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(14.97 KB 960x540 Games_Done_Quick_logo_trans.png)

(251.07 KB 500x500 3780936.jpg)

(1.23 MB 1485x11830 AGDQ 2022.png)

Autismal Gays Done Quick feat. Celeste from the Devil May Crying Game Series. Anonymous 01/02/2022 (Sun) 02:08:12 Id: 000000 No. 503949
We are one week away. In the meantime lets talk about our favorite quickly done games and the troons and youtube autists that ruined them. Post memes from the good time to warm us in this grimdark future. https://gamesdonequick.com/ https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule Mark edit the OP as necessary and don't forget to sticky and cycle the thread next sunday. Additional note: GDQ will be embedded on https://infinity.watch for the duration of the week. If you want to shitpost somewhere live, then you can come chat with us. Since GDQ has been exponentially gayer with each passing event, I'll be dropping steam keys for random steam games on the site's chatango room throughout the week to make things a bit more entertaining. There will be good and bad games
Edited last time by Mark on 01/10/2022 (Mon) 00:36:40.
>>503949 >Trackmania community maps showcase So, not a speedrun? >Marathon Durandal >Kindergarten diffifculty lel, literal fucking babby mode. I guess the days when speedrunners were actually good at the game are long gone.
>>504014 The days when GDQ actually invited speedrunners are long gone. They banned all of them so they could replace them with trannies. The only thing these "people" speedrun now is their own lives, with almost 50% of them abusing death strats to get a lower time, even though everyone knows that's an irrelevant category for casuals.
>>504014 It's not just the speedrunners, they've long since banned anyone with a personality beyond autistic, or autistic in a dress, so they end up with a new cast and whatever they can get every year. An entire hour of feeding data to Google Maps, for instance
(104.53 KB 1286x720 gdqtranspride.JPG)

(454.47 KB 581x506 gdqtranny.png)

(41.02 KB 396x704 zelda gdq tranny.JPG)

GDQ was only enjoyable to see what autism or freak would appear on stream. Now its just vetted trannies and tranny enablers streaming at home.
>>504083 What rights do humans have that trans people don't? I've always found that platitude funny because of how meaningless it is. Does your right to bear arms disappear when you start wearing panties? Well maybe in Canada since they probably strip your firearm license if you have a mental health record.
(414.26 KB 638x772 cliffy's bathrooms.png)

>>504087 Only thing I can think of is people not wanting them going into womens bathrooms.
>>504089 There have always been women that actually have vaginas and were born with them that get accosted going into the womens bathrooms for looking like men. That isn't even a uniquely tranny issue.
Never fucking ends, does it? >no caveman >no covertmuffin >no bonesaw
I'll watch a few races, I guess. I like seeing two or more speedrunners compete to see who can beat a game the quickest. I checked the schedule and here are all the races this year. >Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania >Super Mario Galaxy >The Krion Conquest >Nier: Automata >Diddy Kong Racing >Zadette >Castlevania: Dracula X >Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix HD >Yugioh! Forbidden Memories >Dark Souls >Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire >Hades >Tetris: The Grand Master
(27.66 KB 513x279 bonesaw.JPG)

>>504098 Bonesaw got banned ages ago, this was he last appearance and he wasn't allowed a mic.
Another long list of terrible games, nameless retards, awful categories and not even a physical event because GDQ is mortally terrified of a harmless cold but fully enthusiastic about embracing and encouraging the delusions of a demographic which see almost half of them die by their own hands.
I'm convinced it's just a money laundering scheme, there is no way they're actually hitting the numbers they say they're hitting.
>>504100 >>The Krion Conquest Who's running it? Is it the guy that ran it a few years ago?
(494.92 KB 2048x1536 Caveman.jpeg)

>>504104 The question is: who hasn't been banned? These lads just want to play some fucking videogames
>>504014 Many shooters have two categories for difficulties, either the easiest mode or the hardest mode. I've never quite understood it myself, I guess the easiest mode is there so you can answer the question "how fast can I make it with the best conditions possible."
>>504300 he looks so weird without the beard
>>504341 Post your shitty mug
>>504127 >Who's running it? The schedule says the two runners in that race are KLM1187 and stone_clive >Is it the guy that ran it a few years ago? No. The guy who ran it before at GDQ was badbrakes (who beat the game in about 19 minutes)
>>504329 For TAS, the hardest difficulty is preferred unless it just makes the game take longer (most commonly, enemies take twice as much damage to kill instead of being smarter and/or enemies deal more damage resulting in less damage boosts), or has to be unlocked (TAS always begins as though it were on a fresh cartridge unless the run is explicitly tackling some second quest or the like). This is in large part because with a TAS taking twice as long to kill a boss is just boring since it amounts to repeating inputs (and maybe even waiting for another cycle before they can be hurt again) rather than anything actually interesting, and damage boosts are generally more interesting than avoiding damage (particularly when they allow skips instead of just going a few frames faster). No idea on "normal" speedruns.
(72.94 KB 369x400 ClipboardImage.png)

I want to propose something I can't really do because I am not really very knowledgeable about the subject Why don't we just suggest to one another, in this thread, some somewhat up to date commented speed runs? That is bound to be thousands of times more entertaining than whatever shit happens on AGDQ nowadays. I will start with this one because I saw it recently, but otherwise I got nothing else to add to my own suggestion: [COMMENTATED TAS] Kirby Super Star Ultra 100% Speedrun - 1:35:09 ~ Uploaded Nov 16, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuYGNlidKfw
>>504517 I don't know any speedruns but I've seen some nice challenge runs.
>>504658 might as well, especially if it's commented, I always enjoy learning about speedrun tricks that makes no sense otherwise
Thoughts on Super Metroid randomizers?
>>504820 I don't even know what to think of randomizers in general.
>>503949 >schedule Not much worth even bothering to watch >DKC2 Has top tier runners and is a cool speedgame >Mega Man 2 Top tier runner, good category >MGS2 blindfolded I'm curious how he handles the boss, disarming the laser, the corridor fight and the RAY photo session. >Antichamber Cool game, WR holder but meme category dunno how that'll look >Gunstar Heroes Expert It's gonna be a trainwreck. >CTR WR holder and the game is underappreciated compared to MK. >R&C NG+ High-tier player and the run is just insane >Spongebob BfBB WR guy and great run to watch >Halo CE I don't really like the game casually but the legendary speedrun provided it doesn't go south is great. >MGS1 all boss extreme Resident hyperautist of the MGS1 community and great fucking run if you like MGS >>504329 Easiest is there to train you for hardest 99% of the time, iirc hardest in Marathon is shiftily balanced so I can see why you wouldn't bother. People who complain about easy mode in speedruns don't understand that the goal is not being challenged by the game, it's to go fast, if easy is faster then that's what you use, harder mode also usually tend to be more luck dependent which is fine when you're doing a few runs to just pass the time but starts being a ball breaker once you actually wanna go fast.
>>504832 I like them because you end up using routes, builds, or strategies you would never consider in the base game and it can help to keep the experience interesting for vereran players, imo
>>504517 ymfah is always enjoyable. BB SL4 https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=AzFks3VhU3A BB "Pacifist" i.e. poisonrolling https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=wZAVWmn4GS0 Sekiro in fewest bosses https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=dh7u_j-vk1M
>>506193 I think his Skyrim videos are some of his best content and I'm not even toddposting. Shit like that 'no moving/left stick' one was amazing.
>>506355 Yeah his runs of Bethesda games really highlight how completely broken those games are. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=6oweMmPA0W4
(3.95 KB 905x68 featherless.png)

What does "Featherless" mean?
(32.56 KB 640x480 pattyrik.jpg)

>>507648 Without feathers, stupid.
(50.15 KB 600x600 a man.jpg)

>>507648 A man.
>>507649 I meant that I've played Nioh 2 all the way through and I don't remember feathers having anything to do with anything.
>>507652 No, that's clearly a horse. Look, it has four external limbs, two eyes, a tongue, nose, skin, lungs, heart, liver, intestines. Or maybe it's a dog. Or a cat. Or a whale. No, wait, it might be a gecko.
>>507656 There's some 3D RPG called "Featherless" on itch.io apparently, so I'm guessing that line represents a challenge run of that game instead of a challenge run of Nioh 2 with no feathers.
>>507664 It's not a gecko. Geckos wear tuxedos.
(559.32 KB 2048x1775 featherless_biped.jpg)

>>504517 >>506193 The Paper Mario speedrunning community has some good commentated runs. (TAS) Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door any% in 1:47:09.03 (Overlay, Commentary) https://youtu.be/Prnur9J8p_8
(622.66 KB 1920x1080 Speedrunners.webm)

(63.93 KB 836x635 trannies dilate for life.jpg)

>>503949 >instead of enjoying a game and savoring the creation, let's do it as fast as possible, because that will REALLY moisten some panties >allow one tranny to sneak in >tranny invites all of its fellow mental patients >ffwd to CY+7 >there are actual booths where these pathetic fucks can stick a dildo up their scrotum to keep the wound from healing over Why does anyone watch this? And don't say schadenfreude. Some things can't be laughed at, only pitied and loathed.
(856.89 KB 1475x2250 gdq tranny watch.jpg)

>>504517 CarcinogenSDA makes some pretty good resident evil speedruns.
(52.90 KB 497x548 hmf.jpg)

>>507648 >featherless disgusting
>>507648 >>507656 >featherless it's probably just a run done without using the ninjustu feathers
(43.56 KB 720x578 trannies why are men.jpg)

(77.07 KB 547x1024 trannies no he didn't.jpg)

(42.75 KB 648x648 trannies no takebacks.jpg)

>>508221 <Protomagicalman I wonder how many rapes he's committed over the years at GDQ?
(740.02 KB 720x540 anexpert.png)

>>504517 https://tasvideos.org/Commentaries Some favorites Pokémon Blue and Red - Coop Diploma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ivGNZs_Mvw This Pokemon Red+Blue 2 diploma run one is the rare glitchless (as much as gen 1 Pokemon can be) RPG runs that has interesting routing due to the specific branch. Since Red has to restart in order to provide the third starter and third Eevee, you simultaneously have a completionist Blue playthrough, a minimum content Red, and a Red that is somewhere in between. At the end there's the complex routing to split up all the remaining Pokemon that need to be found. Super Smash Bros Melee - All-Star Mode, Very Hard, Pacifist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZIi_boUgz8 Beating even super cheap AI opponents with TAS is fine, making them kill themselves is perfect. Twilight Princess Any% https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfQ9l3oXop0 Even the least broken Zelda is still broken. The best part is most non-movement tricks are only used a few times, so variety is high. Pocket Monsters: White Jade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggjtwzEwm80 During the run through Kanto, the commentary simultaneously explain this bizzare bootleg's weird mechanics and the run. Did I mention this bootleg is a port of GSC's version of Kanto, with no Johto and a bizzare mix of gen 4 Pokemon and trainers? Mega Man X6 - X and Zero, One Controller https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5CKwveyS1E I think this is the only two games one controller runs that has commentary.
(109.92 KB 719x832 plebs.jpg)

>>508281 >That second image. >Tranny thinks guy slowed down to look at his foam tits. Nah dude the guy slowed down to have a look at the fucking freak show.
(103.32 KB 700x1048 trannies at hogwart's.jpg)

>>508346 >his foam tits No... you don't understand... he wasn't wearing any. What you see is what you get. When he says they were leering at his "tits," he's referring to his HRT-enlarged nipples.
(8.99 KB 225x224 how the fuck.jpg)

>>508354 Oh fuck but in that picture he has no tits not even man boobs its just a fat guy in little girl's clothing. I feel sorry for any human being that has to witness that freak in real life. The mental scars from such an event must be unbearable.
>>508281 Surprised he's still alive considering how more insane he got.
>>508455 What's with shitty twitter image comps having the same music and style of editing I see these in the webm threads a lot, are they made by the same person? Where do anons find them?
(842.14 KB 602x1024 tranny skin cells.png)

>>508456 Idk, I got that from here a few years ago.
>>508456 Fairly sure that was a miki(no)dev video.
>>508458 Wonder if FTM trannies have the same thing with their meat-cock puppets.
(7.88 KB 299x168 proto.jpg)

>>508281 >>508455 Proto actually doesn't work at GDQ anymore and hasn't for a few years. His "main personality" Proto went back to being male (his therapist said never really trans to begin with before his de-transition, he wasn't on HRT and never went through any steps to transition) and he seemed to develop legitimate dissociative identity disorder that he tried to pass off as something fun and quirky. He retired from speedrunning, got suspended off Twitter and seems to have left the internet all together. I feel bad for him, he's obviously had a lot of issues since he was young. From everything I read about him it sounds like he has either very severe Schizoid disorder or mild schizophrenia. He'd have these public episodes of being really paranoid and accusing fellow streamers were being transphobic against him for small things like their emotes. I'm not angry at him for everything he did to GDQ, I'm angry GDQ hired a nutcase to host (a fucking teen no less) and kept him even after he was clearly unstable and causing drama.
< But, anon, inhibiting puberty in trans-people reduces suicides by 40%. > But, 80% of children grow out of believing that they are trans. So, we're only inhibiting suicide in 1 out of 5 who don't think we shouldn't have listened to them to begin with. Why is my society so ... ill?
These will never be good or entertaining ever again so long as they are held in the homes of autist trannies and the autist trannies aren't being forced to physically go there and sperg out.
(671.58 KB 1306x1142 tranny penile implant.png)

>>508484 They have other problems.
>>508526 Unatco?
>>508526 >>508458 These fools will reap what they sow.
>>508536 No, Savage.
>>508249 You know I thought about those but unless something changed in one of the last patches I don't remember them being particularly all that overpowered or anything.
(462.20 KB 498x330 wtf.gif)

>GDQ thread >everyone's just talking about trannies This is so fucking sad. This used to be a cool autism event and look what happened. Listening to the commentators at these events drives me mad. Like it actually just feels unsettling and irritating because there's something so "soy" about it that exceeds the levels of all other activities. I like weird internet things but these people in particular are so off-putting man. I know I posted a rant like this last time GDQ happened but it's like living in a movie. A satire of some sort. I know people say that a lot but this >triggers me in that way. I just loaded up the most recent stream. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1256370485 >opens up with a giant trans flag covering the whole screen >special trans suicide hotline thing in the opener >trans rights slogan >dumb Sonic OC thing in the bottom left corner >all in a tasteless default font Just unpaused to go one second ahead. I haven't watched this yet as I'm typing it. >transitions to Black Lives Matter thing >#ProtectBlackLives >ACLU link >NAACP link >Sonic and Nintendo music playing in the background I think I died. I think I'm in hell. Chris-chan really is god and this is His world now... Okay, the run itself looks sane but I don't care about it. A part of me feels bad. These were obviously people who wanted to fit into... something, but they didn't, so they ended up here. Plenty of people like being "here" (taking video games a bit too seriously/being an outcast) by choice, yet these people, in a rush to conform, grew old, never grew up, and morphed into this weird mess of a culture they're in now, harming themselves and those around them. But because they're such assholes, they kind of deserve it. I'm basically saying they come off as failed normalfags with all the aggressive, insane collectivism associated with it. And there's no reason they had to do that. They could've grown old and cool and still been speedrunners, but they got baited into this. I kind of see trans people as brutally repressed and exploited people, especially vulnerable young men in particular who have been mistreated by society. Specifically, by leftist and feminist types trying to exploit them and bring them down for entertainment and pleasure. I think they just got overwhelmed and internalized it.
Oh, great, and #StopAsianHate bullshit is right at the start of another video, that movement they've been trying to push since they got upset at Trump for trying to stop the coronavirus as soon as it happened. Well, sorry for the autism. I can't help myself sometimes. Fitting for the thread.
>>504894 Holy shit they finally allowed the BfBB guy? He even posted several videos on his channel about how they always rejected the game immediately whenever he or others applied for dongs gone quick, he even thought it was a conspiracy. All we're missing now is the ape escape 3 WR holder doing a run in the main event, but trannies and normalcattle are allergic to cunny and this guy refuses to play as anyone but sayaka, both for personal and speedrun reasons (some monkeys will stay still with hearts in their eyes since they're fans of her, she's a junior idol in the JP version).
>>508816 >Holy shit they finally allowed the BfBB guy? Apparently so, don't have any real nostalgia for it but the run is pretty damn technical and fun to watch > we're missing now is the ape escape 3 WR holder Pretty sure the WR holder and most of the community around the Ape Escape games is made from /srg/ shitposters, which does mean basically never ever, not to mention the donations would be far too spicy for the staff to handle.
>>508820 Right, if they allow AE3 i'm fully expecting at least a dozen $5 donations from people named mammoth2020/dorontabi or anonymous donators whose only comment would be a crying emoji. So it'll never happen, ESA allows the game because no one gives a fuck about them.
>>508751 >#StopAsianHate This is very tone deaf to the black struggle. Black people can't help it if they feel an overwhelming desire to assault #Asians.
(1.85 MB 500x328 gaysnonono.gif)

>>508455 Got to 01:19 and couldn't take it anymore. >"I'm the video game antichrist!" No, faggot. That's either Zoe or Anita. You are just a sad, pathetic, deluded fuck. >>508458 Welp, I'm never eating scrambled eggs ever again. >>508485 >From everything I read about him it sounds like he has either very severe Schizoid disorder or mild schizophrenia >I'm angry GDQ hired a nutcase to host (a fucking teen no less) and kept him even after he was clearly unstable and causing drama. "Guise, I've got the perfect candidate for a host!" "Do tell! Man or woman?" "Uh..."
(1.06 MB 468x200 laugh dr evil.webm)

Mark don't forget to sticky and cycle this thread tonight or early in the morning.
(17.11 KB 260x225 wood.jpg)

>>509083 >"Do tell! Man or woman?" "Uh..."
GDQ will be embedded on https://infinity.watch for the duration of the week. If you want to shitpost somewhere live, then you can come chat with us. Since GDQ has been exponentially gayer with each passing event, I'll be dropping steam keys for random steam games on the site's chatango room throughout the week to make things a bit more entertaining. There will be good and bad games
>>508444 <--checked >Oh fuck but in that picture he has no tits not even man boobs its just a fat guy in little girl's clothing. I know. The fact that he looks like he could be a chrischan cousin just makes it so much worse.
(994.60 KB 500x372 rubbinghandstwinpeaks.gif)

>>509186 > to make things a bit more entertaining.
(138.66 KB 505x375 hiddengem.png)

>>509186 Well I still don't have bad rats.
>>509266 Man I want to fuck Kim and Shego. And that brown cheerleeder girl whose name I can't remember.
>>509269 >spic cheerleader Also her name is Bonnie something.
>speedrunner is playing Nioh 2 >playing a half naked girl with huge tits Okay GDQ is saved. Too bad I'm busy playing games myself and the Infinity chat doesn't show up for me.
>2H battle axe with 3 helper catballs is this monster hunter
>>509421 >and the Infinity chat doesn't show up for me Chatango shits the bed sometimes, if it persists you can try joining the chat directly via https://8infinitydotmoe.chatango.com/
How was the Nioh 2 run? Has trannyraptor appeared yet?
What do you want me to edit in the OP?
>>509452 >is this monster hunter If you've seen the switchglaive then you know the answer is a resounding YES.
>>509865 You can put any embeds that are relevant like what you do with E3 or other things like that. Did you guys ever get the 8chan restream working? If so then you could add that too
>>509868 of course, link them in the thread and I'll add it to the OP
>>509877 You can remove the parent portion if you just want the embed If you want the embed and the chatango, you gotta go to the site https://infinity.watch
>$5000 >my wife's dad died of cancer lol here's money Come on now
>>509936 I wish people knew what the PCF are, they're not a terrible charity but they're really not what people think they are. All the donations about "beating cancer's butt!" clearly come from an misunderstanding that the PCF are a medical research organization that develops cancer treatments. They aren't, they're an organization focused on cancer detection and prevention, not the treatment of existing cancers.
>>509941 >they're not a terrible charity I'm fairly sure I recall their official numbers for how much of the money they get actually goes to doing what they claim to be doing is fairly low.
>>509947 That's basically every big charity organization.
>>509950 True, but I would still make a difference between a charity using a third of the money in "management costs" over one that use half or three quarters for "management costs"
I used to play DeadCore a lot. I think I got bretty high on the scoreboards. I should start playing it again.
(105.36 KB 557x720 small fats.jpg)

>>509936 Aren't charity donations tax deductible? >>509941 >eat healthy Surprised they haven't been attacked for listing that.
>>510079 Have they ever considered like, not being fat? I know that's a joke suggestion to anything but seriously you can't tell me someone's consciously choosing to live as a 4XL+ cunt.
>>510079 I'm not small fat, I'm big thin.
(843.67 KB 1080x1920 modern women fat.png)

>>510082 No woman wants to be fat, they're just lazy and want to be able to eat whatever they want.
Watching the autist completely stonewall the commentator is the most amusing thing so far. Apparently he also used to sell his services grinding in Genshin impact https://archive.is/QYITX
>>509941 >Eat a healthy diet. But that would require cutting out trans fats
>no deus ex
(199.07 KB 312x353 Thisisagoodbook.png)

>>510110 Hey is that the show that was so bad that it killed the manga?
(29.48 KB 400x400 8rKLKYgI_400x400.jpg)

>headstrong1290 This thing is a tranny with a voice changer.
(114.31 KB 552x289 1632698768867.png)

>>510118 No pronouns or tranny flag anywhere though.
(35.58 KB 434x314 gdq.JPG)

>>510129 Its this guy. Maybe it thinks its truly a real woman.
(158.94 KB 878x1200 j1dook.jpg)

>>510142 Oh yeah I remember that guy.
>>503949 Does Madeline from Celeste canonically have a cock?
>>510221 Have? maybe not. Had? very likely.
>>510115 ...oh my god, is that why there haven't been any new chapters? Fuck, I was kinda enjoying the GitS manga feeling of it. Like, og GitS manga, where motoko had emotions.
>>510115 >>510281 I wasn't actually aware of that(or anything about Ex-arm), but if that's the case then what a rotten way to die. lip smack
>>510221 She was retconned into having had a cock. Same as Dumbledore was retconned into being wizard Hitler's boyfriend.
(221.26 KB 331x438 trap.PNG)

>>510221 That was on the dev team so pretty sure they made Celeste as a tranny allegory for journos and twatter points.
>>510304 >trap That abomination doesn't look anything like a woman, and it was even more obvious when he spoke after getting an award for celeste's pixelfarts.
>>510307 I think he's cute
(495.55 KB 524x735 disdainforplebs.PNG)

>>510362 Anon please, it may not be the ugliest tranny in existence but it's still a tranny. Honestly when he first appeared at the game awards show I didn't realise it was a tranny, I just thought it was a somewhat mannish 5/10 girl. It's not though, don't let yourself be drawn in.
>>510281 Yep, I actually encountered it while looking up genderswap (no homo) manga. While it didn't exactly fit what I was looking for it was pretty interesting so I kept reading it. I haven't gone back to read any of the later chapters though and I have no motivation to after it got cancelled haha. Apparently the staff had no experience with making anime before working on it. Quite the blunder.
>>510442 >5/10 Him being a tranny doesn't really have any bearing on how attractive he is. He looks above average to me. Most women look much uglier than he does in my experience. It sounds like you are falling into the trap of calling 6-7/10's "average" and calling 5/10's ugly, which is very counter intuitive to the rating scale.
>>510445 I think you're a homosexual performing mental gymnastics for why he thinks a fugly tranny is attractive.
(182.43 KB 289x371 trans.png)

(80.69 KB 474x497 Fucking Trans.jpg)

Have there been any interesting runs or has it just been wall to wall trannies?
(83.96 KB 1163x656 1.jpg)

(1.04 MB 1192x1800 2.jpg)

(25.77 KB 540x309 3.jpg)

>>510449 The game may be american bootleg shakugan no shana platformer, but Lena Raine is attractive.
(57.16 KB 1024x566 eta4ovch4h221.jpg)

>>510456 No, 3DPD tranny degenerates are not cute.
>>510449 What does sexuality have to do with whether or not someone is attractive? Are you retarded?
You always notice so many freaks on the internet. Sometimes I feel like the internet was a mistake.
>>510472 We're just not in the universe we want to be, where vidya conventions become full of cute aras, tomboys and OLs instead of trannies.
(30.17 KB 344x344 born to fug.jpg)

>>510477 It used to be, i remember going to a convention when i wasaround 14 with a friend and 2 girls from highschool and talking to an ara cosplaying as resident evil 2 claire and taking pictures of her, the world just became shit. Also there were boothbabes handing out free sodas and they called me a cutie.
>>510456 >tons of make-up >misleading angles No. >>510470 Only a faggot finds trannies attractive you faggot. Homosexuals have fundamentally flawed ideas of what is attractive or not for that matter.
>>510491 >Only a faggot finds trannies attractive you faggot. Homosexuals have fundamentally flawed ideas of what is attractive or not for that matter. Being attracted to someone and acknowledging they're attractive are two different things. But I'm fully willing to admit I'm a faggot and think that tranny is attractive. I also acknowledge that they're objectively conventionally attractive by basically all standards. Even you seem to acknowledge this by accusing him of cheating with makeup and angles. So really you've just decided that because you consider someone morally reprehensible that you aren't attracted to them, but aren't actually making an argument for why they're objectively unattractive by any reasonable metric.
>>510493 >I'm a faggot Do you have to wear a diaper?
>>510501 No I don't put things in my asshole because I'm not retarded.
(72.92 KB 982x553 DtyyXB9VYAEazv4.jpg-large.jpg)

>>510456 >>510493 Look at pictures where you can actually see its body and compare it to others you dumbasses. It has the stature of a man and is clearly masculine. You're letting yourself be fooled by carefully constructed closeups that hide reality.
I cannot get the infinity chat to work.
>>510506 >those manlegs Looks like one of the soul games when you put a cute girl's head on top of a buff guy's body.
>>510506 This picture is an indictment against modern society.
>>510506 I never said he didn't look like a man. I said he was attractive. Him having "masculine knees" is like "pointy elbows" tier autism. I never said he looked like a girl, I said he was attractive.
(192.77 KB 1024x896 too_old.jpg)

>>510481 >ara mom sneaks out to cosplay vidya characters too petite for her in public
(159.61 KB 427x557 1633473645326.gif)

>>510283 >not what a shame
>>510513 >Acknowledges he looks like a man >Still thinks he's attractive You are a homosexual.
>>510516 She was actually quite lithe for a woman obviusly in her late 30s.
>>510521 Yes. I think he's an attractive androgynous man.
What is that 3D game that looks like Ori and stars a little glowing white ambiguous animal?
>>510546 Rainmaker or Rainfall? Something like that?
(1.25 MB 227x168 confused.gif)

>commentator calls him a her, pronouns are he/him It must get confusing with so much condensed mental illness.
>>510550 Rainworld? That's 2D.
>>510550 >>510556 I remember that one of the bosses or environmental set peices was a giant stag.
(3.05 MB 1280x720 trapsmilo.webm)

>>510456 <but Lena Raine is attractive. >choker to hide adam's apple >over-sized classes to show "I'm just a nerd grrl, tee hee" >dyed hair or white wig >probably has several tattoos and piercings because he was a victim of "Creepy Uncle Syndrome" as a kid
>>510580 >over-sized classes *glasses
>>510456 >>510506 >Lena Raine is attractive He's really not, not even from a twink-trap POV. He just looks like a slightly more sane and well kempt Cosmo. Best you can say is that he has relatively good symmetrical features, unlike Cosmo who slipped down the Riff Raff cliff.
(3.22 MB 1919x6182 1641864328983.jpeg)

>>510608 >>510580 The funny part is where you're all up and about in details what precisely you don't like about this person (like if you knew how to transition better, because of pornographic addiction we both have), and you watch AGDQ regardless if you complain about it being transgender related EVERY YEAR. The ride never ends.
(496.63 KB 1280x1961 agdq tranny deadname.png)

(10.11 KB 661x95 cosmo.jpg)

>>510451 It's just been boring cringe. A lot of trannies haven't showed up yet. Several the more entertaining ones to laugh at are banned, didn't get in or didn't have a face cam.
(12.83 MB 544x336 4AM.webm)

>>510672 several of the*
>>510661 >this shit kind sucks Their like lemmings, i bet some aren't even that offended by the deadnaming but they just want to fit in with what they think are their friends, who will probably cancel them over trivial shit. It's like getting offended is a club to them, even when the business pander to them they can't accepted a simple mistake. >that's not praise it's ABUSE When they treat a simple mistake like actual VIOLENCE then it becomes totalitarian and they start demanding people lose their jobs or get lectured to. These are terrible people with miserable lives and would love to gain money from people mistaking their pronouns. They deserve all the discrimination they can get.
(51.35 KB 329x547 Untitlesd.png)

>>510698 Wouldn't saying simply: No Fun Allowed be easier.
>>510698 They should just post a comprehensive list of what's allowed, it's about as long: >Greetings from [location] >Awesome run by a great runner >I'm glad to contribute to a good cause >Let's hit [fundraising goal]! >Kill/Save the animals
>>510778 You forgot >First time watcher, long time donator >Lets kick cancer's butt
>>510778 >>510779 >Greetings from Germany! My animal died of cancer. Kill the frames!
>>510779 I miss the live audience because of shit like >"AGDQ, my dad died of testicular ca-" >"LET'S GOOOOOO!" >thunderous applause
>>510839 shit like one of the couch guys telling the audience to stand in front of a bus if they wanted to prevent cancer was hilarious. Also can't forget ESA's nugget arc.
>>503949 Give the source of the picture in the OP plz
(103.93 KB 750x1000 rta-chan.jpg)

>>510698 >No political campaigning or proselytism These whole rules are about politics. The only exceptions are about spam and bots. It's easier to make a list of acceptable speech like >>510778 did. Looking at this thread is enough for me, I'm not watching GDQ this year. I'll get the autism reports later. RTA in Japan is better and they have a cute girl as a mascot instead of a LGBTᾩ≜+ Sonic rip-off. >>510858 Second this. I wonder if the artist drew Madeline as a girl or boy,
>>510698 >Fox only >Final Destination
>>510630 >(like if you knew how to transition better, because of pornographic addiction we both have) How do you know >she has a porn addicition? >and you watch AGDQ regardless if you complain about it being transgender related EVERY YEAR. Dude, I NEVER watch that shit. I let other /v/irgins take the hit and then mine their selected vids for the worst of the event. Then I inflict them on other people.
(733.09 KB 460x816 trannies DRUGS!.mp4)

>>510871 Trannies have done to me what no feminist was able to do: defeat my so-called "male gaze." I no longer biologically register a woman and take a quick involuntary glance, like most men. >be driving >peripheral vision catches long hair, dress, boots, boobs >is woman >look >is NOT woman >think seriously about swerving off the road and running him the fuck over (((They've))) never had a more effective way to attack white birthrates than the tranny meme.
(687.04 KB 573x868 IMG_20211223_234906_080.png)

>>510916 Trannies are government-sponsored self-sterilization program with the added bonus they can be used to do studies that would normally be banned. Surgeon can also test new practices in them and every failure is censored and haram, as is their suicide rate.
(64.35 KB 640x480 H3257-L48773153.jpg)

>>510506 >that entire lineup of hipster beards and punchable faces The autistic lesbo that dressed like Butch Patrick needs a kick in ovaries.
(17.72 KB 800x1115 Josef-Rudolf-Mengele1.webp)

>>510919 >with the added bonus they can be used to do studies that would normally be banned. *Mengele intensifies*
(57.96 KB 773x911 Squidbob.JPG)

>>508458 Jesus Christ hat looks like the fat i sometimes have to trim off my chicken breast
>>510142 >keen for Superman 64 It's not bad enough they want us to watch men with tits play games, they expect people to sit through one of the worst games ever made?
(33.40 KB 567x371 doge trannies.jpg)

>>510661 >deadnaming
Trannies are just 3DPD futa. Doesn't/v/ like futa? :^)
>>510996 I do but trannies are ugly. And they're dudes with tits, not chicks with dicks.
>>510996 2d is a idealized form drawn by a talented artist, it's not real. 3d is a broken husk of a man with mental illness.
(920.76 KB 756x910 crash tran.png)

(205.33 KB 768x1024 tranny grave.jpg)

>>510856 They'll do it themselves. >>510930
>>511066 Is that shit real? It's funny as fuck you can still read his real name.
>>510997 Faggot >>511051 >dick >idealized Faggot
(455.19 KB 970x1458 Celeste2.png)

(1.49 MB 1388x1180 Celeste1.png)

>>510858 >>510874 Unfortunately it doesn't look like that I have the full pic saved. I did find these two that I saved at the same time last summer though.
(768.63 KB 3024x4032 trans pride.jpg)

>>511087 Yeh its real, lots of tranny gravestones with their real name of them.
>>511120 How can you live in squalor like this?
(466.17 KB 316x500 trannies ellen page JUST.png)

>>511066 <Rest In Power >tfw you'll never have your equally mentally handicapped friends jam a gay pillowcase on your grave to upset your parents all over again Why die?
>>511120 >the soda opener bracelet
(364.57 KB 1536x2048 tranny odor.png)

(55.93 KB 968x467 gynecologist tranny take.png)

(258.97 KB 500x354 1611631508191.gif)

>>511131 oh god I hadn't noticed kek
>>511120 Man Sam Hyde really hit the shids.
(574.38 KB 1600x1600 69116299_p0.jpg)

>>510858 videogames
(187.35 KB 500x448 Spongebob.webm)

(614.67 KB 1920x1080 bwaa3 mouth eyes.gif)

>>511147 So that's why I cropped it.
Reminder to send your 5"x7" or smaller postcards to GDQ as described on their website to prizecuck donationfags.
(64.04 KB 620x827 franks_monster.jpg)

>>511126 Frankstein's monster looks more convincing than Ellen Page, damn.
>>511126 I wonder what kind of mental trauma you have to suffer to become this. What did the hollyjew do to her?
(38.37 KB 546x597 its_time.jpg)

>>511147 I don't regret asking for this.
>>511126 OH FUCK is that Ellen Page?
(195.09 KB 401x360 image.png)

>>511126 >>511183 >thought this was an edit at first >it's real
>>511126 Damn, I had never seen Ellen Page after she trooned out till now. She looks like an effeminante Gigachad.
>>511201 The sad thing is, I don't think it even helped her career at all. It was clearly such a cynical move after her whole lesbian thing worked out for her and now it's just made her into a weird pathetic chimera.
>>511204 She's definitely not going to make it much longer. Any year now we'll hear about her singing her swansong into Kurt Cobain's microphone.
(41.75 KB 355x425 1429213553627.jpg)

>>511201 >She looks like an effeminante Gigachad. >tfw girls are closer to being a Gigachad than you.
>>511126 It's weird, after turning tranny it seemed like her jaw instantly got squarer and her eyes smaller. At least she waited until after she hit the wall to do it, not much of value was lost. >>511204 Was it a cynical career based move? I get the impression this is just the culmination of years of leftist propaganda and being diddled by hollywood execs.
>>511221 Don't feel bad anon. That's just the massive testosterone injections taking their toll. It's all artificial and it destroys their body in short order. You will never see an old tranny. Every single one of them is fated to die within a few decades of their transition at most.
They've apparently got an actual wom*n on now in case any of you faggots lurking are feeling thirsty.
(125.19 KB 1536x1219 tranny arm.jpg)

(115.31 KB 733x426 tranny cock.jpg)

(152.94 KB 621x489 tranny ftm op.jpg)

(176.34 KB 621x643 ftm trans op.JPG)

>>511221 Dont worry anon, there are horrors under those clothes.
>>511259 The number of trannies that opt for bottom surgeries is generally very low. And I'm fairly certain Ellen Paige in particular specifically said she wasn't going to get a frankencock. Posts about trannies and bottom surgery are mocking a tiny minority of trannies that get tricked by unethical doctors into thinking the surgery will help them in any way.
(139.04 KB 685x668 tranny jews.jpg)

>>511262 >tricked by unethical doctors into thinking the surgery will help them in any way. Cool it with the antisemitic remarks.
>>511262 Well they might as well all get bottom surgeries. Because once you've pumped enough hormones into you to permanently fuck up your face and body, what does it matter what your crotch looks like at that point?

(42.53 KB 491x490 e_he_he_he_he.jpg)

(37.47 KB 482x477 ahblsjpfhbhk.jpg)

(1.25 MB 1488x844 WHY.png)

(41.64 KB 345x338 about.png)

>>511265 Tranny Jews you say!
>>511266 The entire issue is that it isn't just a cosmetic surgery. You're literally slapping flesh onto a part of the body and hoping the body doesn't reject, or in the case of MtF slicing a gaping wound into their crotch and filling it with penile tissue that grows grows hair and results in fucking open wound fur balls. The fact that this surgery has been performed on a literally any single person on the planet should have resulted in massive uproar from the medical community. I don't care either way for trannies but the frankenstein surgeries people pretend are okay is abhorrent.
>>511270 >should have resulted in massive uproar from the medical community. The medical community is fucked. Completely fucked.
>>511270 >should have resulted in massive uproar from the medical community. why would they have done so? you should know as well as they did that if they where to have done so they would have been blacklisted, do you know how many years of they life and how much money they have indebted onto being able to do that job? when you are at that stage of life debt, you just go along with whatever lets you keep your investment its similar to the modern collage commie, do youi have any idea of how much money, broken relationships, internal backstabbing's just waiting the moment in which they will be the target of said backstabbing and useless/outright detrimental knowledge to them and society they have indebted themselves to? my dude...
>>511262 I'm curious if there's actual numbers on this.
>>511269 >Hi, i'm Sabera >you can call me Emily Are you Sabera or Emily?
>>511278 >why would they have done so? Because they're actively harming the lives of the trannies they want to help. <but that's happening by accepting them as trannies anyways Not really. People dressing in skirts and slightly altering their hormonal profile is a mild increase in liver cancer risk in a few decades and maybe more kidney stones. Enabling someone who wants to wear a skirt and makeup is radically different to literally chopping someones cock off and throwing up your hands when they come back to you with an infected wound. There is a universe where helping trannies transition could be arguably beneficial to them. There is logic that you can follow regardless of whether you necessarily agree with it. There is no universe where chopping their cocks off benefits them.
God how I hate how trannies have completely overshadowed the entire discussion about speed running at this point. GDQ has just turned into an over curated horror show and Corona killed any possibility of spontaneity with the whole thing being online. Even I fine myself drawn into trannyposting. Mostly because everything else is so boring and sanitized. Anons I beg you to post speed running and challenge running content from the beforetimes. Anything fun or autistic.
(2.64 MB 1280x720 1484105264441.webm)

(306.82 KB 580x740 black glasses top nep.png)

(138.52 KB 315x430 top nep.png)

(1.80 MB 1280x720 best ending in any game.webm)

(250.40 KB 546x304 weebmastersawoken.png)

(803.40 KB 225x170 autism_controller.gif)

(264.07 KB 500x398 1529983715.png)

(1.25 MB 260x320 fapping_speedrunner.gif)

(377.51 KB 350x521 1530163228.png)

(408.29 KB 764x760 Pepsi Man.png)

>>511292 >autism controller That's a legitimate method for faster inputs.
(306.07 KB 2048x1365 DgwuAaSVAAE1kMW.jpg large.jpg)

(163.51 KB 1448x2048 DgwsWWaWsAA4Yuz.jpg large.jpg)

(125.67 KB 1200x800 Dgwo6EPX0AEfkri.jpg)

(165.05 KB 1500x1500 Dgwndh5X0AAic99.jpg large.jpg)

(369.13 KB 2047x1365 Dgwj3D7WsAA2xC6.jpg large.jpg)

(222.84 KB 431x403 1530185638.png)

(63.55 KB 370x272 Cum Monster 2.png)

(103.35 KB 633x628 1530281290.jpg)

(17.86 KB 150x170 glasses.gif)

(881.55 KB 1005x740 1530256949.png)

(5.14 MB 640x366 ingame selfie.webm)

(20.49 KB 298x163 its goofytime!.jpg)

(1.15 MB 164x228 1546868223-1.gif)

(286.10 KB 471x301 This is Funky.png)

(115.55 KB 469x301 funky.png)

Are pronouns mandatory now?
>>511286 The euro one is the only one left that isnt completely pozzed, which is ironic considering its in Sweden.
>>511286 You're not wrong, but your choice of images has left me to share some bad news with you https://archive.fo/0HrVS
(204.10 KB 479x477 N1GGER.png)

>>511311 Why must you hurt me in this way anon?
(32.30 KB 400x800 1638576032653.jpg)

>>511311 Caveman trooned out? Top kek.
(1.77 MB 2794x1040 doubt.png)

>>511311 >She >Lesbian
Today i went into my local game store and they had two GBA cases for sale, one was of the tranny flag and the other was of the rainbow flag.
(264.79 KB 334x393 1322531108494.png)

>>511311 >>511317 >>511325 >>511359 This is not him This is a troll account, Caveman changed his handle to unifiedbranding and somebody snatched his old one to push pedo shit (MAP means "minor-attracted person") and pretend he was trans. Notice how new it is, only a few months old.
(241.61 KB 597x593 fakeman.png)

>>511361 Oh sorry, I should post what that old bio said. The MAP thing makes so sense without it.
>>511361 The my doubt still stands faggot. I was accidently correct. I might be psychic.
>>511365 I have no idea what you're trying to say with this post but refer to >>511363
>>511361 Oh thank God.
I was worried that I'd missed Castlevania block.
Paon is best run. Japan no. 1!
(58.68 KB 433x463 Her_smile_and_optimism.jpg)

>>511361 Oh. Good.
(24.18 KB 501x286 gdq pendora tranny.JPG)

>looks and sounds like a regular guy with long hair but has tits.
(69.01 KB 1275x768 trannies ellen page virgin.jpg)

>>511201 >She looks like an effeminante Gigachad. I'm afraid you have that completely backwards.
(91.17 KB 706x545 gingerbreadhouse-706x545.jpg)

>>511269 Why do I get the impression >she lives in a house made of gingerbread?
(97.70 KB 301x280 sanity.png)

>>511197 >>it's real I'm afraid so. Not much of value was lost, mind you, but I feel bad for the Umbrella Academy producers who have to come up with a reason for the White Violin to now be a 14-year-old >male
(87.46 KB 616x824 GDQ incredible hulk.jpg)

(88.76 KB 252x255 1498448145.png)

(92.32 KB 953x600 gdq devito.jpg)

>>511419 On the plus side she can now help Japan defeat Baragon.
(701.96 KB 635x572 you.png)

>>511423 His neck is slowly melting into his chin, he's a Thumb Thumb in the making.
>>511292 >>511296 >pepsiman 2 never ever
(1.07 MB 1002x948 you_winning_son.png)

You winning son?
>>511132 that's just sad. And that's just gonna enforce they never gonna try to improve upon the current surgical procedure.
(220.85 KB 836x876 Jewish gay porn empire.jpg)

>>511441 I wonder how long the father was diddling him?
(1.29 MB 1264x636 Weliveinasociety.png)

(1.12 MB 1259x709 Thisisthefuture.png)

What a time to be alive
(197.20 KB 500x351 1444960290826.png)

>>511474 It's not as repulsive as seeing trannies at least.
>>511474 Do japs even see themselves as human anymore? What does fae/faer mean in mental illness?
>>511483 >fae/faer I think they're supposed to be "fairy" pronouns. As in these retards think they're tuatha or something.
>>511474 OwO what's this?
>>511474 What's the program they use to have these avatars? This shit is everywhere now, so I assume it's something open source or at least free.
>>511493 Live2D
>>511497 Appreciated. But I could have sworn there was an open source animation tool. I mean, it's not that hard to animate 2d layers and build a character, since they lack any movement that involve depth.
>>511499 Vroid Studio?
(290.90 KB 438x466 ClipboardImage.png)

Now we're going fast.
>>511574 Argick is based. He manages to balance autism with entertainment. Dude has charisma.
(548.95 KB 500x208 godzillaletthemfight.gif)

>>511441 Hell is full and demons walk the Earth >>511432 My friggin' sides, man
>>511434 >he's a Thumb Thumb in the making.
(12.90 KB 250x250 Bane Anon.jpg)

>>511474 >>511574 >>511441 I just opened the fucking thread I'll post this and be gone
(2.16 MB 1920x1080 gdq masketta rub.png)

(2.32 MB 500x3695 all_forms_of_ellen.png)

>>511419 Saw this on /pol/
>>511259 Ok so they take the skin from the thigh or arm but where does the meat come from? Is it old breast meat?
(9.31 KB 163x166 sub.jpg)

(10.76 MB 320x288 ftm.webm)

(27.80 KB 358x350 gdq3.jpg)

(69.01 KB 1002x550 gdq2.jpg)

(1.29 MB 1264x636 gdq1.png)

GDQ sure is something this year
Awful block tonight and than late morning tomorrow Castlevania.
>>511860 If only it were live. I hope ESA is live this year.
>>511867 Doubt it, and I doubt SGDQ will be live either. New coof strain is apparently the deadliest, most infectious thing since the black plague, so you better take your sixth booster shot and forget about ever seeing anyone else in person unless it's to go to work. Jokes aside, the GDQ/ESA communities are too up their own ass to do a live event until the coof blows over.
(168.57 KB 830x1224 esa_2022.jpg)

>>511891 Maybe that was decided before Omicron-dono, watch them backpedal.
(670.95 KB 1306x1142 trannies dad in labor.png)

(780.78 KB 1080x2340 sack tranny vagina.jpg)

(90.27 KB 230x206 no.png)

>>510456 Stop being gay.
(45.46 KB 550x553 Diaz_Daemonette_Art.jpg)

>>511925 >there is beauty in the pain
>>504089 Imagine being such a clown that you think putting gender neutral bathrooms in a video game setting, which most people ignore anyways, makes you a better person in any way.
>>504089 Imagine thinking putting gender neutral bathrooms in a video game setting makes you a good person by any means whatsoever
>>511989 Shit, ignore this. I posted the same thing twice cause internet
>>511925 >penile implant is about to explode Does this mean that the tranny got pregnant, then had a frankencock sewn on, and now the baby is about to explode out of the skin tube? That's fucking horrifying if true.
>>512030 Thankfully, most of them won't reproduce, so no need to worry about that
>>512037 >you don't need to worry about the thing that is literally happening
>>512030 >That's fucking horrifying if true. You best start believing in horror stories, you're in one.
(224.33 KB 1242x1345 tranny birth.jpg)

(310.99 KB 540x720 just3.png)

>>512090 Goddamn.
(5.82 MB 480x270 1641926345239.webm)

>>512124 Wasn't this the gay choir that deleted the video out of embarrassment because a bunch of those singers are convicted child molesters
>>512129 I don't know. Was it?
(255.53 KB 1080x1477 gays engaged.jpg)

>>512124 I'm a mega homo and even I don't know why other gays think it's a good idea to do cringe shit like this. It's a clear trolling attempt but it does nothing but rile up already demented boomers. >>512129 >>512156 They deleted the video but it doesn't say anything about them being diddlers https://archive.is/Frgw7 Other sources I found say they deleted it because some members were getting death threats.
>>512176 It's an example of the old adage of "the left can't meme." They see old people on social media talk about "owning the libs," interpret that as trolling, and think that kind of thing is a good way to troll back by "owning the conservatives" back with snideness. Then they get mentioned on the late shows and left social media and think they're doing something correct even if it's ineffective because satire doesn't make people change their political views.
>>511925 ah, human hyena(not even joking, look it up)
>>512205 >human hyena I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
>>512209 >3d furry loli eh, i've seen worse things online, seemingly distinct style among lolifags, just going by those 3 pics though what i meant with human hyena is that apparently hyenas give birth though their pseudo-penis, and as it is obvious, that thing bursts
>>512176 >Filename I'd say the doom r63 yuri's somehow more surprising.
>>511963 >trannies and the LGBTBBQ are slaanesh >all those people that spread aids and the chinks that spit on elevators and hand rails back when the wu-flu started are nurgle >jews are tzeencht So who is gonna be khorne?
>>512218 >So who is gonna be khorne? I would say nogs but they are with Gork and Mork.
>le intentionally bad gaem xd >commentator sounds like Chris-Chan if he identified as a nigger
(268.50 KB 923x519 dragon.png)

>>512224 >commentator sounds like Chris-Chan if he identified as a nigger SHADOW'S ARMS AIN'T PINK! DON'T CALL NO ONE! I DINDU NUFFIN!
>>512224 dude shitty epic kazoo tracks lmao isn't it funny
>quick transitions
I genuinely can't tell if the announcer has a speech impediment, is retarded, a tranny or just making retard noises to make the speedrunner feel at home.
This game is a joke that went on 25 minutes too long.
(142.25 KB 321x184 asuka.png)

Hey it's Acid's waifu.
(48.46 KB 1080x996 ork rangers.webp)

>>512222 I do prefer the mindcanon that nigs have the blessings of gorkamorka after that one webm of them just fixing a broken down car in south africa with random bullshit and a baby doll's head.
(7.99 MB 720x406 Real-Life Mekboys.webm)

>>512239 Technically they are Abbos and it is in Australia.
>>512250 >motherfuckers used their Dreamtime powers to repair that car Hot damn!
(5.95 KB 320x71 simp.png)

>another reddit humor meem gaem Fuck.
(617.56 KB 1260x735 fcuk.png)

(828.85 KB 923x519 bayne.png)

(5.34 MB 1280x720 joker traps are gay.mp4)

>>511925 Not sure why this was spoilered. Nothing's visible except trandad's masculine nipples, which, since we live in a society, means they're perfectly G-rated.
(130.40 KB 400x213 monsterpinheadlaugh.png)

(1.71 MB 584x360 trannies 'breast-feeding'.mp4)

>>512030 >Does this mean that the tranny got pregnant, then had a frankencock sewn on, and now the baby is about to explode out of the skin tube? That's fucking horrifying if true. We have such sights to show you!
(53.59 KB 472x267 eye mixer.jpg)

(12.68 KB 342x328 GENOCIDE.jpg)

(61.28 KB 500x531 furry_conservative_gamer.jpg)

>>512209 Based
(615.04 KB 726x744 sword wielding trans.png)

>>512452 >doesn't keep the sword in shape Even I keep my fake ass katana in shape.
>>512453 It's being used to keep his wound open.
(33.79 KB 484x461 barfgoose.jpg)

>>512452 >"and on occasion gives half off circumcisions to chasers 1. No one's chasing that creature except the orderlies from the mental hospital he keeps escaping from 2. That's a sword with dried blood on it, which means >>512469 little zinger is probably far more accurate than he wants to believe.
>>512250 I am both equally fascinated and terrified by this. And that's saying quite a lot in a thread about speedrunning abominations.
>>512442 That's poor taste even for furry, man.
(672.22 KB 2728x4092 bun.jpg)

>>512481 >Not wanting to inseminate the bun's oven
>>512486 >wanting to fuck a moonnigger pair of jackboot gun grabbers from a shitty yiff fag fantasy world movie No way fag, my cock is reserved exclusively for pic related.
>>512498 I too would willingly impregnate Coco & the trophy girls.
>>512495 ANON WHY
(81.67 KB 550x315 event_horizon_02.jpeg)

>>512615 A thread about troons playing vidya with the pretex of raising money for an (((non profitable foundation))) turned into a fur image dump Pottery! IMO, the BO should leave the non abusive posts up as a reminder of how vidya as a hobby was corrupted and attracts some terrible kind of people.
(59.13 KB 960x960 confusion.jpg)

>cancer doctor on stream talking about shitting blood and colonoscopies for over 5 minutes >gets into how you can't test nigerian assblood because they're too poor for health insurance Truly the speedautism content everyone is here for.
(4.09 KB 437x61 Ynglet.png)

(32.86 KB 357x480 yingletwtf.jpg)

>>512129 >asn't this the gay choir that deleted the video out of embarrassment because a bunch of those singers are convicted child molesters The did some "we'll turn your kid's gay" shi, but that was only part of the reaosn. I recall most it's members also had AIDs and like half their members died from it historically, but that might be a diffrent gay choir I'm thinking of.
As a more broad-interest question, why are there so many furries in tech / trannies in politics? Like I get the surface level reason, but even so you'd think that other, much more established groups (commies, neo-nazis, moralists etc.) would be relatively more represented, but it seems to not be the case anymore.
(60.73 KB 729x662 tranny autism.JPG)

(98.88 KB 581x1024 lesbian dating app trannies.jpg)

>>513053 Autism is one reason, not sure exactly why autists seem to drift towards trannism. You also get a lot of "loser/ugly" types in tech that think becoming a woman is a way to change their life.
(83.45 KB 765x593 autism paths.jpg)

>>513053 >>513064 This image is a meme, but it holds the truth.
(19.08 KB 176x247 aub.jpeg)

>>513064 Respect to Aubrey, dude's not even trying. Just a guy with long hair taking a shot, seeing if he lands.
>>513069 At what point does the tranny stuff become so powerful that I can simply declare myself a woman, with no other effort or change to myself or lifestyle, and immediately jump nigs and jews on the oppression hierarchy?
(143.61 KB 1309x757 autism gay trannies.JPG)

>>513067 >meme Afraid not https://archive.is/ThmWc Heres another one.
(2.06 MB 624x335 Light Rail Avenger.gif)

>>513067 You forgot one path. >while you were changing you gender, I was studying the blade >while you were geeking out about science and engineering, I was studying the blade >while you were posting dank memes and owning the libs, I was studying the blade
(3.68 MB 3462x4616 nothiing personal, tranny.jpg)

>>513072 It worked for ebbi peppi. >>513078 I am currently following that path.
(305.59 KB 454x706 Profound Sadness.png)

(2.55 MB 624x335 Vergil.gif)

>>513067 >I ended up squarely in the meme and politics road instead of the far more useful mechanics autism road I curse my existence every day.
>3 hours of card garbage Who comes up with this shit?
>>513067 By this picture, what is non autistic?
>>512486 I was talking more about that cursed Hyena art.
(227.07 KB 1334x2000 download.jpg)

>>511126 >Ellen Page Never ceases to make me laugh
>>513312 Imagine being that short even with shoes that lift your height that much. FTMs have it rough. >looked up height >5'1 It's worse than I thought.
>>513130 >By this picture, what is non autistic? Autism is inevitable. Some merely adopted the 'tism, but others were born in it, molded by it.
(9.00 MB 800x320 SGDQ_2019_autism.webm)

(36.93 KB 845x340 autism evolution.png)

>>513368 If autism is everything then it looses all meaning. Like the words sexism and nazi, there were used so often and for the wrong purposes that today they don't mean anything. Same goes for autism. >You're creative >Autism >You're a faggot >Autism >You're a forum use >Autism >You don't do anything in your life whatsoever >Autism plus NEET
(6.21 KB 300x100 autism banner blank.png)

(8.24 KB 300x100 autism banner a.png)

(12.20 KB 300x100 autism banner b.png)

>>513392 >autism is the next step in evolution A genuine, unironic line in the The Predator script.
(41.99 KB 600x337 index.jpg)

>>513064 >>513067 There used to be a word called a "hobby". If Trans Identity is for life Is someone's love for Trains, destined for eternity too? Then this train of thought reminds me of that doujin where guy switches his friend's love for robots with love for penis.
(694.56 KB 1080x1054 tranny trains.png)

(69.28 KB 698x540 proxy-image.jpg)

(633.92 KB 750x480 proxy-image.png)

>>512452 That face reminded me of a certain russian tv show "Beware Modern".
>>513053 Wishful thinking. It's a way of escaping reality, like with most subcultures. "I'm not REALLY an animal person, they don't REALLY exist, but it's fun/gratifying/sexy to pretend." "My political theory doesn't REALLY work in real life, but it's fun/gratifying/sexy to pretend." The individual differences are mostly just how much they're pretending, how much they realize they're pretending, and how much they acknowledge to themselves that they're pretending. Like every subculture, the internet and the increase in leisure has greatly accelerated both the spread of the idea of the subculture (i.e. more new converts), more time to put into the subculture, as well as the awareness of others who do or don't subscribe to the subculture's beliefs. The internet also has a preservative effect on these little details of life that people share. There probably were isolated people drawing what we would recognize as furry porn (or scat, or gangbangs, or whatever) even hundreds of years ago (although much less of it because of the expense of materials and the lack of free time and subculture members to sell or show it to) but a combination of no desire and means to preserve it plus things like the influence of religions and powerful art patrons in deciding what does and does not constitute preservation-worthy art means that even if there was a tiny bit of it, very little of it was likely to stick around for us (or anyone else in history, for that matter) to be aware of. For at least the current era, the internet is far, far more durable and gives Joe Blowfox the means and ability to create his whatever and then preserves it for him with almost no effort.
(192.66 KB 382x826 full time trans woman.png)

>>513606 >full-time more like unpaid intern
>>512129 >that deleted the video out of embarrassment They weren't embarrassed. They realized they said more than they should have and deleted it ASAP when they got blowback for being pedo scum.
(20.88 KB 500x381 simpsonsapuidied.jpg)

>>513655 kek >>513606 Okay, so, while I freely admit I don't understand the culture, isn't "sissy play" where a man is humiliated and forced to dress like a girl and eat cum or something? How does that work with a "woman" who is "full time?" Do they force "her" to wear a tuxedo and build sheds?
(238.66 KB 862x575 abo (2).jpg)

(537.47 KB 566x649 tranny abos.png)

>>513731 >when you mistake the estrogen for the petrol
>>513731 Still more feminine than speedrunners because they aren't fat fucks.
(33.17 KB 556x56 Capture.PNG)

Troon moment
(124.82 KB 680x545 ignore NCR posters.png)

>>513743 >we're going to go with "trans rights" as the name >"perfect!" >NCR flag in background
>>513743 Enough about trans rights, I'm here to talk about trans wrongs.
>>513786 >>513788 I don't know these rights you speak of but I'd sure like to do some so called war crimes right now.
(447.26 KB 1150x655 ClipboardImage.png)

(421.17 KB 600x627 911 give war a chance.png)

(50.13 KB 340x255 Z6X1ZvE.jpg)

Just realize that GDQ is stuck humoring those trannies until all the event is about themselves like it always happen with tranny infiltration. This will be fun to see.
>>513801 Holy shit anon! You figured it out! Welcome to 2017 you fucking retard.
>>513786 Trans rights to what?
>>513821 Ruin everything to glorify their mental illness.
(221.15 KB 272x365 faggot.PNG)

What in the absolute fuck is this shit
>>513846 That's a man, baby!
>>513606 looks like something from Tim and Eric.
>>513846 >fae/faer Isn't that a D&D monster? >>513606 >>513726 >Be male >Have daddy issues >Clearly it's not me, this is society's fault that I can't be functioning member. I know! It's because I'm actually a woman trapped in a male's body so I will undergo permanent medical and/or surgical damage to my own body, not a mental illness! >Now that I'm a "woman", I will identify as trans for more snowflake points, because I'm better than woman >Also I'm lesbian somehow (aka still a faggot) >And to get back at the patriarchy I will humiliate men into being sissy faggots so I can exert some form of control over my own sad life Many such cases
>>513846 Neopronouns, controversial even within transgender communities.
Why is everything so gay nowadays? https://yewtu.be/watch?v=7ximrIBbpH8
>>513909 When he/him she/her they/them xi/xir Ѽæ/Ѽær are too mainstream you crack open the Monster Manual >>513882 and randomly pick a monster species and use it as a pronoum.
>>513862 Pretty sure it's a retarded woman that fell for the donut steel genderblob meme.
>>513862 >man No that's a twink.
>>508455 >0:06 4. You're also being anti-magic. Excuse this offtopic shitpost, I just can't contain myself.
(307.20 KB 360x420 Umineko Speedrun.mp4)

Ah hell, I almost forgot: Since this is a speedrunning thread, I've got a "Umineko When They Cry" speedrun strat right here, any thoughts? :^)
>>514184 Is that the owner of /tv/?
(1.63 MB 578x327 pokemon slowpoke creepy.gif)

>>513801 >Just realize that GDQ is stuck humoring those trannies until all the event is about themselves like it always happen with tranny infiltration. Ah, well, better late than never, anon.
(11.86 KB 300x200 abbo beauty pageant.jpg)

(5.98 KB 214x300 abbo miss world australia.jpg)

(8.67 KB 300x168 abbo miz straya.jpg)

>>513731 >tanny abbos Holy shit! They're all passing!
(140.25 KB 1200x812 abo.jpg)

(154.10 KB 768x1024 tranny gahoole.jpg)

>it's over That was a huge disappointment. More so than usually even. Hopefully ESA will be better.
>>513836 >48% It's more than that. The gender studies researchers only ask the living trannies if they tried to commit sudoku. They have never done any research into those trannies that succeeded in offing thermselves. More than likely, transitioning is going to motivate suicide. The experts are creating an environment where trannies kill themselves at a higher rate.
(95.71 KB 1024x765 tranny wounds.jpg)

>>514372 When you look like you've survived a south american gang machete attack it would be hard not to consider death.
>>513786 >TRANS RIGHTS enough of those for a moment, how about trans wrongs?
>>514379 This was a botched liposuction surgery, not a sexual reassignment surgery. Why do you think that would even cause these kinds of injuries?
(120.29 KB 764x1023 connie1.jpg)

>>514379 >filename Nope, this is a lady named Connie Jackson who lost a shit ton of weight (something like 500 pounds) and got the excess skin removed, but the skin got badly infected which is what you see here. She was fine in the end. I remember it from a /b/ thread maybe 10 years ago, there are a bunch of other photos if you're interested.
>>511856 Good fucking lord, i don't give a single shit if you wanna take hormones and grow your hair/a beard, but mutilating yourself for a fake cock/cunt when the results are horrendous at best is legitimate mental illness, why the fuck has no one addressed this, even though lots of troons end up killing themselves due to all the complications that arise from these surgeries? Hell, even if the patient kills itself shortly after the surgery the doctor is not held responsible. At this point i'm starting to believe the conspiracy that states jews are pushing this shit because it's too profitable for them and they enjoy seeing these people pay them to ruin their life.
(125.19 KB 1536x1219 tranny arm.jpg)

(176.34 KB 621x643 ftm trans op.JPG)

>>514390 >Why do you think that would even cause these kinds of injuries? Because they take the skin from arms and legs
>>514401 Not in that way though, they take grafts not lines of skin down the entire leg and around the back. That's also mostly for FtM not MtF.
>>514401 That's not how it works for turning penises into axe wounds. >>514379 is a botched fat reduction surgery.
>>514236 >Holy shit! They're all passing! Only because both abbo sexes are ugly in general.
>>514579 yeah Abo women look like men, even a Negress is more feminine
(260.29 KB 1280x1273 slowpoke (2).jpg)

>>514775 >Is it over yet? Hello slowfren.
(2.91 MB 320x284 ftm.webm)

(56.71 KB 325x489 tran cock.jpg)

>>514447 It was referencing ftm, which is arguably more graphic.
(85.72 KB 1920x1080 angry grosses out woman.jpg)

(23.57 KB 612x406 R.jpg)

>>514401 In case anyone is wondering, no, the flesh never properly grows back. These gals will spend the rest of their lives with an arm that looks like the last remains of wing night at the bar.
>>514928 Serves them right
(99.13 KB 800x794 trannies cheetah.jpg)

>>514935 Agreed
(445.44 KB 738x543 arm.png)

>>514928 Lookin good
>>515248 Sometimes real life needs a smoothing filter.
>>513801 Is there something like a public Christian GDQ group/stream/event that opposes transgenderism and anything that contributes to sodomy? It would be funny if that were formed and still persisted even with attempted takedowns.

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