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(216.84 KB 1920x1080 bls1.jpg)
(13.68 MB 1920x1080 bls.webm)
(330.98 KB 1920x1080 bls2.jpg)
(326.31 KB 1920x1080 bls3.jpg)
Black Lives Splatter Game Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 16:23:30 Id:705010 No. 49960
I'm making a game called Black Lives Splatter in which you play as Moonman on a quest to run over every nigger available. It is rather buggy and unoptimized but good for a laugh. I might continue to work on it if there is some interest. Decent specs are required due to the EXTREME nigger killing physics. Features EXTREME nigger killing physics Moonman commentary Lots of blood 2 levels 6 vehicles Various injured states for nogs, including crawling away and seizures Downloads Fast - in 3 parts https://files.catbox.moe/w7dd2x.001 - Part 1 https://files.catbox.moe/oji4s1.002 - Part 2 https://files.catbox.moe/z3gf9w.003 - Part 3 Full download - might be slow https://anonfiles.com/bfQee8D3o4/Black_Lives_Splatter_0.11_zip slow - in 3 parts https://ufile.io/mc3yt07i - Part 1 https://ufile.io/bufy82lt - Part 2 https://ufile.io/6hhe3bdp - Part 3 SHA256 Hashes 76d2a8319ace84dbf613ebdc59339b6e7c987d8b159bf1f610b06ad2b4a5b840 Black Lives Splatter 0.11.zip 0bd69c75a62567bcb829a285703adf015bd92bc9d4236a425ad711264f4395b5 Black Lives Splatter 0.11.zip.001 3ca015db7ebb0fa1718a79e86efc7b1dac9d5fdbbd35c06fe065a149817ae78f Black Lives Splatter 0.11.zip.002 2d582e398fd28571730810af23cc18b567e1d60fe058fa94b7c50b28c724ff2f Black Lives Splatter 0.11.zip.003
I would download it but I don't want dolphin porn on my computer, can someone confirm this is legit?
(3.30 MB 1012x1320 uniformsailor.png)
Anon, just because your shitty low-poly Unity game is "based" doesn't mean I'll play it
>>49960 Needs music and some environmental destruction. Otherwise looks like a fun steam blower >>49977 Not just based, dangerously based
>>49960 >Only two levels I like the idea, but come on.
>>49979 Where is he based that's so dangerous?
(67.62 KB 612x408 toasted_computer.jpg)
>Decent specs are required due to the EXTREME nigger killing physics. What kind of toaster are you using to run this?
(3.97 MB 2000x2236 Twintelle-Smash!.png)
Splendid work anon. Let's spread this game as far and wide as possible so that it causes a huge stink. :^)
>>50048 You post this exact same image all the time <faggot
(234.43 KB 400x224 RAP.mp4)
>>49960 Good shit anon, just one advice, add some chimp noises alongside the screams to make it funnier and faithful
Tire friction needs to be greater until you'l sufficiently slicked them up. Also need a reset key, because unlike my real Crown Vic, which drives over curbs and parking blocks without issue, I was able to flip the one in this by rolling over the curb at low speed.
>>49998 Probably in one of the cities that's decided to start LARPing Planet of the Apes.
>>50066 While I appreciate the racial humor I don't want them to make literal chimpanzee sounds. Something like that would be immersion breaking.
>>49960 Use tank controls or fuck off. >niggers remaining in percentages muttmerican detected.
Add a drift and high score mechnaic. Make the music sound like either hotline miami or have it be eurobeat.
Can you add more characters besides Moonman? Include Hitler, Mussolini Tarrant, etc.
>>49960 holy fuck based
>>49960 > niggers > at a BLM protest Come on, anon. BLM protest are 90% white hipsters LARPing.
>>50192 Have you seen the webm. Most of the people you run over are white antifa members.
>>49960 it better not suck ass like almost all of them
>>49960 I'll give you money if you can atleast get it up to /pol/wad standards
(14.06 MB 1696x992 Y9A8H62mO3.webm)
(24.68 KB 373x380 uAbpAq4.jpg)
(1.14 MB 1135x533 UE4Editor_OIGksGsQGN.png)
(163.09 KB 1761x962 UE4Editor_GXpPyLBCwY.jpg)
Worked on a Ben Garrison character and making the nigs attack the car today. Here's some OC while I do more stuff for the next release.
(528.96 KB 1033x824 hah.png)
>>50607 Anon is doing god's work.
Wasn't there a game that was similar to this already that someone teased years ago, or am I just finding more proof of my deteriorating memory?
The niggers shouldn't die and splatter blood unless the car is moving in their direction when they make contact. In the video I can see them jog up to the car while it's practically stationary or moving slowly away from them, and they die for no reason as soon as they touch it, which makes no sense. And even if you move in their direction and hit them, they still shouldn't bleed so much if you aren't going fast enough, they would presumably just have internal bleeding, broken bones, etc. If you still weren't going fast enough, I'd expect them to be dazed if not injured, but still be able to survive it, so I'd count them as "remaining" for sure and have them go back to normal chimping mode shortly after. If most of this is already done, then apologies, I only watched the video. Which brings me to my next suggestion: You should release the UE4 project files (at least when you're done) so paranoid faggots ||like me|| can verify there's no glownigger shit going on, or even get UE4 and build it themselves if they want. >>50155 Could be optional. I think it'd be fun. >>50161 All great suggestions. >>50661 I don't think so, unless the Moon Man mod for GTA(5?) that someone made after anon released his nice Moon Man model counts. But maybe I just missed it or have forgotten. >all those teased projects we've lost along the way RIP Hitler RPG.
>>50661 you are thinking about #blocklivesmatter
>>50607 Now that's how you take a knee
>>50725 Yeah, I missed this one. Looks like a fun time waster too. Anybody have that /agdg/ BlackLivesMatter pixelshit game? I thought I had it but apparently not.
What version of DirectX does the game require? Is it possible for you to ship it with the game? I cannot run it because my dxgi.dll does not have CreateDXGI2Factory. Or does this game even support Windows 7?
>>50767 Lightweight googling seems to suggest that Windows 7 indeed does not support CreateDXGIFactory2. I hope I'm wrong. I seem to be the first one to even mention this problem, even though this thread has dozens of replies. To be honest, I'm not sure what the fuck I'm even doing here anymore. I guess I could give people the benefit of a doubt and assume that everyone is running Wine, but I'm too old to believe in "benefit of a doubt" anymore. I should just go hang out with Terry and leave all of this garbage behind. Too bad I'm not a necromancer.
>>50767 >CreateDXGI2Factory That's Win 8.1 exclusive
(2.19 MB 1280x720 nog flying cartwheel.webm)
(1.10 MB 350x720 nig hit by car.mp4)
>going at non-cucked speeds feels like you're skating on ice >handbrake sends car into spin >can't power out of a slide >heavy vehicles getting bogged down by corpses >vehicles getting bogged down in general after running over too many corpses >crippled nogs crawling into inaccessible areas >dead nogs still being speed bumps despite being pancaked Besides that, >>50668 has a point. Game should have a taunt button where your character yells out something like All Lives Matte/Trump 2020/USA USA USA/Niggers and have the NPCs try to mob you. Maybe keep the super aggressive NPC behavior for later difficulties or whatever.
>>50155 I didn't say to replace the screams with chimp noises, but to add them ALONGSIDE the screams, so when you kill a group of niggers you can hear some chimp noises among the screams.
(4.03 MB 1400x2749 gorilla mask guy triggers blm.png)
>>49960 Anon, can you also add pic related to the game?
(342.75 KB 750x421 Koko-With-Mrs-Gray.png)
>>51065 This is really offensive to gorillas.
(289.22 KB 605x838 mengele1.jpg)
>>49960 >>50607 very nice stuff anon. My request is >Mengele meets you at the end of the stage and counts the bodies >don't forget the angelic smile
>>49960 God speed anon, god speed.
>>51181 >>50607 Also, here's a model of Moon Man if there's anything you want to do with it. Anon made it years ago and I saved it in the hopes of 3D printing it into a figurine but never got around to it. https://anonfiles.com/r697xeDfo0/Moon_Man_Models_rar
(4.64 MB 346x360 MoonMan_BlackDontMatter.webm)
Thread official theme
(90.61 KB 1000x568 siren blaring.jpg)
Here's a weird bit of criticism that I don't think anyone else has. The screams sound too white. If you ever implement white Antifag models, then use whatever screams you want, but I think the voices should fit the niggers a bit more. Also performance is kinda shit, but that's a given seeing as how it's a very early alpha and it's in Unity. Godspeed anyways, OP.
(421.17 KB 600x627 911 give war a chance.png)
>>49960 You have my attention.
>>51070 Koko was a good ape, a shame more people aren't like her
>>51293 It makes sense because the majority of antifaggots and BLM protestors are white anyways.
>>51426 nice psyop kike rat
(141.28 KB 572x768 Jew in charge of BLM.png)
>>51426 >the majority of antifaggots and BLM protestors are white anyways.
(68.92 KB 600x929 shut it down.jpg)
But can I blast Niggerz Bop out my stereo?
I read the thread as BLACK LIVES SPIDER GAME
(204.68 KB 500x374 C2S6eoq.gif)
>>51760 >Black Lives Spider
>>49960 > I might continue to work on it if there is some interest. Please make it more realistic by using reality as a reference: >>43973
>>51760 >>51773 This isn't a WiiU game.
>>51695 go suck some more nigger toes you cuckold fag
I probably won't even try playing because >driving game, but you should still know you're doing God's work, whoever you are.
(13.10 MB 1920x1080 6shFgI79SR.webm)
(825.35 KB 1190x478 UE4Editor_3BYYigUb8E.png)
(1.09 MB 1191x501 UE4Editor_8Wr1quLp5m.png)
Progress update: >Making night version of the Downtown map >Working vehicle lights (headlights, tail lights, break, reverse) >Very significant performance improvements >Slightly better AI, more to add though >Tire skid marks, blood colored when running over coons. WIP >>50668 >I can see them jog up to the car while it's practically stationary or moving slowly away from them, and they die for no reason as soon as they touch it Still tweaking it but this is mostly fixed. >You should release the UE4 project files (at least when you're done) so paranoid faggots ||like me|| can verify there's no glownigger shit going on, or even get UE4 and build it themselves if they want I will likely do this when it's finished. >>51003 >heavy vehicles getting bogged down by corpses >vehicles getting bogged down in general after running over too many corpses >dead nogs still being speed bumps despite being pancaked This is fixed now, some bugs to address though. >taunt button I like this idea. >>51183 Thanks, this is a nice model.
Can you add a bonus level where you kill Blue-Haired SJWs, and add a playable nigger under the name of Uncle Tom?
>>49960 Add some Block Lives Matter-type live news reporting, specialy fakes news about BLM Antifa rioters dindunuffin, add in Riot Mode where they also double down on "Peaceful Protesters" getting killed by an evil racist, have some rescue-able NPCs who you are given a choice to save and redpill or just let them get what they deserve.
>>53367 Based anon
(8.54 MB 640x360 SAM NO.mp4)
legendary thread
(14.77 MB 1920x1080 BLS_Cutscene01.webm)
Making the first cutscene of the game, here's what I have done so far.
(158.90 KB 960x720 1141951230234.jpg)
>>55282 Looking good. If I would change anything, it would be making the news segments a bit more rapid, with more selections of rioting and the media brushing it off, and have the TV display something like this when shot, instead of color bars.
This may be asking a bit much, but would it be possible to add boss fights with other vehicles? Or maybe just use giant niggers instead of vehicles. Another cool thing would be to add some of those black militia groups and have their guns occasionally malfunction because they don't know what they're doing. I know I'm being an ideafag here but this game has a lot of potential.
>>55302 This. Also have the antifags throw tennis ball grenades or something like that. They need some form of attack other than punching your car.
>>55282 OP, dunno if you've heard, but those ChiCom-loving kikes at Epic went above and beyond trying to indoctrinate kiddies and pander to libshits in Fortnite. Some potential to point out hypocrisy https://invidio.us/watch?v=pah8lnSBrAI
>>49960 wow, I'm impressed on how much edge you managed to put into this game. Mayb make the game a little interesting instead of just "huh nignog chimp"
(36.85 KB 700x700 clean 11.jpg)
Actually this car talk reminds me
>>55374 Hey, that was my screencap. Neat seeing it again after... two years. Fug. I keep coming back to the Mall Planet idea, in a way, as I've been jotting down and saving away a bunch of game and story outlines that have occurred to me and that have tended to always have that kind of impossible, infinite nightmare space involved in them in some way. Pic related.
>>55321 >t. nigger
>>55282 nice
>>55374 >Saturday night horror thread that talked about a horror driving game Shit, I remember that thread. God, that shit was comfy.
OP, I'm not sure if you're aware, but I think UE4 has some sort of clause in its EULA that forbids people using it with discriminatory or hate or whatever gay shit. That's how they almost shit on Hatred. Not sure if this'll affect you, but if I were you, I'd look into doing quite a bit more OPSEC, my ideas would be: - Don't talk about this game to anyone in IRC or Discord or whatever - Look into UE4 having any sort of telemetry. If it does (which it very probably will) consider using it in an offline computer, that way Epic can't wise up about you using assets like DodgeChallenger.fbx I don't think they're aware now. Only when your game gets famous, if it does, will they throw their weight around. So take care. >>55374 They sure as fuck won't be stealing this game's idea, I'd sure love to see anyone try.
>>55282 Song name please, it's catchy as hell, but I can't find it.
>>55878 Replace blacks with whites and call them trump voters. ez
>>55878 >I don't think they're aware now. Only when your game gets famous, if it does, will they throw their weight around. So take care. And remember guys, if and when this game does get famous, spread it around like wildfire, Upload it to as many personal hosting sites as you can. They can never stop all of us.
>>49960 I wish I had some knowledge on knowing how to make a working car for my Unreal Engine projects. >>55878 It reminds me of the situation of Rape Day as well.
>>56189 Do this but put a really elaborate cheat code in the game that turns the Trump supporters black and don't let anyone but on here know about it, for even more laughs reveal the cheat to everyone a few months after the game released and watch everyone who bought it be so triggered their minds explode.
>>56535 Better idea don't do this and release it as is because these anons are fucking retarded.
(7.58 KB 226x223 batemanphotos.jpg)
>>56555 (checked) Trips of truth.
(153.54 KB 720x850 sick video game.jpg)
>>55878 It'll probably get a write up like this one.
>>55386 Is Mall Planet just a mall the size of a planet? If you like the concept of places being absurdly, immensely huge, read Blame!. Shit takes place in a structure that's possibly bigger than the solar system and has a hole in it the size of Jupiter.
>>55282 Add subtitles
(16.59 MB 1920x1080 dhw4WNQVNi.webm)
(5.44 MB 1920x1080 dVDl1NHGjw.webm)
(3.51 MB 1920x1080 WJtFEMNDVl.webm)
Progress Update: >New camera angles, first and third person + wheel camera >Basic controller support working in game >Some bug fixes >Testing religion of peace minigame >>55878 Thanks anon, I think the their problem with Hatred was only the use of their logo in the trailer. I had a look through the EULA and didn't find anything like that, but I'll be fine either way. >>56099 Coonsquad https://soundcloud.com/user-788464249/moonman-coon-squad >>56654 Will work on this.
>>56673 >3D audio
>>56673 Looks good, although the nogs in the second wave should be rushing at you during the second wave. Also there should be some idle animations. Additionally some of them should have guns, make things interesting.
>>56673 >>56692 I also want to add that the game should obviously have a win/lose state. It's not a good game if it's not fun after all.
>>56673 Love you anon.
>>56673 Nice camera angles. Any hope for a motorcycle minigame?
(2.96 MB 420x236 dindu nuffins.webm)
Add a few peds who start crying over the corpses of those you've already run over, saying they 'dindu nuffin,' etc.
>>50015 Seems like any laptop with an integrated GPU struggles with playing Unity games
Everything struggles with Unity.
(15.35 MB 1920x1080 radio stations.mp4)
Progress update: Added 4 radio stations >Koon Killing Klassics - for Johnny Rebel songs >Moonman FM - obviously moonman songs >Resistance Radio - punk, rock type stuff e.g. Skrewdriver >Saint T's Greatest Hits - Eurobeat and other Tarrant music Still todo: some sound clips between songs, joke adverts etc. Open to suggestions or clips anons make. Also song suggestions. Will probably work on AI next, I broke a bit so the coons aren't moving around as much as they should but I need to add and redo AI stuff anyway. >>56766 Not sure, motorcycles might be difficult.
(174.19 KB 360x235 very nice.png)
>>57407 Keep up the good work anon!
>>57407 Are you gonna add some Cybernazi songs as well?
(2.26 MB 387x251 chuck norris thumbs up.gif)
>>57407 >some sound clips between songs, joke adverts etc. This is fucking awesome, i can't wait to hear those! Great job OP!
(15.51 KB 270x205 grinded nig.jpg)
>>57407 Anon i have a band suggestion for the radio: Grinded Nig
>>57407 Are you building the game off of a 4.24x Unreal Engine? I can't run the latest release on my Windows 7 VM, it shits out a error that originated because the unreal engine devs were retarded, and didn't include a library win7 needed but win8/10 didn't. Its apparently fixed on later versions.
(193.23 KB 145x170 1461502893938.gif)
>>57407 Suggestions for radio stations: >Klassic Action: Plays action music from classic video games like Destruction Derby 2, Rampage World Tour, Devil May Cry and other games you like. >Meme 96.9: Plays stupid meme songs like Running in the 90s, chocolate rain, some Jojo music, idk.
(367.72 KB 673x680 zonsorcegiggle.jpg)
>>56673 Splendid progress, anon. If I may suggest something: Enemies should have two states: passive and aggressive. Passive enemies will mostly just remain as obstacles but will call you out saying "There's a car" if you're speeding towards them. Aggressive enemies will chase you down but still try to dodge if you come barreling towards them. They shouldn't just run straight into your windshield, there needs to be some challenge involved in taking them out. If you wanna make this game fun try to implement lives, points, powerups and other arcadey shit. Upgrade your car with stuff between rounds, buy pistols to do drive-bys.
(892.75 KB 537x737 ClipboardImage.png)
Can we have bosses in the game too? >Giganigga: pic related. Huge damage sponge boss that pulls out giant miniguns and heals himself by running into fried chicken places. >Transfat: Fat tranny bitch with rainbow hair. Floats in the air and tries to drop on top of you. >Sorosman: Big nosed kike faggot that drops money on normal enemies and tells them to go hyper aggro. Enemies that receive his funding will gain molotovs and be twice as aggressive. Hope these are good ideas.
>>49960 You posted this on 8kunt as well..
>>57407 >suggestions I think there should be some evidence that they've been in this city for long enough for some companies to market to them. >Simulation Station filled with Streets of SimCity music, vid related >Radio NPC what one would expect from a public radio station that sucks BLM cock by running damage control, given the name, add in brain damaged europeons bitching about a nation they know literally nothing about >Da Peepulz FM because your "victims" need something to listen to and you can occasionally tune in to find out where the latest (((uprising))) is going to take place, maybe even extra mission possibilities >Boomer AM with '50s, '60s, and '70s music, in-between tracks the DJ constantly complains that they're having a hell of a time keeping the equipment in working order, maybe have a younger guy occasionally scream in the background about how he just fixed it and now it's fucked again >Neon Highs playing '80s and '90s music, the DJ is a doomer who constantly talks about how he wishes he had a big-titty goth gf and how everything's completely fucked, alcohol problem and smoking habit required >bizarre weapon advertisements also vid related, the start has an advert for Compo Missiles like maybe the Jungle Jewer which is a gold covered Hi-Point GLAWK FOETEE and sounds nasally as fuck or the Racial Cleanser branded AK >weapon shop adverts, like >Jaquan's Guns who runs his "store" out the trunk of his car filled with saturday night specials while you hear "people" accidently shooting themselves in the background and the owner says to spread the word but tell nobody, because it's painfully obvious this isn't legit >The Paranoid Prepper's Shop filled with "totally legal" weapons and parts manufactured from 3D printer-assisted molds and will deliver to your doorstep which is completely illegal without the right paperwork, occasionally laughs maniacally about how he was right >news clips from (((branded TV stations))) that flicker between completely different stances from lick the doorbell, bigot to oh god we're all going to die to this fucking virus and it's all the President's fault even though we rioted in the midst of it but that's okay because "social justice is immune to all diseases" or some other half-hearted catchphrase
>>57407 There could be these white sjw protesters who are normally passive, even if you run them over, but all aggro the moment you hit a black. Of course, they'd always go aggro, but the joke would be that they care more about black lives then their own. If you wanted to make more of a mechanic out of it you could have the sjw protesters deal more damage so the player would be incentivised to try a strategic approach.
I figure this is a good time to dump a bunch of music I have saved. Some for the radio and some just to upload rare/deleted politically incorrect music for anyone interested. https://mega.nz/folder/Zn5zmAJR#JxleHhgoxSv-5wd9HqRi8Q
>>60173 Thanks, I've been looking for music like this for a project.
>>57905 >Aggressive enemies will chase you down Most protestors are literally retarded enough to jump in front of the car. https://archive.vn/7RIFQ What would you do in this situation? 3:50 PM · Jul 6, 2020
>>60645 I'll complain.
Where do i get latest version?
(880.68 KB 1097x450 coon march.png)
(391.67 KB 1904x960 chimp out.jpg)
(10.33 MB 1920x1080 nig ai.webm)
Progress update: >Nig weapon system <Some now nigs carry weapons (bat, crowbar, pipe) - nigs can pick up weapons from the ground and attack you with them >Nigs now react to your vehicle by making threatening gestures >One new radio station - 4th Reich Radio - features artists such as Blink 1488, Zyklon Don and Mr. Bond >Started working on some dodging/reaction before coons get run over >Fixed some bugs Next I will work on nig crowd sounds and fix stuff in preparation for the next release. >>57461 Yes I plan to >>57672 Going to add this >>57788 It's built off 4.25, some others have been having problems with Windows 7 too. Not sure there's much I can do there. >>57905 I've been working on the different states for the AI, more to come. >>60173 I'm using some of this, thanks. >>60645 Performance has been significantly improved, the next release will be much better optimized than the current one. >>61560 0.11 is still the latest release, I'm working on cleaning stuff up now for a new version.
(153.05 KB 705x1200 Kike killer.png)
>>61636 Great work anon.
Holy shit, this comes from here? Good fucking stuff man, even now there is STILL hope for man >>61636 Can you add that thing where nigs gang up on the car and make it hard to move, or turn it upside down? Or when they decide to get to the roof of it and start jumping on it. Sorry if I'm too spergy but this is fucking great
>>56776 >Add a few peds who start crying over the corpses of those you've already run over, saying they 'dindu nuffin,' etc. kek i second this. I would be cool to also have some (((CNN journalists))) to run over.
>>63033 I like that idea. Would be really satisfying to strike some TV cameramen and just completely trash their cameras too. Good sound effects are key.
What's the developer's stance on adding non-nigger enemies i.e CNN Journalists?
>>55282 Here's a couple of line ideas: >there's only one solution <loads banana mag into AK with the mag inverted in his left hand upside down like a fucking boss <charges it in one smooth motion >the Final Solution <Aryan heiling is heard briefly
Anymore updates?
(27.72 KB 1918x927 loading_screen.png)
(84.35 KB 800x704 bls_site_coming_soon.png)
(66.35 KB 512x512 bls_text_logo.png)
(277.51 KB 960x304 skip_cutscene.png)
I took a short hiatus but am now back and working on Black Lives Splatter again. Progress Update: >Loading screen displays 128 random 'hate facts' >Added skip to cutscenes when pressing escape/start >Worked on the campaign system a bit, cutscenes only play in the campaign etc. >Fixed some bugs >Setup hosting for the game's website >Made a Riot (now rebranded as Element) homeserver for a group chat The currently released build (0.11) is now available for download in full here: https://badgoy.net/downloads/Black%20Lives%20Splatter%200.11.zip The new hosting should make it much easier to upload new releases. I'll put out a new release within the next 16 or so hours. For the Riot/Element group chat, point your client at: https://matrix.badgoy.net Or use the web client hosted here: https://element.badgoy.net >>61656 >Can you add that thing where nigs gang up on the car and make it hard to move Yeah that's how it's supposed to go. It will work better in the upcoming build. >>63033 >>63065 >>63102 I'm planning on a CNN office level in which Moonman somehow gets his car inside their office. Or perhaps just turning it into a shooter for that level, I haven't decided yet.
(460.70 KB 565x486 1471491012525.png)
>>68808 Thanks anon. Keep up the good work!
I like the idea but the game looks pretty meh, don't you think it would be better to have the characters always inside the car but each character has a car of their own with unique mechanics and weapons? You could also replace the "% niggers remaining" with a score system, the % thing just looks lazy. And you could also add more NPCs like trannies, coal burners, and liberal collage students holding signs or something, each one has a different value, that way you aren't just mowing down people aimlessly. And the monkey sounds are also really lame, add more sounds like loud nigra and what not. Oh, and lastly, you could add a special and hard to get jew NPC who's controlling the protesters, if you fun over him you get a shit ton of points and money to unlock more characters/cars
(435.37 KB 800x500 0-12-released.png)
(235.84 KB 1728x970 1.jpg)
(1.63 MB 1529x933 2.png)
(154.77 KB 1523x971 3.jpg)
Release 0.12 is here! A lot has been added. Thank you for your praise and suggestions so far anons. Head over to the game's new site to download: https://badgoy.net SHA256 13260bed3a692e5c2cf0f5aa03dec7e50c2cf0ad12a1c92146a903bbb1a422e1 Black Lives Splatter 0.12.zip Changes: >Added car lights (headlights, tail lights etc.) >Added night time version of the Downtown level >Much better performance >Better AI >New camera angles >Added basic controller support - no support in the menus/UI currently >Added AI marches across the level >Added level finish and results screen >Added a weapon system, coons can spawn with and pick up weapons from the ground >Nigs now react to your vehicle by making threatening gestures >Added 5 radio stations >Added the first cutscene for the campaign - about 80% complete >Loading screen displays 128 random 'hate facts' >Added skip to cutscenes when pressing escape/start >Some bug fixes >A bunch of other stuff >Tire tracks have been temporarily disabled due to a bug
(255.49 KB 512x512 daumen hoch.png)
>>69516 God bless you and your work anon.
(156.64 KB 600x768 [diabolic laughter].jpg)
(21.49 KB 500x412 complete destruction kirby.jpg)
>>68836 >Oh, and lastly, you could add a special and hard to get jew NPC who's controlling the protesters, if you fun over him you get a shit ton of points and money to unlock more characters/cars That's a pretty good idea.
>>69516 Good work.
>>69516 You are doing god's work anon.
>>68836 >And the monkey sounds are also really lame I'm pretty sure he put those in to pay homage to Ethnic Cleansing. At least a few monkey sounds should stay.
(426.03 KB 499x573 niglets and monkey dad.png)
>>68836 The monkey sounds should stay, it's important to remind niggers and their enablers what they really are.
(159.66 KB 800x500 0-13-released.jpg)
(10.02 MB 1920x1080 nitro.webm)
(217.35 KB 1920x1080 nos_dorifto.jpg)
Release 0.13 is now out! Download on the game's website: https://badgoy.net/ Changes: >Added nitro and nitro pickups >Moonman actually sits in the car now >Improved cameras - added zoom based on speed to third person >Improved vehicle handling, acceleration, braking >Improved some UI/HUD bits >Readded skid marks >Some bug fixes Nitro is a lot of fun.
(161.07 KB 548x694 weapons of mass destrusction.png)
Id add driver style challenges if I where you
(13.27 MB 1920x1080 afterburner.webm)
Coming soon: A fun surprise for when you pick up two nitro canisters without using the first.
Is the download extremely slow on anyone else's computer or is it just me?
(174.92 KB 1541x2168 In Search Of The Moonslayer.png)
>>71432 I'm having the same issue some other anon did with Win 7 not working with this. I think it'll have to wait until there's a public update with the fix. There's some manual way about updating but it seemed like an asspain.
(11.37 MB 1920x1080 hate_crime.webm)
(545.57 KB 976x583 general_lee.png)
(639.00 KB 862x534 general_lee2.png)
Progress update: >Added input binding menu >General Lee >Added score system, slamming into coons at high speed or setting them on fire and letting them burn gets bonus points >Added 'hate crime' side objective system, drifting across the rainbow crosswalk gets you points >>72341 You might have tried at an unlucky time, there was a spike in downloads earlier. It seems okay right now, if anyone else has problems with it being slow I'll try working on it.
>>72438 Nice. You should give time bonuses too for faster completion. Are you going to rank the player at the end?
>>71432 Man, that first image is graphic-design-is-my-passion-tier. Also, on the game itself, that niggers remaining counter is kinda off. Why don't you put it in the center, or in a corner? >>72322 Good.
>>50767 Having this problem too.
>>72438 > It seems okay right now I hope so. I've had it on all night and its only 305 MBs
>>72691 The download's still 9.8KBs per second at the highest. If the problem is a spike of downloads you might want to try adding multiple download options. It might be best to put a copy on GDrive so anons can do that 'make a copy' trick
(250.80 KB 438x438 moonman_avatar.png)
>>72691 >>72717 9.8KB/s is definitely not right, I suspect there is some bad routing somewhere. Try starting a second download, it might be a lot quicker as the files appear to be cached on the CDN properly now.
you should make a bttf easter egg so you can go back and kill protesters from the MLK days
>>72806 Finally was able to download the game. Pretty good. Could use a keybindings section in settings
>>72438 The news footage seems to be missing from the campaign intro cutscene. Is this a bug or is it just me? Other than that, everything looks good. Might want to include some health pick ups now that the beneviolent protesters lob bricks at you.
(103.81 KB 634x665 mudaksooqa.jpg)
(68.09 KB 802x588 narkomanebanuj.jpg)
Stick those in there somewhere, maybe as a thing in a newspaper or sth
Are there actually any really GOOD games that are based and redpilled? Not just cheap edge pandering garbage that is a pump and dump play? >>56673 >>57407 >>61636 >>68808 >>69516 >>71432 >>72322 >>72438 You definitely put in more effort than most for the record, and this doesn't look like it will be that bad when it releases. >>69666 Ethnic Cleansing is a piece of shit. Why pay homage to a crappy game made by a degenerate group (Resistance Records) WLP had no time to fix before his death, and proved disastrous to have bought before his death. It's an embarrassment to WNs and NatSocs everywhere, and should be to people who want to make good games.
>>74048 >Are there actually any really GOOD games that are based and redpilled? Not just cheap edge pandering garbage that is a pump and dump play? What is your definition of a good game? This game is shaping up to be pretty good, it's fun and focused and straight to the point, like an arcade game. There's no real reason to shit on it unless you're a tryhard who thinks all games need to have the scope and narrative of Breath of the Wild to be good. Have you ever played an arcade game, Anon? Those are distilled to be the raw essence of fun.
(1.75 MB 406x720 charlotteswille blubber.webm)
Can we get a cameo appearance?
>>74048 >Are there actually any really GOOD games that are based and redpilled? Angry Goy 2. At least that's fun to play despite how short it is compared to the original.
(5.15 KB 175x152 flintstonesfled.jpg)
>>72438 >General Lee added I think I love you.
>>72438 >>General Lee The car, the song or the person?
>>74899 Why not both?!
>>74899 With luck, we’ll get all three
>>74907 We better
(1.63 MB 1595x852 ooga_booga.png)
(1.69 MB 1920x1080 taunt.webm)
(1.27 MB 1188x759 health.png)
(1.35 MB 1203x960 antifa.png)
Working on the next major update - 0.2. Some highlights: >Added Antifa >Health pickups >Taunt with horn >Crowd sounds More to come. >>73745 Keybindings are ready for the next update. >>73795 Yeah that's a bug, thanks for pointing it out. Fixed for next update. >>74357 Possibly! >>74814 :)
>>74952 Killer work man
>>74952 Keep it coming anon, you're doing God's work.
Try releasing this on steam.
>>75054 I would buy it
>>75058 Same.
>>74952 Keep it comin. it's a pretty decent game already. Can't wait to listen to the buthurt that will follow the wider release.
Breddy gud.
>niggers running up from behind the car get hit as the car moves forward >niggers blindly rushing into a car driving towards them >no chimpout noises or panic noises >niggers crowding the sides of the car don't seem to do damage and can get hit anyway >the blood is too monotone >needs more jogger models This is all from watching the webms, mind you, but there's still massive room for improvement. I'd say improving the AI should be the highest priority right now. For example: >enemies in front of the vehicle panic >the faster you are the further away from you enemies start to panic >if there are enough enemies in front of the vehicle further enemies "can't see" the vehicle and don't panic >enemies facing away can't panic >panicked enemies try to run to the side and can occasionally push over others or trip >panicked enemies can shout to make others look in their direction >>71432 >>72438 >>74952 Looks like several of my complaints were already fixed. The blood looks good, there are more enemy variants now and niggers can attack the car instead of running into a death trap. That said, the AI could still use some work and I think the above AI suggestions would make the game even better.
/pol/faggotry aside, is this actually promising as a game?
(177.67 KB 400x400 ES9WCdcX0AERdLC.png)
>>74952 Hey OP. When you're done with and release the game put in "And a special thanks 8chan.moe!" somewhere in your credits so that when the usual suspects screech on their news outlets and social media, a bunch of oldfags and lost anons will see it and come running back! There is no way things can possibly go wrong!
>>75217 That’s fine, unironically. The good lot of anons don’t use 8chan.moe.
>>75339 What do they use then?
>>73796 These should be displayed frequently and promiently in between transitions.
>>75345 I don't he will say anything because either hes bluffing or >muh sekrit club. I don't even know what makes us bad, hardly any of us likes mark but we really don't know about anywhere else to go thats stable. There was /geimu/ and zchan but they both got borked unfortunately. Since that faggot is bitching about /pol/ hes probably talking about bunkerchan lel All I want is for things to be like the old days when we were all together, strong and united. A lot of anons bitched that the site is dead and is dying over the years but it really was the opposite, they really didn't know how good we had it back then. Or they were just paid JIDF shills
(100.87 KB 327x316 chelseadrunk.png)
>>75217 > "And a special thanks 8chan.moe!" somewhere in your credits so that when the usual suspects screech on their news outlets and social media, a bunch of oldfags and lost anons will see it and come running back! >not putting 4chan and letting those faggots take the blame Actually, now that I think about it, make sure to put a special thanks to Zoe Quinn for all her hard work.
>>75368 >comparing us to zoe quinn Wew. I remember seeing her nudes and seeing that she had antbites for tits wtf But yeah I may be getting a little hasty. Ham fisted tactics like that would probably be a disaster, but every time we got mentioned in the media it was always a disaster anyways. It's probably better to just pit it on them since they are seemingly immune to consequences and getting shut down.
(490.09 KB 449x401 Girls.png)
>>75368 Remember that some of those who now call everyone who dislike SJW/marxist shit "incels" were desperate to get a chance at fucking this fugly jewish blob.
(191.85 KB 501x445 get lost.png)
>>56189 >TORpedo
>>75345 plw has a decent enough /v/. Julay was where the majority of good anons went when SHTF, but after that they scattered. Most of them have either gone to super obscure IBs, switch to IM, or have just gone dark. 8moe is still deeply unpopular with a lot of anons.
(45.42 KB 379x214 1332703595195.png)
>>75500 I would say that near the end of julay/v/ it was getting pretty bad. I'm pretty sure it was the same angry fag who tried to shit up and derail every thread. I did like zchan, but yknow that shit went down quick. More on thread, good work OP keep working on it.
>>75354 >muh sekrit club Half the reason 4chan is shit is it's userbase
>>75217 Put a special thanks to someone like George Soros, thanking him for inspiration and funding.
(503.78 KB 718x421 ClipboardImage.png)
Hello Devanon. Please add this song to the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5IMX1BjFEM
Hey dev anon! I want to learn code after 8 months of being a jobless neet this year! What code do you use to make your game and is it running on unity engine? How long did it take you to learn everything that you put into the game? >>75591 >Half the reason 4chan is shit is it's userbase Thats obvious. Everyone who wasn't absolute shit gurgling retards left for 8chan during the exodus, and remember how great things were back then? It was pretty damn comfy and free as fuck. Empires naturally rise and fall over time but I want those times back, it was ours, we made it happen out of sheer willpower and autsim and the bastards took it away, I want it back.
>>75217 >When you're done with and release the game put in "And a special thanks 8chan.moe!" No. Put a special thanks to "Our generous supporters at NeoGaf, you know who you are. This game would not have been possible without your support. Thank you!" See if you can start an inquisition.
>>75740 >neogaf They all fled that place and made resetera.
I added some more tracks and albums by The Greyfield Stray to the mega folder here >>60173 for anybody that's interested. Even though he was a bit of a fag, I found out recently doing some digging that he died over a year ago. A shame, I liked his music at least. F >>75698 It's running on UE4, not Unity. If you want to learn, check out the resources at the 8/agdg/ wiki. >>75740 This here >>75743 If he's going to do that sort of thing he should thank his benefactors at Resetera instead. :^)
(700.85 KB 1080x1080 reset era.JPG)
(1.58 MB 1712x7521 ResetEra salt SC6.png)
>>75839 >If he's going to do that sort of thing he should thank his benefactors at Resetera I second this, imagine the butthurt that is going to cause.
(4.19 KB 209x241 hgrunt cringe.jpg)
your game looks like a hipster calarts trash, observe your status of your existence.
>>75960 >your game looks like a hipster calarts trash Those words don't mean what you think they mean. >observe your status of your existence. Oh, you just don't speak english. Okay.
>>75960 >t. butthurt leftard faggot.
(128.85 KB 540x364 zawa pain rating scale.png)
>>75839 I started with learning HTML and CSS but I'm currently struggling with CSS, most of the things I try to input doesn't work or just downright backfires completely and its supposed to be super fucking basic. I heard it takes 2-3 weeks to learn this shit but its only been a day or two and I'm nearly at my wits end. There is so much shit to remember its fucking ridiculous.
(672.26 KB 1175x800 garden_fun.jpg)
GOTY 2020 even pepe approves
>>76119 Why I'm so sure at least one of these girls have a dick?
(19.94 KB 480x484 1460060909877.jpg)
>>75977 >Those words don't mean what you think they mean. Blow it out of your ass. >Oh, you just don't speak english. Okay. Are you schizophrenic or how can you "hear" voices from text? English is anyway a shit language compared to the polish and french language, with its awfully stale and non creative insulting method. >>75990 Nice cuckchan mene.
>>74952 If you're looking for more music for radio stations, Xurious is a synthwave group who basically just spend all day shitposting on Twitter about how multiculturalism has failed every time it's been tried when they're not making music. Also, any chance you're going to work on fixing the CreateDXGI2Factory problem? I'm not about to upgrade from Win7 no matter how bad I want to run antifags over with the General Lee.
>>76382 Same, fix your shit if you want it critiqued, nigger.
>>76237 Polish, as all slavic languages sound like dying dogs barking, no offense.
(3.87 MB 850x720 your opinion is trash.gif)
>>76237 >Gets assblasted over a nigger bashing game >Thinks anyone here gives a shit about his retarded opinions >Uses words without knowing their meaning >Tries to justify himself by saying that english is a shit language anyway and polish and french (of all the languages in the fucking world) are better >bitches about "cuckchan memes" randomly without knowing what the fuck it even means. You are clearly not from here, go back to your french or polish talking website and stay the fuck there, you fucking nigger.
(13.96 KB 283x239 kalashnikov.jpg)
This seems like a good opportunity to shill one of my favorite bands, if you could include these songs or just 1 it'd be awesome. Kalashnikov https://invidio.us/watch?v=nJRg_4CBs8w Brothers in Afrika https://invidio.us/watch?v=H7KydQbrpkw Tienaman https://invidio.us/watch?v=KcFxXsImeiE There's more but these are my favorites. Good luck with this anon, very interested in the fallout once this gets leaked to the usual places, should provide some amusement
>>76416 >Gets assblasted over a nigger bashing game No proofs. It's shit because it looks like a typical hipster nu-polygon style which probably has the requirement of a super computer while looking worse than a game made in the 90's. You double faggot. >Tries to justify himself by saying that english is a shit language anyway and polish and french (of all the languages in the fucking world) are better It's do, the vocabulary of saying "fuck" in the English language is very limited. Not to mention that the English language was originally spoken by peasants were the kangs of great britain didn't even understand, so they had to get translators if they wanted to deal with those peasants. Have some samples: japierdole - oh fuck/for fucks sake pierdol się - go fuck yourself pierdolę cię - i dont give a fuck about you opierdol - to yell and cuss at someone opierdalać się - to be a lazy bum wpierdol - to beat the shit out of someone zapierdol - to be worked like a pulling cattle into exhaustion wypierdalaj - get the fuck out wpierdalaj - eat up your food or whatever else you were told to pierdolisz - you are talking out of your ass incorrect information or plain lying but can be also used to state your extreme surprise to the point of unbelieving of what you were told, where your talking partner has to respond "for real/seriously" - serio, afterwards But there is even more, but since you behave like a typical butthurt English peasent I won't provide any more proofs for it. >You are clearly not from here, go back to your french or polish talking website and stay the fuck there, you fucking nigger. Nah I'm staying right here so I can keep calling you a triple faggot.
(185.34 KB 800x800 slav fox.jpg)
>>76403 Pole here and I confirm that is fucking bullshit as slavic languages sound more like a fox high on meth.
>>76424 Could you also add Don't Stop Me Now? It seems like a fitting song. There's also the The Protomen cover if you prefer that one.
>>76428 The protomen cover would be especially funny because they supported BLM on twitter.
>>76696 Of course they fucking did.
>>76714 You got to get used to this sort of thing anon. When in doubt, expect the worst.
>>76428 >>76696 The protomen cover is fucking shit. <lead singer is constantly running out of air and forcing out the notes <even chokes at some parts <all those wrong notes <lacklustre instrumentals <instead of transposing their part to a pitch they can sing the other vocalists just flat out fuck up the tune in a part where they're supposed to carry it
>>76427 That's a cute Nick
>>49960 Hi op. One suggestion I have is a "Heather Heyer Challange" where you run over everyone one except Heather and if you complete the challenge successfully, Heather falls over and paramedics rush in and fail to revive her.
>>76744 What do you expect from a bunch of soyim?
(21.11 MB 1920x1080 suburbs.webm)
(9.41 MB 1920x1080 next_gen_expierence.webm)
(1.85 MB 1907x916 suburbs_expanded.png)
0.2 is nearly ready, some more progress: >The suburbs level is now much larger >Some VR support >Falling in water is no longer instant death >'You died' screen >A bunch of other stuff The Windows 7 CreateDXGIFactory2 crash should be fixed too due to an engine update. Also making a Linux build. >>74957 >>75053 >>75108 Thanks anons >>76424 I'll put it on the list
>>77385 >Also making a Linux build This project just keeps getting better
(1.18 MB 800x450 you're the best!.webm)
>>77385 You go, devanon!
>>77385 Dude your fucking talented holy shit. What programming language did you use for the game and all of the models are made with UE4 right?
>>77385 >Linux Build Based.
(19.05 KB 351x496 Moondola.jpg)
>>77385 Bless your genociding soul.
as much as i enjoy killing low poly niggers i need something a bit more authentic but otherwise, it was an enjoyable 15 minutes of non-stop nigger carnage
>>56673 You've done well. I keep thinking of a Burnout style bowling challenge where you hurtle down the street in one movement, maybe a jump, and then the engine cuts out and you have to aim your shot into the crowd. Maybe put a rainbowheaded white landwhale or two in for extra points. Oh also points per kill, the more kinetic the better.
>>77385 OP-san, would you accept some billboard graphics or music?
>>78701 Oh yes on the subject of other mob members perhaps a gigantically fat nigress with some missing item of clothing as that ALWAYS seems to happen when they get into fights,.
(8.12 KB 390x142 ckg.png)
>>78701 Either I've got some fucked up file or you might.
Will killing Antifas count towards the nigger score, or a bonus score?
I think the monkey noises should be used for score accolades or pop-up notifications or something. Having them make monkey noises when you kill them is a bit too on-the-nose that this game is bait. Maybe make the chimp noises an unlockable at the very least and have them make regular dindu nuffin speech by default. Like every time it says "hate crime completed" it should play this sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BDJMBQrgHU
Would it be possible to add a mode where there's a timer counting down and if it reaches zero that's game over so you have to keep running over a certain amount of niggers to add more time to clock or else you lose? Sort of like Crazy Taxi.
(339.99 KB 560x537 nig gorilla google.png)
What about some knuckle dragging giga niggers? They run at you like the brutes in halo.
>>79560 Wasn't giga nigger in the trailer?
(177.33 KB 1920x1080 garage.jpg)
(280.13 KB 1920x1080 radio_selection.jpg)
(11.00 MB 1920x1080 steering_and_engine_sound.webm)
Progress update: >Added a garage, unlocking & buying vehicles >New level select UI with progression >Added a radio station selection radial menu >New engine sounds for most vehicles >2 new vehicles, the Seattle Sweeper (seen previously) and the Moonmobile >Steering wheel and hands now move, also shifts gears >Some handling and torque changes I'll be fixing some stuff up in preparation for releasing the update from now. >>79178 That's a Windows 7 specific bug with the engine, it should be fixed in the next update. >>77394 >>77496 Thanks anons! >>79247 The monkey noises are going to be rare. Added the sound because it's great.
>>80750 can you add Hordes of Chaos by Kreator?
>>80751 Sure, I'll add that.
(186.21 KB 1024x768 1024px-Ford_Falcon_Mad_Max.jpg)
(586.12 KB 1200x802 1.jpg)
(623.36 KB 1200x799 3.jpg)
>>80750 Could you please add the V8 Interceptor from Mad Max 1 and/or 2? The one from the first one looks less fucked up and it is basically a police vehicle, it also has nitroboost. Best thing is that Mad Max is played by Mel Gibson, so it all checks out and wouldn't be out of place. You're working fast too, I respect that.
>>80757 Do they ever explain what the fuck happened between mad max 1 and 2 for the world to go to such shit with max still surviving?
>>80758 I think 2 just takes place in a different region where things are far more chaotic.
>>80758 They did a bit in the intro of the second one. Point is that it doesn't matter and all is fucked up. Max basically hit the road and left all behind so he's in a different part of Australia which might have been thrown in the shitter way earlier. The first movie basically shows a part of Australia going to shit due the climate crisis and oil crisis but there is still a law or a small government in place, the second plays of in a different region way after the crash and shit is even more fucked up and everything is lawless. Hench the huge gangs and shit. The video game kinda plays with this too, it doesn't make it too clear with happened but it gives you some story bits to ponder about.
(1.91 MB 403x168 well ain't we a pair.gif)
>>80758 After the death of his wife and child and after he takes revenge, Max drives off into the outback and a limited (non nuclear) war/standoff and subsequent social collapse happens a few weeks later due the Seven Sisters dicking with the oil supply. Then some time after Mad Max 2 things go completely apart and a full on nuclear war takes place and leads into the situation of MM3 15 years later.
>>80759 >>80763 >>80764 Oh ok, i thought it was kind of the same australia but 1 was before the nuclear war and 2 after, hence why i was so confused about max surviving through it and the extreme climate change in about 10 years.
>>80750 >the fucking monkey sound If that's like a one in a hundred thing I'm gonna fucking lose my sides lmao
>>80750 >jump the crack den nice
>>50155 I say make it an option.
(436.38 KB 806x1136 moonpiper.png)
>>50155 Disrespectful to primates, as has been said.
>>80750 >combine harvester ...AND I'LL GIVE YOU THE KEY! HOW CAN THEY CALL SUCH A BEAUTIFUL THING ABSOLUTE HATE? "'CAUSE THERE'S NOTHING MUCH PRETTIER THAN FOURTEEN EIGHTY-EIGHT!'' >>80757 All the yes. And we need a low-poly, flat-shaded Mad Max character. Or just Mel Gibson.
(279.45 KB 220x165 tenor.gif)
>>79560 >Racist Algorithm
>>80750 This is really shaping up into something.
>>79560 >Remove gorillas. Stanley did nothing wrong.
>>79560 This would be cool, particularly if they made the Halo CE elite noises. I deliberately exclude the Brute noises from Halo 2 because you don't want to portray the niggers as being able to speak the queen's english. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYD4VuNAAoM
>>75217 No, we don't need the attention. Put in a nod to the /qresearch/ board on 8kun instead, send all the heat their wayl.
(1.62 MB BLSLoop.ogg)
Hey OP-kun, I made a little synthrock loop for you (for the menu or something). The plan was to also do some violent raps over it, but then I realized that this is a pretty nigger thing to do. Still, it might be useful.
>>75217 I like this idea
>>75217 >>94467 It could just as easily cause an influx of 4reddit faggots though.
>>75217 Normie go back THe number one rule is to not talk about our site Let them wonder in mystery or just write 8ch.net
>>84964 >>94467 >>94543 >>94714 Stop taking the obvious bait.
(654.01 KB 607x895 Let's groove.PNG)
>>94772 >obvious bait It's sarcasm retard
What's the tracklist so far?
>>94543 Mark will take care of it.
>>55878 Spread it If it's on the internet once, it's on the internet forever Just like Angry Goy Anyone got any news about Angry Goy 3?
I was hopping this would be a moon man simulator where you could get out and in your car to kill negros, but this is gud as well. >>77683 >Based Faggot detected
Anon you might consider open sourcing it as soon as you have a minimum working version to make sure (((laywers))) don't track you down first and threaten you with penalties if it ever gets released.
>>80750 where's the update eggman you said there'd be an update
bump for an update
This game's dead. They got him. The ones that glow in the dark.
>>117349 Badgoy.net is still up, which implies he hasn't been taken down yet.
pls come back op. gib sauce F >>117357 I mean, (((they))) could have kept it to use as a honeypot.
(748.45 KB 1000x542 0-2-released.png)
(1.52 MB 1553x751 the_crew.png)
(1.16 MB 2000x500 large_banner.png)
Version 0.2 is finally out with many new improvements Hey anons, it's been a while. I had some burnout after working on the game a lot more than is healthy. it's been difficult to balance development with employment and other stuff. I got back into to it last week, got lots done and now here it is. Downloads Windows & Linux downloads available at: https://badgoy.net/download/ Links https://gab.com/BlackLivesSplatter Matrix group chat room: #public:matrix.badgoy.net Or use the Web UI: https://element.badgoy.net Version 0.2 Changelog Expanded suburbs level Added level select system Added Garage for vehicle selection Added 2 new vehicles Added money, vehicle purchasing Added score to HUD Added save system, level, money and vehicle purchase progress is saved Added Moonman hand IK, hands now move with the steering wheel Added radio station radial menu Added throwables (bricks, bottles, and more) for enemies Added hate crime side objectives, crack house jump on suburbs, rainbow road drift on downtown Added antifa, jew and new terrorist models Added crowd sounds Added negro and jew taunts Cutscene for the Suburbs level finished Added cutscene to Downtown Added Credits level with a cutscene Added skin system - can switch to General Lee Added General Lee horn sound Improved performance in some areas Results screen replaced, now goes back to menu Death screen added Falling into water is now handled correctly Added audio, input and some misc options Added options menu to pause menu New engine sounds for almost all vehicles Added burning animations, unique voicelines for Moonman Added SteamVR support in-game Afterburner is now given based on remaining nitro, instead of only if nitro full Some vehicle handling, torque improvements Bug fixes Some new music added A bunch of other stuff
>>119613 Amazing work anon, keep it up
(292.16 KB 678x397 laughing kumi.png)
>>119613 >they throw fucking bananas Fucking hilarious
(29.97 KB 400x400 1423934398500.jpg)
>>119613 Looking great Be careful with the burnout. Slow and steady is better than burning out. Let us know if any of us can help. We're all excited for what comes next.
(545.54 KB 500x281 TC applause.gif)
>>119613 Are you gonna add other types of vehicles like pickup trucks in the game? I wish that I had more knowledge of programming in Unreal Engine. Dunno if Udemy will be worth it.
>>119613 Looks amazing. The glowniggers are a great idea.
>>119613 Godspeed anon, the moon shines bright upon thee.
Loving it, but the last level is way too hard since there's too many dark areas and the niggers attack way too viciously. I'm not saying make it less difficult, but I think there should be a way to even the odds. Also, please add this song in your next build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g1QcfQ7kos
>>120101 >too hard >I'm not saying make it less difficult, but make it less difficult >jewtube >ponyfag oc in the channels icon
(1.19 MB 1920x1080 intro.png)
>>119613 Linux build works, only issue so far is newsreel not showing up during intro, just the audio. But that's common issue with videos in Unity on Loonix.
>>119613 We love you dev-kun, take your time. Total burn outs are horrid.
>>120799 It's not Unity, it's Unreal Engine 4.
What is the point of this?
>>120987 Pissing shits like you off.
(1.95 MB 1920x1080 tracks.png)
>>120910 Sorry, my bad. Other thing I noticed are blood tracks hanging in the air.
>>120987 shits and giggles
Hey anon, I played the latest version and lmao'ed so hard. The chimp noises were a bullseye. One thing tho, please make the cars a little less floaty. It's fine when drifting, but it's pretty much impossible to control the car at higher speeds without it spinning out of control.
>>121083 At one point my car got launched away at what must have been a million miles per second. I don't have any footage of it though. >>121143 I also have this problem, but I just assumed I was bad at stearing
>>119613 >finally get to try this with my win7 machine >load it up >starts with a Moonman Classic playing in the background Already got a smile on my face, thank you devfag
(465.50 KB 540x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Make Uncle Ruckus playable. Can't be overstated how much he hates niggers.
>>50607 My eyes
(4.22 KB 259x194 imgres.jpg)
Testing, testing, testing
>>119613 Are you using blender?
>>119613 Will there be dx11 support ?
>>127252 >muh based nigger fuck off with that shit
>>133738 Hey, he's a white man with Revitiligo, the opposite of what Michael Jackson had.
>>55878 Use Godot.

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