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Elden Ring leak Anonymous 10/17/2021 (Sun) 07:04:29 Id: 264c15 No. 444396
Here you go /v/ well it's what I about expected it's Dark souls with Jumping and open world which I guess isn't a bad thing but not really special either. I'll still probably put in many hours in it though like I did with the other games.
Not to be a muh grafix fag, but doesn't that world look kind of ugly?
(55.11 KB 400x578 Toddo.jpg)

>>444396 >it's fucking Skyrim Souls You see that World Tree? You can climb it.
>>444416 The leaked gameplay you see is running on an Xbone so it's not a shock it looks like ass where the gameplay trailer we saw at E3 was running on PC so it looked nice.
(710.75 KB 1600x900 025.jpg)

(3.21 MB 1920x1080 1564549691-3.png)

(726.56 KB 1356x1920 1584716125.jpg)

>>444416 It sure seems like a huge step down from Mt. Kongo that's for sure. >>444429 Well it doesn't help that the world is neither dark and moody like BB nor bright and crisp like Sekiro. It just seems sort of halfway between which isn't nearly as aesthetic.
They've said its like to dark souls what dark souls was to demonsouls, but still it would have been nice if the art direction was a little more different. They could have had a more nordic look with armor and architecture based on early medieval era.
(300.26 KB 1920x1085 Dork.jpeg)

>>444434 The world looks like it's from the PS3 era, it makes me wonder how long Elden Ring has been in development. When George R. R. Martin was asked about his involvement he talked about it as if it were considerable amount of time ago. The Last Guardian had a similar problem, the game didn't look bad but you could tell it began its life as a PS2 game.
Meant for >>444416
>>444446 I'm willing to cut some slack as this is running on a shitbox and 30fps, now if there is not improvement by a new official gameplay trailer then then I'll hang them by the balls.
(498.06 KB 1920x1085 Dork.jpeg)

And the lighting on the clifftop is all sorts of wack, the grass in particular stands out a lot.
It could be running on a toaster
>>444461 It's apparently running on an Xbone and not a Xbone x or cuckeries x but a plain jane Xbone. So already it's not a shock it's not good looking.
Glad I bought a next gen console for these next gen graphics
>>444470 Toaster, Refrigerator, same difference really.
>>444472 But you can't make toast in a refrigerator nor can you survive a nuclear blast in a toaster.
>>444446 >>444455 Where's the HUD? Where are the shortcut icons? And where are the enemies?
Meh. I'm sure I'll enjoy Elden Ring but I have no excitement for it.
>>444396 Looks like an old build, doesn't look well optimized and the player movement and environment reaction is a bit stiff.
>>444455 >>444480 Yeah texture looks really flat, even for early build
>>444396 I am constantly baffled by the existence of people who are excited by/interested in Elden Ring. Did anybody ever actually expect it to be good?
At first I thought maybe this was a hoax due to the lack of menu and features and weird jumping but the level of detail is too high for that. Even for a Fromsoft game it looks really, really bare.
>>444534 I don't think it'll be a bad game but nothing really super new either. I mean if you already enjoy soulsfag shit or Fromsoft games then you'll most likely enjoy it like I most likely will but if these games aren't your thing you'll just have a pass on them.
>>444396 Bland art and piss yellow everywhere just like DS3. Even if this is an early build, and gets cleaned up it will still be boring to look at.
>>444534 I did and still do.
(16.30 KB 236x326 aqua laughing.jpg)

>>444446 Witcher 3 on the fucking potato Switch looks better. Now I understand why the Souls games mostly used dark corridors it was so you could not notice how shit they looked.
>>444727 I honestly think it's either modded DS3 or some arly build on 8th Gen consoles. I doubt it will look this bad, Sekiro was a much more open game than Soles and looked much better as well.
>>444727 >>444734 I agree it looks like a modified DS3/BoobBorne engine (which I also absolutely fucking hate). The issue with the looks seems to be mostly due to a poor stylist choice of colors, effects and poor hardware to run it, though. DS1 looked pretty good for its time so it's not like the guys aren't good at this.
(6.31 MB 1280x720 crabcakes.mp4)

>>444480 HuD could just be hidden like you can do with the settings in the current souls games (Can even have it auto disappear after a certain amount of time). Same for the shortcut icons as such is part of the HuD with those options... if what you're talking about is what I think it is from past games. As for the enemies, well, could just be a peaceful area or enemies are very spread out in the main open-world area? Or the answer to all your questions is that it's an earlier dev build and such is disabled for one testing reason or another.
Elden Ring was delayed to release on Feb 25, 2022. As a result there will be a Network Test event in November. Honestly seeing how the footage just leaked to the public, I either see this as a way for bamhamco to extend their marketing by a month or there's some kinda game breaking bug that needs fixing. Either way Soulsfags will be waiting another month for their BEST GAEM EVAR or whatever shit soulsfags eat nowadays.
That fat cunt Martin probably needed another month to finish writing the last sentence for the ending.
>>445347 Probably
Why not just post this here? >>444396
>>445347 he's been done with his work.
I suspect it's due to the Dragon Quest game that was going to release a day later and only got its release date confirmed at the end of TGS. Releasing that close to DQ game in Japan is basically sales suicide. Feb 2022 is very crowded with releases in general
>>445356 Oh wait, got that backwards, it was delayed to Feb. This is sales suicide in Nippon.
(32.19 KB 593x377 elden dekay.png)

Oh joy.
(111.83 KB 283x253 kek.png)

>>445430 >People say grass looks shit. >Delay it for a month. >Game comes out. >There is a big FUCK YOU on the title screen and they have replaced all the grass with actual shit so the open world looks and lags like Blighttown.
>>445430 So the video really wasn't an "early build". Shocking.
>>445430 I hope more stuff leaks so they keep delaying it more.
(76.92 KB 553x790 greatstupidity.png)

>>445430 >delayed to day before (technically mainline) Dragon Quest game releases in Nippon
>>445430 >modern game AAA development revolves around the futile circus act of trying to keep your shitty half-baked pie a secret so nobody knows it's FUCKING RAW until they bite into it Sad.
>>444396 Looks really fucking wide and empty, totally lacking the tight level design that's at the core of dork souls. Most of the worst parts of any dork souls games are the boring wide open areas.
>>445350 because I completely forgot about that thread, my bad.
>>445430 Well fuck.
>>445448 I don't. I want Elden Ring to release and get over with so that they can make Sekiro 2 and (not)Bloodborne.
(112.64 KB 299x344 Ailing Loren Chalice.png)

>>445347 Please refrain from using the terms "fat cunt" and "GRRM" in the same sentence because it gives me bad mental images. >>445539 That's always what I feared when I heard ER was going to be open world. Hell maybe they'll get a clue and un-open world it between now and the release. Then they could later patch the open world sections in as "chalice wildernesses".
>>445356 Do Nips even account for 5% of the sales of Soulslikes?
>>445341 Dork Souls, now with pointless empty copy pastaed fields!
>>444534 Every single Souls-like game made by From has been excellent so far.
>>446024 >Dark Souls 2 >Dark Souls 3 >The former anything above shit tier >The latter anything above mediocre tier
>action fight game with rpg elements >except now with open world! So it’s Dark Musouls?
>>446147 bisecondly reminder that DS3 will always remain shittier than DS2.
>>446286 I doubt that, but I skipped 2.
>>446147 dark souls 3 was a try hard dark souls clone but I'm a try hard so I liked it agrees with you on 2 though
>>446327 You missed out. 2 was better than 1 in every way except the world design.
>>446336 Ah, a contrarian. I won't waste my time. Games are solitary experiences for me and I almost never play anything close enough to release for there to be engaging multiplayer.
>>446147 I liked 3 but I agree on 2. I signed on for the demo so if I get into it I'll dump any screens and info I have.
>>444396 So it will be fun and there is no way they can somehow manage to fuck it up? Great news I guess
>>444396 I just want Armored Core again
>>446744 Armored Core sold nowhere near as well as Dark Souls, that said Miyazaki had stated he'd like to work on mecha games and there are rumors they'll be making another sci-fi game after Bloodborne.
>>446749 >after Bloodborne. It cam out 6 years ago now.
>>444416 I'd say it's not the world that's ugly (art direction), it's the muh grafix itself. It's looking like a late PS3 or early PS4 game.
>>446744 Me too nigger, me too...
(331.01 KB 1280x1847 9.jpg)

I will never understand people who unironically find Dark Souls 2 to be good. Everyone who talks good about that game I just immediately write off as a shitposter or a troll, there is no conceivable way that a human being can play that game after DS1 and think "this is a fun, well designed and high quality experience", even if they are mentally ill. I seen slow, choppy gameplay of the game, I seen its lack luster art design, I seen it's bland world and genuine criticisms along with everything else about the game that just screams downgrade. It's the DMC2 or Sonic 06 of the Soulsbourne games. By the way while you Soulsbourne cocksuckers are still waiting for Elden Ring I suggest you try out the DS3 Convergence mod https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=VCpilmnpGjU
>>446894 >By the way while you Soulsbourne cocksuckers are still waiting for Elden Ring I suggest you try out the DS3 Convergence mod Thanks I'll check this out anon.
>>446894 Does it fix the broken mechanics that the devs insist are "working as intended"?
>>446894 The flaws in DS2 are really apparent if you play DS1 afterwards. Hitboxes are bullshit, the zone continuity makes no sense, and fuck the dragon mountain up its ass. But it looks pretty nice and if you put up with it long enough it's still better than any new garbage coming out of vidya these days. There's a ton of weapon variety, magic is fun, and a lot of vistas are really striking, like drangleic castle. I guess I mean I hate it less after multiple playthroughs.
>>446998 Yeah, after eating shit for a while a person would tend to start getting used to it and eventually build up an immunity to it. Try playing something better for once such as Nioh 1/2. No one is forcing you to play DS2 over and over again and I don't know why you would do that to yourself.
(45.54 KB 960x960 1535300857.jpg)

(1.98 MB 2268x4032 1535342694.jpg)

Well DS2 has an item in it made by an actual anon. That's got to count for something.
(226.03 KB 561x629 marisa_question.png)

>>449672 Story?
The Souls games were never good, FromSoftware has never made something beyond average. I hate how literal turds like King's Field are getting praise from retards like Iron Pinneaple now and being heralded as hidden gems or classics instead of the wonky shit that they are.
>>444396 >Ever praising garbage
(131.51 KB 640x395 1535300699.jpg)

>>449678 DS2 had a contest where players could enter shield designs and possibly get them into the game if they were chosen. (sadly only the top row got in.) A few years ago during a DS thread one anon came in mentioning that he had entered and won that contest and posted the pic as proof. Unfortunately I don't think I have the post with the corresponding id saved.
(113.94 KB 1083x642 1536383638-2.jpg)

>>446998 >the zone continuity makes no sense It is funny that despite Yharnam and adjunct regions being a twisting, multi-layered nightmare that all the regions manage to line up shockingly logically, while in Dark Souls 2:
>>446894 >DMC2 >Sonic 06 DMC2's short comings are only brought to light when compared to DMC3, not when you look at DMC1, the strange novelty that game is. Sonic 06's problem was the fact that the team didn't know how to optimize storage and loading, but beyond that it's as mediocre as every other sonic adventure game; I don't get why people turn their knives out at those two games when they aren't even offensive knockoffs in terms of comparison to their origin.
(44.27 KB 628x985 Silver Shield.jpg)

>>449672 It reminds me of the silver shield from Medievil
>>449719 I'd wager most people that shit on DMC 2 never actually played it. And i bet the same goes for DMC 1
>>449722 >same goes for DMC 1 I'm pretty sure most people who have played DMC1 are willing to admit that it is not a great game. I, for one, didn't like it very much and sort of just beat it to say I did it. I can honestly say I had more fun playing through DMC 2 because of how absurd the scale was for everything. The entirety of the DMC 1 castle felt like it could have been a single zone from a different game, even with how big that game was; everything just felt so samey by the end that if you stuck it in the middle of a different game it'd serve it's function as one whole dungeon experience. DMC2 on the other hand felt short, but the game had you going from one area to the next fast enough that I didn't mind how every zone blended together. Very few puzzles, more actiony combat, and they even added bloody palace. Even if we don't talk about the merits of the game on its own, as long as a game is able to iterate positively on an idea, I think that's grounds for it being a decent sequel. Dark Souls 2 forces you onto a path with your stats that if you try to diverge from it will end up costing you a lot of time and effort, added stances that just look neat and provide nothing functionally for you, and went with a quantity over quality approach to make a challenge for the player, meaning the game is more about crowd control in a sequel to a game that gave you enough clever ways to not deal with a crowd, since crowds were certain death at lower health pools. My biggest gripe with DS2 is that every time I saw a crowd of enemies, I could never find a good way to kite them or good narrows for singles fighting, no way to gather one without the horde coming, and that was tied into starting the game with weapons with particularly low reach; it was no wonder I thought the actual first area was the one where you fight a bunch of giants and sleepy knights.
>>449719 >I don't get why people turn their knives out at those two games when they aren't even offensive knockoffs in terms of comparison to their origin. It's performative hyperbole in hope the devs don't go in that direction again. Kinda like how everyone here calls the REmake 2 a RE 4 rip off, even though RE8 fits that bill way more. People wanted the game to like REmake 1, but got an improved RE7 in 3rd person instead. If you hated RE7 you're not gonna like REmake2.
>>449719 >>449933 Nah, I played though the DMC 1, 2 and 3sequentially (never finished 3 because I got sidetracked and put playing through the games on hold) and hated DMC2 long before I ever touched DMC 3. DMC 2 was above all boring and lacked challenge, with less aggressive enemies, a style gauge that was easier to max out and most of its combat additions added nothing to the game’s depth. I don't get the recent uptick of people defending DMC 2 across multiple threads as if there weren't detailed breakdowns as to why people hated DMC 2 that didn't rely on comparisons to 3 or even other action games of its era. It’s not the worst game ever like some people make it out to be, but it’s definitely worse than the game it’s a sequel too.
15 mins of gameplay are today.
>>450065 You should finish 3 so you can move on to 4 and 5
>>449933 DMC1 is the only dmc I found good, yeah 3's and onwards gameplay is better but dante being a manchild doing marvel action shit isn't worth it
>>457931 >>457981 Well shit I can't be up for this. Someone post a webm later and any highlights too.
>>457981 It's starting now. Sticky?
>>457981 That dragon seemingly "randomly" swooping down and starting a fight reminded me of Dragon's Dogma. I'm hoping that since From is going for the open world meme with this one that we get something like the random boss monster encounters in that game. Although my fear is that, like DD, the open world will be a hindrance on multiple playthroughs that you just want to speedrun through to get to the actual good stuff.
(28.81 KB 300x433 elden ring preview.mp4)

>>458040 >Although my fear is that, like DD, the open world will be a hindrance on multiple playthroughs that you just want to speedrun through to get to the actual good stuff. i was thinking the same but hope i'm wrong, it actually looks breddy good >>457989
(1.73 MB 1920x1080 Melina.png)

We're getting a new fire keeper. This time, she's a cute redhead cyclops
>>458063 She cute
>>450055 REboot 2 is nothing like 7 7 is super linear unlike REboot 2 which has 3 decently sizes areas to explore. REboot2 is a shit remake but a good game unlike 7 which is mediocre to say the least. My biggest issues with REboot2 is that the croc is a QTE ala RE4 and a glorified area transition and that replays with Leon/Claire go on in the exact same way regardless of who you're playing has and only change initially in NG+ Other than that it's the best Resident Evil since 4
Wow. Niceeee
>>458063 bitch better watch her mouth or her other eye is next
>>457981 >It's another episode of great sword makes you slow and clunky When will this meme die? it's as annoying as the shotguns are only effective at point blank shit.
>>449722 I've played both, and both suck >Also Elden ring gameplay trailer niggers
(77.78 KB 500x532 beating.png)

I was pretty happy with the Elden Ring trailer. I'm still a little wary of the fact it's "Open World" now, but I'm hoping they've been intelligent and made each important area a comparatively linear experience... Which seems to be the case if the gameplay segment from the castle is any indication. Tentatively excited, looking forward to the release. Here's hoping that nigger JRR Martin's contributions aren't horribly jarring.
(327.63 KB 335x375 ClipboardImage.png)

>>457981 So more DS3, the horse from shadow of the colossus, some jumping/stealth/crafting, neat looking magic, and really barren/time wasting open world segments connecting the dungeons. 7/10 from what I watched.
>normalniggers will buy this up because dude souls and gamer thrones >no future souls games will have trademark level design >instead there will be empty open world asscreed-tier scattering of mobs from a checklist but don’t worry about that look a horsie >quest marker is ok because it’s a spirit and not on a map >also, here’s a map dark soulless
I'm most likely going to enjoy this game as I've enjoyed others of the series.
(89.51 KB 566x356 Back to cuckchannel.png)

(9.18 KB 250x162 44ypcj.jpg)

>>458063 >Magnus the Redhead Nice.
>>458200 Same, pretty sure it will be fun
(57.67 KB 723x370 aroused snickering.JPG)

>>458262 >Magnus the Redhead
game looks derivative as fuck, popcorn souls.
(52.76 KB 640x452 the golden throne.jpg)

>>458284 CEASE
>>458040 It looked like a skyrim dragon.
>>458109 It is quite sad they sucked the life out of the franchise with this release. Oh boy a giant empty map with occasional static waypoints to visit once and then never visit again. Don't forget normalfaggot George RR Martin coming on board to write some gay faggot story, probably to be told trough hours of mediocre cutscenes (one guaranteed to be some homo sex scene). Jorno-difficulty class confirmed. And so on. Going to be complete shit I can feel it.
Did anyone else notice the extremely high amount of reused sounds, animations and at one point a reskinned boss complete with the same sounds and animations. That dragon fight in the gameplay trailer was literally just Darkeater Midir but slightly lighter colored. This doesn't bode well imo
>>458414 I'm fine with all of those My two biggest issues are the generic as fuck MMO tier art design and the beacons.
I just want Sekiro part 2 where Wolf goes to Korea with his loli in order to revive his shota.
>is pretty much Dark souls 3 with elements of Sekiro, a more in dejewsombat arts system all in the Open world meme that has love letters to Dogma Honestly I'm ok with this as it's not a wholly bad thing but I also will understand why people won't be super impressed but expect Journalists to butt mad as the game will still be hard.
>>449715 Ah, cool. Thank you anon. >>457981 >Crafting materials >Fucking up enemy bases >A horse It looks like From software liked Breath of the Wild. And maybe Ubisoft open world games. The map was pretty. A horse is better than being on foot, I guess.
(34.73 KB 295x300 questions.jpg)

>>458415 >the generic as fuck MMO tier art design What makes it generic? How is it MMO-tier? Does it look like any MMO you've seen before?
>>458428 Very whimsical, less Dark Fantasy
>>458430 >Very whimsical, less Dark Fantasy Because it takes colour choices from Sekrio? I think it looking different isn't a bad thing.
>>458073 Your only comparing the level design, pay attention to the mechanics as well. >ammo crafting >Stalker AI >Alternative ammo swaping >the UI as a whole >Wobbly zombie/mold animations to fuck with your aiming. >Limb descruction >That fucking yellow tape These mechanics were already in RE7, and refined in REmake2. Yes I know ammo crafting was in RE3 originally but it's pretty fucking obvious why they put it in REmake2, because it was already in RE7. >My biggest issues with REboot2 is that the croc is a QTE That's because the croc was a literal afterthought and they only put it in to sooth the fan's outcry that it didn't make the cut. Not defending just stating why it was like that. >Leon/Claire go on in the exact same way regardless of who you're playing has and only change initially in NG+ My guess is that they made it like RE1 originally, only on scenario for each character and both campaigns contradict each other continuity wise. Only after the initial reveal trailer then they put in the B scenario. But that's pure speculation.
>>458440 All of that was in the original games too outside yellow tape. RE7 is a linear piece of shit with barely any content or enemy variety. That's the difference
>>458421 Yeah they played it incredibly safe with the design in this one. Though I can't say I am shocked given they are still pumping out souls shit. >>458088 7/10 sounds right. It won't be terrible, but doesn't look like it will be anywhere near what people are hyping it up to be.
>>458445 >All of that was in the original games too outside yellow tape. Yeah I totally remember the hovering arrow icon on items and intractable shit when I played the classic RE games. The wobble head animation to fuck with your aim definitely wasn't in the classic RE games. People here were bitching about that when both RE7 and REmake2 came out.
>>458515 >arrow icon on items You had shines instead. >The wobble head animation to fuck with your aim The lack of autoaim or when autoaim made you aim to a zombie way behind you instead of the one in front.
The graphics are pretty lovely but then again it was was played on a high spec rig.
(385.59 KB 560x640 smug cunt.png)

>>458559 >>458560 >emojis Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door. Twitter's two blocks down.
>>458063 But will she be barefoot?
>>458585 It's Fromsoft, so thankfully yes.
(254.59 KB 355x625 melina shoes.png)

>>458585 >>458586 She's wearing boots
>>458585 >being a footfag
(69.30 KB 609x720 better_not_be_retarded.jpg)

>>458590 1. Who are you quoting? 2. Are you familiar with From's past works? 3. Do you know what jokes are? 4. Are you aware of how hugboxes are created?
(575.35 KB 1088x757 Priscilla.png)

>>458590 fromsoft made some nice feet tho
(635.31 KB 975x820 demons_souls_remake_3.png)

>>458594 I don't know about the foot fetishism in From's games, i just like to tease the footfags because of their smelly fetish.
I'm disappointed with how derivative it is, creatively bankrupt. The arbalest that shoots a series of arrows, just like DS3 and DeS. The total reuse of spells and items such as the sould blade, soul vortex, dragon head stone. I'll still play it and enjoy it but they could have done more. Didn't like the drop attack stealth bit either, Sekiro perfected that concept but now you have to drop attack an enemy to put them in the state for the instant kill. Its just an extra and unnecessary step.
I think it'll be a good game hell it most likely will be great. But the main issue is From should do more non souls stuff hell more Sekiro would be welcomed, I know I'll enjoy Elden Ring but I also know in the back of my head that I want someone truly new.
>>458798 Did my post make you bothered?
But to be Intellectual honest this video must be talked about https://youtu.be/upw-hXXcY-8
Oh boy I can't wait for another souls game that further waters down the combat instead of pushing the mechanics forward. R2 attacks will somehow be worse and even less relevant Dodging will still not cost any stamina despite defense not being parry focused like Sekiro Outside of a select few examples stats will be less important for determining weapon damage Despite that last one they'll let you respec It will use proximity backstabs instead of Bloodborne's Left hand movesets still forgotten Magic will just be which color of magic missile you prefer The open world design will lead to even more exploitable enemy leashing Lastly, the netcode still hasn't been touched.
This game has choose your body type a/b instead of choose your gender male/female. I will not buy this sjw trash.
(128.53 KB 448x352 cowboy hat data.png)

>>459176 Same shit happened with the last Animal Crossing game. I hate this tranny gender bullshit in my fucking games, I play games to escape the madness that is our world, not to get bombarded with it. Fucking RIP Fromsoftware, they went from being this niche Japanese developer making oddball on the PS2 and XBOX to whatever the fuck mutant pseudo-AAA studio they are now. I watched some gameplay and it looks like shit, it looks piss-easy compared to DaS.
(1.15 MB 1789x615 12.png)

>>459190 >Body type It never ends this shit I'm so goddamned sick of muttmericans.
>>459176 >>459190 Cancer. Even if devs don't believe it themselves, supporting tranny delusions by placating faggots with this shit makes me not want to even pirate it.
(1.32 MB 2583x616 ac add.png)

>>459190 I added another one to your list
>>459190 >>459192 >>459197 >>459212 You guys DO realize that those choices are exclusive to the American releases of the games, right? Even screenshots from the U.K. version of AC list it as "male or female", not "body type".
(78.07 KB 801x961 Anon shiggy.png)

>>459234 >I'm so goddamned sick of muttmericans. <You guys DO realize that those choices are exclusive to the American releases of the games, right?
Oh boy more euro vs American on whose more pozzed derailment.
(780.99 KB 696x597 A boy and his blob.png)

>>459310 Is it that hard to believe that we're simply tired of hearing it after over 5 years? Take it to /int/ you belligerent fuck.
>>459310 >cartoons have pedophiles behind them Water is wet.
(188.90 KB 387x600 disgustipated.png)

Apparently world tendency returns from DeS to ER.
>>459359 I don't care. It's not even worth pirating anymore.
(2.25 MB 2945x3727 r.jpg)

>>459361 ok tranny
(62.63 KB 567x564 Eo7h8pTUcAAi1tK.jpg)

>>459361 You got the PC version right? If so I will buy it too, invade your world and brutally fucking murder you. I find PVP to be the best parts of these games, fighting real human beings in soulsbournes is an experience like no other
>>459361 Good, feed the corps seeking your demise.
>>459386 You work for Bamco?
Some of the /v/ plays shit with ER will be hilarious.
>>459388 Then my only other guess is that you feed on plastic.
>>459393 Uh yeah? Well my dad IS Nintendo, twerp. Suck on that one.
>>459361 Why would you pre-order anything ever?
>>459383 PvP in these games are absolute fucking trash that barely works.
>>459361 >preorder >another fucking copy pasted souls game >>459386 >sold his soul to the company store Wew, you should only take from the scummy vidya industry when it comes to software. >>459393 >I am from reddit Yes we know. Even easier to spot with the undeserved superiority complex.
(84.40 KB 720x689 parry this.jpg)

>>459386 I'll make you eat shit regardless. >>459584 I have DS3 and it works for me, que times are sometimes a bit long though. The way people dynamically react to you and vise versa is endlessly amusing. You can really see the emotion, stress, fear and the person behind those actions, its way more interesting that fighting the soulless near robotic NPC AIs. How in the hell do you find more enjoyment in fighting NPCs than actual players? It makes no sense unless you actually suck dicks at the game.
(98.76 KB 1280x720 commit die beam.jpg)

>>459614 pandering to PVP fags was a mistake
>>459616 But its like half of the game and has been there since Demon Souls. Theres nothing wrong with PVP and having fun with the game in your own ways anon. It's a feature there and it should be used if you want to or not.
(2.09 MB 580x433 Trashman.gif)

>>459618 >half of the game
(220.64 KB 569x571 bloodbourne (6).jpg)

>>459628 reeeeeeee leave me alone you bully! let me enjoy being a STR build serial killer in a videogame! dominating other dudes with my raw physical strength to death is my male power fantasy. i can't do that irl because im a short skinny twink in reality.
>>459633 Just kill yourself already, save yourself some time.
>>459640 Anon that doesn't even make any sense, try harder next time.
>>459633 >he can't fight irl >cannot dominate in meatspace and online Pffft, I knew pvpfags were pathetic but come on.
(127.27 KB 1920x1200 dark souls.jpg)

>>459649 I was probably born with some kind of genetic defect that makes me so weak that women of a similar build to me are stronger for some reason, but that's not an excuse to stay weak. I do work out occasionally and by now I am sure I at least CAN beat the shit out of women who are a similar physical build to me, but not men though, but soon I will. Remember anon, I don't have to stay an IRL dexfag forever, we're all gonna make it brah, especially if we put in the effort!
(910.77 KB 480x346 baang.gif)

>>459681 You're trying too hard to fit in Redditor. Glorifying how much of a consumer cuck you are does not impress anyone.
>>459649 dude there are plenty of laws irl i know this site takes pride in committing multiple crimes against humanity but I have prospects for the future
>>459686 You probably have thinner arms than f24e3d. >>459687 I'm not advocating anything illegal, I was just giving an anon shit.
>>459687 >(1) Absolutely pathetic.
>>459666 You can beat a woman based on sheer body weight alone. Women who look like they are physically similar to you are usually still lighter than you. Which is why it's dishonorable to do so. It's like kicking a puppy, no one should be impressed by this. I've wrestled both women and guys 100+ pounds heavier than me, and you can only win on the lighter side if the heavier person makes a severe error in technique or judgment. The heaviest guy just laid on my chest and I was unable to breathe enough to do anything.
>>459614 >>459618 >half the game That is a gross exaggeration. PvP is basically a mini game that is there when you want to take a break from bashing your head against some particularly hard part of the game. It was always janky and hilariously unbalanced, but that was part of the appeal, it was not meant to be taken seriously. All of the games allow you to easily opt out of receiving invasions. It is by no means a core part of the games.
(181.33 KB 720x720 1462607839999.jpg)

>>459748 >You can beat a woman based on sheer body weight alone. Yeah, I can call them fat and ugly and make em cry too. >The heaviest guy just laid on my chest and I was unable to breathe enough to do anything. Had any thick bitches lay on top of you? If so I am extremely jealous of you anon >>459772 I had to hide your image because it kept on making me laugh.
>>459775 That was a massive fat Mexican guy. I have had "thick" women mount me in wrestling but due to the exertion it's rather difficult to get a boner. All you need to do to have the same experience is find a reputable dojo to join.
>>459687 >but I have prospects for the future Your child will be even more fucked than you are
(141.58 KB 1080x1080 Demon's Souls.jpg)

>>459178 Sony already did that in DeS remake. There's probably more. Just wait for it.
>>459633 >toothpick in reality Like half the userbase of this site? The other half are fatasses
>>459616 I really wish they would flesh out the covenants more, particularly the non PvP covenants. Single player and co-op covenants need a lot more love. And why the fuck does DS3 have 3 entirely separate goddamn Darkmoon covenants?
(430.82 KB 465x981 Labyrinth Watcher.png)

(906.84 KB 826x1080 Merciless Watcher.png)

>>459859 >>459950 The Demon's Souls remaster wasn't even done by Fromsoft.
>>459956 There is this weird narrative lately being pushed by one or more anons that From is pozzed.
>>459969 I think there's a weird narrative in general to try to convince anons that there are no holdouts in the industry. It's weird.
>>444396 That's exactly what I want though. How's that even a leak?
>>459994 The webm you see was a leak but as you see now more official gameplay came out.
>>459383 I wish I owned a VP70 along with it's holster/stock, they just look hecking cool.
>>459969 >>459970 Elden Ring has the bodytype shit as well. Might be a push by Bamco
(58.24 KB 860x650 proofs.jpg)

>>460007 >Elden Ring has the bodytype shit as well.
(3.46 MB 1371x1603 souls faces.png)

>>460007 They're probably doing what they think would make it appeal more to westerners. In the end we'll be able to make our horrible abominations anyway.
>>460007 Nigger it aint even out. You're convincing me there IS a narrative.
>>460022 I have a feeling it's going to be hard to talk about this game like it was for Bloodborne in 2015.
I finally watched the sneak peek and as I feared this game ain't doing it for me. Between the open world stuff and the seemingly standard pseudo medieval setting There's not a whole lot to draw me in. >>460086 Just talk about it and ignore any drive by derails.
>>460207 Miyazaki's games always have impeccable environmental aesthetics in my opinion, but so do other AAA games (Ghost of Tsushima for example). Bloodborne was a great departure for the enemy and boss design but it seems we're now back to putting enough dragons in the game to make Todd Howard blush.
>Sony Shills actually complaining that the graphics aren't on-par with Bluepoint's butchered Demon Souls remake I feel like my brain is trying to kill itself rationalizing these retards' logic and reasoning.
>>460318 Elden Ring's Graphics are pretty good and it's even better then Sekiro's.
>>460347 Uhhhh, no? Sekiro looks much better since it didn't recycle stuff so aggressively as this game did. Elden Ring doesn't feel as if it has a cohesive art style.
>>460361 >Elden Ring doesn't feel as if it has a cohesive art style. How? Also the engine has improved a lot.
>>460365 It's fine for people to have different opinions and I also have to warn you not to argue with retards on the internet, they will only drag you down to their level and they hardly ever learn from their mistakes, and if they do, they take it with an extreme amount of butthurt. If you like and will seem like you will enjoy Elden Ring more power to you anon, if not, then that's also perfectly fine, it's not for everyone.
>>460371 And I asked a question of why and that's not a bad thing to ask.
>>460365 I have to agree with other anon too, based on footage seen, sekiro looks nicer than this
>>460382 Honestly to me, it looks like the same shit but different setting. Since the game will be on next gen consoles though it will no doubt be capable of much more both graphically and technically.
>>460086 God, that was torture.
>>460086 Wait, people talked shit about bloodbourne before it was out? But that game is fucking amazing though? What in the fuck could they have possibly have seen to be wrong with the game?
>>460426 It was on a Soiny console and was copying Dark souls.
>>460426 it wasn't the game itself but rather the console wars surrounding the game.
>>460426 For a good two or three months a group a faggots butthurt about it being on PS4 shat up all and any talk of the game to the point where even brining it up off handed would cause a thread totally unrelated to be shat up.
>>460472 I was on 8/v/ around that time but I never even noticed bloodbourne threads or knew bloodbounre even came out somehow, I only got to play it myself back in 2017. The console exclusivity is a shame but the game itself is amazing, only people who are literally fucking legally retarded would shit on the game itself for that reason. I had a 3DS and a toaster so I was more of a Monster Hunter fag back then anyways
>>459312 >we're simply tired of hearing it after over 5 years? it's still worth pointing out
>>460526 source?
>>460526 Not really since neither America or most of Europe is at their best currently since it's pretty much a different flavour of pozz argument. >>460487 It not being on PC is the game's biggest crime.
>>460532 check endchan anne frank >>460537 i butted in halfway so maybe don't understand what your point was
>>460526 Her breasts have grown in quite nicely but its a shame that she will no doubt look like an old hag by the time shes 30. Gotta dig in while shes young but not TOO young, or ILLEGAL.
>>460361 >Elden Ring doesn't feel as if it has a cohesive art style. No it looks like it has cohesive art style it's just that the art style has been done to death by basically everyone at this point.
(586.38 KB 1067x800 elden ring.jpg)

>>460382 >sekiro looks nicer than this I personally think so too but I think my opinion is compromised by the fact that I really like east asian settings and dislike (pseudo)medieval european ones. So I'm not really sure if it's actually a step down from Sekiro or if it's just me. If it is actually a downgrade then I'm going to blame it on both the content padding that almost inevitably comes with asset creation for an open world game and from the fact that they are going for a different aesthetic than Souls + Bloodborne and they can't hide behind shadows, grey tones, and fog anymore. I do think Elden Ring looks very pretty. Of course it's hard to make golden world trees and endless forests of aspens look ugly.
>>460930 I love both. The cathedral and the huge castle area in the trailer both looked great, and they do scenic vistas well as always. But like I touched on in the other post, in AAA games environmental artists are virtually divorced from the other parts of the development pipeline. RDR2 also looked amazing and it was filled with repetitive content.
>>461244 >in AAA games environmental artists are virtually divorced from the other parts of the development pipeline. RDR2 also looked amazing and it was filled with repetitive content. It's kind of the same thing that I get from GTAV. It looks like one of the prettiest games that I have absolutely zero desire to play. I will say that at as fat ar Elden Ring goes when I see the log sweeping vistas of golden glowing knockoff mallorn forests and broken, half floating mountains it does give me a desire to play. And then I see a Skyrim dragon or a honest to god, unaltered French knight and that saps my will to play it again. The jumping in this game seems out of place to me too. It's one thing when the player character is a manlet ninja with a grappeling hook wearing nothing but a scarf, a gi, and a hakama. It's a whole 'nother thing when a warrior in full plate armor Mario jumps 5 feet into the air and survives a subsequent 20 foot fall. It looks awkward. And it would be easily solvable too if they would just require tou to be riding your guardian spirit cowhorse to pull of such feats.
>>461369 >*that as far as
>>461369 >Skyrim dragons Yeah I already made a joke about that as well. Bloodborne seemingly forced them to open their mind a little with a crowbar and design interesting enemies. Actually, so did Sekiro. Now that they've gone back to "Western medieval fantasy through a Japanese lens" it seems like they thought "whew, being creative was hard. I sure am glad I can go back to designing dragons!" I'd love to be the producer of the Souls games and see what would have changed if I had implemented a hard and fast rule of one (1) dragon per game.
When does the network test start? I hope some anons here get in and report back with how it actually plays. I'd like some more info so that I can make my mind up about this game.
(333.73 KB 319x238 poise.gif)

>poise is back Dexfags on suicide watch
>>462844 light armor will give more poise while heavier armor give less
>>462617 More importantly, showing what pantsu girl wear if you take off their clothes.
(1.01 MB 2409x1574 imagine_skeleton_wheels.jpg)

Will there be charioteer DLC?
>>463098 The game hasn't even released yet and you're already talking about dlc. Only time will tell You posted something about chariots while I was watching a vid about ancient indo european horse warriors. Weird https://yewtu.be/watch?v=dYw8NnQ1tpk
VaatiVidya's playthough: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=R9DWTt37khU >"I see you are Maidenless." - t. Cyclops Elden Ring: Prepare to Cry Edition. He fellates this game hard, of course.
>>462844 Is it that hyperarmor shit from DS3 or classic DS1 poise?
(3.83 MB 1280x720 Walter White falling.mp4)

>>463453 >"I see you are Maidenless." - t. Cyclops mfw
tl;dr magic is overpowered
(6.42 MB 2550x3534 browheel.png)

>>463098 Yes but the chariot will be a unicycle.
(103.86 KB 792x600 battle of kadesh.jpg)

>>463098 Are there any games where you can actually fight with chariots that isnt a strategy game?
>>463453 >that enemy pathfinding >all those wonky collisions >recycled animations >low-res textures everywhere >MGSV tier night time lighting >NPCs still talk telepathically >mostly empty enviroments >partially destructible structures that totally won't be exploited to hell and back Why does it seem like such a step backwards from Sekiro and Bloodborne?
>>463509 >Why does it seem like such a step backwards from Sekiro and Bloodborne? If I had to wager a guess it's because BB as Sekiro are their own things where as Elden Ring seems to be Dark Souls IV Demon's Souls V: Open World Edition.
Also >10-15 second loadscreens in the middle of the open world >when Soyny was flaunting that the PS5 would have no load screens whatsoever "thanks to its lightning fast SSD" >>463512 How long until we get Demon's Souls Online?
>>463516 This is or can be another problem with open world games. In particular it's a problem for From because just like how they cleverly disguise sometimes low quality textures with fog and dark they do the same thing with loading zones using level geometry and elevators. Which is much harder to do in a big open plain. I really don't know why they fell for the open world meme since they've been getting better and better at constructing worlds with Sekiro's world design just being a piece of art, and I don't just mean how it looks but also how it flows and interconnects.
Was about what I expected which is pretty much Dark souls 4 with more in-depth features. I'm sure this game will be fun and stuff but I also really would like something new.
My brother in law got the beta so I played a bit when I visited and it's a lot better then I expected. >Torrent the mount is fun to ride and double jump >Magic is good and feels powerful >Jumping is something I didn't realise was needed so much in a soulsfag game >Verticality is very welcomed >World is surprisingly alive unlike something like BOTW >Dungeons are like Bloodborne >Wolves are everywhere like in Dogma >Area beta is in is very big >Boss in front of the castle was fun and his second phase let him drop a lot of magic attacks
>>463573 Do you get a grappling hook or a grappling hook type spell?
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=yxzZ6oS8MQA Meme review of the network test.
(456.70 KB 1005x360 fuck.png)

>>463594 Also JUST
(330.23 KB 1280x720 65382__1_.jpg)

>>463453 I don't like this shit at all. >>463595 Focusing on western market = appeasing trannies, involving George Fartin and making a ubisoft open world
>>463459 You can actually walk through attacks in elden ring. So poise works just like in DS1.
>>463693 My brother in law had the beta on PS5 while it ran 60fps it dropped frames quite a few times.
>>463751 Next gen consoles are a fucking joke.
>>463595 So much for that then.
>>463697 Nice. >>463595 Not nice.
Why is George RR Martin's involvement being shilled so hard? From what I can gather, having his name involved in it is little more than a marketing stunt. Everything about Elden Ring so far screams "legally distinct Dark Souls" with Martin's seal of involvement, he didn't even wrote any script or dialogue, guy's just credited for vague wordbuilding and coming up with the overall idea. Which means literally nothing, normalcattle will just buy it because of Game of Thrones since dopamine-addicted normalfags don't have time to read. Having someone whose entire line of work is writing stories involved with a game with vague storytelling is just so baffling to me. Btw I'm guessing that Jewtubers are under strict guidelines regarding this game and how they can shill it because they all have the same template cookie-cutter titles on their videos. "I played Elden Ring for X hours. I'm only legally allowed to say positive things about it but i'll pretend that it's actually an honest opinion"
>>463595 List games that did this shit. I want to make a Steam Curator list to get reeing.
>>463972 I hate all those people and i don't even know them. I wish them the worst.
>>463453 Being able to safely jump that far down without at least a metal-crashing sound while wearing full-plate looks terrible.
>>464167 Yeah I noticed that early on. It looks silly.
Anyone pretending they aren't excited for this is a special kind of retard
>>464502 I'm not pretending, i don't care, i never got into the souls games, i played Demon souls and Darks souls and never got that far. They just don't appeal to me very much, i'm more excited for Kirby the forgotten land and Stalker 2.
>>464502 I don't need to pretend. Dark Souls 3 was forgettable and disappointing. Why would I be excited for more of the same?
>>464502 It's not really my bag from what I've seen but then again I didn't expect it would be from the time of its announcement. I've just wanted it to come out so that I can possibly play the next Fromsoft game after this one. I do intend to try it out when the public network test comes out but I'm really not sold on it other than it having some beautiful vistas. I really hope that this doesn't spawn Elden Ring II, III, etc. and that they just support it via DLC for a few years so that it doesn't tie up their entire development on this series.
>>464073 Spherehunter is a trannoid.
>>464502 Some are hyped and some aren't it's life anon. Granted the game still hasn't fully come out to say it's good or bad.
(2.19 MB 1024x960 ClipboardImage.png)

>>464502 >I cannot conceive or fathom how anyone could not be excited for this game that I am excided for How do normalfags like this guy find this place?
>>464502 Because it doesn't look like anything special, it looks like the same game from 2009. I'm probably going to enjoy it, but it lacks atmosphere, the gameplay is the very same and the art design is all over the place.
(49.54 KB 1024x576 dull.jpg)

>>464502 Dragon's Dogma looks better than this shit and that game came out in 2012. Not only does Elden Ring look kinda shit compared to an almost decade old game its fucking now obvious it is really Dark Souls 4. I will call it now Fromsoft are playing it so fucking safe this game's world will be what ever that autistic girl was painting in DS3 and that is just fucking boring. >Looks shit. >Its trying to copy BOTW. >Besides the open world meme its the same old game From has been making since fucking King's Field. There comes a point in time when people just cant be fucked with the same old shit over and over again. This game is just being made to appease the board of directors.
(3.56 MB 371x209 drove.gif)

>>464502 I do want to play this game, but you are a cocktaster faggot if you truly belive this shit you post.
>>463573 >An anon who actually played the damn game said that its good, well designed and enjoyable Thats it. I don't care what the naysayers say they don't even play or enjoy Dark Souls anyways, Imma get Elden Ring for myself. Why? Because I think it looks fun and I know that its something that I will also enjoy as a fan of DS1, DS3 and Bloodbourne Sekiro is shit. Is a fun game in my personal opinion too much to ask for here? >>464502 I didn't give a single smidgeon of a shit about this game until recently when they showed off more actual gameplay, it looks like the culmination of all souls bourne games and thats pretty nice. Also heres your (you), take it and go buy some NFTs with it.
>>464502 I'm more excited about buying pizza later today than this garbage.
>>464502 While I am excited, it's not like this game will be the second coming of jesus christ. A game that would make me into a normalfag mouthbreather for would be some game where NPC and villages are fully simulated, something that will only happen if I make it myself. Elden Ring is just Breath of the Souls, it will be fun for a couple of weeks, but it's all that there is to it.
>>462844 >poise is back >powerstancing is back and better than ever >Magic seems to be actually good instead of being the dogshit it was in DS3 >Verticality from Sekiro is back >Counter-hits with shield is applicable on all weapons instead of just piercing type weapons >Stuff that are overlooked in Souls games like Bows or Shields are buffed this time around. Honestly, this looks good. Time will tell if my statements will hold up, however Fromsoft has been consistently good so far, so i think it'll be fine.
(22.86 KB 258x353 1468467424591.jpg)

>>464751 >now obvious it is really Dark Souls 4. It's almost as if you're trying to make that sound like a bad thing.
>>464977 Yeah, it kind of is. Fromsoft has been churning out these games for ages now, so forgive me if I expect a little more than just darksouls + open world. Go back to reddit.
I will literally kill myself by raping myself dead with a bullet in my eyes before I even consider buying this fucking hot shitgarbage that's visually from 1972. t. The biggest contrarian of them all.
It is very samey. RR Martin could've had literally zero input and the outcome would be the same. And as per usual the lack of dynamic shadows significantly diminishes the visuals. Soulsfags will enjoy it because it's more of the same. In a sense it's like FIFA - fans will keep buying it because they want the same thing again.
Did the Armored Core or even King's Field series have this same problem since I've never played anything past the PS1 titles?
(194.40 KB 474x360 stupid.mp4)

>>465243 >>465256 >In a sense it's like FIFA >churning out these games for ages now There hasn't been a Souls game in 5 years. There are only 4 Souls games, 5 if you count Bloodborne and you shouldn't. By whose definition is that "churning" them out? And comparing them to FIFA releases? Get real you fuckin' tards. >wahhh i wanted something different Your tears are delicious you salty faggots. I hope whatever series you're a fan of is lamenting in obscurity while Soulsfags have something to look forward to.
>>465302 >>465245 Why are you so enraged over a videogame?
>>465326 One of those posts was someone mocking actually angry posters, the other was clearly satirical. Why are torposters so stupid?
If George RR Martin helped make this game will there be titties, dicks, sex scenes, rape and no ending too?
>>465302 >There hasn't been a Souls game in 5 years That time is irrelevant because you'd be lying if you said the "souls" formula has NOT been driven into the ground by FromSoft and their imitators. >Soulsfags have something to look forward to Of course, because like I said soulsfags want to keep buying / playing the same game like FIFA fans. FromSoft and their imitators don't have to take any chances by doing things too differently because their fans just want to play the same game forever. Shooters and Platformers can be called samey, you can actually expect something new rather than the same thing again, you can criticize those games when they barely deliver anything new, but when you apply these same critiques to FromSoft and "soulslike" games suddenly soulsfags get really pissy and start spewing playground insults.
(993.42 KB 312x176 farewell_salute.gif)

>>467272 >piece of shit dragon takes very little damage per hit >has zero defense against a short jump down from a ledge >lands on its feet and dies instantly It's called game balance and it's beautiful.
To anyone who actually played ER, does the game have Dark Souls leveling or Sekiro "leveling"?
>>466629 I am sorry to hear you were bullied by soulsfags, anon.
>>467272 >>467277 Well ackhyually, if you think about it, considering it's size, it has to weigh in the tens of tons, as such when it falls from that cliff, it accelerates so fast that the force of impact is high enough, that it breaks all it's bones and organs, no matter how hard it's scales might be. It's why an elephant will die if it falls from just 3 meters(10 feet), but an ant can survive a fall from a skyscraper. Now you might say, that in that case the dragon couldn't possibly fly, no matter how strong it's wing muscles were, in which case I would call you a nerd, and say that this is just a game about wizards fighting dragons, so logic has no place in this discussion :^) In other words, this is the new shockwave meme from DS2, but applied to bosses, though I am sure they will patch it out.
From has real issues with anything vaguely dragon like and it dying instantly or being a buggy mess, but Miyazaki's other fetish (besides feet) is scalieshit or something because there just have to be dragons everywhere ever since Demon's Souls.
>>467327 Hell probably before actually now that I think about it they were in King's Field too, but I didn't play those.
>>465263 >Armored Core The fundamentals are obviously the same; it's an action mecha game focused on positioning and movement, not so much aiming, with lots of customization. It always has a mission mode and an arena mode. The customization is its strength because you can make an AC that plays completely differently just by adding some new wacky parts, for example hover legs. The most significant departure was AC5, and that game was shit. There is significant variation in difficulty. Last Raven will completely bust your balls for example but Nexus feels more like a "normal" entry. I don't really know how much variation you expect these games to have. If you have a formula with a dedicated fanbase, why change it too much?
(8.48 MB 1920x1080 Elden Ring level up.mp4)

>>467346 >I don't really know how much variation you expect these games to have. Bloodborne and Sekiro spoiled me with how they switched up things. Sekiro especially. Truth is despite following Souls for years and being interested in it as a concept I've barely played any of the 4 true Souls games. I've only played a little bit of DS2 and even then I pretty much barely made it to Majula before just completely losing interest.
>>467996 Ah fuck just generic Souls leveling then. That's a little disappointing. I really liked the simplicity of oly leveling for skills in Sekiro with a little bit of Zelda leveling sprinkled on top.
I'm unsure what the surprise is when it comes to leveling being similar.
>>468197 Its because damn near everything is similar. Some people are happy playing the same stuff but some of us wanted differences, new ideas, concepts, mechanics.
>>468000 >Disappointed in games he's barely played being mechanically similar to their upcoming spiritual successor The fuck.
>>468202 There are new things to be fair but not enough new things. >>468226 Once I read that I stopped taking his posts seriously as it's one thing to have played the other games and be unhappy with ER so far but when you've not or barely played the series then complain is brain dead retardation.
>>467996 Isn't she pretty much your traveling companion?
(18.03 KB 227x239 carlos the pun master.jpg)

>>468579 Vid's quality is a bit GRIZZILY.
>>458063 I confidently predict (((they))) will try to force the narrative of her being some 'non-binary' bullshit. Some daft cunt on twitter with an axe to grind will start it.
>>458600 Hmm comes off like a footfag just stopped masturbating to write that article but... >Bella Blondeau Does that mean there are female footfags or is this yet another tranny?
>>459212 >You can change this later Oh no you can't.
>>468597 >>468611 >>468615 Anon, you can relpy to more than one post at a time.
>>459379 >gender coffin! gender coffin! gender coffin! Funny that he managed to get all the elemental parts of his existence into 2 words. >>468621 I know I'm just an asshole.
>>468623 >I know I'm just an asshole. I think you mean newfag.
>>468623 >>468637 Or possibly an assfag. Or a newhole.
>>468579 I don't want to sound like a contrarian but why the fuck are people excited for this game again? This looks like the same old boring Souls gameplay with a horse.

(501.27 KB 500x320 dark sign.gif)

(65.96 KB 446x401 retards.png)

>>468893 The game looks dull and a hard pass for me I have played way too many fantasy open world games but I think most soulfags want the game for the lore. Fromsoft are not subtle with the logo design it just screams this game is Dark Souls 4. Lore fags will want to know whats going on. Lore are retarded.
>>468909 Has anyone explained what the Elden Ring actually is?
>>468239 So you're saying that I'm allowed to properly critic Elden Ring after I beat a Souls game? Alright challenge accepted.
(21.25 KB 470x360 what (2).jpg)

>>469032 >Barely played the games in the first place >Hasn't even beaten one of them <Acts like he is an expert of the series You're surprised people are looking at you funny?
>>469080 I've beat Bloodborne and Sekiro and both Nioh games. The actual Dark Souls games seem kind of janky to me. Movement feels less refined for one thing.
>>465846 Obligatory
>>468909 Yeah fuck being invested. >>468579 That's a buff fucking bear.
>>469589 >That's a buff fucking bear. Guardian bear.
>>468579 Good to see guardian ape's animations didn't go to waste, i'm also fully expecting a lion that reuses darkbeast paarl's.
>>468579 More like monke This the same team that made Dork Souls 2?
>>468893 >I don't want to sound like a contrarian >proceeds to be contrarian >old boring souls gameplay This shit isn't Darksouls. it's fucking dragon's dogma. Fromsoft have completely stopped pretending to be Darksouls and have fully embraced boring wide non-vertical worlds where theres no difficulty in traversal. Atleast at times darksouls 2 and 3 pretended it wanted to be like Darksouls. The reason every other game after the original is so shit is because they've effectively dumbed down the gameplay without changing it. Theres no reason to have any semblance of game sense when you have clear vision of all enemies at all times.
>>469761 The comparisons of Dark Souls and Dogma are retarded as both are two very different games on such levels.
>>469769 Maybe but he's still got a point about the open world problems.
>>469784 The issues of Elden Ring go way above it being Open World. Everything from how the content is reused to the art design is lazy as fuck.
>>469803 It looks fine to me, honestly. But I'm not a graphics whore like most realism fags And things being reused is a non-issue, why would anyone reinvent the wheel if they've already got a perfectly working one?
>>469808 >why would anyone reinvent the wheel if they've already got a perfectly working one? Sometimes you need to innovate and make something new.
>>469803 >content is reused That part doesn't really bother me. They've always done that. The Corrupted Monk fight is just Dancer crossed with the Wet Nurse and I'm fairly certain that the big snake is just derived from cut content from Bloodborne, for example >the art design is lazy as fuck. That is an actual issue. Demon's Souls and the 3 Dark Souls games have a certain aesthetic to them that despite being heavily inspires by European style fantasy and in some cases even real life armor and weapons it really has it's own unique feel to it. Most of what I've seen out of Elden Ring could be out of any one of hundreds of games in the standard fantasy setting from the past two decades. In Elden Ring's favor it does look overall very pretty. Also that bear fight looks kind of neat, and that multi armed boss DOES look like a Fromsoft style boss.
(906.53 KB 354x417 phos what.gif)

>>469095 >posting two different screencaps of the same cuckchan copypasta
>>469761 >So much verticality they end up reducing fall damage >Legacy dungeons with more typical soulslike level design are confirmed
>>469761 >dumbed down the gameplay What? Both the sequels expand on the gameplay.
Out all the things to bitch how is the art design one of them?
>>469932 What's wrong with that? The art design and assets are what you're looking at the entire time you play a game.
>>469167 Does anyone have the webm?
>>467272 Cool a misnamed wyvern
>>470102 Stop this autism nobody fucking called them that in the middle ages, the word was always dragon. Wyvern was a heraldry term that wasn't used until the 17th century.
(38.25 KB 480x355 [stares in rape].jpg)

>>469935 I'm referring to how a few here are trying to paint the art style as bad or lazy when it's fine. >>469918 I feel instead of actual genuine criticism we'll have more retards who don't read anything of the game while making nitpicks over dumb shit that doesn't address real issues the game might have.
>>470181 >I feel instead of actual genuine criticism we'll have more retards who don't read anything of the game while making nitpicks over dumb shit that doesn't address real issues the game might have. Welcome to after-closure 8chan.
(1.85 MB 1610x2338 8-kunt.png)

>>470181 >I feel instead of actual genuine criticism we'll have more retards who don't read anything of the game while making nitpicks over dumb shit that doesn't address real issues the game might have. I saw that a lot in the Saints Row thread. It's hard to have a discussion anymore, some anons with say a game is bad because of X and call you a retard if you disagree.
>>470219 What's this a reference to? A movie? Game?
>>468579 not a fan of how the horse basically just respawns, also looks far too easy.
>>470344 From the video, you need to use an item in order to summon it back, so it depends on how scarce this item is. Does it get replenished at the bonfires like the Estus Flasks, or is it an item you have to grind/buy? At first I thought it would have been better to only have it respawned at the bonfires, but depending on how scarce the bonfires are, they might not want to have players backtrack through empty fields(the enemies already killed) for 10 minutes, just to get the horse back. Instead you could get one or two of such items, so that after you have killed the local boss, you use it, to quickly return to a bonfire.
>>470384 if it's a scarce item, fair enough. but if it isn't, there should at least be a cooldown period. it's hard to tell from the video tbf
>>470344 The network tests are usually made easier than the actual game so people don't get stuck for too long on things and they can actually push the network to its limits for the testing. You also have optimized builds for the network test, too, as well as often having stronger gear than you'd get in-game. So it's probably not an accurate picture of how hard the game will be once it goes live.
>>470398 This is what our taxpayer dollars go to huh?
(354.19 KB 500x655 i_have_given_up.png)

>>470181 >I feel instead of actual genuine criticism we'll have more retards who don't read anything of the game while making nitpicks over dumb shit that doesn't address real issues the game might have. I don't even know why i try.
>>444396 Looks derivative as heck.
>>470265 The remake for that game is legitimately pozzed and the team making it are honestly pretty shit.
Fuck it I played a bit of the network test so I'll answer questions you fags might have.
>>470546 Do a mini-review of what you played. What you liked vs what you didn't.
>>470572 It's going to be long but I'll type it out.
>>470581 I appreciate the effort anon. That would put some of the speculation to rest.
>>470546 How shit is it?
>>470581 I'm looking forward to this.
This was played on Soystation 5 and before you bitch this wasn't mine as I refuse to buy any current nextgen console it was my roommate's. >PS5's performance was decent got 1080p 60FPS with dips at times >I played The Bloody Wolf and Magic knight classes which were all I had time to play as >A true dedicated jump button was something needed in the series for years >Jumping felt natural and not like an afterthought >You get around much faster due to jumping and stamina is unlimited outside of combat which means you can sprint without stopping >Fall damage has been nerfed heavily as I jumped down into a pit to see if a dungeon doorway only to have little to no damage at all >You can still very much get damage or die from super tall heights >The amount of verticality the game has is near and can surpass Sekiro at times >You are either going down deep into dungeons >Using Torrent to jump very high via air vents to reach new areas >You can craft simple items on the fly but more complex ones you'll need a bench for >Torrent the horse with Yakul horns is fast and can do quick turns on a drop but can still very much get hurt and die >You either can bring him back by resting at a site of grace (it's a fucking bonfire) or the flask >Combat while mounting can take some getting used to >You can lock on while on horseback >Yes you can larp a Mongol horse archer   >Triangle for Soystaion and Y for Xbone/PC is the new interact button since X or A is now jump >To two hand a weapon you must hold Triangle/Y then press a shoulder button for whatever hand >For example you must press Triangle/Y then R2/RT if you want to two hand the sword in the right slot >stealth is the same click the left stick as in Sekiro >You can sneak or hide away from encounters >You also can do stealth kills via backstab on unaware enemies >Spirit summons are from defeated enemies or dungeon bosses >You can't summon them anytime you want it has to be when near a monument or certain area >If the spirit dies like during the Margit boss fight it can't be re summoned >Dungeons felt like the ones in Bloodborne >I noticed a few new status effects which I'll name shortly >madness >Sleep which you can use in arrows to put enemies to sleep >hemorrhage which I used quite a bit and has the potential to be very op if used right >Ash of War or ashes of war >You can find them by killing enemies or exploration >You can put them on weapons or shields >There are many types which scale with affinity or skills >Skills are this game's combat arts but you can swap them and put them on different weapons >Note you can't swap some out as some weapons skills are unique/exclusive to them <Sorry I couldn't really test everything out as I was limited in the time I had with the network test >You have upgrade materials you can find in the world >These are independent of whatever pre existing prefix your weapon or shield might have <I didn't really get to test this out much either >Magic is powerful not Demon's souls broken >You can block properly while two handed now >Posture or power stance has potential to make some wild builds >Melina is S tier >You get to level up and get Torrent from her after visiting a certain Grace point >You can actually reject Melina's accord which locks you out of leveling and Torrent >Margit can and will stomp you like an ant during his boss fight >Engine the best it's been from a tech standpoint >Arcane stat is similar to Bloodborne's   This is from the top of my head of what I remember during my time playing. Now onto what I liked and didn't like. <What I did like >world is alive unlike BOTW >Random encounters >Skills >Ashes of war >Torrent >Jumping >Exploration of overworld and dungeons >crafting >visuals >build potential >How this game is even more of an RPG then the others <What I didn't like >I'm not fully sold on if the open world will truly benefit this game despite not being as negative as before <Only played a section so I'm unsure if I'll really be on board >While I was enjoying myself I still felt like this wasn't anything truly new despite the abundance of quality of life changes and new features as at its core framework it's sorta Dark souls 4   <Granted it might change when I play the full game but I must state this to be fair to /v/ >Years of dev time for another Soulsborne game when something truly new could've been worked on >Art design while very lovely is still Western European fantasy >Something more exotic like near eastern/Byzantine or even a different flavour of European (Balkan, Southern European) would've been welcomed <Granted this was a section the rest of the game could be different Well there you have it and sorry it took so long I've been doing other shit, I'll answer things to the best of my ability.
>>470766 (checked) cheers anon
>>470766 Thanks for the write up satan. >While I was enjoying myself I still felt like this wasn't anything truly new despite the abundance of quality of life changes and new features as at its core framework it's sorta Dark souls 4 No matter how much you add on top of it, the core formula is still the same, and that really puts me off wanting to play it. I can only play the same game so many times before boredom sets in. Other people will probably be happy for more though, given all the stuff they tweaked/piled on.
>>470766 >>Fall damage has been nerfed heavily as I jumped down into a pit to see if a dungeon doorway only to have little to no damage at all That's one of the things that look wonky from the game. I'd be okay with it if being mounted allowed you to survive major falls, but not just on foot. >>Dungeons felt like the ones in Bloodborne Yeah I thought they looked like chalice dungeons too. >>470766 >I'll answer things to the best of my ability. Were there any really interesting weapons?
>>470824 >Were there any really interesting weapons? The double edged blade was good.
>>470308 A comic
>>470816 It's not that it's bad it's just we've had 5 games already.
>>471027 Yeah that is pretty much my thoughts on it. Newer fans will probably love this shit. Where as someone who played all the others is going to suffer from noticing far too familiar shit even if they dressed it all up nice and pretty. This is a big part about why I wish FROM would mix it up more and make something else. This stuff still prints money though so that won't be happening. They have their FarCry formula and seem content with milking it until it dies.
>>470766 >>While I was enjoying myself I still felt like this wasn't anything truly new despite the abundance of quality of life changes and new features as at its core framework it's sorta Dark souls 4 I haven't played any of the Souls games, so I'm okay with this.
>>470766 I'm trying to avoid learning too much about the game pre-first playthrough but this all sounds quite nice.
>>470766 >>Years of dev time for another Soulsborne game when something truly new could've been worked on >Art design while very lovely is still Western European fantasy >Something more exotic like near eastern/Byzantine or even a different flavour of European (Balkan, Southern European) would've been welcomed Even if they'd just gone and made a full on Celtic/Pictish Souls game that would be something different. Elden Ring just looks like another Dark Souls only this time without the dark. So Bright Souls I guess. >>470979 Oh I also wanted to ask you about the swapable weapon arts thing. How are they? Are they all fairly good or is is a Sekiro type situation where 9/10ths of them are just unnecessary and the remaining 1/10th is so usefull or overpowered that there's no reason to test the others out?
Found a rather succinct explanation of the reason why BotW's much compliained about durability system was implemented and Elden Ring's alternate solution to it. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=2yiywesTnyo >Why Breath of the Wild's weapons are bad on purpose >Although much maligned, I can appreciate Breath of the Wild's durability system for what it was attempting to do. It does also create an interesting automatic balancing feature, in that players can't find a single high power weapon and invalidate any other loot. I find the alternative approaches to open world loot admirable, instead of going for common strategies like equipment with randomly rolled stats or bonuses. Really though, the thing I found most stifling about the durability system was just how it disincentivized combat. It never felt good to just get into a battle, because the weapon cost was always weighing on my mind.
>>463573 >>470766 >World is alive unlike something like BOTW What the fuck does "alive" even mean? That's so fucking vague it's meaningless!
>>471097 >What the fuck does "alive" even mean? It has squirrels and goats.
>>471097 It means "you never have the feeling when you're playing the game 'man, this game world feels so dead,' unless you're in the deadlands or something."
>>471097 >Flattened Monkey Face - Smug, Really Nigga, WTF.jpg Do you normally give you images such cheesy names?
>>471097 It Makes it easier to search. Once you get a big enough collection of images things start to get harder to find without the strange names. although i don't know why he doesn't run them through sha256sum before posting. filenames is bad opsec.
>>471067 >Oh I also wanted to ask you about the swapable weapon arts thing. How are they? Good it's going to add a lot of variety and I found myself thinking of how they'll scale with builds and affinity types. >>471097 I should clarify that Elden Ring's world felt alive and had things to do unlike BOTW which looked alive but was dead with content and had no real exploration. >Unlike in BOTW Elden Ring has dungeons you can find >Unlike in BOTW Elden Ring has random encounters >Unlike in BOTW Elden Ring has real side quests To name somethings.
>>471136 >filenames is bad opsec Well on a site like this people end up reposting files with their saved names over and over anyway so it does obscure anons to a degree.
(736.52 KB 1920x1080 okami.jpg)

"feels alive" could mean a lot of things, in open world I think it means you would want to wander in the world aimlessly with or without missions, just enjoying sceneries and world moving by, or just sit at a place watch other things move. Feeling of the place is not just background in between mission waypoints. One thing I don't like in open games are how many beautiful sceneries and graphics are just used as a backdrop for a shitty fetch quest. Its hard to articulate but a example I think of a "alive world" is Okami (maybe its the artstyle talking), and a "dead world" is borderlands 2 (even 1 felt slightly "alive" and friendly)
>>471205 For me a world "is alive", depending on much the NPCs do, without player interaction. A dead world, would be one in which NPCs do absolutely nothing, they remain static in their hub world, and only exist as quest dispensers or enemies to fight, examples of these are Mad Max(more on this later) or Xenoblade Chronicles(I like the game a lot, but have some issues with the world), Dragons Dogma(also like the game, but the world is not alive). The more the NPCs do on their own, the more "alive" the world is, for instance giving them time-schedules(wakes up at 6, takes breakfast at 8, goes to church up until 12, goes to work up until 6 and so on), having merchants and other NPCs, go from city to city, and even have them completing quests on their own and competing with you(they could take and complete a quest before you do), examples of the last one are Space Rangers and from what I heard, Blade Runner. Sometimes a dead world, can make sense and can contribute to the atmosphere like Mad Max as it is a post-apocalypse, so I don't expect seeing many NPCs roaming around, so you might use the same excuse for Borderlands, but on the same hand a game that feels somewhat alive is modded Skyrim Fallout New Vegas, as there are merchants and other NPCs roaming around, as well as Legions and NCR either hunting you or killing each other, so you can have a post-apocalyptic game that feels somewhat alive, though NV is post-post-apocalyptic. Another game that feels somewhat alive are Gothic 1 and 2, as the NPCs have schedules, they react to you drawing your weapon in a crowded, or if you enter their house uninvited, and some do travel from city to city(I remember that in G1 there were two Swamp Camp warriors that would go daily to the Old Camp mines for some reasons) and have all sorts of animations, such as eating, cooking, sweeping the dust, blacksmithing, doing alchemy, preaching and so on. It also helps that with each chapter some NPCs have new schedules, or new ones appear, or events that you had no hand in doing happen outside of your power, so it keeps things somewhat fresh. I have mostly mentioned of western open world games as feeling alive, so let me give an example of a Japanese one, Trails in the Sky, for the simple fact that every NPC has a mini story arc for himself, and every time you complete a main quest you can talk to them(they might not be in the same place or building) and they will have something new to say. Technically this is also true for Xenoblade, but my problems with the game are more in how enemies react to you. I am not sure where to put AssCreed games, sure all NPCs have almost no schedules, but on the other hand there's thousands of them ,so the cities feel crowded and(I think) they do have animations for what they are doing.
>>471243 By these metrics your most alive game should be Oblivion of all things.
>>471287 Nah, it would be Space Rangers(from what I played), as other NPC factions can take control over regions on their own, and if you do jack shit, other NPCs will do the quests for you and attempt to fight the Evil Empire that is invading the galaxy, I heard StarSector is also like that, but I only played a bit of it years and years ago. There are also games like Elona or Dwarf Fortress that are "more alive", but I didn't want to include games from that category. Plus I had already mentioned New Vegas, so I am not sure why you would think of Oblivion as a better example?
>>471133 I can empathize with wanting to be able to CTRL+F for a specific reaction image using lots of different keywords but holy shit fuck doing that for every image in my folder. >>471136 >people might know that I have visited this site more than once <bad opsec Yeah, uh, not exactly chief. At most you would be identified as a samefag.
>>471296 Oblivion has far more intensive NPC scheduling and behaviors and traveling schedules.
>>470766 >World felt alive unlike BOTW The fuck is that meant to mean? BOTW's world felt alive that was not the problem with BOTW it was the fact the gameplay was shit and there was no dungeons but it had towns, people and encampments. Elden Ring seems to have no towns at all. It seems less alive.
(425.68 KB 1920x1080 southern cllif.jpg)

>>471345 yes, its just one part of having a alive world (alive city more specifically) Other thing that could make it alive is people,places or characters reacting to in game events, especially major plot events. Speaking of which, Borderlands 2 has many beautiful locations, but are used only as a shooting gallery to get past to next objective, and the only thing that reacts to story events are short propaganda pieces that get news once a few missions later.
(140.89 KB 1600x800 ClipboardImage.png)

>>470979 Most of the swords have a double edge
>>471243 > Dragons Dogma(also like the game, but the world is not alive) I would say there's some life to it as npcs have schedules wandering within cities visiting shops and such and npcs also travel through the roads sometimes carrying supplies.
(28.92 KB 600x600 Conisder The Following.jpg)

>>471345 As I said, it's not just NPC schedules, but part of the equation. Maybe Vanilla Oblivion has better schedules, than Vanilla New Vegas, haven't checked, plus I have recently played a heavily modded version, with more random NPCs in the wasteland, so I can't compare them. Haven't really thought about what it meant for a game "to be alive" until you made your first post, but I have thought of it for some time, and I might have, more or less, my conclusive answer, but maybe through some back-and-forth it can be refined. I should also mention that if a game's world feels empty that does not mean that the game is necessarily bad, and if the game's world feels truly alive, doesn't mean the game is automatically good(the combat, or controls, or UI/UX could be shit). There are a few ways in which a world can "feel alive", and some games excel at one point, but might fail at others, this doesn't mean that if it fails at one of them, then the world automatically "feels empty". One is how consistent/believable the world is. I am not saying, how realistic it is, but believable, so you can have magic and even high magic worlds, as long as the NPCs act accordingly. Besides the whole "what do they eat?" and "why do they eat?" questions, there are other ways in which a world can feel fake. To take Oblivion as an example, after the destruction of Kvatch, there's a portal to hell opened in front of every city, yet 99% of the NPCs do not react to it. The imperials aren't doing their best to close the gate, and the Daedra aren't wrecking havoc either, both of them are sitting there with their dicks in their hands waiting for you to come in and save the day. Plus when you are inside a city, you can't even tell that there's a portal to hell, just outside of the city gates. Now just to be clear, I am not saying that Oblivion's world is automatically fake/dead just because of this, I am criticizing on one aspect. On the other hand, with a game like New Vegas or even Skyrim, it's much easier for me to believe that the two main factions in the game NCR and Legion or Emprie and Nords are at a stalemate, and you are the wild card that shakes things up, plus you do see actual changes, like the banners of a city changing from one faction to another, or cities getting captured, the impact is more internally realistic than in Oblivion. Another way is to ask yourself, how much does the world change if you were to sit in a corner and do absolutely nothing, Do the NPCs do nothing as well, or do they have actual lives? And to be clear, I am talking about open world games, not racing games, or RTS or sport games in which you are directly competing against an AI. Well in a game like New Vegas, nothing really changes, the NPCs just go about their daily schedule, and the NCR and Legion just sit there quietly waiting for an opening, on the other hand in a game like Space Rangers(though I guess it is not technically open world, maybe Kenshi would qualify, but I haven't played it) if you sit in a corner, the AI will do commerce, missions, discoveries, they would upgrade their ships, planets would get captured, the Big Evil Empire is slowly conquering the world. In this case it feels like an actual living, breathing world, even without player input. Another way, is to ask yourself, how much of an NPCs life is impacted without the intervention of the main character. To give Trails in the Sky as an example, yes the NPCs won't do shit, unless you do the main quest, however their lives move forward in their own little story arcs independent of the main cast's questline. For instance you might be talking to a guy who plans on selling some cargo to a store, then after a mission, you talk to him again, and he says that he saw a cute girl there, fell in love, and wants to buy her a gift, then after a mission, you find him in a Gift Shop and he doesn't know what to give her, then after a mission, you see him in the store where he met the girl, and he is nervous about giving her the gift, then after a mission, you find him back at his house and he says that the girl says yes and they will go on a date, and finally, you see them at a restaurant. Should also mention that thought these conversations, you can also see the girl's point of view, but most importantly you didn't have to do any missions for him, it didn't start with him saying that goblins attacked his cargo, so you gotta go kill the goblins, to recover the crates so he can sell them, he doesn't ask you to kill a rhino, to get the golden horn so he can give it as a gift to the girl he likes, he doesn't ask you to give her the gift, because he is too nervous, and he doesn't ask you to bring him a suit, because he doesn't have one for the date. All of these things, happen separately from what the main cast is doing at the moment. With this example, you could say that the main quest is just a measurement of the passage of time, and this is why it can still feel alive, even it fails at point #2. The latter example, would be more of how Xenoblade's NPCs act(in that their little story arcs, always need to have you do some quest for them, before it can progress to the next stage so they can give you a new quest), so I guess it's why I don't like them as much as the Trails in the Sky ones(and again, I am not saying Xenoblade is a bad game, I like it a lot) Lastly, is how the NPCs interact with the world. I guess this is closely related to point #1, but I am thinking more about the animations, AI and schedules, so you have NPCs that sweep the dirt in their houses, that cook, that play instruments and so on. I guess that Skyrim, Oblivion and even Gothic 2 do a good job at that, but even games like AssCreed or GTA could have that as well(haven't played them in a long time, so my memory isn't fresh), even if the NPCs themselves don't have that many scripts, as opposed to the Bethesda ones. In this point, I guess we should also consider how they act to the player's actions, like if you kill a guard in plain sight in AssCreed, people panic and run, or if you throw coins at the ground, they will all gather around to pick the coins, or in GTA if you block the road the NPCs will drive around the obstacle. To see how important this can be, I suggest watching Crowbcat's video on Cyberpunk 2077, and how dead and empty that game feels, such as having NPCs walk in small circles, to simulate a crowd, or them sitting hours in the traffic, because you blocked it with a car, or NPC cars passing through NPC pedestrians, and no collision is detected. >>471622 Forgot about that, then again, you can argue that this is a plot point since the people on the island are literally NPCs with no free will, no different from the pawns you have.
>>471736 Thats just fags to stab and as most of them are zombies its hardly a lively world. I mean Far Cry games always have shit to kill but the worlds are dull.
>>471759 But that's more stuff to do then BOTW had.
>>471734 If I were to make a fifth point, though it's not as well thought as the others, is how much impact does the player have on the world, outside of the main quest.Can you run an economic empire and bankrupt other factions, like in X2? Can you build an army and help someone invade the other factions or go independent, like in Mount and Blade or Sea Dogs? Can you go full Peter Mollyneux, and have a world in which if you drop a seed, after many in game years a tree will sprout? or if you kill an NPC, 20 years later his son, now all grown up, will challenge you to a duel? or can you bring an entire specie to extinction, permanently changing the eco-system? Can you kill someone and frame his wife as the murderer, and you can see how she goes to trial, gets unfairly charged with murder and will have a long sentence in jail, after which she will be a beggar on the streets, because you bought all her property, like in Guild 2(though that is more a competitive game, like an RTS, just gave an example)? Again, I am talking about things that happen outside of the main quest, and I am sure some of these ideas are still impractical, or too technologically intensive, this is just another way in which a world can feel alive even with heavy player input. sage for double post
I heard DS1 poise made a comeback in Elden Ring
>>466629 >That time is irrelevant No it isn't. >you'd be lying if you said the "souls" formula has NOT been driven into the ground by FromSoft and their imitators. That's your opinion and it's a shit opinion at that. >Of course, because like I said soulsfags want to keep buying / playing the same game You just explained the sole reason that sequels exist. Anon have you ever considered that you might be a fucking moron? Because you are.
I really wish they hadn't gone with the Dark Souls style phantoms yet again. It really makes fashion Souls when everyone appears as a glow in the dark Darkmoon nigger in multiplayer.
(117.56 KB 575x333 Untitled-777.jpg)

>>470766 I forgot to add this but the game's tone doesn't feel as bleak as the world isn't super post apocalyptic.
Does Elden Ring have a hollowing mechanic?
>>475315 This is art.
>>475633 I think it's like Bloodborne where you have to use a consumable item to play online now.
>>476101 So you don't get your health cut in half after death and have to use a rare consumable to restore yourself?
>>474758 I agree. They got it perfect in Bloodborne. Phantoms had a faint blue glow but it was still possible to what they're wearing and was very fashion souls friendly. I can only hope there is a Ring of the Living type item and it isn't too far into the game.
>>476260 I heard it's just a minor hassle to craft from herbs and shit, since the same item is also needed plus another if you want to be invaded while solo. In addition, there is a new group password system which highlights member's summon signs while not excluding public summon signs like the previous password system, handy if we ever get a redanon community going.
>>478480 >redanon community This sounds nice.
>>478487 works for bloodstains too, stores and prioritizes them for much longer among group members
I really hope I can punch people in the game. The martial art gloves from DS2 were fucking great
>>478525 I know the barehand weapon art is a kick that heavily empties stamina for blockers, usually instantly.
>>478525 The martial arts gloves in DS3 were dogshit compared to all the other weapons. Still managed to beat a player or two to death with one though, it was fucking brutal.
>>476260 That hasn't been the case since the first Dark Souls game.
>>478712 He is exaggerating the hollowing mechanic in ds2, where you lose 5% of max hp to a cap of 50%. You're thinking of the cursed debuff from petrification. I doubt it will have either, and the former is cured by just cooping once in a while.
>>478730 I should have said Demon's Souls, but yeah.
>>478712 >>478730 Even in DS3 you loose health when not embered.
(267.44 KB 1073x1428 1378163227174.jpg)

I just found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2PHeQgQYn0 Apparently all the glitches from Dark Souls 3 still work in the Elden Ring network test.
>>478982 So it looks like Elden Ring is just DS3 with an open world, Sekiro jumping, and a mount. That's not really encouraging.
>>479123 >wa0aw uh darke soules spirituel sueceser iz leik darke soulz butte wit nu stuffe 2 t. torfag for the 100th time in one thread
>>479123 >>479126 B-but they fixed poise!
>>479123 Be happy its not just DS4.
(7.45 KB 730x73 ClipboardImage.png)

>>478982 Direct linking jewtube aside, the comments there are so worried about this crap. Also funny to read how discussions of the issues with the network test are not allowed on reddit.
>>479172 You can always count on reddit to make the absolute most fucktarded decision possible.
>>479172 I do notice that a lot of the complaints are on how the glitches negatively affects PvP. I fell that they are having that problem of not being able to see a forest for the trees since PvP is (almost conceptually even) the worst part about these games. It would have been better if From had done something completely different with PvP and invasions then they have in the past. >>479215 >You can always count on reddit to make the absolute most fucktarded decision possible. They're nothing if not consistent.
>>479233 (checked) >It would have been better if From had done something completely different with PvP and invasions then they have in the past Yeah that would have been wise or at least interesting, but people are basically expecting Dark Souls 4 out of this so it is likely out of the realm of what From was willing to risk changing. >>479215 >You can always count on reddit to make the absolute most fucktarded decision possible That shithole and discord really need to fucking die for ruining so many communities.
(213.94 KB 1293x488 Why reddit sucks.png)

>>479215 >You can always count on reddit to make the absolute most fucktarded decision possible.
I also hate Reddit my fellow epic oldfags.
>>479233 The only possible improvement I've seen for pvp is keeping track of locations the host has access to and limiting pvp to weapons an area ahead of those. Otherwise I don't really see anything wrong with invaders, they're pulled from a pool below your level, given very little healing, and now you can only be invaded while cooping and still get blue sentinel support. Might as well do away with the idea of invasions entirely if even this isn't enough. Arenas are far removed from the rest of the game and generally are just ways to grind rewards. Any other sub-games would just turn it into fall guys or a third person shooter with objectives; it'd be better off as a separate game similar to chivalry or mordhau at that point, spare players and devs the progression and open world.
>>479248 I don't even like PvP in souls and think invaders are cucked to almost near irrelevance in this game too. It was a cumbersome pain in the ass system that made PvP happening difficult in even the less restrictive games.
>>479250 At present some other notable things I've seen are >lightning strike ash of war with near infinite range will make faith builds strong in coop, you can spam it forever >the 10 tactical retreat items for each invasion will promote invaders healing outside of using estus, most likely with more faith spells or those empty flasks for crafting potion recipes
>>479248 I was thinking of something more along the line of asymmetric PvP. Such as you invading as an enemy rather than as yourself or invading as a boss or miniboss. And in either case not announcing [Player X's World is Being Invaded by Player Y]. For example, imagine a hypothetical multiplayer version of Sekiro where you invaded another player not as a mirror Sekiro but as one of those ghost samurai or footsoliders that appear in misty areas. Or as the samurai monkeys or ninja dogs. You could apply a similar sort of mechanic/restriction to the Darkmon cops to prevent full on gank squadding. Or invading in a sort of Old Monk/Halflight fashion as one of the Ashina Seven Spears or as one of the Interior Ministry ninjas. Point being is that you could end up as something more interesting and than red prick decides to fuck with a player's shit and in response player summons 3 blue pricks to fuck with red prick's shit. You could just keep fight club covenants as is for people who want to duel.
>>479247 >I'm so edgy because I think you guys are faking just for peer approval Read it yourself if you're not convinced. If you like it so much, you'll become a faggot and no one will want to reply to you on this board. Beware the redditor influence.
>>479287 Probably not a bad idea, but you would have to program every such enemy with the full player moveset, probably rig it well too so it doesn't look janky. If you could specify what weapon variant you prefer of an enemy, it could be fun, since you'd have a limited inventory and fit the area setting. Those long range mages and hammer warriors from shrine of amana come to mind.
(3.71 MB 2048x2048 redditors_v.png)

>>479244 Magnificent dubs of truth anon. Don't forget the other image that completes this one.
(122.58 KB 300x300 1462881670193.png)

>>457981 >Dragon is knocked down >Dragon's eye glows orange for no reason Did they really think it was too hard to figure out that when the dragon falls down, the visceral attack point is it's fucking face? >Crafting materials Oh god no. It's already fucking open world, and they're going to double down on basic game padding mechanics. Sure, you get an all terrain mount for faster travel, but then you won't be able to pick every stray mushroom, vine, rock, bug, and flower, berry, bone, claw, and feather in the game to craft these consumable items that bosses and such are balanced around you using regularly! <What? You want to just buy your arrows at shops or filch them off enemies instead of spending several hours at once farming just to be not constantly low on a single type of item, such as arrows? <No way, that would be too quick and direct. You want a full quiver of sleepy arrows? Go farm 200 thin animal bones, 100 flight pinions, and 100 rare Trina's Lilies. <And don't forget to get an extra 1200 thin animal bones, 600 flight pinions, and 600 Trina's Lilies to fill up your backup storage! <Ooh, you don't like that? Tell you what, my good gaymer, I'll sell you two of the three materials you need, at an exorbitant price also requiring intense gold farming, but you have to find the rare material yourself. That's the best I can do! Fucking dead in the water unless you're a normalfag who wants to burn time rather than enjoy it. I hope you like nearing the end of a dungeon and realizing all your good weapons are low on durability and you need to leave and find some 200 clumps of troll fungus and 100 pinches of pixie dust to craft enough weapon fixin powder so you can try all over again.
>>479593 npcs do sell some craftable items including arrows, and if durability is ever an issue in any souls game you fucked up. Most jewtubers played the demo without crafting much and enjoyed themselves, just use an infusion ash of war or buff spell since those are always better than the weapon buff consumables. Firebombs are the only thing that seems to be locked behind finding materials, and increasing capacity is like finding estus shards anyway so you can't spam them, same for potion crafting.
>>458594 >Are you aware of how hugboxes are created? Yeah, by not bullying faggots like footfags. >>467996 >7 seconds >8MB >>468579 >Kill a bear <Drops a dragon heart
>>479292 I don't care about your virtue signalling newfaggot retard.
>>479287 >>479532 So what you're saying is Resident Evil 6 was good?>>479532
>>479634 Yet you cared enough to signal that you are an edgy contrarian who don't play by no rules when you could have simply rolled your eyes and not posted. You sure showed us, consumer of Reddit.
>>479148 It's basically Dork Souls 4 in everything but name
>>479833 Cry about it manlet.
Will open world map make it impossible to have DS1's level interconnections? Or will it be a flat boring plane like BotW? >>479835 Yeah but at least there's a new lore or whatever.
>>479955 >Will open world map make it impossible to have DS1's level interconnections? Or will it be a flat boring plane like BotW? I've heard that you can fight all the bosses in which ever order you want. So I'm guessing that the world is a somewhat more interesting and fuller version of BotW design. Of course given DS3 near linear layout it's not like they weren't fucking up before they decided to embrace the open world meme. I don't know how they keep back sliding on these mistakes. Bloodborne's interconnectivity was great and then they made Dark Souls 33⅓. Then they made Sekiro also with a wonderful interconnected map only to then turn around and make Zelda Souls. I don't get their iterative process. It's like they half learn the wrong lesson from previous games when they apply it to their current newest Souls game.
>>479955 There are castles where you can parkour up and down the place and there are dungeons scattered across the world, all connected by the open world I guess. Botw isn't really flat either, I played the game for 140+ hours, it's just Hyrule plain and Gerudo desert like that with some hilly inclines and elevation differences here and there honestly, the rest of the areas can be and are in fact vertical or hilly as fuck such as Faron or the snowy areas. Elden Ring looks to be the same, but with actual fucking dungeons for once.
>>479955 We'll have to see, I imagine the castle areas or some bosses might serve as chokepoints, but a lot of the network test was fenced off from the rest of that starting region. I'm fairly certain the devs know its common to just run past their enemies, and would gate juicier areas behind bosses and castles/dungeons.
So far I'm sorta ok with this game being open world on the virtue of it having shit to do and real dungeons with rewards unlike BOTW's non rewards.
>>480149 It's multiplayer too so unlike skyrim, you can do dungeons and fight monsters and minibosses with your frens! Too bad I will be in school by the time the game comes out.
>>480096 I can only see Elden Ring working if it uses plot progression as choke points since their conventional geography based choke points won't work. Something like Bloodbornes progression from sunset > night >blood moon only with it heavily affecting the game play and not just mostly a plot thing. Like maybe the world gets steadily worse as you beat important bosses and the loss of the Elden Ring, what ever it is, is pushing the world closer to the brink. So mechanically speaking at the beginning every enemy in the world is within a range of difficulty and then when you kill a "Lord of Cinder" analogue or or a few of them the game shifts to the next phase and there's all new enemies at a higher range of levels everywhere. Basically like how Ashina Castle progresses through out Sekiro where is starts out with just ashina samurai and ashigaru, then in second phase the Interior Ministry starts infiltrating, and then in the final phase there's a full invasion of Ministry samurai and ninjas. Could be interesting if it goes down that route.
>>479287 I like your idea with a player controlling an enemy NPC, though I have a small problem with this >And in either case not announcing [Player X's World is Being Invaded by Player Y]. I agree that it's immersion breaking to have a message on your screen telling you that xXx420BlazeItxXx has invaded your world, but you do need some input, otherwise you will never know for sure if the multiplayer works, and players will complain that they never interact with other players, even if they did actually fight enemy players, as such a more subtle message would be better. Say you have an item, such as a crystal globe, and when you get invaded, a small message will be displayed that the globe is glowing red, that way the player will know for sure that multiplayer works, and it's more immersive.
>>480272 Or you just get an item for killing an invader and the description says its from killing online foes.
Sure is cuckchan in here.
>>489209 So is the one eyed doll related to Melania?
>>489414 Nobody even made a post between this post and your previous one and the last post before that was over a week ago, are you talking about yourself?
>>489620 The posts all go nuked.
Game is leaked and spoiled.
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