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Fakémon - Moe Edition Anonymous 03/28/2022 (Mon) 02:06:45 Id: 64e97d No. 563934
>https://perchance.org/pokemon-types >https://perchance.org/animal Close your eyes, get a type combination, get an animal, and try to think up a Pokemon design using them. Then use paint, photoshop, crayons and a kids menu, whatever, and draw it! Can you come up with something better than Gamefreak's latest batch of cheap funko-pops starters? I bet you can! And if you can't who cares, just draw something fun. Here's a simple color palette for types too in case you need it.
(295.39 KB 1176x1336 Smokoyote.jpg)

I got Fire and Coyote, so I made a fire coyote. I called him Smokoyote but suggestions are welcome. >Height 4' 02" Weight 71.7 lbs >Gender Male/Female (80% Male) >Category Flame >Abilities <Blaze <Desolate Land
>>563968 Also I tried to use the color scheme you provided, OP.
(25.76 KB 1650x1244 New Pogeymans.png)

>>563934 The combination was too perfect not to.
>>563968 Oh, that's really cool! I didn't even think about stats or stuff like that. >Smokoyote Hmm, my mind goes to peyote because it rhymes with coyote but I can't think of a combination of them... >>563992 Thank god, I expected a few gondolas.
(48.70 KB 720x720 1648451927713.png.jpg)

(49.74 KB 720x720 1648452141837.png.jpg)

Name, color, make types and make evolution for these fakémons
(8.78 KB 955x485 Fakemon.png)

>Coyote/sloth >Psychic/fairy I cant draw for shit but i went ahead and tried to do this anyway. The idea I got was to take the arms of the sloth and put them on the body of a coyote. Problem with that plan is that I am not entirely sure what a coyote is. Its like a smaller wolf right? As for the colour scheme I am fairly sure coyotes have like a bright brown fur, but since its a Fairy type i gave it a bright pink backside. If you're wondering why the eye is red/pink its supposed to also be a psychic type. I am very disappointed I cant draw a snout so it just looks like a duckbill. Its not good at all, like even if it was well drawn it would be a 2/10 pokemon.
(19.39 KB 562x849 ClipboardImage.png)

(66.46 KB 945x1085 ClipboardImage.png)

(32.46 KB 949x1286 ClipboardImage.png)

>>563934 >Never forget
>>564346 He's retarded, I hope the new pokémon will gave Francisco Franco
>>564437 Get the scarlet version then, violet is for filthy republicans and communists.
(83.32 KB 512x512 barkmouth.png)

>>563934 > And if you can't who cares, just draw something fun I got grass and fish. The idea is that from the front, the inside of the mouth looks like a stump like some kind of optical illusion.
>>564456 Nice idea, but I think it should be a lamprey for full effect
>>564460 Feel free to give that one a go. I lack the talent. I'm amazed I made something even slightly resembling what I was thinking of.
>>564437 > I hope the new pokémon will gave Francisco Franco. Well some fags at Forocoches made their own pokemon game set in Spain with their own iberian forms, the thing is knowing how gamefreak likes to take inspiration from fan games i wonder if some of these forms will reach the main game.
>>564464 Dragonite is the national pokemon of spain and mascot of the guardia civil.
>>564468 >Lazy goof, inherently friendly but with latent power Kinda fits tbh
(9.97 KB 724x315 stumpfish.png)

(15.62 KB 1051x364 pokefish evolution.png)

>>564456 Made some more based on your prompt, and also sketched up your idea from a different angle. I think a neat idea that could work is the fish using its tongue as a lure, making it look like a worm on a log or piece of wood.
>>564810 I like it. The other 3 are good too.
>>564346 In a similar vein, I always had the idea of a Ghost/Steel line. Broonze, Silvre, and Ghould. They're coins! The first can be a penny where Lincoln's face is animate, the second is a 5 Yen piece, and the third can be a Credit Suisse 1 oz. gold bar. I have no drawing hardware on me right now, so I can't sketch them out.
(164.32 KB 950x1267 Poundewe.png)

Forgive my fingerpaint style, I am woefully under equipped. Couldn't figure out a good way to convey its fighting typeage either, just thought a raincloud sheep with kicky hooves would be neat. If any anon can do a better take on this, you're more than welcome.
(21.62 KB 814x1052 psiyote.png)

>>564241 I like it, that's a very unique combination! The first thing my mind went to was something more anthro like what I tried here. The big arms sort of make it end up looking like Sandshrew but a coyote fits really well with a magic element. Moons and deserts and dreamcatchers... >>564989 >Poundewe Perfect name. Make it a punching bag that's water type because it's always crying.
(233.71 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)

>>564989 >Couldn't figure out a good way to convey its fighting typeage either Maybe that helmet looking thing that boxers wear?
(293.70 KB 1270x800 Steelectra.png)

>steel electric >horse I'd imagine it hollow on the inside, with an electric core inside that controls the metal horse frame and peeks from the little slits. It'd generate small static clouds around it and zap shit like a tesla coil from its hooves, ears, snout and tail as its' special abilities or whatever. The name is wordplay using Steel, Steed and Electric.
(203.89 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)

>>565049 Throwing sports gear on an animal is the Digimon school of monster design.
>>565020 I like the punching bag idea, I might redo it with that in mind. Also makes me want to make a pre-evo that's a speed bag. >>565049 >>565163 It would have to be part of its flesh, ala the Hitmon evo line. >>565135 The slit eyes look really cool. It gives off kind of an art installation/roadside sculpture vibe.
(30.26 KB 674x606 warryena.png)

>dark/ghost hyena. it ended up looking more like a fighting werewolf than a ghost hyena but i tried.
(432.66 KB 2100x1500 fakemon.png)

two quadrillion hours in MS Paint. Tried to do a 3 wise monkeys motif, and the naming convention takes from the suborder of simians.
(1011.46 KB 264x198 THUMBS UP NIGGA.gif)

>>565020 >Someone actually redrew my shitty idea. Fucking ace. It does look a lot better on two legs. i can imagine it eyes starts to glow dark pink when it does its psychic attacks.
>>565135 Idea: stick a lightning rod through it so it looks like it's a merry go round horse, you could have a little pony one too for a pre-evolution
(125.24 KB 673x363 Chiturtle.png)

Water/Bug Animal: Turtle Chiturtle When it senses danger it tucks into a ball and attacks by spinning at high speeds. Spinning like this, it has been observed to skip on water like a stone.
(111.16 KB 920x786 NewPolarBearPokemonConcept.png)

Bardock. The not so friendly Bear. It's cold where it lives and so it is difficult for it to find food just lying around.
>>567265 Goku's dad is a fucking polar bear now?
(20.19 KB 750x650 pozzum.png)

(18.01 KB 750x650 pozzum acid.png)

>>566586 Nice, I like the way you rendered it. Trying to make something look "buggy" is a little hard. >Pozzum The boils fit the name I came up with better but the maggots fit the bug type better. Originally I was going to make them ticks (because supposedly possums eat a ton of ticks) but it looked too complex.
(145.94 KB 700x525 gijarano.jpg)

>Gijarano - Earth Canary Pokemon <Ground/Rock This small pokemon is unable to fly away from its predators, so it burrows into the ground with its nimble paws to hide. When on the surface, Gijarano creates rock armour to protect itself from threats, which it also uses as a disguise.
(215.41 KB 600x600 hyenabyss.jpg)

>>565178 Here's my approach at your dark/ghost hyena combo.
(22.82 KB 750x950 harmster knuckles.png)

The generic fodder Pokemon has had enough, this one wants to kick your ass.
(264.38 KB 612x612 faelrus.jpg)

>>563934 Rollin'! >poison/fairy >walrus ... Great.
The bigger question is, which fakemon so far is the most fuckable?
>>573601 Harmster looks like he'd be equally adept at hardcore cuddling and butterfly fisting
>>573601 Dunno but Poundewe has the most suggestive name.
(1.49 MB 2552x3504 Kangasthot.jpg)

>Dark >Kangaroo Too perfect of a prompt. Here's a shitty rendering of a good idea. This is a kangaskhan regional variant that I think would correspond well to Unova, but maybe somewhere else in (not) America could work as well. This is infanticide kangaskhan, the e-girl Pokemon.
(20.00 KB 800x800 latest.webp)

>>563934 I ashamed to say I only this minute got the joke behind the name whilst scanning the catalog.
(18.33 KB 611x664 Ribboyal.png)

Fairy - Toad Ribboyal Its resonating croaks give it a regal air. Legends tell of a noble prince who was cursed to take the form of a Ribboyal.
(832.09 KB 1985x3000 R.jpg)

>>612142 <Legends tell of a noble prince who was cursed to take the form of a Ribboyal. >purple >imperious look >4 feet tall >resonating croaks I think I figured it out
(2.67 MB 1024x683 starters.png)

>>563934 Just rolled Fire and Alligator, so...yeah. Apologies to the guy whose art I ripped off.
(41.20 KB 360x360 Claygeon.png)

>ground >pigeon
(75.36 KB 1900x1280 nolpaca.png)

his ability is anger point because he's mad he's just a normal alpaca >>655018 I really like this one
>>655018 >claygeon Genius.

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