Dewrito were more fun. Only other game I sometimes play online at the moment is Deep Rock Galactic, which is a co-op sort of L4D with bugs and dwarfs mining game.
(100.84 KB 1464x825 Predator.jpg)

(42.27 KB 1024x577 Drac.jpg)

(38.12 KB 1024x577 Reaper.jpg)

>>610114 >image If you're really interested in something like that, you can email Fleshlight. They've made a few sex toys based on famous aliens, the team might get a kick out of coming up with one for Elites.
(204.51 KB 1080x1080 Stranger Things.jpg)

>>610202 I can't believe I forgot one of their newest concepts, unveiled only two days ago. This is just a render as far as I can tell, not currently a real product. It went really viral so they probably will make one.
>>610209 >pocket pussy >Stranger Things I was bracing myself when I clicked. It was simultaneously less and more discomforting than I expected.
(133.19 KB 220x202 mmm.gif)

>>610202 >>610209 That's one way of competing with Bad Dragon
>>610202 >>610209 Nah anon I just thought it was funny. Though seeing that this is real has given me a good laugh now. I'm glad that even though man can not boldly go into space to fuck the ayys and demons yet, that the spirit at least lives on.
(65.23 KB 800x624 Untitledsssss234.png)

(400.89 KB 800x624 Untitledssss234.png)

Post your video game Harem.
>>610278 There is only one out there for me anon.
Looks like Hispachan, the site that originally spawned >>>/hisrol/, is going to close permanently. I have never used /hisrol/ or Hispachan, but it always feels bad when a community loses its home.
>>610366 Oh my god, no!! That's like popping a spiders egg, that was their fucking containment, now we're going to get spic spiders all over US AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
(50.65 KB 400x300 1348679063_6.jpg)

(25.28 KB 1022x112 checked.jpg)

>>610368 There's even a counter in their front page.
(262.52 KB 839x1024 7920873854_f57b40c521_b.jpg)

>>610373 Dear god.
>>610368 >delicious brown hot blooded latina spider puss puss I don't see the problem.
(37.92 KB 454x112 amogachan.png)

>>610373 I'm going fucking insane
(296.12 KB 1920x1080 yt5s.com-AMOGUS-(1080p).mp4)

>>610380 Anon, you are crazy if you think they're women, you'll be tricked by a spider tranny and get webbed inside your asshole >>610383 S O S
(167.63 KB 465x480 delicous brown rachnee.png)

>>610380 >Rachnee but delicious brown I'm okay with this
(19.00 MB 4380x3400 Ween '21.png)

>>610391 >spider centaur No, no coward shit here. You go all the way or you go the fuck home.
>>610373 >>610366 Why is it going down?
>>610712 Lack of shekels. The admins said it costs them $1000 each month to keep the site afloat.
>>610366 So we should brace ourselves for an incoming plethora of rapefugees?
>>610831 Now I'll know how burgerbros feel!
>>610874 The spics generally contain themselves. We could have much worse migrations.
>>610874 We've had them on 8ch.net and .co and they behaved, just like KC refugees. This ain't new
>>610909 woah pal the only migration is your pink ass being replaced lmao
>>610912 Tienes de volver mestizo t.Alberto Barbosa
>>610912 Hola Sr. Cringe!
>>610912 Welcome frens
>>610928 Dios mio, mi pene.
(87.24 KB 1280x720 donki.jpg)

>>610958 UMA DELICIA.
(22.20 KB 354x271 actually angry.jpg)

>TF2 >no matter what class I am or how good I'm doing, I am usually the first guy to get targeted by an enemy spy or sniper hate this shit so much
>>611004 tried turning around?
>>611005 easy for you to say when you're not fighting the enemy team, which is usually the perfect time for a spy to strike
(186.91 KB 640x428 shrimple.png)

>>611007 Just do it anyway. Unless your playing heavy then it's understandable. Heavy needs a razor back.
(933.38 KB 500x379 IT KEEPS HAPPENING.gif)

>>611012 >Heavy needs an item that invalidates another class's basic functions The razorback isn't good design. What I'm complaining about is spy and sniper always going for ME FIRST, not the fact that I get backstabbed or headshot every so often. It feels like a cosmic insult at this point and is only *barely* exaggerated. I'm usually the first guy to alert the team that a spy is fucking around anyway, it's not like I'm unaware or easier pickings than most of my teammates.
>>611014 Perhaps you play in a way that makes you stand out more to those classes so you seem like a good target.
>New Swords and Sandals game on steam >Early access >EIGHTEEN(18) dollar price Why are these "long awaited sequel to flash game" games so expensive for what they appear to be? Naturally it looks nicer than the flash games but it's still the regular old swords and sandals gameplay.
>>611080 the devs no longer have their parents paying them through college and they need to eat
>>611004 >spies You gotta spycheck every now and then anon. Or at the very least use the buddy system so he gets killed/hurt after taking you out. Position yourself within your team in a way that makes you a less inviting target. >snipers Snipers like to camp the same spots so learn where they like to be and avoid it where possible. Move less predictably so you don't look like the easiest target. Suppress them if possible when you have to cross their path. >>611014 >What I'm complaining about is spy and sniper always going for ME FIRST I mean assuming you are doing everything right, it ultimately comes down to luck. Nothing you can do about that.
>>611012 Lol no he doesn't. Literally just turn around and you've countered the entire class. Heavy isn't sniper where he needs to be scoped in and doing constant 180's is difficult. Spy doesn't counter heavy in the slightest, let alone to the point where heavy needs a razorback. Spy is hands down the most useless class in the game. If anything the sniper needs razorback removed and spy needs a significant rework to be viable and less obnoxious to play against since he only works when the player knows how to abuse the absolutely retarded melee leeway mechanics.
Offtopic but this is the offtopic thread, here's a book that someone wrote about Seth Rich
/v/ is weird without 4chins blast wave of schizophrenia.
>>610928 >>610958 I want to fucking rape and gape this little baiting beaner so bad.
>>614486 I want you to as well so you get stds and die
>>614376 What the fuck do you even mean by this?
So is there any gamenight plans?
>>614891 For reason i don't entirely recall, the gamenight guy(s?) got pissed at mark for being a retarded nigger and went off to zchan; i don't see anything pinned over there, though.
>>614895 So what do we play then? L4D?
>>614898 Personally i just kill myself daily in Age of Wushu because i have nowhere else to go; couldn't begin to tell you what other people are doing, maybe try the friday night facebook update thread, that's usually bangin'.
Is there a decent vidya podcast/jewtube channel? I want people either talking about vidya they like, in a passionate way(and not just in the "bro halo was so badass when this cutscene happened" way), or people talking about the technical and/or historical aspects of video games in an interesting way. The less talk about politics, if any, the better. I cannot stand this baby-tier influenced by twitter completely devoid of substance or nuance view on any media especially when they constantly turn around and go "look! Company X is totally based™ now!" the second they do the slightest of things that they deem acceptable.
>>615379 The Escapist has a bunch of Yahtzee and [other jerk] videos called Slightly Something Else, dunno how relevant that is to your interests though. I recently sat through some asshole's nearly four hour video on Daggerfall and i'm sure you can too, as well as other people's vids on Hello Neighbor, Balan Wonderworld (plus the novel), Dax and Jaxter, and the Legacy of Kain games. Just pick a game and listen what some fuckwit has to say about it all.
>>615379 Noclip, he makes vidya documentaries.
>>614891 I can see if it's possible to get a Bionic Commando 2009 server up and running, the issue is if it works with pirated copies
>>615379 Whitelight has a couple interesting ones RunningShine definitely has potential Eonkool has interesting stuff but 4 years and counting of no uploads
>>615379 >Is there a decent vidya podcast/jewtube channel? HoegLaw talks about the legal aspect surrounding vidya (As he is an actual lawyer), and stays neutral on the matter regarding politics. >I want people either talking about vidya they like, in a passionate way(and not just in the "bro halo was so badass when this cutscene happened" way) There's our on 8chTV streamers >or people talking about the technical and/or historical aspects of video games in an interesting way. GameHut is the only non-pozzed one left AFAIK.
>>615581 I'm so far digging Whitelight. I like the long winded cunts who use lots of wordplay as their comedy and his arkham asylum video is so far exactly that. I'm a bit ashamed to say I chuckled out loud at that "They take the James Charles approach because absolutely nothing here is straight" line
>>611080 still better than the last stand games, one of their flash game actually had fucking DLC, and then the sequel was literally just reskinned farmville. ross from accursed farms has a good video on that series >>614802 it means it's summer time already >>614895 I still say we should get duke 2001 running and play some deathmatch, it is 100% working, and 100% free, check the catalog for the DNF thread >>615379 Salt Factory and TehSnakerer have you covered. I already mentioned Ross from Accursed Farms as well, all make very long videos that can get you thru your daily commune, or something you can put on as background noise
>>615925 >>615581 whitelight is an english major who likes to show his thesaurus without providing much of value. He has like 3 takes about a game in a 30min video, which he crams as much pseudo-intellectual wordsmith shit in between - just wordswordswords - even when what he's describing doesn't need it. And falshy gameplay vids. Raycevik is everything he wants to be without the pretentiousness and some personal (I do like personal gaming stories) takes on games. >>615625 >technical and/or historical aspects there used to be a machinima series called "all your history belong to us" that had lots of origin stories of good vidya studios. Also seconding Gamehut. >>615459 Nohut has some good videos as well. Man to think of it, I used to follow danny since his gamespot days.
>>615956 >Raycevik Too bad he's Canadian, but at least he has nice waifu.
>>615993 I don't mind that. I think he is right in the middle balance of informational and entertainment. You can also see many smaller channels that cover only specific games and go into indepth discussions about that. tf2tubers are like that You may not like the game but would like the insights.
Earlier, someone made a post about the Made for Abyss game possibly having nudity do to it being rated Z by CERO in Japan. Well, bad news, the ESRB rating is on the English site now, and while it is rated M, it only mentions violence and blood and gore, no nudity. https://www.spike-chunsoft.co.jp/miabyss/en/
>>618609 I mean I am not surprised at all. No way were they allowing that.
>>618807 >fucked up the spoiler WEW LAD
>>618609 >no nudity It's OK, it'll be modded in.
fuck niggers lol
>>619075 Why do you want to fuck niggers anon?
>>618945 Modding communities are more and more pozzed these days though. We can't have nudity because muh underage.
>>619424 >are more and more pozzed these days though. I'm pretty sure LoversLab still doesn't care.
(131.40 KB 1200x1075 splatoon marina bikini.jpg)

>>619091 depends on the nigger
(103.68 KB 819x1200 Dd36qSnVQAATlaB.jpg)

>>619639 I have a weakness for 2D girls who are visibly niggish.
>>614895 >>614898 I'll make something
Hello /v/ have free game :DD store.steampowered.com/app/346110/ARK_Survival_Evolved/
(5.71 KB 200x200 gondola5.jpg)

(8.17 KB 200x200 gondola6.jpg)

(4.74 KB 200x200 gondola7.jpg)

(5.60 KB 200x200 gondola8.jpg)

There's the game that came out recently, Symphony of War: Nephilim Saga. Imagine Fire Emblem but instead of a single character you can have up to a squad of nine to use in a formation. It's oddly addicting making formations that can work in different ways.
>>624486 Was that the one with the giantess that anons were lusting after?
>>624486 So it's like Ogre Battle?
>>624496 There's also a soft-spoken girl who tames dragons and a tomboyish priestess among a few others, but Diana the giant MILF Paladin has been best girl so far.
(552.36 KB 519x627 ClipboardImage.png)

Would you?
(761.91 KB 1185x879 special.png)

>>625837 Play smash? Fuck no.
Here's another free game that I know /v/ will really like. :^) http://store.steampowered.com/app/1180660/Tell_Me_Why/
>>626167 let me know when this one is free
>>570362 It's also worth noting that most of the DLC for the Halo and GoW games are also free on XBL.
>>626167 Wow it's so good, I dare say it's hella good! More like tell me why Dontnod isn't dead already
(76.59 KB 280x261 1471216240628.png)

>>602986 This goddamn emoji will now be forever coupled to UOOOOHHHHH posting and I actually find it funny browsing exhentai comments to find them
>>610909 They were a minority coming to a much larger site. Now they're the majority. They are half the top 10 boards, 3 of the top five, 2 of the top 3, and the very top board. This is now spic-chan. Shove a taco up your ass and learn Spanglish, or get out.
>>626577 >He doesn't want the male in his hentai to be at the peak of human fitness to best satisfy the girl But bara isn't exactly the peak of physical fitness, now is it?
(22.02 KB 367x401 165270572659.jpg)

I just came to express my joy at the revelation that the first Jak and Daxter game has been successfully reverse-engineered. The game now runs natively on PC. Soon, Jak 2, then 3, then custom P2P online 4K Jak X racing. When the Jak-modding community surpasses that of the SM64 community, things are going to get very interesting.
(379.83 KB 595x838 Twomad cucking simps.png)

>>619639 Speaking of nigger fucking. https://archive.ph/ytpqP
>>630640 I'm not even mad, that is just funny.
>>630640 Who and who?
>>630650 Funny fat negro fucked a savvy e-thot progenitor.
>>630640 Will the whore bear his inbred mongrel child? Of course not, these people are animals.
>>629779 What if someone ports the mario 64 character movement to jak and vice versa
(228.84 KB 1200x1500 cow brown 2.jfif)

(92.15 KB 1280x1024 Cow tits.jpg)

(162.57 KB 729x1024 cow tits2.jpg)

(144.50 KB 1000x1412 Cow_bell.jpg)

(50.42 KB 600x960 cow_bikini.jpg)

(124.82 KB 889x1416 cow_bikini_twintails.jpg)

>>630694 I agree.
>>630640 my (female) girlfriend's body looks like that
Just scrolled up & I can't filter enough what the fuck.
>>630694 >>630699 I want chocolate milk from brown cows.
(7.39 MB 1280x720 yt5s.com-SMT V Moment.mp4)

>>629779 I hear shivas theme while looking at that image, might make an edit. >>630640 I wonder how much he's paying her. Otherwise, I don't know what she sees in him, he doesn't even seem to have an interesting personality. >>630703 Sexy. Proud of you.
>>630640 Shes a whore, so of course she will be fucking a shit ton of men, it was her simps that wanted her to do porn in the first place.
(372.50 KB 1200x1800 kaho.jpg)

>>630640 Do you believe anything people say on the internet? Also did you know I am a 40 year old cougar milf with size H milkers? I am absolutely telling the truth about that no lies here, I swear on my colossal jiggling mammaries. >>630778 Shiva can eat a dick. The only way I pulled that fight off is that my nahobeano survived an ass beating with Enduring Soul then got clapped again the very next turn which consumed my Whittled Goat. I somehow managed to just scrape by BARELY win by a hairs breath, if Shiva had one more turn to use 30-40 minutes would have been down the drain again. I fucking hate how every boss battle in that game was a dragged out DBZ slogfight which most of the time had me rely on RNG instead of cheese this time around.
>>630849 >Do you believe anything people say on the internet? Only when they're especially convincing.
(402.09 KB 500x709 ClipboardImage.png)

>>630640 >Jewess african fucks a literally retarded leaf nigger. I laffed
>>630859 Could you please not post shit like that, even ironically? >>630849 If you thought shiva was hard, you are not prepared for the level of bullshit the demifiend fight has in store for you
>>630640 Wew, what a fucking lad if true.
>>618609 >Earlier, someone made a post about the Made for Abyss game possibly having nudity do to it being rated Z by CERO in Japan. Anon, Cero Z is only for extreme violence. There is not equivalent AO rating in Japan, games with explicit female nipples or more simply goes straight to DLsite/Steam and receives no rating. Explicit nudity is not allowed on consoles, though they can get as close as softcore porn in some cases.
(59.49 KB 320x375 dark promotions.png)

(32.99 KB 305x350 Promotions.jpg)

Anyone got good video-based vidya content to listen to, like developers interviews, game analysis/reviews, video essays, franchise retrospectives, downfall/fuckups of companies, lore tism, etc? Got long drives coming up and I need stuff to listen to
>>630640 >Belle Delphine BLACKED They did it. /b/ WINS AGAIN BABY!
>>632048 None of that is promotions except the first picture though, because of exposed areola.
>>632054 Noclip and war stories from ars technica.
(1.06 MB 960x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>>630640 I mean she is a whore. The only noteworthy thing is from all the losers who threw money at this bitch getting upset. >>630849 >did you know I am a 40 year old cougar milf with size H milkers? You got my attention.
(1.27 MB 1438x1079 ANGRY YEN SID 0.png)

>>632097 >You could argue it's kind of cheating
(3.72 MB 854x464 dsp.mp4)

>>632097 Imagine scoring 20 over par at golf, then writing 1 on your score card and finding some sense of accomplishment or neurochemical release. Anybody know what reddit awards are? I won't make fun of you for knowing.
>>632097 The edit managed to annoy me more than his gaming failures.
(7.57 MB 1280x536 Reddit Gold.webm)

>>632123 >Anybody know what reddit awards are? I won't make fun of you for knowing. No, I don't but I bet it works like reddit gold.
>>632123 >Anybody know what reddit awards are? I won't make fun of you for knowing. They are awards you can buy/earn via points, you can then apply them to other posts that you like. They do absolutely nothing whatsoever.
>>630865 I checked out Demifiends fight just once, and I quit after his first turn where he wiped all of my party who did not have enduring soul on them. I'm not even going to bother with that shit. >>632163 Whatever that is I refuse to click on it.
>>632613 Were you at level max?
>>632123 >Toy Story 2 The absolute state
>>632616 Yes beaner, I was. But that fight requires anybody who does it to grind those stat boosting items whose names I forgot. I don't have time for that shit, that fight is for autistic savants, vidya extremists, and masochists and I'm none of that.
>>632664 A lot of JRPGs have endgame or secret bosses like that. Is it good game design? No. Do I wish they stopped? Yes. Will they stop? No, because there are an endless amount of youtube no-lifes who will grind for hours and days to do the autistic challenge for their subscribers/viewers, and usually videos of said fights get more views than the main story final boss videos do (since no normal player wants to be put through the autism grind) and to make a long story short, execs like seeing this kind of behavior.
(106.16 KB 603x463 gg wherever, whenever.jpg)

>>632664 I'm starting a a newgame+ just so I can stand a chance against demi
You know I was willing to give dumb shit like Displate and Manscaped a pass as sponsor shit since they're clearly just expensive vanity projects for retards who can't use a drill/can't shave but I wonder just how harmful for you the actual "nutrition" sponsors are for jewtube. I assume it's one of the below >You're being over the charged out the ass for small quantities of prepackaged "premium" ingredients and a recipe you can find anywhere, in the case of those "30 day meal packages" >It's just protein shake with a no-name brand name and fancier terminology >or it's a protein shake that turns the freaking frogs gay because it adds in "totally good for you vitamins and fibers and chemicals"
>>632613 >>632664 >>632686 I think you guys are just bad at videogames. I looked up strategies for the fight, and didn't get anything mentioning stat grinding, just some grinding to get the proper abilites. There even seems to be an EZ MODO strat where you use repel physical to make him kill himself.
(618.10 KB 560x909 a fool and his money.png)

>>632799 Reminds me that this is how a lot of normalfags spend their money these days.
(6.45 KB 255x248 1467205455984.jpg)

>>630859 >that picture >one of the male pornstars has Jon Jon for his scene name >fucking Jon Jon >all the names he could think of and it's fucking JON JON
>>632842 Yeah cause demons with repel phys are so easy to find and always condusive to your current party layout.
>>632850 >167.76 for "daily harvest" >look that up It's exactly what I was just bitching about with pre-made food. Let's look at this in more detail >8.50 dollars for SMOOTHIES, ALL OF THEM, because apparently blending shit like strawberry and peach with milk is far too much effort >"Harvest bowls", aka what looks like salads, for 9.79 dollars. Lentinils, sweet potatos, tomatos, beets, this can't be that expensive. >"Harvest bakes", the above but baked. For 11.99. >flatbreads also for 9.79. I should also add there are no meats, poultries, seafoods or anything included with any of these, it's just fruits and vegetables. One's Pear and Arugla. A PEAR FOR 9.79 >Crumbles: 9.79. Apparently one of these literally caused people to go to the hospital of severe liver inflammation >Soups: 8.5 >"Forager Bowls" I have no idea, it looks like an oatmeal dish with fruits. 6.8 each >Ice cream scoops, 9 bux. >Bites: It's like frozen treats. 8 bux for 7 bites. >Lattes: 6 dollars >"Mylk" No idea. I'm guessing "alternative" milks like Almond because that's the only item there. None of these come with meats, none of these actually come prepared, they ship you the ingredients and the recipe(because apparently you're retarded and need to be instructed on how to smoothie/soup). Jesus christ I could be a fucking billionaire, I'm not american but none of these fruits/veggies cost more than the equivalent of 1 dollar when bought in a decent quantity, what the fuck are they paying for? Not quality since one of the items put people in the hospital.
>>632918 >I'm not american but none of these fruits/veggies cost more than the equivalent of 1 dollar when bought in a decent quantity Even IN America the ingredients to make the shit yourself cost much less than what these faggots are charging, anyone who pays for this shit deserves to be ripped off.
>>632918 >what the fuck are they paying for? Their own laziness?
>>632850 I'm actually surprised by the lack of PS plus and Switch online subscriptions.
>>632917 >Oh no, the cheat strat isn't easy to set up, woe is me!
I have not played Omori before. There is a console version coming soon. PC has mods though so I pirated that one. Valve won't be getting my money anytime soon.
couldn't find the LOL thread so I'll just leave this here
(217.93 KB 300x370 ClipboardImage.png)

>>633433 and the continuation
(95.73 KB 420x420 master shake.png)

>>632123 It's more like playing golf and taking 4 mulligans each drive and then congratulating yourself for shooting par. A lot of people do that. It's not unusual for normies to do that with games too. Also wait until you find out about golf handicaps. I'm sure that'll make you tear your hair out.
>>633018 Omori is shit. Alright story. Nice art. Dev is a shotacon. But the gameplay is absolute boring ass. Practically a walking sim. It's got nice porn though. I got the regular endings, and have heard of a hikki route, but the game is such a boring piece of shit to actually play, espcially when half the story is the same, that I just can't find the energy to play it again. At liast it's spawned some pretty good porn in an unusual art style. >Second pic Wait, feMC mod? How much does that change other than the portrait? Can I fuck Basil's pansy ass straight?
>>633434 Is this loss?
>>633634 No it's /tot/
>>633633 The more you say this the more I'm starting to believe the shotacons are actually the playerbase of Omori.
>>633633 I'm having fun with it despite the association with Toby Fox's ilk. The mods for Omori have made the game slog considerably bearable which include save utilities so I might actually go for a multiple ending once I complete a first run. The combat is a mix between SMT: SJ and modern Persona. Sweetheart is the hardest boss fight so far and felt like RNG even with grinding bears. FeMC mod made Basil look less gay. It's buggy but it makes the scrapbook look cuter. Sunny has pigtails and eyelashes. The story doesn't feel weird from the gender change other than Aubrey becoming a dyke. Main criticism so far is the good choices doesn't seem realistic. It is out of character for someone who has deep-seated issues and mental problems to leave their house. To avoid headaches, it's best to take how Omori handles its so-called "heavy themes" with a pinch of salt.
(887.43 KB 910x891 math scout.png)

>>633832 why not just make basil female
(205.66 KB 1080x1080 re-pac.jpg)

I cannot wait for the Pac-Man World remake to release and see article upon article about how it's too hard and unfair just like what happened with the Crash Bandicoot remakes. If you've never played Pac-Man World, it's surprisingly difficult. Much more so than you'd expect for a 20th anniversary Pac-Man game. Looking forward to seeing journos filtered by the second boss less than an hour into the game.
>>633855 Well, from the trailer at least it seems they remade the Clown Kart boss to be in first person, which makes it so much more bearable in my opinion. It does look as if it's gonna be easier than the original but then again the original was only as difficult as you make it to be, plus it showers you in lives if you play it right. I'm farnkly more amazed that they kept the stellar soundtrack untouched, maybe even remade in HD if we're lucky.
>>633859 And I can't imagine they will leave Spin Dizzy alone, that level was complete bullshit and a large reason people call World a hard game. NOWPRO will either re-design it or double the checkpoints. Or they'll make it much shorter, the level was three times longer than it needed to be even if you don't die at any point it's still like 15 minutes.
>>633861 I recall some video detailing how rushed certain levels were, the factory ones for example were meant to be one continuous block but they were cut at random places and supposedly you can still look at where one ends and another starts. The pirate and space levels will always hold a special place in my heart.
boy how 'bout that new monkey island?
Someone on the design team for Cuphead's DLC is a furfag.
>>633877 It looked awful to be honest. I really dislike the artstyle.
>>633835 Because anon is a faggot who plays as girls in vidya so he can self-insert as them when they get fucked by guys.
>>633877 What's with this garbage
>>633877 I do feel bad for Gilbert over the reaction to this. He was obviously very passionate about the game only for everybody to hate how it looks. That said, that style isn't the most appealing.
>>633835 That is also an option. However, Basil is such a pansy ass faggot, it feels like there'd be practically no change. You could probably change only the pronouns and someone unfamiliar with the game would have no idea Basil was originally supposed to be male. >>633832 >The mods for Omori have made the game slog considerably bearable which include save utilities so I might actually go for a multiple ending once I complete a first run Doing the hikki route means never answering the door from the very beginning of the game. You can't just savescum around it. You have to do a massive chunk of the game again from the beginning, even though it's largely the same. >It is out of character for someone who has deep-seated issues and mental problems to leave their house. It's not like it comes out of no where. The catalysts for the potential change in behavior are the fact that Omori is moving in a few days, combined with the pestering at the door suddenly picking up intensity, and theoretically combined with the right timing of Omori's dream cycle, which may or may not have actual supernatural elements. Can't be sure about that last one until I play the hikki route. >>633832 >Second pic Femori needs some modest breasts. That just looks like a guy with a girly hairdo.
>>633855 Had this on gaycube. Was a fucking blast. Any chance they'll add new content? >>633880 So were some old cartoonists. Beep Beep.
>>633855 (checked) I had no idea about the legal issues surrounding Ms. Pacman. It was mildly surprising to see her rebranded + redesigned to Pac-Mom. >>633877 Well dubsman, they should listen to the feedback and delay it to change the artstyle. It is not very often where I can say the art is actually so bad that it becomes distracting. >>633921 >I do feel bad for Gilbert over the reaction to this Yeah that sucks. They can still turn this around and make it into a PR win like the Sonic movie did.
>>633855 >Looking forward to seeing journos filtered by the second boss less than an hour into the game To be fair I remember Anubis Rex being pretty fuck as a boss.
Anyone else miss EA getting bullied again? >They’re a 10 but they only like playing single-player games https://archive.ph/tA27P
(107.57 KB 351x335 rage.png)

>>635325 >Anubis Rex >Hey >you like doing the spin dash technique on small platforms where if you fuck up, you fall off and die? >you like doing this repeatedly? >you like doing this while shit is flying at you? >you like almost getting a hit on the boss, but your aim was off by a fraction and gotta do it all again? Jesus christ
(233.37 KB 1280x720 VideoCapture_20220704-003936.jpg)

>when you get so fucked up you become a psychonauts character
>>636075 Just go to the hiddenwiki you dumb nerd, you can find all the cheesy pizza you want there.
>>633434 I chuckled
I was playing this shitty patreon porn game and i placed a mod to replace the default male model for cloud but it somehow replaced the female model instead and i got sausage party
>>636325 Anon, you don't have to lie. If you just wanted to post gay porn that's fine, we're all friends here.
(106.64 KB 130x184 1653447453629.gif)

>>636327 >>636325 Anon this is pretty gay MOAR FAGGOT!!
I'm starting to think some of you are actually gay
>>636353 Before wingnuts invaded /v/ around 2015 it was a stereotype everybody here was gay. This board was making a furry platformer at one point.
>>636355 I'm new and have no prior knowledge and lack the capability to search archives so i'll just believe everything you just said and repost it like it's the gospel.
(265.55 KB 680x1020 unicorn.png)

>>636355 I thought the stereotype was /v/ wanted penises on everything along with being secretly furry? It's kind of the same thing but there is a subtle difference. >>636358 Anton & Coolpecker, it was a big board project from 2014-2015. It became abandoned like most other /v/ games.
>>636355 >tfw no Anton & Coolpecker >tfw no Wanda Stop doing these thing to me /v/.
(2.15 MB 858x638 MrPlow.webm)

>>636355 >it was a stereotype everybody here was gay. It always pissed me off to no end, because it's true, I found my boyfriend there It doesn't feel so lonely anymore. I met him when he was 14 in the steam friends thread
>>636377 Bro, are you admitting to a crime.
>>636378 Maybe anon was the same age?
(12.74 KB 528x480 1522600378.jpg)

(296.42 KB 1920x1080 1473513670.jpg)

>>583557 If you want.
>>635309 >I had no idea about the legal issues surrounding Ms. Pacman. It was mildly surprising to see her rebranded + redesigned to Pac-Mom. Story time? What happened? >>635501 It wasn't even that hard, just a bit tedious. To be honest I am glad they're reworking some bosses because I recall the factory one being really boring to play.
(234.09 KB 599x336 Stocking's_Fiancee.png)

(144.69 KB 1280x720 9b-6.jpg)

>>630640 >>630856 >>630645  >>630650  >>630668  >>630703  >>630778  >>630810  >>630849  >>630859  >>630897 Jesus fucking christ. It's like the panty and stocking episode where stocking fell in love with that greasy ass ghost and she SWORE she was in love, and they played it off as a completely serious thing for the most part. It's like poetry.
>>610915 That was from one of the funnier drawthreads
Do you Anyons have any cool one piece image? My sister enjoys that show a lot.
(53.66 KB 738x412 one piece body.jpg)

>>636506 not really; not saved on-hand and your cunt sister can google it herself if she really wants them
(93.62 KB 677x833 He laughed.jpg)

(31.98 KB 400x385 1539212456590.jpg)

>>636510 wow rude I just wanted to brighten her mood a little bit ;_;
>>636512 Assuming she even exists Post pics
>>636510 That's pretty funny >>636506 >>636512 I shouldn't spoonfeed you but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you don't know many places with cool artwork https://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=one_piece Here, these guys steal from pixiv but you don't need into moonrunes to look it up
(10.78 KB 312x296 1652050688216.jpg)

>>636547 Thank you Anyon. I'll appreciate it.
>>636562 *snap*
>>636335 No anon, it was a legitimate bug which I found amusing so I took some pictures.
>>630640 ain't belle jewish?
(183.12 KB 1342x1302 Aubrey 01.jpg)

>>633832 Jesus fucking chrirst OMOCAT. Why does the hikki route require going through 70% of the fucking game before there's any fucking difference at all besides replacing the town segments with doing chores for 30 seconds. I have about 35 hours on my complete Sunny save. It took 25 hours on my Omori save before I reached Black Space and things finally went differently. I would have been much better off just downloading someone else's save online, I'd have missed practically nothing. This is a massive waste of the player's time, what in ever loving fuck, OMOCAT?
>>637004 >he didnt just mod the gameplay out
(1.41 MB 1500x2000 Aubrey 00.png)

>>637007 I'm not touching mods until I've completed vanilla.
>>637012 could you try not touching your fucking laptop lid between posts too?
>>637012 >touching moderation staff Nobody touches mods anon, it's why they are mods in the first place.
>>637015 unless they do it to each other like /leftypol/'s giving the pigsuck to /tv/'s old bo
>>637013 This is a side-effect of torniggery, not laptoppery.
>>637018 No it isn't. You would need to be manually wiping your bypass cookie to change ID's on TOR.
>>637025 Torfags only get per-bypass IDs if they go through the onion address.
>>637026 Well I'm on TOR and the clearnet site and just changed my IP so we'll put that to the test.
>>637027 Oh fug. This is why all ID's should be tied to the bypass cookie. I don't see why only onion users would need the system when dynamic IP's can change a lot too. It should just be a universal standard.
>>637029 >dynamic IP's can change a lot too There's also that. I used to have the issue of randomly changing IDs now and then even when not on tor. Now I just always use tor for any imageboard though, so I expect IDs to either not work or identify me as a tornigger.
>>636506 Post her nudes, anon
(156.16 KB 1386x777 Greenskin flavors.png)

I would very much appreciate some video games with a focus on orc content and greenskins.
>>637211 too bad most games focus on a wide variety of fantasy enemies; maybe play Orcs Must Die or that Styx game where you play a goblin rogue
>>637290 Wait, you're that new drawfag? The guy who was dumping futa porn? What is it with people who like those weird bimbo women and futa? Shit taste like that always goes hand in hand, like furries and vore or fujos and guro.
>>637473 nope, just a guy who saves shit and reports it, not even sure who you mean exactly; as far as bimbos and futa goes i can't really say, i like big tits and not seeing men but i also like girls getting fucked so futa just makes sense
(48.88 KB 670x671 bone hurting juice.jpg)

>>637211 >>637290 I hate those sheboon goblin women so much, they're so goddamn ugly. One of the worst memes in porn.
>>637290 Orcs Must Die is such an interesting idea with such terrible execution. I know Cyanide Studios and Spiders Studios were both trash factories at that point in time but seriously what the fuck were they thinking? >>637476 she was meant to be an orc.
>>637478 >I know Cyanide Studios and Spiders Studios were both trash factories at that point in time but seriously what the fuck were they thinking? >Cyanide >were Have you never seen their catalog? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyanide_%28company%29 They've never made a good game, not even games that people pretend are good like Styx and Bloodbowl are worth playing.
>>637483 Despite it being objectively a 5/10 I have a really soft spot in my heart for Aarklash Legacy and wish on a yearly basis someone would adapt that gameplay style into something better.
>>637475 >claims not to like men >posts traps and shotas sucking cock Go back >>637478 >Orcs Must Die is such an interesting idea with such terrible execution. Isn't that Cyanide's motto?
>>637475 >Oh, nice squidgirls art >Wait a second You are an homo. Moar.
Do you guys think there's any potential for Wanted:Dead? I saw that Devil's Third was shit, but apparently the multiplayer was fun enough to gain a cult following kinda status. So I'm wondering if Wanted:Dead is basically "Devil's Third but good" kinda situation.
>>637494 >character drawn like a girl >wont fuck it as one lol what a gay >>637510 if only to piss that guy off sure
>>637512 I really wasn't a big fan of that Samurai Jack game, and I could swear the trailer for Wanted is reusing a lot of animations from that so my expectations are negative off the bat. >>637494 >Isn't that Cyanide's motto? More or less, yes but Orcs and Men is a special case.
>>637517 I enjoyed the Samurai Jack game, a solid 3/5 game that I wouldn't buy for 60 bucks, but would spend a good 30 dollars on it and be satisfied with my purchase.
>>637519 Maybe I'm just really a casual but I remember finding the hard difficulty infuriating in the game because you didn't have the block/parry/dodge unlocked from the start and some attacks could just chain a fuckton of damage on you with no way of avoiding it. I remember one of the regular gun wielding enemies constantly deleting my health because I kept getting air juggled and one of the scotsman's attacks being more or less a two hit kill.
(18.71 KB 236x450 Fruity.jpg)

>>637514 I understand the homolust but you're a legit coward for being so coy about it. We have a >>>/cb/ you can post this to, it's Deviant Art tier to dump fetish porn you like in an unrelated thread. It's one thing to post something once but nobody wants that shit shoved in their face over and over. You think you're being trolly but it always comes off as autistic. You wouldn't like it if somebody dumped their furry inflation fetish, right?
(132.85 KB 434x800 pawsed.png)

>>637525 id just laugh it off because im not a bitch
(2.46 MB 315x236 hatred.gif)

>>637517 >>637519 >>637521 I've heard bad things about that game, people who like it sound like they're pic related. Same goes for that one Transformers game Platinum made. Here's a good question to ask yourself: would you like it or even play it if it were a different IP?
(29.98 KB 680x409 1367538585596022793.jpg)

>>637514 >>637529 he didn't even say anything bad why are you sperging, please stop
>>637533 This isn't sperging, this is replying to people who're reply to me. Someone asked for more, i gave him more; blame that guy. Sperging would be what that faggot did in the GG thread yesterday, posting one picture at a time while loudly announcing how the thread is all about stonetoss and goblins. Not my fault you fuckers are so limp you think quick and direct replies are some kind of insurgency strike.
>>637525 You sound a little booty bothered.
>>637512 >I saw that Devil's Third was shit, but apparently the multiplayer was fun enough to gain a cult following kinda status. The game was designed around multiplayer, the campaign was tacked on at THQ's request. That could be wrong but that's how I remember the story. It's ironic the shitty singleplayer is what the game is remembered for, Itagaki himself felt it was unfair a multiplayer-focused game was raked over the coals for side content. >>637519 You'd pay $30 for a mediocre cartoon tie-in game? It's barely 5 hours. >>637538 >a (1) defending homoshit Did you actually just switch your IP? Come on anon, that's pathetic.
(99.65 KB 2214x2000 princess.png)

>>637540 aint me squire, i got posts in the thread from three months back
>>637540 >Did you actually just switch your IP? What are you gonna do if I did?
>>637530 You're thinking of the TMNT and Korra games, the Transformers game was REALLY good.
>>637530 I would say that Transformers Devastation is a genuinely good game held down by an absolutely useless loot system.
>>637805 that's true, shame no one ever modded the PC port to the point where it got delisted
>Hey guys I'm an illiterate fuck who doesn't have time™ to read books because I'm glued to a screen that can read books all day. Therefore to convince others I totally read books I spend probably 10 dollars a month so I can get poorly mastered mp3s of some hollyfag celebrity or some insomnia cure lazily read out a book I've only picked because it's a best seller and have it running in the background like any of the infinitely interchangable shitty free podcasts on the internet because even when it's read to me I can't be bothered to digest anything I've just heard. But I totally read books guys I'm cultured, it's just that reading actual books or even reading pdfs/epubs is for nerds I don't have time for that I'd rather spend time on twitter Video games, I'm totally not just absolutely assmad with Audiobook faggotry and Audible.
Someone want to wish me luck? I have to show up in court tomorrow for a speeding ticket.
>>637837 Good luck with your speeding ticket anon. I hope you drive more safely in the future. >>637834 People are lazy or just too busy for a hobby, but still want to get into things so you end up with this crap being massively popular. Vidya becomes more like movies and skips the gameplay, and books become audio and skip the reading. Such is life.
>>637837 Even if you don't want to, remember to be polite. It goes a long way in the legal system. Good luck!
>>637837 Tell them YOU GOT BOOST POWER Jokes aside good luck
>>637837 Do not try to be a smart ass, be polite, acting liek a nigger will only make things worse.
>>633832 I forgot to fight the first optional Pluto boss fight, and only have Pluto (Expanded) in my Foe Facts. Am I screwed to have the Foe Facts forever fucked out of completion?
>>637851 >>637872 >>637943 >>637949 So, went to court, AND it was a complete waste of my time. To put it simply, my city has drastically changed how court is handled. First of all, they already had plea agreements prepared for all but 4 of the people in the room (Guess which lucky person I was). Then, after going through all the plea agreement cases, I was brought up and informed that I will have to appear, again, two weeks from now for the actual trial. When I asked when can I speak with the prosecutor, so that I can go on with my life, I was informed that I will be unable to do so until I file for an attorney or a public defender (With the latter only being an option based on my "financial situation", because having a couple grand stashed away in savings account is grounds for you being financially solvent enough to hire an attorney, apparently), and they will be the ones who will get in touch with the city prosecutor to discuss a plea deal. And, assuming the worst happens, and everything falls flat, I have to pay up to $2500 or spend six months in jail. For, according to the city, going 20+MPH over the speed limit. Oh, and the kicker is that, everyone else involved knows how bullshit the entire thing is because they've been run through the same song and dance.
>>638489 This is why I strapped a motor and battery to a bicycle. Cars are too much hassle.
>>638489 >going 20+MPH over the speed limit. Yeah, you're a retarded nigger. You deserve what you get. Never go more than 5 over regularly. Slow down around cops. Only go more than 5 over if the flow of traffic dictates such, because the cops won't arrest a whole line of traffic, or if you have a radar detector. A $200 device can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and massive amounts of time, both on the road, and in court.
>>638489 Are you gonna pay the 2.500? Or are you gonna be a prison bitch.
>>638489 >or spend six months in jail *sigh* I miss being a prison bitch, I understand why anons get off to BBC. Once you go black, you'll enhance it with crack.
>>638610 >Yeah, you're a retarded nigger. Anon, I WASN'T going the speed they clocked me at, that's the biggest issue. I will admit that I was speeding, however I was a hurry because traffic has been a bitch in my town for the past few months (Because of all the immigrants from other states) and I was on my way to a job interview. >Never go more than 5 over regularly. People in my state have been ticketed for going 3 over. >Slow down around cops. So, that I can get ticketed for obstructing traffic because I'm going under the speed limit (Or, even when I am going the speed limit, but it is slower than the "flow" of traffic)? Or get flagged for possible drunk driving because I'm driving "too carefully" (Yes, that occurs; and, for those who don't know, NEVER have them test you with those mini breath alcoholizers, as they're so inaccurate that having any aroma in your breath can set them off, and you'll get ticketed for drunk driving regardless). >Only go more than 5 over if the flow of traffic dictates such, because the cops won't arrest a whole line of traffic No, they'll only ticket everyone who's at the tail end, which they did to one person I met at the court house today. >A $200 device can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and massive amounts of time, both on the road, and in court. Have any links on where I can get one? >>638612 If it comes down to it, I'll pay the fine.
>>638672 Sounds like you just suck at driving and need to git gud. Never been pulled over once. Never had a front left blinker either. >>638672 >Have any links on where I can get one? They're perfectly legal, just look up and order one.
>>638443 I don't know or care to 100% the game. >>637004 Can I have your alternate route save file? I have beaten the Good Ending and only got the bonus scene because I looked the requirement up beforehand. The idea of going through most of the whole game again is not appealing. I'm super glad I did not pay money for this game. The story honestly could have worked without the edgehog shoehorned material the dev phoned in hard. Final grade, it is le quirky Earthbound-inspired clone with a touch of Dream Diary. Improvements via mods can only carry a game so far. Omori is ambitious, it got close to where to it wanted to be as an experience. Missed a key swing plus a few more though so that's enough points to bring it down which kind of stinks. Luckily, the target player base won't care or notice.
>>638831 Don't have a save at the split part anymore. You're going to have to ask elsewhere. I'm sure someone had the foresight.
>>638489 This isn't vidya games. You deserve it for speeding over 20 fucking miles above the limit you idiot, those limits aren't some cuckold shit, you'll get somebody killed being a reckless asshole like that
>>638934 He claims the coppper fudged the speedar. He probably just has a broken speedometer.
>>639343 Probably tired of pulling over seniors who need to update their prescription glasses.
>Omori >Made sure to go to the Lost Library and get all of Omori's ultimate attacks before erasing the castle >Erasing the castle just gives you an empty room where Omori sits in a chair >Whoops, Omori's ultimate weapon is in Sweetheart's castle I'm done. Fuck this gay ass game. It's only good for porn.
(3.03 MB 1920x1080 true gamer.png)

I think genshin has one of the most "normal" microtransactions in games today. Lootboxes, cosmetic only stuff, special characters that can only be obtained via excessive crate openings
(450.47 KB 620x453 Director.png)

(319.61 KB 399x387 Writer.png)

>>640012 The writing and voice acting in Neon White are so goddamn bad at times. It's not weird bad translation, either. It's an American game, written and directed by two Californians. Great game, though.
>>640265 I really wish it was more difficult or had more level design in the style of the last chapter where you don't have to kill all the demons to finish the level, that type of design really lent itself to some insanely fun levels. The music was also really nice. Hellion, Vainglorious Chorus and Thousand Pound Butterfly are my top three. As for the voice acting it really baffled me. At first I honestly thought they just got some low rent nerd to try and sound tough and it turns out it's Steve Blum which has to be one of his worst performances.
>>640154 > cosmetic only stuff >special characters that can only be obtained via excessive crate openings These two things are mutually exclusive. It's not cosmetic only if there's non-cosmetic shit.
(305.34 KB 534x486 Git Gud Skeleton.png)

>>637837 I hope the judge throws the book at you. >>640012 I'm surprised a game made by faggy leftists would say such a thing, considering they all hate difficult games.
>>640511 It could be mocking the ebil gamers, you know? In fact, it really reads like that.
>>640534 It doesn't. The character is just meant to be an awkward nerd.
>>640677 That doesn't contradict my theory. Awkward nerds are the evil white fascists right now, you know?
There's a lot of things that go through my mind or I'm exposed to that I want to post about, but don't want to clog up existing threads with unrelated topics, so here we go. Xbox Series X|S Running Windows 98 >Windows 98 played host to a massive collection of truly iconic PC games - and now you can play them all on your Xbox Series console thanks to virtualisation of the entire OS, plus emulated support for 3dfx Voodoo Graphics! So, how do you get it set up, how well does it work, and how does it compare against real hardware of the era?
https://yewtu.be/lrpkFuKh4CI I'm retarded, forgot to post link to video.
>>641717 We already have the lounge thread for this
>>641719 huh, that's pretty neat.
>>641719 That is neat, but I don't see myself having an xbox series x ever. Prices of this console gen have been god awful alongside their pitiful selection of games.
>>641721 I was hoping to have a more attention grabbing OP to boost activity, this feels more like a dedicated blogpost thread than one made for vidya, but whatever
I pirated and modded Baldur's Gate 2. These portraits were apparently drawn by the author of Dungeon Meshi. It's obviously incomplete so I had to supplement a few portraits from another art set and replace the ugly female with an MC to make it work. This game will handle my /tg/ needs for quite some time. Inventory management and buffs are the least flattering parts of the gameplay.
>>642928 Did you... pirate the enhanced edition? If so, I I must advise you to uninstall and instead pirate the original version and mod that instead. This is especially important if you've never actually played the game. The main reason for this is that the new NPCs and content added to the game in the enhanced edition are completely at odds with the writing and tone of the original game. Every new NPC is either a gigantic faggot or a rainbow haired snowflake or a donutsteeel OC edgelord. Every time those new NPCs pop up, the game takes a massive nose dive in quality. If that isn't enough to dissuade you then consider that the original game + mods is more stable and has less bugs than the enhanced edition. Baldur's Gate 1 is pretty fun if you want a low level adventure focused on combat. Nowhere near as good as BG2, but still fun. Original + mod instead of enhanced edition, of course.
>>642946 Speaking of which, how good is GemRB for a modded Baldur's Gate II? The game is all green on their website, but I guess that only refers to vanilla. https://gemrb.org/Features.html
>>642946 I recently replayed it through EE, I found that as long as you don't pick up the EE companions you can ignore 90% of it. Of course the EE companions always have their mandatory introductions but you can just walk away most of the time.
>>643040 I hadn't heard of this, I'll try my next playthrough of BG2 on it since it looks interesting. >>643053 Still super annoying and worth avoiding.
>>642946 It's the Enhanced Edition. Already spent the time putting in the mods with weidu, will just have to avoid (or kill) those NPCs. There are 6 of them?
>>643238 A bot?
>>643264 Gayest bot you've ever seen.
(148.28 KB 1024x1024 folder.jpg)

The radio soundtrack to Brutal Legend. About a gig in size. https://archive.org/details/brutal_legend_radio_soundtrack-2009
>>644111 Fuck yeah, that game had a great soundtrack.
I recently found out the Medieval Engineers devs gave the source code to modders and there is now a Community edition that is adding content/fixing bugs/performance fixes/QoL improvements/etc. Took them long enough to hand it over, but I am still glad to see it alive again. I remember having fun with it. On this subject now though. Anyone else have some game examples where the devs handed it over to volunteers? I wish more devs would choose that path over just abandoning the game and leaving it for dead.
>>644111 Ah, Tim Schafer's last game before he went off the deep end. It has a great soundtrack and theme, but sadly the gameplay was complete shit.
>>644509 Game would have been miles better if they didnt add the shitty RTS sections, it wasnt even a good or interesting RTS.
>>644511 agreed, it should've been Heavy Metal Zelda like it was in the early parts of the game.
>>626258 >and I actually find it funny browsing exhentai comments to find them Oh boy, oh boy, do I have a thread for you. >>>/loli/3859
>>645820 This is the most uninteresting, pointless waste of time I've seen in a while.
>>645827 I know. Somebody kill me. >Inb4 new ID <You exceeded the hourly use rate of your bypass.
>>645830 >>645831 Thank you anon. I really like them. I'm going to make a folder now.
>>645833 >Cirno loli sex doll Sugoi.
>>645830 That's got to be the most pathetic and spindly body I've ever seen.
>>645835 Anon it's a doll
>>645837 Worst. Doll. Ever.
>>645844 Do you have any shapely guys fucking the dolls or only starved scrawny mutants?
>>645849 shapely guys would be out fucking
>>645852 Yep, I thought as much. Only a fucking loser would record himself fucking a doll.
>>645855 Cirno pic is lewder. Guy possibly fucking doll under skirt isn't even explicit.
>>645859 Do they all have static expressions, or do some of them come with interchangeable eyes, brows, and mouths?
>>645863 Several of them feature interchangeable faces, heads and the like. You mix and match but it's an expensive hobby.
Dolls are "point of no return" tier.
>>645878 If you buy toys, you're already gone honestly
>>645879 Videogames are just digital toys.
>>645880 I mean sex toys
>>645879 What about dildos? I don't want STD's but I still fantasize about being filled.
>>645892 Fucking gross
>>645893 You fuck plastic too nigger, don't you judge me.
>>645892 You should fill yourself with gasoline and eat a match
>>645904 Then lead by example and show me how.
(220.21 KB 800x400 A cure IS that simple.png)

>>645909 I'll give you some lead alright
>>645925 sounds like you are angry in a bit of a fucky wucky
(77.90 KB 770x686 stronk.jpg)

>>645904 >>645911 >has 10 TB of sissy porn on his harddrive and at least 3 Bad Dragons
>turn on steam to play vidya with a friend >first thing to pop up is the featured game on the store <pic related Steam really just doesn't give a fuck anymore do they.
>>646591 Steam never gave a shit. The approval process is handled by a bunch of different people with wildly varying standards, and no oversight except Gayben getting off his fat ass once in a blue moon because "we don't like power structures".
(527.13 KB 1079x1476 32d.jpg)

>>646591 So I can't have my cute MUK VN but this shit is fine?
>>647115 I see he has made the DAKKA gundam. >>647293 Yes. I hope this has taught you a lesson.
>>647293 Wasn't MUK not actually the artist though?
(100.00 KB 974x1036 monster kiss.jpg)

>>646591 >>647451 >fantasy bara game with non-humans >boring designs >no gear kinks >not even good art What a fucking travesty. If you're going to do a game like this, at least do it right. The only interesting thing they're doing here is the size kink. You heteros don't understand, you are spoiled for choice with your eroges and smut games. We get barely anything in this vein, homo games are usually about traps for bifags or yaoi for fujos. What little else exists is bland.
(269.90 KB 800x1000 proud small peepee.png)

>>648165 >You heteros don't understand, you are spoiled for choice with your eroges and smut games. Feels good to be straight. Haha, get fucked, lmao.
>>646591 Absolutely disgustang
>>648165 Go be gay somewhere else
>>648165 Continue being gay right here. This is a freeze peach site. #NotYourShield
(146.75 KB 1280x720 RUN.jpg)

>>648165 Stop being gay.
>>648230 >>648232 >>648234 >Don't ever be gay around me or my son again.
(412.43 KB 940x527 RIP.png)

>>648234 It's my fault for naming them the same.
(44.36 KB 911x684 GDC 7.jpg)

>>648165 limited resources means they have to sell to the widest audience of straights, although with all the liberal and leftist usurping going on it's going to be most likely you. Considering we used to have most of the industry carting to american or Japanese taste for big boobs and beautiful women, now everyone is siding with liberal/leftist authoritarianism and we will get phased out, at least it's already happened in American.
>>648307 That image more or less came true, the default is now ugly smug black(but not really black, light-brown-ish) woman with optionally an afro and a scrunched up ugly face.
>>648309 Sorry to blackpill,. some positive good news is a lot of nintendo switch lewd games have resisted censorship.
>>648314 Didn't mean to blackpill either, was just making an observation. Not that I think it really matters considering how either way the "default" is never really the most interesting look for a game and you'll usually be customizing it anyways. But from a degenerate point of view I would have loved it if more video games had pretty black chicks spawning fanart. I'm talking Martian Queen/Salamander dark as obsidian black here.
>>648150 I'm pretty sure he was.
>>648314 it seems like our resident monkey has some trigger words - blackpill, leftist, liberal, japan - type these words and he will jump into the thread
(31.86 KB 615x748 smug archer.jpeg)

>>648344 It's pretty sad honestly, at this point he might as well be a spambot that thinks it is a human.
>>648347 Yesterday he was at it for like eleven hours in a row. I have never felt actual pity for him before, but I have now.
>>648352 You know what would make it even more sad/pathetic? If he was doing it for free this whole time.
>>648344 I also noticed niggerpill will call random anons herdniggers as if that's supposed to make his blackpilling shitposting okay
>>646591 >Steam really just doesn't give a fuck anymore do they Unless it's a Japanese porn game, then they suddenly really give a shit about the contents of the game.
>>648315 >But from a degenerate point of view I would have loved it if more video games had pretty black chicks spawning fanart. Capcom seems to make chocolate girls that everyone loves, and then forgets about them immediately afterwards.
(320.49 KB 844x557 2hu.jpg)

(166.05 KB 850x753 ladies of the locker room.jpg)

>>648362 Is there a version of buttfuck island or Bastard Bonds? Asking for a friend.
>>648455 All i know is that theres a video of billy wrestling a woman.
(16.56 KB 640x480 Possibly Aniki2.jpg)

(41.03 KB 720x480 Possibly Aniki3.jpg)

>>648456 I've heard of that. I'm not sure if it's actually Billy but honestly I'm not sure I care enough about 3d porn to verify
>>648455 (check) ♂ FUCK YOU ♂ >>648459 There was a actually a film like that in my country, it was literally about gay couples that had kids and the kids turned out straight and fucked each other, by the end all four kids creating two hetero families and it was supposed to be a big thing. Never saw it but I remember all the adverts plastered on walls and heard adults talking about it at the time.That was nearly 40 years ago
>>648475 To your second post yeah no that's nasty. Incest is just wrong man
>>648477 It wasn't incest, the two brothers from the gay couple got together with the two sisters from the lesbian couple instead of the arranged homo marriages their parents had set up with. Should have worded that better. Also, is it me, or is the "Summer Boy" bot back?
>>648480 Oh I see also wot's the summer boy bot? I don't pay attention much anymore
>>648475 What anime is that? I really want more anime with incredibly buff main characters especially if it focuses on using said muscles to kick ass and fuck bitches. >>648489 Some spambot from last year that kept cycling through like four images all vaccine related and all extremely homosexual.
>>648496 Dunno the anime but we both know Japan rarely has actual guys on adventures fucking bitches, if they do it's feminine men 'cos they have real messed up ideas of attractiveness. well all right about the bot think I recall that one, haven't seen it myself though.
(250.18 KB 760x507 Guts Gundam.jpg)

(929.84 KB 2410x1350 ORGA.jpg)

(2.95 MB 610x474 orga.gif)

(1.47 MB 387x388 Disco danchou.gif)

(1.56 MB 491x271 unreal engine.gif)

>>648496 Gundam. Iron Blooded Orphans. Everyone's super buff due to slavery, it has space Guts and Space Griffith being also ultra buff dudes killing royalty and shit. Despite that it's the worst anime purely on the basis of its director and the bitch who wrote the scenario. And I'm not even mentioning the animation. The memes that came out of it from nipland were great though
>>648505 >Despite that it's the worst anime purely on the basis of its director and the bitch who wrote the scenario. And I'm not even mentioning the animation. Care to elaborate? I'm curious
>>648496 There's plenty of (mostly old school) anime with buff dudes kicking ass but not many fucking bitches Fist of the North Star is probably the closest to it I can think of I guess
>>648505 >Everyone's super buff due to slavery, it has space Guts and Space Griffith being also ultra buff dudes killing royalty and shit. Sounds great! >Despite that it's the worst anime purely on the basis of its director and the bitch who wrote the scenario God damnit. >And I'm not even mentioning the animation GOD DAMNIT >>648514 To be fair there's not many anime with dudes fucking bitches to begin with, the dudes are often the bitches. FotN's always a blast, but I'm curious if any of the newer anime or OVAs are worth watching or if I should just stick to Manga/1984 anime.
(25.67 KB 360x450 MSG-IBO-Akihiro.webp)

(25.65 KB 386x250 Space Guts.jpg)

(154.08 KB 608x790 593.jpg)

>>648512 >Care to elaborate? Basically, the story started as such : >Gundam...but it's on Mars >Hey, remember Zone of the Enders? Now imagien the factions but with slavery and we're on the martians side. >Martians are all giga swole by 15 and want revenge on the degenerate gay pedos aristocrats of Earth >Unearth a Gundam, a weapon named after Demons of Ars Goetia >These Gundam used to fight against the Old Machines, giant A.I. controlled Metal gear Rex mecha that had lasers that could cut mountains in two and had a special metal that deflected and dispered all laser and plasma weaponry >That means only OONGA BOONGA weapons worked on them >The main Gundam is banged up but the main characters can kitbash the shit out of it to make it functional and make it progressively look more demonic and shit >The story implies that something happened and not all the A.I. were destroyed but simply dormant actually and that back in the day the whole thing was basically Monster Hunter but with Gundams <Let's not do any of this and instead focus on pseudo yaoi shit <The screen writter, a notorious hiki neet yaoi fangirl couldn't fucking decide if she wanted to write misery porn or some gay fanfic, until Matsukaze Masaya came on the show as a voice actor he's the voice of Ryo Hazuki and used to be on Super Sentai, he was a heartthrob of many girls back in the day <The director is a shithead who wants to torture children because he doesn't like Gundam's core messages about adults <The two constantly fight and bicker, things become especially heated because the director wants to kill Masaya's character early <Screenwritter tried to flirth with Masaya, despite him being married <Screenwritter brought Masaya's character back from the dead and made him a central character in season 2 And that's the tip of the iceberg. And then there's the tragedy of Space Guts, the guy that even japanese loved and almost threatened to burn down Sunrise if they didn't change the finale it had to do with a villain they hated as well >Introduce Akihiro Altland >Looks like Guts >Whole life is pure tragedy >Loses his bros throughout the story >Keeps his morals and tries to be a good guy and keep the others in check >Loyal as fuck <Finds space Casca >The two star dating <Meanwhile chucklefaggot villain is out there messing shit up due to incopetence, because the director finds it funny <Chucklefuck villain is responsible for all the suffering of Space Guts but Space Guts doesn't know about it >Space Guts considers leaving with Space Casca and having the two start a new life at Space Godeau's place <Chucklefucks goons shoot the place up while Space Guts was away, killing Space Casca as well >FUCKING REVENGE >Final episode >Space Guts decides to stand and fight with the main character, since they are friends <Both get wrecked by the aristocrats, now under some Reinhardt-tier usurper's rule >About to die but chucklefuck decides to finish one of them off just to get credit <Space Guts realises who he is and kills him in the most brutal and satisfying way >Dies wondering if him telling his brothers and Space Casca in heaven that he avenged will be a "good story" before bleeding out and dying in his Gundam's cockpit Everything is pain.
(671.69 KB 680x555 Ye Ol' Gay Community.png)

>>648475 >There was a actually a film like that in my country, it was literally about gay couples that had kids and the kids turned out straight and fucked each other, by the end all four kids creating two hetero families Sounds pretty wholesome and like the plot for a hentai, you just know that if this movie was released today THE GAY COMMUNITY would flip their shit and accuse it of being far right, anti-gay propaganda. >>648536 Damn. What a load of wasted potential.
>>648455 (checked) You can play it as a female character and only recruit women and monster girls. You won't find any/much lesbo content from what I've seen as the guy who developed it is a huge homo, but you can avoid a good chunk of the gay male content by passing on the characters and making your own party. You can also replace the sprites if you don't like them with whatever you like as in the last image. >♀ version of buttfuck island I feel like I have played something like this before, but I can't recall the name. I remember it being kind of fun too though it was also pretty basic. I just want an h-game on par with Rumble Roses and my porn needs would be satisfied for some time.
>>648536 So an insanely cool sounding premise got fucked thanks to a salty homo who was assmad at the very property that was giving him work and a fujo-shit. Great. I'm guessing the animation was shit too since you've mentioned it?
>>648574 It was a mainstream film from the end-80s, early 90s so it shouldn't have more than a peck on the cheeks since it's a domestic production, even with the supposed "Adult" label, which was rare for films back then, I remember not even Burton's Batman Returns had a sticker on it I went to see it as a kid. So I imagine the "adultness" came from the topics and humour. >The <AJ STYLES HATE THIS> community Given how much on the rise our gays and imported gay niggers are nowadays, I'm surprised they haven't burned down the theatres it played on and they haven't lynched the actors and directors. To my knowledge, all the actors are still alive, some of them I recognised mostly because they played on local comedies, one of them was in a comedy series similar to the british "Office". >What a load of wasted potential. You have no idea. Not even the games could manage to make it better. There even was a manga about cybernetic cripples in the same universe, trying to explore the whole Gundam black market trading parts as a backdrop for Mafia vs Triads wars(in space) and how it tied to the gay aristocrats and their exploits against the A.I. uprising but it got cancelled. >>648577 >I'm guessing the animation was shit too since you've mentioned it? The "unreal engine" gif I posted earlier is from the show. And it's one of the most normal looking scenes in the show.
>>648536 Oh god, it hurts, it fucking hurts, now i know why it was a very tragical wasted potential. >That final Oh God IT HURTS
>>648505 I really enjoyed this show, I didn't knew people hated it.
(233.37 KB 1280x720 VideoCapture_20220704-003936.jpg)

>>648536 >Finds space Casca Ohhhhh boy.
(481.47 KB 1162x1500 Space Casca on the left.jpg)

(198.90 KB 1283x624 WOW WHAT A BARGA.jpg)

>>648505 >>648536 The only thing I know about it is that the song for the third OP is pretty good.
>>648661 It sounds gay
>>648661 It is. The nips got a lot mileage out of it. https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm32560291 >>648664 >It sounds gay It's not gay until the balls touch
>>648505 What's bad about the scenario? All I really took away from it was >War bad >Polygamy good >>648536 Things were pretty shit for him and other characters. Of course it's fucking "misery porn". The story is Gundam anti-war shit, and they have show that war == bad shit happening. Sounds like following the production drama has tainted your view of the show.
>>648892 >War bad That's every gundam series except G Gundam which is more "muh environment" >Polygamy good Oh that's right, the MC does end up with two wives by the end.
So what are the best Gundam's to watch? I only really remember the fairly old anime with Char and one short series of OVAs with a lot of jazz and a space sex scene at the start, had some really cool animations. Likewise for the video games, I only really had that 2v2 game with like two super-massive gundams, one was called a Z-gundam and I don't recall what the other was called. It was fun for what it is but I figure a faster, modern version with a larger team count could be insanely cool.
>>649125 08th MS Team is the only Gundam series that ever managed to hold my attention. It's a bit heavy on the soap opera in some places but otherwise it's basically Mechs In Space Vietnam and it's pretty rad.
>>649125 G-Gundam is the only one you need, full of hot-blooded combat and also the best girls.
>>649144 anymore pics of the two girls in the back?
(351.25 KB 1100x1300 White Doll.jpg)

>>649125 You will want to get through all the UC shows, and then branch out into others such as G, X, and maybe Wing, but all of those lead into Turn A, which leads to G-Reco.
(4.41 MB 744x720 G Gundam.mp4)

(116.54 KB 849x1200 GundaMILF.jpg)

(618.68 KB 1181x1748 GundaMom.jpg)

>>649125 G Gundam for the Alt-universes. Gundam Wing is worshipped by Americans, so it's a little overrated but still pretty good Most of UC is good, the first half of ZZ is hit or miss and F91 and Victory have some rough parts. There is no such thing as G-Saviour, don't believe Canadian lies Beyond that it's up to preference. Seed is regarded as shit and a UC rehash, OO I've heard is alright, and Build Fighters is fan service meant to make you buy gunpla but the protag has a hot mom.
(438.32 KB 1223x1546 Gundam Tryon 3.jpg)

(57.48 KB 800x450 Tryon 3 face.jpg)

(130.47 KB 1280x720 Tryon3sword.jpg)

>>649160 Build Fighters is for men that wish to feel young again, Try captures a bit more hotbloodedness than the first season however.
>>649160 >Rinko Iori I must have nutted so many times to her I could've filled a sperm bank all by myself.
>>649161 >Build Fighters is for men that wish to feel young again It's for children
>>649161 >>649178 I called Build Fighters fan service because the show brings in a lot of different suits as gunpla and even has cameos by characters from other Gundam series (Mr. Ral being the most obvious, but there's also blink and you'll miss it cameos like Domon and Kyoji as kids building kits of the God Gundam and Gundam Spiegel in the background of one scene, or Al, Christina, and Bernie from War in the Pocket eating ice cream together in the background of another another)
(55.08 KB 500x375 1346272981822.jpg)

>>649178 You're a child.
>>602769 It wouldn't be a Mega Man successor without terrible voice acting.
(363.67 KB 592x431 OBARION.png)

>>649161 Reminder that the heroes lost and the villains won in that show. The Jigenhaou beast robbed everyone of Tryon 3.
(105.30 KB 220x124 GoKEK.gif)

(492.38 KB 498x498 KEKku.gif)

>>648898 >Oh that's right, the MC does end up with two wives by the end. MC ends up begrudgingly fucking the shorty because she wouldn't leave him alone and he couldn't fuck his bro, Orga, since Orga isn't the fag of the group, while the piss princess wanted to suck MC's dick but since she got cucked by the shorty, she instead "married" MC's cumdump in order for the two raise MC's kid. The "second wife" of the mc's "harem" is literally the rejected ex that raises the mc's wife's son. >War bad >That's every gundam series except G Gundam which is more "muh environment" Not really, it's mostly a meme for U.C. basically, if you want to be pedantic it's closer to : >Gundam <War bad >Gundam Zeta <War bad >Gundam ZZ <Fags are bad and you should be a manly kid <Oh wait, I mean, war bad! >Char's Counterattack <Oedipus complex bad >Gundam War in the Pocket <War bad >Gundam 08th Team <War bad >Gundam 0083 <War bad and so is cuckoldry >Gundam F91 <War Bad >Gundam Thunderbolt <War bad >Gundam Crossbone <War bad >Gundam Victory <War always bad >Turn A Gundam <War always bad >Gundam Unicorn <War bad, mmmmmmmmmmmmkay? Then you have the other Gundam that are either by different creators than Tomino or outside of the mire of Universal Century and it becomes >G Gundam <Muh environment >Gundam Wing <Jews always bad >Gundam X <Muhdick Max >Gundam SEED <Lacus is God >Gundam SEED Destiny <Lacus is still God >Gundam 00 <Terrorism...good? Also, muh aaaaayyyyys >Gundam SD <Please buy our toys >Gundam AGE <Please support Level-5 >Gundam IBO <Orga and Astroganger >Gundam Build series <Ladies and gentlemen, Masami Obari's wet dreams are on the screen for your televised pleasure
(1.03 MB 1303x756 Fire.png)

(26.95 MB 1280x720 Testing the gun on the range.mp4)

>>609764 >Getting kinda stale of the meta where I've used assault rifles and smgs for the previous few heists. >What about shotguns for the next heist? >They suck though, too slow reload and even stuff like Incendiary ammo is more meme ammo than actually useful in combat. >Go through the ammo I got from the half completed ammo mod. >Poison shot, tazer dart, depleted uranium slug for sniping. >Boring, boring, boring. >My eyes fall upon. >"Incendiary Explosive Buckshot." >10 pellets, doing 160 damage each, explosive damage to bypass armor and fire effect for damage over time for anyone who survives. >... >Load up a shotgun and try Watchdogs. >They die in glorious fire, screaming with a radio effect. Shields, armored riot cops, cloakers, tazers even bulldozers can't take more than 3 hits from the shotgun as I run around committing war crimes on Feds. I can't use this around civilians, obviously. But shotguns are fun again.
>>650467 pantyshots
(3.98 MB 864x400 Levant Mad Max.webm)

Just reinstalled the 2015 Mad Max game again, and holy shit it's still just as bad as I remember and it's still just a shitty copypasted Ubisoft game because Avalanche is fucking retarded. The outposts and driving physics are absolutely awful, the combat is just Baman and the camera constantly struggles against you. Then they shove an awful story and a terrible progression system to make it worse. Who likes this garbage? I can't even finish the tutorial missions before wanting to uninstall.
>>649125 I have not watched any Gundam, but I've seen this guys videos on the different Gundam universes. https://invidious.snopyta.org/playlist?list=PLaVQYuFaXnsxcRry42NI-ZXJ-CsfPBo8c You could always watch them and pick what sort of Gundam you want afterwards.
(332.63 KB 2000x2403 media_FYNa1c0XkAs4TIZ.png)

https://nitter.fdn.fr/ammatice/status/1550182729941147648 https://archive.ph/j8bLp And another instance about bullshit commentary of female "Sexualization" in media. What is it with these people not getting that people that dudes don't mind sex appeal on men compared to insecure women that flip at the idea of men liking a pretty woman fictional or otherwise?
(41.52 KB 609x374 Untitled.png)

(99.62 KB 620x420 conan-the-barbarian-series.webp)

>>651764 Imagine having this much of an ego. Get that Gimp suit outta here, male fantasy is Conan or bust.
(152.72 KB 765x1008 Conan.webp)

>>651764 When i see this, i must simply bring out conan the barbarian. I dont see anyone bitching are a huge slab of manmeat wearing only a hairy thong and sandals.
(67.16 KB 1024x1024 Phonecall for ya, Jack.jpg)

(21.85 KB 640x462 twitter.jpg)

>>651764 >>651766 I don't know anybody who gets upset at skimpy met, that's a common fantasy trope. These remind me of this
(464.17 KB 1920x1200 conan got the booty.jpg)

>>651769 My negro.
(88.28 KB 337x207 Robbinhood_DQV_PS2.png)

>>651764 yes what is the problem
(234.60 KB 720x1050 robbin' 'ood.jpg)

as a matter of fact I prefer half-naked men in vidya to half-naked women because they look cooler
(124.30 KB 960x544 2013-08-23-164335.jpg)

>>651764 It's all about making men lower their standards so that fat women don't have to feel bad about the fact that they're too lazy to work out to get a man. Much easier to be a slacktivist and tweet about how men are shallow or how all sizes are healthy. >>651766 >>651767 >>651772 >>651779 >>651780 Preposterous! No male characters have ever been designed in such a way ever in the history of any media!
>>651766 >>651767 >>651772 >>651779 >>651780 Muh negroes. Muscled manly men are really cool protags and there should be more of em. Also here's a neat collection of what I believe are all of the written Conan stories. There's also the 1970s comics The Savage Sword of Conan which are more or less illustrated versions of a few of these stories and more original ones too, I highly recommend them but they're too large to upload here. >>651771
(800.87 KB 976x1384 highelves 7th edition.jpg)

>>651798 Woah, thanks for the books anon. >3rd But muh tyrion!
(92.57 KB 620x790 patriarchy.jpg)

>>651764 >you must also be okay with this >you must Says who, your feminist morality? What a nonsense command, i like sexy women but i don't care for sexualized men because i'm not a faggot. The problem is those who make the gay content censor or effect the straight content. It's not as simple as coexisting fanservice when we live in a leftist/liberal establishment. I pity those twitter feminist who shit their uterus when a sexy woman is in media, they're never going to stop straight men from having standards or liking attractive women.
>>651812 It’s not gay to appreciate the male physic, it should be something to be admired if it is well cared for. Only insecure faggots and Christians think admiring well developed muscles is gay.
>>649125 If you want to get into the mainline series I.E the UC timeline watch these from the screencap I took from the wiki, they vary in quality according to when they were made and what form of media they are. Narrative is shit it was solely made to sell a some shitty model kit, the animation is still great though. My favorite alternate timeline Gundam is 00 hands down. Best action, best animation, best hook, best plot, best acting, amazing gundam designs its all around amazingly fun to watch and peak fundam.
>>651896 >G-Saviour Also shit, live action shit, to the point Sunrise only acknowledges it as a joke. You might as well put the FMV game on the list if you include that.
>>651780 Is that an actual roided out motherfucker? Or is some of that mass fake for the costume, or shooped?
Is this game any good?
>>651919 >NISA
>>651842 >and Christians think admiring well developed muscles is gay. I hang out with a lot of Christians and i've never heard them say it's gay to admire muscles on men, lusting after muscles is gay though.
>>651924 >NISA <So?
>>651927 Anon I asked if the game was good, no need to be all pompous about the localization.
(2.11 MB 960x720 its my birthday.mp4)

>>651907 >they vary in quality according to when they were made and what form of media they are Yep, thats why I said <they vary in quality according to when they were made and what form of media they are Out of that list I'd pick and choose in chronological order >Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin >Mobile Suit Gundam (or the MSG compilation movies for a much shorter but heavily cut version of the original series) >MSG Cucuruz Doan's Island (recent movie that came out this summer) >MSG 08th MS Team >MSG 0080 War in the Pocket (This one almost made me cry) >MSG Thunderbolt >MSG 0083 Stardust Memory >MSZG (The compilation movies retcons the ending to the TV series) <MSGZZ is shit just skip it or read or watch some kind of plot synopsis >MSG Char's Counterattack >MSG Unicorn <MSG Narrative only for the good high budget animation >MSG Hathaway I don't know anything about F91 or Victory Gundam yet, maybe I'll watch them later who knows?
>>651764 >If you like this <You must also be okay with this Have these people EVER watched anything from before the Aughts? Shirtless men have been a staple for decades.
(131.43 KB 700x835 Master Rosh.jpg)

>>651916 Completely real, he's a Japanese cosplayer.
>>651929 >getting filtered by ZZ
(19.47 KB 500x333 char disgust.jpg)

>>652050 I wouldn't call having standards as getting filtered but whatever. I'm glad you liked it anon, maybe b6c327 would too, it was kinda narrow minded of me to assume he also wouldn't for some reason, thats a my bad on my part. But still, it is unmistakably lacking in quality compared to most of the UC timeline media.
(95.00 KB 1492x1080 disgust.jpg)

>>652057 Don't you fucking use Char against me you faggot
>>652035 This I can see, but the other picture looks fake because the hood covering his head makes it look like his head must be disproportionately small to fit under it.
(4.02 MB 1920x1080 Untitled.png)

Stray is a game popular on steam, 40k positive reviews, about a million copies sold. It's a simple game about being a cat in a run down city with robots. Apparently alot of people like being a cat. The two person dev team worked on this for about seven years, first announced in 2015.
(15.60 KB 419x324 robot slut.png)

>>652370 is there any robotitties?
>>652370 >Apparently a lot of people like being a cat. You just reminded how much I want more Tokyo Jungle. Of course people like playing a cat, you're fast, agile, and jump around quite freely compared to the limited jumping mechanics in most games. Like Spiderman games, playing as a cat grants a greater degree of movement freedom, while still not going over the edge of total freedom that trivializes movement like flight.
>>652057 Did you drop it before episode 20? Tomino tried to make it more kid friendly or something early on before returning to his usual routine. >>652376 Are there any games with large Pterosaur gliding mechanics?
(3.22 MB 1920x1080 Untitled.png)

>>652376 The jumping in this is more contextual during the linear parts but there are hub areas where you get to climb all over the place finding secrets.
(32.26 KB 798x598 sketch robot heat.png)

>>652384 that robocat is clearly right next to a roboman, surely there might be robowomen with robotiddies
>>652394 You think, maybe, possibly, some people save as the original filename? When I see images that are clearly from that sketch site with junk filenames, I rename them to that format anyways so they're easier to find.
(104.53 KB 798x598 sketch robomaid french.png)

(99.92 KB 798x598 sketch robomaid bra.png)

(104.28 KB 798x598 sketch robomaid garden.png)

>>652394 i could be anybody you dont fuckin know me
>>652406 I'd prefer them with my fat cock between their legs.
>>652406 just because i have a colossal futanari fixation doesnt necessarily mean its the only thing i like nor do i have to bring it up all the time; but since you DID bring it up it can only BE an invitation, dont got much in the way of futa robots saved on-hand tho
>>652382 Didn't even bother watching it after seeing a few clips, and reading some reviews, myanimelist gave it a 6.65, which is generally a good indicator but I also liked GITS SAC 2045 and that was rated even lower, so its up to personal preference really, I just think it looks like shit. I already wasted my valuable time watching shitty anime before and I can tell the signs if an anime is going to be bad before I even watch it now. I DID try watching Gundam X though. The mass colony drop in the first episode almost gave me chills but after the main character who was introduced to be a pretty smart kid but early on catastrophically broke character and started to repeatedly act like a complete and utter retard I dropped that anime like an ugly baby, that's why it probably got cut short, other people also may have gotten pissed off due to those inconsistencies and the MC being an annoying fucking idiot. >Tomino tried to make it more kid friendly or something early on before returning to his usual routine. Tomio isn't perfect, he's made some misses, in fact his usual routine is dogshit now. He has become a complete and utter hack of a writer who is absolutely out of touch with what made his earlier works so special. G No Shitconguista proves that more than ever. >>652412 Find God.
>>652370 Stop shilling this walking simulator. The majority of the "platforming" in the game is contextual.
(96.11 KB 798x598 sketch circlet nun.png)

(88.26 KB 798x598 sketch talldark nun.png)

(46.47 KB 798x598 sketch ghost nun flap.png)

(36.09 KB 798x598 sketch nun tits.png)

(47.33 KB 798x598 sketch nun tits lean.png)

>>652436 see the comedy of that statement is i recently came across haha a neocorona picture about a futanari goddess and thats the god id serve, but for the sake of civility ill go the other direction and say theres only one reason for me to get religious
(2.00 MB 177x238 aight_i'm_out.gif)

>>652412 For the love of god, kill yourself you cock-starved faggot
(175.09 KB 1351x790 when they see your theory.jpg)

>>652436 >I also liked GITS SAC 2045 >I DID try watching Gundam X though. The mass colony drop in the first episode almost gave me chills but after the main character who was introduced to be a pretty smart kid but early on catastrophically broke character and started to repeatedly act like a complete and utter retard I dropped that anime like an ugly baby, that's why it probably got cut short, other people also may have gotten pissed off due to those inconsistencies and the MC being an annoying fucking idiot. Anon are you ok?
(42.35 KB 640x480 Char 5.jpg)

>>652436 Watch ZZ with us for the next several sundays or you're a faggot.
>>652436 > I also liked GITS SAC 2045 I took one look at that 3DCG and vomited. Not a chance.
>>652458 I was dropped on my head multiple times as a child you tell me. >>652467 Sorry anon I'm a faggot. >>652485 Best 3DCG I've seen was in Land of the Lustrous. No anime comes close to it in terms of how well it was animated primarily in CG, it's like Berserk 2016 but the quality is the exact opposite (thats a VERY good thing).
(3.99 MB 1920x1080 Untitled.png)

>>652383 Eyes in the walls.
>>652929 >I was so hungry.
(3.89 MB 1920x1080 Stray Comfy.png)

>>652929 Okay so it's more than 2 people making it. About two dozen in studio and publishing sides. But still, it's a neat little game
(233.89 KB 649x763 KYS faggot.jpg)

>>652436 > myanimelist > I also liked GITS SAC 2045 >>652485 It also featured designs by a Netflix approved weaboo russian that traced all over the fucking place from deviant art and tried to pass it along as "official art".
>>653103 >That pic It still hurts badly the anime adaptation of GF, and the fact that the fuckers ended everything with a cliffhanger
(53.37 KB 900x900 BURNING UP.jpg)

>>653264 You coulda said fuck this damned heatwave & man summer blows. Instead you chose you be a panty waste nigger faggot who just wants attention; Fuck off you goddamn retard or at least I hope you fucking melt in the heatwave assfaggot.
(3.32 MB 2048x2400 PROMOTIONS.png)

>>653264 This post is powered by the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Tie.
(64.07 KB 798x598 sketch beware.png)

i wish logs showed spoiler flips so i could call whoever just did that a sad faggot
So a remake(remaster? I'm not really sure what it adds beyond the voice acting and supposed HD graphics, and an "extra ez modo") of Koumajou Remilia is coming out in a couple of days. It's unconfirmed but I've read that they're planning on selling it for like 30 dollars. Now granted I'm not up to speed on this scene but are these VAs really worth bumping the price on a previously free game to 30 bux, or was the game never actually free and it always cost that or what?
>>653447 >Liking multiarm girls might make me a pedofile What?
(62.80 KB 798x598 sketch melons giant.png)

>>654034 gonna be honest i dont even remember the context of that i just saved it
(5.62 KB 200x211 hmm.jpg)

>>653447 >likes cock >has the audacity to call others faggots The projection meme is true
(149.11 KB 800x600 sketch(4)(1).jpg)

>>654090 Again, I know the sketchfag is infamous now, but there are other people who save and post those images.
>>652382 >Are there any games with large Pterosaur gliding mechanics? Panzer Dragoon?
>>654091 I hope the artist keeps drawing these two.
>>654098 She's incredibly autistic and would normally just be laughed at like guys who shoop themselves into pictures with their favorite anime girl, but her art is good and lewd, so everyone loves her. It's really strange, but I also hope she doesn't stop for a long while at least.
>>654034 Wouldn't they need multiple pecks for that to work?
(90.62 KB 318x310 Ishkawa.png)

>Post 20 minutes apart >ID changes, as is common when using tor through the clearnet address >Post again 15 minutes later >Get my old ID from two posts ago back Interesting. >>654107 No, because it's hot.
(11.41 KB 800x600 sketch(85).jpg)

(11.42 KB 800x600 sketch(84).jpg)

(16.10 KB 800x600 sketch(83).jpg)

(20.32 KB 800x600 sketch(86).jpg)

(11.92 KB 800x600 sketch(87).jpg)

>>654090 you can like futa without being a faggot, just like you can be black without being a nigger and a nigger without being black; you, for instance, are clearly a nigger, but i cant tell if youre also black >>654098 havent seen much in recent months sadly; i know some of these people have a twitter, no idea if she(?) does
>>654117 >you can like futa without being a faggot About as true as genderfluid nonsense.
>>654119 its more like saying 'you can eat fish and still be a vegan because fish are basically just moving plants'
>>654117 >you can like futa without being a faggot Ahahaha, re-read that thing you just posted. >you can be black without being a nigger Spoken like an actual nigger, you will never sit on the front of the bus, Jamal.
(670.38 KB 532x640 thug-hunter-thugs.mp4)

>>654146 I want Jamal to sit on my face
(11.87 KB 178x284 Annoying fox.jpg)

>>654149 Are you "chocolate twink" anon?
(87.62 KB 1182x685 1655331745029.png)

(245.83 KB 601x609 Untitled.png)

So this minecraft sex modder has put DRM into his mod.
(40.98 KB 390x404 unpopular.png)

Here's a dumb game we could play inspired by a XKCD comic but isn't worth its own thread. Try to find a game you like, unironically (no Deadly Premonition!), with a Metacritic or Steam score of below 50%. Post results. >>654176 What thread was that in anyway?
(3.18 MB 2388x3484 Starship Troopers.jpg)

>>654594 46 Critic, 59 user
>>654594 >Try to find a game you like, unironically (no Deadly Premonition!), with a Metacritic or Steam score of below 50%. Salvation is the only one I can understand why people don't like it as it's your run-of-the-mill TPS, but the rest are ones I do consider to be some of my favorite games.
>>654461 Does it actually work? Or did the pirates break it already. Either way, fuck him and his garbage drm mod faggotry. Paywalling niggers don't deserve a fucking dime, so I hope this inspires more pirates to fuck with him.
>>654594 Holy shit this site sucks. I've never used it before because why would I want to see what those retard SJWs think? But now I see their site is completely non-functional. Not only do multiple pages refuse to load, like Sonic '06 for PS3, but they have practically no reviews for anything from before 2000. Even classic games. So I was gonna say Castlevania II, Adventure, and Legends, but they aren't in the database. I was gonna say Jersey Devil and ReBoot for PS1, but they aren't in the database. I was gonna say A Bug's Life, but they only have the PC version, and even that doesn't have any scores. I mention Sonic '06 for PS3 specifically because I can see the Critic Score but not the User Score when I look in the search bar. For some reason the PS3 version has a lower score than the 360 version (43 vs 46) even though it's an objectively improved version with fewer loading screens, which are the biggest problem with the game. And looking at the stuff I can see for the 360 version, it reminds me that video game scores are retarded. They act like anything below 80% is unplayable, instead of 50% being mediocre. So I'd rate Sonic '06 somewhere in the high 50s, somewhat enjoyable but not great. Any game with scores in that range though they act like it's literally unplayable, like Big Rigs or something. But I still lose because I can't see the User Score for the PS3 version of Sonic '06, which is somehow a worse game than the 360 version, and the 360 version has a 51 User Score. If the PS3 version is actually worse I'd win with that, but the site has crashed my whole browser 3 times now when I try to reload it after it just loads a blank screen for that page. Shadow the Hedgehog is a similar situation with a barely above 50 user score even though the people writing seem to not like it. Critics hate it though and put it in the 40s.
>>654651 You'd get better luck posting results from GameFAQs.
<Max Headroom to Make His Return to TV in Reboot From AMC Networks >AMC Networks is teaming up with Elijah Wood’s production company SpectreVision to develop a drama series reboot of Max Headroom, the snarky "first artificial intelligence" the world ever saw. Additionally, Matt Frewer is set to reprise his role as the title character, with Halt and Catch Fire co-creator Christopher Cantwell on board to write the series and serve as showrunner >Wood and Daniel Noah from SpectreVision will be producing the series. Their production company is a self-described “genre-driven company with a focus on psychological thriller and horror films.” It’s not hard to imagine how Max Headroom could fit into their wheelhouse. While this will be the company's first television series, they have made such films as Cooties and Mandy. Cantwell and Frewer are also set to executive produce the series https://archive.ph/uYvju
>>654594 I genuinely love Deadly Premonition. People like it ironically?
>watching speedrun minidoc > narrator uses Madou Monogatari Hanamaru Dai Youchienji and Gokinjo Boukentai music >see pic related at one point
(33.77 KB 261x475 Mega Babies.jpg)

>>656677 When are they rebooting Mega Babies? I mean, the bottom of the barrel has already ruptured with all the scratching, we've hit the septic tank now.
Anyone knows what the fuck happened to Anime Twist? I haven't been able to use the site for weeks now https://twist.moe/ And they have ads on it now even though the owners promised never to put ads or watermarks on anything on it.
>>656826 Oh wait nevermind, I am reading their Discuck, the site is dead.
(610.72 KB 2419x1525 ArtAcad.jpg)

I'm emulating Art Academy: Home Studio I've used this app on my Wii U, but now I'm using a full blown display tablet which I can draw directly on. I have to admit, this is really comfy, I feel like I am able to be more mindful of what I can do, and my sense of direction. The benefit here is that loading speeds are way faster too, and I can screenshot any drawings I make without transferring to an SD card, I want to drawfag and since I'm a Nintendo loving jewy fuck like Mark, I thought this will help me get a good crack at it. There are some slight issues with feedback on the tablet, but it's by no means unresponsive, it's the Wii U display being emulated, thus, so it's going to have the limits of that tablet, which includes pressure sensitivity being non-existent. This game is essentially the training wheels for wannabe artists, I hope to have fun and improve myself in the process.
>>656833 I wonder if this will work with my regular Pentablet.
>>654665 It's about the same, Gayfaggots love cockriding Metacritic quite hard and share about the same cancer. >>656677 But why? Why didn't your digits prevent such happenings?
You guys remember that one indian guy that kept spamming I WANT A GF, that's kinda how I feel right now.
>>657198 >Failed normalfag Sad
>>657205 but I don't speak spanish
(375.73 KB 1238x972 sexbot jealous.png)

>>657198 remember that biomeat is imperfect; embrace robot fuckdoll superiority
>>656828 I hate it when sites do that, hide everything in their Discord. Volafile does that as well, they disabled uploads a few months ago and direct you to their Discord for more information.
>>657214 They dont speak spanish
>>657215 You're dead wrong if you think the elite won't use sex dolls against men, they want men to buy into sex dolls, they know the one driving force behind men dating women is sex, it will destroy the family, just like promoting feminism for women. That is why so much of sci-fi has themes of humanization and sexualization of technology, to get humanity to dehumanize itself to a machine.
(65.73 KB 640x413 cj9jedqgtdb71.jpg)

>>657253 yes because god help us if we as a society ever use any sort of machine as a crutch through which we can be controlled or wildly panic over
(312.86 KB 500x375 1470612981161.gif)

Isn't Stein's Gate just The Time Traveler, but with >le quirky anime characters >Dr. Pepper and bananas, lol so randumb! >A trap with a bulge OwO, what's this? Are you gay yet?
>>659477 It was called reddit the anime back on 4/a/ and Okabe was voted as best anime character of all time by Reddit's /r/anime
>watching the anime >instead of reading the VN >using reddit opinions and imageboard contrarians who hate anime as a taste compass Shiggy diggy Anyways, reddit loves it because "le science" without considering the underlying (and more important) human themes underneath, and /a/ hates everything that is or becomes popular and will retroactively hate everything they used to like when those become enjoyed by a group of people they don't like The best solution is to play/read it yourself and form your own opinions
>>659526 Nixie tube clocks are cool. Very expensive though.
>>659537 oh man just like my ff7 videoed games
>>659554 I've never played ff7 videoed.
(285.78 KB 887x563 Untitled.png)

(8.86 MB 644x360 Sin_of_gluttony.mp4)

>>664178 Who needs a movie about a fat fuck when there is plenty of fat fuck shows available.
>>659477 I haven't seen The Time Traveler so I wouldn't know
(7.79 KB 300x300 hatchetman_5570.webp)

>Psychopathic Records shirt That family has made every single wrong choice, huh? Those poor kids have no chance. Why are you such filth, Americans?
(145.42 KB 1200x1200 Maggie-De-Block.jpg)

>>664777 theres fatties in every country, americas only problem is putting them on television >meanwhile, the british health minister
>>664788 Television is basically the loophole in the law against running freakshows.
>>664788 That's Belgium's
>>664788 America Numbah Won Fat country though
(266.83 KB 1012x924 Untitled.jpg)

>>665638 nop, oceaniggers are the fattest; bizarrely though the continental slants are the thinnest despite being genetically close to them
>>665652 >2016 Didn't Mexico pass the USA years ago now?

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