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(70.64 KB 560x415 Xbox.jpg)

(11.13 MB 534x360 Xbox Live DarkMaster promo.webm)

(36.85 KB 640x480 Prototype Xbox.jpg)

(294.39 KB 2000x1464 Xbox japan.jfif)

(4.49 MB 1920x1080 Bill Gates Xbox Japan.png)

Original Xbox Thead Anonymous 10/12/2021 (Tue) 13:56:54 Id: ae6411 No. 440235
After all these years we've finally made it to a time where OG Xbox Emulation is making strides. https://yewtu.be/embed/omaWgYB4jxk So now that it's starting to be come allot more possible, what games are you anons interested in, were there any games you wanted to play in the past but never got the chance to?
>>440235 Jet Set Radio Future and Outrun 2.
I'm still waiting on perfect emulation for Ninja Gaiden Black and Black 2. I haven't even played the PC collection because I've been waiting so long to see what the big deal is with the Ninja Gaiden games and I'll not have it ruined by emulation issues or playing the "inferior" collections.
Unreal Championship 2 was actually a game I got disappointed when I learned there was no PC port at all. Now normally an FPS game wouldn't be too great of a choice on controller, but they were smart with UC2 and the made a big the focus of the game around 3rd person Melee combat and platforming. You can still shoot in First Person, but playing entire matches in third person with only melee was completely viable. Raiden from MK was also a unlockable character if you completed the challange mode. Gunvalkyrie is also a pretty cool game, you can use a Jet pack. so that's all that really needs to be said.
>>440235 I'll be able to play the good version of Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.
>>440235 Now I can finally play Morrowind the way it was meant to be played. Jokes aside, maybe Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
>>440243 >Gunvalkyrie Holy shit I completely forgot about this game. There were so many "solid if flawed" 7/10 games in that generation. Gunmetal is another one, the Macross ripoff action game. That one had pretty fun missions.
>>440235 To be honest, I think that the first XBOX console had the best design compared to its successors because it looked like an box with a X shape. The only thing that I didn't like about it was the Duke controller because I found it uncomfortable to use.
Really? They OG ExBacs finally Will be playable with emulation? Holy fuck, it was like eons, i've never thinked that i'll be alive to see it. Only for the memes, and nostalgia, GTA San Andreas, but in all seriousness: All the DoA, Ninja Gaiden Black, Blazing Angels, Tao Feng because nostalgia googles, Forza, PGR, and some others that i can't recall right now, but wanted to play in the past when the OC Xbox was still hot. I'll never forget the Xbox of my uncle, and the fact that it was hacked, so i've played a shiton of games while he chatted with his girlfriend in Microsoft Messenger God i miss that days, they were comfy as fuck
I liked the community of anons that formed around the original hardware though, they seemed like cool people Emulation fags tend to be cancer in my experience

(8.01 MB 360x360 Anu Orta Veniya.mp4)

(5.84 MB 360x360 Eternal Glacies.mp4)

(4.73 MB 360x360 Ancient Weapon 2.mp4)

(7.13 MB 360x360 Imperial City.mp4)

Hey niggers, best game coming through. I miss these threads
>>440235 >were there any games you wanted to play in the past but never got the chance to? Here's my wishlist of oXbox games: <Apex <Beat Down <Blinx: The Time Sweeper <Breakdown <Brute Force <Burnout 2: Point of Impact – Developer's Cut <Castle Shikigami Evolution <Dino Crisis 3 <Genma Onimusha <Gunvalkyrie: Armored Valkyries hear our cries! <Metal Wolf Chaos <N.U.D.E.@: Natural Ultimate Digital Experiment <Nightcaster: Defeat the Darkness <Ninja Gaiden Black <Operation Flashpoint: Elite <Panzer Dragoon Orta <Silent Scope Complete <Tecmo Classic Arcade <X-Men: Next Dimension
>what games are you anons interested in, were there any games you wanted to play in the past but never got the chance to? I used to own a modded OG Xbox with a 200 GB HDD in the 2000s so I've played all these games. But I made the mistake of selling it in 2008 or '09, something I've regretted for a long time. It's the only console I regret getting rid of. Anyways, these are the games I'd like to go back to and play again. >Conker Live & Reloaded >Panzer Dragoon Orta >Otogi 1 and 2 >Blinx 1 and 2 >best versions of many console exclusive multiplats
>>440303 Add Otogi and Tenchu 3 to that list
>>440235 Will it finally be playable?
(124.56 KB 800x1117 Amped_2.jpg)

(55.01 KB 353x500 51S96JC509L.jpg)

(149.51 KB 640x908 Project-gothan-racing.jpg)

(331.36 KB 1521x2156 Pgr-2.jpg)

>>440303 Add these anon
Dang I remember wanting the xbox as child due to Outrun 2 being exclusive on it. It also had the best console versions of all the Tom Clancy games also.
>>440722 >It also had the best console versions of all the Tom Clancy games also. I think that's only true for Splinter Cell. Ghost Recon is all over the place (Get the original and Jungle Storm on the PS2, then you get both the PS2/GC and the Xbox version of GH2 because they're two completely different games, then Summit Strike on the Xbox, then GRAW on the PC), and it's been a while since I looked up Rainbow Six.
(1.06 MB 480x480 incredible hacker.webm)

(2.23 MB 1908x1029 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.32 MB 1661x984 ClipboardImage.png)

It took a bit of expert hacking skills, aka figuring out which of the right files will actually make shit boot but I'm IN. So far I'v tested Spider-Man 1 & 2, and Gunvalkyrie Spidey 1&2 didn't get great FPS due to having to render a big map i'm sure. Gunvalkyrie I was getting solid 60fps, but I got a crash when I tried using a front boost with the Jetpack, as if the effect it was trying to load didn't work and crashed things. I'm gonna keep trying games, but so far even with the issues, I'm really impressed with XEMU. I'm sure curtain games will run near perfectly.
>>440742 Ninja Gaiden Black emulates well, but runs slow for me. I suppose part of it is me not having a top of the line Graphics card, but I'v got a GTX 1060 6GB, so that's not bad either, maybe they're work on Optimization more down the line. this is v0.6 after all.
(2.76 MB 1625x989 ClipboardImage.png)

>>440756 Similar deal with Azurik pretty bad fps on my rig. but I'm sure if you had a really beefy computer you could brute force your way to solid FPS in most games.
(29.42 MB 1920x1080 2021-10-13 04-40-01.webm)

Phantom Crash is "playable" with big quotes, all of the menu and ui elements refuse to render so you have to navigate the game blindly because it's only a black screen, if you manage to get in a rumble however the 3d portion works but it has a lot of fps drops
>>440722 You mainly want an Xbox for Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow unless you want to spend time nigger rigging the shitty PC port to work and Double Agent, and Ghost Recon 2 with the Summit Strike expansion. The rest are generally best on PC. >>440732 >Ghost Recon is all over the place (Get the original and Jungle Storm on the PS2 Only Jungle Storm, and that's if you're a completionist. >then you get both the PS2/GC and the Xbox version of GH2 because they're two completely different games Even though it's different, PS2/GC GR2 is fucking horrendous. >GRAW on the PC) 360 version is the best. The PC version is somewhere in between and generally not that great. Ubishit was weird on PC around this time. >it's been a while since I looked up Rainbow Six. R6 3 on Xbox is a decent port if you don't mind the lack of planning options. In a way it's like a consolized version of SWAT since you're going in blind but still have to play methodically. There's also the Xbox only Black Arrow expansion along with Critical Hour. And then there's R6 Lockdown which is a pile of shit no matter what platform.
>>440732 GRAW is also a completely unique game on Xbox, different from the PS2 version too. It plays similar but levels and some gameplay elements are slightly different. The Xbox version is much more polished overall, PS2 version is total dogshit and not worth anyone's time.
>>440832 >PS2 version is total dogshit and not worth anyone's time. Isn't that true of just about all multi-plats that had a PS2 version, with only enough exceptions that you can count them on one hand, like NFS:HP2 and Agent Under Fire?
(144.97 KB 1080x1390 Japan xbox booth babes.jpg)

>>440235 I would have put this pic in the OP if I found it sooner, because these outfits sure are Something.
(46.95 KB 605x806 skele lol.jpg)

>>440235 They yellowface on Bill Gates to make him look more jap for the japanese advert never stops being funny. They literally toned his skin and made him squint while smiling.
>>440855 Not to that extent. The Xbox versions were almost always slightly superior visually, with better textures, better AA, higher draw distances, improved lighting and shadows, and/or better framerate (in a few cases ALL of these, but in most games you only pick one or two from this list). But the game content, gameplay and level of polishing would be exactly the same. In GRAW's case they are different.
>>440881 That wasnt the point, idiot. Plus the japs love looking at white people, hence why every anime has white people as the protagonists rather than black-haired yellow skinned losers
>>440988 >rather than black-haired yellow skinned losers Why would Japs be interested in material staring chinks? Even their interpretations of Chinese literature like Romance of the Three Kingdoms whitewash all the characters so they look more Japanese.
(331.96 KB 600x450 Capcom bikini booth babes.png)

>>440857 Ah, the type of brand marketing I like.
>>441012 I miss boothbabes so much.
(471.74 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)

(270.03 KB 1335x1144 ClipboardImage.png)

>>441010 Ainu carry similar genes to Western people and Eastern Aryans like the Tocharians whom reached China. These genes are what allow them to grow full beards and have facial structures similar to Caucasians. >thick and full beards >more body hair >"european" eyes or eye sockets >lighter skin compared to other japanese people >near extinct ethnic group A new study published on September 17th found even more interesting things. https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2021/09/16/why-do-some-japanese-ainu-look-european-mystery-almost-solved/ >similar cranial shapes to Western populations suggesting ancient Eurasian admixture >modern Japanese are 8% to 45% Jōmon, depending on how the ancestry is tested for >This was supported by a 2021 study, which suggested that “the [Ancient North Eurasian] rather than [Ancient North Siberian] individual was responsible for the [West Eurasian] genetic component in the present-day Northeast Asians.” Unfortunately, a direct ANE/ANS-to-Jomon relationship could not be confirmed in this study either. TL;DR Japs inherited genes not too dissimilar from what Westerners have which is why you are more likely to see a Japanese man with facial hair than mainland Mongoloids and the tropes of bearded men are not absent from their culture. It is plausible that they inherited these genes from Western Caucasoid or Siberian populations.
>>441022 Why did you include a woman in the lineup of men being able to grow beards?
(70.32 KB 296x335 What.gif)

>>441037 Excuse me? The image I shared has only Ainu men in it, and I think it goes without saying that men grow more hair than women.
(5.83 MB 3028x7396 Original Xbox.jpg)

Apparently I had this one saved, anything else that should be added? Might edit it.
>>441048 I'm not sure how well Unreal Championship 1 holds up against the PC games in the series, but I remember it being solid enough. But the 2nd game is top tier as I mentioned here >>440243 it takes more advantage of being a controller based game by having more of a 3rd person focus with melee combat and fun areal movement options, all the diffrent charaters also have their own abilities to take advantage of like their is one map CTF Map that's a just a really long bridge. You can spend your full meter on Low Gravity and Speed Boost grab the Flag and then Leap nearly the entire bridge with a double jump. it's definitely one of the best games on the Xbox UC1 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=l_j6OP-cnsI UC2 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=v8rZNauJTrk
Any good titty games?
>>441101 Dead or Alive.
>>440235 does the xbox have microsoft flight simulator?
(276.96 KB 300x490 ClipboardImage.png)

>>441107 Does this count?
(233.49 KB 1152x1536 WAKE ME UP INSIDE.jpg)

(971.89 KB 2448x3264 CANT WAKE UP.jpg)

(1.50 MB 1631x1631 reddit.png)

came here just to post this
>>441119 I thought the Xbox dev kit thing was shown to be a fraud, but I didn't look that deep into it
>>440988 It's been shown through surveys that Japanese people believe anime/manga characters look Japanese, in spite of their skin tone and hair and eye color. Turns out cartoons are unrealistic images that allow the beholder to project their existing beliefs and culture onto them. Whodathunk?
Literally the only game i wanted to play on the entire system, was too scared to own it, now i can finally play it in the privacy of my PC.
>>441306 Turns out Japs can't see what's in front of them through their squinty eyes.
>>441306 If Ash and Misty are Japanese, then what is Brock? Some sort of super-Japanese? There are definitely anime characters that look Japanese, but they aren't the majority.
>>441432 South Japanese.
>>441433 So the japs think that southern japs have squinty eyes even relative to regular japs?
>>441432 Isn't it obvious? A nigger.
>>441432 Chink
(29.26 KB 320x445 817WuBjvPsL._SY445_.jpg)

(40.46 KB 256x362 256px-Stakecover.jpg)

(155.98 KB 220x312 Sneakers_Coverart.png)

(26.46 KB 318x445 51S0VZ298PL._SY445_.jpg)

How well do the Xbox shovelware essentials play?
>>441318 Before they aged the characters up. Nice.
>>441432 >>441436 Okinawans and those from Kyushu to a lesser degree have always been depicted a tanned and a little squinty eyed.
>>441523 So basically they do like looking like white people and are just in denial that they look a lot more like Okinawans than they look like the white people that they draw themselves as.
>>440235 Tenerezza and all the smilebit games, i got a modded 360 years ago to play the few exclusives it had+some xbox games and i found out the BC is extremely shitty, smilebit games legitimately don't run on anything but original hardware, ninja gaiden black has graphical glitches, breakdown has a ton of slowdown (60fps locked on xbox), neither of the otogi games boot etc, thankfully that shit red-ring'd after a year and i threw it in the trash where it belongs then i replaced it with a PS3.
>>441579 heh, at one point a couple years ago I went crazy into modding 360s I bought from thrift stores, but I've probably spent less than 10 hours actually playing the 360 (I should probably just sell them). Same thing with the original xbox, I had a nostalgia trip and bought one, put a 2gb HDD in it and played amped 2 and a bit of fable for a bit then never touched it. Something about xbox just makes me feel like I'm dieing inside and I'm not sure why I hate it so much (I love 6th gen too).
>>440235 I have tried playing Ninja Gaiden black on my somewhat top-of-the-line PC and it works great. There are some frame drops that lasts for a millisecond, but I only noticed them since I had a graph(it's also possible that this is how the game behaved on the OG Xbox as well), it mostly stayed in the 57-59 FPS range, I saw a visual glitch when I broke a lantern, that for a second the screen would go dark, but then it would recover. I am very impressed with the state of this emulator.
(2.71 MB 1280x1382 ClipboardImage.png)

>>441107 apparently this is the biggest issue with NGB on XEMU right now, so be prepared for this part when it comes.
>>441501 It runs pretty well on Xemu also, check it out.
>>440235 Pariah mainly for the OST. The OG xbox was the perfect multi-platform console and jukebox for those without a gaming computer. That said, I did not find one single exclusive (not on PC) that I considered an all time great game but I recall playing a lot of GTAs and Morrowind for 1000s of hours. My console still works, so credit for its durability and longevity. Gladius and Fatal Frame and Silent Hill 4 seemed to be the games that I remember most enjoying aside from the above mentioned.
>>441669 >That said, I did not find one single exclusive (not on PC) that I considered an all time great game You mean none of the exclusives posted in this thread you liked?
>>441698 Some were liked but nothing exclusive was anywhere near all time status for me--subjective tastes and all. I liked rpgs mostly is probably why.
My Mom sold my OG XBOX ages ago when she was cleaning out some junk. God, do I ever miss that thing. What I think I liked the most about it was just how "Early 2000s" it felt, everything had a certain look to it. Is there even a name for that aesthetic? It's the same look that Dreamcast had and the early years of the PS2.
>>441938 "aesthetics" is pretentious faggotry.
>>441938 I don't know if it does but I think it's a kind of neo-futurism, sort of like in the 50s where everyone was really optimistic about the future, before everyone realized that the first world economy is a ticking time bomb.
>>441939 >recognizing patterns is pretentious Sure anon, whatever.
>>441940 It is a sort of pre-9/11 optimism
>>441548 They like fair skin, but based on their disdain for immigrants I seriously doubt that most Japs want to be "white" genetically. It isn't that unreasonable for Japs to have skin tones approaching porcelain. Even then liking fair skin isn't that consistent among them. >Okinawans They're pretty dark compared to other Japanese. It's one of those things where if you've lived your whole life there its easy to tell the difference but to us roundeyes they all look more or less the same. Chances are the opposite is true for various European lineages. I can tell a Norseman apart from a Baltic or Slav European easily but I'd be surprised if the average nip could.
>>441941 It's just been beaten into the ground at this point. "Aesthetic" has been overused and it just sounds like noise. >>441942 >pre-9/11 optimism Except it the Xbox came after 9/11. Part of its launch hype was being in New York just two months after the attacks.
>>441965 Yeah but the UI elements and everything about them probably began development earlier than that.
(220.81 KB 620x388 ClipboardImage.png)

(121.03 KB 500x250 ClipboardImage.png)

(282.76 KB 800x554 ClipboardImage.png)

(263.07 KB 960x600 ClipboardImage.png)

>>441965 Two months isn't enough time to change anything about how the Xbox's aesthetic was designed. But either way there is a noticeable difference. 6th gen consoles had personality. Since then everything's been just boring to look at.
(44.90 KB 565x399 2786.jpg)

(61.84 KB 685x413 store-cke.jpg)

>>441938 Modern aesthetics are as cold, stale and sterilized as our corporate overlords.

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