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/gameclub/ thread- Actraiser Anonymous 11/30/2021 (Tue) 02:52:42 Id: 2dccfc No. 480886
Other OPS are gone, so this is probably the last one until some other anon decides to make one. >What's the /gameclub/? It's a thread where we play a game and talk about it, who knows, maybe you'll even have f*n! GAME Actraiser is or was a franchise that is part side scrolling hack and slash reminiscent of Zelda II and part city builder reminiscent of Sim City that has you play as a deity who helps create civilization and kill monsters. The first game came out in Japan in 1990 making it one of the SNESs early flagship titles. A sequel was made in 1993 that is just pure hack and slash and a remake of the first came out in 2021 with more up to date graphics. The first game had a shit ton of censorship applied due to it being the 90s and on Nintendo like most games from Japan FUN FACT >The NA and Europe releases are significantly easier than the Japanese version of the game thanks to it having less traps in those versions and less enemy encounters in both action and simulation RESOURCES Share Thread: >>47877 Actraiser (NA Rom) https://cdromance.com/snes-rom/actraiser-usa/ Actraiser (JP translated) https://cdromance.com/snes-rom/actraiser-japan/ Actraiser 2 https://cdromance.com/snes-rom/actraiser-2-usa/ SNES emulators: https://www.emulator-zone.com/snes/ IMPORTANT SHIT Guides: Actraiser https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/snes/563502-actraiser/faqs/6792 Actraiser 2 https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/snes/563503-actraiser-2 Max hours of playtime should be about 5 to 7 hours of gameplay poal.me: https://poal.me/hy32zj
I just wanna say that the flying skulls can choke on my dense chode.
If I get some free time I'll try this.
I just want to say Actrasier Renaissance is SHIT
>>481062 How come? Ive seen nothing of it.
(37.78 KB 516x720 Actraiser Angel.jpg)

(915.66 KB 1326x545 Traps.png)

>>481087 Basically it takes an immense level of talent to take the already mediocre 2d levels of the original Actraiser and make them utter shit. Terribly scaled, ugly looking sprites that look like they were ripped straight out of an early smartphone game? Check. Terrible momentum and movement? Check. Jarring camera movement? Check. Gameplay that relies entirely on the abundance of i-frames your third attack combo gives you and nothing else because it's literally below an amateur 2d flash game in terms of quality? Check. Don't even get me started on the retarded "tower defense" missions where you have no information as to where enemies will be spawning(you only get a limited number of gatehouses on the map by the way) and you have zero information or control during the TD missions beyond slowly moving a guy around and using the hilariously buster palisades to keep an enemy essentially frozen in place because they destroy them far slower than you can create them and the second they are destroyed you can instantly drop another one in its place meaning the enemy's locked in a loop of destroying a palisade Also the cute angel is a boy and not a girl and that's gay. Decent music though.
(345.91 KB 1024x582 vegeta is butthurt.png)

>>481098 >Also the cute angel is a boy and not a girl Those fucking assholes!
>>481098 >cute shota angel Based >>481113 Based butthurt
>>481370 >literal faggot God hates fags and you're not allowed to play His game. You're the bad guy in the game.
>>481373 noooo :(
>>481113 It's always been that way anon, I think the allusion of the first game on the SNES was that it wasn't even an angel exactly but Eros himself as a shota
>>481378 Oh i know it was a cherubin/angel boy in the original, but look at >>481098 and tell me its not the usual case of drawing a girl and calling it a boy.
>>481382 It looks like Commodus's nephew in Gladiator
>>481062 i mean kinda, not entirely, it was clear that they put all their focus on the sim part of the game (new sprites, npcs heros, battles ,etc.) In retrospect they didnt give two shits about platform side. >>482629 i dont know why it did that
>>482631 Well the city building is the best part of the game.
>>481098 >mediocre 2d levels of the original Actraiser Oi. I get that you're upset at the remake, but that's no excuse to shit on the original Actraiser too.
>>482681 I get I was harsh on it but "mediocre" for a 2d sidescroller in the SNES era is still good and fun, I just liked the other Quintet SNES games more.
Also its really easy to max out population. Every monster slain is worth 1 population. Sealing a lair awards all the monsters as population. The number increases by 1 (split across the 4 lairs) for every 50 points you get during ACT. Blow up tier 1 and 2 large buildings and build wheat fields. Easy
>>480886 > poal.me: https://poal.me/hy32zj why is Kirby Dreamland 3 winning? it's a kid game for babies. meanwhile Tales of Phantasia is one of the greatest action rpgs on the snes
>>484415 Because it's been 3 fucking RPGs and RPG adjacent games in a row Besides it's mostly like that because people can't add their own choices as well.
>>484494 >Because it's been 3 fucking RPGs and RPG adjacent games in a row Actraiser isn't an rpg, retard.
>>484537 >RPG adjacent games lrn3read
(81.54 KB 384x313 shrug.jpg)

>>484415 chances are no one will make the kirby thread so all you have to do is make a tales thread yourself
>>484559 >part 2d platformer >part city-building sim <""""""""""""""""""RPG adjacent game""""""""""""""""" Fuck off, retardo. Actraiser isn't an rpg or ""rpg adjacent""
>>484638 >stat grinding >focus on avatar growth over player growth Seems RPG adjacent to me. Besides even if it wasn't the case that would still be 2 pretty chunky and involved JRPG with one pause then another just as big JRPG so the point would still be the same too much RPGs.
>>484537 You play the role of your character
>>485012 >thinking it's descriptive It's a remnant of the early D&D based video games, and game design that evolved from those. Thus stats-heavy games get called RPG. No one with a brain would call Super Mario Bros an RPG, despite "role playing" as a high-jumping plumber.
>>484300 There are some times when you can accidentally not build the max number of buildings or fields because there is a total number of structures that can be built. Basically, minimize the number of bridges you build, but maximize the number of roads. Bridges can act against your max possible population. There's a guide on Gamefas that is surprisingly autistic about how to do this.

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