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(34.77 KB 665x695 cosmikolor.DrcmgSyWoAAPdwk.jpg)

(174.61 KB 1000x1000 71458157_p0.jpg)

(574.42 KB 1272x1344 88892522_p28.png)

(639.28 KB 1016x1146 88892522_p29.png)

New Deltarune (containment) thread Anonymous 10/07/2021 (Thu) 01:30:46 Id: 61afe5 No. 435747
Talk about the game, shit on the game, fap to the game, make complicated theories about the game, and don't forget to hug the gotes.
(208.92 KB 567x561 chaos levels jevil.jpg)

>>435747 I don't get why this game is popular and i'm still studying why so I may weaponize it.
>>435754 It's cute & quirky. It's got a tomboy dinosaur dragon girl & a lovable goat boy.
(502.60 KB 1280x720 gohan.webm)

>>435747 >deltaniggers I'll cut your dick off and shove it up your ass
>>435757 And the deer! DON'T FORGET THE DEER!
>>435777 Noelle is made for cucking.
>>435754 Easy: >use an art style that is easy to imitate so more people can make derivative works (obligatory) >put some gimmick to an established genre, like shoot-em-up minigames in a turn-based RPG >make a bunch of goofy-looking characters with silly personalities, skeletons, angry fishes, weird blobs, etc >add a truckload of word play and meta jokes >add furbait here and there to get more funding >and catchy music, people love to remix catchy music and put it everywhere >let fans design some minor characters for you so they think they are part of something >add something resembling a story, with parts where it becomes "dark" and sad mixed with goofy scenes to break the tension >add lots of vague shit to make fans theorize its meaning, like a cut character being mentioned by existing ones or the MC/villain's past >add more dumb jokes to fill the script >and maybe more furbait for extra shekels >use the most piss-eazy engine you can think of to turn everything mentioned above into a game
>>435779 >>use the most piss-eazy engine you can think of to turn everything mentioned above into a game What engine is it made in?
>>435784 GameMaker. Toby himself said he chose it because he didn't know how to program.
>>435785 Shit maybe I should try gamemaker then. What's it's pluses and minuses?
(126.57 KB 850x849 1604581129365.jpg)

You guys had like three threads for this mediocre game. Is it the same few autists in every thread causing all of this neuro-diversity? I don't participate in these threads but Barney is the cutest tomboy dino with anger issues. I just wanted to come here and say that.
>>435787 It's a little easier to understand for non coders, you lose out on versatility of more coder oriented engines. >>435788 It's like the only active topic on this dead fucking bored.
>>435790 >Dead board. Board is far from dead. You guys are just vagabonds from 4chan who are addicted to high PPH with your ADHD riddled furry brains.
>>435787 + Can do many things by simply dragging and dropping tiles everywhere + Includes image and tile editors - Can't do 3D - You'll still need basic programming/scripting knowledge for non-premade actions or to optimize stuff
>>435791 No, this board's pretty dead, don't lie to yourself, that's unhealthy escapism, and you'll get more appreciative of what's even left.
>>435794 Far from dead you little cuckchan bastard. Saging for obvious bait.
(37.37 KB 464x650 2-34707234-23.jpg)

>>435797 >Saging a cyclical
>>435794 >>435797 Go bitch about PenisesPerHole on the meta thread.
>>435754 Weaponize the autism for gotelove again, that worked last time. I would also say spamton is reaching love just around that level, but he's dwindled I think. It'd be really funny if someone tricked a bunch of anons into calling people about being a big shot and other spam phonecalls
>>435799 Didn't even realize this thread was a cylical at first. Still saging my post though. >>435800 I'm not the one that started talking about the PPH on here. The other retard did.
(60.28 KB 807x1350 1573171523706-0.jpg)

(127.30 KB 560x560 EiEIykiWkAI19ig.mp4)

Less bitchin' and more deer and dino tits.
>>435747 The goat is sus as fuck, Kris doesn't like him (as depicted by the tea not healing him as much as Susie's and Noelle's and him outright resisting you if you try to tell Susie you'd go to the Carnival with him (though he says the same for Noelle, but not Susie)), he has secret conversations with Soulless Kris, and he's incredibly cagey about everything. We still don't know why he kept the roaring to himself until last second.
(505.21 KB 992x1223 fang scalie girls.png)

(729.22 KB 1746x2122 FBBgOxcUcBIgyf_.png)

I want to die. The hope of this game ever being completed & actually good is one of the few things that keeps me going.
(181.83 KB 1500x2000 812.jpg)

(835.30 KB 2000x3200 delta fanclub.jpg)

>>435891 i trust in toby fox's autism that he'll make it until it's done
(700.32 KB 1203x1860 Cute gote.png)

>>435754 The games are cute and escapist. And currently there is a gigantic market for escapist media seeing that the world sucks a bit. People need some comfy and happy things to keep sane. And add to it a bit of tragedy and immediately people get even more invested. Not only do you have goofy characters that you like, but there is a threat of losing them that makes you invested, or ironically get even more attached to it. Besides that some things are left intentionally vague so that people can actually talk about it. I think Undertale and Deltarune are great, say what you want about them, but it was a while since I actually felt good about a video game to such an extent. I don't remember what was the last game I enjoyed to this extent. Deltarune and Undertale aren't the best, but they are fun, happy, escapist and original at just the right moment, being just clever enough for people to give a shit.
A thing that I reallly think about a lot when thinking about Undertale are the implications of killing Sans but resetting the game immediately after, not doing the genocide run in full. What would that say in-universe about you?
>>435824 >>435808 They ain't real.
>>435932 Willing to play all the content in the game, not willing to get yourself stuck in a situation where you can sell your soul to an omnicidal lunatic.
>>435939 nothing is real; love was the true illusion all along
>>435941 I always looked at it as "I still want the challenge but I do care about those characters enough to not destroy the world just for the sake of completing literally everything"
>>435942 No your mom was the real illusion now post some women
(231.73 KB 384x384 ralsei wirebitch.gif)

(1.20 MB 640x480 virovirokun.gif)

(129.96 KB 640x480 virokun_f.gif)

Are people still posting lots of new art for it?
(1.59 MB 1814x1224 delta bunnies.png)

(938.00 KB 1200x1200 delta assault.png)

(566.29 KB 2159x1250 delta catmaid legs.jpg)

(436.34 KB 1272x1800 delta noelle transparent.png)

(85.55 KB 560x800 toriel latte.jpg)

>>435949 k lul
>>435965 The deer is pretty great
>Part 1: Alphys has a homoerotic group of superheros photoshopped closer as her wallpaper >Part 2: The superheroes are moved apart and this is blamed on Toriel >Part 2 has tons of potentially lewd shit in it just under the surface >Part 3 takes place in the TV, stars Toriel, and has tons of religious/televangelical things going on >Proceeds to blame the player for every gay thing they did with Ralsei up to that point
>>435990 <"Kris I'm so glad you've made another friend. But... my child.... don't you think you're maybe a bit too umm... physical with him?"
>>435990 >Part 3 takes place in the TV, stars Toriel, and has tons of religious/televangelical things going on >Proceeds to blame the player for every gay thing they did with Ralsei up to that point lul >Part 4: crossover with TBoI >Kris is Isaac, Ralsei is Maggie or Judas, Susie is Samson, Birdly is Cain, Noelle is an ice-themed Eve, etc. >Toriel becomes Mom with attacks based on her battle on Undertale >other enemies and bosses from the first chapters appear too
(96.72 KB 318x159 ClipboardImage.png)

>>436000 >Judas You know that character was a jab at Phil Fish, right?
>>436010 Yes, but is funny how Ed unintentionally created one of the best characters (love that sweet extra damage) out of spite for him.
>>435757 >cute & quirky Not helping your case
>>435779 Don't forget using the Homesuck fags for free advertisement. That's where Toby Fox made his name.
ralsei is shit
(637.48 KB 700x600 delta ad.gif)

>>436076 I dunno what the fuck else you want or expect. People like cocacola, for example, because it tastes like coke; if you don't like the taste of coke then it's probably not the soft drink for you and no amount of marketing or cajoling is going to change that.
(302.60 KB 695x1714 ClipboardImage.png)

(22.49 KB 272x348 heh 2.jpg)

>>436130 Oh, now I get it. heh.
>>435965 Where does Toriel work anyway? Is she just a mom full time? >>435990 Toriel does seem like the type to make sure Kris doesn't do gay stuff with Ralsei. She'll probably be "accidentally" stopping their hugs and handholdings if she goes to this world.
(419.88 KB 600x436 ClipboardImage.png)

(10.21 MB 3968x2976 ClipboardImage.png)

>>436162 Toriel is a teacher
(280.40 KB 1920x1080 george great.jpg)

>>436130 Eheheheheheh
>>435754 It has a lot of stuff that gets traction on internet like a cute appearance with a dark/edgy background/Lore > I may weaponize it. How so? If you wanna make a game interactivo story, comic or cartoon just do basically the same.
>>435788 It's fun to over think It and shit on the yellow lizzard.
(1022.76 KB 1000x3468 big boss fultons furries.png)

Come one,come all,come sit down by the campfire. Let Kris "Doe Demolisher" Dreemur tell you his tale.
(130.30 KB 767x1024 deltarune.jpeg)

>>436200 >negrosaurus rex my fucking sides
Deltarune's really giving me some SMT4A feelings where Undertale made me think of SMT3. In Undertale you're mostly alone, but occasionally do meet up with other monsters, and there's 3 ending variants -- kinda like the Demifiend exploring around mostly-alone. Meanwhile in Deltarune there's only one (planned) ending, but it seems there's 3 ways of getting to it (pacifist, neutral, weird/snowgrave). You've pretty much also got lighthearted pals exploring the world with you, pretty much SMT4A. And in SMT4A, no matter what, you have to kill YHVH, but you can choose whether to go with your friends or choose the better Dagda route, abandon everyone, kill your friends, then revive and mindbreak one of them into being your new goddess of the new world. Whether boy or girl. Point is, it's just making me wonder if Toby's trying to go for something similar. Like here's one ending, but everything you did in the middle will shape the world forever. so, who would you mindbreak in order to bring the new world, anon?
>>436200 Are you the faggot that did the Forrest Gump voice?
>>436244 Noelle if only to keep her from Susie.
>>435942 What’s my political alignment if I want a loli monster mommy gf? >Inb4 Centerist.
(127.61 KB 354x344 158831609249.png)

I want do cuddle with Susie, man, like holy shit
>>436300 Anti-Centrist
(551.39 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)

try to kiss kris
>>436244 >so, who would you mindbreak in order to bring the new world, anon? The player (aka the entity telling Kris and Noelle what to do) will be the one who becomes God and either destroy or rebuild the world depending on how you deal with enemies and friends. >>436246 >implying that Noelle wouldn't turn everyone into Susies. >>436300 Rothschild-tier shadow ruler.
>>436360 The ice witch has no such power.
>>436200 Is this oc?
(276.77 KB 799x860 ClipboardImage.png)

>>436360 >Believing that she would care for Susie at that point.
>>436128 >I dunno what the fuck else you want or expect Something that isn't tumblr
(41.75 KB 500x334 (you).jpg)

>>436245 >>436409 I am afraid I got The Doe Demolisher's Tale from Jewtube. Sage for doublepost. >inb4 >saging a cyclical
>>436416 Figures. and I suppose the jewtuber in question got it from cuckchan
>>436076 Are you doubting It? Some people just like that kind of stuff, what else do we have to talk about?
(8.34 KB 198x135 lisa disco.gif)

>>436413 Better play porn games then, since that's the only thing tumblr doesn't have anymore. Even the guy who made Lisa got turned by faggots after his dad died.
>>435779 >>436321 I hope there's more of these forthcoming. They're great.
(520.86 KB 698x427 ClipboardImage.png)

>>436446 Oh my fucking god WHY?
(189.21 KB 600x744 deltarunebound.png)

(79.22 KB 932x1024 family_rune.jpeg)

(65.13 KB 1024x768 holy_crap_lois_its_deltarune.jpeg)

(89.45 KB 850x536 south_park_deltarune.jpeg)

(70.38 KB 1024x790 hotel_rune.jpeg)

>>436438 Have some more.
(457.66 KB 2962x1870 FAREZytVIAUxNzK.jpg)

(538.12 KB 950x625 2212408.png)

(215.95 KB 592x320 FAapjdtX0AAa1p3.png)

(390.35 KB 585x405 FAOmazQUYAQY7b1.png)

(684.44 KB 640x698 FAlyoZ1XsCQFvx9.png)

>>436438 there's lots of this shit
(112.57 KB 1280x720 FAfFI3VWQAQVK5j.jpg)

(859.47 KB 1280x720 2212073.png)

(551.61 KB 1024x768 2211893.jpg)

(741.57 KB 640x576 2210278.gif)

(1.24 MB 960x720 0QB9m1rvdS8i_Thi.mp4)

(298.58 KB 2048x1536 FAZdBnKVcAEGbz0.jpg)

(290.38 KB 2048x1497 FAZtOcbVUAA5mXR.jpg)

(312.16 KB 2048x1536 FAZtOchVgAM1lB2.jpg)

(257.15 KB 2048x1536 FAZtOeQVUAAwLQp.jpg)

(49.26 KB 751x535 FAXWP86VgAI0zyV.png)

>>436469 I still can't find Ralsei.
>>436475 Follow where Susie's face points, you'll find him. He's on the top part of an umbrella. The text was a pretty good hint, not sure I'd find him otherwise
>>436476 Who's the photo realistic guy in front of the blue tent?
>>436496 No clue, I'm not the author. Maybe it's Toby?
(685.98 KB 682x645 ClipboardImage.png)

>>436496 That's the dude who had to do it to em.
>>435747 >make complicated theories about the game Ok >TV is red herring >Toriel is the main antagonist >World will illustrate that below the surface Kris is being emotional neglected by his mom as seen in how Kris' side of the room is barren and Asriel's has lots of stuff >How to Draw Dragons will come into play in some capacity much to the dismay of Susie >Toriel will try to push Susie away from Kris and towards Asriel without him even being there because she knows his preference in girls and would rather Asriel have things that he wants even if it means Kris goes without >Asgore's absence will be a thing and reveal that he cares more about Kris then Toriel ever has and how he would have been better of with Asgore then with Toriel
(1.89 MB 1024x768 found.png)

>>436471 >tails get trolled one also sports spelling mistakes and arrows on the truncated word it's the little things
(512.33 KB 352x468 ClipboardImage.png)

>>436529 And who's this?
>>436529 Where's Waldo images are so comfy, instead of looking for Waldo you can just observe what different characters are doing. That's far more interesting anyways.
I have another possible lead to the fact that Undertale is a game made in deltarune universe, being that Dragon Blazers is constantly referenced and it has a mercy system, something that is pretty unique to Toby's games.
>>436566 Mercy, perhaps, but i know you could talk to humanoid encounters in Phantasy Star 1 to avoid killing them, scare off enemies in Dragon Quest 8, and bargain with them in the various MegaTen games.
>>436566 >Dialogue system ripped from SMT >Pretty unique The dumb shit that I have to read
>>436574 >system that is in maybe 3 or 4 game franchises in total >not unique what qualifies for unique for you, then, you fucking mong.
How would you implement a real time mercy system?
>>436644 No turn-based combat, only actual danmaku battles. The hearth now shoots projectiles and has a shield with limited uses for defense, and you can either shoot the opponent (FIGHT) or try to reach it to trigger an additional minigame (which varies from enemy to enemy) to SPARE it.
>>436644 rhythm games and QTEs as far as the eye can see
>>436566 >kris search history consists of bathbombs, which toriel references if you flush the toilet a bunch >jello knife >how to do magic, which humans do not innately know how to do apparently >college vacation, presumably to find out when Asriel will be back >and two different searches with the parameters for a video game piano tutorial, which if my theory on undertale's relation to delta rune is correct, would mean kris got stuck at the part with the piano in the cave trying to get the dog residue I'm sure that toby has a much more in depth story than what I'm theorizing but I'm slowly drawing a bunch of parallels
Go back to tumblr faggots.
>>435747 >(containment) thread Almost brightens my day as much as repeating integers.
>>436244 >one ending Where did he say that? Was it before he made Chapter 2?
>>436770 Kris already knows how to play the Piano though,the receptionist at the hospital mentions that he used to come by and play. It's more likely that he tried to find something special he could do in comparison to all of Asriel's (apparent) successes.
Every time I look for art, it only makes me want to be violently fucked by Susie and Ralsei more. This game is a psyop to make me attracted to goats and dinosaurs. So how many "Kris and Asriel died investigating the cellar in a way similar to how Chara and Asriel died after going to the surface" theories are there?
>>436525 >TV is red herring >Toriel is the main antagonist >World will illustrate that below the surface Kris is being emotional neglected by his mom as seen in how Kris' side of the room is barren and Asriel's has lots of stuff >Asgore's absence will be a thing and reveal that he cares more about Kris then Toriel ever has and how he would have been better of with Asgore then with Toriel Nigga that's TBoI's plot.
>>436525 Makes sense, I'd also add >Toriel divorced Asgore because he didn't like Kris being treated badly >Toriel knows of the player, treats Kris better while we're there to pretend she's a good mother
>>437142 >Both games have a moment where the player can take his focus off of Kris to see what Susie is doing. >Both times we come back to have Ralsei talking to Kris, not the player, about something >We somehow get back early enough to see the conversation >It's Ralsei trying to get Kris to stand up for himself, as a stand-in for Asriel
(160.44 KB 640x400 kris susie.gif)

>>436525 >>437142 >>437149 This would make for a very interesting game, but it would also put Toriel in a bad light, which tumblr wouldn't like at all, because whamen can do no wrong. Toby won't go that route because of any potential backlash. But if it happens, I will be very surprised. Gif unrelated.
>>437157 Tumblr is dead, the remainder on twitter would just justify it by calling her "Karen" or whatever bad word they can think of, she's seemingly a religious person and you'd be surprised how easily they would turn against her just because of this. I think pretty much nobody would be all that mad about Toriel being a bad mother and potentially an antagonist, especially if Toby competently threw a clue or two more before the chapter her evildoings are revealed to ease them into it after whatever sort of "gay theory" faggots guesses that is the case.
(71.86 KB 290x364 156799097531.png)

So, whatever happened to Alphys during the genocide route on Undertale? after you defeat Undyne she says that Alphys was supposed to evacuate the monsters from the city and warn Asgore about you, so he could consume the other human souls and defeat you; however, when you finally meet Asgore he had no idea that you were coming, he was chilling just watering his flowers, so what happened with that? did Alphys actually warn Asgore or did she couldn't handle the pressure and kill herself?
>>437162 > Toriel being a bad mother and potentially an antagonist, You'd be surprised. They leap to the defense of "Precious goatmom", and that is only doubly so if you also do so in a way that puts asgore in the right even remotely.
>>437163 I think it's implied her and everyone who survived hid in the true lab.
>>437163 If anyone familiar, so pretty much anyone but Flowey told Asgore about Frisk coming, he'd probably react differently. I guess Alphys just hid away because she was too slow with the evacuation to be able to reach Asgore before Frisk was out killing in the general area, or she evacuated herself thinking Asgore would figure out what's happening. Maybe she just fucked something up and was unable to reach Asgore, or Flowey killed her before she could do it. Alternatively Undyne was just hoping Alphys was smart enough to warn Asgore after evacuation, but that wasn't the case.
(23.18 KB 298x275 ClipboardImage.png)

>Gaster >Kris TOBY
(340.81 KB 929x923 3811d6e233b90c1.jpg)

>>437201 OH SHIT
Hey, anyone here know what the fuck is going on about the kid that apparently killed himself that Ralsei is based on?
>>437209 What?
>>437210 I heard that some kid killed himself and Ralsei might be based on him?
>>437212 you're gonna need to give some extra info, anon.
>>437217 >>437216 I heard you fags knew him
>>437218 From who?
>>437221 4chan, apparently he tried to kill himself by lighting himself on fire.
>>437226 Why would you believe some random shit you read on 4chan?
(17.77 KB 550x427 Kris's_Room.png)

>>437162 >I think pretty much nobody would be all that mad about Toriel being a bad mother and potentially an antagonist I would. She hasn't shown any sign of being an abusive or neglectful mother, just a somewhat resentful ex due to something Asgore did in the past. Asriel having more things than Kris is because it's implied that he's a "Chad" who is good at everything and friends with everyone, while Kris is a weird kid with very few interests (this probably was done to help the players "self-insert" better so they get confused in the parts where it's unknown if people are talking about Kris or about them).
>>437163 I'd imagine the latter, chances are she had a lock on Undyne, saw her die despite her determination, saw the way she practically melted into goop not unlike her creations hidden in the True Lab and just couldn't handle it. Otherwise, the theory that they all escaped to the True Lab and couldn't exactly warn Asgore due to being so low on time to run is also very likely. And chances are they all succumbed to the amalgamations.
>>437250 Another thing that I like to think is that when you encounter Asgore he doesn't recognize you as a human, rather as a monster, so he was warned by Alphys but taken by surprise by you because he didn't recognize you as a human
Oh shit wait are you talking about mimigabro?
>>437258 I don't know
>>437257 Who's that? Set himself on fire? Why? And how does that relate to Ralsei?
>>437261 He was some kid a bunch of people drew shit for, and some asshole on the undertale board wanted to get people to harass. He basically ran a blog with no followers. The fire thing is news to me. I think his blog was like pink or something. That's all I remember
>>437268 Is he dead?
>>437270 How would I know, I don't follow children around on the internet you weirdo
>>437271 You aren't very helpful asshole
>>437299 Ask the torpedos in the gg thread or something, they would probably know. Lord knows they are WAY too obsessed with sexualizing children.
>>437299 Cry about it
(224.84 KB 1417x862 ClipboardImage.png)

>>437201 >>437203 >Kris is a girl
>>437361 >Charles Bigelow >Bigelow >[[BIG]]
(247.41 KB 1536x2048 p24434_p_v10_ad.jpg)

(139.72 KB 650x450 bull.gif)

>>437361 >charles bigalow >deuce bigalow >deuce clubs MY GOD
>>437362 >BIG elow (4 letters) >BIG 4 >BIG 4Undertale
>>437209 >>437212 The /r9k/ queer that killed himself live with a KSG? I doubt it. Even Toby isn't that ballsy.
>>437416 mimigabro isn't an r9k thing, he's well not "from here" but he was talked about back on the undertale boards on old 8chan and /v/.
>>437430 I dug through the archives all I found was a dead tumblr link and people saying he draws like shit and cries a lot along with a ton of dead images, he sounds like a total fag
>>437443 Yeah that sounds about right.
>>437443 It's astroturfing. All a Google search brings up for a "mimigabro" is a cuckchan post from 4 hours ago.
>>437477 I can assure you he was at least real.
(60.99 KB 1280x934 1450760264262.png)

(106.97 KB 354x365 garfield cigarette.png)

>still no one has made a banepost with [[BIG SHOT]] Anyway, how come no one mentions the relationship between Kris and Catti? They were practicing teh occult, which seems like it might be related to Kris and his predicament, but even just how they must be as friends would be interesting to speculate.
(424.57 KB 2411x1883 delta catti shape.jpg)

>>437633 i bet they fuck
>>437633 >No ones made a Banepost with [Big Shot] Dr. Jevil, I’m [#1RatedSalesman1997]
>>437652 He wasn't [[singles in your area]]
>>437659 You should know, then, that baneposting is not uncommon on reddit, and also ayy lmao, which has been popular on our own such sites, had come from tumblr. Few criticized that one, and even their own descendants celebrated it. Therefore there is a fickleness among our small board democracies in what is good or bad, is there not? Even now there are yet many bad images and phrases that propagate unhindered, even that what a wise man would call normalfaggotry. And yet also there is a reverence for the baneposting in your words, and as I have said before, it is also found aplenty elsewhere, thus could it not be said to be also plebeian, just as this game, as you have said? Therefore there is little issue with such a thought, for the joke to be made.
>>437681 Baneposting is immunized to normalfaggtry yes. A furfaggot tumblrite game specifically engineered to appeal to dumb teenage girls, emasculine teenage boys, and queers with the kind of "cute and quirky" lol so randum omg meta bullshit, made by an emasculine leftist faggots is in it's very DNA complete and utter normalfaggotry.
>>437629 Do you know who drew this, if they might remember giving it to this person?
>>437717 You could phrase this shortly: Undertale/Deltarune isn't normalfaggotry because its popular with normalfags, It's popular with normalfags because it's normalfaggotry
>>437648 People keep posting this fanart but I still don't understand who these characters are supposed to be.
Okay, I just finished Chapters 1 and 2. I know i'm late to the party but I don't care. If I have to be completely honest here, I don't think there was a single thing in this game that lived up to Undertale, there are clear improvements made everywhere and Toby has matured as a composer but more doesn't always equal better. Also is Ralsei supposed to be so unlikable to the point where I want to torture him? Why does it say that there will be another 5 chapters? Will Chapter 7 release in 2040? Does Toby Fox really think that he can keep that creative spark for that long or that people will still care when it takes him ages to release a 2-hour long experience?
>>437751 Catti (left) is Kris' goth classmate that works at the diner, while Catty (right) is her older sister. >>437883 >Why does it say that there will be another 5 chapters? Will Chapter 7 release in 2040? Chapters 3, 4 and 5 will be released together some day, with chapters 6 and 7 releasing much later.
>>437883 ralsei's looking suspicious as hell, but masks it via a clearly unhealthy amount of "i'm adowable uwu", the latter pretty much easily tricking like 80% of the fanbase
>>437895 Every other Ralsei post is about how he was suspicious in the latest chapter and people think they're geniuses for finding it out, dunce.
>>437906 well yeah, but i'm talking about outside of here you dunce cap, we're basically on the fringes of the internet
>>437883 >I don't think there was a single thing in this game that lived up to Undertale That's pretty damning
>>437633 I have no idea since I fucking hate that shitty piece of fat so I haven't interacted with her.
>>437883 >is Ralsei supposed to be so unlikable to the point where I want to torture him Considering you can ignore him to the point he clearly know you are making him feel unconfortable with his sole prescence I would say yes.
>>437751 purple cat is from undertale and was in an alley with a crocodile girl selling stuff (alley cat and alley gator); in deltarune they gave the cat a family (mom, dad, younger sister) and the white one's the sister, the croc girl also has a family of some sort but they arent revealed as yet, wouldnt surprise me if the cool boy snake was actually related to her
(119.07 KB 500x508 jevil sexual thoughts.png)

>>435932 Simple. If the world is my playground as an omnipotent god, I am simply the type of person to put back my toys where I found them, instead of leaving them on the floor. Because if I were a god, I would eventually abuse my powers for fun, simply because right and wrong are things I make, but the scruples and empathy of morality I have from when I was mortal would at least see to it that nothing I did actually mattered in any way to the people I use as toys. Ultimately, i'm out for fun, my own, and everyone else's. Many people would be a mad god like that. When you have that much power, you gain a different perspective and a lot of time, your morality will warp to fit your lack of surroundings as you self-actualize. Many rich people think the same way, but their mistake is that they believe they are all powerful, which they are not. It's the failure of many men to believe they are gods when they are not. In this world, the collective is god, and not in a communist way, the collective of humanity as a whole if you were to examine it's actions in dealing with the world as it's own entity would seem much like a mad god from old fairytales. Morality, after all, only exists on an individual level where the environment of the collective dictates if you are a rapist, murderer or virtuous angel from birth. Sure, you have choice, but these are only factors, not small factors, but they do not determine your conciousness entirely. Hey and this ain't an edgelord thing, I personally like being good to people, but I have the smarts to understand that I am flawed like the rest. And i'm counting on the people around me to keep me straight as an arrow when I fall, I don't take them for granted. That's how things have worked for pretty much all of time. Free will is an ideal, we all live in chains. Morality isn't a joke, but the world we live in has the proclivity to make it seem like one. Chaos, chaos.
>>438005 Jesus christ, these two are so goddamn obnoxious holy shit.

(881.28 KB 864x1296 111.png)

(1.31 MB 864x1296 112.png)

(1.03 MB 864x1296 113.png)

>>438043 ok but how about now
>>438049 Nah, no matter how hard you try, anon, I'm not a furry
(283.91 KB 1900x1904 furry but bunny.jpg)

>>438064 But you are a normalfag.
>>438064 >furry butt bunny YES
(409.76 KB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)

>talks about eggs, we're meant to think he means the pipis >pipis: species of invasive clam >hidden eggs given by mystery man, only other reference to eggs (minus the Temmie hardboiled egg) The more time passes, the more insane I'm going reading way too much into every line.
(1.96 MB 320x250 gaster chicken.gif)

>>438205 >Gaster/The Man gives you eggs which (you) place across town near important people who would have been close to Gaster >Sans, his son/brother and a clear helper on his projects due to the secret room in his house >Asgore, his beloved king, which he was researching ways to destroy the barrier this entire time >He's handing the shadow crystals to outcasts who gain immense power from it, or the knowledge they give (You can look through the crystals to see the true form of the room you're in, or how Susie regards you in one case) >Outcasts include Jevil, the Joker Card of the deck and the one most often not used >Spamton, a spam email that once got big/clicked on but was thrown in the trash/recycle bin, which was never emptied >"Freedom" seems to be the tying thread between all of them, and it may be that Gaster/The Man is also not free, but wants to break his bounds. Part of the fun is the mystery, but man, there's just so much juicy shit here it's maddening.
Does Deltarune have a FUN value?
>>438218 >place across town near important people Holy shit how did I not notice this, I assumed it was just a trap to make you lose the eggs inbetween chapters.
So how do I start the Noelle Mindbreak route? Just start murdering enemies when she joins the party or is there something more to it?
>>438225 >Once Kris gets to Noelle and has her join their party, they must defeat every enemy between Spamton's shop in the Junkyard and the second puzzle by using Noelle's IceShock spell to freeze the enemies. Driving off any enemies using melee attacks or sparing them immediately ends the route, and more enemies must be found farther left from where the party landed after falling off the rollercoaster.
>>438218 Doesn't Gaster's sound faintly play when you're next to the locked bunker door in the real world? >>438235 Don't forget to take her starting equipment, too.
>>438049 i hate how frisk is portrayed in this comic. all of the others are fine.
>>437717 What's your opinion on MLP and Gochuumon?
>>438218 >Outcasts i still think kris is one of the outcasts. he etered in contact with gaster in that bunker and becuase of that he gained the ability of remove the soul and creating dark fountains.
(640.58 KB 2254x1322 undertale.png)

(45.06 KB 480x480 infidels.jpg)

(4.78 KB 300x100 naruto.png)

What defines normalfaggotry? I think this would be a good thing to define. There are many things I would consider normalfaggotry that others do not, for instance, but liking certain things is not necessarily indicative of normalfaggotry. I am reminded of third pic related for instance, where it is suggested that as long as you recognize that Naruto is shit even if you like it, it's fine. Frankly I agree. Sometimes people like something, but as long as they recognize something for what it is there isn't any problem. Conversely, normalfags suggest that if you like guro for instance, you need to be locked up.
>>437203 >>436301 You keep posting Hilda in these threads, so I have to ask, how did you feel about season 2?
>>438283 >What defines normalfaggotry being normal and faggot? a faggot who has it guiding compass as everything "normal" and every/anything outside of the "normal"must be destroyed and/or banned
>>438283 "Thing that i don't like but other people do". Like, Dragonforce was just an obscure niche metal band until Rockband made them super popular, and then it became normalfag fodder that all the REALmetalheads hate with a passion.
(728.53 KB 1000x1000 bigdeath spamton.png)

>>438283 being a normalfaggot means you like other things because other people like them. It means you're gay for the concept of normality instead of actually being normal. People call it being a "sheep" that's herded by trends. There's people who like things, then there's people who like things because they have a fetish for being normal and "in" on the trend. It's common. It's what separates what's normal from what's normalfaggotry.
>>438287 >Rockband That was Guitar Hero 3, actually
>>438237 The ambient machinery near the bunker is gaster's voice (or music?) slowed down by 666%
(672.67 KB 1200x897 delta noelle picnic.png)

>>438298 i never played any of them so
Why do people like Undertale more than Deltarune?
(70.37 KB 828x820 E3si06IXIAA6l-E.jpg)

>>435754 I personally love all the hidden stuff, dialogue differences between routes and the OST
>>438364 Because Undertale is a full game.
>>438364 simpler game, also general "first installment wins" effect.
(758.19 KB 476x687 GodPeanut.png)

>>435960 >Poz me harder These threads were a mistake
>>438287 >that all the REALmetalheads hate with a passion From what I've been able to determine metalheads are complete and unbearable faggots.
>>438284 Not him, but I liked it, specially the last chapters.
>>438378 anyone with tattoos like that is usually an unbearable attentionwhore faggot >oooh look at me i got nothing interesting going on, im gonna ruin my body with shitty drawings so i can pretend im interesting
>>438287 >"Thing that i don't like but other people do" So you're fine with it then?
(863.91 KB 485x750 mu.png)

>>438398 With underrune or dragonforce? Because the answer is yes to both, but i don't expect sad faggots to appreciate good music and this is the deltatale thread so being here and NOT liking it makes you a fucking retard for hitting reply to begin with.
>>438283 >first pic Holy shit, it's been 6 years and you dumb faggots still use the same screencaps of posts written by mentally ill faggots to justify your opinions. Are you also going to post the one saying that a GayFags poll getting raided so that Undertale won as a shitpost was actually a conspiracy to ruin videogames for ever (Trust me I totally work at a kike shill agency it's all true :^) ) as well?
(137.86 KB 1275x1650 ClipboardImage.png)

>>438283 Pic related is normalfaggotry. >>438400 I'd say he was asking if you like reddit, tumblr, 4chan, twitter, and facebook as well as nujaks.
>>438218 >Or the knowledge they give But Gaster DOESN'T want his peons gaining knowledge. See: Spamton getting thrown away. >(You can look through the crystals to see the true form of the room you're in, or how Susie regards you in one case) I remember looking at the dialog and it just implied that Susie was behind you so obviously you'd see her behind you. Why would Susie even glare at you? If anything she seems to be having fun with you. >>438225 This >>438235 also make sure to pick the "right" dialog options.
(184.54 KB 503x600 shirtbusters_proceed.png)

Anyways what is the hottest deer grooming image yet?
>>438440 Nah, you're just butthurt because it's accurate.
>>438483 Well drawn but otherwise what's special about it?
(282.74 KB 959x1280 delta noelle pet.jpg)

(1.04 MB 3812x2014 FAwJGSsVIAQFn_T.jpg)

Alright mostly finished with Snowgrave The moment Noelle asked if she should freeze another enemy out of habit was great. Something about how calm, even happy, she was just going with it until she realized it was Berdly. But fuck Spamton. I hadn't realized I'd be screwed for equipment and he hits like a brick shithouse. Why is he even there?
>>438536 >But fuck Spamton. I hadn't realized I'd be screwed for equipment and he hits like a brick shithouse. Why is he even there? I'm so sorry you suck at video games, anon.
>>438536 It's okay, you want to be wearing Noelle's watch anyways. Having the mechanical pencil or the eraser doesn't matter too much for damage/ defense. You always have the option to use the cheese strat. If you hold down Enter and spam Z (or vice-versa) you will fire fully charged shots at normal speed. However Toby patched this. By putting in a hidden counter that tracks how many times you abuse this exploit and how many times you've died to Spamton. Abusing the exploit past a certain point triggers Spamton and makes some of his attack patterns more difficult. He also deals more damage based on how many times you've used the exploit; up to 115 damage per hit. However he also deals less of this bonus damage the more times you die so if you're a true shitter you can still make it through.
Alright finally beat him. Too much shit going on at once and that one attack where him and his mini heads fire randomly always got me. >>438549 I'm playing the unpatched release version so that wasn't an issue, luckily.
>>438555 Holy casual how are you so bad.
>>438637 My eyes are remarkably shitty. Most of his attacks just merged into white blobs.
(331.65 KB 1024x677 Superhot.jpg)

>>438283 Normalfaggots are narcissists without the ability to dive into their subconscious, that's all. It doesn't matter what things you like or dislike, they can be a telling sign of a normalfag but basing your opinion on someone's likes is in itself misguided because this is not what makes a normalfag. A normalfag is not defined by his relationships, status or likes and dislikes, but by his psyche. A normalfag has a shallow subconscious, or is too much of a coward to delve into his subconscious. He lacks the internal turmoil associated with a deeper subconscious, he does not question himself, he does not have problems that he has to overcome, but he is not healthy either. Rather he is a """person""" of stunted development who hasn't moved on from the idea of them being perfect and good and a black and white idea of the world. That's why usually, most normalfags go for moralising, collectivist ideas and philosophies such as communism, nazism or other brands of socialism. They are people who have come to the conclusion that nothing that they do is wrong, and that everyone that disagrees with them is evil. A normalfag is in the end a fake person. I know that the NPC meme is now seen negativelly here, but it describes pretty well how those people work. But it's not necessarilyy that they are incapable of individual thought or that they don't have souls, it is simply that they have been oversocialised, and conditioned into following pavlovian responses to thoughts and ideas. Their minds are so fragile, that stepping out of their comfort zone terrifies them too much so they just follow their subconscious desires without thinking. Fears, sexual urges, phobias, mob, biases instincts all manifest in them as they do in a non-normalfag person. But while a non-normalfag person can take a step back and go "Wait, is this really the correct way to go? What does this say about me? Am I really in the right? What do I even want by doing that?", can analyse themselves, a normalfag has no such capability. Doing so would cause a normalfag an instantenous fear-response and a collapse of their fake self-image, so they prefer to do everything they can to keep that image up by using other people. Nothing else matters to them. Their "social" nature is not an actual attempt at interacting with others, but merely at gaining victims that they can use to shield themselves from harm psychologically, while a non-normalfag person, if he manages to meet a different non-normalfag, will be able to create a geniuent relationship. Though most, if not all non-normalfags are loners and have far smaller groups of friends/aquaintances. Video games
(8.27 KB 246x205 lolwut.jpg)

>>438653 >normalfags go for nazism and communism nigger what
>>438656 SJWs are just a hyper form of a normalfag, SJWs are Marxists or post-marxists whether they know it or not as they follow the ideas of Repressive Tolerance by Marcuse which is inspired mostly by Marxist ideas and influenced by the failure of USSR. Nazis are just another spin on socialism and Marxism, now with racist ideas and the bullshit "We are not Marxists because we will do what Marx wanted to and failed" as Hitler put by saying "What Marxism, Leninism and Stalinism failed to accomplish we shall be in a position to achieve". They're the same shit ideologically, and are also the same shit when you examine psychological tendencies which gave birth to them.
>>438656 Anon is basically saying Normalfags do not have real political leanings as they lack the ability to see the bigger picture they just run with what the think is the correct crowd. So yeah Anon aint wrong.
By the way, somewhere in ch2 Ralsei explains you can become stronger by betraying people. Are there any videos of that? >Inb4 just play the game No that sounds awful.
>>438694 >Ralsei throws a coin on the floor in front of Kris >der ewige Kris bends over to pick it up >just as he does so, Ralsei inserts his huge dick inside Kris >it counts as betrayal >Ralsei is now super god of ultradeath
(30.24 KB 465x523 1586382223382.jpg)

>>438695 >it counts as betrayal I don't see why.
Is this an easter egg
>>438715 Because it was too sudden and Kris thought he'd be the one to do the stuffing. It was a betrayal of trust.
>>438779 What if he apologises afterwards saying he went too fast?
>>438694 The game is great though
>>438671 Not just political but also philosophical leanings. Normalfags are "Last Men" philosophically, they do everything just to avoid pain and hurt. Their only personal motivation is not being hurt, so they avoid even self-reflection. I'm not one to pose that pain is always good, but pain is not necessarily bad either. Pain can be used to push yourself to new heights, it is a teacher, suffering is a part of human existence and to ignore it is to cowardly hide away from reality.
(1.17 MB 1024x960 kris where are we tactics.png)

When was the last time you saw a meme that required 900 hours in mspaint as opposed to pasting a face over an existing meme or taking a picture and adding black text onto a white background above it?
(96.61 KB 720x1035 Cute dumbass.jpg)

Berdly is a cute dumbass and the only reason why people hate him is because they refuse to deal with the fact that they were idiots at highschool too, and that it's okay to be one, as everyone was an idiot during highschool.
>>438695 >god of hyperdeath >because he uses cockvore to snuff you
(4.14 MB 1280x1440 delta where touhou.png)

>>438865 kris looks like a ramza edit dunno about suzie
>>438874 Poor Berdly just wants nipples.
>>438826 A well-intentioned betrayal still is a betrayal, even if afterwards Ralsei cuddles Kris. If it's forgiven or disregarded doesn't change a thing. He could however decide to abuse his newly gained god powers to make Kris extremely love being fucked, in which case it wouldn't be considered a betrayal by Kris anymore. He could also use his potential god powers of mindfuckery to make Kris think he wanted that dick from the very beginning, which'd mean he never betrayed the current Kris, but he did the former one even more because that Kris didn't ask for neither a dicking nor a mind wipe. It'd still be a betrayal. >>438865 That's some good sprite work. >>438891 Nipples are great. It took me a few seconds to realise he wants them because birds aren't mammals because who really knows how he was born when deltarune monsters are involved?
>>438925 I assume he was born from a very big egg.
>>438874 Am I the only one annoyed by these classmates all getting isekai'd as well. I liked it more when it was just Kris, Susie and Ralsei.
>>438956 It would kind of invalidate the characters of Hometown as being full characters if you just went on threesome adventures in closetland with your only interaction with them being "oh you're that weird guy haha joke" the entire game.
>>438956 Kind of, but it's not like any of the other classmates are as fleshed out. At most we might get a temmie cameo in any seriousness. But the ending of Ch2 implies that Susie and Ralsei will always be the main party, with the other kids either being temps or macguffins.
>>438865 >SE finally after so ling release a game that is a spirtitual successor to FFT >switch exclusive well better than iphone, but still god dammit
>>438960 Is it that Triangle Strategy or whatever? I'm interested in it though I know whenever it gets ported to PC they'll slap Denuvo on it
>>438968 maybe not, actraiser avoided denuvo
>>438970 >HD Actraiser without Denuvo Anon, don't toy with my heart like this. Is it true?
>>438972 it is i just finished the full game (pos game included) half hour ago
So Toby's birthday is tomorrow and he's also in Spain.
I don't know why, but the hard split with Noelle r34 being either Yuri with Susie or Mindbreak Ryona now gives me a sensible chuckle.
(100.82 KB 764x1260 delta dinorape.png)

(167.06 KB 764x1260 delta ghostrape.jpg)

(191.17 KB 764x1260 delta heartstrings.jpg)

>>439063 what about ghostrape?
>>439068 I'd count that under mindbreak since it's not kris doing it, but Us/The Soul. Noelle is, canonically, our slut.
(645.92 KB 1400x1800 Kaisa.png)

>>438284 >how did you feel about season 2? It's okay, the fifty year night it's the best episode by far. It reminds me non-Hilda Luke Pearson's comics It truly makes me wonder how an Everything We Miss animated adaptation would come out. The thing is Coyle doesn't understand how the Hildaverse works, last season Johanna didn't care enough for her daughter, he fixed that I give him that, now she's closer to how she looks like on the animated series, however, it puts way too much fantasy in it and elements that doesn't fit at all on Show's lore, like that giant crab, like seriously what were they thinking? Frida's witch subplot is forgettable and looks like it's going to be just a plot device; however, I can stand it since it gives Kaisa more screen time. I hope they won't force a Frida/David subplot on the Mountain King movie that is coming out, they already did that on the Stone Forest episode. In general I'm looking forward to the movie and season three, it looks like we are going to have Hilda content enough for the following three or four years
>>438301 Wasn't that a tune in the fake sound test in Undertale? Then again, the easiest way to make fans sperg out is to just randomly and for no reason connect up things between games, then let them boil in their own autism gravy.
>>437149 >>437142 So the player is some kind of ghost that haunts kris and tells him what to do?
>>439285 we're piloting his corpse because he's already dead, or rather undead; thats why he can rip his heart out and why he staggers around afterwards
>>439285 We're literally his puppet master, it's why fighting and defeating Spamton fucks with him so much to the point he's screaming.
>>438881 That one's going in the compilation
(2.49 MB 1500x1600 sylvly.png)

Is there an infamous edgy Chara comic?
>>439303 >It’s why fighting and defeating Spamton fucks with him. At least in the pacifist route.
Here's a theory, Toby says that our choices do not matter and there is just one ending. But he also said there are more important things than just the ending. The ending is going to be an open ending and what we do changes the implications of how it all ends.
>>439456 The ending is clearly going to be really gay and stupid and will punish players who choose to fight instead of acting.
>>439468 I actually think fight or regular ACT will have no real bearing besides minor shit and dialogues. Use Act to do Snowgrave and whatever evil shit in the future will actually change a lot. >The ending is clearly going to be really gay Yes, as I wish.
>>438663 >Nazis are just another spin on socialism and Marxism, now with racist ideas and the bullshit "We are not Marxists because we will do what Marx wanted to and failed Holy fuck you are retarded, never talk about politics again.
>>439468 >>439456 I think an ending like OFF would be cool.
What if Asriel is not gay? I know, it''s impossible, but what if?
>>439685 He could just be Endrance from .hack//G.U. gay: so desperate for affection that he clings onto the first person who actually connects with him.
>>439685 BULLSHIT
Asgore is such a fucking worthless cuck, I literally avoided talking to him in Ch.2 because he literally makes me irrationally angry. I have come to believe that Toby Fox must be writing him from experience, I had a shitty dad, I know what a shitty dad is like and can tell when someone writes a shitty dad from personal experience. Ascuck literally ticks all the boxes for shittiest gaming dad of all time. Deadbeat goat fucker makes Bondrewd from MiA look like a nice person because he at least wasn't an incompetent fuck. I just want to see this story develop further so I might get the chance to slay this fat greasy ball of cunt.
>>439737 Don't forget your eggs-husband!
(131.85 KB 445x413 delta noelle mice.jpg)

(151.74 KB 526x1029 happy_0.png)

>>439737 Bondrewd is just a man that loved his adopted daughter and all other adopted children he had, and used them for science. I don't see the problem.
>>439745 ok this one is good, gotta admit
(123.84 KB 1000x1000 1622940758269_32819535866208904.jpeg)

(5.96 MB 640x360 76t554s22u661.gif)

>>439737 Don't you compare Eggs-gore to Basedrewd ever again.
(415.85 KB 1561x775 face.png)

Did anyone figure out what this disappearing face in the catacombs was? It shows up just before the teacup ride to the switch that disables the barrier if you want to see it for yourself. Its eyes are the same color as Spamton's except it has pupils and its teeth are jagged, unlike Spamton's which are flat and puppet-like. The shopkeep said that this is where the corrupt data goes so maybe it's another discarded popup.
>>439838 spamton occasionally has pupils, so it's not unreasonable to say that's just a spamton ghost leading you along, since he had access to the queen's mansion, but he just couldn't get through the teacup ride
(37.93 KB 466x350 51H1lZvNxlL._AC_SX466_.jpg)

>>439838 It looks like the same smile you see on TV at the end of Chapter 2. In my opinion it could be Mike, the dude mentioned by Spamton
(37.36 KB 470x660 heyl4n7erjo71.png)

>>439838 People have pointed out that you see the same jagged smile in the tv before the chapter ends. Leading people to speculate that it's Mike. I don't think this holds up since it'd be odd for a Darkner to show up in a world so far removed from them. Perhaps he could travel through the wires and manifest here? Maybe but I don't think so. There's also the eye coloration, which seems to be Spamton's thing. Unless there's a strong throughline connecting that feature I don't see why Mike would have the same eyes or glasses. There's nothing stopping them from sharing the same depraved smile though. It would actually make them more alike than I'd bet Spamton would be comfortable with. I'm inclined to think that >>439840 is correct since the face is seen specifically just before the teacup ride. Presumably he's eager to see you get past a defense he's been stuck on for a while. He's given [[1997]] Kromer in the Snowgrave route, which is apparently enough for him to bypass the teacups somehow. It would be neat if you could buy $1997 worth of stuff from his shop in the normal route and he ends up becoming Neo by the end. I decided to do an image search for both smiles so they're here for reference. This image comes from Leddit, but is convenient albeit for Flowey being on here. The smiles are completely different apart from the emotion they convey. I'm now pretty certain they are not the same character.
>>439737 >>439744 Eggs-husband was the most pathetic line I've ever heard, and how he ruins his own business is just as retarded. Asgore needs to grow a spine or three, even if nothing bad happened someone with this attitude deserves to be divorced. Hopefully Toriel did it before he infected Asriel and Kris with his bullshit too much.
(60.52 KB 850x400 Hitler socialist.jpg)

(52.56 KB 600x450 Hitler Socialism 2.jpg)

(40.38 KB 920x326 EGblj2NVUAE3cVV.jpg)

>>439517 >If the National Socialist Movement should fail to understand the fundamental importance of this essential principle [race], if it should merely varnish the external appearance of the present State and adopt the majority principle, it would really do nothing more than compete with Marxism on its own ground. >I will tolerate no opposition. We recognize only subordination – authority downwards and responsibility upwards. You just tell the German bourgeoisie that I shall be finished with them far quicker than I shall with Marxism... When once the conservative forces in Germany realize that only I and my party can win the German proletariat over to the State and that no parliamentary games can be played with Marxist parties, then Germany will be saved for all time, then we can found a German Peoples State. >I have learned a great deal from Marxism as I do not hesitate to admit... The difference between them and myself is that I have really put into practice what these peddlers and pen pushers have timidly begun. The whole of National Socialism is based on it... National Socialism is what Marxism might have been if it could have broken its absurd and artificial ties with a democratic order. >What Marxism, Leninism and Stalinism failed to accomplish, we shall be in a position to achieve. Don't take it from me, take it from the man himself. Half of what he speaks is just "It wasn't REAL SOCIALISM, this time it will work" when speaking about his political ideology. Should I also remind you that Mussolini was a failed commie, and based his ideology directly on a dialectical rework of Marx? They were both leftists, or center-left ideologies.
>>440144 Also historically, wasn't marx racist like actually african people are genetically incapable of contributing to his society?
>>440261 Oh boy, you don't even know. Marx might have been ethnically jewish, but he was not raised as such, and was actually a huge fucking anti-semite, calling people "Jewish Niggers" and such. Honestly, there was some prood that his idea of "burgeoise" was literally just "Jews". Though what Hitler and Marx differed in was this: Marx hated Jews as a culture and religion, and believed that Jews could abandon their ways and become socialists, while Hitler was an ethnic autist, who believed that Jews are naturally evil.
We all know that Ralsei is definitely hiding something and conspiring with Kris. But seeing that Kris is obviously not evil, from the fact that he mentions his friends to Spamton when refusing his offer, to the fact that he is shocked over Snowgrave, what if they are indeed hiding something from the player but for good reasons? What if they are manipulative for the sake of perhaps stopping the player from genocidal tendencies?
>>439518 >OFF ending I hope it will not be as depressing as OFF ending though, I don't mind the choice between turning against Kris or staying with him, but the idea of doing shit like OFF is kind of sad
Why does cat dad call Asriel "Douglas" I know it's a doug reference, but he calls him doug a couple of times
>>439518 >>440349 I don't want an ending even slightly like OFF, I want a good ending. >>440365 It's simple, Douglas is an acronym for "Dicksucker Of Ultimate Gayness Lecherousness And Slutiness" .
I'm starting to enjoy the ideas of some AU's even though I found them to be completely retarded, just because they give me more content to consume. Did this game just give me autism? To be honest, while many of them are retarded, I kind of like the creativity that goes into some of them, and getting fan games is kind of cool
(28.65 KB 544x1600 titlebg.png)

(9.22 KB 544x416 pr3.png)

(33.42 KB 544x416 sans weed.png)

(11.44 KB 544x416 server_settingsfun.png)

(16.91 KB 544x416 abgame8.png)

>>440621 Yes, you have the autism; liking thing + hungry for more = time to sail the sperglord seas. I will once again recommend the possibly most complete of the AU options, Undertale 2
>>440621 >Undertale AUs Are mostly cancer, yes.
I'm a fucking retard for not realizing this sooner It's not "The world revolving" that plays in the background of "BIG SHOT" Because the world revolving and BIG SHOT both have leitmotifs from the ending song, the entire theme is made up of that set of notes. This song is associated with the freedom that both of these characters seek out, so they naturally both have the same leitmotif
>>440346 >what if they are indeed hiding something from the player but for good reasons? That was my theory as well. Ralsei constantly pushes you to take the pacifist route and spare as many characters as you can find (who then are transported to his realm). He knows something dark, like how all enemies who aren't spared will die/be petrified/become inanimate objects forever once the fountains keeping their kingdoms (this is just my theory/headcanon), and is hiding it to avoid putting pressure on the rest of the "gang". It was the same when he confessed the story of the titans, Ralsei omitted it because he knew everyone would get more stressed with that fact in mind and become more prone to take "more extreme measures" to seal the remaining fountains and confront the "knight". >>440621 >Undertale AUs Do I really want to know more about this?
>>441199 makes sense, he doesn't seem to have bad intentions and it would explain why he's so cagey.
>>441199 >Do I really want to know more about this? Pros: Way more undertale bs Cons: Way more autistic undertale bs
>>441199 >Do I really want to know more about this? Super Eyepatch Wolf did a video covering the basics of the biggest AUs and mentions the gimmick of several smaller ones. If you can stand listening to the faggot for an extended period of time that is.
What is this taxes meme desu ka?
>>442416 >Taxes meme You mean the normalfag meme of "Haha, X character doesn't pay their taxes!"?
(177.32 KB 1541x1800 FBmkbN-XIAQ1zS8.jpg:large)

Did you know a heart looks like an inverted spade? Also unrelated pic
>>442582 yeah but how would you ship them
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o7Q7Na_YX8 New lore, lyric isolation Some things to note are >it pulls the strings and makes them ring is the only line that is completely clear, along with [Mike] being referenced again. I have been meticulously matching words and phrases with dialogue boxes spamton has said and I want to say that at the very end, spamton is starting to say, >The man's a criminal, I tell you abruptly cut with >What you're *jevil laugh* Right now the only actual cut we have of the isolation is pretty hard to listen to properly, and it has whatever the sound equivalent of artifacting would be.
>>442585 Easy. ""Ralsei and (You) are Diamonds."" Ralsei is your platonic friend who keeps (You) grounded. He also teaches (You) the game mechanics and has a manual in the game files for (You) specifically. Until he eventually pulls a Flowey He's your best friend. ""Kris and Susie are Hearts."" They're both friendly towards each other and Kris gets the most healing from Susie's tea, meaning he likes her the most or at least has the most positive feelings towards her. ""(You), Ralsei and Kris are Clubs."" With Ralsei acting as the mediating factor, he seems to be the one who helps Kris get over the implications of soul puppetry after the Spamton Neo fight, as well as giving (You) something to do while he apparently talks to Kris alone. ""(You) and Kris are spades."" Considering you can make Kris go into several romantic choices he normally wouldn't, with him being noted as being confused when he makes his choices, I would say this seems like the best fit. Kris definitely hates (You) in some matter, but can't live without you, possibly literally
>>442640 Also let it be known that I'm disgusted with myself yet still proud of it for still understanding that shipping grid years later. I will be on my deathbed and if someone asked me to explain troll romance I will be able to give them the basics with my last breath.
>>442635 bitcrush. After Spamton I thought the Final Queen battle was going to have bitcrushed lyrics too, Swatch references them.
>>442640 My soul needs more of this
(145.15 KB 640x466 ClipboardImage.png)

I am going insane thinking about pipis, what does "the original" mean, is it related to the original starwalker? why is there a random number of likes every time you check it? why an invasive species of underwater clam? did he choose clams because he found one with a funny name or was it the other way around?
>>443220 obviously its original pipis as opposed to new pipis that they released and nobody liked
>>443220 While I'm also wondering why Spamton likes Pipis so much, you could at least choose better questions about them. I don't think we'll ever get background lore on the amount of likes they have.
>>442880 It's apparently a fan-game that's in the works, so more will come soon™ >>443220 I think it's related to that one "Pipis room" meme from a while ago.
I want more conflict between Kris and the Soul.
>>441297 I watched the video and liked some of these AU concepts (specially the one about different AUs battling each other), but I fear that if I decide to learn more about them I will fall into a dark void.
>>444101 I think there's some reasonable plot elements here, probably gonna steer this way.
>>444260 I'm not too big into these AUs, but because I re-watched that video to refresh my memory I got this in my recommends: https://youtu.be/6-2RYWCJmos From what I can tell by a comment in there it's not a part of the proper Underfell fangame, but I think it's pretty good imo. That's actually probably why it's good since I watched the Sans fight from the fangame and it was pretty shit.
>>444403 >underfell that shit has some big fucking nuts to ride on the coattails of a game that has some pretty decent sound design and quality with how edgy and awful it is
>>444403 Like everything else wrong with pop culture and the internet, it started off as a small, sort of neat idea that got wildly out of control when thousands of people with no good ideas, no taste, or no ability to create (but an intense drive to do it) decided that it was time for them to shine or that their donut steele was exactly what everybody was waiting to read about. Given that it hasn't been around nearly as long, Undertale is a serious competitor with Sonic for having the (video game) fanbase most productive of ridiculous and stupid shit but with very rare glimmers of talent showing through. Of course, Toby either intended for this to happen or hit upon the exactly correct formula for it to happen with. How is it that this, FNAF, Sonic, and that whole Legend of Krystal thing all attracted relatively large, extremely furry fanbases that generated disproportionate amounts of fan content up to and including many fan games? This is an extremely potent type of autism that nobody has learned how to usefully exploit as yet.
>>444419 >how did a game that has furry characters in it hit the mainstream and get a furry fan following literally cum for brains, you.
>>444419 >How is it that this, FNAF, Sonic, and that whole Legend of Krystal thing all attracted relatively large, extremely furry fanbases that generated disproportionate amounts of fan content up to and including many fan games? The plot of Sonic, FNAF, Homestuck, Undertale, MLP and similar autism hubs leaves the door open for the introduction of new characters (Sonic has the "X the Y" characters, FNAF has multiple versions of animatronics, MLP and Homestuck have multiple races, Undertale has entire timelines), which along the simple designs of their characters makes it easy for fans to create stories where their OC coexist with real characters in a way that doesn't clash too much. However, while is the way characters can be easily created what attracts this particular kind of creative autism, is the leniency of the owners of the IPs what lets such autism thrive.
>>442640 >""(You) and Kris are spades."" (You), Kris, and Ralsei can't be Clubs if (You) and Kris are spades. Because Clubs whole point is that it's a spade that would be destructive to one or both parties. Ralsei acts to keep (You) and Kris from actually hurting each other. Therefor, (You) and Kris can't also be a spade because it would be a toxic relationship without Ralsei. -Anon's sister who read homestuck
>>444891 >Anon's sister post armpits plz
(1.38 KB 180x47 ClipboardImage.png)

I thought the internet portraying Spamton as a small gremlin was just post-tumblr being post-tumblr, but he's actually super small.
>>444891 I find it funny how people (tumblrwhores) acted like hussie's troll romance system was so profound when all he did was take non-romantic relationships and said "this is romance for trolls" while slapping some made-up jargon to it, It's the most basic sort of sci-if writing. >the aliens of planet x greet each other by kicking shins
>>444442 AAAAAA
(38.40 KB 300x250 tumblrtale.png)

>>435747 Fuck Tumblrtale.
(46.89 KB 540x540 delta uckf.jpg)

(73.36 KB 736x736 delta uckffff.jpg)

>>445058 ah fuck YOU lisaman
>>444986 You needed to have him right besides the others to notice that?
(50.43 KB 320x180 ClipboardImage.png)

Small shot: Susie x Noelle Decent shot: Susie x Kris Big Shot: Susie x Ralsei Tomboy x Femboy supremacy!
(533.69 KB 1958x1295 delta sportslocker.jpg)

>>445082 My tomboy bestie is all about femboys. Makes me wish I could be one instead of the ugly man I am.
(1.00 MB 500x225 I'm just like you.gif)

>>440684 >my comment hit the collective consciousness so hard that I saw no less than 5 people use the phrase "freedom leitmotif"
>>440684 >Ending song I'm pretty sure that's "Don't Forget".
>>442635 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyFukA2M21c newer, cleaner, and got some pretty decent lyrics on this one >The thing is coming for me, answer the phone >his hand was played into all along >it pulls the strings and makes them ring >until your heart turns RED >The thing is coming for me, answer the phone >his hand was played into all along >it pulls the strings, it pulls the strings >and tell you what to be Listened to the original and now I can safely hear this every time.
>>438865 Jesus christ I can only recall the CD-I games and that was over ten years ago. I can't believe there's people putting so much effort on this edits and it's Deltarune out of all fucking things.
>>440349 >I don't mind the choice between turning against Kris or staying with him Yeah that's exactly what I meant by "OFF ending"
(3.28 MB 1785x959 ClipboardImage.png)

>>445082 >Tomboy x Femboy supremacy! YESSSS
(2.50 KB 120x117 1414453384485.jpg)

https://determinators.tumblr.com/post/159674581147/greetings-uh-so-ive-been-working-on-this Tumblr theory accidentally pushes genocide route to something closer to snowgrave. Come get a bite.
>>445082 >Tomboy x Femboy I can't imagine worst taste.
>>446482 >frisk (you) are the one teaching chara to be an asshole >chara wasn't the asshole to start out, just didn't like people and was an edge lord and suicidal >frisk mentally manipulates someone into observing a killing spree and gets them to join in, and can potentially say, "Well, that's a wrap." wew
(51.01 KB 1024x576 culture.jpg)

>>446466 >metal family
(182.74 KB 511x435 ClipboardImage.png)

>>446515 >>446482 I legitimately just spent an hour reading undertale lore and not playing videogames or doing work.
>>446508 Frisk is not (you) though. You are a separate entity even from Frisk.
(138.96 KB 360x569 ClipboardImage.png)

>>446528 I've fallen into an abyss, impossible to climb out of.
>>446528 Hey at least it wasn't one of those schizo theories. Pic unrelated.
>>446533 Hey, it's Nubert.
>>446462 What you're seeing is passion. Whether these games bring it out of their fans or just attract the kind of people who would be passionate about video game sprite edits, I can't say.
>>446533 my theory: nubert is asriel proof: nubert doesnt turn into stone, everybody loves them, i would fuck both checkmate ralseists
>>446553 my real theory: Ralsei is turning people to stone somehow.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GtwZxv_6Dc So here I am enjoying this video but then my night is ruined when reading the comments and seeing a bunch of people who didn't realize that Spamton was an Addison.
>>446508 >frisk mentally manipulates someone into observing a killing spree and gets them to join in, and can potentially say, "Well, that's a wrap." Mate, chara literally dragged Asriel out of the barrier to go murder an entire village. Like you can spend all day trying to convince yourself that it was TOTALLY for altruistic reasons and Chara DEFINITELY wanted only to kill 6 humans and then free the monsters, but Asriel says it best "He wasn't really that great of a person". Also he tried to murder Asgore with poisonous flowers from his home and fucking laughed about it.
>>446782 You're right that Chara wanted to kill all humans but you definitely should read up on >>446482 For starters, >Also he tried to murder Asgore with poisonous flowers from his home and fucking laughed about it. Wrong.
(237.89 KB 600x600 yxe9ujs2azt71.png)

Reminder that Kris canonically doesn't like Ralsei as much as the player does.
>>446982 The smurf human faggot hybrid better prepare himself mentally then, he's getting the Ralsei hugs, snogs and cock anyway.
>>446826 There's a lot of assumptions you're making there.
>>447029 What assumptions retard
>>446982 I don't like Ralsei either, I stay away from him as much as I can
If Ralsei is a goat monster, why does he have feet instead of hooves? Proportion wise, comparing Ralsei bare feet to how small Kris' feet are in boots, Ralsei's must be some big feet as well, unless Kris ones are tiny.
>>447101 Goat people have huge feet in Undertale and Deltarune. Nothing new here.
>>447101 He's mostly goat but has other elements like paws and bipedalism.
>>447057 Well for one assuming the identity of the narrator in all lines for one.
>>447129 Do you even know what assuming means? Tell me, who could the narrator be OTHER than Chara.
>>447139 Who refers to themselves in the third person?
>>445183 >moonrunes in filename and game screenshots How popular is Undertale/Deltarune between nips? I always assumed the games had nip translations because Toby or another dev were total weebs.
>>447148 Insanely popular, Yume Nikki tier popular.
>>447148 afaik, the nips did the original undertale japanese translation by themselves and approached Toby for Deltarune.
>>447139 I will now hide your ID.
>>447150 >>447151 Damn. I imagined that UT/DR would be somewhat known there because they resemble MOTHER and YN in some aspects, but I didn't expect that.
(281.41 KB 800x777 Japanese Sans.png)

>>447166 They even hated the official Undertale translation because it wasn't perfect enough and had Sans talk like the Japanese equivalent to a hillbilly.
>>447148 enough for shit like this
>>446782 >chara dragged asriel out of the barrier to murder an entire village go back to your "growth spurt" fancanon, redditard >you can convince yourself it was for altruistic reasons If chara had the power to kill the world then why would they not do that instead of bringing their dead body to their village? If their end game was the satisfaction of killing things then why did they let you kill things for them instead? If they wanted to revel in the carnage why blow up the world after all the monsters were dead if they supposedly hated humans more? >asriel says he wasn't that great of a person the words chosen are "Chara wasn’t really the greatest person" and that "Frisk is the kind of person he wished Chara was." This doesn't completely clear Chara, but the wording is still a bit vague, vague enough that you'd be forced to assume chara is an asshole if only through the lens of the ass end of the genocide route and taking nothing else into consideration. >>447139 >it's still you, frisk >hey you, me, it's me, you you are retard.
>>447240 I'm so sorry you were dropped on the head as a child.
>>447241 Projecting a bit are we.
>>447242 I wasn't dropped, I fell.
>>447245 >If I use self-deprecating humor, they can't insult me Wrong, also you're a coward.
>>447284 Dude you're saying it like I care about some whiny faggot loser's opinions. I don't care about what homos like you think about me I just fucking write what I want go cry about it. Your retarded theory sucks, it makes zero sense there's not even a point in arguing against it I'm just laughing at you fags because of it.
>>447294 Crying is against the rules.
>>447297 You could even say no crying till the end
>>447240 >go back to your "growth spurt" fancanon What the fuck are you even talking about?
Since Kris apparently got into the occult (conversation with Catti in town, and the demon summoning for teens Pop Up dialogue), would it be possible that Kris tried summoning a demon, and the demon is (you), controlling their soul? It would make sense why (you) are suddenly thrust into control of Kris when they're in their teen years instead of when they're a child. There's some other dialogue that hints at external forces coming from darkness, playing into the whole Lightner/Darkner dichotomy.
>>447665 There's no proof that the occult even does anything in universe yet, just that lightners (not even those with a SOUL) can produce dark fountains with determination (also something that is not inherently tied to a SOUL apparently)
(887.57 KB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)

(595.26 KB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)

(416.19 KB 256x256 thinking too far.gif)

>>448602 Both also have their left eye bigger, with similar shape for both eyes. That's interesting.
>>447223 >Kris changing his sword into a gun after being hit and shooting Spamton MY DICK
(372.17 KB 1175x756 ClipboardImage.png)

found some more obvious foreshadowing
Is this real or just a meme like those old Youtube videos where a guy takes apart a VHS player and finds Ipods and whatnot?
>>450261 RALSEI NO
(699.72 KB 250x250 proxy-image.gif)

New shitpost just dropped
>>450261 >pp pellets i knew it
>>450261 All of the undertail plushes have secrets in them.
>>450739 Except lancer who is empty.
>>450276 Unrelated but >every time spamton says special he says it in brackets and spells it [specil] >this carries over to every single time except for two instances, one being his car sale poster, which says "special" on it and when he's being spared on the pacifist run, where he says [comeback special] what's that about
>>451031 Probably just a reference to the player (red heart)
(1.12 MB 1490x957 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm obsessed. Help.
>>451419 Is there room to fit Deltarune's fast travel door in near Sans' room in the collage? May as well throw that in there
>>451419 >>451422 Explain Nubert.
>>451422 >Sans' shortcuts are doors he installed using Deltarune magic eh maybe?
(1.70 MB 2048x1999 cursed sans.png)

>>451457 Nubert is a red grain of rice that kris accidentally got blood on once, and has no plot significance. He is super cool because he is part-lightner and darkners like lightners instinctually.
What if Ralsei is Kris' socks? Would he smell like Kris' feet?
>>451495 >>451457 Nubert is his blood.
(142.42 KB 384x512 lancerdance.gif)

>>451497 Ralsei is a discarded tube of toothpaste that Kris tried to inhale, and Lancer calling him toothpaste boy that one time was really acknowledging his identity as a way to make friends with Ralsei, which is why Ralsei was not offended.
>>451419 What if the machine in San's backroom was the goner maker? There's a possibility he made the vessel and shoved it through the glowing door and into the DR world
>>450740 What's inside Toriel? Aside from a Furry's cock
>>451576 could be, I remember Toby tweeting out something to the effect of "the machine can't ever possibly be fixed no matter how much Sans and Alphys try" in response to someone saying the perfect ending isn't perfect because you can't fix the machine.
(37.83 KB 820x1120 ClipboardImage.png)

>>451419 Gonermaker is probably a reference to the fact that the goners are those who don't really exist >can you imagine a world where everything was exactly the same, except you don't exist? A goner is in contact with gaster in some way, which means the vessel you create at the beginning may well be a hint to experiments that led to the creation of the CORE and the determination machine, trying to figure out a way to put a soul into a non-human body >the project that would eventually lead to asriel being trapped in a flower It's clear that there are hints to gaster's implementation in Deltarune, and I am wondering how he'll look when he's finally revealed, if at all. I'm even going to say this, since the entire game tosses your assumptions to the side: who ever said that sans wanted you to hang out with is Papyrus? Here's some fucking theory based on only simple facts I've gathered >Sans never once says his brother's name, just that he has one, younger >Sans always talks in lower case, his brother in uppercase; Gaster has also only ever spoken in uppercase Wingdings for ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN (he also uses full written numbers rather than just having the digit appear) >bonetrousle is referenced when you approach the door in both chapters >this implies that to trousle bones is to tangle or toss them about, given this context >This does not mean that the person behind the door has to be Papyrus >it also does not mean it couldn't be both >the only characters we have not seen are noel's mother, asriel, and sans' brother >asriel is out at college, the town mayor is probably not creating darkness portals >the one left to be the knight is sans's brother or kris Here's where things get fucking tricky now >I legitimately had no clue kris was a candidate for the knight after the bait and switch in the end of chapter 1/ beginning of chapter 2 >until kris pulled his heart out I was not sure who the knight would be >toby is not big on revealing too much information too fast, which means knowing that kris has the ability to create darkness portals has to have come from chapter 2 >it does, in fact, state that anyone can create those portals >kris only attempts this after he has been in earshot of the process, prior to you were not shown this >you were not shown initially either because your eyes were shut into the bird cage, since you are the red heart, the soul >this means that toby either knew that everyone would figure out that kris was the knight in chapter 2, revealing it to show that this isn't even close to the big brain play (I can already tell it isn't) >or toby is pulling another bait and switch and for people with slow brains, like me, they will interpret this that kris is the knight and be strung along until the next reveal In both of these potential realities, there has to be a second knight figure, or some means for your party to turn on you. The little brother being Gaster, a pre-CORE Papyrus, someone who is also able to use the GASTERBLASTER, someone who knows what goes on with Sans and Alphys behind closed doors, all makes perfect sense, in some strange way. Gaster being lost to time in the core, only to be returned to the timeline as an entity that is otherwise known and loved, as what is perhaps a completely different person, is as good an erasure as any. I seem to recall another media in which a character is forgotten about completely while they continue to exist as a different person, until even they forget who they are.
>>451680 >I am wondering how he'll look when he's finally revealed, if at all. Calling it now, mystery man is somehow Rouxls, Gaster will look entirely different.
>>438425 Calm down autismo, it's just a funny screencap I posted.
>>451680 >>451745 If you look at Gaster, you can see two faces, his head is one, and his torso is one (if rotated 180 degrees). What if "Gaster" model in Undertale is undertale Rouxls and Gaster melted together after falling into the core together, like Alphys test subjects? That'd mean the torso head is what Gaster's head was. There being hints to Gaster but not to Rouxls would be easily explained away. One was the head scientist, the other was a nobody whose absence left no real mark on the world.
>>451896 >>451745 >rouxls is important where the fuck did that come in Rouxls is a playing card and a darkner, his only importance is to be a constant troublemaker. >his toros is one I don't get why everyone calls the shadow face gaster's torso, the mystery man is just a head with a funky shadow. I actually hate every depiction of gaster with the weird holes in his hands because of the shadow's eyes. >like alphys test subjects Gaster was the royal scientist before alphys, sans was implied to also be on the team since alphys makes reference to him in the true ending. None of what you just said made any sense.
>>452017 >Gaster was the royal scientist before alphys, sans was implied to also be on the team since alphys makes reference to him in the true ending. None of what you just said made any sense. You misunderstand, I meant Gaster and Rouxls'd get fused as they fell to the core together, just like Alphys test subjects got melted because of her determination experiments, because core is related to determinatioln.
>>452102 This is on the same tier as people saying "Humans lack compassion because one book makes a joke about how humans imprisoned the monsters" This is baseless, it's even more baseless than the book thing because the book is at least a source, although the book is really just talking about how horrible humans were to monsters. It's on par with using that to draw the conclusion that monster souls, white, are magic and therefore magic requires compassion, so humans can't use magic anymore; Monsters are fucking made of magic, there's a monster in the underground who is just angry all the time, that doesn't prevent him from being magical. Either way, you have no proof so there's no way to even disprove your claim other than, "What the fuck how did you even come to that conclusion, that's by far one of the worst theories I have seen; it's conjecture."
(11.20 MB 640x360 JUST [[BIG SHOT]]!.mp4)

Thought you guys might appreciate this
>>450276 >new shitpost >just dropped Ironically bad posts are still bad posts.
Given the ending of chapter 2 and what it revealed, I have to wonder on something that happened in chapter 1, namely when Kris tore out his soul and locked it in a cage. Just what was he doing that he needed to be away from the player that night? >1. Create the fountain at the library Somewhat unlikely, though the way the reveal is done certainly makes it seem to be implied. After all, Kris just created a fountain so it stands to reason that he could use the knife to do the same before. I think this is unlikely, since Kris would a) have to get into the presumably locked library halfway across town, and b) nobody would have to notice it all day until Noel and Berdly go to the computer lab and set down their books. I think that the most optimal time the Knight could have made the library fountain would be during or after school, which disqualifies Kris due to being asleep at the time. >2. Just ate an entire fucking pie This feels like it's meant to be a red herring, and that eating the pie is just a cover up to throw off the player. Then again, I'll say this and the pie is going to end up being a fucking plot point or some shit. How the hell does a teenager wolf down a pie solo, anyway? >3. Went out into town Admittedly, this conflicts with 1. as Kris shuffles around like a zombie without the soul. I doubt he would get very far, so it would have to be somewhere close to his house. There's Catty and Catti's house, the flower shop, and potentially the gate to the Holiday's home (presumably locked, and with a high fence around the perimeter). This is pretty much entirely speculation territory here, though it does seem like the only thing Kris touched at his home night 1 would be the pie.
>>447223 Man, this is so epic
>>459031 >and set down their books reminder that Kris and Susie jumped into the dark fountain and still woke up sitting at the table like Berdly and Noelle. The fact that they wake up sitting at the table doesn't mean the fountain was created with them inside.
(26.64 KB 480x360 breed.jpg)

Gamers where the fuck are the pictures of slutty Queen, you're killing me here >>447223 Fantastic >>440313 Socialism is inherently anti-semitic and xenophobic, they just pretend they are not and blame the nazi today, but if you look at any argument made by any socialist-leaning group they hate any other group (even socialist ones) that go against their own ideology even by a risible amount, look up on /leftypol/ how they call uyghurniggers anyone who disagrees with them while simultaneously claiming that the right is mentally diseased for hating other people.
>>459031 >How the hell does a teenager wolf down a pie solo, anyway? Hes a teenager. They eat a lot, typically at the most inconvenient times of the day.
>>459127 Kris and Susie also end up at the table roughly where they would have jumped, since it's right by the door. Still, you do raise a good point in that your starting/exiting position from light world to dark doesn't always line up. Chapter 1 ends with Kris sealing the fountain at the castle, but iirc he and Susie end up back in the old classroom next to the checkerboard. Still, not entirely sure if Kris made the library fountain at all, but it does feel like it's purposefully >implied >>459129 I ate a lot as a teenager too, but I don't think I could ever demolish an entire pie by myself. Then again, Kris seems to have a history of eating the whole pie...
>>459128 Most of the lewd effort went towards Noelle because R34 artists love them some mindbreak + corruption. And the rest are Fujoshits lewding the puppet
>>447223 I just realized that the author of this video also made that 20min long battle between Chara and Sans (https://yewtu.be/watch?v=7F2PaW9gnd0 ). Neat. >>459144 Don't forget the cat maid giving a boner to those who are into femdom, and the obligatory influx of fanart of Ralsei being plowed by Kris in the boat.
>>459152 I would actually give money for an anime series made entirely with Flipnote Studio (or that at least uses that aesthetic), I love the roughness of the lines and clever use of dithering. >>459144 >>459128 I've seen more Spamton and Berdly garbage than of the one character that's kind of actually attractive.
Guys, I have no basis for this yet, but do you think Gaster is actually the player?
I've got nowhere else to share this hot theory, but, What if Susie is the suspicious one? What if she already knows about the "you" inside Kris? After all, she's the one who flat-out said that "your choices don't matter" oh-so-foreboding. She's the only person who can hear your voice and still not give a damn. And then if you do Snowgrave and when Susie enters Noelle's room, she whispers to Kris that "she'll talk about it when they get back" (though I don't think she ever does). And then, right at the end, just as you were about to tell that Noelle's dream was true in Snowgrave, Susie instantly rushes out and interrupts the whole conversation. I'm betting Susie was probably the cause behind your soul being inside Kris. She's capable of magic, no matter how weak it is. But if I'm right, I don't think she did it out of maliciousness, she just did it because she wants real friends, and next thing we know she's like a goddamn harem protagonist.
>Spamton turns to the audience and laughs. >Spamton tells the audience to stop taking the furniture out of his room. >Spamton begs to the audience. >Spamton prays to the audience. >Spamton appeals to the audience with a festive jig! <There is no audience >stop taking the furniture out of his room The only one who did that was... Ralsei. Is Ralsei the "audience"? Is Ralsei actually Gaster or someone else? We all know Ralsei isn't who he seems to be.
>>460928 No, he's having flashbacks from when he was evicted from the queen's mansion.
>>459128 Go beat off to 2B porn if you need your fix of female characters with no face.
(14.76 KB 443x376 1470112030590.png)

>>460946 >2B >no face It's Haydee you fucking retard.
I just realised, but the whole "Your choices don't matter" theme of the game... maybe that's actually a good thing? After all, the whole story is about Kris and other characters making their own choices instead of us the player, and when we make choices we basically completely fuck up the world and lead to tragedy as seen with Noelle. It's almost as if the game is telling us "Don't force yourself at them, it's not your story, just go along with the flow." almost like an opposite of something like Spec Ops which doesn't give you a choice and then shits on you for doing what the game told you to, the game shits you for not doing what it told you to.
Any news for chapter three?
(203.00 KB 1946x1251 FDCKSAcWEAA-dm1.jpg)

>>462883 nothing so far as i can see
>>462883 >>462923 Supposedly there are a bunch of leaks but I don't trust like that, hopefully whoever started circulating it is just looking for attention or if it's internal it'll be pruned.
I'm slow and retarded and only just realized that Spamton's yellow/red glasses were meant to imitate Swatch's style >>462790 Toby apparently came up with the concept for Undertale/Deltarune as the result of a fever dream he had about a decade ago. He seems to think his work is about having it go towards a very specific ending, but would have some variance along the way. This seems to imply that overall, the light/dark routes don't really matter, because the actual major plot points are railroaded (but certain characters might die for reasons)
Also having rewatched the Sans fight >1 ATK 1 DEF >The weakest enemy He only time "he" damages you is after his final chain of attacks before his "special attack", where he slams the blue heart against the walls, which each do 1 hp each. This implies the Gaster Blasters aren't "him" doing damage. I forgot that at the start of the fight he also mentions "We received reports of anomalies in the timeline". Who the fuck is he?
>>472373 1 ATK is supposed to make fun of the fact that he deals damage 1 point at a time.
>>472373 Sans worked with Gaster so it could very well be him and the Gaster Blaster could just be one of their inventions. >We received reports of anomalies in the timeline He's also aware of how many times you've died to him. I'm sure the whole "I'm self aware that I'm in a video game" is just a joke and not some deep lore, but it's fun to speculate. >>472673 His 1 DEF is also moot since he avoids all attacks.
>>472373 As mentioned earlier, Chara being your narrator means they have incomplete information He only deals 1 damage, but all of his attacks linger and hurt you. He is also killed in one swing, but he dodges back and forth. If you check him twice it says "He can't keep dodging forever" >annomalies in the timeline Flowey mentions to you just before that that he has become tired of how often he was resetting. Sans is basically fucking you up because he believes you're the one doing all the resets when you're actually just the last person coming through with a run; It's like if your brother runs a bunch of save files and because you are doing your first one after all that a character shows you a bunch of hatred for starting a new savegame.
>>472734 Makes sense, I've wondered why he still says that even if you do a no save run.
>>472870 Undertale does a good job of making sure the player knows exactly what's going on, but only if you're really paying attention. You can start a fresh file and everything, do a genocide run, and he starts talking about timelines. The only information you need as a player for that is in flowey's dialogue just before the fight.
(4.27 MB 1800x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

We now have canon pre-corruption spamton. So is the Cungadero a model of those badly drawn cars?
(968.15 KB 1280x720 1574967184000.png)

>>476460 damn i kinda wanted to get one but they sold out in less than an hour
(132.66 KB 497x464 Daco_5542415.png)

can't believe this fight got toby cancelled on twitter :(
>>478576 It's not that part, it's the twist that to defeat him, you need to have Berdley call him a nigger.
(95.61 KB 949x793 hmmm.JPG)

>>478585 seeing how many retarded buzzwords are in your post, i think the problem is that your brain has just gone completely rotten

(99.37 KB 480x270 xnmLD9xwEWpypCWs.mp4)

(859.96 KB 1138x1300 04b.png)

>>478585 while i would've agreed with you if you we're talking about undertale. deltarune unironically has some of the best characters i've seen in any media like spamton or jevil. of course you're justified in hating the rest of the game but the secret bosses and some of the gaster stuff is why some people here like it despite the heavy sjw influence in the game. >also it's funny watching normies get mad about the snowgrave route
(6.47 KB 282x260 delta n-action.png)

(2.03 MB 1800x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.63 MB 1800x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.41 MB 1800x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.27 MB 1800x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

Hope you didn't miss out on your [TRASHBAG]!
>>478585 >I can't understand the appeal of this even if doing that Really? This game is popular for the same reason Undertale is popular.
>>478682 I would have loved this if I was 12 or emotionally stunted. This is targeted at children who like this T rated game, right? >>478585 Care to emphasize on what makes this game so bad according to you?
(293.31 KB 429x355 ClipboardImage.png)

>>478682 So that's how he looked like before he got trashed. >>478694 I was thinking the same. I liked door hangers when I was around that age I would have loved to put the "becoming god" in my bedroom's door. >This is targeted at children who like this T rated game, right? Deltarune plot and conflict is very simple, so I'm assuming that. However, I'm not sure how many people who play the game are actually around that age.
(72.38 KB 576x505 161262730765.png)

>>462923 Jesus christ I can't believe this fucking game is three years old already
>>478701 How about this, the demo for Undertale and this gameplay video are nearly a decade old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNLynYK7lLQ I remember when /v/ was one of the few places on the net that even talked about this game.
>>478704 >That feeling I was one of those early fags that talked about the demo pre-kickstarter. I even drew fanart during my horsefucker/drawfag phase. I miss the /v/ threads in the early days, before the autism plague of the greater internet descended on it. It feels weird seeing it get this popular when it was just some little game made by "the guy who did music for homestuck"
>>494794 why the fuck did you bump this thread you fucking tard?
>>494794 >Hitler is talking about how both marxism and liberalism have usupered any positive meanings and values of socialism and prevented it from developing into something more healthy, realistic and in concern of the folk, instead of becoming something more hylic, eglitatarian and materialistic. Literally "It wasn't real socialism" just with a nationalistic spin. What's your point? Planned economies don't work no matter the form they take, and the idea "m-muh we could develop it into something healthy" is retarded. Sage for offtopic.
>>494794 Also <if you don't come from straight from halfchan or aren't a normalfaggot yourself for consuming a tumblr game. >Being so much of a newnigger that you don't remember the underatle /v/ threads >Implying that I didn't get into Undertale due to the fucking threads >He probably doesn't even remember genesis
>>494829 It's really fucking funny to see how you can only communicate in buzzwords.
>>495109 Shut up TORnigger
Sould I play this episodically or should one wait until it completely thing cones out? just like Ralsei
(637.48 KB 700x600 delta ad.gif)

(683.40 KB 400x400 delta baltimore.gif)

(284.93 KB 1200x1051 delta BANG BANG BANG.gif)

(885.67 KB 1200x1160 delta deal.gif)

(148.18 KB 417x427 delta skeledance.gif)

>>495413 may as well play it now so you can join in the rampant shitposting thats effectively dead here since theres not enough people to start an autism fusion reaction
>>478696 >Deltarune plot and conflict is very simple As far as we know.
Did anyone save the picture collage of Kris and Noelle, with the "I based her on my aunt" written in a corner or something? I can't find it.
>>496067 The one where Kris looks like Gendo? Here.
>>496079 Thank you. >based on my aunt I still can't get over that.
(157.02 KB 863x1200 edgy fuck.jpg)

(641.25 KB 640x753 edgy fuck 2.png)

(25.39 KB 564x471 edgy fuck 3.jpg)

I have contracted autism fully, I like the stupid fucking alternate universe edgy chara OC. I really fucking like the dumb fucking concept of Chara taking the place of Sans in original Undertale story. Toby Fox you cunt what have you done to me?
>>498032 Blame yourself or God.
>Megalovania has been played in front of the Pope Reeing 20's, here we go.
>>507722 He must've paid the pope a shitload. Can't even go 5 months without attention whoring, can he?

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