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(264.69 KB 1280x800 fall_demoday_new.png)

/agdg/ Demo Day 11/11 Anonymous 11/11/2021 (Thu) 15:12:38 Id: 8387f1 No. 463673
ITS DEMO DAY A seasonal community event in which your fellow anons show off their games and for you anons to give them a try. Feedback is of the utmost importance to us and generally we really don't get all that much, hence why our demo day thread lasts until the next. So anons, get off your asses and give our games a try. Any feedback is good as long as its honest. >I haven't finished my game yet That's why its called Demo day. Your game doesn't have to be finished. Devs, delivery anchor below. Include details about the game, a link, and instructions if needed. Eye-catching screenshots and videos would be nice. And to Cryptoanon out there, you technically make us professionals so keep on keepin on man.
(20.86 KB 512x512 anchor.png)

Delivery Anchor
(5.55 KB 168x118 healer-tank.png)

(3.28 MB 1875x1449 argive-waterfront.jpg)

(17.21 KB 310x400 random-suffixes.png)

(16.05 KB 390x306 copper-pile.png)

(3.08 KB 489x180 craft-1-max.png)

>>463675 Hellas is an MMORPG set in ancient Greece, with permanent player-built structures and a focus on crafting and unlocking tech. Inspired by classic WoW and TerraFirmaCraft. There's currently about 25 levels worth of content, including a dungeon and hundreds of items. New features since last demo day: >Gear drops with random suffixes >Stockpiles for certain items, where you can visually see how many items are there. >A "Craft max" button, allowing you to craft multiples of a recipe with only one click. The Halloween event is also active for another few days. To play: Download the launcher, unzip, run. https://www.playhellas.com/
(305.40 KB 500x278 money_dizzy.gif)

Remember to post your Bitcoin address as part of your submission, to qualify for reward of 15 USD in BTC. You have to post your address in the same post as the demo or using the same ID. I reserve my right to discard anything suspicious.
(83.75 KB 573x430 1636602467219.jpg)

>>463777 >>463768 15M23kfQ9NCTBzh1aY6vhr6XdphUibqxsC A true patron of the arts!
>>463768 Very happy to see you Hellas dev as the consistent anchor of demo days and hope for nodevs everywhere
(26.27 KB 1283x757 Capture.PNG)

(4.53 MB 1280x720 2021-11-11 1.mp4)

(1.61 MB 1920x1080 2021-05-02 10-51-15.mp4)

>>463675 haxingGame Inspired by EYE's hacking minigame, has no relation to hacking other than its name. Download link https://anonfiles.com/zbG8t6U0u5/11-11-21_1742_7z Added only few new things. Sorry for lack of improvement - <Fixed 1 bug from last time where the resolution would default to 1080p upon entering options menu >16 levels in total >6 music tracks now, which may not fit the theme, I just put what I like to listen >Enemy can now use Strengthen action. But its not properly tuned so only 1 level for this. I need more time for tuning it. How to play - Level selection is from New Game, start from level0. You control the 'User' (the left side of screen) while enemies are on the right. Your Attack based on your STR, which deals damage to enemy's Shield and Health. Shield stops a fixed percent of damage, Health once 0 means loss. Your Shield can be increased by Reinforce, which increases by RFS. Spamming Attack repeatedly will slow you down, while turteling behind shield won't help you win. Once time's up, its your loss. You'll unlock two new skills at specific levels. Strengthen halves your shield and increases your attack strength. CounterHeal heals you if you time it just before enemy's attack completes. Keyboard hotkeys are Q,W,A,S in the shape of consecutive buttons on screen. So Q and W for Reinforce and Attack respectively. Please report any bugs encountered, or any feedback/criticism. Apologies for lack of progress and substantial added features, it was my lazyness and just lack of willingnness to continue this. Thank You for playing this. I didn't post in last demo day because I almost gave up on working on this. Life happened, trying to find a job, family issues. So this is just a quick and dirty effort to trying to get back to things I like, as much as I try to push it away.Thank you mark for giving a tangible reward to people here, it might be the only recognition one would get, no matter how small, You're doing God's work. btc - bc1qxg4x95q9udv6jzwujx4c2ktqlexe7w5knjnm6s
>>463916 alternate link since anonfiles is not working now https://files.catbox.moe/nsowel.7z Also I failed to mention, there's cooldown for all actions, so you shouldn't spam same action repeatedly. You'll have to get the feel for the cooldown timer hope the tank game anon posts soon If you played the game can you answer some questions - is there too many levels that are filler? is there difficulty scaling good? is the music fitting? What kind of music would you want more? is the level selection screen filled with too bland and meaningless number? is the combat conveying things accurately? As in info about your side and enemy side? is the hidden cooldown needed to be displayed in UI? is addition of new skills needed? What new skills would you like? is the skills fun to use? is having a timer beneficial? is the UI proper, in menus and elsewhere? is there need for more explanation in gameplay?
(3.31 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(730.17 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.97 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>463675 Everyday Life Edengrall Demo V0.22.0.986 Biggest changes: >NPCs walking and doing things >Talking to npc to get friendship once a day >NPC data screen (press N) >City Map screen (press M) >Furnitures (new tab in building window) >Energy and eating We are looking for mostly opinions on what MUST change before Dec 31 when we will release it on early access. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4rwc1ewnmxgt9bi/Demoday+V0.22.0.986+11-11-2021.zip/file Bitcoin:bc1q8324cvr47u952z675vnvc93skzp4kr309qlt3u
>>463938 Any plans to make the game not look like shit? I have no plans to play a shit game so if not, no worries.
(3.35 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (199).png)

(2.93 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (198).png)

>>463938 It runs on my dual core device but at 15 fps, and loads real slow. What hardware are you guys running on?
(3.91 KB 456x54 ClipboardImage.png)

>>463959 My video card is a laptop Geforce GTX 1070 There is an option in the settings to reduce or outright remove the grass, it's probably what is melting your PC
(2.53 MB 640x360 bushambush.mp4)

(7.47 MB 640x360 2021-11-11 14-22-16.mp4)

(59.53 KB 731x453 idiotdemopic.png)

>>463675 Phortis' Rough Sandpapery Demo RTS developed primarily for mobile devices, but also 100% playable with mouse. Download (includes .exe and .apk) : https://files.catbox.moe/9japii.zip Sorry, game will have jank relating to pathfinding, especially with Melee units facing enemies behind walls. Thank you for your time/patience if you chose to play this. Short Unit Rundown: -Available Units: >Parasite: Fast scouting/support flyer. Fires a virus occasionally that allows allies to heal damage dealt to the affected target. >Tyrant: Durable heavy firepower, Transforms between Mobile mode (grants self healing) and Combat mode (Fires rockets in bursts of 3) >Vile: Area Denial/Static Destruction specialist, attacks leave a trail of damaging acid >Arbalest: Fire support, unit that can swap between sniping modes and emergency combat mode. Attacks mark victims as visible in the fog of war >Fiend: Close Quarters Fighter, capable of sustaining significant amounts of damage and charging at enemies. >Magician: Disruption specialist, uses gas grenades that reduce enemy effectiveness. Capable of cloaking out of enemy sight. Additionally has the highest capture rate of all units >Engineer (Unfinished): Spellcaster, capable of placing mines around the map and portals to quickly traverse distances Available Towers: >Turret: Very durable high damage defensive structure. Missiles knock back victims and deal splash damage. >Hotel: Forgot to remove this stupid fucking thing. Can load units into it and the units will enter stasis and heal up to 150% health. Highly redundant with medical kits. Possibly avoid using. >Money Generator: Passively generates money over time, handy when income somehow reaches zero or negatives Skirmish Rules: -Money lets you build structures (Unit Production or Utility/Defense) -Income is determined by the amount of Territories (cube things) /Forts (Pyramid things) owned. Every unit produced decreases income. Once income goes into negatives, debt is built until more territories are captured or more units are killed. -Debt is reduced over time if built up -Game is won when enemy has no Territories/Forts
(2.67 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (201).png)

(2.71 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (202).png)

(2.48 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (203).png)

>>463990 >>94520 Yes I have disabled the grass, now getting 30 fps. Thanks
>>463777 (checked) Any love for defi stuff like BSC?
(7.04 KB 640x300 roguelike.png)

(241.98 KB 1920x1080 Screenshot_2021-08-05_09-40-41.png)

(327.05 KB 1920x1080 Screenshot_2021-09-08_08-09-52.png)

>>463675 FPRogue First Person Rogue is a remake of 1980's Rogue, the game that spawned all roguelikes. A great effort was employed to keep the mechanics as similar as possible to the original while at the same time embracing a more modern perspective and control scheme. If you havent played Rogue then the goal of the game is to delve into the Dungeons of Doom, retrieve the Amulet of Yendor, and then return back to the surface. Simple as. Along the way you will encounter many strong monsters, harmful traps, dark rooms, labrynthine mazes, and many different types of cryptic items(both helpful and not) to use on your adventure. If you are confused about something or want spoilers a guide for the original should work just as well. Controls IN GAME WASD to move ESC to free mouse and bring up inventory SPACE to attack while wielding an weapon/Descend/ascend stairs to the next level F to Zap with a wand/staff wihile one is equiped M to bring up the map after a Scroll of Mapping is read Q to search around you for traps and secret passages/doors often searching more than once is necessary Shift to speed up the game Left Click to fire equiped weapon if it is a grouped item eg: x20 arrows IN MENU Left click on any item to do the most obvious thing with it Wield a weapon, eat food, etc. Right click on any item to bring up a list of other actions to perform DEBUG PageUp to ascend floor PageDown to descend floor NOTES/TIPS >Armour needs to be removed before another type can be worn >Two rings can be worn at once >Remember that a dead end might actually be a secret passage >If you're going to zap something, point at a monster first or there will be no feedback if anything happened >A potion of healing also cures blindness >A potion of poison also cures hallucinations >Cursed Items cannot be unequipped, they must first be uncursed by certain scrolls DOWNLOAD LINK https://mega.nz/folder/FyIFXKSa#p7bYppGBtQrylMybMOJL6g linux users might have to use chmod +x to mark the file as executable
(73.80 KB 680x777 madotsuki.jpg)

>>463768 >soulbound
No one puts up linux executables any more?
>>463768 By the way do you do any technical posts? Things like packets, UI design, text/token parsing, how item mods work, etc I didn't realize that TFC was a thing, and that also looks like a comfy thing to draw ideas for homesteading from
>>464118 I post in technical discussions, but haven't done any in-depth explanations about how I did stuff. Happy to do that kind of thing if there's interest.
(150.45 KB 592x131 fps.PNG)

(190.97 KB 313x335 gpu.PNG)

(1.71 MB 1624x856 ghost.PNG)

(1.76 MB 1158x1316 water and sky.PNG)

>>463938 Alright so I just sort of ran around for 20 minutes. I'd say before you go alpha it would be a good idea to add clouds to the sky, change your water so it doesn't turn white when you look at it at an angle, and maybe add a background to the world. Also sometimes the stepping sound effect changes for no apparent reason at certain points along the same surface.
>>464026 >A potion of poison also cures hallucinations What was Rogue's logic behind this?
>>464200 Not entirely sure but maybe its so you wouldn't just find poison potions completely useless after you've identified them. But its actually a secret though. Its in the code but its not mentioned anywhere in the games manual.
(301.56 KB 400x300 RunAndLockpickTest.webm)

(738.78 KB 400x300 BigBattlerTest.webm)

>>463675 I can't believe I actually have something for Demo Day. Uncommon Time: Predecessors https://mega.nz/file/iqh1WIJK#7laS-D2Y6wkeb2EnyaPBXT-3aD9o9CNczQ49KrV37Pw Update since last time: Holding Shift now lets the character run. I might actually swap this later to be hold shift to walk, rather than hold shift to run. Joseph now has a lockpicking minigame. So before, I had mentioned how I gave Teagan a small minigame that let her break rocks to be able to open up new areas. I've done the same thing here with Joseph. Like Teagan's minigame, it's not very involved and is generally very quick to complete. Characters now have a Size rating. For a long time I've been meaning to create a system to allow for enemies to take up more than one tile. Well, I've finally sat down and made that system. The story now reaches Polyphony where there are a number of simple side quests that requires the player to explore around the city to complete the objective. Unfortunately, there is nothing past the point of collecting all of the items. From what I can tell, the demo should take around 3-4 hours to complete. If anyone would be kind enough to play, feedback and criticism is always appreciated.
(989.28 KB 1920x1200 peripetiea_f.jpg)

>>463675 Here's a work-in-progress update to the Peripeteia demo. The most blatant bugs and issues found in the steam version should be fixed, but I'm sure new ones will appear, it hasn't been really tested yet. https://mega.nz/file/4k1BxKzJ#nOzYHJgW6cwM_DRpWar7c21Jzdn3tT6aWkdIsawBtLY
>>464296 Fantastic game, anon. I think your aesthetic is top notch. I only completed the first level, but here are my thoughts on it: I really like the fact that you can explore the area and I like all the different NPCs you can talk to to get information on your objective. I must admit, though, I got lost pretty hard and constantly missed the correct way to go. I went down in the tunnels, but missed the tunnel that went into the building. I ended up climbing to the roof and jumping across to the scaffolding via the statue held up by the crane. I must admit, though, I had been up there before and didn't even realize there was a way in from up there. I suggest try to make the correct way a bit more obvious through visual cues. For the tunnels, for example, you might want to do something like having the red light spill out into the tunnel to make the existence of the entrance to the building more obvious. For the ledge that leads in from the roof, maybe have the ledge jut out more, or have it lit with handrails like a balcony. Another thing was that it was pretty difficult to get back to the bar after getting the keycard. I had to grab garbage bags from the apartments and drag them into the alley to climb on top of them to get out. A couple boxes in the area like the on the other side could easily solve this. Some more small suggestions: -For the time counter at the end of a level, have the "Time" field fill at an ever increasing rate. It took me about an hour to get through the first level and waiting for the system to slowly count up 3000 seconds was less than enjoyable. -For the dialogue text, I thought the random characters acting as the space where the characters are placed in looked really good, but something I noticed was you may have the same problem I had, which is, you're loading the dialogue in one character at a time. What this causes is, words at the edge of a line will some times start on a line and then skip to the next line down. Instead of adding to the display string one character at a time, have the entire string in the text box and set all the ones you don't want to be displayed as transparent. Also, I suggest having the random text show spaces. So, if the text to be displayed is "XXX XXX XXX" When you have displayed the second character, the text should read something like "XXu dsf i" where "u dsf i" is the random characters you're using for showing characters are being loaded in. With all that being said, I would like to make mention of the hacking minigame. I thought it was hilarious and amazing when I suddenly realized that the system incentivizes you to just mash keys on your keyboard. 10/10. Best minigame.
(75.97 KB 545x415 UCTR_temp_titleback.png)

(94.87 KB 640x412 UTRT_glissando_redo_again.png)

>>464480 Uncommon Time - Retuned Downloads - REQUIRES RTP TO RUN Game : https://mega.nz/file/cOZAHBKT#kUGZGmbfHcQuxLOKm5F6QT80aYXgYzT_p2bCzAXPrd8 RTP: https://dl.degica.com/rpgmakerweb/run-time-packages/RPGVXAce_RTP.zip Demo-Day 11/11 - Uncommon Time Retuned --Without spoiling too much of what goes on, I've been doing an extensive rewrite of what I got planned for later content- specifically later parts of act 2 and beyond that. ----What I had considered "Secret final act" content will instead be incorporated into the main story, and thus will be now counted as 'act 4 content.' ----Daemons will be playing a far-more pivotal role within later acts, instead of just being confined to mythology. My original draft had them come out of nowhere briefly in act 3 and then act 4 after basically -zero- introduction aside from non-mandatory flavor-texts. --Changed Poetica's fight in Euphony temple. ----Removed the Ice I skill from her movepool. ----increased currency rewards. ----Changed her normal attack to have 30% chance of freeze instead of 40% chance of causing wet. --Did some rebalancing for Glissando Arena ----EXP gains for most battles cut in half. ----Slime Queen Anya and her slimes now have 50% resistance to water instead of immunity. Her physical immunity is now removed. ----The Harmonian Guard Recruits have their HP and ailment resistances buffed, Hopefully now they aren't complete pushovers. ----Straybow the Lucent is now immune to silence, and has his HP buffed. ----Bravura's HP has been buffed. --Polish and bugfixes ----Added a full recovery trigger just after Scherza's boss fight to make it so that your party isn't half-recovered by the time you start Minuet Forest. ----Fixed more fucking broken nametags. I swear, that shit is like trying to clean glitter out of black carpet or something. ----Fixed the post-Rehearsal Day 2 event loop. Bugs - what I know off the top of my head --Many broken winquotes and stuff. --Glissando Arena is still janky as fuck. --The dialogue before and after you fight tacet is filled with broken nametags. --After the sequence where the thaumometer is fixed in Bel Canto. Meirin Disappears and Soprano can be Walked-through. Most of the bugs are old shit that I need to fix someday. I also found an oversight that exists in OG-UT: --Saving and exiting in the room where you meet Aubrey in Euphony Temple causes the characters to reset to their pre-cutscene starting-point. This comically breaks shit.
>>464200 My guess about the lore reason is that it's something like: taking poison makes you vomit, so you vomit up whatever is causing you to hallucinate when you take poison. It's physiologically nonsensical but has the veneer of plausibility, which is probably good enough for a roguelike. Alternately, one could suggest that the poison that appears everywhere in the game is a cure for the hallucinogenic effect but also happens to be toxic, and since the latter effect is more prominent it's named after that one. But the dev's actual reason was probably what >>464209 suggested, since Rogue predated Nethack.
>>464296 Running through all of those corridors gave me a headache. I want to fuck the weird girl outside of my apartment. I don't get to pick any starting weapons for the next mission and am not told why, but the saber is cool. I also think that some less sarcastic options in dialogue would be nice and I'll finish this second mission when my headache subsides. >peripetiea_f If only the ingame model looked so cute.
(426.79 KB 800x450 asserting dominance.png)

>>464182 The sound issue is on the bug backlog, but the skybox and the water are very low priority, we gotta fix a ton of shit.
>>464527 Well in the originals code potions of hallucination are listed as LSD if that gives you any hints as to what the poison is.
>>463938 >>464182 New version with water "improved" and a fixed a major brainlet divide by zero bug that happened once you pressed ESC that absolutely broke the game without crashing. >>464731 Turns out it was fast so I did it anyways Demo V0.22.1.989 Features: Enabled clouds (was turned off because I wanted to integrate with a weather system that still does not exist) Improved water and added to the graphics configuration Bugfixes: Fixed a divide by zero error that broke the game if you ever pressed ESC Known Issues: Translations missing Link:https://www.mediafire.com/file/a0v71037n4ar0e3/Demoday+V0.22.1.989+11-11-2021.zip/file
>>464962 Thanks dude
(8.26 KB 142x99 happy.png)

>>464962 Thanks, it helps hosting the devblog
(2.91 MB 1920x1080 ehh.jpeg)

>>463938 It's my first time trying your game. I didn't know what to do and I'm not reading any guides to find out. I tried talking to the cute girls, but couldn't select hello. The waters colour is too similar to the glass and buildings. The girls are cute and I want to fuck them. The tools in first person aren't looking great.
>>464296 Is there a linux build?
>>465313 Disregard this, it runs on Proton smoothly.
(7.89 KB 706x19 ClipboardImage.png)

>>464962 Maybe I don't understand what I'm looking at but that's a lot more than $15

(1.75 MB 1411x824 sitting.PNG)

(925.16 KB 751x695 noboobsalljiggle.PNG)

(2.32 MB 1740x1159 ladies.PNG)

>>464801 Alright I ran around for another 20 minutes. I like the clouds, I think they make the sky look much better. But one of the first things I noticed is I think the background music is emitted from the center of town. Is that right? Because its kind of weird when I turn my character and then the music comes out of only my right headphone. Also you should check your boob jiggle amount on some of the girls that don't have much for boobage. I think marie and bianca have quite a bit of jiggle for their size. And another thing I think you should add before alpha, although you might not want to hear this, is locked doors blocking any empty or barren rooms. At least it will save any new players from running around for an hour when they start up your game just to find that there isn't all that much to find in 90 percent of the rooms. I can tell you have plans for some of them but maybe just keep them locked until you have the mechanics for those rooms ready to go. Or at least block the rooms until you decorate/furnish them. Also I think fast travel would also be a good idea.
(2.64 MB 540x540 cybertunnel.gif)

>>463933 So I see I can't change my resolution to above what I have monitor currently set to. Is that a unity thing? I've played other games that let me do that. But anyway to answer your questions. >is there too many levels that are filler? Maybe. I got to level 8 before I quit. >is there difficulty scaling good? Goliath I think is a decent jump. is the music fitting? What kind of music would you want more? Honestly I like the default track the best. But I think some music with a bit more energy would be good. Something that sounds like Overdrive by Betamaxx would probably be good. is the level selection screen filled with too bland and meaningless number? Its a level select screen. Can't really expect much. is the combat conveying things accurately? As in info about your side and enemy side? Yeah I pretty much figured it out. Didn't read all of your first post so I didn't realize for a little while that strengthen reduced by shield though. is the hidden cooldown needed to be displayed in UI? Though would probably be a good idea. is addition of new skills needed? What new skills would you like? I didn't even beat all the levels but lets say there was a level with multiple opponents, maybe a skill that allowed you to "hack" an opponent to take control of one to hack another would be cool? Or maybe the reverse where you have a botnet skill that gets you allies or something. is the skills fun to use? Its EYEs hacking. I thought it was ok there and its ok here. is having a timer beneficial? I lost more times to the timer than to the enemy so no. is the UI proper, in menus and elsewhere? Seems fine. You should probably label your volume sliders though. is there need for more explanation in gameplay? Other than what you have written in your first post, probably not. Having said all that I would also appreciate a cybertunnel making an appearance somewhere in the game. And also just as an aside and not to discourage you from finishing this game but I always wondered what it would be like if someone took the hacking from cyberpunk 2020 and turned that into a game. Maybe something like that could be your sequel?
(6.26 MB 1280x750 2021-11-12 12-09-51.mp4)

>>465496 Level 8 seems to be very hard and filtered an other anon as well. I did intentionally made the game hard, to get people to try hard, making the timer short. lvl 8 will be made easier as counterheal skill gets unlocked after him. Timer is too short I think, so I will increase it so you'd focus more on enemy rather than timer. Losing more to timer than enemy isn't my desire here. I will also add cooldown visble (somehow) in ui, as well as few taken from zchan. Thank You for giving detailed info about everything, I realize now after shitposting for years how much effort it goes into typing such long posts
>>465422 That's the value of the whole transaction. By default, Bitcoin stores the remaining amount from original address to new address.
>>464801 New version: Demo V0.22.2.1002 Features: YOU ARE HERE icon on the map Bugfixes: Breasts bounce nerfed Fixed multiple animations Fixed scythes and other tools breaking on consecultive loads Changes: Reduced fps counter size by half Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6fccvz7irmll8wx/Demoday+V0.22.2.1004+11-11-2021.zip/file
(5.56 MB 1920x1080 2021-11-14 15-51-26.mp4)

>>465496 >>463933 https://anonfiles.com/DecfV4Udu4/14-11-21_1545_7z New build >Lowered the difficulty and increased timer >Fights wont start unless you start an action >Removed some levels that I thought was filler, so only 16 levels now >Cooldown for each action is now visible, let the action fully cooldown before using it again for fastest attack >Press 6 on level selection screen to unlock all levels for debugging purpose Play again and see if the fixes are improving the game or if something else needs to be added. Also how do I make graphics appear on background?
(1.10 MB 1195x665 ClipboardImage.png)

>>465849 Demo V0.22.3.1010 Features: Shops actually working The map shows an icon over the npc head if it is currently working as a shop Reworked the YOU ARE HERE map marker callout Bugfixes: Fixed multiple animations, this time for real and tested Known Issues: Could not add (...) please fix messages on start up Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1533im7ay69x1xw/Demoday+V0.22.3.1010+11-11-2021.zip/file
(69.44 KB 1024x640 hax.jpg)

>>466454 Before I read >>463916 I was going to say this is literally just EYE's hacking mechanic.
(326.23 KB 1920x1080 20211116102147_1.jpg)

>>464296 >can't smoke the cigablunt or the hookas Terrible. >orthodox priest without a beard Impossible. So if you tab out while overlapping items they can bug out or stack on top of each other. Anyway I ran around a lot longer than I needed to because for some reason when I was talking to the barman I read keycard as keyboard so when I actually found it I still though I was looking for something else. Anyway though when I got back to the barman I couldn't hand it to him because I had thrown a bottle at his head when I started the mission so I hopped over the bar and he blasted me with his shotgun. Overall decent I think but maybe the level is a bit too big? I like EYEs since they were a bit more dense but EYE also lacked the platforming this game has. So maybe not.
(21.95 KB 671x578 error.PNG)

>>464003 Getting some errors here bud.
Is there a easy to use BSP based map editor that can handle continent sized maps? The reason I need such large scale is for reference purpose, I was thinking of Cube 2 Sauerbraten which has fairly a acceptable map editing tool but I am not sure how large the maps can be in that game.
>>468388 Which continent?
(484.87 KB 1500x1300 File_island_dw.jpg)

(180.14 KB 1032x774 index.jpeg)

>>468394 I'm trying to imitate more or less various digimon maps but so far I'm getting mixed result and the maps shown in search result are often in ants resolution or have good resolution and are not in top down view which makes it hard to map it out in sectors or figuring out scales, so I hope when I do it with a BSP map editor it would be easier or something. inb4 muh jewright lolyer.
>>468399 Maps from the show or the games?
(6.28 MB 1920x1080 dragon.mp4)

Bit of progress. Getting dragons ready. They are special since they are the only monster that can flame you.
>>468497 hmm I'm not quite sure, I guess I'll take the game variant. I'm a bit unsure because as I have said before for some reason its a bit hard to find proper map view of how the island are supposed to look like.
>>468537 Well I doubt you're going to find maps of the show since they probably made up the landscape of the areas as they went along. And I really doubt you'll find anything to scale. You could probably find maps from the games just by looking up guides/manuals/official artwork for them though.
>>468538 Ah so the show variant is not quite clear? Then I'll try to scavenge infos from all the released games then. I have found that somebody made a minecraft map of File Island https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/digimon-adventure-file-island-season-1/ though it looks like that damn website wants me to make a account to fucking download it which I haven't done yet. I tried also using one of the voxel programs called Avoryd or something and it had a fucked up camera control under Wine.
(25.50 KB 640x480 1-08_File_Island.webp)

>>468544 Well I assumed you would have better luck finding something to scale with the games rather than the show since pic related is how it looks in the show. Not exactly realistic by any margin, though I may have to go back on my statement about having better luck with the games because those maps aren't much better. The games were never open world sort of games so they never really had to bother with scale for maps. So that minecraft map might actually be your best bet for finding something that gives you a good idea of the size of the island. But if whatever you're doing has to do with detail don't forget the landscape of the island in the show had a sort of comfy post apocalyptic vibe with random strung power lines and fallen road signs and odd bits of technology lying around and such.
(248.08 KB 640x394 GDI MTank.png)

>>468559 >Well I assumed you would have better luck finding something to scale with the games rather than the show since pic related is how it looks in the show. Not exactly realistic by any margin, Yeah I have watched all of Digimon Adventure and the picture you uploaded was the only available view of this island. >The games were never open world sort of games so they never really had to bother with scale for maps. So that minecraft map might actually be your best bet for finding something that gives you a good idea of the size of the island. Heh that's funny that a minecraft autist somehow managed to map the areas out, alright looks like I need to find a way to download that map and using one of those Voxel editor program so that I can view it. But for now I'll try to eye ball a sector so that I have something for the Dimensional Gate to test out with. >But if whatever you're doing has to do with detail don't forget the landscape of the island in the show had a sort of comfy post apocalyptic vibe with random strung power lines and fallen road signs and odd bits of technology lying around and such. Yeah I remember also parts there where rows of telephone booths in a beach and a pyramid that is upside down as well a old rome styled coliseum.
>>468534 >Like 20 damage a hit Jesus Also, remind me what you're making this in again? Is it Unity?
>>468363 Sorry bud, that's a bit of a Game Maker/DirectX issue. Best solution I could offer is check on your DirectX drivers. If that fails, shit's fucked and I may have find another solution for color palettes/shaders.
>>469468 Yeah dragon breath is the same as a bolt from a wand of fire so 6d6 damage. In the original you weren't really supposed to fight dragons, either use wands or run from them. Also I'm using Godot for it. Decent engine.
>>468363 Maybe you need this: microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109 It solved that shader compile error when I tried to play ZeroRanger.
(23.04 MB 1920x1080 2021-11-18 13-28-53.mp4)

(63.04 KB 899x544 GDI Renegade Mammoth Tank.webp)

I got a partial working Hub system now, what's missing is that I don't have any means to save the current map state and loading them back in when the player visits the previous map again but otherwise it is possible now to seamlessly traveling to different maps with the Dimension Gate, soon a regular map spot system derived from it will be made too. Also I have managed to fix the damn mount system (I think) which plagued me for several days so that only one mount per weapon slot can be used, I changed also some of the keybinds and both weapon slot have keys for switching the ammo type. I also got rid of the tertiary weapon slot which would be too much and instead I am planning to add a OpenMW styled hotkey system with some more features bolted in. What fucking worry me though that the second map lags like a motherfucker both ingame and in editor and I have no idea what the hell I did wrong, I mean Factorio is a 2D game too with much more stuff going on and it runs fine, given its heavily optimized and its C++ but still I didn't excepted a fairly large map would cause issue already, god damn it.
(518.05 KB 1600x860 ClipboardImage.png)

something for a C&C ZeroHour mod am working on https://www.moddb.com/members/sibilantscream/videos/
>>470245 >NVTrumpetF Is it a anti infantry vehicle?
>>471147 no, it's meant to be anti building artillery. The name trumpet is meant for it to make a signature sound when firing.
(16.51 MB 1920x1080 2021-11-19 13-17-14.mp4)

>>471191 Ah okay, I thought that because I assumed it is using sound waves as a weapon. I managed to change the firing behavior system of the tank now, fast firing weapons have no delay and switches its position so for now a tank with double coax mount has no advance over a tank model with single coax mount, however a tank with double side mount or double front mount have increased firing rate. If you ever used the mammoth tank from C&C Renegade then it pretty much behaves like that. I find it surprising with my dumb weapon script coding it doesn't causes lag when I accidentally turned the weapons into a spam gun, infact the particles were more resource intensives then the projectiles/weapon code which is weird.
(2.13 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Demo V0.22.6.1045 Features: Added Bug Report Added low food/energy feedback Bugfixes: Might actually have finally fixed the NPC teleportation bug Slightly improved pathfinding. Link:https://www.mediafire.com/file/7tpmsjj71x4q58c/Demoday+V0.22.6.1045+11-11-2021.zip/file
(33.70 KB 308x308 Explorer.png)

Been playing Phantom Path by one of the /agdg/ devs here, extremely comfy. Good luck on your projects devanons Never give up t.anon
(9.82 MB 1920x1080 2021-11-22 02-39-48.mp4)

I got a janky badger bomber working now, I need to figure out somehow a better method how the bombs are dropped but that also requires improvements to the movement code which is quite ugly.
Anyone here is good at math? This is the formula for my items price supply/demand multiplier: 2000/(x+1000) where X is how much of an item the NPC currently has. How do I calculate how many of said item I can buy with current money Y? How do I calculate how much does it cost to buy Z items?
I'll have something here soon.
>>475242 So you want to have a supply/demand system where the NPC has X no. of said items, and as the no. of items decreases, the price increases and vice versa? Well I first thought of what's the max price the item can have, it shouldn't go above that, then subsequently the lowest price. I made a graph similar to it and the price should go like a downward slope, then flatten out. The equation for such a is y=c-m*x, where m is slope and c is the constant gap. Is this what you're looking for
(10.92 KB 720x564 Frame 9.png)

>>475269 like pic related
>>475269 >>475271 I already have the formula for the price of the item once the NPC has X no. of items (and it's not linear) What I need are: How do I calculate how many of said item I can buy with current money Y? How do I calculate how much does it cost to buy Z items?
>>475277 Bruh its Y/price of item Z * price of item I hope im misunderstanding your question because this is fourth grade stuff.
>>475294 >I hope im misunderstanding your question because this is fourth grade stuff. You are. The price of an item changes based on how many the npc have. If I buy 100, the price is not "current price * 100". It's somewhere near ((current price) + (price if npc had 100 less of item)) / 2. The above formula would work for linear price changes, but it's not linear so that one don't work.
In the end I just brute forced it. even a 1000 step price calc only takes 0.01 ms to compute.
>>475297 I'm still not getting this, but basically you've NPC that changes its price of item inversely proportional to no. of item he has, non-linearly. So buying 1 of an item would cost $1, but buying 10 of them would not cost $10, it would cost less than $10, because it slopes logarithmically. Right?
>>475308 Good, I guess if it works, it works
>>475242 Wouldn't you just plug 2/(x+1) raising x by 0.001 per item saves some typing into an array, add value to previous array value, then compare array outputs with current cash? I can not code.
(2.51 MB 666x378 2021-11-23 14-33-21.webm)

>>475313 I need the sum, not the individual number. A video is worth 1.8 million words per minute
>>475318 1 carrot=0.55, 100 carrot =57.56 but shouldn't it be cheaper cuz of bulk discount? Why even bother with 2.56 more for 100?
>>475271 >>475277 The total cost is the integral of your equation between the limits of the number of things your merchant will have in stock before and after the transaction, which corresponds to the area under the curve if you plot it out. If you have the equation to calculate price in terms of x (number of the item they have) then you determine the integral and get the difference between the limits. I haven't done calculus in year and don't know what your equation is so you'll have to figure out that part on your own.
>>475387 I think he would only need to pull out calculus if the rate of change differed over time.
>>474021 I think the bombs should inherit the plane's velocity somewhat
>>475344 The less in the NPC inventory the more expensive. This is not bulk discount calculation, this is supply/demand. I don't remember which AAA game released recently where it featured a infinite money glitch by buying all npc stock and instantly selling again because it did not do per-item-price calculation and simply updated the supply demand prices after the transaction. >>475387 >>475398 The formula is 2000/(stock+1000). I just solved it by brute force.
>>475387 >>475242 This is almost the right answer, but because you're dealing with discrete items you can't just use the integral otherwise you'll be accounting for the prices of non-integer items. The correct answer is to use a right Riemann sum with a delta 1 between the start and end item counts which is conceptually the same as brute forcing it as he did it here >>475308. That's not to say you can't use calculus to solve some of it. Because 2000/(x+1000) is monotonically decreasing the integral (2000 * ln(x + 1000)) will always be slightly larger than the right Riemann sum, so the absolute maximum amount of money Z items will cost will be (2000 * ln(x + 1)) - (2000 * ln(x - z + 1)). The practicality of integration here, though, is zero (you'll need to compute the Riemann sum eventually).
>>475500 By doing the calculation the way that you seem to want to do it, I think that you're implying that the NPC is going to be doing that math to know what to charge the customer. Are you sure that you want to give the player that impression? Is it really important to accurately bump the price as the NPC's stock goes down? Is that how an NPC in your world would behave if she wasn't the product of a computer?
>>475870 Honestly I'm not sure having stock be more expensive depending on availability adding much to the game. Have price vary dependent on random events (like recettear) or other factors like location, season etc... are far more engaging than if I sold the vendor 1000 potatoes or something.
>>475500 wait... so if you purchase 100 at a time, you still get charged as if you were paying for 1 a hundred times. Is the NPC is calculating - price of 1 when there's 100 left + price of 1 when there's 99 left + price of 1 when there's 98 left . . . price of 1 when there's 1 left For purchasing 100?
What would you anons define as a measure of competency you should have as a programmer before jumping into gamedev? At the moment I'm stuck spiraling between finding a programming book/tutorial to stick to and the urge to just jump into an engine under the assumption that "I have reasonable experience as a beginner coder and anything I need to learn I have the knowledge and the tools to do so on the go".
(33.99 KB 629x632 stares in spanish.jpg)

>>476055 if you can put a loop, put functions and pass parameters, put fuckload amount of time googling for simplest of fixes, fight the frustration of every single part of game seemingly go into mutiny with every line of code, then you are okay. I think many nodevs and even yesdevs can agree coding is not the hardest part, its the bullshit associated with it thats hard. Moreover functional and good readable code, with reusable blocks, "clean" code with future scalability, thats more important in making progress in your project, you know the actual "programming" part, not the "coding" part
>>475906 yes as dumb as it sounds, it works flawlessly at very minimal effort and is incredibly fast
>>476169 it does works well but why implement such a feature which has so minimal in impact? I understand having higher price when low items are present, but there should be more charges to it. And this mechanic is implemented so that player gets the importance of supplydemand, but doesn't really affect that much. I feel this mechanic can be implemented later, when the market mechanics are filled first, for now its feel like a feature creep. And don't be afraid to share these, they are not dumb failures, but learning lessons I will post too
>>476727 Because that way you can't buy the entire game with 1000000 turnips like every other harvest moon game, or whatever their best time/money item is
>>476732 Honestly that seems like a not great reason to implement such a system. Surely there are better ways to incentivize the player to grow a variety of crops to maximize profit, for instance quests, random events etc.. Overall the system you've implemented just sounds like a nuisance more than anything.
>>476754 I've always hated the artificial game economy where npcs buy everything, have infinite stock and infinite money and basically only exist to serve you. I plan on making my npcs at least pretend it's not all about you.
(7.12 MB 1280x720 2021-11-25 19-12-35.mp4)

I have added counterheal to be used by AI, it works 50% of the time and greatly improves fights. Now I found out you can strengthen yourself so much you can one shot others. So now I have to decrease its effectiveness somehow
>>476858 That's what Skyrim does and it only serves to make you constantly over encumbered.
>>477693 Easy: Make AI smart enough to attack during strength attempts like how i interrupt my actions to counterheal
>>477729 That would help if attacking somehow decrease enemy's strength. Eye had a separate action called mask which decreases enemies strength. I could implement it but then you can target enemy's strength to such a degree he can't do anything without increasing his strength first, which you can easily negate again. Need something cool and engaging for this
(189.03 KB 1044x861 meaculpa.PNG)

>>477765 Implementing this to AI was harder than I thought. First I tried to figure out that it needs to occur at precise moment before the enemy attacks are complete. I have set that if the filling bar has less than 0.5 secs left to fill, it can be countered. So I put in that whenever there's enemy attacking, and there's 0.5 secs left to fill it, it would counterheal. But I forgot to factor in your own time taken to deploy counterheal. So I put if (attack deploy time) - (counterheal deploytime) < 0.5 secs, it will activate it. It worked flawlessly everytime. The problem was my AI immediately acts the next action after it completes one. So as soon as it completes an action, it checks for above once, and if conditions are met, it goes through. Otherwise it chooses another action. So I myself had to time my attacks right so the AI would pick up to counterheal. So a method was needed where it could "wait" for enemy to attack
>mfw I couldn't update any of my games on time What a terrible birthday. Next time for sure.
So having too many materials for a single 3D character is supposed to be bad for performance, but in Skyrim and games where you have visible equips, I'm guess you'd have to have separate materials for each equipment slot meaning at least 5 materials/draw calls per character (probably more for stuff like hair, skin and maybe eyes). But this is supposed to be terrible for performance, yet Skyrim is filled with NPC's that have all the same equipment slots since you can take them off their corpse, but it runs reasonably well. How do I implement equipable armors in my game? Is high material count only a performance problem on Godot?
>>478362 Happy birthday anon
>>475476 tbh I dunno how to do that, all I did was changing the sprite position and making it explode based on that. If anything I need to add a method for the player to change plane arrival angle so that he can line up the bombs. I find it nerving there isn't a fucking generic enemy AI addon for Godot and I can't use the code from my previous game which relies on collisions placed from the Tiled map editor. I still need to fiddle around with the tilesets of which one I am going to keep and which one I am going to discard.
>>478400 High draw call counts is usually a phone issue, or used to be one. Games like Mount&Blade 2 probably skin the meshes on the GPU and send that as a parameter for Instanced Mesh Rendering. It's more or less like my plants do, but in my case all the animation data is packed into a texture, and said texture is read on the GPU where the skinning happens on the vertex shader, so I can draw 1000+ of them in a single draw call at different animation steps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP0KZj7QehY I used to have a top view video of 22000 (or maybe was just 1000?) plants being rendered at 45~ fps, I think. I wish I could remember the numbers Each plant type is still it's own draw call though, since they use different materials, but theatrically I could ensure they all have the same mesh size, put them all into a giant atlas and use the same material for literally all plants, so I could draw all of them in a single draw call. TLDR: Neat GPU tricks can be used to mass draw many skinned meshes in a single draw call.
(335.07 KB 668x370 2021-11-27 12-40-54.webm)

Next demo should be out in December 1, on steam as well. For now, I got some progress on the introduction scene, so people know what the fucking is happening instead of spawning in the middle of the town plaza. Text skipping is also available (press the 'go to next text dialogue' before the current one finished scrolling, nothing revolutionary), as shown in the video where it suddenly skips a ton of text. Although currently silent, the game has a callback for each "syllable" spoken, so we can play a bleep for each vowel and character, giving them a "voice". We need to get some good bleep sound effects for that though, not sure where to find.
>>478731 you can use one from ys origin, it uses the per syllable beep sound in dialogues. Spoilers for ys origin
>>478747 >you can use one from ys origin No I can't, those are likely to be copyrighted and I don't no trouble, not even taking chances.
>>478751 most jap games don't push copyright on music and audio, that's why so many videos can use nintendo music on youtube. Besides you can pitch shift to just make it an original
>>478669 Godot and Unreal support instanced meshes. I'm guessing you roll your own engine though. But I don't think I can use it for non-static meshes. I guess I just have to use Unreal or wait for Godot 4 where draw calls supposedly won't hit performance as hard. I'm not sure what you mean by skinned meshes. Is that like different meshes weight painted for the same skeleton or just different textures?
>>478837 I am using Unity. Skinned Meshes are meshes that have bones (characters) as opposed to those who do not (like terrain or furniture)
(133.64 KB 1622x694 liminal_regions.png)

>>464484 '''Progress report - Uncommon Time Retuned --Buffed Teagan's Charge Skill ----Increases attack by 200% instead of 150% ----Lasts for up to up to five turns instead of one. ----Skills will use up the charge, normal attacks will not. ----Brace and strengthen will not remove charge. Treatment will because it is dependent on ATK for it's healing. --Worked on the Vision-Question Portion of Act 2 ----New map - Liminal Region : a huge vision-quest map for random transitions from different parts of the characters' minds. --Other changes ----Marybelle's skill Guardian Spirit (Temporary death immunity) now has guaranteed three turns instead of randomly 1 or 3 turns. ----Worked on a major-spoiler boss related to act 4 content.
(13.57 MB 1920x1080 2021-11-27 23-16-15.mp4)

Some minor progress after I was away for a short while, I added a crude ability menu selector so that the player can in the future slot in different ability types in the ability hotkey bar. Then I also added a simple iron curtain ability which will be later expanded into 3 power levels which each gives greater resistance to high damage attacks depending on the enemy damage attacks, which means weaker iron curtain can be bypassed by certain attacks. The charge timer is improved somewhat but it is also still crude. Sorry if I didn't added a drag and drop method instead but right now I don't know how to do it, it was already annoying changing the 2 scripts because of the ability menu scene. Right now the effect of iron curtain is not effective yet because there is nothing that can damage and/or target the player yet.
>>478512 Thanks anon!
>>478666 I think all you'd need to do is initialize the bombs' velocity to the planes velocity and accelerate it by gravity while decelerating the horizontal movement. Then you'd need some constant distance to ground to check against to figure out when it'd explode.
(24.39 KB 458x458 Rare krystal smut.webp)

>>479689 Okay I noted it, though I am going to manipulate the sprite position for that and not its root node because then I can still use the root node position for its detonation point I think. Also I have to delay my implementation of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. like shop system because I have no idea how the inventory addon wants me to manipulate the mouse to do custom drag & drop operation because by default it doesn't provide any means to lock the item to which inventory node it can be dropped into, which sucks and yes I have opened a MacroshaftHub issue for this already so I need to wait for his response. It sucks because I want to be able to sell and buy shit already. Which makes me wonder I need to think about the economy of my game too as in where the main resource comes from, maybe krystal minerals that sounds shiny too me.
(3.34 MB 1920x1080 guide 2.png)

One month for the Early Access release... We are thinking of making the release and the free demo being the same build (making it clear in the store page) until the game is stable and we add make a big patch, I think letting people try the full game for free instead of having waves of refunds is better in the long run, once the game is stable and we start adding more features the demo will stay one large update behind every time we release an update. What do you guys think about this idea?
>>480373 >What do you guys think about this idea That's not a bad idea.
>>480373 I think it's a question of what you value more; the shekels of people who bought the game, didn't like it, and didn't bother refunding, or the possible word of mouth advertising that comes with players who picked up the demo on a whim talking about the game.
>>480387 As long as we make enough to keep developing and pay the bills we are good. If we could make a lot of money and I would like to hire other devs to make all the other dozen or so games I wanna make though, I want to make a TCG, a racing game, a roguelite, and other 7 or so games, my brother wants to make something like Wurm, but more autistic, we do have dreams, this farm sim will take over 10 years to finish and we can't start a new project until this is done.
(58.70 KB 540x540 You can't mask your pain.jpg)

>>480373 >>480396 I understand that you want to put the game out after working on it for so long. But most games get (largest) attention only on release, so you have one shot on convincing people to buy your game. Even if you put the "full" version 4free and let only those who want to pay for it, if the game will be in bad shape for any reason, it could still damage your reputation right at the start. I do not envy you. But what you suggest is probably only reasonable approach if you can't afford another couple of months to make current build more presentable, and finish (to a degree) all the basic features. >a racing game Well, you already have enough characters to slap together Edengrall Kart
>>480697 Already delayed by a full year, can't get more time. The racing game would be more vehicular combat vigilant 8 style on a different setting btw
>>480373 I'd recommend contacting people who have done early access indie games successfully rather than asking a bunch of nodevs on /v/. You might not get an answer from everyone you cold contact like that but it's worth a shot and certainly couldn't do any harm. Having a reasonably sized demo to show how far you've come with the game already will probably make them more amenable to talk to you. /agdg/ is certainly better than some other places you could be looking for feedback, but I don't think anyone here has a lot of experience with marketing strategies for this kind of situation. If you want to do long-term development to build up a huge game like Rimworld or Terraria you should look at how those games were marketed initially.
>>480748 this is the most reasonable advice here
Instead of working on my game, I was theorycrafting: >Programming socks actually work because they constrict the blood flow in your legs, thus making more blood available for brain activity and CNS functions
(354.52 KB 1024x768 02-12-21-1638407352_scrot.png)

(436.67 KB 1208x1208 1535447172463.jpg)

soon getting soon
(24.58 MB 1920x1080 2021-12-02 16-46-10.mp4)

(680.63 KB 1000x601 Titan_model_AW.png)

>>482619 The shop system is almost done, I still need to do a minor refactor so that it takes account for the "Bit" currency which is going to have slightly different behavior, mainly that the player needs a item that holds this currency. Also I worked on the weapons stuff a bit and I ripped off assets from some doom mods that have good sound effects since the one from C&C doesn't really sound that good. Now it shouldn't take too long till I add a source for loot. I don't know exactly yet how I am going to do the whole shop stuff and the economy behind it yet, since in my game there will be 2 dimensions there will be also 2 currencies, the Earth dimension uses "Tarydium" (actually unrealistic but muh shiny minerals) and the other dimension uses the "Bit" currency. The army base the players starts on will act as a central hub for the player to sell his loot, buying new equipment and chassis swapping. I already like it how my game is progressing so far, it almost feels like playing a top down stalker game with Hexen styled hub maps, with the main difference the player drives a tank. I find it surprising how getting shit done is much easier with Godot then with GZDoom.
>>483058 It is all your damn fault! If you damn Jackasses haven't infiltrated our Computer system and put our research project into jeopardy then we didn't have to attack your position, but you did it and now we will do a large scale preventive assault strike so that you don't gain foothold on our territory ever again!
>>482903 Can you run them over?
(10.99 MB 640x360 Airhead.webm)

>>483134 I haven't implemented crushing/ramming mechanic yet, it has been sugged to me before.
Any (((copyright laws))) against using AI generated portraits for characters in a game? Eg, do I have to include a license that says they were generated from a website, or can I run them through my own filters to create derivative works and be done with it?
>>483339 >Any (((copyright laws))) against using AI generated portraits for characters in a game? >they were generated from a website Yes, the website most likely uses a database of copyrighted images to generate those portraits, check the licensing terms to see if they are usable.
>>483339 Advice for an American: don't. As far as I know, it hasn't been tested in court, so enjoy your trip through lawsuit hell.
(443.46 KB 512x512 asdf.png)

>>483400 >>483453 Luckily, I'm in Canada (which is arguably worse, from a social standpoint) For example, Artflow says they "require attribution" and it's available to use for free or commercial projects. I feel like dropping a "character portraits provided by" in the readme or credits would suffice. Need one for fantasy races, though, or ideally set up a generator myself
(23.88 MB 1920x1080 2021-12-03 15-18-34.mp4)

(2.42 MB 3840x2400 M1A2 Abrams.jpg)

>>483134 Ok I added a barebones crushing mechanic, later I will expand this behavior more so that there is a velocity related damage + vehicle weight. Though it makes me wonder with this mechanic in place how do I prevent the player from accidentally crushing neutral NPCs/units? I have in mind that those units can in this case be only damaged by actions that the player more or less intended on doing it such as discharging weapons, so crushing/ramming might be the only one which has this damage exception. Also with the shop system in place I think its now time to implement the vehicle swapping feature so that I can finally drive the M1 Abrams and AMX-30 tanks, I found a nice russian site which has a tons of tank models I can download compared to models resources which has barely any tanks if they can be even called as such.
>>483058 Well then sugg me a different monster type that I should add.
>>483715 Please add an outline around your mobs or something, it's impossible to see
>>484292 Yes, they blend with the background too easily
(15.44 MB 1920x1080 2021-12-04 14-46-49.mp4)

>>484292 >>484356 I will see what I can do when I am going to work on the monsters, to make it easily identifiable. On other subject I got a basic vehicle swapper functioning now so its now possible to switch back between the M1 Abrams and Mammoth Tank, the current tank types are subject to change still I would like to keep a similar styled tank to those that I have. It was a bit a pain in the ass fiddling around with the nodes because I did a partial swap not a complete for loop swap. Also for fuck sake I spend over 1 hour unfucking the slav nigger ripped M1 Abrams model and it had couple of issues, the first issue that the model got duplicated so I had to manually remove all of that pieces to prevent Z-Fighting during rendering and the second part is that somehow the darker paint is rendered much more intense and I have no idea how to fix it.
(3.19 MB 1920x1080 ss1.png)

>>483715 Good, good, how are you handling accelerations? >>485101 Ill have to check that later, i like comfy farming simulators.
>>485155 (checked) I defined a motion Vector2 with this formula (motion -= transform.y * acceleration) so the Vector progressively adds up to certain number and it stays that way, when the vehicle stands still the motion variable slowly decreases with multiplication, I found this effect by chance so I kept it that way. Here it is in code: python """ Vehicle move """ if (Input.is_action_pressed("move_up")): motion -= transform.y * acceleration Move_Rotate(false) emit_signal("Vehicle_Moving") Spawn_Exhaust() elif (Input.is_action_pressed("move_down")): motion += transform.y * acceleration emit_signal("Vehicle_Moving") Move_Rotate(true) Spawn_Exhaust() elif (Input.is_action_pressed("move_left") || \ Input.is_action_pressed("move_right")): Move_Rotate() if (!Input.is_action_pressed("move_up") || \ !Input.is_action_pressed("move_down") || \ !Input.is_action_pressed("move_left") || \ !Input.is_action_pressed("move_right")): motion *= 0.966 pass # if (motion.length() < 0.001): # pass emit_signal("Current_Velocity", motion.length()) move_and_slide(motion)
(110.53 KB 958x542 newgame.PNG)

I have added a blur and bloom layer to make it look more gamey and indie. Looks too old now. I am really stuck at how to progress further in this project. The core gameplay part is there, but I can't even bring to play it myself, there's no fun in this, no game in here. The goal is to win because? New actions skills are fun but getting difficult to justify having them in, why have a strengthen skill when countering can render enemies attack useless? And how to properly get the action skills in what order? I thought about making points add up based on how much damage you take and time left but it adds no fun. I could have players choose which skills to buy after every 5 levels, like a level up, but some skills are compulsory to win against certain enemies. And then there's problem of actually selling it, if its worth selling. At this point its like a flash game with no content. Without a plot or a hook. Any ideas to get further from here?
>>487850 I dont really know what to tell you anon. If even you dont think the game is fun and you dont know how to procede maybe you should shelf it for now and work on something else. Do you have any other game ideas?
>>487850 Does any lone game developer ever have fun playing his own game, considering that he knows it inside and out? The standard should probably be if other people find it fun, not you. And if the problem is that there's no plot, then add a plot or something to drive the average player forward. A game generally needs either escalating challenge or to satisfy the desire to explore (find new mechanics, advance the plot, explore a world, etc.) to be more than just a bare collection of mechanics that might or might not be fun on its own. If it's money you want, you need either depth or glitz--you can sell a mechanically simple game for a buck, or have a bunch of flashing lights and a mechanically simple game and sell it for two bucks. Probably at this point you need some feedback on the actual game from average players, and preferably a bunch of them.
>>487850 Since what you're making was originally a minigame in eye maybe it can be a minigame in a bigger game you make.
>>485101 I downloaded the demo, but it was too much for my 8GB linux toaster to handle. I'm sorry anon.

(690.57 KB 1587x3000 2.png)

(1006.67 KB 2071x2775 1.png)

Some new stuff.
>>489881 Thanks, I hate it
>>489884 Thanks, anon, I hear it often.
>>489881 Good art. but why?
(34.96 KB 622x481 soul uploaded.jpg)

>>489894 Be more specific, anon.
>>489957 I am being specific, I'm talking about all of it.
>>489894 Why not?
>>488015 I don't want to shelf it, not before atleast going all the way through it. I can atleast learn how to put out the game and whoring it so I can do it smoothly for the next game I work on. >what other games Another minigame is the easiest, straight forward way. I liked deus ex hr social minigame, read the person in front of me, manipulate how the conversation goes and talking appropriately. This would require actually writing though, which i'm lacking. >>489092 Yes, sense of progress is what is lacking. There is no point in playing without proper context, and that can be alleviated if you have sense of going somewhere. Having a level number increasing is not the only way. i can have a leveling system where you can gain more health and shield by completing something. Don't know if that will work. I guess its true i can't be a play tester for myself, can't have fun and be serious testing at the same time. I can go to 4agdg for more feedback. Reddit maybe after that. >does game developer ever have fun playing his own game? Maybe you're right, suck though. >>489151 Doubt i will make a game big enough where this would fit in
>>478840 No screenshot today because I'm feeling lazy, and it's late. 'Progress report - Uncommon Time Retuned --Did some rewrite implementations based on feedback from anon. ----Implemented the full-rewrite of the sequence where you meet and recruit Aubrey. ----Implemented the rewrite of the second half of the Metronome Tower confrontation. --Current rewriting of act 1 convos that are still raw: ----Marybelle's pep talk with Alto at Arietta's monument. ----Stave's first Inn stay. This way, I won't have to worry about piggybacking the continuity off Feral's scipt.
(17.44 KB 225x400 loli has a question.png)

How do I know if a Steam curator is legit? I have received a few emails from curators asking for keys, the emails match the one in the Steam page, but I found strange that when I asked if they would like to receive the keys through Steam Connect they said they prefer to receive them directly through email.
>>496890 Give us a link to your game, anon.
>>496890 It's not entirely an uncommon practice to give curators extra keys they can distribute as they wish as a... token of gratitude.That's probably what they're asking for. They're as legit as many legit followers they have. See if you can't find sales data on games they recommended, post mortems and such. If games they recommend sell, they're legit for... gratitude.
>>497491 Already tried it >>489286. Looks somewhat interesting, but it doesn't really work on my computer. Thanks, I guess. Don't give out free keys, making people pay for your stuff is the only leverage you have. Having a free demo is already generous enough.
(2.42 MB 1920x1080 main_menu.png)

(1.12 MB 4000x4000 Tomboy_Sprite.png)

Hey guys, just released Ich Will 0.3.1 recently. Please give it a try. We are in the process of updating the art, but we corrected most if not all grammatical mistakes! https://amazonessking.itch.io/ich-will-project Also, other games are doing alright.
>>498501 >Ich Will Glad to see this is still worked on
>grindy dungeon crawling game >can set programmable AI for your party like FF12 But what I can't figure out is a fair mechanic that prevents you from just like, setting your AI to spam defend with lots of regeneration, leading to a soft lock. I would like HP and MP to be recoverable, but at the same time, nothing could prevent a fight from going forever
>>498594 >I would like HP and MP to be recoverable, but at the same time, nothing could prevent a fight from going forever If the game is a single player game, I can't imagine it would be a problem as it would just be people softlocking their own game and wasting their own time. That being said, you could solve this with how D&D 4e handled healing abilities, which was to make healing also an attack. So, instead of having a mage just cast a healing spell, instead the mage uses an ability that damages the enemy while also healing an ally. This ensures that the fight is always moving forward, even while healing.
(11.58 MB 360x288 Darkest Tanuk.webm)

>>498679 The issue with this line of thought is that this makes the healing the best and safest possible method of attack if you cant nuke them down, unless damage is so small you're back to square one. It also takes away from decision making for obvious reasons if both options do damage. Without an alternative resource to consume or mechanics/enemies that punish such play like that only thing you're doing is making healing the best option possible. I'd instead advise enemies that either capitalize on and punish such strategies or enemies calling for back up once a certain amount of time has passed and its obvious you're stallinglike in DD.
>>498679 >>498797 Ideally my gameplay loop would be to form a party of 1-4 characters and give them that sort of AI; eventually it would get to the point where instead of manually grinding the dungeons, you'd set up several parties that clear them automatically, using mechanics from ARPGS (eg extra fire damage, fcr, ias, etc). Battles would resolve in real time / simulated ticks eg "4 seconds" of duration really is 4 seconds. Each step taken (1 dungeon tile) advances global time by 1 game minute, so battles are more immediate but exploration costs time as well. Battles shouldnt take more than 4 or 5 rounds to kill enemies anyways, so having a sort of action fatigue per battle isnt unreasonable (eg 20 turns for a normal battle, 100 for bosses). Except presenting it as the enemy escaping rather than "rocks fall your party dies" is a safer option
>>498797 Most rpg's use MP as the resource that limits the players ability to just use their best abilities over and over. You also give them ways to restore MP but only very sparingly and rarely, like Ether is usually unpurchaseable. You could also put in an enemy specifically designed to punish players for taking too long on a fight where after a certain amount of turn they will do a big boom move or like the bombs in final fantasy where if you chip away at them they suicide and blow you up.
>>498966 I've seen some use MP and Energy to cast spells, where MP can swing wildly, but EP acting as a soft timer for how long you can stay in a dungeon. Even something like Dork Souls consumes stamina to cast spells
>>498594 Balance and limited resources are what prevents the fight going on forever. Automating the process of picking RPG commands isn't the thing that makes fights draw out. Secondly, if the players happen to discover a way to stall forever in your game, it's probably the most boring way to play it. If you give players an interesting and a boring way to do something by accident, is it your fault if idiots choose the boring way?
>>499328 >is it your fault if idiots choose the boring way? Yes The player will always optimize the fun out of the game if possible.
(637.70 KB 449x682 apotheosis.png)

>>499408 Stall tactics isn't an optimization.I guess it could be if you are handing out resets after every encounter but that just means that your resource economy is wack. A good way to keep resources renewable while making sure the player doesn't pay for it in boredom is to make sure that renewing resources has a cost in other resources beyond just the player's time. i.e. Player Characters aren't perpetual motion machines,don't let them act like they are. (unless they actually do produce infinite energy in story in which case,go wild :^) ) Note that the transaction should be as far away from the form of a 'bail ticket' as possible,thats just going to lead to people either assuming that it's easy mode journo bullshit or trying to hoard it forever due to pack-goblin syndrome.
(977.68 KB 800x600 MenuSFXTest.webm)

(161.54 KB 600x640 BraviTheElf.png)

>>464233 Update: Added sound effects for menu movement. Fixed a bug where a story event wouldn't trigger successfully. Fixed a bug where corpses counted as blocking terrain. Fixed a bug where movement-altering status effects were not calculating correctly. My game was streamed yesterday and everyone seemed to have a good time, but it seems the good time was mostly because of the programmer art I was using for cutscenes. As the cutscene art is slowly replaced by actual art, I fear the game will be a lot less entertaining. Also, here's a picture Ben gave me as a Christmas gift.
>>499667 The game I'm primarily drawing from was made in like 1995 or something, so it lacks a lot of modern conventions. I've noticed that crawler style games have more or less evolved into ARPGs. Having things like regenerating HP/MP has more mechanical complexity and build diversity, and allows for different builds and playstyles (eg cast from HP, drain HP on hit, etc). Since I ultimately want to automate party exploration, sending out groups to grind dungeons means that if you're taking a long time to end fights, then fighting itself costs time, which means less resources/time, compared to a more optimized party. If things like logistics and seasons and time of day come into effect, then time becomes an important intangible to consider. When you're manually controlling a party, it wouldn't matter so much per se, but if you have say, a dozen groups going out, that's when it would matter more since it scales differently. But that still doesn't quite address the issue of spamming defend commands and doing nothing to advance the fight. I think that I'm leaning towards having a sort of action/fatigue counter per encounter, eg every 25 turns, you lose 25% of your regeneration potential, so eventually you can't sustain yourself in a fight, assuming the monster you're fighting hasn't run away by then. In-universe, I wanted to have magic take place via Leylines, but misaligned ley would leak magic into the world, via "Mist" (think FF). Over time, these regions change with the leylines, but concentrated mist can grow into crystals, so certain areas could have more corruption. But what I don't want to do is that "Oh you spent too long in the dungeon, you're corrupted and arbitrarily die!"
>>498594 Well FF12 deals with it by gating when you can buy actions for the programmable AI. >>499408 >>499328 Sometimes the developer is the one at fault for this though. Nioh 2 isn't quite as fun as Nioh 1 because the dev overbalanced the second game to try to break the cheesy (i.e. FUN) builds that the first game had and in the process made everything the same. And then they fucked up their whole intent by giving the player a giant flaming beyblade that you can spam over and over. DON'T overbalance but don't fall into the DS3 trap where only s handful of spells and weapon skills are useful and the rest are complete trash.
>>499716 >FF12 deals with it by gating when you can buy actions for the programmable AI Not strictly, since the international version gives you them all at the start. Resources in FF12 are limited by means of having MP limited to consumable items, walking around in battle, or using the Charge command to regain MP, but there's no specific limits to anything there.
(46.30 KB 400x438 1.jpg)

getting to setup unity and vscode is so much pain, I thought using full fat visual studio would be smoother but other than having higher memory usage I don't see any difference. That's why I'll always prefer using couple updates older versions of these software - unity 2018 and few months old vscode. The newer ones since unity18 have this unity hub installer needed to download, which other than having to signing in and have a list of all local unity projects does no benefit. Then its all a matter of choosing vscode as the external editor from unity's preferences
>>500047 >full fat visual studio That is the issue right there Visual Studio is absolute fucking garbage and the alternatives are all paid. VCode is just as garbage as VStudio, no, actually worse because it is a text editor rather than an IDE
>>500058 Is slightly better at starting up, and I don't know if being a IDE helps or not. I have only used auto-complete and breakpoint debug. Both which are just extensions to download and runs fine
>>500058 I don't think you really know what you're talking about. Visual Studio may be a monster, but it is incredibly capable. >>500047 >advantage Mm, not so much for unity. Visual Studio is the omnitool to end all omnitools for standalone development. It has UI designers, source control management, profiling tools, etc, all built in; truly the works as far as Microsoft centric development is concerned. It is decent for unity integration too for that matter, but when you're just coding, using intellisense and managing files, it's not really a serious value add app anymore. Also, because Unity (the company) are incompetent, they haven't made appropriate concessions for it either, meaning that the integration is more forced than it ought to be. >>500210 If you use VS as part of a day job, the differences between it and Code become immediately apparent.
>>500331 It also has the fucking Roselyn compiler running all my cores at 100% every fucking minute for no fucking reason, then taking 20 seconds to give me a fucking "extract method" suggestion. It fucking somehow needs whole 1.6 giga of ram to open a couple of text files, OF WHICH KEEP CLOSING EVERY FUCKING WEEK, EVERY FUCKING WEEK THAT SHIT CLOSES ALL OF MY FUCKING OPEN FILES FOR NO REASON. I FUCKING HATE VISUAL STUDIO. IT IS OVERBLOATED TRASH. If Rider was free I'd have switched 2 years ago. <inb4 works on my machine
(232.25 KB 368x368 You have Come.mp4)

>>500466 Switch to (neo)Vim. :^) This is only partially a shitpost
>>500058 >Using Windows 7 Ultimate >It's "version stable" (pirated) and newer versions are all bloated and spyware as fuck so never upgraded >Use VS2010 Express C# Edition for all my projects >Can't update it because it needs Win 8.1 service packs to use newer versions >But for some reason it's hardcoded to only go up to C# 4.5 >Literally 10 years of language updates I can't use because lol microsoft I can use other IDEs and libraries (eg Mono) but I'm shit at environment stuff. At the very least, if I make a game, it'll work on older systems too.
>>500507 my laptop is hardware locked to windows 10 or linux, and linux somehow manages to be worse than windows 10 >>500499 I will unironically try it
>>500331 what are the main benefits of visual studio over vscode? that said i am using only for writing code, source control is handled by using git manually, I am not far enough to go for profiling and such, so I think im pretty much good using vscode.
>>501088 I *think* it have more code profiling and analysis stuff, like "searching all uses of a method" in your code and whatnot
>>501088 Insert works in Visual Studios for one thing, and it also has memory breakpoints. I haven't really used VScode all that much to really know an exhaustive difference, but it probably also doesn't have profiling or git blame that integrates into the source view. I'd be interested to see how VScode handles >100k line files too.
this is the final solution that works for me. fuck everything, myself included.
>>493062 retuned anon, do you have a discord? I would like to watch your progress, and maybe even help a bit in any way. How do you managed to keep working on it for this long?
(20.51 MB 1364x768 Capture_ (14).mp4)

Look what I found in my folders. Is this dev still around?
(614.40 KB 957x817 ClipboardImage.png)

My game releases tomorrow, can you guess which one of these it is?
>>507092 wtf is internet cafe simulator 2?
>>507098 Im not even surprised anymore
>>507092 is it neko ghost jump? because its for linux too and not for mac
>>507130 None of them, because my game is not popular at all Fucking hell. Even when launching tomorrow one would expect it to show up, instead, it shows stuff that don't even have a release date
>>507142 Lol. I think it shows upcoming as those which have clicks, or searched games, or even publisher that are popular, none of which you have. Or it could be manually handled with money given to have your game show up as "popular"
>>507150 As far as I understand, it's about having about 10k wishlists, I have 650~
(213.91 KB 500x281 1425060981-3.gif)

>>507162 what 650 fools wishlist a game? I don't think I have ever wishlisted on steam
>>507142 You had me barking up the wrong tree for a bit there. Searching all upcoming releases for tomorrow *fuck there are a lot of garbage expected release dates in upcoming* I narrowed it down to "Spirits of Light" and "Nightmare the Lunatic" If your game is "Spirits of Light", you might want to check your Steam store page settings. I can find the soundtrack for it but the link to the game's store page redirects to Steam's front page.
>>507170 Nah, it's Everyday Life Edengrall I was just venting about not showing up in upcoming releases.
>>507172 Ah. I think being in Early Access stops you from turn up in upcoming releases. "Nightmare the Lunatic" is early access too and doesn't turn up in upcoming releases either; I only found it because their soundtrack turns up in upcoming releases.
>>507174 I almost felt better about it all, but https://store.steampowered.com/app/1194750/Neko_Ghost_Jump/ is early access and shows in Popular Upcoming
>>507176 I guess the popular kids play by different rules. Or Steam's just trash at this.
>>507174 >>507176 >>507177 No wait, I'm a retard. I forgot to turn off the Linux OS filter. Both "Nightmare the Lunatic" and "Everyday Life Edengrall" turn up in the list of all upcoming releases (all 7000+ of them).
>>507164 There's so much trash on steam it's really hard to sift through stuff that looks interesting so if I see some indie game that interests me in EA i'll add it to my wishlist just so I don't forget about it.
(1.86 MB 3000x3000 character_sprites.png)

(568.68 KB 1920x1080 screenshot0038.png)

Some more progress.
>>508329 Anon, are you using renpy?
>>508370 Yes, I swear I'll switch to Godot once I can afford decent pixel art.
>>508489 Not all of us are good at art. Not all of us are good at programming. And some of us are just shitbags that can't do anything. Just own up to the fact that you need to hire a programmer, and shit out renpy crap. At least then, you'll be honest about your abilities, and then people will have to judge the product, not you. FFS.
Hey, Everyday Edengrall guy: are ladders useless, or am I just a fucking retard who can't figure them out? 'E' doesn't seem to work. Jumping doesn't seem to work.
>>508329 I liked the tomboy better without the sheen.
>>508489 Do you know of where to get resources for it or atleast some better tutorials? A drawfag friend of mine and me want to fuck around with it and make a shitty game for fun, but i only know how to program siemens and other industrial shit so i wanna try learning something basic.
>>508595 Agreed
>>508586 Sorry we had to abort the development of ladders, ledges, and other more advanced movement for now, it was taking too long to get it to work properly. If you want to climb the towers you can jump through the outside of the tower if you have enough patience, or built a staircase right next to it
>>508553 Nah, I'm actually pretty good at ren'py, and I can write half decently. It's the art where things fall apart for me. Art is so fucking expensive. >>508595 >>508740 Really? I like flat colors, but I think the rendering works very well in giving her some depth. >>508630 I literally learned with these tutorials https://yewtu.be/watch?v=CjJ2R22U11Q&list=PLJgbnTkC4bkCfE4EnNSFNsHpT22CXJYox It's really not hard to use, I've learned a lot of more complex things along the way, of course, but if you just want to do a linear basic VN (Hell, even adding variables if you want), this is the easiest way to do it.
>>508783 So since you're on steam now are you done with demo days or what?
>>509042 We will still have a demo on steam (which will be the exact same thing as the main game for a while), so there is no reason to not keep making new demo builds for demo day. But once we make the demo be a major upgrade behind the mainline game, we will probably stop with demo day. Haven't discussed with my brother, but I assume it will be along these lines.
Man coding saving functions is pretty tedious.
(1.75 MB 3000x3000 character_sprites.png)

>>508823 Crude edit. Mostly on the right model, but I also removed her reflective nipples. I found the shine spots kind of garish and distracting.
How do I learn how to code for godot? I want to make a basic FPS similar to goldeneye 007 or perfect dark or timesplitters with multiplayer/coop but garbaj and other godot tutorials are out of date or just aren't what I need, once I get the base game out there and finished I will "mod" the game into GE or PD or timesplitters, couldn't be too hard to add maps and guns once the systems are in place and all these games use the same systems for weapon management, movement and general world interactivity. hoping to have the game finished before PD or goldeneye get decompiled and have their proper PC ports and before timesplitters gets a proper PC port. Also what is the best loicense to use for a game? MIT? I want it to be fully open source even the art and music so other people may use them in their projects if they want to I hear open source is lacking good art within the community and I hope to one day rectify that and the lack of games for linux
>>510423 Do you mean learn to code for godot or learn to code anything at all?
>>510293 take a moment and just sketch a skeleton over that pose on a separate layer and think about what it would look like..
>>510432 to code anything at all, I'm new to coding haven't learned the basics yet because of the various languages and I haven't picked one, I guess I'm stuck with GDscript for now, any tutorials or information would be appreciated, can do everything else in gamedev like the art and music but not coding
>>510446 Well theres the docs https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/getting_started/scripting/gdscript/index.html But you're not going to find many into to coding tutorials for GDscript since when it comes to engine tutorials people usually assume you already know how to code and just need to learn the engines own scripts syntax. Some people might say you could learn a bit of python and that should give you the basics but I think you might be better served learning C# since python has a few weird idiosyncratic things going on with it. Although really if you learn any OOP language you should be able to apply those lessons to GDscript pretty easily when you make the switch.
>>510453 Thanks
>>510446 If you don't know how to code at all, you are aiming too high, especially with multiplayer. You could follow a course on edx.org like "Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python", since python is pretty easy and gdscript is really similar. Learning to code for godot is done with practice, reading the documentation, looking at youtube tutorials and the source code of available projects on github and the asset library (e.g. https://godotengine.org/asset-library/asset/716). Why do you say garbaj and company are out of date? they should still be good for godot 3. Godot 4 when it releases will make them obsolete, but the wait is still long. If you have a specific question to a problem and don't mind the cancer that is discord, you could find answers in their official server. If you are serious in this endeavor you could make a project on gitgut.io or somewhere else, use a MIT license (or GPL if you want to force the people that may use your stuff to remain open source) and start making small but constant commits. The alternative is finding a programmer. one-man-army projects require levels of dedications that not many have.
Anyone know of any good places to find royalty free music? I'm specifically looking for dungeon synth but I think its to niche to find anything for free.
>>510555 >dungeon synth Not royalty free but this is burned into my brain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgjnbrcuW-A&list=PLEE8A51B1149258BD
So should I put my game up on steam for free or just put it up for 5 bucks and just release a torrent somewhere? I don't really expect to make much money off of it. Its not my magnum opus or anything. Opinions?
>>511119 it kind of depends on what sort of game it is. if it's some bullshit narrative 2deep4u narrative game seems to be the standard for free on steam. Same if it's just a practice game, but if it has any merit at all then I'd say put it up for a couple of bucks and let anybody else pirate it.
>>511121 I'm thinking for the torrent version I would replace most of the text with pirate themed text but otherwise leave it unchanged.
>>511129 Well it's somewhat amusing I don't know if it's even worth the effort since > Not many people will pirate it anyway or > if it's worth pirating the pirates will quickly replace your pirate copy with a legit pirate copy.
>>511133 True but it wouldn't be much work. Mostly just changing monster names and item names.
(46.72 KB 1067x819 impersonator.png)

>>511148 I mean, at least he wanted to play it right?
(407.31 KB 877x365 EisopE0UYAAVZEj.png)

>>511148 >accuse the other party of being an impersonator >censor their name ???
(343.40 KB 500x351 1508815582.gif)

>>511119 Sell it for $14.99 and watch the reviews flow in. A game being free on launch itself is "its shovelware" mark on steam. Can you give a permanent 100% discount on steam? >>511148 who's impersonating who?
>>511228 I did censor in case someone see the pic out of context and think the real streamer is doing something shady, just in case >>511392 The person asking for the key is sending me several emails impersonating mostly inactive streamers, the scammer also did impersonate some active streamers, I contacted these streamers and they said it is 100% fake I know its the same guy because every time he sends a reply in this chain I also get a request for key from a different streamer, and I never get any reply from these when i simply say "try the free limitless demo"
>>511392 I remember when the internet broke because of those fucking colors. I wonder if there is a way to weaponize this to make one heck of a confusing puzzle/maze in a game
(1.19 MB 3840x1080 1617712171254.jpg)

>>510423 >>510446 If you want to just make an fps, its still gonna be tall order. Coding is the harder part, you can learn to make an fps from various tutorials, but learning to code good, and have good moddability, that's something that you'll have with experience. Even making a basic ass fps when you have no coding skills prior, that's gonna take time. Since you mention you can do art,music, I might suggest hiring (getting) someone who can do coding for you, that way you can use your skills effectively and have a buddy who you can trust to not fuck up. You can learn a bit of coding from your programmer too, you can screw up and he can fix it. Alternatively you can find a pre-made fps asset, and mod that. Probably it won't be as accurate to goldeneye (will be closer to modern fps) as you'd like but is still close enough. And you'll still need some programming knowledge but you still have full control. godot fps premade asset https://godotengine.org/asset-library/asset/424
(22.45 KB 200x200 frogfatty.png)

>>478362 >sex game with lesbian minerals Why would anyone do this?
(70.76 KB 674x449 man sobbing over computer.jpg)

I'm looking for Blender 2.92 tutorials for beginners. I mean for folks absolutely and completely ignorant of the program. Basically something that someone with a learning disability and ADHD could follow. I found one tutorial that was "these are the basic buttons" type of thing that was good, but the rest of his vids seem to be solely about Roblox. The biggest problem I seem to find with youtube tutorials is that it's either not the right version number, and I have to search for whatever the tuber is talking about because it isn't where he says it is, or the tuber skips a step because he's used to just doing something without thinking. Any help will be appreciated.
(380.78 KB 1140x1610 1582066142804.jpg)

(271.49 KB 1627x2048 1558982497123.jpg)

(749.25 KB 1500x1400 1637863636736.jpg)

(1.09 MB 1280x1494 1558217259590.png)

>>511720 Making lesbians straight through the power of dick is a popular fetish.
(5.01 MB 640x360 rapemusic.webm)

>>511767 It just so happens to be mine, as well.
what happened to that periperi game?
>>514402 Devs raised money on Kikestarter, now working on it & posting screenshots regularly on twater @90sGraphics. Full game probably in a year or so.
(30.53 KB 306x423 manlouie1.jpg)

>>511724 Bumping for this, please.
(325.18 KB 1398x1080 pearlrapedgarnet1.jpg)

>>511767 >Making lesbians straight through the power of dick is a popular fetish. No, I get that. What I don't get is why anyone would choose THESE lesbians.
>>514761 Blender Guru's Blender 2.8 tutorials. He starts from the very beginning, as in how the UI works and buttons to press to even do anything.
>>514763 Some of them ain't bad.
(134.10 KB 818x1000 jaspar snu snu.jpg)

>>514919 The one that was basically Gem Nappa at least has good porn.
Any resources on making music?

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