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(4.35 MB 1920x1080 underrail.png)

(7.79 MB oculus.ogg)

(11.25 MB xpbl_greyarmy.ogg)

Underrail Anonymous 08/03/2021 (Tue) 12:13:56 Id: 000000 No. 379551
It's Serbian fallout. One of the best games I've played in terms of sheer content. The main problem is that's it's just a really big time sync, it can take hours to make any sort of real progress but at the end you're basically a god.
>>379551 is it on-par with OG fallout/Baldur's gate?
>>379553 Yes I'd say, in alot of places It's even better than fallout, not sure about Baldur's gate haven't put the time aside to play it.
Oh shid our old one pruned? That was up for ages, I wish I remembered to bump it.
>>379553 I enjoyed it about as much as the original Fallout, though the writing isn't as good and it has some typos. The game was almost entirely made by a single person who wasn't even a native English speaker so I can let that slide. If you want to give it a try, do NOT go for a jack of all trades like you might in New Vegas. That's a very fast way to make a useless character. If you want to be a cyber mage or a gun grunt you should spec into those specifically. And don't obsess over picking up every single high value item, money stops being a problem after awhile and you'll spend 90% of your time encumbered if you try to haul guns around everywhere.
(284.92 KB 356x654 tanner_nevidljiv.png)

(88.93 KB 179x281 underrail_marketing.png)

(64.07 KB 248x177 its_shit.png)

Oh nice, I've wanted to remake the thread the past couple of days, but didn't know what to put in the OP. The big news is that the game has been successfully completed with a crowbar build on Dominating, so everything is officially viable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK7_YMa1uJg >>379553 In some ways it's better than Fallout, in some ways it's lacking. Early game writing and presentation can feel dry and bland, but they pick up significantly around Foundry and Core City, and Expedition (the expansion) features some stellar visuals, great dialogue and incredibly thorough worldbuilding and atmosphere. The meat and potatoes of Underrail are its combat and character building, which are some of the best in the genre. You've got a lot of variety among the capable builds and many strategies to deal with every encounter - from trapping and stealth to speed and evasion to forgoing mobility altogether and wearing a hundred kilograms of tungsten. Due to this the game has lots of replayability and you can easily sink over a thousand hours into it just trying out different playstyles. Balance is very good as well, with Hard offering a fair, well-rounded challenge for somewhat experienced players and Dominating requiring you to carefully plan your build and make use of every tool the game provides you. >>379565 >The game was almost entirely made by a single person who wasn't even a native English speaker so I can let that slide. Only about a half of base game was made by Styg in his garage, Foundry and further had PhrygianDominant join the development as well. He's the one responsible for most of the good character and fluff writing in second half and expansion. Styg still does the esoteric dialogue (where his dry and minimalistic style enhances the mystery), but he's mostly working on the engine and balance now. Currently they've got like 4 people working full-time AFAIK.
>>379565 Thanks to CE, getting encumbered is completely optional. I do not approve of encumberment when the player themselves can't start caravans nor hire other NPCs to hold onto stuff in a sandbox. That's immersion breaking as fuck in any "god game."
>>379650 Just stop hoarding trash. You won't need almost any of that stuff anyway.
>>379653 Oh no, I get to play gameplay unadultered thanks to CE.
>>379656 You might as well set your HP to 6000000 if you're such a cheating casual.
>>379667 I don't even do that on my only run of the game on normal difficulty and I still got killed regularly when entering certain zones Go fuck yourself glownigger. Keep glowing and wasting your time like the glowyfuck you are.
>>379551 If you don't play as a trash jedi you miss out on 60% of the expansion content. Do play as a trash jedi. Use some 'de-nerf' mod to have fun with it too.
(11.83 KB 500x500 getaloadofthis.png)

>>379673 >>379674 I should've expected that /v/ would be full of niggers that suck at video games.
>>379679 >I should've expected that /v/ would be full of niggers that suck at video games. Why did you even quote me?
(490.55 KB 640x480 GetReady.png)

>>379679 They're just mad that most of the niggers in underrail got zoned out by crawlers & cave wizards.
>>379682 >Why did you even quote me? >Use some 'de-nerf' mod to have fun with it too. You also don't need psi in Expedition for anything outside of psionic monolith visions and a small bit of dialogue with one of pirate characters.
I have no idea what kind of character to build. Usually I go for a jack of all trades but I got completely stomped on and now I'm not really sure what to build. I want to have a spearman but solely because I like spears and not because I looked up what spears are like in the game and what they excel at.
>>379688 Trash Jedi is objectively thousand of times weaker than melee with best steel crafted 163 ql gloves, hence why it needs a de-nerf. Unless they added some sort of crafted 'psy implement' that increases psy performance like it improves punching a thousand times in a single turn, it will not scale anywhere near as good
I made a stealth trapper and cleared Depot A with ease. My problem was that I found the barrel with the chipboard and didnt realize it and spent a good 2 hours wandering in circles. I have a lot of trouble against robots and poison immunes and kinda petered out after that
(29.34 KB 493x368 6w346.jpg)

>>379551 >Serbian fallout That would be a short, short game. There's only like two-three proper metro stations in Belgrade. >>379553 Less party and more solo stalker experience. Also proper point turn based combat, no RTWP here. >>379705 Anything electrical fries them or buys you enough time to dismantle them the classic way. So, grenades, bolts, exotics, psyshit. Even acid caltrops have a decent use.
>>379690 Spears are the most versatile melee weapon. They have a guaranteed crit ability (Impale), extended melee range, an AoE ability (Sweep) and even a long-range option (spear throw). You can build them with Dex for crit chance and throwing or with Str for raw damage. >>379695 Pure psi wrecks shit with the sheer amount of options it has for every encounter. A metal glove boxer is strong, but not when he's hopelessly outranged or surrounded by heavily armored enemies.
>>379731 I just have no idea what to focus on outside of the combat skills. The couple of builds I tried I either spread my crafting skills out way too much or way too little and didn't get much use of them, and then I got stuck wanting all sorts of utility "key" skills(lockpicking/hacking/etc) that I also didn't get much use out of those and then eventually something fucked me combat wise that I could no longer proceed, specced too little into one of those observation skills so I got decimated by traps in one playthrough, got fucked by those robots in another, crawlers in a third, etc. I very rarely play this type of game so building a character feels very new to me, at most my experience is something very lite like Deus Ex.
>>379738 This is mostly something that comes with experience. For crafting you really want to ensure you have enough skill to craft your weapon (and armor if tanking or stealthing) out of the best components available to you at he moment (which means mechanics, electronics and tailoring). Almost every encounter can be cheesed with grenades, they are very powerful here, and every enemy has at least one grenade type it's weak to (EMPs for robots, incendiary for psi bugs and crawlers, frags for human psions, etc). You can plan your build with the build tool on https://underrail.info and if you hit the wall with spears you can always go for the bog standard AR tin can with a side of grenades.
>>379738 Honestly, ditch the crafting. Saves you a ton of skill points, a ton and a half of inventory space and if you ever get around to playing a second time you'll know what's worth getting.
>>379774 >ditch the crafting <ditch the most OP and flexible equipment possible I guess the extra fuckload of skill points could possibly outweight the loss, but then you would need to know exactly where to get the good stuff.
>>379750 The thing is I never knew what crafting skills were relevant to my specific build. I fucked up one of the crafting skills(I think tailoring) because I thought why would a psi user need tailoring and ended up missing out on a lot of really good psy carapace armor for it.
>>379553 It's close, the combat and interface are both better at any rate. The build strategy is a little weird in my opinion though. If you don't take a crafting skill you're basically gimping yourself with how good it is and how many materials the game throws at you. For example you can convert any non-unique gun into any caliber. Come up on a dearth of 7.62mm? No problem just switch out your barrel and receiver for the 8 or 9mm one instead. There's also a perk that arbitrarily makes your shit better each time you craft with it.
>>379813 Eh, it's kind of obvious when you think of psi users as mages. My worst character was an attempted equivalent of the mage/rogue archetype. That ended disastrously around Core City. The build does not mesh at all in this game.
>>379738 The general rule is that if you're not able to keep a skill at or near the maximum possible for a given level, ditch it. You can't afford to spread yourself thin, that shit is worthless. Keep only the things relevant to your skills and sell everything else. Then use the money to buy more relevant shit. Solasta Crown of the Magister is based on 5E so you don't have to allot skill points. On the downside, it's 5E, so get ready to fail all your skill checks anyway due to d20.
(1.11 MB 1674x899 owsj6nul66q6111.png)

>>379819 TK/sniper did wonders for me first time around. The sheer utility from walls on demand and several free stuns meshed something wonderful with a DMR/aim shot rifles
>>379835 It might have been better if I went for a specific psi skill instead, and sniper is hard to go wrong with but I had already breezed through the game with a sniper before so I didn't want to do that. The walls are extremely powerful though I agree, especially given that almost the entire game takes place in narrow corridors unlike Fallout where you can be ambushed by random encounters in the wasteland.
>>379839 In retrospect I think the stealth focus was more important than weapon choice. Being able to engage where and when you want and then having the ability to panic button a wall or use it to funnel them into a minefield was what did the trick. >fallout >random encounters I honestly don't remember a single one that caused any problems short of the jinx dog or the toxic puddle gecko maze. And those were plain annoying by design not by combat difficulty.
>>379813 You can let your crafting skills lag slightly behind the quality of currently available materials and decide how much of every skill you want to boost based on what you've got sitting in your stash. Arranging items in your crafting window allows you to see exactly how much of every skill you need to craft the item in question.
>>379846 I believe deathclaws were a possible one in certain environments weren't they? >jinx dog Fuck, don't remind me. That was the scariest part of Fallout 2
I've heard great things about this game and should I give it a try?
(53.51 KB 659x609 butmissed.png)

>>380078 I think I was always too well kitted out for them to present a problem. Quickshot .44 up to redding and to save ammo, a .223 bladerunner special for wanamingos and metalfags, and a gauss or bozar which are perfectly easy to obtain around the time you hit New Reno. That's pretty much game over unless it's that gangrape super mutant cave or frontal charge Navarro. Alternatievly, super high melee, eyegouger build also works great. 2AP little jesus or haymaker does the trick on everything up to and including Horrigan.
>>380080 Absolutely. Don't try to act like a badass and pick the harder difficulties, though. The game does not fuck around with the difficulty, even on normal half of your fights will only be won through constant savescumming.
>>380278 >savescumming I get how depending on constantly reloading quicksaves to get the maximum roles inside the combat proper could be looked down upon but even that is debatable depending on the game and circumstances. Basically applying the same logic to every game no matter whether it's push your shit in, 80s and 90s style RPG where literally everything is stacked against you until you learn how to beat the system or something objectively more forgiving is just silly. For example I absolutely dare you to play something like Quest for Glory with a single ironman save and no reloading, and continue regurgitating that phrase that lost all original meaning these days. You can with no exaggeration die in at least dozen fairly comical ways without leaving the "safe" town area of Spielburg. Probably more when I think about it; the tavern alone has like 5 including but not limiting to pissing off the bouncer enough, having a mug of 101% proof ale and spontaneously combusting, tripping on some stairs, trying to lockpick yourself with no lockpicking skill by shoving your picks up your nose, getting the password wrong or pissing off the local thieves guild.
>>380252 Okay, but let's imagine for a moment you haven't beaten the game at least two times.
>>380334 Well, earliest run I can remember was combat shotgun and hunting rifle fresh out of Vault City followed by getting my ass handed down to me by those same wendingos. I'm still pretty sure I had a bozar by the time I did the whole vault 13 and San Francisco part of the game. Super Mutants were tough first time around but I at least had an idea from the first game.
(1.01 MB 1108x831 fmj.png)

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(42.44 KB 600x600 Cirno 9 ball.jpg)

(103.71 KB 480x217 Hydrated Cirno 1600429708999.png)

(604.16 KB 1637x1000 be31ace72e6bba282f1dc922042fefdf.jpg)

(828.02 KB 1535x1080 9d61ed1c0c24a12f8af0c85f37c41ad3.jpg)

>>379551 >Circle (9) on the left of the title screen Oh yes this Balkan game is blessed by the strongest fairy now.
>>379673 >calls someone glownigger for being called a casual Lurk more newfaggot.
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(28.55 KB 100x100 removekebab_l.png)

(20.54 KB 50x50 removekebab_s.png)

>>380802 Didn't make this custom portrait for nothing. Post that text on the underrail forums and I'll make one of Karadžić.
>>380922 Good shit, anon. Gonna use it my chem pistol war crimes build.
(5.97 KB 50x50 50.png)

(87.05 KB 220x220 220.png)

>>380922 Touched up that for you

(11.23 MB 480x360 TURBO (4).mp4)

>>380961 >>380922 (checked) Noice.
(42.47 KB 773x1002 GrayArmy.png)

>>380961 Nice. What software did you use?
(67.47 KB 220x220 1446268972377-3.png)

(16.38 KB 100x100 1446268972377-1.png)

(4.93 KB 50x50 1446268972377-2.png)

>>380984 paint.net mostly. Free, easy to use and loads of utility plugins. Also, doesn't require the resources or the hassle of cracking like photoshop does. I ran with this one if anyone fancies it. Bit of that classic stalker vibe.
(11.97 KB 100x100 male2_l.png)

(3.94 KB 50x50 male2_s.png)

(27.10 KB 100x100 Monk_l.png)

(19.20 KB 50x50 Monk_s.png)

>>380987 Thanks I've been using paint3d this whole time, only good for mixing portraits together
(1.06 MB 1526x883 Untitled.png)

>>380988 Very beginner friendly layer management, decent upscaling and AA that comes out the box and you can pretty much open anything from .ddr, .tex, .dds, .pdf to photoshop files with the right plugin. Doesn't have any grids by default so if you're looking for classic spriting better get graphics gale or such. And if you're looking for straight up drawing it's hard to beat corel. But for fast edits and chopping up it's rather good and simple to use.
(129.45 KB 880x660 kebabremover.jpg)

(29.71 KB 100x100 kebabremover_l.png)

(19.66 KB 50x50 kebabremover_s.png)

>>380996 Gotta say it works great when used with other software. Guess I will start searching for some plugins.
>>381046 >Karadžić wew Try working on higher resolution and then resizing down. It will correct/hide some minor touches. Also, soft but not too soft anti-aliasing is your friend.
>>381048 It was more of a quick mock up. But I'd say it turned out quite well, and required alot less effort with the better tools at hand.
(57.98 KB 200x200 200.png)

(57.98 KB 200x200 100.png)

(4.58 KB 50x50 50.png)

>>381051 No, it's alright. Just a couple of things that I figured would make your work easier
>>380317 >I get how depending on constantly reloading quicksaves to get the maximum roles inside the combat proper could be looked down upon but even that is debatable depending on the game and circumstances. Basically applying the same logic to every game no matter whether it's push your shit in, 80s and 90s style RPG where literally everything is stacked against you until you learn how to beat the system or something objectively more forgiving is just silly. One possible solution to savescumming could be giving the player 'bullshitpoints' that can be redeemable for basically anything. Ensure 100% hit, make a hit that just missed hit anyways, etc...
>>381070 Starsector kinda has those now. Little things like having extra officers or getting more money on a trade mission.
>>381070 This is pretty common in tabletop games where the rules are mostly similar but there is no quicksave feature.
>>381070 Yeah, Black Isle and Troika experimented with that system of fate points. I know Arcanum had them but I can't remember if Crusader did as well. Anyway, I just can't understand how the reasonable save and save often maxim got overturned by some idiotic one asking to get your saves wiped and progress lost by ironman mode and shit.
>>381088 Speaking of Ironman, Underrail has been beaten this way multiple times on Dominating. I do remember one of the builds being an SMG tank - large health pool to mitigate damage spikes from enemies and a ranged weapon with the most attacks per turn to avoid getting fucked by RNG misses.
>>381092 That sounds fucking insane, you'd also have to avoid fights whenever necessary and play the game on oddity mode. The build sounds good but it only takes one group of Death Stalkers to end it.
>>381094 >avoid fights whenever necessary and play the game on oddity mode Wouldn't that make you level and gear even slower?
>>381097 You can bypass a lot of fights with stealth, and stealth also means you can usually start the fight on your own terms and prep the battlefield beforehand. With pickpocket you can get a lot of oddities without engaging in hostilities too. >>381094 Most Death Stalker fights are optional, and the ones that aren't don't throw too many against you at the same time. Plus those cunts are not that smart, and with some experience and meta knowledge you can easily exploit their rather limited AI.
Right. So I put my points into Strength, Dexterity, agility, and took a point out of will to put it into int. And then I put feat points into throwing, melee, dodge and evasion(or do I only pick one?), mechanics, biology(because I think I'll be using it to make stims and meds) and tailoring, and finally points into intimidation. Did I fuck up already if I'm making a spearman?
Is there a commented speedrun of this game? That sounds like something very interesting to watch.
>>381211 >dodge and evasion They do different things. Honestly, ditch any crafting until your second run and go either TK or utility skills after your primary combat is up to snuff. You'll thank me that you did. Also throwing is best treated as utility, ie, invest enough to chuck a grenade or such accurately but don't expect it to carry you. Intimidation has some cool moments but persuasion has more of a payout
>>381211 You might forgo dodge and evasion since their effective values are impacted by Armor Penalty, and most spear builds tend to use medium to heavy armor, like riot gear and heavy leathers. Unless you're using psi there is no reason to put any points in Will For crafting skills you're gonna need all 5, but mostly mechanics and electronics for your weapon, plus tailoring for armor You'd want to have something around 130-150 effective skill in each by endgame with all the buffs. Chemistry and biology can be pumped to around 100 effective and left there - you'd want chemistry to make high quality grenades to take advantage of your throwing. Intimidation is only really useful for Yell, which is a very good ability (0AP to use, anything not immune to fear within the earshot will get knocked out of stealth and get a significant debuff to all combat skills). Generally you've got a good idea of what a spearman looks like.
>>381721 What about lockpicking/pickpocketing/hacking and like? Or can I go without them?
>>381753 Hacking > lockpicking > pickpocket Although if you're running low on skillpoints you can skip them and not lose that much. I recommend using underrail.info and its build constructor tool, aim for level 10 at first and share the link to your build.
(121.96 KB 1891x973 Balsa.png)

>>381782 This is where I am at the moment. I picked doctor instead of spear throw because I'm a tard and didn't notice I had one feat point and not two, but I plan on getting spear throw and maybe snooping because I can't be fucked to lose out on certain things because of my perception(mainly traps, I remember my psy guy getting decimated by those because I had like 3 per that build). Haven't found a shield to justify whatever shield arm is yet.
>>381786 Also, will I ever get more AP? Two pokes with a spear isn't enough for me.
>>381787 Nope, you're stuck at 50 AP unless you take adrenaline or use time adrenaline using chronal manipulation, or tribal cocaine, if you head over to the expedition. Also doctor is a solid pick, it opens up a couple of dialogue options and being able to heal using only bandages is a godsent, especially on the higher difficulty because it'll force you to inject your healing juice and wait 60 seconds before you can heal up again, which is asinine. That said, you can lower the AP cost of melee weapons using tabi's, which are a type of boot you can find a little later, and they also offer the second best mobility option, with the number one being striders. Striders fuck up your stealth, though, and you can only craft them, on top of the boot springs being stupidly rare and it only working on steel boots.
>>381852 I feel like Stealth wouldn't really work well on a spear. If I ever do a second playthrough with a knife or a sword or something fast I'd focus more on those agility type skills, am I getting this right?
>>381852 >>381721 Have you tried Agi hybrid build? Some nice tanking options with the TM psi and there's always the excellent 10 AGI blitz feat.
How does stealth work with attacks? There's a few feats but all it seems to do is give you a better position and use a ton of AP
>>381861 Well, there are several attacks that scale with your stealth value for fairly massive damage. So you could use it to either pick off high value targets both ambush and snipe are generally one shot wonders and retreat like I generally do or cut-throat someone out of action and proceed to wreck them with the additional damage from blindside. And bear in mind that while you're in stealth you're not getting shot and can turn around their minefield against them, for example.
>>381861 Stealth does literally nothing for your attack outside of a few select perks, namely cut throat and sniper. Sniper is one of the most overpowered perks in the game that lets you instantly kill the final boss of the game literally before anything can get close to you. Stealth's main use is positioning and putting down a fuckload of traps. My favorite trick being setting up beartraps in a chokepoint and then tossing a few gas grenades. Speaking of gas grenades. Find them, get them, love them. They're the single best option against anything that isn't immune to them, which is just about 70% of the game with the exceptions lying with particularly ugly mutants. If you bring a gas mask and some added protection, you can also make yourself immune to it, which is nice in general. Do keep in mind that gas grenades spread slowly, so they're not direct combat grenades, they can just be used to lock up a chokepoint or, if you have the summon wall psi ability, to make a gas chamber. Gas deals a decent amount of damage and per tick of damage they take they are contaminated, which will cause them to take 10% more damage from all sources, including the gas itself, which stacks up to 20 times. Combine with molotov cocktails and/or caltrops, and there is not a single human enemy in the game that can survive it. It is reliant on chokepoints or locking your enemy in place, though, and nuclear material is not often available in shops. The Core City sewers have large quantities of the stuff in the gas barrels, but once those are used up you're shit out of luck. There are other gas grenades available, but those are dogshit. The freezing gas grenades do fuck-all for damage, almost every enemy is resistant, and it only faintly slows them down if they dance in it for the entire duration. the others either can't be made or are basically quest-specific.
>>381786 Drop Will and Perception to 3, you don't need them at all, and 4 base points are incredibly important. Doctor is not a bad feat, but with only 6 Con you won't get much use out of it, and Fast Metabolism is straight-up better in every way that counts, especially later on. Expertise sucks on pretty much anything that isn't an SMG. Conditioning is good, but, again, not much use on 6 CON. 6 DEX is a bit low for a throwing-dependent build, and not maxing out STR or DEX on a melee build is a no-no. Agility is also lacking, melee builds need to be able to actually get to their targets or be incredibly tanky. Snooping is a noob trap - perception is the easiest base stat to boost with gear and chems (you can get +5 base from gear, food and chems and +3 more for the purpose of finding secrets from another chem). 11 PER is enough to pass all but one secret area stat check.
>>381880 Don't you need will for persuasion?
>>381891 Not really. You will have to invest a little more skillpoints, but otherwise there is no difference. Wasting 2 base attribute points to save a handful of skill points on a purely check-based skill is not a good idea. >>381861 Special attacks and feats aside, stealth attacks when you aren't detected ignore half of a target's dodge and evasion. Plus it has lots of utility outside of direct combat - looting, trespassing, preparing the battlefield, positioning, etc.
(116.93 KB 1880x976 Balsa2.0.png)

So this then? I'm still not sure how much const/agility would be enough or what a good tradeoff between STR/dex would be, I used a fair bit of grenades in those three levels I had in the other character.
>>381910 >I used a fair bit of grenades in those three levels I had in the other character. I remember having a Throwing skill of only 40 or 50 and I extensively used grenades. From what I remember Throwing only affects how accurate your grenade throwing is, nothing else related to grenades. Its base ability is determined by dexterity but you probably knew that.
>>381919 Well, I haven't gotten to actually using spear throw yet so I'm not even sure how it works or how I'll fit it with a shield if I get around to using a shield, or how shields work.
>>381919 Throwing skill also afffects crit chance when using the three pointer.
>>381910 7 in AGI, CON and DEX by midgame should be fine, the rest should go into STR. This way you'll end up with 16 STR by the time you hit the level cap. I would take Nimble and Sprint on level 1, as mobility on melee is always good, and Spear Throw on level 2. >>381924 Shields are an optional part on riot gear armor suits. Using riot gear with a shield disallows you from using two-handed weapons (hammers, any non-pistol firearms, spears without Iron Grip feat). To get Iron Grip you need 11 STR, which on your build can be as early as level 4. Shields work by having a chance to block a certain amount of melee damage. Check the wiki page for more details on block mechanics: https://stygiansoftware.com/wiki/index.php?title=Riot_Gear#Shield_plate
>>381933 Thing is if I'm going to be going really heavy with the riot gear and such, wouldn't the armor penalty's never going to be 0 to make any use out of Nimble plus the fact that I'm not actually putting any points into either dodge or evasion?
>>381957 You'd be getting Nimble for 15% Armor Penalty reduction, not dodge/evasion.
Things are better now but I'm finding I'm missing a fair bit in both melee and thrown.
>>382007 Do you want a tip for throwing grenades? They can't go farther than 3 tiles from where you threw them, even at 0 skill.
>>382009 Not my nades, my spear. Even on 82% and up it seems I can't do anything but miss half the time.
>>382015 How accurate your throws are depends on how high your skill is. To have a 90% chance of hitting from 10 tiles away requires a skill of something around 120.
>>382018 >How accurate your throws are depends on how high your skill is. Sorry, I meant how accurate your throws are depends on how far away your target is.
>>382019 The new stabilization wings spear component are great for this since they extend max range of spear throw.
>>382019 >>382018 What about just poking a guy though?
>>382072 Your melee skill vs target's dodge.
>>382075 Guess I just need to keep leveling then. I thing I have bitten off more than I can chew trying to go to the SGS warehouse before even retaking Tanner's outposts.
Also on the bright side throwing a spear is fun as fuck and it hits like a truck so I can see why it was recommended. Actually chasing down the spear and trying to collect it without wasting AP/MP is so shit I'm really considering having two spears at once just as a backup in case the spear gets dropped in a place I can't quite reach.
>>382078 That's the usual strategy - get one spear with big damage for throwing and another for actually stabbing people. You can also grab Quick Pockets at some point to equip a spear from inventory for only 25 AP.
(73.42 KB 488x720 6786453453.jpg)

>>382079 Have you tried making a sword/spear hybrid? One for big damage on armored targets and the other for quick trash.
>>382215 My love is for spear autism, I can't cheat on my shaft like that. I am planning on making a nothing personnel stealth swordsman if I'm ever up for a second playthrough or if I get filtered again
>>382215 Swords and spear are both somewhat feat-hungry, so you might be spreading yourself too thin. On top of that swords' main power is Flurry, which requires you to use swords almost exclusively.
So wait, here's a question, why not pick Metal Armor over riot gear since that gives more resistances and bonuses to melee attack? What's the downside I'm not noticing here?
>>382526 Because metal armor is very heavy (which will completely kill your mobility), and riot gear gives a +100% bonus to DR and DT against melee and bullet-based attacks, and on top of that you've got shields that can block some damage even before armor.
>>382528 I see. Thank you.
>>381903 I've made a mistake here. Ambush makes your attacks ignore half of target's evasion and dodge. Stealth attacks completely ignore target's evasion and dodge. Very good for something like Pummel or Sweep on tough and dodgy assholes.
>>382525 True. You'd have to focus on one over the other or suck at both. But it's a crying shame that most throwing feats work exclusively for knives.
>>382575 Without them tknives kinda suck, while spear throw is massively powerful on its own, especially with Dominating boss HP bloat.
>>382582 So you'd say it holds up to your cookie cutter selective fire SR or heavy AR? What would you say feat selection would look like? I haven't played too much with the expansion content but I'm intrigued that a spear chucker can match the sheer damage of rifles
>>382582 Throwing knives suck in general, probably the most useless weapon in the game.
(220.48 KB 1516x525 tasty_bacon.png)

>>382679 Spear throw can get to 11k damage, and its range goes up to 11 tiles with the stabilization wings installed. It basically becomes a single-shot sniper rifle at that point. >So you'd say it holds up to your cookie cutter selective fire SR or heavy AR? Nothing holds up to that, although epistols are the king of big numbers. Pic related is a bit outdated, as it was made prior to Critical Power nerf, but epistol crits are still insanely powerful. >What would you say feat selection would look like? Cheap Shots, Impale and Sweep are pretty much mandatory. Expose Weakness can be skipped, but there's no real reason to do so. If you want to throw your spear you take Spear Throw. If you want to run a hoplite you need Iron Grip and you'd want specced Shield Bash for a 0AP melee attack. You can try to fit Critical Power in there somewhere as well, but it's not strictly mandatory. I'm not an expert on spears, really, most of my knowledge on them is second-hand. >>382681 Tknives got a nice boost to their utility with the addition of knife thrower glove, throwable acid, shock shurikens and Remote Surgeon feat. They're pretty good against lightly armored enemies and they cuck psiggers hard if you can get a drop on them.
I don't really understand if I'm just biting off more than I can chew or if I went wrong somewhere in my build or what, the water treatment plant is kicking my ass and every fight now feels like me trying to find resources to burn because just using the spear isn't enough. Oh this fucker with a sledgehammer completely outdamages me and I can't block his damage even with spear guard and riot gear , better leap to a place where he can't reach me and then throw nades at him until he dies. Oh this fucker with a knife can reduce my strength by hitting me for a -1 and now I'm heavily encumbered and have a 10% chance to hit him, guess I'm fucked. Oh this nigger throws a frag grenade at me that instantly kills me, better edge around him and hope he doesn't do it again. Am I supposed to still have my shitty 12-22 spear by now or should I have crafted a better one? was it a mistake picking expose weakness over impale? Should I have buffed dex more? Am I just shit?
>>383136 Some Water Treatment Plant variants can be pretty hard in early game. What level are you and which feats did you take?
>>383567 I hunted down any decent steel plates and crafted myself a new 20-38 spear, am actually dealing some damage now and shit's no longer ridiculous(besides burrowers but I'm clearly too underleveled for those cunts for now) I think I'm level 5 or 6, my feats are >Nimble >Sprint(love this move) >Spear throw(love this move) >Doctor(I feel I should have picked fend but hey at least I saved Cliff) >Expose Weakness(love this move) Also I really like Flashbangs.
>>383570 You should be in Junkyard now, so soon you'll be able to craft your first proper set of gear to tackle Depot A. Doctor is not a very good choice as it's effectively a worse version of Fast Metabolism, and its only upside over the latter becomes completely irrelevant past very early game. You should've taken Impale - it's a guaranteed critical hit attack, similar to Aimed Shot for guns. Very useful throughout the entire game, can be a lifesaver early on. Burrowers can be trivialized if you can block their poison darts' damage - a metal armor, decent energy shield or something else with a good DT makes them almost harmless. A handful of antivenoms are a lifesaver - burrower poison stacks quickly accumulate and deal the biggest portion of the damage.
>>383577 Yep I'm in the junkyard. Yes I should have probably picked impale over Doctor but I'm planning on impale for my next feat(What's the harm in one wasted feat point I guess) I'm not sure I understand how well armor/resistance mechanics work. am I correct in assuming that riot gear is great for bullets while metal armor is good for projectiles like crossbow and burrower attacks? What bypasses armor? For example why don't electrical damage resistances kick in against psy users using telekinetic overload on me or the gasmask work on burrower poison?
>>383583 >am I correct in assuming that riot gear is great for bullets while metal armor is good for projectiles like crossbow and burrower attacks? Properly built metal armor is great against everything, since you can get up to 95% mechanical damage resistance. But comparatively speaking tacvests and riot gear built from the same quality materials are somewhat better suited against bullets and shotgun shells. Riot gear provides a smaller bonus against bullets (100% vs tacvest's 200%), but it also boosts protection vs melee (another 100%), not to mention the shields. >What bypasses armor? There are some abilities that outright bypass armor - Neural Overload and Bilocation are the most prominent (as they simply fry your brain from the inside), There are also some attacks that ignore a portion of (or incur additional percentage of) DT and/or DR, like W2C armor-piercing and JHP bullets respectively. That said, there exist damage reduction stats which always kick in, morphine and aegis work by increasing them by 50% and 15% respectively. >gasmask work on burrower poison Armor doesn't do shit again poison effects, but if burrower dart's damage is completely resisted (with high enough mechanical DT or an energy shield) the poison will not apply in the first place.
>>383583 Also, since you're in Junkyard already. When a shady guy by the bar offers you work - always accept it and complete the tasks to the best of your ability. Not only does he pay well, but his questline ultimately unlocks a huge portion of lore, a couple great merchants and some of the best quests on the game.
>>383591 Abraham? Yeah I recall in my previous attempts I always snitched on him like a faggot but I decided this time to hear him out, I'm on his third(after the "release bug into vents" quest) quest.
(586.00 KB 700x700 Gas2.png)

(15.14 KB 100x100 ww1_l.png)

(20.34 KB 50x50 ww1_s.png)

(12.39 KB 100x100 example1.png)

(4.39 KB 50x50 example2.png)

>>381058 Also one more thing about portraits. You are suppose to crop the 50x50 pixel portrait so it has more of a focus on the face.
(63.04 KB 200x200 200.png)

(18.06 KB 100x100 100.png)

(6.58 KB 50x50 50.png)

>>383618 Clearly. But I was trying to give you a hand in how to preserve and enhance details when downscaling. Specifically, remove some of the highlights, both pure white and pitch black and add a thin outline so there's no color bleeding. The jagged edges and solid color blocks in particular look like shit even without the mask and environmental shading mask Underrail automatically applies which only makes it worse.
>>383641 That's odd I thought underrail didn't accept semi-transparent pixels at all. Seems to be able to accept it to a certain extent. Otherwise it would always appear as a solid color, most commonly pure white.
>>383709 >add a thin outline so there's no color bleeding I should've made it a bit stronger but that's easy enough. The real problem is that you can't shade too much and especially you can't prelight with a certain color, say cyan or green highlights on your base image because the game already has a dynamic shading and lighting overlay that's applied to your portrait. The trick is also finding or drawing a centre oriented portrait because the lighting mask generally doesn't account for your char being more profile oriented. Try the >>380987 and you'll see what I mean. The cloak was mostly my way to not dealing with dynamic tinted gloss on a helm. In fact, best results were with a solid gray base rather than the army green I kept on the working image.
>These depot A mines Oh yeah I remember this shit. Even with fucking adaptive goggles and mushroom soup still can't see shit. But thankfully this time I can actually craft grenades, and they're ridiculously cheap. Who needs to disarm shit if you can just blow mines with grenades?
(20.16 KB 246x250 repent_zoner.jpg)

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Chemical Assault Unit, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on the Free Drones, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in chemical warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire Protectorate. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before in Underrail, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Net? Think again, maggot. As we speak I am contacting the Oculus and your location is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, ratter. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Underrail Protectorate and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass of the face of the Underrail, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit acid all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.
>>386984 Ezra did nothing wrong
>>386984 Do you know a man named Wyatt Pear?
(14.34 KB 140x140 antosha.png)

(78.96 KB 233x250 1564719518767s.png)

(14.51 KB 200x209 SOON.png)

>>386994 Fact >>387016 Never heard of him
I feel like, considering how powerful expose weakness+impale is now, that maybe going for Spear throw was a mistake. I mean don't get me wrong throwing greandes is still worth it and all, but how inaccurate the spear throw is makes me apprehensive.
(51.14 KB 853x652 burdenaintfree.png)

Fresh OC incoming
Did you anons broker a truce with the Rathound king or kill the guy? I brokered the truce, but then like an idiot I looked up what the quest rewards were and that hunter perk seems ridiculously good to pass up
Oh wait I'm fucking retarded I can get the feat anyways even post truce.
Which of the core city oligarchs have the most fun missions for a melee character?
>>388419 The most fun one would probably be Praetorian Security. They also have a great shop for tanky and/or gun using characters.
So here's a question. I like Underrail a lot. Is ATOM any good if I'd like more?
I think I fucked myself in the end of the quest with the Dude, I can't stealth this shit and the second room has way too many fuckers to fight and I don't think the disguise works anymore. And to make matters shit I think I overridden the saves I had for this.
(962.36 KB 990x675 warcrimes.png)

>>388989 You can sneak through the entire base with 0 persuasion and stealth, abuse turn-based mode to run past characters that would initiate dialogue and you're golden.
>>389023 Welp, too late for that. Better dig deep and bullshit my way out of this fight somehow.
R.I.P. Balsa, after a couple of hours of trying to bullshit Gray Base through flashbangs, energy shields and spear throws, I cannot get through the spec ops team and was gunned down in the gray base bathroom with 5 of those spec ops gunner fuckers to spare. Too many cunts, too weak of an energy shield, too little grenades and because I'm retarded and have been relying entirely on auto/quick saves I cannot revert to the start of this map and I basically just softlocked myself. I'm still thinking on what my next character should be. >Sneaky sword man >Swole fist/unarmed man >Sneaky crossbow man >Energy pistol man? >Sniper man? I have no fucking clue yet. Still really enjoyed this character.
>>389367 Energy pistols are fun, though I'd suggest trying out Chemical pistols too. Acid works on almost everything, and you can use fire on the four-or-so exceptions in the game. That said, there SHOULD be a seperate save made before you enter the rift with Dude. The game automatically makes a save as soon as you prepare to enter the rift, pretty much for this reason. It's not an autosave, it's an entirely seperate save.
(1.56 MB 5248x2952 8t8y568y.jpg)

>>389367 I think you suffered enough. Go hammer.
>>389447 What's hammer like? From what I remember fighting it's lots of pummels and high damage crits.
>>389450 Well, when your only tool is a hammer - everything else looks like a nail. But seriously, I had a blast with a mostly mobile, mostly medium armor hammer build. Had some Thought Control for utility, a load of caltrops and bear traps, EMP shit and electric hammers for /clang/ and fodder, and a high yield, high damage one for everything else. In hindsight I would've dropped TK for something else (or invested more into it) and crafting could've been useful but most of the fights still ended up being flatten the highest threat in one hit, scare or flash the fodder and either continue flattening or pop sprint and fall back to my minefield and let it and the occasional grenade soften them
>>389450 Read the hammer bible.
>>389462 That sounds a lot like my approach to spears except instead of one hit it's expose weakness->impale.
>>389475 I think that was my second successful run so I made quite a few experimentations and blunders along the way. I didn't commit fully to heavy armor, the PSI was excellent at times for shutting down hostile psykers or giving me some breathing space but getting the locus, despite how amazing it was, made me lose on some other important attribute stacking. Also the get mana on kill ability helped a ton with the lacking pool.
With all of my love for spears, but this sledgehammer build is what I expected a melee build to be like. I'm actually dealing some actual damage here and it's not like I'm missing out on much by not having spear guard versus a built in stun. I'm disappointed at how not a lot of games have fun to use spears but what can you do, swordfaggotry still reigns supreme in the world.
(392.22 KB 1887x1536 we52w435we.jpg)

>>390080 Told you. Also I honestly can't think of a game where blunt weapon types don't trump almost everything else. As for UR, fists and knives get a honorable mention ass well.
>>390089 >Also I honestly can't think of a game where blunt weapon types don't trump almost everything else Bet your ass. Hell even in Nioh Fists/Tonfa movesets shit on just about anything else.
(119.53 KB 646x720 hammerchad.jpg)

>>390080 Here's how a hammer build works >get stronk >obtain Balor's Hammer >locate Zoners >attack them >they die >they go to hell >repeat from step 3
hello can somebody help me i am stuck on depote a and these fucking acid dog's just keep munching my balls
>>391840 Oh, the Depot sucks. Do you have grenades? That's how I dealt with everything, don't be afraid to spend money on them.
>>391845 I got 2 flashbangs from a guy in junkysrd but i used them both and now every time i go in an area i just get killed instantly lol
>>391846 Go back to the South Gate Station and buy more grenades, any/every type really. The flashbangs are very useful on pretty much every build but don't waste them on just one enemy unless it's a tough one. I found that molotovs were the best for dealing with mutants. When they're set on fire they run around and don't try to attack you for a few turns.
(48.41 KB 180x173 indel.png)

>>391849 I tried those ones but they just kill me faster and the HE ones fuck me up bad to
>>391851 You aren't supposed to stand in the fire, you can throw them up to a few tiles away.
>>391852 i didnt throw it there on purpose but anyway the mutant just walked through it and fucked me up the ass
>>391855 It only sets things within its radius on fire, the fire on the ground acts as passive damage but it won't set enemies on fire the way it did to you.
>>391856 thanks dude i just chucked grenades everywhere and those dogs are smoking husks now lol
If you have leather armor blueprints also take some of that dog leather and craft yourself some boots or just armor, it has some nice acid resist so that acidic entanglement tickles you instead of fucks you up.
>>391807 Balor's Hammer requires 20 strength though, I have no idea how many attribute points you get but I can't see you able to actually wield the thing unless you have something like Rathound Regalia or am constantly on mushroom brew/rathound bbq. Or maybe you just get more attribute points after level 13, no idea.
>>391877 At level 26 you can get up to 18 base STR points (10 at character creation, 6 from level ups and 2 from a veteran feat). Even without any food and gear buffs this gives you only 10% penalty to accuracy.
>>391897 Is it a good idea to keep dumping all attributes into Strength though? Yeah you get more effective melee skill+the 10%/point damage increase but I can also see myself going for something like Juggernaut eventually and already at 30% armor penalty movement points are getting a bit shitty. Plus I have no idea if I'd want to pump more into dex(probably not) or intelligence or whatnot.
>>391902 You almost always want to pump the base attribute that your main combat skill is derived from. Hammers benefit massively from maxing STR, since they get a big damage boost on top of skill boost.
>>391902 Sprint solves and even future proofs most of your mobility issues
>>391935 Oh yeah. The great thing about Sprint is that it's not affected by armor penalty, so even at 95% AP you can use it to its full power.
Man, do I love the gas grenades. Just finished the Beast fight in Foundry with my psi tank, now struggling against bladelings en route to Crystal Mine. I just can't output enough damage without crits, and the suit of metal armor I looted off some Ironheads near RC doesn't provide enough protection to reliably tank the damage. Maybe I just need to find a good spot to let them come to me one by one and use my remaining gas grenades to stack up some damage buffs.
>>391877 >>391902 You do have to build you character entirely around STR to effectively use Balor's Hammer, including wearing STR-boosting gear like the Regalia, but it's worth it for the raw damage output. The end result is regularly killing enemies in one hit.
>>379551 psi is nerfed and some of the loot tables are a mess, good game overall but consider mods. I wish these fuckers would stop tweaking the game already, more content is good but rebalancing single player games is bullshit.
>>393780 any decent QoL mods? I just wish I could speed up even more than 5x or if mouse controls were a bit more precise since it's a bit shit pixel hunting to find a specific corpse or just to hit an enemy who's on top of a corpse or in front of another item.
>>393780 If anything psi could use another hit or two with a nerf stick, especially TM hybrids. >>393826 >it's a bit shit pixel hunting to find a specific corpse Use Tab and Z to interact with respectively top or bottom object you're pointing at. >or just to hit an enemy who's on top of a corpse or in front of another item Use "prevent combat interaction" button to the right of your hotbar >I just wish I could speed up even more than 5x There's a Cheat Engine table for that.
Does Opportunist work with sledgehammers or do I just go for broken ribs instead? Since I have dirty kick and cheap shots+the inherent sledgehammer stun I feel like it should be a good enough feat, no?
>>394561 Opportunist works with every weapon and unarmed attack, sledgehammers included. Very few builds outside of throwing and psi-centric ones would want to skip on Opportunist. That said, hammers don't benefit from it as much, since a good hammer build would slam anything that isn't a Dominating boss into the the ground in one hit.
>>394586 How so though? I don't see a way of guaranteeing crits like with the Spear's impale and so if you're relying on the assloads of crit damage you can put out then I can't see it being a sure bet. At least with opportunity attacks I can just keep hammering at a guy until he dies and if not, stunning him and doing it all over again next turn is always an option. I find it amazing how much easier I found Balor and his camp to be compared to the spear. Maybe I just built Balsa wrong or something.
(1.52 MB 1717x1403 hammertime.png)

>>394605 Around midgame on STR-focused hammerchad regular damage with Balor's can easily be in excess of 1000. Still, Opportunist is a decent feat on a hammerfag, although you might consider something less situational first. Broken Ribs is comparatively pretty meh, the only time I've seen it put to good use was in the crowbar-only run. Either way you should go and read the Hammer Bible, it's a good guide.
(284.27 KB 869x672 Balor.png)

>>394654 That's some low damage for Balor's. Did you misplace some zeros there?
(333.72 KB 916x604 Balor buff.png)

>>394668 I thought that too. Those numbers were grabbed from random screenshots, I already spent awhile on the image and didn't want to go in and manually flip some numbers but it's been bothering me since, so have this version.
>>394687 Still too low. A proper Balor's build will do 2000+ damage on crits easily.
>>394698 I've never gotten the hammer to do remotely that much, but then again I never build my chars exclusively around it. Those also aren't crits and I don't want to edit the image more so I can just delete them if you want
>>394700 Just add a zero to each number in original image, should be pretty close to that hammer's real damage.
>>396415 Lieutenant Stratford is the guy you can trade with, but you gotta do several quests (3, IIRC) before he opens his shop to you.
>>396420 Why the hell did I decide I need three pairs of armor plus two sledgehammers on me at all times
>>396429 Because you name is Al Fabet? I wouldn't lug around hammers to sell them, they have a terrible weight/price ratio. Much better to scrap them for repair kits on the spot and repair lighter and more expensive equipment.
>>396879 that's not my selling stuff that's my gear. big tungsten high damage hammer for SUUPER SLAAAM and a shock steel one for fodder and groups. then rathound regalia for boosting, a metal armour set for tanking melee and plasma, and a riot suit for tanking bullets.
>>396898 Riot armor is ass, a good energy shield and a tough set of armor will trivialize firearms.
>>396910 A tough set of metal armor, I mean. Especially quad tungsten one.
I keep starting this game and getting bored up to and just after depot A. Seriously, it's been seven or eight runs since the beta first leaked. What am I doing wrong? Is melee more fun than shooting or something?
>>397234 You're leaving right at the point where the game opens up and the story begins proper. A lot of builds start to come into their own only after getting the drill parts. What were you playing as?
How would you go about a pure psyker build? I take it the main focus would definitely be thermal and then nuke and grenade the crap out of everything with some TK to crowd control.
(585.73 KB 1570x1652 Tactical_Pharmaceuticals.png)

(417.25 KB 944x1812 heavy_leather.png)

>>401423 You can do anything from one to three schools just fine. >Metathermics The most well-rounded school with a focus on straight-up damage with a side of crowd control. Best used at long range, shreds organics like tissue paper, with a Thermodynamicity feat allows you to alternate between heat and cold based abilities for a reduced AP cost. Comes with a psi sniper rifle (Cryokinesis), psi grenade launcher (Pyrokinesis), psi flak cannon (Cryokinetic Orb), psi flamethrower (Pyrokinetic Stream) and a handful of other abilities. With the addition of Plasma Beam (essentially a psi version of Quake's railgun with damage increasing with range) it easily nukes robots as well. If you want to do a single-school run this would be the easiest one to build around. >Psychokinesis The hybrid school for melee and STR chads, and the go-to school for dealing with robots. Abilities do mechanical or electric damage and have relatively shorter range. About 50-50 split in terms of damaging and utility abilities. Suffers a bit against coil spiders due to a lack of a no-cooldown damaging ability that deals non-electric damage. Otherwise it's very good both on its own and in combination with other schools. >Thought Control Has only 2 direct damage abilities and one that allows you to strangle a nigger with his own shadow. The trickiest school to use right, but also the most devastating (and entertaining) against organics when used right. Most abilities are about crowd control rather than direct damage, has absolutely no tools to be used against robots and one end-game boss (due to said boss lacking a nervous system), so you'd want to have some other way of dealing with them (grenades are a popular choice). Has the single most powerful feat (Locus of Control), an ability that can make large groups of enemies infight each other, incaps, fear, anti-psi ability, mental decoys that make enemies waste their shots and other fun stuff. Positively devastating when used right, but requires a bit of finesse and foresight to do that. Also works very well well with stealth since all of its abilities are silent. >Temporal Manipulation The newest psi school added with Expedition expansion. The primary choice for support psi - its only direct damage ability takes two turns to actually do damage and can't crit. It does bypass shields and half of armor, though (not that a lot of enemies have any appreciable energy resistance). Doesn't require any Will investment or maxing out the primary skill to be be great, includes a couple of the most busted abilities in the game. Needs only 2 feats to become disgustingly OP. Probably not the best choice for a pure psi build due to limited psi slots and multischooling penalty, but you can definitely make it work. >I take it the main focus would definitely be thermal and then nuke and grenade the crap out of everything with some TK to crowd control. Very good combo with basically no weaknesses. You can even neglect MT feats early on because of how good its baseline performance is. Also a couple infographics for crafters and chem fiends.
I knew about this game from sseth but am not dedicated enough to play this. Watching commentaries of this might be good.
(761.46 KB 1550x2821 heavymetal.png)

(1.23 MB 1550x2821 fullmetaltrenchcoat.png)

>>401450 And the other 2 infographics. >>401453 What are you, a casual? ||Underrail isn't a very exciting game to look at, all of the fun comes from player's involvement and strategic and tactical decisions.||
>>401453 OK? I'm not sure why you felt the need to post this. >>401475 >Discord spoilers
>>401476 Fucking piece of shit furry-infested service is messing with my muscle memory too. Would have dropped it a long time ago if a shitload of game mods wasn't locked behind it. Sage for offtopic.
>>401484 What mods even justify using it? I'm genuinely curious since I think I'd eventually like to replay Underrail at some point.
>>401486 Not Underrail mods, some Doom and Starsector ones. UR is, unfortunately, not very mod-friendly due to the way its engine is written and Styg's strong dislike for datamining, I presume. One can try to reverse-engineer the game, but it would take a lot of time, trial and error to do so due to both manual and automatic obfuscation applied to the code. Not to mention the dubious legality of such an endeavor. Styg did mention that he's not opposed to some modding, but only with tools he releases himself (if any). We probably won't see anything on that front until Infusion.
>>401492 Why is he against datamining?
>>401495 He wants to keep up the mystique around what is in the game, to let it surprise the player even if said player is a veteran. Hence gypsy charms, random location "fragments", rare uniques in generic loot pool and lack of information on new psi abilities in the latest patchnotes. I don't necessarily agree with everything he's done lately, but I can see where he's coming from.
>>401504 Also bear in mind that he's also veteran codexfag. With all the good and bad autism that implies. >>401450 Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines. Basically avoid guns this time around since I always seem to gravitate handguns > ARs > SRs and watch the world burn with MTs. >Locus of Control That's a must for me even if I go borderline/utility psionic. Even post nerfs it's still so good.
>>401507 >Also bear in mind that he's also veteran codexfag. With all the good and bad autism that implies. It's definitely more good than bad, and his stubbornness guarantees he's not going to cave in to casual trannies and the like. After keeping track of Underrail's development over the last couple years I'm pretty sure it wasn't a fluke, so I'm very optimistic about Infusion. I just hope he relents a little in terms of unique stuff being locked behind RNG. >Basically avoid guns this time around since I always seem to gravitate handguns > ARs > SRs and watch the world burn with MTs. Do you want to go pure MT or combine it with something else?
>>401476 I just wanted to post something >>401512 I don't think even searching people are aware of underrail, much less the usual suspects
>>401512 Just wanted to give pure mage a shot. I actually had one hell of a run long time ago when psi didn't regen and you had to pop boosters and pills.
>>401525 There were lots of casuals whining about the psi rework. >>401528 Now that there's a psi reserve system and innervation slots pure psi is pretty engaging to play in terms of resource management and preparation. I'm doing a run with a meme build myself (a metal armor tank with 3 school psychosis/mania) and heavily enjoying it.
(310.86 KB 1024x768 658ru.Jpg)

>>401534 You mind sharing your spec? I was thinking of playing it like I would anything so far: light armor and stealth with a touch of dodge and terrain manipulation shenanigans.
(2.76 MB 1920x1080 Grays dead.png)

HAIL TO THE KING, BABY Nukem prevails where Balsa has fallen.
>>393853 why not just remove psi then
>>401606 I never wrote anything down and I'm not following a guide. I can do a little rundown on feats and equipment I consider good for psiggers if you're interested. >>402175 Congratulations. Have you done Foundry's Beast questline yet?
>>402219 >The Beast Yeah, that was a while back. I found it stupidly easy with Saban helping out with the stragglers.
>>402219 I'm not for guides either but you do seem to have a different approach in mind. I mean, psi is generally either tranquility or psychosis and either, again, generally depends on not getting hit too much if at all. Metal armor and tank also implies higher strength. Something I wouldn't pick with psy, either. Are you going for a punch thing here?
(25.93 KB 100x100 ajones_l.png)

(16.50 KB 50x50 ajones_s.png)

>>402221 It's a meme build I chose solely to make my life harder. There's no in-game reason why you'd want to play like that. But yeah, I aim for 8 STR, 12 or 14 Will, 10 or 12 INT and 7 CON. I get a decent damage bonus on my PK punch, but I mostly use Electrokinesis and LoC > Enrage since the former has a feat that allows me to stack crit chance debuff on enemies. As Tranquility is effectively useless on a tank, I went with Psychosis, stacked up some damage reduction and stockpiled some morphine shots. Also I wanted to make an Alex Jones build with high Will, Constitution and Strength.
(7.37 MB 640x360 Goblins.mp4)

>>402262 I take it your dex, per and agi are in the shitter. Out of curiosity, how do you deal with hidden and sneaking shit? Drugs?
>>402287 I don't. Perception is nice to have, but it's completely optional, and so is sneaking, especially when you're a tank. Losing out on initiative is almost guaranteed to be a death sentence for glass cannon, but a tank is expected to get hit and shrug it off. That said, if you really want to find secrets you can stack Perception very easily: >2 from Synesthetic Refocus (headgear) >1 from Mushroom Salad (food) or >3 from All-In (rare food) >1 from Juice (drug) >2 from Marsh Honey (drug) >3 from Third Eye (drug) (only for the purpose of finding secrets) >2 from Supersoldier Drug (extremely rare drug pre-DC) Using only gear and common/craftable consumables you can stack your PER from 3 to 9 and with Third Eye on top of that you can spot secrets that require up to 12 PER (which is all of them).
>>402574 >Losing initiative kills a glass cannon but a tank is expected to take the hit and shrug it off That's actually a nice little piece of design insight that I'm going to note for my own projects, thanks
(259.92 KB 666x392 gjr8uity8.png)

>>402590 >Losing initiative kills a glass cannon but a tank is expected to take the hit and shrug it off Only if you play by the initiative rules. And stealth, positioning and picking your engagement with flashbangs or such definitely change those rules. >>402574 >the powerful Ingredients behind brain force PLUS include morphine marsh honey and supersoldier drug Makes sense, actually. But seriously. I'm already tanking much needed agi in favor of high initial will and int as well as decent con and acceptable per and dex. I get what you're going for but losing out on early bonus for traps, detection and throwing seems crippling. So, in addition to already boosting decent detection with snoop and or paranoia I would need to be constantly doped up AND hauling alternate gear with the shittiest strength score in the game or risk missing out on content or getting shanked in the back. I get what you're going for but it seems like a bit of a hassle to be honest. >Tranquility is effectively useless on a tank, I went with Psychosis Also this. Tranq is a single pick with no downsides while Psychosis as far as I know requires at least three: itself, mania and Psychostatic Electricity. That's two less utility feats when I need them the most in my reasoning. There's also the point of it limiting your opening to Electrokinesis in most cases, and also being left to the mercy of RNG far more than your classic Thermodynamicity rotation. Then again I'm mostly going by my past experience. And this whole innervation and psi reserve shtick is rather reminiscent of how it used to work in the alpha only even more annoying. Add in difficulty gated content and encounters, some of which are timed or arbitrarily exclusive each run with no agency on your part and it's killing my will to replay before it even starts. I mean, I've got my "magic" via the liberal use of grenades and incendiaries already and it's not dependent on snorting shrooms thank you very much.
>>402685 >>402262 Actually isn't kinetics a one trick pony right now? ie chain lighting. Long cooldowns, heavy rng dependance and generally types of damage easily replaced and outmatched by either guns or bombs. Christ, this game really turns to shit more and more with each passing uodate
>>402705 EK is the only spammable option, but overall PK is quite versatile, if combo-heavy. Forcefield is no longer an invincibility button (like Stasis is), but it's still a very powerful tool that allows you to stall for time (and trivializes crawlers when used right). Keeping your Proxy in range of target allows you to double all PK damage at a very low AP and psi cost, not to mention the free hurt dispensed every time it passes through enemies. It also works with PK chain even when it's moving so that's even more free damage. The new abilities do have unreasonably long cooldowns, though. >>402685 >I'm already tanking much needed agi in favor of high initial will and int as well as decent con and acceptable per and dex I'd say Agility and Stealth would be the most synergetic with pure psi, covering your lack of initiative. Grenades are good, but their utility overlaps with a lot of psi abilities, especially if you go with MT. Traps and stealthed niggers can be somewhat countered with meta knowledge, and I assumed you're experienced enough to memorize them already. >risk missing out on content There's not much hidden behind Perception checks. Several money stashes, some mediocre crafting ingredients, a couple shortcuts and a shitty shop in Rail Crossing. I'm playing a low Perception build for the first time right now and outside of being slightly less than obscenely wealthy (mostly due to making SS plates anyway) I haven't had any trouble due to being blind as a mole. >Tranq is a single pick with no downsides while Psychosis as far as I know requires at least three: itself, mania and Psychostatic Electricity. If I was making a proper optimized pure psi build instead of intentionally crippling myself, I'd pick tranquility too. Even on a crit-focused PK build being able to zap three times on your first turn instead of two makes a giant difference, especially since with Focus Stim, Trance and a neuroscopic headband your second and third zaps are pretty much guaranteed to crit anyway.
I had a dream yesterday that I was playing a version of underrail but it was in third person and had real-time action and some cuhrayzee combos with melee weapons. It was a nice dream but it got me thinking how would 3D Underrail work? Could a 3D sequel to Underrail ala New Vegas I haven't actually played any of the fallouts past 2/Tactics so I have no idea how well they made the jump to 3d/realtime work?
>>403500 >I have no idea how well they made the jump to 3d/realtime It's bad. Combat is pretty much the worst part of New Vegas, and I highly doubt you could make the jump to real time action combat without the end result being shit or completely unfaithful to original balance. Kek'd at the webm, nice one.
>>403617 It's not like a competent dev team did the transition, you know. That part was all Bethesda, Obsidian barely touched the underlying engine except to add back in a few RPG features and repeatedly get stonewalled trying to add other features that Bethesda didn't allow for with their garbage.
>>403617 >>403648 I guess the question here to begin with is what did New Vegas/FO3/FO4 do wrong?
(113.83 KB 567x753 634ae3d17bb47732f644dcec95.jpg)

>>403500 I believe you Anon. >>403648 There's an argument to be made how obsidian didn't make a single finished game, ever, even when they were fully behind the wheel. In reality it was truly a match made in Heaven - shit engine, incompetent devs, hard deadlines for multiconsole release and goon apologist fans. Personally I liked New Vegas until I reached the actual New Vegas and the game fell flat on it's face.
>>403650 Mixing SPECIAL with FPS combat, for one. You have to decide what level of abstraction you're going for and stick to it - traditional RPG systems with leveling and skills are highly abstracted, while good shooter mechanics necessitate the opposite.
>>403671 System Shock and Deus Ex especially did alright
>>403674 I'm probably in the minority here but I love the way Deus Ex, especially GMDX, did combat. But it's also a fairly shallow way of doing combat.
>>403674 I wouldn't call Deus Ex's shooting mechanics good, but you've got a point. A good RPG system could be made to complement a solid FPS core, but it needs less granularity and more meaningful upgrades than accuracy and damage boosts.
>>403678 Mass Effect tried to do that and combat there eventually devolved into complete skill cooldown based cover shooter. I think the original DE approach to weapon skills was appropriate but it's just that the game itself could do with a facelift. Honestly, keep the upgrades as actual upgrades such as laser sight, thermal vision, bullet time, under-barrel grenade launchers and such, and let skill impact the under the hood mechanics of sway, reload and control. >>403676 Arguably that's the point isn't it? I could think of dozens of games that did the gunplay better but hardly any that allowed the sheer liberty of approach to obstacles that may or may not include combat. And the combat system itself is serviceable and does it's job.
>>403690 >eventually devolved into complete skill cooldown based cover shooter That's what it started as in the first place. Personally I think if you want to make an FPSRPG it's better to ditch combat skills altogether and move all player progression to customizable gear and something like DX's augmentations. This way you can have meaningful character builds without having to decide between +0.5% to damage or -2% recoil. Hell, even Underrail itself has a very streamlined combat skills selection with most of specialization coming from feats and highly customizable gear.
>>403650 Weapon skill is just a penalty to accuracy if you don't meet the requirements plus bonus damage for each point in it. Beyond that there really isn't inaccuracy in aim (sight wobble) unless you're aiming. Gothic 1 and to a lesser degree its sequel, are really the only action video game that did character weapon skill right. Every time your weapon skill advances the hero changes how he uses his weapon. At zero skill his fighting is awkward, slow and full of mistakes that leave him vulnerable. Once he's received basic training all the animations are changed, you can actually chain attacks, and have fewer periods of vulnerability. The same applies to advanced training. Gothic 2 makes these changes occur every so many points into a skill instead of being clear levels. Putting this into New Vegas's system would have it be something like like (note: With 5 in every stat and no tag a skill starts at 20, tag adds 15) >sub 25: your character makes basic handling mistakes, can't really aim, and occasionally has a negligent discharge (both every so often when you have it equipped and a percentage chance when drawing) >25-50: your character shoots reasonably fine but has slow reloads, and relatively slow speed to ready weapon (both from unequipped and when pointing to aim) and when you aim without crouching you can only hold for a relatively short time before wobble because unbearable >50+: Your character has no impediments when shooting >100: Your character inexplicably reloads instantly by the gun off screen (ala Goldeneye) unless the original animation would be faster, zero wobble when aiming Of course, this is very costly in animation budget (tripling the cost of animation for every gun) but I feel it would be worth it. Combine that with something like Deus Ex, where your groups become smaller the more you hold on a target, and removal of HP bloat (not dying should come from the difficulty of hitting a moving target under this system and armor) and you'd have a fine RPG shooter.
>>404199 >ditch combat skills altogether That's what I meant. It was less pop out and shoot, and more pop out and use skill 123. In ME1 due to area design and how at least soldier played I quite often had to play it doom like but ME2 and the shitshow that was ME3 it was all long shooting galleries, chest-high walls and press 1 for incendiary press 2 for shock
>>404274 As I said, the problem with ME is that the very core of its combat system is a boring cover shooter with cooldown-based magic abilities slapped on top. I was thinking more along the lines of STALKER or Jagged Alliance, where you'd start with trash makeshift firearms, graduate to bolt-action rifles, then to semi-auto carbines and finally to modern select-fire assault rifles. Obviously this requires solid shooter mechanics and good level design. >>404252 >occasionally has a negligent discharge That sounds like a terrible idea. Generally I like the way this works, but I feel that it's gonna be hard to find the proper balance between guns skill being mandatory and guns not handling like total shit early on.
>>405392 >you'd start with trash makeshift firearms, graduate to bolt-action rifles, then to semi-auto carbines and finally to modern select-fire assault rifles. >Obviously this requires solid shooter mechanics and good level design. And a setting that justifies it.
>>405392 Ignoring for a moment how jagged alliance is not FPS and how stalker is not an RPG I rather resent that statement about starting with makeshift firearms. Notably in both games MP5k and AKs are widely available to the point of either starting with them or finding them rather soon and both being excellent weapons in either games well into Medina/Pripyat. In JA2 especially a custom trigger AK74 can and will spew lead like almost nothing else and will match or even outperform your end-game FAL and space marine proto bolter at medium to short range. And you can sure as hell off Deidrana and her palace guard with an SKS provided you didn't drag your feet for several months. MAC10s and lighter HK SMGs are also beasts in the hands of someone ambidextrous and sneaky. One of the best ways of taking out the bugs and bloodcats aside from the jackhammer and the G11. And significantly more affordable. In stalker your not SA80 is by far my favorite gun, and in the third game you can find dozens of them even before finding the first boat pub/base.
>>405659 The setting in question is a violent post-collapse society, so there'd probably be more people who want a gun than functional factory-assembled firearms. You could even get inspired by early 20th century China and have a bunch of hand-fitted firearms with poor build quality (resulting in low accuracy, long reloads, cycling issues, etc) and being incompatible with aftermarket parts (due to being hand-fitted). >>405798 I probably worded myself poorly. That wasn't a description of how the games actually work, but rather what I would do in a Fallout/Underrail FPSRPG.
>>379551 It's rpgcodex 733ter than th0u cirklejek that doesn't respect your time and expects you to restart 50+ times or play with a wiki open. Pretentious hot garbage of a game with an equally cancerious dev that hides behind muh old school
>>408939 Sound like you're just bad at videogames, anon.
>>409409 Or just bait. I swear, I don't understand how anons fall for it so easily.
I have to say I really like the new Mind Cracker dungeon. It's very pretty and very distinct in terms of gameplay. Very tense and very deadly, but very much doable if you prepare for it. It's mercifully short at least, so its gimmick doesn't overstay its welcome. But I still want to see some psi-crawlers in Infusion.
(184.65 KB 644x488 hammerwizard.png)

Play as a hammer wizard
(1.83 MB 2560x1440 ClipboardImage.png)

Styg teased a new UI geared for high resolutions a few days ago along with proper scaling support. The old one stays in the game as an option.
>>438484 For some reason I really don't like that
>>439636 The new UI looks cheap and kinda ugly without the low resolution to hide its flaws, but it never looked particularly great anyway. I like the new inventory grid, makes it a lot easier to select an item without pixel-hunting, but outside of that it seems like a downgrade. Either way the old UI is not going away, so worst case scenario is just having to flip a switch in the options and keeping things as they were.
(1.65 MB 3840x2160 ClipboardImage.png)

(139.32 KB 1202x1045 ClipboardImage.png)

(189.94 KB 542x720 ClipboardImage.png)

(48.51 KB 819x233 ClipboardImage.png)

More teasers of the new UI. Crafting menu finally gets categories, trading window has item grid like the inventory. The face picture added to the pause menu changes along with the difficulty. Or, in Styg's own words >noobs and journos get the baby face one
Question: When does a character or build become effective? I notice that essentially every build is presented as a "this is what you should look like at level 30." Level 30 is at probably a 30 hours away when I get even remotely close to cutting teeth at Depot A, and knowing that this build can one day 1turn4naga doesn't help me much while I'm at level 8 and having trouble with a 4turn1siphoner. The common answer I see to midgame struggle is "use traps and grenades" or "reroll a wizard." Grenade utility seems patchy at best, but can always be counted on to be a savescum liability. Traps require disproportionate preparation and seem like a commonly relied upon crutch for every player, at least for those already weened into the design of the game. The unspoken consensus seems to be that every encounter is to be stumbled into (or recalled from a previous play), rewound with a quickload, and encircled with a wall of bear traps. If you fail to do this, it's actually your fault that the build is failing. Am I just being filtered by junktown? Should I just make that tin can/siphoner suit and carry on?
>>452562 >When does a character or build become effective? This depends on the build. Bare fists have a notoriously hard time in early game while steamrolling everything later on, for example, while chem pistols only need 2 level 6 feats to start shining. What kind of character are you trying to play?
>>452790 A Kenshiro in a Can. Tin Can Puncher. I have a better grasp on it now, I think. Now that I've said "fuck it" and made that spike-laden armor that I was waiting for another level to make.
>>452239 >baby face is ezra
>>452795 Gloves or no gloves? STR or DEX priority? Also, spikes on armor suck, their damage isn't boosted by anything and most of the time it gets resisted by enemy armor. I would recommend slapping blades on instead to proc bleeding and take advantage of Taste for Blood to boost your melee damage by up to 50%.
>>453027 Oh, that'll be the next set of armor that I craft. Spikes now while I don't have the perks to do much. It's literally tripling my barehand damage.
Oh, and this is me: https://underrail.info/build/?BwcJBggDAwUAAAAtAAAALS0AAC0tAC0tAAAAAC0AADkxVSAS378 My armor and boots both add something like 8-13 mechanical damage each, which is actually more than my barehand damage of 7-12.
>>453037 Some questionable choices, but overall workable. >9 DEX and 7 STR You really want to goo all in on Dex or Str - Dex for gloves and Str for bare fists. Not a perfect spread for level 7, but should still be pretty good. I recommend putting every base ability point into Dex from now on. >Sprint and Expose Weakness Very good feats, the lifeblood of almost every melee build. >Lightning Punches Amazing feat for bare fist punchers, great fit for almost every other puncher. If you want to be a tin can and still make use of it you should stick to single plate TiChrome and later Supersteel metal armors, with Nimble and fully specced Armor Sloping you can get down to 2% AP with Supersteel armor. >Juggernaut Anti-synergy with Lightning Punches. Great for max STR quad tungsten tanks with no concept of MP, shit for everything else. Waste of a feat slot on your character. >skills Skill spread looks pretty good, but it could use some throwing and chemistry for ranged options. You can skimp out on electronics until you finish the drill quest, the only useful thing you can craft before that is a taser. The first real test of a character (and player) is Depot A, the big dungeon of Junkyard full of mutants, acid dogs and rogue turrets. If you manage to get through it you should be able to finish the game with that character provided you don't actively mess it up.
>>453083 I'm just about to get to Depot A. I'm actually going to touch STR 8 or 9 before I go all in on DEX. That way, I get less penalties for the hammer that I have in my offhand, and less penalties for the Tin Can that I'm wearing. I really have no idea of what I'm doing.
>>453083 >>453037 Forgot to mention: >Recklessness Bad choice for tanks since crits eat away at your health much quicker than regular hits. Good feat for crit-dependent glass cannons, though.
Best part of being an unarmed character is bitchslapping Evelyn when she tries to pull her psycho killer act on you all while you're in your underwear.
>>453088 Oh shit, completely forgot about STR requirement of metal armor. Yeah, get your STR to 8 and then go all in on Dex. You need 9 STR only for tungsten or tungsten-reinforced armor, which a nimble can is not going to use due to its high penalty.
(66.50 KB 661x623 lev stormtrooper.jpg)

>>453132 That quest was almost a disappointment because my STR was so high. There are all these creative ways to deal with her but here comes Chad Thundercock knocking the bitch's lights out on one row of AP while completely naked. Come to think of it, has anybody redrawn that scene in the style of the lev punch meme?
So I've reached what I guess is the third quarter of the game (not counting Expedition), once I finish wrapping up a couple of things I'm about to start handling upper underrail content. This is the first braindead tin can AR build I've done, and I'm really not sure what to do with my points. I'm pretty sure all of my crafting skills are as high as they need to be, I think I've reached all of the social skill thresholds, throwing is high enough to where I can reliably land a grenade wherever I want it. Should I just dump into lockpicking/hacking? I left it alone on this character because I wanted to focus on social skills and it was boggling realizing just how many locked doors and containers there are. As for stats I'm not sure if there's any feats I can meaningfully attain with my last skill point, I can't reach 11 Perception to get Scrutinous so I guess I'll just put it in Per to at least get some more gun damage/accuracy. https://underrail.info/build/?GAkDAwoKAwjCglkAAAAAAAAAAAB9blRRcQAAAABoQGljJkQIVTtFSkkVUyfip6oD4qe0Bt-_
>>453145 Pretty much. Also does anyone have advice for a psi spear build? I had an idea for my next character of a sort of psi-hoplite using spears and riot armor. I'm not really sure how to split up the stats while still being able to hit high enough will to get all of the obelisk visions.
>>453878 >Should I just dump into lockpicking/hacking? Yea, hacking is pretty good and there are plenty of hacking checks in Expedition and DC. Lockpicking is comparatively less useful, especially for a stealthless tank at this stage of the game. With your remaining skillpoints you can probably max out one of them (with regard to breakpoints, that is) and get enough in the other one to pass most checks. >As for stats I'm not sure if there's any feats I can meaningfully attain with my last skill point, I can't reach 11 Perception to get Scrutinous so I guess I'll just put it in Per to at least get some more gun damage/accuracy. The character you posted has 10 Perception at level 20, so you can get to 11 with the last base ability point and grab Scrutinous at 26. If you made a mistake in the builder and have only 8 Per at level 20 you can still get 11 Per if you take Increased Perception (which gives you +2 to base Perception) at level 26 and Scrutinous at 28. Either way you want to pump Per since your main combat stat is tied to it. As for other feats you can take before the veteran levels I would recommend Fast Metabolism to improve your healing efficiency from every single source (including the regen vest) and Kneecap Shot for more crowd control utility.
>>454393 Thanks, I'll probably grab those feats. The last time I did expedition I kinda bumbled through and feel like I missed a lot. I don't know if it was a bug or I fucked something up but I never was able to finish the philosophy conversations with the Ferryman and the only interaction I ever had with the natives was genocide though I know there are some sort of quests tied to them. AR is so much different from chem pistols. I just clear entire crowds with a couple of bursts it's fantastic.
>>454393 Also as far as kneecap shot, I haven't been using SMGs at all what caliber/frame would you recommend I make?
>>453135 So, I decided to pivot away from punching and instead am now gearing into serrated knives for bleedstax. It's a lot more reliable than trying to critseek and is at least not a direct anti-synergy with lightning punches, but that is a wasted feat still. Tin canning is a real drag, though, and I really need to rely on positioning to deal with ranged enemies. Wizards are the worst so far. I did get past Depot A. I don't see the big deal any more.
>>454588 I could've sworn kneecapping worked with ARs. Scratch that then and grab Critical Power or Fast Metabolism instead. At 30 you'd probably want to take Tempered: Electricity to make your char tankier against TC psiggers. >>454586 > don't know if it was a bug or I fucked something up but I never was able to finish the philosophy conversations with the Ferryman You need 9 INT to get the full conversation, and before the Waterways patch one of the branches was bugged (the one about Center). Just pop a Hypercerebrix before you talk to the old man about philosophy. >and the only interaction I ever had with the natives was genocide though I know there are some sort of quests tied to them There's a native exile in NW corner of Black Sea that you can talk to who can tell you about his people. You need 8 INT to understand him and careful choice of action if you don't want to piss him off. Every other native is immediately hostile and genocide is the only option. >>454635 You might want to switch to a lighter armor in many situations, like Rathound King's regalia. Iw ould also suggest crafting some custom gloves with electroshock modules and serrated blades.
>>454649 I feel at least a little obligated to tin can, even though doing so means that I am accepting a crippling handicap in the form of not-being-able-to-move. Which certainly sucks. My problem now is that I don't really have much motivation to continue. As far as I can tell, I've seen the breadth of the content -- I've finished the first big difficulty spike without much effort, Depot A was really just a toilet-opener with occasional enemies. I've made a few suits of armor -- metal armor seems to be the most versatile in construction. I've made guns and knives and goggles and other stuff, and while it's cool that there is variety in attachments, there's really not all that much variety in viable utility. Battery blueprint quest was a just a boring switch flipper. Mysterious third faction faceless dudes just kind of came out of nowhere and attached nowhere that I really care about, so I have no real motivation to explore it. Combat is a cycle of repetitive frustration and disappointment -- stumble into encounter, try it, find it overwhelming and reload from last save. Probe aggro range. Then make a checker wall of traps. Try to sight-aggro, or toss a cheap grenade. Run out of line of sight. Wait for softened enemies to skirt wall, stab them over and over. Get only slightly excited when I proc a bleed or stun effect. Trade stuns back and forth with psykers. Spend two minutes collecting the unused traps. Rinse and repeat.
>>453897 For hoplite you want either TM (since it works with absolutely everything and only requires a bit of skillpoints and 2 feat sots) or MT (for cryoshield and freeze+impale shatter combo). PK could also work with the high STR needed for Iron Grip, but it really needs some feats to truly shine, and hoplites are very feat-starved as is. >I'm not really sure how to split up the stats while still being able to hit high enough will to get all of the obelisk visions If you want to get all monolith visions you need 12 effective Will and something like 85 effective skill in every psi school. You need to go pure psi if you really want to hit that mark. >>454664 >I feel at least a little obligated to tin can, even though doing so means that I am accepting a crippling handicap in the form of not-being-able-to-move. Melee lives and dies by movement. The only exceptions to this could be sledges and spears on high STR full tungsten builds - and even then you want to switch to something less cumbersome/more specialized in some situations. Fists need speed to actually get in melee range and do any damage, so going for ultra-heavy armor will only cripple you. >As far as I can tell, I've seen the breadth of the content -- I've finished the first big difficulty spike without much effort, Depot A was really just a toilet-opener with occasional enemies. What you've finished is effectively the tutorial. The game opens up significantly after this and you'll get introduced to a myriad of plot lines, more varied environments, better writing and quest design. If you've done Abram's quests in Junkyard you should pay a visit to Core City and get a taste of some of the more interesting scenarios the game offers. >I've made a few suits of armor -- metal armor seems to be the most versatile in construction. Metal armor is the least varied of them all. You only have 2 good archetypes (quad tungsten or lightweight supersteel nimble can) as opposed to a large variety of tacvests (with varying overcoats and optional secondary panels) and leather armors covering everything from glass cannons to dodge/evasion specialists to tanks. >I've made guns and knives and goggles and other stuff, and while it's cool that there is variety in attachments, there's really not all that much variety in viable utility. There very much is, but different characters will make use of different items. Your char can make use of helmets and balaclavas largely, although detection NVG can be useful in fights against stealthed opponents in the dark. One of the fun combos you can try is a metal helmet with shaded visor and dropping flashbangs at your feet. >Combat is a cycle of repetitive frustration and disappointment -- stumble into encounter, try it, find it overwhelming and reload from last save. Probe aggro range. Then make a checker wall of traps. Try to sight-aggro, or toss a cheap grenade. Run out of line of sight. Wait for softened enemies to skirt wall, stab them over and over. Get only slightly excited when I proc a bleed or stun effect. Trade stuns back and forth with psykers. Spend two minutes collecting the unused traps. Rinse and repeat. Sounds like your character is really lacking in killing power due to a bad choice in feats and you have to resort to crutches to progress. You might still be able to salvage your character, but at this point it might be a good idea to restart with a clearer focus on how your character is supposed to deal with the enemies.
(779.32 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(527.90 KB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.png)

More UI rework teasers. Lowest usable resolution with the new one seems to be 1600x900, but the old one remains as an option. Max resolution for portraits is also getting increased to 200x200.
(1.32 MB 1280x720 take_on_dude.mp4)

I read that there was a new mini dungeon that can spawn in upper underrail which is some sort of weather station, but I don't know where to find it so I can't tell if it spawned for me or not. The wiki is really out of date or underwritten on a lot of stuff.
(567.90 KB 1024x730 svinfylking_goes_on_tv.png)

>>470025 It's not a mini-dungeon, it's a very big dungeon. The entrance is on the map with Marty the trader in Upper Underrail. Most of it is always available, but it also has a top floor which is Dominating only and mutually exclusive with Arena Masters in Core City sewers. Which one you've got depends on RNG, but you can find out by checking emails on your computer in SGS. If a message from Goran mentions Ice T you've got the top floor of this dungeon, if it mention Skull Smasher you've got Arena Masters. Pack a lot of coal and a lighter, it gets really cold out there.
>>470044 >Dominating exclusive content I don't know if I agree with that. This game can be pretty fucking hard as is, and on the subject of lack of information I don't even know what Arena Masters is.
(32.91 KB 426x489 ClipboardImage.png)

>>470046 Another Dominating-exclusive fight. A trio of former Arena gladiators that went nuts and now want to blow up Core City. Notable for being very tough and yielding the suicide bomber belt off one of said masters. With Expedition installed it also features the only enemy in the game using Temporal Manipulation.
Fun fact, I went to take a shit during the last Arena fight thinking it's just your standard fight intro and completely missed the entire Carnifex subplot, never knowing it existed until I did my second replay of Underrail a year later. Is infusion going to do anything to psy or do we not know? I kind of want to replay again this time trying a psy build but if there's new shit coming I can wait.
>>470086 Infusion is going to be standalone, but there's a final major update coming out pretty soon. I think there might be something new in regard to psi, but so far I only know for sure about UI rework and some balance changes to hammers.
>>460489 Did you make this? Very nice. >>470086 Carnifex is hyped up but I found him pretty easy to lob grenades at. >>470115 What is Infusion anyway?
>>470119 >Did you make this? Very nice Nah, just something I found somewhere. Don't even remember where. >I found him pretty easy to lob grenades at Grenades are effective against pretty much anything. You've got frags and molotovs for general purpose, EMPs for robots, plasmas for non-robot heavy armor, flashbangs, stingballs, gas grenades, etc. I killed Carni by chainstunning him after dropping a gas grenade at his feet. He ended up dying to morphine withdrawal amplified by 2.5 times o so. >What is Infusion anyway? At this point a standalone game, getting close to Underrail 2. According to Styg it's a separate story set around the same time, but in a different place. So far we only know it's not going to be North or South Underrail. https://stygiansoftware.com/infusion/index.html
Alright, think I've done everything there is to do with my tin can AR before going to Expedition or DC. It's been a couple years since I've played all the way through the game, I can't remember if after you come back from DC if you're free to go about your business and do stuff. If that's the case I'm wondering if I should do DC before Expedition so I'll have super hypos and the like.
>>473613 You're free to do whatever after DC, and the actions that end the game are explicitly marked as such. I wouldn't recommend putting off Expedition, though. Sonocaster comes in very handy in Hollow Earth, and generally Black Sea is more fun to take on without being completely overleveled from DC. Plus you get more dialogue options about the natives and some other phenomena if you do Expedition first.
Alright so I'm climbing the utility tower. I'm not on Dominating so I won't have all of the content, but where does it end for me? I climbed an agi check that's on the outside of the tower but after that I don't see anywhere to go.
>>474260 Nevermind, Styg is just a total cocksucker who likes to place transition tiles on spots that have absolutely no visual indication that there will be a door there. I found the hat, is that about all that's here for me?
>>474288 Below Dom - yes, that's as far as you can go. On Dom you get to have a level with a unique boss up there as well (provided the RNG is right and you get the Ice T email at the start of the game).
>>474332 Bring TNT, and infused bison leather. That boss will fuck you up.

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