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(422.11 KB 640x360 Thatdayoftheweek.mp4)

MILFs in Vidya Anonymous 08/09/2021 (Mon) 17:32:53 Id: cb718b No. 384861
Given that it's a Monday, I hereby encourage everyone to discuss their favorite or least favorite MILFs in video games. Who are your favorite vidya MILFs anon?
Finally a good fucking thread.
(13.57 KB 148x154 Harvest Moon Sasha.webp)

(182.88 KB 1280x720 Lillia Harvest Moon.jpg)

Harvest Moon has some high-quality MILFs. I'd take them over most of the bachelorettes.
Happy Bunday! I don't even know what games she's in...
Not necessarily my favorite, but I just finished Grandia and I'm kind of pissed we never got to see Lilly again. She used to be a goddamned pirate, you'd think that would be some story-hook to have her show up later in the game to save the day with her old ship and crew and get the party out of a jam. Maybe at the very end where literally EVERYFUCKINGBODY joined in the fight against Gaia. Shame she just got thrown aside. The whole game kind of goes downhill after you climb the wall at the End of the World... still has it's moments, but never lives up to what it could have been.
(100.47 KB 1280x720 rt7567.jpg)

>>384861 MILFs a shit. MLRS are where it's at.
(956.80 KB 500x418 contemplative jazz music.gif)

I just realized I don't know almost any mother from the games I play. I know Moxxi from Memelands, but let's say she doesn't count, because it's fucking Memelands. >tfw no 90's FPS MILF
(159.28 KB 301x499 ClipboardImage.png)

(161.36 KB 300x168 ClipboardImage.png)

Scratch that, I just remembered Sophitia Alexandra from Soul Calibur. Had two children in the original timeline: Phyrra and Patroklos.
Is GLaDOS a MILF? Technically she is the "mother" of all the robots she made.
>>384943 "Mother", perhaps technically, but would you fuck GLaDOS, honestly? I know you're gonna say yes, but why though?
>>384908 The story basically turned into an SJW's wet dream. You're fighting against your country to stop the evil Western imperialists from colonizing the new world.
(8.12 KB 223x288 1471894545040.jpg)

>>384984 report as usual.
(83.84 KB 588x581 1471899092072.jpg)

>>384989 someone else will i rather shitpost
>>384990 Then keep the shitposts about MILFs in vidya, and the kind of MILF you want to see/fuck/be in vidya.
TorPedos going to TorPedo I guess.
(19.02 KB 300x300 Petrocent_aka_50Kopeikas.jpg)

>>384927 Xaxaxa gud joge))))
Should I guess we'll have Tomboy Tuesday tomorrow?
>>385010 Sure, why not?
(10.80 KB 126x126 Promise Kept.jpg)

>>384963 >The story basically turned into an SJW's wet dream Not sure we're talking about the same game. There wasn't some evil empire colonizing the new world. You had a few towns, but nobody went further than the great Trumpian wall that kept anybody from further exploring. You're fighting a military force sure, but they're not trying to colonize... they just want to resurrect Gaia, and even then - as soon as they get the hint that Gaia is a destructive force, rather than a benevolent one, they turn on their General and stage a mutiny - joining Justin's side. The closest I saw to an SJW narrative was Rapp and Milda being prejudiced against each other, but eventually learning to get along and appreciate each other. And Milda abandons your party to go fuck a cow the moment you get back to her village. So it's not like that little lesson has much of a chance to get hammered home.
cuckchan template thread
(13.52 MB 1920x1080 walk cycle.mp4)

>>385151 Your mom is a template for cuckchan
>>385156 Gotta agree with the child rapist. Thread's not really any measure of effort.
Goth mom
>>385512 My first ever fap was Rikku when it should have been Lulu. I was a retarded teenager for not seeing Lulu as the best girl in that game.
does she count?
>>385536 General butch? more like General Cuck. I haven't played RE8.
>>385539 do you know what cuckolding actually means?

(1.33 MB 800x1215 1438384369032-2.jpg)

(288.62 KB 850x1314 1438384393101-2.jpg)

(915.88 KB 900x1095 1463844828113-1.png)

(280.02 KB 800x772 1463844828113-4.jpg)

>>385540 Yes I do think GB loves watching his significant other get fucked by other men.
(41.70 KB 500x366 tomboys truth.jpg)

(159.92 KB 600x550 need_tomboy.png)

>>385010 Oh yes. I want to marry one and turn her into mother.
>>384942 She's a pretty one
(5.94 KB 364x295 trollge.jpg)

>>385536 >General Butch
>>414456 >Jesus, I remember when this comic came out... Same artist that did Bad Ocarina and Bad Majora. Bad Majora was really good.
>>414583 Well they do look like mothers, but MILFs? I don't know, that turtle lady looks like she'd tuck you in bed, not fuck you in bed.
>>414651 >Consorting with beasts
>Toriel posts got deleted Why? There was absolutely nothing wrong with them. And don't give the furry excuse because this post I made has stayed up for a month >>384886
>>414757 Do you think this is a fucking joke?
(230.67 KB 403x190 cheech.png)

>>385536 "'ey, baybeeee! You give fries wit' dem shakes?"
(251.16 KB 1630x995 don quixote.jpg)

>>414757 >>414872 >>414892 >>414925 You done fucked up now, pretty boy.
mill milf
(379.07 KB 1083x555 THIS ANON IS IVY.png)

>>414369 Sophitia is probaly the purest girl in the game, yet has two kids so obviously knows how it's done. Meanwhile, Ivy looks like a dominatrix, yet because of her cursed line, decides to live like a /v/irgin in a big mansion and probaly never saw a dick in her life. Quite ironic. >Ivy would probably shitpost with us if she existed pic related
>>415030 Ha, you don't even know what a real Mill looks like
>>415015 Isn’t it because she would literally give birth to the Anti-Christ if she were ever knocked up?
>>415134 Something like that, yes. That's why I said it was because of her curse.
(1.28 MB 320x180 vomit cake.gif)

>>415030 Dammit, Ivy, would you please shut the fuck up, already?
>>384942 In addition to her, there are quite a few others in fighting games that bore children.
General Butch is black.
>>416566 You mean a nigger
(802.76 KB 1253x1850 [Tagasuki Kou] MM2-gou.jpg)

>>416443 It's pretty nice that fightan games recognize the importance of milfs, but I'm still pissed that no proper FPS has a MILF protag (or at least I don't know of any FPS milf).
(240.46 KB 1280x768 Virtua_fighter-5_dural.jpg)

(21.20 KB 256x256 PXZ-V-Dural.png)

(46.53 KB 189x279 dural.png)

(1.02 MB 1018x1440 ClipboardImage.png)

>>416443 >>384942 Dural from Virtual Fighter is a Sexy Mama, and I like that she's shinny. She's Kage's mother.
>>416680 I think she would be hotter without a face
(150.98 KB 460x215 header.jpg)

>>416687 Without a face, you say? Yes, I know she's not a milf, but that's the first thing that came into my mind.
(101.53 KB 629x1268 alma wade.jpeg)

(293.99 KB 700x1012 Alma.jpg)

(219.27 KB 708x916 Alma3.png)

(645.74 KB 840x1120 E95thDeVQAIVDgG.jpg)

(886.38 KB 911x1620 E7EccxfWQAYM3QJ.jpg)

I just remembered. >>416671 You dont play as the MILF but your mom does pop up occasionally to scare you.
>>417286 Considering what happened to her, she's more of a mother I want to hug and protect before she does something stupid rather than fuck.

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