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(16.93 MB 640x360 DMCA.mp4)

8/v/ The Musical: Prototype Edition Anonymous 11/08/2021 (Mon) 00:23:15 Id: fe0f17 No. 460749
Let's start a musical For those who aren't aware of this, 4chan /v/ started something similar back in 2013/2014 or so. I figured this would be a good opportunity for some more OC to start flowing from the website, as well as a source of fun/good memories for those involved. >What is this, exactly? To put it simply, you take a song with vocals (preferably more popular songs so they can be recognized and thus the parody will be more appreciated) and change the lyrics - Weird Al style - to be more fitting of a video game or video game culture. Anons will then perform the lyrics (and the chorus, depending on the song) and someone (me) will compile it all into a full song, sometimes accompanied with a music video if there are any good ideas. Cuckchan's editions are more often than not related to shitposting or board wars, so for this project, I'd like to steer clear of that queer shit, and just focus on video games or video game culture. >Where do I start? The first obvious step is picking out a song. Vocals need to be 'primary' rather than a glorified chorus, otherwise there isn't much point in a parody. I'll recommend that if you nominate a song, at least give some thought into the lyrics or the 'direction' that they should go. You shouldn't just pick any song and randomly choose what the direction should be, they should somewhat fit into the tone of the original song and even the original lyrics. Also, as it should be obvious, when making lyrics, don't just change one word - a perfect parody changes about 80% or more of the words, and should 'fit in' to the original lyrics like most parody songs you see. I've mentioned it already, but listen to Weird Al Yankovic or Rucka Ali for some ideas on how a good parody song sounds. This is a prototype thread so improvements can be added to the OP and to gauge interest. Please let me know what you think, I can be reached at thisthread@valvesoftware.com
shameless bump
No man, this was super gay last time, the best out of it was teh /gsg/ andthe ayyy lmao song. the rest were cringeworthy.
>>461117 >the best out of it was /gsg/ and the ayy lmao song So just make another one like those? Easy.
(7.34 MB 427x240 AYY LMAO Extended.webm)

>>461117 Has it really been that long? Can you believe you know who did their own songs and sounded like they had fun doing it?: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=VTx0709z2Ao https://yewtu.be/watch?v=F_ewkNxUScE
French Namefag ruined these threads.
>>461117 Pull my Devil Trigger nigger.
>>461152 Who is that?
I think we need a list of songs that have already been covered. I stopped following the music threads on 4chan after we moved so I'm only familial with 2~3 "seasons" of it but seems like they did a lot after.
>>461190 We can always do Angels with Burning Hearts or Let's Go Away. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=SduTpbcbgFA https://yewtu.be/watch?v=4RBjH6lQT4w
(8.27 KB 246x205 lolwut.jpg)

How about a parody of https://invidio.xamh.de/watch?v=hOzulXud52I ? Ruin my name Cancel my game Take that you racists Here comes the twitter meltdown, watch as I cry Can't stop the twitter meltdown, get blocked for life
>>461234 I like the idea, but OP wants to keep it vidya related.
>>461190 Wouldnt it be fitting if we picked a song cuckchan already did, just to see if we can do it better than them?
>>460749 A parody of Money for Nothing about trannies Cut It For Nothing
>>461306 That’s still barely connected to vidya or vidya culture
Someone tell me if I've got a good idea - parody of the "What's This" song from Nightmare Before Christmas, but it's about a cuckchanner finding the webring, or more specifically, the /v/ boards on the webring. I can cook up some lyrics if you think this is a good direction.
>>461404 Or how about Gangster's Paradise but reflecting the current state of TF2, "The Hacker's Paradise" or something like that.
>>461413 Last idea: Bioware Is (parody of Anywhere is) Lots of potential with this one
I'm fine with more /v/ sings even with oc parodies of songs, but I don't know how I feel about a "8/v/ The Musical". Seems kind of autistic in a bad way and would feel like a copy >>461404 But that would be related to shitposting or board wars >>461413 Haven't played tf2 in a while, Is that still accurate?
>>461438 >Haven't played tf2 in a while, Is that still accurate? Very, sadly.
>>461413 Titanfall 2 or Team Fortress 2?
(6.33 MB 640x480 Enya.webm)

>>461434 I like this idea plus the song has historical resonance with us keek
>>461977(check) >peridot? did that animation series ever get a conclusion?
>>461953 Team Fortress 2
https://tube.connect.cafe/watch?v=ZfHJmgkRzqA >Let's talk about /v/ This one seems too easy. Any other ideas?
>>461988 The guy who made it might've gone on to making shitty h-games, but I'm not sure about that.
Tenacious D's "Tribute", but it's about remakes: Couldn't do justice to my favourite game in the world, oh no, This is a remake. And the worst part of remakes is this, newfags: The game we played in those shortened nights, It didn't actually play anything like this game! This is just a remake. With shaders slapped over, And they censored the game. Why I support emulation.
>>462516 An alternative would be "Reboot". Which sounds better?
>>462593 Reboot actually rhymes with tribute
This thread hasn't got much traction. See, this is why I think simple /v/ sings would be better than a full blown musical.
>>465229 I think someone just needs to step up and make a bit of OC first as a proof-of-concept, then depending on its quality, everyone else may jump in or assist in some way. Nobody wants to get caught up in something that will go nowhere, like Anon's Bizarre Adventure (which I was a part of once before I ran out of time). I got a really good parody idea which I'll be making full lyrics to, I will post them here when I'm finished.
(91.65 KB 799x612 bump2.png)

Have a bump
Why'd you delete the song? I thought you wanted oc.
What happened?
>>496361 ? >>506545 I'm wondering that myself

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