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(588.93 KB 694x305 3586460-middle.png)

Post a underrated game in your steam library Anonymous 11/16/2021 (Tue) 00:21:36 Id: 803fa3 No. 467817
This game is basically a bullet hell mixed with guitar hero and it's actually fun. though you might like or hate the story depending on your tastes.
(76.34 KB 260x300 1632558903669.png)

>>467845 >post a thread on /v/ to discuss video game >"NOOOOOOO YOU CAN'T DO THAT MUH DATA MINING"
(56.18 KB 144x196 spe.png)

It's kind of comfy.
It's a good MMO, too bad about the cash shop and the player market being completely and utterly ruined by soup scalpers.
>datamining thread
>>467862 I buy games that are under 5 dollars or slightly over and 80% off but good games. Laugh away. When blockbuster went away, I could not longer rent and finish a game in a week. Pirating is only reserved for open Marxist devs who would encourage doing so.
(339.94 KB 1920x1080 download (26).jpg)

Datamining thread or no. I'll post anyway. Bug Fables. Very fun paper mario inspired game. Cute Characters, challenging but fair gameplay if you play it in Hard Mode (which the game incentivizes you heavily to do), great world design, and great OST, too. Would recommend if you're into those kind of RPGs.
>>470728 It's hip to fuck bees
>>470774 I prefer moths, personally.
>>467817 >Rixels
(81.95 KB 499x445 Stomp Attack Practice.png)

>>470774 >>471014 Ugly and off-model. How do you fuck this up when people have managed to do both right?
>>467817 the dev gnomes is my favorite music/battle of the game. for me it is Smelter. its basically indie Actraiser, but it has godd gameplay/mechanics and you can tell a lot of love was put on their sprite work
(816.58 KB 1920x1080 Scarlet negotiating.png)

>>471053 >off-model Everybody draws lewds off-model
(509.73 KB 616x353 ClipboardImage.png)

>>471110 Yes, but usually that means they're able to make them more sexually appealing. This guy did so and made them ugly.
(111.03 KB 1080x600 road redemption.jpg)

>similar to 3d road rash well worth a pirate
(227.89 KB 1200x775 DfccmLpUEAEgy6R.jpg)

>>467817 I don't play any non multiplayer games on Steam, but this is on there so might as well. Why did it sell so badly and why are people so anal about this game?
(150.18 KB 1280x720 zelle mirror.jpg)

Zelle is a cute little horror doujin game about using the power of JESUS to escape a haunted house. There's a bit too much exposition and not enough gameplay, but it's soulful and has a nice soundtrack, worth a playthrough, 7.5/10
(15.99 KB 384x108 steamupdate.gif)

>>467862 but you can't buy games on Steam, only rent a licence
(330.74 KB 459x589 Piracy is your friend.png)

>>467862 Steam is good for knowing what I can pirate.
(6.13 MB 1280x780 SOULSOULSOULS.webm)

>Buying games yourself >Not convincing one of your normalfag friends to gift you a copy to play multiplayer Salt and Sanctuary maybe? However that game's getting a sequel so it's far from being an underrated game. But my library is small as fuck as it consists of only free and gifted games.
>>467862 Of course, how else would i buy skyrim™? that's a redundant question, of course i've also bought multiple copies on the official bethesda launcher™
>>467817 I'm just going to treat this as a PC game recommendation thread, and pretend you never mentioned Steam. Personally, I love MegaTen Online. reimagine.online
(424.77 KB 451x619 15500423922515278833144.png)

>>471100 This looks pretty good and doesn't seem pozzed. Thanks anon. Wishlisted.
(552.65 KB 1928x1908 Fun Allowed.png)

>>467862 Fuck you. I actually have friends and use it for MP.
>>496639 if there's no choice then that's fine but you're still a faggot
(50.69 KB 270x380 packshot_squad.1.jpg)

>>467817 Which is a half of my library.
(29.59 KB 400x400 34Il25FB_400x400.jpg)

>>496641 big talk for someone who was sucking 10 inch dildos yesterday
I recommend this game I found a while ago, it's called Tempest of the Heavens and Earth and it's a rather complex action game with a lot of mechanics that blend together really well. The combat is excellent and fast paced, sorta DMC style, it has a ton of depth and it's a blast to play. As for the story I dunno, it takes place in some sort of universe where mythological creatures are all cute girls in frilly dresses and you play as some girl from heaven called Tenshi TL: Tenshi means angel, it's all very cute when the girls smack each other with superpowered moves and that's enough for me.
>>499079 Looks interesting, but can you turn off all the shaky-cam and blur I'm seeing whenever you do an attack?
>>499410 That stuff didn't bother me so I didn't care to check, but probably not.
(25.50 KB 460x215 Brainpipe.jpg)

(501.26 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.55 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(940.29 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>>467845 >>467862 >NOOOO DONT TALK ABOUT VIDEOGAMES ON MUH VIDEOGAME FORUM >IF YOU BUY VIDEOGAMES I-I'LL BULLY YOU Kill yourselves you two. I'm a grown ass man I do whatever the fuck I want no matter what some fat fucking autists on the internet tell me to do. I buy games on steam and will continue to do so and you can't do a damn thing to stop me. I recently got Intrusion 2 and it's basically Metal Slug with Metal Gear Rising kind of enemy design. I can't wait to enjoy and play it after supporting the developer of that game.
>>496818 Why would you admit to that?
>>499478 Nobody cares about how loudly of a faggot you can proclaim yourself to be, you're still a fag at the end of the day
>>499485 Okay I guess I am a fag? And?
>>499486 You have no pride as a "grown ass man" and will suffer the consequences for being a raging homosexual A life of eternal asshurt till you die alone nobody will remember you for anything besides being a retard, wasting your money on things that didn't exist
The typical fat retarded virgin neet who gets triggered by people buying games has no self-awareness as well as a very small penis. Keep leeching off society, mommy will probably leave you enough to live off when she inevitably dies young from the stress of supporting her disappointing failure of a child.
>>499490 I'm straight and I'm being told off by another "grown" man on the internet for buying a game for $5.49 and enjoying it on a videogame hobbyist forum for videogame discussion. What the fuck? Don't you realize how crazy you sound right now? I don't care if you guys don't remember me, you guys aren't even supposed to know me this is an anonymous imageboard ffs, personal identities are pointless here. But if you felt better for making that post then more power to you I guess.
>>499478 There isn't anything inherently wrong with buying software. But there is zero reason behind making a thread specifically about peoples "steam libraries" on a forum like this beyond baiting. This thread could have been called "Post an underrated game" and the quality of discussion would have improved significantly just by omitting the irrelevant detail of which consumer software license distributor you paid for those binaries. Buying software from official sources is very easy to defend and yet every time one of you retards is put in a position to do it you embarrass yourselves with platitudes about how you're a big boy and therefore no one is allowed to criticize you. The cheat code to the argument is that these autistic retards running their infected sleeper windows 7 isos are simply too stupid to value their own security, anonymity, and privacy. Now based on your posts I know you don't value any of those things either, but you can pretend like the reason you buy software on steam is because you want verifiably secure software binaries. That way I don't have to cringe so fucking hard every time I see this autistic debate.
When did all these normalfaggots who buy games come to my 8chan?
Putting this utterly homosexual argument aside, this post reminded me an intrusion 2 thread was made and then bumplocked because homosexuals on my internet. >>499478 Jetpack Squadron fucking when? I get he's a one man dev and really bless his heart for both intrusion games(And his work on Ori 2) but it's been 7 years now.
>>499555 trold
>>499524 >I'm straight and I'm being told off by another "grown" man on the internet for buying a game for $5.49 and enjoying it on a videogame hobbyist forum for videogame discussion. >What the fuck? Don't you realize how crazy you sound right now? He sounds pretty sane to anyone who isn't dumb nigger. A grown man is telling you to stop being a fucking retard paying games from (((Steam))), which they openly expose your private information. You're welcome anon, and fuck off with your negro speak.
>>499597 Eh, thanks for the sentiment but I'm fine. I simply want a secure and convenient way to store my games/saves and support devs that I like, you can keep calling me names but I simply would rather explain myself than leave you guys satisfied in the end, you personally don't have to and thats cool but I have no clue why you apparently care about me so much. >which they openly expose your private information By having it on their database? Every single online service does that. Who actually do they expose my info to? I never heard about any data leaks of that kind from Steam. The ones you should watch out for are google/facebook/tiktok, who sell your data to china, I'm not sure Steam even does that. Anon, you are fine to live how you want and I will continue being a retard by your definition okay? Calling me a nigger and telling me to fuck off won't change a thing, I had this account for over 10 years at this point and one faggot in a text box reprimanding me for enjoying a game the cost of a fucking burger won't change that. >>499555 He's actually kind of right though. I should really just ignore these people but I hate it when people talk shit to me directly in my face (or my post) and try to get away with it.
>>499628 >I simply want a secure and convenient way to store my games/saves and support devs Steam is not a convenient way to support devs as there are many other ways to do so, and storing games and data can be done without steam. How many times have you admitted to be a literal retard in this thread now? I've lost count. >By having it on their database? Every single online service does that. And that's not a good thing dumbass. Unless you want the government or some kikes to know every little piece of information about you. >Who actually do they expose my info to? Another normalfaggot talking-point. >The ones you should watch out for are google/facebook/tiktok, who sell your data to china, I'm not sure Steam even does that. No you need to watch for any site you visit period. >muh China Do you think any Western country that literally arrests people for telling others on a imageboard to kill themselves or just for owning legal firearms that still makes politicians wet their pants, is any better than Chinkland? > Calling me a nigger and telling me to fuck off won't change a thing, <I refuse to reflect and act upon my poor sense of judgement and poorly made decisions And you try to call yourself a grown man? >I've been retarded for 10 years That's quite sad anon, maybe you should learn to stop being retarded for once and not make shit threads and expecting us to be as low-IQ as you are? >Muh games are more important than my private information Soy logic.
>>499664 Are you autistic anon? You have such a high IQ, anyone who supports the developers of games they like the wrong way is a sad soy buzzword retard faggot unlike you who is so enlightened they just get everything for free and never wait in line or have to pay rent. Who fucking cares? This isn't debate class oh you sure tore apart every facet of his argument with your green text damn the prosecution rests your honor. Epic ownzor 1337 internet ass demolishing anon. Your opinion is so important you can literally change the tides of the gaming industry with your reddit spaced paragraphs your word is immutable law! Somebody paying for videogames on my /v/?! rEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ALL NEW GAMES ARE SHIT ONLY PLAY 40 YEAR OLD ZX SPECTRUMS GAMES MUH BACKLOG! MUH NORMALFAGS!!! I AM SMART AND EVERYONE ELSE IS DUMB! DUUUURRRRRRRRRRR
>>499664 You could apply the privacy concerns of Steam to every single cracked binary in existence ten fold. Not that those criticisms of Steam aren't entirely valid, they just seem ironic considering most people here are arguing for pirating cracked proprietary software. The risk of exposure is generally going to be less on Steam in many cases. Though those scales are tipping in the other direction with malware DRM and anti-cheat becoming more prevalent.
Why is this low-budget flash parody JRPG somehow one of the best JRPGs out there?
>>499676 Because you have no taste and are shitposting
>>467862 Long ago when Humble Bundle would let you name your own price without a lower limit I got some games on Steam. I also got some included games when buying video cards over the years. Only thing I bought on the Steam Store itself was a Valve Index VR Headset bundle with the controllers, base stations and such to get me started on VR. All my VR games are pirated aside from the ones that are literally free on Steam. I later sold the Valve Index Headset and kept the accessories to use them with a Vive Pro 2 instead. If Valve ever makes another VR Headset with better specs I'd consider buying that but only if it works with VorpX because my Vive Pro 2 doesn't work with that and it would open up the possibility of playing way more games in VR.
>>499739 It actually is though. Not even him. Have you played it? It's one of the best JRPGs I've ever played. What don't you like about it?
(46.06 KB 240x380 autism.gif)

>>499664 Anon I am not you nor do I want to be you, I am not you I am an individual and should be allowed to live my life the way I want it whether you approve or not, it shouldn't matter to you as I'm a complete and total stranger to you. Why are you debating me about this? It's like telling me that I can't pour milk into the bowl first when making cereal because you personally don't like the way I do it, it doesn't matter dude. I don't want to debate you and I never did in the first place although it's entirely my fault I keep on coming back because I like human interaction even if its from a screen and text only. sorry if I caused you any emotional distress, you seem autistic to be wanting to reprimand me for playing a video games in the first place
>>499771 >gets mad and uses autism as an insult because someone told him his opinions on video games are bad on a video game image board Why are you even here?
(439.28 KB 615x615 Th155Tenshi.png)

>>499079 >it takes place in some sort of universe where mythological creatures are all cute girls in frilly dresses Anon, that's a Touhou fangame. Hinanawi Tenshi is this dork with peaches on her hat, very important detail.
(37.06 KB 468x390 birb is concerned.jpg)

>>499771 >Wants human interaction. >Comes to /v/ for it. Faggot.
>>499852 Why are you here? I'm here for the same reason you are most likely. I want to talk about videogames with other autists, genius. >>500609 I'm a broken man anon, I have no sense of rapport and my emotions are dulled to the point where I felt nothing when my family member died a year ago. Normalfags can smell the 'tism from a mile away and immediately ostracize me, unfortunately I do have self awareness so I know the shitty situation I'm in. I don't know about you but I liked being here for years now and even though I wish I could leave, I apparently like talking to you guys too much to do so. I even like it when you guys insult me it makes me feel like you're showing me tough love and I appreciate that, but theres no fixing me sadly, I'm a lost cause.
>>500670 >I want to talk about videogames with other autists, genius. Then don't get mad when that's exactly what happens, genius.
(19.75 KB 460x215 Gunpoint.jpg)

>>500937 Has the gunpoint guy made anything after Gunpoint? I remember liking the game a fair bit.
(474.35 KB 1212x1212 ppgyuxtckpzvmkhqykaqtswsl.jpeg)

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