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(4.06 MB 340x243 loss.gif)

Anonymous 07/25/2021 (Sun) 15:35:20 Id: f22e7d No. 371867
(72.82 KB 960x741 1445231770976.jpg)

(22.23 KB 322x213 1399510525991.png)

(14.99 KB 688x584 LossBound.png)

(9.41 MB 640x352 LOSS.mp4)

(14.57 KB 800x600 Loss_Script.png)

eel oh eel
(568.46 KB 595x611 ClipboardImage.png)

WPWYF? haha
>>371889 Forget that furry shit, WMWYF The M is for monster. Any franchise, boi or grill Oh and the answer is Lapras
>>371894 Slimes.
(676.80 KB 1920x1080 0r5x1.webm)

>>371894 Femclaw
(606.10 KB 1123x1600 1802476_1123_1600_620651.jpg)

(380.66 KB 1123x1600 1802491_1123_1600_389791.jpg)

(485.13 KB 1123x1600 1802477_1123_1600_496768.jpg)

(364.04 KB 1123x1600 1802494_1123_1600_372773.jpg)

(371.98 KB 1123x1600 1802495_1123_1600_380911.jpg)

>>371895 You sure about that?
(48.19 KB 600x565 you hear.jpg)

(118.76 KB 850x1082 seed.jpg)

(88.48 KB 850x850 sneed.jpg)

(107.49 KB 850x850 sneasel.jpg)

>>371889 thats my cue
>>371904 >Male Consider suicide faggot
(1.67 MB 1224x6946 hotpaws.jpg)

Fuck off to >>>/fur/ if all you're gonna do is spam porn, you cripples.
>>371919 It's been known for awhile Fred is a furry, he had his weird fursona as his avatar for awhile
(456.19 KB 1020x1188 glaceon.png)

>>371912 sorry
>>371923 >posting anthroshit Canon bodytypes or you're a furtard and need to get necked
(11.06 KB 299x259 stimp.jpg)

>>371919 Can you fucking believe this guy was the founder and owner of h8chan?
(64.32 KB 900x506 Agony.jpg)

>>371894 Easy answer
>>371919 >Raccoons are my spirit animal Isn't that cultural appropriation? He's literally colonizing and raping native culture. It's like the trail of tears all over again. What a fucking bigoted asshole. Also someone needs to constantly remind him that Raccoons are nimble and can climb stairs - so he can't be one. But if he insists, we can always have it arranged for someone to trap him, skin him, and make a hat out of him.
>>371919 >coming out What the fuck? Thats some sad attention seeking. Why can't faggots just spank it without informing everyone? Like me :^)
(243.18 KB 600x529 shocked shep.png)

>>371919 What the fuck
>>371930 It reminds me of the guy who "came out" being into anal vore to his family.
>>371924 Fuck off with your canon faggotry, I don't want to fuck something that walks on fours.
>>371934 Sounds like you need to stop being a furry then, animalfucker
>>371935 Right after you stop sucking so much nigger dick.
>>371930 >>371931 Byuu allegedly becoming an hero convinced the gremlin to come out of the closet.
>>371948 Will the gremlin freak out if I pay for a comission of his bloated faggot shit getitng raped by one of Jim's pigs and tweet it at him?
(109.05 KB 1234x508 43115623.jpg)

>>371925 According to himself, he created 8chan because moot didn't want to make /fur/.
>>371958 He keeps fucking changing this story. First he made 8chan because he got kicked out of wizardchan, then he made 8chan because he had the idea when tripping on shrooms, now he made it because he wanted a furry website.
(219.23 KB 580x299 Theemperorprotects.png)

>>371958 What a piece of shit.
>>371958 >the chans Anyone who says this shit instantly outs themselves as a massive newfag.
>>371965 Or someone who has used more than just /v/, since people have been saying it for more than a decade and it's still common everywhere else. It's mostly just /v/ where anyone spergs out about it.
>>371968 No, not really, no. It's post-2010 cuckchan faggots who use it.
Talking about loss.jpg and porn was more fun than talking about freddit
>>371969 I got it from post 2010 8ch
>>371972 I know you are baiting, have a (You)
(252.94 KB 674x674 lel.jpg)

>>371972 >post 2010 8ch hee hoo
>>371969 >It's post-2010 cuckchan faggots who use it. It was used as far back as 2005. Very common in 2005-2010.
>>371948 >>371958 Disgusting lying cripple. Yet, he still has a moral superiority complex.
>>371977 Yeah but it fell out of fashion, and anyone who unironically uses it anymore is a massive newfaggot. Same for pepe and all that other shit.
>>371979 >Yeah but it fell out of fashion In certain subcultures. Even on this site, hardly anybody ever cares outside of /v/.
(126.36 KB 596x622 lol nigger.png)

>>371877 Meanwhile, one year later...
>>371986 I don't know if you know this or if you're shitposting but for the sake of any stupid anons, that image isn't real.
>>371994 Yes, I... literally just made it. You can tell by the changed date and the fact that the new link leads you to a documentary about how multiculturalism destroys civilization. It’s just a prediction, based on how these things always go. Everyone hates modern American comics. They’re not selling, and even loss leaders have to fall eventually.
>>371994 What made you think that? The tweet being from 2022, or the number of retweets and quotes?
>>372017 Of course it's fake, the actual tweet has 80085 likes
>>371962 >>>371958 >He keeps fucking changing this story. First he made 8chan because he got kicked out of wizardchan, then he made 8chan because he had the idea when tripping on shrooms, now he made it because he wanted a furry website. Sounds to me like he's starving for identity now . But worse . He's trying to scrub his image for future endeavors. Explaining the only reason he did anything in the past was being closeted . This is what murderers do in court . I didn't want to kill them. But I was gay as a child . Had no one to speak with . Was confused little boy . My daddy was against it . So I killed him . He's cleaning his image up for his next endeavor . Because he's toxic . And needs to tap into some kind of leftie sympathy grab. He Cannot afford shit . No one will hire him. Any community he was associated with sees he's a breathing weasel shit stain . For a person who needs to spend 24/7 online he's done great alienating him self . And now he has banished himself to the furry community with .0012 of the world population to be his online friends . Now that's a lonely existence . All self inflicted . Good job hotwheels .you have fun when the gorilla (furry or not) maybe a newfag twitter low IQ COON believes he identifies as a gorilla when looking in the mirror . Comes and knocks on his parents door in Jersey . (Known heavily for low IQ gorillas) and break your pelvic ass bones until you decide it was a mod you were mad at again. Oh and does your wife you left behind know your a furry ? Is that why you left her? Or why she decided to stay home when you fled a country . It seems every move young hotwheels makes it is to save his own ass and avoid being cancelled. Avoid jail . HE pushes boundaries on everything he can than gets nervous and uses the I was peer pressured. I grew up in foster system shit . On Twitter a few months ago his father texted to say happy birthday to him . And he trashed his father over a typo and blocked him. Than hyped up people on Twitter who grew up unloved . He's a sperg and a Crip just as confused as a horny 12 year old .and worse he tried to bring others down with his confusion of self . He's the asshole at Nuremberg who got all his underlings hung. And he was just the one "following orders " and escaped the firing squad . Destroying everything he touches as of late . And ruining others situations . Toxic little shit . Just you wait next step is going to be his fake titties and cripple modeling trans career . I NeeEEaeD yUuu to LOvEEEE MEH. Fuck him . Shit stain on my boot . Buy on my fucking windshield . Can't tell the difference between him and the enemy .
>>372035 Why are you writing like a schizophrenic retard?
(465.05 KB 950x450 56456543778678.png)

>>372035 >On Twitter a few months ago his father texted to say happy birthday to him . And he trashed his father over a typo and blocked him. Jeez
(98.37 KB 1189x797 mountain dew lip balm.jpg)

(15.06 KB 757x64 Mark the Furry 1.png)

>>371919 Gee, the socially awkward cripple is a furfag? Who knew! At least Mark has the common courtesy to try and keep it to himself.
>>372056 Post the rest.
>>372072 I don't get it, is this some kind of a new meme? All you linked is a picture of a sad panda bear :(
>>372080 i think it's called a rickroll sorry im new
>>372080 Hey Want to know how to get into exhentai without making an account? https://e-hentai.org/g/1793502/0f129e1be9/
>>372081 Unless it's rick fucking astley singing never gonna give you up then no it isn't.
(107.77 KB 504x445 that was pretty poggers.PNG)

>>372080 LOL get panda'd
>>372057 Post Totodile dicks
>>372056 >>372072 >>372088 >if Anthony Butch wrote hentai
(38.32 KB 648x480 demonanon_i_wanna.jpg)

>>372019 Nice to see some fellow timetravelanons on the site before the 8channeling next year.
>expect lols >get stale normalfag gay jewish poison for the soul instead If you're gonna post cringe, post something good. Like that furfag murder comic anon talked up a lol thread or two ago. The Screaming Barrel, by the dude with a rape fetish so bad his wife called a sex hotline to complain about it. Now that's some good lol. Speaking of shitty comics, doesn't Sonichu have an anniversary soon?
(118.45 KB 669x877 Fucking Furries.jpg)

(5.73 MB 640x352 Feminist Boy.mp4)

(155.08 KB 663x447 raismug.png)

>>372148 I like how even the singers didn't give a shit
When will being Furry be considered a mental illness, protected class, or gender identity? I'm trash and I want to get free government money
>>372056 Honestly this seems appropriate, "Mountain Dew Lip Balm" is just too gay of a concept on its own to not imagine this happening.
>>372172 Why is he making that face? Is eevee ok?
>>372179 He's injecting heroin (it hurts but it feels good)
>>372184 Are you sure hes not injecting cocks it looks like hes injecting cocks
(703.52 KB 1033x655 1996-2015.png)

>>372184 I hope he gets help, we lost Meowth the same way. He lay on the floor seizing for over four hours before anybody checked on him.
>>372136 Is this the comic about the furries in hell?
>>371962 >He keeps fucking changing this story. Isn't that indicative of being a sociopath?
>>372172 I encourage this. It'll make it easier to get the lists of existing furfags when the current system collapses
>>371930 >skim thread >see titties >click picture to make the titties expand >get big fucking dog head instead God fucking damn it anon >>371958 That man is just as much of an absolute basketcase as his parents.
>>372179 Yeah he's fine, the little guy's just running a bit of a fever. Someone should probably take his temperature though...
>>371958 "The reason" and "one of the reasons" are different. Modern Hotwheels is bad enough that you do him a disservice by exaggerating his actual words and actions, even if just a little bit. >>372035 You're not 100% wrong, but learn to type.
>>372545 >>372545 Thats an oral thermometer though
>>372179 We better check and make sure he didn't swallow anything.
>>371948 He's just a survivalist. He'll change his colors to blend in with whatever he feels can give him some shelter for a while.
>>372563 A survivalist to what? How can he possibly "blend in" to his bad genetics killing him early?
>>371894 Wraith
>>371930 I don't care if I'm a furry or not, I'd fuck that wolf.
>>372089 Fuck off Mark
>>372625 It's a pattern of behavior. He goes where he thinks he'll fit in or blend -doesn't mean he is going to. He knows he's a bone goblin and that doesn't bother him. It's probably more a case of being a turncoat than trying to move on to something else. After he left 8chan, he went to make fonts. When the heat was still on him, he tried to befriend journos and even said he was going to become a journo. So on and so forth.
>>372744 Why a wheel chair bound disfigured midget goblin is a political grifter with severe identity issues seems self-evident. Anons have a weird understanding of people and expect them to be as consistent as they are when 99% of people only adopt positions because they were fashionable or fun at that moment. These people don't actively plot to betray their ideologies, they literally just don't have the same inner monologue we have and never comprehended the ideas they had in the first place. In absence of religion for people to inherent ideas from it was inevitable that the age of the grifter was upon us. If you continue to be baffled by peoples rapidly changing world views and political ideologies it's your own fault for not grasping how the majority of peoples minds operate.
>>372563 >>372625 >>372744 >>372757 This is a LOL thread not a meta thread please post the funny
(7.74 MB 1280x720 Tacobell the animation.mp4)

Here's a LOL for you, imagine having some fast food resturant ad have better animation than your THOUGHT PROVOKING She-man show.
>>372057 >At least anon has the common courtesy to try and keep it to himself sometimes >>371912 That's not even a pokemon. There's no actual game that is not a VN and not a porn game with a cute fox miko out there, either.
>>372773 >sharkunny Nice.
>>372040 >employee changes to brown It's the little details.
(155.53 KB 330x319 Big Grin.png)

>>371919 >fred the raccoon can stand up.
>>373198 Their mothers roped them into it, shut up.
>>372626 Anyone have any archives of us bullying the fuck out of the evolve shill when he tried to advertise it on old 8chan? I regret deleting a lot of my files. I had saved the thread html file before it got slid. I had everything fuck.
>>373288 I have this.
>>372773 What are brands even tying to do these days?
(9.54 MB 6000x8000 IMG_20210726_204147_206.jpg)

>>374155 >Look, your fat ass is gunna eat our garbage no matter what. I could come out here and slap my cock on your mother's face and you'd still buy the poison in a bottle we sell. However, as much as I love the feel of your mother sucking my cock like it'll unfuck her 12 year old cunt with uncle touchies dick, we need to put the cattle in advertising to work. They find out what you lesser cattle like and show it to us, the humans, even though we don't understand it. And we show it to you so you don't realize that there is nothing you should be eating in any of the "food" anyone besides yourself makes. >Buy whatever, because it beats caring. I don't have a relevant picture so enjoy this cane toad I caught.
(134.72 KB 1224x720 Acquisitions is spelt wrong.jpg)

>>374305 Those also aren't real phone numbers
(11.26 MB 960x720 Dubs The Motion Picture.mp4)

>>374305 check em
>>374310 They all also have the exact same number and fax information.
(669.70 KB 480x480 Twilight_Sparkle.mp4)

>>372787 >tfw your hot horse mom will never molest you by sucking on your fat gamer horse cock Why live?
>>374380 >>374822 This isn't a /b/ YLYL thread, bideo james only
>>374825 Oh, my bad.
(6.34 MB 640x360 thats bone.webm)

>>374899 Now i miss age of empires
>>374919 But AoE is pretty much alive right now, atleast the definitive editions.
>>374930 People are also still playing classic
>>374930 >>374933 i dont have my cd anymore is what i meant
>>374965 Shouldn't stop you from playing it.
>>374899 >Brotherhood of Steel of no fucks
(5.64 MB 640x360 fallout.webm)

>>376162 Do you have a specific genre or game in mind you'd like to play more of or are you just looking for a general recommendation? If the latter X-morph defense and Templar Battleforce usually perk me up when I'm not feeling up to checking what's next in my backlog
>>376162 If you haven't already play the Trails in the Sky trilogy if you're bored. Each game is 60 hours minimum and will suck you in with some of the best world building I've seen in any game.
(58.26 KB 853x704 bland birthday.png)

(36.97 KB 853x704 bland gf.png)

(34.89 KB 853x704 bland fun.png)

(58.65 KB 872x704 bland controls.png)

(36.13 KB 872x704 bland re4.png)

(98.60 KB 409x293 man mentally exhausted.jpg)

(104.26 KB 224x225 man blonde.png)

(485.05 KB 671x640 hotwheels with jew.png)

>>371919 >mfw it's some faggot furry posting his furnouns >mfw I read the name of the poster Holy shit, is that real? Because if it is, that's what you get for letting jews into your life, Mr. Glass.
>>374832 I will always regret that Patrick never took the ginger fag out of the picture.
(403.69 KB 1405x2015 furries we did it, son.jpg)

>>371958 >8chan v1.0 was never about freedom of speech, but rather freedom of fur. Never meet your heroes, guys. I learned that back in 2014 during the gator games and nothing I've seen since then has changed my mind.
(36.35 KB 500x381 the liar.jpg)

>>371958 Anon, The Genetic Dud is a serial liar and coward. Why do you expect him to be truthful? Hotwheels was knee deep in right wingish politics from the beginning of 8chan and is lying about it now to placate his /trannypol/ clique, the only ones still willing to stroke his ego. He is a pure fraud.
>>372550 >"The reason" and "one of the reasons" are different Well yeah, he's using vague language to get away with historical revisionism.
(25.43 MB 640x360 BARBECUE-0IxuMUa9pag(1).mp4)

>>378186 Much better setup. The dick only makes it better.
(3.67 MB 900x506 Moonman.gif)

(1.62 MB 1280x720 half_Life_shake_it_baby.mp4)

(7.36 MB 1280x720 GORDON'S_BREAKFAST.mp4)

>>378206 Do you got more videos like zis?
(52.53 KB 643x962 Khazar milkers.jpg)

Why the fuck is she cute?
>>378790 She's not. Your preferences are just easily malleable by memes. In this case, the related memes of khazar milkers and Ben Shapiro's """hot""" sister have incestuously intermingled like Chris Chan's penis and his mother's genitals to convince you that a 100% average looking Jewess is cute.
>>378790 I will never understand how anyone can be attracted to something with soulless predatory eyes like that.
(63.73 KB 727x288 ClipboardImage.png)

Looking fresh
>>378864 This shit is fucking cancer no matter who is doing it. Kill yourself
(143.57 KB 960x718 image0-37-1-1-1.jpg)

(96.65 KB 777x1087 disgusted panzer girl.jpg)

>>378864 >bloon tits and shit proportions
>>376162 Project zomboid is pretty nice for an early access zombie game.
>>378902 I agree fellow Chad-kari poster, bimbo tits are indeed disgusting. If I wanted to fuck a pair of basket balls I'd just go to Dicks sporting goods. I get it's just supposed to be shitty slap stick humor that exists to spammed on Internet sewage dumps like Twatter but still maybe take the time to learn what the average attractive female who isn't corrupted by (((Holly wood))) looks like? And to be quite frank I'm morally against unusually large breasts from a reproductive eugenics perspective too since woman with abnormally large knockers tend to have higher levels of estrogen than normal and end up spawning little consumerist beta males who either go on to become incels or post modernists who think shitting on a canvas is 'DEEP'... I dunno I guess the soyboi beta's who go on to make nice I'll be it slightly faggy craft teas, chocolates, and beers are alright since they actually contributes something of value to society even if I don't always agree with their politics and well I like my fancy organic faggy craft tea's so whatever sue me over it if you don't like it I'm not drinking cheap Lipton shit from Monsanto. Plus I have no problem with leftists wanting to consume from more sustainable sources, after all whats wrong with caring whether something your consuming was produced by willing workers earning a fair wage or via literal slave labor? Sure I lean right on most issues but the fact that there are people who share a lot of my views embrace a culture of not giving a fuck about that is just asinine. Don't get me wrong though I'm not one of those bro-science dudes who think literally all estrogen is inherently evil because I have a base level understanding of some basic biology. Great example is how a lot of /fit/ dudes will tell you to eat lots of broccoli well fun fact broccoli is actually an estrogenic plant but unlike shit such as soybeans broccoli is a good source of estrogen that compliments testosterone hormone producing cells rather than working against them because in the end you need a certain balance of T and E else you'd have a ton of health problems that aren't worth listing though I will mention how some people who take testosterone hormone pills over the recommended daily amount ironically end up suffering from erectile dysfunction which is funny I suppose.
>>378941 Is this the return of the autistic tornigger?
>>378944 I am sure it's just a pasta.
>>378944 >Is this the return of the autistic tornigger? I'm not familiar with this so called 'tornigger' and I'm basically a newfag to .moe /v/. So far from lurking though it appears any thread that isn't specific to a game series , console, or bitching about Microsoft is basically autistic meta rambling. >>378955 >I am sure it's just a pasta Now that you mention it there certainly is potential for it to be pasta worthy but no I typed that out.
(7.69 MB 640x480 Yukari_liek_tank.mp4)

>>378941 >>378960 Yukari best girl. >is basically autistic meta rambling Welcome to the tattered remains of Mark/v/ and 8fags. I just want someone to talk to Advanced Wars about.
>>372773 I think this is tailor-made for the Tokyo Olympics.
(1.82 MB 709x625 7ddh.gif)

>>378962 I like tanks and the applied concept of explosive armor pannels is dope as heck but in retrospect my knowledge of them is just tip of the iceberg stuff compared to what Yukari knows and is capable of articulating. I personally am more interested in the aspects of war that pertain to strategy especially with geography, Geo politics, history, and especially small arms and small arms development though just about any firearm be it civilian or military is usually fascinating and fun IRL to me even if it's a piece of shit it's typically a piece of shit with a lot of interesting history behind it. >>378981 /k/ute
(18.11 KB 128x128 709207161632325643.png)

>>378891 >one of the swastika's is the wrong way around unacceptable
>>379066 No, no, that's just a west german nazi, it has to be mirrored, you see.
(182.44 KB 1280x914 IMG_20191005_135830_923.jpg)

(148.26 KB 711x724 fluffy hair.jpg)

(7.89 MB 400x225 Dark Souls.webm)

>>378981 >ywn consult her hair >ywn run your hands through soft floofy hair while enjoying the smell of her shampoo and the soft sounds of her giggling I'd kill for a cute girl with fluffy short hair. >>379026 Well that's interesting Anon and I certainly share your fascination but I was talking about the Advanced Wars video games. Since we're talking about video games for that matter here's a classic
(28.31 KB 344x244 notre dame.jpg)

What happens years later after Notre Dame was totally destroyed by extremely powerful video game characters in 2019, resulting it being unrestorable? Which video game character that would destroy this cathedral into tiny bits of rubble? Restriction: Anti-Semetism content
>>379548 They didn't!
extremely intelligent and video games related thread, OP
>>379563 This couldn't more obviously be bait. Why even humour a reply that it ain't.
>>379547 It is always ok to kill jews. It is always ok to kill shitskins. It is always ok to kill leftards. It is always ok to kill lgbt abominations. Allah is gays. White Men are Gods.
(31.38 KB 320x306 1437913382871-1.jpg)

What if you checked these dubs?
(1.92 MB 250x250 uninstallalafel.gif)

(603.04 KB 360x360 jewinthecuboard.webm)

>>379604 >>379982 Don't you read the rules?! No Anti-Semetism allowed!
Why you all still post Anti-Semite content which is restricted?
>>379991 Huh? What's the first picture supposed to be?
>>379993 Hot rape about to go down.
(1.28 MB 599x900 ClipboardImage.png)

>>379993 2014, Olympics, the people in the image are Thaisa Menezes of Brazil 1.96m / 6'5" & Hitomi Nakamichi of Japan 1.59m / 5'2". Pic related is the original unedited image.
(349.21 KB 900x900 1466073896483.png)

>>379985 >>379986 Don't worry anon we love Jews here.
(882.14 KB 480x679 ClipboardImage.png)

>>379998 Okay, so I'm not stupid. I thought it was like pic related and the perspective made it look like they were twice as tall as they were supposed to be, but every time I looked at it, it looked like they were positioned correctly
>>379998 >Sekiro and Isshin rule 63.png
>>379547 >Restriction: Anti-Semetism content Eat shit and die, yid. Your retarded spam thread only serves to obfuscate the real cause of the fire.
Well this thread is shit. I'm going to post architecture until it's deleted.
>>380014 Why not post good architecture, such as Chinese, African, or Somalian?
I was very confused for a moment.
>>380017 I wish I was that shota.
>>380021 >>380024 What are you, gay?
(1.05 MB 1456x1332 90740336_p0.png)

>>380017 I wish I was this shota
(114.00 KB 2048x2048 shittysketch1.png)

(59.64 KB 1000x1000 consider the following.jpg)

(170.91 KB 750x741 EqgDOmPXUAEaMw-.jpg)

>>380042 Don't forget to get double jabbed, anon!
(73.32 KB 332x330 white woman.png)

>>380042 I don't like male dogs and I'm not taking your shitty vaccine fuck off. Try asking a white woman maybe you'll have more success with them, we all know they love their dogs.
>>380042 Did you do that?
(235.37 KB 850x1228 WGFD.jpg)

>>380051 Good boy
(70.31 KB 1151x666 WGFD (2).jpg)

(174.24 KB 2048x842 WGFD.jpg)

(1.99 MB 360x640 WHITE GIRLS....webm)

>>380050 Cum and get your vaccines wh*te w*om*n! It ingredients consisted of nothing but dog cummies the whole time!
(2.13 MB 490x360 WGFD.mp4)

forgot to post the cherry on top
>>380055 Checked
(362.53 KB 960x2358 Your Post.jpg)

>>380051 Nice.
>>380198 I actually got chills watching this. How is this not the most embarrassing shit to them?
(1.13 MB 1217x860 Realistic Ivy.png)

(1.26 MB 1220x816 Realistic Morrigan.png)

(737.46 KB 1229x832 Realistic Rayne.png)

(1.12 MB 1209x835 Realistic Sylvanus.png)

(1.04 MB 1227x856 Realistic Widowmaker.png)

THIGG I've spoilered the morrigan one for your sake.
>>380373 >I've spoilered the morrigan one for your sake Oh god why didn't I listen?
>>380373 >it's realistic for a succubus to be ugly when her life is using sex
>>380373 This is retarded.
>>380198 For once I'm kind of glad that a webm doesn't have sound.
>>380198 Honestly the only cure I see for these retards is if they all get rounded up. Beating into the 12th dimension and then banned from seeing/using any media whatsoever until the little shit can earn money for themselves.
>>380385 As a wise man once put it, you would be amazed what a little hunger and a chair leg could do for a lemming.
>>380382 There's a version with sound on /b/, kid says that he is a sad catboy
>>380385 I'm honestly enjoying wiermart shartica implode like a red giant finally hitting the end of it's lifespan.
>>380373 I was expecting them to be butch and athletic and ugly like many athletes, but this is just shameless projection by a hamplanet.
>>380389 I don't. Because I know this vomit will come to me. Leaving America to be as it is like having a putrid spawner on the map you keep ignoring. Either destroy it or purify it.
>>380391 It's in it's final stages, the overt cultural fag imperialism is just going to hasten the decline.
>>380198 Is that the Newgrounds tank mascot guy?
>>380389 >>380393 Audio version here >>>/b/42578 Yup, tankman. These kids are shitting on NG's legacy thanks to FNF.
>>380395 I thought people hated Five Nights now that Scott did whatever the hell he did to stir up that shitstorm.
>>380396 FNF not FNAF, it stands for Friday Night Funkin' by ninjamuffin.
(309.27 KB 390x388 us.PNG)

>>380395 A nation of faggots, a nation of 56% mutt faggots.
(32.40 KB 591x275 living_a_nightmare.png)

>>380395 I am in no way blinded by nostalgia to the point where I'd say that the 90s and 2000s were totally acceptable, but god damn at least then we could make fun of homosexuals and trannies freely and teachers rarely paid any mind. At least the weirdos who stood out at school like this were made fun of like the trash that they are, like this kid who dressed up like Naruto at my elementary school. Back when they said they wouldn't teach kids in school about how being gay is normal just because they wanted marriage. Do schools even talk about the Alamo anymore? >>380396 Doesn't matter the damage is already done.
>>380397 Oh. Someone explain to me why shit like FNF and Among Us are so popular? Can I just go and make a low effort simplified as fuck bastardization of a not very popular genre(relatively) and make gazillions off of it?
(34.94 KB 500x500 delet this r01.jpg)

>>380407 The key elements to success to every franchise from Sonic to Undertale, Among us, FNAF, FNF and others is very simple and evident. SIMPLE, COLORFUL AND EASY TO DRAW CHARACTERS Anything that is appealing, relatable and can easily be replicated by a child or teen with a pencil. That's why MLP was so popular, why people love Touhou and that game about demon girls. They are all relatable archetypes that you can self-insert as, with a defined personality but vague enough to fill in the blanks with your own personality traits. It's the key to success, every single time. Look at Overwatch for a corporate example, all the characters are appealing for the most part and that's what made everyone gravitate towards it. Appeal to autism, anon. If you are an up and coming artist, the best thing you can do to get a sizable following when you are just getting started is to draw Sonic or FOTM game fanart for a reason.
(108.27 KB 475x675 Azazel.png)

>>380407 Cutesy artstyle with a somewhat decent game that is in general wholesome and safe. But it has like 2 middlefingers in there so the kiddies feel like they are actually mature. It basically attracts the most infantile people who just happen to be the left's biggest target demographic for brainwashing since they are mentally underdevelopted. You can see this in a whole lot of this like Undertail, Minecraft, etc. It has to be just one step above baby googa-gaagaa cartoons but still aggressively inoffensive.
>>380408 Helltaker is different. It has a coherent aesthetic that every character adheres to. Plus the game is very overtly about a masculine man after feminine women. Its theme is overtly sexual. Its very casual but its significantly stricter in its presentation that all the other shit where effectively any clown show can be part of the group like with FNAF or Undertale. You would notice that almost all of the fan content is of characters in "canonical" scenarios or straight up porn and there is like one shitty OC character thats is popular.
>>380373 >Symmetra is autistic, and Tracer is a member of the LGBTQ+ community - now that's character depth for you, especially in the world of gaming. Wait a second, is this satire?
>>380420 >feminine women Sorry to nitpick but the majority of them arent feminine, especially considering they all wear suits.
>>380425 Don't conflate femininity with modesty.
>>380420 Even if the game is porn bait, it was clearly targeted at the same crowd. All the twitter gays loved it.
>>380426 I’m most certainly not. Suits with ties and boxing tape and smoking are most certainly not very feminine.
>>380425 Women in suits are hot though. Pants or skirts it doesn't really matter.
>>380427 What the fuck are you smoking? Porn artists and internet poisoned kiddies are different things. >>380428 This is reaching.
>>380428 Wrong https://yewtu.be/watch?v=JNz0ng19kuw >>380430 Two different kinds of poison
>>380373 I don't get it. He made some of these.. more sexualized? That Morrigan especially, the huge thighs and armpit hair reminds me of MILF art I've seen on Pixiv.
>>380430 Are you implying that internet poisoned kids don't follow porn artists like shadman??
(8.26 KB 209x233 the disgust on mars.jpg)

>>380432 What are you on that armpit hair and being fat are more sexually attractive? Fat nigger thunder thighs and hips aren't attractive. It's too far in the other direction.
(269.30 KB 680x687 it's like a quent meme.png)

>>380432 It comes from OnlineGambling.ca, the same people behind this masterpiece. I don't know what their angle is or why they're doing this. >>380436 Are you joking? I feel like you're playing dumb if you don't know how popular thick women are. She's not even in the realm of what you'd see on the "thick_thighs" tag for any porn website.
(161.49 KB 1080x1080 GUN.jpg)

>>380435 And next you will say that anime turns kids into trannies.
>>380438 No, grooming trannies do.
>>380437 "thick" women and lards like here >>380373 are completely different
>>380432 I think he just did a sloppy job making the Morrigan one ugly, so some of the beauty shines through. All of the other ones are just plain disgusting.
>>380436 What? I never said I found it attractive, that body type leans way more into fetish territory than their original designs do. And how sheltered do you have to be to think that figure is extreme when it comes to porn, have you even seen hyper?
(21.76 KB 750x320 64f7157.jpeg)

>>380198 The first kid looks straight from a western trap comic where the kid drawing Tankman catches him crossdressing and blackmails him for free buttsex. Why do American school classes look like the setting for a gay porn comic?
>>380459 That thing wearing white is male? It looks like a lesbian
>>380437 >>380446 I'm well aware that there are degenerates who have fetishes like this, they are a minority for one and I despise cartoonishly fucked up proportions.
>>380467 Dunno, looks like a man to me.
(125.58 KB 720x695 Me every decade.png)

>>380437 >Why? Because video games are their direct competitor thanks to Lootboxes and microtransactions.
(181.10 KB 421x318 Screenshot_20210804-151905.png)

>>380459 Sometimes I feel awful about being such a closeted loner during my schoolyears because I absolutely would have engaged in perverted antics given a little more confidence and a little less fear. On the other hand looking back at kids like these it's easy to understand why entire generations get bullied.
>>380373 The Morrigan redesign has four tits
>>380562 >girls in suits are cute I bet you're cute, homo
>>380459 This is too specific not to share.
>>380425 >>380428 >tomboys and their style aren't feminine Tomboys are a catch 22 because the thing that defines them is that they aren't as feminine as other girls, but on the other hand, tomboy is an archetype that is still mostly defined by male attraction to these women who ultimately still have a feminine side. Which ultimately makes them feminine because they are sought after by men and get dicked by men. Also ties are an analogue for the phallus so if you're a woman and wear a tie on top of your breasts, you're tantalizing men whether you accept that or not
>>380430 There are plenty of porn artists with gay flags in their bios.
(127.84 KB 574x850 2.jpg)

(108.39 KB 800x570 3.jpg)

(142.72 KB 800x570 4.jpg)

(91.15 KB 736x524 MarioIsBlack.jpg)

>>380608 Where's the LOL?
(721.05 KB 726x577 wrong.png)

>>380608 That first strip is really fucking awful. Whoever wrote that trash did not understand the game. >AUTISTIC RANT TIME. >Mario built New Donk City by himself the residents celebrate that fact and that fact he beat the shit out of Donkey Kong while building it, Mario is that city's local super hero it is his home town of sorts. >Pauline is only the mayor because she sometimes fucks Mario the guy who by all reasonable logic OWNS the fucking city. >If Mario wanted to kick ALL the trash cans in New Donk city he fucking can and the wierdos there would probably make a movie about it. >Mario most likely paid for everything in New Donk City fuckers seem to forget the little retarded plumber is royalty in his own right and has his own Kingdom. >I cant explain the fucking dinosaur.
>>380639 Dinosaurs are for fucking anon
>>380639 >Mario built New Donk City by himself the residents celebrate that fact and that fact he beat the shit out of Donkey Kong while building it, Mario is that city's local super hero it is his home town of sorts. Fucking wut and whar are you reading that,
(42.59 KB 600x334 Mario.jpg)

>>380661 What do you think he is doing in the original Mario Bros, Mario's Cement factory on the Game & Watch and what he is doing in Wreckn Crew or the fact he took up plumbing. You see all the jobs he is doing? This is the deepest lore anon. Just ignore the fact that Mario is actually New Donk City's local lolcow thats only real claim to fame is causing a big fucking chimp to kidnap a woman by poking it with a stick and just trust me bro.
>>380608 >>380662 For half of these I'm not even sure what the joke is supposed to be
(38.98 KB 470x470 burgers.jpg)

>>380692 Joke?
>>378790 She looks like a meercat, pretty impressive pair of tits though.
(64.70 KB 794x435 harold smug.jpg)

>>371877 Looks like what sells is white patriarchy or something idk lol
>>372040 This cartoon describes so many things so well
>>372172 Stop being trash if you can
>>381362 Im secretly trash Nobody knows my secret
>>371969 Being here for more than a decade doesn't make you better than newfags, it makes you inferior to them. It was lurk 3 years not 10
(26.92 KB 269x734 ClipboardImage.png)

>>380380 All "make fantasy things realistic!" nonsense is retarded. It's either done for humor, which it is bad at being, or it's done to make some kind of point about fantasy not being realistic, which is stupid. Nobody does this well.
>>380373 Realistic =/= Depressing wino schlub These people know models and athletes exist, and they're not even the exception, right?
>>385383 >Depressing wino schlub Why do these pigs even think they deserve public representation? They shouldn't even be in employment that is front facing to customers.
>>385380 No, it was done to normalize obesity in women (notice that no male characters were made "realistic") and shame men for being sexually attracted to beautiful women. You can tell because the "realism" is just adding 60+ pounds of fat, which is completely unrealistic for characters that are warriors or soldiers.
(183.01 KB 600x800 lick-that-nose.jpg)

>>378864 This is much hotter once you imagine it being jazz jennings
>>378891 So nice of those nazis to give that Israeli a back rub, she looks like she really needs it and it shows that despite our differences humanity can come together and share its kindness with one another.
(170.14 KB 640x1307 Arther problems.jpg)

(44.54 KB 651x318 Arther problems 2.jpg)

>>380662 That 4th one is a little funny. Pretty sure the comic is more focused on "cute cat doing cute stereotypical gamer things" than actually being funny. It's most just inoffensive. I'll take that over the Cake is a Lie Christmas comic.
>>371894 Monsters are for closeted furries.
(125.60 KB 800x600 Al-Aqsa Mosque.JPG)

(263.85 KB 900x900 Worried Momiji.png)

>>379547 >>380014 Okay seriously though am I the only one who thinks it's really weird that two historically significant religious buildings burned in near perfect sinc that being Notre Dame and the Al Aqsa Mosque? If it was just one it would look like a mere accident BUT two at the same fucking time indicates some seriously spooky shit. I dunno I guess some glowie or fedora tipper just has a hate boner for religious buildings.
(125.60 KB 800x600 Al-Aqsa Mosque.JPG)

(263.85 KB 900x900 Worried Momiji.png)

>>379547 >>380014 Okay seriously though am I the only one who thinks it's really weird that two historically significant religious buildings burned in near perfect sinc that being Notre Dame and the Al Aqsa Mosque? If it was just one it would look like a mere accident BUT two at the same fucking time indicates some seriously spooky shit. I dunno I guess some glowie or fedora tipper just has a hate boner for religious buildings.
>>403007 >some glowie or fedora tipper > Burned christian church > Burned a mosque mmhhh... i wonder who could it be
>>403011 Cool it with the antisemitism bro, we love Israel and the Jewish people here.
(59.27 KB 960x540 1496296992397.jpg)

Sorry, didn't mean to double post...
>>403015 I want a cute Hebrew girlfriend so I can hold her head under the covers while I fart and scream "Gas the Jews!".
>>403020 Brapps are gross anon, don't do that to your Jewess GF.
(243.17 KB 600x293 jew futurama farnswort.png)

>>403020 >I want a cute Hebrew girlfriend so I can hold her head under the covers while I fart and scream "Gas the Jews!" FTFY
>>380435 Aren't those called ironic weebs?
>>380435 How can you follow Shadman when he hasn't posted art in half a year?
>>403141 How can you post on cake/v/ when the PPH speed is abyssmal?
>>403141 Thank god, I hope he's dead
>>403160 How can you post on cuckchan when the board is terrible?
(4.11 MB 1171x9111 Manlet 1.png)

(3.74 MB 1165x9468 Manlet 2.png)

(311.11 KB 1170x2726 Manlet 3.png)

Manlet Insecurity on a video game forum.
>>403471 >Some faggot on the internet's being a hothead because some characters in a video game are too big for him It all comes back to Baneposting doesn't it?
>>374322 >horsefuckers still exist 11 FUCKING years later and on a neo nazi larp site, they still FUCKING, FUCKING EXIST. WHY.

(135.88 KB 1024x576 GreatAuntTia.jpg)

(30.19 KB 511x416 5ce6adec2f6f5b21.jpg)

(91.29 KB 944x1024 5b667f81811ec0eb.jpg)

(278.22 KB 1200x1000 5bb98706a25f0411.jpg)

>>403544 Because unlike you, they make us smile
(91.07 KB 1000x600 tidus laugh.jpg)

(9.09 KB 268x284 laugh.jpg)

(37.08 KB 680x510 laugh at (YOU).jpg)

(66.20 KB 700x474 leon laugh.jpg)

>>403471 That Charus guy is a top tier faggot. I hope he gets bullied daily for being a short ass. Getting triggered by tall characters, what a fucking loser.
>>403572 I dont care what they make degenerates do, if its not kill them.
>>403572 Just ate some horse meat the other day, how does that make you feel?
>>403600 >Sucked a horse's dick. Anon what is wrong with you man. Jesus fucking Christ.
>>412879 I'm really glad that cat is okay.
>>412879 Not risking it
(1.28 MB 2000x2500 egzvfjnqxml71.png)

>>412947 I wonder what went to the creator's head and thought this was okay. If it were made in the 90s I could forgive this but considering the shit I find in other sites I doubt this.
(10.19 MB 1552x648 My Mouse Broke.mp4)

The real LOL here is that EC has officially died yesterday.
>>412965 That video I think is from early 2000. The website that had that also did like a feature length one where some space princess had to fuck a bunch of weird creatures and choose one as a suitor, and a bunch of short videos.
>>412965 the gif is from the early 2000's though. It's around on par with the era if you've seen early 2000's cgi.
>>380054 >>380055 >>380050 What's up with wahmen wanting to fuck men best friend?
>>413025 Daddy issues
>>413025 Because they are looking for some ruff sex.
>>413025 Can he still be called man's best friend, if he cucks his fellow man? The real answer, is that this is just some dumb meme propagated mostly by nonwhites. to demoralize white men, and hopefully indoctrinating white women into thinking that this is what they are supposed to do.
(19.75 MB 1280x720 Dungeon Keeper.webm)

Where's the LOL, anons?
>>413159 is that tgweaver
(216.18 KB 1149x1219 1.jpg)

(175.15 KB 1149x1336 2.jpg)

(182.48 KB 1149x1200 3.jpg)

(137.42 KB 1149x1119 4.jpg)

(97.95 KB 1149x786 5.jpg)

>>413835 You got it anon!
(191.66 KB 1148x1263 6.jpg)

(187.32 KB 1149x1066 7.jpg)

(154.05 KB 1149x973 8.jpg)

(61.65 KB 1149x525 9.jpg)

(62.35 KB 1149x528 10.jpg)

(167.63 KB 1149x1093 11.jpg)

(183.56 KB 1149x1241 12.jpg)

(154.37 KB 1148x1045 13.jpg)

(167.94 KB 1149x860 15.jpg)

(205.27 KB 1149x1236 14.jpg)

(19.24 KB 206x236 capcom.JPG)

>>414116 >>414117 >>414118 This isn't over yet. Right?
>>414182 Stop anon.
(201.70 KB 471x642 1609872220662-0.png)

>>371877 >>371986 The reason they try to appeal to the new wider audience (which are radical liberals now) is not because it looses them money, but because they make money off of them. Sure it fails sometimes, but when you try to appeal the liberal youth, you're casting a wide net.
(7.28 KB 212x237 1612102644262.jpg)

>>414320 The best choice for the smart, capable, white man is to build a pc and don't support any company any more. We have for the time being a huge amounth of free resources abailable that we can download almost instantly. From comics, to movies, books, lectures, games, every form of entertainment or culture is for you to grab freely. And instead people decide to go out of their way and actually buy stuff. You don't even have to spend a huge amounth for it. No reason to build something to play the shit they release now.
>>413898 Either that or an imitator, certainly.
>>414320 >fails sometimes Get Woke Go Broke is a phrase for a reason. Woke movies & shows fail constantly for good reason.
>>414320 >Sure it fails sometimes, but when you try to appeal the liberal youth, you're casting a wide net. 90% of the people they attempt to pander to don't even consume the product, so it doesn't just fail "sometimes".
Why are we talking about social engineering like it's actually meant to be effective marketing? They've learned that people will buy the shit up no matter what, so they can comfortably fill the rest of the adspace with their kike agenda. They know their shit is awful, they also know that if they do it enough they can trick people into thinking that it's normal. At the international level, the media shot-callers are aware that this creates a radical element out of the people who despise it. In fact they're counting on it, the acts of resistance committed by the "reactionaries" can be used to further legitimize the aggressive implementation of their designs. Western culture has been impregnated with the idea that atrocities justify acts of greater evil in response, and that wasn't something that happened by accident either. tl;dr: Advertising isn't the point of advertising anymore, also we're living in the Patriots' plan from MGS2 except it sucks because it's run by gigakikes.
It's always been "sex sells" and always will be. We got to a point where same-race hetero relations were too boring to keep people's attention so a shift yielded the dual benefit of something new and different for the normies and "inclusion" for the homosexuals. If it started anywhere, it was from porn vendors popularizing lesbian relations, normally white women, and pushing the spectacle on straight males, normally white. That shit used to be all over the place, so much so that a new observer would think it was always normal and they were just then being exposed to it. It wasn't. The idea that you don't need straight white men wasn't the long game; it was square one.
>>414327 And when you install your OS, always remember: the white man uses an .iso file.
(24.37 MB 480x320 Dop0p02.mp4)

>>412947 >gif >>412965 >>413018 My dates show around 2010 is when I got the files but I got them from an anon's offsite link. Some of them tried to tell a story, others were just one off goofy shit.
(10.72 KB 389x324 bird.jpg)

>>412947 >>416564 Some where out there someone unironically fapped to this, perhaps multiple people. May the Lord have mercy on their souls.

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