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Gravity Rush thread Anonymous 11/01/2021 (Mon) 12:10:18 Id: df2bc7 No. 455657
Could be used for discussion or anything else, but i had a main purpose here In case these folder are not too fucking big, i tried putting various Gravity Rush models in them They come from different sources, some of which had a history of being deleted and lost I want someone to do a better job at archiving them than me, because i plan on removing them Even if these models aren't that great, they could inspire something in a way or another I hope for the day someone actually makes quality 3D Gravity Rush content There should be TWELVE different items, some being folders, split into 6 for each folder https://gofile.io/d/BkSkSi Please, download them for the love of god And DO tell me and confirm if you backed up everything because gofile links are timed And spread them as much as you can I have a 3rd world tier internet and i plan on getting rid of this shit to make space because i can't afford for shit like external drives
PC ports when PC ports when PC ports when
>>455687 Is PS4 emulation any good, even existent?
>>455688 Existent, but very early in development Mein Fuhrer.
(31.24 MB 1280x720 We Are Doomed.mp4)

>>455688 It does exist, see Spine. Good? Depends on the game. 2D games tend to run near-natively, but 3D games often crash or don't render most of the environment. I'll post an example after this.
(8.91 MB 1280x720 Arcania The Complete Tale.mp4)

Some games will look better than this, Persona 5 for example renders most of the world and characters but with texture glitches, but most 3D games will look like something like vid related or completely black.
>>455687 I think the next announcement of a PS exclusive turned PC port will most likely be Gravity Rush. Bloodborne/Demon's Souls might be upcoming too but I figure they'll probably have Bluepoint butchering remaking that first before porting it so I'd rather it be Gravity Rush to be honest.
>>455687 The day after you kill yourself
(34.06 KB 370x699 sad_kitty.jpg)

>>455715 So never ever
(51.06 KB 720x958 excited kot.jpg)

>>455695 >Gravity Rush 1 & 2 double pack comes to pc >I can finally be with Kat on a big screen and chill like its no-one's business >Anons rejoice >Sales through the roof >GR3 gets announced >PC exclusive >Galaxy destroying success >Mass suicide of game urinalists as gamers world over enjoy going on another gravity defying vacation with beautiful Kat >Game of the year I'M ON FUCKING DRUGS
>>455718 Great fantasy and all, but there's just one tiny issue. Playstation Studio Japan's dead.
(1.05 MB 854x480 i wish pain to end.mp4)

(80.19 KB 600x600 Eternal pain.jpg)

(215.83 KB 1280x823 Inner pain.jpeg)

(567.36 KB 842x473 Mordecai_Screaming_in_Pain.png)

(70.23 KB 1125x1070 Sad_cat.jpg)

>>455726 How is that a bad thing? It means the game won't be butchered in a new installment for "Western audiences".
>>455732 No idiot, the lack of the original Japanese studio means that if a sequel is made then it would be pozzed.
>>455734 I thought you were implying that there wouldn't be another game because they dissolved the studio.
>>455737 That is what that Anon said and I might have misread your post. I apologize.
(119.80 KB 1024x625 Long Kat.jpg)

>>455718 The possibility of all this becoming true is the same as Kat turning into mother of your children
>>455780 >Anal Literal shit taste
(23.29 KB 579x450 disgusted cat.jpg)

(447.51 KB 629x454 Poo in the Street.png)

>>455804 Refrain from posting immediately
(41.33 KB 309x581 just about done.jpg)

Has anyone done anything with the models?
Who wants to fuck King Cai?
(113.74 KB 1078x978 FBTkBR4WEAEJVw2.jpg)

>>455777 trips have spoken
(30.30 KB 306x306 question.jpg)

I saw a copy of Gravity Rush for the PS Vita in a trade-in store - anyone played the Vita version? Is it worth buying? Even though I haven't got a Vita.
>>498586 Depends on the price but yes, the Vita was its original platform and it was developed with it in mind
>>498622 Thanks, I'll check it out when stores re-open after Christmas.
(44.67 KB 400x507 Gravity Daze.jpg)

>>455718 >Gravity Rush 1 & 2 double pack Since GR2 contains all the cities from GR1, they could have made GR1 and 2 into a single big game if they wanted to with little to no effort.

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