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(3.67 MB 5312x2988 20180708_205240.jpg)

Anonymous 11/29/2021 (Mon) 21:30:17 Id: c0ccaa No. 480717
I need a new controller for my PC. Mine has been thrown and bashed against the desk so many times over the years that I don't know how much longer it's going to last. It barely stays together these days. The vibration modules have both fallen out. I prefer a wired controller, but will consider wireless. The last wireless peripherals I had was like 20 years ago and I didn't like the latency, but perhaps that's improved. I really like the Xbox controller design, feel, and compatibility with my games, but I can't find my model anymore unless I wait 4 weeks for shipping even from Amazon. I rely on the autism of /v/ to recommend me the best controller.
Im currently using a razer wolverine V2 and i find it excelent, its like an xbone controller +.
(55.93 KB 245x585 Valve Drones.PNG)

I bought a Dualshock 3 for 40 bucks off ebay and using SCP Toolkit so it detects it as a 360 controller. Absolutely no complaints, been using it for years. Best grip out of any controller.
Is it worth buying a ps5 controller? How many PC games support the adaptive triggers thing??
>>480762 None, far as i'm concerned SCP toolkit doesn't even support that feature yet. Just a buy a PS4 controller.
(13.45 KB 385x344 xbox controller s.jpg)

(52.37 KB 1029x943 wii u pro controller.jpg)

>>480717 The Wii U Pro controller is similar to the Xbox 360 controller but I don't know if it works on PC. The original Xbox Controller S is common & also similar to the 360 controller although it doesn't have the shoulder buttons above the triggers.
>>480717 >I really like the Xbox controller design, feel, and compatibility with my games Same here. I got a sexbox 1 controller about 2 years ago (when my 360 controller needed to be retired) and that has worked for me without issues (providing you don't need to worry about the dpad). Gaystation controllers always felt uncomfortable to me. A word of warning though against the xbox one Duke remake (if you come across it), they have a tendency to made like shit and never last long. Which is a damn shame.

(167.13 KB 1280x720 controllers.jpg)

>>480717 >I need a new controller Xbox series controller /w receiver. From what I've tried, the d-pad is better than the one in the xbox one controller, it's not a proper rolling d-pad, but the circular design does give you more thumb relief. >I prefer a wired controller, but will consider wireless. The last wireless peripherals I had was like 20 years ago and I didn't like the latency, but perhaps that's improved. Bluetooth still has some lag to it, it's usable but not ideal, which is why you want a controller that comes with its own receiver for wireless use. https://rpubs.com/misteraddons/inputlatency I'm looking for additions to my collection of plastic. If there's anything that's different enough to justify getting it, do tell. >best controller Logitech F310. Rolling d-pads are superior, suck it cross d-pad faggots.
>>480764 I know some PC games support them, like Metro Exodus
>>480717 >>480781 I can very much agree when it comes to the D-pad I'v always had a preference for Xbox controllers since the 360, but i'v never felt the D-Pads were particularly great. but I can fully recommend this one based entirely on how good the D-Pad Feels. I was able to smoothly No Damage the first Phase of Mundus in DMC1 "The Control stick movement controls are inverted, the D-Pad is the only way to play the fight un-inverted" Diagonals on this are far better then any other D-Pad I can think of.
>>480792 >"Took Damage" I picked the wrong file to webm... oh well.
>>480781 >best controller >Logitech F310. Ignore this poor nigger >Rolling d-pads are superior Enjoy the directions not registering after long term use. <b-but it never happened to me You never used it enough
(281.74 KB 720x479 ftdxminicon_001_cs1w1_720x.jpg)

>>480764 >Just a buy a PS4 controller. Yeah, I prefer the DS4 the most out of modern controllers - but after using DS4 extensively on my PC and Xbox One controllers on my laptop - I'd have to only recommend the Xbox One controller. It's got far better compatibility with the widest range of games out of the box, and even with solutions like DS4Windows and it's various forks all tending to have issues that I can't seem to shake no matter what settings I use in the DS4win program, the game, or in Steam - at least when used wirelessly. Coincidentally, I don't have any controllers for my PS4 or Xbox One anymore. I really should just disconnect them at this point. DS3 may be a good solution. I haven't used one, but people tend to recommend them highly - but I would avoid Xbox 360 controllers. 360 controllers were absolutely godawful in build quality - even on official controllers. The triggers go unresponsive, the rubber on the sticks peels off, and the stick themselves have a bad problem with developing drift. My original DualShock, N64, DualShock 2, Dreamcast, Duke, NGC & Keyboard Combo, Wii Nunchuck, PSP, PSVita, 3DS, Xbox One, and DS4 controllers all are still in good shape despite heavy use. The only controllers I ever had consistent problems with are 360 pads and my Switch Joycons.
>>480806 >N64 controller still in good shape Their build quality is good, but I refuse to believe the control stick is still in good shape because that's one of the first things that goes down. Same with the Gamecube controller's joystick
(20.69 KB 466x412 joy-toys.jpg)

>>480805 Shove 'em up your asshole kike.
>>480781 >receiver Last time I checked it works only with Windows 10. It can work on Linux with custom drivers and some tinkering. It's much better to just buy a standalone xbox one controller and connect it to PC with USB-cUSB cable. That way you have a wired controller that will work right away and have no lag.
(25.06 KB 600x360 adux_2006_3072826.jpg)

>>480816 That's probably because I never played Golden Eye or Perfect Dark on it. It was mostly a Mario Kart/Mario 64 & Zelda machine for me. As for the GameCube, I put it's controllers through some heavy abuse with around 8,000+ hours of Phantasy Star Online as well as a bunch of other games - and they held up remarkably well. Especially the ASCII Keyboard/Controller combo that wound up being so comfortable to use that it became my primary driver. Also, I really need to get a Guitar Hero controller for my PC sometime.
Just use a keyboard anon.
>>480781 >Bluetooth still has some lag to it, If it has lag, it will not be usable for me. I can detect the slightest latency in anything. I am one of those people who can see a difference between 60 and 90 fps. Not saying I am superhuman, but most people can't and I would argue that most people wouldn't notice input lag when I would.
>>480740 >razer wolverine V2 Lots of reviews on Amazon complaining about buttons sticking, especially the shoulder buttons. It has some of the better ratings compared to what I've seen, but I am going to keep looking for one that has even better ratings.
>>480834 >Windows 10 I use Windows 7 and don't plan on upgrading any time soon, so that will be an issue for me.
>>480836 >Also, I really need to get a Guitar Hero controller for my PC sometime. All the wired Xbox guitars should work fine without problems.
>>480844 Ive had it for half a year now and havent had any problems with it.
(500.34 KB 2560x1710 SMX.jpg)

>>480717 >>480845 Yeah the nubawx controller doesn't fly on 7, what you want is an EasySMX, I was in your position about 6 months ago and bought one after pouring over every other option out there, it's very close to an Xbawx controller, all the usual shit in the right places, very slightly smaller, no sticky, shonky or unresponsive buttons, triggers or bumpers, they're cheap too (in comparison to the robbing bastards trying to sell refurbished ones for $200) good and sturdy (stop being a nigger throwing your controllers around) its only downside is the blue light ring in the middle is BRIGHT AS FUCK hence the tape. I've had a litany of shitty, cheap controllers this one is actually decent.
>>480717 >Mine has been thrown and bashed against the desk Why do spergs have such a hard time controlling their emotions?
>>480964 >first-print Gamecube controller Is it Made in Japan? That's what I noticed when comparing Gamecube revisions. >DOL-001 set: Made in Japan >DOL-101 set: Made in China
>>480781 A few months ago I bought the controller, as well as a generic USB_Bluetooth stick for the PC. It has worked like a charm up until now, when I would activate the controller, get 2-5 minutes of it working then suddenly shutting down(even if I am a few inches away from the Bluetooth receiver). I would then turn it back on, and it would immediately turn off. It's not the batteries, since I recently replaced them, and in that case I had a different indication(it would turn on, then flash, then turn off). The only "fix" I found is to connect it with a USB to the PC(which works fine, but it's a short cable so it's not preferable), and after a certain amount of time, I can simply disconnect the USB, and the bluetooth will work again fro a few more minutes, then I have to restart the process. The only explanation I could find, is that I need to update the firmware, but apparently I need "Xbox Accessories", and for that I have to make a MS account, which I do not want. Searched for alternative free downloads, all of them linked back to the MS store. You might say I need a special MS Bluetooth receiver at 60+ dollars, but for months this generic Bluetooth device has worked like a charm, so I doubt that would solve it. Have you had this problem as well? Is it the firmware, and if yes, how can I get MS Accessories, without making an account. or how can I directly download the latest firmware?
>>480964 >It honestly depends. I don't understand the rage around the "rolling D-pads" for the Sega systems, The dpads on Genesis and Saturn controllers are "rolling dpads" done right. The Logitrash rolling pads are floaty and will wear out after prolonged use. Happened to me with two of them.
>>480717 Isn't Steam patenting a new controller? Kinda curious to see what weird shit they'll make this time. But yeah like the other anons said there's plenty of good/decent used Micro-cock Xbox controllers and Soyny Dual shocks out there, also plenty of knock offs too some of which are actually superior compared to the big name brands.
>>481060 Who is Gozal?
>>480758 Same, been using my ps3 controllers ever since my ps3 broke.
(234.75 KB 500x553 eec.png)

>>480717 >Mine has been thrown and bashed against the desk so many times I will never understand you homosexual idiots that don't know how to control your own emotions well enough to not break your shit.
>>480841 I'm pretty sensitive to lag and I have no issues using BT with my Xbox and DS4 controllers. Though your mileage may vary based on your BT adapter and any potential interference in your room.
Dualshock is less noisy and has better bumpers. Triggers are alright, grip is bad, actually everything else sucks. Xbone controller has loud buttons, bad bumpers and grip could be better. I can only compare xbone controller and DS4. There's probably a better controller than these two but using DS4 unless you have to makes no sense to me and xbone controller is servicable.
I have not ever used the DS4, but I played on an Xbone recently, the controller was dogshit. The plastic was so cheap, slippery, and strangely textured It felt like such chinkware, the aesthetic tries to make it look modern and futuristic but once you feel it in your hands it feels like absolute dogshit
>>480717 >Mine has been thrown and bashed against the desk so many times over the years Chimp.
>>480973 Disregard everything I just said, I suck cocks, apparently the "new" batteries I had recently used, weren't actually full, but almost empty.
(123.01 KB 1224x1200 Jesus loves even us.jpeg)

>>480717 >I need a new controller for my PC. Mine has been thrown and bashed against the desk so many times over the years You don't need a new controller, you need Jesus.
PowerA controllers from gamestop are surprisingly good for how cheap they are
>>480717 >Mine has been thrown and bashed against the desk so many times over the years you dont deserve a new controller
>>480834 >you have a wired controller that will work right away I've had bad luck with my Xbox Series controllers on Linux, both wired and with the wireless adapter. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Sometimes it works partially but the analog triggers don't do anything. The same controllers work flawlessly with the USB cable on Windows 8.1 and 10. The wireless adapter is a pain to get working on 8.1 but it's possible. It works better on 10 but the connection isn't 100% reliable. I'm only ~10 feet away, and the controller has line of sight with the adapter, but the connection still drops occasionally. TLDR I wish I stuck with 360 gamepads, despite the shitty d-pads
>>481385 You fucking clown.
(71.95 KB 908x698 61ctfFQjHlL._AC_SL1000_.jpg)

OP here: This is the one I got back in 2016: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004QRKWLA Pic related. Why the fuck can't I find this anywhere?
>>481836 That doesn't have an ass rape price
>>480717 >Mine has been thrown and bashed against the desk so many times over the years that I don't know how much longer it's going to last Are you a nigger, OP? Learn to control yourself, you retarded sped.
>>480845 If you plug it with a USB to USBc cable, xbox one controller will work on 7 too. If you are in the U.S., most big box retailers sell it for around $50.00, but it can be found used for less. I use xbox one controller with cable on windows 7 and linux mint without any issues. >>481736 What distro are you using? With cable it works on linux mint without any hassle. Worst I had to do is unplug the cable and plug it in again, but that happens once every six months at most. I did not have any issues when I was messing with Endeavor and SteamOS either, other than having to do somethings manually on Endeavor.
>>481836 >Why the fuck can't I find this anywhere? Microsoft probably doesn't manufacture them anymore. You're gonna have to start looking at chinkshit reproductions. I saw a bunch on Amazon for around $17 each. If you go on AliExpress you can find them for around $10 each I'm pretty sure
>>481952 >What distro are you using? I tried Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu and Xubuntu 20.04.3 and 21.10. I think I'm going to migrate back to 360 gamepads. The USB Type C port on my main Series controller is getting loose anyway. I have to replug it a bunch of times every session. Wish I just stuck with hardwired controllers this whole time
(60.35 KB 1500x1116 81EViq8VZNL._SL1500_.jpg)

(100.52 KB 1450x1500 711x1KNRchL._SL1500_.jpg)

>>481583 I had these two and both stopped working after roughly a year of use, i never dropped them or pulled on the cable, i never even disconnected them from my PS3/PC either, so i guess something inside just broke. Still for $20 they're alright, pretty sure they're around $40 now, in which case you're better off getting a dualshock 4 (which i did).
(187.71 KB 850x850 Bored Kiki.jpg)

>>481836 Have you looked on eBay? There are some on there cheaper than amazon. If the joysticks are worn out, just get replacement ones and fix the controller yourself. Don't throw it around & bash it on the desk again.
(1.47 MB 1500x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.06 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(139.63 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)

(537.07 KB 1388x815 ClipboardImage.png)

Get the Hori Switch Gamecube-style Pro Controller. Cheap, sturdy, easy to find, incredibly well-made product.
>>483599 I might have to get one of these for my pc.
>>483599 i got excited for a moment, then i took a closer look. what the fuck is that retarded-ass button configuration???
>>483684 The extra buttons for Switch functions?
>>483685 i am talking about where the A B X Y buttons are. that is some retard shit
>>483687 Yeah, that was the Gamecube layout but Smash pedos swear by it.
>>483684 think of it like a 4 button genesis controller
>>483687 >he's never played on a gamecube I feel sorry for you
>>483684 It's relatively comfy for most games, not a lot of travel between buttons and the idea that you do end up pressing one button way more than others is real enough. Should buy a 10 dollar chink-troller from a gamestop or something so you can give it a try.
>>483599 I hate the Gamecube controller, only retarded kids whose religious parents only bought Nintendo for its family-friendly image have nostalgia for this junk controller.
>Mine has been thrown and bashed against the desk so many times over the years that I don't know how much longer it's going to last are you a nigger or something?
i'm still rocking my wired Xbox 360 controller from like well over 10 years ago. Also you are a massive faggot for smashing your shit.
>>481836 >>481838 Microjew stopped making them so now it's battle of the knock-offs, if you can find an EasySMX they're a solid replacement.
>>486300 Run a needle down the seams and watch a brown noodle snake of dead skin fly out.
>>483425 Huh, I've been using mine for over a year and half almost everyday and it's still going strong. A button is getting worn out but hasn't started sticking yet. Aside from the original wired 360 controller this has been the longest lasting one I've had. Never owned a DS4 because I hate the layout but they seem to be universally recommended.
(58.41 KB 800x455 Snatcher-Xmas-Banner.jpg)

>>480845 >Windows 7 Back before I switched to linux I used Win7 and refused to downgrade to 10. Unfortunately what >>481952 says is wrong, even if you connect it with a USB you won't be able to use an Xbone controller on Win7 because Microjew removed the drivers from their website, instead hiding them in a Win10 update that you can't get. In case any anons need this, here's the driver and it'll work fine on Win7. https://anonfiles.com/ja2evfp5vc/XBOX_ONE_CONTROLLER_DRIVER_WIN_7_-_xb1usb.11059.0.140526x64_msi I actually prefer the Xbone pad over the 360 one. The d-pad is way better and it feels sturdier. I don't know why I've had this experience when everyone seems to think the 360 pad is the go-to controller for PC, but I've owned 2 separate real 360 pads and both have gotten buttons that refuse to register and sticks that end up drifting after about a year of use. My Xbone controller, however, has been going strong for a few years now. And wired it works perfectly on linux. In addition to that I have a Dualshock 4 for when I feel like I'd rather have a gaystation controller layout or if I'm emulating playstation games. I've also got an iBuffalo SNES controller and an 8bitdo M30 Sega Saturn-like controller for emualation. Both work great when connected wired (I don't really care for wireless), I think 8bitdo doesn't have the greatest reputation but it works great, same with the iBuffalo. >>483599 This intrigues me as well, I might buy one and try it out. I've also thought that I should try finding a USB N64 controller because having a gamepad that's accurate to the console I'm emulating is important to me for some reason.
>>486375 >360 a shit It was always the bumpers that crapped out on me.
>>486375 D-pad being better is irrelevant when every other aspect of the controller is dogshit
I hate how the Xbox controller has become the default for PC gaming. Not only does the layout sucks, but basically nothing else works on most games now without jerryrigging the shit out of your input system with adapters and all sorts of shady third-party software.
>buy xbox series controller >open package >"the fuck is this? a controller for ants?" >play for 10min before fingers start hurting >return Why is it so small? My hands are on the bigger side, but still in the normal range for an adult man... Was that controller made for women and kids? Why is there just one size?
>>487109 It's too small even for small women. It's very likely because of kids.
>>480838 but then how do I play car racing games like Dirt Rally 2 with a keyboard? I wanna pretend I am in Rallying
(100.12 KB 613x600 SL-6695-BKOR-01.png)

>>487170 >I wanna pretend I am in Rallying GET A WHEEL, NIGGER!
>>487228 I spent all my money on hiking boots, pretty comfy. Using my brother's xbox controller that he never uses except when he comes down because he is in university some 400 miles away.
>>487228 So that wheel is supposed to look like a vaguely tan-skinned man whose face has been tortured into the shape of a wheel, like some shitty modernist parody of that cartoon about a kid who turned into a car when he got wet, right?
>>489990 >Are the triggers analog on the WiiU Pro controller? No.
(2.80 MB 2039x2103 flip it flup it.jpg)

Just get a Wii Classic Controller (Vanilla) if you want analogue shoulder buttons and a good dpad, and for anything below PS1, get the SNES wii/mini controller with an ELECOM usb adaptor
>>505064 Or you get the $30 ibuffalo one, which is plug-and-play and of excellent quality, it used to be cheaper until """retro""" soytubers made it popular.
>>505064 The SNES doesn't have analog triggers though.
>>505320 Buffalo pads suck ass, and on shitchan they have constant 8bitdoodoo shills.
>>480717 Here's the sensible advice: If you just want something cheap and wired for PC get a Logitech F310 which supports xinput or dinput, but if no rumble feature or the swivel d-pad on the F310 is a deal breaker get a wired Xbox One controller for a bit more money. That said, I'm currently using Dualsense controllers now with DS4Windows. Previously used Dualshock 4 controllers with DS4Windows. The Dualsense seems to have better battery life, moderately better ergonomics, improved rumble, vastly better wired connection (with type-c instead of shitty micro-b that the Dualshock 4 had). The idea was to eventually have four different colored Dualsense controllers to replace my four different colored Dualshock 4 controllers, but I only have two Dualsense controllers and I've ordered a third one this month. The color choices are limited though and it's potentially going to take ages before the newer Dualsense colors are in good enough stock to get the fourth one. Might just have to resort to a shell replacement to get a fourth color.
>>505351 How are the dualsense sweat and heart-rate sensors? Are you broadcasting it directly to soyny headquarters or is it a PS5 exclusive spyware?
>>505399 I believe the drivers for it are open source and in the Linux kernel so if they were doing such a thing it would be caught pretty quickly. But maybe I'm wrong.
Its been said that there are no real feasible options for PC gaming, everyone of these modern controllers has something that ruins the experience. Dualshock 4 - Terrible battery Life, bad triggers and so and so dpad Dualsense - Terrible sync SeX BoX - BAD face buttons with fricking dead zones and drift. Switch Pro - WORST DPAD EVER, drifting, No Anslogue triggers, OVERPRICED.
>>505478 DS4 works pretty well in my experience, fully charged battery life is several hours, triggers are fine imo. My only negative experience was I had one where playing like 500 hours of soulslikes on one made the left analog lose sensitivity. I replaced that and put in about as much time on it afterward and haven't had the problem again yet or any new ones.
Anyone have the Retrobit Sega Saturn controllers (Wired, 2.4g & bluetooth)? Tried the 8bitdo M30 and aside from the usual spastic dpad inputs it was also way too small, looking for a good controller to use with Mednafen so hoping Retrobit's are atleast more serviceable
(7.94 KB 259x194 images (4).jpeg)

>not a single mention of the best controller ever made
>>505561 Duke is the worst aspects of every controller combined into one.
>>505572 He's letting us know he has large hands, and by extension a large benis ;D. I'm a cheap ass nigga and I've seen tons of DS2s for ~$10 in good condition, a DS2 usb dongle is like $15. Any third party clone controller is going to be around that price but completely shit quality. DS3s are all broken and expensive, DS4s and Dual Sense are for gay sonyggers. OG xbox controllers are impossible to find with the dongle and the pots go to shit.
>>505572 >"I have tiny baby hands and can't hold a MAN's controller"
>>505641 >convex thumbsticks Also I'm a woman
>>505644 You will never be a woman
>>505641 >>505561 I don't care about the size, what I care about is that the controller is asymmetrical. Are your hands asymmetrical? Is one of your thumbs way higher or lower on your hand than the other? If you're saying a bigger controller is for bigger hands, that means an asymmetrical controller is for asymmetrical hands.
>>505672 >asymmetrical Nigger, your hands hold the controller, your fingers are in different places. The left stick is for movement in most cases, the right stick for camera movement. Having them be positioned exactly the same way clearly creates some kind of disorientation or discomfort as literally every controller with two sticks has that kind of layout where the left stick is high and the right stick is low.
>>505694 >Having them be positioned exactly the same way clearly creates some kind of disorientation or discomfort as literally every controller with two sticks has that kind of layout where the left stick is high and the right stick is low. Sony controllers don't. And sony controllers feel fine to use. There is literally no difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical thumbsticks besides just being used to one or the other.
>>505695 >sony controllers don't Damn, you're right I could've sworn they had used the same set up but I guess I forgot Fair enough then, I'll concede that point, though I remember not caring for PS controllers as much personally; that might have something to do with it
>>505696 If you've only ever used Xbox controllers it's extremely uncomfortable to switch the thumbstick positions. But it's not inherently uncomfortable. I got used to it and now I prefer it, but it really just doesn't matter at all.
>>505694 This "logic" is for shitters that only play a few genres that don't use the D-pad. Playing 2D platformers or fighting games with a (non-arcade) joystick is unbearable. I also prefer plenty of other games with a D-pad. I was used to D-pads before analog joysticks became popular, and didn't switch until I was forced. But playing an Xbox is forcing you to never use the D-pad for anything substantial, because Xbox D-pads are absolutely god awful across the generations. But even if you're an Xboxfag that only plays the few genres that were popular on that console, I don't get it. Xboxfags play FPS games, don't they? So wouldn't their hands be on both sticks most of the time, moving away from them only occasionally? So they should be symmetrical. >>505695 The Wii U's controllers are also symmetrical, and better for it. I don't care if the joysticks are above the buttons or below. The point is they're the same because my hands are the same. >>505700 If you've only ever used Xbox controllers it means you never played video games until after the Xbox came out, and also that you have shit taste. These people should be banned.
>>486528 You can blame that, strangely, on how Vista failed. MS pretty much gave up on PC gaming at that time, including supporting the DirectX API's. One of the lazy hacks MS did for the Xbox 360 controller is combine the triggers into one centered axis when using DirectInput, because DirectInput assumes all axes to be at center at device creation time. On Xinput, the triggers are at 0, and are separate axes.
(7.07 KB 300x269 rc dongle.jpg)

(53.63 KB 1200x960 spm20310.jpg)

>>487170 Get an old RC transmitter and a usb dongle I'm not joking, the resolution/granularity on these is better than nearly all the wheels out there. Unless you need paddle shifters, of course.

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