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(1.18 MB 1920x1078 ClipboardImage.png)

PC Hardware Thread Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 00:27:03 Id: 518481 No. 607644
Edited last time by Mark on 05/26/2022 (Thu) 01:11:30.
What's with the shape of that CPU?
>>607669 It goes under a shield, you don't put thermal paste directly on it
>>607644 Why the edit?
>>607687 The dye isn't exposed. They just changed the way the edges of the CPU look.
I want to fuck my PC
>>607839 Anons wants to fo deep inside his computers components and apply some homemade thermal paste.
(172.43 KB 1200x900 FOfOkWXWYAoH7_I.jpg)

If AMD doesn't at least inch 5%~ in single core perf compared to Intels current high end processor, then I'm just going to get what the kikes shit out next gen. Unless AMD has AVX512 then it's not worth making the jump to them to emulate PS3 games with inferior perf.
(53.46 KB 480x573 cold too.jpg)

>>607644 Motherboard waterblocks soon?
(145.72 KB 1500x1163 Tonka Truck.jpg)

(24.09 KB 309x450 HAF 912.jpg)

>>607644 >>607669 I don't know why AMD gave the IHS the shape of "Tonka Truck" ridges like an old CoolerMaster HAF case. It's just more places for thermal paste to find its way into.
(1.35 MB 1500x937 CPU Delidded.png)

>>608475 Read the post. IHS = Internal Heat Spreader. When you delid a CPU the IHS is the metal piece that you are separating from the CPU die. The IHS is what AMD has changed the shape of. You DO apply thermal paste to the IHS.
>>608296 Motherboard waterblocks already.
>>608478 There's no shield then?
>>608520 Nigger are you retarded?
>>608534 Do you eat shit?
>>608478 I assumed the heat spreader didn't cover the dye, and needed another accesory to prevent thermal paste from going under, that isn't the case. Carry on.
AM5 looks spectacular.
>>609113 Looks like a Lego I like it
>>609113 Hard to swallow that DDR5 pill though
>>609122 Yea it is but it's starting to mature now.
I haven't checked GPU prices since february, have they improved, or at least became more available?
>>609133 Prices and availability are much better.
>>609141 what's the verdict then, should I wait a bit, or get what I can while I can? It's been forever since I decided to actually get a new GPU, but they've either been ridiculously expensive or I literally couldn't find any
>>609125 No it isn't, it needs like 2 or 3 more gens to mature, or at least for good ram not to be expensive
>>609142 Absolutely wait if you can, only buy out of necessity .
>>609144 (Checked) I suppose I will wait, I just hope my old junker won't give up the ghost before prices become respectable again
>>609142 There is no way to predict the future. What can be said is that buying now is multiple orders of magnitude better than buying 6 months ago. The next generation of GPU's is around the corner, but the last time everyone was telling each other to sell their 20 series GPU's in anticipation for the 30 series the 30 series were all completely out of stock and no one could get them for 2 years straight. So it could be that the 40 series blows the 30 series out of the water in price to performance. But it also could be that they're impossible to get and another random crypto mining boom comes along and GPU's become impossible to get again. Or not, no one knows. All I know is that buying now is better than buying before. Maybe buying now instead of waiting on the 40 series is a bad decision, maybe it's a great one. I'll have to find a crystal ball to know for sure.
>>609147 I could gloss my testicles and you could rub those
>>609145 Anon's PC is of Prussian heritage?
>>607669 Potentially slightly more thermal dissipation, AMD is pulling all the tricks to make dissipation as good as possible with Zen4, even gold plating the top of the die. >>609125 Not even remotely fucking close, Micron wants to release 8400 sticks, Samsung / Hynix are aiming for 12600, the best you can get now is 6600, unless the IMC / mobo are really limiting current sticks that much (JEDEC is 6400, best you can hope daily stable is 6900 but usually more like 6700-6800) it's safe to assume current ICs are trash. >>609142 Depends on what you want, if you just need something like 1080p@120+ or 1440p@60+ get a 3060ti / 6650XT, if you need anything above that wait current gen is shit for 1440p@120+/4k@60+
>>609270 >Not even remotely fucking close, Micron wants to release 8400 sticks, Samsung / Hynix are aiming for 12600, the best you can get now is 6600, unless the IMC / mobo are really limiting current sticks that much (JEDEC is 6400, best you can hope daily stable is 6900 but usually more like 6700-6800) it's safe to assume current ICs are trash. Never fucking mind what I said I'm a queer.
>>609321 I mean it's basically always the same, the super high end ICs / PCB layouts that are actually good come late (less so for DDR4 since Samsung Bdie is actually really old comparatively), but with DDR5 they seem to want to take it way above what was previously thought to be "reasonably expectable"
>>609338 We'll have to wait a while.
>be a kid, live with shithouse computers, salivate over computers and parts in magazines >get a job >save, buy decent parts, times are good >get new job, time passes >time passes, GPU now 11 years old, no longer mighty >PC parts now in next price bracket up where although I could comfortably afford them I can't because that's not the fiscally responsible thing to do >back to looking at parts I thought life would be different, to be honest.
>>609916 Why not save again, just a minor amount bit by bit and then upgrade?
(74.58 KB 500x338 (38).png)

>>607918 That is the most abhorrent thing I've seen in years. Who the fuck wants an ultra wide monitor?
>>609924 Who doesn't?
>>609925 I don't. I'd rather a 4:3 and 2 1080x1920 tall boy monitors on swiveling arms.
>>609929 This is fake but not really something out there, just look at everything about fucking McAfee
>>609924 Ultrawide does seem mostly very silly. I can see the minor appeal for maybe vehicle sim games, but at that point it feels like you would be better off just spending the insane cash on a good VR headset instead since high end ultrawides are pretty much just as expensive. Other than that it's just minor productivity benefits mixed with a nice aesthetic of not having bezels. Then there's the downside of the fact that you're losing a bunch of performance in other games you play for a negligible "immersion" increase by rending all those extra pixels on the side.
>>609929 >>609930 remember those pre-2010 halfchan terrence mckenna threads? Those were comfy, that kirkbride picture is legendary
Gonna review pic related, which i bought for $45 a couple days ago because the stock cooler for my R5 3600 wasn't doing its job. I went with this brand and this model specifically because i already own a Sickleflow 120 ARBG as exhaust and it's extremely quiet, something like a Vetroo V5 ($30-ish) with an extra fan would cost me slightly more unless i cheaped out on said fan, that and i'd have to import it from china, the Hyper 212 LED Turbo ARGB already comes with two fans and i can buy it even in the local electronics store. It was extremely easy to install, i didn't even have to unscrew the motherboard and it fit nicely in my relatively tiny case (Cougar MX340), the temps indeed dropped around 15c while idle and under heavy load, the problem is this thing is rather loud, maybe i got used to the quietness of the stock cooler but i can actually hear this thing spinning unless i wear headphones, this is easily fixed by going to the BIOS and setting it to silent mode, however it'll still ramp up whenever i play a game, obviously this isn't a bad thing but it bothers me. The Hyper 212 line was a good choice when it was $30, but at $45 you should save your money and get a Scythe Fuma 2 ($66) instead.
>>610794 Honestly would get a Zalman CNPS20X for 60 bucks, thing beats a DH15 at the cost of more noise but will not be much worse when noise normalized. Downside is the retarded look and mounting solution
Did anything come out of the NVidia leaks that allows other OSes to use the RTX 3050? Or am I going to be forced to use Jew10 every time I want to fire up a game? I've already decided I'll likely be trading it in next year for a 3080 Ti, as that supports older hardware.
>>611290 Is the 3050 not supported on linux? The linux kernel drivers are open source now, it's unlikely that was a result of the leaks.
>>607644 tfw my pc problems the past year has been due to it having 4 sticks of ram in it. Over a year of constant bullshit because AMD can't do anything right except throw increasing amounts of cores/threads at their crippling hardware issues. Yes I'm absolutely assblasted right now. Why I didn't get the hint when I originally had to give up my all AMD build because their GPUs are chinkware at their finest and their goddamn drivers are Nigerian Prince tier so I had to go and buy an Nvidia GPU anyway and return the AMD piece of shit. My next upgrade is to go back to Intel. Ive had issues since day one with these components that I've never had with any other system and honestly didn't think were even fucking possible to have. Fuck every single one of you niggers and shills that jewed me into buying this shit
>>611539 I've only heard that AMD is nice on Linux. Their windows drivers I've heard nothing but terrible things about. So perhaps you heard the praise for their linux drivers and thought that translated to windows.
>>611539 You do know that every system gets worse stability wise as you increase the number of RAM sticks, right? There's quite a few factors that may make it so 4 sticks isn't as bad as it could be but it's universally worse.
>>611539 What RAM? What CPU?
>>611539 What's your ram kit? What issues are you having? We can help you. I'm very happy with my rig personally.
I heard gpu prices have gone down significantly. Is it finally worth building a new pc now?
>>611857 Nope, next gen everything drops in the next 6 months so stuff will get cheaper.
>>611859 That's what people said about the 30 series before launch.
>>612011 And you could have grabbed a 2080ti for under 500 bucks because of people panic selling them at that time, hence still justified.
>>612103 So what you're actually saying is that for a brief moment in time during the week before the 40 series launch you might be able to buy a used GPU for very cheap.
>>612132 It's a possibility But that gen there's quite a few factors >massive stock of soon to be far less useful GPU from miners >Next gen midrange stomping over current top of the line, next gen top of the line being over twice as fast as current >Nvidia damage controlling even prior to anything being really public about Navi 3x because they don't have anything to answer it and are likely to so anything to stay relevant, including losing money on 40 series cards >AMD clearly wanting MSRP to stay at current levels and being actually somewhat enforced upstream (see 6x50 cards) There's a possibility of Nvidia Jewery catching up to them as well so I'm cautiously optimistic that you're likely to get a decently good GPU for a decent to good price around the next gen releases.
(1.55 MB 7128x4752 system76_launch.jpg)

What keyboards do you use and recommend? I've thought about using it over various gamepads for most genres, but I'm wondering about the issues with using only a keyboard and a mouse. There's also the useful tricks with software outside of games.
>>613086 Well what are you looking for anon?
>>613086 What exactly do you want help with? All the different switches work the exact same, but some make your keyboard sound like a typewriter while others are completely silent. Pretty much you only customize the look of your keyboard, but the prices can get pretty retarded, there's people who pay 2k+ for theirs, so i suggest you just grab whatever looks cool and is cheap, redragon is a good brand for this. Just don't get a 41% keyboard or whatever the fuck they call those without numpad.
>>613086 AKKO 5108S JK edition for games Modded Topre Realforce for typing
>>613086 The brand of keyboard isn't as important as the switches it uses. You are getting a mechanical keyboard, aren't you anon? Cherry switches are still the best. I prefer browns since they're clicky but not too clicky. Other than that you've got to decide if you want a mini-keyboard like in your pic with the arrow keys nested underneath to the side, a larger Ten Key Less (TKL) that has the numpad cut-off, or a full size keyboard. Make sure your keyboard has proper N-Key rollover so you don't miss inputs pressing multiple keys.
>>613210 >Cherry switches are still the best Not by a long shot Not even going super deep down the autism pit AKKO simply does superior switches, except clicky ones.
>>613086 There is no such thing as a good keyboard. They're all shit. All mechanical keyboards that don't cost an arm and a leg will be loud as all fuck. All membrane keyboards will either be overpriced or lack any respectable amount of key rollover. You are fucked regardless of what you buy because the keyboard market is a joke filled with retards that have convinced themselves that 3 of the worst switches known to man should be the only choices available to consumers. So buy cheap browns if you can stomach getting your ears raped and want shitty half-assed tactility that bad. Buy reds if you want slightly less ear rape and can stomach accidentally pressing your keys constantly. Buy a $10 membrane board if you can stomach not having proper key rollover. Spend 60 hours researching and spend $400 on some custom lubed mech board if you can stomach being a complete fucking loser.
>>613331 >Spend 60 hours researching and spend $400 on some custom lubed mech board if you can stomach being a complete fucking loser. If you had done that much research you would not be spending that much.
(30.62 KB 943x403 this is my safety.jpg)

Keyboard autism is one of the things I stay the hell away from. Too much money, too much time, all for "feeling" of shitposting on a antique dealership forum. AND FULL OF AUTISTS who get wayyy attached with products, thinks their shit is the best and others are shit. And shitflinging over a device for typing. So just one step behind "audiophiles"
>>613684 >So just one step behind "audiophiles" Worse in some ways, better in others. Though it's the same style of bullshit.
>>613684 >>613331 I bought some Blue switches for 60 dollars because I liked the relaxing sound. I'm happy, relaxed and can play videogames alone or competitively, would like an analog keyboard but they cost an arm and a leg and still have some compat issues. What's the big issue?
>>613711 >>613707 I too went with cheap blues, and never bothered to read/watch mech keyboard stuff again. Before that I had read and watched about dozens of videos on what's the best keyboard, why these switches are shite, why you're a pedo cuckold for buying a razor keyboard - all kinds of opinionated shit. I went to the shop, felt the keyboard myself, bought it, and got away from the autism fest. Truth is these "passionate" people are present in every hobby/circle, not just in keyboard or headphone space. Even in custom PC building. Just get what satisfies you and be done with it, its just devices we're talking about.
>>613751 >>613711 Seeing someone who actually likes blue switches is kinda rare, not that I dislike them either. >why you're a pedo cuckold for buying a razor keyboard >implying you're not a cuck for buying razer anything
>>613711 >>613751 The issue is that the market doesn't address what 99% of people actually want. No one cares that 3 fucking retards can tolerate loud as fuck shitty blue switches. 99% of people want silent and tactile boards, and none of the consumer grade widely available keyboards offer anything that could be considered remotely tactile or silent, let alone both, and especially not for a reasonable price. Most people who end up with blues fell for the retarded meme of them being "satisfying" and then end up with stockholm syndrome for their obnoxious rattle box device. Though at this point I wouldn't even differentiate between blues and reds, they're all fucking loud as shit. >>613684 It's way beyond audiophile autism. At least there's some logic to audiophiles. Keyboard autists will hype up products that objectively perform worse than a $10 membrane board. >>613766 I've heard their mice are okay now, but their software is so fucking trash that it doesn't matter how decent the hardware has become. Especially since there's plenty of alternatives.
>>613767 >99% of people want silent and tactile boards Nah. >It's way beyond audiophile autism. At least there's some logic to audiophiles. Keyboard autists will hype up products that objectively perform worse than a $10 membrane board. Same as audiophiles, gotta PPR hard when your $1-5k headphones sound worse and are worse built than $100-300 consumer shit.
>>613769 A lot of audio niggers are stupid because their gear sounds like shit because of the source, no, your brand new samsung isn't going to sounds as good as dedicated music gear.
>my processor only supports PCIe 3 >PCIe 4 only makes 1-2 frames difference in most games >don't feel like upgrading >BUY OUR NEW PCIe 5 HARDWARE kek
>>613819 Greater throughput benefits SSDs. For GPUs greater throughput is not even an argument right now. Unless you're talking about external GPUs which are still capped at 40 Gbps via Thunderbolt 4 or USB 4 so for external GPUs the throughput DOES need to improve yet still hasn't.
>>613711 >>613766 >Seeing someone who actually likes blue switches is kinda rare The added click seems superfluous to me since the keys already makes noise when bottoming out. I don't like linear switches either since you don't feel anything in the key travel, but blues are like typing on bubble wrap or something with all that clicking. These preferences are built mostly on what you've used. If I had used anything other than tactile switches for a long time then I would not be stuck using only tactile with everything else feeling or sounding "wrong" to me.
>>614179 >>614173 >For GPUs greater throughput is not even an argument right now. There's a couple cases where it becomes more relevant, like emulation (RPCS3 especially has a case where 3.0 to 4.0 x16 is a 30% fps increase, 6600XT and down owners will also lose big on PCIe 3.0. >The added click seems superfluous to me since the keys already makes noise when bottoming out. I mean you can get switches like that, but if the click doesn't bother you that's kinda pointless. >linear switches either since you don't feel anything in the key travel You'd think that, but on cheap linear switches I can feel it, which I greatly dislike, two solutions though lube up or go super light linear.
>>613769 >Nah. Objectively incorrect. Loud keyboards are a write off for the overwhelming majority of people. Linear keyboards are something very few people have ever encountered and will be bothered by. Most people are comfortable and used to membrane boards, which are both extremely tactile and most of the time completely silent. You're just wrong if you think that 99% of the market doesn't want silent and tactile boards.
>>613793 This is true with most modern games as they have godawful sound with few exceptions.
>>614210 >which are both extremely tactile and most of the time completely silent. Nah, especially not the silent part
>>614218 I don't know how to explain to you that the majority of the world has people in the vicinity of their keyboards and therefore can't have loud keyboards. This is why keyboard autists are so fucking retarded, they literally can not comprehend how the majority of the world operates and thinks that their autistic niche tastes are universal. Literally no one wants anything but a silent keyboard. Loud keyboards are not a selling point for anyone but complete retards.
>>614219 Membrane keyboards are not significantly louder than membrane, outside the clicky ones https://yewtu.be/watch?v=gE6bMfZcX90&t In either case you have to spend extra for silence and in that case mechanical is better simply by being more reliable and being repairable in most common failures.
>>613766 What's so bad about Razer? I'm in the market for a new mouse and I was looking at a few of their offerings. And the OpenRazer software looks pretty polished too. >>614210 >Linear keyboards are something very few people have ever encountered and will be bothered by. Most people are comfortable and used to membrane boards If I have to go back to in-person work I will literally bring my mechanical keyboard with me in a backpack each day. The Cherry Reds I use now aren't ideal and when I replace my current keyboard I'll look into other switch types, but the membrane piece of garbage they provide in the office is absolutely unusable in comparison. >membrane boards, which are both extremely tactile and most of the time completely silent. Membrane keyboards may not click from the keystroke the way mechanicals do, but far from silence, they rattle like the cheap shit they are, and their "tactility" is just feeling like awful mush. I literally cannot tell by feel whether a key has actually been properly pressed of whether it has just tipped to the side awkwardly without registering, because the "tactility" is so mushy that it already feels wrong even when it's working.
>>614347 >What's so bad about Razer? Poor hardware quality wise, mostly relies on current gaymer gimmick and premium prices (minus the viper mices) Drivers that are boated to shit, issue prone, that phone home and used to basically be always online DRM for anything above super basic functions (could still be)
>>613331 >>613767 >>614210 >>614219 peripherals suck as keyboards are subjective.
>>614347 Razer build quality went down hill fast. Had a deathadder from 2012 that lasted me like 6 years. It would have gone longer but it was my fault it died. Replaced it with a new deathadder and the scroll wheel died a year later. Many such cases Stick to logitech
>>614615 >Stick to logitech They're about as bad now as well.
>>614593 So is the taste of shit. But there are circumstances and perimeters that allow for trends in markets to occur. Clearly there is a logic to what people prefer in a keyboard you fucking retard. "Dude subjectivity lmao" appears to be the bog standard shit anons spout when they are too fucking brain dead to participate in the conversation but have an obsessive compulsion to say something anyways.
>>614655 >Clearly there is a logic to what people prefer in a keyboard you fucking retard. Says the one claiming that everyone with an opinion on keyboards except himself is wrong. I don't even know why I'm bothering to reply. You sperg out like this every hardware thread and it's never worth the time to even read it.
(246.11 KB 501x291 nigga you got autism.png)

>>614655 > Clearly there is a logic to what people prefer in a keyboard you fucking retard. Which is subjective.
>>614681 It's not about being right or wrong, it's about the market addressing where the demand actually is. The number of people that want to use blue switches is unbelievably tiny, and yet they are a stock switch on every single keyboard. It's nonsensical. >>614696 THAT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING. CALLING SOMETHING SUBJECTIVE MEANS LITERALLY NOTHING. THE TASTE OF SHIT IS SUBJECTIVE BUT YOU'RE STILL A FUCKING RETARD FOR EATING SHIT YOU DUMB NIGGER. YOU AREN'T SAYING ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE WHEN YOU POINT OUT THAT VIRTUALLY ALL OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE IS SUBJECTIVE YOU RETARDED NIGGER FAGGOT. CAN NO VIDEO GAMES BE BAD BECAUSE TASTE IN GAMES IS SUBJECTIVE. ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED?
>>614698 Most "gamer" brands push linear switches harder than anything else. When it comes to tech trends demand is not as relevant as what is being made available. For example, Samsung starts making phones with holes punched through the screen so now every fucking phone has a hole-punched screen because it was mass produced by the largest manufacturer of phone screen therefore hole-punched screens are the most available / easiest to get for ALL phones. If Samsung had decided that flip cameras were the next thing for phones then there would be hole-less phone screens with 120Hz, LTPO, high peak brightness, etc. but what a large brand promotes matters more than demand so we get hole-punch screens on every phone for eternity or until Samsung decides what the next trend is going to be.
>>614707 >When it comes to tech trends demand is not as relevant as what is being made available. The cheapest most available stuff tends to be blue switches, going by chink brands.
>>614707 >Most "gamer" brands push linear switches harder than anything else. When it comes to tech trends demand is not as relevant as what is being made available. Which is exactly my issue. Linear switches do literally nothing for competitive gaming. In fact there are multiple quake pros that refuse to use mechanical boards specifically because they fuck up bunny hopping so badly. Never at any point has it ever mattered to press wasd faster. That isn't how people interface with games, and yet here we are where linear "speed" switches are apparently the epic gamer switch when in reality consistency of movement is more significantly more important. It's like fashion trends as you said, none of it is mapping onto meaningful hardware improvements that the majority of consumers would stand to benefit from. It's just reusing convenient tooling and viral marketing to make people think mechanical keyboards are better than they actually are.
>red text means you're losing the argument >>614615 logitech has very wild quality control, some of their shit has lasted me years while some have repeatedly failed. Try the products at a store before buying them. Speaking of hardware, should I talk about aya neo air here or make a new handheld pc thread?
>>614827 >Logitech Their Mouses and Gamepads are top tier, anything with sound is fucked however.
>>614827 Proclaiming that you're winning an argument is about as close as you can possibly get to losing an argument. Especially since you're making it known that your only purpose in the conversation is to score imaginary internet wins rather than effectively exchange world views with another human being. And there is truly nothing more pathetic than that. I've only known women to interact with people like that.
>>614849 You are silly
>he thinks he's making an argument >he thinks he's winning said "argument" >>614849 who's talking to you dude? don't reply to me thinking everything's about you >>614179 I've also tried browns, which they say is not clicky but still has the bump. And several other varieties. >>614204 Most people do type on small laptop keyboards. And theyfind nothing wrong with using them everyday, until they use a mechanical keyboard. Guess thats what happens when you just use laptop for work and just want that email sent.
(44.91 KB 734x1122 aya neo air.png)

(114.19 KB 1379x792 aya neo.jpg)

okay there's 3 aya neo air variants aya neo air - $500 (early bird) aya neo air pro - $600 (early bird) aya neo air plus - $250 (???)
>>614908 Is this stuff exploding in popularity now that the Steam Deck has generated plenty of normalfag hype for PCs of this form factor? They've existed for a long time, yet now it seems that there are a lot more of them popping up.
>>614908 None of those are worth getting, VEGA is way too shit when put against the RDNA2 APUs and since the primary limiting factor here is usually the IGP that means that even if you have 8 core CPU it literally doesn't do shit in 95% of cases. Maybe the NEO AIR PLUS but the IGP is very limited on the intel ones and if Mendocino is 2CU RDNA2 only it's even worse, though the battery life will be insane. What those need is a 6800U and 6600U variant for under $1k, then maybe it become worth considering. >>614913 There always was a market for those, thing is no one wants to drop $800-1.5k on chinkshit with no warranty, the Deck addressed tha, chinkshit brands have tried to adjust but can't compete.
>>614827 >I talk about aya neo air here or make a new handheld pc thread? Go ahead.
(185.39 KB 363x380 latest.png)

>>614908 >>614913 >>614943 >>614968 Hey buddy, I think you've got the wrong thread, the UMPC one's two blocks down. >>608298 Anyways, the Plus line seems to be a hasty response to the AYN Loki being announced.
Has somone ever used APUs on desktop? I'm interested in shit like Ryzen 5 5600G because it looks like a good deal really. A 500-600 bucks build at best, the cpu seems reasonably powerful and I don't really need that much power, I don't even plan to play games at all.
(68.72 KB 800x800 MOD008-3.jpg)

(86.12 KB 1000x447 ErgoDox-original-min.png)

>>613099 >>614593 Has anyone here attempted to assemble a DIY keyboard kit? The split keyboards like the Ergodox seem to be more flexible for less cramped typing. You'll need to know how to solder though.
>>615007 I want to build a keyboard when I don't have to feed all my money to rent and food.
>>615007 >Has anyone here attempted to assemble a DIY keyboard kit? Yes it's so easy anyone could do it, even the soldered ones are pretty much the easiest soldering job there is. >>614973 If you're not gonna use the thing for games at all might as well get a 12400, it's gonna be better overall for CPU related things.
>>615024 Yeah that's totally an option too. It's just more expensive than Ryzen. Also is there any place where I can look at real bechmarks of the cpu in shit like veracrypt and other programs?
>>615032 >It's just more expensive than Ryzen Shouldn't be, a 12400 is like 140-180 and you can get a decent B660 board for 150ish, a 5600G is 200 ish and a decent board for it should be low 100. >Also is there any place where I can look at real bechmarks of the cpu in shit like veracrypt and other programs? Phoronix is pretty good for unbiased stuff, but only for linux (which makes a difference) Otherwise most things that aren't userbenchmark are usable, just have to pay attention to small details in the configuration used like RAM speed / configration
>>609924 Fuck memewide, can't wait for 3:2 screens to take over.
>>615107 3:2, 1:1, please just give me anything that isn't wide as fuck for secondary monitors.
(54.05 KB 625x605 This is you.png)

>>611539 >AMD can't do anything right now except throw increasing amount of cores/threads at their crippling hardware issues You can't blame the CPU for running incompatible/faulty RAM.
>>615628 Missing the face paint on the football guy and the food crumbs on both of them all the foam fingers
>>615107 Seriously, all the retards complaining how 4K and VR is a meme. When Widescreen shit is the biggest cancer as a computer monitor.
>>615732 I wish all aspect ratios could all co-exist without 16:9 supremacists shitting it up
Is there any actual practical use case for having a USB-C port on your case? I have the choice between two versions of a case. One with a USB-A 3.0 port and one with a USB-C 3.0 port on the front IO. But I can't really imagine anything I would plug into my case with a USB-C port. Usually those only go into peripherals and external devices while it's USB-A on the other end. I guess maybe for something you routinely plug and unplug into the computer it might be useful to not worry about orientation? Like a flash drive. That's the only scenario I could come up with and I would need to buy a special flash drive just to take advantage of that use case.
(2.36 MB 3840x2160 PXL_20210311_185517346.jpg)

>>616200 If you have to ask about it, you probably don't need it. A front USB-C port is good for certain peripherals and high-speed external storage, but Type-A ports are fine 99% of the time. As someone who owns a Sugo-S13B (not the Type-C version), I recommend it. Just make sure your CPU cooler and PSU will fit.
>>616225 Plan was to get an SFX PSU to fit a Noctua NH-L9x65.
>>616200 If they split bandwidth from a 3.0 header to an A and C port don't even bother. You're better off with two A ports. C is good when it's gen2, not when it's some half-assed split 3.0 bandwidth shit. If it's going to have type C at least have the full bandwidth from a proper type C header on the motherboard.
How bad of an idea would buying a gaming laptop be? I've been meaning to get a new PC for the past few years and it'd be nice to have something I don't need to worry about upgrading for awhile but also capable of taking around to my friend's house since they don't have a PC. It'd be nice to invest in a new desktop setup instead but I don't really have the money or space right now.
>>616711 >How bad of an idea would buying a gaming laptop be? Less than before, still bad It's it's just for ease of moving and not actual use on the go an SFF build is a much better idea.
>>616711 They're better than they were a decade ago. But they're still going to sound like a jet engine when you're playing games and you'll be paying a big price premium on the performance you get out of them. It's not like you need to worry about upgrading a regular desktop. You just literally can't upgrade a laptop. A laptop is convenient and it's not as bad of a purchase as they used to be. But with a small form factor desktop you could reasonably expect most of the components to last the better half a decade. The same can't be said for laptops. But building a small form factor PC is also more difficult than a big one.
(377.24 KB 1190x663 comp.PNG)

(746.92 KB 1311x655 csgo.PNG)

(757.97 KB 1305x652 siege.PNG)

>>616711 I would say now is the best time to buy a laptop, considering gpu prices have still not stabilized and gaming laptops are finally not retarded gaymer boxes with rgb with 3 fans to have good performance You can game very well on modern nvidia/amd cards. 3060/6600M offers plenty of juice for money. Hell, if you wait a few months the 6000 APU will give you enough performance on an integrated chip.
>>616790 the pics are from 6800U apu on a thin business laptop (asus zenbook) so you can have an idea of what the new integrated chips are capable of, the real budget cpu 6600U isn't out yet
>>616200 depends on your peripherals on hand for example the new samsung device came with cable that have usb c on both end so having usb c port is useful >>616711 thermal is still a problem for most gaming laptop you need to pay premium to get not so high temperature or you need to use liquid metal on the laptop. Undervolting also helps but on some laptop manufacturer they lock it
(972.75 KB 768x1365 ClipboardImage.png)

Has there ever been a case design more aesthetic than the X68000?
(219.85 KB 585x398 YOU WANT PRAY GAME.jpeg)

>>616877 I just want a rectangular tower that doesn't look like a teenage gamer's wet dream come true
(54.36 KB 1024x576 vr_ready_laptop.jpg)

>>616711 The one convenience with certain gaming laptops is decent support for VR; I can easily have a basic room-scale setup with minor issues beside the performance, visuals, and some noise (The laptop GPU itself is a GTX 1660 Ti). As long as the available video ports output via the dedicated GPU, the process isn't too hard. On the software side of laptops, there's some slight adjustments with NVIDIA Optimus, but they are exclusive to Ampere mobile GPUs. AMD's Radeon laptops use SmartShift, but I don't know if they're any better. The one laptop that I like using (especially for VR) is an Eluktronics MAG-15 that I got used. It's not too heavy for a gaming laptop and has easily upgradable SSDs and RAM.
(944.40 KB 1200x1254 sun ultra 24.jpg)

(230.41 KB 1527x676 regnum rg4.PNG)

>>616886 I know what you mean, I also had to look hard for one that had a disk tray in the front, and no side window, since I do not like them. I bought the Sregnum RG4, which has all the conveniences of a modern case, espeically with airflow and cable management, but also looks professional.
>>616948 >>616877 These are the best I can think of, they are beautiful but REALLY expensive. They costed 130k-250k when they released
>>616877 >>616948 >>616952 >>617009 I always like the Fujitsu FM Towns (model 2F), Particularly this model with the sideways cd-rom drive and the tower’s digital display with stereo VU meters. its like a computer mixed a with a hi-fi setup. (but it was crazy expensive even for a top of the line computer of the era, basically the neogeo of micro computers)
How viable is it to obtain an original PC-9800? Are we talking Macintosh 128K pricing on those puppies nowadays or is it somewhat more affordable? >>617089 >sideways CD drive I've never seen something like that before, that's cool. I was under the impression CDs had to be horizontal or else damage would be done to them.
>>617089 That yours anon? Pretty cool
>>616886 There are plenty of plain boxes in today's market. I have my O11 air mini with the glass facing the wall, and it's so plain you can barely tell the side from the front. Still waiting to find a 5.25" enclosure at a decent price though; the only one on local Amazon is $10 more than it was a couple months ago, so I'm not buying that until it drops.
>>617098 >>sideways CD drive Isn't that what most game consoles do?
>>617168 Yeah, some do. But don't you remember how the 360 scratched disks if you stood it up vertically?
>>617286 Yeah, I had that with mine and it ruined so many disks, even if it just moved/shook slightly while it was horizontal, leaving it vertical just made it worse, and those scratches were perfectly circular and irreparable, it was horrible
What were the anon recommended thermal pastes? I recall a conversation about how the technical best performing ones thermally didn't necessarily hold up over time. So the jewtube benchmark reviews might not give the correct answer. Was it thermal grizzly that basically glued itself to your CPU?
>>617349 That was probably me. Those that are popular and turn to glue are Noctua (all of them) and Artic silver 5 Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut has other issues, it's pricey, degrades really fast at high temps and has "bad batches" on a regular basis (aka performs like shit or is straight up deffective), scratches dies, not to mention fake lots pop up even on official listings sometimes, the extreme variants fixes those at 3x the price, Hydronaut is good but far too pricey for what it does. Would Recommend those for high performance thermal paste, always get syringes or it will degrade over time fairly fast >Artic MX4 / MX5 >Coolermaster Mastergel Maker ( >Thermaltake TF-X (hard as fuck to apply) >Kingpin KPx (degrades within a few months, cheap enough to justify it though since it outperforms everything else) >SYY-157
>>617352 Well I have Arctic MX-4 lying around from an old build so I'll use that. Thanks. Hopefully it's still good despite being old.
>>617356 If it's a syringe and you plugged it correctly it's gonna be mostly fine unless it's been 5 years+, maybe discard the first drop of it if you're worried.
>>617358 It's in a syringe and in a ziplock bag. If it's fucked I'll probably just use the stock paste that comes with the hyper 212.
>>617352 I wouldn't recommend the mastergel maker, i used it on a wraith prism i heard this stock cooler is actually good, but i don't trust AMD's paste and when i swapped coolers (the prism just wasn't doing a proper job) the thing got stuck to the CPU, even though i left it running for around an hour, try the master gel pro v2 instead, just as good and it isn't literal glue. >>617359 Yeah you're better off with that one, if your hyper 212 is a LED turbo then it already comes with a small syringe of mastergel pro v2, anything older than that has the v1.
>>617009 >>617089 While I do appreciate the aesthetics of the 90s and 2000's PC cases, I also enjoy some of the conveniences of modern cases, such as front and upper fan placement, better cable management on the back of the motherboard, removable dust filters and easier disassembly of the case. It's why I recommended the Regnum RG4, though I forgot to mention, that when I bought it about two years ago it was 50 bucks new, so it wasn't too expensive either and considering all the bells and whistles it came with, definitely worth the money. The only drawback is that you can only find it in Europe, so Americans will have to find something else. I guess you could also use this page to find a PC case, if you don't want the side window, like I did. https://pcpartpicker.com/products/case/#B=1&G=0&sort=price&page=1
>>617405 I'll probably be switching to a noctua cooler instead of the 212. Is their paste a concern or worth using since it'll be new?
>>617349 Prolimatech pastes turn to concrete after a while.
(94.45 KB 1280x720 spy.jpg)

>Hard drive has had problems for a while >It refuses to be detected unless pressure is applied on it >I literally had to check my pc after it refused to turn on >One of the cables for the hard drive was unplugged >It literally only got detected when I put body pressure putting the case back on What the fuck do I even do in this situation
>>620761 Get a new one and transfer all your data there while applying body pressure the whole way through
>>620761 Backup and replace
>>620761 Was the hard drive unplugged the whole time? And your PC only detects the HDD when you're touching the case?
>>620767 >Was the hard drive unplugged the whole time? Only that I know of now. >And your PC only detects the HDD when you're touching the case? I know it sounds retarded but yes. >>620763 >>620764 Backup how even? By holding it in place for an hour?
>>620785 >By holding it in place for an hour? Well yeah, if that's what it takes that's what should be done, I've had to do it and it sucks but if you care about what's on that thing it's worth it. You might wanna grab a program that allows you to do multipart backups (as in it resumes from where you left off in case there's an issue / disconnection)
>>620785 This sounds crazy but I think there might be a short in your case, something that's causing your body to become the conductor when you touch it. Can you put the HDD in a different PC and clone it from there?
>>620792 I don't own another computer or case, I think I'll just check if I can re enable the usb port in bios and then fuck off if I can't.
>>620785 >Backup how even? By holding it in place for an hour? You can buy one of these and try accessing the data that way if you think your case is fucked in some way. Plus they're just good things to have. I don't really understand your issue. If the HDD was unplugged just plug it back in. If it's only working under very bizarre conditions then I suggest disassembling the computer and reassembling it. You might either catch the issue or inadvertently solve it. Or you might brick more things. That's the beauty of tinkering with tech, you never know what's going to happen.
(307.95 KB 1662x960 120a.jpg)

>>616877 Dell Precision workstations are quite stylish. Also they're modern and not hugely expensive, so you could get one for a daily driver - unlike an X68k that'd be good for ancient games and little else.
>>620761 What's SMART say about the drive?
Might be a really stupid question, but why can't i set my fans to light up in "rainbow" mode like pic related? They are this exact model (SickleFlow 120 ARGB), and they are plugged correctly to my MOBO (a B450 compatible with RGBFusion 2.0), yet i can only turn them off, set them to a static color or make them cycle between all the colors. I've tried using both the BIOS and RGBFusion 2.0 by the way, nothing works.
(18.18 KB 567x159 fuck.png)

Hard drive update: It now no longer disconnects but refuses to show up in Disk Management, despite showing up in the files.
(815.41 KB 2145x2232 SgiOctane.jpg)

>>617009 We were using one of these as a doorstop at work a few years ago.
Crypto apocalypse incoming. Prepare yourselves for dirt cheap GPU's.
>>622297 Does it give a SMART reading at the very least? Would be good to know how fucked it is so you can at least determine whether it's worth trying to salvage it at minimum. >>622999 I've already seen RX 6600s going for 370 euroshekels new on Amazon like it's CY+0.
>>622999 Incoming? It's been happening for months, Bitcoin is down something like $30k since December. Prices are already much lower than they were 6 months ago.
>>622999 They've been going down in price since last month. Poorfag/NEET anons should grab a 6600 XT for $400, you won't get anything better for that price, at least not brand new, that card can handle anything on max settings 1080p and get more than 120fps on nearly every game, though it's also a perfectly fine 1440p card if you don't mind locking your framerate at 60fps. However if you've got around 1k in savings then the 3080 for $800 is a no brainer, i honestly don't think the 3080 Ti, 3090 or 3090 Ti will ever sell at a reasonable price, and the 3080 Ti is absolutely not worth $1200.
>>623358 Look call me a retard but how do I get SMART readings.
>>623473 Crystaldiskinfo or some other similar program.
I have some Angstrom speakers that seem to predate the internet since finding any information about them is quite difficult. I don't know anything about audio equipment so I was wondering if I'd be better off buying an amp for the speakers I already have or buying powered speakers like the Edifier R980T.
(130.79 KB 900x900 edifier-r1280t.jpg)

>>624105 >old angstrom speakers Looks neat, but there's barely much info from some web search. Maybe lurk at some audiophile forums? As for powered speakers, I have an Edifier R1280T and they seem fine enough, although I use them for games and movies. They are not bass heavy, either, so it's not the best for most music.
>>623422 >the 3080 for $800 is a no brainer Call me when it drops to $500.
>>624105 Get yourself a good amp and a minidsp. Then if those speakers end up not sounding good you can get a decent pair and you'll still have the amp ready to go.
>>624196 >>624469 I think the Micca COVO-S is probably more suited to my needs. I need something quite compact as I move frequently. The best cheap amp I think I could find is the Nobsound mini. Though it's quite annoying that the inputs are on the front of the device.
Well I made a shitty list of some stuff I'm gonna shoot for if possible on a new pc. My other one is well bork at this time hopefully I can fix it but it did last me nearly 7 years so that's not too awful if I hadn't fucked it up during a repair it woulda lasted me more https://pcpartpicker.com/list/z6T9C6 The cpu seems fine was pricier before but I had an amd cpu & it performed quite well. Some parts Im not sure what I'll do but at least I got the cpu down, no idea on the gpu as prices are total fuck, no psu 'cos no gpu. I also bought a new case for $46 and it's a rosewill challenger I believe which is kinda nice. Thoughts so far?
>>625366 They are generic standard parts it seems. Not much to comment on from my perspective. If you want to be able to actually use the computer without a GPU you would need to go with the 5600G instead of the 5600X. But the 5600G isn't compatible with PCIe 4.0 if you ever find yourself needing that down the line, only real world example would be directstorage for a 4.0 SSD which no game has actually ever implemented yet.
>>625378 Well I plan to get a gpu however I am undecided about which one. I have to consider how much I want to put into it, if I want to buy new or used etc - I'll get around to it eventually I'd just like to solidify the parts I'll be getting in the next couple months.
>>625382 If you wait a few months there could be new Ryzen CPU's by then. I think the rumors are a September release. But if you need something soon obviously just buy when you need shit. Also the GPU prices are dropping by the month as well so holding off until September might net you much better deals.
>>625366 Adding to what >>625387 said, the new AMD parts are going to be both a new CPU socket and a new RAM slot, so if you buy now you have no upgrade path in future. AMD has been better about CPU sockets than Intel, and AM5 will hopefully stick around long enough that if you wait for the upcoming gen, you could look at an in-socket upgrade a few years down the road while keeping the rest of the system alive. If you buy AM4 now, you have no upgrade path without a total rebuild.
>>625366 >that cpu cooler 47 dollars for an ancient piece of shit that performs worse than the newest cooler in that same line? Get a scythe fuma 2 rev B ($60) or a hyper 212 spectrum v2 ($30), i'd also get a B550 board instead, pcie 4 is important for certain graphics cards and cpu's. You also need a gpu, you can't get video out of a 5600x.
>>625467 >pcie 4 is important for certain graphics cards and cpu's Right, especially since he's clearly on the low end. If he decides to cheap out and get a RX 6500 then he'd need PCIe4 or the card would be strangling itself. >Get a scythe fuma 2 rev B ($60) or a hyper 212 spectrum v2 ($30) With a 5600X he can get away with the stock cooler if his case isn't terrible. Looking up the Rosewill he bought it seems like it'd be fine.
>>625366 Would recommend a 12400 centered build instead, it's just a better CPU overall currently, 12600k if you can push up your budget a bit would be even better, and both basically would require no other changes if you get a DDR4 mobo. >>625382 Wait a bit and get a 6600 / 3060 when the price lowers more, they're rather good for what they are and the prices on them aren't horrible and would match the general level of the build, though you can still get a 6750XT / 3070ti and still be fine.
Apparently the ARC GPU's are finally launching but only in china because I guess intel doesn't think they can compete in the west. And it's only the bottom tier 6400 equivalent launched. Rumors are that the top tier GPU will actually perform slightly worse than a 3060ti rather than on par with a 3070. I might try to get my hands on one through ebay if they support SR-IOV or an equivalent tech. Though only if the price:performance ratio isn't prohibitively shit for the higher end cards once they hit ebay. No I'm not the retarded arc shill.
>>625436 A late reply I'm the same anon; I decided I'd prefer not to wait for anything passed AM4 as I'm on a laptop, my old pc might be ded and I'd prefer to get something functioning by September >>625467 Oh I was curious as to why the fuck it was so overpriced I just tossed it in because I knew of it. I'll check one or all of those out sometime. As for the board I haven't settled on it currently I just picked it at random however I am getting the 5800X cpu. >>625507 Well which one should I hop for because this could decide what I buy gpu-wise down the line. I saw another anon recommend the 6600 XT while I wanted to try an nvidea card over another AMD. Unsure what I'll do overall I just want the parts, them to work & just to build the damn thing so I don't have to worry about a new PC until the new one breaks down my other lasted me six years so whatever Any other advice?
>>625538 huh which are these CPU's exactly I just got Intel stuff? I'll keep the GPU advice in mind as hopefully by the time I'm ready to buy them the price drops further.
>>626666 just in time for the cryptopocalyse, and, good, because fuck intel. And fuck jim keller too, he just had a cry because AMD scrapped his old plans for an ARM CPU. Should have stayed at AMD if you wanted to own their roadmap, pal.
(9.91 KB 1024x597 image-58-1024x597.png.webp)

>>628038 I really don't know why (((Intel))) didn't just focus on promoting the low-end integrated GPUs. The whole rat race to produce a GPU capable of fourkek resolution is inherently one of diminishing returns due to basic observation of power laws; image upscaling wouldn't have taken off if the marketers didn't try to push fourkek. Reinvesting efficiency gains into SKUs that targeted 720p and 1080p output would have been smarter. Targeting China is a good move on that end since chink netizens are more used to 720p and 1080p and would substantively benefit from cost and power-effective iGPUs. iGPUs to me and their development are way more exciting than seeing some 200W card being put out. It's pretty apparent they are a mess internally, since they also delayed XeSS, and they're coasting by because of their preexisting reach in B2B. Hell, seeing them advertise the Arc chips by emphasizing how good they were at realtime AV1 streaming should have been setting off From what I could gather Arc is just a big rebranding of the previous Iris Xe HPG cores, with Intel force feeding it more power with a quantity over quality approach and hoping that it will result in more performance. That would be fine if there were actual structural and operational improvements made from the previous generation, but nope. I feel sorry for people who fell for the marketing campaign when they could have just bought old Iris Xe boards online and gotten the same performance.
>>628040 >huh which are these CPU's exactly I just got Intel stuff? Both are intel yeah.
AMD May Release Zen 4 on AM4 Platform https://archive.ph/z9NEg >According to an AMD CPU reseller, AMD plans to have AM4 DDR4 compatible ZEN4 products. It's just a plan, not sure if it will be available. Hopefully we get more details about this. On another note... How many anons here with a 3000 series GPU have had their PC shut down due to transient power spikes? I want to know more about this, if this is becomes a bigger issue next gen, I will go with AMD, the fact that this may happen even on an 850w PSU is unacceptable. GamersNexus recently uploaded a video talking about this issue. https://yewtu.be/wnRyyCsuHFQ I currently have a 1080ti that's been good to me, but I want to offload Yuzus processes to my GPU via "Extreme" setting so I can play the most demanding Switch games at 4K and 120fps, like Luigis Mansion 3.
>>628124 I'm hoping with enough undervolting my SFX 750W PSU will be okay for a 4070.
>>628082 Well I was recommended to avoid Intel but thanks for the heads up; I'm cool with AMD's cpu's my fx ran fantastic with a bit of oc. >>628124 So wait do you mean nvidea gpu's because I was gonna pick up a 3060 pretty much if so well fug.
>>628403 It's mostly just an issue with high tier cards. The 3060 won't really require an overkill PSU.
>>628124 They mention briefly in that video that AMD's high end cards are sometimes (more rarely than Nvidia) reported as having the same issue, but for what it's worth I'm running a 6800XT and a 5800X on a 750W power supply, and despite the 6800XT having almost the same average power draw as the 3080 (~295W vs ~320W) I've never had a transient spike take my system down.
Okay a new, fuller list for what I may shoot for; The Scythe Fuma rev2B or whatever apparently wont fit into the rosewill case I purchased, I can't find the other one recommended. Went with a 550 for mobo, 750W Seasonic PSU, gpu as I want to try nvidea over AMD this time around. Hopefully some prices drop further as It's nearly 1600$ in my shithole of a country Canada ffs
>>628583 Buying anything below a 4TB HDD is kind of silly considering the price per TB. $20 more and you quadruple your storage capacity.
>>628597 I've heard questionable things about higher storage HDDs and failing more often
>>628601 I've never heard this. And the thing about lower capacity drives is that they are significantly more likely to have been sitting on a shelf for the last 10 years unlike higher capacity drives. I ran into this issue myself when I was looking for a low capacity drive for archival storage. You're basically forced into unknowingly buying old stock and increasing the chances that drive will fail faster. Whether or not that's the case for 1TB drives I don't know.
>>628580 Several things wrong with this. >CPU Sure, but wait for it to go on sale. Was USD120 recently. >Mobo and case Go small form factor, nothing in your setup demands ATX. >Memory Don't cheapen out. Get 2x16 or 2x32. >Storage 1TB is way too low. You can crack open a portable HDD (check to see which are openable) for cheap large storage. >GPU Get the ti. No the extra VRAM won't make up for performance.
>>628621 >Go small form factor, nothing in your setup demands ATX. He already owns an ATX case I think.
>>628626 Yeah he mentioned, but in long run it's better to sell it off and get a cheap SFF case locally or imported from China if hurting for cash. Also that case is a piece of shit.
>>628628 Dealing with SFF can be a headache. There are many more mistakes and pitfalls that can be made. Such as being forced into an SFX PSU which are more likely to have issues with modern newer generation GPU's, and are harder to find high wattage versions of. SFF is something people should already know they want, rather than being pushed into it.
>>628631 >SFX PSU which are more likely to have issues with modern newer generation GPU's It's only nvidia's higher end cards that have power consumption issues - 3060ti and below should be fine on 600W PSUs, which are easily available (not like I'm recommending Flex-ATX). >SFF is something people should already know they want, rather than being pushed into it. True, I've just been unable to justify wasteful builds these days.
>>628583 https://pcpartpicker.com/list/z89bk9 Unfucked the RAM, you cannot justify losing 15-20% perf over cheaping out on that. Replaced the mobo for equivalent but cheaper Added CPU heatsink + a fanswap for it, enough to cool up to a 5900-5950 @ stock, if you don't need that stock cooler will do fine. >>628635 >True, I've just been unable to justify wasteful builds these days. Why recommend something that gives you worse hardware for more money then?
Can we rate each others computers? Here I go first. CPU: Ryzen 3950X @ 4.20Ghz 16 core, 4.575Ghz 4 core. AIO: NZXT Z73 GPU: GTX 1080ti Motherboard: MSI ACE X570 SSD: Samsung Pro 980 512gb (Windows), Intel Optane 900p 256gb (FreeBSD), Micron 9200 Enterprise 7tb, Samsung 970 2tb HDD: 3x 8tb, 1x 12tb PSU: Corsair AX850 9 fans, Fractal R6 case. Eventually will upgrade to a 5950X and a 4080ti and keep it for around 5 to 6 more years.
>>628899 5900x is a better choice for gaming. 5950x is typically only worth it for non-gaming purposes.
>>628899 9/10, shitty overpriced AiO, rest is cool for a cheap workstation. Also CPU: Ryzen 5900X RAM: 2x16GB Bdie @ 3800 14-14-14-28 Cooler: Deepcool Gamaxx w/2 Noctua A12x25 GPU: EVGA GTX 1080ti FTW Mobo: X570 Taichi, old revision SSD: Crucial MX500 2TB (Windows) HDD: 2x 10TB WD HC510 PSU: EVGA G3 750W Case: Coolermaster N300
>>628912 I do tend to use it for video editing, and blender, RPCS3 also uses all cores too. I also want to overclock the 5950X in 4/8 core mode, usually the highest end processor has the best silicon so I can get a good extra 200~mhz out of it. If I had a higher end motherboard, I probably could bring my current 3950X to 46.50Ghz or even the fabled 4.7 if my silicon allows it, that's something the 3900X couldn't usually do compared to the higher SKU and I assume the same applies to the 5000 series. If I were to contemplate getting another board then at that point I'd just get a 12700k and save money. I heard a rumor about AMD maybe releasing new CPU's on AM4, so I'm not buying any new CPU atm. OC'ing also helps single core performance, which means better performance on Adobe apps, ToonBoom and 4 core emulators like PCSX2 and Yuzu, I mainly only OC for emulation, I get a kick out of maxed out switch games. >>628916 Fucking tell me about it! That was easily my only buyers remorse right then anon, especially since THE FUCKING LCD DIDN'T EVEN WORK! I had a 1 year warranty since I ordered from the site, but I twiddled my thumbs and pissed away time because I really didn't want to remove it from my PC, ship it back and wait like a month for a new one to get shipped back to me, so now I'm stuck with it, it runs at about 65c max with my OC. It really does cool well, but the screen is a meme, and quality control is dogshit I hear, and experienced it firsthand. My next build will definetly be a custom loop, because I am never buying AIOs ever again.
>>628916 Also cool rig anon, I bet it's a fucking dream for emulation.
>>628920 It's okay still too limited for what I want, I was half considering ditching it and getting a 12700k instead because +100% speed in RPCS3 is appealing, but with Zen4 getting an AM4 release potentially and ADL being too hard to reliably find with AVX512 I'll hold until that, or Zen5.
>>628919 Then wait for zen 4 to come out and get the 5950x when it's eventually is put on sale.
Been considering getting either a Radeon RX 6600 or 6700 xt, they have gone down in price a bit because bitcoin is crashing. I have a gtx 1060 right now and its does the job but I would like something nicer that will last a while. Thoughts?
>>628124 >How many anons here with a 3000 series GPU have had their PC shut down due to transient power spikes? Gigabyte Aorus 3090 Xtreme with 1000w psu and I haven't had these issues.
>>628899 Sure. CPU: Ryzen 5800X Cooler: NH-D15S RAM: Ripjaws 3200CL16 2×16GB GPU: Radeon 6800XT, reference model Mobo: Asus TUF B550-Plus PSU: Seasonic PX-750 Case: Lian Li O11 Air Mini Fans: The case's stock 2×140mm front intake and 120mm rear exhaust 2×120mm Arctic P12 bottom intake 1×120mm Arctic P12 added to the D15S 2× Arctic P12 sitting in the box until I decide where to put them since the 5-pack was cheaper than three Storage: Linux SSD: 1TB Gammix S70 Windows SSD: 500GB Crucial MX500 Storage: 2TB WD Gold Backups: 5TB WD Black And for completeness of the datamining: Keyboard: Ducky One 2 with red switches Mouse: A G502 Proteus looking increasingly ratty with degraded and worn-away rubber Headphones: Hifiman HE400SE Monitors: LG 27GL83A-B (1440p@144) AOC 24G2 (1080p@144) Asus VG248QE (1080p@144) The RAM's kind of shit compared to the rest but it's not worth replacing it when what I have works. When I bought it this was a R5 3600 build with my old GTX 970, so not as disproportionate as it is now with _800-tier CPU and GPU. One day I'll try OCing the RAM to see if I can get it to 3600. Storage will be the next purchase.
I'm the anon posting pcpartpicker with AMD Ryzen 5600X. My intention with my lists was to give myself a sort of referential for mental & visual purposes. The anon >>628897 did me a one up though pcpartpicker mentions I gotta update the bios for that CPU. I wont be dropping mid-ATX, the gpu I picked was more at random A friend recommended me to get a 3060 GTI instead or whatever so I might I know that cpu will do all I need & then some, gotta figure what other parts I want to go with I had a gigabyte mobo I mean, liked it & its features but is Gigabyte any good still? I'm unsure if I'll use MSI as my GPU this time but it worked for my last build, any recommendations over Gigabyte or MSI for GPU? I could also forego the internal 1 TB HDD & just buy an external 2-4 TB platter I was going to anyway to back up alot of movies, shows etc as I have been
>>628897 Oh the mobo you selected isn't any cheaper for me. Swap it to CAD and you'll see what I mean the prices for stuff is ridiculous Though alot of the suggestions you made are still serviceable for me honestly.
>>629159 >>629158 Oh if I can shed money here or there that'd be for the best even if I lose out on some things. For example I'm not going with that psu, those ram sticks might be affordable but I'm not sure.
>>628899 Ryzen 1600 AF 16GB 3200Mhz Stock Cooler Vega 56 B450M PRO-VDH Crucial P1 1tb be quiet! System Power 9 500W Manjaro All in a Fractal Design Core 1000 case and an extra Noctua fan for the side vent I cant remember the model of.
I just looked both the 3060 & TI varient aren't available where I live stating they're all sold out. The Radeon 6600 cards are still on sale, I found this one https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/nxWzK8/powercolor-radeon-rx-6600-8-gb-hellhound-video-card-axrx-6600-8gbd6-3dhl https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/gJTp99/sapphire-radeon-rx-6600-8-gb-pulse-video-card-11310-01-20g Pretty much similar price just unsure if Sapphire & Powercooler are any good but according to what I read Powercooler was "okay"
>>629179 Also I made another list: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/DwvTrD This should be alot more solid, I shaved a few things off where I thought I could went for similar ram but a smaller price tag. My budget was $1500 and this is well within that the extra case fan's are a for sure buy I just didn't add them in
>>629179 >unsure if Sapphire & Powercooler are any good IIRC Sapphire is generally considered the best brand for AMD GPUs.
>>629199 I just got one now now actually. I pulled the trigger on a 3700 sapphire nitro +. 550 for the price which is way below what its been. I guess the base price for a 5700 should be around 480. I found high quality brands cheaper but the sellers were from Hong Kong and I'm not taking the chance on that right now with miners trying too dump their stock. I was going to get something cheaper, but i figured a little more money spent now will go farther in the future. This card beats out some 6750s so there is that.
>>628899 Poorfag coming through. >Corsair Carbide 175R (w/Sickleflow 120 ARGB) >B450 Aorus Pro WIFI >Ryzen 5 3600 >GTX 1650 DDR6 >Hyper Fury Beast 2x8GB 3200MHz >Corsair CV650 >Coolermaster Hyper 212 LED Turbo >Munfrost Solar Wind 3-pack >WD Green 240GB SATA SSD >WD Blue 2TB 7200RPM SATA HDD The case came with a dead fan. When i tried to refund it the store offered to send me a better fan for free, terrible choice as the case has really shitty airflow. I was getting ridiculous temperatures even while idle and with the front panel removed, so i bought a tower cooler and some fans to mitigate the issue. It worked, but the fans are extremely loud, not that i care since i use headphones. I wasn't aware of PCIe wireless cards, so i got that shitty B450 solely for the inbuilt wifi/bluetooth when i could have gotten a B550 for $30 less. As for my peripherals, i've got a Logitech G203 and a G213, a Viewsonic monitor i can't be assed to look at the sticker to know the specific model, but it's gotta be one of the lower end ones, i got it for $350, a Dualshock 3 and my 20+ year old Sony MDR-V6.
>>629010 I want the 6950X, if it will ever exist
>>629483 Nope, it'll be the 7950X AMD isn't pushing Zen3+ to desktop
>>629483 The next CPU generation is 7000. 6000 was used by AMD's GPU's already. Except so was 5000. Computer part naming schemes are fucking retarded.
>>629485 I wonder what they'll name the next AM4 CPU's then, if they do indeed exist. >>629486 >Computer part naming schemes are fucking retarded. You've got that right.
Who here has server grade fans in their compooter?
(1.01 MB 1079x618 ClipboardImage.png)

https://yewtu.be/k0FRSYGwPL0 GamersNexus is building a Tank styled PC case, mite b kewl
>>630113 >eceleb
>>630118 I never really thought of it that way, usually e-celeb stuff is relegated to internet talking heads that regurgitate talking points for the sake of attention and drams instead of giving consumers wisdom and feeding genuine passion for their hobby. Fair enough I suppose.
>>630122 >responding to a newfag desperately trying to fit in
>>630113 At a glance I thought that guy was Chris-chan.
>>630147 No, he's got a point. It's a slippery slope, if I post GamersNexus, you're gonna have actual newfags who think it's fine to talk about their worse flavor of e-celeb, which will inevitably have obnoxious normalfaggots like Linus get posted along with other unmentionables like matmap and to a lesser extent vinesauce.
>linux mint >install new card >doesnt werk >need to update kernel >rise launches but all the video is fucked up, elden ring wont launch at all >change Kernal again, now rise wont launch at all Now I see why people complain about the old kernel in mint. I can't tell if this is a driver issue, which it says its up to date, or a kernal one. I went with an AMD card because it works with linux and now I'm butthurt. I wonder if its a dx12 issue.
>>630150 People do post Linus when the content is relevant to the interest. E-celeb shit isn't when you reference or talk about something a jewtuber does. It's when you do it in a way that isn't conducive to any meaningful or interesting discussion outside of that individuals zany personality. And GamersNexus has no personality.
>>630163 >muh personality Linus is fucking cancer.
>>630179 You have terrible reading comprehension.
>>630207 My comprehension is fine, I'm only shutting you down because you're finding excuses to bring e-celeb shit into discussion that doesn't warrant them.
>>630340 If that was your take away from what I wrote then you do in fact have terrible reading comprehension. Nothing in my post was an excuse to do anything. It was an explanation of the difference between invoking e-celebs unnecessarily and invoking them to stoke a productive conversation. Kill yourself retard.
>>630355 People don't post linus here, you made that bullshit up. I'm not going to give you an inch so you can take a mile you slimy fucking cocksucking deceptive kike piece of shit, slit your fucking throat before ever thinking of making such idiotic and fallacious claims. Once again, my comprehension is fine and you will not gaslight me. You deserve death much more than I do.
Since the Linux thread has gone past the bump limit I'll vent here >change PSU because it was rattling loud as shit and the drives were constantly disconnecting >had Ubuntu installed in one of them but disabled it because it would crash and make my monitor give no signal after reboot >decide to tinker around with it >even reboot the system >works fine but a bit stuttery >decide to update shit in it >reboot >Monitor gives no signal again Now I gotta go use my sister's GPU again for this, because I am sure it's mostly a driver issue. I should format that disk
>>630377 >People don't post linus here, you made that bullshit up There was multiple discussions spanning the course of months when Linus was doing his Linux as a daily driver challenge. You don't know what you're talking about. You either don't actually use this board or are pretending to be retarded. >you will not gaslight me. Pretty ironic considering you just told a bold face lie that somehow no one here ever mentions Linus or any of the projects he does.
>>630380 Post the archives or shut the fuck up, regardless, you came into this thread because clearly you have a stick up your ass that anons don't tolerate e-celeb faggotry, and if that wasn't your intent you should put your autism aside and fix your fucking syntax instead of telling others to "fix their reading comprehension" when you're the one making writing your shit to come off as defensive and enabling.
>>630384 >Post the archives or shut the fuck up Why would I have archives of every single Linux thread that has been made on this board? Do you actually believe that I made up something so specific that I referenced the exact video series that happened to line up with something that anons would be incredibly interested in just to get an own in a imageboard discussion? Do you unironically think that's more plausible than the reality I'm presenting you with? I'm sure there's multiple anons in this very thread that participated in the discourse during when those videos came out that can attest to the truth of my claim. You've just forced yourself into this bizarre corner because for whatever reason you can't grasp that people talk about interesting shit that e-celebs happen to be doing even if they are personally insufferable retards despite the fact you literally made a post about something an e-celeb happened to be doing that you found interesting and wanted to talk about. I feel like I'm being baited or some shit. You're legitimately fucking insane dude. It's like you're trying to be a caricature of an imageboard user thinking you must adhere to some bible of principles while not actually understanding the underlying reasons for those principles and where they actually apply and why.
>>630385 Actually I don't even need to find some archive from months ago. This post >>628124 is about GamersNexus explaining transient power spikes which is incredibly useful for anons to avoid issues with power hungry GPU's tripping their PSU. Should that video not be linked or discussed because it's "e-celeb" shit? Are you going to concede that anons do actually reference e-celebs now because I managed to find a post in this thread where someone linked an e-celeb? What an embarrassing fucking conversation. Lurk for a few more years faggot.
>>630379 Why don't you do an entire system reinstall? That kind of instability is pretty uncommon.
(1.55 MB 4166x2000 build2022.jpg)

>>628899 >AMD Ryzen 9 5950X >Noctua NHU-12S >Gigabyte RX 5700XT >Gigabyte B550 Vision D-P >16GB 3.2GHz CL16 ThermalTake ToughRAM >SSDs: 1x 500GB M.2 (boot); 1x 500GB SATA, 1x 240GB SATA >HDDs: 1x 500GB, 4x 2TB >SeaSonic Focus GX 650W >Sun Ultra 24 chassis, 2x Noctua 12cm fans My next upgrades will be GPU, PSU. Will likely go 1440p within a year, so that'll be when.
>>630507 >>Gigabyte B550 Vision D-P TOp 3 AM4 mobo for general use right here, only thing it lacks is 8 SATA.
>>628899 >CPU AMD FX-8350 >RAM 4x4GB DDR3-1866 >GPU AMD Radeon HD7970 >board Gigabyte Ga-970a-UD3 rev 1.0 >internal drives Samsung Evo 870 1TB WD Blue 4TB >external drives some DVD-ROM drive mystery meat 2,5' card reader with a slot for every major memory card format released between 1990 and 2011 >PSU Corsair RM650 It's unlikely I'll ever have enough shekels to build another computer that isn't made out of barely functioning bargain bin parts so I'll probably be using this machine for the rest of my life, which is fine because it doesn't have any hardware botnets in the CPU and still runs better than all my prior computers. >>629238 >poorfag What did he meme by this?
>>628899 >Intel i9 9900k >Corsair platinum h115i 280mm >Corsair dominator platinum 32GB 3200MHz white >Gigabyte Aorus z390 Master >Evga 3070ti XC3 Ultra Gaming >Samsung 970 EVO 1TB >WD Blacks 4TB & 2TB >Corsair RM850X PSU >Corsair 680X case Shit I realised I'm kinda of Corsair fag
(183.62 KB 1600x1200 dell e770s.jpg)

(228.26 KB 1600x1200 Nice Compaq FS7550.jpg)

(208.01 KB 1600x1200 AST CMC-1701M2.jpg)

>>630565 The third one, because it has the most buttons.
>>630565 Yeah the 3rd one just gives off a better feel
>>630565 I say go with the 3rd one as well.
(131.90 KB 295x319 ClipboardImage.png)

>>630565 >>630599 you heard the man. BUY THE THIRD ONE
>>630569 >>630580 >>630599 >>630603 Only problem with the third one is that I can't find any official spec sheets for it to confirm things like refresh rate. Whereas the black one is at least listed here with some specs https://crtdatabase.com/crts/dell/dell-e770s and I think it can go up to 160hz.
>>630612 >Denying the word of our lord and savior Todd Howard
(194.27 KB 1600x1200 AST CMC-1701M2 back.jpg)

(215.61 KB 1600x1200 dell e770s back.jpg)

>>630612 Though the third one does appear to have an actual socket for VGA, at least I hope that's VGA. Whereas the black one has an irremovable VGA cable. But that's kind of a minor downside as long as I'm not yanking on the cable.
>>630617 This is just my opinion but the irremovable VGA cable seems like a pretty big deal to me.
>>630507 nice case
I was looking at it and gtx 1660 is somewhat cheaper than alot of cards, still available but it's not as new obviously but I wouldn't mind it seems to run things fine & I'd like to try an nvidea card this time around
>>630617 > at least I hope that's VGA It is. >>630853 1660 are inbetween 1070 and 1060. Neat card but a secondhand 1070 might be a better deal
>>630853 What's your budget and how much would that card cost you? The 1660 ain't bad, but like >>630855 said a 1060 would be a better choice and it can be had for way less, that and the 3060 is selling for around $350 brand new due to (((crypto miners))) and (((scalpers))) dumping their used goods on ebay for $500 even though they're worn as shit, so official retailers are cutting their prices in order to sell "old" stock and get ready for the 4000 series.
>>630556 Anon, none of my parts are expensive. $60 case, $120 MOBO, $200 CPU, $200 GPU, $75 for both sticks of RAM, $60 for the PSU, $45 for the CPU cooler, $30 for the case fans, $30 for the SSD and $50 for the HDD. That's around $900 for the entire computer, mind you that people are used to spending $500 on the GPU alone, are you a favela nigger or something?
>>630870 900 is a decent chunk for a computer
>>630871 That's true, I don't think we're go back to the 2005-2006 era where you could get a near top of the line single GPU build for under 800
>>630113 Here's a more interesting video than a build livestream. I never thought about the CPU latching mechanism being something a DIY building could change, but it's shocking how much difference it makes. The gap between Intel's stock latch and this custom one is massive; it's the same difference (7 degrees) between a high-end, dual-tower/dual-fan air cooler like the NH-D15, and a cheap $23 single tower cooler like their recent Thermaltake Assassin Spirit review. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysb25vsNBQI

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