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Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Anonymous 10/20/2021 (Wed) 21:54:42 Id: ab27f3 No. 447158
New thread for SMT: Re:IMAGINE, a private server for Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine. https://reimagine.online/ https://wiki.reimagine.online/Main_Page Don't miss out on the best private server for an MMO ever. If you're a fan of Shin Megami Tensei in general you'll definitely love this game. We have clan members (myself included) that are high level that can gear you and level you up. If you want to see the game before downloading to get an idea of it I've been streaming it on 8chanTV.
My SSD is almost filled up, what's the filesize of this shit?
>>447167 6.65GB on my folder.
>>447176 Ah, fairly small then. I might try it.
>>447186 If you do drop your name in the thread so you can be added and invited to the clan.
Here's some Mitama info. If you don't have the right gems to buy Mitama directly (or you're more hesitant to spend certain types, understandably), your second best option is to buy Elementals and fuse them into Mitama. Erthys = Topaz Flamies = Ruby Aquans = Aquamarine Aeros = Emerald One great thing about Mitama bonuses is that the Mitama costs within a Rebirth path are pooled rather than counted separately. For example, if you'll look at the chart: The Hagalaz path can have 3 of its bonuses active at the same time for the total price of only 3 Ara Mitama and 3 Nigi Mitama.
>>447158 We should do a game night for this.
(75.97 KB 270x221 nigg frost.png)

I beat SMT1, got filtered in SMT2, beat SMT3 and made it quite far in Digital Devil Daga in the time I stopped playing this. I have been playing FFXIV with a friend but honestly playing that made me realize how much fun I was having in this game compared to that one. The combat is flashy but also feels so flat and weightless. The knockbacks, dodging, counters and explosive fucking magic attacks in this game are something that I don't think I seen in any MMO and I fucking love it for that, too bad the demon negotiation is absolute fucking aids. If I feel like it or have the time I absolutely wanna get back into Imagine.
(227.40 KB 370x370 SMTI Black Market.png)

>>447393 The demon negotiation becomes trivial once you gain the Whisper of Temptation skill. Ask around for a talisman with a Lilith crystal Soul-Stone-fused into it. It's not too hard to obtain one.
>>447393 So far we got three players online, myself included. One of us being a new player that's already in the level 40 range. I still do wanna tackle some content we never got to beat before when a lot of clan members were online, like one that comes to mind is Nakano Ruins Gold. I remember we got destroyed by the Alp's in that run. Actually I think the only gold dungeon we ever cleared was Suginami Tunnels Gold. Tomorrow we're gonna do a gold run of Suginami Tunnels since tomorrow is apparently when it's a daily mission which yields more golden apples and yaguya reports. So if you can it'd be great to have more clan members getting back on.
(2.30 MB 1556x1013 DSurvivorCosplay.png)

I'm impressed they have Devil Survivor and other game costumes in their store. Thanks for the shotgun. Got held up by the dress-up section for a bit and am satisfied with the results. I will still need to get new wings that won't break mid-run.
(1.42 MB 1024x768 SMT8.png)

(1.05 MB 1024x768 SMT12.png)

(830.70 KB 1024x768 SMT13.png)

(1.03 MB 1024x768 SMT15.png)

>>447512 They're still adding new stuff to the game every few updates too. You can check out what all they added on the website. New cosmetics, gear, demons, dungeons, etc. Also here's some pics I saved from when we first played the game all the way back in March.
(25.33 KB 453x508 nigger serious.jpg)

>>447524 Holy fuck, demifed you're still playing? I've been basically logged off everywhere for 3 months doing shit irl, I was souless waifu
Just here to remind everyone I am still present and able to show up if I am not asleep.
>>447303 MMOs are not the thing you make a gamenight for. they're long-term. i mean, don't let me stop you, just saying.
>>447593 I was on and off in the months since I first started playing but the other times I played the game after I first played it I was barely on it. This time I'm gonna be on it for a while since I actually got in the mood to play it and do more stuff in it. Some clan members haven't been on since the first time and some have stuck around.
I have a 9/5 and am studying but at this point I may have forgotten my username and password. Whoops.
Fuck Erosion Hex
(7.89 MB 658x480 Devil Survivor 1.webm)

I want the game to stop giving me Elementals from the chip battles.Recruiting needs to be less gay.Chaos seems to be hardmode. I'm saving up these Aphrodisiacs for a rainy day. We are going to clear Act 19, after I finish 18 first.
>>448264 Just mix the elementals for Mitamas or save them and level them, and eventually use them to fuse for other demons. I still have around 50 hacked chips we can do left.
By the way if anyone has DCMs for the following demons and don't need them let me know. I got quite a few DCMs that I can give in return that you might need.
>>448295 Except for Jack Frost
(1.04 MB 1026x795 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm in! How do I resize the window?
>>449418 You have to use the launcher in order to change window size.
(54.20 KB 263x121 ClipboardImage.png)

This pixie is giving me feels. I will raise it to be the best like no one ever was.
Or I could gain brouzouf...
(47.96 KB 366x104 ClipboardImage.png)

I gave up money for minions. It gave me a "valuable" item that I can't find, though. Does anyone know about it?
>>449458 I think that's a story quest item for later. Having the wiki open when doing the Episodes or Acts (or anything really) is helpful to know where to go. Someone will add you to the guild when they get on.
Am i missing something? This game is really boring and grindy.
>>449461 Honestly, that's most MMOs as long as you aren't playing with the right people or grinding at the wrong places. A good clan or guild or whatever can get you shitloads of levels in no time at all. Gold Busters helped me a lot with that.
(795.14 KB 942x530 ClipboardImage.png)

>>449461 >Am i missing something Yeah, a sense of child-like joy and wonder. It's an old game with cutting edge graphics and mechanics for its time. Anyway, check out this sick nasty mutt I just acquired. Isn't it rad?
>>449465 It's just cookie-cutter MMO combat but you can befriend and summon mobs, whoop-dee-doo.
(3.59 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>449466 That's right. Here's me and my new pixie friend. It's cute, and it's mine.
(136.24 KB 1608x600 ClipboardImage.png)

fug sorry binarykid, looks like I'll have to full check the files.
Shit what do I do if I forgot my username AND password? I'm getting worried now.
>>449418 I'll get on and invite you to the clan if you're not already. Also for anyone who doesn't know, when you launch the game and it goes straight to the game instead of having the launcher pop-up a way you can get to the launcher is in the files. So some days when the game updates you may have to launch it through the launcher. >>449485 Dunno about username but there's a way to recover your password but you have to use discord. The main site will tell you. If you were someone in our clan before I can post the whole list of names and maybe you'd remember yours.
>>449490 I was bombaclaat Or bombaclot? I have a shitty memory dude I'm so sorry.
>>449491 It's Bomboclaat
>>449495 Well once I finish reinstalling the game and it turns out that I can't actually log in, Bomboclaat is a dead man.
>>449498 Well even if you don't remember your password if you make a new character it's insanely easy to level up. Binarykid is I think in the 70 range and he's been playing for about 4 days. Plus I have some gear I can give you.
>>449512 NO. I'm contacting the discuck server admins asking them how I can get my account back. I am not going to abandon Bomboclaat. How the fuck did that guy get to lvl 70 in 4 days? What grind have you been doing? Let me in on that when I get back in!
>>449518 >70 in 4 days Well, it's just a case of one dude carrying the rest through a gold-tier dungeon. Due to the rewards being item based, just by being in the party you can get Golden Apples to dump a clusterfuck of XP on your character and any demons you prefer. The actual grind is in equipment + skills. Though, skills aren't as bad as the equipment grind. And the demon grind is particularly mat-heavy too.
(1.09 MB 1006x730 ClipboardImage.png)

>>449520 I'm back baby. Ready to shoot some fuckers in the face again. I did not know about the advanced classes before and now I want to try doing an magic bullet/enhance build. They're good right?
>>449553 Nice And you're just the right level to be taken on gold runs
(736.85 KB 767x575 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm back online. Can I get that invite to Gold Busters?
Pixie butt
The glow(blur) effect looks really ugly so I disabled it. I'ms suffering information overload and I don't know what to do or where to go, I just got a quest that I believe is mandatory about slaying two mobs but they kicked my ass. I find the character customiation to be rather underwhelming for a 2007 game.
>>449588 There's more ways to customize your character in the game. It's actually one of the better ways I've seen MMOs do character fashion. Also you can't make black characters.
(250.99 KB 308x412 ClipboardImage.png)

(49.11 KB 266x223 ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you to the K I N G S who gave me these items. I'm looking really good. I was told to pick the female one, but which is it?
>>449611 It should be the bottom option If you click on it you can preview it before exchanging it I'm pretty sure
>>449611 >>449615 Also if the stats aren't better than what you already have on still keep the gear in case you want to fashion it onto yourself or sell it off in your player vendor.
(2.01 MB 1527x760 ClipboardImage.png)

>You won't be able to control that demon We're reaching fusion levels that shouldn't be possible
(2.06 MB 1525x778 ClipboardImage.png)

Oh now this is sweet. It requires the Pixie I didn't sell for brouzouf and a Cait Sith. Will Pixie forgive me if I fuse it?
how do i unwound this stupid dog
>>449622 What's your in-game name? I can invite you to the clan.
>>449624 i like soloing my way through games, i don't like interacting with others lupin4
Found the pokemon PC!
(2.92 MB 740x416 1419060517365.gif)

>>449622 Looks like if you continue the quest line, it'll leave you (probably because it did what it had to do along the way)
>>449645 Figured, guess i'll take advantage of it for the early grind.
>>449634 You get bonuses from being in a clan but if you don't wanna join then that's fine.
(2.11 MB 1556x773 ClipboardImage.png)

looks like you can fuse for Cu Sith
this annoying faggot keeps spawning unicorns and killing me, this game sucks.
For anyone who wants to fashion their character here's a simple guide. You can keep the stats of the gear you currently have on but have the look of another piece of gear, basically standard MMO stuff. >find gear you want as fashion >have 1 CP for each piece of gear you want as fashion (cheap as fuck) >go to comp shop then useful items >buy a VA custom memory and get it from your mailbox >open inventory then go to virtual appearance then register to closet >double-click the gear you want as fashion and it'll register it using the VA chip Simple as If you want to alter your appearance like face, eyes and hairstyle then go to the secret room behind Aya's Clinic in Home 3 and talk to GM Fro-Yo Mama. She sells styles for regular macca. After you buy from her just talk to her again and select "Go to appearance alteration test". >>449666 You'd be around level 30 already if you joined the clan and played with anons. Could even give you an item that lets you teleport anywhere for a couple of days. You're not gonna have fun playing an MMO alone.
(232.37 KB 602x326 ClipboardImage.png)

>>449666 Git gud Satan.
(59.67 KB 351x178 SMTI SHOP pic.png)

>>449461 The game's got a very rough start. But if you can muster the patience to stick with it, it's the best MegaTen game. Anyway, all new players need to know that THIS is very important. This right here. The COMP Shop. You can buy or rent all sorts of stuff from there, including important buffs, storage space, speed orbs, autoloot cards, Expertise books, and much more. >>449666 If someone's spamming summon eggs, just leave the zone and/or alert your clan. The Unicorn is weak to lightning, by the way.
>>449735 And to note you don't even need comp points to buy stuff in the comp shop. There's stuff you can buy with just regular macca such as healing/revival items, which would be better to buy from the comp shop and not have to walk to a vendor for those items.
>>449742 Yes, the COMP Shop also sells your everyday regular macca consumables, but always at the average flat rate. The prices are completely static. The town shops, on the other hand, have fluctuating prices, so I recommend buying from them in bulk at the right time to save money.
>>449674 Funny thing Satan is actually in this game and he's apparently pretty fucking huge, but he's reserved for the most autistic of endgame players. Unfortunately he doesn't have any nipples in this game.
>>449907 I just beat SMT 2 the other day so seeing him so soon gives me PTSD. What a horrible experience.
>>449907 >Unfortunately he doesn't have any nipples in this game. Yeah, that's a shame. But at least we got Diana.
My demon leveled up much faster than I did and now I can't summon it back. What the fuck is this bullshit
>>449983 It's been like that since Megami Tensei back in the 1980's. You can't use demons that are a higher level than you, better level your ass up and catch up to it. The only time you could do otherwise that i know of is if you maxxed out the politicians arcana in persona 5.
>>449983 >He didn't read the warning in the OP Well, don't worry, it's not the end of the world. Just party up with some strong players and have them kill lots of shit for easy XP.
(1.93 MB 1920x1080 20211023_0035_49.jpg)

(1.87 MB 1920x1080 20211023_0038_29.jpg)

A word of warning to those who think Shinjuku Wonder Underground is safe from the bullshit that might spawn in place of Daily Missions. HE SHOWS UP IN HERE TOO
(615.35 KB 810x866 horrorgame.png)

(2.51 MB 1440x938 Moerae.png)

(1009.80 KB 839x648 Rachne.png)

I managed to beat the Fate sisters but got spitroasted lots of times before winning. They have the numbers advantage. At least I managed to fuse spider waifu afterwards. A lot of strong demons look biased towards Law. like wtf did YHVH design this? After relearning how to use the material tank, inventory issues should be a gone. Also, I learned how to turn in CP items. Learning things is quite important.
HOW THE FUCK IS DEMON NEGOTAITON NOT WORKING. ITS WORSE THAN WHAT I REMEMBERED. Is a a talisman with a Lilith crystal Soul-Stone expensive to get? Negotiating with these shitheads makes me want to snap my own neck.
>>450076 I had got a Lilith crystal for 1.5 mil yesterday and had Sylphind soul-infuse it to a talisman but the infusion failed and a retarded ass glitch happened where the crystal was lost from my inventory, which we know it was a glitch because that's not supposed to happen and I know I didn't discard it by accident. Thankfully Sylphind was kind enough to find me another crystal and the infusion worked and I'll give him 2.5 mil macca when I have it. You don't need to find an expensive talisman, all you really need is the crystal. The skill you get works wonders. You can contract the demons in seconds.
For anyone wondering how to get macca there's different ways. If you get gemstones you can sell those for a decent price at bulk as in selling them at the NPC stores, not player vendors. You can fix cracked gemstones by item mixing them with magnetite. A good way to get gemstones is going through Celu Tower. If you have an item you're not sure is valuable then go around and check player vendors. That's usually the way people price check in the game although some vendors are inconsistent with their pricing. Another way you can get macca but through CP is either going in DESTINY and spending 100 CP on a dart of hell, and if you're lucky have a x50 or x100 macca paper show up in your loot box. Then you just use the dart of hell to get it and that's already a couple of million macca.
>>450060 >A lot of strong demons look biased towards Law Imagine was absolutely skewed towards lawfaggotry. Law had a good 80% of the top tier demons, and almost all the rest went to neutral. The only chaos demons I can think of off the top of my head that could be considered on par with law and neutral are Shiva and the Proud King version of Beelzebub. This also applies to chaos demon crystals. Endgame chaos enchanting is basically picking which law/neutral penalties you're willing to suck up for the effect of the crystal. On the plus side, this means a chaos player can pick his demon based entirely on how bad he wants to fuck her. I sure as hell did.
Hey, i'm e2796b. I didn't realize that you need ten yagiya reports to trade for CP with that one Ghost of the past guy, I sold all my junk for a relatively powerful fire sword and managed to make my way through a bronze dungeon but that was apparently barely scratching the surface, I'd much rather have an actual cash shop. Also how the hell do I negotiate with these retarded creatures? It seems to never work, they always end up picking a fight even if their dialogue is friendly. Getting kinda bored but I want a cool demon partner so I might keep playing later until I get one.
>>450128 As I said here >>450089. Later when you have enough macca and you find someone selling a Lilith crystal you can have Sylphind soul-infuse it onto a talisman and you'll get a new skill command called "Whisper of Temptation". It makes negotiating ridiculously easy. Before that though if you want to negotiate demons easier then you'll have to spend points in the expertise for it. You can also get items called Aphrodisiacs which can instantly capture demons, but you only get 10 of those for free later on and otherwise you'll have to get lucky and get them in DESTINY. Other than that just spam greeting at them and when they yell in all caps at you spam threaten. It'll still take a while to negotiate them doing this so in the meantime the way I recommend getting some demons is going through Hacked Chip instances which can be done in a party and you basically get free demons that method. Also you'll know a demon doesn't want to be contracted after it keeps saying stuff like "I don't want to talk to you" or "Go away". Other than that keep trying if they keep saying different things.
(42.46 KB 171x318 ClipboardImage.png)

(7.08 KB 300x168 1418763996953.jpg)

>>449622 Lol I forgot to assign points. What stats in what ratios should I pump for magics? I want to sling spells already. Would it be a bad idea to mix magic with gunshoot? I get the feeling it would be a gimped non-mixture of both instead of being sugoi at either
>>450171 How did you get that far without assigning any points?
(82.21 KB 1280x720 1464171484455.jpg)

>>450176 you lads have been carrying me this whole time
I got Brave Garm from Snakedude but i'd rather stick to my Leader Pixie for now.
(488.98 KB 964x1177 GACHA2021.png)

I see this game has a Gacha. Where are the Limit Break items in here?
>>450204 Best to spend the CP on the Anniversary fortune card. If you want to know about something specific just view the prizes then search it up on the wiki, like looking at weapon/gear stats.
Today was a good day
(1.13 MB 640x360 Metatron best dub.mp4)

>>450331 congrats on the metatron!
(689.75 KB 1280x1024 SMTI Mara.jpg)

(1.75 MB 1920x1067 SMTI Seraph in Cathedral_.png)

(1.37 MB 1920x1067 SMTI Masakado screen 04.png)

>>450060 >>450098 There are some super good demon options for every alignment. While Chaos is a bit lacking in numbers, it has some quality picks. Kartikeya is an extremely strong Rapid demon, and Isis is a favourite among endgame players because she can absorb Almighty. Most Destroyers and Tyrants are great, for that matter. But yeah, Law has some annoyingly OP demons, with Seraphim and Heavenly Gods and whatnot. And Neutral has the notoriously strong Fiend race, nuff said. >>450095 Keep in mind also that you'll get more or less money selling to NPC shops in different towns depending on your alignment. For example, if you're Law or leaning close to Law, you can sell for more in Arcadia's shops. (The Curious magic shop is an exception. That guy doesn't give a shit about alignment.) >>450331 Oh yes, grinding on Shibuya Quartz dungeon bonus day is by far the fastest way for newer players to get rich. Keep it up.
(57.51 KB 311x323 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm not sure I can give 10 at a time, Binary
>>450338 I got real lucky and acquired 3 different summon PGs from the secret room program, and I only had 10 SR program tickets. Aside from Metatron the other two summons I got were Inexperienced Mishaguji-Sama and Tethered Horse Zouchouten.
Is the downloader supposed to be this slow and shitty for just a 6 gig download?
>>450357 No worries, at least we got you high enough so you can get your License. Also, you can now do Silver runs which are amazing. You better plan out the rest of your build now because it's going to happen.
>>450360 Yeah it was real slow when I first downloaded it so you're not the only one.
>>450359 You got super lucky. The Horse-variant demons are about 1/100 chance drops from Premium Boxes, if not less. (Also, in case you didn't know, the Jewel Boxes you get from SR runs can be traded in for additional Premium Boxes, and I recommend doing that ALWAYS.) Hold on to that demon, it's an extremely valuable ingredient. Horse-variants of Zouchouten, Koumokuten and Jikokuten can be tri-fused to create Bishamonten of Kuyo (wiki.reimagine.online/Bishamonten_of_Kuyo) Horse-variants of Ame-no-Uzume, Tajikarao and Omoikane can be tri-fused to create Amaterasu of Kuyo (wiki.reimagine.online/Amaterasu_of_Kuyo) The Kuyo demons don't require any plugins to fuse, and contain rare overpowered skills. If you don't want to keep the demon itself for whatever reason (e.g. mismatching alignment), the skill can be extracted via Demon Sacrifice and passed on to a different demon of your choice. (Defense-Breaking Yaburi can only be taught to demons with "Slam" skill compatibility. Cauterizing Fist has no compatibility limitations.) wiki.reimagine.online/Mysterious_Defense-Breaking_Yaburi wiki.reimagine.online/Cauterizing_Fist If you're enough of a madman to collect both Kuyo demons, you can fuse them together to create Masakado. I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing that, however, for two reasons: 1. There's a less expensive fusion recipe for Masakado. If you can get Daisoujou as an ingredient instead, I'd recommend that. 2. The Kuyo demons' unique skills can NOT be passed on via fusion inheritance. Only sacrifice. wiki.reimagine.online/Demon_Sacrifice
(5.10 MB 5312x2988 20150827_205833.jpg)

>>450365 I think I'm going straight destruction magic and occasionally auto attack with what ever weapon gives the most spell
(20.61 KB 397x36 ClipboardImage.png)

>>450365 Got this from an Ace in the Box. How are the other Jack/Queen/King in the Boxes?
(202.25 KB 1664x3128 SMTI Box content lists.png)

I created a character, my in-game name is Jaga. I might play a bit later or next weekend, could be cool if you invited me to the clan since i'm new to this game.
>>450670 ok, but only if you post sauce
(31.79 KB 400x400 76974635_p0.jpg)

>>450685 Here's the original pixiv filename, I got the crop like this.
>>450670 It says you're offline. I just got online and can invite you if you get back on, just let me know.
>>450712 I should be online right now
>>450714 Here's that melee build https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I2fpduIhc692UWCXBDmtPnrb2RXAblSIFBMkcpTdWI4/edit# This takes a while though and even I'm not done with mine. This build in particular even says it's time consuming so if you don't want to spend too much time on your build there are other melee builds you can look up on the wiki in the OP.
>>450726 thank you anon
(11.12 MB 1280x678 Punch A Demon.webm)

A punch build sounds fun. Imagine using your fists like the Demifiend. I AM THE BUG INSIDE YOU ONE MORE GOD REJECTED I HAVE YOUR BACK TO THE WALL
>>450799 Come back when you're level 200 fool not defeating basic bitch preta's.
>>450726 This is a god awful build, to be honest. For starters, magic fist skill damage will only take HALF your melee stat into consideration. In contrast, it takes the entire magic stat. I'll give you two guesses which type ends up stronger in the long run. Also, in endgame, rush is almost useless due to how many enemies read your inputs and immediately counter if they see you charge a rush. I ended up dropping magic fist in favor of enhancement+curse chain because of this. Speaking of enhancement, the author of this build either doesn't know or conveniently forgot that the effect of pulse of assault/solid is based on your INT stat. Since that build has 0 INT, the player's pulses will be so weak that you would get a much stronger buff from buying the stones of assault/solid in the magic shop than with this build.
>>450903 I haven't even gotten to the magic fist part of the build. And I haven't really been using rush skill because of the reason you said. The primary skills I've been using are the spin moves you use magnetite to use. Feast of the Earth Mother, Pulse Impact, and Xeroth Beat. I wonder if I can just skip the magic fist aspect of that build. If anything what I need right now is just good gear for crit/limit breaks.
>>450994 >I wonder if I can just skip the magic fist aspect of that build Skip that and the enhancement part. A decent melee build is almost always completely out of skill points as is. I'm not that well versed in melee builds, but I can tell you that all the melee players I knew had taken the king's presence and rampage chain experts in different proportions depending on the player.
I like how you can see Shinjuku Babel two zones away, but when you're actually right next to it you're put into the perspective of how massive it really is.
I stayed away from trying this game back when the private server first launched since they admitted in the FAQ it wasn't fully translated, and it fucks with my autism if I can't understand literally everything inside the game itself (like plot or UI and stuff). Has that been fixed?
>>451200 Most of the basics have been translated by now, so you should be fine. Back in my day on the Japanese server, I got by with kana and the wiki. You kids have it too easy.
Does anyone have a Hihi-Irokane Armor? I need it to unlock soul infusion.
Thankfully someone told me how to make money but is it also possible to reset my skill points to remake my build?
>>451392 Go to a magic shop and buy an hourglass for a full stat point refund, water/bottle for expertise reduction at the rank or class level.
(34.31 KB 255x171 1414163210659.png)

I DC'd
(1.37 MB 2560x1440 SMTI bg header img.png)

Looks like the Epitaph FC decks are back on the menu. If you didn't get all the epitaphs you wanted last time, now's your chance to pull some more before the FC rotation moves again. In case you're new to the game and don't know what epitaphs are: They're equipment pieces for demons to wear in their feature slots. An epitaph is a permanent item, not a consumable. Once you have one, it's yours to keep and freely equip, unequip and re-equip between demons of your choice as much as you want (or give/sell to other players). Each demon has 4 feature slots, some of which are occupied by a native feature. If you place an epitaph in an occupied slot, it will replace said native feature until you remove the epitaph. Native features are never at risk of being lost permanantly, so don't worry. The default feature option will always be there for your demon. There are some anti-clashing limitations in place preventing you from stacking feature effects of the same type, and some demons have a permanently locked feature with an X on it that can't be replaced with an epitaph. You can read the wiki for more details.
(478.08 KB 960x543 BigBrain.png)

(699.65 KB 768x432 ClipboardImage.png)

So I got cursed by this thing today. I want it lifted because the debuffs suck. Looks like only characters who have been cursed before can help out with the dungeon for it.
(248.51 KB 563x792 might be overpowered.jpg)

>>451647 You forgot to mention one of the best parts about epitaphs: if you take your demon's traits during digi, and you digi with a demon that has an epitaph equipped, you get the effect of all epitaphs the demon had on it. For example, here's the bonuses I get just from epitaphs when I digitalize with my succubus.
I've been playing for a couple of days, and even though I tried looking, I couldn't find any guides that didn't read like some kind of arcane knowledge from beyond the colors of time. So I gotta ask, how the fuck do I become a gun chad, and how do I make my Jack Frost into a physical damage god who Hee Ho wind up punches people in half? Also I'm Benis Blitzkrieg in the game
(125.25 KB 367x526 ClipboardImage.png)

>>451946 Read the Long-Range class in the wiki for gun chad. To make Jack Frost that punches, go to your demon list, right click jack frost, and go to the behavior settings tab. These are my settings for a support pixie
(131.00 KB 373x527 ClipboardImage.png)

>>451946 also, you can go to the acquired skills tab. The learned skills come as your demon levels up. Then to you drag them to acquired skills to actually "learn" them or overwrite old skills.
(58.03 KB 141x162 ClipboardImage.png)

wtf coconut elephants frogs?
(838.43 KB 543x609 ClipboardImage.png)

I need to kill this things for its stones for magic control expertise, but it blocks all my magic and reflects my boolits. help
Been playing SMT2 again the hearing some dungeon music in there thats also in here gives me major nostalgia feelings even though I never made it to that point, probably because this game is so old. >>452096 Use Magic Bullet skills or Nerve bullets if you have any.
Fucking hell, this game takes forever to download.
>>452096 wiki.reimagine.online/Omoikane_(Boss) Omoikane nulls spell damage, and casts Tetrakarn to repel phys damage. Tetrakarn wears off after the repel, so your demon's gonna have to take one for the team. I recommend using weak phys strikes to take down the shield, and strong hits when it's vulnerable. Just keep an eye out for when it recasts. (Or you could simply use an Almighty damage skill, but I'm assuming you haven't obtained one yet.)
(261.87 KB 319x255 1419337935662.gif)

>>452121 These things are rare I have Megido, but the cool down is soo long, I'm chugging bleach to stay alive I manage to kill one, and it drops nothing Is anyone selling Makanda Stone?
>>452038 I uh, have been mashing the fuck out of my demon's buttons because I feel like he does jack shit if I don't.
>>451946 I can invite you to the clan but you're offline right now
>>452395 I'll log in in about 5 minutes to catch the invite, but I can't play tonight.
(208.34 KB 728x518 1412330006555.jpg)

The monkeyman won't raise my expertise above class 5, and I can't find on the wiki how to go even further beyond. Do any of you have insight?
Alright, I'm in.
>>452447 Thoth is only for getting to class 5, you have to go the rest of the way on your own by using related skills.
(437.40 KB 484x410 ClipboardImage.png)

Wait 'til the furfags get a load of this!
>>452503 Call /monster/
oh fug I didn't realize people were playing again, I remember getting bored trying to solo gold dungeons and farming quartz silver for cheese pizza points. Might hop back on if the translation ever got better, got annoying how frequently it would swap from english to moonrunes. >>452125 Your honestly better just farming for macca and buying them from player stores, I remember them being like 25k for 5 stones.
>>452553 Yeah we have quite a few anons old and new playing the game and they did translate more text, although more for items rather than quest dialogue.
(272.59 KB 480x360 READ NIGGA READ.mp4)

>>452447 Yep, Thoth can only help you up to Rank 5. You'll have to grind harder after that. The COMP Shop sells Expertise books that can help you with this (they are consumables that instantly give Expertise points), but I would recommend collecting some significant Expertise gain multipliers (equipment and incenses) before you consume the books. >>452553 Was getting Mot part of your plan?
>>452755 >up to Rank 5 *Class 5

(45.62 KB 600x400 hello.jpg)

>>452755 >>452553 Is Mot really joining? That would be impressive.
(93.42 KB 509x423 mot.png)

>>452667 Item stuff getting priority makes sense, it gets annoying constantly have to google translate and decipher what the bad machine translation means for shit. Might hop back on at some point and see if I can handle the jank again now people are playing. >>452755 >Was getting Mot part of your plan? Of courcesh!
(60.96 KB 1732x621 AAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png)

Why do they have to make this so difficult? I am used to being able to fuse right away in my SMT games. Definitely one of this game's few weaker points.
(1.16 MB 720x908 triple fusion.png)

>>452815 that's just how old MMOs got people to socialize
>>452815 Being able to solo tri-fusion isn't even difficult to get. All you need is Kreuz coins which you get them is by darting them in DESTINY. Then I'm pretty sure you need to do a few quests in Ikebbukuro to trade with an NPC named Gambler Kino. Then you just convert some of your Kreuz coins (not all since you still need some for solo tri-fusion) into casino coins and buy bloodstones with them.
(647.04 KB 1900x1024 SMTI Archangels.jpg)

>>452859 That's right, but you can even skip the casino quest entirely by buying a Casino Charm from another player. Someone may even give you one for free if you're lucky. Anyway, solo tri-fusion and party tri-fusion have their advantages and disadvantages. Solo tri-fusion can be done independently, but it requires you to have all 3 demons for the recipe, while party tri-fusion only requires 1 demon (and the plugin, if necessary) from each player. Some demons are tough to obtain, so having more advanced players provide ingredients from their own collection can be super convenient for you.
This game seems like there are a lot of systems to learn. How long does it take to max level? Is it possible to progress playing casually? Is there an endgame/raiding scene?
>>452908 >This game seems like there are a lot of systems to learn. The game's official lifespan was 9 years, so yeah. That's a lot of content accumulated. You should focus on no more than a few goals at a time, or you'll get overwhelmed. >How long does it take to max level? Level 99 takes a ridiculous amount of XP to reach, and it's not necessary. It's just a luxury. Digitalize progress is important in late-game, but high-tier races take forever to max-rank. It'll probably be quite a while before you even get around to Digitalize, but once you do, just focus on low-tier races first. >Is it possible to progress playing casually? Sure, but I would recommend finding a clan and/or friends to help you progress. Also, the wiki is super important. >Is there an endgame/raiding scene? Yeah, there are endgame runs. Diaspora and Cathedral are for large teams, the rest are for small parties.
(114.33 KB 337x337 comfy gondola.png)

I've barely been playing for half an hour and somebody's already come up to me and given me free gear because I'm new.
>>452975 What's your character name? I can get on real quick and invite you to the clan.
>>452981 Randy Nubbins. I figured I'd give the game a test run to see if I enjoyed it, and it seems like fun.
>>452962 I am level 70 and still haven't unlocked Digitalize, the shitty wiki does NOT say where to get it. I seen a guy near constantly one shot enemies and even have "limit breaks" on every other attack. How the hell did he pull that off and what gear was he wearing and using to be able to do that? I do know he has a high luck stat though
(24.18 KB 173x66 LIMIT BREAK.png)

>>453001 The simplest way to describe Limit Breaks is that they're Criticals within Criticals. There are many possible ways to raise your Critical and Limit Break rate: Expertise, equipment, skill buffs, consumables, demon features/epitaphs, Devil Force, and like you said, your own stats, especially Luck. Digitalize can be a huge, huge Limit Break buff if you know what you're doing. But like I said, don't overburden yourself with lategame concerns if you're still new. You'll get the hang of it when the time comes.
>>452962 I want to give this game a try but already play FFXIV and am about to start a vanilla wow private server so worried I won't have enough time to make any decent progress. Perhaps I will give it a go sometime to see how I like it.
(515.49 KB 722x400 cutscene.png)

Managed to beat the odds and solo triple fuse a cyborg cow. I want to try a group fusion next if any guild members are bored. The process is more expensive when done alone. The curse is lifted by the way. Half of my bank is clogged with unused Compendium chips.
(382.64 KB 906x640 jewishleprechaun.png)

(580.41 KB 721x400 blacked.png)

(427.05 KB 722x470 angryjap.png)

>making a magic bullet build >picking skills out for curse magic >"well, I have a gun, so I'll just take all of the physical debuffs" >realize 5 minutes later that it's MAGIC bullet
(107.74 KB 557x960 boob animal.jpg)

My Shin Megami Tensei would be to stick my tits between Artemis's dicks if you know what I mean.
(9.96 MB 540x300 AstralSaintstrike_SMT5.gif)

Not gonna lie though I do like Doi's new design for her even if its going the Japanese waifubait gacha-shit looking direction instead of looking like an actual demon. She has become a victim of modern industry trends but as long as her appearance appeals to my dick then its fine by me. I know how good female character designs drive sales through horny niggas, hentai, fan art and controversy, just look at 2B, she's the prime example of that.
(458.39 KB 302x200 14799.jpg)

To any anons still playing who wants to get a lot of golden apples and yaguya reports, this Sunday is Shibuya Quartz daily which silver can be completed in 2 minutes. Pretty much everyone spams this and in 30 minutes to an hour you can end up with 5000 or more yaguya reports, which turns into a few hundred comp points. I'm pretty sure you just need to be level 20 to run silver.
(136.42 KB 447x700 ClipboardImage.png)

(365.07 KB 431x492 TheMEMESJack.png)

Getting closer to meme heaven. I went ahead and picked up some Support Bullet options. Some more Gold Apple farming and then I can focus on Gear and Demons.
Looks interesting, but I haven't played any SMT games, although I'm interested in getting into the series. Should I play some other games in the series first or can I just say fuck it and play this? Also even if I can get into the game (universe, mechanics and whatnot), is there any chance that playing this first might have a negative effect when I eventually play through the other games? And one last thing: how easy is it to set up the game so that I can play with a controller? Anyways, thanks for reading.
(2.05 MB 1920x1067 SMTI Ueno Mirage screen.png)

(854.70 KB 1920x1067 SMTI Ueno Mirage Gold boss door.png)

>>454183 That's right. Tomorrow is Quartz day, and today is Mirage day. Ueno Mirage Gold is a great place to get tons of magic apples. If you're capable of clearing it, or find someone who can carry you, I highly recommend it. >>453690 I like Doi's design for Artemis. It's probably in my top 5 favourite Doi designs so far. Doi's a hit-or-miss designer. The problem is he misses a lot more often than he hits. But that's not entirely his fault. The names of the problem are Hiraoka and Yamai. They are the fucking disease killing the series, and ruining Atlus in general. The company will not be great again until they leave. They rejected some of Doi's good designs, but that's just scratching the surface of the harm they've done. I'm willing to bet they had a hand in killing Imagine as well. Thank God for private servers. >>454676 If you want a real simple, entry-level MegaTen game to start with, I guess SMTIV fits the bill. SMTIII Nocturne is better though. >And one last thing: how easy is it to set up the game so that I can play with a controller? Imagine uses nearly every key on the keyboard, so good luck with that.
>>454691 >If you want a real simple, entry-level MegaTen game to start with, I guess SMTIV fits the bill I was thinking of playing through the series in order. I don't really have a problem with the game being rough to play. My main concern is starting with the MMO and somehow that being bad in some way I don't expect for when I go and play the others. >Imagine uses nearly every key on the keyboard, so good luck with that I meant more as a replacement for the mouse. I would be playing with controller and keyboard. I enjoyed doing that with FFXIV, and it worked really well, but the game was made for controller as well as mouse, so I was wondering if this game has some sort of native support like that too.
(4.81 MB 1207x1920 Shin Megami Tensei cover.png)

>>454702 Honestly, I don't know. I never tried using a controller for Imagine myself. If the game does have some good controller support, I wouldn't have heard of it. Hopefully someone else in the thread can help you with that, though. >>454702 >I was thinking of playing through the series in order. I don't really have a problem with the game being rough to play. Ah, in that case, I would recommend emulating the first SMT. If the SFC version feels too rough for you, there was also a PS1 remake.
>>454708 Okay, thanks.
(25.09 KB 749x389 FC3roWYXIAUXny1.jpg)

Guys I'm playing SMT2 and I got to a point where I have been locked out of progressing through the fucking game because my intelligence stat is not high enough, its supposed to be 10 but its only 5. That design decision makes no sense and is downright more retarded than my character. I am emulating the game through retroarch, is there a way for me to cheat to get more INT or can the stat buffs the bar gives give me just enough to get through the stat check?
>>454842 Retroarch should have built in cheat support, I imagine someone somewhere has already put in a cheat for stats for a game that old, but you'd have to look it up on this page. https://github.com/libretro/libretro-database
>Website's Halloween theme is MegaTen Perfection.
Wake up, burgers. I need my CP. You will assist me in acquiring CP. This is not a request. I NEED my CP. I need copious amounts of CP.
Anyone got the code for the ccs? I'd like to have it as my standard one.
>>454998 Fugg you
>ariadne's thread expired
(60.03 KB 746x502 E2xQq6dXEAAryqq.jpg)

>>455069 And thus, the hunt for CP begins once again.
>>454851 It worked anon! Although I had to use my at least 12 IQ points to do research so I could add in some custom cheats myself! Although for now i cant use magic, is that just something with the watchtower?
>>455112 Don't ask me, I've never played, I was just vaguely aware that retroarch had built in cheat support from using it to speed up the ungodly awful grind of Dragon Quest Monster Joker.
(997.61 KB 1920x1080 20211031_1433_36.jpg)

Halloween event is active, talk to the Nekomata to the left of you when entering Shibyua from Shinjuku Babel, anyway check out my new dog.
(438.97 KB 1920x1200 20210405_1350_03.jpg)

And the server crashed!
>crashed again
OK, this is good news. I was starting to think they were gonna skip Halloween this year. Nice to know the game's getting a Halloween event after all. Would be real nice if we could actually play it... Ah well, I can't be too mad about temporary technical difficulties. Shit happens. I'll just play other games in the meantime.
I guess they're doing maintenance on the game because the server is down.
(172.62 KB 628x712 Pixie.jpg)

>>455383 Server was having hiccups for awhile, guess they're looking into it.
Server's been up again. We're in the middle of Quartz runs.
>>455456 I was on after the maintenance but the game was kind of choppy so I got off. Trying to get back on now but I get stuck at a white screen and then an error message.
>>455480 >a white screen and then an error message. I'm getting that too.
>>455480 Looks like it shit itself again. RIP
(752.09 KB 799x625 ClipboardImage.png)

Should I panic?
Sorry for not being around as much, I really do want to play more, but it's 15 days to endwalker and the relic weapon grind is killing me
(88.96 KB 1000x1000 E_4LJduVgAcHWQL.jpg)

Playing SMT2 completely vanilla is absolutely fucktarded and a broken experience. The game forces you to level two completely useless stats for the protag to level 10 without notifying you at all beforehand. MAG, which he can't fucking use magic at all he doesn't even have any MP, and INT which is only good for negotiation which its easy enough and he still cant use magic. I have been trying to use Masakados sword to kill lucifer but the piece of shit weapon loses its fucking power mid fight when any fight goes on for too long and goes from doing 200+ damage to 7-13 damage a hit to a demon who was 8k hp. That sword is the only sword in SMT that I've ever seen do some shit like that. Now I had to cheat to get a sword that you can only get through the shitty almost secret sword fusion mechanic just plopped into my inv. If that sword "loses power" too I guess i am absolutely fucked or something else is wrong with the or my game. >>457796 Final Fantasy 14 sucks. Early game was almost nothing but fucking burger, food and wine deliveries I wanted to snap my own fucking neck doing that shit. It was one of the least fun games I've ever played, worse than any other mainline FF, maybe even worse than 13. The only way to enjoy that shitty experience is if you have some form of Stockholm syndrome from being a food delivery wagie irl. At least it doesn't suck as much as FF11, now THAT game is the shit cream of the shit crop.
(102.73 KB 300x348 whYHVH.jpg)

Oh yeah I NEVER found a single demon with ANY kind of debuffs what so ever than some random retard at level 30 I fused who came with both tarunda and sukunda. I have never found another demon either through negotiation or fusion to have any debuffs at all, i played the game for over 36 hours I am level 64 and I never seen rakunda even once. This game is pure mid ninties fucking jank YHVH have mercy on those who played this or plan to play it in the future.
>>457796 I was playing for about 2 weeks straight so I'm taking a little break. I'm also playing FFXIV in preparation for Endwalker and SMT V is coming up as well so I may not get back on Imagine until I'm done with those games, we'll see.
>>457874 >FFXIV sucks Agreed. If I cared about the story, I could watch the clips on Jewtube. Even then, pre-ARR looked better. Also, I barely seen anybody praise the gameplay. >Final Fantasy 11 is shit Old school was good. I didn't play the post-WoG easier version.
(77.64 KB 318x432 44646546354321.jpg)

>>458089 Its your fault for watching them. I'd say 90% of this people would be working at a dead end job by now. Thanks to your support they are able to live off of it and change the vidya industry for the worse.
>>458089 >500 likes to over 3k dislikes Wew.
Basically, they brought back the 2014 Halloween event. There's a Nekomata NPC right outside Babel in Shibuya. Talk to her and she'll teleport you to an instance where you can fight an infinitely spawning mob of enemies that drop demon cards, gems, weapons and relics. These enemies can be killed by event-specific weapons that cost 10CP each. The weapons can be repaired though, so once you have one, you won't have to buy it again. This enemy mob instance is the fastest and easiest way to collect Devil Force fuel, so grind away while you can. It's a limited-time event for good reason. There's a quest you can take from the Jack Lantern NPC that has you find his band members. Yeah, it's one of those NPC-finding quests for the most part. The final part of the quest shakes things up a bit and requires you to defeat David in a Kappa run. Once you complete the quest, you're rewarded with a David summon PG, and access to buying Halloween lootboxes. This quest is optional, of course. With or without it, you can still access the enemy mob area and the card exchange menu.
>>457878 for while now, ever since it came to my head once when i whas looking at the word ""YHWH", i simply can't help pronouncing it in my head as YEEHAW
>>458089 >Why and how do these people even fucking exist. These people (normalfags) are the norm unfortunately
(1.55 MB 1440x940 ComeAtThy.png)

(766.90 KB 574x490 ClipboardImage.png)

(56.65 KB 1280x880 CounterUser.png)

Those Abyss fights were fun but only our guild autist(s) can actually clear them. Switched to healing and support after getting my ass beat enough times. I got lucky and scored a PG of the Lord's #1 Archangel. Too bad, I'm a Chaosfag. Still saving up for my endgame set. The event helps a lot with money problems. It's Windmill spam all over again. Made a meme of my shitty build.
>>458640 >Too bad, I'm a Chaosfag. Then you're in luck. You can create Alciel by combining Michael and Moloch. Alciel was made playable back in the May update. You can get his plugin in Shinjuku UnderWonderGround. wiki.reimagine.online/Alciel
(307.77 KB 491x545 ogre.png)

(426.35 KB 480x534 tenjin.png)

(82.27 KB 511x752 Raifu.png)

>currently using an decent gun >bought a new gun that's over 8 times expensive than decent gun <it's a fucking sidegrade That was underwhelming. MMO stats are weird.
>>459148 Learning this game is a monumental fucking challenge in and on its own and as much as I tried to I honestly can't put up with that shit. My head just hurts just reading that third post. I played so much SMT I'm good on it for now, maybe I'll hop on to DDS after SMTV but Imagine just keeps on putting me through filter after filter after filter with so much mechanics and content all over the damn place it's painfully overwhelming for me. Hey Sylph if you are reading this, did you learn all of the shit you know now through the actual wiki, other players or through YouTube videos?
>>459148 The masakados weapons were considered some of the best weapons in the game even at the end of its life on the JP server, especially for players who used their demons as their main source of damage. The only weapons that outclass them are the retardedly overpowered, CP weapons from the game's last days. Digi and gear will cover the vast majority of any percent damage bonuses you need (example: digi with a demon that has shot booster and shot high booster for +75% to shot damage, or take its traits and put a shot +50% epitaph on it). The Cave of Life also has up to +100% bonuses to all elements except almighty and, more importantly, bonuses to affinity damage cap. By the end of the game's life, players were looking for flat stat bonuses as much as percent damage bonuses. tl;dr - that's a damn good gun, but you need good gear to see how good it really is.
>>459381 I learned everything I know from all those sources, really. It took months of playing the private server (mainly solo before you guys), before I even began to grasp all of the potential gearing customization. Spiritual Infusion is the one thing I see people struggle with the most. This game certainly gives you a lot to chew on in terms of shit you have to learn, so just take your time. You're doing pretty good to be SIing your gear already. https://wiki.reimagine.online/Spiritual_Mixing https://wiki.reimagine.online/Synthesis https://wiki.reimagine.online/Weapon_Modification_Materials
>>459459 >>459578 Yeah, pretty much. Masakado weapons are ridiculously OP thanks to their Set Bonus. But you can buff them further with Modification, Synthesis, and Spiritual Mixing.
The reason I haven't been on lately has been due to plenty of exhaustion, but also because I went back to play a bit of LotRO since a new expansion is coming soon, and I thought I might as well get more of my characters into or past Moria. And stockpile even more store points from just playing the game the long way instead of >buying level skips.
I'mma get back on for a bit. Last time I was on I was trying to unlock the DIGITALIZE mechanic but I had to make a TEAM but the gray haired faggot wouldn't let me for some reason so I quietly ragequit. Everything has to be so convoluted with this game and I hate asking for help or guidance all the damn time, at least im stronk enough to do silver dungeons on my own.
>>459936 To unlock novice you just need 10 mag pressers, to unlock Artisan you need a Mitama demon of a certain species depending on alignment chosen.
(147.72 KB 214x278 ClipboardImage.png)

(307.62 KB 540x609 A_wild_Rangda.png)

Bombo, you can have my old shotgun. It has been SI'd with the Ultimate Pumpkin Gun and I modded it even further. I'm sure you will like it.
(27.72 MB 1280x720 SMT V Final Boss Spoilers.mp4)

On an added note the ending you choose occur near the end of the game and supposedly the endings are beneficial to humanity in some way except maybe Ichiro's route. Also, YHVH's isn't in this game since he's straight-up absent and possibly dead. Aogami's brother Is Hayao Koshimizu, their appearances aren't similar for no reason. He also possesses the ability to fuse with humans similar and becomes an entity similar to Nahobino with Ichiro.
(12.23 KB 116x80 SMTI cards img_.png)

>>458194 >This enemy mob instance is the fastest and easiest way to collect Devil Force fuel, so grind away while you can. It's a limited-time event for good reason. OK, time for me to elaborate on this and share some tips: For this Halloween event room grind, you should pack light when you go there, and have autoloot active for maximum looting efficiency. This is a no-brainer, and I probably didn't even need to say it. Now here's the important details: The 4 cards in this image are by far the most important to collect. You can exchange them for boxes that contain extremely useful DF fuel. The enemies also drop generic weapons. They're not very useful in combat, but they can be sold in NPC shops for a pretty good amount of macca. You should add them to the autoloot exception, except maybe the highest-selling ones. The reason for this is 'cause they're obviously not stackable in quantity. They pile up real fast, and you can't pick up anything else when your inventory is full. Once again, I'm stating the obvious, but I just want to make sure everyone's following so far. Other things the enemies drop in the event room include: Purple urns (stackable in quantity) that can be opened to obtain a random Relic. 4 different Seraphim card types. You can get 5 "Valuable Cards" for every 4-card set you collect of these. 4 different Elemental card types. See above. 4 different Mitama card types. See above. Shiva cards and Parvati cards. You can exchange these for Repair Kits. The game gives you a highly excessive amount of Repair Kits normally (outside of this event) all the time, so you probably don't need these. Jack the Ripper cards. These can be exchanged for some fairly good Experience/Expertise incenses in HomeIII/Babel. Yama cards. This card type is one of the 3 for the "Hell" card set, which can be exchanged for some pretty valuable Umbilical Boxes in Babel. Sadly, the other two card types for this set don't drop in this event room, and they drop at an approximately similar rate otherwise, so collecting a disproportionately high amount of Yama cards alone here is not very practical. You'll probably want to weigh the importance of each of these and limit how many you autoloot at a time, because as I already said, the weapons dropped in this event can be sold for macca. And the more weapons you pick up and carry at a time, the better your pace at making macca per each trip between the event room and the NPC shop of your choice. You can get rich quick this way. There are also gem drops, and they're a non-issue here 'cause they can be stored into the Material Tank at the click of a button, and they're obviously highly valuable. You should absolutely autoloot gems, as always.
>>460536 Sorry I havent been on for a while. Been playing SMTV and avoiding that thread because spoilers The game is amazing I highly recommend it BUT it's unforgivingly difficult. If you have an average intelligence or get stressed out easily this game is not for you
(240.41 KB 399x443 SMTI masterworks.png)

>>461759 Bumping to remind you all we've got approx. one day left to get super rich very easily before this event ends. Just so you don't say I didn't warn you.
(145.80 KB 1440x810 tsubomi 06.jpg)

>>458640 >3rd pic Is the EN community for this game really that fucking brain dead? This is the third or fourth build from the EN community I've seen that has 0 INT but also picks up enhancement. It's a complete fucking waste of skill points and fucks up party composition when you have someone claiming to be an enhancer, but his buffs won't do shit. This is, of course, setting aside the fact that endgame players do 3x 75Kish damage every hit without assault, and endgame bosses have pure bullshit, defense ignoring attacks, meaning pulses become infinitely less important than divine shield and barrier. No wonder I keep seeing Re:Imagine players complaining about how horribly hard something as piss easy as Sugi Gold is.
>>462700 >this game is hard Gimme back Demi-fiend I fucking hate this protagonists design.
>>466176 Yeah, I picked this meme build for teh lulz. The Rapid part is okay but for AoEs I'm screwed unless the enemy normals or rushes into my Counter. I would need an AoE demon and demon user in itself is another level of grind that I don't feel like soloing hours into. There's zero point in getting any stronger if nobody else is on who wants to do actual endgame content.
The Christmas event is here!
>>496217 >I don't have any friends ho! God, that dumb floozy needs to ask somebody out on a date already instead of dropping sympathy hints.
>>496285 As long as he doesn't ask a woman he should be fine. Women are nothing but trouble, probably even more so demon bitches, they'll drain you of your macca and sanity.
>>496217 Unfortunately I cannot connect as every time I try to log into a character I get a lost connection error, and a white screen until I force the process to end.
There's a Santa Frost NPC in various town locations. You can talk to any of them to access the Christmas event quest. Also, enter the promo code shown in the image in my previous post to get a free Black Frost variant. >>496524 Ah, that sucks. Sorry to hear that. Probably a stupid question, but have you run the updater? If so, I can't think of anything else. You might need to contact the administrators.
>>496827 I updated it, and even did a full check, and I refuse to touch ///Discord\\\.
>>496421 >As long as he doesn't ask a woman Do you seriously think Jack Frost would ask a woman on a date?
(182.24 KB 368x368 SMTI - No uncle.png)

>>496838 >and I refuse to touch ///Discord\\\. Yeah, me too. To make things worse, the admins don't seem to have a public email. The only other option I can think of is re-installing.

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