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(98.13 KB 1139x669 the email.png)

The Future of TF2: NOT A DRILL Edition Anonymous 09/15/2021 (Wed) 05:41:15 Id: 0c1417 No. 416274
>try to post this in the preexisting TF2 thread >it's anchored and hasn't been updated in 2 weeks Don't know if any of you are in the loop but a few days ago Valve took down DLs for Open Fortress and TF2 Classic and the devs for both were hinting at things to come in the future for retail, leading to rampant speculation. Now the details are out. >as has been unofficially confirmed for years, Volvo is finished with TF2 from a development perspective; they don't want to dedicate any of their current staff to make new content >the takedowns were C&Ds and the "leaked e-mail" that has been dismissed as fake was real, since TF2C and OF were based off leaked Source engine code from last year and Valve's legal counsel said they had no choice but to go this route >it is "temporary" and the "big thing that is potentially coming" is official Steam Workshop content integration and mod support for Team Fortress 2; essentially, Valve wants to Left 4 Dead 2 the game with everything good and bad about it >they've tasked the "community" to come forward with interest and input into this proposal as well as what they may need from a modding perspective to make this happen; many significant modders are already trying to draft up statements >one chance and a turning point for the game's future, a life-support future anyways Thoughts? From a realist perspective, I understand everything being brought forward and its plausibility based on past historic precedent. I'm not going to pass up being able to click a button and replace every model with Dead Or Alive girls, and there have been ongoing community projects that may breathe new life into the game like a Medieval mode expansion that could be realized into a larger capacity should this initative succeed. On the other hand, from a gaming perspective, I don't need modding to be accessible or corraled into Workshop either and arguably even if it's a net positive for everybody if it succeeds, it's not what the playerbase has been wanting from Valve or modders all these yearsl you need only look at Creators.tf to see why it does not work. In particular, the proposal is going to dive deep into the heart of Valve's relationship with the community, the community itself and its penchant for conflicts and drama (example: TYLER MCVICKERS), and Valve's failures at handing their titles off to the community; see the Last Stand update for Left 4 Dead 2 and its strife behind the scenes. Considering Valve is in its current state, officially handing the game off to the modders is not going to save retail from its arbitrary interference like disabling F2P chat or deciding that official servers aren't going to support certain mods. Even if the details aren't fully clear yet I'm still not seeing any real difference from the current status quo beyond more explicit acknowledgement of mods to new players that you already can't get from the community server browser, a far cry from something like explicitly reincorporating community servers back into casual rotation.
What even happened to this game?
Wait, so if they're gonna enable TF2 mods then what will become of the hats?
(252.33 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)

Maybe they should have just let it die naturally as games do instead of updating it for years, extending its lifespan, but slowly providing less substantial updates until the game and it's community are a shell of their former shelf.
>So uh, we unceremoniously murdered all the leading community efforts to revitalize TF2 gameplay for the crime of using a really old and outdated version of our engine >But on the bright side, we're adding mods, so now the community can revitalize TF2 gameplay! From scratch! So guys can you provide life support for our bot ridden game? >Oh by the way reverse engineering is totally illegal because we said so and this will totally hold up in court Valve has been retarded in the past, but this is like shooting your big toe off right before a marathon. I can't believe my fucking eyes, I didn't even know OF and TF2C were kill.
(37.63 KB 500x414 sad possum.jpg)

I spent an hour earlier tonight drunkenly playing medic on a pub server enjoying two maps of fun banter with randos before the server was invaded by half a dozen aimbots. I'm so tired of it and the only time I ever consider playing the game is when I'm too tired or inebriated to remember how unfun it is to be raided by a bunch of aimbotting faggots. >Volvo is finished with TF2 from a development perspective; they don't want to dedicate any of their current staff to make new content Then they should have been more transparent with their intentions instead of stringing people along with the empty hope they keep drugging people with through patch notes and half-hearted updates. >they've tasked the "community" to come forward with interest and input into this proposal as well as what they may need from a modding perspective to make this happen; many significant modders are already trying to draft up statements I don't really understand what this means or entails. If it means Valve is going to hand the game off to third-party users and let them do what they want with the game on their own hosted servers, they already fucked up because that's exactly what people were doing on custom servers before Valve stepped in and fisted the entire community's collective asshole with the Meet Your Match update. They don't know what they're doing, and they never have. Nobody's playing TF2 anymore because it's dead, because Valve killed it.
>>416278 After the lack of a reaction to Jungle Inferno they got disheartened and don't think it's worth working on the game anymore.
>>416313 Nothing is concrete, but if I were Valve I would keep hat purchases as they are in the game right now: you can download and mod your game so you look like you have an Unusual, but it'll be exactly like entering a skial.net server and "equipping" it with the server plugins, in that they're only visible on your end and otherwise nonpersistent. It's not like you can just mod in a Killstreak for your weapons, and like I stated in the OP, I can mod L4D2 so I can run around as Kasumi in a bikini with jiggle physics but other players won't be able to see that I did. Workshop integration will most likely focus more on maps, weapons and gameplay modes and changes, while cosmetics like taunts will persist as they are in the Workshop as entries to be voted upon before getting rolled out in new patches to be purchased and crafted.
This saddens me beyond belief. What about that Source 2 project?
>remove modded versions of game >add them back as steam workshop project <thinking it will revitalize the game for long support <instead of mod fights between different makers and drama, backstabbing and every community shit <not even a proper goodbye message >now the remaining mods will just fight among themselves and eventually move on Anything missing?
>>416373 That's in S&box, I don't think Valve can do anything about that.
(93.02 KB 960x458 Angry Frog.jpg)

>Wont update the game >wont fix the bot problem >will takedown fan revival projects I was just disappointed in valve but now i am mad.
Does it matter? The modern TF2 """community""" is unequally dogshit compared to it's former self. If there was anyone who was going to make a decent mod or port fixing the game they would have done it years ago, and even if someone did, tryhards, compfags and the subhumans who are in control of the majority of servers and mods around currently would ruin it anyway. Face it, TF2 isn't ever going to be the same as it once was as long as normalfags are around. Especially since it has more players now than ever.
(35.31 KB 380x287 380px_Gaben_fat_jew.jpg)

Ban the fucking bots. No other Source game has this issue on such a massive scale - Valve obviously already has the solution to this problem, but they refuse to apply it.
(223.41 KB 380x287 no more bots fat jew.png)

>>416494 >permanently ban anyone for hurting anyone else's feelings in chat, even if they never say anything >ban anyone from making his own server where they can talk how they want <wow why is the community dead Sure is a mystery, huh valve.
>>416365 >I can mod L4D2 so I can run around as Kasumi in a bikini with jiggle physics but other players won't be able to see that I did. Some of the mods I've used for, shit, a decade or more happen to have different audio parameters than the base game. They let me hear witches, etc. further away than the stock sounds. I'm honestly surprised users aren't permanently banned for using cosmetic mods like that.
>>416538 > No fat, more jew bots
(64.93 KB 447x378 see.jpg)

>>416567 Does Valve really monitor chat on community servers? I've never heard of this but then again I didn't play TF2 for ages until Jungle Inferno came out.
>>416575 I had a bind that automatically typed out “Die faggot” and “owned” whenever I killed someone during pub games, and I’ve yet to be banned. I really dont think it’s true.
>>416274 >Valve >C&D That's highly unusual. >>416345 Yeah they have a history of leaving community content creators alone, but now they're going full fucking retard. They are monopolizing mods to their shitty workshop. A company, whom most of their noteworthy IPs began as mods is now acting like other cunts in the industry.
>>416575 Once i put my name something on the line of "killallniggers" and after a few hours they changed my name to a random string of numbers and banned me from changing my name for a while.
>>416630 You can enter public matchmaking, and therefore their official servers, with a name though. That's different from chatting on random community servers. Punishment is still stupider than prevention (not allowing the name on official servers only) but it isn't centralized chat censorship.
(479.27 KB 640x360 comdy.mp4)

>>416534 >Valve >Actually putting in effort maintaining anything >>416274 >>416627 >They are monopolizing mods to their shitty workshop. I think this is key here. I think Valve wants to give paid mods another try. When they tried with Skyrim some years ago, they obviously failed, but that was largely in part due to there being an existing modding community. Modding works because everyone makes tools for each-other out of a common interest for more mods; but once money starts being involved, that stuff gets really messy real fast. Naturally, any mod relying on other mods (read: every single one on launch) got DMCA'd off the workshop on the same day. Since TF2 never had any official tooling and Valve has the legal ability to C&D any existing tooling away, it essentially has a "clean slate".
(66.68 KB 854x480 snapshot.jpg)

>>416278 A long fucking time ago some members of the team excited about the glamor of the esports scene in cs:go and intentionally led astray by discarding the importance of house rules when it comes to the game. As well as being pressured by the EcOnOmiSTs to fuck with Halloween, one of the most sacred times in tf2. This has lead to the priorities of the tfteam being absolutely fucked when it comes to update content, since you can marginally appease said community by fucking up whatever they decide is broken that week (Hint: There will literally always be something, they're narcissistic as fuck and have not a single clue that they should git gud and stop crying about weapons that fuck up 2 scouts, 2 soldiers, a medic and a demo tdm). This also has to do with Valve for some reason still being convinced that reddit of all places, a circlejerk where you're incentivized to delete your unpopular opinion is a good place to go for feedback. >The year is 2016 >There's barely anyone on the tf2 team at valve since there's more glamour at cs:go and Gabe's personal addiction simulator dota 2 >After having enabled the competitive community and youtubers by pissing away tons of countless hours fucking around with weapons that were perfectly fine but not acceptable in their house rules >You want to add new weapons finally >You've had weapon concepts sitting on the back burner for nearly a decade now. >You try to do a War themed update again to create a distraction so the competitive community is too distracted to bitch and moan that the jarate isn't 2% larger in snipers hand >Literal, 4 iq youtubers find someone who actually understands the intricacy of the game's videos and discover flamethrower acts kind of funky >in less than an hour the majority of the matchmaking you just added and utterly butchered user servers with is flooded with their fanbase botting and grinding out points to rig the war to "fix" a class that they find marginally annoying >Finally the update comes out and you can add weapons to the game >Every Fucking Week they find something to bitch about the new weapons >Say fuck it and just stop working on weapons all together >Do this for 4 years >Anticheat that was never designed for unmoderated user servers chokes under the pressure of people using literal bot nets to saturate official servers that people ASKED you to make the only viable servers to queue into >The nigh entirety of the community hates you for something that is physically impossible for you one of 4 people at most generous sitting on the team to actually fix >There's a possibility that the very same community that immediately abandoned the official competitive mode since they were fickle about it being out of their control is running bots >Every fucking day you have to hear every retarded troglodyte shriek about how what's wrong is that there's random crits, or that shotguns don't always fire in a grid >Some retarded bullshit happens every week that instigates "famous" retards to attack the general servers for revenge >You are the last member of the tfteam >You literally can't work on the game without millions of people bitching you didn't ruin someone else's fun >The only time of year you can even add anything is Halloween >It is now 2021 >Upper management is demanding you bring on people from a community project that intentionally segregated themselves from THE MAIN GAME, just to get away from the cancer and protect their own house rules >There is literally no way this actually will go well >Halloween is next month >It's possible that not even Halloween can save this from going horrible and you have no choice but to deal with it >You can no longer reach gaben@valvesoftware.com
(222.84 KB 1052x989 Install gentoo.jpg)

>>416328 They should just make it fully open source if they haven't already. Let other people keep it alive, they'd probably do a better job anyway.
>>416827 That's a fart in the wind considering how hard they came down on modders using an old leak of an even older build of Source engine source code (fuck your gay engine name Valve). The code that those teams wrote has likely diverged so much that they can't even be called the same engine anymore. No chance of Valve ever going open source.
>>416274 Who gives a flying fuck? Your hat buying steamfag ass would've been blasted with the righteous power of check em patrick chekem bateman if this place wasn't a sorry excuse for what it was
(2.40 MB 1440x1080 Mario Check Em.mp4)

>>417033 Check'd
(581.30 KB 500x565 21736981723961.gif)

>>417037 >>417033 >Dubs checking yourself on a 2pph dead ass board Gay as fuck
(43.69 KB 486x308 ClipboardImage.png)

(508.67 KB 320x180 The bet.webm)

>>417040 What's surprising you? This place has gone to the fucking dogs.
(51.30 KB 680x514 doomfist.jpg)

>>417033 >>417044 I don't get why every thread seems to have spergs like you who do nothing but bitch. If you want to be a bitch, go to /cuteboys/.
(453.82 KB 480x360 lost cabin pressure.mp4)

>>417046 That's rich. And here I was thinking this is entirely a bitching thread because you dumb niggers can't buy more hats and shit.
>>416494 >open tf2 cause nostalgia >it's all furfags and trannies playing >close tf2
>boot up game in anticipation for comfy halloween events >intagib headshot by tryhard sniper across the map I wish better games had comfy halloween events. It seems like only shit games have good halloween events.
>>417186 >>417068 solution is to arrange a gamenight if you want a "quality" game of tf2. that or submit and play the shitty pve gamemode. there's been a pretty decent custom community for mann vs machine lately with some actually decent innovations (homing rockets, grenades spawning minions, shielded tanks, etc.)
I hope this means team comtress patches will offcially get implemented.
>>417221 Valve did implement comtress In Dota 2
(72.87 KB 600x1040 Kornheiser_Why.jpg)

>>416356 >After the lack of a reaction to Jungle Inferno they got disheartened and don't think it's worth working on the game anymore. What? Everyone in the TF2 community literally went bananas over the fact they got a major content update after having the previously held record of update drought. Even then the update wasn't that good with so many fucking nerfs into weapons that doesn't need it (see >>416826 ), the maps being so unbalanced, and many new bugs across the board. Jungle Inferno is peanuts when compared to previous major content update like MvM or Uber Update. I mean what the fuck did they expect? The update suddenly launching TF2 into overtaking CS:GO? Fucking lazy fuckers. >>417212 Gee, it sure sounds like TF2 Vintage all over again. Just run a normal map like most people do and go with it. >>417222 >In Dota 2
>>416345 >Oh by the way reverse engineering is totally illegal because we said so and this will totally hold up in court You think discord-addicted fan-devs doing it for free have the pockets for fight off a lawsuit?
>>416278 They hid community servers and created match making, which destroyed the community and created an almost console like atmosphere where everyone you see is just another rando you'll never see again.
>it's 2021 and there are still no playable r63 mercs >or a heavy update >or anything that isn't minor fixes Fuck you valve. What does this mean for that source 2 project that was mentioned last thread? god I want to BONK femscout
(12.48 KB 236x312 I rike it.jpg)

I probably should have asked this earlier but do you have a link to a official source? or just a source? I see the E-mail but I dont know how it was "confirmed" to be real.
>>416274 >I'm not going to pass up being able to click a button and replace every model with Dead Or Alive girls >not the fem-mercs ...
>>417259 Not at all, just highlighting the cuntiness of pretending that legal things are illegal.
ITT: """People""" who haven't played this game in years lying to other people who haven't played this game in years. Just redownload it and see for yourself, stop trusting retarded fun-hating /v/iggers to tell you what is and isn't real.
>>417401 >ITT: """People""" who haven't played this game in years lying to other people who haven't played this game in years. Just redownload it and see for yourself, stop trusting retarded fun-hating /v/iggers to tell you what is and isn't real. >Implying I played the game for a few times in the last few weeks and still find the current state of the game as good as an abandoned child in the streets of Portland. The game itself is fucked with the huge surge of bots still running around, F2Ps getting their communication privileges gimped because Valve can't be arsed to do something at all, and the game nearing it's 4th year without any meaningful updates. Let's face it, Valve doesn't fucking care and i would really appreciate if somebody would just steal the rights of TF2 under their noses just so we can add more stuff into the game and fixing it into the same time.
>>417401 I play it every day you fucking retard. It's in a right sorry state, and I don't really know why I continue. I know there's fun buried in there somewhere (because I've experienced it before), but I know I'm not going to reach it no matter how deep I dig. The gameplay isn't outdated, the graphics aren't outdated - the only reason TF2 is dying is because it is being actively killed and the """people""" who gatekeep the ability to save it are actively doing nothing.
(258.03 KB 1920x1080 how tired.jpg)

These fucking bots.
(92.58 KB 500x750 geil.jpg)

>>417263 Do you got more webums like zis?
>>417401 Granted, you can still absolutely find decent user servers, that really doesn't change the fact you're more or less going to be forced into the absolute cancer that is matchmaking when halloween comes out, and it's going to, as a result make fucking EVERY user server dead as fuck.
>>417401 You will never experience how fun TF2 was when it was good :)
(23.92 KB 666x666 scoutleton.png)

Oh look at that, they updated tf2. With a pointless base config tweak that was instigated by youtubers that don't actually understand how the game works

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