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WEBM/MP4 Thread: Lost Media Edition Anonymous 07/07/2022 (Thu) 20:29:00 Id: ad6ca8 No. 638298
Post your webms and mp4's ladyboys and gentlemen, it's been a long while since we've had one of these.
>>638298 I have just been hanging out on the Sleepychan /v/ webm thread
>>638377 FlippingDingDong is an amazing animator, I am so sad that his stuff gets so little exposure. >Second webm That's sick, how do people even come up with these models?
(6.36 MB 1222x704 The_Day_Neogaf_died.mp4)

(7.90 MB 1280x720 Kurt_Eichenwald.mp4)

(7.99 MB 1280x720 8chan bumper.webm)

(4.74 MB 640x360 8chan anthem.webm)

>>638496 >normalnigger non-vidya maymays access a noose
(1.13 MB 640x360 ARE YOU AN ANGEL-.mp4)

(900.60 KB 640x360 FORGIVE ME LORD-.mp4)

(813.21 KB 640x360 THANK YOU MODS-.mp4)

(766.39 KB 640x360 WE WANT MORE-.mp4)

(1.09 MB 640x360 ARE YOU SERIOUS SNK-.mp4)

(979.92 KB 960x720 Average Schizo days.mp4)

(10.73 MB 640x360 2004.mp4)

(19.21 MB 480x360 Garfield - Cool Cat.mp4)

(1.36 MB 626x360 Fireworks not safe.mp4)

(6.50 MB 640x360 psa gunslinger.mp4)

(7.77 MB 640x360 psa galant.mp4)

(7.82 MB 640x360 psa stoic.mp4)

(781.54 KB 640x360 when the assault kicks in.mp4)

(1.58 MB 640x360 psa watchdogs.mp4)

(866.80 KB 640x360 cat mario 64.mp4)

(655.50 KB 640x360 air raid siren -HD-.mp4)

(865.86 KB 640x360 i gotta do it man.mp4)

(3.39 MB 640x360 psa forklift.mp4)

(6.26 MB 640x360 psa one down.mp4)

(4.12 MB 640x360 psa grinder.mp4)

(2.16 MB 640x360 psa uppers.mp4)

(7.33 MB 640x360 psa kingpin.mp4)

(11.58 MB 640x360 psa sicario.mp4)

(12.82 MB 640x360 psa leech.mp4)

(5.93 MB 640x360 psa stealth.mp4)

(8.58 MB 1280x720 Cyberpunk 2077 Matrix.mp4)

>>638590 Last one.
(15.29 MB 1280x720 Ryuko Grooves Tonight1.mp4)

>>638646 woops, meant to post better version
(1.59 MB 1280x720 How I became a gamedev.webm)

From E3, how someone decided to become a game dev.
>>638739 What a terrible quiz that must have been.
(12.17 MB 1280x720 rt64.mp4)

(250.52 KB 678x480 AURGH.mp4)

If anyone knows the source of the raytracing n64 video, please let me know, I wanna test it out
>>638298 Anyone got the 8chan ultimatum video from months back? I wonder if we'll have another animation thread like that again
(30.57 MB 1280x720 8chan Ultimatum.mp4)

>>638446 I wish more anime had an artsyle like Jin Roh
>>638520 Holy shit I was the monster all along
>>638739 It's funny cause she has glasses like Daria as well
(178.99 KB Daria.mp3)

(14.03 MB 1252x720 minus_8_-_yoshi's_island.webm)

(8.21 MB 640x360 FMaTpGMecZrhZ21I.mp4)

(908.07 KB 632x360 How_to_create_a_diversion.mp4)

(5.72 MB 1280x720 Jensenyes2.webm)

(28.12 MB 640x360 vermin ep 1.webm)

(7.73 MB 720x480 8chan in a nutshell.webm)

(8.29 MB 652x480 You can do it.mp4)

>>639238 I will never see thus as anything but corporate artstyle
>>639240 You're fucking retarded
>>639238 I cant tell who are all the characters. Are they all milfs?
(141.17 KB 546x360 Chad Warden – Girls.mp4)

>>639274 >I cant tell who are all the characters Stop at 0:37, and from left to right -Lusamine from Pokemon Sun and Moon -Princess Rosalina from Mario -5-Volt from Warioware -Ness's Mom from Earthbound -Helen Sanderson from Chibi Robo -Mother Brain from Metroid >Are they all milfs? Yes

(3.93 MB 576x1024 offending tiktok.webm)

(2.61 MB 1280x720 Priconne Carl.webm)

>>639240 That's minus8, it's more of a Newgronuds Flash style than a corporate one if you ask me >>639274 They're Milfs loosely based off of Nintendo's IPs, I assume it's done so that he can draw popular smut without much interference from Nutendo's legal department. I know that it sounds almost retarded but some of these animations are crazy popular, so my guess is he made them just bootleg enough to pass as original characters.
>>639296 They're just the trademark characters with his art style and wearing sportswear. You're overthinking
(3.76 MB 1080x720 bethesda_xbox_influence.webm)

(2.71 MB 960x540 felicia day.webm)

>>639297 Fuck I feel old, I remember when this episode came out and thought the opening was pretty fucking cool
>>639296 No, they are characters, they arent bootleg, its just thats his drawing style. The only one that doesnt resemble her own is mother brain.
(8.89 MB 640x360 Coco the Streamer.mp4)

>>639299 Peak Youtube before all the money hungry whores.
(2.74 MB 540x360 Dilbert 1-z2xMUhQMpB8.webm)

(5.38 MB 540x360 Dilbert 2-G9xfqMtkmN0.webm)

(7.74 MB 320x240 Dilbert 3.mp4)

>>639301 Mega64 are this weird case in that I distinctly remember the moment I stopped watching (and by extension the moment they stopped being relevant) but somehow they're still around doing shitty videos to this day. Anyhow to any ffmpeg virtuoso in the thread, I have a really large video (95MBs) that I wish to shrink but keep at least a watchable quality. Its properties are as follows: Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 29.97fps [V: ISO Media file produced by Google Inc. (h264 main L3.1, yuv420p, 1280x720) [default]] Audio: Opus 48000Hz stereo 3072kbps [A: English [eng] (opus, 48000 Hz, stereo) [default]] Anyone know a good way to get it beneath the max file size? It's only 7 minutes long but I really liked it so I didn't bother downloading a worse version.
>>639308 I'm a retard brain that needs a GUI so I'm stuck with Xmedia. No help from me, sorry anon
>>639313 These shitty remix hit so hard, I remember being an autistic little shit and running home from school to load YTMND and ancient Youtube on dial up just to find more of these and having no one to talk about them since in my country no one for about ten years gave a shit about the internet
>>639330 Man, I miss when games were ominous and mysterious like that. >in my country no one for about ten years gave a shit about the internet Same, nowadays, I'm glad I didn't
>>639308 Grab yourself libaom/SVT-AV1, use the formula in the guide to calculate video bitrate at a suitable audio bitrate and go to town with as many quality options as your CPU can handle, just make sure to get a recent libaom/SVT-AV1 version as they've gotten hilariously fast compared to their early days. Example webm was originally 85mb. I do not recommend using ffmpeg's built-in AV1 encoding wrappers as they are in my experience slower than the reference encoder, lack many speed/quality optimizations and have bugs with bitrate seeking that further degrade video quality. Oh and remember to pipe raw YUV frames to aomenc via ffmpeg's yuv4mpegpipe instead of making 200GB raw .y4m videos as suggested by the enclosed instruction book, the encoder won't display how many frames are left to encode that way which should be an acceptable sacrifice for anyone who doesn't want to rape their SSD/clog their HDD.
>>639308 >Audio: Opus 48000Hz stereo 3072kbps The fuck. Why is the audio bitrate so high for Opus? Reencode it to 48kbps. Anyways, you'll have to encode it at ~640kbps for video. AV1 is great at ultralow bitrate encoding but not that good, so downscale it to 540p to get good quality for the bitrate parameter and pass along a -qmax parameter of 37 or 38.
(4.32 MB 720x480 dnc.mp4)

(473.96 KB 720x480 trans.mp4)

(4.44 MB 720x480 jerry rigged.mp4)

(22.30 MB 1920x1080 Shredder v Batman.webm)

>>639404 >Megaman X Corrupted Intro Stop giving me hope, I know it's never happening and just as the google spreadsheet's nearly 70% complete he'll find an excuse to scrap the whole project and start again. Fuck I want to play it. I really want to play it.
>>639992 I remember on either 8kun or 8chan before it shit the bed an anon storytimes TMNT vs Batman. I recall it being pretty good. How was the movie?
(16.12 MB 1280x720 TMNT v Batman Climax .webm)

>>640131 It's a very light hearted movie that more or less exists for the absurdity of "Batman and the Ninja Turtles, look Bruce said Cowabunga and pizza time, look Alfred's fucking around with Mikey" but there were a couple of action scenes I really, really liked. It knows it's dumb fun and as such there isn't really much to dislike about it if you know that's what you're getting into. If I had an issue with it is that it kind of has a limp second act with the arkham mutants. Like I said I really like the action scenes. I especially liked Ra's Al Ghul's fencing style against Leo.
>>638373 hows zz these days?
(18.06 MB 1280x720 Rise of the TMNT The Movie.mp4)

>>640131 >>640139 It's a whole lot better than this shit.
>>640163 The whole deal with that art direction was that the animators supposedly watched a lot of Studio TRIGGER productions and got inspired by their style. This trailer, much like modern TRIGGER, barely has any Imaishi influence, so it looks like they dropped it over the years.
>>640163 hate that the turtle silhouettes barely resemble turtles. Love the pencil brush though.
>>640163 >>640139 Holyshit just look at the difference in tone, balance in artstyle. It could've been good, colors looks nice but somehow the turtles look calarts puppets. And no doubt with generic muffled rap music in background and it will be trying to be edgy and dark while being laidback and full of references
(3.43 MB 427x240 cupsouls_parody.webm)

(711.80 KB 854x480 the people are retarded.webm)

(805.96 KB 720x720 1636594069112.webm)

>>639313 >Xmedia >>639404 >Grab yourself libaom/SVT-AV1, use the formula in the guide to calculate video bitrate at a suitable audio bitrate and go to town with as many quality options as your CPU can handle, just make sure to get a recent libaom/SVT-AV1 version as they've gotten hilariously fast compared to their early days. Example webm was originally 85mb. I do not recommend using ffmpeg's built-in AV1 encoding wrappers as they are in my experience slower than the reference encoder, lack many speed/quality optimizations and have bugs with bitrate seeking that further degrade video quality. Oh and remember to pipe raw YUV frames to aomenc via ffmpeg's yuv4mpegpipe instead of making 200GB raw .y4m videos as suggested by the enclosed instruction book, the encoder won't display how many frames are left to encode that way which should be an acceptable sacrifice for anyone who doesn't want to rape their SSD/clog their HDD. Thanks I'll give it a try
>>639622 >The fuck. Why is the audio bitrate so high for Opus? Reencode it to 48kbps. Anyways, you'll have to encode it at ~640kbps for video. AV1 is great at ultralow bitrate encoding but not that good, so downscale it to 540p to get good quality for the bitrate parameter and pass along a -qmax parameter of 37 or 38. I just really liked the audio quality and used the default options on youtube-dl, usually I just change them around until I get a decent file size but I can't do that in this case. >>639856 ouch at that last one, too real
(650.74 KB 640x310 Meals Ready.mp4)

(10.68 MB 960x720 dragonball-kart-64.webm)

>>640155 It's honestly not so bad. Some threads are really active and full of quality posts. Keyword "some". It's usually just two or three active threads.
>>639183 >Writes something on the girl's back. >Punchlines. Solid belly laugh for 5 minutes. These dubs are great.
>>640218 Deep fried to avoid copyright.
>>640201 So kinda like here. Might check them out >first webm Where are all the lewd artists coming from? I swear they popped up in numbers during corona
>>640250 Telepurte
>>640251 Is that a french site? Fucking frogs never disappoint in lewds. Didn't knew we had frenchies here
(101.14 KB 1089x399 Untitled.png)

(425.00 KB 640x360 66 It works.mp4)

(945.85 KB 1920x1080 Telepurte.webm)

>>640252 Telepurte's some artist who decided his calling in life is making animated shorts on youtube every single day of a year and a bunch of them are lewd within the confines of youtube. And you know what, god bless him for that. I'm not a furry, but he draws some really nice cat girls. I wish he'd do more of the buff tigress.
(70.68 KB 600x708 364.png)

>>638927 That is samothethief, aka chaosmix, aka dario. He has around for a while, mainly doing sonic meme mods and he eventually went to work on more general and experimental things as raytracing injections. https://nitter.net/dariosamo/status/1532736513183731713? https://yewtu.be/pih_k_HsygU
>>638404 >FlippingDingDong is an amazing animator He was gatting alot of exposure with chris on oneyplays but he moved away so he quit the show.
>>640259 >Nigga did you expect a single soul here to actually understand that? I got bits and pieces. I think it translates to this >Wait a minute, I'll take into consideration the context and your IQ. >Yes. Your opinion >You can shove it up your ass
>>640254 >>640253 Oh thanks. Guess the virus got him to quit his job and follow his dreams. Post more. >>640259 Look at this pleb who can't handle true protein. Look at him and his weak genes. Many people cant handle rawness in eggs, guess you're one of them
>>640259 >Nigga did you expect a single soul here to actually understand that? Did you weasel your way out of the mandatory h8channel language crashcourse for aspiring terrorists? The tardwrangler in charge of the lesson was a CIA qt and I took her out for dinner. (shit was SO cash)
>>640259 MC would be dead ten times over.
(39.02 KB 880x846 be5.png)

>>640287 I once ate scrambled eggs as part of an egg promotion day in primary school. I threw up in the toilets for a good 30 minutes before being sent home. Raw eggs are just something I can't eat.
>>639992 "metahuman" is such a gay term, it doesn't even make sense. Just call them superhumans, or is that offensive?
>>640295 Jews rule the american comic industry, superhuman relates to "übermensch", triggers their jew glans.
Would anyone happen to have that INFINITY NEXT TRADEMARK webm?
(5.34 MB 512x282 infinitynext.webm)

>>640250 Despite some objections from anons, zzz and here really aren't to different. >>640369 here u go qt :3c
>>640373 the ones doing that are dramafags, playing on both sides. Majority here don't care at all and browse freely
>>640423 Correct
(13.74 MB 1280x720 not_so_angry_loli_demon.mp4)

(6.94 MB 640x360 small_angry_loli_demon.mp4)

>>640200 Opus sounds near-lossless to most people at 96kbps.
(366.56 KB 559x775 dick stars.png)

>>640310 >glans
(79.09 KB 1280x439 Elves lol.jpg)

>>638933 Sorry for the late reply but many thanks!
(495.68 KB 1920x1080 What size is your Oppai.mp4)

(1.62 MB 720x720 Mom Jeans Chun-Li Shorts.mp4)

(961.18 KB 1280x720 Sayonara NIgga.mp4)

(4.95 MB 1280x720 Dudley.mp4)

(49.20 KB 1280x720 Vader No.webm)

(9.54 MB 480x360 Mordernized Finnish music.mp4)

(1020.04 KB 960x540 Delicious Tears.webm)

(499.06 KB 640x360 engineer gaming.webm)

>>640250 >>640253 Quick question, how do you guys exactly find out about the source of webms/songs? I recall there being some shitty applet once for the latter, but often I'd like to find where clips or parts of webms are taken from. Is there some sort of reverse video research or do you just autistically remember every single video file you find? >>640255 Many thanks >>640259 >Nigga did you expect a single soul here to actually understand that? I just found an arabic Kira/Kawajiri to be funny because, y'know, bombs.
>>641194 I just cropped images till I got a result from reverse image search. A keyword or the like is usually enough to narrow it down.
(13.96 MB 640x360 Confession of Judekhanzo.mp4)

>>640163 Powerpuff Turtles Edition, looks like shit. >April is a nigger Flush and move on, TMNT is old dead shit anyway.
(5.17 MB 640x360 psa golf cart.mp4)

>For their latest heist in Payday 2 which added the golf cart, Overkill gave it the Longfellow (car) speed but with the forklift hitbox.
(523.71 KB 404x720 Streamer factory in china.mp4)

(13.30 MB 1920x1080 SF6 Third Strike.webm)

>>641655 >audio is a crucial part of this audio-visual medium Thanks Dunkey, couldn't have figured that one out myself.
(812.20 KB 1280x720 JESUS CHRIST.mp4)

>>641825 That is the most revolting thing I have seen all month.
>>641825 Chun Li looks like the joker mixed with a Chinese goblin
>>641825 Is this audio real? How do they keep REGRESSING?
>>641835 It's SF3's audio over SF6's visuals. SF6's soundtrack is even worse.
>>641838 This.
>>641835 It's 3rd Strike's audio because I really dislike what the actual audio is like.
>>641843 >Bringing back the faces from Soul Calibur. Why.
>>641844 why not?
(6.40 MB 640x360 battlefield_theme.webm)

(4.97 MB 1280x720 Sunset.mp4)

>>640260 Really? I don't follow Oney all that much (only the Nostalgia Critic parts which slap me on the knee), which videos/streams? >>640373 >>640508 Yeah most of the drama is usually /cow/-goons tier shitposters, leftytrannies/polfags or users from that soyjack website. Anons either cross port, don't know of the other websites or are apathetic to what happens there. Some have misconceptions about either site, but it's the minority. >>641198 >I just cropped images till I got a result from reverse image search. A keyword or the like is usually enough to narrow it down. I see, many thanks.
>>641655 I really don't get this faggot. Half the time he's taking the piss off of terrible games or at people whose opinion he doesn't like, which is fine, but then he goes into these autistic videos that do the exact thing that he's accusing other people of doing by being overly critical of the medium. >>641820 I am not really tilted by this, or by the videos of people in China celebrating the death of Shinzo Abe with rave parties, but I still wish that whichever world power will take over swaths of Chinese land better do what the English did with Hong Kong by completely erasing the pre-existing culture and replacing it with the conqueror's plus a mix of the good parts of the older one. >>641843 >>641825 Not gonna lie, I like the idea of dynamic intros, but why does it cut to random facial expressions? You're not even taunting the opponents, you're basically reenacting the characters' morning routine in front of the sink's mirror.
>>642015 Dunkey is one of those people who get up their own ass about film People who like film shit too much tend to be (or become) pretentious in general due to its pedigree He used to just be a funny guy who liked video games but now that he's a big shot he has to let everyone know he's totally smart and has a big brain now I think it's also the fact that he moved to California years ago, and got in with the mainstream "cool" California fag YT crowd at that time and gradually became less and less funny I would say around the middle of 2018 was the last time he was still consistently funny/decent
>>642009 >Really? I don't follow Oney all that much (only the Nostalgia Critic parts which slap me on the knee), which videos/streams? I'd recommend one of their crash bandicoot, kingdom hearts or F-zero x videos, those are some of the best Oney/Dingdong/Julian era videos
>>641832 Yeah, Luke's Popeye arms are pretty gross.
(233.99 KB 1564x1564 Chun Li 4 5 and 6.jpg)

>>641835 That's SF3 audio which is ok, but if you think that's bad, SF6 is 10 times worse.
(10.55 MB 640x360 MGSV God Hand.webm)

Anyone have the webm from Watch_Dogs where Aiden walks around and shoots people based on the profiler information? I saved it a few years ago, but I seem to have misplaced it during a fresh install.
(3.88 MB 500x280 woman Nick Gurr.webm)

(5.63 MB 1440x1080 Rally Morning.webm)

(998.89 KB 352x624 japanese mentos.mp4)

>>642023 My issue is that up until he was making fun of "gamers" and "gamer culture" and Kojima in general he was pretty fun to listen to, now I can't stomach him. It reminds me so much of Rockcock64 and TheBestGamers. For as much as I will praise him for telling it like it is for Fez, Minecraft, Skullgirls and for making the Scott Pilgrim guy close down his forums (not to mention how they made a rad forum to help Gamergate refugees back then), he's become the same kind of sad fuck he used to make fun of.
>>642129 >Panties over garterbelt. The correct way to do that.
(11.78 MB 960x540 Youre pretty good.webm)

>>642110 Thanks, anon. You're OK
>>642115 >at worst a 6/10 I've seen many chink whores with better faces than that, you must be delusional her nose alone disqualifies her from being upper mid. Combined with her lips and makeup it simply does not look good. Her body seems fine (for now, assuming they don't censor it between now and then which is honestly likely) but I wasn't talking about her body.
(3.83 MB 320x240 1655713798245.webm)

Does anyone have the webm of chris rock's stand up comedy where he goes, There's a difference between a black man and a nigger. I thought I saved it but can't find it.
>>642194 Uncle Ruckus approved.
(6.65 MB 640x360 History of Rhodesia.mp4)

(6.17 MB 1152x648 Malcom X names them.mp4)

(23.15 MB 1920x1080 nagatoro sus.mp4)

>>642198 The Boondocks is such an underrated show. It and King of the Hill are much more of an American show than The Simpsons ever will be. What I don't get is how could the original comic book strip be so fucking bad when the animated series is such a gem? The Johnny Rebel episode got me good, I thought he was some sort of parody of slightly racist Southerners, but apparently it was a real musician with a real cult following. >>642215 Best written character in the entire show, but I also like Tom Dubois a lot since he's a stealth attack against modern yesmen black folk. If you think about it, for all the talk Uncle Ruckus does, the worst he's ever done to other black men is force them to roleplay as slaves, whereas Tom's entire career was about sending blacks to be anally raped.
>>642217 Goddamnit anon, now i'm rewatching boondocks and i already had about ten episodes of OP for my daily backlog.
(690.63 KB 828x458 Yoshikage Shapiro.mp4)

>>642015 >Half the time he's taking the piss off of terrible games or at people whose opinion he doesn't like <then he goes into these autistic videos that do the exact thing that he's accusing other people of doing by being overly critical of the medium. What is Dunkey accusing other people of doing, exactly?
(3.21 MB 640x358 8chpilk.webm)

(30.85 MB 960x540 GGXrd_arcade_boss_supers.mp4)

>>642450 >What is Dunkey accusing other people of doing, exactly? Of being entitled and complaining when games aren't good enough, or that people don't share their own opinion. Basically Dunkey's types go like this: they begin by making fun of an easy target or of people who act like babies on the internet, they slowly build up cred as this "tells it like it is" guy, then they use their position to pretend to be the smartest person in the room and, when attacked, they go back to the first step, rinse and repeat. Usually they go out with a bang once someone finds out what makes them tick, like that British MS Paint guy (GradeunderA) with the two stick figure blokes complaining about stupid shit. I thought the whole chronicles were lost to time since Mumkey Jones was the one to document it, but it was such a fucking wild ride. I hope a lot more of these "content creators" would just receive the same treatment. https://invidious.projectsegfau.lt/watch?v=uzyXrzuJn3k
>>642689 >that video Honestly the more I learn about any eceleb drama the thoughts that come to mind are always simultaneously "Wow this is fucking hilarious I wish I had seen this trainwreck live" and "Wow this is fucking retarded and I hope I never get to this point being on the internet".
>>642704 Same. I don't give a shit about e-celeb or VIPs drama, I do like when someone that is "internet-famous" disappears (and with it a bunch of trends they helped popularize). And I like myself some trolling and griefing, especially if it's done to people who can't get a joke.
>>642955 Not everyone is an american or a nigger, anon.
>>643046 whats the difference?
(2.51 MB 1280x544 decolonize.mp4)

>>642198 Holy shit, I thought that was the rareware logo on the second webm. >>642955 >She has less booty than me and I'm a scrawny 100 pound manlet. Oh yeahhhh? Prove it.
>>642997 If you watched everybody hates chris, you see that him and his family suffered alot from niggers nigging about, to the point where his father standing near the door with a bat to protect his family was an usual sight.
(5.95 MB 720x480 dukecall1.webm)

(30.04 MB 408x306 Hardware Wars.mp4)

>>642997 Again, watch The Boondocks, anon. If you don't want to listen to niggers complaining about other niggers, you can always just watch the one episode with Martin Luther King Jr. (I don't have the webm anymore, can someone please re-upload it? You know, the part where he complains about niggers to a crowd of them) >Can't even host an Emmy's in the FIRST AND ONLY TIME in history as a black man, cause a nigga will ALWAYS find a reason to start shit and commit a crime even smack dab right on stage for the world to watch. The Will Smith incident is actually even more dastardly: it's a case of FEMALE emotional abuse on the part of Smith's wife. Yes she does have a condition, but apparently she practically whores Smith out and even forces him into NTR and being cucked for her own amusement. It's a double Nigga Moment. >>643130 Please, also watch Africa Addio, I have never felt more ashamed of our parents' generation. They decolonized people who were still in the Bronze Age of civilization and left them to deal with an industrialized, ideology filled world, killing animals, people and even themselves over it just so that the West could pretend to give a damn about the Africans. We should not have left there for at least another 50 years.
(1.45 MB 854x480 Soldier of This Server.webm)

(4.48 MB 480x360 Modern AAA Game Trailer.mp4)

(5.16 MB 1280x720 cats in sunlight.mp4)

>>643179 Is the show any good? I watched a few clips and I found Chris' real voice monologues interrupting every scene to be kind of grating, but I really liked some of the skits. The guy from the Old Spice commercial was really funny and endearing as a character.
>>643429 i watched it back when it was airing, it was fun. And yeah terry crews does a great job.
>>638377 that gex thing is amazing
(4.21 MB 1280x720 PL Scream.mp4)

(8.77 MB 1280x720 Chris Avellone.mp4)

(9.67 MB 640x360 terry sings black sabbath.mp4)

(2.26 MB 1280x592 pipe shotgun.mp4)

(1.88 MB 1152x648 terry DDR.mp4)

>>638373 >third one I remember reading that webcomic years ago. Have they gone woke or said some retarded shit in the meantime, like all the other good ones have? >>638395 >second one I remember when I actually had a jewtube account and was subscribed to him, good shit. Then, Google+ came and I fucked off, I saw the direction the wind was blowing and I was right
>>643519 I only know third one from Newgrounds. What was the webcomic like and can you still find it online?
>>643746 If you follow the site link at the end of the webm, it used to have pretty similar line of humor: several characters would often get into situations where the punchline was crude humor and amateur sex jokes, often relating to internet culture like you've seen with cunthwald there. The author said that this was an "adult" webcomic only spiritually, and that he and his readers were probably manchildren, he embraced that rather well and just did whatever he wanted to. Wasn't aware he did animations, but that's the kind of humor he was known for If he or the comics are still active, I hope he hasn't said any stupid shit or backed BLM or other marxist groups, I remember liking Awkward Zombie too but then I realized the author was a kike and she had the BLM/Anti Trump/Environmentalist school of thought, even if she rarely talked about politics on her social media and never included any of it in her webcomic. Even then, you remember that the author you like/liked is a twat, despite the fact that you still like their work, not really a great feeling but undertstandable if you like their content(Civvie 11 comes to mind, he makes great videos but he's an insufferable SJW, he unfortunately lets it slip in his videos, too). Would be nice if one of the people I followed before GG didn't turncoat and started acting like a retard like so many others did at the time
(20.03 MB 1280x720 Hypno Spa.mp4)

(802.61 KB 1920x1080 girls.mp4)

(8.31 MB 480x360 fuck 'em.mp4)

(786.15 KB 1280x720 Morshu says the N Word.mp4)

(5.12 MB 640x360 Wise Sage The Musical.mp4)

(1.25 MB 1920x1040 Major Kusanagi.mp4)

(16.52 MB 640x360 Lifeguard Juri.webm)

(5.45 MB 1920x1080 misato walk.webm)

>>644262 I hate you for that. >>643927 I've seen that gif before, where is that animation from?
(4.75 MB 1920x1080 Gravity is a Harness.webm)

(4.69 MB 1920x1080 Idling Near Evil.webm)

>>644270 >I hate you for that. :^)
(93.28 KB 1024x443 EKzG5_QU0AEmUet.jpg)

(163.68 KB 700x1138 PBF-The_Report.png)

(571.57 KB 1000x1408 all-right-copy.png)

(82.93 KB 600x600 static1.squarespace.com.gif)

>>644011 >If you follow the site link at the end of the webm, it used to have pretty similar line of humor: several characters would often get into situations where the punchline was crude humor and amateur sex jokes, often relating to internet culture like you've seen with cunthwald there. The author said that this was an "adult" webcomic only spiritually, and that he and his readers were probably manchildren, he embraced that rather well and just did whatever he wanted to. Wasn't aware he did animations, but that's the kind of humor he was known for That's neat. Gotta check it out at some point. I was more amazed by the fact that somehow this video hasn't been taken down on youtube, except the only version I could find was a russian reupload. Do the ruskies inflict fear upon the algorithm? > I remember liking Awkward Zombie too but then I realized the author was a kike and she had the BLM/Anti Trump/Environmentalist school of thought, even if she rarely talked about politics on her social media and never included any of it in her webcomic I used to read it a lot but then stopped all of a sudden. In retrospect, Awkward Zombie has never been funny, it was the most by-the-book "what if real life logic applied to games" shit, with an extra unnecessary reaction face per comic. A couple comics were nice (like the TF2 ones) but more smirk-tier than hearty guffaws like with someone a la "Hark! A Vagrant" or "Basic Instructions". I wouldn't be surprised if most of these people were leftists or hypocrites, but then again I don't really care so long as the comedy is fun. I mean, The Boondocks was written by an actual bona-fide Black Marxist, but it's fun because it's not afraid to swing at both sides. I don't know if there's a right-wing equivalent of that, Stonetoss is kinda like that because he doesn't take himself seriously, but a lot of the time the comedy is derived from leftists' reactions to him rather than the actual comics. That greek guy is skilled but not that funny either. Which other webcomics would you suggest, anon?
>>644096 Damn, 4th webm has a really good line splicing, especially given how little Morshu actually says in the game. >>644273 Reminds me of Dr. Steel for some reason
>>644316 What a cool music video, reminds me of some of Caravan Palace's stuff.
(4.79 MB 848x464 Santa.mp4)

(2.38 MB 640x360 video_2021-03-13_18-56-07.mp4)

>>644317 Used to really like Carvan Palace back then, I don't follow music folk all that much though
>>644096 source on 2nd?
(7.40 MB 1252x720 pikachu-firework.mp4)

Volume warning.
>>645114 I wish he would've died right then and there.
(323.57 KB 640x360 monkey discovers fire.mp4)

(3.77 MB 1280x720 hitlersketch.webm)

(751.59 KB 368x188 hulk.webm)

(2.74 MB 1920x1080 nigdrummer.webm)

(3.63 MB 854x480 ComedyNight.webm)

(1.06 MB 720x480 DJ.webm)

>>645499 >>645487 >>645395 At least post the actually funny ones like the pirate complaining about niggers on the ship
(4.25 MB 640x360 dik habit.mp4)

(4.68 MB 320x240 Eat Dat Watermelon.webm)

(7.39 MB 1280x720 WHERE THE IDOLS AT.webm)

>>638446 what anime is that vampire hunter thing from
>>645537 >Triplekyun Bastard still owes me a sketch commission
(740.44 KB 384x288 f12689720.webm)

(2.96 MB 850x434 facerig.webm)

(4.42 MB 800x600 copy_kitty_boss_2-4_hard.webm)

>>645537 The title of the movie is Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. I also recommend just Vampire Hunter D, the older movie.
>>645662 I need to know if the second is a guy or a girl
>>645742 >It's an anon posting I'm going to say there's about a 97.6% chance that's a dude.
(114.36 KB 640x480 HE'S FAT.mp4)

(1.33 MB 480x852 0-2633962293999.mp4)

(2.27 MB 554x554 67676767.m4v)

(6.61 MB 1920x1080 main reason to play terran.mp4)

(2.87 MB 720x404 You Feel It Too Don't You.webm)

(1.35 MB 322x400 Literally Sonic.mp4)

>>645742 It's a man, baby >>645771 What's the music in this one? I know it's famous but keep forgetting about it. >>645871 Okay that one was pretty funny
>>645959 it's a nocturne by chopin
>>645959 >>645960 It's the end of United States of Eurasia (+ Collateral Damage) by Muse
(6.72 MB 640x360 recoil.webm)

While we're begging, does anyone know the source of this tune?
>>646007 Brodyquest by Neil Cicierega
(9.43 MB 1280x720 pitbull.mp4)

(8.36 MB 1000x564 de_chrstchrch.mp4)

>>646008 Thank you kind anon. Have doggo. :DDD
(5.71 MB 320x240 Francis E. Dec.mp4)

(7.67 MB 1920x1080 BROOKLYN.webm)

(1.05 MB 640x360 12 game overs.webm)

Here is a great channel if you want to clip a few memorable webms or mp4s: https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UCgnPgGFT3fRVkXKL59iFDzQ This dude is a hard leftist leaning "video essay" grifter. You know, the kind that makes a 2-3 hour videos on a game so that the algorithm shills him. He sucks at the games he covers tho, openly admits to him using cheats or hacks to "get the videos out faster", and more importantly, spergs out HARD AND LOUD about politics in his videos. Good example of that, and a place to start, would be his Splinter Cell and Deus Ex videos, where he cries about: >Trump >Nazis >Russian Hackers >People who don't wear masks >Evil 4channers >"White Nationalist Virgins" >GamerGate You get the point. You could be listening to him talking about how well crafted the setting of Deus Ex is, and how the devs basically used real world conspiracies to make it more believable, only to be assaulted by him having a rant about how these GOD DANG GAMERGATERS ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN THAT NONSENSE, WHEN ALL OF THIS IS JUST MAKE BELIEVE FICTION THAT HAS BEEN DEBUNKED BY FACT CHECKERS, or get to the plot of the game, viruses and vaccines and all, and start having a panic attack about "cheetoh dust covered white nationalists" not taking covid seriously and crying how important it is to wear a mask. There is so many of these moments, it would make for a funny webm compilation if someone clipped it, I am too lazy right to do it myself(and too disgusted to watch his faggy content, he straight up says he is GLAD that your companions die at the start of Baldur's Gate 2 for example, as if that's a good thing. Imagine being friends with that marxist faggot)
>>645941 >Playing Starcraft at all
>>645941 >Playing Starcraft at all
>>646262 if your ability to not fuck up your posts is a reflection of your taste in games, nobody should listen to you
>>646217 Why would you subject yourself, or suggest anyone else subject himself, to this?
(3.08 MB 1280x720 METAFLEXXIN.mp4)

>>646268 Starcraft is shit and I made the post with a higher res video
>>646291 funny rants about how splinter cell's story is an allegory for russians hacking the 2016 election, for example or something to post in the lol thread There is possibly much more to this guy than what I described as well, he's actively sperging on his twitter account and there are plenty of videos I haven't watched yet(baldur's gate one specifically just had me clicking off his video as soon as I could, applying the same soyboy argument of "forgetting the last product and get excited for the new product" when it comes to human beings you spend time with, got to know and could possibly call friends or even more, and then casually talking about how you're glad they're dead and that they suffered in their last moments of agonizing torture, just fucking made me mad. Dude is a typical marxist piece of shit thru and thru, not sure why he's grifting video game shit specifically when he's a failed law degree britbong that fled to california) >>646295 what the fuck is this
(8.08 MB 1280x720 Trepang2 - Minigun.mp4)

>>646297 >what the fuck is this? The future
>>640260 I think that's a different ding dong, given that he commented this on the gex video.
(15.02 MB 1280x720 Delet This!.mp4)

(7.78 MB 1280x536 You Will Be Happy.mp4)

>>646297 >what the fuck is this It's an "animation" created by the jewtuber from pic related. He also made this, which I think is the only good thing from his channel.
>>646616 This makes me want to play Shadowrun Problem is the first one was eh, people said that Dragonfall and Hong Kong were way better but I dunno, tried the former a bit and it was okay but story's getting kinda lame-feeling
(12.88 MB 854x480 You Will Eat the Bugs.webm)

>>646295 >>646616 Are modern memes just the result of a stroke or something? You look up "eat the bugs" and it's all shit along the lines of this. >>646625 If you didn't end up liking Dragonfall I doubt you'd like Hong Kong or the various fan-campaigns. I admit I thought Caldecotte was higher quality than the vanilla games but they also contain a lot of eyebrow raising moments, mainly the whole racism angle which while present in vanilla wasn't so highlighted, to my recollection.
>>646628 Maybe cuckchan figured out the best way to reach people's brains en masse was to literally treat them like (ironic) children and go to the lowest common denominator and shortest attention span >didn't end up liking Dragonfall Its more that I'm a bit apprehensive of the story now that it's starting to be explained, I'm still pretty much at the beginning I think When playing story-based games I want the themes to have some kind of meaning beyond shallow shit and the previous game kinda disappointed me (though it might come with the territory I think; there hasn't been one cyberpunk work I've truly enjoyed yet, but Shadowrun was at least tolerable in a lot of ways and good enough to keep me entertained) It feels like they're all just mostly hopeless shit or commentary about how vapid and shallow human interactions have become, but without any meaningful solutions Its more like "isn't this interesting, this might be our future, look at how shitty everything is!" Rather than the kind of shit I was more hoping for, like some freedom fighting shit or something along those lines, I dunno
>>646633 My recollection of the good story bits from Dragonfall were your party members. Eiger in particular starts out as an ugly, overly vindictive bitch that I grew to really like over the course of the game and one of the bad endings being you completely fucked everything, the world's infested by unstoppable aliens/cosmic horrors that humanity can't even touch and is slowly being consumed into extinction although I can't for the life of me recall what lead to those events.
(7.16 MB 640x360 Bannon does good.mp4)

>>646628 He literally just reuses the memes to make a political standpoint layered in irony. It's geared towards youngfags in their late teens and early 20s.
>>646641 There is nothing wrong with that, and not the first to do so.
(7.65 MB 640x360 liru gawker.webm)

>>646655 I never said it was
(3.01 MB 1280x720 1412848374844.webm)

>>646729 >>646769 CoH2 is just as bad as Starcraft
(3.23 MB 1280x720 No, You're NOT A Gamer.mp4)

>>647046 The sad part is that original post wasn't satire I think
>>646628 Those aren't memes, they're dystopic short films containing memes.
>>646587 Is that a bathroom line and political protest? It's hilarious.
>>641655 That recreation of DK Country's audio was fantastic.
>>647521 You made me watch a fucking dunkcuck video just to be left dissapointed.
>>647526 As soon as I heard his fat nasally emasculated voice, I turned off immediately.
Did the mods delete someone who called him dunkuck (or something), could swear there was a post like that
(6.39 MB 1280x720 A Civil War game.mp4)

(26.36 MB 1280x720 Jean Giraud - Blueberry.mp4)

>>644567 PEAR哥
(1.37 MB 640x452 Smurf Accounts.mp4)

(1.41 MB 640x360 Forza.mp4)

(650.35 KB 426x426 Monkey Joker.mp4)

>>646769 Good lad >>646781 Ghiaccio == AVGN is the best thing to come out of modern Jojo, I didn't know how much I needed it until the fanarts started dropping What is it with Japs and AVGN? I recall there being so much fanart on Pixiv, which is real niche for a western made web original.
(6.81 MB 640x360 RIP_Doom.webm)

(3.25 MB 640x480 where's_the_vidya.webm)

(7.73 MB 854x480 This_is_a_game_furcadia.webm)

>>647653 More Flippingdingdong please maybe the one with black Wehrmacht soldiers
>>647653 >PEAR哥 ah, thanks
(3.46 MB 1280x720 Modern WWII Games.mp4)

(8.07 MB 960x720 Trailer Annie.mp4)

(5.30 MB 960x720 Home by Christmas.mp4)

(4.13 MB 854x480 Dueling Plumbers.mp4)

(929.07 KB 854x480 Platform Protagonists.mp4)

(481.76 KB 514x360 NQf2QTLJazrfz47N.mp4)

(806.14 KB 404x720 strange new journey.mp4)

>>648341 Eh reh?
>>648210 >>648341 fuck off with this tikitok shit
>>648358 Smartphones and their consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
>>648358 Incredible webm, too fucking true. Did you make this?
>>648358 I'm fucking angry and it's just a joke site Why the fuck won't websites allow the use of both layouts, reminds me of how Youtube nowadays is so shit that video streams load before the rest of the page, so you're stuck listening to the first ten seconds (heaven forbid if you forgot to put the adblocks on) at whatever audio settings the site wants. >>647964 Thanks
(16.49 MB 640x480 5 o'clock charlie.mp4)

>>644270 >I've seen that gif before, where is that animation from? Mazinkaiser
(4.47 MB 1920x1080 AT-cm_1242280327.mp4)

(639.07 KB 852x480 AT-cm_1243437393-480_1.mp4)

(3.24 MB 852x480 AT-cm_1245275752-480.mp4)

(4.35 MB 852x480 AT-cm_1277821072-480.mp4)

(2.22 MB 852x480 AT-cm_1279779245-480.mp4)

(4.67 MB 1920x1080 Dore_Funniest_Moments_1.mp4)

(8.69 MB 1920x1080 Dore_POP_stream.mp4)

(5.31 MB 1280x720 Dore_the_Jackbox_Bandit.mp4)

(3.18 MB 1920x1080 ForJack.mp4)

(3.92 MB 852x480 AT-cm_1258271626-480_1.mp4)

>>648879 >That sneaky George Floyd at the bottom Shat bricks
(3.70 MB 1280x720 Joel Sees a No-No.mp4)

(78.44 KB 1024x1024 friend wont ask again.gif)

>>648900 Good to see that twitch didnt ban jobel because of that.
>>642009 Dingdong streams on Picarto sometimes under the name TimothyT, it's mostly just programming stuff and occasionally VRchat. Julian streams there too under the name RubberSkunkAgain where he'll draw and occasionally play old cartoons when he's taking a break. Sometimes you can catch them streaming together. >>648907 I don't see why they would, it wasn't his fault that someone used that name.
>>642029 Honestly the ones ding dong edited during that time were some of the most creatives until lyle started editing further down the line, they have that early youtube feel to them with adding random shit for you to spot all over the playthroughs. >>648910 >I don't see why they would, it wasn't his fault that someone used that name. They banned vinny because a scene in blade runner showed a nipple briefly.
(7.99 MB 720x404 vinnyshowshistruecolors.mp4)

>>648900 >big name streamer is also a politically correct faggot I expected no less from the same guys who brought us webm related
>>648927 You do realize that they live off that and they cant go around yelling nigger if they dont want to get kicked off the platforms they use, right?
(5.29 MB 1920x1080 yooooo.mp4)

>>648931 He could have just remained silent but instead he had to poo-poo "that mean ol' racism" and say it's a trademark of children in multiplayer games. Plus there are a million other streaming sites that won't ban you for half the shit Twitch bans you for. Also to this naive fag >>648910 .mp4 related got her banned cause an operator entered her stream and yelled nigger a few times.
>>648916 >>648933 Twitch sounds like a shitty crack den of bias moderation and insufferable streamers. I've been meaning to dive down that rabbit hole but don't know where to start. >>648927 Vinny seems like he deeply hates streaming but still does it because it's his only source of income. Back when he would drink on stream he'd lash out quick jabs at the audience that seemed unapologetically spiteful. I remember back in the day that Joel used to say faggot a lot when he was just starting out, but I can't find any clips of him doing it. They're probably still in the old streams on his channel but I don't feel like digging through hundreds of hours of streams to find it. I understand that they're reeling their true natures in for the sake of their carriers, but they're still boot licking niggers.
>>648882 This shit is fucking hilarious
>>648948 He probably subconsciously realizes his streaming career is a house of cards and he will quickly and unapologetically be forgotten in only a few years' time, that is assuming he doesn't get prematurely banned for slipping up on stream - which implies he has to censor himself often when he goes live and that's really fucking over his comfortability which will affect his motivation in the long run
>>648927 It baffles me why so many faggots on this website suck this guy's dick.
(7.80 MB 1280x720 EldenRingDick.mp4)

(3.60 MB 1280x720 dumbassstreamers.webm)

(3.66 MB 1280x720 1649753705998.webm)

>>648955 People on many websites suck the dicks of e-celebs some used to be cooler and different from the others and people remember them fondly for it especially if they've been around a while; I never paid attention to that Vinny guy but I know some people did >>648927 shit taste
(5.38 MB 1280x720 E-102 Gamma _ The Search.mp4)

(4.08 MB 1280x720 THANK YOU WARNER.mp4)

(19.13 MB 432x320 Dating Sim.mp4)

(1.17 MB 854x480 Bores 'n Doors: Mike.mp4)

(20.60 MB 1280x720 Tinychat The Movie 1.webm)

>>648958 >>648879 >>648880 >>648882 >>648886 Where are you getting this shit man? I need this stuff back in my life, haven't laughed this hard in like 3 years
(27.57 MB 1280x720 Tinychat The Movie 2.webm)

(3.82 MB 1280x720 discord.webm)

(758.51 KB 640x360 peter muskrat discord.mp4)

(1.85 MB 488x302 Peter Muskrat Army.mp4)

(759.30 KB 720x404 Peter.webm)

(3.04 MB 1280x480 Jordan Peterson.webm)

(3.29 MB 426x240 rashastronk.webm)

>>649037 >Dude that's n...eh eh eh ...ot funny, why do people make this shit My sides
>>649037 Wow I can't believe disney let seth funny man macfarlane say that, maybe family guy truly is good again
>>649029 What the hell is this?
(3.23 MB 1280x720 z0mby.mp4)

>>649050 Counter Strike griefing junkie from the Goron City sect of myg0t spends his last days showing off his dick to other junkies before ODing.
(3.07 MB 640x368 average Touhou fans.mp4)

>>649052 How long has z0mby been dead for now? Over 10 years?
(4.31 MB 854x480 /v/_for_vidya.webm)

>>649099 Watch the video again and learn to read you fucking goober
(13.24 MB 1920x1080 Man in Heated Debate Online.webm)

>>638298 >>648927 >>648948 >>648954 I think this is the deal with pretty much any breadtuber past a certain point. They either are irredeemable faggots who sniveled their way into other communities, or they realize how precarious their position is so they try and avoid stepping on anyone's toes while trying their best to achieve enough edge to look like they're some sort of counter culture icons. So far the only one that won't be immediately forgotten the moment they get canceled or get too political is MoistCritikal by the fact that he played it extremely smart by having as much content as humanly possible and putting his fingers in literally every pie in the bakery. Even if he's booted out of all the internet-related bullshit he does, he's still got hundreds of thousands of hours of "reaction" content that is co-monetized by other people, has enough funding for his own e-sports team, at least a warehouse he can use for IRL stuff and royalties off of his stint as a voice actor.
(25.07 MB 640x360 The Great Weave Forward.mp4)

>>649028 Full disclosure: A lot of the old griefers (goroncity remnants, myg0t, team gamerfood, etc) have all moved to discord channels for making new operations and griefing more people/games. I got those particular webms straight from the source. I don't like using discord but in this case I'm doing them a favor by archiving anything they post. Very few of them use anything other than jewtube to upload stuff.
(127.42 KB 1280x720 (very loud) MY ASS IS HEAVY.mp4)

>vidya griefing Are you guys 15 years old? It's even worse if you aren't.
>>649052 So many griefers from that era were total trainwrecks of human beings. I think you to a degree have to be with the amount of effort it takes, borderline sociopathy. z0mby is a famous example but a lot of them were similar, living on welfare or being depressed junkies. The saddest thing is how many of them still do it despite being like, 32 now. Being a le ebin trole might seem cool when you're 14, not when you're of fatherly age. That's just sad.
>>649315 >>649323 Sensitive faggots. Theres nothing wrong with griefing, its just another way of playing a video game. Most of their targets are scum of the earth streamers and vtubers anyway, so they deserve to be griefed. I consider it a civic duty.
>>649325 >try to play a game that needs cooperation in order to win >theres always a retard trying to be le ebin trolle >WHATEVER, ITS HOW I HAVE FUN! >in consequence, noone gets to have fun because of the one retard that has to shit all over Yeah no.
>>649325 Are you going through your routine programmed response? I didn't moralfag, I think people who actually give a shit about griefing into adulthood are losers. You probably are as well with this defensive reply lel
>>649327 Just for you anon I made up an epic way to avoid gettin griefed <join a different server or play a different game temporarily Done, EZ. >>649330 >normalfag term "loser" being used I'll bite the bait. How exactly are griefers/griefing fans "losers"?
>>649001 First one is some sick animation should have cut to 9/11 though, source on first webm? Also what's the name of the third webm's cartoon, never seen in my life. You just reminded me of the rabbit hole behind the live action Scooby Doo movies and how they were thought for a teen or even mature audience originally. >>649037 The racist pirate's one are the best >>649315 To be honest shock images as griefing is really low. The funniest shit is exploits that ruin compfags' days. I remember back when Meet the Medic first came out the MtM taunt would cause slight lag issues, but sometimes the birds would get stuck to small ramps and the particle effects could stack, so you could repeatedly taunt at the very tip of a ramp, fall off while letting particle effects and birds stack until the server just crashed or it lagged bad enough to get people mad at you.
>>649369 By definition, shock images ARE exploits. Especially in Jackbox where you arent supposed to be able to upload images anyways.
(76.60 KB 192x282 MEDIC.webm)

>>649297 >Discuck Shame, thanks for sharing anon >>649315 >>649323 >>649327 >>649330 Get the fuck out
>>648948 I can remember Joel making a lot more no no jokes back when he first started, like drawing Hypno in a happy merchant pose in one of his Pokemon doodle streams.
(5.62 MB 1280x720 Cx.webm)

>>649469 They were absolutely flooded by Redditors and Twitterfaggots and that's pretty much their main audience nowadays. They have to eat, they have been doing this for more than a decade and they absolutely hate their audience. I can't even blame them https://yewtu.be/watch?v=TIZrHe-93WU
(1.21 MB 640x360 911_in_1_a_press.webm)

>>649529 I'm getting too old for the internet dude
>>648927 He certainly did not like playing through the sequel trilogy in Lego Skywalker.
>>649369 >source on first webm? Ranon on YouTube. >Also what's the name of the third webm's cartoon Toonsylvania. Mainly remember it because of the Burger King toys.
>>649561 Its an inside joke, don't worry.
>>641655 Winslows Galaxian is marvellous. >>641825 Truly awful, they've just gotten so bad and so far away from their roots they'll never get back.
(5.92 MB 720x720 Bebop_Seinfield.mp4)

(4.60 MB 1920x1080 Our guy.mp4)

>>649286 >MoistCritikal Did you hear what he said on his latest stream? Check it out.
>>648948 >>648927 The only streamer who I think is probably not a fag is Bro Team, and they got kicked off of Jewtube.
>>650156 Holy shit I've always wanted to hear him say these things, you've made my dream come true. Could you do James Rolfe (AVGN) next? I'd love that!
>>649618 Thanks >>650156 Just a heated Gamer Moment
>>650170 >2nd How tragic.
(14.64 MB 1920x1080 Painkiller.webm)

>>650243 There's nothing I miss more than the era of FPS where you were encouraged to jump around like a monkey because not only was it fun to do but the MC had a very distinct HUUuh or HUP sound to their jumping.
(15.03 MB 1280x720 How to play FarCry.webm)

(13.41 MB 1280x720 How not to play FarCry.webm)

>>650250 Painkiller is literally NuDoom but not shit as the levels are big, there are more than 12 enemies on screen and they all have physics along with the shittons of props. The progression system is also great as it's completely optional and based on challenges instead of unlocking basic shit you should already have.
(2.05 MB 1920x1080 thank_the_baker.mp4)

(3.00 MB 850x566 Samantha Wright.webm)

(3.55 MB 256x256 blk floyd swift.webm)

>>649325 >Most of their targets are scum of the earth streamers and vtubers anyway, so they deserve to be griefed While I 100% agree with this, I feel that shock images for the sake of shock images are not really funny. The goatse VR + Ducktales nigger remix though, that one is original and wacky. I mean, I get what you're saying but I just find the reaction of some random idiot streamer getting teleported back to the start of Dark Souls ruining his run thanks to exploits much funnier than the expected reaction to something people don't usually wanna see. >>650182 The real tragedy is the guy who made those sanitizing his channel for "growing up".
(4.35 MB 480x360 MLG_8chan.webm)

(608.24 KB 400x400 Cat Meat.mp4)

>>650355 Unfortunately that middle tomboy is a coalburning racemixer. Sad state.
>>650459 good times
(405.52 KB 640x640 Cool bug Fact's.mp4)

>>650355 >(((8kun)))
>>650477 I'll never understand why people get so high and mighty against eating certain animals bugs notwithstanding because fuck that noise but have absolutely no problem eating cute cows and piggies.
>>650811 >1st True patrician music
Kind of a long shot, but does anyone have that one MGS GZ meme speedrun with the trucks? I lost most of my webms in a hard drive failure.
What's the difference between webm thread and LOL thread?
>>650811 I find it incredibly funny that advertisers have more respect for the source material than Jewllywood, likely because the guys in advertising are actually in touch fans instead of groomed soylards and Gen Xers that are hired due to cronyism and forced upon with ESG shit.
(10.47 MB 640x360 BASED BLACK MAN.mp4)

(1.36 MB 1280x720 Fucking Based.mp4)

(2.27 MB 854x480 Diminishing returns.webm)

(9.14 MB 824x1108 moai.webm)

(7.00 MB 848x848 IMG_5262.webm)

>>650995 >I find it incredibly funny that advertisers have more respect for the source material than Jewllywood, likely because the guys in advertising are actually in touch fans instead of groomed soylards and Gen Xers that are hired due to cronyism and forced upon with ESG shit. It's more likely that advertisers know that they need to grab the attention of whoever's watching them, raping their memories might be good on a technical standpoint since it gets people talking but being respectful gets them talking even more.
>>651159 God I fucking hate that first image, it's completely misleading. What he's doing is the same as going into photoshop and increasing an image's size, then going "LOOK SEE A BIGGER IMAGE DOESN'T LOOK ANY BETTER!" You're not increasing the resolution, subsurf modification only interpolates, it doesn't magically add new details. You can see this is how weird and rounded the 60k looks.
>>651171 And this is how someone decided to "remaster" the graphics in the 3D GTA Remasters.
(7.03 MB 1920x608 Memes are Beautiful.webm)

does anybody have new vegas boone boone boone video?
(29.77 MB 640x360 Interceptor 650.webm)

(27.00 MB 640x360 cb500 pov.webm)

(31.31 MB 640x360 cb500 on Stelvio pass.webm)

>>650256 Part of me really wants to appreciate either Nudoom2016 or Eternal but I just can't get behind the execution of how they handle resource management, the canned animations, the one hit kills/defanging enemy mechanics or just the way the guns generally feel. Thanks a ton for that Painkiller webm though, I decided to give Quake a break and reinstall Painkiller Black and it's still super fun. It's weird though, I don't recall Trauma difficulty being unlocked from the start so I decided to go Nightmare for a first run attempting to unlock all tarots before moving onto Trauma, that's how I recall the difficulties being unlocked. Are any of the other Painkiller games worth playing? I don't think I've heard or played any of them beyond the original.
>>651743 No, only the first one is any good and every other one lacks in terms of level and enemy design. Even the Expansion pack that comes with Black is fucking dogshit outside 2 or 3 levels that don't make up for how absolutely shit the rest of the Expansion is.
>>651931 The level design gets worse as it goes on? I was already not a fan of how Painkiller's first stage was just getting funneled from arena to arena.
>>651983 Nah, Painkillers level design goes from toptier to pretty shit, but the majority is pretty good. The issues come with the later Expansions and games, thosehave truly awful level and enemy design.
>>651717 >>651729 >>651731 I thought these were going to be laowhy videos some American who lived in China and married a yelo but hurried her and his halflings back, he used to make rather comfy videos of himself and friends riding bikes in the dystopian Chinese countryside exposing shit and shitposting, nowadays he just makes clickbait videos on whatever's happening in China >>651792 They really don't make toons like that no more.
(4.18 MB 620x392 it_was_always_9.webm)

>>651931 I guess I can call it quits after the Trauma ending then, what a shame. Hopefully by then any of the FPS games I've had on my radar for a while are released, but if not I guess there's always Arcane Dimensions since I've heard nothing but good about that here.
>>652185 Best castlevania is nathan graves
>>652199 Best Castlevania(Julius) doesn't even have his own video game.
>>652207 but nathan grave is the only non-belmont to kill dracula and it;s a long ass fight.
>>652208 To be fair you had Morris and Lecarde, unless you count Morrison to be an indirect descendant of the Belmonts. Circle of the Moon is a gud game, I'd like to replay it at some point.
>>652211 >Morris and Lecarde I remember that Konami started having devs who hated the whip by the time SotN was in production but they never even had the thought of >hey wait, we've got this spear that's supposedly good enough to do the Vampire Killer's work, why don't we expound on this Seriously. Is the Lecarde Spear the Spear of Destiny? Is it a more recent creation? What are its origins? How the fuck did the Lecarde family get that thing? And how often do they break it out of its sacred stasis vault? When the fuck did they team up with the Belmont clan or just their branch families? How many times have they dispatched unholy monstrosities? I don't know, but it could've been cool to have some lancer Castlevania games.
>>652216 Wasn't just Konami and it wasn't just hating whips. There's a fangame where you play a Lecarde, it's really fun game but the only weapons you get are swords. Not the Lecarde's spears, or even a whip, or a mace, a sword. I hate that so much and not just in castlevania. Swords are cool and all but there is such a variety of cool medieval weapons that anyone could pick and choose from. Spears, polearms, halberds, maces, hammers and spikes, daggers, flails; part of the reason why I really like Infernax's good path over evil is that you get to use a mace in that.
>>652211 >To be fair you had Morris and Lecarde, unless you count Morrison to be an indirect descendant of the Belmonts. Don't they explicitly say that Morris is actually a Belmont? What bugs me about Bloodlines is that they have you play as Johnny Morris, to reference the novel, but a way better reference would have been having you play as Quincy Harker, Jonathan and Mina's son that's named after Quincy Morris, and is actually in the novel. If you wanted to do Dracula: The Next Generation, he would be the obvious protagonist, instead of making up a new son of the old protagonists. But I guess if you used Quincy Harker, and treat Quincy Morris as the guy who actually landed the final blow on Dracula, then one of them wouldn't be a Belmont, and at that point, it was only Belmonts that killed Dracula. Except in Castlevania III when you can kill Dracula with 3 non-Belmonts. So nevermind. They could have just said Jonathan Harker was a Belmont instead of Quincy Morris. So long as he was there, it counts as a Belmont winning. Since if you play Castlevania III, no way you're landing the final blow as Belmont. You're definitely using Sypha, if you have her.
(7.10 MB 320x256 yakuza_cat-1.mp4)

>>642009 God, i miss when /cow/ used to be more than just the Ethan Ralph megathread and the occasional bitching about Sargon and Gamergate(who the fuck even cares about them anymore, even the gg thread at this point is more a softcore porn dump.)
(30.81 MB 640x360 Punchdickia.mp4)

>>652850 It makes perfect sense when you think about it A community of autists cataloguing and observing the lives of even worse autists (and said community coming from a pedigree of shitposting and trolling) was bound to devolve into nothing but shitposting and retardation Especially if anyone did anything on the internet did things similar to them; they either became beloved, hated, or both (and as a result, taking sides and a part in the drama) Regardless the anons would follow every dumpster fire until eventually they were caught in one themselves
>>652856 I assume that is Assalieri, looking at his channel, he doesn't seem to have changed hist style all that much in over 10 years, for better or worse. I am also surprised that he kept at it, even with sometimes less than 1000 views.
>>652031 Yeah these are not laowhy vids, they're from a german guy who does no commentary, engine + exhaust sounds only, bike rides vids. I know laowhy from his chinese rant vids, well less rants and more informed 1st hand videos while he was living there. Not a provocative or even racist guy. Really showed you how Chinese govt views other foreigners. Maybe now since he's away from China he can't have 1st hand info about how the chinese feel about recent coof and stuff. I just wanted to share some bike ride videos, preferably with good sound and ambience since I like them. If you like bike pov stuff tell me i can show you others as well.
(1.59 MB 320x320 a tik tok dance.webm)

(1.29 MB 640x640 C A T.mp4)

(1.28 MB 512x384 It's my life.webm)

(5.71 MB 1280x720 Time For Crab.mp4)

(115.66 KB 640x640 Croc.mp4)

(562.34 KB 320x320 where da mystery gang at.mp4)

(8.94 MB 854x480 ロッキーRocky_XXVVIII.webm)

(1.73 MB 830x720 misterlizard.mp4)

>>652919 I really appreciate these sort of videos, I keep them as references for sound design And the laowhy guy still gets at least second hand info from his wife's family and friends. >>652850 /cow/ is still on alogs, but to be honest they've stopped being fun a long time ago. Frankly the only places left on the webring that are worth browsing are anon.cafe, /a/, /animu/ and zzz/v/. >>652876 The realest channels on Youtube are the guys who never get more than 10k per video but keep posting shit nonetheless, there's a programming channel called thenewboston that has like thousands of videos and keeps updating every one or two months with new shit and it really warms my heart. >>652974 Been playing TF2Classic so much I forgot Demoman has stickies, the Dynamite pack is so fucking good and even though it's easily countered by ignoring it or just wrenching it/shooting at it to throw it away, most people don't even notice it and keep walking into my Looney Tunes traps.
>>652873 As someone who has vaguely dipped their toes into this shit after being really amused by the portugal beatdown I'd suggest just laughing at it and not getting 'really' involved in any way. One lets you have a mild chuckle at the expense of like 20 minutes a day, the other apparently leads to all sorts of mental gymnastics, insanely expensive donations to retards on the internet and utterly autistic behavior in order to prove your internet nemeses are totally reprehensible people while you/your internet friends/(for lack of a better term) your internet daddy are perfect in every way and paragons of chivalry and righteous behavior all under the very honorable battleground of intellectual powerhouses that is internet slapfights. I think the funniest part is when it somehow involves actual fistfights or boxing matches, somehow even people like Sam Hyde are involved in this shit looking like a super secret fighter in a PS2 game and I can't help but just laugh at how comical this all is. Plus you look at the dedicated user of say /cow/ or kiwifarms and it really makes you want to take a step back and ensure you never end up like this. God bless them for milking the lolcows but at some point it just becomes sad. >>652978 I'd say smug/tg/ is really worth looking into to, if only for the manga thread since you like both /a/ and /animu/. They've got some really good recommendations there like Soara and the Monster's House.
(1.54 MB 1280x720 infinity never.webm)

(7.24 MB 640x480 AttractModeLunarSegaCD.webm)

Anyone still have anything from all the Infinity next bullshit? Aside from a few webms and a pic of the formatting it was going to use, i don't have much left from it myself(The lunar intro was part of a sticky they had up when Null switched /v/ over to the new software for a day.)
>>652876 >>652856 Thanks, I fucking love it This is what made Jewtube great
(3.06 MB 1280x720 Enjoy Infinity.webm)

>>653225 >>653297 Why did we let the tranny win the IB software wars.

(6.12 MB 640x410 summon night 1.webm)

(4.27 MB 640x380 gage ass pack TRAILER.webm)

(4.77 MB 640x360 1451981590618.webm)

(6.65 MB 640x360 1451981616070.webm)

>>652873 >>652876 I'm not convinced, looking at the board it seems more to me like at some point(probably before 8chan fell iirc) the userbase was replaced almost entirely. Like i don't know how to explain it, other than to bring up that their Chris Chan thread of him going to JAIL(something everyone and their mother was talking about) barely got any attention, whereas the ralph thread gets a steady stream of posts. >>653297 'preciate it m8. >>653305 Because they pretty much won it by default.
>>653225 I had an old mp4/webm which was taken when it was still being developed poking around on the /miku/ board and showing some features, but unfortunately I think it's just on some old HDD I don't have access to currently. Have a couple more bumpers and 8chan reacting to Plumpf getting elected before everyone became disillusioned with him.
(11.71 MB 1280x720 8 NOV on pol.webm)

>>653620 >8chan reacting to Plumpf getting elected I personally prefer this one, especially the quote at the end. >Dedicated to all the anons we lost along the way, they live on within us. We will always be shitposting with them.
>>653622 and that was only a year after the jimmening. if only they knew how bad things could get.
(5.17 KB 159x124 1441311768883.jpg)

>>652185 We will never get good animations like this again.
>>653316 the fuck are those last 2 webms? Were they paid-for commissions or by actual femanons? I know there was a chunk of them and girl-dedicated boards but I have no idea about many of them existing or not aside from the odd few that pop up here and there. >>653225 Surprisingly good singing, surprised the english singer pulled that off, especially with how constrained the lyrics were when converted to english (also its working designs though)
>>654311 Okay Peach doing the dishes in the pillory got me good
>>655104 >voat tshirt ironic
>>655103 >>655104 >>655129 Cardboard tripe taking up useless space. Posting some actual OC to wash the taste out.
>>638739 You know, maybe I'm going against the popular opinion, here, but I salute this brave young man for following his dreams.
(3.22 MB 854x480 letterkenney shorsey.mp4)

>>638914 Fucking Shoresy always makes my sides hurt.
>>638914 >>655308 From the Letterkenny spinoff, Shoresy.
(5.44 MB 1280x720 chad vikings.mp4)

(11.06 MB 960x720 anime fist of the allstar.webm)

(2.83 MB 854x480 ramsay spaghetti.webm)

>>655308 Wasn't sure what giving him his own spinoff show would accomplish but it was far funnier than the actual show even at it's best(Besides the really unfunny shit like Sanguinet's "hype speeches", that one episode with the foster brothers and the return to more or less having entire sections of an episode dedicated to music video bits). Watching the brodude hockey players giving it their all for a really shit tier hockey league is warming even if I don't know shit about hockey. >>655325 Ah you fuck, I was going to post that second video.
>>655329 >Wasn't sure what giving him his own spinoff show would accomplish but it was far funnier than the actual show even at it's best Less woke, so far. I started losing interest in Letterkenny when the native gal called Wayne to tell him she aborted his baby and his only reaction was something like "As is your legal right." Didn't ring true to the guy we'd seen up to that point. Then there's that gargoyle who works the bar and is constantly oozing gargoyle sex juices at him. >>655329 >Ah you fuck, I was going to post that second video. Give yer balls a tug, titfucker.
(1.14 MB 1164x656 Vita's last surprise.mp4)

(688.13 KB 480x360 Batter is sorry.mp4)

(10.98 MB 1920x1080 GianaSisters2.mp4)

(3.54 MB 854x480 eye bleach not included.webm)

(2.46 MB 480x360 belt leather belt.mp4)

(6.96 MB 426x234 pajeets vs elephant.mp4)

(3.75 MB 1280x720 anime I'm at soup!.webm)

(1.04 MB 360x360 antifa play of the day.webm)

(345.80 KB 452x480 lotr faceplant.webm)

(10.89 MB 640x360 smug dance.mp4)

>>653620 that is still one of my favorite webms of all time. always brings a grin to my face.
(3.03 MB 214x120 Soy Rant.mp4)

(1.44 MB 854x480 Stronghold in 15 seconds.webm)

(2.61 MB 318x170 Wolves in Black.mp4)

>>655336 Letterkenny's biggest issue is that its funniest parts, Wayne and the hockey players, are constantly watered down. Wayne has to share screentime with his sister who's only there to look hot(and stops being so the second she opens her mouth and there are far hotter actresses in the later seasons who don't show up as much), Dan who's entire gimmick for jokes eventually boils down to "I'm dating/seeing a very fucked up woman" and "Muh SJW professor" and Darry who's nothing but unfunny awkward jokes. Gail(The bartender?) completely unfunny besides the one Gladiator porn parody she re-enacted. Joint Boy/Tyson(The muscled men Wayne fights in the first season)? Meatheads aren't particularly funny on their own. The meth-heads? Complete fucking killjoys. Meanwhile the hockey players, the coach and shoresy are fun in small doses but they keep fucking it up. It's kind of funny seeing Riley and Jonesy go on these dumb tangents trying to find all the ways they can say the same thing and then having someone poke fun at them. It's not funny when it happens at least 3 times an episode. It's funny seeing the coach go ballistic as his only character trait, it's unfunny seeing the coach's character trait be "I have a dead wife and I'm sad". Those five hockey players were kind of funny for a while and then they rightfully got rid of them, but they can't be bothered to get rid of the clones of Riley/Jonesy but gay, or the two charisma vacuums that are the two female hockey players. The funniest episode in the series was the spelling bee one because it actually just took the funny traits of characters and applied them to a theme, which is all the series needs to do. Instead it focuses on a lot of situational comedy in which it's not funny the majority of the time and it just takes up fucktons of time. Oh and I'm not sure if you got to that point or not but there was one season, it was absolute shit(funnily enough I think it was the one with the spelling bee episode) where they introduce a character named "Hard Right Jay"(played by one of those no-name comedian jews who showed up a lot in rom-coms in the mid 2000s). It's exactly what you expect and it's the absolute fucking worst the series gets.
>>653622 >inspired by boston salt party 2.0 all these years and I didn't know that about this webm I miss /pol/.
(7.17 MB 480x270 anime 'Sorry, Jerry'.webm)

(591.12 KB 582x720 3217148.mp4)

(4.75 MB 1280x720 gangsta hotline.mp4)

(5.90 MB 1280x720 Watame can't believe it.mp4)

(21.35 MB 720x480 hololive specialist.mp4)

>>655353 other smug dancing
>>655237 Fucking beautiful, getting Hitman GO vibes it's honestly a really good mobile game >>655346 What was the point of OFF anyhow? Something about a divorce? >>655351 Was expecting to see her run over lol
(5.73 MB 1280x720 012X0Sn9oGEAj3cu.mp4)

(11.92 MB 640x360 FNFSage.mp4)

>>655522 That's fucking amazing. The amount of love and dedication some FnF mods get is impressive. It must be where all the internet's creative energy went to after flash games and newgrounds (essentially) died.
>>655485 >What was the point of OFF It's kind of whatever you think. You could see OFF literally or allegorically.
>>655537 The mods and their music are much better than the actual game's content Some faggot here made a fucking Mark mod for it
(5.90 MB 320x240 Brotherman Bill.mp4)

This was an old meme on 8/v/'s plug server. I wonder what happened to those lads.
>>645114 This guy's really something.
>>656178 Dude threatens to rape women on stream but the pikachu firework is what ended his career, that hilarious. A white guy acts this batshit insane on Twitch and he's gone within a week yet no one bats an eye at this dudes behavior because a nigger acting like a nigger isn't a surprise.
>>656178 I want ishowspeed to show up on thug hunter
>>656202 it's cause twitch mods dont want to watch niggers.
>>655522 >>655537 Is FNF even good? All I hear is people from >the_bemani_community shitting on it because its original code is full of spaghetti and the beats desync from the music constantly, but I really know very little about it other than it's really hard, really moddable and has really grating voices to go along with the admittedly cool music. >>655650 I've played it and really hated how pretentious everything felt, but the music was some of the tightest shit (especially the part where there's terrified people whispering in French used as ambient) and it's probably as horror an rpg can get without becoming goofy like that purple yanderedev guy. Also I really, really wish to know what's the name for the art style used for those old timey illustrations.
>>656270 What kind of fucked remix of Gypsy Woman is #3? It is funny though >Is FNF even good? Not really, but it was a dumb Newgrounds game. For some reason teenagers went apeshit over it even though they're not old enough to understand 90% of it. The inputs drop constantly and like you said it's not synced with the music, it's terrible as a rhythm game but it's popular with the kids.
>>656108 An old vidya4chan meme too, any old v4c fags here?
(29.90 KB 479x434 4717398.jpg)

(30.81 MB 1920x1080 CLOWN_TOWN.webm)

(9.85 MB 426x236 OlderGamesAreBetter.webm)

(4.50 MB 360x240 Endgame-iCSp0DEFM7M.mp4)

>>656274 Thanks for posting the original music, I liked the beat but not so much the remix. The line is from a character from The Boondocks (pic related) who is indeed a pimp but insists that his full name is "A Pimp Named Slickback". Not Slickback, like the entire line must be repeated and that's kind of the joke. Apparently I inadvertently found the original remix too. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=5VANE6ifvDg Also thanks for the tip. Got any good and maybe even obscure Rhythm Game recommendations?
(30.24 MB 1280x720 Mojibri.mp4)

>>656294 >Got any good and maybe even obscure Rhythm Game recommendations? I've got a few, don't know how obscure they'll be. Parappa the Rapper (obviously) Um Jammer Lammy Vib-Ribbon Mojib-Ribbon You've probably heard of all of these except for those last one, which is actually a sequel of sorts to Vib-Ribbon. It never released outside of Japan so it remains very obscure. All these games were big influences on FNF, and Parappa the Rapper practically invented the genre. Another interesting tidbit is that all these games were made by the same person, Masaya Matsuura.
(5.56 MB 720x720 1639102106014.webm)

(3.77 MB 576x576 Taxi_Driver_I.webm)

>>656297 >Mojib-Ribbon Looks really coool, thanks. Isn't that character sort of a meme? I recall Chulip having characters whose faces were the ideograms used in their own name.
>>656297 >no Rhythm Heaven games
>>656319 get the fuck back to tiktok
>tfw slow shit satellite internet >can barely load 1 webm
(1.66 MB 1920x1080 dodopapa.webm)

(2.70 MB 480x360 wide.webm)

Has anyone got any more like webm related? Any tips on how to make them?
(1019.37 KB 720x400 jontron but why.webm)

>>656649 >Any tips on how to make them?
(55.36 KB 500x493 jim carrey the claw.jpg)

>>656319 >Truman Show We all know that he left the stage, got grabbed by security, and was locked in a sound studio for the next 40 years doing the "commentary" on all the DVDs, right?
(20.88 MB 640x360 lawsuit incoming.mp4)

>>656670 For trolling streamers, obviously
>>656678 >Video He's a piece of shit but if he actually throws a real lawsuit against Twitch I hope he wins because twitch is fucking horrible and full of his type of people.
>>656678 That streamer is a mountain of salt. Getting that triggered over some streaming service must require some kind of autism voodoo.
>>656688 Funny thing is he rambles about people forfeiting their rights to free speech by using twitch without realizing that by using twitch himself as a work tool he basically forfeited all his rights.
(7.21 MB 1280x720 Daisy’s Hyper Strike.mp4)

(6.13 MB 1280x720 Thoryboard.mp4)

>>648348 Chiitan is is the hero that will save /v/ from the tiktok menace.
(3.52 MB 852x480 chii-tan OP.mp4)

(1.20 MB 640x360 wooo.webm)

>>656727 A brave hero and /v/'s savior.
>>656319 Truman Show is very underrated and legitimately the best Jim Carrey movie by a long shot. I really wish Jim Carrey would of played in more serious role like this before he just became the wacky funny guy.
(16.45 MB 720x480 drood in the wood.mp4)

(13.52 MB 1920x1080 walk cycle.mp4)

(11.56 MB 1920x1080 Mystery Of The Droods 2-1.mp4)

>>656692 Was there any update to his story or is he just going to fade?
(373.24 KB 1051x871 twitter.PNG)

>>656794 He hasn't posted anything on twitter since then, in fact he only has 7 tweets, so he's not active on that platform. On the other hand, he appears to be pro gun.
>>656751 I probably asked this already, but what program is being used to make these 3d models, pose them and animate them? Is it a blender preset or some h-game? I don't know why but it has a certain vibe to it that I can't see replicated anywhere else.
>>656857 It's a porn game called Honey Select 2 which comes with a 3D posing thing called Honey Studio as a bonus.
(28.85 MB 640x360 On Your Mark.mp4)

Does anyone have that webm of Wreck it Ralph 2 saying they only found one website and it was Alex Jones. Right thread this time.
How many vidya/ads/clips do you recognize, /v/? sorry if it's a bit large it's my first reencoded webm >>656861 Thanks!
>>660105 Lemme try again with a less shite one
(3.06 MB 474x260 96fDqfQY_QZok8sG.mp4)

>ATF agent goes to a citizen’s house to harass him about a shotgun he’s apparently ‘not permitted’ to have >Citizen goes inside and calls police to say someone is at the door trying to take his guns >Police come and arrest ATF agent taken from twitter but made me laugh
>>661517 This is hilarious, typical of the ATF to employee entitled little wussy pricks like this guy. Apparently he sued those cops too.
>>661517 Good follow up on that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOInYwP8-Es Guy will probably be found in the wrong. Surprised the cops let him go without charges.
>>661517 Revenge for Ruby Ridge and Waco
>>661517 What happened is that the citizen told the cops on the phone that the ATF was someone pretending to be law enforcement and asked to have them to come over to remove him. The part about the guns was simply the context in addition to him saying there's someone waving a badge pretenidng to be a cop. Which is why ATF kept saying to look at his badge and that he's a federal agent and why they were continuing to ignore him. Really, people should call the cops on the ATF more often. May as well waste their resources if they're going to be wasting your time.
(13.49 KB 480x360 1463969486727.jpg)

>>661715 >half the comments going "COPS BAD LOOK HOW THEY TREAT FEDS"
>>661517 Holy fuck thats amazing.
(11.69 MB 1280x720 RULES_OF_NATURE Half Life.mp4)

(233.21 KB 480x270 What a shame.mp4)

(8.28 MB 480x360 In The Virtual End.mp4)

(934.75 KB 640x360 WII FIT STRIKER-.mp4)

(7.93 MB 1920x1080 Is that...Wojak.mp4)

>>661955 Kill yourself.
>>661961 It's wojak shit and should be deleted but the guy who uploaded that video has done some incredible videos that don't feature wojaks, I really recommend watching them. https://yt.artemislena.eu/watch?v=UrEUzKTt7j0
(7.78 MB 1280x536 You Will Be Happy.mp4)

>>661993 Have an mp4, and yes I agree the video was well made.
>>662047 MEDIC, NO!
(661.45 KB 1000x1000 ROFLMAO.jpg)

>>661517 Hilarious to see a glownigger getting arrested. >Don't do this! I have a medical condition! Fucking lol. >I'm hyperventilating! It just keeps getting better. >I'm begging you! This is too much. Fucking fed cocksucker can't even handle having cuffs put on him! >DON'T TAZE ME BRO! Pic related. I fucking died! Fuck feds. >I CAN'T BREEF! Feds confirmed for basically being spiritual niggers. >DON'T DO THAT OK! What pathetic cretins these anthropomorphic turds are. In short: DOCTOR PAVEL, I'M TAZED
>>662201 As a follow up to this, it really is a shame they didn't fill him full of lead. Would have been well deserved.
(31.87 KB 465x615 I NEED OXYGEN.jpg)

(426.90 KB 320x240 nigra falls.gif)

(34.92 KB 493x575 smug snail.jpg)

>>661715 >CALL THE AMBERLAMPS! >WAIT SIR, I CAN'T BREEF! This is entertainment. This is absolutely what entertainment is. >MUH CREEEDSS! I can't. It's too much and I can't watch this any more. I'll still keep going regardless. >He oughta be ashamed of himself He's probably some sort of yankeekike D.C. abomination, so he probably should. >BUT MUH CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS TTTTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The creds have failed, glownigger-kun. Please stop embarrassing yourself. >just let him yell I agree. Let the glowniggers impotently yell as they're brought to justice. To think the complete fucking retard was there in the first place because someone bought a shotgun of all things. How truly terrible that a pajeet would do such a horrendous thing.
>>662130 First one is jaw dropping good