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(97.87 KB 260x289 1403723194950.png)

Unteralterbach Anonymous 07/22/2021 (Thu) 01:51:51 Id: 000000 No. 369099
It's been a very long time since I've seen one of these, and since controversial discussion about the game is being deleted elsewhere for being too "offtopic", I'd say it's needed. Once again the crux of the issue is the girls in the game are based on 3DPD, and that raises some questions. I'd say making a sexual parody of a 3DPD child, regardless of how off-model and cartoony, is by default a sexualization of a child, and a strong argument the creator is a pedo. In Fuchur's case, I'd say this especially evident since one of the girls is a known child model. However, since the girls are off-model and cartoony, you don't have to be a pedo to like them, and can do so even in complete ignorant bliss as to the origins of their designs. Also, post lewds.
Also, I'd like to spread these UAB edits that were made several months back here, since I haven't seen them posted since and want them disseminated.
(160.87 KB 510x510 1412547106409.jpg)

(245.37 KB 510x510 animu nose.png)

(240.87 KB 510x510 nonose ayylmao.png)

(277.70 KB 510x510 nonose.png)

(134.35 KB 467x435 devilaisha2.png)

>>369101 And now the frontpage is filled with ugly blue demon chicks. Thanks asshole.
>>369103 >not using the catalog
>>369105 >exclusively browsing /v/ You are joking surely.
>deleting the video cringe and cucked
Assuming this thread isn't deleted, I'll post my thoughts about UAB upon rereading UAB in this thread tomorrow. Maybe. If I can remember to. I still expect Henrike to be my favorite, but we'll see.
(244.00 KB 700x700 Gl wonderloli.png)

(154.55 KB 640x479 gl ss.jpg)

>>369099 Played it, had fun with it despite not browsing Krautchan. The Ace attorney and the Bernd pulling the Jew card scenes made me laugh. Made me wonder if there are other works that touches the topic of child pornography in a non outrageous or shock value way. Also, wasn't there a sequel or something planned?
>>369112 That post was presumably deleted for trying to turn this into a second meta thread instead of actually discussing the game.
(81.43 KB 519x428 muhammad.jpg)

>>369118 i didnt even read the post i was too focused on laura's cunny
(154.54 KB 322x430 demon steph attempt.png)

(7.68 MB 853x480 1452500121435.webm)

Now being that I strongly believe Fuchur was a pedo, since he took an interest in Laura B, there's implications as to the game's message about pedophilia and how children are treated. One message is obviously about the treatment of children. All the adults want to protect them and see them as angels devoid of sexuality, and this in part led to them being ignorant of the children's activities. Another one is about pedophilia. The most accepted interpretation is that pedophilia is bad and this is shown by the scene with Bernd's sister, how it turns violent and ends badly. The message is supposed to be that outside the magical world of Underage Creek, you shouldn't fuck children. But my shit take is that it could be seen as instead pro-pedoshit, saying to treat them nicely and let them take control. Because that's another difference between that scene and the rest. Bernd does what he wants with disregard to his sister, whereas in the other scenes, the lolis are in the dominant position and he's doing what they want, even with Henrike's masochism. Speaking of, I fucking love masochists, so here's the webm of that scene. >>369103 You should be grateful faggot. She's superior to that environmentalist blue chick from that one movie about the tree normalfags loved so much. >>369110 >Not using the catalogs of your preferred boards I use the catalogs for /v/, /b/, /co/, /zoo/, /h/, and /loli/. Not to mention, other webring sites.
>>369118 It was deleted because it was a joke relating to the game that was made at kazu's expense and if theres one thing you can't get away with here its making fun of the couple of faggots that do it for free.
>>369122 >/zoo/
(56.11 KB 574x155 uab_2.png)

(569.55 KB 1276x717 silly_mockup.jpg)

(93.58 KB 614x620 lcraft_concerned.jpg)

(217.80 KB 1272x714 egypt3.webm)

(7.62 MB 960x540 Laura.webm)

>>369118 A little meta shitposting is to be expected. Meta shit is half of why this thread was created. Kazu just has a stick up his ass. >>369112 Reposting the video for him. >>369115 Sequel never ever. Fuchur was training two proteges to work on their own loli VNs, but nothing came of them. One was a timetraveling story, and the other Lovecraftian.
>>369122 Seems like a waste of time when theres only 10 posts in ten minutes across the whole site. On the frontpage you can keep track of every board. Every thread. Far more efficient. Except when some asshole spams the same fucking picture 20 times.
>>369146 Yes. Anon posting the same thing twice is a mistake, three times is intentionally being a prick, 4 or more? Spam.
(79.28 KB 264x247 hurr durr.png)

>>369147 Well it's good thing those are 9 different images then.
>>369151 Which is exactly what the wojackspammer says. And it's technically true. He does slightly edit them to avoid the hash ban. Still doesn't make it any less spam.
(133.45 KB 292x391 krampus.png)

(98.51 KB 248x397 zwarte piet.png)

(97.85 KB 248x397 zwarte pietv2.png)

(200.08 KB 360x540 snegurochka.png)

(299.30 KB 536x558 Santa.png)

>>369101 >>369102 >>369122 Well while we are postan edits.
(1.80 MB 1584x833 Christmas card final.png)

(76.79 KB 335x314 luigi.png)

>>369152 Then report it as spam if you're so great at identifying spam.
(1.77 MB 320x240 2vcxp8l.gif)

>>369156 Oh hey, I only had zwarte pietv2. Danke.
>>369152 Those are done in bad faith. The Emily edits ar different. Some have a clear background. Some have CGA coloring. Some have dithering. The information is in the file name.
(491.68 KB 1370x1300 emilyheadpat.png)

>>369163 He doesn't care. It's just shitposting. Obviously those images weren't edited just to be spammed and have the file hash changed.
(178.27 KB 640x640 emily bye 2.png)

(65.27 KB 640x640 Annemarie_Reiter.png)

(522.10 KB 640x640 twitches with runes.png)

(379.05 KB 640x640 uab fairy.png)

(505.05 KB 640x640 steph.png)

(412.47 KB 640x640 laura lauert.png)

(403.43 KB 640x640 uab fairy alternate.png)

(28.82 KB 1504x344 kindergond.png)

(720.61 KB 3000x2000 GondolaCanvasPlusPike.png)

>>369170 I didn't know those first two existed. Which E3 are they from? >Time for another cake! Gets me every time.
>>369169 >>369170 >no edits of laura I bet kazu deleted it before anyone could save them in his endless vendetta against his own erections.
>>369173 >Which E3 are they from? They were from E3 2021. We had a good thread this year.
(122.58 KB 300x300 1462881670193.png)

>>369178 Oh. I missed it because of work.

(2.66 KB 640x640 glasses template.png)

>>369179 I'm sorry anon. Maybe you could start working on some now for next year. We added a couple of more sub templates.
(9.46 KB 86x202 DoL sprite.png)

(103.45 KB 640x640 Degrees of Squilliam fixed.png)

>>369183 I can't draw. I only ever made one Squilliam. Coincidentally, also for a loli h-game.
>>369183 How sure are we that there will even be a next year after the absolute trashfire we witnessed this year?
>>369185 If the coronavirus and the 4 month long salami-sliced "E3" last year didn't kill it then this year's merely shitty and disappointing one sure won't.
>>369189 >>369185 It can't just survive forever, it has to die sometime. What will it take? I want this fucking cancer to die already.
I wish there was a mod that can replace the sprites with something aesthetically pleasing. Been holding off reading it for that reason.
>>369221 >I want this fucking cancer to die already. If 2020 taught me anything, is that E3 is a necessary evil, that captures and condenses the cancer to just one week per year excluding the VGAs. Without it, you get a summer long not-E3 in which every company showcases the same 20 indie games, that we already saw the past 10 shows plus one or two games of their own.
>>369099 did the pudgy girl, the nerd girl, and the braids girl have an irl counterpart? or are they true oc?
>>369235 >The nerd girl Wasn't she just supposed to be AVGN as a ginger girl?
(32.91 KB 500x402 kimAVGN.jpg)

>>369223 Would noselessness or anime noses be preferable? >>369102 Or do you need a complete redraw? >>369238 Nobody is sure except for >>369263
(40.91 KB 351x359 6546475467657.jpg)

>Wanted to play this VN years ago when i was into loli but did not have time >Now i have time but I’m not into loli anymore
>>369450 With things are they are in the world, maybe you ended up with the best outcome for yourself
>>369131 >silly_mockup.jpg Thought it was the hub area of DS2 at first.
>>369757 >I came here to call out OP's extremely poorly defined definition of being a pedophile I see no replies by you to the OP. If they were deleted in the crossfire, could you post your arguments again?
>>369773 they weren't deleted in the crossfire. they were deleted because he made the mistake of refering to a doujin featuring a 19 year old fucking his 9 year old sister as a "pedo incest doujin" a clear violation of the global rule stating that lolicon shall not be conflated with pedophilia.
>>369774 >a clear violation of the global rule stating that lolicon shall not be conflated with pedophilia. This a meta derail, and while /v/ might ban such implications or statements, I do believe that since that rule is not an actual bullet point, that it was just merely a poorly worded statement that lolicon and pedoshit are not to be conflated in regards whether a post should be reported for rule 2. Re-railing, I'd like to know how he thinks I have a poor defintion of pedophilia in regards to my statements on UAB girls.
(294.16 KB 768x625 5435345364565.jpg)

>>369573 Is true, three years ago my arousal and interest for lolis was slowly diminishing until suddenly one day when i wanted to fap to some loli my dick was completely flaccid and did not respond (this only happens to loli my dick is ok with other types of porn) and since that day it has been like that. I even sometimes lurk this type of threads just to see if there is some response but nothing happens.
>>369780 What about other fetishes you still like combined with loli? Does that kill your boner?
>>369779 its not a meta derail to point out you being wrong about him being "deleted in the crossfire" as if he dindu nuffin. I asked him the same question you just did when he referred to your definition as "hyperbolically wide" and his answer was the usual cop out of claiming they look nothing like children and so theres nothing pedophilic about them being based on real children. no doubt we agree in that being a load of shit but I don't see him being as willing to oppose the censors as I am so that's probably as good an answer as you're going to get.
>>369780 I feel sorry for you and I don't mean that in a condescending way. It's a sad thing for an anon to lose his love for loli.
>>369730 Yes, VNs are video games.
(425.18 KB 378x400 THE STRONGEST.gif)

(200.82 KB 593x319 neder.png)

(116.85 KB 314x391 1463532177988-0.png)

(119.97 KB 277x371 1463532177989-1.png)

(140.60 KB 311x378 hell's bakery.png)

(142.91 KB 280x376 IK BEN DEMON MAJA.png)

>>369102 >>369122 You might as well post the rest then.
(119.38 KB 301x399 now extra horny.png)

(171.30 KB 300x540 hex.png)

(182.77 KB 300x540 hex!.png)

(121.19 KB 292x391 Human Emily manicure version.png)

(92.92 KB 314x385 [M] Fuchur 5.png)

(92.60 KB 314x385 [M] Fuchur 3.png)

(210.22 KB 1131x1200 1462523919008.jpg)

(338.67 KB 1435x1600 49967150_p52.png)

(317.63 KB 1435x1600 49967150_p51.png)

(389.50 KB 849x691 annemarie_&_clementine.png)

(142.57 KB 336x414 1468040857034-0.png)

(195.45 KB 960x540 annemarie tights.png)

(616.75 KB 1240x1754 s_cs2.png)

(355.37 KB 500x586 Absolutely_Romantic.jpg)

(1.74 MB 1920x1080 unteralterbach_sims.png)

(930.70 KB 960x720 sound.webm)

>>369829 Relevant.
>>369099 I disagree that Fuchur's a pedo. You need to consider that nothing in the game takes itself seriously, everything is there as a joke, and the girls are included in that. Using real girls is funnier than using only OCs, that's why they're there. You don't have to be a pedo to joke about pedos. >especially evident since one of the girls is a known child model That doesn't mean a thing, she was fairly well known on IBs. Her presence is again part of the joke; the game is based around imageboard humor and jokes about pedophilia, Laura fits perfectly in both those categories. >>369780 I get what you mean, I'm less into loli than I used to be. These days I need them to be particularly lewd or precocious. The standard pure innocent loli does nothing for me, they're more for hug than fug. >>369784 No, I don't think it's necessarily pedophilic to like something based on a child if that thing doesn't look like a child. Just like how fapping to a kankolle girl doesn't mean you want to fuck boats. The only thing the UAB girls really have in common with their real world counterparts is clothes and hairstyle, other than that they're not very similar. The whole idea of loli and pedo being completely unrelated is retarded /a/ cognitive dissonance though, they need to learn to stop being so hysterical.
>>369848 >everything is there as a joke, and the girls are included in that <Jacking off to a cartoon version of a child model is so funny, haha <I wonder what her feet smell like, haha I don't buy it.
>>369848 >I disagree that Fuchur's a p Don't make me laugh, people don't go out of their way to draw and learn how to draw that kind of content unless they were into it.
>>369852 <Jacking off to a cartoon version of a child model is so funny, haha Unironically yes. Or maybe not jacking off, but just having her be a character in the game. She's there as a joke. >>369856 ?
>>369862 >KC Kill yourself pederast.
>>369862 I was wondering more what the fuck your post was supposed to mean. You just used the word ignorant as a generic insult like a tumblrite would without giving any indication of what I said that made you so salty.
(150.62 KB 310x558 annchristin_hae.png)

What surprises me is that there hasn't been any UAB fangame of ANY KIND. To any AGDGfags reading this thread, what's up with that?
>>369869 >If you ever browsed KC then you know that nobody there cares about being a pedophile I never said they did you fucking autist. If anything I said the opposite, that UAB and by extension KC joke about pedophilia because they don't care. It's smug/a/ that cares. I think you're a bit confused.
>>369865 That you pop a boner looking at beaver cleaver.
>>369877 >Site has pedos on it >Therefore everyone on it must be a pedo and can't just be joking about all the pedos they hang around with Yep, definitely autistic.
>>369873 /agdg/ anons aren't really keen on Ren'Py VNs. Those who are make them patreon friendly for shekels.
(1.39 MB 3320x558 untermädchen ext.png)

>>369885 I'm not just talking about VNs. It could be anything featuring the girls. A UAB platformer, UAB Touhou clone, a UAB Spelunky type Rogue-lite, UAB Maze of Gallious, UAB Kart, UAB puzzle fighter, UAB: Lolis Cum Twice, Annemarie's Flick the Mean Bean Machine,anything.
>>369892 Nobody likes an idea guy.
(232.95 KB 1337x1209 Untitled-1_-_Kopie.jpg)

>>369885 I have a loli on my Patreon VN. I don't do things for the sake of being edgy though, I think about the story first, then the gimmicks, then the characters. For example, the reason I assume I'm still on Patreon it's because despite some of my VNs having things like lolis or even incest, it isn't really the main focus, it is just part of the story. I do want to do an all-out loli VN with only one milf, but, you know, art is expensive. Here is one of those attempts. Eh... Yeah. I guess it's a long shot, but if anyone is interested, I really want to do this. It should be short, and everything is planned. I can write and script/code fast as fuck. Just, for the love of God, don't try if you will jump out later.
>>369099 It's only pedo if you're actively thinking of the irl girl....
>>370040 Before this guy gets banned, why does a child have such deep bags under her eyes?
>>370048 you know what they do in hollywood...
>>370054 I'm not a Qtard I was asking why pseudo X 23 has such deep bags under her eyes at that age. I never said she got it from sucking dick, the other guy did. You know it's funny though, because in comics she actually was a underage prostitute.
>>369848 >Just like how fapping to a kankolle girl doesn't mean you want to fuck boats. The only thing the UAB girls really have in common with their real world counterparts is clothes and hairstyle, other than that they're not very similar. >The whole idea of loli and pedo being completely unrelated is retarded /a/ cognitive dissonance though, they need to learn to stop being so hysterical. how can you hold these two opinions at the same time? acting like the difference between unteralterbach characters and their real life equivalents is like the difference between kankolle girls and actual boats in order to try and justify in your head why its not pedophilic. yet at the same time pretending you're different than /a/ who will go to any lengths to try and convince themselves they aren't pedos even though you're acting exactly like them in the same post. is it just to avoid being censored here?
>>370238 It doesn't seem that hard to understand, it's a question of degree. Loli and pedo are related no matter how much people try to pretend they're not, but nevertheless liking loli doesn't mean you're a pedo. He's just saying that /a/ goes to retarded lengths in their denial, regardless of whether or not they're pedos.
>>370242 in my eyes it is going to a retarded length in their denial to make the comparison to kankolle girls and the boats they're based on. thats why I find the denouncement of /a/ puzzling because they act the exact same way.
>Anchored Wew.
>>370395 Well fuck. We've actually reached the point where imageboards won't even let you talk about UAB. What's even the fucking point of staying here at this point?
(335.14 KB 2000x1332 bog me up.jpg)

>>369099 An honest question: what the fuck is this visual novel even about? I understand that there's shitposting and imageboard culture from Krautchan, but what exactly is the plot all about?
Why was this thread bumplocked?
>>370494 >What's even the fucking point of staying here at this point? to you? to shit up the place as you have been doing since you arrived, to everyone else? >>>/delicious/154
(25.64 KB 400x500 come_get_it.jpg)

(46.82 KB 300x100 wein v5.png)

>>370507 Bernd (German Anon) is a useless faggot that gets set up with a job catching pedos and is made to move to Unteralterbach (Underage Creek) to do it. When there and at his job, which isn't clearly explained to him at first, it's made obvious his coworkers don't try to catch pedos and instead just jack off to CP. Though he is in denial / too stupid to realize this if I recall correctly. He wanders around town and encounters lewd little girls who try to sex him, and also encouters the townspeople that hate him for being an outsider and are pedo witch hunters. The girls get away with having sexual escapades with adults because two are witches who hypnotize the adults into sexing them, except Bernd who stays conscious. The Linux loli then uploads videos of it onto the dankweb. Bernd also has a dream on the first night of fucking Aisha with Muhammad. Every time he sexes one of the girls, some weird magic penis runes appear, and ultimately he unintentionally fulfills a ritual tied to the locale that gives him the magic power to beat a granny demon that was trying to take over the world while masquerading as an anti-CP politician. Also, one of the girls he fucks is his her demon daughter, right in front of the demon dad. He's pseudo forced into many of these encounters, the first one being with wood nymphs that literally force him, and is reluctant for a while until he gives in (I think). Throw in some imageboard humor, Kraut politics, tons of parody of real people, mostly kraut politicians and semi-random little girls, an easter egg hunt, and various comedic bad ends and that's the game. After you save the day, Unteralterbach becomes a special location without any AoC and a massive tourist attraction where people go to fuck the girls and make incredibly popular CP. And they all lived happily every after. THUH END.
(30.82 KB 620x340 1607986495612.jpg)

question... is it possible to modify this game?
>>370550 In what way? It was made in Renpy.
>>370553 I mean, do some mods like, custom sprites or even a custom story
>>370555 Probably easy, relative to games in general. I once, I think, extracted all the assets, but I was too lazy to do anything with them.
(806.88 KB 800x1080 63875628_p0.jpg)

>>370242 >Loli and pedo are related >no matter how much people try to pretend they're not Reads like pedo smokescreen to blur the lines. Yes a cartoon character can look young and sexable. No, that isn't always related to pedophillia.
>>370522 >you Which boogeyman do you think I am? I've barely posted in this thread. >>370524 >A few shitty posts means a thread is unsalvageable Hotpockets need to neck themselves, and so do those like you who suck their cocks.
if you really cared, you wouldn't be here >>>/vb/
>>370522 >to everyone else? >>>/delicious/154 Last time I was in a /delicious/ UAB thread, I posted this, which had been a fine image to post on 8chan for years. It was deleted without explanation repeatedly while I thought I was getting file uploading errors. Then when the BO finally spoke up, Superior Dragon I think, he asked for "every to please stop discussing pedophilia", to which I pointed out no one was. Then he threatened to ban UAB from /delicious/ if "we" didn't stop, before deleted all of my and his posts. FUCK /delicious/. You cannot fully discuss this game without discussing pedophilia, the word is used in the fucking game repeatedly. Also, they have shit taste. Their mascot is okay though. >>370614 Activity is the first and foremost necessary element, follow by a high degree of freedom of discussion. You can have the latter in spades, but first you have to have a populace of decent size. Not cuckchan cancer level, but decent. No one is going to go to the "proper" place to discuss something if it's practically dead and their current haunt is still half-usable. This is why 8kunt lasted so long before an exodus. This is why activity on this site is concentrated in a sparse few boards and threads on those boards even when it gets really off-topic. This is where I'll try to discuss UAB. Not there, where I'll barely get any replies no matter how hard I try to shill a UAB thread on there. It didn't work for any other boards I've tried to breath new or old life into, and I'm done trying.
>>370623 Yeah, the vols on /delicious/ are shit. A different one locked a thread for "offtopic" after like five mildly /pol/ posts in a 100+ post thread. It's pretty apparent they're newfags from tumblr or somewhere similar and only came to 8ch so they can post porn of the modern calarts cartoons they all watch.
>>370572 if the line is so clear cut to you then how about you unblur it for the rest of us? where would you draw the line out of these 3 examples? each one is a depiction of a prepubescent girl so what changes between where you decide to draw the line that makes you a pedo for finding them "sexable" on one side but not the other?
>>370572 That anus is fucking disgusting.
>Anchored This is Mark's /v/ alright.
>>370651 You're not a pedophile for masturbating to any of these. Instead you're obssessed, but with no philia for real children. >>370689 That's the gayest thing I've read today.
>>370808 the last image is a composite of CP with a photo of emma watsons face.
>>370901 >is a composite of CP I don't think so, it's too clean. It is uncannily realistic though, and as such, begins to push on global rules. Since it's already been deleted though, no one else entering the thread can judge for themselves. If they'd like to or they're fucking pedoniggers, lolibooru has hosted these images for many years without issue. I've tried to report them to the site to no avail and I can't bring myself to report the site as whole since it would mean nuking a massive amount of loli if I succeeded.
>>370905 Oh wait, the image is still up. Anon said "the last image" and replied to a post with two images, so I thought the third had been deleted.
>>370905 >it's too clean what does that even mean? obviously photoshopped photos will look cleaner because thats what photoshop does. a model on the front page of a magazine doesn't stop being real because all their blemishes have been airbrushed away. the person who creates those originally shared them on onion sites so that should tell you all you need to know. loli artists don't go on CP sites to share their work.
>>370922 >loli artists don't go on CP sites to share their work. You're wrong there. Many CP sites have loli sections, and I've seen several artists sharing their work there, even (rarely) some drawthreads.
>>370924 but why would they do that when theres nothing pedophilic about lolicon?
>>370901 How would you know? >>370929 We did it reddit. We got confirmation bias from a torfag swooping in with "trust me bro" >>370924. Let's forget about how advantagous it is for pedophiles to obscure the truth since misery loves company.
(404.21 KB 854x480 They glow in the dark.mp4)

>>371225 >there's always the possibility of you actually going to these places and finding out for yourself.
>>370929 Do you think that there's nothing gay about yaoi, too?
it was a good game from an internet that no longer exists. Our culture is dead.
Best game
>>369916 disgusting artstyle, yuck
Where to download please

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