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(123.05 KB 468x217 wurm.png)

(14.81 MB 4096x4096 render.png)

(578.12 KB 1680x987 goblin hunting.jpg)

WURM Serb: 6 months edition Anonymous 07/05/2022 (Tue) 20:08:26 Id: cd916d No. 636675
I think its time for more WURM >what is this Wurm is basically proto-minecraft but with 200% more autism. Instead of just slapping blocks down you gather resources, build walls/tools/weapons and improve quality based on skills. Be a magic priest, the local smith, make cheese, pretty much anything you could want. Everything is a skill grind, and the gameplay is very slow/low intensity. >ok how do I play Right now you don't, I'm still setting up/configuring server mods. This thread is going to be to discuss settings/configurations. You can pick it up on steam (or yarhar) and try hosting a local server or terrorize a normalfag serb for now. Launch will be August 2nd for now just to be safe, but if rolf code doesn't fuck me in the ass anymore than it already has, we could start sooner. CURRENT SERVER SETTINGS <These are all up for debate, looking for feedback this week on settings before committing to custom map content >2x action, 3x skill Can go 3x/3x, but was thinking some slowdown would add longevity. >priest restrictions disabled, cross deity linking enabled, NO DAILY/HOURLY PRAYER LIMIT This should let people that want to focus on magic do so. I'll be toning the gains down on faith so it feels more like a real skill to grind instead of a daily login bonus/requirement. I'll be adding runes of recall to smooth out channeling grinds between deities. >Everyone in freedom kingdom, all pvp enabled This lets everyone do whatever they want with priesting, and if you village has drama you can just make a new deed instead of having to jump kingdoms. This means PMK(player made kingdoms) might not be in. Open to feedback on this. >Wyvrnmods/duskcombat/treasuremaps All are in. I'll run through more specific settings/post .properties somewhere later. Bounties currently disabled (fuck you rolf) but it fits with the theme I'd like to run. >other mods/settings implemented Most actions can be done from carts. PVP is currently full loot but affinities are not lost on death. >future mods to test/implement Refuelers to keep forges lit permanently, Alchemy to allow potions (only work out of combat, but can get temporary weapon oils/healing potions/buffs), a few more QoL mods, and a dungeon system with currency/rewards(only if everything else works). Badmin Rules/Settings >One character per player Please just use one account. I don't want to have to deal with people using more than one character. If you have an alt, just be logged into one at a time. I'm really not willing to budge on this but I'm open to feedback, I know this is important to some of you >Spell Changes I'm going to be taking dominate and revive from Mag and Lib. Really easy to trivialize content with these spells. Open to giving them different spells in exchange for this, but not sure how it would change balance. Hosting Biggest concern I have. I'm willing to get a decent 3rd party host but if I have to get my own hardware upgraded I'm capable of that, though no idea if my network could handle it. >Yarhar clients Still looking into how to enable this. I figure at least one of the badmins from past adventures still lurks and can tell me which line to comment out where. Do you like the rates? All freedom kingdom pvp? Mod requests?
I never played this with you fags before, i want to try it this time.
>>636675 Oh shit, I'm ready.
(71.94 KB 640x624 VID_38671018_012908_099.mp4)

>>636675 I liked how it was website vs website last time. I don't want to fight against others in this thread, not enough people go saturate all hours of the clock.
>>636675 rebbai
Oh shit time for my life to spiral into uncontrolled autism again >Everyone in freedom kingdom, all pvp enabled I don't know about this, I don't think it's worked in the past as far as I can recall.
>>636918 >>637022 Its still early, so I'm open to reworking that. My only concern is if we do the standard kingdom layout and theres another schism due to infighting. Another concern: I'm going to start crossposting today for sleepy and halfchan/vm/. Are there any objections to reinviting the kiwis?
(10.59 KB 94x265 dasgut.jpg)

(145.92 KB 457x496 cal.jpg)

McB here, I'm in, however I've the occasional bit of IRL slaving to do so I won't be *quite* as balls to the wall as usual, though when I can I'll live in the fucker. A mild push back on the alts thing, maybe a max limit of ONE per chump, that would preclude any bot enclaves emerging and tilting the balance too much. Given that I spend a fucking lot of time at the forge with my main I can happily limit myself to one altfag and I'd only use him as I always have in the past, a driver/courier/bitch miner and aggro catcher in PVE, I don't take my alt to real fights as he'd be a liability. Plus packing up/dumping all my shit in town and stopping doing whatever task I'm on to go drop off or pick up something trivial would be a bit of a pisser.
>>637445 good to see ya again >one per chump Honestly as long as its only one logged in at a time I don't have an issue with that. Priest alts are fine, I just don't want one person running more than one client at a time. >stopping what I'm doing to make a delivery Preview into what I'm doing/setting up now: maps currently 80k creatures 50% hostile, should include things harder than trolls/wyvrns, and then focus on trade runs to merchants with bulk goods. So at least there would be more adventure in delivering things.and maybe some good old fashioned highway bandit action happens, still toying with what I want in shops and for how much Also highway portals are in, so your trips could get easier between deeds and roadlads will have things to do If we have a gentlemans agreement with alts never being used for serious tasks/skilling i'd be open to walking that back.
>>637419 How about inviting the spic anons?
>>637466 Going to show off my idiocy now, but I have no idea who that is. I've had a pretty wild 6 months and missed a lot. Do they speak English?
>>637480 They got their IB shut down so they migrated here, have you not noticed that most of the top boards are hispanic? Even if they dont speak english, they could have their own far off town and we could see how that works out.
>>637462 >as long as its only one logged in at a time Ah, I'd want to be using two at the same time, restricting it to one instance just swaps a virtual pain in my ass for an IRL one where I log out have to wait to re-log as the altfag, do whatever task, then log out, wait and log back in again as mainfag. Most of the time my alt just sits in a chair praying or waiting to be sent off to vulture up some tat I didn't realise I needed, they end up useful for menial runs once your mainlad has a task to focus on. >If we have a gentlemans agreement with alts never being used for serious tasks/skilling i'd be open to walking that back. I can adhere to it, my alt would be a bitch/driver (I'd never use him in a real fight or mission) but I'd wager it'd be exploited by 'someone' unless badmin(s) kept an eye on skill levels and maybe nerfed offenders if needed. The only skill I can think my alt might end up outdoing my main on way down the line would be mining and none of its actions would be botted, I've always manually operated my alts and I'd do the same on this serb if it's ok'd. Hell you can audit the fucker whenever you please he'd be pretty lean on skills outside of hitting rock and whiffing at spiders. Regardless it solo or with my bitchlad, I must return for the: >comfy >drama >rolfcode >paranoia >FOG >robbing cunts >deedfuckery >Champ Hellhorses that shoot blanks >crackle of multiple forges >winter >wagon envy >tink tink tink >snazzy carpets >BIRB/TERB >god-awful sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realise you fucked up and overestimated yourself >massive god avatars who want 14 wardrobes >epic sailing trips >FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT >HOTSFAG drama >wild accusations of cheating >jewing up statuettes >sexy dyes >power ranger armour >foraging/botanising/archaeologising for useful crumbs in a sea of crap >more drama
(245.11 KB 440x620 laughing chinese.png)

>>637489 HOLA, PENDEJO!
>>637489 Do they have big spic butts?
>>637489 They didn't get their IB shut down, the nigger admin of their IB shut it down claiming to be tired of running it then tried to start a new one immediately.
>>637493 >menial tasks Sounds reasonable. Between the posts here, sleepy, and cuckchan, its looking like alts will be fine with an understanding that it won't be abused for grinding multiple skills unless your deed starts dying off and you need a cook or something. >>637503 Going to be blunt, I don't like Mexicans. Putting that out there in the open now so there's no confusion. That being said, if you guys want to carve out a place on the server I don't have a problem with that. Somebody else is going to have to cross post and translate though.
>>637524 >I don't like Mexicans Judging by the regional boards, most of them arent mexicans.
(42.60 KB 107x179 champstat.png)

>Mod requests? I'm hoping the 'toggle sort by 10ql on BSBs' one is in there and PlaceAnywhere (or did that one get integrated?). Also if there's any method by which das serber can include the weird seasonal items (for example there was a stuffed deer that was an old xmas gift given to players I spotted in someone's house in Broschwitz and I'm sure there's a list of the ones they've done, could be rewards or in an exorbitantly priced shop, though the vendor would have to be unkillable) also being able to forge the Champion statues again would be nice. >>637524 >a hated enclave of outlanders who don't speak the same language as you Sounds like the perfect group to have in there to stir up some action to me.
How yo buy horse?
I will endeavour to resume my usual roles including epic emergency sausage production, don't forget to butcher your kills and bring their mangy guts home with you. >>637577 Throw a rope around the sucker's neck and see if it complains.
>Everyone in freedom kingdom, all pvp enabled >This lets everyone do whatever they want with priesting, and if you village has drama you can just make a new deed instead of having to jump kingdoms. This means PMK(player made kingdoms) might not be in. Open to feedback on this. I'd be interested to see where this leads, sounds like a potential drama blender. The only concern I have (if there's no PMK even) is the lack of kingdom titles but I'm down with doing away with the usual factions. >>637419 Invite anyone, if they can stomach it they'll stay, the serb needs as much life as possible to be entertaining, even some normalniggers would be acceptable as long as they don't expect babby tier banhammers for hurty words, or the occasional light-hearted hatecrime-ish town design.
(193.16 KB 427x409 just a friendly horse.png)

>>637419 >My only concern is if we do the standard kingdom layout and theres another schism due to infighting. That's fair, I'll just say I'm not sure since I don't think it's worked in the past. >Are there any objections to reinviting the kiwis? None from me, it was fun watching them crumble last time. What was that one newfag dude's name from there that they thought was a spy for us and wouldn't let him join their super seekrit PMK so he just humbly bumbled around spawn trying to learn the game and ended up outlasting all of them? Oh, also, I have two requests, if I may. First, could you possibly make it so that beer/wine/liquor and such brews quicker? Last serb I spent a lot of time making those for no real benefit, to be fair and I'd like them to actually be done in time before the server dies out. Second, PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK PLEASE just use a pre-made map from the forums or some shit and don't make your own. It's always a clusterfuck waiting for some mapautist to create their "perfect map" only to start the serb and see that 99% of the map has only one type of tree and 2 types of berries and no fucking clay anywhere. It always ends up that some aspie takes forever to make the fucking map, they'll post it and it'll look okay, then when we play there's fucking 90 degree slope mountains everywhere or some shit. I don't know what custom shit you're thinking of putting into the map, but if you can please for fuck's sake just do it with a map that you know isn't shit first.
>>637773 Maps already made as far as biomes/resources go. Should be in the OP in pic2. I'm holding off making any dungeons/secrets until I finish configuring mods/we're all in agreement on settings. Most of the resource types I had as default, but flying around I did feel like it could use a few more fields of shrubs/bushes. I have backups of the actions saved so I can pretty easily add more, it will just take time reloading all the actions. Only other thing I might do is rebuild the cave layer if we want more/less resources (theres currently no native moonmetals, but killing uniques should spawn some randomly).
>>637800 Oh I completely missed that. Having the map be that nearly done already is reassuring, forget what I said. As long as it's got a decent distribution of different resources and flora types I'll be happy.
Someone on zzzchan posted the same thread on /vm/ - a 4chan board. Just warning you guys now.
Host the less insufferable game already, faggot.
>>638457 That was badmin me. I thought /vm/ was always the hotsheads board.
>>638465 Gay game for homos.
>>638519 better than botting for 10 hours straight to get a watch tower built
>>638457 cuckchan have always been hots.
>>638488 Although I will say this is another aspect of not having traditional kingdoms that worries me. Halfniggers know to join HOTS in the past, but if everyone's freedom won't everyone get confused as to who's who? I mean what's stopping one of them or some kiwifag from irreparably fucking a village before we know what's up? Or vice-versa? Sure there would be no need to switch kingdoms but starting a whole new village, even a new one would be a bitch once everyone's somewhat established.
>>636675 Just here to say I'm in, and that I'm sad I was only able to play for a few days before it shitcanned last time. As a newb, I think all the rules are fine. Dunno much of anything about mods. Looking forward to the serb.
(332.46 KB 1920x1062 ozymandias.jpg)

>>636675 Mapfag/badmin of the last two serbs here. I'm glad someone else is hosting this time, do you want any help making dungeons or other POIs? I am also an adept of missionruler-fu and would be happy to show you how it works. I crave wurm, let me help however I can.
>>639170 Good to see ya again. Wish I still had my picture of the Shrek Parade from Arx, what a wild ride. >missionruler That system looks like complete ass. Dungeons and POIs I'd love some backup with, but my biggest concern right now that I 100% will need help with is database errors. Haven't encountered any yet but I'm able to view most of the tables I need now at least. I do have a character backup/import mod on standby just in case, but if theres any preventative work I can do with the .db files let me know. Websites almost done Graphic design is not my passion, and after some feedback from /vm/ it looks like I actually did bork the clay settings. Tar/Peat/Moss all fine, just didn't set the height limits right for clay. Will be rebuilding from my actions log this afternoon.
>>639190 To clarify, it looks like ass to use. I've seen it implemented well.
(16.70 KB 290x682 ores at default.PNG)

While I'm at it, does anyone have any feedback for ores? I'm just running a standard distribution without moonmetals. Rocks should be about 30 shards per tile, to ease some burden on people wanting the dorf lifestyle.
I'm warming more to the idea of everyone being Freedom'd, in factions we have too much invested in 'the other' and when 'they' collapse or gain some advantage (or we do) people leave and it bums niggers out. that said the very notion of sharing breathing space with a diehard HOTSFAG makes me want to gag, the tightrope I attempt to walk is wobbly indeed. >>639170 Mapfags like yourself elevate Wurm to new heights, you did a cracking job on the last two, making the place more alive and active is EXACTLY what the game needs to keep people coming back, your efforts are much appreciated and that you're up for more is music to my eyeballs.
Shameless self bump, putting a link to the website here. Wanted a place to track updates/provide info for new players: https://wurmbadmin.wixsite.com/brotunheim If anybody wants to get in touch to collaborate on things we could use the old irc channel.
With regards alts one rule *could* be 'No Bots'. Generally I like seeing the results of mad bot autism (and often benefit from it) but since it is a sticking point issue for some folks perhaps pushing for purism this time is a good idea, though I'd still like to see the mad botters turn up and try to live like normalwurmfags.
>>639766 Nice job man, thanks for the effort. Hope this turns out well who the hell am I kidding I'll be playing anyway regardless >In game map should be a png(not livemap) copy of the map. Why has nobody done this before? It'd be pretty convenient if you could get it working, would we just need to replace something client-side?
(15.32 MB 4096x4096 brolumbia_full.png)

>>639782 I also like seeing the results of mad botters, and both of the ones I know (Fenlaw and Reimu) treat botting itself as an art rather than a means to an end. I respect this viewpoint, and in past serbs I've suggested "allow botting but segregate them somehow so the anti-botfags are appeased" but the anti-botfags tend to reject any and all forms of compromise. >>639210 Please for the love of god nerf that rock salt, it's like cancer on the cave layer. gold rate rock salt should be fine imo. >>639621 I've heard so much criticism for my past two maps/serbs that it makes the positive feedback really stand out to me. Thank you for the praise anon, it is deeply appreciated and fills me with desire to reach even greater heights. Have a preview of a long-distant future serb which I've been tinkering with by myself for a while (pic related). I divided the map into lots of distinct "biomes" so that every type of tree and plant grows mostly around one region - willows in the swampy peninsula to the southeast, fir and cedars around the alpine steppe straddling the mountains, etc. It has some flaws which I'm still discovering and trying to fix, but so far this is the map I'm most proud of, and I can't wait to host it in [spoiler]six months]/spoiler]
>>639852 Now this is art. Did you get a heightmap from somewhere or did you draw that? Either way really impressive getting the biomes and rivers in. >more bots/alt discussion I admit its a personal hangup of mine, which is why I'm willing to walk back my initial rule/keep it open to discussion. Think it might be best to delay any decision on that for a week at least, make sure I've gotten as much feedback as possible. My current opinion on it is still something closer to 'do it responsibly, maybe only when necessary' but I'd like to be more clearcut than that. Pretty confident we can find a solution that 99% of us like. For now I'm more focused on getting things running. Plan is to get hosting situated and server at least launching on Sunday.
So, I'm interested in this stuff, but have only just heard of this game and have a few questions. Do priests act as healers, in a sense? And would you guys mind a brand new player joining in on such even though I'd be asking for help a good bit at first. Or would I be better off getting the game a bit early and messing around on random servers as a warmup of sorts?
I have no clue as to how to play this and it looks very complicated.
>>640531 Priests/deities are the magic system. Not all of them heal, and not all spells are for combat. They have enchants for tools/weapons, some utilities, buffs, and the usual damage/healing. Somebody posted a magnet somewhere for yarhar clients if you don't have it already. >>640533 I tried to set up some basic info on the website for new players, but you might want to check the wiki and see a few youtube videos to see how the game actually plays out.
>>640533 You better like clicking on a menu for 20 hours to get your dicksmashing skill up one level.
(1.41 MB 768x576 bigpants.mp4)

>>640531 ALL noobs should join, just dive in with us and learn as you go. The first serb I ever went on was dying when I joined and as I got hooked and saw what was possible I wished I'd gotten in at the start, hell I wished I'd joined the first ones. We've had several new starters over the last few serbs who're now solid players, I'd like to think I *mostly* know what I'm doing now but I've never dabbled in priesting so that'll be new to me too. You don't have to be a peak player by any means, it just means you probably won't get picked to battle some lunatic who's autistically spent a month carving up creatures in the woods in preparation to kick everyone's ass and that's only a small part of the game, you could easily do a comfy run and never hit serious combat if you're a faaaaag. >>640533 It's easy enough to get into but does reveal it's self to be quite dense if you explore all the options available, mostly via grinding, there's a lot of potential jobs that anyone can engage in and no-one is territorial about their tasks, it always helps to have a relief guy if someone doing a vital job has to leave, or isn't around when something is needed.
Having functionally no kingdoms sounds interesting ... I'd be curious to see how it goes, but I personally really liked the huge capital cities that kingdoms encourage. I'm all for getting the Hispanic board in on it and making them a faction. Very excited for this, it's been a long six months, though I've graduated from university and gotten a job since the last serb, so we'll see how hard I go this time. >>639782 I thought the boost-time mod from last serb was a good compromise on bots.
so what exactly is wurm?
(947.73 KB 800x1000 lmp.png)

Not the OP, but I am the host of the last two serbs. There was a heated discussion on IRC today about priest restrictions and whether to keep them, lift them, or remove them but tweak things to make priests less OP and poop-sockingly grindy. This ugly wall of text is my attempt to condense a few ideas together and "un-priest" priests into another skill, instead of a demanding role that dominates your time on the server. Again, I am not the OP nor the host (of this serb) but I'm the mapfag who posted the earlier spoiler map and I will probably be attempting to use this idea for that serb, although I mention it now because the OP has concerns about priest restrictions and alts. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, please tell me what you think. >>640531 >>640533 >>641141 Wurm is either heaven with terrible company or hell with great company, but usually it bounces between the two.
>>641145 I still don't get it, can you talk in not-metaphors?
>>641145 OP here. I actually do like the idea. Priests in big group battles could still do what they need to for healing in unique fights and village raids, and smaller fights would be more tame (and potentially put more emphasis on the alchemy system if I can get that in on time). Only concerns I have are: >spell selection I'm not the greatest at detecting balance changes, so I'd need other anons to give the spell lists a once-over. Also want to test the passive abilities. If we could get the passive combat bonuses on the civic casters for example, that could be interesting. >vessel My bigger concern would be that this places more emphasis on vessel. We discussed a few workarounds on this, and I'll be looking into see whats possible to implement. >testing We'd need to test this for both small and big engagements. My plan was to do a final stress test on the 27th, but for something as big as a complete priest overhaul we'd need to test that sooner. I'd want to make sure it works on a technical level, and that it works in practice for group fights against uniques. I do want to reiterate the current settings for the existing points (mostly to explain where I was at when picking what we currently have and for open documentation): >Everyone must be a priest With the nature of the spells themselves, yes. I'd rather everyone's main be a priest than everyone have an alt priest. I don't have a great answer for that one. Removing restrictions was done to help alleviate the desire/need for alts. >Priesthood is hard With the daily limit on prayers removed, faith(max mp) gain is quicker, and not reliant on daily logins. The mark and recall mod makes grinding channeling as easy as sitting down with a small stack of marble bricks instead of an industrial farms worth of garlic. >Armor and stat balances I'm largely ok with the risk/reward on plate or cloth armor. I'll concede the soulstrength/souldepth stat grind point, though I've never really tested pushing that too far. Most results I"ve seen came from channeling. >Actions causing you to lose faith That should be disabled, but now that I check my notes I might not have directly tested that. I'll look into it. Honestly, I like the proposed system, so I'm going to start researching the vessel situation later today (still waiting for an update on payment processing from hosting company). Let me know what you guys think.
>>641296 Also forgot to mention >Making it that easy to priest makes it mandatory I agree, and I also don't have a great answer for that. The original idea was to make it easy for those who want to focus as well as those who just want to dabble. Again, I'm looking for more feedback on both systems and open to either.
>>641042 >I thought the boost-time mod from last serb was a good compromise on bots. Some people hates it for some reason, most likely because of how bugged it was
>Mod requests? I know they're just a reskin but can there be zebras here and there? Not seen them in ages. >>641141 >>641175 Wurm is a proving ground for who's the biggest autismo with the most time to burn but thankfully enough variety that barely anyone gets *too* provincial unless they're a total sperg. Depending on who you ask it's: A comfy/palsy-inducing medieval town (on other planet) sim with some scary shit outside OR a long slaughtergrind to maximising your DPS for big fights while ascending to feverish GLORY with a suit made of dragonskin and shiny big boner you stole from god. Dabbling in both eventually is a good idea as there's reciprocal skills that involve different lifestyles. eg: As a smith dorfing in a mine I can make some top end horse shoes but I'm shit at taming, so shoeing Hellhorses may see one of us killed, as they're semi aggro at the best of times and it'd *keep* being an asshole towards me even after I disengage for a long while. However some farmer/nature priestfag could come by and tame the HH easily but that nigger ain't got no fast shoes of his own and he might even be able to enchant them to make them even better so some tit is exchanged for tat and now you're both rolling around in style a little faster than anyone else. Someone churning out nails or bricks to grind up a skill may well be fuelling some an epic project in the future without realising it. A forager finding shitty bits of wood and low grade 'food' at the start of the serb could end up reliably coming home with as much cash as a bounty hunter just scouring tiles, they'd probably start finding gems they couldn't sell without buying all the trader's nose candy from him first. You can build ships that could take half your town on an excursion across the map to raep or capture some 'thing' that's a potential menace/boon to your village. There's many many jobs anyone can get into and a shitload of variety of things to produce within those jobs, if you want fighting, get tooled and suited up, grab some cotton for your injuries and go out killing vermin till you can slap trolls without nearly losing an arm, get enough of your ilk together and you can go out tackling BIG bads and come home with sexual loot that the rank and file can only cream themselves over. (your first few silver should be spent on a Resurrection Stone, don't forget to 'Use' the fucker). If you're more of a homebody you may by virtue of building your own house end up more capable at Masonry than any other fag, this puts you in a good position for being the first one to build a smelter (which a smith will tongue your anus for) or put up the town walls or improve either once they're up. Same goes for any job, make enough planks of wood from logs and you'll up better at Carpentry, which will have you making wagons before anyone else, which will see your skills even more in demand (but unless you're multitasking you'll need a lumberjack, smith, cotton farmer/good forager and a tailor to finish). Obviously a solid cook is handy to keep stamina up, they can make some elaborate stat bonus dinners, wine/beer and spirits help people get fighty bonuses too so brewing, winemaking and distilling all have their own rules. >so what exactly is wurm? Join in and find out.
>>641296 >I'm largely ok with the risk/reward on plate or cloth armor I have scripts to instantly remove and add my whole silver plate armor set, this is not an issue at all.
(871.93 KB 1000x800 demigods.png)

>>641145 >>641296 Some thoughts and a rough outline on demigods. I mentioned this in the IRC, but I've tested adding and customizing new deities to the database and it's clunky but fully functional. Open to suggestions or feedback on this new priest gimmick, I just tossed some memes together because nobody here takes wurm lore serious or actually wants an RP serb, so shitpost gods seem fine enough. If you have better ideas for demigods or their spell pools I'm all ears.
(106.47 KB 176x102 Dancing Watame.gif)

>>641445 Replace Sneed with Watame and I might agree
(77.36 KB 373x502 hitgud.jpg)

Looks like I'm gonna be Hitler
>>641145 Just wondering, if faith is capped at 50 does that mean enchantments would have their limits/average outcomes lowered?
(331.43 KB 1000x1000 christina gun.png)

>>641445 I'd suggest a bit of mixing amongst the spell kits within the deities. EX: all of Fo get some basic heal shit, all of magnaron get basic fire damage, etc. Also for Shrek maybe use offensive earth and water spells, since y'know, swamp (or offensive poison if that's a thing?). I mean if such spells are even a thing in Wyrm. Also I'd say replace Dr. Piccolo with Christ-chan / Christina. But either works and Daily Dose is a more iconic meme, I suppose. I was gonna do more serious half-joking priest RP but if we wanna make a joke outta it that's fine too, new to this shit.
(60.40 KB 500x590 1452385320793.jpg)

Update: After a long day of toggling mod settings on/off, reading error logs, and accusing the sons of David of treachery, I have discovered that the trick to fully enabling wyvernmod (and more) involves a dependency that isn't listed on github. Bounties from kills should now be enabled.
>>641541 shouldn't you make an issue on the github so that they list the dependency or at least people could be directed to the issue to know what dependency they need?
(178.26 KB 316x413 1455622731579.png)

>>641704 Thats not a bad idea. Sadly, though Vultr will now take my money, they do not have Wangblows licenses at this time. Should have an alternative tomorrow.
>>641418 Now this the explaination I understand. I will join just for making beers. Here have some cutes
>>642480 Ignore this post, we're back in business and back on schedule.
(103.96 KB 300x300 1652902442990.gif)

>>642554 Yeah I don't know if I'll get too into the magic stuff, I barely trained any combat on the last serb, but I like hanging out, making buildings, herding cattle. I'll give the wiki a read though and get more acquainted with the system.
(308.04 KB 1360x768 Almost Quen.jpg)

(61.97 KB 759x303 Merty.jpg)

(4.70 KB 131x49 bod.jpg)

Oh yeah Nobody, if at any point you find yourself handing out rewards or leaving 'stuff' in the world (or shit we can steal) try not to be *too* generous, we were swimming in 90ql vod after a couple of trips to the arena last serb and we swiped all kinds of other ludicrously high end miscellaneous shit cos it wasn't nailed down. A few choice coveted things perhaps, or things that get used quick and don't last.
>>643095 That shit was mad funny, backing a wagon up to the gates and pushing all the furniture into it. I had all the gold plates in my kitchen as well, we were living good.
>>636675 >I think its time for more WURM IT'S WURMIN TIME!
>>643095 I don't think we'll have quite as big of an arena this time, but there will be things to find that won't only be good for the first person there. mostly things you'll have to fight to keep to yourself Serb is now configured for all flavors of clients, and I'll start moving the mods I tested offline there tomorrow. Also, more info about the server gimmick tomorrow.
>>643321 >mostly things you'll have to fight to keep to yourself Either the enemy has a key that is required to get the goodies, or you actually don't have to fight it. Not to mention that we are autistic enough to dig around it if required.
(101.38 KB 795x482 no credit.PNG)

Daily update: Despite my best efforts to parse rolfcode, Steam clients will only be able to log in one client at a time. If you want to run an alt on a 2nd client, you'll need non-steam. Wyvernmod and other mod settings have been moved to the new host and double checked. Final mod incorporation (alchemy and more) soon. Configured server map for network communication on the new server, provided you have the correct client-side mods. Update on priest settings: I'm leaning more towards standard priests. If we divide them into subcategories the way they were suggested earlier/in other threads, that will put even more stress on villages to get priest alts. I'm also not seeing any options to customize priest restrictions, but I'll keep looking. Unless we find ways to easily customize restrictions, they will likely be off, but we may just do an in game poll for the stress test a week before launch to finalize. Wanted to hold off on this so people could discuss alts and priests fully, but now its time for the shitty/fun gimmick for Brotunheim: TRADE This time around, we'll be using the Buyer NPC mod. Instead of standard traders offering sleep powder and buying spare lint and goblin teeth, these guys will buy their listed items in bulk. I've configured them to buy any amount(no limit) of whatever good they list (each one will have specific requests and quality limits). Thousands of rockshards laying around and you've already finished your colossus? Maybe someone else could use those rocks... We'll have 2 types of buyers (maybe more) starting out: Both will be disabled at launch, but after a few days we'll have a regular one that will be up 24/7, but will be moved around the map daily. This one will buy bulk/hard to move items(and more may be added as time goes on). The other type will be open for a limited time (items/times will be announced in advance) at a random location, and will buy at higher prices, and buy a wider variety of items. Between bounties from kills, treasure maps, and the new buyers, there should be plenty of ways to earn cash this time around- fighters, harvesters, and crafters will all be rich in Brotunheim. But what will you do with your money? Aside from the usual COCAINUM spending, there will be other merchants visiting, offering a little more than you might be used to. Would you like a resurrection stone to preserve your skills on death? Magical potions and tomes? A new affinity? Perhaps a high quality map to find even greater treasures? All this and a few other fun things can be yours, for a price. Whatever you decide, just make sure you bring friends when you take trips to the market. They don't sell wagon insurance in Brotunheim, and the merchants don't really care how the goods they buy were acquired. Prices will be high enough that these will all still be valuable, but attainable no matter what focus your character has. There will also be the usual dungeons and secrets to find, so if you'd rather earn your riches, that option is available too (and should be far more lucrative). I'll post hints on some of the threats and adventures hidden next week. For now, let me know what you think about TRADE!
>>643974 >Priest talk I think the idea was to split priests in categories but remove restrictions, that way everyone is a shitty priest instead of everyone having a good priest alt. >TRADE Sounds good.
>>644001 >>643974 >Standard priests This sounds good. The split priests / meme priests were my idea, and I'd like to make that happen on my own serb in the future. I heard mixed responses about it from the various threads and anons, so I think I'll take the time to polish the idea on my own and prepare it for the next serb. >Trade gimmick I like this, it sounds cool. Some form of scarcity would really do wonders for the market. I know of this mod and was having trouble getting it to work on my own testing serb, glad you managed to succeed where I failed. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out, I might RP as a CEO or something. Or maybe that could be your allowance to botters, they're restricted from using their botslaves to participate in the economy unless they clearly label themselves as a corporation or something like that. Buying gems from Fenlaw-Mart or enchanted weapons from ReimuCo sounds funny. I know alts/botters are a big point of controversy, just trying to imagine how to keep them from going against the grain of the serb and requiring some badmin to constantly police us all for no-no gaming. Anyway the serb sounds fun, can't wait to play on it (or start making dungeons if I get to be involved in that phase). Good luck and Godspeed anon.
(168.19 KB 1033x679 1434138713963.jpg)

>>644822 >there will be even MORE wurm after this I thought we were in the bad timeline but I guess not. I'll try and be around more this sunday in IRC if anybody still wants to help make fun things to find. Update: Won't have much time the next few days so expect slightly less progress. Finalized a list of round 2 mods and moved them over to the server. Testing will begin for them tomorrow. These ones are smaller changes so it should be less painful.
>>641004 I remember back on the Russian serb practically no one but me and a few others had any knowledge of the game and we had a really good time, a lot of the new players then probably long outpaced me in wurm autism by now.
>>645469 >Rusk serb Was that Broschwitz? That was the one I caught the tail end of, that town was comfy as fuck till it got nuked. It'd be great to get some oldfag players back in who've not been around in a while too.
Just a thought, an in-world serber-wide antagonist might be a good idea, some asshole (DM) who sets challenges or threatens, I dunno, is it possible to give everyone a low level plague(?) that we can only cure by doing *some shit*, some fugger who comes along and pokes people now and then to perk their interest.
>>645546 >server wide events Next week.
Update: Mods are in and configured. Sadly, the individual DPS mod did not make the cut (likely due to yarhar settings, still under investigation). The refuel mod also didn't make it in, so forges will still be manually fed. Construction was briefly interrupted by a (now disabled) mod that was eating items. Sneak peak: Alchemy is fully in, and I have made it...substantially stronger. You can still die from poisoning if you chug too many, but you won't need to grip and sip that often.
>>647476 Mods and Properties section are updated on the site now: https://wurmbadmin.wixsite.com/brotunheim
Is the launch date still set for August 2nd?
>>647476 >refuel I'd say leave it out anyway and I'm always at forges/smelters/ovens, relighting is a mild annoyance at worst, besides I like chucking a few 100kg of garbage tar in now and then and shit, fires go out, no need to go nuts. >>648174 Time? Even very roughly would be helpful and gimme a TZ while you're at it, I'm probably half a planet away.
(598.13 KB 600x447 1438251210668.png)

>>648201 Most likely afternoon/evening by US central, unless people want an early morning launch. We'll finalize that at the stress test event next week. More info on that tomorrow.
(9.76 KB 460x312 1467876673218.jpg)

Update: I've begun implementing mission ruler/quest related content. The whitelight/blacklight have been moved to their new home (despite complaints from a certain bitchy black light god), and construction has begun on both the altars and spawns. Things are on pace for the stress test event on the 27th. More info on that, and future events, tomorrow. Also, if anybody is bold and bilingual, please let our friends at hispa know they are invited.
(49.68 KB 222x253 leavingthehouse.jpg)

>available on 27th/28th and 2nd/3rd BONER ACTIVATED
(559.17 KB 625x428 sneak peak.PNG)

So, some of you have been asking about events, fights, and things to find. Today, you get that info. MONSTERS: I'm setting the aggressive count high, and creature spawns equally high. Current plan is 80k, 50% aggressive. This will include worgs and Sol demons, so if you don't have a fast horse, have friends (or a resurrection stone). We'll also be putting a few wyverns in manually (as they don't spawn naturally in pvp settings) among other mobs. Lairs will also be used to help increase variety, but there will be no reward for destroying them. EXPLORATION: Once you've brushed off your rust and started leaving spawn to set up your new deed, you'll likely meet one of the 5 sages. While currently they will only guide you on your meditation path of choice, they may be able to help you with later endeavors against far greater threats. There are rumors of the dead rising in the eastern swamps. While the Journey East-West trading company has sent scouts to the area, none have returned. You might need to bring more than a small scouting party to see what lurks beneath the swamps. And if you seek an audience with the man(king) responsible, you should bring a small army of well trained fighters. Worse still, rumblings can be heard from the mountains in the central regions. None even dare venture here, save those given to madness. Who knows what horrors lurk beneath Brotunheim? But not all is lost. The Temple of the Sun and the Sanctum of the Moon might be able to help more experienced fighters. And of course, the J.E.W. is always willing to help for a small fee. TREASURE MAPS: These will also be able to spawn uniques and titans once you can get them above 90 ql (I might lower it to make things spicier). Any unique killed will also randomly put moonmetal veins in the world- you're going to want to clear as many of these as possible. If you haven't had enough adventure, the maps will be able to give you even more of a fight. EVENTS: Aside from the exploration and dungeoneering, we'll have a few more lighthearted events to celebrate surviving the harsh lands. Your deed might get a visit from the Brewmasters League of Merchants, the Agriculture Technology Federation, and maybe even a recently swamp-evicted troll. We'll also have scheduled events, either Tue or Sun. The first of such events will be a (hopefully) peaceful gathering- a celebration of surviving the first week in a harsh land. Expect gifts, drinks, food, and maybe a surprise or two. Teleportation will be provided. STRESS TEST: We will have a pre-launch stress test event July 27th, 6pm-9pm US central time. This will give us a chance to make sure the server can handle everybodies autism at the same time. This will ALSO give everyone a chance to double check their client settings, reserve their names, and provide feedback. We'll be taking final feedback on priest restrictions and other server settings. Arrive asap, as I'd like to get the feedback early! We'll have some combat dummies up for people to get their fs to 20 before launch, as well as a free 30ql weapon of choice! We'll also offer your initial profession affinity (no characteristics)! I hope to see all of you bastards on the 27th, and I can't wait to see what you'll do when the gates open on the 2nd.
>>649814 I'm getting hyped, I definitely wanna go on a skelly genocide at some point. Unfortunately I probably won't make it to the stress test but I'll be there late night on the day the serb opens up for real. Also have you mentioned yet what client-side mod we'll need for the map to display?
>>649814 > 50% aggressive at least 70% dude, we are gonna suffer for the first 20 minutes to find horses, but I'd rather not suffer 3 weeks to find trolls to grind my FS on
I have made a thread on hispachan to summon them. Anyone here who speaks better spanish than me want to help bump it and/or explain the game a little better? https://8chan.moe/hispachan/res/33042.html
(260.92 KB 387x460 BonerCow.png)

>>649895 https://wurmbadmin.wixsite.com/brotunheim/client-config That should list the right stuff. I'll be there on the stress test if anyone has any problems. >>649908 I've actually held off on spawning mobs to wait for feedback like this, so we can crank it up higher. Except for the chosen cow, she had to be spawned early according to rolfcode. Her connection to the bone altar was necessary. >>649944 Thanks. Hopefully we hear from the Kiwis soon too. Here's hoping we get a full house of 4 factions. I'm stealing all of those pics
Anything special going on with regards materials and weapons/armour?
(9.53 KB 244x244 smiling simon.jpg)

Id like to act as a merchant/diplomat between us and the /hispachan/ and /arepa/ anons.
(37.97 KB 1202x451 around kiwis its easy.PNG)

>>650637 I don't know much about the spicanons but I hope some of them join the serb, it'd be cool. I don't speak very much Spanish so it'd be neat to have a village around that really feel like strange foreigners in a strange land. Also if the kiwifags join us this time I hope they don't buckle as easily as last time.
(75.31 KB 273x453 Strangest boner.png)

I am the largest boner.
(76.27 KB 927x380 1454792170385.jpg)

>>650625 Not likely. I'm leaving DUSKombat and Armoury at default settings for now, but like all settings, I'm open to feedback. >>650637 Go for it. I can figure out how to get rolfcode to cooperate, but I can't parse Spanish. >>650664 If anybody wants to reach out to the Kiwis they can go for it. I keep meaning to do this but been getting distracted. Hopefully I'll get in there tonight if everything else pans out.
Daily Update: Despite many setbacks, I think its safe to say things are ahead of schedule right now. At a point where I can't really say exactly what I've been up to without spoiling the surprises, but the Temple of the Sun is open (for business).
Any news? Not long before the fuggabout
(191.20 KB 255x189 Soon.gif)

>>653652 The event area is complete, and I'll be dressing it up a bit more later today. The radio silence is to avoid spoilers as I build up some dungeons. We'll finalize the last few settings/make a last call for feedback at the stress test TOMORROW, 6-9pm CST. Updated the site with info, but for those who only check the bread: Name: Brotunheim IP: Port: 3724 Its been a wild ride setting this up. I hope to see you all there tomorrow!
>>653709 So the stress test starts in about 32 hours 45 minutes?
UPDATES: Its the last night before the stress test, and the event grounds are looking good. The Journey East-West trading company has finished construction on their new outposts, and should be full of things to buy soon. Meanwhile, the threats in the marsh continue to grow. On the technical front: I've doubled the droprate for treasure maps from most gathering activities and vastly expanded the list of mobs that can drop maps. Alchemy has received ANOTHER buff, so if priest restrictions do get turned on, you'll still have more than enough magic. Breeding rates are also doubled. Smelting pots have been re-enabled. I'm going to leave properties on the website alone for now and save updating that for after the stress test (tomorrow, 6-9pm cst). Really excited to see everyone tomorrow for the stress test. Can't wait to see you all in Brotunheim!
(40.48 KB 152x254 yessick.png)

Boner rising.
Installing the mods right now, so I just need to get the clientside ones listed on the website, right? Rest is handled serverside?
>>654857 It should be. If not, we can look at it when we're open in 20 minutes.
>>654923 >20 minutes until the universe dies and is reborn
>watches through window while the sun and moon race by
I lied, its open now.
wait, where's the IP and shit?
(169.71 KB 1283x1676 fml.png)

>crashing to desktop after 2 seconds of connection end me plz
>>654964 did you get the client version of a mod, or the server version? running a server mod with the client will crash at start. Remove the mod and run the patcher again to fix it if thats the case.
Sorted, I just did a clean install and threw most of the old mods in.
Link me to bot scripts or I wont join. Im old enough to know that this game is all about botting and I wont be the only faggot trying to spend 10 hours a day in game and still be outclassed by everyone else.
I'm assuming I missed the test by now? If I did how'd it go, we still on track for when the serb starts for real? What changes did people suggest?
>>655143 Server ran like a charm as far as I could tell. But i'm just a bystander so probably not the best judge. We dug a giant hole and someone decided to level their tent skill.
>>655146 Also we got to see DmC.
>>655146 >>655148 Cool, good to know everything went smoothly. I'm fucking ready to start this new autistic journey.
(458.30 KB 340x450 1420090068626.gif)

A big thank you to everyone that showed up to the stress test. I'm glad the server was able to survive the wave of autism. Not so glad about the new pool in the event grounds, but ruining GM clay is a time honored tradition. A brief summary for those who couldn't make it: Everyone got their starting weapons. Some learned the importance of repairing your gear the hard way. A few more learned what 'full loot pvp' means. Smelting pots are going to start disabled, but will be enabled later after completion of a server wide quest. By the time you unlock the smelting secrets, you'll have advanced far enough skill wise for it not to have as large of an impact. We settled on the launch date and time as Tuesday, August 2nd at 6:00pm CST. The fertilizing mod will be added, so anons can water their crops and harvest plants out of season. This opens up a lot of options to the chefs and brewers. Alts were discussed, and we're requesting all alts be registered to your main. After some discussion, there is now an agreement that alts won't be used excessively for grinding skills as a 2nd character, for trade abuse, or for any combat role. Priest settings were hotly debated, and we put it to a full vote. Against all odds, the vote was a straight split out of 20 participants. As such, I've gone and made an executive decision: I'm disabling all priest restrictions. Let the crusades begin. We also handed out some potions for people to test with, and had a few deaths to confirm that yes, you can overdose on buffs and die. I'll post more info in the next few days about the alchemy system. For now, 6 months is only a week away!
>>655163 >This opens up a lot of options to the chefs and brewers Are fermentation times left at default? Will I have to wait forever for my fightan' wine again?
I was promised screencaps, goatman, WHERE ARE THEY?
>>655095 You wanna bot find your own shit, there's like 2 people who ever do it and one hasn't been on in 3 or more serbs.
>>655473 This is the hole / swimming pool that got dug in the event area. Towards the end, people started getting stuck in it.
>>656372 People mostly got stuck in the quantum pit someone was digging, basically straight down at a 4-tile intersection causing a near pinpoint diamond-shaped pit to form that would bounce you around if you weren't in climb mode, thus making you unable to regen your stamina. If you fell into that thing you joined the singularity, lol.
>>655174 I looked around, but there really isn't a mod that alters brewing time. Update: Without giving any spoilers, quests continue to be added. For those of you playing on higher settings, you are going to have some great opportunities for screenshots this time around. I'll be making a final pass at mod configuration tomorrow and the website will be updated later in the evening with the newest batch of .properties files.
(1001.14 KB 1800x1200 wurm carts.png)

>>657460 >but there really isn't a mod that alters brewing time Ah well I'll just have to wait it out then. I was thinking of focusing on all the cooking skills this go around so fortunately I think I'll have things to occupy myself with while shit ferments. I'm excited for the new serb.
>>657460 >>657504 What is the brewing time? So long I can find what class controls it, I can make a mod to reduce it.
>>657636 wiki says wine fermentation takes 5-7 irl days, and last serb I think that was about how long it took. Not that I think this shit should be instant or anything, but given how long these servers usually last I think 1, 2 or 3 days even would be more reasonable.
>>657644 would the same change also apply to charcoal piles? Either way, I will check tonight if I can find where it is set
>>657650 >would the same change also apply to charcoal piles Well shit I'm not sure but if it does there might be some happy blacksmiths if you can figure it out.
>>657651 I was referencing to the balance concerns, since the code will unquestionably be different
(1.41 MB 300x223 1431725671719.gif)

Lots of good news today: >server hardware upgraded >traders are stocked on merchant island(name pending) >traders have appeared at spawn to help you start your deed >fertilizer mod is in >draw distance mod is in >creatures have been spawned in We're lookin' real good now. I'd share a screenshot, but I work off of a nokia n-gage.
>>657651 I kinda like seeing 30 odd piles burning in a field for a couple of days, it's like Kuwait in the early 90s.
(552.88 KB 1635x1319 aggro.jpg)

It's an absolute nigger that I'll be part time slavin while I've got FULL TIME WURMIN to do, goddamn it, 3 days a week I'm gonna be a half-stepper. Frankly I'd much rather not be paid for however long the serb lasts and fuck that job off, I've got enough to live on (for now). I know I'll get home after each shift and immediately play it for 5+ hours till my brain caves in anyway but it still sits in my craw all sideways not having unlimited free time to piss away.
>>658205 Me too honestly, I just want my booze to brew faster but if that's not possible without fucking the balance of charcoal piles I can deal with it >>658231 I'm in the same boat man, I seemed to manage well enough last serb though. But goddamn this game is great when you've got shitloads of time to kill.
this serb i hope to actually see a town square and main roads in the village
>>658474 >>658474 >ActionMod Doesn't the serber need to have this installed in order for it to werk? I thought it'd been kiboshed after the last serb got mangled. Also that last one is very clearly bot material which, if das rules are being followed should be verBOTten this time around. Also my BALLS ACHE as the seconds grind by.
>>658870 No? It's just a client side botting mod that everyone is OK with just like ImprovedImprove
Oh yeah it was action 'timer' that caused the ruckus. Action mod was just the key binding thingy. I'm sticking to manual man this time but NEXT serb I'm gonna join the much maligned botlads to do *something* I won't actively try to ruin the game but I'm deffo going to experiment and likely have a slave perma slavin to fuel my late stage flights of fancy. I think I've got your old files Remi, I imagine the miner one will get a good solid run then.
(342.69 KB 1360x768 bedtime.jpg)

(83.78 KB 505x119 bedbastard.png)

Remembering all the Arena shit we got up to, Bed Wars was unforgettable: [02:51:25] <Nuggro> see this supreme bed here in the middle? [02:51:28] <Reimu> we killing vampires ? :^) [02:51:37] <Nuggro> we're going to play competitive bedball [02:51:38] <Shoepolish> ye [02:51:44] <Bathory> YES [02:51:45] <Nuggro> and the winner gets to keep the bed [02:51:47] <Bathory> BED WARS [02:51:48] <Nobody> what [02:51:51] <Bathory> YES [02:51:52] <Danious> >competitive bedball [02:51:54] <Danious> fucking kek [02:51:56] <Mcbastardish> damn son I wants one of those [02:52:17] <Nuggro> we're going dodgeball-style, where you pick the players you want on your team one at a time [02:52:38] <Nuggro> nobo will take the east goal, topbob will take the north goal, and reimu will take the south goal [02:52:39] <Bathory> smh, dan [02:52:41] <Bathory> smh [02:52:47] <Nuggro> west goal is empty. for now [02:52:49] <Reimu> uh, so it does involve moving [02:52:55] <Nuggro> very slowly, yes [02:53:02] <Nobody> we push it to our goal? [02:53:04] <Nuggro> you and your team get to push the bed towards your goal [02:53:09] <Nuggro> *when we say go* [02:53:20] <Mcbastardish> oh god [02:53:20] <Nuggro> don't worry, there will be multiple rounds of this [02:53:25] <Danious> Quig, if you got an image saved of it, post it in the images channel for dicksword [02:53:30] <Mcbastardish> this will be hell [02:53:32] <Nuggro> not yet shoe [02:53:48] <Bathory> bed wars.. bed wars never change.. Round 2 [03:08:27] <Nuggro> the only thing against the rules is attacking [03:08:32] <Mcbastardish> huh [03:08:34] <Topbob> i've already binded place in actionmod [03:08:37] <Shoepolish> Yeah Janon [03:08:37] <Nuggro> push/pull/place, etc etc etc [03:08:48] <Nuggro> i want to see this bed oscillate into a higher dimension [03:08:52] <Nuggro> let's have a good round lads [03:08:59] <Nuggro> placing it in 10 seconds [03:09:00] <Janon> you were constatly going over my cursor :) [03:09:08] <Shoepolish> so attack [03:09:16] <Nuggro> GOOO [03:09:50] <Nuggro> holy fuck [03:09:59] <Nuggro> quantum bed teleportation [03:10:05] <Danious> h-he's fast! [03:10:12] <Nuggro> H-HAYAI! [03:10:20] <Bathory> lol [03:10:38] <Nobody> this bed is about to shift several PUs [03:10:54] <Mcbastardish> whwere thefug [03:11:07] <Nuggro> how many A presses did it take you to pull that off, nobo?! [03:11:14] <Danious> HOTKEY SYTLE: FORBIDDEN BED PLACING NINJUTSU [03:11:24] <Nuggro> HOLY SHIT [03:11:28] <Nuggro> TEAM NOBO BRINGING IT HOME [03:11:43] <Nuggro> FLICKERS OF BED JUTSU FROM TEAM TOPBOB [03:12:05] <Nuggro> AND DAKINI SWIPES IT AWAY WITH A BED SUBSTITION TECHNIQUE [03:12:06] <Danious> SO CLOSE [03:12:22] <Bathory> i fucking love bed wars [03:12:57] <Danious> best meme event, ever [03:13:23] <Danious> is there a time limit? [03:13:38] <Nuggro> no, but things might get interesting if it drags out a little [03:13:47] <Nuggro> HOLY SHIT BIG STEAL FROM TEAM REIMU [03:13:56] <Nuggro> THEY MUST HAVE PASSED THE ITEM GET LINE [03:14:22] <Nuggro> TEAM TOPBOB AND TEAM NOBO JOINING FORCES TO KEEP THAT BED FROM GETTING SENT TO GENSOKYO [03:14:24] <Nobody> FUCK I FORGOT THE CAVEBUG [03:14:26] <Mcbastardish> I've lost my mind [03:14:35] <Nuggro> BUT IT MIGHT BE TOO LATE [03:14:37] <Nuggro> OH SHIT [03:14:38] <Nuggro> OH SHIT [03:14:47] <Bathory> LOL [03:14:53] <Nuggro> BED PLACED IN TEAM REIMU GOAL [03:14:59] <Topbob> WHAT [03:15:00] <Nuggro> WIN #2, MOST IMPRESSIVE [03:15:01] <Mcbastardish> it was over our line [03:15:04] <Nobody> GRATS [03:15:07] <Mcbastardish> fuck me [03:15:10] <Reimu> YEEEEEEE [03:15:11] <Shoepolish> Jesus [03:15:17] <Mcbastardish> I feel lik I'm gona die [03:15:21] <Nuggro> holy shit that was an intense game [03:15:22] <Reimu> This shit was more intense than a DBZ dight [03:15:28] <Shoepolish> That bed was fucking tleporting all over the fucking place [03:15:28] <Dakini> I thought it prolly momentarily phased into the east side tbqh [03:15:31] <Topbob> i must bring out some must more insane strats [03:15:33] <Nuggro> let's take a break a minute i'm about to piss myself [03:15:35] <Nobody> what causes that [03:15:42] <Topbob> You will be angered my by next move [03:15:44] <Nuggro> everyone break for a few, work on strategies, get a drink, etc [03:15:45] <Topbob> but its too late [03:15:47] <Shoepolish> placing most likely [03:16:02] <Dakini> shit was quantum entanglement [03:16:04] <Mcbastardish> yeah I need to put some spay on my pits after that [03:16:06] <Bathory> wurm is nothing but sphegetti code. the game can't handle that kind of bed dynamics [03:16:10] <Reimu> placing moves it about 5ish times per action, and everyone wants to do it in different places, so it will alternate between all of those locations [03:17:36] <Topbob> Question though [03:17:41] <Topbob> Is breaking the bed legal? [03:17:52] <Danious> we can make it unbashable [03:18:00] <Reimu> Stay tunned, for the next episode of breakingbed Round 3: [03:28:12] <Mcbastardish> all that's was illegal is attacking rite? [03:28:14] <Nuggro> BED in 5 [03:28:35] <Danious> He's doing it! [03:28:40] <Danious> The absolute madman [03:28:53] <Nobody> LMAOOO [03:28:55] <Bathory> the absolute CHAOS [03:28:56] <Nuggro> [19:25:35] Mcbastardish finishes loading the extra comfy bed. [03:28:59] <Nuggro> he actually did it [03:29:01] <Topbob> NO' [03:29:04] <Dakini> the madman [03:29:05] <Reimu> WHEEEZE [03:29:05] <Bathory> WHAT [03:29:09] <Bathory> WHAT [03:29:12] <Shoepolish> wut [03:29:13] <Nobody> out fucking skilled [03:29:16] <Ursurper> :) [03:29:16] <Mcbastardish> done [03:29:19] <Nuggro> wow [03:29:19] <Bathory> ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS [03:29:24] <Bathory> LOL [03:29:26] <Mcbastardish> all that's was illegal is attacking rite? 3 straight wins but fuck me that second round was a trial.
>>659117 Let's hope this time we get someone abusing the https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/176035-released-freecam-mod-client/ mod to record the whole thing from the sky in full HD
(25.35 KB 250x250 1416790493896-0.jpg)

>>659117 >trying to do the last minute post before launch tomorrow >this chatlog More intense than any raid, that bedwar was song worthy
(3.94 MB 3833x3945 spawn locations.jpg)

>>659151 THE FINAL UPDATE BEFORE LAUNCH: Do you feel it in the air? Soon we'll all be slapping rocks, shitting out small nails, dying to worgs and screaming gamer words in global chat. Less than 24 hours remain until launch. First, have a gander at the spawn locations. I've tried to keep things more central while still spread enough to avoid hour 0 raiding. Plan your fortress or rush to claim the comfiest hermit hut.
(327.17 KB 2000x2200 ALCHEMY.jpg)

>>659155 Now, for more information on ALCHEMY What you'll need: >cauldron of water, boiled to purification >hearts, from any living creature >herbs of various design. befriend a gardener/farmer. >phials, made from sandstone, clay moulds, ash and salt >and most importantly, your autism. When combined and brewed in the correct order, you can have magic in a can. Grip and sip for things like: >healing potions, aka pocket fo priests >any buff spell you want, ql determines strenght, but always 30 minutes in duration >any weapon enchant as a 15 minute weapon oil, STACKS with existing enchants >maybe somebody gets really good at it and we see how strong the wisdom of vynora potion is The only drawback is that drinking a potion incurs a 2 minute cooldown, and cannot be used while in combat. Attempting to chug multiple doses can result in severe poison wounds, death, and erectile dysfunction. Even with everyone picking a priest flavor, this ensures you can pick more based on your devotion to a deity instead of a spell list. We are less than 24 hours away from launch. Get your snacks. Get your piss bottles. 6 months is almost over.
>>659155 Oh I see, so instead of picking a kingdom straight out we simply pick a spawn point. Okay this makes more sense to me now, I was actually thinking that you'd have us all spawn in at the exact same place with full PVP on and what a shitshow that would be. In any case I'm excited, I definitely want to try out alchemy since I've never done spells/priest shit before.
Is this >>641445 still happening or are we getting the standard 4?
Also if we're all Freedom is there any chance of PMKs being allowed to emerge? Just to add the flavour of kangdom and titles and such, those bonuses would/will be missed even with our special priest pants all stained with a kaleidoscope of alchemical jizz.
>>659195 >>659199 Standard 4, but cross faith linking is enabled. PMKs are disabled to ensure chaos in a global chat. You won't miss the benefits of the titles, there will be plenty of other boosts flying around.
Where's the discord
>>659401 being gay somewhere else
So like, this thread is all spawning at Mriggers? Also is hots another site, or just the edgy alter-ego 8chan group that ends up becoming abandoned every time.
>>659406 No, I will spawn on another one of those, no reason to tell which tho
I don't quite get why if we're all Freedom and there's no factions that we have named faction spawn points. If we're supposed to be RPing as them wouldn't we be better off just picking kangdoms from the start like usual? I hope we don't end up diaspora-ing all over the place cos of this.
>>659422 >I hope we don't end up diaspora-ing all over the place cos of this. Sounds like a skill issue to me.
>>659422 I think that since everyone can share the same kingdom chat that people won't get as isolated such as the single kiwi farms hermit dude. Also I really like the "all freedom" idea, since it opens up new possibilities such as actual traders that transport goods between towns, and overall more people to interact with.
>>659424 Hermitages die faster, if we ended up with 30 hermits or 15 two man groups nigh on none of them would last as long as a town.
>>659427 Do you have any facts to back that claim?
>>659428 Just my every scrap of personal experience with the game so far. The bold hermit full of piss sets off and manages to scrape by for a bit, then realises how hard it is to be alone and leaves a dead empty house in the woods, happens every time.
(93.37 KB 213x231 1408753445263.png)

The fileshare I saw doesn't have seeders. Is there going to one provided soon? Because this sure as hell isn't worth spending a nickel on.
>>659434 Imagine not having a israeli vpn to download the game through MEGA
https://mega.nz/folder/SZwDDZqY#SOBwLZAq4_HuixQPZX45wQ Really when the serb goes up that kind of stuff needs to be in the OP for nulads to be able to jump in easy, you'll want the client mods too but you're gonna have to search for those cunts. Mods: action cavevision compass connection fix custommap improvedimprove livemap serverpacks toolbelt tooltips Drop them in the WurmLauncher/mods folder.
https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Champion_player >Champions have been discontinued until further notice as of the update on July 05, 2022. How shit and good this game can be at the same time always amazes me. How does a feature that has always existed just go away.
Also, Why don't you people use mediafire like normal people? https://www.mediafire.com/file/k19nd0ksgx0026g/Wurm_Unlimited.7z/file
>>659453 Didn't people just hate the champion system?
>>659478 It means you are using the WurmHelper bot mod and didn't read the thread on how to fix it
>>659485 For some reason I have 3 instances of Wurm installed and that was indeed in an old one even though I've never used it.
Ah looks like I was gonna use it in my home serb but never got around to doing much on it, that must have killed the launcher for me so I got another new one. Last minute burning questions: >Can we still forage/botanise from within a cart/wagon? >Is the cart autoloader thing in? >Will chicken training Def Fighting be possible? HAS ANYTHING BEEN FORGOTTEN?
>>659495 >Def Fighting Faaaaaaaaaaaaag
>>659495 >Will chicken training Def Fighting be possible The configs indicate that not, but I remember that still working on a server that claimed it was off
ONE HOUR UNTIL THE 6 MONTH WAIT ENDS What are you gonna be >grinding >eating >drinking >listening to Your humble host will be >grinding: nothing, helping people configure clients >eating: ate early for this. Got some nuts for later >drinking: bottom shelf vodka >listening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5g-QHq925o&list=PLB7F9A5456C337B43
(42.36 KB 317x361 alky.jpg)

>tfw it's -6 hours not -5 like you thought >grinding Gonna have to be mining then jewing cos every cunts gonna want a statuette. >eating Nothing I'm already loaded up on pizza and chocolate, if I start flagging I have a pyramid of profiteroles to demolish. >drinking Just started on the vodka, will be on that till I spark out. >listening Just the game, I like the noisy early town ambience and that only lasts for a while then tapers off as everyone skills up.
>>659559 >grinding Secret :) >eating Keto condensed milk >drinking Water >listening to vtubers
>>659559 >grinding Not sure, got to get my bearings, but I think I'll help try to form a town, see if I can get a chapel to Fo built in some way, and go from there. >eating Zaxby's. 3pc chicken tenders and 5pc boneless wings combo >drinking Water and strawberry lemonade. >Listening Usually don't listen to music while I game, though I might resort to multitasking with other games once the grind gets a going.
>>659463 >>659442 Thanks. I was able to install it and add client mods. Tried offline mode. Wurm is slow and complicated to a new player. Seems to work okay on my toaster so far.
>>659559 Deep thanks for being admin rather than playing yourself.
>>659559 my plan this time around is to be a fofag yet again, not sure past that i was thinking cooking but i know shit-all about it, could just do odd jobs around town again or actually make charcoal
(15.88 KB 294x64 almost there.PNG)

>>659577 Can you add a pokemon snap aspect to the server?
(27.03 KB 435x393 bunless.jpg)

>>659578 There are tiny non-combat pets you can collect.
>>659580 How many points for a good pic.
pro tip: don't actually DC, you can't get back on right now
(104.37 KB 900x818 uma delicia.jpg)

I'm interested in trying out this game for the first time. What will be bullying level that I'll experience playing with you faggots?
>>659602 Unironically zero. We are so desperate for people that stay that we will baby you into a competent player
>>659602 Also being a new player is fun if you learn to embrace the bear grylls experience.
Previous outage was on steams end. Everyone should be able to connect now. Server is currently live. https://wurmbadmin.wixsite.com/brotunheim Welcome to the end of 6 months.
>>659463 Got this, game wont run. Gives me cmd window that says "press any key" then nothing happens. Did I download malware?
>>659622 someone else was having that issue, I don't remember how they solved it, read the thread or this other thread, it was on one of those https://boards.4channel.org/vm/thread/653151#bottom
>>659623 Ah fuck really? Thanks anon, maybe I'll do it.
>>659623 >>659624 Found the guy who had the problem on cuckchan, no solution was given. Maybe this is it for me. Fucking shame too, I wanted to play this. I wonder if a different client would be better luck.
>>659627 It's usually either two things, 1. tweaking with the graphics settings/graphics mode 2. one of ur mods if bad, try backing up and clearing your mods folder just to rule that out
>>659627 >>659630 I would guess it's something to do with java installation
>>659642 (sorry about IP hopping) Just got the latest java. Updated GPU drivers. No good. I have a pretty standard Winglows 10 install, how the fuck am I the only one locked out? Other than the cuckchan fag that also has the same problem.
>>659651 Did you try ruling out your mods?
>>659653 Yes sir, emptied my mods folder. But even if I hadnt, if someone else got it from the same mediafire link and it was broken then it shouldn't be just me. I sad :-(
>>659657 does the game directory have a "client.log"? What's on it?
>>659664 It does not actually. I will try to download a client from elsewhere. If it still doesn't work, I quit. Thanks for trying to help anon.
Ok it's hopeless. Have fun you faggots.
The serb is up right now right? I keep getting a timeout when I try to connect.
>>659730 I just tried connecting to a random legit serb in the launcher and was able to connect, is something up?
>>659730 >>659734 server out for quick maintenance due to people noticing 3x3 is actually way too fucking high
>>659744 Oh ok I was actually panicking for a minute that I wouldn't get my fix Any word on when it should be back up?
>>659749 6 months
A very sincere apology, we are back up now
>>659750 I shouldn't have asked. Is x3x3 really that bad? What were the last few serbs? Well, maybe not the very last one since it had that bot-mitigation mod that sped up actions by a fuckload
>>659754 yeah, that mod is a intrinsic 4x speed up if you play 6 hours per day, less if you play more and more if you play less
Kind of disappeared after the reset due to being piss tired, did we ever find iron?
>>660337 I have found Iron
stupid question maybe, but how important is lag? Never played, but looking for something to do at "work".
>>660511 I suggest a120+ hz monitor or better, and yes it's pretty important to be practiced up on your quick twitch accuracy unless you like getting your head chopped off.
>>660530 Well fuck, my gayming RGB mouse + attached gfuel dispenser is at home. I'll be pushing probably 200ms is my concern.
>>660534 anon is fucking with you. You can play this with a delay fine. Just be careful in pvp.
>>660558 I already ordered a new laptop and 900 bucks of poptarts to go with it though yeah I figured as much, seems to work and connect fine. I'll try to read some guides and stuff today while I'm in the field. I've been meaning to give it a shot, more so since it supports gahnoo natively.
why is this shit pinned
>>660682 because i make you butthurt.
>>660511 99% of the game is ultimately about waiting. Lag will not be a problem.
I spent one hour playing and all I managed was to kill and butcher a cow just so I could get mauled by a bear while drowning.
>>661169 Working as intended.
serb ded?
(6.87 KB 139x161 shiiiid.jpg)

to any MR village (brogueport) lads who weren't there at the founding, make sure you don't walk onto the town square until you get an invite, the guard will probably fuck your shit up if you do
>The server denied your connection attempt for the following reason: <Incorrect server password!> Why must I suffer like this?
(292.57 KB 514x620 1412568813509.png)

>>661567 That is my error. They better fix it. Now.
>>661567 Badmin here (not host). I made a small mini-dungeon and a lone explorer found it and looted it. One of the pieces of loot was a leather whip called "Whip of One", which is a very weird item completely unlike anything else in wurm (it is the one and only whip). I've never seen it used but I spawned one and made it into loot. The explorer found it and equipped it, and we both lol'd at how shit the model was (I was watching him due to being summoned by a bug with one of the earlier puzzles). I spawned in a goblin for him to fight so we could see how good the whip was. As soon as he swung an attack at the goblin the whole server went down and 40+ people crashed. I was probably the only person who realized what caused it, except maybe the lad who swung (though he didn't sound like it later). As soon as the serb came back up I hurried to admin-kill the goblin, but I fumbled the command and explorerlad spawned back in and rushed up to kill the goblin before the free FS gains wearing green skin wandered away. I watched this unfold in slow motion and tried again to use the kill command, but the serb crashed. So, I reached out to the host and explained what happened, then he put a password up for a second so I could manually nuke the goblin. Afterwards the serb opened back up and I explained the situation to explorerlad, gave him the goblin's heart as a trophy, and politely negotiated getting the whip back and giving him a suitable replacement prize. Anyway, moral of the story: whips in wurm are a server-killing weapon that strike fear in the hearts of badmins.
(98.17 KB 456x380 lol.jpg)

>>661650 Vampire Killer? More like server killer.
(1.65 MB 971x816 fresh merchant.PNG)

Welcome to the first weekend at Brotunheim! Before we move into the fun, here's a quick overview of what we've done so far: >Deeds have begun popping up >Adventurers have found many things, including (and now recently revamped) the 5 sages! >Fatigue has been disabled, so now new players don't need to worry about tiring out at a practice doll >Treasure map loot was slightly altered to avoid funny bugs >The avengers briefly assembled and wreaked havoc on spawn, but have been snapped out of existence. >Underground farming and a new brew timing mod are currently in testing in a sandbox environment And now, for a major announcement. The first 'wandering' merchant has arrived! If you enjoy exploring, and want to make some extra coin, this weekend is your opportunity. For the next 48 hours, Trader Silverstein will be setting up shop somewhere in the NorthWestern regions. He'll be buying bulk goods at the following prices: >Large nails: 1c each. any quality >Wood shingles: 1c each. any quality >Rounded stones: 5c each. any quality >Merchants notes: We're speculating in rental real estate on the mainland, and need your dirt ch- erm, quality goods for construction. There might be more surprises as the weekend goes on, so stick around. As a side note, the starting buyers for iron lumps will be removed Sunday evening, so if you haven't gotten your starting deed cash, you better do it soon!
(25.02 KB 336x329 1441226646377.png)

I built my place next to the beach so I could make a boat and ride it. The fatal mistake is the scarce amount of materials in my immediate vicinity. My cart is unable to hitch a mount because of it's shoddy quality. It looks like the sea will have to wait.
We've updated the servers again. Brewing and breeding speeds have both been increased, and underground farming has been enabled. Now you can be a real dorf. As an added bonus, I'm keeping the wandering merchant up an extra 24 hours. Ask your friends if you missed the hint posted in the CA channel! Also, tomorrow at 6pm cst, we'll be having our first gathering at the event grounds: the farmers festival! Bring your best shovels, rakes, and other farming gear, and be ready for shenanigans!
(707.08 KB 690x968 jesus1.png)

Thus concludes the Farmers Festival! We had: >A farmers frenzy, a rake battle so bloody and obscene that there were no survivors. I'll spare you the details of how gruesome a slaughter it was. Truly, even Libila was mortified at the carnage. >The biggest diggers in the server have been confirmed to be hermits from opposite sides of the light. Love bloomed deep in da hole of da benis :DDD >The event grounds were visited by some unruly wyverns. Only one human casualty was reported. The soldiers of Brotunheim are much stronger than appearances suggest! Trader Silverstein has left his post. For now the merchants will begin building their new apartment complexes on the mainland- but their ears are ever to the ground, and there are rumors of a fuel shortage on the mainland.

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