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Roguelikes Anonymous 06/23/2022 (Thu) 07:38:51 Id: 79637b No. 628883
You guys remember Elona? Good times. Wonderful times. For various reasons I've been away from Elona for quite a while now, and I'm itching to dust it off and get back into it. If some of you haven't played Elona, I highly recommend checking it out. It's a free open-world roguelike with a lot of depth. Dungeon crawling, farming, business management, and more crazy surprises than I can remember. There's even a moncolle mechanic, if that's your thing. Also, blackjack. Possibly the best blackjack in any video game. My biggest problem with the game is that the kingdom is run by greedy jews who demand a tax payment every in-game month. The wiki tells me taxes are significantly reduced in Elona Plus compared to other versions, so I might give that one a spin next. On a related note, Elona apparently got some mobile game spinoff. I wish I could ignore the damn thing's existence, but it clutters up the search results every time I look up anything Elona-related anywhere these days. I'm sure I'm not the only one annoyed by this.
There are two western elona-like games already that nobody talks about. As to say Adom+Crafting. One is Keplerth (that kinda has Rimworld graphics and some Terraria features), the other is Necesse.
OP here again. Pardon my absence. I've been revisiting my old Elona OOEH save file and struggling to remember all the things I forgot. Apparently I had last saved next to an NPC to help identify some of my stuff, and I had to open my journal to remember what my next quests were. I also had to remember most of the damn hotkeys. I'm pretty sure I own a museum somewhere, but I can't remember where I placed it, so I dropped off the figurines and cards I had in my inventory at my house to unburden myself for the time being. I'll relocate them later. The relearning process is frustrating, but it's honestly my own fault. Serves me right for abandoning the game for so long. Fortunately, there's one thing I trained myself to never forget: Always make sure to separate individual items from a stack before trading so you don't accidentally give someone the whole stack. Anyway, while I was looking up Elona info to help me with the game, I fell down some rabbit hole that informed me Elona's developer is working on a new game. It's called "Elin's Inn" and it's an isometric roguelike that seems to focus more on crafting. ( youtube com /channel/UC0iAe-PJR8MiRcpifYx8Y_g ) >>628886 I'll keep those in mind, thanks.
>>628886 Can't say about Keplerth since I haven't played it yet, but I'll probably pirate it later Necesse feels like 1.0 top down Terraria. The great QOL feature about it is NPC's doing the boring farming/smelting shit for you. You have melee/ranged/magic/summoner, but summoner is OP as shit, followed by magic, ranged, then melee. The boss and snow biome themes are nice though.
>>630774 You will have exactly save opinion about Keplerth except its "Top Down Terraria + Rimworld".
(188.23 KB 2136x1306 rogue.jpg)

Is there any game that tries to be a sequel to Rogue? Lots of games take bits and pieces from it but I haven't seen any that try to do Rogue better, not a game that does something completely different.
>>628883 I believe Elona+ gets the most support on the English side for any of the variants, although I hear the devs on the nip side are bitchy types who get mad whenever their decisions are criticized. >>629640 I remember hearing about that ages ago, I hope that it releases within the next ten years.
(4.48 KB 251x46 You will probably win.PNG)

Well, I officially got my sea legs back, or whatever the expression is. I remembered just about everything I needed to gameplay-wise, picking up where I left off, back on my grind and everything's going smoothly now. Damn, it's good to be back. I guess playing Elona is kind of like riding a bicycle. You never truly forget it. Despite the high tax issue I mentioned, I think I'll stick with Omake for the time being, mostly because I've grown fond of my current playthrough. I definitely intend to give Plus a try sooner or later, though. I've read about how they changed Kumiromi, and I'll admit it intrigues me. I'm not in a rush, though. I'll take my time. My most memorable recent moment is when I approached a dungeon room full of hostile suicide bombers. The dumb fucks were all tightly grouped, so when the first one exploded, so did all the rest. They all died in a big chain explosion, I survived and never had to lift a finger to fight them. What a bunch of retards.
>>628883 I've never played or even heard of this I think, it sounds good but that art style is an eye sore. I did a quick search to try to learn more and perhaps get a download but it looked like it'd take a lot more effort than I was willing to put in to get my bearings.
(5.59 MB 1920x1080 Elona title screen music.mp4)

>>630974 The Elona Wiki tells you just about everything you need to know. If you're undecided on which mod/fork to get (or whether it's even worth the effort for you), you can start off with the base game and perhaps ease your way into more advanced versions eventually. You can download the base game at ylvania.style.coocan.jp
I've poked around at TOME 4 this week as a human berserker running into people until they die. I've never gotten very far in this game, is there anything I should be aware of?
>>628883 >shitting up search Just look at the Elona wiki, it has everything you need. My farthest character right now is at the final boss of act 2, I can't kill her hard enough to break the regen. I have a mage also on act 2, a thrower who uses a shitload of abilities and a gunner. I like to switch around if I want to try another play style. The gunner I have I choose different pets, I have a lizardman(girl) and a spider. The blackwidow is pretty strong but man its a glass cannon, using GX I taught it bodyblow so it just runs around hammer people until they puke and piss themselves.
>>631139 TOME4 has the issue of you auto battling 99% of the time until some uber boss randomly spawn and wipe your shit in 3 turns before the auto turn interrupts because your health is at 10%
>>631146 Maybe that's the reason I always went back to DCSS forks. I've got 2 or 3 different ones installed, I think.
>>628883 Only one I have been recently playing is Synthetik. I keep getting fucked up on the very last boss though. Those red soldier dicks two shot me every time. >Elona I have tried several times to get into it, but I never can stick around long enough to really get to the fun stuff.
>>631146 You have issue of not playing a modded mage build with extra difficulty addons, check their official website, its rimworld-tier moddable.
>>631172 Tell me anon. Spoonfeed me, if you will. What are some good addons to try out?
>>631157 >I have tried several times to get into it, but I never can stick around long enough to really get to the fun stuff. Elona is supposed to be fun right away. If you aren't enjoying it then it might not be for you. I was pretty into it the first night I played. I dunno what exactly is the "fun part" that would come later.
(586.62 KB 1032x777 bang)

Out skilled. I wondered if that gunner skill could proc on bosses. Guess I know now. Also magic ammo is OP
>>631347 >If you aren't enjoying it then it might not be for you Yeah on paper though, it seems like everything I would like so I keep on trying. >I dunno what exactly is the "fun part" that would come later Just the crazy shit anons would talk about doing.
>>631347 To be fair, the game gets more fun once you get a bigger party, which can take a while. Also, religions get a lot better at higher stages, and Blackjack gets better with high luck boosts.
I wish having a grid based open environment wasn't seen as one of the qualifiers for being a roguelike. It doesn't promote any tactic aside from constantly fleeing and resetting fights, and it introduces an extra spoilery element of learning the level gen so you can cheese it.

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