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(1.24 MB 1200x832 ClipboardImage.png)

Minor News Thread Anonymous 08/23/2021 (Mon) 22:32:02 Id: 9cb4c9 No. 396559
Basically this is a thread for those minor news articles that are interesting but not necessary big enough to have their own thread. We will be taking the bigger stories from these threads and making them into their own threads, Anons are welcome to do the same. We will NOT be heavily enforcing these threads, so please keep that in mind. Basically things like game announcements, live stream events, new gaming hardware, etc. should have their own threads while shit like NEW GUILTY GEAR DLC 3 "SLAYER" or something like that should be posted in this thread. While we won't ban anyone for doing the former, we encourage anons to use their best judgement when posting news content.
>>418739 Also Titan Quest.
(842.61 KB 722x406 ClipboardImage.png)

>Maglam Lord rated by USK! https://archive.ph/wip/kinif Do USK ratings normally exclude PC ports?
>>418739 Thanks bro.
>>418739 It's pretty fun, but I often hear about JA2. How much of an upgrade it is compared to the first?
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zWQs4UpiKlg tldr; >DF tests the slowest supported SSD on PS5 >Almost 1/2 the read speed of internal SSD >It's virtually the same performance as the super fast internal SSD Sony went on and on about >All that bullshit normalfags ate up about how "this new SSD will change everything" confirmed bs
>>421112 Man, who could have foreseen this coming? a company lying about their product to make it more appealing to the masses? I am shocked. Shocked to my fucking core.
>>421112 I'm surprised since DF seem to enjoy sucking Sony's feminine trans penis.
>>421112 What a fucking surprise! It's not like they didn't do this 4 fucking times now. And their clueless shit for brains fanbase fall for it each and evety time.
The PS4 CMOS battery issue that bricks your console has been fixed in the latest firmware update(9.00). Consider updating and disconnecting your PS4 from the internet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWQg7uEFHFM
>>422187 Haven't even turned on my PS4 in over year. What's the current state of modding? Is it even worth it?
Syberia 1&2 are currently free on Steam for 24 hours, they're point and click adventure games that I've never heard of before, does anyone here know if they're good?
New Pokemon Arceus Trailer Shows off a new Scyther evolution, Kleaver, which is a bug/rock pokemon with axes for hands. Graphics are still shit, Game Freak will never be able to properly optimise a game.
>>428397 >Black ancient Sinnoh trainers Sheeit, we wuz Hokkaidens and shit. And here I was hoping the setting being an explicitly Jananese region (and in a historical era, even) would eliminate this practice.
>>428397 There's something about battling Kleavor at the end with that music that just makes the game look soulless and hollow. Maybe the kids will like it but aesthetically it feels empty to me as an adult. Like an indie fangame I guess? Maybe I'm just being a pessimist. I think that MOBA looked great though, for what it's worth. Don't own a Switch either way.
(80.47 KB 589x579 FAQ0NSeXEAIbLSW.png)

>>428397 It wasn't in the trailer but here is one of my favorite new pokemon designs! :^)
>>428409 Nice paws owo
>>428397 >Graphics are still shit Graphics look fine to me and fine is all you can really expect from the switch seeing as at its core it is just a handheld pretending to be a home console.
(90.70 KB 960x640 furry.jpg)

(8.30 KB 300x168 kill yourself.jpg)

>>428415 >furries
>>428488 >furries
(63.94 KB 960x720 stop it.jpg)

(74.34 KB 1280x720 League of Legends.jpg)

League of Legends netflix adaptation
>>429220 Bonk!
>>429546 I'm so tired of all this uglyfication.
(1.82 MB 1203x949 ClipboardImage.png)

Just a little over a month shy from it's 25th Anniversary the PC Version of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain finally got a digital release. Up until now the only way to get a legit Digital copy was the PS1 version on the PlayStation store. https://www.gog.com/game/blood_omen_legacy_of_kain
(83.64 KB 828x404 consider this raziel.jpg)

>>429776 >someone at squenix remembered LoK exists Oh no...
>>429786 Nosgoth 2 baybeeeeee! Nosgoth wasn't even that bad, shoulda been it's own IP though
(781.31 KB 992x674 ClipboardImage.png)

>>429786 Soul Reaver 1 was also removed from digital stores recently due to them working on some "Important Updates" if they were working on a straight up remake, it wouldn't really make sense for them to remove the original Soul Reaver from Purchase. so who knows if it will be only an update for the original to work on modern systems better, or more then that.
(322.12 KB 1400x1050 LoK.png)

>>429786 Oh, Legacy of Kain. Got it.
>>429792 In other times i would be happy, now, i can only worry. Lets hope that we get a C&C remastered out of it and not the gay romance between raziel and kay facing the evil oppressive human patriarchy.
>>429798 I remember playing this game when I was nine. I'm lucky it didn't turn me into a furfag.
(159.94 KB 1000x563 edf6release.jpg)

EDF 6 release is delayed until 2022. Also they're gonna release it on nogamestation 5. >Still no PC release insight
>>429939 Well, they are probably polishing it, so its ok.
>>429939 We'll get it eventually. Never support shabostation.
(268.54 KB 1280x800 VRless.jpg)

A No-VR mod for Half-Life: Alyx has been in production for some time. It's made major progress, looking downright official. The team has had to retool and rework entire parts of the game to fit a computer screen model instead of VR, including creating original animations for weapons and interactions. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Ji9nuBNwTz4
>>432460 Im glad, i played it on VR and its a fun game.
(102.09 KB 1024x768 im doing my part.jpg)

Yo fags, starship troopers terran command just released a demo, its fun, are you doing your part?
>>433164 Combat seems fun but I remember the devs raised a few red flags/woke shit about the story in an interview.
>>433410 I remember that but i think it is a misinterpretation seeing the story thus far, you get pushed by officers to do unsavory shit like forcing miners to work or launch reckless pushes for prestige and advancements in your career, so i think thats what they mean with the decisions stuff.
>>433164 Can you only play as humans or are the bugs a playable faction?
>>433468 Seems like only the humans, but it is a demo so i dont know. Homever, the bugs do have a variety to their roster, so maybe they will add the mi nthe future?
>>433164 Yeah, I'm downloading now I'm glad they added fun mechanics and updated the textures. Hope to see Marauder suits
>>433468 Not at launch
>>433478 Watch out for friendly fire, i lost an entire squad because of a misplaced grenade.
(3.18 MB 2388x3484 Starship Troopers.jpg)

>>433494 The game really needs better music, some of it is ok. Most of it is just generic Demo is also obviously lacking some sound effects, I really enjoyed it though, some great texture work despite was done despite some obvious generic 3D assets to make the levels. Also really like all the terrain stuff they did with the game which affects both fog of war and if you can shoot enemies or not. The game is neat, just needs more polish. They also better add voice acting for each unit type, that shit ticked me off.
(105.96 KB 2560x1440 KOTOR remake.jpg)

Old news, but I initially brushed this shit off because I thought EA owned the KOTOR trademark, but it's apparently being developed by Aspyr, which is nowadays owned by Embracer Group, and being published by LucasArts. I'm not expecting a good job, quite the contrary, but without the EA/Bioware stink, this might actually have a chance of being decent and make LucasArts start working with other devs instead of being a pozzed piece of shit of an embarrassment shilled by 300 people and made by 20 interns that completely kills the franchise for good. Thank fuck the Mouse/EA exclusive deal is over, thank fuck the NuWars movies are such shitshows even the Mouse is kvetching over it.
>>433778 <eing a pozzed piece of shit of an embarrassment shilled by 300 people and made by 20 interns that completely kills the franchise for good Anon, they hired a femnist who outright admitted to disliking the original.
(69.96 KB 612x449 FUCKING LOL.jpg)

>>433778 >Sam Maggs Oh wait, nevermind RIP, dumb of me to have any kind of optimism in any kind of AAAshit.
>>433781 My only wish is that this tuns into another Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2.
>Alan Woke Remaster is out <why nobody talks about it >it's on Epic Well, that's probably why
>>434853 The fact it's an Alan Wake remaster is probably why no one is talking about it.
>>428397 Pokemon should have never went 3D. Also, the soundtrack gets worse every generation. Compare R/B/Y or G/S/C which evokes the feeling of "shit's going down" (in battle) to...whatever this is.
>>434876 I don't think the music got that bad. After RBY and GSC, RSE was worse, but the other games weren't bad. GSC especially holds a special place in my heart, but it might be nostalgia. The newer games are still non excusable for other reasons.
>>434876 >Pokemon should have never went 3D. >all Pokemon games on the ds are bad. IMHO
>>434916 You're not wrong, thought I'd say Black and White is decent
(12.55 MB 1280x720 UNSIGHTED Launch Trailer.webm)

(1.05 MB 1024x574 ClipboardImage.png)

Unsighted, a sci-fi top-down action game where you play as a Dark skinned QT Android named Alma taking place devastated by a post-apocalyptic war between humans and android like automations brought about a gradual loss of a resource called anima that gives androids sentience causing them to warp into mindless killing machines called the Unsighted. The game has multiple endings, each based on which characters you save as you race against time before you become unsighted. https://archive.vn/ixGi1
(174.62 KB 900x1200 pikachu.jpg)

Battlefield 2042 beta started today. It's fucked. It's all kinds of fucked. And not even reddit likes it.
>>435595 These fucking pieces of shit can't even nail art design, what makes anyone think they can nail good game design or competent physics and networking? THEY EVEN RAPED THE THEME DEAD IT'S ALL FART NOISES YOU ARE NOW HANK HILL/RANDY MARSH
>>435658 Why does it seem like actual rock music is a rarity in games these days?
Demonic titties simulator game Succubus is out. From the people who brought you Agony. >>435595 Was anyone really shocked by this? AAA is filled with almost nothing but activists/propagandists and the usual risk averse feature checklisting/trend chasing fags now. There is very little chance of anything of value coming from that environment. >>435658 There are a lot of bad games I've seen where I at least could say the soundtrack was alright (even if the rest of the game was a mess), glad they chose not to include anything nice here. EA always gives such great value.
>>435700 Everything looks like melted together wax. What's the actual game play like? >>435255 I can't get over how asinine "unsighted" sounds. I wish we still had Myspace just so people could be easily and quickly informed of the quality of their writing by comparisons to it.
>>435700 >From the people who brought you Agony. The same idiots who went on-and-on about how their game was going to be uncensored, and then cucked out at the last minute so that they could get a console release?
(14.02 MB 1280x720 gameplay.mp4)

>>435833 (checked) Yeah I probably should have grabbed the gameplay clip as well. Forgive my laziness. >>435837 Yep, and they later then went on to release an unrated version anyway.
>>435658 What in the god damn am I hearing? Is it Feralphoenix tuning the cello from the Uncommon Time OST, but dialed up to 11?
>>435677 Companies follow trends, it's as simple as that. It doesn't matter if the devs would want to put Rock or not. Doesn't matter if Fans don't like the music choice, they'll buy the game anyway. like when Doom Eternal had that Rap Song in the Trailer, people just changed the Trailer to play different more fitting Music, and that just advertised the game even more. The guy in the suit pointing at the pie chart is going to convince the higher ups putting in "current popular genre of music" in the Trailer it will lead to 7.5% increased profits. Either that or you'll get something like War Pigs by Black Sabbath in the Trailer of your War time FPS game.
>>435869 Reminds me of the X3 Capsule theme, which is literally broken
>>435995 >war pigs I don't think War Pigs is even that common for wartime FPS trailers. I do remember that like 3 different Vietnam games, including a Call of Duty used Sympathy for the Devil, and I do remember that Run Through The Jungle is burned into my brain because of Tripkike's terrible server browser for Rising Storm 2 wasting hours of my time. >Doom Eternal rap trailer Doom 2016 and Mick Gordon have been a disaster for the videogame music industry in general.
>>436002 Now that I've somehow gotten past the broken Capcha, more details. I'm referring to this abomination. It sounds the way it does because it's trying to play a music file as a sound effect (or was it SE as music?) https://yewtu.be/watch?v=EdJSbQ8fUAc Here's how the theme sounds in the prototype, which is how its supposed to sound. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Ia2B7Getp1c
>>436006 >a Call of Duty used Sympathy for the Devil Yeah, they used it in Black Ops if I remember correctly but the funny thing was the level they used it in, had the song on the radio months before the song was even recorded or even released. The level took place in February but the song didn't release till December of '68.
>>435677 Rock is too white and European for the average Amerimongrel these days. It's all about Rap and Hip Pop these days.
>>434903 GSC being the best probably isn't nostalgia. GSC added a lot of content and was a generally large upgrade from RBY. It made the game feel alive with the time based system and extra region. RBY is good because it's the first, it's a classic, and it's where most people got into the series (and they had nothing to compare it to). That part's nostalgia. RSE removed a lot and didn't offer much except upgraded graphics and faster movement. I remember being a little disappointed and I've never had much of an urge to go back to it. I mean it was okay, it just wasn't as good as GSC.
Koichi Sugiyama, composer for Dragon Quest, has passed away at 90
>>436186 r.i.p in peace
https://archive.ph/dA9JT >As reported via the official Dragon Quest blog, Sugiyama died on September 30 of septic shock. His final work was composing the music for the upcoming Dragon Quest XII. >Sugiyama first started working on the Dragon Quest series back in 1986, for the first game in the series. The story of how Sugiyama got involved in the Dragon Quest series was also rather interesting, as Yuji Horii explained when I interviewed him a few years ago. >“Sugiyama-san sent a letter to Enix telling them what he didn't like about one of their Shogi simulators. Basically saying "this game is terrible, this is what is wrong with it" and they realized that this guy is a famous composer. So Enix then thought let's ask him to make the music for this new role-playing game. Then he came along for that.”
>>436190 >DQ12 will have new music from him. >Sugiyama kept working till he died. Holy fuck man.
(391.05 KB 364x512 ClipboardImage.png)

>>436190 Checking the list of Enix titles published before DQ, it's presumably pic related unless they released another shogi sim without shogi in the name. It got a sequel 4 years later, and I wonder how many of Sugiyama's criticisms were addressed.
>>436006 >Doom 2016 and Mick Gordon have been a disaster for the videogame music industry in general. Why?
>>436207 that in itself is worthy of respect
>>436207 He lived a long life and died doing what he loved. Not everyone gets to go like that. I can't help but he happy for the guy.

(992.69 KB 2560x1440 R63 JC Denton.png)

Sony will no longer allow purchases via non-Playstation Network Cards or Paypal for PS3 & Vita: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/important-notice/ In other news: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=naDOv1W6-Cc New Deus Ex mod that replaces JC with a female version of himself complete with 1,700 fully voiced lines and scene changes to accomodate the gender switch has been released.
>>436268 >>Doom 2016 and Mick Gordon have been a disaster for the videogame music industry in general. >Why? You know how after Inception got popular every trailer had the BBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPP fart noise in it because Inception had it? I think it was Inception anyway, I may have wires crossed here. Or the dubstep epidemic that suddenly had every trailer using dubstep instead of something fitting the theme or visuals of the subject? Now everyone is trying to copy Mick Gordon instead of actually creating something of their own, and the shit wore thin before nuDoom was even cold.
>>436268 Because everything and its mother has to have repetitive industrial rock tracks because that's what is "badass" now. Plus it goes beyond just the music. Glory Kills, cooldown based dashes and contextually based grappling hooks
(317.12 KB 1080x1423 _.jpg)

>>436268 >>437679 >>437685 Why does nobody ever blame the copycats?
>>437664 >New Deus Ex mod that replaces JC with a female version Is it lewd?
>>437690 There's a lot of content that's arbitrarily locked behind the online mode, so if you're playing the offline DRM free version (the only reason you'd be on GoG in the first place) you're missing out on a lot. And the game constantly reminds you of that too.
>>437688 Shouldn't have been on the store to begin with if they couldn't get io to drop the online shit.
>>437690 GoG's whole selling point is no-DRM. Selling a game with lots of content locked behind online-only DRM is ridiculous and I don't think it's the first time GoG's done this.
>>437720 AFAIK they've only done it with things like multiplayer, and they mention it on the store page. And none of them are like Hitman where they're constantly in your face telling you about everything you're missing by not being online.
As not really a surprise, Rockstar announced the GTA trilogy "the definite edition". Anyone willing to bet that it won't be a shitty upscaled and censored mobile port again?
>>437786 This started out well. Digital games are cancer.
>>437786 I bet all my money it's a censored mobileshit port filled with bloom and with Unreal Engine as the backend for the UI which will bloat all 3 games to like 30GB
>>437788 Except that thanks to digital distribution they're all readily avaiable on pirate sites and people who bought them still legally own and can downgrade the original version of the games. Rockstar has also censored their physical games after release since GTA3, with newer copies having slighly modified content. This isn't new or exclusive to digital you fucking dinossaur DRM free digital is superior to everything
>The Definitive Edition Imagine saying the 20 year old already existing games that were globally well-received aren't the definitive edition of themselves just because they were old. No it's this rehash we did without half the people that made those games in the first place who probably don't even know what they're doing. It's another Warcraft 3: Reforged or whatever dumb shit Activision called that.
>>437847 It's the definitive edition because there was totally not a fan-made project to actually remake and re-release those games.
>>437853 Which had/has original code and is 100% legal regardless of kikestar's actions so if they buckle and cuck to their empty threats I'd think less of them. At the very least take the C&D letter and dev the whole thing, then anonymously release it in a complete state and whoopsydaisy musta been a bad actor because it wasn't me I was a good boy. Obviously DFEing every piece of dev material to totally destroy the proof otherwise before releasing it (or after releasing it before publicizing it.) Kikestar's only move is lawyer spam if the code is yours, doubly so if you released the code as a plug-in type system to the game assets (if using any) at the user end like how say Morrowblivion doesn't distribute Morrowind resources but the installer recognizes and accepts the contents of them when present. All anti-white companies deserve to have their copyrights aggressively violated in subversive ways.
(26.61 MB 1280x720 Lay D Denton.mp4)

>>437664 This is hugely impressive, the voice actress and her delivery fits the game perfectly. If you never played Deus Ex and didn't it didn't have a gender option, you'd probably think this was official. They even altered the the pronouns JC is referred to as into female ones, like mister into miss.
>>438256 > If you never played Deus Ex and didn't it didn't have a gender option *If you never played Deus Ex and didn't know it didn't have a gender option
>>435658 I'd say it sounds like something an AI could have come up but I'd be insulting AIs. It sounds like the same disease that took over nuDoom OST.
>>438256 That's a really nice voice to be honest. Could use to be a bit more deadpan but I find this good enough. tfw JC Denton doesn't have big J Cups
>>438256 >changed NPC dialog >some entirely new lines >it's not blatant jank How?
>>438696 The infinite power of nanoaugmentation.
>>438256 Now this is some nice inclusivity, its impressive they added stuff for the NPCs to reflect JC being a girl.
>>438368 Obviously it stands for Juicy C-cup Denton
>>438256 >inb4 next update allows you to switch between male and female pronouns
>>438719 Her breasts are augmented. >>438725 Wouldnt that defeat the point?
(27.35 KB 640x454 1426632488665.jpg)

>>435658 Holy shit the BF 2042 muzyk sounds absolutely terrible.
>>438742 This is what happens after 15 years of pure fucking cronyism and nepotism.
>>438820 Consider a company as a living, breathing life, and each change in management is a new generation of that life. By having inbreeding (cronyism and nepotism), it manifests as having flawed business practices and schizophrenic decisions. Its an interesting parallel to consider
(2.70 MB 502x376 dropthebomb.swf.mp4)

>>438897 You think Sam Maggs is writing for like 4 AAA videogames because she has talent? The only 2 things she has is a Rich Daddy and some dicksucking lips. The shit happening with Zoe Quinn has only gotten worse in the AAA space and it's slowly but surely killing them while new blood make their own business and pave their own success.
>>438920 >Sam Maggs is writing for FOUR(4)(2+2) videogames Jesus Christ, what? I thought it was just that shit Kotor remake and that's it.
(268.33 KB 640x640 free of charge.png)

>>438923 -Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart -Call of Duty Vanguard -Dark Alliance -Tiny Tinas Wonderland -KOTOR Remake -Anthem https://archive.is/A99FD Scroll down to the Games section.
>>435255 lesbians ripping cave story?
>>439066 Nope, Hyper Lesbian Drifter
(146.67 KB 498x345 Untitled.png)

https://archive.ph/vlxaz > Battlefield 2042 dev says you (the consumer) are the reason they don't interact with the community >Ben Walke, one of the producers at DICE, recently took to Reddit to talk to players about the ins and outs of the beta and how the team addresses fan feedback. >A member of the Battlefield 2042 team has pointed the finger at toxic players for the reason why studios are reluctant to open up conversation between themselves and their fans.
>>439409 "Toxic" players eh? I'm willing to bet the reason these fucks don't interact with the community is because they are spineless cunts who cannot take a single ounce of criticism because they think putting a lot of time into something means your work cannot be criticized.
(11.63 MB 800x600 THQnordic AMA.webm)

>>439409 Any chance we'll see a dev do something on the level of the 8chan AMA again?
>>439409 >>439421 For Buttfuck/Cawadoody I might believe it, those kinds of games are notorious for having angry squeakers and furious tryhards.
>>439435 If you want to harvest so much asshurt out of any battlefield, just jump onto an AA turret and shoot at your team's lifting off aerial vehicles. They don't take damage(at least in Bad Company/2) but force is still applied to the vehicle so it's difficult to lift off and people often crash. It's hilarious seeing people then go apeshit at you and having almost nothing they can do about it.
>>439409 You know, considering that developers spent decades not "interacting" with fans, this isn't that bad of an idea, because ever since developers did "interact" with fans they always turn out to be insufferable gigafaggots who don't care about their customer base.
(160.20 KB 1480x833 battlefield-v2-1480x833.jpg)

(28.15 KB 1200x675 EbXQI2qXgAMuyVx.png)

>>439421 >they are spineless cunts Yes. This is the only reason. Their team is filled with manginas, faggots and women. http://archive.today/MYbBd When Fentanyl fiend died of a heart attack they had that shit plastered on all their games. Even on fucking BF3. Never ever support DICE or whoever does this fucking games now.
>>438938 >Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Well that explains why the game's story was so shit and its characters were unlikeable. >>439409 >Battlefield 2042 dev says you (the consumer) are the reason they don't interact with the community I see they're still butthurt about the fan backlash they got from Battlefield Vagina, who'd a thunk that being antagonistic towards your playerbase makes them treat you like shit in return.
https://archive.is/4BvTn Yakuza creator is leaving Sega.
>>439467 >Well that explains why the game's story was so shit and its characters were unlikeable. How shit are we talking about, and is the game in general also shit?
Square Enix trademarks Valkyrie Elysium. Expect mobile shit even if it is a VP followup. https://archive.ph/wip/9XLfC
>>440789 There was already a Valkyrie based mobile game named Valkyrie Anatomia
(435.10 KB 750x929 ClipboardImage.png)

https://www.ace-attorney.com/anniversary/ Ace Attorney anniversary site open. So far just sales on digital versions of series and some merch.
>>440307 Generally the characters quip all the time like it's a Marvel movie and there's never more than a few seconds of dead air without a very obvious remark or "witty" comment.
>creator of God of War couldn't get gud at Metroid Dread and uninstalled it after two hours >biggest complain was that it didn't tell him what to do or where to go lmao https://archive.is/We3wZ https://archive.is/BO2a6 https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=6IGX9sPftLE
>>441171 The God of Soy game or the other one?
>>441171 Considering Gay of War is just casualized western DMC, no surprise. >>441174 The original.
(91.25 KB 1400x900 wat.jpg)

Reposting because apparently this is a different service called also Binge System Shock Live-Action Series in the works by Startup Streaming Service Binge https://web.archive.org/web/20211013190949/https://www.ign.com/articles/system-shock-live-action-tv-series-in-the-works-binge I have no idea, either
>>441171 Jaffe was always a fag with shit taste he's right about joy cons being garbage but everyone knows that
>>441196 Sure, but whens the remake of 1 coming?
>>441171 Holy crap. Watch his other videos about Metroid, they're shocking. Jaffe seems on par with DSP in his knowledge of how to play games. He's been working in the industry since the early 1990s, how can you be this clueless with this much experience both making and playing games? Then again I shouldn't be surprised, the original God of War series was nothing but a mindless sequence of QTEs.
>>441171 >>441236 Search for his name on Twitter - it's an OCEAN of angry Mexicans.
>>441241 Angry because of him being a dumbass or what?
>>441242 Ooh yep. From what I gather Twisted Metal and GoW were popular in Mexico, so seeing the creator acting like a complete novice at gaming is making them furious. Anybody want to translate some tweets and post 'em?
>>441246 I dont have a twitter, but if you give me some samples ill translate it for you.
Oh, and sorry about my ID Switching. I'm posting from my phone and PC, 5d0aaa is also me.
>>441236 >He's been working in the industry since the early 1990s, how can you be this clueless with this much experience both making and playing games? In interviews for Twisted Metal 2, he explains that his original goal was to get involved with filmmaking: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=QS6HG_ZxwcI
>>441254 >1st Again with the "debate" over difficulty in videogames, now David Jaffe (creator of god of war) criticises kena, metroid and returnal for being too hard, buy a pair of hands and get over it, boss, remain strong kena, great game! >2nd Everyone is saying that metroid dread is very hard but im very good at it, its like playing super mario bros. because of the 2d platforms, David jaffe can go on crying and whining about difficulty >3rd The creator of god of war hates difficult games like kena, metroid dread and returnal. >4th For david jaffe, creator of god of war, "kena, metroid and returnal" are games so hard that he said "its like the developers wanted to scare off the players", what do you think about that? >5th The previus director is as crazy as 7 goats, David Jaffe, the actual director on the other hand says its pretty good, well, not the actual since he was replaced, Cory Barlog. >6th Something i must recognize is that for better or worse david jaffe notices the content and this gave a lot of relevancy to that bald dickhead. sadly! >7th David jaffe criticizes the difficulty of metroid, kena and returnal saying that the devs want to scare off the players. Me: want a tissue? >8th Later on David Jaffe will come and say the game is shit because its "too hard" and because of the graphics, i want him in jail. >9th Our review of metroid dread is ready and we wont complain like david jaffe, creator of god of war, about how difficult it is (clown) >10th Its just reporting it. >11th In a shamefull display, david jaffe talks agains a game because he couldnt find some hidden blocks to advance, pathetic. >12th I dont understand half of it, sorry. >13th Reporting about it and mocking david with a soyface. >14th You see the problem is that GOW is designed so that you can beat it only with the O button, everything else is too hard for david. >15th David Jeffe is still talking about metroid pic: get me outta here
I deleted my first post because I didn't like how it looked. >>441254 https://twitter.com/PabloArcadia/status/1448364851261161473 >Again the "debate" about the difficulty of videogames. Now David Jaffe (creator of God of War) criticises Kena, Metroid and Returnal for being too difficult. Buy yourself a pair of hands and that's it, capo. Cheers to Kena, total blast of a game! https://twitter.com/antonio_mellino/status/1448376904386494472 >Everyone says metroid dread is hard but when I play it for me it's like playing super Mario bros for the 2D platforming 😎 let David jaffe cry for complaining about the difficulty. https://twitter.com/TheEnemyBR/status/1448380856045907970 [this one is a hue] >God of War creator hates difficult games like Kena, Metroid Dread and Returnal https://twitter.com/CCMiike/status/1448331995097047044 >For David Jaffe, creator of #GodofWar, "Kena: Bridge of Spirits", "Metroid: Dread" and "Returnal" are such difficult games that he went so far as to express... "It's as if the developers want to scare gamers away". How do you see it? https://twitter.com/SilexCarlos/status/1448373438696067078 >The PREVIOUS director who is crazy as 7 goats, David Jaffe, the current one says he is the dick, well, the current one, who has already been removed as director, Cory Barlog. https://twitter.com/Kris_vs1/status/1448370616353103876 >There is something that I must admit that for better or for worse David Jaffe paid attention to its content and that gave relevance to the bald dickhead ...!!!! Unfortunately !!! https://twitter.com/Deivitron84/status/1448369970384154633 >David Jaffe criticises the difficulty of Metroid Dread, Kena and Returnal saying that if the developers want to scare gamers away. >Me: [insert tissue meme] https://twitter.com/PabloArcadia/status/1448369902272884738 >And then David Jaffe comes along and says that the game sucks because it's "too hard" and because of the graphics. I want him in jail. https://twitter.com/JillSandwichTV/status/1448350967485894661 >We have our #MetroidDread review ready. >We're not complaining like David Jaffe, creator of #GodOfWar about how hard it is 🤡. >Go check this video, link in our bio and next tweet (Subscribe!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻) https://twitter.com/pnintenderos/status/1448315586015121414 >God Of War creator David Jaffe says he didn't like Metroid Dread because he found the game too difficult. 😩👌 >Via his Twitter account he said that "there is no prompt or guide for the player to know what to do or where to go". https://twitter.com/Ashen_Snake/status/1448277837375545345 [another hue] >David Jaffe on an embarrassing journey against a great game just because he couldn't find some hidden blocks to advance. Pathetic https://twitter.com/LadinoKrow/status/1448359522230210576 [and another] >David Jaffe is crazy https://twitter.com/MeriStation/status/1448362179430952962 (this is a popular news outlet in Spain, lol) >God of War creator David Jaffe criticises the difficulty of games like Metroid Dread, Returnal or Kena https://twitter.com/mannyz25/status/1448355754767945736 >For David Jaffe, creator of #GodofWar, "Kena: Bridge of Spirits", "Metroid: Dread" and "Returnal" are such difficult games that he went so far as to express... "It's as if the developers want to scare gamers away". How do you see it? [the reply to that post is better IMO] >It's just that GOW is designed to be played with the O only. Everything is difficult for David Jaffe. https://twitter.com/Aranuel/status/1448354606673764357 >David Jaffe still talking about metroid. >[insert "Get me outta here" meme]
>>441272 >>441273 Thank you two very much. Have some porn for your troubles.
(844.08 KB 1920x1080 anon living the dream.png)

>>441281 Anon delivers.
>>441272 >>441273 >You see the problem is that GOW is designed so that you can beat it only with the O button, everything else is too hard for david.
(471.83 KB 800x800 ClipboardImage.png)

>>441236 >Then again I shouldn't be surprised, the original God of War series was nothing but a mindless sequence of QTEs. That's the thing GoW 1 wasn't just Mindless QTE's at least if you played on the hardest difficulty, it did require actually being good at the game, and there's enough depth that learning how to win fights against the harder enemies with no damage feels good. BUT at the same time every GoW game comes with a baby bitch easy mode, and they are also designed in a way were it's nearly impossible for the player to fuck themselves over. Chests are balanced in such a way that they will always give the player exactly what they need when appropriate. if the game feels the player is getting close to needing a Health Bar or Magic upgrade, it will give the player one, if the player doesn't have as many Red orbs for upgrades as the game things they should have the Chests will give them Larger amounts of orbs. Due to this by the end of the game The player will almost Always be maxed out and ready to fight the final boss with a full tool kit of what is needed. It's actually a brilliant way of balancing the game, the only negative is if you actually go out of you're way to open every chest in the game then they start having less useful things, and they'll end up being just Health or Magic refills, so it's actually better not check every knook and cranny to hunt down the chests. God of War's design is the opposite of Metroid. GoW you will always get what you need no matter what. Metroid if you want to be more prepared you have to go out of you're way to make sure you will be.
>>441171 Imagine having all this crap on your walls to show how much you're an ebin geek gamer XD and you can't even beat a Nintendo game. Just an incredible reality check right there.
(296.42 KB 430x470 whatever.png)

>>441384 >Making it so you don't have to explore the game is actually a brilliant way of balancing because you have to think less about the game You're a subhuman.
(269.35 KB 550x413 sonic-is-unamused.png)

>>441394 I'm not saying it's better then how Metroid does it, or this is objectively the best way to do things. I'm saying decisions like that are what made God of War a billion dollar franchise that normalfags ate up day one. It's similar to how Resident Evil 4 adjusts the Difficulty without telling you about it. You're Not supposed to know this is how the game works, and that's why it worked.
>>441171 >>441254 >>441273 Could one of you guys with a Twatter account ask him what his thought are on Flashback because he claims that it was the title that first got him "interested" in gaming.
>>440307 It has the same problems as the 2016 reboot/movie tie-in game, everyone is a plain, boring, one dimensional character and the villains do stupid shit that allows the heroes to win.
>>441236 Haven't played the game, so I will play devil's advocate here. I assume he needs to shoot the platform(he calls it a ceiling) to advance into a new room to continue with the main mission, and not to collect some hidden item, as such is there any visual/audio indication that you need to shoot the platform? Up until that point have there been any other cases in which shooting, what appears to be a normal platform, will reveal a new path? If there was no written tutorial, was there an enemy that would explode revealing the fact that some platforms are destructible, or are you just supposed to mindlessly shoot everything you see in a room, to see if there is any hidden content, even if that "hidden" content is required to advance the main game?
>>441588 >is there any visual/audio indication that you need to shoot the platform? Up until that point have there been any other cases in which shooting, what appears to be a normal platform, will reveal a new path? Multiple Anons have confirmed that it's part of the game's "tutorial".
>>441591 Additionally, in the clip he keeps trying to hit the enemies on the ceiling by jumping up to them. If he aimed upward like a normal person, he'd like miss a few shots in the attempt (either direct misses, or firing after it is dead) and accidentally hit the ceiling in the process.
>>442243 https://archive.ph/05hQV https://archive.fo/IYv6r EXP Share Returns and Can't be turned off in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, TMs Single Use Again, Secret Bases Cannot be Decorated outside of statues.
>>405669 >>408410 I am sure this anti-consumer shit will help with PS5 sales :^)
>>441390 >Imagine having all this crap on your walls to show how much you're an ebin geek gamer XD and you can't even beat a Nintendo game. Just an incredible reality check right there. You can blame that "Big Bazinga Theory" crap on talmudvision for making retards pretend they like stuff like video games. <Hello fellow gamers, i am one of you, look i have game tattoos, posters and filled my house of junk merchandise, am i one of yours yet? <TV told me that liking video games makes you cool, like those retards of that shitty sitcom with laugh tracks after every single line.
(135.94 KB 534x1376 ClipboardImage.png)

(29.23 KB 1061x475 ClipboardImage.png)

(17.83 KB 405x509 ClipboardImage.png)

<Call of Duty’s kernel-level anti-cheat RICOCHET has already been leaked to cheat developers >Yesterday, Activision and Raven announced a new kernel-level anti-cheat system for Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard, RICOCHET. However, it appears that this anti-cheat system has already been leaked to cheat developers >Unfortunately, the kernel driver for @CallofDuty new Anti-cheat called RICOCHET got leaked today, and P2C devs are already reversing it, this is already very bad https://archive.is/AClOg
>>442325 At this rate all proprietary corporate software might as well just be open sourced. It's getting leaked left and right and always gets cracked by cheaters and hackers. It would probably be more effective if they just fucking let random autists fix it for them or at the very least come up with better solutions than they can. Security through obscurity clearly isn't working.
>>442350 They could also just let the players host + control their own servers and let them deal with it instead of wasting whatever large amount of money they burn through making this crap.
>>442369 But then they might *gasp* make custom maps. Then how could we ever convince them to buy our own custom maps or payed skins?
>>442489 I don't care for the games(one's Early Access and the other just didn't appeal to me much) but I really like how indie FPS like Prodeus and Dusk are pushing for really involved map-making and modding tools. I doubt it'll happen either but I hope Duskfag's design of having a modding scene that's close to Doom's pans out as well.
>>442489 God forbid they stop using matchmaking that ruins game communities or play on modded servers that let you bypass the shitty weapon/skill/lootbox/etc grind forced into every game. I also love how a lot of modern games only let you "rent" servers from the devs usually with extremely gimped customization for the games. Can't let a third party take money from your game by hosting their own servers, and you definitely can't let anyone else own a god damn thing as that would be giving up control.
In RTS news, Mental Omega, that one Yuri's Revenge mod you may or may not have heard of over the course of 15(?) or so years, is finally getting its final version Soon™.
>>443418 >there's now an entire new faction for Mental Omega Wow, last time I played, it was just a new campaign, I think. This is an insane amount of effort. I'll have to dive back in.
>>443418 Never really liked MO. Feels more like a Starcraft gookclick than C&C.
>>443418 Nice, shame the trailer is shit. Promised some groovy Rocktronica and went full Hans Zimmer.
>>404585 Look up Hyper-susceptibility to Motion Sickness in Asians, or whatever the study was titled.
(230.74 KB 750x1051 2.jpg)

Katy Perry is officially on a pokemon card
>>445451 Why girls fuck pokemon >>445453 Lindsay Lohan has a fursona attached to an NFT The fuck do you mean "why"
>>445451 >Katy Perry is basic.
>>445453 She probably made some jap's dick hard.
(83.52 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

(257.81 KB 750x1051 1.jpg)

(185.50 KB 750x1051 3.jpg)

>>445453 Gamefreak is allowing the music industry to use pokemon in their music videos. Katy Perry's Electric: https://youtu.be/ojpTpT5i-PI Two other musicians got cards too. Post Malone: https://youtu.be/G-kGzeZbEV4 J Balvin: https://youtu.be/K_IjmegkXuY
(3.16 MB 594x4191 ClipboardImage.png)

>>445461 I think gooks aren't listening to our warnings, anons.
>>445461 Embarrassing. Unironically, video games (and cards based on them in this case) are just too good to mix with other trash media. I'm sure this was made to say, "look, we're cool, we have the music celebrity people!" but the effect is exactly the opposite.
>>445461 >>445457 >One-off limited production runs Boring. It's a commemorative card. If it was like, a run of 1000 or something I'd get some for investment purposes
>>445466 >I'd get some for investment purposes TCG have become just that for the regular run cards.
(248.68 KB 1600x1200 Freeman.jpg)

Seemingly out of nowhere, Valve has been implementing major updates to the beta branch of Half-Life 2 and all related projects. This includes bugfixes for glitches that have existed since launch, official Vulkan support, GUI scaling and more. https://steamdb.info/changelist/12882066/ All of these changes have been figured out either through play or data mining, there's no official patch notes as it's in the beta branch.
>>445451 This has been in the works ever since the Pokemon anniversary concert where she wore a Pikachu tail, I'm certain. Is media mixing the next race mixing? >>446066 My guess based on nothing is that a small team has been tinkering with this stuff for a long time while the rest of Valve is busy supporting Steam and hardware and assfaggots or whatever other garbage they've been developing. This might just be some manager giving those guys the OK to push to "beta production," if I can say that, and might not indicate some major shift in priorities on Valve's part. Or it might. Who knows? We probably will have to wait to see if they decide to start saying anything, hiring people, or releasing more updates.
>>446066 Oh this could relate to the half life 2 remastered being mentioned in nvidia leaks, seemingly fan mod for hl2 in source 2. We do know valve doesn't actually want to work on games so they give out to others
Ace Combat 7 no longer uses Denuvo.
>>446079 If i was valve i would just create a sub-studios, fill it with newbies that want to work on new projects and have them crank up vidya every now and then, and leave the rest of the company to work on the hardware while steam bankrolls the company.
>>446238 SC6 still uses it though.
>>446833 Baby steps, baby steps. With Squeenix moving to remove Denuvo off of their shit(The tomb raider games, so I do mean SHIT) and Namco doing this I'm optimistic that piece of shit DRM's finally going out of style, and also that people will stop pretending it's not a massive performance and size degradation.
>>446079 That would be within a new Steam ID, not added to the official Half-Life 2 branch.
>>446834 Bamco fully embraced communism ("globalism") though. Everything done by them is automatically shit now.
https://store.steampowered.com/app/1593500/God_of_War/ I guess it's only a matter of time until Bloodborne is on PC, huh? >>446850 Lucky for us AC7 was pre that announcement, eh?
(12.61 MB 640x360 videoplayback (1).mp4)

Violent ego centered Cory Barlog and his wife's son go on an adventure NOW ON PC. NVidia BTFO
>>446863 I'm checking all the trailers for this port on Youtube and there's an overwhelming amount of dislikes, not because the game is shit but rather because it's releasing on PC. The comment sections are even funnier, so many pissed off Sonyggers mad at a company for seeking further profit.
(87.04 KB 649x439 God of Soy.jpg)

>>446869 You can't just say that and not post said comments. That's just rude.
>>446879 Check the other thread
(18.41 MB 1280x720 Uncharted Movie Trailer.mp4)

I'm surprised nobody here has talked about the new trailer for the Uncharted movie yet.
>>448101 That...actually looks entertaining, thought Holland looks a little too young for the role.
>>441588 Yes, way earlier in the game you're supposed to do the same thing to progress, except this time you're supposed to shoot the ground, something you haven't done before (only walls and the ceiling), this is basically how the game tells you to shoot fucking everything if you want to find upgrades.
>>448101 Because there are already like six Uncharted movies, only now they got Marky Mark to play Sully even though he already played Drake Fortune in all the previous games. But they're still having him dress as Drake Fortune instead of Sully. It's just confusing.
>>446790 I think they're doing it with campo santo, though they are obviously apprehensive about opening subsidiary when they are planning on shifting to NZ >>448101 It will succeed okayish, mainly by its sony fans. Maybe they'll claim it as first successful video game movie
>>448214 >Maybe they'll claim it as first successful video game movie They probably will, considering Hollywood has already memory holed the first Tomb Raider movie and the fact that Angelina Jolie was just about the biggest action star of the 2000s, so that they can pretend all these shit female lead action movies now are the first movies with women in them ever. Also people pretend the original Mortal Kombat wasn't successful even though it got a sequel.
(2.96 MB 1280x720 HERo movies.webm)

>>448217 >so that they can pretend all these shit female lead action movies now are the first movies with women in them ever But anon don't you see, women never had any self esteem until Disney™ put out HER story, a HERo's story, and then suddenly women rose up to claim their long oppressed rights of I don't know what but let me tell you it was ground breaking and glass ceiling shattering and a lot of other things. It was all because of this amazing movie.
>>448415 >2/10 by guardian so its already a good movie <90 by IGN whelp lets wait for user reviews
>>448419 IGN gives everything a 9/10 though
>>448101 They chose Marky Mark instead of Bruce Campbell for Sully...fuckin' why?
>>448101 >literally using the exact same set-pieces as the game It looks pretty close to the game too since it's all just CGI. The plot sounds almost exactly ripped from the games too. Is this just a live action lets play? also the trend of putting a shitty remix/cover of an old song in movie trailers is absolute cancer and everyone doing it should be shot
(970.68 KB 1500x1500 98987523978453546765.jpg)

https://archive.md/kV2kp <Blizzard Reveals McCree's New Name In Overwatch >Blizzard has officially announced the new name for the Overwatch hero formerly known as McCree. After announcing plans to rename the character because he was named after an ousted Blizzard developer, the company revealed on Friday that McCree's new name will be Cole Cassidy. >The change from McCree to Cassidy will be made in Overwatch beginning on Tuesday, October 26.
(86.39 KB 850x701 Smug_McCree_Megumin.jpg)

>>449017 >Cole Cassidy gay and soulless
(370.76 KB 1257x878 93501505_p0.jpg)

>>449026 >it's the guy who claims cuckchan is the only place to use a word in the way that it has been used in English for hundreds of years
>>449089 Hey dumbfuck, I know that word's been used longer than cuckchan's been alive, I don't want their shitty memes, like SOUL vs SOULLESS, Coomer, and whatever shitty memes that propagated in that shit hole. Know the difference between simple English and meme speak, nigger.
>>449017 I'm still calling him McCree and there is nothing Blizzard can do about it.
>>445461 Why the fuck make celebrity Pokemon cards? Who gives a shit? Who in the fuck is J Balvin?
>>448448 If the decision to cast Tom Holland as Nate wasn't enough of a dead giveaway, hollywood isn't particularly good at picking actors for roles. >>449017 What a retarded, empty gesture. But this is also one reason why you shouldn't name a fictional character after a real person because it might cause unnecessary drama down the line.
>>449116 Disgusting kike retards.
(633.81 KB 540x751 ClipboardImage.png)

(476.60 KB 354x498 ClipboardImage.png)

(375.63 KB 350x495 ClipboardImage.png)

(454.17 KB 359x500 ClipboardImage.png)

(433.47 KB 350x495 ClipboardImage.png)

>>449117 >Why the fuck make celebrity Pokemon cards? >pretending it's a new thing
(76.13 KB 514x350 UR Gay.jpg)

>>449128 >Comparing joke cards to actual usable TCG and tournament legal promos.
>>449114 Honestly, anyone who played enough of the game prior to the change, is likely going to keep calling him by his old name because that is simply what they are used to. It is such a stupid change, but that is pretty much all blizzard knows how to do now.
>>449120 >If the decision to cast Tom Holland as Nate wasn't enough of a dead giveaway, hollywood isn't particularly good at picking actors for roles. Theres a reason they picked Holland but it wasn't because he fits the role.
(1.44 MB 640x360 Casting.webm)

>>449157 Man I should really remember to spoiler that webm since its apparently an nsfw thumbnail.
>>449120 >If the decision to cast Tom Holland as Nate wasn't enough of a dead giveaway, hollywood isn't particularly good at picking actors for roles. You would think kikes would be all for cutting costs and Bruce would have been cheaper than Marky Mark.
>>449168 They give their friends work, this has always been the case. You know how incestuous it gets.
(12.64 MB 960x720 The Happening.webm)

>>449239 >>449168 Marky Mark can take his shirt off and get some ladies wet with his abs. Campbell, as much charisma as he has, probably can't get roided up and look like a bodybuilder at his age so he's out. Likewise with Holland, the guy's a fucking terrible actor but he can get teens wet and he has the MCU crowd behind him so might as well cast him.
>>448101 I did not even know this was a thing. I still don't know why this is a thing. Who spent hundreds of millions of dollars and thought this was an investment?
>>449266 Sony. Sony thought this was an investment.
>>449270 >>449266 They're going to keep at it until vidya movies are the new "geek chic" and then I hope you're ready for shit like "The Nintendo Cinematic Universe" and "The Konami Cinematic Universe" and "The Sony Cinematic Universe".
>>449272 Cant wait to see how castlevania is connected to metal gear.
>>449272 and then, the universe crossovers. i wonder what clever quips nathan drake will have in store for the first time he meets pacman?
>>449274 >>449273 THE CAKE IS A LIE
>>449274 >Pac Man: WAKA WAKA >Nathan Drake: "waka waka"...what? >Abby (with golf club): WHACKA WHACKA MOTHER PUCKER
Also I wonder if all of those vidya movies will have the tagline "THIS ISN'T A GAME" or "GAME OVER" or something like that in the marketing.
>>449287 Nah, Hollywood is no fun faggotry these days.
(35.24 KB 285x400 Sidaris.jpg)

>>449293 You're telling me. I do miss the class of "totally not porn" movies where some sleazy director(and god bless their hearts, said sleazy directors) just wanted to film some sexy big breasted women doing whatever and looking fine doing whatever.
>>449122 Just like everyone that works for jewtendo.
>>449116 Looks legit lol
>>449280 >"Can you hear the call of duty?"
(274.50 KB 900x504 Untitled-1.jpg)

>R-Type Final ///DLC boss is being censored for the US and EU, news that was then later confirmed by publisher NIS America\\\ https://archive.vn/pH4mg >>449089 I want to rape and throat all those sluts
(310.00 KB 560x791 zero is fucking MAD.png)

>>449947 Cucking zero is NOT ok.
>>449296 Everything from stoner flicks to horror B movies is gone and has been gone since Goyflix and the Internet took over along with all the fucking Multi Media Corps merging all together to create Billion Dollar garbage filled with CGI. Quite a shame honestly, I'm just glad they're hurting and that even Bollywood and Chinkwood are raping them dead. Nobody wants to watch their shit outside the same retards every single time.
>>449950 Can you blame me, anon?
(19.56 MB 854x480 grezzo due 2.webm)

>>450070 Nice, what's that Russian GZDoom game banned from Steam that had similar looking sprites and textures?
>>450110 >>450070 Nvm, found it Sharpshooter 3D
>>449953 You must not be looking at all then, they're churning out more bottom of the barrel horror garbage straight to streaming than ever before.
>>449947 The one on the left physically can't remove her maebari. It's canonical.
>>450138 Yeah, but ever since Paranormal Activity it's been less House of the Dead 2 and more like every Blumhouse cancer. >2007 Of course, that year is a fucking blight. I just want gore and tits, not some manjawed housewife screaming every 5 minutes about some gust of wind blowing her way. Not entertaining in the slightlest.
This is news from the start of the month, but apparently Little Witch Nobeta finally has a release date set in the general vicinity of 2022. I really hope it leaves EA in an actually decent state because I'd love to see my list of "games I'd love to play but are in EA" get smaller considering how many EA games remain in EA for years. Fuck, remember Exanima/Sui Generis?
>>450155 I meant that's the thing, Hollywood's all glum and no fun but I wonder if there's some niche movie production somewhere on the globe that still has that "totally not porn" quality going for it with enough loose sexy women willing to flash their bits on camera.
Not sure if anyone cares since Shadow Warrior 2 was balls, but Shadow Warrior 3 got delayed into next year.
>>451338 Motherfuckers, is there a single FPS releasing this year that isn't going into either Early Access or delayed to next year?
>>451344 The video game community
>>450493 There is, mostly in Europe and Japan Shit is mostly gone in the USA since 4th Wave feminism started and rentals died off.
>>451344 Hell Let Loose released this year
>>451406 >Hell Let Loose How rude
>>450458 >Sui Generis I have no idea what the devs are doing for that game. They've done a lot, and yet so little. >decide to check their website <they haven't updated in 2 years <the last post on the announcements forum was from some random guy who wanted to inform them that their web page doesn't format correctly <3 months ago Holy shit, game is fucking dead.
>>451452 Wait, I just realized. They've been releasing "beta updates" and making forum posts about it but not posting about it on the front page. What the fuck? They even iterated forward a major version (i.e. the first number)? I'm sorry but how fucking retarded do you have to be to think people are going to care about your game if you do everything in your power to make it seem like it isn't being updated?
>>451455 That's pretty retarded, but thanks for reminding me to look into it. The new lighting engine looks excellent enough for me to re-pirate the game. I never got far in the adventure mode, I need to git gud.
There's not much to talk about since there's just this one image but it looks like Terraria is getting a 1.4.3 update.
>>451455 My guess is that they've been getting too much blather from people who get the beta versions and then complain about bugs, or they have some blind illogical commitment to not making front page posts about version that aren't "release." Or maybe they figure everyone reads the forums. I don't know. At least they're not releasing the info only on discuck.
>>451738 isn't that a monster from "Don't starve" game?
>>451452 I'm just sick of games stuck in EA with no definitive end. When the fuck's Wrath Aeon of Ruin coming out? When's Mass Builder coming out? When's Angels Fall First coming out? When's Prodeus Coming out?
>>451738 Red really can't stop himself, can he? Respect to the man, he's put a lot of effort into Terraria and continues to work on it even after he said he'd stop. >>451854 Yes, they're doing a crossover event.
https://nichegamer.com/switch-physical-grand-theft-auto-the-trilogy-the-definitive-edition-download/ https://archive.fo/E6hNz >It appears that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch will need to download one game separately. >A listing for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition on Target’s website features a note on the front of the Nintendo Switch box; “Download required. See back.” However, the back of the box is not featured on the website. >The Nintendo Switch eShop lists the games as a bundle, though the individual games cannot be purchased separately. The whole bundle is noted as being 13.1 GB (with San Andreas taking up 10.8 GB); though the US eShop warns “The estimated system space that will be required to download all three games is 22 GB.” >The page for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City may have the answer for the physical version. While only 119 MB, the store notes “The estimated system space that will be required to download this game is 6.5 GB.” This may also be the case with the physical game. >A Nintendo Switch card can be up to 32GB in size, and as such all three games at 22 GB should have comfortably fit. We have reached out to Rockstar Games for comment. >In earlier news, a confederate flag has been censored in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition; raising questions of other changes. >Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition launches November 11th for Windows PC (via the Rockstar Games Launcher), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Just like MGSV. Not even physical games are physical anymore.
>>441246 Ah poor Mexicans, don't realize most game devs are absolute retards when it comes to playing video games. You're either a good gamer, or a good dev, but never both, and often times neither.
>>451945 > a confederate flag has been censored Did they replace it with a trans flag? Might as well at this point.
>>452007 They've been doing this shit since forever, 3 got a whole character cut because he was a terrorist, VC removed the "kill the cubans" line in the 1.1 PS2 version, SA removed hot coffee, V also removed a confederate flag from trevors house etc.
>>452007 It's a skull. What's hilarious is that Rockstar is attempting to sanitize a game where characters criminal assholes. You'd think they'd keep a flag that's become verboten just to highlight how bad they are. I swear kikes and niggers are so uppity about muh confederacy they want it to be to American what the Swastika is to Germans.
(935.07 KB 976x548 ClipboardImage.png)

>>452057 >It's a skull But that would upset the chink gov't and their hatred of spooky skeletons. >they want it to be to American what the Swastika is to Germans Which is dumb. That flag is basically a long running cultural icon that has been used in god knows how many different forms of popular media. Most normal people just connected it with southern culture and rebels rather than the racist implications they all seem to want to screech about.
>>452057 >>452078 Why do something that actually makes sense when you can just insist it over and over again until it eventually becomes true?
I'm assuming the "Rated R for Retarded" radio ad is going to be cut.
>>451842 >My guess is that they've been getting too much blather from people who get the beta versions and then complain about bugs That goes against basic software engineering wisdom, users are the best QA, even if most of their bug reports are shitty. If this was their thinking they wouldn't have released the game in EA to begin with. Many professional QA testers are not much better. The higher volume of testers compensates for the lack of quality in individual reports. >or they have some blind illogical commitment to not making front page posts about version that aren't "release." The game is in alpha. This whole contradictory EA model is retarded, although I have seen other games do it like Bannerlord. You get in this situation where people are playing an unfinished version of your game as if it were released and therefore get pissed off if you release a breaking change or one that forces them to start a new save, so you make a new branch specifically for people interested in bug testing, even though that should have been the entire purpose of EA to begin with. The impatient people playing the EA version should try to help so the game gets released as fast as possible and THEN they can start the save they really care about, but the typical game release model is so fucked at this point that games stagnate in EA for years. >>451867 >Angels Fall First That game is still being worked on?
>>452114 >That game is still being worked on? Yep still early access, and if you want to see what they are working on, you of course have to join their discord.
>>452123 Wonderful, now we have games that have had a lot of genuine effort put into them retreating to a private moderated enclave so they can milk a few morons for all their donations while never releasing the game. It was bad enough that stuff like Yandere Simulator existed, but now its happening to games that looked good and already have good systems in place.
>>452078 >But that would upset the chink gov't and their hatred of spooky skeletons. Considering Pooh's new anti-vidya laws, it's not a market it's going to be sold in, especially with how GTA is about being a criminal.
>>452149 What especially kills me is how they don't even bother to post updates on platforms like steam where people bought the game, so users there think the game is dead/abandoned due to the last update or news post being from 2020. Most of their social media from what I saw is the same way with the last active post being from 2020. Clearly not everyone is going to check discord, so it seems incredibly retarded to do so many discord only announcements when they have plenty of other platforms where they could at the very least post about some of the work being done.
>>452195 Same thing with GOG. Most devs don't even bother posting the patch notes themselves and when you do see patch notes it is cross-posted from Steam by a random user instead.
(88.16 KB 528x384 9889778235785345435663456.jpg)

>Amy Hennig is finally working on a new game <it's fucking capeshit https://archive.md/DK1JE >Skydance New Media, the new interactive division of Skydance Media helmed by award-winning writer and director Amy Hennig, announced today a partnership with Marvel Entertainment to develop a narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure game, featuring a completely original story and take on the Marvel Universe. https://archive.md/aReuA >After holding our cards close to the vest for so long, we’re excited to finally be able to share the news! We’re having a blast working with @MarvelGames on our first project at @Skydance New Media, and can’t wait until we can share more. Excelsior!
>>453704 >Marvel Oh joy I can't wait for another on rails cinematic dogshit experience like the recently released guardians of the galaxy game I'm curious if anyone else has looked up gameplay for that, it's somehow genuinely worse than the quippy dialog and I'm not even kidding. And Starlord runs like he's out of Mass Effect Andromeda too.
(738.61 KB 669x637 Pain.png)

>>453704 >Amy Hennig will never finish Kain's story and we will never get to go to the demon realm and fuck up the Hylden as Kain because Square Enix are cunts
>>453704 Poor amy, forever punished to work on trash instead of letting her go bonkers like with LoK. >>454316 Atleast raziel found peace, anon.
>>442253 >Secret Bases Cannot be Decorated outside of statues. What a bunch of lazy niggers. Can't even just take a lot of the already made furniture around the game and just let you place it around a dirt box. Or even just change the floor or something.
https://nichegamer.com/new-world-lost-70-of-players-one-month-after-launch/ https://archive.fo/F1Yxc >Amazon Games’ colonial-themed MMORPG New World has reportedly lost 70% of players a month since it launched. >The game launched September 28th, and rose to 700,000 concurrent players. According to Steam DB, this figure rose to a peak 900,000 players by September 30th; before gradually falling to 377,000 players as of this time of writing. Exputer reports while the game was the most played Steam game at launch, it is now in the third overall spot. >Exputer also note that with the game’s $39.99 USD price tag, and the game being designed to retain players nigh-indefinitely, the sudden drop is not negligible. They note that while there does not seem to be a singular reason, the major complaint is monotony. Earlier claims of the game bricking GeForce RTX 3090 (seen during the closed beta) have also reportedly resurfaced on other GPUs. >The news may sound familiar to those who remember Crucible, a free-to-play shooter which shut down just over five months after launch in 2020. The game had two game modes cut shortly after launch, and re-entered beta over a month after launch; following poor reviews (including our own) and dwindling player numbers. >It is not hard to imagine Amazon Games may be afraid the same fate that befell Cruicible could happen to New World, especially while Final Fantasy XIV is seeing record numbers; tempting players away form MMOs such as World of Warcraft. It recently surpassed 24 million registered players, and became the most profitable Final Fantasy game. Not that surprising.
>>455013 Surprising that the game had players to begin with after it was revealed it bricked GPUs thanks to the main menu having uncapped framerates or something. Why people are so adamant on eating shit is beyond me, it's like those retards mad at recent Square Enix titles or Bamco titles dropping Denuvo.
(100.41 KB 828x790 Amerishart.jpg)

>>453704 >Capeshit comics >Capeshit movies >Capeshit videogames I am so fucking sick of capeshit, I was sick of it 20 years ago.
>>455013 >Lost 70% of the playerbase in a month Not surprised. The game looked like one of the many early access "games" you see shoved onto steam daily. Did people really expect this to be the new WoW? normalfags don't play games, they buy whatever is hyped up, and when the hype dies they leave and latch on to the next big thing.
>>455124 >they buy whatever is hyped up Pretty much, nothing but Streamers being paid, same with Apex Legends.
https://archive.ph/ZiF1v Oh boy, I can't wait for glory kills, spastic weapon switching, and double dashing in my Quake.
>>455185 >Archive is down Please don't tell me they're rebooting quake. If they are, please don't tell me they're touching Crash.
>>455187 >Please don't tell me they're rebooting quake Deep down you know they are and it is going to be fucking awful.
(460.54 KB 630x2164 ClipboardImage.png)

>>455187 In case anyone else is having issues seeing it.
>>455187 Anon I..
>>439409 I hope it flops so hard people find out about Battlefield 2142 and play that instead.
(2.34 MB 854x480 do_you_understand.mp4)

>>455187 >>455197 >>455200 Can't wait for it to be more cartoony over the top capeshit instead of the Lovecraft/SciFi Military the franchise was going for.
>>455190 >>455197 >>455200 >>455281 Fuck's sake. I'm someone who completely gets the appeal of the newer doom games but at the same time has not enjoyed a single second playing either game and it really fucking pisses me off seeing people slobber all over those games considering how they're practically an inferior ripoff of Brutal Doom which is already low on the Doom TC totem pole in my opinion.
>>455200 I thought this shit bombed hard. I guess their new strategy is to take Quake and turn it into multiplayer DOOM
>>455543 If we were still getting quality shooters like we used to get back in the 90's and early 00's nudoom would never have even registered on anyone's radar and would have been regarded with the same vitriol DOOM 3 gets.
>>455564 And I get that, after a decade of modern military shooter campaigns I get wanting something better and settling for nudoot. At the very least the games inspired a bunch of indie devs to go and make some fun shit, too bad most of it is still in early access.
(110.97 KB 249x250 1425599543864.png)

>>455564 Serious question: Is Doom 3 actually bad or is it just lame compared to the amazing first two?
>>455577 DOOM 3 is a good game, It just went in a different direction than people wanted and expected for a DOOM game. If it were named anything else and not associated with DOOM at all people would have been more favorable toward it.
(107.75 KB 720x694 156849747442.jpg)

>>455584 >If it were named anything else and not associated with DOOM at all people would have been more favorable toward it. Anon, that's a wrongbad opinion to have on /v/. How dare you be logical?
>>455611 I get the argument but at the same time you don't use an established IP's name for all the benefits and not expect pushback from the very fans invested in that IP when you start making major changes like that when it wasn't a spinoff. It's like saying Splinter Cell Blacklist is a great action game but not a good Splinter Cell game(which to be clear it's dogshit at being both but humor me here because I can't think of another example at the moment), good for you but why is it even a splinter cell game to begin with then?
>>455620 >(which to be clear it's dogshit at being both but humor me here because I can't think of another example at the moment) Arcane studio's Prey. I liked it, but gamers, especially long time fans of og Prey, would have been a lot less harsh on it if it had been named Project Typhoon or something similar. >I get the argument but at the same time you don't use an established IP's name for all the benefits and not expect pushback from the very fans invested in that IP when you start making major changes like that when it wasn't a spinoff I agree completely.
>>455620 DOOM 3 was not a spinoff but it also wasn't a sequel despite the 3 in the name. It was a soft reboot of the series. 64 was really the third game as it had DOOMguy from the first and second game. DOOM 3 was an experiment and while a fun experiment, it just was not DOOM but at least it attempted to keep to its roots unlike nudoom with its glory kills, dashing, grapple hooks, double jumping, wall climbing, being locked in arenas and let us not forget those fucking cut scenes which interrupted gameplay.
>>455577 Doom 3 wanted to be an FPS/RPG like System Shock but was rushed out the door by Activision.
>>455659 >fucking cut scenes which interrupted gameplay. If you didn't cum at least 666 times and clap when Doomslayer said the epic line then you clearly dislike video games and shouldn't be playing them.
>>455584 >people would have been more favorable toward it. Having a shit shotgun didn't help.
>>455674 >If you didn't cum at least 666 times and clap when Doomslayer said the epic line then you clearly dislike video games That is apparently the case if you happen to be a Aussie hacktuber who privates videos because he's a bitch. >>455736 >Having a shit shotgun didn't help. True. The shotgun in 3 was just awful. Not Redneck Rampage awful, but it was getting there.
>>455789 >That is apparently the case if you happen to be a Aussie hacktuber who privates videos because he's a bitch. Rimmy down under gaming? Or somebody else?
>>455799 Gmanlives. He said something along the lines of "If you don't like when Slayer said Rip and Tear you just hate fun" or something to that effect.
>>455803 Aaaah. I did see a few of his videos, but they weren't to my liking, so I stopped. And he privated the video afterwards? Yeah, what a covard. Wait, the slayer talks in the last dlc? Why would they ruin him like that?
>>455805 No, he talks in the main game during a flashback sequence that details his gladiatorial exploits between 64 and nuDoom.
>>455806 Oooh, right. He did, didn't he? I had forgotten about that.
>>455805 >last dlc He talks in the vanilla game as part of his super retarded cool backstory where he is so cool and strong as a gladiator the not-green lantern corps takes notice and puts him in the gay zone coffin to make him super tough and buff.
>>455805 >And he privated the video afterwards? No, the video I meant is his old Dying Light review. He made an absolute jackarse of himself in it and now it is private. He did another review for the DLC which is still up, but his original Dying Light one is private because he is a bitch and cannot handle people giving him the bantz. He probably has other videos private as well no doubt.
>>455821 The hell did he say about Dying Light that was bantz worthy? Must have been something really retarded.
>>455822 It was so long ago, I can barely remember it but if I recall he was ragging on the combat for something and people kept pointing out he didn't have the upgrade for alongside other things and he privated the video because he was getting shit on in the comments.
>>455829 How the fuck can you be bad at dying light? The game is meant to be a parkour zombie power fantasy where you can jumpkick a zombie into spikes from a roof.
>>455829 Then he fucking deserved it. Yeah, combat in early Dying Light sucks, and even I will admit it despite enjoying the game. Hell, I cheated big time during my last playthrough and used free weapon upgrades to just beat my way to better combat. Hell, combat is usually the skill tree I get to max FIRST (while parkour is usually last. I have no idea why.).
>>455840 Once you get the dropkick and head stomp the combat becomes bearable but before that it is a slog especially on hard where those running cunts are everywhere.
>>455845 The virals. yeah, fuck those guys. I don't like them very much. They are annoying to deal with.
>>455851 >They are annoying to deal with. They are until you get the aforementioned stomp but then the game just becomes climbing on cars and waiting for their animation and then insta-kill them rinse and repeat for another 30 hours.
>>455584 I don't know if I'd really call it good. Even if it wasn't supposed to be an FPS/RPG like that one anon claims, it sure feels like it was supposed to be and then had all the RPG parts cut out at the last second. Like the interactive in-game menus thing: it's there in the final game just be a neat technical thing and is never used for anything clever or integral to the game play. Maybe Doom 3 is when iD first thought they only needed to make engine tech demo games and were actually going to be an engine licensing company, like how Rage was supposed to work.
>>455994 All the RPG elements were cut, the game was supposed to be an FPS/RPG ala System Shock since id had plenty of contact and overlap with Looking Glass, and later on Ion Storm. Either Carmack nipped it in the bud to focus on tech, or Activision cut them short. Either way, it's very obvious the game was supposed to be an RPG, they even made Doom RPG ro be it's Mobile counterpart.
>>455994 >I don't know if I'd really call it good. Opinions vary wildly on DOOM 3 but I personally find it to be a good game in its own right but it really should have been a different ip and not associated with DOOM as doing so heaped expectations on it that it was never going to meet.
So the question is when will DooT Eternal be moddable enough for H-DooT Eternal good gameplay total conversions to be a thing?
>>456189 Anon, DooT will never be moddable to even a fraction the level 1 and 2 are. It will be a goddamn miracle if you can even play them ten or twenty years from now seeing as Microsoft or id are never ever going to release the source code.
(152.00 KB 850x768 R63 Maruader.jpg)

>>456193 What are you talking about anon, it's an iD game? Surely you come from a different dimension where iD games aren't moddable, what a depressing world that would be, ha-ha-ha. I have quite the appreciation for the r63'd marauders, and the beefcake r63'd doomslayer and I also have quite the NEED regarding said r63'd characters. God damnit Bethesda you said all the wads were canon, let me play with them.
(116.46 KB 600x1200 blackDawn.jpg)

New pokemon trailer for Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl https://youtu.be/h7X5xOQgwS4
>>456189 >>456196 Absolutely not, Carmack isn't there anymore and the push for Doom being as open as it was came from him.
(187.56 KB 1868x1102 Pipeline.jpg)

Overwatch 2 delayed again, one of Blizzard's "co-leaders" leaves company. https://archive.md/mPjhT News just broke, so no articles on this yet
>>456569 You'd think they'd at least try having modding tools, no matter how limited.
>>457097 To allow modding would allow people the means to create their own content and since modders nearly always create better things than the devs themselves and their masters cannot monetize it, they fear the mod tools.
>>439435 >muh tryhards Found the woman. You are useless.
>>457098 Yes, but this is Bethesda, they know by now that even with modding, people will still buy Horse Armor DLC, and that even if the Fallout 4 DLC accidentally gets leaked on nexusmods, people will still buy the DLC. If it's money, they can just add them to the Creation Engine, or whatever they called the Paid Mod system, and tout how they are rewarding moders for making DOOM a better game, yes it's all bullshit, yet people will fall for it.
(177.49 KB 960x779 oiled.jpg)

New Nvidia leak, a BIG one. https://web.archive.org/web/20211103180922/https://gist.github.com/woctezuma/a1252976913713390963b745fbc51e73 This time it includes release dates Notably >Ghost of Tsushima (PC port) Releases 8th of February: 97 days away >Blood Bowl 3 Releases 10th of February: 99 days away >Cities Skylines 2 Releases 15th of February: 104 days away >Company of Heroes 3 Releases 23rd of September: 324 days away >Crysis 4 Releases 25th of October 2024: around 3 years away >Dead Island 2 Releases 25th of February: 114 days away >Descent (remake) Releases 29th of March: 146 days away >Diablo 4 Releases 14th of September: Pushed back to some time in 2023 according to ActiBlizz >Dragon Age 4 Releases 15th of June: 224 days away >Dragon's Dogma 2 Releases 1st of January 2023: 1 year and 59 days away
(26.53 KB 512x384 Lisa's_Nightmareopaw.jpg)

>>457587 >2022-04-01 Final Fantasy IX Remake Okay which one of you faggots wished for this?
>>457587 >Dragon's dogma 2 Nice, I liked the first one alothough I never finished it.
>>457587 Holy fucking shit this list is insane, both confirmation and release dates for The Elder Scrolls VI, Dragon Age 4, the Dune game, Fable 4, Silksong and FF16. This isn't minor at all, can somebody make an OP about this?
(5.32 MB 480x270 ~WHEN YOU WALK AWAY~.gif)

I just noticed >Kingdom Hearts IV >2023-09-30 This is literally every major game in production over the next three years. Nivdia is so fucked, they're going to be blacklisted so much after this.
(122.65 KB 1080x1694 BANNUS.jpg)

>>457587 >>Dragon's Dogma 2 Releases 1st of January 2023: 1 year and 59 days away I want to believe.
>>457595 I turned it into a thread for your viewing pleasure. I also added games other anons posted >>457602
>>457696 >>457587 HOLY FUCK ITS THE SAME FOR OVERWATCH 2 ONLY ITS 10 MONTHS INSTEAD >2022-12-01 Overwatch 2 >2022-02-28 Overwatch 2 (Chinese Version)
>>457697 >>457696 I hope they get banned over there by then just to waste whatever effort they put in to censor it for the commie bugmen.
>>457703 I hope it bombs there and builds a massive bad buzz around it to the point where it bombs here as well.
(1.13 MB 4096x4076 oolong.jpg)

>>457696 >>457697 >make the chinese version first and release it X months early instead of having to retroactively censor/alter a finished game >get a bunch of incompetent diversity hires to awkwardly shove lgbt shit into the game for its western release while their competent devs have already moved on to work on their next game
>>435658 This sounds like someone rubbing two pipes in a sewer
>>457726 But thats lieterally one of the tracks from the OG silent hill.
This month's official Let It Die stream just went live on jewtube /watch?v=P8r4f_DNBuo New info on Deathverse is expected. Let's watch.
>>457802 Well, the livestream's over now. The 5th Anniversary info for LID was nice, but where the fuck is the Deathverse info they promised?
>>456182 Doom 3 was not terrible, but the accusations of "monster closets" were pretty spot on, which makes the whole game feel sort of repetitive once you get what's going to be happening. Dark and jumpy for the sake of dark and jumpy just didn't work well for me. I'm not finally decided on whether I would call it good or bad or middling. I will say I never really feel the need to replay it, which I think is at least somewhat damning for an action game. The multiplayer was a shambles, too, but that's kind of a different story. It is, though, really tough to consider it as a game in and of itself and not as a failed Doom sequel, which, as anons have kind of been saying, is almost unfair to it.
>>457884 As I said in that post, opinions vary on it but I did and still do enjoy DOOM 3 and replay it now and then. I don't replay it as much as DOOM 1 and you and others are right about the monster closets and it becoming repetitive and that is a very valid point when discussing it but even with all its flaws I have a soft spot for it. I understand why people don't like it and see it as a failed sequel but as I said, I can play it start to finish and even knowing where everything is and knowing when monsters are coming, I still enjoy playing through it and that to me makes DOOM 3 a good game.
>>457725 >>457697 >>457696 I'm sure nothing wrong will happen by pandering to China https://archive.md/HeNY0
>>457587 >Football manager 22, 23 and 24 >Releases 05.11, 11.11 and 10.11 respectively Why are they releasing the same game three times within such a short time frame, and why does 24 come before 23? >Metro Next Oh boy. Well, here's hoping it doesn't feel as barebones as Exodus and takes on some new ideas. Artyom's story is DONE. And I hope if features a proper machine gun this time. If a game gives me guns, then I want to use them. I do not want to be penalized for using the fun things a game gives me. I do enjoy a good customization feature, and exploring can be fun too. While exodus was barebones, I did enjoy the exploration in the swamp. I just wish I could have had four guns in total instead of two and one fixed. >Project Dante, project Hawthorne, Wizards of the Coast A new MtG game I presume. Baldur's Gate 3 is the big D&D game at the moment, and with the flop that was the Drizzt game, I highly doubt WotC will let a new game be made so soon. But Hawthorne... hawthorne, hawthorne, where have I heard that name before? >Project GG, Platinum Games But Bayonetta 3 was already announced, and we haven't heard jack shit about Babylon. >Project Blacksky and Redfall, Arkane Studios So the dudes behind niggerloop are making two new games. >Redout 2, 34BigThings ABOUT FUCKING TIME, YOU INGRATES! WHAT, REDOUT SPACE ASSAULT FEATURING NIGGER IN SPACE FOR THE MOBILE PHONE WAS A BAD IDEA? I'M SURE IT WAS! Jaggoffs... It better feature a complete soundtrack by the end of it, instead of split in two like they did for the first Redout. >Relic, Machine Games Oh boy, more commie propaganda. I wonder what will happen this time? How bad will the white man be? Will he sneeze? Manspread, mansplain, maybe, gasp, dare I say it, mispronoun a MA'AM??! Oh the jubilation the EPIK MASSES OF SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS WILL HAVE when evul bad man is defeated by a bananapeel. I have no hope for those traitors. How many were fired after Commiestein: youngblood? >Ruined King: A league of legends story, Airship Syndicate Look, its bad enough that lol gets a new game, but a game where you don't fuck any of the female characters with your big gamer cock? Now that's just going too far. >Stalker 2 Here's hoping. >Scorn, Ebb studios, 22-02-01 Well, about time, I've been waiting. And it comes early too. Looking forward to this one. >Space Marine 2, Saber Interactive RU NO FUCKING WAY. NO WAY, NO WAY. Naaah, can't fucking be. Noooooo... Cautiously optimistic. Should be worth a pirate. >Squadron 42, 2021-11-18 I doubt it. >Star Citizen, 2021-12-01 I HIGHLY doubt it. >Starfield, 2022-11-11 I don't doubt it, but it'll be a mess. Eh, I'll pirate it. It better have cool robot companions and machine guns. >Lotr:Gollum, Daedalic Entertainment GmbH, 2022-06-19 This is still in development? Ok. >Titan Quest 2 I'll be honest, Titan Quest was boring. I couldn't get into it, the +5% damage on abilities was so unimaginative and boring. I tried, I really did. Maybe this will be better? >Vampire the masquerade, hardsuit labs, 2023-12-11 Hah, it's gonna be so fucking bad. >Vampire project, Big Bad Wolf, 2022-01-13 Let me guess, it's gonna be even worse than Bloodlines 2 or the battle royale game that was just released? >Warhammer Darktide, FatShark Games, 2022-03-18 I've heard that with these games, it's better to wait than get into them immediately. Probably true, as I will have to buy it on steam for any multiplayer funs. Single player will always be superior.
(82.20 KB 1024x573 titus is totally loyal.jpg)

>>457951 >NO FUCKING WAY. NO WAY, NO WAY. Naaah, can't fucking be. Noooooo... Cautiously optimistic. Should be worth a pirate. God i hope they dont make titus a chaos space marine.
>>457910 >knowing where everything is Bullshit, you don't know where those shotgun pellets are going to land. Ever... one of the worst shotties in a videogame and it's on a fucking Doom game.
>>457952 I hope he kills Chaos. oh no, I can feel the fanfiction at work already If Titus is even in the game. The gameplay better be tight, this was made by the Dawn of War guys after all.
(520.21 KB 700x700 blood angel heatenings.png)

>>457958 Technically a new space marine could be just another marine of another chapter in some cool adventure, think about it. >raven guard for sneaky amored operations >blood angel for sick melee combos and having to keep yourself from going insane >white scars going really really really really fast as fuck
(329.11 KB 816x536 !!!_Squid_!!!.png)

>>457963 >Think about it I was, dude, I was! >White scars going fast as fuck Emperor, that would be so fucking cool.
(349.62 KB 1920x769 deathwatch killteam.jpg)

>>457966 Anon, you play a deathwatch killteam and get to choose marines from different chapters each with their own abilities, weapons and personality.
(87.76 KB 912x317 YES.jpg)

(68.75 KB 424x736 bloody_yes.jpg)

>>457970 >I_came.png That salamander looks cool. I've always wanted to try the Deathwatch tabletop, maybe as a techmarine or a Dark Angels devastator (because they can upgrade into free terminator armor, which means I would get a bigger gun). Somebody needs to take over Games Workshop and steer them in the right direction, but that means fighting Hasbro.
>>457955 >Bullshit, you don't know where those shotgun pellets are going to land. Alright, you got me there, Anon. Mostly everything.
>>457587 I seriously doubt these leaks. >Knights of Honor II: 10/21 <No actual release date yet >Silksong somehow releasing next Feburary < maybe that'll be the big "but wait there's more" stinger in the upcoming game awards >Descent remake <please let it be true, I loved the shit out of Overload >Mega Man Match <Please don't be true, if this is a mobile game >A space marine 2, ever <Also who the hell are sabre interactive, looking at their page they're just a port factory. Who would be the actual dev?
>>458018 Also >star citizen AND squadron 42 coming out, ever >space marine 2 being published by Focus Home instead of Sega
>>458022 >space marine 2 being published by Focus Home instead of Sega Focus has been publishing a lot of Warhammer games lately, so them publishing instead of Sega is not out of the realm of possibility.
>>458022 When THQ went bankrupt in 2012 their IPs went in 100 different directions. Focus might have bought Space Marine then
>>455803 >>455789 Haha, that guy called me a faggot when I implied he was a fanboy over his 2016 review. Oldschool shooter fan my ass.
>>458124 He's a fucking clown. This is the same person who said Blood fresh Supply had no issues when it clearly had a lot of fucking issues.
(349.25 KB 585x625 1635994569362.png)

>>458131 Most likely couldn't find a way to monetize the multiplayer like GTA and scrapped it.
>>458131 >>458142 I can't imagine how you could fit a concept like Bully into the modern cultural setting and modern cultural audience. No matter how you approached it people would lose their shit.
>>458170 Simple. The main protag would be a nigger and all the "evil" factions would be white and your friends would be all the colours and letters of the rainbow and the alphabet and you would fight back against the oppression using fiery and mostly peaceful protests.
>>458178 >bully faction was all white except for the token black in original game Hmm...
>>458170 Set it in the 90s and highlight rise of female bullies.
(1.97 MB 1920x1080 capcomleaks.png)

>>457587 >>457599 >>457951 >>458018 Release dates on the first day of year are obviously placeholders for the launch year. Compare the pre-lockdown dates (since delayed 2 quarters if the already released stuff is anything to go by) for the Capcom titles
>>456770 I remember seeing a "leak" that claimed Overwatch 2 was going to be canceled and they would just put a lot of shit back into the first game. I am starting to think even if the leak was fake, they managed to call it anyway.
Warner Bros seemingly also is dropping denuvo with its removal from Injustass 2. I'm really jappy that shit is going extinct even if 90% of the games using it were bad.
https://www.konami.com/mg/jp/info/874/ Konami is going to temporary remove all versions of Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, HD and Snake Eater. The given reason >We are currently working on renewing the licenses for select historical archive footage used in-game, therefore, we have made the temporary decision to begin suspending the sale of METAL GEAR SOLID 2, METAL GEAR SOLID 3 and all products that include these games from digital storefronts globally starting from November 8th, 2021.
>>458130 Such as?
>>460801 It's better than Square removing versions of old FF games because they're going to have different ones to sell you. I guess.
>>460801 They are probably going for a shitty re-release to get some spare cash since they are in the shitter, even if they wanted they cannot afford to develop new games and have to relly on licensing deals.
>>460801 The hd ports weren't worth playing anyway, 2 is only missing the skateboarding game but 3 got fucking butchered; no ape escape crossovers, none of the bonus face paint/camo, no duel mode, no secret hack and slash minigame when you get thrown in prison and no secret theater. But if you're an idiot and still want to play them KONMAI actually released physical copies for ps3, and they also include peace walker, just go get yours asap at the nearest gaystop because this $15 game will get bought by (((concerned videogame players))) and resold on ebay for $60+.
Star Wars Battlefront III Legacy put out a new trailer. For those who don't know, the mod (for Battlefront II) is made using shit from the cancelled BF3 game by Free Radical.
>>462984 Looks to be coming together very nicely but is there any chance this will just end up being DMCA'd or taken down by Yidsney or EA?
>>462990 No idea.
>>462990 Unlikely
https://steamdb.info/app/544750/history/ > Depot 544751 maxsize: 20414854544 (19.01 GiB) › 19975261584 (18.60 GiB) (-419.23 MiB) Looks like SoulCalibur 6 is the latest game to lose Denuvo. Still shows up on store page though. >>460255 >>455073 >>446833
>>463446 >Rekieta's channel starts being serious over his coverage of lowtax's lolsuit >lowtax dies immediately after Rekieta hits it really big Huh.
>>463458 ya IDK like i said i'm just seeing hints on different platforms. will see if its true.
(110.93 KB 590x898 ClipboardImage.png)

(34.11 KB 555x312 ClipboardImage.png)

(10.18 KB 200x262 Uwe thumbs up.jpg)

"I Quit The Game Immediately": Trans Players Respond To Forza Horizon 5's Deadnaming > Forza Horizon 5 addresses you by the name on your Microsoft account, but for some trans players, that has unexpected consequences. https://archive.md/aG17f
>>463666 thanks for the good news, satan
(5.73 KB 250x236 1454655568593.jpg)

>>463666 Thanks, Satan.
>>463666 >by the name on your Microsoft account Uh, change it? Or the faggot expecting big brother to know that xir name had changed and automatically update the profile?
(21.67 KB 600x315 facebook-like.jpg)

>>463666 that's amazing
>>463666 Imagine getting triggered by your old username, now im sure we all had lame, edgy usernames back in the day but we wouldnt want to kill ourselves over it.
>>463711 >Uh, change it? If they did that they wouldn't have anything to complain about nor would they be able to meet their pity points quota for the day.
>>463727 I've made sure mine were scrubbed from the internet to the best of my ability. I had runescape accounts named after LotR horses.
Looks like Bitchfork's company decided to pull a cash-grab. They released Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep as a stand-alone, adding the sub-title "A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure". According to reviews, it's straight up the Borderlands 2 DLC, just standalone. I know its been cracked already, but goddamn, how many do you think are gullible enough to buy this shit?
>>463775 >how many do you think are gullible enough to buy this shit? Isn't the DLC exclusive to Tim's store for the time being? if so, judging by how no one buys from his store and just naps whatever shit free game he throws out, probably not many.
>>463734 Tastefull.
>>463446 >>463536 A few years ago, the leftard was complaining about needing some medical treatment due to headaches and a possible (brain, I think?) disease that was still in observation. I thank JESUS for Uwe Boll apparently killing that leftard when he punched his weak useless self in the head in that boxing match.
(970.82 KB 795x2661 ClipboardImage.png)

<Sony is reportedly cutting PS5 production, potentially worsening availability >Sony has reportedly slashed its previous production forecast by around one million consoles. As with so many other industries, the problem is being blamed on worsening component shortages and logistics issues https://archive.md/TFG4j
(7.08 KB 300x200 Chad Daddy.jpg)

https://archive.md/Wfq5Q Dan Hay, executive producer on the Far Cry series, has left Ubisoft. This follows a large wave of employees leaving after the company's rampant harassment and discrimination problems came to light. According to sources, "virtually all of its design leads left the company following the completion of [Watch Dogs Legion and Far Cry 6]"
(2.09 KB 258x210 run.png)

>>464288 >normalfags are getting sick of the repetitive trash Ubisoft has been pumping out over the last 14 years >Ubishit is losing all their creative talent You love to see it. Wouldn't be a shock if they went the way of Atari or THQ, it's the same pattern. For THQ especially it only took a few missteps to tank what was one of the biggest players in the industry. AAA companies in this industry think they're invincible, until suddenly they aren't.
(5.66 MB 1280x720 Perfume King.mp4)

>why two kay's getting yet another update >one of the new cutscenes has sexy ladies in police uniforms and boob jiggle I swear if these fucking plagiarist morons somehow manage to patch YiiK into an actually good game I'd be happy for a change. It won't actually be good and will probably have more cringe inducing cutscenes like the new alpaca one and will be as wordy as my penis is long.
>>464582 Of all games to get years of post-launch support YIIKES is not one I'd expect.
>>463775 Borderlands 2 is almost ten years old at this point. They're probably banking on some people who might play the game not having played that particular DLC and wanting to give them something like a demo of their upcoming game. It costs them next to nothing and might gin up some sales.
(96.37 KB 811x857 shad.png)

While this isn't vidya news, I thought some of you might find it interesting and I'm not posting in the gaygay thread Shadman got arrested. Assault with a deadly weapon. His court date is in a few days.
(137.21 KB 284x337 [coughs].png)

>>463775 >>464597 It's strange to release that DLC on its own considering how much of it revolves around events that happened in Borderlands 2, like Tiny Tina trying to cope with Roland's death. If you've never played Borderlands 2 you wouldn't know he died and if you also didn't play Borderlands 1 you wouldn't know who he was in the first place. >>464659 The Newgrounds guys all turned out to be such train wrecks. >Shad is a deranged pedophile heroin addict who tried to kill somebody >Stamper is only a deranged heroin addict :^) >Spazkid and Ricepirate helped Shad dodge Democrat activism charges by housing him outside of Switzerland >Oney helped enable all of this and has been called a sex pest by his former friends >Oney, Spaz and Rice all enabled Stamper and Shad's heroin addictions I don't know if it's the 15 years of fucked up porn or just a really bad friend group, but what a horrible clique of artists.
>>464668 >Democrat activism I see Mark filtered cheese pizza to haha funny politics
>>464669 Huh, didn't notice that. It would seem so.
(135.16 KB 340x298 kek.png)

>>464659 >Shadman is where he belongs. I'm more interested in SA's Lowtax killing himself. Anyone have any clue how the faggot did it?
>>464682 Bullet to the brain apparently, he did it right after the divorce was finalized.
(8.30 KB 300x168 kill yourself.jpg)

>>464684 >Blew his brains out. How the fuck can he shoot himself in a thing he never had. Well at least the clean up crew did not have much to clean up afterwards.
Rockstar is being retards again. DMCA;ing more mods and even save files. https://archive.fo/d7y6L >Take-Two requested to remove GTA mods and a fan-remake of GTA Advance >Once again Take-Two Interactive requested to remove some GTA modifications from LibertyCity. The publisher claimed these mods with DMCA strikes. >The mods that were removed: >GTA Advance PC Port Beta 2; >The Lost and Damned Unlocked for GTA 4; >GTA IV EFLC The Lost And Damned (65%). >The GTA Advance PC Port Beta 2 is a fan-remake of GTA Advance for GTA 3. The original 2D-game was developed by Digital Eclipse and published by Rockstar Games in 2004. The game was released only for the Game Boy Advance. >The Lost and Damned Unlocked mod for GTA 4 was uploaded in 2009. It swaped Niko with biker Johnny Klebitz, the protagonist of the The Lost and Damned episode. The mod included its outfits, bikes and weapon icons. >The GTA IV EFLC The Lost And Damned is simply a save game file with 65% of the story completed. It's not even a mod. >There are rumors that Take-Two is developing another remaster. Insider claimed that Grand Theft Auto 4 will be updated and released in 2023. It will include both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony episodes. >Back in the July the publisher was actively gunning down mods that were updating or combining GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas content. Not so long after Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition was officially announced.
The chinks are buying more studios. https://archive.fo/keHPr >Tencent have reportedly acquired the parent company to both Soleil and Valhalla Game Studios; the developers of Ninjala and Devil’s Third. >As reported by Bloomberg, according to “people familiar with the deal” which has not yet been made public, Tencent are set to acquire a 90% stake in Wake Up Interactive for over $44 million USD in September of this year. Bloomberg also note this is unusual behavior for Tencent, typically preferring smaller investments to secure international publishing rights on future titles. >Wake Up Interactive, a Hong Kong based holding company with an office in Tokyo, are the parent company to Soleil and Valhalla Game Studios. >Soleil are best known for developing Ninjala, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, and Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker; along with providing development support for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes.Their upcoming titles include Vengeance is Mine and Wanted: Dead in 2022. Valhalla Game Studios meanwhile are best known for Devil’s Third. >Bloomberg describes how this is the latest in plans by both Tencent and Netease to acquire multiple smaller Japanese studios, along with larger companys’ IPs so they may be less dependent on the increasingly restrictive Chinese market. >Tencent’s portfolio includes ownership of Riot Games, 80% of Grinding Gear Games, 40% in Epic Games, 29% in Funcom, 5% in Activision Blizzard, 5% in Ubisoft, 5% in Paradox Interactive, a “major investment” in PlatinumGames, a majority stake in Klei Entertainment, a major shareholder for Marvelous, a minority stake in Dontnod Entertainment, and will soon acquire 1C Entertainment. >A German outlet reported from their sources that Tencent sought to acquire Crytek; which may also give them access to the western military simulators the developer makes. In August, Tencent lost almost $60 billion USD in stock value; after Chinese state media’s Economic Information Daily described online games as “spiritual opium.” >While Tencent had announced they acquired Sumo Digital’s parent company, a US national security committee is deciding if that will go ahead.
>>464720 >Soleil >The niggers who keep claiming they totally worked on ninja gaiden before >Their upcoming titles include Vengeance is Mine and Wanted: Dead in 2022. >Vengeance is Mine >The mecha game with Kojima's foot-muse in the producer role Fuck's sake, can't we get one decent mecha title?
>>464707 Weren't there rumours that they were also re releasing Red Dead Redemption?
(78.06 KB 640x480 video game wishing device.jpg)

>>464729 If there are no plans currently then I wish they do make an HD Remake of RDR in the same style as the GTA Trilogy Remake.
>>418061 I just wanted to comment on the 2nd image, and say that he was not evil at all. Or a Communist like how he was slandered in both Japan and Western media that covered his assassination. In fact he was a Nationalist and the last real hope of genuinely patriotic elements seizing back control of Japan from jewmerica. Even /pol/ fell for the lies about him.
>>464733 Fuckoff commie
>>464750 https://www.bitchute.com/video/sgrNeLnCGc9i/ Educate yourself on Inejiro Asanuma faggot, he hated Communism. Retarded faggots are spreading memes about a monarchist killing a Nationalist like it's a good thing!
>>464753 >He was a nationalist So was Stalin Die commie
>>464840 What a disingenuous faggot. Stalin ran a multi-ethnic empire and killed people for "racism" and "antisemitism" Stalin would never call himself the equivalent of a Nazi in Japan.
>>464732 That's not how the monkey's paw works. That said, I wouldn't mind a pc port or a successful emulation of RDR, it was a very comfy game.
>>464846 >Nationalism = Ethnical Homogenous people Please, just stop posting, this is getting American tier
>>464851 https://www.etymonline.com/word/nation >c. 1300, nacioun, "a race of people, large group of people with common ancestry and language," from Old French nacion "birth, rank; descendants, relatives; country, homeland" (12c.) and directly from Latin nationem (nominative natio) "birth, origin; breed, stock, kind, species; race of people, tribe," literally "that which has been born," from natus, past participle of nasci "be born" (Old Latin gnasci), from PIE root *gene- "give birth, beget," with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups. Saying that Nationalism is anything but is civnat faggotry, and ironically more "American-tier" than what you think, projecting faggot.
>>464851 Race is everything.
>>464851 Reported for spam. No one will fall for this shit.
>>458131 That is a good thing though. Supposedly Hangar 13, who made the abysmal Mafia III was in charge of the project. So if it was Bully 2, it was already confirmed shit from the get go.
>>435658 >poe's franchise theme
(5.73 MB 1920x1080 Battlefield_timeline_new.webm)

>>465006 That's outdated anon, hopefully some hero updates this one as well. All it needs is the image of a tranny and the main theme itself.
>>464590 I figure it's either them working on YiiK more or trying to remake Two Brothers in Unity which is an entire can Honestly I'm not sure why but I'd like them to somehow make YiiK good. I liked a fair amount of the initial aesthetics and I actually really like the music in that new cutscene, I think the composer has potential for making really good shit when they actual sound like music and not random noises and instruments like a lot of the YiiK soundtrack is like. Yeah I think the dev's a bitch for going on a podcast and going "gaymers are big dumb morons who totally did not get my love-letter to a thesaurus like book readers would!" and making a big list of "references" on the main menu as a response to people calling him out on a few cases of plagiarism but you know, they can turn it around.
>>464668 My guess is that they think the "story" will stand on its own, or they put some work into either an intro cutscene to explain what's going on or retooling things so that it's not interlaced with Borderlands 2. Frankly, I don't remember enough about the plot of that DLC to know if that's feasible or not, but apparently they seem to think they're comfortable with what they have.
>>465513 > I'd like them to somehow make YiiK good. They would have to more or less remake the entire game then. The gameplay is a boring slog, until you brake it with the LP toss, then it's just boring.
(291.77 KB 1920x1080 delay.jpg)

New Saints Row delayed by six months, from February 2022 to August.
(171.54 KB 1280x720 laugh.jpg)

>>469097 This is pure panic mode. >THQ Nordic gives the companies they own a long leash to do what ever the fuck they want. >Volition starts making a new Saints Row. >It stars fucking zoomers. >The trailers are awful people hate it. >THQ or whatever they are called now get worried as Saints Row is one of their biggest IPs. >Swedish suits fly out to Volition HQ to have a look at the game. >Most likely found mission full of Trump Derangement Syndrome, a black Johnny Gat and every character is a fucking faggot. >THQ is like cut that gay shit out of the game right now. >Game gets delayed. I want to see what is now getting cut from the game by any chance if any of you fags here are Volition devs please kindly die in a fire but before you do leak the cut woke shit first I want to see this fucking mess. I can see Jim "moving on to greener pastures" just like Bitchford did at Gearbox very soon.
>>469105 The only difference being Jim will probably actually be dead while Pitchford just gets to play more Borderlands board game adaptions.
>>469097 Do they even have the talent left after the Agents of Mayhem killed their reputation and studio 4 years ago?
(136.17 KB 279x327 anon...png)

>>469106 Anon Saint Row looks bad but I do not think the Swedes will have him killed over it I meant just leaving the company. Then again that would be pretty fucking funny.
>>469109 Agents of Mayhem was such a shit show, way to misread your audience. A big problem with the game was the marketing, nobody knew what it was and early on it looked like a battle royale which is most certainly is not, then people thought it was a "hero shooter" which it also isn't. Do you know what AoM was? Imagine Saints Row with nothing but combat, that's AoM.
>>469105 Except Saints Row is owned by Deep Silver and not THQ Nordic.
>>469114 I didn't even realize AoM actually came out
(12.76 KB 480x360 fucking idiot.jpg)

>>469204 >Except Saints Row is owned by Deep Silver and not THQ Nordic. And THQ Nordic/Embracer Group owns Deep Silver you absolute spoon burner.
>>469281 Not one to double post but idiots wind me up so I need to add the whole pipeline here. >Embracer Group owns Koch Media. >Koch Media owns Deep Silver. >Deep Silver owns Volition. >Embracer Group is what THQ Nordic rebranded it self as and not to be confused by the company THQ Nordic which was set up by Embracer Group. >Its business roll with it. TL;DR THQ Nordic owns Saints Row.
>>469281 THQ is not the entirety of Embracer, you fucking moron. Might as well claim 3D realms owns Duke now because they and Gearbox are under Embracer too.
>>469457 You fucking muppet thats just what THQ calls itself now. Go look it up Anon. Its just some tax evasion shit or something fuck knows why they changed the name but the statement that Swedes own Saints Row still fucking stands.
>>469478 Then just call it fucking Embracer instead of claiming it's THQN, which it still isn't. I'm talking about the VIDEO GAMES publishers, not the corp that owns said VIDEO GAMES publisher. The publisher of Darksiders Genesis or the DAH reboot, or Desperados, is not the same publisher as the new Saints Blow. You can say Embracer's totally cool and sick and they totally slapped down Deep Silver and Volition for homoing up Saints Row and not the fact that this 6 month delay is probably because the game's a trashfire and they need time to pajeet it into a slightly less disastrous one but tell me THQN's(The publisher, not Embracer's former name) approach to publishing games is the same as Deep Niggers. Tell me 3D realm's approach to shit is the same as Gearbox. As video game publishers they're completely separate entities who have shit all to do with each other and their staff or IPs will probably never ever cross over. Plus Embracer's a bunch of homos. Granted it's because their swedes but the claim that they'd slap down Saint's Blow for faggotry is insane.
>>469488 We are arguing about apples and pears here anon which to be honest is more entertaining than this saints row reboot. But our arguing over who owns what and who controls what illustrates why the game got delayed. The fact is there are MULTIPLE parent companies and the bigger ones will be punching down to the smaller ones and saying OI FAGGOTS CUT THAT GAY SHIT OUT! That is why it got delayed Anon the organization as a whole will have so many suits and CEOs worrying about their bottom line and company investment. Imagine what this Jim faggot's email inbox is like just now. It will be like the business equivalent of an 2009 XBOX live chat.
>>469281 People who use these big loud angry images ironically are usually the dumbest posts on the board.
(58.76 KB 600x800 cry some more.jpg)

>>470121 Saints Row reboot is going to flop harder than AOM and there is nothing you can do about it. SR2 was the only good one.
>>470126 nice IP hop? It's nothing about the contents of the post, just an observation on the image.
>>470128 So you have no input on what you think about the new game? To keep on subject I personally think it will be a huge flop. Now that this is out the way I must ask you this If it was not about the subject matter of the thread then why bother posting? So you just entered the thread to derail and try to insert yourself into an argument between Anons that ended somewhat calmly hours ago? Why are you trying to get Anons arguing again?
>>470121 t. desperate shill.
Microsoft Kills Support for the Only Feature That Made Owning an Xbox Worth While. Due to Laziness https://archive.ph/gfFcR >Microsoft ends Xbox backwards compatible games on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S library; having reached their limits over licensing, legal, and technical constraints. >The news that Microsoft ends Xbox backwards compatible games comes in the fine print of the new roster of additional games, where Compatibility Program Lead Peggy Lo explains that they have hit their limit on what they can do. >Even so, Lo states this will not be the end of backwards compatibility. “We are excited to explore new ways to preserve our history and bring the catalog of the thousands of titles available in the Xbox ecosystem to more players via new innovations such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and future platforms.”
Splinter Cell 3 is free to own until November 25th. Catch: Only on uplay, but it's called ubisoft connect now.
>>470140 Oh god, PC wins again.
>>470295 >Catch: Only on uplay How that piece of shit bloatware is still around I will never know.
>>470295 Is there a list of all the games that have been given away for free at any point in time?
>>470295 >>470334 I'm referring to everywhere, not just uPlay.
>>470140 How do they run into a limit of license? They have to outright stop entry of games
>>470337 Because all the remaining 360 and original Xbox games that people want to play are in what is known as "legal purgatory", in that no one honestly knows who the game belongs to. For example, Batman Begins and Apex are games that were owned and made by companies that still exist (EA and WB in the former, Atari and Milestone in the latter), but no one wants to go through the legal process of trying to actually navigate who owns what and untangle that mess. Basically the reason why NOLF is left to rot, and why Goldeneye received a remake instead of a remaster. Then, you have the situation where the company who owns the game no longer exists, and no one has come forward to lay their claim to being the owner of the property. This has effected titles like Section 8, where the publisher (Southpeak) and the developer (TimeGate) both filed for bankruptcy and closed without selling their assets. And, this has caused hundreds of games to be lost to the aeon, never to be re-released, because no one wants to be sued in case someone eventually comes forward and demand damages for people using his property "illegally". However, it should be noted that there are two solutions to this. The first is that Microsoft should NEVER have handled the Xbone's backwards compatibility the way they did. What they SHOULD have done is make an all-in-one emulation app and just called it a day with occasional updates to boost compatibility and accuracy (Like everyone else who has built an emulator does). The second solution is to lobby politicians to change copyright law in order to solve the issue of "legal purgatory". AFAIK, the U.S. is the only country that doesn't already have a law in place that solves this issue.
>>470353 >What they SHOULD have done is make an all-in-one emulation app and just called it a day with occasional updates to boost compatibility and accuracy There's plenty of advantages for doing it the way they did it. Each release is more like a native port, or even a remaster in some cases, over just an emulated game, and I haven't heard of anyone say anything bad about the emulation in Xbox's back compatibility though honestly it's probably because no one owns an xbone. A general emulator wouldn't be much better then what we currently have on PC, which isn't great. >lobby politicians to change copyright law in order to solve the issue of "legal purgatory" The mouse would never allow it
>>470295 Double Agent is also free, but only if you're in Japan or have a VPN https://register.ubisoft.com/sc-doubleagent
>>470140 Awesome, just as Xbox emulation on PC starts to improve.
>>458170 Set it in japan, urban tribes in the 90s were cool and you don't need to cuck your game with a girl-only faction as sukeban were a thing, and a fuckton of them were lesbos.
>>463666 Great how it's cast as the game being intentionally malicious: >'Forza Horizon 5's Deadnaming' As opposed to: >'Some tranny had a meltdown over his own old username, that he fucking made.'
>>458131 Knowing how shit current year devs are they'd have had him in a dress and forced make-up for some totally spurious reasonsand of course FAG romance options. He's better off dead.
(207.89 KB 1500x1001 there he is.jpg)

(168.71 KB 1500x1001 breakfast.jpg)

(71.63 KB 800x450 dishes.jpg)

Seemingly The Pokemon Company just released a freestanding, on-model, 1:1 life sized plushie of Lucario.
>>471306 I know why they made this, but why?
>>471306 Honestly looks pretty great, now they need to make them for more pokemon. Why do you immediately have to think of plushie fuckers?
(905.57 KB 2083x2944 Pyra and Knuckles.jpg)

>>471306 This would look great next to my infinite the jackal body pillow.
>>471326 Something about Pyra happily showing off that comic makes me laugh.
(491.23 KB 595x499 Capture.PNG)

(401.24 KB 1920x1080 original.jpg)

(120.77 KB 1200x630 Riot edited version.jpg)

Riot Games (the League of Legends devs) apparently likes to take people's artwork and then edit women to make them slimmer and sexier. https://twitter.com/Spideraxe30/status/1461734571612033025
(534.33 KB 900x1690 ClipboardImage.png)

>>471509 Wew. I am kind of amazed they would do that even if it is just for their own launcher. >The original versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas will be relisted on the Rockstar launcher as a bundle “shortly”. If you purchased the new Trilogy – or you pick it up before June 30, 2022 – you will receive this bundle for free. There is no word on whether the games will come back to Steam or other PC storefronts https://archive.md/QvVA1 >>471604 >no fatties edit Such horrible body shaming!
>>471604 Am I blind? I'm not seeing a difference.
(61.44 KB 960x540 FEk--CxXoAwc2LL.mp4)

>>471616 Slimmer waistline. Slimmer thighs.
(678.66 KB 1200x1250 spotthedif.png)

>>471604 Pretty based for some ASSFAGGOTS devs. >>471616 I thought so too until I resized the original.
>>471604 >>471639 Forgive me if i'm wrong but. the "slimer sexier" riot edit looks less appealing to me then the original in terms of sex appeal. She looks flatter overall, where the other one had more focus on it's anatomy. the hips and thighs also look much thicker and there for curvier. the change in camera angle makes the composition less intense.
>>471872 You're not wrong, since you're expressing an opinion. You do, however, have shit taste as a thiccfag. It looks like they just scaled down the x axis by ~15%.
>>471313 >lifesize Gardevoir >embrace Pokemon Oh no. I want a Gardevoir to hug now.
>>471604 >>471639 It doesn't even look good, she's already really thin and that new waistline makes her look emaciated. I think this is the case of the editor wanting to feel like he did something valuable.
>>471306 The only thing that surprises me is how long it took them, custom life-sized plush dolls (mainly of the eevee line) were already a thing, and yes you could order them ready to be fitted with your onahole/dildo.
(1.40 MB 850x1228 ClipboardImage.png)

>>471604 If you've seen other LoL official art, the women are always unrealistically skinny and with cartoonish proportions. Rather than it being an attempt to make it sexier, I feel this may be more of a "bringing things towards our style" thing.
>>471306 haha, imagine if they included a blue doughnut as a plus it would he funny haha
(94.43 KB 1038x576 SleepTogetherArcanine.jpg)

(69.02 KB 1000x563 life_size_arcanine_plush.jpg)

>>471306 Call me when they make a Braixen♀ plush >>472116 Joking aside, they did sell official life size Arcanine plushies too
>>472082 >yes you could order them ready to be fitted with your onahole/dildo Like, official ones? Need a source on that if true
(1.15 MB 1000x563 ClipboardImage.png)

(841.94 KB 1000x563 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.24 MB 1000x563 ClipboardImage.png)

https://www.spike-chunsoft.co.jp/miabyss/top.html https://www.4gamer.net/games/568/G056843/20211122014/ https://archive.ph/wip/mNj5F Actual info about that Made in Abyss game announced half a year ago. >title is Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness >beyond help action RPG >stars custom character (the A and B choices are labeled voice and clothes) >single player only >date still only given as 2022
>>471306 that is just cute
>>471306 Someone out there is going to buy it, cut a hole in it, and fuck it
>>474315 Looks decent, I thought they were just going to make a visual novel, so this is an improvement.
Guess who's back
>>471638 >Slimmer thighs. So it's shit
>>475260 Looks like shit
(751.13 KB 854x480 It Does Look Like Shit.webm)

(205.67 KB 705x1080 Costner kino.jpg)

>>475507 Why do fags hate AquaWorld again?
>>475524 Waterworld isn’t as bad as the Postman as far as bad Kevin Costner movies go.
>>472227 You just know
>>475527 I liked Postman as well
>>475524 the loli was ugly
(333.60 KB 640x480 Gary_and_Arcanine.png)

>>472227 Is that really life size? I thought Arcanine was supposed to be huge, the pokedex says it has a height of 6'03" and quadrupeds are typically measured at the shoulder. Though I suppose it could be 6 ft long like Furret is and the anime could be just fucking up scale like it usually does.
>>469488 >claim that they'd slap down Saint's Blow for faggotry is insane You're seriously underestimating the greed of your average C-level suit. To get there, you have to be the kind of guy willing to sell his grandmother for a quick buck, aside from a workaholic. Swede or not, actual political orientation or not, if you try to separate a C-level exec from his bonus, you're gonna get cut.
(375.99 KB 634x2704 Capture.png)

>>475937 The Big Three have all said this, expect more companies to as well.
>>475937 It's amazing to watch Activision Blizzard implode this hard
>>475937 >>475937 They are kicking it while its down
>>475937 Imagine if all three big guys just cut off Activision from publishing on Console unless Kotick leaves. Fuck imagine if even Steam doesn't want anything to do with them. It'd be funny as hell
>>475981 I believe some former Valve guys were urging Gabe to say something but I doubt he will.
>>475983 Honestly, good for gabe, he should focus on his company, new vidya and the steam deck, not virtue signaling.
(1.69 MB 2774x3089 jesus.jpg)

Look at who I found in my yearbook...
>>475937 Remember how Nintendo sold out the entire Video Game Industry to fucking spite Sega during the "Muh Videogames Cause Violence!" Kangaroo Court by those Political Kikes? They didn't have the balls to tell China to fuck off and promptly told Hong Kong to go pound sand. This is the fucking same. No fucking evidence, no lawsuits, just pure opportunism.
>>476035 >Why be plain when you can be crunchy That does sound like Sam alright
>>476035 Nice find, anon. I miss when Sam Hyde wasn’t a scam artist
>>476039 >scam artist what happened? I keep hearing people say this, I haven't been attention to Sam Hyde since his adult swim show got cancelled.
>>476035 >reverse searched it >no results Seriously? Sick. He wasn't a bad looking guy back when he didn't let his moustache hair curl into his mouth.
>>476061 He put all his videos behind a paywall, is convincing everyone he's been working on a video game for about 10 years now, and is making boatloads from reddit donations, plus he takes on fat unfunny grifters as his new posse, and each one is less memorable than the last.
(725.78 KB 846x2472 ClipboardImage.png)

<Star Citizen Has Raised An Eye-Watering $400,000,000 Since 2012 >According to Star Citizen's official website, the game has now generated more than $400,000,000 from fan-raised funds. Despite its community's generosity, however, Cloud Imperium Games is still yet to release a full version of the game even though its crowdfunding campaign started back in 2012 https://archive.md/D6w4a
>>476035 Nice dude. Those quotes sound just like him. It's been over 2 decades since he put that shit there and he seemingly never changed his stance. He's still a faggot who puts stuff up his butt though.
>>476399 Can you really blame the guy for becoming like that when he got screwed over by everyone? Fuck Tim Heidecker by the way, slimy alcoholic jewish fatso.
>>476554 Can we get this to one billion dollars before the executives are all rounded up and publicly executed?
(377.46 KB 599x8533 ClipboardImage.png)

(28.68 KB 769x335 ClipboardImage.png)

>>476650 Well then you better start generously donating your JPEG ships so they have more to sell. >>476649 Tim was one of the fags who lost their mind when Trump was elected right? Or was he just always a cunt?
>>476673 Isn't EVE Online significantly worse and more nefarious than Star Shitizen?
>>476687 Honestly no idea. I never really bothered with or kept tabs on it. Hopefully another anon who did can chime in on the subject though as it would be interesting to see what space game can best drain your wallet.
>>476673 He was always a cunt and became a real shitter in 2016. The guy was pals with Lazzo and got preferential funding for his unfunny projects over real shows for the network. Surprised surprise, Lazzo is thrown out and real shows are immediately announced, plus new seasons for old shows people liked, and now Tim can't seem to scrape any money together to do his shitty productions any more, and the world turns. You know it's bad when industry suits can make better decisions about shows than guys who were trained as writers in comedy and entertainment.
>>476694 I guess star citizen, because it's not even out yet. Eve is at least an actual game.
So according to 4cuck /biz/ someone put the entirety of Super Mario 64 onto the ICP (Internet Computer Protocol) blockchain. SM64 is basically going to be on the internet FOREVER unless Nintendo buys a 51% stake in the coin or owns half of the nodes for the protocol https://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/43826343 https://archive.md/wip/US677
(436.75 KB 1600x1200 mario and luigi bersaglieri.png)

>>478907 Are you challenging nintendo?
>>478907 I never understood stuff like this and blockchains. How can I buy stakes in this? Do I need to buy it with other crypto currencies? Econ class never taught us this shit back when I was in school.
>>478915 ICP as a coin is supposed to "redefine" the internet according to their whitepaper. That doesnt matter. The game isnt running on the internet or anything magic like that. This is just a bunch of arbitrary data shoved onto the blockchain. Why this matters is that some blockchains can support large data, and second, this is copyright/illegal content. Its there forever on the transaction ledger. You have to have consensus from half the entire protocol to fork/alter the ledger, so that arbitrary data is basically there forever. tldr anyone with access to the ICP protocol can access SM64 (and possibly other games) forever
>>476687 Has EVE Online taken FOUR HUNDRED MILLION dollars from people without providing a game?
>>476687 Considering EvE has had an actual, functioning game for 18 years now, no. Any real game beats vaporware by default. Eve however, does have the limitations of an 18 year old game for the most part. Tab targeting (at least when I last played it) is a shit so combat is boring, eternal imbalance, and spreadsheet simulator, but, well, that's just all economic-focused games by default.
>>478917 What gets put on that ICP isn't vetted or anything? It's open source?
>>479043 Go outside and slap one of those BOPE guys to see if they are so powerless, luciano.
>>479065 Do it then, go and show me, if you do so and post evidence ill go and blow up a goverment building, deal?
(291.18 KB 1200x1600 Cossack.jpg)

>>478917 Wouldn't the resolution to the case just be that Nintendo just sues the fuck out of the one guy who uploaded it and the devs? Unless if I'm understanding this correctly the coin is so successfully decentralized that no one person currently has 51% stake. In such an instance, would the theoretically legal move be for Nintendo to sue ICP stakeholders collectively until they collectively choose to remove that code? I'm assuming the stakeholders aren't private, but I don't know the details of the coin.
>>476687 Eve is an actual game, whatever you may say about the quality of that game, it actually exists. Star Shitizen is the promise of a game, and until that game materializes, EVE, by mere grace of actually existing, is better.
>>479275 I'm pretty sure Star Citizen is pretty far along in development now. It's just failed to deliver on when it would be done because it evolved into a perpetually developer live server game. Not that that excuses anything but it has been actively developed and you can play it. I've heard it's kind of impressive but jenk.
>>479277 Oh yeah I know there's been actual gameplay released at some point. Whether or not that will be worth it or not is a different question, and it's almost a certainity that it will come out. However, until it fully does in it's entirety, any comparison between EVE and it are marred by the fact it isn't realized yet.
Shadow Tactics is getting an expac. To be honest I felt something in my throat with that last reveal. I miss him a lot.
>>480525 >stealth is YOOOptional for this mission
>Kingdoims of Amalur, a game that almost bankrupted an entire state, us getting an expansion pack What the fuck is THQNordic doing? I get they want to use the shit they've acquired but KoA?
>>484369 that DLC was promised last year so that's not really news
>>484383 Was not aware. It releases next week so I guess that's news.
>>484369 KoA is unironically a good game, it was just way too expensive and didn't sell well.
>>484385 I remember it being really on the easy side.
Squeenix announces a Chrono Cross teaser...
>>485024 >>485025 Honestly I'm almost relieved. If Square released a remaster of Chrono Cross and massively fucked it up it might be the thing that puts me over the fucking edge. At least the art is spot on.
(653.37 KB 1080x2400 VP.jpg)

Senior VP of Playstation Network George Cacioppo was recently caught by a sting group trying to have sex with a 15-year-old boy. https://youtube.com/watch?=14INdlFIe-k
>>485093 I guess shitty games and jewish practices isn't the only way Sony knows how to campaign for Democrats.
>>485095 >wordfilters What fucking site am I on?
>>485093 Isn't this one of the really pro-censorship people at Sony? Why are they always sex pests IRL? Is it some kind of projection thing? >>485096 Word filters against CP no less lmao. Acid really caters to pedos as hard as he can, doesn't he?
>>485096 The filters are there because pedoniggers were spamming phrases to trigger glownigger scraping bots that scan the web for those phrases.
>>485095 >>485096 >>485098 Wait what word is filtered? Is it Democrat activism?
It seems like I answered my own question. It's the naughty term for cheese pizza.
>>485093 >VP of Playstation Network George Cacioppo was recently caught by a sting group trying to have sex with a 15-year-old boy Not shocking. Likely the first of many such cases over there given soynys direction lately.
>>485093 It's weird how he's a bigshot at Soyny but he didn't just move to Europe or some other place where the AoC is like 14, dude would have been greenlit the entire way, a hero in their eyes for being a gay too.
(5.27 MB 1280x720 PRAGMATA - Coming 2023.mp4)

I kinda want to get this game solely because of the cute blond loli in it. When was the last time you guys seen an actual beautiful white woman or girl in a western vidya?
>>485289 >3DPD >cute
(640.40 KB 550x413 ClipboardImage.png)

>>485289 >When was the last time you guys seen an actual beautiful white woman or girl in a western vidya? Do we include stylized artsyles or purely realistic?
(122.93 KB 1280x720 cordelia.jpg)

>>485289 That witch from dead estate. Also, the ammount of SFM porn that little girl will spawn will be unparalled.
(95.69 KB 700x990 Tormented Souls.jpg)

>>485289 >When was the last time you guys seen an actual beautiful white woman or girl in a western vidya? You won't see anything decent by AAAshit I can tell you that much. Last AAAshit with actually decent looking women was probably Overwatch.
>>485289 Don't know what year it came out, but i grabbed shadow of war for $5 and shelob is genuinely pretty.
(2.11 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>485332 It's honestly very difficult to think of any recent game from the west that has a beautiful woman (white or not, for that matter) that isn't Overwatch or a Japanese game. You probably had a few 5 or 6/10s back in 7th gen I wanted to fuck Faith from Mirror's Edge (original, not the inferior Catalyst version) but only because I had yellow fever during my teenage days but that's about it. >>485351 Is this her? She's alright.
(89.74 KB 1280x720 Katarina.jpg)

I just remebered that Dungeon Siege 3 exists. That is still 7th gen era, so pretty far. I never played it, and don't know if it's a good game.
>>485355 But she's a fucking spider
>>485093 And he just got fired too. Sony no doubt hoping they can just bury that shit https://archive.vn/NZPgz
>>429546 Just do not give money to netflix. Nobody cares what you watch on it. If you give money to them, they'll use it to make propaganda. No matter what you watch. >>433778 Bastila will turn ugly and she say cute things anymore and she won't say cute things anymore and definitly not "I'll be utterly yours, master!" And what's going to happen to the nigger that can't solve grade school math? They'll change it. I'm sure.
>>485355 I mean, Fortnite has some cuties, but that shit is chink owned.
>>485506 Are we still going to have Twi'lek jailbait?
>>485572 Hell fucking no.
>>485289 That's a cute android girl. I don't like that everything beautiful has to be artificial. That's also a hollywood brainwashing thing to degrade us. So I'm sceptical. >When was the last time you guys seen an actual beautiful white woman or girl in a western vidya? >western That makes it really hard. Beautiful is hard because it requires a lot of polygons and we only have those since recently but recently also means more Jews in vidya. Bastila (KotoR) was cute but she had few polygons. Can't blame her for that. Ashley in Mass Effect 1 was okay but she was an ugly mutt and so was Shepard. Liked her racism though. Lara Croft in Tomb Raider 2013 looked okay. In Tomb Raider Underword she has bigger tits though a less western face. Characters in BloodRayne all looked like ugly skanks. Triss looked good IN WITCHER TWO. In 1 and 3 she's ugly. Portal bitch is an ugly flatchested Brazillian. Fuck her. The co-op robots were just as good. Skyrim can have some good looking women. After you modded it. I feel like there aren't that many western games in which women actually have character and appear for more than a few seconds. >>485314 He said western. So artstyle doesn't matter as long as it's made west of Russia or by Russians.
>>485572 They definitly won't give the Twi'lek dancers tit physics!
>>485572 Only if it can be modeled after some ugly baboon.
>>485289 I hate to say Mercy from overwatch. but Mercy from overwatch.
(133.02 KB 1280x720 mercy.jpg)

>>485605 Fan art doesn't count. Face is Bing Bing Wahoo tier tbh
(99.80 KB 806x982 DEMON.jpg)

>>485617 Exactly. Go with girls who are hot in-game.
(985.08 KB 1920x1080 4010470-1444074995.jpg)

>>485630 Triss Witcher 2 I say.
(1.96 MB 1080x1920 ClipboardImage.png)

>>485289 Interesting Fredian Slip in this post and its replies. They're represented quite favorably but you can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear The actual question is: when was the last time you saw a beautiful white woman or girl IRL? Thought so. Your females are about as aesthetically pleasing as your teeth, and the most hilarious part is that you're admitting it. And they fuck a lot of dogs.
(178.94 KB 1600x900 Freud.jpg)

>>485641 >Your females are about as aesthetically pleasing as your teeth Where did your mother touch you?
>>485645 People to respond to blatant bait deserved to be banned just as much as the baiters
>>485649 I was angry because he spelled Freud wrong.
>>485645 >Sigmund "penis envy" Freud

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