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(51.79 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)

Anonymous 04/22/2022 (Fri) 20:21:31 Id: b09225 No. 584658
Friday night motherfucka! What'cha >PLAYAN >WATCHAN >LISTENAN >READAN >EATAN >DRINKAN >FAPPAN >FEELAN Personally: >PLAYAN Azure dreams. It's more or less the best true roguelike that you can play/emulate on a mobile device. >WATCHAN Random youtube crap >LISTENAN Classic 70s disco >READAN Spin book 2/Axis by Robert Charles Wilson. A quite good sci-fi trilogy >EATAN Ate some lamb stew I'd have had sitting in the freezer for a while. Was quite nice. >DRINKAN Coffee, beer. >FAPPAN Don't feel like it. >FEELAN I am okay. Bought my own place. It takes some time to get everything in order. I live quite a bit up a hill and it takes a bit longer than it used to to walk to work. I've been thinking of buying myself an electric bike to get to/back from work and the closest store. Also tested out a bunch of new office chairs for my work today, my boss more or less told me, "hey anon, go to the office supply store and choose whatever chair you fancy." chose a chair with a ton of regulation options that DEFINETLY was not cheap. Other than that, my parents recently told me "hey, we have some friends that has a daughter that is your age, kinda shy and has a decent job. How about it? We get her phone number and you might invite her out to coffee or something?" So there is that. Can't complain.
>PLAYAN Point 'n' click games >WATCHAN Oneyplays >LISTENAN Sabaton, Deicide >READAN Asobi Asobase >EATAN Spaghetti >DRINKAN Monster (First one I have in over a year) >FAPPAN Elvish wenches >FEELAN Meh, so-so. I'm grinding drawan' every day and building a habit out of it. Saving up for a new Shitch Lite so I can play Carby. Remember when this artist got cancelled for this picture?

(34.57 KB 419x424 how beautiful.jpg)

>PLAYAN I was going to play greedfall but my computer can barely run the game so I opted to just play more TF2. >WATCHAN I watched expiration date again. Its still great. >LISTENAN Hotline miami OST. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNE2oCZH_4k >EATAN Chicken pizza. I also got some donuts and some cheap easter candy. It was half off since no one else want them after easter. >DRINKAN Banana Milkshake and trocadero. I also have some Cuba cola since I wanted to try something new. I need to drink more water. >FAPPAN Once this morning. >FEELAN Pretty alright. The DnD campaign is going ok I think. I sent the players in to the pirate cave and this time they had a full team of 4 with us. Unfortunately I didn't account for the amount of dicerolls the enemies were going to get so when they got to the pirate cove it didn't go perfectly. Problem was that challenge ratings are kind of bullshit. Mathematically the encounter should have been easy. They faced off against 2 pirates and that was easy. The 6 pirates in the tavern was a different story. they gutted most of the party with only the turtle man standing due to his 19 AC. Thankfully the himbo fighter and the antitheist wizard both rolled a natural 20 on their deathrolls instantly reviving them with 1 HP. The Wizard decided to to shoot the drinks behind the counter causing an explosion turning the battle back in their favour. Unfortunately Not everyone survived. Erik the goblin fighter, Claiming to be the greatest fencer in the kingdom died due to a random crit from a random pirate and he failed all of his deathrolls.I would have cheated to keep him alive but I thought he had more HP than he did. The player in question didn't mind at all though thankfully. The reason im saying its kinda bullshit is because 1 CR is supposed to be like a boss for a party of 4 level 1 characters. so the 6 pirates (Pirates being 1/8 CR) should have gone well. Eriks player did point out that when you have so many enemies rolling the dice the chances of getting a natural 20 increases which I didn't account for. The 3 surviving members fled the pirates cove just as more pirates came home to port. Does anyone even care about my stupid DnD stories? >>584671 >Elvish wenches Post em. >cancelled Isn't he still active on twitter? I haven't been on twitter since I deactivated my account but I am fairly sure he is. I do remember the usual idiots getting upset over it for no reason.
>>584671 >Post em https://hitomi.la/reader/1256998.html Also I do believe they are still active but that picture was deleted after bitching from a bunch of assclowns.
>PLAYAN Probably going to play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 or Xenogears to anticipate Xenoblade Chronicles 3's release. >WATCHAN Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It, Second Season. >LISTENAN nothing >READAN I bought the first volume of Dragon Ball Z in a comic con I went for $10, and the fist volume of Dr. Stone as well at the same price. Both Boichi and Toriyama are hardcore artists. >EATAN banana >DRINKAN water >FAPPAN https://nhentai.net/g/400224/ >FEELAN Good. Practicing Blender with Rigging at its going well, for the most part.
(219.08 KB 900x1200 memories of brown bricks.jpg)

>PLAYAN X-COM 2. Fucked up my first Ironman Classic run by getting every single one of my faction recruits killed as soon as I got them, lost my highest ranking soldier in another fuckup to one of the chosen, then got a squad wipe when trying to assault another of the chosen. Decided to reroll and the second run has been going way better right out the gate. >WATCHAN Nothing, how the hell does anyone have time to watch stuff? >LISTENAN The same random assortment of shit I've been collecting for years. D&B, jungle, house, jazz, videogame soundtracks. >READAN Picked up Clive Barker's Books of Blood. Really like his style, it reminds me of Stephen King's more pulpy stuff. RIP /lit/. >EATAN Veggie egg roll and rice. Probably fries later. >DRINKAN Monster, beer, water, sparkling water. >FAPPAN Trying to less ever since I started talking to a girl. >FEELAN Alright. Keeping my mind off of things. I've been going out to the bar with some work friends these past couple months and that's helped a lot. Still would like to go back to school to finish a degree but it just feels like more trouble than it's worth. Lazy and not very productive otherwise, even though people have told me the opposite. Should get some other things taken care of. Has anyone ever made a JC Denton edit of the Friday Night picture?
>>584682 >Has job >Wants to go back to school Why?
(743.58 KB 1407x668 ClipboardImage.png)

>PLAYAN GTFO >WATCHAN "Real" scary stories >LISTENAN Gunka >READAN City of God by St. Augustine >EATAN Spicey ramen >DRINKAN Lemonade >FAPPAN Nah >FEELAN Better than usual
(10.39 KB 238x211 manga-girl-thumbs-up-min.jpg)

>>584690 Good for you.
>PLAYAN GTFO >WATCHAN Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law >LISTENAN Longmont Potion Castle >READAN Dark Souls wiki pages >EATAN Popcorn >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN Not today
>>584687 To a) make more money/have a better chance at making more money and b) not let the thousands of dollars I spent on college "go to waste." I would also like to practice skills for freelance work but time is a scarce resource.
>>584698 You forgot to tell us how you're feeling.
>>584699 All that money will be worthless once you realize that you got old chasing after the wind.
>>584698 >>584700 My bad >FEELAN Pretty good, tbh, the mates and I played some vidya, had fun. Dark Souls crushes my spirit each time I open it, Father of The Abyss currently.
Not night yet, but what the hell >PLAYAN Still playing fallout. >WATCHAN Big "debate" in a few hours. Nick Fuentes and Ethan Ralph talked about how they support flagging and DMCAs publicly, and are now not even hiding that they are no better than SJWs they claim to hate. Both openly tell their fans(what little they have left) to flag people they don't like on stream, and even go thru their timelines/videos on air, looking for the one that breaks TOS the most. They're faggots, and everyone is mocking them, including mister metokur, which prompted nick to go on a warpath and invite him over. Nick spend the last few days literally going thru every single post metokur made on twitter, all the while begging his fans to take down channels who did content with him in the past, and slashing at the air with his knife(nick the knife is his nickname) like a lunatic. Ethan ralph would require his own thread, suffice it to say he's a complete and utter train wreck, like I said last thread, he's basically internet's new chris chan. During GG days metokur fingerbanged his girlfriend(now wife) to an orgasm, and the confused ragepig claims that means he raped her, on the account of him never driving any women he slept with to an orgasm before(hard to do that when almost all the women in your life have to be under influence of alcohol or pills to touch you), this is just a small snippet of the autism that has been going on over the last few days. Suffice it to say, this evening will be a shitshow of massive proportions, nick choose this hill to die on, and he will take all of America First with him, I find that hilarious, and it's one of the few times I actually engage with this sector of e-celeb dramas. I would probably watch some videogame related videos if this wasn't happening today, tho, got a bit on my backlog >LISTENAN see above >EATAN bacon and corn pizza, to celebrate ethan ralph's continued felting >DRINKAN I will make some hot cocoa in anticipation for the stream >FAPPAN probably, don't have much else to do for the next few hours >FEELAN Playing fallout games an awful lot and seeing all this drama surrounding low IQ retards really takes me back to the late 2000s, back when fallout was just getting popular again thanks to F3 rebooting the franchise/new vegas coming out, and of course back when chris chan trolling was very much active. You couldn't wake up without some new update or video from the autist, or someone trying to fuck with him, announcement of his new "sweetheart" ect. That's what is happening right now with AF/Ethan Ralph drama, I turn around and the ragepig gets involved with another fight, someone influential makes fun of him, someone in his own sphere of influence humiliates themselves ect. I can appreciate the simplicity of laughing at a self destructing retard on the internet much more so than all the "skeptic" and GG related drama, full of no-name e-celebs and gayops from both sides. Now that we've gone back to the simplicity of hearing retards shout at each other over the stream and doing their best to entertain people watching, I can finally appreciate the drama again, makes me glad that even in the current year, with how much internet has changed, we can still enjoy simple things. I do hate how you can't really talk about ralph on the webring without people assuming you're part of the godawful mess /cow/ has been reduced to, since he is all they talk about now >>584698 >>584690 >GTFO is it a good game? I keep hearing about it >>584682 >Has anyone ever made a JC denton edit of the Friday Night picture? I swear I saw it at some point, but if I did, I don't have it saved
>PLAYAN GTFO >WATCHAN Moral Oral >LISTENAN Nothing >READAN Tutorials on drawing >EATAN Pizza >DRINKAN GFUEL >FAPPAN Nothing Got a gf recently and quitting fapping for her >FEELAN Good. Looking for work so every day is bliss.
>PLAYAN Big Bang Age again. I fucking love this game. >WATCHAN City Hunter, trash taste >LISTENAN vocaloid >READAN tawawa on monday >EATAN pizza >DRINKAN tea >FAPPAN saving myself for marriage >FEELAN good, got a lot of work done this week and get to chill out today. Plus, weather is getting better and it feels like there is unlimited potential. Also got some tapestries and posters for my apartment and it feels like my place for once. Gonna be a good weekend fellas.
>Different pic Why?
>>584779 Am I the only one who feels that Miku looks like Marcia from Custom Robo?
(16.12 KB 474x343 G-O-A-T-S-E-M-O-U-S-E.jpg)

>>584658 >PLAYAN Pokeclicker. Basically a Pokemon-themed idle game. It's way more addicting than it has any right to be. >WATCHAN/LISTENAN No idea, not a lot tickling my fancy. Maybe Oney. >READAN Vidya dev stuff? IDK. >EATAN Chicken, pineapple, and freshly made chocolate chip zucchini bread. >DRINKAN Water. >FAPPAN Not feeling it. >FEELAN Not terribly productive, but feeling better than I was for this month financially, so there's that.
>PLAYAN Postal 4 and Devil May Cry 1 >WATCHAN Virgin Road and Date A Live season 4 >LISTENAN Spotify radio >READAN jobless reincarnation manga >EATAN pizza >DRINKAN coke >FAPPAN yes >FEELAN good, although a bit tired. I wanted to go to PAX East to meet up with a friend, however money was a bit tight so I stayed home and am waiting for my pizza to be delivered. How's everyone doing tonight?
>>584779 >Big Bang Age again. I fucking love this game. How good is the game compared to other AliceSoft games?
>>584832 >How good is the game compared to other AliceSoft games? In terms of the most fun, I think its about as fun as Sengoku Rance but has its differences.
(11.58 MB 3840x2160 d.png)

>PLAYAN Diablo II: Resurrected and Path of Exile. I beat the first difficulty to D2R. Someone gave me 20 chaos orbs and a Tabula Rasa on my new account on PoE, so i bought The Baron and Clayshaper for my summoner build. >WATCHAN Youtube trash >LISTENAN random songs >READAN no reading right now >EATAN Rice and beans >DRINKAN water >FAPPAN No fapping >FEELAN Feeling very good, i have a good life where i don't have to work and i can just hangout with friends, study the bible and play video games.
this site is broken.
>>584753 10/10 atmosphere and gameplay but you almost need people to play it with due to its difficulty, though they recently added bots which are pretty intelligent.
>PLAYAN Code Veronica X >WATCHAN Red Dwarf >READAN idk, maybe i'll try reading Saikano >EATAN Ribs >DRINKAN Paso de los Toros >FAPPAN Haven't fapped in two months >FEELAN Comfy, waiting for winter
(3.99 MB 800x450 2b cosplay diddle.webm)

(11.22 MB 1280x720 2b butt.webm)

(6.60 MB 1080x1920 2b climbs ladder 2.webm)

(6.62 MB 1080x1920 2b climbs ladder.webm)

(44.95 KB 653x786 2b weight.jpg)

>>584658 >PLAYAN Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Hyrule Warriors DE Tales of Arise Tetris 99 for that sweet Kirby theme >WATCHAN Video podcasts >LISTENAN VIdeo podcasts >READAN Slayers >EATAN Bacon and egg with cheese on sourdough >DRINKAN Vanilla Coke >FAPPAN NA >FEELAN OK, new meds are starting to work. Done with Elden Ring now, just prior to 1.0.4. Got all the achievements in NG+. Sometimes I like achievements because they give me new goals to go for in games I would otherwise be done with, but then I fall into a trap of playing for the achievements themselves instead of just for fun. Now I'm reminded of why I disable cheevo notifications by default so I don't get that annoying little dopamine skinner box trigger.
>PLAYAN Final Fantasy X >WATCHAN Star Trek:Voyager >LISTENAN Hotline Miami OST provided by >>584677 >READAN Alex Adventures in Numberland. It's a book on the history of mathematics. >EATAN Pringles >DRINKAN Pepsi >FAPPAN NA >FEELAN Better than yesterday
>PLAYAN GZDoom, Sven Co-op. >WATCHAN MMD of Renamon. >LISTENAN Warzone 2100 fan music, Toho Eurobeat >READAN Nothing. >EATAN Cereal. >DRINKAN Water and Coffee >FAPPAN Nothing, my dick is broken. >FEELAN Like shit, I can barely focus on things and trying to write code feels like a slug fest. I'm also pissed off that I can't get amxmodx to work, I hate playing with random assholes that have nothing to do but bum rushing the damn map. >>585146 >Star Trek: Voyager anon series night when.
(163.01 KB 433x500 1359836246319.jpg)

>PLAYAN MGS4 for the first time via a fork of RPCS3 >WATCHAN Heard good things about The Good Lord Bird so I'm gonna give that a shot. >LISTENAN https://yewtu.be/watch?v=cvyywDE67tY >READAN Rereading The Zombie Survival Guide for shits and gigs >EATAN Tendies and BBQ sauce >DRINKAN WATER >FAPPAN Snake's Ass >FEELAN Feelin' Fine.
(1019.55 KB 340x218 fuckthis.gif)

>PLAYAN] Nothing right now. I've been to busy to play much at all. >WATCHAN Youtube. >LISTENAN Video game soundtracks. >READAN I read a cuckchan /pol/ PDF positing that all of the western world's problems are blamed on mind-altering parasites. It also says people in power are promoting living conditions for said parasites via fluoride in the water, vitamin deficiency through promoting alcoholism, outlawing/demonizing safe anti-parasite medication, etc. but it devolved into cult "we're being controlled by lizard people!" shit at the end. It started strong, then ended in lunacy. Regardless, I will research this further to see if it has any merit. >EATAN Nor much today. Waffles and some snack shit. Nothing substantial or nutritional besides drinking a bit of OJ and some Naked brand fruit + veggie juice shit. >DRINKAN Water mostly, but I got drunk tonight. Nattie Ice. Not my first choice, but it's familiar and cheap. >FAPPAN My desire to do so is fleeting and I've been gradually moving away from porn in general. I'd rather have a sexually interested GF than further indulge in something so pointless and specifically designed to exploit me. >FEELAN It's a mixed bag. It's hard to tell if the good outweighs the bad or vice versa. Trauma and past familial abuse has me battling a lot of inner demons, and I live with a self-admitted and real narcissist who makes it hard to stay positive much of the time through his sheer amount of negativity and drama. The horrid state of American politics certainly doesn't help. The good aspect is all my ambitions and my financial investments appearing to go well. I'm horribly poor at the moment so the day-to-day is hard, but I'm managing and I won't be poor forever. It's just really fucking hard right now, especially with such seemingly pointless depression despite the fact I can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to do things that will help me long-term, but all I feel most of the time is mental rope that keeps be gagged and bound to the bed much of the time. I hate being so useless and inactive, even if I understand the abuse's consequences that lead me to feeling this way so often. Depression isn't like the sadness and performative drama you see in media. To me, it feels like nothing. Wanting to do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. To just sit and waste away for hours upon hours while praying that the world sits still with you, but knowing it's passing you by. I am responsible for building myself up now that I understand how I got fucked in the head, but it's still so hard to work through it and to be consistently productive. It's as if a malevolent demon inside my brain sees me making good progress, and only yanks me back and tell me "you are useless, inactive, and miserable. You belong like this and should avoid fixing it." every time I think I'm forming a good habit. **I'll likely go through a few therapists. I refuse to take anti-depressants or any other mind-altering pills because it would fuck with who I am as a person. I've heard too many horror stories of anti-depressants only making things worse in the end, and I'd rather work through my shit organically anyway. Fuck mind altering pills and meds, I had enough of that poison as a kid.* I'm just glad I'm not suicidal or want to self-harm.
(55.12 KB 196x310 ecstasy.png)

>>584658 >PLAYAN I'm playing through sonic adventure 2 on the PC. Time hasn't treated it well. Its still kind of fun, but man do the knuckles and tails section really slow it the hell down. >WATCHAN Recently saw the Directors cut of ROBOCOP from Arrow Video. The audio mixing on 5.1 wasn't as bad as people said but I still need to compare it to the stereo mix. I also got "Heavy Metal" and "In the Heat of the Night" delivered just before work. Heavy metal came in with a dent dead center of the steel book and it's sold out most places so If I got though Amazon the exact same thing is going to happen. I don't know much about in the heat of the night, but Kino Lorber usually doesn't screw up their film releases or put out garbage usually, so I gave them a shot with this title. >LISTENAN Bill Burr podcast >READAN trash manga >EATAN Home made Mexican food >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN Yes, I don't know to what right now >FEELAN Good, I got paid but I got to cut back on the spending even though it's within my budget. I want to start saving up for Christmas since I've gotten a "one for me and one for you" system going and this year its going to be for them. >>584753 That "debate" was a huge waste of time. I thought Nick was a political shit flinger that got unpersoned like Alex Jones for his American first views on politics. He's no different than Ralf or baked alaska and he might be as stupid as mersh.
>>585239 The "debate" was always going to be some zoomer retard getting his shit pushed in by a cancer patient, but he needed to be taken down a notch, normalizing openly reporting and taking down people you don't like(which is what nick and his ballwashers said, on air, even during that debate) even more than it already is, would not good for anybody, and it makes them look like hypocrites when they whine about the left doing the same thing to them. Still, this more or less sunk AF and nick for anybody who wasn't already part of his cult, and ralph said on air he loved the taste of shit(note-ralph released a revenge-porn sextape in which he has sex with his barely legal baby momma, and proceeds to finger her asshole and eat the shit out of it). I can see how most people saw it as boring, but I got exactly what I came to see, nick and the rest of cozy tards will be feeling this one for a long time, and ralph's descent into chris chan-dom isn't stopping, either, he might just be joined by nick there before long. >>585152 You're right not to take any SSRIs, that shit will rot your brain like any other street drug. One of the reasons why america is so fucked right now is because big pharma prescribes those powerful drugs like candy, and they never tell the patients(most of whom don't need them) what the side effects of not taking them afterwards will be. All for a few extra shekels. Whatever it is you're going thru, you can get over it without them >>585151 >MGS4 I really wanted to play that game, but I was always told it was just an interactive movie with barely any gameplay, even by kojima standards. I caved and watched one of those autistic analysis videos of it on youtube, and I got to say, it looks like I was right. Game looks like it had some neat ideas, but kojima didn't want to capitalize on any of them, so we just keep jumping from one part of the globe to another, and themes/story jump change just as often, mostly to provide fanservice. Shame, I actually wouldn't mind an entire game similar to the first few levels, where you had to either sneak by both sides in an active warzone to get to your objectives or make friends to make getting to your objective easier. I think this is what MGSV was sort of going for, but that game is even more incomplete than MGS4 Am I the only one who hated the nonsensical story and shoehorning big boss and other MGS3 characters into this? The ending sequence legit would have been better, if a bit more nihilistic, if snake just blown his brains out, and that was that. Why did big boss have to drop in and give us that fanfic tier, "actually" as to why everything happened, undermining the theme of snake being old having to deal with the consequences of his past, and giving us a big plothole as to why big boss waited this fucking long to tell us everything, and why solidus was turned into that fucking blob we see earlier. What does snake have to live for at the end, anyways? He is super in clone years, and will die off soon anyways, at least his death at the end would have been symbolic, in a "break the chain" kind of way. There is a wedding right before that sequence, so it's not like it would be all bad, the ending would have that sense of the oldguard retiring and the new generation taking over at the end, which is an overarching theme anyways, with snake's age and all. I haven't actually played the game, so I might be full of shit on this, but that's what I feel like, anyways, and I can't be arsed to set up an emulator and wait thru hours of cutscenes just to confirm this myself.
>>585264 Seeing as Kojima wanted to end MGS2 with Snake and Otacon being executed for treason, I'm surprised he didn't have Snake kill himself if only to say "That's it, no more." But by MGS4 Kojima started catching the Hollywood bug and realizing that games could be his gateway to working with all the big name actors and directors he wanted, so he decided to keep making Metal Gear.
>>585292 I know that, and honestly, I think a more morbid ending like that would have been more fitting. I always liked MG games more when they were political thrillers mixed in with a little bit of sci-fi(nanomachines, giant robots ect.), all of this hollywood/anime bullshit sprinkled thruout takes me out of it. Crazy story with the development of MGS4, MGS 3 was originally going to be the finale of the franchise after he was pressured to make a sequel to MGS 2. However, when people wanted more, it became clear MGS4 was going to have to be made, he gave the director role to someone else for a change, as he didn't want to be stuck with MGS for the rest of his career, people sperged out and he got fucking death threats over it, until he gave in to the pressure and resumed his role as the director over the project. It really gives you context as to why kojima did whatever he really wanted, without any cohesion or big theme: he knew his fanboys would buy it regardless, and if he was forced to work on the game, why not try to do something he wanted to do with it, while he was at it? Kojima is a hack, but I at least have some sympathy for him, devs stuck working their entire careers on games they clearly have no passion for anymore just kill the franchise, plenty of examples, MK being one of them. I always thought MG games should have been more on the serious side, and the crazy shit reserved for side games like reveangance or even survive, but that's just me, it's unfortunate that kojima's crazier ideas had to be shoehorned into the main games just because he was pressured to work on nothing but MGS
>>585264 I still have a copy of MGS4 sitting somewhere on my shelf, I never played it past meeting that nigger who sells guns. Which is odd, because MG is my favorite franchise. I can also proudly say that i've never played Dead Space 2/3, FEAR 2, Lost Planet 3 or Borderlands 2.
(582.99 KB 1804x1014 20220423191424_1.jpg)

>>584658 Saturday night motherfucka >PLAYAN DivinityOS1, in my opinion still the best one >WATCHAN still getting through the newer berserk stuff because I only ever watched the 1997 original <too lazy to mention the rest
(602.03 KB 963x720 huhh.png)

>>585400 >newer berserk stuff Are you watching the 2016 anime? why would you do that man? do you like hurting yourself?
>>585409 Im too lazy to read the manga for the tenth time now that it is permanently over and I heard the new stuff animated stuff past the eclypse, so thats a pretty solid reason to watch them
(309.65 KB 1798x2048 white_cocks_matter.jpg)

>PLAYAN I played some TF2 and Civ5 I tried playing as bismarck again but everytime I do I just get bored of it. I really wish the leaders in Civ were more unique. The most interesting thing that happens is that Dido is a bitch. Last game I played as Egypt (got a science victory) and she pretended to be my friend only to launch a surprise attack on me. Now she did the exact same thing while im playing as germany. I dont know why I expected any better from a Carthaginian. Why did we even get Dido? Could have had Hannibal instead and it would be way better. >WATCHAN I watched a large ADD man interrogate a vampire wizard. Quite enjoyable. >LISTENAN I have been listening to a lot of Sum 41 lately >READAN You guys ever read Serenity? I should re read that, forgot to do it during easter. I have been thinking about reading baki. >EATAN Chicken pizza. >DRINKAN DR.pepper. I dont know how I am capable of drinking this stuff again but I am not complaining. >FAPPAN I think I fapped today but i dont remember. What the hell did I fap to? probably bleached stuff. By the way we have a >>>/Bleached/ board you know? you guys should totally go there and post a lot. >FEELAN Tired. I am just really sleepy and I want to go to sleep. Feels like another day wasted doing nothing
>>590083 Huh weird, told me that the connection failed and yet it still posted it. Sometimes I get the feeling this site is made with sticks and spit.
>>590083 >capitalized board URI Retarded
>>590094 yeah i dont know why its like that either. Dont worry though, Codexx said he was going to fix it as soon as the site gets upgraded.
(209.46 KB 742x484 starfield pronouns.png)

>PLAYAN My fallout game still. About halfway thru, so everything should go smoothly from here on out Are you looking forward to todd's game, anon? >WATCHAN /watch?v=xguam0TKMw8 Interesting video, it goes into detail of historic and economic patterns of world superpowers, and goes into detail as to why they fell. Every single empire so far has had a similar rise to power, and nearly identical downfall, time is a flat circle it looks like. Makes me wonder where exactly we are today, as far as American World Order >LISTENAN Anime music >READAN Looking up things that interest me >EATAN Fish and Chips >DRINKAN Coffee >FAPPAN not sure yet >FEELAN I kind of want to just get everything done so I can play more vidya, really getting into the grind. Also looking forward to the metokur april round up tomorrow as well, so much has happened that the stream will likely last 12 hours and the old man will die of cancer, should make for a comfy listen while do something else
(299.70 KB 495x650 fuck my life.PNG)

>>PLAYAN Pokémon LeafGreen. I'm at the Indigo League but my Pokémon is at a low level to fight the Elite Four. >WATCHAN First Bladerunner movie >LISTENAN nothing >READAN Parallel Paradise.The story is very meh because the MC is not that likeable and most of the girls are somewhat dumb or weird. Seems like Lynn haven't learn a single jackshit when he made Brynhildr in the Darkness. >EATAN Domino's Pizza >DRINKAN Water and Sprite >FAPPAN no >FEELAN Like shit because I couldn't attend to art classes for four weeks straight because of some issues I have at home. It makes me want to take art classes online on a website I found instead of going there.
>>590130 What's your team? >art classes What are you hoping to do in life? Unless you're planning to draw horrific fetish porn for a living or plan on being an animator for disney or something, that doesn't sound like dependable or lucrative career path
(7.97 MB 1280x720 StarsectorAckbar.webm)

>>584658 >PLAYAN Starsector modded to fucking hell and back. >WATCHAN Nothing. >LISTENAN Chemical Brothers shit. >READAN The Adept books. 70s sci-fi crazy stuff. >EATAN Peanuts. >DRINKAN Cheep beer. >FAPPAN No time for that! >>585400 >>PLAYAN >DivinityOS1, in my opinion still the best one I really disliked the second one. The armor stuff really put me off.
(632.22 KB 607x1056 97659879_p0.png)

>PLAYAN Dead rising OTR, if i don't get home too late that is, otherwise i'll just load up my switch with games for tomorrow. >WATCHAN Probably an episode of that anime with loli ninjas, i wanna fuck mokuren. >LISTENAN I'm currently listening to some sperg trying to explain a vidya iceberg. >READAN Senko-san, as it both heals my weary self and makes me want to eat a bullet.. >EATAN Fuck if i know, i'll buy from whatever business is still open at 2300. >DRINKAN Pepsi. >FAPPAN If i get home early yes, to mokuren. >FEELAN Conflicted, i finally got my dream job at an office and while i no longer have to exhaust myself physically, the commuting is fucking killing me, i can't drive so it's a two hour ride on the subway, not that i can complain since the work day is alright (8 hours and 45 minutes in front of a computer) and i get out 3 hours and 30 minutes earlier on saturday, but the hours i have to work are extremely shitty (from 1000 to 1930), i get home at fucking 2130 if i'm lucky and i still have to spend around an hour either making my own meals, grabbing something to eat, preparing my clothes for the next day, doing my chores etc. None of this would be an issue if i had someone waiting for me, but i don't. On the other hand i get paid extremely well for someone who has absolutely no fucking experience in any of this (i don't even know how i got hired in the first place) and if i apply myself i can earn up to four times my biweekly salary every other month. Now if there were a reason to actually work that hard or even a way to spend all the money i'll be earning.
>>590150 >What's your team? I don't have a team per se, but I finished still life drawings and now I'm going to learn coloring. >What are you hoping to do in life? Unless you're planning to draw horrific fetish porn for a living or plan on being an animator for disney or something, that doesn't sound like dependable or lucrative career path Learning art is more of a hobby than a lucrative path since I'm interested in Chemistry. I'm learning 3D animation in Blender as a secondary lucrative path because I like animations when I saw Monty Oum's work. But RWBY is shit though.
(115.56 KB 936x1024 MXUGxKm.jpg)

>PLAYAN Played some Firered earlier. Not really feeling much else tonight. >WATCHAN Caught up on Oneyplays stuff. Their current playthroughs are solid. NFL Draft stuff otherwise. >EATAN Had some chorizo tacos, probably gonna end up doing similar for Cinco de Mayo. >DRINKAN Water, since I had milk earlier. >FAPPAN Meh, not feeling it. >FEELAN Sick, as I have been the last few days. Thankfully it's been milder than what I had a few months ago. Seem to be on the upswing as well. Otherwise, can't complain much. >>590298 I think he may have meant "team" as in what you're running in LeafGreen.
(144.58 KB 1000x750 pokemon tits and pokemon ass.jpg)

>>590312 >I think he may have meant "team" as in what you're running in LeafGreen. Then he should be more specific by greentexting my quotes. Either way, my Pokémon are: >Venosaur >Arcanie >Lapras >Dragonite >Sandslash >Chansey
>>584658 >PLAYAN Mega Man 3 and some homebrew NES games, they are fucking amazing This one Gotta protectors tie-in is great, played it years ago but had to come back to it just for the jiggly animations, they are top notch ignore my low score, just wanted to take a snap for the thread >WATCHAN Vinny >LISTENAN The Kinks >READAN Nothin' >EATAN Spaghetti >DRINKAN Coffee >FAPPAN Adventure time >FEELAN Okay! Drawing and stuff, poor as dirt but i'm free!
>PLAYAN Morrowind, I swear I will beat it this time! >WATCHAN Sonic Underground, I need something to keep me occupied while Tamers works on his next episode >LISTENAN nothing. >READAN the lessons of Vivec. >EATAN 54 Street burger my mom left in the fridge >DRINKAN Orange Juice >FAPPAN Vivec >FEELAN A bit nervous, tomorrow I'm going to some event my sister is being a vendor in, it's called a swap meet or something but I have no idea what to expect. hopefully I'll get good material and inspiration for my comic.
(1.62 MB 1280x720 blatantpoofery.webm)

>>590514 >PLAYAN >Morrowind, I swear I will beat it this time! How the fuck can you not beat morrowind?
>>590565 getting too side tracked doing side quests then getting burned out when I have to do favors for the ashlanders.
>PLAYAN Big Bang Age, in the national age and trying out different playstyles and its great. Also doing Doukyuusei: Bangin' Summer remake and its great - The MILF dating sim has awakened something ancient inside me. >WATCHAN Old hong kong comedies. God of Gamblers, All for the Winner. Very funny, would recommend. >LISTENAN music similar to attached, not sure what the genre is but its really good. >READAN vn's >EATAN thai >DRINKAN tea >FAPPAN saving myself for marriage again >FEELAN tired, need to finish up work and start organizing my life again. Games are great though, I've been finding a shit ton of really good games I want to play.
(160.27 KB 250x368 huh 3.png)

>>590635 >try and look up Dokyuusei banging summer >All the pics are yaoi Man I was expecting hot teachers not gay stuff.
(154.14 KB 680x962 thinkinghat.jpg)

>>590650 >Doukyuusei - Straight >Doukyusei - Gay I dont blame you, here's the vndb of the one im referring to https://vndb.org/v34136
(37.24 KB 528x480 skele sadder.jpg)

>>584658 >PLAYAN Bridge Strike Lots of little ones, but the above being my favourite at the moment >WATCHAN YMH podcasts >LISTENAN As above Vidya music (Smash Ultimate OST mainly) Classical channel in Forza 5 >READAN Finished Slayers 1-3 last night a friend bought me Welcome to Nightvale the other day so I'll start that soon >EATAN Bacon and eggs with cheese on sourdough >DRINKAN Gatorade Water Vanilla Coke >FAPPAN NA >FEELAN I don't think the new meds are working as intended. I have a doctor appointment this week so I'll get him to check stuff. It could just be the chronic fatigue syndrome acting up on top of everything else.
>PLAYAN Crusader Kings. Gotta impregnate them sister-wives. >WATCHAN Videos about quantum physics, mostly. >LISTENAN Andrew Jackson Jihad. >READAN Youjo Senki. >EATAN Pills. >DRINKAN Poppy tea. >FAPPAN Couldn't if I wanted to. >FEELAN Pretty fucking good.
(1.76 MB 3264x2448 013.JPG)

>PLAYAN Haven't really played anything today besides Bang howdy. I played it because I was feeling nostalgic ok? Right now I am debating whether to go to sleep or play Darksiders 2. I have tried multiple times to get into darksiders 2 but every time I just lose interest and dont pick it up again until I start a new game several months/years later. >WATCHAN I watched Friday the 13th. I think its still a good movie. I was hoping it would sate my lust for tits and gore but alas there isn't that much blood and not much tits. Most of the movie I was just thinking about whether the original creators wanted it to be a series or not. I am sure you all know that Jasons mom is the killer but that just makes me think "was this supposed to be a standalone movie about a mother going insane because of her sons death? But that in turn makes me ponder what the intent of the last scene was. Why the fuck am I putting spoilers on friday the 13th? Am I really so fucking stupid i am going to act as though the people on this site dont already know the "twist"? >LISTENAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMEBJ05MgoU Sum 41 is a guilty pleasure of mine ok dont bully me. >READAN god I wish I knew how to read. >EATAN Beefu stroganoffu. I also got some popcorn for the movie. >DRINKAN Dr.Pepper. >FAPPAN My own imagination. >FEELAN My dog died this tuesday. Her hind legs stopped working, she already had a lot of problems walking but now she lost control of them completely. Mom had her put down. I was woken up at like 8am and told this over the phone. she made it to 11 1/2 years old. Why am I telling you this? Because I feel like a sociopath. I didn't cry at all over hearing the news. Why? I should have cried and yet I haven't. Maybe I have just gotten used to it? I hate that even more. You dont get used to family members dying that is psychotic thinking. Pic related is the latest picture I have of her. Rest in peace Mira, I hope you are happy in heaven with your sisters.
>>595017 >Why the fuck am I putting spoilers on friday the 13th? Am I really so fucking stupid i am going to act as though the people on this site dont already know the "twist"? well, uuuuuuh... this is embarrassing. Sorry to hear about your dog, dude. I lost mine last year. i know that feeling.
>PLAYAN Fallout game, thinking about what I will play next afterwards >WATCHAN I posted about the "debate" Mister Metokur had with Nick Fuentes a while back, and it seems things have been steadily deteriorating for him and his movement, "America First". It's gotten to the point where his most valued cohost left him and will be giving a tell-all on Kino Casino, along with Mister Metokur, who is just there to laugh. Nick and his underage edgelord army are already losing their minds, I can only imagine how much worse it will get for them after the fact. Oh, and the guy who spammed TTS with messages about Ethan Ralph being a rapist during the debate already said he has 30,000$ to blow, and he's going to spam donation messages again, nobody knows what he's going to post. There is definitely enough autism to keep me entertained, and I am glad something funny is happening in this sphere filled with retards, for once. >LISTENAN old OST from games I haven't played in a while >READAN news >EATAN junk food >DRINKAN soda, altho mostly water >FAPPAN maybe later, got to take a nap before casino stream >FEELAN Life is going by fast, it seems I get to visit these threads sooner and sooner every week. At least there is always a juicy bit of drama from the likes of ethan ralph now, that man really is the new chris chan, something happens with him on literally daily bases >>595017 I'm sorry about your dog. >I should have cried and yet I haven't >Am I a sociopath? Was there a reason to bawl your eyes out? Death is inevitable, but if you gave your dog the best life you could possibly give her, there really isn't anything more you could have done, nor have you done anything wrong. I had my cat die not too long ago, complications with his health, and I was also told over the phone what has happened, that was my coping mechanism then. >You don't get used to family members dying, that is psychotic thinking You're correct on that front, but not moving on also doesn't help your situation. My armchair analysis is that you are actually coping with her death rather well, but you're angry you weren't there when she died, and had to find out about it from a second party. Not being there for a loved one is a terrible thing, and it can fuck you up, best thing to do is not blame yourself for it, or blame your mother for not letting you know beforehand. In highly stressful situations, your brain will do surprising amounts of mental gymnastics to blame either yourself or everyone around you when it's not their fault, so the best thing you can really do in this case is be glad you got to spend those 11.5 years with your dog and cherish those memories. You sound to me like you're going to be blaming yourself for a while now, and "I am a sociopath" is just the first excuse. Don't go down that route, stress kills you fast But then again, you don't have to listen to me, I'm just some autist on the internet
>PLAYAN FF14. I got every achievement in Elden Ring so I'm satisfied with putting that game on the burner until the DLC/ >WATCHAN About to watch some e-celeb bullshit in an hour. I don't normally care about this bullshit but it's been particularly funny these past 2 weeks. >LISTENAN Gojira and Shing02 >READAN Neuromancer >EATAN Rice >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN I don't know yet. Probably big tiddy MILF hentai. >FEELAN Alright.
(99.15 KB 232x406 boris.png)

(442.99 KB 647x823 gustav.png)

(400.55 KB 1280x960 thumbnail_20220507_013440.jpg)

>PLAYAN Etrian odyssey 2. On the 3rd stratum, have gone with lanceknecht, ronin, war magus, gunner and medic. Honestly thinking of switching out the medic since war magus acts first. Also, while the games are known for it's lolis, I like characters like Boris and Gustav >WATCHAN LPs of games I am to lazy to play myself >LISTENAN Nothing >READAN Just finished spin book 2 by robert charles wilson, not as good as book 1. Just picked up these at the library and planing to read a few chapters in each before settling for one, any one you might recommend? >EATAN Chicken and rice with some Indian sauce and spicemix, can't complain >DRINKAN Beer, coffee >FAPPAN Nah ain't feelin it today >FEELAN Okay, happy that the snow FINALLY seems to disappear, hate living so far up north.
>PLAYAN Dead or Alive Extreme volley ball 2, Sonic unleashed, and Kameo Elements of Power, i finally got a 360 after years of being jaded about it dying from the rrod, i always though it was a pointless console untill somone showed me that the slim and the "e" version are immune to the rrod. Sadly i don't care about console shooters so there isn't that many games i want to play on it. >WATCHAN Cory in the house, i'm watching all the Harry Potter movies in order. >LISTENAN Denpa. >READAN Rising out of Hatred. >EATAN Hotdogs >DRINKAN Juice. >FAPPAN Milf incest >FEELAN Very good, lots of games to play and enjoy and good friends.
(654.34 KB 870x870 ClipboardImage.png)

>PLAYAN Metal Gear Solid 2, completed Snake Tales. >WATCHAN Initial D Season 4 >LISTENAN https://yewtu.be/watch?v=-DSVDcw6iW8 >READAN I Want To See You Embarrassed >EATAN Food from yesterday. >DRINKAN water >FAPPAN Some 3D anime porn >FEELAN Fine, nothing too surprising on my end.
>>595097 I still remember Ralph-retard shilling his dumb fucking blog back in original 8chan and getting super pissed off that nobody liked his blog. Anybody who genuinely thinks that grifting asshole is their "friend" truly deserves to be smacked around like the absolute trog that he is.
>PLAYAN Kane's Wrath >WATCHAN Nothing >LISTENING C&C song remixes >READAN Albert Speer's memoirs >EATAN Salmon >DRINKAN Water and coconut milk >FAPPAN fucked my gf earlier tonight and made her wear fox ears >FEELAN Things are looking up for me, but bad feels are always around the corner. Got a new job with a huge pay increase. >>595097 Imagine being the leader of an internet "movement" that falls apart the moment your number 2 gets a whiff of some e-girl pussy. Nick's an edgy fag trying to keep it under wraps with an edgy "incel" persona. Groyper Wars was funny, but you can't make a serious political movement out of IRL trolling. It's gay as fuck and no surprise that it turned into Chanology 3.0
(27.07 KB 683x163 357428645329.png)

>PLAYAN Might do some Firered to close out tonight. >WATCHAN/LISTENAN May catch up on some Oney and/or poke around Odysee a bit. >EATAN Chorizo tacos, since I had some meat left over from yesterday. Even as leftovers it tastes every bit as good as freshly cooked. Had some cantauloupe on the side as well. >DRINKAN Water. >FAPPAN Earlier to busty mature women. >FEELAN Very ehh. Like I should be more productive, yet I couldn't really muster up the energy to do so, past knocking out some job apps, where I can only presume that, at best, one place will reply to my app to turn me down, and everywhere else will just never get back to me. Job seeker's market my ass. >>595017 >TFW I had a dog die the same way over a decade ago Feels sad man.
>PLAYAN I played some Worms matches earlier but i'm too tired to continue. >WATCHAN Nothing >LISTENAN The sound of my own voice >READAN This thread >EATAN Just ate a burger because there was nothing else >DRINKAN Had some coffee >FAPPAN Probably not >FEELAN Mentally and physically exhausted. The kind of tired that sleep won't fix. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother doing things or trying to learn stuff just to get my hopes and dreams demolished by others. At least this place is relatively kind which is fucking odd when you consider what this site is or once was. I'm going to sleep now and hopefully I don't wake up.
(216.64 KB 478x271 gunt cam.png)

>>595217 he's only been in the "America First" movement for less than a month, and he's already forcing them to donate to a nigerian prince(AF is a "trad catholic white nationalist" movement, btw, despite nick fuentes being closeted gay and a mexican). It should be noted that outside of ralph being a two time obama voter, he also had his porn history leaked, and he has been seen masturbating to blacked porn, just like benevolent overlord acid. Christ is king, btw >>595227 I never paid him much attention before debate, but good lord he's the physical incarnation of 4/pol/, right down to constantly calling everyone "cringe" or "based". Shows you just how pathetic this next generation is going to be when it grows up, if him and the "groypers" are of any indication, the fact at least one of them can escape the plantation and get some pussy shows me hope, tho >Metokur's splash screen for the stream lmao
>PLAYAN Elden Ring, working through the game on a STR+FTH build, not quite sure what to go with for the stat spread at 125/135. Also been playing through pokemon legends arceus, is pretty gud so far, defeated the lilligant boss and made it to third area. Also have been playing Wind Waker again, resuming a save I got to the two elemental arrows on a couple of months ago. Spent three hours charting the whole damn sea looking for the ice cave, only to discover I had already charted it... wow I felt dumb after that. >WATCHAN Some random video on someone trying to figure out who the recent class reworks and the general class changes over the past half-decade in FFXIV are for, and coming to the conclusion that they're for nobody and are just dev simplification. Made by some guy called Misaligned Chair or something. >LISTENAN Videogame OSTs, octopath traveller as of late. >READAN Not much >EATAN Sub Sandwich. Turkey+lettuce+onion+tomato+mustard. Is gud! >DRINKAN Barqs Cream Soda. Pretty good stuff, wish I could find it in canned form somewhere though. >FAPPAN Maybe some shortstacks later, maybe not >FEELAN Absolutely Amazing after getting 100s on two of my finals and getting a 84 on the one I had to take blind. Leaving me with three As for this semester, and one more semester until I get my two associate's degrees, feels nice.
>>595097 You are spending way too much time on some seriously low-tier drama shit, go watch something with at least some small semblance of value
>>595330 this isn't real content, but it's nice to put on in the background while I have things to do, for a quick chuckle. I usually watch something with more educational or entertainment value, if I legit sit down to watch something instead of just half-paying attention to it >>595329 >octopath traveller is that game any good?
>>595332 It's okay. It's not 10/10 super amazing best gaem ever like some people make it out to be. But if you don't mind an older-feeling JRPG then its decent on the combat front and character front. It's basically eight separate stories that relate very little that all merge together into one at the end, with the party interacting with each other at various parts and such building on their relationships and characters. Certainly worse ways to spend ones money when it comes to RPGs.
>>595343 I'm thinking of playing something like this. About how long is the game, if it's just eight separate stories?
>>595348 pretty long, the stories are kind of,how do I put this, you do ch 1 of all eight then move on to do ch 2 of all eight, so on and so forth. It's kind of strange like that, but you aren't forced to do it that way, it's just best to in order for everyone to be a decent level for it. As for time, it's about 40-60 hours.
>>595348 The stories are all inter-connected with a couple of each of the others but they seem to be unrelated at first. The second half of the game is when all their threads are entwined and you fight the true big bad. The people who say the characters' stories don't intersect either never got far into the game or have absolutely terrible reading comprehension and need everything blatantly spelled out for them. Combat is good in the traditional turn-based FF style with the added Bravely/Default system where you can store and spend extra turns. The job system isn't as robust as I'd like it to be but it's good enough and let's you make some decent builds.
(1.36 MB 1080x780 184768809.89499995_image.png)

>PLAYAN Emulation night w/ Silent Hill 3 & Metal Gear Solid 4 >WATCHAN Deep Space Nine >LISTENAN https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Aupnj1KpjCg >READAN The Creative Gene >EATAN Pork butts n' taters, shrimp, and asparagus. >DRINKAN Dr. Pepper & Ice Water >FAPPAN https://exhentai.org/g/2212487/445d527481/ >FEELAN Like a goddamn wizard since I got a new pipe with a long stem.
I can't believe i fucking forgot what day it was. >PLAYAN Darksiders 2, i got both games for $5 (3 doesn't exist) and i never gave the sequel a chance, it's actually pretty good, think prince of persia/soul reaver with a random loot system that doesn't even matter because the guaranteed/special drops outclass the fuck out of anything you could farm, case in point the wood hammer that you get from beating an early optional boss that resembles a giant tree. >WATCHAN Yugioh go rush, we finally got a female protagonist and it had to be on the shittiest format (rush duels). >LISTENAN Nothing. >READAN Tried to read machikado mazoku, it's high caliber yurishit so i ended up dropping it 10 chapters in. >EATAN Just had a couple sausages. >DRINKAN Pepsi, it's the only thing i have in the fridge. >FAPPAN I don't feel like doing it. >FEELAN Like fucking shit, i am gonna vent a bit here so i apologize in advance for the blogpost. Office work is a fucking nightmare, you spend all the time sitting on a chair, yes, but somehow it feels more exhausting than blue collar shit, and since you don't physically exhaust yourself the boss thinks it's ok to make you work more than you should, i applied for a cozy 9 to 5 in the rich part of the city, and what did i fucking get? A 10 to 8 (and it used to be 9 to 8, but COYID made them change it), 10 fucking hours sitting in a fucking chair, and they don't even let you go outside to eat your lunch in a nearby park, you have to use their break rooms or whatever the fuck they're called, because they want you to "bond" with your coworkers since they're going to "be your new family". Yes, they don't even pretend you're not going to be stuck in there all week, and the sole day you get to be "free" you still have to work from home or you get reprimanded as soon as you arrive at the office. Why did i even apply you say? I more or less got tricked into it, since the description said i was going to be glued to a computer 8 hours a day, yet the first thing they told me was that it was actually debt collection for a chinese company and i was going to be phoning the absolute dregs of society all day, begging them to please pay back the money they borrowed from us (and it's a fucking scam too, say you borrow $100, they transfer you $40 and you have to pay back $120). It's a glorified call center. I've worked as a warehouse/night shift guard cuck my whole life 10 years actually, i ain't that old exactly because i do not like to interact with people, period. Another thing that really bugs me is the absolute lack of privacy, say you wanna listen to music on your phone or check your email or something, you have to notify your boss beforehand or they will yell at you for 10 minutes, they had me install this one chinese IM app on my phone and it came with a lot of spyware because i was able to browse this place without issues the first day and the next i can't access it unless i use mobile data, the IT guy (an honest to god "zoomer") suddenly sent me a message asking if i liked v-tumors solely because i have a picture of hatoba tsugu as my phone wallpaper, i never met him in person let alone showed him my fucking phone, so the only way he could have known this is by spying on me. I didn't even fucking reply, i just nuked my main phone and used a spare one for that dim mak shit they have us use at work. And that's on top of the daily 3 hour trip from home to work and back, i practically only get an hour a day to dedicate to my hobbies or even fucking eat, because if i don't sleep at least 6 hours a day i will legitimately fall asleep on my way to work. So basically, i have to get up at 0630, spend 3 hours on a train, spend 10 fucking hours doing something i absolutely loathe, spend another two hours on a train, try to both check up on this place and cook something in the span of a fucking hour, then go to sleep at 0000 so i can wake up early, take a shower and do it all over again, for six days straight, and then dedicate at least 6 hours of my free time on sunday to work. I am absolutely NOT going to stay in this place for long, i've been here three weeks (i got hired for three months) and i already feel like felating a shotgun, this has never happened before and i've literally scraped turds off the street for a living. Everyone says i should be thankful for getting such an opportunity, but if this is "the life" then i'd rather go to the agdg or draw threads, learn the craft and pander to degenerates. Tomorrow i thankfully get out early (1600, you also get an hour to eat, that's why you work from home on your free day), but that is still not enough time to do anything and there's nothing to do on sunday anyway. Call me a faggot quitter if you want, but the remaining 9 weeks i am just going to half ass it, ignore everything and everyone, do whatever i fucking wish on my phone and then quit as soon as i get paid, i don't even give a shit if i get fired next week as i get paid on thursday at worst. Hell, i don't even get paid well enough for it to be worth it, i was earning more in my old security guard job and all i did there was watch anime in a tiny shed, jerk off, maybe move some boxes upstairs and sleep. And i never had to work on weekends, because they hired people specifically for that.
>>595437 That sounds awful. Get out as soon as you can and look for a new job. I'd only wish that kind of life on my worst enemy.
>>595459 Of course, i just wanna stay the three months so my parents don't think i couldn't deal with such an "easy job", but it's honestly so fucking draining that i see myself quitting next week. What baffles me the most is that people think this kind of thing is normal, i asked my parents if they simply didn't have hobbies back then and they said they didn't, but that i could use the 2 and a half hours spent on the train on mine, as if i'm gonna watch precure while a 40+ year old man looks over my shoulder or play a game on a shitty emulator using touch controls.
(1.84 MB 1199x1180 nice slut.png)

>>584658 >PLAYAN They are billions and maybe xcom 2. I've never played a RTS game before and I can really see why autists like this genre. I'm still awful at this but its more like a tower defense than RTS. Xcom was on my to play list. >WATCHAN Konosuba and maybe Ghost in the Shell movie. I might go to best buy and pick up some more movies. >LISTENAN oldies >READAN Manga backlog >EATAN philly cheesesteak >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN I need some short stack or oppai loli >FEELAN I wiped out my paycheck this week with the mortgage, internet/tv and tickets to an expo for my niece and nephew. I'm not happy about all these bills and expensive lining up on the start of the month right before I start my vacation.
>>595437 Hello fellow office drone. If they made me go back into the office I'd quit on the spot. I recommend you break your contract and get the fuck out of there immediately. What you do is a drain on society and you clearly know it - it isn't worth the money.
>>595437 Grow some thick skin, you little bitch.
>>584658 >PLAYAN I finished Trek to Yomi yesterday. It's a game that is inspired a lot from old samurai movies from the 1950's. >WATCHAN Youtube videos. Going to watch Seven Samurai and Yojimbo. >LISTENAN Jazz music from time to time. >READAN If visual novels count, starting to play Katawa Shoujo. >EATAN Burger >DRINKAN Coke >FAPPAN N/A >FEELAN I'm thinking of doing some programming and maths puzzles in my spare time. Most of my time is spent on the internet.
>>595437 >they want you to "bond" with your coworkers since they're going to "be your new family". >absolute lack of privacy >Gives you no time for anything except work. You know anon I have been thinking about your post over the week. I dont think this is a job, this sounds more like a cult. I think you need to get out.
>literally blogthread from cuckchan what the fuck
>>597996 Lurk more niggerfaggot.
Another blogpost, sorry. >PLAYAN I haven't played games these past 3 weeks, too busy with work. I did buy sakuna for $15 yesterday though, i was worried about the game not showing up in my library until i checked my hidden games in steam and there it was, i had forgotten about pirating it half a year ago, seeing it in my library with 45 minutes of playtime despite not having bought it, panicking about my account being banned over it and immediately uninstalling and hiding it. >WATCHAN Nothing either, i don't wanna be that one cuck who watches 2D little girls on the train. >LISTENAN I've been going through random jewtube channels that post "iceberg" videos, it's pretty decent background noise which is exactly what i need since my work requires me to focus on calling, messaging and emailing clients. >READAN Nothing, i have no time. >EATAN Whatever the hell my mother cooks, it's not up to me this time. >DRINKAN Pepsi. >FAPPAN I've been jerking off exclusively to this guy's works https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/163246, loli + stomach bulge is great stuff. >FEELAN Suicidal, i ranted about my shitty job last week, and i will do it again so bear with me. Apparently the company is going to shit so the higher up mandated we work from 1000 to 2000 from monday to friday yes that is 10 fucking hours a day plus the 5 or so i spend commuting and he's looking into reinstating the old 12 hour workday (0900 to 2000), however no one believes a fucking word of what the scumbag says, because he showed up this monday on a brand new lotus. There's been a lot of complaints, and rightfully so, so he also stated that no matter how much we report this blatant abuse to HR/management, they were instructed to ignore complaints and fire us on the spot if we threaten to sue, a lot of people did and they indeed had them walk out that very instant, withholding their pay if they refused to sign their resignation letter (we get paid every 15 days, but the money is on our bank accounts two days early at worst). This place is located in the rich part of the city and since it's debt collection for a pretty successful company this will help my CV a lot, so i can do nothing but endure. I will walk out if they do reinstate the old workday though, i don't even give a shit. As if that wasn't enough, today i have to work until 2100, so i will literally only get home to eat something quickly then sleep, wake up at 0600 and get ready to work until 1800 (normally we go home on saturday at 1600 and rest on sunday), then work from home and go back to the office on sunday and work until 1430. And we will not get paid extra for this, even though in the contract it states that if you were required to work on sunday you would get paid twice + a little extra. Nearly half my coworkers walked out the moment they said this, and it wasn't just new people, one guy who has been there since the very beginning told the boss he wasn't going to slave away all day so he could buy a new underage prostitute (yes, he really did say this) and walked out to cash out his last paycheck, shoving the boss aside on the way out (i'm amazed he didn't tell security to restrain him or something). Luckily i won't get fired for half-assing it since i was hired for three months and i ain't literally sitting in my chair just drinking coffee and watching anime, so i will save up as much as i can and look for another job ASAP, i won't even say thanks, just give back the burner phone they provided and quit. But that's enough about work, i've considered swapping out my B450 MOBO for a X570 and getting a 5900X and a 1060 6GB since i can get both from china at a pretty fair price and they'll be a step up from my 3600/1650, this should hold me over until i can get a 3080 Ti at a fair price and that will keep my rig relevant for at least 5 years, and hopefully by then GPU and DDR5 MOBO and RAM prices will stabilize. But like i said, i want to save up as much as i can in case i can't land another job within a week, so this will have to wait until december.
>>599170 Forgot to mention this, since there's absolutely no privacy at work they know which sites you visit on your phone and block them if they consider them "unsafe", since i like to waste time boss makes a dollar i make a dime, literally i go at least 10 times to the toilet just to literally shitpost, guess what they did? They blocked all the sites i use, even pixiv. So i started using a VPN and jerking off as payback, spending as long as 25 minutes in there. I don't even give a shit if they have cameras installed there, i'm not planning to stay for long and i am definitely never coming back to this part of the city.
>>599199 >Jerking off ten times a day just to potentially piss off your boss. Man and I felt silly going to the bathroom twice today and you did it ten times.
>PLAYAN Blaster Master Zero 2 and Lasto's homebrew games. Apparently there were physical releases? Imagine being one of the lucky bastards who bought one! >WATCHAN Maybe I'll have something in the background but i'd like to focus on other stuff >LISTENAN Stratovarius >EATAN Probably just baked potatoes with some chicken breast or whatever >DRINKAN Monster, only have it on fridays. >FAPPAN I don't know if I will >FEELAN Meh, maybe things are looking up. I was going to buy a laptop but some stuff happened and that'll have to wait. Until then, i'll keep using this nearly decade old thing which struggles with a lot of stuff but at least I can plug my tablet and draw. At least I'm alive. >>599170 >buying games better not have been on Steam, you turbo nerd. <I've been jerking off exclusively to this guy Haha
>>599341 Oh wait, maybe those are just stickers for flashcarts right?
>>599341 Oh yeah also have the NES Halloween game.
>>599341 >>599343 >デコレーションシール >decoration seal Stickers.
>>599357 thanks you dork
>>599341 you are probably a fat, disgusting pedophile, maybe underweight, but definitely disgusting >>599170 same goes for you, except instead of collecting wellfare you wageslave some cashier tier job, filth like you deserves worse tbh >>595437 you are alright my guy, darksiders 2 is a shit game though, who thought the platforming was fun gameplay shouldve been shot >>595382 this guy also had a fun time last week
>>599422 >you are probably a fat, disgusting pedophile, maybe underweight, but definitely disgusting Well, I'm not fat and you are just rude, it's okay anon, you are probably having a tough week.
(172.67 KB 640x360 hahahaha.gif)

>>599422 >calls one guy a pedo who deserves worse >Then praises the same guy in the same post as though hes a different person.
>>584658 >>PLAYAN not sure yet. been playing Destiny 2 but Bungie is beyond woke so i don't really want to give them any money and i've kind of hit bedrock on the free to play stuff. Ascension WoW is this WoW private server that unlocks all the abilities and removes classes as a thing which is pretty cool. so you can be a paladin that uses holy and fire spells, or a dark ranger that uses a bow and shadow magic. i've recently gotten the itch to play WoW again but i can't play 'vanilla' (Classic or any expansion/era) anymore, i'm too burnt out. i also have wanted to replay FFIX but similar situation with burnout, there's a few different randomizers out there but i'm having trouble getting one to work with the mod i want to use that fixes a lot of problems with the game (like the inordinate amount of time it takes to get into battles) >WATCHAN i started watching the new Mike Myers show on Netflix but 15 minutes in and i had to shut it off. could not stop signaling how woke it was. >LISTENAN 80s extended mixes lately >READAN The Witcher series, finally. i played Witcher 3 years ago and always wanted to read the books but could never find them, now i have an e-reader so i have all the books in one file. >EATAN chick-fil-a salad for lunch and baked potato for dinner >DRINKAN finishing my second cup of coffee and then water. got a new insulated half-gallon jug that keeps everything cold longer so i'm exceeding my daily water goals easily now. >FAPPAN nothing right now >FEELAN sleepy, i worked really hard the other day cleaning up the house and i guess it took a lot out of me so i'm just taking it easy today.
FRIDAY NIGHT THE 13TH MOTHER FUCKERS >PLAYAN TF2. Got completely wrecked so I stopped playing. I dont really have the desire to play anything. >WATCHAN You know the only reason I remember that it is friday the 13th is because a co worker of mine was having his birthday on friday the 13th. I already watched Friday the 13th though last week so I am going to watch Part 2 this week. Maybe ill watch part 3 next friday. >LISTENAN Sum 41 >EATAN Homemade pizza >DRINKAN DR.Pepper. >FAPPAN Pic related. some other things too but this is what I came to. >Feelan Great. I got a new temp job at a storage. its only for this week and the next but the pay is alright. I am just happy to have a real job for once. This week is going to be my first week of real work and I am happy I managed it without any major fuckups. so now I am going to enjoy the weekend and try to relax as much as possible. Its hard work for a soy boy like myself but I think I am going to adapt. I can already feel myself getting a bit stronger. I was going to buy a 1.5 liter bottle of dr pepper on my way home this wednesday and it felt like a 33cl bottle. Dont get me wrong I could always one hand 1.5 liter bottles but now its way easier. I feel fucking fantastic. I do wonder how long until my muscles atrophy back to nothing but thats for future me to worry about.
>>599460 >I was going to buy a 1.5 liter bottle of dr pepper on my way home this wednesday and it felt like a 33cl bottle
>Playan Like an idiot I've begun a shitton of games simultaneously <Homeworld 1 I'm really, really terrible at it but I like it. I really like the formations, the 3D aspect to the movement and fighting and the music's quite neat too. Once I'm done with this and Emergence I'll probably try that one star wars RTS, I saw some really cool mods for it. <Castlevania Lament of Innocence I'm hopefully near the end at 89% in the Pagoda of the Mist area(where you fight Walter but I'm guessing the real final boss is actually Mathias considering how he's mentioned and has a portrait in the opening cutscene but hasn't yet appeared ingame yet). I liked it at first but in between massive reuse of enemies and quite frankly there being only one actual combo to the game(the whip draw into uppercut into rising shot into the slamming attack) I'm really not feeling it anymore. Neat music but it's missing all the charm and tight fun gameplay of the 2D metroidvanias. I think this will be the first Castlevania game I don't replay with the unlockable character modes(if there are ones). I'm hoping Curse of Darkness is better, but if not I might jump back into the DMC games because I quit at 4 for some reason I can't recall and I'd really like to give V a shot. <Patrick's Parabox A grid based puzzle game similar to Baba is You, the gimmick is that you push around boxes and can sometimes enter them and it's all puzzles around entering/exiting them in the correct order. I really liked the Infinite series of puzzles where you use basically recursion in order to solve them. Finished the last "main" puzzles today, currently going through the appendix section and then the challenge section and should be done. <Phantom Path Wanted to give this a shot for a long time as it's by the Speebot dev. It's pretty comfy but so far a bit on the easy side, and the "enemies" feel like they exist solely to waste a couple of seconds of your time before disappearing for good. I like it so far. Might be giving puzzle games a break after this and Parabox, I've gone through five over the past month. <Ashes Afterglow Anons have been shilling this last year so I finally gave it a shot. It's excellent. Great hub level design, really interesting side quests, I love the gun upgrade system and the majority of the fights are quite good for a somewhat open ended hub-world based game. I'm thinking I'll give either Chernobylite or Cruelty Squad a shot after this one, but it's easily would have been my 2021 goty if I had played it then. <Rogue Legacy 2 I dig the basic idea of the gameplay, the uniqueness of the traits and the notion of upgrading later, but it's one of those roguelites where just playing it, the core gameplay loop isn't particularly fun. The writing is also exceedingly childish with references to farts, butts or poop every other sentence. I might end up dropping it. <Synthetik I finally decided to give this a shot after stumbling on some Synthetik 2 gameplay and thinking it looks nice but not wanting to get in because of Early Access. I REALLY like this. Gunplay's wonderful, the item variety's great, the difficulty's just right and I really like the music too. <Duke Nukem Zero Hour A bit finnicky. Usually the good TPS games in this era like Tomb Raider, Heretic 2 or (to a extent) Max Payne give you some form of acrobatic movement option so that you're not just strafing and shooting for combat but this does not seem to be the case here. I might end up dropping it and trying to get back into Blood Omen instead because I really want to play the full LoK series and see why anons like them so much, but BO filtered me out for a bit. Also really looking forward to a more complete DNF 2001 build/mod. >Watchan Justified. It's a mid 2000s cop show set in Lexington starring basically a modern day gunslinger. It's neat, has a fair bit of eye-brow raising moments but Walton Goggins and Timothy Olyphant are great actors. I had written off Olyphant because of that shitty Hitman movie(the first one, with the russian supermodel) but he's really good as Givens. Also a russian jewtuber by the name of Warlockracey. He talks about really interesting Fallout and Elder Scrolls mods, since he's russian and a majority of the fallout ones aren't translated he brings some really interesting perspectives to things I might be able to play for a while. I wish he'd lean more towards the "eastern europe history lessons" when dipping into politics instead of twitter shitflinging tier "quips" and the videos are often awful for me to watch because he has a habit of using wojacks for not good reason. >Listenan Vidya OSTs. >Readan An algorithms book, a computer architecture book and a transistor radio book. I really want to kick my ass into game dev(as a hobby) which is why I'm polishing up my coding skills to the best of my ability and ended up liking thinking about algorithms and code more than I thought. Computer arch is interesting and so is the transistor radio but I don't think I'll be using that information in practice. Also Ender's Game/Speaker for the Dead. I liked Ender's Game quite a lot but I wish it had more descriptions of the tactics and strategy instead of "and then Ender won". Might look at the Elric books after Speaker of the Dead, or try and look for some other sword and sorcery book series like Son of the Black Sword which I really enjoyed. >Eatan Made some grilled chicken sandwiches. >Drinkan Lime and mint. >Fappan I don't want to. >Feelan Good about a few things, shit about others. >About two months away from completely no longer needing a medicine I was taking for a chronic illness with some severe long side effects. Am also feeling good enough to exercise regularly again. >It's getting warm again and the pools are finally open so I can get to spend my weekends swimming after waiting two years on that. >Got PROMOTED in my job, it's more responsibilities but I actually like doing the work and it pays quite well and it's work from home so I can get to play/read/work out during the downtimes which is pretty cool <Just as I was thinking "maybe things are cooling down in the region", a terrorist attack occurs at a water treatment plant and a Palestinian reporter got murked by the jews a few days ago which bums me out because for an instant there I thought "hey maybe at some point in the future everyone in the region can reconcile and hold hands", and then I made the mistake of looking up some news online on that and being met with JIDF propaganda on one side and "You shouldn't feel bad for her because she's a Christian!" on the other. At some point I wonder if I did something in the womb to be born here but on reflection there's nothing bitching about it will accomplish and I should just try my best to make life as good as possible for myself and family. <Pooled together some money with my siblings to buy a bit of land and build a family house there, we're a few months away from getting the permits and everything which is great but the price of construction is skyrocketing thanks to the ruskie/yuke war which sucks. I know it's selfish as fuck looking at the war like that and how everyone's been affected by it but I've been living in apartments all of my life and I was looking forward to a garden or some place to cultivate mushrooms and living in somewhere quite. <I'm back into the spiral of not knowing what exercise routine to stick to. Heavy weighlifting's out of the equation for a year or two and it's in between calisthetics(and that's between Diablo's routine or Convict Conditioning), circuit workouts(and that's between P90X, T25 or some ruskie's youtube workout routines) or a light dumbbell routine I found on sleepy/fit/. I've been jumping from one to the other for a while now but I'm still unsure which I should stick to until I'm good enough to get back to SL5x5.
(292.71 KB 750x524 duke on oprah.jpg)

>PLAYAN Fallout game >WATCHAN my playlist >LISTENAN music you never heard of >EATAN some junk food >DRINKAN coffee >FAPPAN maybe later >FEELAN Out of it, to be honest I am glad that Duke finally released, now I just want to play it. The whole thing, completed, the next few years waiting for it to be patched will feel as long as the last 20, and that's assuming nothing will happen to the project
>>595138 >PLAYAN Still Etrian odyssey 2. Switched to lancekneckt, ronin, dark hunter, gunner and medic, you really need someone with the skill "bind head" in order to get past the 3rd staturm boss (btw 'Tina' is the best looking dark hunter). Did try a bit of 'Omori' but I didn't really feel it. >WATCHAN Random youtube crap >LISTENAN/READAN Leviathan by scott westerfeld trough voice synthesizer, it has some really nice art (see pic), it is an alternate reality WW1 with gene splicing on the one end and mechs on the other. >EATAN Vegan Garlic Noodles, I am trying to loose weight (not that i am a vegan). >DRINKAN beer, water, coffee >FAPPAN Ain't feelin it >FEELAN Can't complain, my office just said that they'll be willing to invest in new office chairs for those who needs it, I'll more or less say "I think the regular chairs are a bit uncomfortable, and I would really like the one chair that I looked at" hoping for the best.
>>599522 That is an awesome looking map. love it.

(309.67 KB 1029x744 dread.jpg)

(224.66 KB 450x771 KeithThompson3.jpg)

(104.64 KB 392x788 kth_03.jpg)

(225.53 KB 680x978 keith_thompson_02.jpg)

>>599537 Illustrator is keith thompson, he has some really good art.
>>599547 >>599537 Wasn't that map based on a book? I saw it years ago and heard it was based on a book. Was always interested in what kinda universe it was but I never actually looked it up.
>>599549 >Leviathan by scott westerfeld trough voice synthesizer, it has some really nice art (see pic), it is an alternate reality WW1 with gene splicing on the one end and mechs on the other. No shit Sherlock
(3.92 KB 801x756 sad coal.png)

>>599553 Well now I just feel stupid.
>>599553 Welp, grabbed an epub of it. If the art is anything to go by, this is gonna be interesting. Sounds amazing from the description alone. I have too many books to read now. Dammit.
(114.63 KB 1000x1000 w1.jpg)

>PLAYAN Nothing, been too busy lately. >WATCHAN Spy X Family >LISTENAN MGR soundtrack >READAN Internet >EATAN Pies >DRINKAN Milkshakes >FAPPAN Pic related >FEELAN Solid
(24.87 KB 550x400 A Metal Slime Approaches.gif)

>PLAYAN Likely nothing, will be working a bit on getting finishing touches taken care of on a video tonight. >WATCHAN/LISTENAN Pokemon Challenge runs, seems like a lot of my regular sources uploaded in the last day or two. >EATAN A pork chop and some rice. First time in a while I didn't actually put anything on the rice. >DRINKAN Milk. >FAPPAN Not tonight. >FEELAN Pretty good and particularly amorous. Employment situation isn't showing any signs of getting much better, but I've been unintentionally counting my blessings in the meantime, and there's no shortage of them.
(120.02 KB 1080x1080 healthy vs narc parents.jpg)

>PLAYAN I've been going through Dishonored 1 again recently. Its graphics hold up really well due to how stylized it is, and the gameplay is still fun when you know how it works. Enemies are still pretty fucking blind, though, which is a slight immersion-killer. Haven't played it in a few days but I'll pick it back up sometime tomorrow. >WATCHAN I recently snagged Trigun off of Nyaa and I'm also somewhat interested in Better Call Saul. First few episodes of both are pretty decent so far. With Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad in general, I feel as if there's a lot to learn when it comes to making engaging and entertaining story no matter how slow and articulate it is. >LISTENAN Vidya mysic, but I've gotten back into vaporwave type stuff too. Windows96 mostly. >READAN This thread I guess. Can't be fucked to read much else right now. >EATAN My friend made stroganoff with lots of onion and pepper. It was quite good and very filling. >DRINKAN Beer, water, and a shot of a homemade everclear lemon zest tincture I was told took months to create with my friend. It's pretty damn tasty, but I held off on taking more than one shot because I already had two and a half beers before then. >FAPPAN Nope. Funny thing is that I've been getting a lot more vanilla in my tastes lately. >FEELAN Complicated, but mostly good (and tipsy). I just moved in with my aforementioned friend to escape my narcissist father. He got me to realize that most of my misery came from my dad and it lead me down a rabbithole of jewtube videos about emotional abuse and how it effects people. It was sobering and heartbreaking to see some of these videos describe my dad perfectly, as well as the effects narcissists have on others. Pic related is very accurate and highlights the methods he used to control and hurt me on a near-constant basis. I am elated that all of this is finally fucking over and I can get on with my life, and I am immensely grateful to my friend who I am quickly starting to consider a part of my family in a way my dad will never be unless he goes to therapy and fixes himself. >>599648 >will be working a bit on getting finishing touches taken care of on a video tonight. I'm curious, anon. What kind of video?
>>599648 >Pokemon Challenge runs, seems like a lot of my regular sources uploaded in the last day or two. which ones, anon? >Likely nothing, will be working a bit on getting finishing touches taken care of on a video tonight. what video do you make?
>>584658 >PLAYAN Finally finished with DS3 offline, beating the game with 8 true strength and stabbing my betrothed in the face. I maintain that DS3 is not as good as DS2 Scholar edition. >WATCHAN Some car videos and people who walk around streaming in Russia and Japan, nothing makes me not want to travel more when to see how similar even the furthest away places are. >LISTENAN RIP SLYME's Super Shooter stuck in my head, and that is a good thing. >READAN About Hegesippus, who had up until recent evaded my private studies and what a story his lost works would tell. >EATAN Tonight was Salmon, rice and beans. >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN If I can stay awake there is a good chance. >FEELAN Today was effective, got some things done and some dates confirmed for other things needed to complete. >>599664 >I've been going through Dishonored 1 again recently. Its graphics hold up really well due to how stylized it is. I despised the art style of Dishonored, though enjoyed the game play. It did not seem to pair right with the subject matter. >>599565 >Spy X Family Looks like this will be the best of the season. The story has good dynamics despite the cookie cutter background.
>>599664 >>599665 Very autistic Pokemon Challenge Run stuff, although I'm not sure "Challenge" is necessarily the correct term >which ones, anon? Jrose, Scott's Thoughts, and Honest Pokemon Trainer all uploaded within the past day. The first two are probably the strangest coincidence, given that they uploaded Diglett-related runs on the same day, with both slapping eyebrows on their respective pokemon in their thumbnails. As far as I can tell, it was entirely coincidental. Also, to the other guy, good on you for getting out of that relationship. I've seen how badly that sort of thing can fuck people up time and time again.
(350.82 KB 448x473 nofun.png)

>PLAYAN Civ V, just killing time trying to get a better hang of all of its gameplay elements. >WATCHAN See vvv >LISTENAN History videos and documentaries. >READAN Leftover books from last year. Some Stephen King stories from whatever his newest short story collection is. >EATAN Leftover cheese and marmalade pizza. I don't think this can be healthy. >DRINKAN Nothing good. >FAPPAN I did earlier. >FEELAN (torposting because of incoming blogpost) Nearly died a few days ago. Told my girlfriend I loved her. It still feels weird having someone to think of and save myself for. She is very sweet and seems very intent of keeping a healthy and steady relationship, not to mention we both come from similar backgrounds and have similar views of things. We have much in common and I would like to introduce her to the wider world of vidya to see what she is intersted in. We have also talked seriously about some things like abuse and trust, and also pornography and addiction. She's mentioned she doesn't like me looking at porn but understands its not her place to control me, and vice versa. I haven't told her I look almost entirely at fictional stuff but if I did I don't think she would react kindly. I want to be as comfortable and open as possible with her but it feels wrong to keep something like that "hidden." It would likely be best for me to avoid it, considering how often I jerk off to fulfill loneliness and satiate habits. Not to mention the countless deviant things I've wasted my life looking at like loli and furry shit and god knows what else. A lot of the things I do feel like they're automatic, or like I just do them since it sounds like the right thing to do. Sometimes I feel like an insect; beyond hunger and pain and lust and boredom emotion never seems to occur for me any more. Earlier tonight we kissed for at least twenty minutes and it wasn't until I was driving home that I started to cry in a mix of emotions by myself. There are some things I still regret very deeply from my past (or at least I think I do) and most days I have moments of deep self doubt and contemplate suicide as the only reasonable answer. Most of the thoughts I have lead to daydreams that make me feel even more like I've missed out on life and nothing will every truly live up to my dreams, so there's no point in trying to match them. Nothing really feels fun anymore and none of it really has for a long time. Videogames feel like a waste of time, even practicing a skill or hobby and improving or overcoming something feels empty and pointless. I don't know what to do with my life, I don't think there's anything I would want to do. Life feels like an endless dream that makes less sense the longer it goes on.
>>599820 thanks nigger. I now know i'm not alone in feeling this way
(229.00 B 184x184 black.png)

>>584658 >PLAYAN AC Valhalla DS2: SotFS ACV is one of the most soul-less games I've ever played. Going back to DS2 after ER is painful. ER had a lot of problems but fluid and responsive controls were not one of them. >WATCHAN Python and RPG Maker tutorials >LISTENAN YMH podcasts >READAN Welcome to Night Vale >EATAN Chips and gravy >DRINKAN Vanilla Coke >FAPPAN My imagination >FEELAN Numb
(45.27 KB 454x500 skele hug.jpg)

>>599820 I know all your feelings bro. I feel them too.
It's Saturday but fuck it. I went bed early last night. >PLAYAN Deep rock galactic and warhammer 2 (since 3 kinda sucks) >WATCHAN Don't really watch anime but I watched Youju Senki and enjoyed it. Now I'm watching OG dragonball. >LISTENAN Weeb music and eurobeat. >READAN Nothing >EATAN Going to order a takeout, it's my birthday tomorrow >DRINKAN I'll be drinking strong cider and other shit tonight. >FAPPAN Already done >FEELAN Okay, feeling frustrated because I'm not spending my spare time doing game dev stuff, but balanced out to okay since work are trusting me to oversee things while they're away in 2 weeks. Not very often people have any faith in me.
>>599866 Youjo*
Saturday night here but fuck it : >>584658 >PLAYAN Honestly I can't decide right now, I am considering going back to Toukiden to finish a few things I left >WATCHAN Watch Dai no Daibouken earlier >LISTENAN Stolz, been listening to it on repeat >READAN a few manga titles but OPM was the last thing I read out of the latest ones >EATAN Just ate an egg sandwhich I made, trying to eat healthy and exercise >DRINKAN Drunk some cola due to today being my cheat day >FAPPAN Did that yesterday >FEELAN I've been feeling pretty down for about a month now honestly, it's not the crippling depression I had some years back. It's closer to being under the weather or melancholic a bit, it goes away while I work, while I walk around or when prepping food and when I read new chapters of manga. It mostly affects my gaming hours and has me feeling dull.
(1.36 MB 606x832 i309px.gif)

>PLAYAN Cataclysm DDA as a mutant engineer bear, currently trying to build a motorcycle or something in the sewers to move from city to city faster and more safely, as well as find more mutagen. >WATCHAN Various neocities sites >READAN Ribofunk, i like it. >FAPPAN Sindoll /ss/ >FEELAN Probably going to save up for a new rig, a console, or anything that let's me play recent bigger games like Elden Ring, Since my PC is a total toaster and getting more and more obsolete as time goes on. I'm honestly fucking tired of playing almost exclusively old games, i wanna play the shit anons are talking about. >>599664 >FEELAN I know how hard it can be to vent about this stuff when most people can't even imagine having negative experiences with their own family of all people growing up. Congratulations, anon. I've been there too, only with my mother instead. Good luck in the real life. Have you seen theramintrees' vids?
>>600394 >Have you seen theramintrees' vids? Yes, that dude's vids have been extremely helpful when it came to understanding my situation and how to deal with it. I may not have escaped so easily if not for his advice. His videos has also taught me to be a better critical thinker in general, too. It's a great channel for anyone, religious or secular, who suspects they may be in an abusive relationship of any kind. For any other anons it may help, here's the channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheraminTrees https://yewtu.be/channel/UCJ-vHE5CrGaL_ITEg-n3OeA for people who care about avoiding Jewtube at all costs
(367.49 KB 1392x908 1643151497977.gif)

I want to fucking blow my brains out. I tried to install Ubuntu in an HDD of mine, and now I can't even get to the POST of my computer. It was working fine on wangblows 10, but now my whole computer is FUBAR.
(4.19 MB 3840x3101 w4t0caa5zq321.jpg)

>>600468 meanwhile >hurf durf you did it wrong the user is always wrong linux is perfect and flawless and ready for use on the desktop give it to your grandparents and parents they won't know the difference just set a few things via the console and it's ready, hurr linux is fine look at all these inconsequential UI inconsistencies in other operating systems this validates our complete lack of interest in UI/UX, lol you're just cucked by having used windows too long what would you know I hope you appreciate how important it is that your fucked computer is now running on free software(tm)
>trying to DIY an OS install on your main rig Anon I'm sorry but you deserve it at least a little bit. You should have gotten a cheap computer or laptop to test that on.
>>600468 How the fuck did you fucked up installing Ubuntu? >FUBAR Just use MATE, or get Mint Mate. But then in all honestly i am windows 11 user, gaming on linux even with all its might of wine is kinda shit.
>>600923 Apparently my GPU doesn't work with my computer, tried it with my sis and it booted up fine. So that's a bummer Though for some reason I cannot boot into my M.2 drive now
>>601681 You should fuck your sister
>>601681 But you really should though. She wants it man.
>>601681 You probably just fucked with your boot loader. Trying to dual boot will do that sometimes. I recall there being some way to repair the original windows boot loader by using some repair button in the windows installer. I can't see how installing ubuntu would brick your GPU, and it evidently didn't if it works on another machine.
It's Sunday but fuck it it's my day off and I saw this on the top of the catalog so I'm gonna contribute since I haven't posted in one of these threads in a while >PLAYAN Nioh 2. I was playing Elden Ring since it released but after a while all it did was make me wanna play NIoh again. I don't know what it is, but the soulshit leveling system combined with the combat and the Diablo clone loot system makes it the perfect game for me. >WATCHAN Been trying to get through the anime Monster. I've tried watching it all the way through twice already and I always drop it at the same part and I don't know why, it's really good. The part with the college kids drags on a bit but I always make it a few episodes after that and check out. Gonna try and force my way through those next couple episodes since I find myself doing this a lot with longer anime and I really wanna see how this one ends. >LISTENAN The Doors. They've been my favorite non-metal band these last few years. Jim Morrison's an interesting character, one of these days I wanna really look into the conspiracy shit with him. I love the music but there's gotta be something to his father being military intelligence. That coupled with the band's first few albums being mixed and produced by a fucking Rothschild. Kinda puts the dude's drinking into perspective. >READAN I wish I read more, I should re-read Tolkien one of these days, haven't read Lord of the Rings since I was in my early teens >EATAN Fried Rice >DRINKAN Beer. Was drinkan' orange juice during the day >FAPPAN MILFs >FEELAN Content yet empty. Maybe I should drink less, maybe start making that vidya game I've been thinking about making the past few months but my shit delivery job leaves me drained. I don't post on /v/ nearly as much as I did when I was a neet and in a weird way I actually look fondly upon my days as a pathetic time-waster making no money at all compared to the depressing toil I find myself engaging in daily now

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