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(465.05 KB 621x875 1.jpg)
(357.08 KB 621x875 2.jpg)
(128.36 KB 621x875 3.jpg)
(355.63 KB 621x875 4.jpg)
(310.97 KB 621x875 5.jpg)
Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 13:00:18 ID:4cc45e No. 48183
LOL Are you ready for some autism?
(345.39 KB 621x875 6.jpg)
(375.55 KB 621x875 7.jpg)
(363.49 KB 621x875 8.jpg)
(304.90 KB 621x875 9.jpg)
(363.34 KB 621x875 10.jpg)
(424.70 KB 622x875 11.jpg)
(271.14 KB 622x875 12.jpg)
(330.53 KB 621x875 13.jpg)
(352.41 KB 622x875 14.jpg)
(327.46 KB 622x875 15.jpg)
(385.96 KB 622x875 16.jpg)
(330.15 KB 622x875 17.jpg)
(461.91 KB 622x875 18.jpg)
(392.05 KB 622x875 19.jpg)
(406.76 KB 622x875 20.jpg)
(399.68 KB 622x875 21.jpg)
(415.40 KB 622x875 22.jpg)
(383.67 KB 622x875 23.jpg)
(403.50 KB 622x875 24.jpg)
(388.05 KB 622x875 25.jpg)
(357.71 KB 622x875 26.jpg)
(300.34 KB 621x875 27.jpg)
(452.52 KB 621x875 28.jpg)
(355.01 KB 621x875 29.jpg)
(295.82 KB 621x875 30.jpg)
End of Chapter 1.
how long until it derails into furries posting porn
(413.99 KB 622x875 31.jpg)
(383.92 KB 622x875 32.jpg)
(368.89 KB 622x875 33.jpg)
(392.92 KB 621x875 34.jpg)
(340.19 KB 622x875 35.jpg)
It only goes worse after this.
(403.83 KB 622x875 36.jpg)
(374.09 KB 622x875 37.jpg)
(412.02 KB 622x875 38.jpg)
(457.85 KB 622x875 39.jpg)
(370.42 KB 622x875 40.jpg)
For some reason the next ones are in color.
(471.96 KB 622x875 41.jpg)
(423.69 KB 622x875 42.jpg)
(173.47 KB 622x875 43.jpg)
(195.64 KB 622x875 44.jpg)
(175.86 KB 622x875 45.jpg)
(372.02 KB 622x875 46.jpg)
(397.76 KB 622x875 47.jpg)
(421.77 KB 622x875 48.jpg)
(338.54 KB 622x875 49.jpg)
(462.63 KB 622x875 50.jpg)
(357.47 KB 622x875 51.jpg)
(254.53 KB 622x875 52.jpg)
(444.78 KB 622x875 53.jpg)
(258.06 KB 622x875 54.jpg)
(172.85 KB 622x875 55.jpg)
(398.41 KB 622x875 56.jpg)
(298.13 KB 622x875 57.jpg)
(378.86 KB 622x875 58.jpg)
(310.26 KB 622x875 59.jpg)
(350.51 KB 622x875 60.jpg)
And the dramatic ending of chapter 2 in the next post.
(306.02 KB 622x875 61.jpg)
(289.64 KB 622x875 62.jpg)
It ends in NTR
Oh boy another one for the autism folder.
(399.46 KB 595x841 01e.png)
(81.08 KB 595x841 Mandarins.jpg)
(74.18 KB 600x848 Tenryuu flip.jpg)
>>49166 Please post more cute Tenryuu and Captain comics, ignore lesbotrash.
It´s that you Talemaster? Crash Bandicoot retold retelling when?
(327.88 KB 483x462 tired_sonic.PNG)
>>49155 (checked) >spoiler Of course it does.
>>49242 Does any one hat that comic where Tails smothers Sonic with a pillow?
(1.07 MB 841x491 SIX GORILLION.png)
(320.14 KB 613x877 Body Image Talk.PNG)
(348.56 KB 609x877 Nature Calls.PNG)
(464.86 KB 604x871 Poly Troubles.PNG)
>>49237 Sorry not Talemaster but I do have some material, including old Weird Tales comics and more disgusting shit.
(29.64 KB 226x266 time to kick my ass.jpg)
>>49237 >Crash Bandicoot retold retelling when? This. I missed out on a lot of it. I only remember the author stealing characters and plot elements from Tekken and SSJ3 Crash.
(118.57 KB 675x1024 1593190903072.jpg)
(195.29 KB 755x601 791.gif)
>>50370 That's a nice picture, not LOL friend
>>49990 Those comics are terrifying.
>>50377 gaffaw threads aren't just about really horrible shit and it's the people who think it is that make others detest the threads. That pic is both video games and a parody, which is plenty bur.
>>49990 The last two would be an acceptable joke from a 2000s era webcomic. Tired jokes but reliable ones. Of course the terrible art and polygamy is a problem
You faggots better not turn this into a furry thread
(10.04 KB 204x136 YEEEEEE HAAAW SKEETER!.gif)
(44.39 KB 600x600 2 dorra.png)
Well, this thread gave me an aneurysm so at least I got that going for me.
(137.67 KB 250x317 image 180.png)
>>50449 How about some ZELONY SLONIK or S-P-A-C-E dumps instead? :^)
>>50465 >2nd It's the dual use of 'totally' that condemns them.
(2.38 MB 640x360 System of the Slonik.mp4)
(108.59 KB 928x916 2302.jpg)
(530.01 KB 1564x1564 kvacxs9n7oy01.jpg)
(8.70 KB 194x259 download.jpg)
So tell me, anon. When are you going to get a epic gaming tattoo to prove you´re a real gaymer?
>>51093 I want a tattoo on my forehead that tells people to fuck off
(32.44 KB 555x693 fuckyoutattoo.jpg)
(197.53 KB 721x347 Super serious law documents.png)
>>51093 I think my lawsuit against twitch for sexy women already proves how much of a hardcore gamer I am.
>>51100 at least it gives people the right idea
(146.61 KB 776x1036 Beta Twitch Mod Gets Cucked.jpg)
>>51101 Did somebody say Twitch lol?
>>51140 It's almost like an idol fan but worse, much much worse.
One of the things that I thought of recently, and really didn't know where to talk about it so fuck it, a LOL thread is a good as place as any. Remember the idea of KEK worship and memetic metaphysics that was popular on 8chan around 2016? I started thinking about it again, and realized something about it. Let's assume that this was something more than stupid LARPing for a moment, and let's say that /pol/ was geniuently invoking an ancient God of chaos. How in the name of fuck, with their incredibly lawful ideology based around law and interference did they think this was a good idea? How the fuck do you think that an entity dedicated to chaos would help you with this and not fuck you over?
>>51194 many people believe their preferred idealogy would survive extreme chaos because it's correct or it is what theu believe everybody will adopt in times of chaos.
>>51194 I participated in that larp, I still feel shame. I even have a statue still I bought for $15.
>>51194 Imageboards are pretty chaotic and /pol/ hardly agrees on anything so it's pretty chaotic as well compared to the mindless co-ordinated circlejerking of Reddit or something. Getting dubs and trips was supposed to harness chaotic energy somehow. Chaos to them was the manifestation of something unlikely happening. Although that said, I'm pretty sure in the Egyptian mythos, chaos was supposed to tear down the old to make way for the new, or something like that, don't quote me on this but I remember them saying something to that effect. In any case I'm 87% sure it was LARPing anyway.
(191.67 KB 720x524 i0T99R8.jpg)
>>51194 >>51253 It's apocryphal, but there's this quote too, but I don't remember if it was popular during the kek thing.
>>51256 >read their manuals thats a mistranslation should be >follow orders
>>51194 I remember when an anon, a long time ago, talked about comic book villains and how they represented the element of chaos, while the heroes were order. So a typical scenario was "Everyone was minding their own business, enjoying life and being happy, when suddenly the Joker comes and wants to steal all the books in America so people would become illiterate, but Batman arrives, stops the Joker and brings back the status quo." This works fine when the world is a good place, you want things to remain the same, and you don't like people changing stuff, which mostly worked in the past century(minus certain events like the World Wars or the Great Depression). On the other hand, when things are shit, you don't like the status quo and want things to change, in this clown world, the Joker is more likable than the Batman, sure he wants to rob a bank, but fuck those bankers, and why is Batman fighting so hard to bring back the status quo, when the status quo is shit? So even if kek was a god of chaos, that would bring destruction, can't be worse than what we had then(Obama, and four years of that in the name of Hillary), so people elected Trump as he was the chaos candidate, and it's not the first time this happened in American history. After Richard Nixon and Watergate, people didn't want 4 more years of Republicans and they didn't want the Deep State, so they brought in an outsider, a democrat called Jimmy Carter, who wasn't a career politician, he was a peanut farmer and he was sent to Washington to drain the swamp. What happened? In the end he was just another career politician, no better than Nixon before him. What did the Americans do? They became even more disillusioned with politics went hard right and elected Ronald Reagan. Had there been no Jimmy Carter, there would have been no Reagen. A lot of people like to compare Trump to Reagen, but sadly he will become the next Carter, a one term president sandwiched between two presidents of the opposite party, with the second one being an extremist, and that's scary.
(474.12 KB 1275x1386 Sonic Lore 4 - Theology.png)
>>51310 >superheroes are order and supervillains are chaos pic related for /v/ example
(999.29 KB 853x1280 Racistswatchout.png)
>>52039 What fresh hell is this.
>>52039 dup officially cancelled
(42.63 KB 1280x833 faggots.png)
>>52039 i dont know whats worse, the fact that this furfag is pandering, or the fact that i know the characters name and wouldn't mind being under his giant balls.
>>52049 I hope this isn’t parody because it’s funnier that way
>>51310 Thing is, Carter was atleast cognizant of his surroundings. Biden is completely senile, even worse than Clinton ever was. Its unlikely he could be elected even with this backlash against Trump. Could be wrong but I think his base would vote for Trump just to buy another four years. The extremist left wing candidate’s almost assured, it’s just a question of whether it’ll happen now or later.
>>52098 its a template meme i drew, you know, like all the other template memes. seems like every retarded communist furnigger and ponynigger is doing one of these now. im quite sick of it and their canned rhetoric.
>>52115 My bad I meant to quote >>52039 It does seem like every goddamn "artist" wants to make a statement. Drawing shitting dicknipples for a living doesn't make your opinion on police brutality worth more.
>>51290 Can't have insubordination if there's no coherent orders to follow in the first place.
bump lmao
>>58952 Does it count as necro bumping if the entire board is dead?
>>49237 I lurk here but primary post on z. I have been thinking about another dump though.

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