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(568.14 KB 1200x1500 Japanese_9ecf17_6853237.jpg)

Japanese learning thread Anonymous 11/09/2021 (Tue) 19:07:52 Id: 169349 No. 461935
Post questions advice and other jp learning shit Want to learn Japanese? Start here: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/learn/guide.html Resource library: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/library/librarymain.html アノン君頑張れ!
Learn Japanese so you can enjoy high culture such as this.
>>461960 I know just enough Japanese to be able to spot Japanese furry propaganda, and that's good enough for me.
>>461935 Stupid question from someone who just started using Duolingo. Why are there two spellings for the color white. One was shiro and the other was shiroi.
>>462286 Not sure about the correct grammatical rule but shiro is white(ness) while shiro-i is white-like/white-ish (the adjectival/adverbial form of a noun/adjective).
(256.83 KB 460x215 ClipboardImage.png)

Has anyone tried out pic related? I saw it a while back and I'm mildly curious if it is worth trying out. Reviews seem mostly positive at a glance. >>462297 Ohhhh ok. That makes sense. I noticed other colors do the same thing as well. Thanks anon.
>>462277 What ever do you mean~ >>462310 I question the utility of using a learning game to learn something as simple as hiragana, but game play videos do show that the game has beginner level lessons and simple word translations. Maybe if you really get enrapt by RPG Maker games you could learn something while playing one, but I'd honestly prefer to do flashcards instead.
(127.16 KB 500x600 Amane you can't learn nip.png)

>>461935 just so you know, there is a dead board on the site about this >>>/lang/
>>462333 I can sort of read that image, and I hate it.
(27.98 KB 343x362 1442961020215.jpg)

guys is there an easy way to remember past tense negative tense shit
>>471757 >easy way to remember verb tenses Yeah learn Russian instead, both english and Russian have simple verb tenses.
>>472287 Why don't you say the same about most languages in Europe? Nobody has a reason to learn french, German, dutch or swedish besides work. There is a bigger chance the languages on the west die than japanese to stop existing
Gonna leave these here for those that belieb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKg23ZFURX0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJG9kpqTRmU From what I gather, if you memorize the translated lyrics to a Japanese song you absolutely love, and sing along in Japanese while fully understanding each sentence you are singing along, you will learn Japanese super fast (at least those sentences, will stay with you and serve as a basis for learning by context)
>>472296 Japan has beautiful surfing spots, the Pacific ocean is made for surfing but I don't live in commiefornia anymore. The Atlantic Ocean you can surf but it isn't as good as the Pacific side
>>472287 "Chinese" isn't exactly a language, it's a massive collection of different languages. Even Mandarin isn't one cohesive language, it's a bunch of different dialects like Lower Yangtze and Minjiang which aren't mutually intelligible.
>>472247 but i want to learn japanese guess ill just cope
What would it be the english equivalent of Kanji? Using random old norse words while writing? >>472287 >It's going to be Isn't it already? >>472296 >Nobody has a reason to learn french, German, dutch or swedish besides work I politely disagree. France has a really big presence in both animation and comics. If you want to get into eurocomics, european animation and festival niche animation you would have to learn french since the frogs make like 90% of the three things I just mentioned.
(1.20 MB 1325x5901 Don't learn chinese.jpg)

>>472287 > Chinese
Good way to memorize the various verb forms?
>>472893 >but i want to learn japanese **never said noun cases are easy >guess ill just cope pretty much the way to learn a new language, don't worry too much about the grammar conjunctions memorization until you become a highly advanced level, grammar fags are usually the ones that get burnt out the quickest .
(1.07 MB 1333x652 jap2.png)

>>462310 >Has anyone tried out pic related? Yes, finished in around 15 hours. You will easily learn the alphabet, some common words, and that is about it meaning you now can read basic Jap no problem, you then have to know what the words mean. The jrpg part of the game is very FF1 and FF2 like so it was a good way to learn although a bit old school. Be sure to screenshot the lessons to save for later reference and refreshing.
(10.79 KB 126x126 Promise Kept.jpg)

I would like to post my treasure of japanese dubbed movies I converted to audio on the go for you fags to enjoy. What would be a good file hosting site to put them on?
>>471757 >guys is there an easy way to remember past tense negative tense shit Change the verb to the negative and replace the final い with かった instead. This conjugation rule applies for both ru-verbs and u-verbs. >行く → 行かない → 行かなかった >帰る → 帰らない → 帰らなかった >起きる → 起きない → 起きなかった
>>473052 >>Good way to memorize the various verb forms? Small reminder beforehand: >All verbs fall into the category of ru-verb or u-verb. >There is an exception of only two verbs that don't fall into either of those two categories (する and 来る). >All ru-verbs end in る while u-verbs can end in a number of u-vowel sounds including る. Therefore if a verb does not end in る, it will always be an u-verb. >For verbs ending in る, if the vowel sound preceding the る is an /a/, /u/, /o/ vowel sound, it will always be an u-verb. >Otherwise if the preceding sound is an /i/ or /e/ vowel sound, it will be a ru-verb in MOST cases. (Examples: 起きる (okiru) is a ru-verb but 帰る (kaeru) is a u-verb) <Negative form >For ru-verbs: Drop the る and attach ない >For u-verbs that end in う: Replace the う with わ and attach ない >For all other u-verbs: Replace the u-vowel sound with the a-vowel equivalent and attach ない Ex. 待つ → 待たない 話す → 話さない >Exception verbs: する → しない, 来る(くる)→ 来ない(こない) <Past Tense >>For ru-verbs: Drop the る part and add た >>For u-verbs: That's the most "complicated" part as it breaks into several sub-categories depending on the last character of the verb >For verbs ending in す: changes into した(話す → 話した) >For verbs ending in く: changes into いた(書く → 書いた) >For verbs ending in ぐ: changes into いだ(泳ぐ → 泳いだ) >For verbs ending in む, ぬ and ぶ: changes into んだ (死ぬ → 死んだ) >For verbs ending in る, つ and う: changes into った(帰る → 帰った) As usual, する and 来る are their own things(する → した ; 来る → きた) <Past-negative tense Covered in the post above <How to extract the stem of verbs (useful to know when trying to conjugate the polite conjugation forms, creating nouns from verbs, smashing two verbs together to form a new one, or as a target with a motion verb for examples) >For ru-verbs: Remove the る(食べる → 食べ ; 見る → 見) >For u-verbs: The last vowel sound changes from an /u/ vowel sound to an /i/ vowel sound(泳ぐ → 泳ぎ ; 帰る → 帰り) >Exception verbs: する → し ; くる → き Examples: >明日、映画を見に行く。 >昨日、友達が遊びに来た。 >着替える (kikaeru - to change (clothes), which is composed from the verb 着る (kiru - to wear) in the stem form and 替える (kaeru - to switch) ) >言い出す (iidasu - to start talking) <Using ~ます to make verbs polite >To conjugate verbs into the masu-form, you attach different conjugations of ます to the stem depending on the tense >Plain: -ます; Negative: -ません ; Past: -ました ; Past-Negative: -ませんでした >Examples: 遊びます、見ました、話しません、etc.
>>473208 don't know, but whatever you use remember to encode the links in base64.

(225.00 KB 1788x1194 7. Suru Verbs.png)

(117.17 KB 1788x1437 8. Japanese Names.png)

(147.99 KB 1788x1496 10. Sentences & Particles.png)

(225.31 KB 1811x1001 11. Beginner's Kanji.png)

(158.30 KB 2990x1211 12. 火.png)

(261.48 KB 870x1675 13. 可愛い.png)

(157.82 KB 870x727 14. Emotions.png)

(1.12 MB 1410x4355 15. Clever Kanji.png)

(120.84 KB 852x852 Nagataro Specs.jpg)

>>473855 Got it on base64. I was thinking of putting the stuff on mega, but I might stick with anonfiles since it seems that content lasts longer on there than mega. What would be better? Grouping the movies together by companies & uploading them as ZIP packages (which will balloon in size) or making a text bin that has the links to the individual files encoded with base64?
>>473873 >Japanese pronouns WOW JAPAN WILL NEVER CUCK RIGHT GUYS MUH LAST CHERRY BLOSSOM Thanks for dumping those, anon.
>>474297 It is funny when people sperg about the word "pronoun" not realizing what it even means. I've seen people proudly exclaim "I don't have any pronouns!"
>>474317 People throwing the baby out with the bath water just because retards have perverted the original meaning/usage of the word/concept is always exasperating.
>>474289 As a personal experience, anofiles last one month at most and their bandwidth is really mediocre. Stick to mega instead.
(42.37 KB 250x225 redanon delivers.jpg)

(617.64 KB 740x991 Stuart.jpg)

(881.05 KB 1200x1600 Grinch.jpg)

(1.12 MB 1600x1600 Stuart2.jpg)

All right aspiring Japanese learning fags & weebs, I've made a mega folder of my Japanese dubbed movies in audio. Use the decoder below to get the link & key. YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlp2YkdSbGNpOVpjekI1VWtGdlF3PT0= X1FrMmpJaVQ0aXpZVGhYS241UGNMUQ== Right now I got Disney movies up for grabs. I mainly wanted to get the animated features but I grabbed some of their other stuff along the way. These Disney films are missing in the library. >Fantasia, Bambi, Saludos Amigos, Three Caballeros, Make Mine Music, Melody Time, Cinderella, Sword in the Stone, Jungle Book, Robin Hood, Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Rescuers, Fox and the Hound, Black Cauldron, Great Mouse Detective, Oliver and Company, Rescuers Down Under, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Fantasia 2000, Dinosaur, Atlantis Lost Empire, Treasure Planet, Brother Bear, Home on the Range, Bolt, Tangled, Winnie the Pooh, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Frozen II, & anything after that. Other studios will be uploaded soon, assuming it doesn't get taken down fast. FAQ >why would I want to listen to dubbed movies I have already seen long time ago, especially from hollywood? <it helps polish your listening skill & picking up what's said because you may already know the basic context of the scenes. Also, it's free real estate & they don't get a single penny from you. >why upload audio instead of video? <video takes up more space & while I find some modificaions made to some movies released in Japan to be nice (such as Inside Out's Riley disgusted at bell peppers instead of broccoli), it wasn't worth the space when one could simply put the extracted audio into a more higher quality rip & save space. >where did you find these? <a japanese website used to host links to openload & other video hosts of these movies. They have since then either been shut down or the links expired which makes searching for them more difficult without resorting to being a buyfag. >why are they mp3 & opus instead of one or the other? <when I first started doing it, my HD space was almost full & I thought mp3s would be a better option due to how many devices played them. A generous anon in the QTDDTOT thread suggested opus as an alternative and so I went with that format. I personally think the quality in opus is pretty good. >do you take requests? <no. >I have japanese dubbed movies or movies with Japanese audio, can I contribute to the project? <yes. >why are the filenames in Japanese? <for immersion purposes. On a side note, it is possible a movie you own might have Japanese audio included as a bonus. Off the top of my head, the USA Blu-Ray of Stuart Little 1 & 2 have Japanese audio + subtitles & the USA 4K release of How the Grinch Stole Christmas also has Japanese audio + subtitles. It would probably be easier to simply find a movie database website & consult from there. The metadata could also maybe use some refining work. 楽しいでください!
>>474578 What an insane commitment. Many thanks, anon, it's people like you that make the internet still worth browsing. Any chance you could take over /lang/?
(31.15 KB 510x546 Anon.png)

>>474578 More studios have been uploaded to the treasure chest! Just to give a few examples of what's inside >Shrek 1 & 2 >Kung Fu Panda Trillogy >Sam Rami's Spider-Man trilogy >Joker >The Matrix >Terminator 1 >007 James Bond Movies >American Psycho I may add more titles if I can find them again. This should be about as great of a treasure for the Japanese learner who wants to build their immersive environments & listen to them on the go or in the background without being tethered to a video screen. I would replace the mp3s I have with opus, but the links have long since disappeared & it's already hard to find them as is, so you'll have to make do with what's been given. I forgot to mention I also don't have Lady & The Tramp for Disney movies. >>474717 >Any chance you could take over /lang/? I'm not sure I'm cut for running boards.
what is the stroke order of those recently added kana to unicode?(and i mean kana, not kanji)
>>475160 also does anyone have the nip dub of "Sheep Wrecked"?
>>474578 shit i forgot to tel you about stuff like https://tools.knowledgewalls.com/online-secret-message-encoder-decoder which allows to to encode the link with password, which then you can apply base64 encoding to, for an extra layer of security
(13.28 MB 320x240 まぬけな狼.mp4)

>>475166 I can upload it to the site since its smaller than 32MB. Quality isn't impressive but the audio could be extracted & put on a more higher quality video rip.
(30.09 KB 742x482 Captura.PNG)

>>474578 >>475166 I know I'm dumb as fuck but what am I doing wrong?
(242.66 KB 800x449 Hint.png)

>>475518 I didn't use that site
>>475518 just decode them separately UTF-8 t. works on my machine
(19.02 KB 393x454 ClipboardImage.png)

(15.57 KB 387x436 ClipboardImage.png)

>>475548 >>475558 Okay... what am I supposed to do with these things now?
>>475586 that oughta be a mega.nz code, probably? Or rather the key, I'm kinda rusty with this stuff.
>>475586 You got the key, but you must decode the first part again with the new codee you got
(36.11 KB 404x360 1623105679.jpg)

>>475588 >>475620 Okay, I got it. Thanks, man, this is truly a good contribution. You just reminded me I've got the whole first season of Hilda in japanese. I'm going to share it. Which format should I use? the metadata says the audio track is on eac3
>>475643 I used opus on mine to save space & retain good quality audio. These days most players should be able to play the format & even old music players like the iPod will play it as long as RockBox is installed. I assume your content has shorter runtimes because they're tv episodes. Space shouldn't be too big of an issue unless your rips are from Blu-Rays or 4K (and even then I doubt they'll fill up fast.) FLAC would be another good option for your bite sized episodes as the quality will be not only be lossless to you & other anons, but they won't suffer from degeneration everytime an anon might want to convert them to a format they choose. I would avoid mp3 altogether if I can.
>>475660 >forgot to mention I put in this command in Audacity when I convert to opus I don't remember the exact number when I asked in the other thread, but it was 60 something. It will still sound good ffmpeg -i - -c:a libopus -b:a 64k "%f"
(13.03 KB 728x110 ClipboardImage.png)

>>475660 >>475662 I'm getting this error message, what am I doing wrong?
(184.67 KB 1266x712 Shiggy Towel.jpg)

>>475670 I'm not sure why, I just looked it up & it worked for me on audacity. I can only guess skimming from my searches that it might not be happy with one of the commands I put on.
(399.49 KB 1798x1722 mvsm2.jpg)

(407.15 KB 1366x1024 mvsmj.jpg)

>>474970 In case you have a Netflix account, would you do me the favor of ripping the jap dub of The Mitchells vs. the Machines for me? both video and audio. use Anystream to rip it. here's a working proxy to access the dub and use together with Anystream to rip the movie in case you don't have vpn. SOCKS4 4145
(25.46 KB 301x384 movie 2.jpg)

(99.88 KB 752x1000 movie 1.jpg)

Anyone got suggestions for a good USB Blu-Ray ripper? I read some will work with 4K discs but only under certain conditions from the skimming I did. I bought these two disney movies dirt cheap.
>>477961 They guy already said he's not taking requests and he got the audio tracks from an already taken down japanese webpage
>>472516 ...does baka mitai count
(96.47 KB 700x990 pocketflowerCirno.jpg)

HUGE UPDATE FOR THE JAPANESE DUB LIBRARY A lot more titles have been added to the collection. Same link that is in the BASE64 code above. Had some movies downloaded some time ago saved on another hard drive and encoded them into the opus format they were meant to be in. Now here are are some more titles I have uploaded. >Bambi, Fantasia, Three Caballeros, Cinderella, & Tangled for Disney <with the exception of Tangled, the classic animated movies don't have the songs in Japanese (considering how I couldn't find Bambi anywhere during my searches, they will have to do as a compromise until a better rip exists.) The opening logo of Tangled also isn't perfect but it may seem trivial to the casual listener. >Ice Age trilogy, Die Hard 1, Idiocracy, Home Alone 1, & Star Wars Prequels Trilogy along with Episode V on 20th. >Adams Family 2019, 007 Goldfinger, & 007 Thunderball on MGM >Cape Feare, Parts 2 & 3 of Back to the Future, the Jim Carrey Grinch movie from 2000, & Jaws on Universal >TMNT 2006, Scooby Doo 2: Monster Panic, Tom & Jerry The Movie 1992, & entire Harry Potter Saga on WB >Kick Ass on Lionsgate >Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark on Paramount >and more While I earlier said that a site I used to get the movies from no longer existed & made searching for them difficult, I found a new one that functions just like it right down to its design. They seem to mostly be using niconico douga as their host with a few exceptions. https://yume551.com/ A little quick guide on navigating the site. >洋画 is movies from outside of Japan, 邦画 is movies from Japan, & アニメ is, well, anime & animated movies >字幕 is Japanese subtitles (hardsubbed) & 吹替 or 吹き替え is Japanese dubbed audio >some links for the title may be expired & aren't availible. All you can really do is check back & hope they return with a working one (Their twitter seems more like a bot reposting their content) >Dood & Gyao don't seem to be reliable sources Consider this an ultimate Christmas present!
>>496075 どうもありがとうございます
It's pretty hilarious to see chinese learning thread as the only one being spammed with fuck china screenshots. But seriously FUCK CHINA I found an archive of a russian thread where they learn japanese. Lots of russian obviously, though i did see some books and links in english. Hope it helps (arhivach dot ng/thread/751148/)
anyone have any recommendations for youtube channels I can watch to improve my listening comprehension
(2.30 MB 1996x1585 inui toko wink.jpg)

>>509974 vtubers
(133.93 KB 900x900 EgrC2qYU4AIiqRK.jpg)

>>521721 Good writing practice too especially with smaller ones.
>>509974 >>521721 Relative small channel and normal speaking one at least. Or better yet, go with the normal seafood/fishing JP youtubers with the downside of making you hungry/want to cook something.
(37.68 KB 715x668 did you learn your lesson.png)

>he still didn't learn Japanese four months later
>>548672 Does the lightbringer know japanese?
>>548674 I doubt it.
>>551221 thanks friend
>>496075 More titles have been added to the dub library Same link as before. Here is what's new >added 'Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea & Fantasia 2000, also removed the old Cinderella'' that did not have the songs in Japanese & replaced it with the rip that did have them in that language on Disney >added Silence of the Lambs on MGM >added Speed on 20th >added Hotel Transylvania 1 & 3, completing the trilogy, on Sony >added House of Wax, the 2002 Scooby Doo movie, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, & Space Jam on WB >remade Kung Fu Panda Trilogy & Madagascar to Opus format >added Ghost & Indiana Jones Temple of Doom on Paramount >added Spy Kids & Good Will Hunting on Miramax >added Fargo, Big Lebowski, Despicable Me 1 & 3 (2nd movie has no working link atm), Hot Fuzz, Jarhead, & Sing on Universal >remade American Psycho to Opus format & added Kick-Ass on Lion's Gate
>>551221 Holy shit, that first link is a GODSEND!! Thank you so much! It likely won't aid with Japanese media given how fast they talk but this is an excellent start.
(2.38 MB 640x490 calligraphy.mp4)

What kanji is being drawn here?
>>571676 The worst thing about traditional chinese characters is the stroke order thing.
(86.45 KB 1300x956 skele vr.jfif)

Has anyone tried the Pimsleur language program? Is it any good?
>>571676 This isn't calligraphy. The radicals aren't even recognizable in actual calligraphy.
>>586822 >>586822 I love how whores trying to look smart come in all different backgrounds, still, she's got nice fat tits
>>586822 >it's not in my dictionary >so it's illegal Can't you read her writing as "ta ta" on "ama"? Surely it's several levels removed from the actual meaning, but so is "the moon is beautiful".
>>571677 What do you mean? I'm not having any problems stroking while watching this video.
So i've been learning on my own for the past 6 months. I pretty much memorized hiragana and katakana in 2 weeks and i'm learning basic sentences and common kanjis. I'm looking for a game that has the furigana for the kanjis. I thought all games had that but a lot of them only have it for the really uncommon kanjis. An rpg or a simple action game with basic story would be fine.
(13.46 KB 256x192 01_ninokuni_ds.jpg)

(62.67 KB 1000x600 611rHuEKO1L._AC_SL1000_.jpg)

(62.92 KB 600x360 759791.jpg)

>>590015 What console & handheld do you have? If none, I assume your PC is good to run them. Off the top of my head, the Nintendo DS/3DS games have some games in furigana such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Dragon Quest VII, & Ni No Kuni
>>590028 Yeah, pc. I didn't know the DQ tittles had it. That's great. I might go for something simpler though. Animal crossing seems perfect. Even though i never played any tittle of that series it looks more on the simpler side of things plot-wise. By the way i've been using a lot this site https://www.tanoshiijapanese.com I have found it really useful and it even teaches you the stroke order for the kanjis.
(6.41 MB 1280x544 meishi.webm)

>>461935 Hi I know basic Japanese including kanji. What are some great untranslated non-VN games so I can get more practice in? Can include retro games.
>>595966 Do you like Gundam and turn based strategy? Then consider playing the Gihren's Greed games, never brought to the west, only partially translated, some of them have voiced cutscenes so you can practice reading and listening.
(39.71 KB 887x655 maybe i am retarded.png)

>>474578 ok, so i might be really dumb. got the first half, decoded it. got the second half, decoded it. pasted both togheter and the mega comes out but the last few characters are screwed so i dont know where am i fucking this up help me anon-chan
>>596065 Fuck I am retarded. It's 2 things not one
So I learn this stupid fucking language and I get a bugman girlfriend?
>>596653 No, you fail at learning it, become a tranny, and become the bugman girlfriend You're already a faggoty bugman therefore halfway there
>>596653 >So I learn this stupid fucking language and I get a bugman girlfriend? No, you gain a chance to try and woo a bugmangirl. But you have to be good. If you aren't fluent, they'll reject you. One of my classmates, this hot little number named Jenny Wong, acted snooty as hell, pretending she didn't understand me.
(58.62 KB 486x374 dubs jadzia trek em.jpg)

>>596999 Asian people sound awful.
How many of you memorized the Hiragana and Katakana characters? Its a pain to memorize them all because there's so many of them.
>>596653 >muh dick Learn it because you're interested in something Japanese, you fucking queer. Like yokai or something. I want to curbstomp your nigger brain so much.
>>597017 Practice reading and writing, you'll just memorize them since it's not that many. Kanji on the other hand...
(23.65 MB 710x478 Coming Soon.webm)

New additions are arriving soon to the MEGA Japanese dubbed collection >>597017 Those are the easiest part of the language. Katakana has rough edges, hiragana has cute scribbles.
(454.86 KB 500x350 Mr Krabs is feeling it.gif)

(230.39 KB 400x600 Season 1.jpg)

(243.13 KB 400x600 Season 2.jpg)

(191.06 KB 400x600 Season 3.jpg)

ANOTHER BIG UPDATE FOR THE JAPANESE DUB LIBRARY This one's quite the present! For this has the Japanese dub of the first 3 seasons of Spongebob Squarepants now available! The files are sized at less than 32MB since the format are TV episodes It is highly unlikely you will find another place on the net that you will be able to freely enjoy the full episodes of Spongebob in Japanese. >will you upload the rest of the seasons? Probably not As I feel the show peaked around the release of the first movie, I don't remember anything post season 4. It is interesting to note that the common spongebob memes seen around the net usually come from the first 3 seasons >will you upload the first movie if you find it? Yes! With that big treat out of the way, here is what's new >added Over the Hedge to dreamworks >added Hunchback of Notre Dame I & II, Sword in the Stone, & Lady & the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure on disney >added Napoleon Dynamite & Sound of Music on 20th >more movies that were originally mp3 have been re-encoded to opus Same MEGA link as the original post here >>474578 What a goldmine the treasure chest has been! I hope you continue to enjoy listening to the media dubbed in the Japanese language or stitching them to your high quality video rips to watch if you need visuals. I hope to have more big presents to be uploaded soon!
>>598532 AW YEAH, THIS IS ANOTHER BIG UPDATE! I am proud to announce that the first 4 seasons of Seinfeld have been uploaded to the library! (or as it has been referred to in Japanese as となりのサインフェルド, lit. My Neighbor Seinfeld. To quote an old YT video description: "This is the spiritual successor to the classic animated film "となりのトトロ," known in the US as My Neighbor Totoro.") No this is not a shitpost that one is reminded of game music remixed with the instruments from Seinfeld, nor the commonly used shiggy meme or costanza macros. This is the actual show about nothing itself, dubbed in Japanese! Again, it is highly unlikely you will find another place on the net that you'll be able to freely enjoy the dubbed episodes. A few rips surfaced on YT, but that is only a few episodes & in compressed YT audio quality. If you are wondering >why does this only have the first four seasons of the show and not the rest? That is because the 5th season never got a physical release, it was only broadcasted on WOWOW (later LALA TV) and the show was cancelled in Japan when the 6th season aired. Unfortunate circumstances, but this is nonetheless a great treat to have if you have been curious to know how Seinfeld & his pals sound in Japanese along with how they handled the american comedy in another language. If anyone is interested, I can make a sister folder that has the Japanese subtitles ripped from some of my sources. It may not be as immersive as listening to Japanese voices, but subtitles will nonetheless prove themselves to be valuable resources in your study of the language.
>>597017 You need to look at them daily to keep it fresh and eventually memorized. Best to have a chart or poster you look at daily.
(2.79 MB 1920x1080 Japanese kana wallpaper.png)

>>597017 Here's a cheat sheet. Set it as your desktop wallpaper, you're welcome.
(1018.66 KB 239x181 1364244133538.gif)

>>602902 >n cant be combined with anything but "i" based but i've seen words that use "na" and "ne". how come? explain this jpfags
>>602904 >n cant be combined with anything but "i" ん or ン is usually at the end of a word, they work with any of the kanas. It doesn't sound the same as に or 二. I'll admit the chart could be made better, but if you notice the n that sits between t & h, you'll see how the combination works.
>>597017 i memorized them in like a week thanks to the mnemonic book that associated kana with whatever things it resembled for example character for nu is ヌ, it's like NOOdle sticking out from a bowl
(288.84 KB 1456x916 2022-05-07_17-26-34.jpg)

ho do i ensure everyday reading practice? why with something i consume everyday, doujins of course, feels good earning the bragging rights after filtering out translated shmuck from panda
spoiler lewds thx
>>602980 Don't worry, I gotchu muh fam! You CAN learn JP, just follow the instructions in the helpful webm attached! Go back you illiterate cuckchan rapefugees, just because you're afraid your retardditor friend in Buffalo fucked Hiroyuki's hovel over doesn't mean you can shit this place up like a Gay Area pajeet and spout your ebonics
>>602913 i didnt notice there are 2 n's why are there 2 n's.
>>474578 >when one could simply put the extracted audio into a more higher quality rip & save space >implying im tech savy enough i can do that anon i just go on a streaming site. start the movie and kill the audio
What's the grammatical difference between が and は? If I have an example sentence like this, "Japanese is a good language", which one is most accurate? If so, what does the other mean? >日本語がいい言語です。 >日本語はいい言語です
>>615169 は clarifies the topic for a sentence that would otherwise be ambiguous. が is the speaker emphasizing one option, as opposed to other options. I like Tae Kim's names for them: topic particle and identifier particle. For example if you say 「日本語がいいです」 it might be in response to someone asking if you would prefer to speak in Japanese or English. (Or Spanish, or Swahili, or whatever.) So it translates to "Japanese (as opposed to those other options we're discussing) is good." If you said 「日本語はいいです」(probably with ね or another gobi at the end) it would be because you are bringing topic up Japanese out of the blue. It might translate to "Japanese is wonderful, isn't it?" I'd have to see the context to know 100% for sure but option 2 is almost definitely what you're looking for.
>>602980 You just want to fuck Japanese little boys, don't lie nigger, you better be a damn good groomer because nips don't tolerate this shit
>>615285 Samurai literally fucked and groomed little kids. Its in their blood.
>>615299 Yeah but he's a baka gaijin
>>615285 >>615308 Japanese are somewhat more tolerant of pedos. Not "tolerant" mind you, not at all -- you have to go third world countries to find that -- but there isn't quite the "fire them out of a cannon, stab their eyeballs, gas them with RAID like bugs" edge as you find in the west. I suspect it has something to do with neoteny being much higher in Japanese women. They'd be very mad at you for being a foreign pedo, but the stress is as much on "foreign" as "pedo".
(30.77 KB 480x360 hqdefault (2).jpg)

Anyone else develop a speech impediment after learning Japanese? Sometimes when speaking English, it feels like I'm only letting out my voice on hard consonants where my tongue touches the roof of my mouth (like t, n, d, l etc) and then just letting it ride out after that. As a result I speak really fast and mumble and no one can really understand me anymore.
>>602803 >vid 3 >"Castre Rock" kek What the hell is the /f/ board?
>>616921 Not really any pronunciation impediments, but I often find myself forgetting words in English while remembering the Japanese one. It's also fun when my brain tries to make an English sentence out of a raw thought containing a concept that exists in Japanese but not in English and I realize right before I would have said it.
I own some Japanese games, despite being still early in understanding the language, and I wanted to ask which of these would be the best to start with for the purposes of learning the language, and why (So that I know for easing myself in the future): >Aero Dancing featuring Blue Impulse >Bomberman >Bomberman 2 >Bomberman Collection (Bomber Boy, Bomberman GB, Bomberman GB 2) >Choukou Senki Kikaioh >Cosmic Fantasy Stories >Custom Robo >Daisenryaku Expert WWII: War in Europe >F-Zero >F22 Interceptor >Final Fantasy >Galaxy Fight >Geist Force >Hatsune Mike: Project Diva >Hoshi no Kirby >J.League Excite Stage '94 >Jumping Flash! >Lumines >Magical Drop >Marvel VS. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes >Monster Hunter Portable >Ninja Ryukenden >Nintendo All-Star! Dai-Rantou Smash Brothers >Pokémon Card GB >Ridge Racer >SD Gundam G Generation-0 >Sega Games Can Vol. 2 (16t, Aworg: Hero in the Sky, Fatal Labyrinth, Ikasuze! Koi no Doki Doki Penguin Land MD, Medal City, Putter Golf, Robot Battler, Teddy Boy Blues) >Sega GT: Homologation Special >Seventh Cross >SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 (Art of Fighting, Baseball Stars 2, Burning Fight, Fatal Fury, King of the Monsters, Last Resort, Magician Lord, Metal Slug, Neo Turf Masters, Samurai Shodown, Sengoku, Shock Troopers, Super Sidekicks 3, Top Hunter, World Heroes) >Super Mario Bros. 2 >Tohshinden I know some of these games have zero Japanese text, but I also consider the manual to be a part of the game.
>>618821 Presumably Hoshi no Kirby since it probably has only the most rudimentary Japanese proficiency requirements. Same for Super Mario Bros 2 and Ridge Racer. Possibly even the Pokemon games as well as Bomberman.
(65.34 KB 296x439 Miku having some fun.jpg)

>>618821 You should have some fun with Hatsune Miku: Project Diva >why It's a game that can be played in quick sessions. It's also a game that requires you to git gud. Despite the use of kanji, menu navigation is easy. Music is a great source of language learning, combine that with the interactivity of video games and you have a recipe for success. Even if she's past her heyday, Miku's good as a motivator. Outside of her, the rest is up to your taste & how adventurous you're feeling. Try going back to when you had fun with games & see if there's a title you remember playing. If you've played it many times in the past, see if a Japanese release exists to challenge you even if it's only the UI & script changed to Japanese. Most Nintendo games you have listed are more of a time killer (Except I haven't touched Pokemon Card GB) than they are of learning, doesn't make them any less fun to play though!
Bumping thread so it makes it to it's first birthday. Jesus Chirst this site is slow and dead as shit now. What does this entire board consist of like fifteen people who post two or three times a day? Stopped coming here for a few months, come back and everything still looks ninety percent exactly the same.
>>636414 The site itself tells you. We count around a thousand with the spics, so say there's 100 people in total at best. With half of those being the same nerds with dynamic IPs. 最高じゃん
(44.92 KB 555x456 1651153491219.jpg)

>>636414 The moon learning thread is way more active on smuglo.li. They helped me a lot with my gains.
>>636414 What do you want to post about? Keep in mind that it can be removed at a moment's notice with no recourse, so it might have never happened in the first place.
>>636414 I mean who the fuck wants to post on a board with a fat mentally handicapped jew mod lmao.
https://youtu.be/KLKsTWFpj-s Well guys Misa from Japanese Ammo is apparently a degenerate freak. Damn shame, I learned basic sentence structures from her all those years ago.
>>638307 A lot of people have changed over time, absorbing the shit culture around them
>>638331 I remember years ago she wrote an article on who should use 俺 vs 僕 vs 私 She mentioned something about there being some Japanese girls who use 僕、but added that those girls are weird so you should stay away from them lol. IIRC she's married to some British dude who's probably fed her some cancerous ideology over time.
(290.63 KB 1042x1113 9da.jfif)

>>616921 I'm proficient in Italian, Spanish and English and now that i'm learning japanese i sometimes struggle to come up with words in my native language. I mentioned tanoshiijapanese as a good tool before. They've been making this "learn japanese with anime" videos which analyze the basic structure of a sentence. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=6pZtwDLPM9c https://yewtu.be/watch?v=V1rWyknDmf0 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Bz3ef92xjdM
>>641410 >words words words meme >blaming the PM for literally everything wrong with the country Did people forget we don't live in empires and monarchies anymore? A PM has even less power than a president, yet people think because they are the highest individual of the executive branch of government that they should be able to solve literally every problem with the country In this case, how is one man who has only limited power (especially legislatively) going to fix the entirety of corporate culture and inherent greed present in running businesses? That's not to say he's blameless, he certainly has some faults but he's not literally "the guy" who can fix everything, just like most other leaders in non-autocratic countries People need to have some fucking accountability of their own too, we need to shoulder our own share of the blame for these shit problems or else we'll never get better Its like how politicians use tragedies and notable bad events to better their political positions rather than going at the issues themselves, it's because people have become okay with that and care less about the truth and actually doing the work necessary to find out if someone is worth a damn or what's causing the problems, and more about appearances and sound bites Hell this meme alone is evidence of that, imagine finding a way to reduce the problems of Japanese social culture down to a shitty Simpsons meme and naively blame everything on Shinzo Abe's approach, as if the Japanese people themselves have no responsibility of themselves to shoulder the blame But thats my own tiredness shining through, I'm sick of retards without nuance misunderstanding the complexity of the world and thinking that some magic person should be able to solve literally everything or else they are irredeemable, it's absolutely childish.
(130.29 KB 680x672 abe deep fried.jpeg)

>>641420 Understand, the meme isn't blaming him for the problems. It's stating his ignorance of why they're occurring. Abe wanted to raise Japan's birthrate, he tried doing this mostly by improving pre-schooling and making it completely free when fixing the nation's birthrate would have required a massive overhaul of Japanese work culture. Schooling costs are not why young Japanese men and women aren't having kids, it's the massive burden raising children has become and Japan's focus on work being your life.
>>641433 What I meant by "blaming him" was blaming him for not magically fixing the problems, not that he caused the problems themselves, as the rest of my post clearly explains Moreover, explain to me what the executive branch can unilaterally do about corporate culture Shinzo Abe did what he could in his capacity, such as allocating funds towards marriage support programs which helped newlyweds cover costs like rent, but he's not the Japanese Diet obviously, and he doesn't control what the corporations do. Could he have done more? Yes. Was his approach wrong? Well, consider the prime minister's responsibilities, he has a limited amount of time, focus and resources and had to lead Japan through various issues and problems. He had a lot of focus on economics, foreign policy, pro-nationalism, and defense, which are very legitimate issues to focus on in the current and recent climates (especially since they're all very closely related especially to China and America, like the global recession and the economic issues caused by the pandemic for example) He is only one man, and does not have absolute power or unlimited resources like people mistakenly think.
>>641433 He did urge companies to not overwork employees. But it's such a part of their culture that companies have a hard time making the employees go home. https://archive.is/eHdgK
>>641433 >>641454 Just apply what they do in schools to their businesses. Require businesses to report how much overtime their employees work then post that information publicly with the companies that have the least amount of overtime ranked as the best and the ones with the most the worst. You would have divide the companies by size and industry most likely so that a small mom and pops shop isn't compared to say Nippon Steel. This would create social pressure to not work overtime as it would make the company look bad in the eyes of the public.
>>638132 you do apparently
What does the morpheme ーかねー in 判りかねますが mean?
Do you slant-loving yuppies have any moonrune learning groups or communities you've integrated into? I met this neckbeard the other day that could speak seemingly fluent Japanese and I was absolutely floored. I've never seen anything like it in person, sure he's a stereotype but he's got the chops to that shit in spades.
>>645979 ~kaneru is "struggle with", "is difficult to". Wakarikanemasu == "It's hard to say", "I'm having trouble determining"
>>656282 No, I learned moonrunes by myself. The best way is to start practicing. I started with monster hunter 4 because I didn't want to wait for the inferior and late English version. Now, I just play JPN games whenever I can and my reading became way, way better. >>656298 Thanks, Anon.
https://8chan.moe/voxxe/res/14087.html#q14595 <I hope to see all anons in the Holy Land (Japan) one day nya~
>>657408 What the fuck is this board?
>>657580 insanity
>>657408 Is this just like one guy talking to himself all day everyday? Or a group of like two or three guys too lazy to start a discord, so they just created their own board that they shitpost on all day long?
>>658015 That sounds like my board
>>658026 Discord is where the glowing people go to collect emails of nicks espousing non-globohomo beliefs in a setting that feels deceptively private Keep doing what you're doing
Could someone help me with a quick translation? I working on the chart thread, and I wanted to know if "Available in Japanese" would translate to 「日本語は公開ある」? It's in reference to if a game was released in Japan or has a Japanese fansub.
>>461935 im learning Japanese and it's fun
(433.14 KB 852x799 Pink.png)

>>461935 im learning Japanese and I'm suffering like hell OH JESUS CHRIST FUCKING GOD KILL ME KILL MEEEEEEE
>>475643 Hey hildafag you still around? I'm interested in hearing the rest of the series dubbed in Japanese. Watched a few episodes on niconico & I got hooked.
(19.35 MB 10034x6313 Square Final Draft Test Flags.jpg)

I'm the person from the japanese list thread who is making the big list(9 games per year). I am mostly finished with the design, and will take it to the press, so to speak, to give it it's final look pretty soon. In the meantime, I thought of another addition I could do, before I finalize it. There are over a 100 games on the list(see pic related), I was thinking of writing a 1-2 sentence summary to grab the interest of the reader, as trying to fit screenshots for each game on a list this size would be a nightmare. I know nothing about japanese, but I do have google translate. If anyone here is interested, I would post what I have in this format: >english summary ------ <google translation >english summary ------ <google translation I was hoping that you could correct any potential grammar errors or make it read more natural, as opposed to what it is. I would post as much as I can per post, as to not clutter the thread too much Tell me what you think. I will write the summaries for the list later, if anyone is interested I will dump it here for checking btw the COD games are going to be getting the boot, so you won't need to see 10 different ways to summarize one game, other games will replace them soon
alternatively, I could simply link a .txt. document here later, I guess the method doesn't matter as long as there are people willing to contribue
(935.97 KB 1250x1855 1333268752546.jpg)

(762.07 KB 1335x2010 1333268938046.jpg)

(821.71 KB 1053x2400 1333269016698.jpg)

(587.02 KB 1165x2020 1333269072340.jpg)

(699.16 KB 1160x2160 1333269134390.jpg)

>>660780 The stretched aspect ratio on a lot of the box art kinda ruins this image to be honest. Why don't you make the boxes that are longer then they are wider, just a little bit smaller in size so you can maintain the proper ratio. Or alternately just slip the image into decades so you have more room to spread things out a little bit while also not making the image massive. Kinda like these examples.
>>660904 This is a rough draft I made in mspaint, I am going to have someone professional design it for me. The final image will likely look better, I just needed something as a proof of concept
Here is an example of what I mean. Tell me if the google translation is roughly accurate, and if it sounds "natural" to a native japanese speaker. I will do more later 1992: Alone In The Dark- Survival horror that served as the progenitor of the genre and direct inspiration for "Biohazard". Solve the mystery of the mansion, avoiding it's hazards that you encounter at every turn. ジャンルの元祖であり、『バイオハザード』の直接のインスピレーションとなったサバイバルホラー。 屋敷の謎を解き明かし、あらゆる場面で遭遇する危険を回避してください。 Mortal Kombat- Legendary fighting game that was touted as the most violent video game of all time, at one point. Classic arcade 2D fighter that lets you perform brutal "Fatalities" upon winning かつて最も暴力的なビデオ ゲームとしてもてはやされた伝説の格闘ゲーム。 勝利時に残忍な「致命傷」を実行できる古典的なアーケード 2D ファイター Ultima 7- One of the first open world RPGs, from a franchise that inspired countless others. Return to the world of "Britannia" to uncover a hidden conspiracy 無数の人々に影響を与えたフランチャイズからの最初のオープン ワールド RPG の 1 つ。 「ブリタニア」の世界に戻り、隠された陰謀を暴く Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis- Adventure game, starring the legendary movie character of the same name, based on a movie that never released. Game features 3 different routes that change how you play the game, leading to more replayability 未公開映画をもとに、同名の伝説の映画キャラクターが主人公のアドベンチャーゲーム。 ゲームの特徴は、ゲームのプレイ方法を変更する 3 つの異なるルートであり、リプレイ性が向上します。 Dune 2- The "grandfather" of all RTS games. Immerse yourself in the world based off the cult book series, in a game that might feel very familiar to you if you are a fan of the genre. すべてのRTSゲームの「祖父」。 カルト本シリーズに基づいた世界に浸ってください。このジャンルのファンならなじみのあるゲームです。 Wolfenstein 3D- Progenitor of all FPS games. Armed with only your guns and your wits, cut your way thru countless nazis as you navigate various labirynths and castles. すべての FPS ゲームの元祖。 銃と知恵だけで武装し、無数のナチスを切り抜けながら、さまざまな迷宮や城を進んでください。 Darkseed- Horror based adventure game, based off the art of H.R Giger(also famous for his work on the "Aliens" franchise). Experience time based puzzles that let you easily lock yourself out of a good ending, if you're not clever enough H.R Giger (「エイリアン」フランチャイズの作品でも有名) のアートに基づいた、ホラー ベースのアドベンチャー ゲームです。 時間ベースのパズルを体験してください。十分に賢くなければ、簡単に良い結末から抜け出すことができます Flashback- A weighty 2D platformer that abandons classic arcade gameplay for more realistic jumping and health mechanics. Avoid enemies or lead them into traps 古典的なアーケード ゲームプレイを放棄して、よりリアルなジャンプとヘルス メカニクスを採用した重厚な 2D プラットフォーマー。 敵を回避するか、トラップに誘導する Super Star Wars- Oldschool arcade console platformer, based off the award winning franchise. A must for both fans of the movies and good platformers 賞を受賞したフランチャイズに基づいたオールドスクール アーケード コンソール プラットフォーマー。 映画のファンと優れたプラットフォーマーの両方の必需品

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