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(335.93 KB 1880x1080 WE WUZ SUHPECIAL FORCS.jpg)

(1.19 MB 1288x722 Standard Vanguard Scene.png)

(87.84 KB 309x216 no one cares.png)

(9.95 MB 1280x720 vanguard guns.mp4)

(998.31 KB 576x360 vanguard muh dick.mp4)

WW2 games Anonymous 11/25/2021 (Thu) 06:36:55 Id: b90bbb No. 476741
You might or might not be aware that Call of Duty Vanguard just released. If you didn't, I would't blame you, the game is fucking bombing, and even normalfags/kotaku are shitting on it The game has been mocked for everything from it's performance issues to lack of content, but it's most egregious sin to me is how they butchered the WW2 setting in it, it's mind boggling. If you don't believe me, check out the COD thread in the catalog, or watch some youtube clips of multiplayer. Campaign is only 4 hours long and it's written by Sam Maggs, with about the results you would come to expect. With the news of a rumored Anime crossover for Vanguard(Attack on Titan for now, but it won't stop, Anime bundles made activision millions over the last few years and they need to make return on this shitheap somehow), I see more and more normalfags that don't usually care about this sort of thing completely shit on how historically inaccurate this game is, despite being advertised as a gritty WW2 realistic shooter. That's why I want to take advantage of the moment, and make a nice little list of BETTER WW2 games than Vanguard. If you're not completely new or underage, you would know that pretty much every single WW2 game is better than Vanguard, and there is a shit ton of them, more than I can count, and much more I haven't played. I am not the best graphic designer, but I want anons here to give me the best WW2 games you know or played here. This is a list for both normalfags and anos, made in the same style as other /v/ lists, so it can be something that is obscure or mainstream, anything will do as long as it stays faithful to the WW2 setting, meaning no censored swastikas allowed unless there is a fan patch that fixes it. Games that are fun, but take too many liberties with the setting(alternative history, zombies ect.) can also be included, but will need it's own section Also, give a little summary of what genre the game is, the premise and gameplay mechanics. Not asking for a paragraph, just a pitch. Any game genre will do, it can be an RTS, it can be a TBS, it can be an FPS, it can be anything in between, but the game has to be focused on WW2 and be as true to reality of the war as it can be. Not aiming for a certain number of games, but the more games I can shove in here, better the chance people will pick up and play something decent instead of generic leftist slop like vanguard or BFV
(49.17 KB 1000x600 usethisflag.png)

Any game forced to censor swastikas should just use this flag instead.
(847.95 KB 480x480 Vanguard Guns1.webm)

(710.00 KB 480x480 Vanguard Guns2.webm)

Guns, you say.
I avoid WW2 games, actually. Hell, I even avoid any game that mentions WW2 or "nazis" in any way whatsoever. WW2 games tend to demonize National Socialists and Adolf Hitler. And by extension, also shaming Germans and any "white supremacists". Even though Adolf's party at its core just simply believed that Aryans should be proud of their race and culture. But of course, whites aren't allowed to have racial pride in Current Year + 7. Only blacks, jews, spics, asians, and minorities can be proud of their race. Not whites. The straw that broke the camel's back for me were those Wolfenstein games (The New Order & The New Colossus). Aside from depicting national socialists as mustache-twirling 2-dimensional evil strawmen, the REEEsistance fighters are a bunch of degenerates too. Everything from niggers, kikes, stronk feminists, racemixers, and traitors that join together in a multicult rainbow to defeat the ebil whiteys. This disgusting pro-diversity that you're seeing in CoD Vanguard is merely a continuation of WW2 anti-white propaganda that's been going on for decades. I won't judge you if you have fun playing WW2 games. To each their own. But for me, Antifags and (((journos))) poisoned the well hard with all this "punch a nazi" shit. Cuck devs who create WW2 games often have sympathies for Antifa, BLM, and commies that label any person they hate a "nazi" in order to justify committing violence against innocent people. So forgive me if I'm not super enthusiastic about playing Vanguard or any other agitprop game set in World War II.
(1.32 MB 1600x1200 Anal Assault.jpg)

Jesus Christ I get it, CoD sucks. That's not a new development. How about some actually good WW2 games?
(55.51 KB 640x480 Panzer General 2.jpg)

>>476741 >but I want anons here to give me the best WW2 games you know or played here. There were dozens of them throughout the 90s and 2000s, two random series I'd recommend are Sniper Elite and Panzer General, the latter is an old turn-based strategy wargame series. >>476792 shut up wehraboo
>>476810 >allied assault I love that game, even if the sniper town level gives me PTSD.
(769.98 KB 1080x1080 DoD_Source.png)

More fun than you can shake a stielhandgranate at. Shame it has ultimately been abandoned.
>>476871 Huh, either my webm didn't upload or I forgot to attach it.
>>476811 (wasted dubs) Kill yourself, kike.
(22.14 MB 640x360 Stolen Valor.mp4)

As an mp4 maybe?
Play silent storm, it does what vanguard tried to do but actually pulls it off, so you dont feel weird by seeing a cast of different peoples in WW2, besides, its a fun slav game. >>476873 >all of that butthurt
>>476836 >>476876 Oh man, this was one of the betster multiplayer game, maybe enemy territory was better but this is one of them up there. Atleast it isn't fully dead.
>>476877 Whenever I see Silent Storm mentioned it warms my heart, great team tactics game, a fully destructible environment and top notch voice acting, also one of the few games that lets you play as axis without demonizing them. It's slav jank so it has it's issues particularly one that some find to be most egregious but is still quite a good game.
>>476906 >Slavjank It's more solidly built from a technical and mechanical standpoint than any of the shit Firaxis puts out under the XCOM name.
>>476906 Zinaida best girl, her accent and broken english are super cute. Also, the game gets 100% better whe nyou get the mod that takes out the mechas and have it all be about soldiers fighting each other with late-war prototypes and weird tech.
>>476792 >It's okay, guys, this extremist dictatorship wasn't that bad Historical revisionist should burn in hell. They ruin the fun of history.
>>476997 You must have a very propagandised version of history.
>>477002 Only retards and post modern faggotss treat war as some sort of ultimate evil
>>477006 It ended up being a war that crippled europe for the rest of the 20th century and caused half of it to get swallowed by the soviet union, while the other half got shafted and became puppet states of the US, so congratulations to adolf.
>>477009 Sounds like most of the history of warfare in Europe to me.
Still don't entirely understand why people continue to get so upset about all this deconstruction and white washing (or black washing if you will) these idiots have been doing with WW2 lately. It's great for all the wrong reasons lol. Do you guys not understand that by messing with the narrative that's been carefully constructed around WW2 for the last 50 years. That all they are accomplishing is confusing people and muddying their own propaganda. Sure there's some media that have just turned all the old tropes up to a eleven (which in itself has it's own problems). But do you not understand the narrative confusion you cause people, when you call the axis most evil and racist people in human history. Only to go home, start up your WW2 game, be the allies and shoot at exclusively strong independent black females in Germany uniforms. It's hilarious and only just makes everything an unserious joke to people.
>>477014 The only reason it's being erased is because they're completed their cultural weapons like critcal theory to replace all history with a alienated, derascinated global consumer culture designed for the new oncoming race of raceless favela goblins.
>>477012 >>477006 >>476999 Jesus christ, just shut the fuck up already. See? these faggots don't let people enjoy history. They always think history is there to please their political mindset and give an autistic tantrum when they realise it isn't
(384.03 KB 591x581 1627584766057.png)

>>476741 every time I read one of those bios they sound exactly like something one of these jurnos from the jew york times would write
>>477017 That is some advanced pilpul lad I'll give you that. Always accuse your enemy of what you're doing.
>>476836 Considering how hard Valve is fucking up every single one of the games they are still actively updating, consider yourself lucky that this game has been abandoned by the devs.
(69.75 KB 900x900 waffle-ss.jpg)

Is there any WWII games that let you play as these fellows without any form of historical revisions because the pinwheel of peace is evil according to Germany?
>>476771 I find it hard to believe that someone would make this and think, hey I did a good job.
(15.38 KB 225x300 barbar.jpg)

The best one is stuck on the Super Famicom. They need to release a modern remake.
>>477018 I don't understand that headline, who's simona biles? Why did she spend all her life being second? She exceeded them so it means she got 1st right? I get no correct information from it? >>476836 TELEFONMASTA
>>477006 Because the World Wars were a good thing, it was a good thing that Europe sent the cream of the crop of their young men to die in the trenches instead of maintaining their culture. It was a good thing that the only ones left were deformed freaks and women and the few good men who did survive were too demoralized to fight against the shit transforming their country. "War is glorious" is a kike lie designed to make goyim die in their banker's wars.
>>477666 please apply that to any other European war.
(26.02 KB 156x467 sadhit.jpg)

On the bright side, even if you're stupid enough to play it, it's only 4 hours long. Modern 'cultural sensitivity' (read: 'retarded revisionist faggotry') being what it is has modern devs bending over to not have 'dur ebul swastikas' (cos ironically some black lines will make racists happy) and snarkily neutering the Nazis by painting them as easily defeated buffoons while simultaneously being the biggest bads ever you guise seriozlee. It's all just so fucking tiresome. >"Oh noes little Timmy can't play as an imaginary jew killer what if he became literally Hitler 2?!" It's marvellous how a generation of fuckheads who grew up playing games with Nazis in them now loose their bowels in horror at the notion of their kids seeing the same or similar. Must have some shitty, weak kids there to go along with their mongoloided parents. I hope for a protracted rectal-infection based demise for all agenda pushing cunts who'd censor history into an anodyne mush where only the 'good guys' win, it's repulsive that they try, it's heartening that they fail. Rather than making something that might challenge a person to think, they instead Ainsley in some current year+7 anachronistic bullshit so you've got half-shave stronks and mouthy niggers *not* getting immediately shot in the head when they do something utterly retarded or saying some shit only a 2021 retard would ever think would fly. >>477206 If there is I'm wagering hard on 'Only old as fuck/indie ones'.
>>477206 There's a lot of problems with that, even many right-thinking overall and not hysterical developers that made games that weren't censored to hell were temporally placed in a much harder time to become aware that WW2 was a fucking disaster and Hitler did only one thing wrong lose. So at best you still won't get an accurate retelling of the heroic German stand against the globalists and the kikes like the world deserves.
>>477206 Wolfenstone or Silent Storm are the ones coming to mind
(557.09 KB 1920x1080 Double Barrelled.png)

>>477224 You'd think someone would pipe up when this is that's happening.
>>477728 So it's a sawn-off shotgu-pistol with a rifle stock and a fucking modern tactical scope? Oh and of course gotta make it two handled, cos.... um.
>>477728 I guess the team's order was make the customization shit because people expect it/they needed it for the battle royale mode, and not that any of it needed to made sense for their "immersive" WW2 game.
>>477728 Really it needs a drum mag and a pair of silencers to truly achieve greatness.
(440.51 KB 1920x1080 pistol.png)

(527.73 KB 1920x1080 grip longer than barrel.png)

>>477732 Okay, but what the fuck is this then?
>>477734 >but what the fuck is this then Something that should be spoilered.
>>477734 >Payday WW2
(20.29 KB 539x302 badpis.jpg)

>>477734 Just look at that second abomination, how are you even supposed to reach the front grip around that mag?
>>476792 You're being melodramatic. 90% of anything in a genre is shit anyway. You're just tainting your perspective on the quality of the genre with your personal bias for Germany. There are plenty of games which take a neutral stance, even when you play a non-German campaign. Most Slav games like SHoWW2 and the already mentioned Silent Storm do this, despite Russian "muh great patriotic war" propaganda. Older Western games that aren't derivative of Call of Duty or Medal of Honor (i.e. aren't inspired by Hollywood) also tend to be pretty subdued. >>477682 >any other European war You mean the ones which didn't involve total war doctrine with technology and resources advanced enough to level entire cities, yet too shitty to hit the few factories they were actually targeting making the mass destruction necessary in the first place? The idea that any other war is remotely comparable is a total joke.
>>477795 Again everyone gets hung up on the tech like it was a major factor. Europe has been for more depopulated in the past with far less.
(169.40 KB 1024x683 Muzzle Flash.jpg)

>>477755 >>477734 I'm sure nothing will go wrong with that weapon. Your hands are perfectly safe! Just be careful about Garand Thumb though Mr Redditor! ahah
>>478648 Not over the span of only a few years. When your war lasts more than an entire generation then your population actually has time to replenish.
>>477743 I don't even think Payday was this bad. It was very cursed, sure, but I don't think it went this far.
>>476771 >Sporterized Arisaka I HATE FUDDS I HATE FUDDS I HATE FUDDS
>>478902 The arisaka is shit anyways like all jap weapons, so good riddance.
(1.76 MB 1280x720 Payday_2_Guns.webm)

(2.61 MB 1280x720 Payday_2_Guns_2.webm)

(3.09 MB 1280x720 Tarkov_Guns.webm)

>>478836 >Payday 2 guns >decide to look it up >see the guns in Tarkov as well when searching Good fucking lord.
>>478920 >multiple fucking scopes
WW2 is overrated, I prefer the original
(100.88 KB 1280x406 Protector.png)

(314.98 KB 1920x1080 Eagle.jpg)

(1.36 MB 1281x718 big dick eagle.png)

(173.75 KB 1360x768 Sniper Eagle.jpg)

>>478920 Payday 2 is famous for its batshit weapon customization. You can turn any gun into anything. An AR can act like an SMG, battle rifle, sniper rifle, LMG or whatever. These are all the same gun. It's not even one of the more modular ones.
(275.23 KB 406x728 REMOVE.png)

(162.94 KB 1920x1080 1493324332.jpg)

>>478920 Wew, those examples are tame for how insane PD2 weapons can get. Half the time a highly modded weapon will look like something out of Borderlands. Tarkov is one of the few games that match it for the absurdity of weapon mods. >>478935 >An AR can act like an SMG, battle rifle, sniper rifle, LMG or whatever >not even mentioning how you can turn a revolver into a fucking rocket launcher
>>478945 >Taurus Judge >Rocket launcher >Massive-frame mounted suppressor just to install optics & a laser-light combo Holy fucking shit.
>>478906 >the arisaka is shit Compared to what? A modern rifle? Because back in the day that shit was pretty much the best in all of asia/russia and was even ahead of many american/european firearms in use at the time. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=vbWOni8dGq8 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=beDlh_1tBHE
>>478935 >>478945 Such horrible sights I must behold.
Are there any non-pozzed ww2 games in which there's a german campaign?
>>479026 >silent storm >blitzkireg games >panzer commander >iron front: liberation >codename:panzers >any silent hunter >any of the IL-2 games
(84.98 KB 400x346 16464654621315687.png)

>>478920 >that Mateba
>>478920 >abomination short barrel Barrett .50 BMG >clearly still bolt action, so utterly unusable in this state There's the fucking GM6 Lynx, for fuck's sake, if they wanted to have a smaller .50cal. It's semi-auto, even.
Where are the Korean War video games? Lets you include all the late war stuff everywhere and reuse tons of assets. >>478906 Had a chrome lined barrel on even last ditch guns. Best bolt action of war.
>>479184 >Where are the Korean war video games. Most Burgers forget there was ever a war in Korea in the first place, other than that, with how much Tencent has their finger in every pie, do you really think we'd get a game where you mow down Chicoms en masse?
>>479208 They would let there be a Korean war but only from the perspective of "China totally won this war" perspective, despite them losing twice as many troops and it effectively being a stalemate. The bugmen released a movie recently which was about how they bravely all ran forward and died for the glorius ccp
>>479112 Dox is one x, not two
anyone have those seinfeld edits of that shit ww2 game
>>479356 Wow, that's a pretty good impression of a fart huffing Redditer, Anon.
(3.69 KB 370x244 reddit.png)

>>479356 You're such a fucking faggot that you made me enter this thread to call you one.
(138.75 KB 800x1119 index.jpg)

>>479356 Which is better, that or the Great Escape? I haven't played either of them.
>>478714 It doesn't because of all of the other fallout generated by war lad. You forget mechanisation works both ways it improves productivity as well as destructivity.
>>479356 >Watching keyholes the game No
So anyone playing Company of Heroes or Men of War?
Why is the MP40 so good in every video game where you can use one? Perfect mix of fire rate, accuracy, power, and clip size.
>>479505 >anyone playing Company of Heroes? Everyday, both comp stomps and PvP, just too fucking fun even with the balance issues. >>479533 I'm more into the StG44 or the FG42 myself.
>>479533 Because it was good in the RL. The Thompson was known for being way too heavy for what it was, and .45 has shittier ballistics. You don't need a lot of stopping power on the battlefield. It's why NATO uses 5.56mm now. >>479535 The StG44 is a wunderwaffe in Red Orchestra, on the few maps that the Germans can field it. >>479500 Mechanization doesn't cause people to have babies and become 18 years of age faster (yet). Unless I'm mistaken there just weren't events like Dresden or the firebombing of Tokyo happening several times in less than 3 years. It should have been fairly obvious from the word generation that I was talking about manpower but you chose to ignore that because it makes you look incorrect.
(91.05 KB 1280x720 7.62.jpg)

>>479590 >Muh 5.56 Gay shit
>>479601 Carrying half the ammo you'd be able to carry otherwise into battle is also pretty gay anon.
>>478955 >>479184 >best Excuse me but thats not the caracano M38. >>479601 >had it not been by the arrogance of the USA with their shitty M14 and the autism of the french, all of NATO would have used the FAL What a sad state of affairs.
>>479603 What's the point of carrying all that ammo if you can't hit shit?
>>479607 >conflating range with accuracy I don't know, ask every dominant military in the modern world. There's a reason marksmanship is such an important doctrine in the US military right now. Gotta defend Israel.
>>479643 I thought the most important doctrine in the US military is having two moms
>>479535 >StG44 What games even have that gun? I know Allied assault has it but you get it for like the last level of the campaign. >>479533 >MP40 its a good gun I just dont think it looks as cool as the Thompson. I am also just not that interested in sub machine guns.
>>479692 >What games even have that gun? Every single one, some games will even feature early prototype variants like the MkB42 and the MP43 just to feature it.
>>479533 >clip
(151.99 KB 800x1132 Silent Storm.jpg)

>The thread devolves into political shitposting because nigsocs can't accept that reality doesn't adhere to their garbage fantasy If you want a game where Hitler and his entourage of retards are the good guys then go and make it. Now, play Silent Storm, and post games where you kill lots of krauts.
(114.88 KB 803x535 gasmasks.jpg)

>>478932 Both are incredibly interesting albeit saddening.
>>479883 Why has there never been a world war 2 game about the brave allied airmen who risked their lives bombing defenseless civilians? I mean, I would think the Chinese would love to have a game where you burn Japanese children with incendiary bombs so I’m surprised they’ve never explored that avenue. And I mean, the burgers just think every German is a “Nazi” anyway, so why haven’t they ever made a game where you can gib families with high explosives?
>>479917 Whenever i see this bullshit argument i cant help but think. >bombs others >gets mad when others bomb them
>>479920 What argument? I’m agreeing with you. We should have eradicated every last kraut and jap from the face of the earth. Even babies in cribs, even fetuses in their mother’s wombs. Hell, even so called “German-Americans” and “Japanese-Americans” should have been culled just to be sure, I mean, we already rounded up the Japs so it’s not like it would have been hard. Oh, and the Italians, Romanians, and Finns too. They’re all evil, and it’s not immoral to eradicate evil.
(150.78 KB 1058x1059 yazov hard truth.jpg)

>>479925 Since your comment wasnt some neat yazovposting, im pretty sure you can only be a butthurt wehraboo.
>>479925 >We should have eradicated every last kraut This but unironically.
>>479925 If you totally eradicate evil, the standard for evil changes and you end up with a new evil to eradicate. Eventually, the population that's left is too small to sustain purist ideals and either fragments into two polar factions that each think the other is evil and needs to be eradicated or gets eradicated by external forces. Sovietism doesn't work.
>>479917 >the brave allied airmen who risked their lives bombing defenseless civilians Let me guess, you also believe the japanese concentration camps on california were comparable to Auschwitz, don't you?
>>480091 They were worse. Reminder the Germans truly held a belief jews, Jehovah witnesses and fags were deviants that needed to be contained while FDR and the Democrat party knew their claims were bullshit to the point they had to actively suppress evidence from the FBI and naval intelligence that proved there was no danger.
>>480146 Reminder that the true fate of WW2 was decided by a martial arts tournament on a remote east asian island fought by female representatives from each major country fighting in the war and the nazis lost because their Sexy Shewolves were too busy fondling France's F-cup Force to notice America's Aerobic Amazons until it was too late.
>>480146 Nazi Germany was also trying to suppress information about the camps. The difference is, that they had an entire populace which was pretty much okay with killing the undesirable groups, or at least were too focused on their bread and circuses to really give a shit.
>>479917 >Dresden simulator I want to see that just to see how much butthurt that would create. I want to live in a world where games about killing kikes in ovens are followed by games about properly frying a kraut. I want the sensibilities of both the jews and the nigsocs to be completely broken and their holy cows slaughtered.
>>480208 It just sounds like you want a world where nothing is sacred. It's a sign of a fundamentally diseased society that there are elements more dissolute and degenerate than anons.
>>479533 The rtcw and enemy territory has the best mp40/thompson dynamic, one hard hitter and slower rate, other higher rate but slightly lower accuracy. People picking up other weapons of enemies on both sides show how much good each weapon is in their own regard
>>480197 That sounds almost like DoA. please tell me its a real game.
>>480293 not to my knowledge, I was thinking of DoA and the movie The Lost Empire when making that post.
(173.55 KB 582x831 America_2D.jpg)

(90.68 KB 700x1107 nazi ass.jpg)

>>480299 >There is no fighting game about Big titty aryan girls in nazi bikinis fighting Big American titties in American flag bikinis. Why is the world so shit?
>>480306 Would be probably more historically accurate than Vanguard.
>>480306 The world's waiting on you to make it happen, anon.
>>480403 If Kiss of War exists, why not a WWII Senran Kagura?
>>480258 Yes, fuck things being sacred and not criticized. Nothing should be sacred, it's just used as an excuse for people to not take a look at themselves.
>>479590 No it creates bigger surpluses faster that allow for longer and more sustained baby booms. My point is even if a war lasts more than ten years overall the population still falls. In total the hundred years war took far more of the population than ww2. Wars create deficits and you cannot grow a population on a deficit no matter how long it lasts.
>>479643 Range and accuracy work in tandem.
when will we get a movie about how black women won ww2?
>>480306 >flag code violation disrespectful

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