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(1.24 MB 1200x832 ClipboardImage.png)

Minor News Thread Anonymous 08/23/2021 (Mon) 22:32:02 Id: 9cb4c9 No. 396559
Basically this is a thread for those minor news articles that are interesting but not necessary big enough to have their own thread. We will be taking the bigger stories from these threads and making them into their own threads, Anons are welcome to do the same. We will NOT be heavily enforcing these threads, so please keep that in mind. Basically things like game announcements, live stream events, new gaming hardware, etc. should have their own threads while shit like NEW GUILTY GEAR DLC 3 "SLAYER" or something like that should be posted in this thread. While we won't ban anyone for doing the former, we encourage anons to use their best judgement when posting news content.
>>637670 Have they actually removed anything though? I know there's drama surrounding it but have the latest builds removed content the trannies would find "Problematic?"
>>637670 Why are trannies fucking everywhere
(83.45 KB 765x593 autism paths.jpg)

>>637674 Pic related non-ironically.
>>637673 so far, nothing has actually been released, but nothing other than what has been shown in the "update" has been done, mostly fixes and porting over assets to the UE1 engine duke is running on, on top of the typical concept art and promises. I am guessing it's a giant shitshow, due to all the trannies and clout chasers trying to make their mark with barely anyone making content. Hell, even VNN was trying to wiggle his way onto the dev team, and that fat fuck has done irreparable damage to the TF2 community, that and the cuckchan leaks should give you the general idea where this was going Flashback: Shortly before the release of Fallout Frontier, a youtuber who had access to the dev discord tried to warn people about the lizard people and all the cringy sexual content, on top of the mod not being lore friendly. Then, a few weeks later, the mod came out and we know how that ended up, we already see that happening when barely any work has been done with DNF. DNF 2001 has very little content, but what is there has been documented on jewtube, I would archive longplays and then later confirm that some innuendos/titties/jokes and references haven't been removed when the first update drops come around, because I guarantee you they will do just that, on top of adding in current year politics and "humor"/virtue signaling
also, if read the first screencap, the "rebuild" was already leaked and the very first thing the trannies did was literally removing titties and the few jokes duke had. sadly, I have no archives of that build, or any leaks, but it seems about right
>>637589 Losing James Gunn isn't a problem at all, Suda51 is a worry though.
>>637722 What's your body count?
>>637674 they have no life outside the internet
>>637674 I blame autism and the discord trannies + rainbow cultists that prey on said autism to increase their numbers. >>637679 >>637680 Disappointing but also pretty much what I expected. What a shame. I guess I can look forward to the future garbage fires they start when it all implodes on itself though.
>>637674 Grooming via interwebz
<Wii U and 3DS eShops to Close Down Soon >Nintendo announced that in six months, it would no longer be possible to make purchases on Nintendo eShop for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Not only won’t you be able to spend all your hard-earned money, but free content like game demos will also disappear from the marketplace >If you have a Nintendo eShop Card and want to spend it on Wii U or 3DS games for some reason, don’t wait until March 2023 to cash it. You can only add funds to Nintendo eShop for Wii U or 3DS until August 29, 2022. Past this date, the marketplace will not accept eShop Card >However, you will still be able to redeem download codes until March 27, 2023 >Past that date, you won’t be able to purchase new games. However, you can still download games you already own and all their DLCs, play online with friends and receive software updates >Besides the Nintendo eShop, three other software offered to make purchases: StreetPass Mii Plaza, the Theme Shop, and Nintendo Badge Arcade. Everything will close down on March 27, 2023 https://archive.ph/o4FwS
>>648690 What are some good e-shop only 3DS or WiiU games? And shouldn't his have a dedicated thread?
>>648706 It already did when it was announced months before and nobody (rightfully) cared
>>648706 >And shouldn't his have a dedicated thread? There sort of is >>490316 Anyway, anon is a fucking slowpoke, this is really old news.
>>648706 >What are some good e-shop only 3DS or WiiU games? I haven't checked myself. What I have done, however, it looked through every eShop game on Gamefaqs and developed my own list of which games interest me: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/wii-u/category/999-all?dist=22 https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/3ds/category/999-all?dist=13 https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ds/category/999-all?dist=12
>>648720 Nah just a another reminder since no one really cared before like >>648714 said.
>>648706 Better question: What hasn't been dumped? I know the DLC chapter for 女の子と密室にいたら ○○しちゃうかもしれない isn't (or, at least, I can't find it) because it was only offered as an early purchase bonus for a title very early in the 3DS's lifespan and never released generally.
>>648848 >What hasn't been dumped? May not be the best list, but here are the 3DS/DSiware games that I wanted to download and couldn't find a dump on hShop (Note that some of them are lacking a dump for a specific region): -Aaa no Natsukashi no Shooting Watch -Accel Knights: Imashi ga Tame Ware wa Tsurugi o Toru -Action Game: Magical Whip -Air Missions: HIND -Arrow of Laputa -Arrow of Laputa: Kage Nashi Sensei to Kiron no Fuuken -Battle Reel Series 01: Reelgun -Battle Reel Series 02: Ao Zakura Okita-Hen -Big Bass Arcade: No Limit -BlazBlue: Battle x Battle -BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma -Camera mo Tsukaeru: Nichi-Ei-Futsu-Doku-Sei-I Matomete Tango Honyaku Jiten -Chou Kagaku Dasshutsu: Gear Detective -Chou Kagaku Dasshutsu: Saihate no Cross Eyes -Choukousou Kenzou Keikaku Buildinger -Dakkan Shirei Majo Dungeon: Shuu no Tame Nara Yara Nebanarumai -Dasshutsu Adventure: Dai Nana no Yogen -Dasshutsu Fantasy: Alice in Escape Land -DeDeDe Daiou no DeDeDe de Den Z -Dogimegi Inryoku-Chan -Dragon Fang Z: Ryuusha Rose to Yadorigi no Meikyuu -Dungeon RPG Picdun 2 -Excave -Excave: Ikai no Madoushi-Hen -Excave: Unmei no Mugentou-Hen -Fushigi na Ten Tsunagi 3D: Fairytale Hen -Fushigi na Ten Tsunagi 3D: Idol Hen -Fushigi no Kuni no Bouken Sakaba -G.G Series: Whipper no Daibouken -Ginsei Igo 3D -Ginsei Shogi 3D -Gourmet Dream -Guild02: Mushikera Sensha -Guild02: Uchuusen Damrey-Gou -Hikuosu -Hippari~Nya! -Hirari: Sakura Samurai -Ijin Bakutou!! Udeziman -Ikachan -Ikki Tousen! Smash Heroes -Illvelo Dillinjah -Jissha de Chibi Robo! -Kaitou Stina to 30 no Houseki -Kamen Rider Ghost: Game de Kaigan!! -Katamuku + Action: Katamukushon -Kirby Fighters Z -Kirby no Suikomi Daisakusen -Kiwamero! Shunkan Jump Kentei -Konna Boku ga Sukuu Sekai: Hermit Saver -Kororoke no Mori Poitto -Kyoudaisei Higashida Taishi ga Kangaeta Puzzle: Hirameki Emusubi -Legendary Fishing -Maido Hebo Shogi -Maison de Maou -Majin Shoujo: Chronicle 2D Act -Majin Shoujo Episode 2: Negai e no Daika -Majin Shoujo Episode 3: Yuusha to Gusha -Majo to Yuusha II -Majo to Yuusha III -Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! -Mighty Gunvolt Burst -Minna de Mamotte Knight: Hime no Tokimeki Rhapsody -Minna de! Kirby Hunters Z -Mononoke Tantei: Shida no Ayakashi Jiken Chou -Mugen no Dunamis -Murder on the Titanic Mystery 2 -Nankou Furaku Sangokuden: Wei to Ooinaru Sensen -Nankou Furaku Sangokuden: Wu to Ookawa no Eisha -Nyanyanto Mori -Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen -Odekake! Earth Seeker -Offroad Driving Simulator4x4: Trucks & SUV Trophy -Otegaru Puzzle Series: Chiria no Doubutsu Koya -Othello -Oukoku no Douguya-San -Puchi Novel: Betsuri no Juuichigatsu -Puchi Novel: Hadan no Juugatsu -Puchi Novel: Kongi no Rokugatsu -Puchi Novel: Kyouiki no Ichigatsu -Puchi Novel: Renren no Sangatsu -Puchi Novel: Seiran no Shigatsu -Puchi Novel: Shikyuu no Kugatsu -Puchi Novel: Shingaku no Shichigatsu -Puchi Novel: Shukusai no Hachigatsu -Puchi Novel: Shuukaku no Juunigatsu -Puchi Novel: Shuuren no Juunigatsu -Puchi Novel: Tatageki no Gogatsu -Puchi Novel: Zouyo no Nigatsu -Puchicon 3-Gou: SmileBASIC -Puzzle: Sightseeing -Rabi Labi Gaiden: Witch's Cat -Radirgy de Gojaru! -Sakutto Hama Reru Hori Hori Action: Mr. Driller -Sensha 3D -Shinobi Spirits: Sanada Juuyuushiden -Shinsou Sekai Grinsia -Shissou Surinuke Anatousu -Slime no Yabou -SolitiBa -Sora no Folklore -Sweet Rendezvous: Sarutsupa -Tamago Daibouken -The Dasshutsu Game: Kiken na 5-tsu no Misshitsu (@Simple DL Series Vol. 12) -The Dasshutsu Game: Uragiri no Misshitsu (@Simple DL Series Vol. 14) -The Keep -The Rolling Western -Tobidasu! Nyanko Daisensou -Toite Susunde! Nazo Toki Castle -Touch Battle Ninja -Uchuu o Kakeru Shoujo Shooting -Ugokasou! Chibi Chara Koubou -Ugoku Memo Tobari 3D -Ugoku Memo Tobari Version2.1 -Yoru no Majin to Ikusa no Kuni: Samayoeru Vampire -Zomgeri Bowling -Zomgeri Panic Nightmare
(11.20 KB 740x416 dmg is an employee.webp)

https://archive.ph/M2MFC Bungie suing 17-year-old Destiny cheater "inkcel" who sent and encouraged threats to devs.
>>649304 why are they suing, making threats is criminal offense now the state would prosecute him like that guy on runescape that got 20 years
>>649333 My guess? They're suing him because it'll be easier to win. They're making an example out of this kid, various psychological studies show the main factor behind people engaging in criminal behavior is the likelihood of being caught. Take two or three random trolls to court and it causes a chilling effect. Nobody wants to take the stand and explain to a judge why doxed a dev and said "I'm going to cut that dumb bitch's head off and fuck her neck", even if it's just a civil case.
>>649335 *why they
>>649333 >why are they suing Because he's using cheats, and EVERY EULA for a game or console has the provision that you agree to NOT modify or alternate the functionality of the program/device; and, of you do, then you forfeit your right to use it.
>>649340 He means why are they suing him for civil matters instead of the pressing legal charges the much more serious issue of his threats. Violating EULAs is a minor offense in comparison.
>>649341 Actually read the article: > The complaint, filed in the U.S. Western District Court of Washington, and the lastest in a spree of recent legal action by the studio, names Luca Leone as the sole defendant and accuses him of habitually violating Destiny 2’s Limited Software License Agreement (LSLA). According to Bungie, Leone was banned over a dozen times for livestreaming the game while using cheat software and was also involved in allegedly selling Destiny 2 emblems, including ones that were possibly from stolen accounts. His threats have nothing to do with the lawsuit, it's entirely about his cheating in the game.
>>649342 Anon, did you read any of our posts correctly?
>>649343 Yeah, and you guys are forgetting that the First Amendment exists, and good lick trying to convince a judge that hurtful comments on the internet mean that someone loses their right to free speech.
(66.92 KB 427x960 1344257427645.png)

>>649342 Yes. That's why he was asking the question. I was informing you why he was asking the question. I don't know if you understand anything happening in this conversation.
Old news, but important news. https://archive.ph/wHpsG >In an effort to restrict access to pirated ROMs illegally made available for its Switch console, Nintendo has obtained a UK High Court injunction against six internet service providers. Targeted against ROM portals with NSW2U and NSWROM branding, the two-year blocking order requires BT, Virgin, Sky, TalkTalk and others to block the sites after they failed to respond to infringement complaints. >Over the past several years Nintendo has been pouring resources into its fight against those who help to bypass security measures in its Switch console. >Earlier this month Nintendo celebrated a win in a civil case against former Team-Xecuter member Gary Bowser, who agreed to pay the gaming giant $10m in damages. >Nintendo also obtained a UK High Court injunction to block four Team-Xecuter-related websites back in 2019 but that did little to stop pirated game ROMs from being shared online. As a result, Nintendo recently returned to the same court asking for more domains to be blocked. Application Targets NSW2U and NSWROM Domains <In an injunction application dated December 2, 2021, Nintendo requested a website blocking order under section 97A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. It targeted six major ISPs (BT, EE, Plusnet, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media) demanding that they block subscriber access to five domains carrying NSW2U and NSWROM branding. <According to Nintendo, nsw2u.xyz, nsw2u.org, nsw2u.com, nsw2u.net and nswrom.com make available a substantial number of pirated Switch ROMs including Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Miitopia. Just a reminder, if they have the power to lobby ISP's to block sites, then they will.
>>649750 If they try to block these sites couldn't we just use tor or a vpn to bypass their restriction?
(22.60 KB 640x559 1465946061459.jpg)

>>649750 >the UcucK
>>649750 Feels good to live in a free country where I can easily access this.
>>649786 I wonder how internet laws are in burgerland compared to the Jewnited Cuckdom, what's stopping Nintendo from extending the same reach here?
>>649803 >what's stopping Nintendo from extending the same reach here? IIRC, because the repeal of the net neutrality laws prevents the government from being able to limit how ISPs can provide internet to differing sites.
>>649839 >Thinking net neutrality laws effects site host instead of web service providers. >Net neutrality doing anything.
(173.63 KB 640x816 igVideo (2).mp4)

Splinter cell VR could have been interesting just to see the mechanics though.
(97.28 KB 933x1024 mind.jpg)

[Reposting from the Miney Crafta thread] https://hytale.com/news/2022/7/summer-2022-development-update >Hytale delayed again, 2024 at earliest >obviously nowhere near finished, even 2024 probably isn't realistic >was meant to come out years ago >if it does come out by then, it will have been in development as long as Team Fortress 2 >they're rewriting the whole engine >the game is now switching programming languages >AFTER THEY HIRED PEOPLE FAMILIAR WITH BOTH A DIFFERENT ENGINE AND LANGUAGE >they have virtually nothing to show for 7 years of work except assets Jesus what a disaster this has been. I'd call it Cubeworld 2.0 but this is even worse. This is on par with the development of Duke Nukem Forever.
>>651358 I am more open to tolerating long dev cycles if the team consists of one or only a few people, but not when they number this many. Hopefully they do not just randomly shit it out like most of these dev hell games end up.
>>649750 Even more reason to pirate everything and to never give them money.
>>634346 >>636460 Black Ops 3 is on the top of that list partially because it's the last COD game to release on Steam and because it was the last COD game to release with decent PC features, like steam workshop, mod tools, a server browser and hostable dedicated server files.
>>651422 (checked) >last COD game to release with decent PC features, like steam workshop, mod tools, a server browser and hostable dedicated server files Who would have known that giving the community the tools to support themselves leads to a longer shelf life for vidya. If only gAAAy would remember that.
>>651744 They don't care about anything but the first two weeks of sales and microtransaction money though. Even if it hurts and devalues the IP long term, investors are first and foremost, plus modding means less money spent on MTX shit. Not like it matters, every single COD since WWII has been online only.
>>651422 They should all have zero players because the series sucks, they started off as mediocre Medal of Honor clones, became mediocre modern military shooters, morphed into mediocre scifi shooters and since then have progressed into mediocre random bullshit. I'm very bitter about CoD and the amount of attention it gets for how utterly banal it is.
(2.70 MB 450x292 Are you sure about that.gif)

>>651422 >Black Ops 3 is on the top of that list partially because it's the last COD game to release on Steam <BO3 released in 2015 <Infinite Warfare (2016) is on Steam <WWII (2017) is on Steam <MW4 Remastered (2017) is on Steam <nuMW2 (2022) is coming to Steam
>>649750 >>In an effort to restrict access to pirated ROMs illegally made available for its Switch console, Nintendo has obtained a UK High Court injunction against six internet service providers. Targeted against ROM portals with NSW2U and NSWROM branding, the two-year blocking order requires BT, Virgin, Sky, TalkTalk and others to block the sites after they failed to respond to infringement complaints. What if you just switch DNS to an OpenNIC ones :^)
>>651354 >>651358 >They're remaking the game in an entirely different programming language. >They're remaking the game =BRO I WAS JUST BEING NEGATIVE IN THAT THREAD I'D NEVER THOUGHT THEY WOULD ACTUALLY GO THAT FAR.== I can't wait for Hytale to still not come out when I'm an old man with scoliosis and grandchildren. >"Come here grandkids, let me tell you about a game, or more so a proof of concept, called Hytale" <"Oh whats that grandpa? How does it play like" >"Nevermind, it doesn't fucking matter since it still hasn't come out, it's nothing but constant teases and blueballing." <"Haha I think grandpa forgot to take his meds and is going through anther one of his episodes again!" >"FUCK YOU GRANDKID ITS REAL, ITS GOING TO COME OUT, ANY DAY NOW HNNNG" >*Dies of a heart attack >I'd call it Cubeworld 2.0 but this is even worse. This is on par with the development of Duke Nukem Forever. Couldn't have said it better myself. I really hate how the game looks so beautiful but I'd rather just pretend that it's nothing but pretty looking art and not a videogame nowadays.
(3.21 MB 2994x3314 sai.jpg)

All references to upcoming furry skin removed from Warzone after Chinese artist Sail Lin showed Raven Software plagiarizing their work https://archive.ph/MKZng >Call of Duty’s new floofy dog skin tainted by plagiarism accusation - Raven Software has since scrubbed mention of the skin >Coming to season 4 of Warzone is everyone’s favorite giant floofy dog breed, the Samoyed, thanks to a new skin for Call of Duty operator Kim Tae Young. >Scoring headshots as a Samoyed should be cause for celebration, but an artist says that the “Loyal Samoyed” skin for Call of Duty: Warzone was plagiarized, and based on a concept they created independently more than two years ago. Following that allegation, it appears that Call of Duty: Warzone developer Raven Software has removed images referencing the Loyal Samoyed cosmetic from its website. (The original version of Raven’s blog about Warzone season 4 included two images of the Samoyed. The current version has replaced those images.) >Concept artist Sail Lin uploaded artwork of their character, “Samoye Medical,” to the website ArtStation in December 2019. On Friday, the artist took to Twitter, saying that Activision and Raven Software plagiarized that piece of work without contacting them and without compensation. >“Even though I am also a COD player, I am very disappointed to see my work being plagiarized by a big company like Activision in this way,” the artist wrote. “I have reached out to Activision for an explanation and/or compensation, and hopefully the situation will be settled soon. As an individual artist, I can only do so much, and I have to speak out about this to stop thins like this happening again in the future.” >Sail Lin cited a YouTube video from the channel The COD Inspector that shows content from the Floof Fury Tracer Pack in their accusation. They illustrate clear similarities between the Samoye Medical artwork and the in-game model for the Loyal Samoyed skin. >It’s not clear yet how Raven and Activision plan to address the allegation, other than to currently downplay promotion of the Floof Fury Tracer Pack. A tweet from Raven’s Twitter account from Wednesday that features the Samoyed skin is still up at the time of this writing, and the developer has not publicly addressed the allegation. Polygon has reached out to Activision for comment and will update when the Call of Duty publisher responds.
>>657341 >being so bankrupt of ideas that they are stealing from the fucking chinese of all people Well that is a new low.
>>651358 You forgot your archive, sir. https://archive.ph/v8oDv
>>657428 There's no low for Activision
>>657451 That is a good point. Sometimes I forget just how pathetic these companies have become.
(3.91 MB 640x360 topkek.webm)

>>657341 >so desperate they have to appeal to furry audience >do such a shitty job they plagiarizer it >not even in a deniable fashion >copy key details like single elbow-pad, style of pouch, and scarf fabric pattern Activison can't stop fucking up.
>>657512 It's what happens when you don't pay your experienced workers and instead lay em off to hire retards with rich daddies.
(17.27 KB 638x359 Aur.jpg)

(71.58 KB 603x580 Au.jpg)

(19.50 MB 640x360 Gundamlogo.webm)

>>657428 >>657451 >>657498 This isn't even the first time they've done this, earlier this week they were caught stealing from Gundam of all things.
(803.70 KB 960x720 logic.png)

>>657631 This is the price they pay for hiring on the cheap.
(3.16 MB 600x338 Char Gets Shook Up.gif)

>>657341 Couldnt they just ask or pay the artist to have their work be put in the game? Or at least just make something similar but not a copy? The audacity and retardation to straight up plagiarize someone else's work is mindboggling. >>649750 They're just pissing in a sea of piss at this point. I really need to fix my switch. It won't turn on or even charge in its charging dock anymore after I left it alone there for a few months. Do I need to replace my battery or what?
(46.99 KB 500x500 Bobby Cocklick.jpg)

>>657792 >Pay You'll pay me to feature your furry shit in my Call of Duty game you cocksucker
>>657514 >to hire retards women.
>>648690 Are there any good titles that I should get that aren't sold physically and aren't available anywhere else(old consoles, steam ect)? I missed the boat on the DSiWare, and I want a few titles for now, until I can buy another 3DS to jailbreak
(12.08 KB 1024x576 Plaion.png)

Koch Media rebrands to Plaion (Play-On), rumored to be in an effort to distance themselves from the Koch family to which they are unaffiliated. Company says rebrand is to "acknowledge who we truly are" https://archive.ph/cDGJz
>>661006 Pay On this *Unzips dick
(214.92 KB 640x360 neco-arc-dance.mp4)

Tencent is moving on to buy Ubisoft, should happen in 5 years or so, if that. https://archive.ph/4EEEz
>>661012 >>661093 The article talks about them buying more stock. that is not the same thing as "moving on to buy Ubisoft" Buying a company is something totally different that's much harder to do, buying more stock doesn't make it any easier.
(117.01 KB 1400x788 deck.jpg)

https://archive.ph/kEv1u Steam Deck launching in East Asia via Komodo Japanese prices are completely insane, the 512gb model of the Deck is ¥100k. Even the cheapest model is ¥10k more than a brand-new, disc model of the PS5. The Japanese were really interested in this device, for awhile most of the talk about it on Shitter was in Japanese, but it's going to be dead in the water with prices like this.
>>661113 That's what they get for making a lot of their games/software only purchasable in Japan. Do they hate money or somefink?
>>661113 This isn't Volvo's fault, this is because the Japanese Yen has eaten shit for the last year, value down almost 30%. The yen was around about 100 to 1 dollar early 2021, it's currently around 140 to 1 dollar. American products are costing a lot more across the board.
Right surf got bought out by Crunchyroll. All 18+ items moved to a new store that isn't up yet. https://web.archive.org/web/20220804170118/https://www.rightstufanime.com/post/right-stuf-has-joined-the-crunchyroll-family
(157.23 KB 720x480 Soon.webm)

(22.39 KB 512x512 Deal with it.jpg)

>>661099 >buying more stock doesn't make it any easier. Nigger, if you're the biggest shareholder you literally own the company and are the most influential figure on the board of directors, that's literally how it works. That's why it's being reported that Tencent is seeking to buy the majority stakeholder, the Guillemot brothers who founded the company who hold 21% of the shares of the company, which is a miserable and explains why the company has been absolutely fucked for years.
>>661454 >Nigger, if you're the biggest shareholder you literally own the company and are the most influential figure on the board of directors, that's literally how it works. Not necessarily. For example, under U.S. law, Ford was sued buy the Dodge brothers, despite having a majority share, because his actions attempted to sidestep the power and interests of the other shareholders.
>>661618 That's true anon, but Tencent just buys out every single stock holder as well, plus being the top head means their influence is even bigger in the company. See Epic for example
Somebody successfully completed Halo 2 on Legendary, with all skulls on, except Envy, without dying.
>>661666 And he got 20k dollars out of it too.
>>661668 After, no joke, after 40 days of trying.
(19.08 KB 1200x630 nvid.jpg)

As crypto mining collapses, Nvidia is set to massively miss their quarterly earnings target by over 1.4 billion dollars due to the fall in GPU sales https://archive.ph/UqsGO
(5.28 KB 300x168 deserve.jpg)

>>664420 >choke the market for years >assume pandemic-era spending will last forever >implement absolutely no anti-scalper measures >raise prices >chase the obviously ponzi "crypto market" YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE, HUANG
>>661666 >>661668 >>661668 >>661669 And he bleached a Ebony cutie who celebrated with him.
>>636404 >and it looks like the rest of the world isn't lifting a finger to help us or even sanction Federation in any way What are you talking about, that's the most realistic thing the world would do.
>>661128 It's valve being a greedy jew, plain and simple, i have the most basic model of the steam deck and i am a taco, wanna know how much it cost me? 9000 pesos, that's around $450, in muttistan it retailed at $399, totally worth it since it's only $50 more and it lets me play custom left 4 dead 2 campaigns at work without having to carry a laptop. Even with the yen being 140 to 1 it should cost $500-$550, not 1k.
>>665226 There's probably some other reason for the price rather than pure greed. If Valve was greedy they wouldn't essentially be selling the thing at a loss in a market that would already eat their shit regardless of the price point. Valve prints money with their store, they have no reason to actively impede getting their foot into a completely fresh market.
(1.83 MB 1920x1080 6kpGx9j.png)

(1.84 MB 1920x1080 yb8GLzw.png)

(526.83 KB 1331x745 cWH9Aep.png)

(1.04 MB 1343x752 pd9wtrB.png)

(713.55 KB 987x555 WtQIoHC.png)

Reposting from COD thread, major leak for Black Ops 4 https://archive.ph/5rK08 Here are most of the images from their imugr https://anonfiles.com/kbM3tc30y9/BO4_Leak_zip The cliffnotes of it are mostly already confirmed information but the leaker dumps a whole bunch of never before seen developmental images that shed light on more details, chief of which being the planned single player that was cut(BO4 being the only mainline game to date that lacks it), including the story and setting(originally the game took place far in the future rather than in the near future) and how the new faction based 2v2 system would look in action Other interesting tidbits include DLC single player content divided by "season", something that the franchise hasn't seen yet, as well as a zombies experience that similarly utilize two team based versus gameplay to decide who "wins" campaign missions, this later became basis for "Outbreak" game mode in Cold War
>>665226 >>665229 The goal of the steam deck, I believe from some interviews, was increasing the accessibility of Steam as a platform without having to purchase an entirely new tower PC to play games. The Steam Deck, as a product, is equivalent to kraut space magic: it's impossible architecture, with the sum of its parts being much more expensive that the product itself. It's being sold, at the very least, 40% of what the actual price should be. From what I understand, and from the interviews I've watched, the price point heavily relies on the user purchasing at least 10 games on the Deck to break even with the production cost. It's also ahead of its time, and Gabe has explicitly stated that it's an incomplete test product that can potentially be cheaper, faster, and more powerful with continued development and optimizations. This is backed up by the fact that people are very much allowed to break it apart and customize it for themselves, and Valve has a thing for letting others do that kind of work for them, as they did with Proton. The Japanese prices are inflated not quite due to inflation, a foreigner doing business there, especially when it comes to electronic products, is going to demand extra, since they're pretty protective of their markets. Also if you've ever shipped shit from or to Japan you'd know how fucking infuriating their shipping costs are sometimes, occasionally outright doubling the price for stupid crap.
Pac-Man World 1 remake coming later this month. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=DkYh3pNa858
(48.95 KB 940x530 monke.jpg)

Beyond Good & Evil 2 still needs "a few more years" https://archive.ph/pKF4P I guess 19 wasn't enough. Seems like they restarted development, again. Let's not kid ourselves, this game is never coming out. I don't care if it does, the trailers show it's nothing like the original but rather some Ubisoft take on No Man's Sky. We'll never get an actual BG&E2 either way. >Over the last several years, the gaming community has been no stranger to the negative reports and rumors surrounding Beyond Good and Evil 2’s turbulent development. In 2020, the game’s director Michel Ancel left the project and the games industry entirely but had said that the project was “going super well.” It’s been two years since Ancel’s departure and not much else has been said officially about the title apart from that it is still in development at Ubisoft. >Last month, we reported that Beyond Good and Evil 2 had started external playtesting, with two sources providing screenshots and video footage of the game under the condition that the images and footage were not made public. >Looking at the footage, it is clear that the game looks far more incomplete than the footage shared by Ubisoft in December 2018, suggesting that the game has been overhauled since the gameplay was revealed. >Sources had said that the game still feels “years away” and “lacks direction,” whilst another source had said they had “no idea what I was doing when playing.” >The honest criticism makes sense, too, with Sarah Arellano recently announcing that she is the Lead Writer on Beyond Good and Evil 2, which implies the game still has a story to be written. Arellano previously worked as the Narrative Designer for Blizzard on World of Warcraft.
>>667340 This shit is never coming out. Anyone still looking forward to it should just let go, the original game wasn't even that good
(444.30 KB 465x455 laughing at post 7.png)

>>667340 >Caring for Ubisoft after Michel Ancel left the company
>>667372 don't remind me, I'm never letting ubishit cancelling rayman 4 for fucking raving rabbids go
>>667372 >caring for Ubisoft before or after Michel Ancel left the company Rayman was always the poor man's mascot platformer. Mario, Sonic, and Crash were always a million times better, and Rayman was just the weird off-brand europoor version.
>>667392 >acceptable, albeit very simplistic >literally just hold right >literally just hold right, but in 3d no, if you got filtered out by rayman, you simply suck at 2d platformers. 2 and 3 are still some of the best 3d platformers around to this day and 4 would have been legendary with what they have planned for it
>>667395 I beat Rayman 1, 2, 3, Origins, and Legends. 1 is the only one that's hard, and even then it's only about on-par with Crash Bandicoot 1 or 100%ing Crash 3. Many Mario games, including Lost Levels, or trying to 100% 3D World, for example, are harder. Thinking Sonic is just holding right means you haven't played it. One of the biggest complaints about it is that it isn't that. But you also specifically praised 2 and 3, which are incredibly easy and incredibly mediocre. Better than Croc, but not at all top tier 3D platformers. Maybe on par with stuff like Crash: Twinsanity, you know, the Crash game from after the series went to shit, but fans were still battered enough to think it could have been good if it was finished. Rayman fans have low enough standards to be satisfied with something of that quality. But compared to the first three Crash games, or any 3D Mario, or either Sonic Adventure game? Not even close. They're Sonic Heroes-tier, at best.
>>667402 >sonic adventure >good >rayman 2/3 >mediocre okay
>>667453 Can't handle ambition? Maybe if Rayman 2 came out in 1996 it would be a little more impressive. It could fit in with all the other forgotten 3D platformers like Jersey Devil or Glover. Wait no, Glover is too creative.
https://nichegamer.com/hogwarts-legacy-delayed-to-2023/ A shame. Not because I wanted to play it, but because there's a funny man from Cork who played all the Harry Potter games and would give absolutely hilarious commentary.
>>667372 Have sex Ancel
>>667459 But Sonic Adventure is bad.
>>667685 You're bad.
>>667459 >ambition You mean an unfocused mess of half-baked gameplay outside of Sonic's story? With Amy's story especially being the "generic platformer" that you want to call Rayman?
>>667699 Yeah, if the whole thing was Amy's gameplay, then it would be about on par with Rayman 2.
>Deathverse delayed to Fall >Official livestream scheduled for 8/17 Personally, I played the beta and found it moderately fun, but I'm just not too attached to this genre. I'll keep the game on my radar, though.
(17.83 KB 128x409 1406568399083.jpg)

https://nichegamer.com/disney-marvel-games-showcase-september/ https://archive.ph/wip/AhOJo >Disney and Marvel announced that they will be doing their first ever games showcase at the D23 Expo next month. >This new digital showcase will kick off on on September 9th, at 1PM PST and show off different games from a host of different studios under the Disney umbrella including Marvel Games, Disney and Pixar Games, Lucasfilm Games, and 20th Century Games. >Along with these announcements, there will also be some new information given already announced games like Disney Dreamlight Valley, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, as well as the reveal of an upcoming new Marvel game from Skydance New Media. You prepared for shit? Are your favorite characters obscure enough Disney will never remember them enough to violate them?
>>669261 Please do not remind them anon. I don't want to see Katie groomed and trooned into a sad "boy".
>>669261 Who the fuck is that
>>667459 The gameplay is good. But the major thing for rayman was the atmosphere. Mario, sonic nor crash have as good atmosphere as any rayman game. You are only saying this because you are a faggot with no sense for what is good. Also rayman has yet to be pozzed or absolute garbage. Mario was pozzed, Sonic is shit and crash bandicoot is shit and pozzed.
>>669306 >Also rayman has yet to be pozzed About that
>>669301 Katie Power from the Power Pack series. Power Pack is probably the last new property Marvel made that was any good, and it's from the 1984. An alien horseman comes to Earth to stop her dad's energy project from malfunctioning and blowing up the Earth, but the alien dies saving her and her siblings from the alien lizard centaurs called Snarks who want to steal it and use it as a weapon. As he dies, his powers (and sapient spaceship) are passed to the four children who vow to use them to save Earth. The cool thing about the series was that the four thought and acted like children (gifted children, but children) and the series had serious characters, serious conflict, and serious horror elements that only get darker as the series advances and the intended audience aged. They also made good use of crossover events, to the point one could honestly think Inferno was made for Power Pack (that's not even Marvel trying to force them or anything, their role in Inferno was genuinely that well written and of critical importance to their story compared to the X-Men story). Also since it was from the 1980s her and her sister have their panties exposed with some frequency, and her older but still loli sister has a nude scene from the back. If you want to read it, just start with issue 1 and go up to issue 52 skipping 34 (it's a fill in issue by someone who had everyone act wildly out of character to deliver a morale, officially declared non-canon). You can read Uncanny X-Men 195 after issue 12 and 205 before issue 16 if you want to (neither are important, but nice extras). From there, optionally read issue 55 then skip to the Holiday Special. After that read the series of miniseries that were published between 2005 and 2010 (in their own canon) and the Power Pack: Grow Up! one-shot (a side story by the original author set before issue 16) if you want more. The really great thing about reading the original 52 issues of Power Pack (and the Holiday Special that concludes the story) is that they were made during one of Marvel's peaks and crossed over with everyone (in a well done viewpoint character manner that exposed them to some of Marvel's dark side rather than obnoxious attempts to force people to like them) in a manner that invites you to read the other side's stories.
>>669307 >About that Elaborate?
>>669307 I wouldn't call that pozzing unless there's something else I'm missing.
>>669310 >>669310 I could have done just with the first paragraph. Thanks for the explanation.
>>669307 Yeah but those are not the same characters. And they are not supposed to replace each other. And hell rayman legends isn't even a fully fledged game it has literally no story. While yes onoy one nymphs appears and that's voodoo mama, but she appears just like in the origins. And hell how would they appear in Legends if legends has no story. Many others are left out in legends too
>>669340 Anon all the princess characters literally replaced betilla, she never showed up again.
>>669342 Well yeah, but I've never played much of legends, but still I don't get what you mean, she's still some sexualised stuff. And from what I can get she's still young, from the whole "princess" thing
>>669261 Speaking of Nichegamer and Marvel, does anyone have the archive the previous version of "Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered modder gets banned over mod that replaces LGBT flags" when it was written by that gay guy before it was updated into an actual newspiece by the site's owner? The comments on that version were a fun read...
(502.84 KB 988x771 Playstation PC launcher.PNG)

Here comes the Playstation PC Launcher people have been speculating about. I give it 1 more year Console hardware on it's last legs https://archive.ph/UU0pX
>>669420 Yup, seems like consoles are just glorified gamepass/PS Plus machines now.
>>669420 Oh boy, more fucking launchers.
>>669420 Hardware is sold based on software. There is no software for new hardware that anyone wants to play. So they try to go multiplat to at least get a couple sales. But this is no victory. It's not even newsworthy. It's just a couple more pieces of shit made playable on Windows. Doesn't matter since there is no reason to play them anyway. Tell me when the two or three PS4 games that are actually worth playing get ported. I doubt they will since they are outdated and slightly more niche. PS5 has no games, and will likely never have any games.
>>669424 Yeah I can barely think of a handful of gaystation games, so announcing this really doesn't effect me in the slightest. >I doubt they will since they are outdated and slightly more niche Yeah that is an issue I see as well. They'll grab most of the big name shit and stop there.
>>669420 >Be Soyknee >Buy Bungie so they can help with PC online infrastructure >Possibly use some of their experience in shitting out This Tiny 2 on both Steam and Battle Net. Wew
>>669353 Literally the first results when you search the archive site right now: https://archive.ph/nichegamer.com https://archive.ph/k0B4G (Original article) https://archive.ph/Aobv4 (Remade article) The comments sections are a WebKit element which loads separately, so unfortunately they're not part of the archives.
(10.99 MB 640x360 ONE GAME I DON'T KNOW WHY.mp4)

>>669422 >>669423 >>669424 >>669429 I fucking warned you when they said they would be using x86. I told you this would happen, and now PC has won.
Sunsoft livestream in 13 minutes! I don't have a link to the actual stream yet, but here's their Jewtube channel where it will be posted: https://yewtu.be/channel/UCFLFu3FTQspuSYoL3zfQUiw
>>670646 Never mind, it's a Jewtube video: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Bx5QNoqR8dQ But, hey, here's the summary of it: >Opens with Sunsoft Vtuber speaking in the worst Engrish possible <Ikki Unite, a follow-up to the 1985 original arcade game, essentially a ninja Robotron that will have multiplayer, beta registration is open <Gimmick!, a late NES platformer will be rereleasing for all modern systems with new game modes and a vinyl and cassette tape release of the game's music <Hebereke/Ufouria, a NES Metroidvania will be rereleasing for all modern systems with new game modes and a vinyl and cassette tape release of the game's music (Packaged with the music to Raf World/Journey to Silius) >Stay turned for more announcements and remakes! It was so bad, I don't know how to feel about it. It comes across like they just grabbed the weirdest autist in the office and placed him in front of a camera. But, that also makes it charming, somehow.
(688.48 KB 528x13326 PS2 exclusives.png)

(20.48 KB 528x400 PS5 exclusives.png)

>>669657 Want a massive LOL?
(81.93 KB 589x401 bravo-sony.jpg)

>>670658 Well thanks for summarizing it anon. >It comes across like they just grabbed the weirdest autist in the office and placed him in front of a camera. But, that also makes it charming Better than the usual fags that no one can relate with/the niggers and fags who annoy the viewer. >>670668 >>670696 I did not realize it was this level of bad.
>>670699 To be fair if you look at the xbonex exclusive page I'm sure it's probably even worse, Nintendo's basically the only console company that does exclusives now. There's literally no reason to own a console apart from a nintendie if you have a decent pc.
>>670668 >>670696 Even though it's only the PS5's second year, it shouldn't be THIS bad. Hell, in the PS2's second year (2001), there was GTA 3, Final Fantasy X, Jak and Daxter, Ace Combat 4, Silent Hill 2, and even Devil May Cry 1. I would feel sad if I didn't grow to really hate Sony and the modern gaming industry.
>>670700 >There's literally no reason to own a console apart from a nintendie if you have a decent pc. Physical copies, because physical PC games have been dead for the past decad; however, there's a catch to it. For example, you cannot setup an Xbone or SexBox without connecting to the internet. The PS4 and the PS5 you can, until the CMOS battery dies; then you have to download a patch from PSN to update your system so that you can play your physical games. The Switch doesn't have this issue. You can run your system entirely offline to the end of time and suffer no issue, but the same cannot be said for the games. The reason why is because a large number of Switch games are "cloud games", which require an internet connection to download the game's assets from the internet because it's not included on the cartridge. Removing those titles, then you happen upon the Switch titles that have much of the game's content missing unless you pay for the DLC. And, assuming that you even find a DLC-free cloud-free game, then you're STILL strapped down because of how every game these days requires a patch, with an increasing amount of games having the bare minimum installed on the game cart while additional modes and features are locked behind patches and updates. That's not to mention the fact, even if you navigate through that mess, and finally find a game, you're still at issue because a lot of titles received limited releases, which is a whole other rabbit hole: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=lS3ja5JnkAQ Simply put, fuck this generation of vidya.
(11.06 KB 340x176 happentobeanexpert.png)

>>670706 > The PS4 and the PS5 you can, until the CMOS battery dies; then you have to download a patch from PSN to update your system so that you can play your physical games Actually, with the PS4 and PS5 you don't need to connect the system to the internet: You download firmware updates from Sony's website (and the update file has nothing stopping it from being rehosted but copyright) and put it on the system with external storage. I recall some of the later printed games have updates on disc, but no idea if one with a dead CMOS battery that don't have that update can even get far enough to apply them. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/hardware/ps4/system-software/ https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/hardware/ps5/system-software/ It's actually pretty useful, since archived update files are often used by softmodders to upgrade to a specific firmware between what a machine currently has and the latest, and PS3 emulation can use these update files as the BIOS file instead of the usual "you have to rip this from the machine you legally own, piracy is bad" crap.
>Crypto-driven GPU crash makes Nvidia miss Q2 projections by $1.4 billion https://archive.md/0FLo5 >Desktop CPU Sales Lowest in 30 Years, AMD Gains Market Share Anyway (Updated) https://archive.md/f9pEF
(4.76 MB 2471x3501 72844530_p0.jpg)

>>669420 Please PLEASE port bloodborne already, i don't care if they sell it at $60 and it's locked at 1080p 30fps, i just want to replay this masterpiece without having to buy another soystation 4 or even worse, a californiastation 5.
>>670791 They're going to have Bluepoint Remake it and that's the version that you'll see on PC.
https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=j_s77ATNTUk Future Games Show at Gamescom on August 24th. More announcement show shit
https://www.gamecity.ne.jp/tgs/ And another one. This time Tecmo Koei's stuff which will be announced on 26th (nippon time)
>>670705 Anon, in the same timeframe the PS3 actually had games. That's how bad the PS5 is >>670816 I actually really like Future Games Show, little to no poz, hosts are alright and the games they showcase are usually decent and the music doesn't want to make me tear my ears off.
>>668783 Update: The Deathverse livestream happened. /watch?v=AHYXfHjED8k Steam version confirmed. The exact release date is still unknown (even to the devs themselves). On a side note, clothing with built-in air conditioning seems like a pretty cool concept (pun intended), but I bet it eats batteries like crazy.
>>670819 Yeah, the PS3's library is in a weird spot where nearly all the worthwhile third party exclusives have gotten PC ports since the PS4 came out, but when it was current there was a decent number of good exclusives (Valkyria Chronicles, Atelier, best version of Dragon's Dogma pre PC port, Way of the Samurai 4, Yakuza, Ni No Kuni, better version of Vesperia, Lost Dimension, various musou games and anime fighters) . If 3D Dot Game Heroes, Metal Gear Solid 4, EX Troopers, older Idolmaster, and Gundam Breaker 2 got PC ports, the only thing left would be some OK first party titles.
Last of Us remake ESRB rating removes "in a man's arms" from previous rating (which is otherwise identical aside from some grammar tweaks) and confirms no multiplayer. I'm going to laugh my ass off if it turns out Neal Cuckman actually changed that scene for whatever reason. Remake https://www.esrb.org/ratings/38538/The+Last+of+Us+Part+1/ Original and remaster: https://www.esrb.org/ratings/33492/The+Last+of+Us+Remastered/ https://www.esrb.org/ratings/32916/The+Last+of+Us/
Supposedly, there's an open-world Breath of the WIld-styled Avatar RPG coming out in two months. Published by GameMill, probably most infamous for Big Rigs. https://archive.ph/X2Q8M If this is true, the fact it hasn't been announced yet isn't a good sign.
(90.46 KB 710x478 813548798724234.jpg)

>>671744 >open-world Avatar RPG <article say it's not open world
(332.79 KB 394x394 sudoku.png)

>>671765 >I completely misread it no apologies are enough for this misinformation
(232.46 KB 739x1146 soop 320a8b5e6ec7b5cf.png)

>>671765 Do you think Toph would be a good shag?
(664.10 KB 720x540 2194921348523423423.png)

>>671774 maybe, so long as you keep her sandpaper feet away from your dick
(1.34 MB 212x226 1395631599511.gif)

>>671774 She would probably always find a way to be the dominant one, even at the bottom.
>>671744 >>671765 >>671767 Also, the game is for smartphones.
(264.21 KB 418x773 9875439871324234.jpg)

>>671788 according to that article, Quest for Balance will be on consoles and PC, while another game called Avatar: Generations will be on mobile
>>671793 >>671788 Jesus christ. This is just sad.
>>670668 It's even less now.,
>>670809 Please don't say things like that.
(32.53 KB 593x175 Mike.png)

Lemmings and GTA co-creator Mike Dailly hit with copyright takedowns by Rockstar https://archive.ph/wip/Fzynn
>>672720 Such is the way of the rockjew. >>671856 I mean given the track record so far, I could actually see that. Monkey's Paw will win again.
(13.25 KB 177x278 1445107976897.jpg)

>>597197 That's some groovy music.
>>672720 That's incredible.
>>672720 I fucking hate TakeJew
>>672720 I miss Lemmings. I had the 3D one on PS1 as a child, that was really fun and comfy. I wonder what happened to the franchise, who owns it now. Is it still Sony?
>>672753 I think it's still Team 17 who owns it.
>>672765 Robin Scott (owner of nexus) used to have a if you don't like it, don't download it mentality. He even defended boob armor mods some time ago, but the political mod purge of 2020 was seemingly the beginning of the end for him though as it is downhill from there on. The Nexus Collections drama that made a bunch of modders/users rightfully lose their minds and shit all over him again. I wonder if his change in views was due to the frequent backlashes they have had to deal with in the last few years that lead him to start to hate his users. Or if it was just his staff reaching terminal levels of progressive cancer and pressuring him into being a dickhead. Either way the damage is done, and I would imagine this will only get worse. Oh and one more bit for people wanting to remove their mods (since nexus won't let you anymore). This shows how you do it. Throw in some ant-gay shit so they nuke your mods. I also just want to state how funny that what someone does in the privacy of their own home is now subject to gay activists going nuts. It has come full circle.
>>672829 Anon I will violate your safe space.
To be honest I'm sick and tired of gay people. They are the definition of "give an inch and they'll take a mile", but taking a mile in this case is grooming and buttfucking our kids. Theres nothing I can do but see how worse it gets before society completely falls apart, oh boy can't wait for that to happen.
(7.40 KB 224x225 1452971576506-1.jpg)

Nobody respond to that (((thing))), just filter it and go about your business.
>>673303 Dammit and I wanted to post AJ at him too.
>>673307 I bet you sense a lot of cum on your back.
(14.62 KB 416x216 in stock.png)

Talk about some very minor news 2K makes tweet simply saying "BioShock" https://archive.ph/j78yW It's been known since 2019 that BioShock 4 (codenamed Parkside internally) has been in development, being made by new 2K studio Cloud Chamber. This will be the first BioShock game since the closure of Irrational Games following the departure of Ken Levine. Cloud Chamber is the successor of sorts to BioShock 2's developer 2K Marin, with some of the original BioShock 1 developers (such as BioShock art director Jonathan Pelling) and led by industry veteran Kelley Gilmore, most known as the executive producer of the Civilization and XCOM series. https://archive.ph/g8Dku The publisher has notably been extremely quiet about BioShock over the past several years. This tweet may suggest 2K will reveal information on the project, potentially at Gamescom this which they're set to attend.
(58.96 KB 474x501 fun.jpg)

>>673729 >BioShock 4 >being made by the same people as 2 >with the original art director of 1 >without Ken "If I could never release games, I would" Levine Kino incoming
>>673742 A wet dream of mine is that the next Bioshock writes Infinite out of existence.
>>673742 Sounds like it almost has a chance even though it probably shouldn't. >>673743 That would be wonderful. That level of disrespect for Ken's bastard baby would make my day.
>>673749 >>673743 >>673742 Soft reboot of the series, add new locales, add new tougher enemies, new powers. Focus on level design with emphasis on respawning foes (I like this it keeps you on your toes). Who fucking cares about story just don't have what the first two had such as saving niggers bam possibly okayish game. I'd like some mutated humans that turned into freakish ocean monsters to destroy parts of where you are so you feel constantly on edge too use the setting to your advantage whatever it is.
>>673742 Yeah this could actually be good. A good game in this day and age... I almost don't know how to feel. is this... Excitement?
>>673752 >Soft reboot of the series I actually want more of the alternate history premise (Rather than more Andrew Ryan wankery), where extremists build some early 20th century utopia with some biopunk tech, and regular tech that essentially works like magic, that inevitably collapses because they're retards, and you're there to pick up the pieces. The only problem with Levine's two games is that they're both about "Kill whitey" and waste what could have been awesome ideas. >add new locales, add new tougher enemies, new powers. Focus on level design with emphasis on respawning foes (I like this it keeps you on your toes). Didn't Bioshock 2 already do that? >>673752 >I'd like some mutated humans that turned into freakish ocean monsters to destroy parts of where you are so you feel constantly on edge too use the setting to your advantage whatever it is. That actually makes me wonder, why not put it in reverse? Where the fish people rise out of the oceans to claim the land (And, humans don't exist, or are in such a primitive state that they don't matter), build their own cities and everything, and it all goes to Hell because there's something about living on land that cause the fish people to go nuts.
>>673771 Fuck you made the game right there, you'd have some deeper lore related to fishmen, humans end up making their own tech & due to fishmen being rivals they get quite far, quite quick. Fishmen go insane, humans own tech flips turning some into steampunk monstrosities or the biopunk thing. You're a treasure hunting using said biotech to explore an old ruin belonging to neither fishmen nor human make some shit up who cares ancient ayy's anlanteans who cares? battle human abominations, fishmen monsters, other hunters etc
(75.43 KB 620x349 bravo ken.jpg)

>>673742 >Ken "If I could never release games, I would" Levine Funny thing about that, did you know Levine has been working on a small narrative for project for almost a decade with nothing to show for it? He wasn't lying with that quote. Earlier this year a few former colleagues of his spoke to the press about how terrible Levine is as a boss, how abusive he can is and how bad he is at managing a project. Most of the people Levine hand-picked left the studio before they so much as announced a title. https://archive.ph/wqYBV BioShock without Levine will probably be the best thing to ever happen to the series. The man hasn't worked on a truly great game since System Shock 2, most of his ideas and development style have been holding the series back. Look into the infamously messy development of Infinite, where 2K had to bring in Rod Fergusson towards the end to force Levine's hand because he wasn't finishing the game. Former Irrational employees cite Fergusson as the reason the game even released, and that the final project was more his decision making than Levine's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Development_of_BioShock_Infinite Now the exact same thing is playing out at his own studio.
>>673783 >The man hasn't worked on a truly great game since System Shock 2, most of his ideas and development style have been holding the series back. What about SWAT 4? >Look into the infamously messy development of Infinite, where 2K had to bring in Rod Fergusson towards the end to force Levine's hand because he wasn't finishing the game. Former Irrational employees cite Fergusson as the reason the game even released, and that the final project was more his decision making than Levine's. I get the feeling that Levine intentionally pushed out development of Infinite to mask the subversion that exist in the game's narrative. Constantly "restarting" to build up a library of assets that could then be assembled like Lego pieces to make the narrative that he wants.
(264.24 KB 610x627 Shock devolution.jpg)

>>673742 Bioshock was trash from day 1
(635.83 KB 2768x1022 System Shock.jpg)

>>673742 >>673798 Forgot this one
>>673798 >>673799 God i want the remake of SS to release already, the latest trailer with shodan bullying the player and the showcase of the groves got me really exited.
>>673783 >https://archive.ph/wqYBV <One constant on Levine’s projects is that he never seems content. Levine studied drama and was taught that the process for achieving greatness was to keep rewriting until everything was perfect. He originally wanted to be a screenwriter before settling on video games. Of fucking course! <Ghost Story employees would occasionally ask Levine how long Take-Two would fund their experiments before demanding a product it could sell. Levine told the staff that their studio is a “rounding error” for the publisher of Grand Theft Auto, according to two former employees. Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, agrees. With enough time, Levine offers Take-Two “a realistic chance of a new franchise” like BioShock, he says. “I expect they will continue to allow Ken to take as long as he needs to make something great.” Wonder how long it will be until the belts tighten and he loses his studio.
>>673783 That is the mark of someone that never actually worked, and just took credit for the works of others. Much like Kojimbo and others.
>>673850 >Expects to get paid without producing results Literally a communist.
>>673858 What do you expect from a literal Jew?
>>673855 Most of the core gameplay ideas for BioShock came from Doug Church and Warren Spector on the original System Shock, a game Levine had nothing to do with. The man gets credit for things he didn't even come up with.
>>673869 Oh sorry, did I say the original System Shock? Because Doug Church, the man responsible for most of System Shock, was also on System Shock 2, the game that kickstarted Ken Levine's career.
(183.59 KB 1088x612 state of you.jpg)

PlayStation sued for £5bn in the UK over ‘rip-off’ games >Sony PlayStation is being sued for £5bn in the UK over allegations it "ripped off its customers" with overpriced games and in-game purchases. >The group legal action, led by consumer rights champion Alex Neill, could see almost nine million gamers compensated. >It claims Sony PlayStation breached competition law, imposing unfair terms and conditions on games' developers and publishers, and driving up prices. >"The game is up," said Ms Neill. Sony PlayStation has yet to comment. >The claim, filed at the Competition Appeal Tribunal, alleges the gaming company abused its position as the market leader to impose terms and conditions on games' developers and publishers, including a 30% commission on every digital game or in-game purchase made through the online PlayStation Store. >The legal case claims Sony PlayStation's actions have driven up prices for consumers, resulting in customers being "unwittingly overcharged" for digital gaming purchases by up to a total of £5bn over the past six years. >The estimated damages per individual in the claim is said to be between £67 and £562. >It applies to any customer who has purchased digital games or add-on content on their console or through the PlayStation Store since August 2016. >PlayStation users will automatically have a claim if they: <Owned a console since 19 August 2016 <Live in the UK <Purchased digital PlayStation games <Made in-game purchases via the PlayStation Store >But Ms Neill warned that cases of this nature can take several years to resolve and that people who might be eligible for compensation could be left waiting if Sony PlayStation refuses to settle the claim. >"We would expect, given the number of consumers affected and the amount we believe they have overcharged by, that Sony would want to bring this forward and settle. >"But we have no idea what they are planning to do," she told the BBC. >Sony PlayStation did not immediately respond to the BBC's request for a comment. Source: https://archive.is/Pjii2
(1.83 MB 1142x1438 Fluoride stare.png)

>>673886 >Once you are in those Apple or Android operating systems, you're left with no choice but to pay the high costs for content because there is no alternative." >The claim, filed at the Competition Appeal Tribunal, alleges the gaming company abused its position as the market leader to impose terms and conditions on games' developers and publishers, including a 30% commission on every digital game or in-game purchase made through the online PlayStation Store. >The legal case claims Sony PlayStation's actions have driven up prices for consumers, resulting in customers being "unwittingly overcharged" for digital gaming purchases by up to a total of £5bn over the past six years. >The claim, filed at the Competition Appeal Tribunal, alleges the gaming company abused its position as the market leader to impose terms and conditions on games' developers and publishers, including a 30% commission on every digital game or in-game purchase made through the online PlayStation Store. What the fuck am I reading? This is all standard business, there's no foul play here. Are these people retarded? That;s how walled gardens work, and that's why they suck absolute donkey dick. The alternative is PC and Android/Linux
>>673915 >Are these people retarded? Yes, or they're doing the work for another company. It's a known tactic for companies to sic special interest groups on their rivals to hurt their bottom line.
>>673918 Microsoft has to be paying them, this is the dumbest fucking shit I've ever heard. Are they just trying to rile up normalfags?
>>673798 But Bioshock 2 is more complex than 1 though, guess someone was butthurt that Bioshock 2 was the "commies bad" one.
>>673915 Standard today maybe, but that don't make it right. Or legal.
(51.22 KB 333x500 1411672559329.jpg)

>>673886 Yet Brony bitches at Microsoft over Cuck of Booty because they can't have ammunition to fuck over games and squeeze their wallets dry, the hypocrisy of sony shitting its pants over "bad practices" while at the same time locking their own shit just makes me laugh. I just want these avaracious corporations to choke and burn to the ground already, fucking normalfags who throw money at them are not your equals.
>>673994 Bioshock 2 had a better story, but was the gameplay all that different?
>>674015 Yes but not exceedingly so. The tighter resource limits, slightly more varied ammo types early on, more varied enemy types, slightly better arena design, ability to wield both a plasmid and a gun at the same time as well as the inability to fully upgrade all the gun do end up making it it a bit more interesting to play with but while it is more complex than BS1 it's still leagues below even SS2.
>>673859 That is a good trait to look for to purge companies of the cancer. Anyone babbling about "having a vision" and "it will be done when it is done" is guaranteed to be a communist and/or a jew, and should be fired immediately. Retards like Cliff Blazinga and Kojimbo babble about that all the time. Filtering those who speak about this nonsense of "give me money for my vision project without asking for results" would do great to purge them from the industry.
>>673869 >>673872 It is easy to spot the hack. Things like "narrative project" and not knowing how to manage a team are clear indicators of talentless and unskilled retards that can only talk and are never able to actually produce anything.
>>673886 Anything that hurts corporations is a good thing.
https://archive.ph/dejgU >Don't get me wrong - developer Volition has made obvious and commendable adjustments to the Saints Row formula to help contemporize it and ensure we don't play a game with the same ideologies as one made during the pre-TikTok, pre-COVID, pre-Brexit, pre-Trump era. The new Saints are young, diverse, and openly queer. They struggle with student loans and a lack of adequate stemware (hence their frequent "mugmosas"). This is a younger Saints Row in vibe, tone, and theme, but much of it plays like a Saints Row of yesteryear. dead on arrival. can't confirm it, but it seems the saints have a pride flag in their apartment
>>674040 >pre-TikTok, pre-COVID, pre-Brexit, pre-Trump era None of these things were relevant to the old Saints Row games, though. At least not to my knowledge. Also, the fuck does Brexit which, remind me, did that go anywhere? have to do with a gameseries set in the US of fucking A?
(1.04 MB 1139x607 saints row wicked witch.png)

>>674040 >can't confirm it, but it seems the saints have a pride flag in their apartment correct, and it's the new design, one with awful tranny colors as well I'm surprised there isn't a ukrainian flag there somewhere
>>674081 Why the fuck do they look like a bunch of limp-wristed slack-jawed faggots? Who oversaw this and thought "Yes, this looks fine". I don't even understand who this is supposed to pander to, the kind of people who resemble these characters don't even play videogames since they are too busy catching monkeypox from sucking off Jamal.
(263.02 KB 1185x1249 saints row reboot.jpg)

>>674085 >Who oversaw this and thought "Yes, this looks fine". a middle aged white woman >who does this pander to? >>674040 gen z who was raised on tik tok and social media. the protagonist is a history major that decides he/she would rather commit crime than pay student loans, so relatable! it doesn't help that the devs are pulling a battlefield vagina and actively shitting on their fans and ruining the game out of spite for them
*history student, obviously they haven't graduated otherwise they would have a job as if the game couldn't possibly pander to californians enough, the game also has you tackling capitalism and class inequality or some shit, despite you being a gang of mass murderers. despite that, there is one mission where you steal a 300$ waffle toaster for a communist faggot who has a waffle fetish(this is not a joke, he has waffle tattoos on his body) or stealing happy meal toys to give to the orphans, because putting a dent in mcdonald's pocket book is gonna hurt their bottom line, and not effect, say, the 15yr old looking to make a few extra bucks on the side there the most and will likely be fired to cut corners
>>674088 The dudebro incel era is over chuds, deal with it! I hope Deep Silver/Embracer just cuts down the studio, they're actively stopping the company from growing, why the incompetent kraut fuckers at Deep Silver didn't end Volition after the massive failure that was Agents of Mayhem is beyond me
>>674086 Why do PR managers think it's ok to act like teenagers on official social media accounts?
>>674731 Because they never grew up. In other news, Path of Exile's latest league is yet again another disaster. They nerfed loot drops across the table by anywhere from 70% to 90%. This includes currency and map drops. Players are FURIOUS, streamers are all openly shitting on GGG, league retention is one of worst ones in past years (if not the worst). This was the single, biggest change ever done to PoE in the 10 years the game's been out. And it wasn't even in the patch notes, it was a two addendum in a post-launch post GGG made.
>>674085 >catching monkeypox from sucking off Jamal. Worth it for the two weeks off work.
>>674088 >to give to the orphans KEK! Orphans are the biggest joke in real life. Never worth getting anything from anyone. I gladly accumulate and save a lot of useful things so the lower "people" can't have any of it, even if no collapse comes.
>>675499 >>675543 You're probably hispa refugees but please stop acting like cuckchanners
>>675114 Everyone who plays Path of Chink deserves to suffer
>>675580 Orphan children that are not white are better burned alive.
Found this on /b/. https://nitter.net/mikestabile/status/1540769215824535552 Louisiana passing a bill that lets parents sue anyone that posts porn online if their kids sees the porn without ID based? age verification. Specifically excludes larger sites such as Twatter and plebbit. Could effect this site. Could effect h-games.
>>676034 Well there servers arent in Louisiana. So I don't see this affecting us.
>>676027 Niggerpill is right for once. You should kill yourself.
>>676046 It is always okay to use your butt as a cumdumpster, I'm going to find you, hold you down and fucking rape you. Your days are numbered and your sweet sweet ass is mine.
>>676034 Why the fuck are those parents letting their kids visit sites with adult content anyways?
>>676034 >specifically exempts the places where they're most likely to encounter pornography without explicitly going out of their way to evade router blocks It won't effect anyone except for sites hosting in that specific state, which is probably next to none. It's a completely toothless virtue signal like most laws tend to be. >>676056 Parent's don't want to raise their own children. They want google to do it for them and cry every time google doesn't display absolute authority over their lives and let a sliver of agency creep in.
(36.53 KB 587x286 ondeck.png)

According to Valve, the Steam Deck's new reservations are higher now than they were at launch. https://archive.ph/TBGDV This is very atypical of a normal "console" launch cycle, which is usually at its peak during the first 6 weeks, fitting in line with Deck's atypical nature.
>>676153 that doesn't make any fucking sense, considering that production should have basically cut down the reservations significantly, on top of the generally decreased interest I've been seeing due to the delays and Plus, the reservations were basically bloated with use as pre-order deposits. Now that you should be able to order the system normally, they largely shouldn't even need to use the reservation system now and be able to sell it normally Smells like fake marketing bullshit if you ask me then again, the reservations at launch were probably much decreased from the peak they likely were at when the system was first announced; maybe now that they finally got some out, people thought "oh, the gates are open this time that I can finally order", only to realize Valve closed them again. Normally I'd just hope for this faggot-marketed pile of shit to fail, but I do hope it stays alive long enough for the competitors to improve their products and increase interest in the market before Valve fucks everything up again like they always do with hardware.
>>676175 It just launched in Japan and they've been fucking BEGGING for it ever since it was announced.
>>676180 >Japan wanting this oversized, hulking, heavy, overpriced piece of shit >with no physical games to boot >and the only platform they can use on it is Steam press X to doubt
>>676182 >and the only platform they can use on it is Steam What does this even mean?
>>676186 As in, its largely restricted to Steam Store usage for playing games unless you fuck around with it, and japs don't really do that much Japs, for their PC games, use physical copies and places like DLsite, only recently has Steam started to get any sort of traction there, but PC is still not a very popular platform not to mention Japanese games (especially the doujin scene) have far less compatibility through loonix and wine than western games do
>>676190 So the word would be willing, not can.
>>676190 >but PC is still not a very popular platform Faggot shit like Vtubers is changing that ironically.
>>676182 >>676190 >overpriced It's cheaper than anything like it on the market >with no physical games to boot The most popular form of gaming is mobile there, which doesn't have digital option >and the only platform they can use on it is Steam That's just factually untrue >its largely restricted to Steam Store usage for playing games unless you fuck around with it It's literally a computer, open up the browser and you can buy a game from somewhere else, I honestly hope you don't think one of the highest IQ countries in the world is that retarded
>>676197 > I honestly hope you don't think one of the highest IQ countries in the world is that retarded I don't think you realize that Japanese normalfags are as bad as everyone else, they're just super indoctrinated by the government and the companies that downright own their ass. Most are tech illiterate and most places still use Windows XP. Floppy disks are still being used nigger.
>>676193 "willing" doesn't work grammatically, Steam is the default setup and right now and Valve hasn't allowed people to fuck around with it, you would need to fuck with it to use anything else (and winjews is a disaster on the Deck as shown already) >>676197 >cheaper than custom-made chinkshit nobody is buying that besides rich tech enthusiasts, have you ever seen japs talk about any of those things? >The most popular form of gaming is mobile there, which doesn't have digital option The most popular form of gaming everywhere is mobile, we're talking about the core gamer demographic here, not your average mom or teenage girl, don't be disingenuous. >That's just factually untrue Its literally the default platform, and people have made videos showing that Winjews is basically unusable and Valve has not really given any options to use other OSes on the device, on top of having to jury-rig the software to be able to play most non-Steam games to get a chance of working. >It's literally a computer, open up the browser and you can buy a game from somewhere else Oh, so you are disingenuous. Even hardcore loonix autists know this thing is definitely far from similar to using a real PC. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=y4N0b3NJfhU Even now, very few people use Linux even in the west despite years of slow growth (unless you want to say Android counts) and the west basically being the strongest proponent for linux, and now you think the Japs will buy a $500 (minimum, but its probably higher), heavier and bigger than the fucking Wii U gamepad, linux PC with no physical games? >I honestly hope you don't think one of the highest IQ countries in the world is that retarded Anon, this is just embarrassing. Do you think the entire country is just full of linux autists then? Might explain your delusion or something. You know nothing about the Japanese, especially if you want to project this much virtue unto them without understanding their demographics.
>>676211 >"willing" doesn't work grammatically <and the only platform they would be willing to use on it is Steam It works fine. >Steam is the default setup and right now and Valve hasn't allowed people to fuck around with it, you would need to fuck with it to use anything else (and winjews is a disaster on the Deck as shown already) As far as I'm aware you can do basically everything through flatpaks which are an officially supported platform. For an autist like myself it's not ideal but for a retarded bug person it's leaps and bounds more accessible and open than anything they've used before. >>676197 >It's cheaper than anything like it on the market It's significantly more expensive in Japan from what I've heard. Probably due to some nip import taxes or some stupid shit. >I honestly hope you don't think one of the highest IQ countries in the world is that retarded lol You are completely disconnected from reality if you think that translates to any appreciable degree of tech literacy. These are people that pre-order kentucky fried chicken for Christmas dude. They are a race of drones.
>>676218 >flatpaks I have only seen people shit on flatpaks, plus the utter lack of familiar apps fucks them up, on top of most of the available ones being largely dogshit >more accessible and open than anything they've used before they have literally used windows all their lives, I don't expect this thing to make much headway at all there Japs aren't retarded enough to use GIMP yet, and hopefully they never will be
(12.13 KB 130x202 whatcouldthisnumbermean...jpg)

>>676217 >O Terror Dos 8canais doesn't believe in IQ Wonder why
>>676226 >I have only seen people shit on flatpaks The issues with flatpaks are relatively minor. They work and do what a typical user needs them to. >plus the utter lack of familiar apps fucks them up So they are unwilling, not unable. >they have literally used windows all their lives, I don't expect this thing to make much headway at all there Neither do I.
>>676229 >unwilling, not unable yes, technically speaking This is basically semantics though, unwilling and unable are both irrelevant when its the same result regardless: them not using the device out of a combination of both a lack of familiarity with loonix shit, and a lack of desire and incentive to bother with it One can say its both, I just said "can't" because I believe its practically impossible, but not literally impossible, so yes, you are technically correct.
>>676231 It's a pretty important distinction when we're talking about a piece of consumer hardware. It's not difficult to install a flatpak for an emulator and play every single switch game you want for free. So the hardware isn't a bad sell. The consumers are just utterly brain dead. You can only criticize software and hardware so much. It will reach a point where the consumer base is too retarded to even be considered human. The rest of the world has had deep cultural roots in piracy and PC gaming for the last 20+ years. The japs don't have any excuse beyond them simply being subhuman bug people. To not put the onus on them is like not putting the onus on them to fix their work place culture and suicide rates. You're infantalizing them to a degree we wouldn't do for any western civilization.
>>676244 No one is going to move to an entirely different thread because of a single short lived one off conversation you fucking retard.
>>676234 if they just wanted to play Switch games, they could just hack their own already-owned Switches and not worry about shit like lacking compatibility with games, why bother buying something that's likely literally twice the price, twice the weight and size to play the same games they were already playing, but with more discomfort? imo the hardware is a plenty bad sell to the japs in multiple respects, if anything the hardware is the worst part about the Steam Deck, raw specs doesn't compensate for its horrendous product attributes You are literally selling to the handheld capital of the world, yet you give them what is probably one of the worst designed handhelds ever, and think they will worship the specs like retards here do? They are a different audience. The "rest of the world" varies. America is more prominent than most others when it comes to shit like that, yes, as is places like Russia and whatnot, but those places also have a strong PC-building culture, and handhelds in those countries were targeted more towards children generally rather than people of all ages. This is also on top of shit like America being a more freedom-oriented society with its laws, origin and culture, on top of being on a vast landmass, allowing for shit like ownership of large plots of land more commonly, larger vehicles and apparatuses on top of a well-fed population with strong property rights and whatnot Japan on the other hand, is a literal island country with a large public transportation system that many use, having preferences for smaller, more compact things in general both for space, and the fact that they are literally a physically smaller people than Americans and germans/anglos They are also less freedom-oriented, and very submissive, fanatically loyal and obedient to authority and law-abiding, based on their origins and culture. I'm not infantilizing them, I'm simply recognizing their differences. People as a whole deserve to be infantilized, everyone suffers from different problems based on who and what they are. Here, people have other issues. Americans and certain european countries (but especially Americans) value convenience and speed above all else, keep in mind that America basically invented the concept of "fast food", walmart, convenience stores, and digital goods because physical copies are less convenient, also pioneering shit like early access and releasing broken shit and fixing it later On top of this, Americans have horrible political instability due to the term system (which is both a blessing and curse), leading to the loss of the manufacturing industry, and by extension, the loss of The Japanese, with the Quality revolution and quality-based culture, do a lot better, and still have their own manufacturing capabilities. Even now, the Japanese are still known as basically the highest quality producers in the world, when that title used to be shared between America, certain european countries (which they still have for shit like cars at least), and Japan. Europeans are sort of an in-between, depending on the individual country's differences of course. England, for example, is pretty damn submissive to authority with their autocratic history, and now they've had to deal with shit like the "loicense" memes. Germans are industrious and efficient, but due to their rigid natures, they have basically been made the world's whipping boy and forced to carry the entire EU on their shoulders The French, have their own issues of course, but a lot of these countries became the homeplaces of liberal philosophers and people who changed the countries forever (and the occasional allowance for letting jews in to ruin the place periodically) Every place needs to look inward and realize their part in the roles for how bad things are nowadays But that's a bit of a rambling point that's gone off the rails, I'll stop talking now since this is way bigger than some shitty (((Product))) made by (((Corporation)))
>learn about a Kikstarter for a new indie Smash Bros (Indie Rumble) a couple of days ago >graphics and gameplay look meh >still bookmark the page because I like Smash-like games >check it again today >project cancelled >wut >read old tweets from the project's Twitter >the team pulled a #metoo on the director and lead dev because he apparently harassed sexually some soccer mom and made him quit >multiple accounts post walls of text about how that guy is a monster >they even posted a message on the project's Twitter account about how they will remove everything made by that guy because they are a safe and accepting community >hours later the team posts a long apology in the same account >turns out all of what the guy did happened in high school when he and everyone else were underage retards >the team even admits that "a massive chunk of the accusations are false" >too late to backtrack >they already lost their director and main dev >probably lost most of the IPs too after their owners saw the absolute PR mess that was happening >Kickstarter cancelled, YouTube videos unlisted/removed, team cries on Twitter how "they had too many things against them" >mfw gen Ziggers are so cucked they cancel themselves Posting timeline for anyone interested in this teen drama: <accusations against lead guy https://archive.is/XruBo https://archive.is/XruBo https://archive.is/ARlJM https://archive.is/TT5Uf <studio firing the lead guy https://archive.is/1B8Ea <studio apologizing hours later https://archive.is/wsL6Z <it's over https://archive.is/w1mFo Pic and video related, the statement from the studio and the trailer of this game that had more drama than positive qualities.
>>676381 Shameful display, but also about on par with what I expect from these types. This won't end until these people are dealt with and taught the error of their ways. They need to face real punishments for doing this, and they need to be made an example of to ensure the others don't ever do it again.
>>676395 There's a reason why before modern times scolds and gossips were treated harshly and also why reports of things such as rape and abuse were treated very skeptically unless there were actual multiple witnesses or physical evidence. We need to go back.
>>676401 No! Women are perpetually opressed, believe all women!
(669.88 KB 320x240 (YOU).webm)

>>676246 >Basically things like game announcements, live stream events, new gaming hardware, etc. should have their own threads while shit like NEW GUILTY GEAR DLC 3 "SLAYER" or something like that should be posted in this thread. While we won't ban anyone for doing the former, we encourage anons to use their best judgement when posting news content. I hate to be a rulefag but READ THE OP, you double nigger.
>>676263 Notice the silence after the shill was called out on his failed marketing tactic. It is always the case with those new, but useless, technologies. There are no actual people supporting them. It is only shills and (((corporate employees))) desperately defending them.
(246.53 KB 480x320 double nigger g.webm)

>>676467 good webm, have another.
>>676381 lol, reminds me of the frontier, that game also had a massive spergout from the devs and eventually ended up throwing their own under the bus and removing everything done by these devs it's always the smash community that is most autistic, isn't it? knowing them, some of the devs are likely pedophiles and trying to throw random devs under the bus so they can be suspicion free
>>676467 Ah yes Valve reporting that they have slightly increased pre-orders. That is definitely super critical information worthy of an entirely new thread you brain dead dipshit. Fucking kill yourself you brain dead nigger.
(669.82 KB 320x240 Sonic Masturbating.mp4)

PS5 price to increase in select markets due to global economic environment, including high inflation rates >New recommended retail price coming to select markets in the EMEA, APAC, and LATAM regions, plus Canada. >The global economic environment is a challenge that many of you around the world are no doubt experiencing. We’re seeing high global inflation rates, as well as adverse currency trends, impacting consumers and creating pressure on many industries. Based on these challenging economic conditions, SIE has made the difficult decision to increase the recommended retail price (RRP) of PlayStation 5 in select markets across Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America (LATAM), as well as Canada. There will be no price increase in the United States. >The new RRPs below are effective immediately unless otherwise noted.* >Europe <PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – €549.99 <PS5 Digital Edition – €449.99 >UK <PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – £479.99 <PS5 Digital Edition – £389.99 >Japan (effective Sept. 15, 2022) <PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – ¥60,478 yen (including tax) <PS5 Digital Edition – ¥49,478 yen (including tax) >China <PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – ¥4,299 yuan <PS5 Digital Edition – ¥3,499 yuan >Australia <PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – AUD $799.95 <PS5 Digital Edition – AUD $649.95 >Mexico <PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – MXN $14,999 <PS5 Digital Edition – MXN $12,499 >Canada <PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – CAD $649.99 <PS5 Digital Edition – CAD $519.99 >While this price increase is a necessity given the current global economic environment and its impact on SIE’s business, our top priority continues to be improving the PS5 supply situation so that as many players as possible can experience everything that PS5 offers and what’s still to come. >Thank you for your continued support. >*Select markets in EMEA, APAC, and LATAM not listed above may also receive price increases. Please check with your local retailer. Source: https://archive.is/7J3F1
(136.50 KB 742x571 $230.png)

>>676811 Anon, you have to understand, every single company is learning to adapt to the "new normal" that is living with COVID-19 (Remember to get your booster shot), and now Monkeypox. After all, Nintendo is reducing the size of the Switch boxes in order to maintain production: https://archive.ph/usUVP Due to the shortage of cardboard that the U.S. is experiencing: https://archive.ph/9iXDB $599, has no games, this really is a repeat of the PS3.
>>676811 (checked) Nice. Between this and the nintendo denuvo news, the big three really are in a hurry to end themselves.
>>676831 As long as the box is big enough to carry the whole system there isn't a problem, it's better than when (((Amazon))) ships a fucking THUMB DRIVE in a huge box that is 99% packing material.
>>673798 >play System Shock 1 >READ JOURNALS! LISTEN TO AUDIO LOGS This series was trash from the start.
(623.96 KB 3500x2500 hacker denies the thotan.jpg)

>>676839 >how fucking dare you not give me the passcodes and objectives jsut as i enter the room? TRASH! Irritant.
>>676842 I can play Deus Ex just fine and that has shit to read, but >read journals people wrote/recorded before they all died xddd This "trope" has been annihilated for me because of the ultra extreme excessive usage in modern games. I can't stomach it whatsoever.
>>676855 So this is a case of you being retarded on porpouse, gotcha.
(286.49 KB 742x569 $2.png)

>>676831 >image Oh you've done it now fucker
>>676831 >$230.png I want to see a sequence now of a console-tan or some other product-tan becoming increasingly desperate (for sex?) as their price tag drops over time.
>>676918 I saw an image like that for the Ouya, actually. Can't find it right now though.
>>676858 I know a guy with an ass like that.
https://archive.ph/qxe6D For those who haven't heard yet, Marvelous just nuked anything regarding Senran Kagura on their English language site.
(1.02 MB 375x212 skele angry doot.gif)

>>677110 >Senran Kagura It's not the first time they've come for the titty ninjas, and it won't be the last. Fuck these colonising puritans in their uptight assholes (or don't, considering they're all riddled with fucking disease like homopox).
(252.24 KB 928x285 play now.PNG)

>>677126 Since I use addblock, I barely see any ads, so when I saw this, I was a bit taken aback. I know adds used sex appeal in the past, simply forgot how much, and I am sure there are lewder ones.
(1.66 MB 3840x10023 famitsu sales.jfif)

Nintendo dominates Japan for another week with no Sony titles in the top 30 at all, meaning no PlayStation game, 4 or 5, sold more than 1,579 copies, less than Super Mario Maker 2. https://nintendoeverything.com/famitsu-software-sales-8-15-22-8-21-22-top-30/ https://archive.ph/GhsT5
>>677156 are you telling me that nobody wants to play nigger souls or lgbt spiderman in japan and they would rather spend money on a console with actual video games with wide appeal? what is this world coming to...
>>677156 I wonder if it's not just that the current gaystations have no gaems, but also if increasing hatred of Sony for their anti-fanservice, anti-Japan, woke policies is making the Japs more reluctant to support them?
(708.00 KB 459x572 cute.png)

>>677156 What the fuck is happening with the japs? Do they have no taste?
(478.86 KB 2560x1440 Huey.jpg)

>>677157 >>677187 >>677237 Anon will come up with a lot of reasons for this, but the big one is much simpler than you'd think. Traditional console gaming is just not much of a thing anymore in Japan. It's not because muh western influence or whatever, everything is on mobile and handhelds now. Even Japanese devs will tell you this, there's a reason so many devs like FromSoft and Capcom are focusing more on western gamers than Japanese ones now. Like, look at some of the games on that list. Pokémon SwSh? Switch Sports? Mario Party? These aren't exactly the peak of gaming. And those sales figures aren't great, most of those games aren't even breaking 5k. Most Japanese gamers are off playing gacha now.
>>677156 >Wii Sports 4 is number 1 Is this 2006? How can people enjoy that trash?
>>677244 Maybe it's changed? Maybe it's a bundle? Maybe it's incredibly cheap?
>>677243 And unlike in the west, you don't have niggers all over the place ready to fucking steal any pricey electronic device you might show off in public.
>>677247 I hope so, i can't imagine anyone earnestly buying that during current year out of their free will.
>>677249 >The West I see people with phones, Vitas and Switches all the time. Maybe you mean the USA?
(71.84 KB 622x732 mindset.jpg)

>>677243 >Anon will come up with a lot of reasons for this, but [...] traditional console gaming is just not much of a thing anymore in Japan Anons are also completely stuck in 2006 and still think PC is some non-factor over there. I see anons unironically saying PC is a niche hobby exclusive to random DLsite games as if they've never seen the fucking size of the Japanese Steam community. PC has had huge growth in Japan over the two decades and especially in the last 5 years. There are around 8 million PC gamers in Japan now, Apex Legends is one of the most popular games there. In fact, PC is probably bigger than Xbox and PS5. The NoGames 4 and Pii-Ew caused a big increased in interest in PC as a gaming platform, before that computers were seen as a formal thing you used for work. The problem is anons think of mustard race battle stations with 4 monitors, of course those aren't big there. Laptops are what people use, laptop ownership in general is skyrocketing in Japan. In 2021, one Taiwanese manufacturer reported selling over 200,000 new laptops per month in Japan. Laptops have become pretty cheap, decently powerful and they're very convenient. This has been the main catalyst of PC gaming in Japan and I haven't seen anybody on this board realize this is happening. How can a board of weebs be so fucking ignorant of this?
(169.60 KB 1280x720 Beef PC.jpg)

>>677261 People have been saying this on this board for quite some time now. Especially the Vtuber brand of faggot weebs
>>677264 >>677261 That's to say, you're not the first and you seem to be new.
>>677264 >muh vtubers referenced PCs That's because she was interacting with westerners. Her PC was old and shit though, because, as usual, Japs into PCs is something rare. The artist making that parody video is a westerner too. The evidence you've cited is against the position of Japs finally coming into the PC market en masse.
>>677269 And then she got a better PC and so did their nip fanbase.
Gungrave GORE is coming out on November 22 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1630110/Gungrave_GORE/
(3.17 MB 3840x15581 JRPGs.jfif)

>>677535 Oh fuck. I loved wild Arms 3 enjoyed 1 & 2, and got a decent ways into Shadow Hearts before PCSX2 would consistently soft lock just before some boss at the top of a tower. >Kikestarted >They're trying to make games like the old ones >In Armed Fantasia they use ARMs Are they going to get sued by whoever holds the rights to Wild Arms now?
>>677547 > whoever holds the rights to Wild Arms now? That's still Sony
>>677156 Whenever any company prospers, humanity loses.
>>677244 It is a fun party game for the family and friends, anon.
>>677535 >Kikestarter >Those old developers from a good but abandoned franchise/brand will create a new game "just like the good old ones". Does anyone have that catalog of all the new games with that same fallacy of "old guys from once famous brands come back to make new game" (like Mighty No. 9 and Shenmue III) that ended up being garbage?
(433.79 KB 594x657 RECanceled.PNG)

(51.10 KB 717x951 SpyFamilyAnyaHeh.jpg)

>>677584 Inflation must be hitting quite hard that these companies can no longer to prop these shitty series up for 2-3 seasons before canning them.
>>677574 >like Mighty No. 9 Wasn't that just a character designer though? >Shenmue III Wasn't that always just mediocre gaemplay that people played for the story though?
(192.53 KB 650x650 mfw.jpg)

>>677535 >Penny Blood >Creator of Shadow Hearts Nice. >Kikestarter Not nice. I hope this will another Bloodstained where it ended up being surprisingly good and probably the only really successful kickstarted game. I didn't talk about Armed Fantasia because I have yet to play Wild ARMs.
>>677586 >Wasn't that just a character designer though? That's the fallacy that people engage in when talking about people in the industry, they ascribe a single person to the success of a game, just like that Warren Spector interview. >Wasn't that always just mediocre gaemplay that people played for the story though? Yes, but it was revolutionary at the time, there hadn't been something that was cinematic and open world like that before. Of course now the formula is horribly outdated and there are games that do what it does but better, people were played on for nostalgia and the promise that he was going to finish the story. Of course the fag pulled another "Oh the story's going to be complete in 3 more games, please support it again"
>>677574 Not exactly an image, but there was also Yooka Laylee (Rare), Star Citizen (Chris Roberts), and Broken Age (Tim Schafer).
>>677591 >Of course the fag pulled another "Oh the story's going to be complete in 3 more games, please support it again" What are you talking about? Yu Suzuki already stated that Shenmue is a 13 part epic back before the Dreamcast was canned.
>>677602 Are you gaslighing? Yes he did say that back in the dream cast day but when he came back for kick starter he vaguely said "Yea give me money so I can finally complete the story" implying that he was going to finish it. He fucking lied and after it was out said he need 3 more games.
>>677603 >but when he came back for kick starter he vaguely said "Yea give me money so I can finally complete the story" No, he didn't. Even in the damn Kickstarter, all he expresses is that Shenmue 3 is a sequel to Shenmue 2 and picks up where that game left off: https://archive.ph/0KhXD Here's the Kickstarter before it ended: https://archive.ph/lP8DS And, here it is over a year later: https://archive.ph/TMOEx In addition to that, a few months before the game released, Suzuki already came out to restate that only 40% of the Ryo's story is finished: https://archive.ph/B7Ysa So, no, it was ALWAYS known to be a multi-part epic that wouldn't be finished with "one more game". And, the only people who didn't understand this are the same idiots who fell all over other themselves to buy FF7R despite SE already announcing, before launch, that it didn't even contain the all of the content from the first disc of the original game.
>>677584 It's no shock, the show was terrible and had no audience. The people who liked Resident Evil didn't want it, and the people who would want something like that don't care about Resident Evil.
>>677611 You're giving him far too much credit. He went into the kickstarting knowing full well he was selling people the ending to the franchise, but he deliberately doesn't mention that it's the end. As you point out he doesn't even mention that this is not going to be the ending until AFTER the kick starter is closed, when people weren't paying attention. He conned people into funding this game by being deliberately vague.
>>677618 Not really. I mean your argument is he lied to people by selling them the ending by not mentioning the ending once because its like 8 games away. Sounds more like you didn't know anything about shenmue really.
>>677622 >>677618 And, like I said, it's the fault of the people for not paying attention. It's like the morons who complain about microstransactions and DLC in games, and then turn around and buy/play games that have those "issues" they complain about. At this point, especially with everyone having access to the internet, people only do it to themselves.
>>677622 You're really arguing that he didn't mislead people because he mentioned it years before his kickstarter and then doesn't mention it once during his kick starter and only says it after it's finished? Dude he knew what he was doing. >>677623 I don't fucking care about the people who were dumb enough to fall for his scam, all i'm doing is saying he's a scum bag, like Inafune and he knew what he was doing. Fact he's probably dumber than Infaune since he expected people to keep funding his shit games.
>>677623 yes. Now don't (you) me nigger I was agreeing with you. >>677625 Yes. Obviously. I mean if you had no experience with shenmue why would you give him money to make the game? And if you did have any experience you knew in advance it was no where near to ending. Hence why he never once mentioned the word end. How can you claim he sold people on something by not saying anything about that something? You see the logical failure?
(469.27 KB 542x450 Zakozako.webm)

>>677243 >Most Japanese gamers are off playing gacha now Yes
>>677626 Are you assuming people who were invested in Shenmue all knew that Yu Suzuki was SET on making it a massive 13 year game? In fact the retard has even scaled back on his ambition and said he now just needs 2 games to finish the story, he himself has changed his plans, people were naive to think he could wrap it up in one game considering what he had planned but the fact is is that many people bought in thinking he would either wrap it up in 3 or in 4, not 5 and he deliberately was coy on the fact 3 was definitely not going to be the ending. If you go through all of the shysters in the industry from Molyneux, Sean Murray to Todd Howard, their best lies are always the ones where they don't tell you something about whatevere they're talking about and they let the viewer fill in the gaps with their imagination, lie by omission is still a lie anon.
>>677628 On a console or PC you can actually get the cute anime grills without having to gamble for them.
>>677637 So he did give feedback on when the ending was coming. So which is it? Your story changes more than peter molyneuxs. I really dont consider him a shyster or a cheat. and the only evidence youve presented is that he didnt mention an ending in what everyone can agree was a middle game in the series. So why would he? Do you see?
>>677625 >Doesn't mention anything about the ending during the kickstarter <He was totally selling them on the ending by implication You're retarded.
>>677586 So? In both games, they were paraded as "the return of a 'veteran' bringing a new game 'just like the old ones".
>>677601 Also a cancelled kikestarter for a new Tactics RPG made by the original producer of Final Fantasy Tactics, but with (((western))) developers. I remember it causing some shitstorm before being cancelled, and that the FFT producer wasn't even actually on the project, but the scammers used his name to deceive retards into donating money to them.
>>677720 In the first one, it wasn't actually a key dev. In the second one, the games were shit in the first place. Both were doomed to failures for reasons other than "old dev bringing back old game but on his own this time". What positions did these devs for Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts have?
>>677650 >He was totally selling them on the ending by implication Yes. Try to understando something: when someone presents an idea or project to me, they must, unironically, do what I imagine that they would do, to fulfill MY expectations. Not theirs. Not anyone else's that does not have the same expectations as ME. Once that does not happen, it automatically means the person lied to me. No joke. No shitposting. If my money goes to something, MY will most dictate everything about it.
>>677725 Irrelevant. They were marketed as "old 'veteran' returns for a new game". And that is what made them fail in the first place, before anything else: out-of-touch old men who didn't even understand the industry or the market anymore. Even worse regarding Yu Suzuki, who was quoted saying that "I don't play video games that much, really". And it shows, on the final product. Whatever positions any of them have or had is not important. They are being brought in to meddle with a new industry and market reality that they don't know anything about, and their meddling will cause the final product to be garbage.
>>677640 After the kickstarter. Do you understand linear time? Why did he not mention at all during the kickstarter that this was intended to be a connection game at all and waited until a month after the kickstarter finished? If he had mentioned it during he would have lost millions and he knew it. There's a reason he hasn't tried starting another kickstarter again and it's because he knows he pissed off everyone.
Free post game content updates are coming to Azure striker Gunvolt 3. Update Period >August 2022 to December 2022 (five updates total) Update Roadmap >August 25, 2022 – New playable character “Kirin XX,” new mode “D-nizer Mode,” and more. >Late September 2022 – New boss, new mode “Trial Mode,” and more. >Late October 2022 – New boss and more. >Late November 2022 – New boss and more. >December 2022 – Additional story “Epilogue ATEMS,” online scoreboard, and more. https://archive.ph/TRfnM https://archive.ph/ae6uw
Edited last time by local_dog on 08/27/2022 (Sat) 04:41:34.
>>677808 Man, Inti can make some good fucking music
>>677738 Why would you assume it would finish the series. Why would anyone. Unless a game is marketed as the last in a series I always assume there will be more. And there always is. And the only one pissed off is you. Did you even play shenmue 3?
>>677831 >the only one pissed off is you Dismissing everyone who complained about the game not being the final one You aren't fooling anyone, shill. Every single person (that is, not shills) expected it to be the last. And he should have fulfilled those expectations, simply because they exist and that is what people wanted. Now he will never be trusted again and never be able to make any project again. Those who don't fulfill espectations are automatically liars.
>>677835 No joke dude. Are you retarded.
>>677836 The only retards are those defending developers and companies.
(1.95 MB 3840x4899 puzzle bobble everybobble.jfif)

>>678268 Denuvo?
>>678288 >Denuvo? It sucks that we have to ask this about fucking Switch games now.
(16.06 MB 1920x1080 Made in abyss.webm)

Made in Abyss gameplay.
>>678544 Nice ps2 game, whats it called?
(359.64 KB 852x590 crop1.png)

>>678544 Looks like ass >Her fucken head gets ripped off Oh boy, I can't wait to collect all the death scenes in this totally-not-torture-porn story. >Everything you pick up has a weight Hopefully the weight limit is low and you won't require fucktarded amounts of all materials, so crafting and foraging is more about picking out what you need rather than just padding out playtime. You could have Reg carry things since he's stronger, but I guess he's supposed to be protecting Riko while you forage. Didn't do a very good job of it, though.
(71.95 KB 350x230 disturb riko.png)

>>678544 >Minimap and icons Fucking gross. I hope I can turn that off. This is supposed to be about exploring. Not following a guide.
>>678544 I sensed something. Hungry noise. I sensed something. Hungry noise. I sensed something. Hungry noise. Oh. Hungry noise. Oh. Oh. Hungry noise. Oh. Hungry noise. Oh. Oh.
>>678544 Lmao. >>678566 It's really bad. Might be more tolerable without shitty English voice actors, but it's still too often.
>>678544 Looks like a WIi/3DS game Another licensed kusoge
>>678544 Looks like there's a bunch of videos out. Why the fuck can't I find one without god awful EN voice acting though?
>>678571 I thought it looked more like the Neptunia games.
>>678573 >Why the fuck can't I find one without god awful EN voice acting though? Because you're using Jewtube, like a retard. Look for vids on NicoNico.
>>678552 The levels look like hallways so I'm not sure it matters.
>>678576 I can see that on the character models blatantly clashing with everything else, even if that's sort of expected for MiA. Honestly one of the worst looking games I've seen in years.
>>678577 I don't think this was a good idea.
>>678544 I wonder what the shitting mechanics will be like
>>678577 This isn't working, and I'm even trying moon rune searches. Both for メイドインアビス 闇を目指した連星 and メイドインアビスゲーム. All I get is official trailers and fan shit.
>>678607 >>678612 Post more!
>>678618 Look it up yourself, fag.
(226.72 KB 700x486 avenge.png)

Not even 2 years after release, Marvel's Avengers is being sold for $2. https://archive.ph/6FuSY https://archive.ph/w2LeF
>>678674 I forgot to mention, these are physical copies of the game. Not just Steam codes.
>>678678 That's more because the IP is being sold to Embracer or something, which means SE can't sell it directly, and will probably be relisted on other storefronts to reflect the change.
>>678544 Shitty game could have been a Breaht of The Wild open world type of experience. Also why would they show her getting fucking beheaded like that? Nobody wants to see a loli die like that unless you're a gurofag holy shit. Just have her lie down when she dies for Christ's sake.
(132.01 KB 1280x720 Kingdom Hearts.jpg)

>>678544 >it looks like a PS2 game lmao The Power Of The Nintendo™ Switch™™™ >>678686 >Also why would they show her getting fucking beheaded like that? Nobody wants to see a loli die like that unless you're a gurofag holy shit. Are you not familiar with Made In Abyss? It's weird, creepy and full of sexual fetishes. There's an infamous scene where one kid is sniffing another's asshole

(160.21 KB 528x966 Stadia ryona.png)

>>678686 >Nobody wants to see a loli die AHEM.
>>678544 This is so fucking awful.
>>678686 Made in Abyss is made by a gurofag. It's torture/suffering porn with a furry of ambiguous gender and shota erections.
>>678674 I think the last time I got a PC game nearly that cheap was New Vegas UE, and that was just because Microsoft was discontinuing some storefront.
>>678674 >>678683 Both Square and anything (((Marvel))) lost good will from almost everyone around the world. Save for MMO addicted retards who still play FF XIV Online, everyone else do not expect ANYTHING good coming from Square or any capeshit. Not only all capeshit movies are failing, but it is good to remember (and laugh at) the fact that the new main entry in the Final Fantasy franchise (FF XVI) was announced, as gameplay and story trailers, and nobody cares. Get woke, go broke is real.
(162.48 KB 292x317 sfx deep_sniff.png)

(9.83 KB 255x189 SNIFF.jpg)

>>678696 >There's an infamous scene where one kid is sniffing another's asshole Will elevator shitting be featured as a minigame "MASH (X) TO SQUEEZE OUT ANOTHER LOG" and the asshole sniffing be a quicktime event? Or maybe the sniffing will be like a musical rhythm game where you have to time the presses then hold the button down to keep up with the longer sniffs, but if you accidentally sniff in a brap its game over! >>678701 saved >>678707 The manga/anime morbid and uncomfortable sometimes but it never has to be tryhard fucking edgy like how the game is trying to be. No one should have to see a cute 12 year old girl get her head sloppily removed from her body like that. At least use clever camera angles to hide the gore ffs.
>>678708 I get games that cheap every week. But, then again, they're all over 12 years old.
(1.48 MB 1100x1600 1.png)

(1.77 MB 1100x1600 2.png)

(1.36 MB 1100x1600 3.png)

(1.56 MB 1100x1600 4.png)

(1.54 MB 1100x1600 5.png)

>>678747 >has to be tryhard fucking edgy like how the game is trying to be. Did you forget the scene in which Reg was trying to amputate Riko, while blood was leaking through her eyes? For me, two seconds of a decapitated loli, is nothing compared to that scene in the manga.
>>678758 You have to admit that as hardcore as that scene is it doesn't lend itself to suggesting the game would have Resident Evil 4 style deaths.
>>678747 Anon it's a fetish scene from a game based on a fetish manga.
(627.31 KB 872x1236 6.PNG)

>>678768 It's not just that scene, there are a few other gory scenes, like when Faputa tore one of her limbs off to give it to Reg so that he might exchange it for something, or when best Dad put Prushka in a box, I wasn't surprised if the game was also going to be gory. What shocked me more about the death scene, is how cheap and kusoge it looked, and not that it was a decapitated loli. Now it just might be that we had different views and expectations on the adaptation, honestly it looks like shit.
>>678758 Oh God this scene was even more painful in the anime because you could actually hear Riko screaming.
(97.61 KB 640x480 1471654051563.jpg)

>>678775 >cute things suffering horribly Berserk has nothing on this.
(296.90 KB 907x511 You Died.png)

>>678544 Is this the Dark Souls of loli games?
>>678780 >He thinks this bad These snippets are nothing to what happens in the manga and what's to come in it considering how it gets progressively worse.
(21.01 KB 505x201 dev.png)

(260.02 KB 934x895 Beans.png)

Devolver Digital to announce a new game this week. This is likely the unannounced new IP Beans Team is working on. https://archive.ph/m49cD Some hints as to what this new IP might be like can be seen by looking at the Beans Team website, which is very 90s internet inspired. https://archive.ph/YmUfP https://www.thebeansteam.com (archive doesn't quite load the page right)
(66.42 KB 616x353 Little Witch Nobeta.jpg)

>>678782 I heard it was this game.
(673.53 KB 2048x1535 EPXnnYIUYAAzXCs.jpg)

(125.43 KB 1366x768 abyss_the_saddest.jpg)

(1.54 MB 1920x1080 1523674844.jpg)

(65.05 KB 1133x637 mia13p1.jpg)

(622.98 KB 1128x1600 1506890112.png)

>>678780 MiA is pain but Reg, Riko, Nanachi, Faputa, and Maruruk are cute. Mitty and Pruska were cute too.
>>678780 I wonder how Guts would react to all the stuff that happens in the Abyss.
>>678791 Guts saw plenty of shit already, furthermore there was an entire arc in which Guts was busy killing dozens if not hundreds of children, so he shouldn't have a problem killing anything he sees in the Abyss.
(200.94 KB 1124x1190 guts protecting the loli.jpg)

(418.56 KB 1077x1600 party.jpg)

>>678791 >I wonder how Guts would react Kill monsters. Protect lolis and shotas.
>>678795 >>678796 Guts is a morally grey Kenshiro. Kenshiro won't go out of his way to save people, but if he sees injustice happening or people being victimized he can easily find an excuse to get involved. Guts could give a shit about injustice as long as he's not roped into the bullshit, then later on he operates on a mentality of "Will this threaten Casca? If so then it needs to die." Arguably he includes the rest of his JRPG party in that list now (Shierke, Farnese, Isidro, Serpico can take care of himself) but he's still more reactive than proactive.
>>678798 This isn't really the thread to discuss it but it shows multiple times that Guts puts on a hard exterior but does care about people and tends to have a good heart. He just won't go too far out of his way to right wrongs as he tends to have enough on his plate already.
>>678835 >>678544 constant stomach growling noises ruined it for me. who thought that would be a good idea?
>>678847 >Your health is low, do you have any potions? or food?
(77.42 KB 497x417 wtf.png)

>>678859 >Fable came out in 2004 and I haven't played it since Yet I can still hear his fucking voice perfectly.
>>678798 >>678816 "There's nothing in the universe cold steel won't cut," answered Conan. "I threw my ax at the demon, and he took no hurt, but I might have missed in the dusk, or a branch deflected its flight. I'm not going out of my way looking for devils; but I wouldn't step out of my path to let one go by."
>>678938 I WANT MILK
(154.07 KB 1080x1399 EymHp-OXIAA0bVW.jpg)

(757.20 KB 1600x1235 102.jpg)

(433.99 KB 840x1280 111 5.jpg)

(362.43 KB 835x1280 111 4.jpg)

(1.98 MB 2263x1600 12.jpg)

>>678780 Nigga in Gut's backstory he got buttfucked by a big black guy as an 8 maybe 11 year old kid traumatizing him even into his early adulthood. Kids get killed quite a bit in Berserk too, in fact, heres Guts killing flaming ghost children who were forever cursed to wander and always be on fucking fire in the afterlife, then Guts showering in the corpse of a unborn demon child, and finally Guts penetrating the cute (inside her capusle) demon loli, and this is all just from ONE arc in the story.
>>679124 You forgot the little girl being abused by her step father and his friends.
>>678780 >he forgot about Chitch You inhuman monster.
>>678747 >No one should have to see You don't "have to see" it. If you're good at the game and don't die, you won't see death scenes. Alternatively, you could pick a different game instead of whining that the game should change because it offends you. If MiA isn't to your taste, then just look elsewhere.
>> 678775 >>679124 Those nips have some interesting fetishes
(98.68 KB 978x1182 rope nanachi.jpg)

>>678707 >a furry of ambiguous gende Not really though. Nanachi is female. When all the kids were brought in by Bondrewd he gave them the minimum amount of rags to cover their shame. All the boys got rag shorts, and only the girls got extra cloth for chest covering. Human nanachi had a chest covering. Marluk did not crossdress on his own. Ozen did that, because she is a pervert. Nanachi also only sees Reg's touching as lewd, and not Riko's, because she's conscious of the opposite sex. The mangaka decided when asked about Nanachi's sex (NOT GENDER, SEX) to say "I dunno, lol", not because of tranny gender bullshit, but because he liked entertaining the idea of Nanachi as a trap, even though she clearly isn't. Even if you entertain this line of thought, in the mangaka's mind, Nanachi could potentially be interpreted as either a regular kemono bunnygirl, or an effeminate kemono bunny shota. Not a fucking tranny symbol of sexual/gender mystery. The choices are binary, and entirely fetish based.
>>678789 Prushka is still cute. >>678795 >Guts was busy killing dozens if not hundreds of children Yeah, but they were turned into psychopathic demon drones the size of Puck. They were effectively already dead. When Guts had to re-kill the girl from that time he hitched a ride in a wagon, that disturbed him and made him puke. I think this happens again when he fights the flaming ghost children >>679124 mentions. After being raped as a kid and killing Adonis, he's clearly traumatized by child suffering, and if it looks like a child, he will hesitate.
>>679126 No I didn't. That shit is just tame compared to shit like the "Adult attack!" or the play war before it. Also don't forget they all revert back to human after they're dead. Berserk pioneered the dark fantasy genre and still hasn't been topped to this day, not even Gay of Thrones (which is more along the lines of just edgy shit happening with no nuance to it) can even hold a candle to just how "dark" it can get when you compare it to Berserk. >>679190 >killing Adonis That shit was animated so well in Golden Age, heart wrenchingly well. If you ever wanted to see a shota get his lung pieced and bleed/suffocate to death at the same time then Berserk Golden Age done it the best. Too bad about the lame CGI in a bunch of other scenes though.
(19.89 KB 540x344 timmy.jpg)

>>679439 >garbage gacha mobile game gets shut down >NOOOOoOOooOOO I wish all gacha gamers die no matter what
>>679446 I wonder why the fuck some anons play gacha like Granblue Fantasy.
(102.90 KB 680x689 u must buy.jpg)

>>679533 Because they're fucking idiots who want muh waifus, that's literally it. Never play mediocre fucking games just because they have pretty girls.
>>679553 I don't understand why people would spend hundreds maybe thousands of dollars on a gachashit waifu when they can instead just google her name, right click then save image as, all for free.
>>679446 >>679553 >>679559 <STOP HAVING FUN ONLY PLAY MY APPROVED GAMES REEEEEEEEEEEEEE Maybe anons doesn't want to play 24/7 hardcore games and only play that to relax a bit after a Day of Hard work
(25.79 KB 640x400 animahjong-x-perfect_2.png)

>>679567 >Legalized digital gambling is fine after work to relax
>>679559 But anon, i have 550 characters (most of wich i am sure i never use) and never payed a single penny
(327.41 KB 1900x2467 friz stats.jpg)

>>679567 Yes anon, I too like to relax by paying for pictures of anime girls after work. In fact, you can buy one this ULTRA RARE LEGENDARY EDITION JPG from me for $69.99 right now. DON'T RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE THAT IS NOT ALLOWED. >>679575 Anon gacha shit looks an incredibly unfun waste of time but as long as you don't spend a penny or, dear god, become a whale then it's all good. I'm not saying this for my sake but for yours. I would have honestly tried out Genshin Impact if it wasn't for the fact that it's made by the chinese, the game is actually a fucking videogame, why the hell the Japanese didn't think of that first is beyond me.
>>679573 That game is solid gold.
>>679533 I played it for about two years, because I wanted to experience "the hell" that is the gatcha system. Didn't spent a single penny, only wasted a lot of time, especially with all the grinding and the raids, which almost became like a second job. Only resisted as much as I did, because of the crew members which were some nice bros. After I quit, I tried another one, this time a korean one, that had just launched in the west, and because of that there was one year gap in content, so the fun of the game for me, is to analyze when each character will get released, how many gatcha money I have(again, I don't spend any money on it), how much I earn every two weeks, and do some probabilistic and risk reward calculations to determine if it's worth drawing for that particular waifu meta character in order to do good in PVE and PVP to get the maximum amount of gatcha currency. Basically I mainly enjoy it for the spreadsheet aspect, and the small dopamine effect I get when I get her with a minimum number of draws. Another reason was that some of the stories were entertaining, but you can watch those on jewtube as well. Hope this answers your question, from someone who thinks meta >>> waifu.
>>679533 Writing my own simple bot and running it on a virtual machine while I slept to farm all the daily garbage, collect free shit and occasionally solo a higher level raid boss while paying nothing, nor wasting as much time as legit f2p players and managing to dodge bans for about three years running, was great fun on some autistic meta level.
(276.66 KB 875x1885 Beelzebub (Raid).png)

(500.76 KB 885x3276 Lucilius (Raid).png)

>>679591 >the game is actually a fucking videogame I am not sure what your definition of a 'an actual game" is, or what you think Granblue is. If you think it's just a visual novel where you get girls to go on dates with, then you are wrong, it actually involves a lot of PVE content, and has a combat system with a lot of depth to it, from the summons you pick, the weapon grid you assemble, the party members you use, including their position in the front and back line, the class that you pick for the MC, as well as the Main Hand weapon you pick. All of these things synergies in order to allow you to either dish the most amount of damage, or sustain your party from some boss attacks. There's also the fact that there isn't one combination that is truly viable for all bosses or raids, as some of them require specialized parties, so you will most likely have to read the wiki to know what to do, but even that doesn't guarantee success. You might also need to use either an online calculator or do it on paper, like I did, to know exactly what weapons to put in the grid to maximize damage. Now you might be asking yourself why would you even need to know all of this? Well, if you all you care about is the story, then you don't need it, but if you want to be competitive, then it's essential to do the raids in the guild wars, or to be viable in some of the end game bosses like Faa-san or Beelzebub are so complex, that even with a jewtube video on, or a wiki page on a second screen, it's hard to do it without screwing it up. My biggest accomplishment, if you can call it that, was being able to solo Beelzebub, and just as an idea, the fight is so hard, that one single mistake, one simple skill used before another, or a turn in which you did not maximize damage, meant you would get party wiped. You had half an hour to do the fight, which might sound a lot, but it's not enough time, and the only way to do it barely in time, is to refresh the screen every time you attack, because refreshing the web page, is faster than seeing all your characters and the boss do their attack animations. Am I recommending GBF? Hell no, stay away from it, and get a better second job, like wood carving. All I am saying, is that it was a game, in that it had a lot of failure states in the boss fights and raids. >>679676 Towards the end of my "playthrough" of GBF, I was thinking of creating my own bot, to farm the Guild war raids, but I realized that if I hated the game so much, I wanted to skip the combat altogether, then I may as well quit. Didn't help that the general attitude of the crew, was almost the same, and we went from a Tier A crew, to a casual one, that only played it for the events and waifus, and were moving on to other, "better" games like FF XIV.
>>679685 >Towards the end of my "playthrough" of GBF, I was thinking of creating my own bot, to farm the Guild war raids, but I realized that if I hated the game so much, I wanted to skip the combat altogether, then I may as well quit. I was actually at the same point much earlier, but as I was getting sick and tired of the basic grind, the RNG decided to drop S. Zoi on me on my way out, while having drowned me in enmity SSR characters and gear that I didn't even understand the point of prior to that. The bot just went from a simple script to oneshot the basic cheap magna daily grind to more complex shit from there.
>>679184 Nanachi stopped being female after goind down the abyss.
>>679711 Prove it.
>>679732 She has no genitals.
>>679734 Prove it.
(229.94 KB 1292x1550 EmAYF7mUcAAiJxM.jpeg)

>>679184 >Bondrewd gave them the minimum amount of rags to cover their shame. All the boys got rag shorts, and only the girls got extra cloth for chest covering Mitty only got a chest covering. But Nanachi got a full robe thing. Whether male or female, it was definitely more than the minimum, and this argument is invalid. >Nanachi also only sees Reg's touching as lewd, and not Riko's, because she's conscious of the opposite sex On the contrary, Nanachi enjoys Riko's touching while rejecting Reg's because he instinctively feels Reg's homo groping as perverse, while Riko's feels normal. >Nanachi could potentially be interpreted as either a regular kemono bunnygirl, or an effeminate kemono bunny shota. Not a fucking tranny symbol of sexual/gender mystery. The choices are binary, and entirely fetish based. If he could be interpreted as either that makes him "ambiguous". Anon didn't say shit about trannies. Ambiguity between two binary choices is still ambiguity. And the correct answer of the two choices is that he's hiding a great big rabbit dick in those pants.
>>679747 >But Nanachi got a full robe thing Fuck, you're right. I remembered that part all wrong.
>>679747 >he >Anon didn't say shit about trannies. It's a pasta from the last time some anon started shitting on MiA for pushing tranny shit.
(172.55 KB 1592x882 prey.jpg)

Prey 2017 director says the studio didn't want to call the game Prey, was forced to by Bethesda. Rumored to have originally been titled PsychoShock or NeuroShock. https://archive.ph/hLERg The gist of it >They had a few names rolling around the office >Bethesda comes in, tells them they have to call it Prey despite having nothing to do with Prey >Bethesda markets this as a Prey reboot >Arkane director Colantonio has to lie in front of journos that he wants to use the name >Colantonio says he felt "awful" and "gross" about using Human Head's IP like that when he nor the game had anything to do with them or Prey, says he wanted to apologize to them so many times but doesn't know any of them personally >Colantonio believes it was a terrible marketing choice and likely the biggest reason the game failed commercially >he claimed to be regularly "at odds" with Bethesda >the title change drove such a rift between the developer and Bethesda that Colantonio and several other Arkane employees left the studio not long after the release of Prey, founding new studio WolfEye Studios so they could "stay independent for real" All of this comes during Prey 2017 recently gaining somewhat of a cult classic status. If you've never played it, imagine if Bioshock was a true spiritual successor to System Shock and actually good. By "true spiritual successor" I mean it's a total ripoff of System Shock 2 but in a good way
>>680780 I fucking hate Bethesda so hard man, it goes way beyond their shitty games. They literally forced the devs to make their games shit and then barely advertised them so they could fail and then they could buy the dev company for pocket money. They did this with idSoftware, Human Head, Call of Cthulhu devs and Arkane. >Prey 2017 was actually good It's better than Bioshit, but I wouldn't call it good, it's very mediocre and leans too hard on Bioshit for aesthetics. It also has metric loads of poz and the skill system is fucking dogshit and mostly passive stat increases. Enemy variety is also so bad it makes the whole game a chore past the early game. Also, does anyone have that whole thread where a CoC dev talks about the sequel and how Bethesda shit all over them?
>>680780 Archive that and always post again, and post it all over the internet too. This is another proof (of hundreds already) that not a single thing said officially by companies is true. Ever. They "officially" said this and that, only to be proven liars years later. Throw this at the face of shills whenever they come crying about it ('muh the company said...!"). Never believe anything said by any company . Ever.
(3.03 MB 1280x720 ALERTA MACACO.mp4)

>>680780 Called this ages ago. That said, the names they wanted were terrible. Doesn't excuse the name change chosen as I remember a lot of people being annoyed how it had nothing to do with Prey. >Colantonio says he felt "awful" and "gross" about using Human Head's IP like that when he nor the game had anything to do with them or Prey And yet he still fell in line when it was demanded. >and actually good Been too long to recall my issues specifically, but I remember being pretty tired of that game's shit by the end.
>>680839 >And yet he still fell in line when it was demanded. What would you have him do? Made a public stink and lose his job over a name? What the company did was bullshit, but it's ultimately just a name, and I wouldn't give up my job over that.
(45.70 KB 500x500 earl and pizza.jpg)

Mafia 1 is free on steam until September 5th Grab it if you want or not, don't bitch at me if you miss the deadline though. https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/40990/
>>679685 >Am I recommending GBF? Hell no, stay away from it, and get a better second job, like wood carving. <Saying all that shit about a worthless game that you hate You are like a white youtuber video essay dude but in a text format. I would totally waste 30 mins to an hour on a well edited and well voiced video of you just explaining a bit then downright shitting on GBF even though I never have nor never will actually ever play the game.
Gaylo Infinite posted their next roadmap. In it they also cancelled splitscreen co-op and delayed online co-op again. Forge is still in testing and if you are curious people have been posting videos of it. People are both impressed and disappointed with it, but I guess that is inline with everything 343 does. A few new maps, three new game modes (Covert One Flag, VIP, Escalation), 1 new (old) gun (DMR), 1 new equipment (not a shield but a bubble that obscures vision of those inside), custom games browser, and more battlepass crap. Allegedly they are reworking the progression system as well since it is pretty much universally hated. >>680851 Compromise in these situations is not unheard of. It clearly upset him, and he even says it likely contributed to the failure of his game. He and his team should have fought harder for it.
>>680780 This isn't actually new info, but I will always hate bethesda for what they did to Prey 2. I was looking forward to that game
>>680869 >gaylo infinite literally who cares >splitscreen coop cancelled 343 are below nigger tier, imagine actually being excited for that(genuinely heard some halo niggers waiting to get the campaign for the coop)
>>680780 I played Prey 2017 and was thoroughly surprised how alright it was. The negative reaction to the title really hindered the game. It's not "literally System Shock 3" the way a lot of Arkane fans liked to shill it, but it's a lot better than Bioshock 1 or Infinite.
>>680877 (lucky) Yeah 343 have botched every release and yet they stick around because the whore who runs them is also the VP of MS's games division. >imagine actually being excited for that Yeah take a glance at the halo community on jewtube or reddit and they pretty much just had their spirits broken.
(14.20 MB 640x360 Prey 2.mp4)

>>680874 never forgetti
>>680860 Thanks anon.
(389.92 KB 618x910 Bethesda ain't all bad...png)

>>680874 >>680958 Have you guys seen Human Head's final few games? They were genuinely awful, the The Quiet Man is a valid contender for the worst game of 2018. Their last good game funnily enough was the original Prey. I have no doubts Bethesda was telling the truth about Prey 2's quality issues, this is the same studio that OK'd Fallout 76. Something has to be really wrong for them to up and cancel a project that's almost finished. Trying to balance the cancellation of Prey 2 by turning Neuroshock into a Prey reboot was fucking retarded, though. No defending that. All they did was cancel one game and tank another. Thank Pete Hines and Ronald Seger's brilliant business skills for that one.
>>680962 It was bullshit, Human Head had to lay off a ton of staff after Bethesda cancelled Prey 2.
>>680968 Did you read what I said? They didn't make many good games from before Prey 2 or Prey 1, either. The only notable games they did after Prey were Brink and Defiance, two incredibly mediocre shooters. Prey was a total fluke.
(950.83 KB 267x200 200.gif)

>>680958 Honestly, looks disappointing. The aliens of the original Prey were more like a force of nature, and though they had some similar conceptions to human society due to somewhat similar biology - they were twisted and strange. Yeah, that kind of falls apart a bit towards the ending, but this trailer just takes all of that potential for a Stranger in a Strange Land trope and shitcans it for generic cyberpunk fiction - BUT IN SPACE! I mean... "somebody shoot this motherfucker"... is that supposed to be an alien, or a nigger in Star Trek makeup? It's a missed opportunity to see how a human adapts to being stuck for the last several years in a truly alien society, and they could use the player's unfamiliarity with the settings to drive the wedge in even further. Who do you trust? Who means you harm, who is indifferent, and who is just using you for their own ends? How do they trust you when you're just as alien to them, as they are to you? And you could have fit TONS of gameplay mechanics into the game through novel alien technologies, or giving players subtle visual or audio clues to pick up on if they're paying attention, which inform how to proceed. I'm starting to think it was a good idea to cancel it - especially if there were enough technical problems to make even Bethesda back off. I can't see it being anything but a massive disappointment. Still a dick move to call the Arkane game "Prey" and consider it a reboot of the series though. Especially since it doesn't even come close to living up to the original Prey.
>>680869 >can't add what used to be a standard feature The absolute state of this medium, don't forget to pay for your Xbox Live and Gamepass!
>>680962 >I have no doubts Bethesda was telling the truth about Prey 2's quality issues, this is the same studio that OK'd Fallout 76. Something has to be really wrong for them to up and cancel a project that's almost finished. Even if Bethesda was possibly telling the truth, this is terrible reasoning. You could just as easily argue the hostile acquisition that Bethesda was accused of trying to do is even more likely to be true since they were fine with releasing a turd like fallout 76. There's more in favor in human head than bethesda in my view, I recall game journos actually got to demo Prey 2, which is more than alot of shitty games that get released(did the press even demo flunks like cyberpunk 2077? I can't recall if they did. I know we got pre-release gameplay footage), and no one who demoed it suggested anything noticeably bad about it gameplay wise. Than again, game journo's are and always were retarded, and it's not improbable or unheard for developers to bullshit with demo's that are partially controlled by them behind the scenes. >>680970 >They didn't make many good games from before Prey 2 or Prey 1, either. The only notable games they did after Prey were Brink and Defiance, two incredibly mediocre shooters.Prey was a total fluke. Deadman's hand was decent from what I played years ago. It was basically Call of Juarez Gunslinger before that game existed. It's not super un-heard of for companies who make middling games to strike gold on occasion. Techland has a similarly mediocre to average track record with the aforementioned gunslinger and dying light being notable exception.
While we're on the topic of canceled games, anyone remember Project Offset? Started out looking neat then foundered and then was taken out behind the woodshed. If anyone has the actual gameplay footage I would be eternally grateful; as near as I can tell all of it (ie not the 80-second """trailer""" or the tech demos - someone actually playing the game) that got leaked has been completely scrubbed off of the internet. There was one video of a dragon boss fight in a big outdoor arena where the fight's gimmick was ice arrows and there was another one that was combat against a group of monks in a temple.
>>681209 >project offset I remember that. It was Intel's attempt to push into gaming by having their own gaming dev make games targeting their integrated GPU. I remember hearing it got canned years ago but the initial reveal was pretty amazing. I remember thinking it was BS, but then I remembered I thought the same thing about Morrowind and Oblivion at first too, and they came out looking like they did (on high end hardware).
>>680851 On the long run, he will lose his job and all the trust from customers. >I wouldn't give up my job over that Your job is not as important as your integrity. If you are just another mercenary that thinks "muh job above all", you are just another repleceable tool.
>>680864 I was only defending it, in that it is "an actual game" with depth and complexity, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily a good game, nor that I would recommend other people playing it. >I would totally waste 30 mins to an hour on a well edited and well voiced video of you just explaining a bit then downright shitting on GBF even though I never have nor never will actually ever play the game. I assume you are sarcastic, but even then I am a bit confused. Are you saying you wouldn't watch a 30 minute video breaking down a shit game you wouldn't play? If so, have you never ever been curios to see how bad No Man Sky was at launch, or Fallout 76 or Diablo Immortal, or did you just say it's shit, without knowing exactly why, or have you wasted even more of your time, downloading, isntalling and playing these games just to confirm they are shit, when you could have saved that time, just by watching a 30-60 minute video?
(284.44 KB 934x850 ss (2022-09-02 at 01.29.10).jpg)

(283.53 KB 1080x2039 FboTC1FVUAApkfV.jpg)

"Mario Kart Tour removes gacha" may sound like a 'win', but it's more of a monkey's-paw wish. Anybody who's seen the crazy pricing on the Mii Outfit shop (which always used direct currency trade instead of gacha) knows that moving the whole game over to this model will just make it even more pay-to-win than before.
>>680997 It wasn't generic back then, and you're completely missing the context retard. >>680970 >What is Rune?
>>681510 >It wasn't generic back then, and you're completely missing the context retard. The concept of a deus ex like space bounty hunter game with parkour still probably has a fair bit of novelty at least conceptually.
>>681483 >just make it even more pay-to-win than before. How? One time P2W vs. endless gacha P2W, while still utter shit, is significantly less shit. Is there something I'm missing here?
>>681437 I meant what I said, don't overthink it like some kind of pseudo intellectual or woman. Heres one 5 hour video I enjoyed for example, I will never play it but good god is is extremely entertaining to watch for some reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xXvR27HVug I enjoy watching videos about how shit certain videogames are instead of playing the ones actually I like a good portion of the time. The youtube channel "Synthetic Man" is the best channel on the site when it comes to shitting on bad video games, in fact, he's also an anon who said /pol/ is always right when the shitty resident evil shitflix show mentioned cuckchan in it for some reason so you know he's at least kinda cool.
>>681629 Thanks for the channel recommendation, will check it out. If I am to shill for someone who is also a pollack into games and got banned from jewtube, check out American Krogan either on Odysey. He had a four hour video about how every single moment from Bioshock Infinite was about how white men are evil, and you might think "of course it's anti-white", but I bet you don't know how bad it truly is.
>>681573 >One time P2W Oh, if only. This is the sort of game where obtaining or unlocking something is just Step One of the process. In order to make any of the drivers / kart parts competitively viable, you have to obtain duplicates of them. Over and over. Dozens of times.
(22.36 KB 1200x799 volvo.jpg)

Valve claims to have "has a lot of games in development" and wants to continue Half-Life https://archive.ph/qVNkM Maybe this should be its own thread? I don't know, they've said this before. >Valve once again insists that it 'has a lot of games in development,' wants to continue exploring Half-Life. Longtime Valve employee Greg Coomer said that making games remains "very important" to Valve, but I feel like I've heard that before. >Valve has made some very big, influential games over the past 25 years, but it hasn't made a lot of games. You can literally count them on the fingers of one hand—and that number is mainly made up of sequels (Dota 2), spinoffs (Dota Underlords), and tech demos for new hardware (Aperture Desk Job). It's not really a problem on the business side of things because Steam is the proverbial money printer go brrr, but an awful lot of gamers sure would like it if Valve would get back to making the games they love, like it used to. >In what's sure to come as good news for those long-suffering fans, Valve's Greg Coomer told Famitsu(via Tweaktown), that Valve remains deeply committed to making games, and in fact has multiple projects on the go at this very moment. >"Valve has a lot of games in development. We will continue to release games," Coomer said. "Game development is very important to Valve. I don't know the exact numbers, but the percentage of employees involved in game development is high. A lot of people are involved." >And yes, that commitment extends to Half-Life, although to be clear Coomer said nothing specific about a Half-Life game in development. He did, however, say that Valve loves the setting and wants "to continue exploring the Half-Life universe." >"Half-Life: Alyx was a really fun game to make," Coomer said. "Even for [those of] us who worked on that world, it's still fun to go back there and tell more stories. >"Also, there are many challenges in virtual reality, and it was an interesting task to solve them. Half-Life works are always accompanied by technological innovation, so it was a big step in that sense as well ... Half-Life: Alyx is a sign that Valve has more to say about that world." >Of course, you'll want to take Coomer's statement with, well, whatever quantity of salt you feel appropriate, because this is not the first time that someone from Valve has made this sort of statement while standing amidst a barren wasteland of no actual new games from Valve. Let us review: >"Yes." - Gabe Newell, when asked during an AMA if Valve is still making singleplayer games. (January 2017) >"Right now we're building three VR games ... When I say we're building three games, we're building three full games, not experiments." Gabe Newell, strongly implying that these games are bigger and better than The Lab tech demo Valve made for the HTC Vive. (February 2017) >"Artifact is the first of several games that are going to be coming from us. So that's sort of good news. Hooray! Valve's going to start shipping games again." Gabe Newell, during an Artifact presentation at Valve HQ. (March 2018) >"Now we're in a place where we're able to, as a company, invest and focus a lot more on games again ... To deliver a bunch of high quality games that show we're actually working really hard." Gabe Newell, refuting the commonly-held presumption that everyone at Valve is just dicking around all day. (August 2018) >"We definitely have games in development that we're going to be announcing. It's fun to ship games." Gabe Newell, commenting on the impact of Half-Life: Alyx on Valve's interest in making new games. (January 2021) >"There are multiple games in development right now at Valve, and I think they're pretty exciting ones." Greg Coomer, insisting that Valve has a lot more on the go than just Aperture Desk Job. (March 2022) >To be fair to Valve, it has a lot on the go. Steam is still crushing concurrent user records, and the Steam Deck looks to be the legitimate hardware hit that Valve has been chasing for years. Still, there's no overlooking the fact that we've heard this sizzle without seeing the steak many times before, and I have no doubt that it'll happen again, almost certainly before we get our hands on any new game from Valve. To add to this article, they're known to have 3-4 games in development at the moment. Those are: >Citadel Possibly a code name. Some weird RTS type of game. References to it appear all over their DOTA 2 update files, though not much is known about how the game actually works. >Half-Life "X" Probably a working title, either an expansion, sequel or spin-off to Half-Life: Alyx. Likely VR. This seems to be the game Valve is referring to when talking about making more Half-Life games. >Source 2 port of CS:GO They're approaching the tail-end of this one, developers have been seen playing Source 2 version of CS:GO levels on Valve's private beta branch for some time now. Looks like they're getting ready to ship it some time soon. >PULSE This one was discovered through rather odd means, they accidentally added the game's FGD (Forge Game Data, a file produced by the Hammer Editor) file into a DOTA 2 update. It appears to be a spiritual successor to some kind of Valve's pet project Stars of Blood, a game which spent years in pre-production and was reportedly cancelled by Gabe Newell himself due to the lack of progress. The leaks about it suggest it's a VR space game where players explore procedurally generated planets, and it's being developed on an overhauled version of Source 2 which contains a lot of references to new vehicle systems. Of all these games, this is the least likely to ever be finished.
(116.29 KB 1200x675 Stars of Blood concept.jpg)

(101.28 KB 850x362 Stars of Blood concept 2.jpg)

>>681747 And for anybody vaguely interested about that last part I wrote, here's some of the concept art for Stars of Blood a Valve artist released roughly a decade ago.
>>681678 That's part of the gacha system, and will presumably go away with it.
>>681747 Is that seriously his real last name?
(149.30 KB 346x320 coomer.png)

>>681835 Yes, there's a references to him in the original Half-Life.
>>681747 They've been saying this for 10 fucking years, Alyx was the only thing they put out after all that time.
>>681849 Hello Gordon
>>680869 You can apparently glitch the game to enable splitscreen co-op. Has issues like the time of day desyncs, potential soft locks, and can fuck up your saves though. Still, fans are pleading with 343 not to patch it out.
>>682259 >mode is already in, it's just normally inaccessible so 343 is lazy/incompetent and simply can't spare the effort to fix what is already in the game, because they're too busy making more anime cat spartan armor skins, got it
>>682265 #Fire343 is trending on twitter. Jewtube is filled with "Halo is dead" videos when you do a search for halo infinite. Their fans are so fucking done with their bs. I don't even play the game, but I do love watching trash fires. That is the one thing they don't disappoint with.
>>682265 >>682426 This is likely pushed by Microsoft so people can keep paying for Xbox Live.
>>682265 I sincerely doubt it's laziness on the part of 343. If I recall correctly the way microsoft manges the studio is by penny pinching and essentially refusing to give a large portion of the developers full time status. So they contract out the bulk of the work and when those developers contracts are up after 1-2 years they leave the project and have to hire a new cycle of contractors. This inevitably results in each new wave of contracted developers needing to learn the ins and outs of the code written by the last wave of developers or rebuild their tooling from scratch if they can't comprehend it. So the entire game is essentially massive spaghetti code because no one knows what the fuck they are doing. Keep in mind it took Blizzard over a decade of scratching their head to figure out how to increase the size of the default bag in WoW without completely breaking the game because they couldn't comprehend their own code from 2006. You can't just go cycling through programmers left and right and expect functional software. Modern development is plagued with budgeting issues because management jews don't understand anything about how the products they're shilling are actually made. They just see pretty colors on screen and know niggercattle like to gamble for more pretty colors.
There is now an official Elden Ring manga written and illustrated by the guy who illustrated Bonfire NEET, Nikiichi Tobita https://comic-walker.com/contents/detail/KDCW_MF09203324020000_68/ There is also a page for it on Mangadex but it is currently empty for now.
>>682904 Elden Ring Netflix live action adaptation when?
>>682910 We did have a Dragon's Dogma adaptation that barely had anything to do with the game, so it's only a matter of time.
>>682912 Yeah and Dragon's Dogma is extremely obscure in contrast so this seems much more likely.
New Perfect Dark in development I believe this was announced in 2020 with very little since then, but Matt Booty shared more information about it at PAX 2022. https://archive.ph/DxPfp >Matt Booty describes the new Perfect Dark game from The Initiative as an amalgamation of spy thriller The Bourne Identity and James Bond. >If Microsoft's Matt Booty can be believed, the new Perfect Dark game should mix spy thriller action with suave and sophisticated confidence. >We haven't seen much of the new Perfect Dark reboot from Microsoft's secretive games studio The Initiative. The game was formally announced in 2020 with a 2-minute trailer consisting mostly of flycam footage and not any actual gameplay sequences. But according to Microsoft, the game will take the best of the worlds of James Bond and The Bourne Identity, indicating a "super spy fantasy" that features a skilled Joanna Dark with an arsenal of slick and dangerous gadgets. >"We're rebooting the game very carefully. Some of those things don't age well, right? What's super cool about Perfect Dark and Joanna Dark is the super agent fantasy, the spy fantasy, the Borne Identity and James Bond kind of thing, that's always a cool meme that people want to lean into, but we have to make sure we bring it forward in the right way. So we're moving very carefully," Booty said at PAX West. >"One of the things we thought about was how do to differentiate what we call spy fighting versus what we'd see in a traditional first-person shooter. Sliding under things, jumping over things, we really wanted to play up the physicality in the world...trying to get that excitement in moving in places and ways that you and I don't," Perfect Dark design director Drew Murray said during the game's 2020 reveal.
(256.17 KB 1284x1967 Andy.jpg)

>>683831 Something interesting to note is Andy Robinson, an industry guy who used to work at Playtonic and knows old former Rareware people, knows a lot of people working on this game and says it's not going well. The leadership being the biggest problem.
>>683831 >constant comparisons to other IPs Red flag. >current year+ reboot with fugly character redesign Red flagged. >Some of those things don't age well, right? Red flag again. >Sliding under things, jumping over things Wow, truly next gen features there. Never seen that before! >>683832 >only news from the dev since being announced is about trouble within Just end it. No way this ends well. >leadership is terrible Yeah that seems to be a trend with sexbox controlled devs.
>>682904 And this will be a thousand times better than those "Official" Dark Souls Comics from Dark Horse.
>>683832 I believe it
>>683831 >the new Perfect Dark game should mix spy thriller action with suave and sophisticated confidence. Isn't that NOLF?
(484.88 KB 688x912 jon_pain_new.webm)

>>683831 >>683832 These people have no idea what Perfect dark is or what should be. This is going to turn into the most generic "cinematic" piece of shit imaginable with third person cover physics or some shit. Apparently "meeting current standards" means poorly paid braindead employees, executive leadership that constrains anything creatively and a financial and critical flop. Who the fuck buys AAA at this point?
>>683900 > with third person cover physics like zero?
>>683843 This is a thing with the whole western industry. Spoiled retards inherited their fathers' companies and ruin them because they are dumb college retards who believe in leftardism.
>>683959 Doesn't work like that It's more business and friends on top positions giving their children and friends positions in the company. So you get what we have now
>>684008 That makes them spoiled. They get jobs and rewards without any merit, so they don't get punished for their mistakes. They start to think that they can't do anything wrong, and when people are contrary to their garbage and poor quality, they sperg out instead of fixing the problem. It is not just Microshit. It is all western companies.
>>683832 >Microsoft >The leadership being the biggest problem. Isn't that the story of pretty much every failed Microsoft project and studio? They're fucking notorious for having their internal marketers making all sorts of bullshit promises to the higher ups (and the public), which the dev team has no clue about and end up getting forced into either trying to make it work or explaining to pissed off division heads why they can't deliver what they were paid for. Toss in a shit-ton of diversity hires that can't code or write or plan, who Microsoft can't fire because racism/sexism (not that they want to), and now you don't even have the talent to TRY to live up to what someone else - who doesn't have to do the work - promised for the sake of their own self-promotion.
(92.59 KB 1280x720 CrackHead 3.jpg)

Forgot one, but I'm sure there's a ton of others as well.
(942.45 KB 1200x630 Adam Baldwin.png)

>>684131 >That makes them spoiled That's what they are, and that's why the companies are flunking, they can't retain talent and keep hiring absolute bottom of the barrel garbage while providing no incentives for actual decent people to work for them instead of just self publishing. AAA has peaked in terms of money making and the companies are now filled with self serving locusts, it's fucking over now. They can't sustain themselves any longer, much less provide growth, it's been flop after flop. The only company that has kept itself alive by it's own merit has been Take2 and mostly due to GTA being the behemoth it is. But considering even Rockstar is taking it up the ass, Take2 is focusing on whales and how modern consoles are barely selling, even that is in jeopardy. Bottom of the line is: These games are unsustainable moneysinks that way less people buy nowadays due to changing demographics/platforms (Gen Zed and Phones), bad management and arrogance and cronyism. We're seeing it with Hollywood and we're seeing it even faster with AAA cunts. https://archive.ph/il9XJ
>>680860 wow a worthless online license on a 20 year old game mafia remastered i would've been glad to click on though
i hate hearing squeals like these >>679559 >>679591, squeals of disgusting gaijin pigs who act like they know shit and have right to say anything >I don't understand this where you should've stopped, you don't understand the crippling depression of a lonely japanese office worker you don't get to have an opinion on what he decides to spend his money on, you're inconsiderate, presumptuous and ignorant, and don't even try to imagine what's it's like on the other way of the fence, like all subhuman gaijins. Not only do you not understand you don't want to understand, fuck you and fuck your picture.
>>684177 >squeals <as he defends being a literal pay piggy This is masterfully crafted, beautiful.
>>684177 You will never be Japanese anon.
>>684177 Calm down Davido-kun!
>>684177 Shut the fuck up, retard. You make me feel embarrassed about learning Japanese.
>>684144 Scalebound was entirely on Platinum and 343i has a huge level of freedom. It seems to be the new or small studios Microsoft is butting heads with
(13.49 KB 480x360 1463969486727.jpg)

>>684256 >Scalebound was entirely on Platinum <M$ forced them to change almost all of the setting because they didn't believe a game about a girl who controls dinosaurs would sell >Platinum's fault
>>684256 >Change the entire setting and MC >Cancel it out of the blue Fucking cunts probably just wanted to buyoff the company for peanuts like Bethesda did. How is any of this Platinums fault?
>>684256 >and 343i has a huge level of freedom Which is why HALF of their staff just walked out the door the moment Halo 4 was released.
>>684144 (checked) While the leadership in gaylo is definitely in dire need of cleaning house, >>682674 is right that their jewish contracting has backfired massively on them. No one there knows 100% how their own engine works and so a good portion of their dev time is spent trying to solve or work around that mystery. Even if they had a competent workforce, they would no doubt cycle them again when the contract is up and begin these issues anew. Now add in what you mentioned and it gets even better. They really are fucked top to bottom by a situation of their own making. Not that they seem to really care though.
>>684256 If you want to hate on Platinum and 343, then tell the fucking truth. Don't bullshit your way with people with your self-delusions and retardation.
>>684256 u r an retard
(153.42 KB 700x394 hannibal.jpg)

>>684270 >>684330 >>684356 >>684403 Inaba and Kamiya both said it was Platinum's fault the game was cancelled https://archive.ph/JZ35z https://archive.ph/dN7iB >However, it was a big challenge for PlatinumGames. We were working in an environment we weren’t used to. We were developing on the Unreal engine, we also lacked the necessary know-how to build a game based on online features. The hurdles we had to overcome were very big. >We weren’t experienced enough and couldn’t get over that wall, leading to what happened in the end. I’m sorry to the players who looked forward to it, and moreover I’m sorry to Microsoft who had placed their trust in us as a business partner. I want to apologize both as a creator and as a member of PlatinumGames.
>>684568 Because they were contractually obligated to do so as an independent company. You fuckers really don't know how PR speak works do you?
Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Is the First Expansion, Won't Be on Last-Gen Consoles CD Projekt Red has announced that Cyberpunk 2077's first major expansion is called Phantom Liberty and will only be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC. Announced during its Night City Wire livestream the expansion marks the first major addition of new content to Cyberpunk 2077 outside of its various patches that fixed the game following its disastrous launch on consoles. A short teaser trailer (above) was also released, reiterating the 2023 release date that CD Projekt Red had previously announced and also sharing a handful of story details. Keanu Reeves will return as Johnny Silverhand in the expansion, and the trailer sees him warn V about an oath they just took, swearing allegiance to the New United States of America. "We're having a lot of fun with [the expansion]," said game director Gabriel Amatengelo. "It's a new style of plot, a new cast of characters, [and will expand] on a district in Night City where it primarily takes place." This wasn't the only Cyberpunk news to come out of CD Projekt Red's livestream, however, as the developer also announced more DLC for the game that will be released today, September 6. https://archive.ph/sK7yR
>>684598 Contracts are retarded and corpo speak is the tongue of the devil. >>684601 Remember when shills were claiming Cyberpunk would be the best game ever?
>>684608 Yeah I remember that shit. Was hoping the game would be an okay release, myself, we could always use more good games after all. Knew it wasn't going to be god's gift to this earth as many people were making it out to be. What I did not expect was the game to be a hilarious flaming trainwreck.
>>684608 As soon as I saw that it was a GTA wannabe instead of an pen and paper sandbox RPG like they said it was back in 2011, I knew it would be god awful AAA tripe plus slavic jank. The moment they showed the fucking "gameplay" trailer on that Xbawks showcase, I knew it was fucking fucked. Fucking normalfags are braindead retarded
>>684568 No shit they laid the blame on themselves in PR statments. They'd get sued for breach of contract if they explicitly blamed Microcock. Notice how among these top issues, they don't list (((Microsoft))) ordering them to redo most of the game with a different protagonist and aesthetic.
>>684568 >PR speak word salad >Look! Here's a Japanese Developer who are known to not talk shit of their employers take responsibility! >Microsoft at the same timeframe were making shit like Gears of War 4, the constant Crackdown 3 delays, fucking killed Lionshead Studios and Fable, Halo 5 Guardians rebooting the Reclaimer Saga, and so on. >But Microsoft totally did not mismanage anything! Please. Fucking kill yourself!
>>684568 Go suck Mictosoft's dick harder, faggot.
(191.57 KB 1193x739 Tomboy VR.jpg)

In other news, VR finally got it's first killer app.
>>685183 Looks like it has quite a few sales. I wonder how much Shinobu dev could have made if he made his game legit.
>>685188 >Looks like it has quite a few sales It doesn't, though. It's probably complete shovelware shit, sadly. I just find the idea of love for Tomboys singlehandedly salvaging a black hole of a market like VR to be amusing
>>685195 I'm really confused by your screenshot because on the store page it has like 30 reviews but 2.5k on your screenshot, that was what I was basing it off.
>>684601 Failed game from hacks that never did anything good.
(309.05 KB 399x600 [002474].png)

>>684601 >Won't Be on Last-Gen Consoles The game never should have been on last gen consoles to begin with, they should have cut that cord a long fucking time ago.
>>685292 > The game never should have been on last gen consoles to begin with Why?
>>685314 Fuckoff
(34.12 KB 600x706 embarrassing.jpg)

>>684270 >>684290 >>684330 >>684356 >>684403 >>684598 >>684873 >>685053 >>685116 >Platinum dindu nuffin, dey was a good boy, it was massa Microsoft! Oh please. Have you seen Babylon's Fall? Platinum is more than capable of completely fucking up development. But let me guess, that was all Square Enix's fault right? Microsoft fucking sucks and Windows is cancer. The problems with Scalebound were not caused by MS asking them to change things, Microshit's requests didn't help but plenty of games that game had changes through their development and those changes happened pretty early on, not halfway through. Scalebound had catastrophic problems throughout its entire life even going back to before MS were involved. Why do anons find it so hard to accept this? Devs can fuck up, it happens. Read into the game's development, I don't think it went well at any point, it was too big of a project and a trainwreck all the way through. Even in the face of Platinum saying there were issues, anons resort to some copehead bullshit about it being some ploy to appease MS when Platinum weren't even involved with them anymore at that point. Again, Microsoft fucking sucks just like every other big tech company, Microsoft can burn in a hole, but they were not behind most of Scalebound's problems. The same thing would have happened with any other publisher can you can see that with Babylon's Fall. >>684601 >>685292 >>685308 PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, Stadia and PC That's what, 7 different platforms? And they had to do all of that in the 2 years of real development time they had. Absurd waste of resources.
>>685322 >Have you seen Babylon's Fall? Babylons fall was a hastily made shitfest that Squeenix cut Platinum off to add their own developer in. Scalebound was cancelled due to direct Microsoft interference you absolute mongoloid, look at all their mismanagement back then and nowadays.
>>685322 >that was all Square Enix's fault right? Considering I can't get past the SE login screen to play the demo I'd say yes. Heard it was mediocre though.
>>685325 Worse than that, it's dogshit and it's riddled with microtransactions despite being 70 dollars.
>>685308 Witcher 3 situation. Instead of focusing on PC and then scaling it down for consoles, the consoles were the main lead which means the PC version suffered and presumably a lot of the planned content they originally wanted would have had to be scaled back if not outright cut. They should have done what they did with the Witcher 2 where it was PC lead and then the game was ported to 360 in a scaled down form. 2077 should have been the same where the PC was lead and then later on ported to PS5 and series X.
The apple event is going on if you wanna watch it. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ux6zXguiqxM
(1.00 MB 480x480 gg.mp4)

>>685338 >That condescending tone >Mullato >Fucking Apple Watch >Useless features >Overproduced trailer where it shows in extreme slowmotion porosity detail how to put a watch on your arm so burgers don't get too confused. I hate everything about it and I hope Apple and their shit for brains consumers get cancer.
>>685322 Kill yourself you fucking nigger. Because of course Squeenix never mismanage games to die before! Remember Left Alive? Platinum has a fucking Publisher relationship issue, not their fucking development cycle.
>>685363 Can't Platinum and Square be at fault?
>>685364 Kamiya admitted that Platinum has issues with the business relationship side of the industry. To the point that publishers tend to have the upper hand when they're developing games, to the goddamn point that they have to "partner" with Tencent because they can't get enough time and money to develop games smoothly. From releasing Bayonetta on the PS3 with the shittiest performance than the Xbox 360 because Sega wanted a multiplatform release, to Activision giving them less than a year development cycles for Avatar, Transformers Deveststion and TMNT, to fucking Scalebound with Microsoft. They have an issue with not putting their damn feet to the ground on their vision and ask for more time. Do they deserve shit for making a "games as a service" online only game with the idea of expanding the combat of Nier Automata while ignoring the fact that the rest of the game is fucking underdeveloped and they again have allowed themselves to be browbeaten by a deadline imposed by Squeenix? Yes. But that doesn't mean we let those goddamn idiots from Microsoft and Square Enix from solely putting blame on Platinum.
>>685366 So basically they're creatives trying to make games but keep getting fucked by executives by both people within the company and the publishers they work for.
>>685322 >That's what, 7 different platforms? Seven platforms that are virtually the same for development.
(13.13 KB 294x265 trainer shrug.jpg)

>>685363 >>685366 Platinum opened up a studio specifically to make "live service" games during the development Babylon's Fall. That is the direction they wanted to go in.
>>685331 >presumably a lot of the planned content they originally wanted would have had to be scaled back if not outright cut. I find a hard time believing this part, especially when the game's gone through three development cycles. If it was 20 years ago, I could see some of the issue. However, as of the earliest of 10-15 years ago, those issues no longer existed, meaning that the problem is the developer (In this instance, CD Projekt Red).
Platinums gone to shit, nobody is arguing that. Scalebound was all Microshaft, after the Xboner did terribly, Xbox as a brand and branch was rumored to be slowly discontinued considering how badly it was doing at the time.
>>685324 >muh Platinum good They are communists. Square, Microshit and Platinum are all shit.
>>685367 If they don't want that, ask Kamiya or someone else from within to make the game at their own expense then. See what happens. The one paying can make all the demands, and the one get paid must fulfill them. If they want their "creativity" that always leads to dead projects to be free, then they must pay for all of the production and marketing costs. See how long it takes for them to suddenly not care about creativity anymore. Everything in the world revolves around money. If you want freedom, pay with your own money. If you get paid by someone else, shut up and obey. You are not being paid to be vaguely creative. You are being paid to deliver a product.
(126.80 KB 1200x675 dues raider.jpg)

Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal have officially assumed control of the Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain and Deus Ex (among others) from Square Enix https://archive.ph/nQwTL >The studios are now responsible for the gameplay and personal data related to various titles >Embracer Group announced in May that it planned to acquire a large part of Square Enix’s western development arm, including Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal. >The $300 million deal, which included a catalogue of IPs such as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief and Legacy of Kain, closed in late August and transfer of the control of various properties has now been completed too. >“We are excited to inform you that Crystal Dynamics has taken control of several game franchises—including Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain—from the games’ previous owner, Square Enix Limited,” Crystal Dynamics said this week. >“As a result of this change, Crystal Dynamics (or its affiliate) is now the owner of these games and the controller of the gameplay and personal data related to them. If you’d like to know more, please refer to our new Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.” >Embracer said in May that it was envisaging releasing sequels, remakes, remasters, spin-offs and more for the Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal IPs it was set to acquire. >Crystal Dynamics said in April that the next Tomb Raider game had entered development using Unreal Engine 5.
>>686083 Come on just make a good fucking port of soul reaver already!
(78.06 KB 640x480 wishing device.jpg)

>>686084 Your wish is now processing.
>>686088 Oh I think they can manage to fit ~something~ in there, or alongside it, or attached to it like a parasite.
>>686093 >Or Fug
(25.28 KB 600x338 chris is ANGRY.jpg)

>>686096 DENUVO
(332.70 KB 622x486 sad chris.png)

>>686098 Oh shit you're right >>686096 >A Port IT'LL BE SHILLED AT FIRST LIKE A PORT, THEN WILL CHANGE AT THE LAST MINUTE TO REMAKE/REMASTER <Also Is true that The Queen of Bongland died just now?
>>685783 You're not wrong, but man do you have faggy vibes.
(46.42 KB 479x357 92149872234243.jpg)

(212.49 KB 1307x1500 71oru1OJJiL._SL1500_.jpg)

(2.03 MB 640x360 SH-marymaria.webm)

(5.05 MB 640x360 SH-anime.webm)

(3.87 MB 540x360 SH-comicsans.webm)

>>686084 >LoK series gets remastered <they make it using unfinished alpha/beta code and re-record all the dialogue with anime voice actors
>>686133 I just hate that communist whining of "give us money so we can do whatever we want" that many devs do. If it is my money paying for something, obey and do what I demand. If they want freedom ,do everything by spending THEIR own money.
>>686273 >If they want freedom ,do everything by spending THEIR own money. Ironically, I don't think they want freedom. For example, there was the Yakuza creator (Toshihiro Nagoshi) who came out and said that he left Sega because they wanted him to become the next CEO of the company: https://archive.ph/sjAcR And, rather than set out and make his own company where he calls the shots on what he wants to do, he went to work for NetEase.
>>686318 Guess he didn't want to be targeted by the Zaibatsu tied Yakuza.
>>686273 >I just hate that communist whining of "give us money so we can do whatever we want" that many devs do. Same guy as 7535a1(my ID changes on occasion do to ip shit so I just wanted to meakethat clear if it changes in this post). It's typically less "give us money to do what we want" from competent devs and more "stop being souless retards trying to maximise profits and making the game shittier/more generic". How many times have executives made a game more generic in an attempt to maximize profits? Remember Dead space 3, Splinter cell conviction and dozens of other games? Dev's can be whiny faggots, but corpo's can be over controlling faggots. It exists on continuum and your post comes across as overly boot-licky and reductionist to me.
>>686326 >>686273 Well actually Splinter cell conviction might have had the devs themselves on board if I remeber correctly. Still you got shit like Spyro enter the dragonfly which was partially shit because they were pressured to meet holiday sales. I'm just saying it's not like executives are dindu nuffins.
>>686318 He is not Kamiya though. I was specifically referring those who are NOT like Nagoshi. Those who keep asking for money but can't deliver a product on a set budget and a set deadline. >>686326 They do exist. and are even the majority. But that does not change the fact that, once you work hired by a company, you have no saying on the project. The one hiring is the one in charge. The one paying you can demand anything. That is how any company works. Those who can't work on such conditions, or don't like it, must go independent. Those are the only 2 options. But there are a lot of people who still see devs as victims, when they are as much shitty as the companies that they work for. My point is: there are no good guys in this.
>>686318 >there was the Yakuza creator (Toshihiro Nagoshi) who came out and said that he left Sega because they wanted him to become the next CEO of the company Are you sure that wasn't just a joke reference to Kiryu running away from being the 4th Chairman, using that as a deflection from the fact that he left to join up with a shitty chicom leviathan?
>>686344 >>686344 >Those who keep asking for money but can't deliver a product on a set budget and a set deadline. Executive meddling exits anon. Often time those executives cane be quite jewish or retarded. >hose who can't work on such conditions, or don't like it, must go independent. Those are the only 2 options. This seems premised on the idea that developers are wrong to bitch about executives when they find wrongdoing and basically ignores that sometimes you have to do shit you don't have to do to keep afloat and how risky it ultimately is to go independent. Platinum games were independent for years, but I recall they've always teeter on the edge of financial troubles because there preferred game development genres aren't popular enough to become blockbusters. Which is why they often end up making shitty licensed games. Markets are not always in your favor so there are times you have to hustle. There's a reason you don't see many technical action games like DMC or Bayonettta from indie devs unless their 2d or have some kind of publisher like Devolver backing them. >But there are a lot of people who still see devs as victims, when they are as much shitty as the companies that they work for. >My point is: there are no good guys in this. C'mon anon, there are plenty of shitty developers, but this is basically the game development equivalent of "both sides are dumb" centrism, which especially doesn't work because there are definite instances where one or the other deserves the blunt of the blame. You can only really judge this shit on a case by case bases, and in cases where it's not clear, neutrality is much more fitting than your "ra ra fuck them all" stance(unless we're talking about poz related stuff). The reason devs were more often to be treated as victims is because most games that had the potential to be good are shitty from decisions made at the top level. Even when a game ends up shitty from the dev side it's usually a result of the director like the initial DMC 2 director making a game so awful the that itsuno had to come on in an attempt to salvage it; or Overkill's The Walking Dead where the head honchos did some kikey shit I can't fully remember.
>>686399 >>686344 >shit you don't have to do *shit you don't want to do
reposting since I fucked up the format >>686344 >>686404 >This seems premised on the idea that developers are wrong to bitch about executives hurr durr. My dumb ass lost the plot and forgot the arguments was mostly about whether microsoft forced Platnium to take the blame or if they were telling the truth. Still I think the rest of my post still stands
>>686399 Checked, Overkill had 5 goddamn years to make a Talking Dead game after inking down that deal with Skybound, guess where Overkill's efforts were mostly focused on. Fucking Paypig 2 DLC. They had a B-Team handle the game where they were just making demo shit and proof of concept trailers. It was another Gearbox laundering situation where they stole money from Sega for Aliens Colonial Marines and had another studio do the game for then while they made more Borderlands 2 DLC.
>>686399 >I recall they've always teeter on the edge of financial troubles because there preferred game development genres aren't popular enough to become blockbusters And that is the point: having a publisher pays for that, with the trade-off of having them meddle in everything. If you want to make a game without publisher meddling, go independent, at your own risk, and at your own expense. What developers do is whine about publisher meddling, while forgetting that without that publisher money, their games wouldn't even be made in the first place. What you are implying is a impossible thing: to have a publisher gladly pay for a project without meddling on said project. Nobody with his right mind would do it. If someone is spending money funding something, that person will want to meddle in everything. It is his money being spent, after all. Money = dominance. >both sides are dumb They are. That is the point. You don't have to chose a side. Both are shit. Instead of treating one side as the probable evil and the other as the probable victim, just assume that both are to blame, because that is the case with the majority occurrences. Greedy publishers and irresponsible developers.
Apologies if this leans more towards /tg/ but I've no idea where a good /tg/ is now and figured it's vidya-adjacent enough Wizards of the Coast files lawsuit to stop publication of tabletop game, alleging trademark violation and ‘reprehensible content’ >https://archive.ph >Renton, Wash.-based gaming company Wizards of the Coast filed a preliminary injunction in Seattle last week that seeks to prevent the release of a Wisconsin company’s upcoming tabletop game, citing conflicts over both intellectual property rights and allegedly “racist and transphobic content.” >TSR LLC (a.k.a. “TSR3.5” or “NuTSR”) is the latest company to lay claim to the name and legacy of the defunct TSR Inc., which is best known for publishing the original version of Dungeons & Dragons in 1973 and was acquired by Wizards in 1997. >TSR LLC was founded in June 2021 by Ernie Gygax, son of late D&D creator Gary Gygax, and Justin LaNasa, the owner and operator of the Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum in Lake Geneva. The museum is located on the site of the first office that Gary Gygax opened for TSR in 1976. >TSR LLC’s New Genesis is an attempt to revive the original Star Frontiers, which TSR Inc. published from 1980 to 1986. While Star Frontiers never found the success that D&D did, it’s maintained a cult fanbase up to the present day. Several features of its universe were later recycled into the D&D spacefaring setting Spelljammer. >In July, a preview copy of New Genesis leaked online and was met with immediate controversy due to allegedly containing explicitly racist and transphobic content. “A ‘negro’ race is described as a ‘Subrace’ in the game and as having ‘average’ intelligence with a maximum intelligence rating of 9, while the ‘norse’ race has a minimum intelligence rating of 13,” the preliminary injunction notes, citing an example from the New Genesis playtest. >(...)The Sept. 8 injunction marks the latest step in an ongoing legal fight between TSR LLC and Wizards. They had previously filed suit against one another in December over the rights to the TSR name and to Star Frontiers. >TSR LLC claims Wizards had allowed both trademarks to expire at an undisclosed point in the early 2000s, which rendered the trademarks eligible for their use. >It also seeks the removal of a content disclaimer that Wizards has added to digital versions of older TSR products, such as the original Keep on the Borderlands module.(...)
>>686658 >What you are implying is a impossible thing: to have a publisher gladly pay for a project without meddling on said project. That is more or less what Kickstarter is set up to be, and we have seen some good projects such as Bloodstained, Wasteland 2, Divinity Original Sin, Shadowrun Returns and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but some horrible ones as well such as Mighty No. 9, Double Fine's game, Star Citizen and Project Godus, that show how some devs really need a publisher with a tight leash.
>>689181 Thanks, great input.
>>689239 It's useless to talk with bots.
PEAK SQUEENIX NEWS! >Babylon’s Fall is shutting down in February 2023 https://archive.ph/hdFAQ BABYLON'S FALL HAS FALLEN! WEW ON SQUEENIX'S HOTSTREAK OF DEAD GAMES!
>>689374 >WEW ON SQUEENIX'S HOTSTREAK OF DEAD GAMES! How long until they admit Avengers belongs on that pile?
(140.53 KB 1920x1040 Rat Bastards.jpg)

Judgement and Lost Judgement got PC ports out of nowhere after ESRB listings were leaked. https://store.steampowered.com/app/2058180/Judgment/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/2058190/Lost_Judgment/
>>689183 The thing is: once they go wrong, the people investing money lose everything. That is why you see a increase number of withdrawals from once probable investors. And those who remain got increasingly more controlling and demanding due to that same reason. Nobody wants to lose money. And developers from all regions showed that they are not reliable.
>>690162 They'll just blame Crystal Dynamics for it like they've always done.
(331.78 KB 643x480 1389385407839.png)

>>690225 >full price >paid DLC >Denuvo
>>684153 >They can't sustain themselves any longer, much less provide growth Thank God. The sooner AAA disappears forever, the better.
>>690288 I don't know why your post got deleted but I'd love how know who SE will blame now for all their flops. I haven't heard a word from them about Babylon's Fall.
>>690305 I honestly dont know either, maybe it was fatfingered. Anyways, yeah, im glad eidos and crystal dynamics are free, i hope for nothing but ruin to squeenix, they deserve it.
(290.13 KB 2034x1624 mega drive.jpg)

>>690156 I must admit, Soyny's presentation totally blew Nintendo's out of the water.
(15.66 MB 1280x720 Like a Dragon Gaiden.mp4)

(13.79 MB 1280x720 Like a Dragon 8.mp4)

>>690225 2 more games announced as well. Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name >Interquel that follows Kiryu between the end of 6 leading up to 8 >Is an action game like the rest of Kiryu's saga >Combat will be different from 6 >Will be shorter than usual Like a Dragon 8 >Kiryu and Ichiban are both the protagonists >Is an RPG like 7 >Supposedly going to be the largest game in the series >There are plots reasons for Kiryu's haircut >Theme will be Kiryu representing a man carrying the past, with Ichiban carrying the future >>690280 >paid DLC Been a thing since 6 and Lost Paradise unfortunately. Never forget when they attempted to sell 7's new game+ as DLC.
>>690382 Wonder how cheap and cost effective their game development if they can shit out games like this in 1-2 years. Still dreaming of Yu Suzuki to team up with the RGG guys and fucking finish the Shenmue Saga.
(6.22 KB 410x123 Ubi.jpg)

Ubisoft wants to go back to making "focused games" and stop "attempting to cater to a very broad, non-specific crowd" I guess the 50 copypasta open world games a year strategy stopped producing results. https://web.archive.org/web/20220915084917/https://www.ign.com/articles/ubisoft-wants-to-make-more-focused-games-rather-than-have-one-game-do-everything Archive.org because archive.today doesn't work right with IGN links. >Ubisoft has said that its current approach to game development is to approach projects with “focus” to ensure each game is honed to its target audience, rather than attempting to cater to a very broad, non-specific crowd. >At a recent Ubisoft press briefing, vice president of editorial, Fawzi Mesmar, spoke as part of a presentation about how focus, rather than broad ideas, was an important part of the editorial board's current development process. In a subsequent interview with IGN he expanded on that idea, saying that the company doesn’t “want one game to do everything.” >“We want to be okay with making a decision around the one game and go, ‘We're going to go for that, and we're going to commit, and we're going to be okay [that it] can make those kind of people happy, but maybe not everybody.’ And that's okay,” he said. “We believe that a more focused game is better for the people that like [that] kind of game.” >When asked if the stealth-focused Assassin’s Creed Mirage was an example of this, Mesmar confirmed that the series was part of that strategy, and that the franchise at large was a good example of the approach. >“There's many different types of players that could enjoy Assassin's Creed and we're focusing on all of them, instead of making one game that is supposed to cater for every potential Assassin's Creed fan,” he said. “So for the people who want to go back to [the] roots, we are making a game for them [with Mirage], and hopefully for others that didn't get to enjoy that classic when it came out. [We’re also making] a multiplayer experience, mobile experience, a big RPG experience. There's so many different types of elements that we cater for. And that also exemplifies the editorial vision that we set, in which we're not making the one game for everybody, but we're making a game for you and focused, and we're committing to the decisions that we're making on it.” >This desire for focus links to another Ubisoft goal: that every hour played should count. “So breadth, it's not what we're aiming for as much as it's the depth of the experience going towards making sure every hour counts for our players and they feel that it's time well spent,” Mesmar explained. >Mesmar went on to say that continued innovation will help drive that feeling of time well spent. “[We have] innovation as a key pillar for all of our games coming forward, [which] could be anything from a quirky new art style to a relatively new take on a genre to even new gameplay mechanics,” he said. “So every Ubisoft project will be looking at those aspects and trying to differentiate, provide depth, and provide the higher standards of quality, as well as providing new ways for players to be able to connect, interact and express themselves.” I wonder why this is. Do you think the latest AssCreed and Far Cry games stopped selling as well? Maybe their more "traditional" styled games like Mario Rabbids were outperforming them?
>>691640 The reason? They want to use you, me, all of us as their paypigs to keep them afloat, so they can go back to catering to SJWs in the future. Learn to recognize this pattern. Companies ask for forgiveness, just so they can get your money to stay in a safe economical position once more, and go right back to being pozzed.
>>691640 >go back to making "focused games" They're about two decades late.
(7.13 MB 260x240 DOSE.webm)

>>691640 They'll be focusing on Twitter niggers and China. Same shit, but now their stock value is lower than back in 2012
>>691663 Pretty much. The pattern is that they apologize, then put out ONE product that isn't technically pozzed (But still is by all metrics), then double down on the following product all within the same 2-3 years.
(3.73 MB 1280x720 Modern Videogames.mp4)

>>691640 >I wonder why this is >Asscreed Valhalla did way less than they wanted >FarCry 6 did way way less than they wanted >Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Breakpoint flopped >Watch Dogs 3 flopped >Division 3 flopped >Immortals Fenyx Rising flopped >Moneysinks like Beyond Good and Evil where they wasted a ton of advertising money into never happened >Reception to Skull and Bones >All they whale money making machines like Siege and For Honor drying out I could go on
>>691640 What good games has Ubisoft made since 2007 and wasn't just published by them? >Child of Light >Might and Magic 10 even though most of the work was done by an external studio and they were determined to fuck it up with fuckery like broken DRM they didn't remove till they had to shut down the DRM servers and couldn't pretend it worked anymore >ship combat in asscreed
>>634282 That's actually pretty interesting concept wise.
>>657792 >Couldnt they just ask or pay the artist to have their work be put in the game? >pay >ask >(((Activision))) See, asking an artist means that they have to be decent and honorable, which is an activision no no. And paying an artist means they have to spend money. You have no idea how bad these people really are.
>>693286 >What good games has Ubisoft made since 2007 and wasn't just published by them? The Anno series?
>>673886 FUCK EM UP
>>677584 This is going to be happening a LOT. The networks are starting to realize these shows do not sell. They'll be produced for quite a while but they won't succeed as shows. >>693405 Sorry Luciano, but fuck corporations. Side with them, it doesn't matter who you use to invoke disgust. The reason commie artists exist in the first place is because of corporations. Commie artists are corporate. They always have been, promoted by them. Get the fuck off here and go to fucking sleep. You're annoying and useless, Luciano.
>>693405 Also, fuck Activision. You should be banned immediately for even trying to defend them. They are always anti-person, anti-customer. You are either a fucking idiot, or a fucking plant. Die.
>>693409 >This is going to be happening a LOT. This has already been happening a lot for awhile now. Netflix are infamous for cancelling shows after one season, there are memes about it. They do this because of bean counters. "Statistics show new shows bring in subscribers, flood the gates with content!" The mistake those bean counters made was not realizing new shows don't hold subscribers, which is why Netflix lost over 1,000,000 subs recently. Nobody wants to watch a show when they know it has a 90% chance of being Firefly'd. Their old strategy was working fine, I don't know why they decided to fuck it all up.
>>693409 ESG scores are designed to bring you to ruin so you're dependent on the IMF. Also, (((Kikeflix's))) model was always unsustainable; they basically lied to shareholders and promised them infinite Ponzi growth, and overspent on ventures that went nowhere. If you look at their financials their liquidity is based upon selling junk bonds, and they used that bad credit to fund the wokeshit with negative ROI. It was a wildfire waiting to happen as soon as the first report of negative growth couldn't be cooked. You forget that what brought them to the limelight was them snatching up prestige series, but that was just a way of painting "we funded this pitch the regular Jews dropped" in a positive light. Over time those series turned out to be financially unviable. Then the (((networks))) realized setting up streaming servers aren't that expensive and yanked Kikeflix's rerun traffic off its catalog. Kikeflix's only positive ROIs are the occasional animation and trashy reality TV that costs pennies to produce. They got lucky with first mover brand recognition and rode it as far as they could, but never scaled back and never realized it wasn't going to last. It's actually shocking from a wee merchant perspective.
>>693501 Reminds me of Telltale games
>CTurt reveals new PS4 and PS5 exploit "Mast1c0re" that can be used to run pirated games, and is unpatchable https://archive.ph/20220915231148/https://cturt.github.io/mast1c0re.html https://archive.ph/mBsjc https://archive.ph/bR67U The exploit in action: https://invidious.namazso.eu/watch?v=GIl1mR0HLnc PlayStation VR games are not compatible with PlayStation VR2, Sony confirms https://archive.ph/20220917051512/https://nichegamer.com/playstation-vr-not-compat-vr2/#selection-881.0-881.75 >The news was confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment senior VP of platform experience Hideaki Nishino, who basically said PlayStation VR2 is an entirely new hardware platform, and as such the original PlayStation VR games are totally incompatible with it. >Nishino said making games for VR2 will require “a whole different approach” than the original platform, and cited its improved hardware capabilities like 4K HDR, haptic feedback, and more. >STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE DENUVO'D https://archive.ph/9JBIb
>>693556 >needs downloadable PS2 title on PS4/5 >needs already hacked PS4/5 to generate memcard file >can only hijack the PS2 emulator Wow! It's nothing!
Was anyone at all aware that EA was selling NFS: Payback for $3 earlier this month: https://archive.ph/vIiOW How bad did these games tank?
>>697045 Bad, Payback in particular introduced and very quickly ended lootboxes for car parts.
>>697045 >>697049 They're nothing compared to when they were at their peak during 6th Gen. But retarded normalfags still buy it out of brand name alone despite the games being made on a factory with a budged of a sandwich filled with shitty trap music to get some funds from WMG, SME and UMG.
(3.88 MB 1280x720 How do Muslims do it.webm)

Oh and after EA bought Codemasters they filled all their games with niggers and shitty music too and the games are flopping one after the other even harder than before. They're also shutting down the servers of all older games, including Dirt Rally, which literally saved Codemasters from bankrupcy. After their piss poor management after Dirt Rally 2 and the EA acquisition, they might as well be axed, or in this case, shanked, since they're based in the UK.
>>697094 EA is the company that thought Shaq Fu would sell well. They are a bunch of nigger worshiping marxists.
It's nearly a week old but there's been a reveal of a simple platformer called Zoria and the cursed land where you play as a half-orc monster girl that's trying to find a missing friend that was announced with a demo available to play right now on steam. https://archive.ph/hM9Y1 https://nichegamer.com/zoria-and-the-cursed-land-demo-out/
>>700312 Is it act actually good or one of those purely mediocre games that people only care about because preddy gurl? e.g. Shantae
>>700312 Shes fucking ugly and the game looks generic. Play CrossCode instead. >>700319 Play CrossCode instead, the game is disastrously underrated for how amazing it is. It's on steam and switch.
>>700319 I wouldn't know since I haven't played the demo. >>700325 I heard the dev behind it is pozzed but i'm not exactly sure.
>>700325 not like that looks much better why are western developers allergic to females smiling
>>700325 >It's on steam and switch. Neither platform I actually use.
>>700378 Trust me the game is great dude, try out the demo and if you don't like it then sucks to suck I guess. I played a beta/alpha version back in 2016 and fell in love with the game then and there. >>700379 Then pirate it who cares?
>>700446 Any reason why you consider it good?
>>700466 Because I personally find it fun and enjoyable you dope. I'm not gonna give you a review of the game when you can learn about it yourself by looking at a trailer and thinking "oh that looks interesting let me give it a try" or by actually playing it yourself. To each their own, you may not like it you may love it, that's why I said to try out the demo for fucks sake. Now stop asking me stupid questions and do what you want with your life.
(8.20 MB 1280x720 Sackboy A Big Adventure.mp4)

(84.15 KB 589x401 bravo-sony-redux.jpg)

Trailer's in Spanish, sorry Sackboy: A Big Adventure is getting released on PC October 27th, revealed by PlayStation Latin America accidentally uploading the announcement trailer early. Is there even a point to owning a PlayStation anymore?
Deathverse: Let it Die just released. I think you can still get the launch-day login bonus if you hurry.
>>701379 Dust catching
(1.43 MB 600x450 Vectorman.gif)

Stadia is dead, refunds to be given out https://archive.ph/0zGyZ
>>701471 The only surprising thing about this is that they're giving out refunds.
(10.99 MB 640x360 ONE GAME I DON'T KNOW WHY.mp4)

>>701379 I was reading through >social media and Sony fanboys are pissed about this Some choice examples >PCSTATION >Stop with the pc releases thank u >Selling my PS5 now >Do you miss this? 💔 [features image of 10 PS4 games with the caption "Only on PlayStation", with the irony being half the games shown have since been ported to PC] >Announce the next ps showcase! We need more system seller PS exclusive games.. >So you guys really aren’t doing a showcase this year? [lots of people asking for a showcase] >At this point Sony might as well just start releasing games for PC on day one >No showcase for those who bought your console? I mean this the beginning of this year most of your news are PC related (nothing wrong with porting games to PC) but I think your console buyers deserves better > At the pace that you are releasing PC ports there won't be a reason to own a PlayStation console soon. There are more PS games releasing on PC this fall & Winter than on your console. So much for "Building our Biggest-ever platform". but without exclusives > Not everything on PC ......keep AAA games exclusive to PS5-console pls🥺 >so much for the only on playstation,good job sony,now we only need is a pc >Where are the PS5 games? We know more about TV shows, Movies, and PC ports then we do for PS5 games. >Um, we want to hear more about what's coming to PS5. You know, that platform that you made money on through your REAL fans. I don't mind games going to PC after a few years but lately I see more announcements about PC ports than actual PS5 first party games. >More pc announcements than PlayStation news. Sad >PlayStation console is dieing right in front of our eyes. Been PlayStation since the literal beginning, and I'm going to start taking steps to leave the ecosystem. I draw the line at little big planet going multiplatform (upgraded for multiplatform), I have had enough.. >I mean, at this point just change the name for PCStation. You guys are delivering more updates for that platform than for PS5. >I feel that there's no real reason to get PS5 now 🤷‍♂️ >PlayStation showcase please I play on ps5 not pc Copious amounts of salt. Some of them are right, though, PS5 owners hear more news about ports and TV shows than they do new PS5 games lol >>701471 I heard about this, it deserves its own thread honestly
>>701584 The future of console gaming is Mario tea-bagging your face forever. Good.
>>701584 Literally "watch it fly by as it ports to PC". For the past few years the main factor in console gaming has been their price compared to PC. With the price of PC components finally falling again I don't see a reason to buy either an Xbox or PlayStation when they have less games than PC does. The main factor I hear now is "convenience" but with the Steamy Dork on the market that's not an excuse anymore. The only reason to buy a console now is brand loyalty.
>>701379 They're porting all the shitty games though, wake me up when i can buy ghost of sushi and buuradobon on steam.
>>701620 Ghost of Tsushima was in the Nvidia leaks, as was Sackboy. The only one not listed is Bloodborne, which will probably never be ported like how Demon's Souls wasn't. There's a PS4 emulator slowly making progress, so eventually it'll be playable on PC.

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