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(215.16 KB 1067x785 anon proud to be a gamergay.png)

Meta Thread Anonymous 07/09/2022 (Sat) 21:54:11 Id: 5c9cb5 No. 640607
Keep all of the board drama, autism, site issues, feedback and shitting on the website administration here. Do not post about illegal topics, or you will be banned. Thank you.
>>656503 >he says he's here to epically own people >in the meta thread This is like shooting someone before throwing them out of an airplane >>656504 Its time to go back
>>656505 >you can't be a .moe regular if you don't suck mark's anus like I do LMAO fuck right off again looks like I was right >>656425 you know what, I am not going to defend this site anymore, it looks like it's detractors, including /cow/, are 100% right at this point about it. Congratulations, whomever was fucking with this thread a few days back, I wish them godspeed that they do it again, I wash my hands of this whole thing
>>656491 Now I'm really curious, how did Acid become a diaper wearing ginger calling himself Acid? Is /abdl/ also owned by Acid I know all the blacked boards are.
(526.24 KB 1248x2188 Banned for ''pedonigger''.png)

Really niggers?
>>656508 >le heckin gobackarinoooooo Lol.
>>656502 Does that make /cow/ our Aztec human sacrifice? They're already bleeding to death on the altar anyways >>656510 Nah, those fags have existed back on 8chan/8kunt too (along with various holes on the internet), they're a freakishly dedicated community and it would've been common knowledge if acid was related to them at all
>>656520 Why the fuck did /cow/ even move out of 8kun? It's not like they were as affected as /v/ was, they had nothing to gain getting out of there.
>>656522 because everyone else did and they didn't want to feel lonely.
>>656523 Well now they're dead, and seeing as how much grief, anguish and sheer butthurt the most dedicated herdposters have, I'd say that was a critical mistake. Jim would've welcomed them right next to the q-mers, there would've been a reason to have actual site wars with 8kun but herdniggers will, wait for it, follow the herd.
>>656520 so tell me, why does he wear the diaper
(29.32 KB 520x606 man ends.jpg)

fuck meta thread delete meta thread
>>656559 Shalom.
kek please don't actually go over there and give them any posts, they don't deserve even that >>656559 Don't be a retard on Sunday, and stop doing such impulsive things like that
im starting to think these losers are doing these themselves and posting drama no one gives a shit about on other sites just to get people from other sites to come here and "le epic trol post" based on the pathetic meter I would be surprised if they are NOT doing so
>>656559 Marky Marky! Jewcy Jewcy, Sugoi!
>>656572 >losers it might honestly just be a single autist trying to make their dead board care about this place again, only posts in that thread in the last 4 hours came from a single person
>>656575 NOT AGAIN
>>656520 >>656564 >>656577 >Giving them the time of day You're being lolcows, you fucking nerds. Get a life, lmao.
>>656559 ey Mark, can /av/ and /v/ be affiliated boards? =)
>>656594 how does it feel to be back to 5 PPH, hanging foreskin?
>>656601 >Board wars Lmao.
stop with the gay board drama why does this thread always become board drama imageboards don't matter don't take shit this seriously >>656600 what kind of games do you guys like I cannot speak weed
>>656602 the only posts you replied to were the ones pointing to how weak and pathetic their activity was. All I did was pull back the curtain on who they really were.
>>656603 Genshin Impact Kino Fighters Rance Minecraft Black Souls Halo
>>656600 sure!
>>656605 my condolences
>>656609 Cool! Thankies =)
I am not a bot, and I was not given the choice to appeal my ban.
>>656620 That sounds like something a bot would say
>>656637 I am not a bot, and I was not given the choice to appeal my ban.
And jesus fucking christ, attack reports to the bypass captca already. I don't care if you have to rape Lynx's mom in front of him, I shouldn't have to constantly solve captachas as if I'm an IP hopper in cuckchan just to tell the janitors to do their fucking unpaid jobs.
(26.42 KB 915x195 TOPIC DILUTION.png)

>>645050 >keep posting those supposed productive things regardless? Why bother when they are consistently ignored for blogposting, unfunny memes, irrelevant news and porn spam? I always liked the GG threads for how fun and loose they were, but since the migration to 8ch moe they are gotten remarkably worse and the balance of fun and informative has titled heavily to just being controlled by unfunny shitposters. Reminder pic related is literally in the OP. That said metafaggots derailing the GG threads to constantly concern troll and cry about their state are no better and one is a mega sperg that has poisened the well on this discussion. Doesn't mean the threads haven't gotten frustrating, and Mark's cowarding out on moderating them more was hilariously pathetic
>>656705 >Why bother when they are consistently ignored for blogposting, unfunny memes, irrelevant news and porn spam? I always liked the GG threads for how fun and loose they were, but since the migration to 8ch moe they are gotten remarkably worse and the balance of fun and informative has titled heavily to just being controlled by unfunny shitposters. Then make Mark enforce the rules about off-topic properly. He's allowed news general, and a lounge thread, and that still hasn't made GG productive again. I don't think shitposting and bad actors are the issue. I think burnout and a dying community is the issue. This isn't 2014 anymore, game journos being fucktardedly corrupt isn't fresh anymore, and neither are companies being pozzed, localizers being pozzed and censorious, or aGG having gov't connections. There aren't enough dedicated people and motivation to fight the power left. GG was a happening. It will not be eternal except as the boogeyman of leftist journos. I will continue funposting.
(289.78 KB 938x981 1510981804978.png)

>>656609 >Reminder than 8chan.se What did he mean by this
>>656708 >motivation to fight the power left The power left. Nobody cares about journos anymore except to laugh at them. It's even bled out into mainstream journos and not just vidya shit.
>Have some tabs open on tor browser for 8moe and PLW >Put computer to sleep. >Come back a couple hours later >Wake cumputer up >8moe gets connection errors every time, have to restart the browser to load any page on the site >PLW connects just fine without restarting tor This has pretty much always been the case as far as I can remember. Why?
>>656459 based /cow/
(49.26 KB 483x604 1470950666848.jpg)

>>656777 Why doesn't /cow/ make themselves at home here and create a board? Would make things more interesting.
>>656786 excellent idea, let's invite the pedos back while we're at it
>>656790 Let's invite EVERYBODY!! 8chan: Electric Boogaloo, here we come!!
(238.92 KB 600x338 weasel's-bad-day.png)

/cow/ards are hated by the rest of the webring for being a bunch of thin skinned pussies due to Julay and how they got trolled by a birdfag.
>>656798 They are glass cannons.
>Reminder than 8chan.se
Man, you motherfuckers are really throwing away precious years of your life in stupid bunker wars that don't mean anything in the grand scheme of things? Talk about pathetic
>>656834 This, we should all become one site again. I miss having /pol/ and /leftypol/ under one roof, bunker wars are stupid, board wars on the other hand are cool and very diverse, the different boards consisting of many people was exactly why /v/ had a huge userbase, we really underestimated how small the core audience would be when we migrated to .moe I'm just kidding obviously, I think board wars are retarded and just stresses out jannies but amuses many anons which is the only genuine upside but the damage and constant infighting worsen board quality objectively, this place is better now for VIDEOGAME specific discussion than it's even been on 8prime, just my opinion.
>>656846 >we really underestimated how small the core audience would be when we migrated to .moe thats because this isn't the core audience of people who want to talk about video games or else why did they get fractured into a bunch of different /v/s across the webring? >this place is better now for VIDEOGAME specific discussion than it's even been on 8prime, just my opinion. your opinion is shit.
>>656777 Based on what?
(39.74 KB 576x737 1472086136093.jpeg)

>>656859 Yeah yeah whatever, what I learned from my time on imageboards is that there's ALWAYS going to be that faggot who's not happy, or will never be happy with the state of the board in any capacity. It goes all the way back to halfchan with this meme, "remember when /b/ was good?" -- "/b/ was never good" I've learned to accept what this board is, instead of what I want it to be. As long as I can contribute and help shape it, as long as there are anons I can to about anything vidya no matter how niche or vague or even sappy, that's good enough for me.
>>656867 you're unironically better off on cuckchan of all places to "talk to anons about anything vidya" whereas this is more like a discord server for people who rightfully wouldn't touch discord with a 10 foot pole and thats why the vast majority of posts here have nothing to do with video games.
>>656870 >being so spiteful of your face, you cut off your nose and feed it to the dog Where's the non-vidya content? I see most threads are pretty on topic except /v/ culture and meme game threads.
>>656873 >Where's the non-vidya content? in the threads that have nothing to do with video games like this one where most of the posts go.
>>656874 >goes to the meta thread >complains about a lack of vidya Anon I hate to tell you this but you might be clinically retarded
>>656876 thats the thing I don't come here to talk about video games and neither do most people judging by where all the activity happens and what its about.
>/cattle/ assblasted over acidkikes pedofaggotry why are they so obsessed over pedos bros? is it something in the water making them sexually attracted to children? Why the hateboner for pedos on some moral crusade when they're a bunch of degenerates themselves? im not saying acid isnt a kike or that he is based im just asking why is /cow/ the degenerate board, so obsessed with degeneracy to the point of being one of those fags that screams loli = cp then is found to have cp on their hard drive lmao >inb4 some /cow/boy epicly screencaps this post in an effort to BTFO me
>>656882 Hi acid!
>>656882 They're jealous because we have 5 more users than they do, 5 cocks they can't suck. di/v/ersity wins agains baby!
(40.29 KB 600x400 1468796381792.jpg)

>now the (((lol/cow/s))) are resorting to claiming posters mocking them must be Acid Imagine going from laughing at CWC to becoming CWC.
(70.81 KB 379x387 HeroAcaOchakoChew.gif)

>>656789 >FAPPAN <Digital Puni Pedo! 19
I see the meta thread has fully transformed into the GG thread board wars are the dumbest shit, only engaged in by people who have literally nothing else going on in their lives I still maintain this thread should be pushed to /site/
>>656916 It's literally one guy on /cow/, I don't know why anons are posting screenshots or giving him the time of day. Why are you even lurking /cow/ to begin with? Putting so much focus on one autist is even more autistic.
>>656459 I'm actually surprised there's still people posting on /cow/ up to this day. I though they died long ago.
(436.82 KB 640x640 20160412162026.png)

(3.46 KB 150x106 150px-SM64_ScuttleBug.jpg)

>>656916 >>656924 It's just impressive how /cow/ has nothing going on in their lifes or a community big enough to harass e-celebrities and retards anymore, nobody pays them attention so they relegate to small scale shit like shitting up this thread. How the mighty have fallen, I remember they were in the top 10 in board activity back in 8chan prime, so I'm going to assume most of the userbase fizzled out into kiwifarms or became trannies and fucked off to lolcow.farm, that site migration killed them and the butthurt lingers in those who don't wish to move on.
>>656478 Is that Acid?
>>656922 Posting in the meta thread in the first place is like losing The Game. >>656918 If it was one guy, he was samefagging as multiple invidividuals.
>>656933 >>656932 >>656928 >>652504 >lolicon = CP >concerned about fictional children drawings >metadrama whining >ni/gg/ers checks out, its time to go back
(100.40 KB 720x720 1_in_a_million.jpg)

>>656935 >caring enough to give them a (You) I hope you were amused enough at least. I'm not, so I deny them (You)'s until they make me laugh or smirk. They have to EARN my attention!
(158.13 KB 551x1308 1606157552109.jpg)

>>656600 Stop simping Mark, you mongoloid. They don't even use /co/ and /a/ for discussing animation here, what makes you think they are going to post on your VN generals circlejerk? everybody who want to talk about videogames just use this board, and if they want to talk about weeb shit they just go to PLW or smuglo, boards that are by far better than any hispachan board could possible aspire to be.
(145.93 KB 391x449 PTSD.png)

>board war shit >boogeymen Is it 2018? This thread needs to be nuked again, gay retards will never stop fighting
>/cow/ is so run-down pathetic that they think this is worth reposting in their threads. Actually sad.
(247.81 KB 1850x431 zzzchan repost.PNG)

(155.72 KB 1843x344 Copypasted from zzzchan.PNG)

(111.13 KB 1283x331 Repost.PNG)

>>656975 Probably the same sad fucks reposting threads in both boards as well.
>>656966 you fags really need to learn what a raid is. 4chan going to tumblr and posting gore is a raid. this is just light shitposting at your expense and in the dedicated shitposting thread no less.
>>657012 >point out that threads were copypasted in thread >get banned wew lad, is some weenie hiding something or what?
>>657022 what post got you banned? I banned one guy for being niggerpill but not for pointing out its copypasted.
>>657024 not me, some other dude on zzzeddit posted his ban and others kekd at it
>error >error >connection failed >connection timed out >error What the fuck is happening to the site? some scriptkiddie shitting the bed again?
>>640607 >Reminder that 8chan.se exists, and feel free to check out our friends at: /av/ Here's a version of the message with working links: Reminder that [8chan.se](https://8chan.se) exists, and feel free to check out our friends at: [【Animanga & Games】](/av) [【INSERT BOARD HERE】](/URI of the board) [【INSERT EXTERNAL SITE HERE】](https://url.ofthe.site) The 【weeb brackets】are just for looks, and idea I took from /digi/.
You know, its actually really to Mark's credit that 2/3 of his meta thread is people from a different site bitching uselessly about 8moe's existence. The rest is still people being mad at Mark for various modfaggotry but it seems he really has gotten better. >pic related - the average herdnigger footsoldier
>>657050 I've always wondered where the fuck do people find the most cucked images of trannies out there, twitter? faceberg? do people unironically lurk those places to find the most cucked shit imagineable?
>>657045 Some fag was spamming the gg thread with that fat bald guy Q song shit. Might be that or the usual Ukraine vs Russia conflict fucking up the internet again. >>657050 >2/3 of his meta thread is people from a different site bitching uselessly about 8moe's existence The assblast about this place existing will never cease, as they clearly have nothing better to do. >image I never understood why they all make that same expression. It looks fucking retarded.
(281.66 KB 1781x2048 twitter commisions.jpg)

(25.40 KB 587x263 Twitter convo.png)

(121.26 KB 881x960 twitter icons.jpg)

(264.75 KB 540x701 tyranny.png)

(2.82 MB 1723x2436 twitterbleached.png)

>>657060 if you want to find the most cucked faggots out there you should go to twitter. thats where all the mentally deranged faggots go.
>>657065 I occasionally end up there to read something about current events or politics, then I'll be reading a thread and I find these people who have cropped trap hentai as their avatars, who have pronouns in bio and their entire feed is just gay porn, and they're always the most vocal users defending lefty ideology. A magical place.
(3.15 MB 1723x2436 tril.png)

>>657065 >bleached edit >guy is still clearly black on the phone's camera
>>657065 >>657155 spoiler, faggots.
>>657155 oh shit I didn't even notice that. >>657165 forgot about that, sorry.
(28.63 KB 268x262 bloopers.png)

I was banned for the first time earlier for seemingly no reason, the ban message was "Go back" I have no idea what post this might have been referring to, it's not on the logs. The only posts I think this could be about are maybe >>656959, >>645210 or >>649305, but that would be a really stupid thing to ban somebody for. Can any mods help me here? I'm really confused, I just want to know what I was banned for. My ban ID was 62e55bb8e941020d141abc34
>>657217 probably a TOR node
>>657217 I don't see in your history anything that justified a ban with "Go back" as a message. Either you caught an old ban (most likely, since the logs don't have a recent ban with "Go back" as the reason) or a mod with fat fingers accidentally banned you while trying to get rid of a post next to yours. The ban is gone btw, although I wasn't the one who removed it.
(3.44 MB 1920x1080 They.png)

>Localization made Juniper/Yuzurihia non-binary >There's a moment when the archer is addressed in singularity use they >However there is debate about this if it's out of context or not >Japanese media, so far, have not explicitly expressed either way (I think it's clearly a girl due to various factors but whatever) >ResetERA and the actual voice actress have been doing victory laps and are obnoxious faggots about it all over social media >try to discuss about it >"Archive of previous bread" faggot, the sperg who used to spam other boards with GG threads due to his numerous spergouts about the state of GG threads (seriously what the fuck compels someone to do this?), get's mad at me for bringing this up and accuses me of niggerpill >this is the second time ever I've been accused as such I think >mod immediately bans me and deletes my posts to appease the schizo Man the GG threads are becoming more and more difficult to discuss anything. It's funny too, I'm like one of the few people in that thread that regularly posts gaming news outside of the Poppy Playtime guy/Pokemon TCG guy (I think some anons give him too much of hard time, but I digress) It's like you can't post anything that might be negative or certain people will sperg out. I know niggerpill is obnoxious but his posting style is very distinct, confusing me of being him just because I brought up a very relevant, recent topic that is still now raging in ongoing debate is bizarre. Or maybe I just got caught up in spam purge, I don't know. it sucks to try to argue and discuss things that are clearly relevant to GG and you get banned.
>>657347 Sorry, I mistook you for niggerpill. The post you made was too similar to what niggerpill has been spamming for weeks (posts about XB3 being "an extremely pozzed SJW game", non-binary character and everything) and came from a fresh ID without previous history and an IP range he uses regularly.
>>657353 >Sorry, I mistook you for niggerpill. You didn't, another Anon (Who actually played the game) in the thread called out his bullshit.
>>657353 Yeah what I figured. Niggerpill always poisons the well of stuff I want to actually discuss and debate, since their relevant to GG. I'm salty but I'll get over it in a day. Guess I'll let the ban run it's course (it ends august 2nd). Thank you for listening to me bitch and moan.
I was banned for "bot" without the option to appeal the ban. >>657347 You already tried this in Xeno thread, and either you or niggerpill did so with the lowest effort retard tier sources of an unarchived no name, no likes/retweets twittertranny saying the girl is trans. Reeeetards claiming X character is trans because of one use of the word "they" while the bio and all other references to the character say "she" means fuck all. This holds about as much weight as Reetards saying a character is queer coded, or claiming shit like Naoto is trans. If you genuinely believe that one cap without context and without any other moments in the game to support this made up bullshit, then you are even more subhuman than niggerpill, because he at least knows he's lying.
>>657361 I've literally never posted once in the Xeno3 thread. Ever.
>>657365 Yeah, sure fag. Either way, you're still retarded, and that's a nothingburger hill you've decided to die on alongside negropill.
>>657356 I'm not so sure. It's not the first time there have been false positives and appeals of niggerpill bans from both Tor and IPs in the same range. For now I'll let that user defend his position in the GG thread, something the real niggerpill never does. >>657357 >Guess I'll let the ban run it's course (it ends august 2nd) Your ban was lifted. Your post in the GG was restored as well. >>657359 He usually hangs out on IRC. >>657361 >I was banned for "bot" without the option to appeal the ban. For the past few days a bot has been attacking the GG threads and other parts of the site via Tor and possibly proxies. You may have been hit by an IP or node that had already made an appeal.
>>657370 >Your ban was lifted. Your post in the GG was restored as well. Thanks. Sorry for ban evading but I was butthurt. I'll still keep a low profile since obviously things are heated. I won't bring up the Xeno 3 thing until at least there's a new development way down the line.
>>657370 >You may have been hit by an IP or node that had already made an appeal. It's happening a lot. >>657374 >Sorry for ban evading but I was butthurt. Not only are you stupid, you're a fucking pussy. Never apologize for ban evading, especially when you feel the ban was unjustified, and especially when you're ban evading specifically to discuss the ban in meta thread. What the fuck is wrong with you?
>>640607 Ey Acid, are you here? Can you please activate custom JS for /funkg/? Thanks
>>657380 >we suddenly have a popular Friday Night Funkin community That's the kind of niche board you'd see on old school 8chan, did you guys get kicked out of somewhere?
>>657384 Our general was going to shit so we looked for a new home
>>657402 Very old school 8chan in that regard, a lot of old 8chan's boards originated in that way. I'll never forgive the Watkins for that they did to that site, but at least we're rebuilding.
It was very merciful of you not to delete my shitpost about mario dubstep and instead merge it into the music thread, thank you.
>>657380 This thread is for /v/ meta, but you can send an e-mail to codexx (at) cock (dot) li from the address associated with the BO account and I will take care of it.
(39.02 KB 300x250 deebly.png)

>>657224 I was banned again, with the reason being "reportfag" What is going on? Am I catching other people's bans? Ban ID was 62e6d362137a5a7c329be14a. Again, this isn't in the logs >>657954 It's also helpful to point towards >>>/site/
(2.60 KB 640x43 Screenshot_5.png)

>>657954 Aight, thx!
(105.61 KB 900x600 Brute.jpg)

>>657958 >Et Codexx
>>657409 WTF did Watkins do?
>>658002 Watkins killed Q anon and fed him to the pigs, RIP Q
>banned >reason: bumpfag It was on PAGE 2 PAGE 2!!!
>>658007 kek thats what you get for being a necrobumper
>>658007 Did you bump it with a abhorrent shitpost instead of adding to the discussion or answering something? If so, you deserve it.
>>658009 >necrobump >this board is so fucking dead that bumping threads doesn't guarantee bringing them back from the dead better make sure anons don't try to revitalize threads and instead let the board die completely. I remember when this wasn't a rule because bumping a thread would immediately bring back discussion, now I can see why the rule is in place because that's no longer the case. That's still laughable
>>658017 Beat it pedophile. go GOOSH GOOSH somewhere else
>>658017 >revitalize Are you really just pretending there hasnt been a faggot going around bumping months old threads constantly for months adding fucking nothing then just shitposting?
>>658028 I appreciate the judge dredd roleplaying, but ive been mentioning it ITT for a while now. Anons create new threads and then it gets buried by the piles of old, months old thread that have run their course with faggots bumping it with absolutely nothing of value and then acting as if they arent doing it fucking constantly.
>>658029 >Page 2 is necrobumping Lmao.
(25.41 KB 400x400 1471051593007.jpg)

>>658025 It's not that serious, on the list of offenses, it's pretty low, regardless, read my post again, carefully. I said that bumping a thread doesn't guarantee it to bring back discussion, so all it's good for is bringing the thread to page 1 but then slowly have it slide back down again due to lack of interest, this wasn't the case on 8chan prime and was practically a non-issue due to rampant activity, seeing as that's no longer the case I understand why the rule has been put in place. I haven't really been seeing any shitposts, just bumps. If that anon is telling the truth, banning anons for bumping a thread on page 2 is going to kill this place faster than posting less to begin with. Why post at all at that rate?
>>658033 Nice IP hop, fag. >>658035 Anon, if you have absolutely nothing of wroth to add to a dead thread, why the fuck would you keep bumping it? >>658036 GG threads get to bump limits and eventually get move offboard, they dont keep getting bumped 2 weeks later with someone saying they love futacocks.
(9.90 KB 272x271 1368653875946_1.jpg)

>>658036 Yeah, but GG threads get new threads made on the daily. The solution seems easy, if you want discussion that badly; make a new thread. I'm thinking of making a Psychonauts 2 thread since "SJW Games" had its 5 newest posts purged yesterday because someone bumped it
(116.72 KB 268x247 All me.png)

>>658041 >Nice IP hop, fag. >>658035 >>658033 >>658028 >>658020 >>658007 >>657935 All me. What are you gonna do about it queer?
>>658057 Then you just proved that youre a massive shit-stirring faggot and arent up to no good.
>>658057 Your spergout really isn't helping your case against that ban
(97.87 KB 260x289 1403723194950.png)

>>658059 >arent up to no good. Correct, I am the peak of goodness. >>658060 I was never banned. Lmao.
>>658070 That it's better to cum inside than to cum outside.
(462.93 KB 737x1000 proud small peepee 0.png)

>>658070 Fun things are fun.
(35.84 KB 618x673 /tmp/phpxBrNkI)

Acid needs to bring in VPN bans, the "privacy" thing is dishonest (VPNs don't protect your fucking privacy stop believing retards on imageboards), VPNs are mostly used for this kind of autism.
>>658074 >Tor IDs are gone >Must be those darned VPNiggers Wew. Guess again, famicom.
(1.85 MB 580x572 /tmp/phpTEg8LI)

>>658075 Truly are our worst ally
(121.54 KB 314x278 1471124946176.png)

>>658074 Wait a second. >/tmp/phpxBrNkI >/ in the filename >No filetype extension What fucking device are you on where, what I assume is a sort of clipboardimage going off the "tmp", makes the filename look like that?
(209.21 KB 794x732 1451550090889.jpg)

>>658079 >/tmp/phpTEg8LI HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS?
>>658083 >>658085 Why would I tell you shit? You're an annoying faggot, I mean that unironically, I don't like you
>>658086 Are you posting from a raspberry pi server or something?
>>658086 >unironically No such thing. You mean genuinely. Nothing is unironic, and people have been using the word ironic when they mean sarcastic or facetious because they're fucking stupid. Educate urself, sweatie.
>>658089 I made him asshurt by funposting because some faggot accused me of IP hopping. He's going to take that secret with him to his grave.
>>658091 Are you trying to samefag to agree with yourself? You already pointed out 527d67 is one of your IPs here >>658057
>>658095 Anon that's a shitpost as old as time, "all me" is funning.
(166.53 KB 426x352 05.png)

>>658097 Funning isn't a word. You have to be my most retarded tulpa ever. >>658095 Don't listen to >>658097 I was being completely genuine. And I lied about not being banned. And necrobumping from page 2 was a sin, I'm sorry. I'll now report myself and live out my ban like a good goy.
(23.44 KB 377x378 1378012988962.jpg)

>just a prank bro Stop embarrassing yourself holy shit
>>658101 I can't help it. I get off on the shame from being outed as a samefagging retard.
(119.90 KB 495x495 bloody horrible.jpg)

>>658106 >Outsmarted by my own tulpa
>>658116 Have you ever had your own tulpa fuck you in the ass, anon?
(1.98 MB 500x454 Nagatoro_Panty_Flash.gif)

>>658122 I wish.
>>658029 I don't mind you going after the bumpfag per se but to need to more clearly define what counts as "necrobumping" and what is a legitimate bump.
>>658131 >need to more clearly define what counts as "necrobumping" and what is a legitimate bump. Anything I don't like is a low effort shitpost and thus necrobumping. Anything I am ambivalent on or like is clearly legitimate. Next request.
>>658122 >>658123 Go fuck yourself on >>>/cb/, our homosex board. There's also the ERP thread on >>>/ero/ but it's been inactive for awhile
(114.43 KB 704x336 bestow my wisdom.png)

>>658135 I tried ERP as a horny teenager. Never again.
>>658140 Jews.
>>658137 Me two, my made up character and it's still on some furry erp site whose name i forgot. i was so awful at writing i had to immediately stop forever.
>>658135 >>658137 I had a great time role playing as a tentacle monster in in an arctic research station. it was like the "thing" but way sexier. (I miss old /erp/ )
>>658137 LMAO what are you, some sort of faggot?
>>658248 /tr*sh/
>>658213 any good place with a health/alive erp board?
>>658248 >>658177 >>658137 I was never into roleplay, you could ask me to think of a scenario on the spot and I will write it for you in explicit detail but when you ask me to try and play pretend with someone over the internet, I just shut down. My brain physically cannot let me do that.
>>658252 well you could just let the other person handle the dialogue. I was also very big on atmosphere + look and feel. so all the disruptive stuff came from me. so the other person could just react and role play a character. It felt a bit like playing as a DM in DnD or setting a PvE campaign where I am the E (environment). I had a blast playing as both the AI computer system managing the research station (trying to help the humans) and the alien monster trying to catch fuck and corrupt the humans. sort of like that old board game "omega virus" I've never played it. but I always thought the idea was cool.
>>658251 I already replied.
>>658265 >I don't that place is active on here.
>>658131 Im not a mod, im an annoyed autist.
>>657378 >Not only are you stupid, you're a fucking pussy. Never apologize for ban evading, especially when you feel the ban was unjustified, and especially when you're ban evading specifically to discuss the ban in meta thread. What the fuck is wrong with you? his op was even worse >g-guess I'll just accept the ban... like a clingy girl, faggot of the worst kind.
>>658747 What do you gain by samefagging so hard?
>>658747 Falso.
>>658775 You quoted me, you cuckchanner.
>>658783 I'll bing bing wahoo yer fuckin goyhole, faggot.
>>658251 8chan prime used to have a noteworthy erp board, I had friends who actually used it somewhat regularly until activity slowed down. >>658123 that's an evil cocktease of a gif. >>658074 Why do i have a feeling this post was made by a tornigger
>>658802 >that's an evil cocktease of a gif. Jokes on her. She thinks she's denying me a pantyshot, but she's really just shamelessly showing me her thighs. >Why do i have a feeling this post was made by a tornigger It's a tornigger posting from his raspberry pi. He and all tor nodes should be banned.
>>658810 >le tor should be banned XD Blow it out your ass, Tor is here to stay no matter the cost because muh freedoms matter more than your asshurt fee fees
>>658123 here's something better
>>658818 Jokes on you, faggot. I'm on Tor. You just reverse psychologicaled.
(771.54 KB 1062x1500 Anya.png)

>>658830 Gosh, the telepathic loli is cute. You just know being able to read people's minds is going to make her precociously lewd.
(2.40 MB 2048x2400 cunny promotions.png)

>>659137 That image is not explicit.
>>658747 bull fucking shit! ID:eb8fce was me from just the other day. stop being a lying faggot! I doubt any of them were from (you) mr.(1)
>>659260 Neither could you the word nigger, but I am never going to spoiler nigger so you can keep your shitty job.
AYO ACID! WHAT DA FUCK? Why is MariLewd.png globally banned? >>659968
>>659973 It's probably because a vol fatfingered the button that unlinks an image from a post, deletes the image, and bans the image.
On the catalog, I can't scroll on each individual thread. The scroll bar appears for a bit when I refresh but quickly disappears. Is it just me?
test to see if this gets stuck at 100% again. >>660103 Scrollbars only appear if I click the text I want to scroll first.
>>660194 I forgot to add that I had to hit the refresh once before clicking did anything.
>>659973 >>660026 Share the file or its SHA256, I'll see why it was added to the blacklist.
>>660194 >Scrollbars only appear if I click the text I want to scroll first. Not working. On sleepychan you also have to click but it works just fine there for me.
Why did the LOL thread get anchored? It needs like 100 more posts to bumplock, you didn't need to do that
>>660603 How new are you? The allowed, disallowed, sort of allowed but discouraged by anchoring, and other potential states of LOL threads are always in fluctuation according to Mark's biorhythm.
>>660615 Mark needs to be tied up, covered in sauce and turned into one of Jims pigs. I need to hear that gluttonous heeb squeal. I wish I could physically beat Mark Mann with a rod until his testicles swell up to the size of a softball and call him a JIGGLY JEWCY GELATINOUS GENTILE LOVER until he fucking breaks. I fucking hate Mark, if I could break his psyche until he turns into a crying obese mess I would. I would so hard, I would slide ginger slices inside his urethra so he goes ballistic and hops around with his little chastity cage keeping his giblets nice and secure and then torture him by sliding cut chili peppers inside his anus, fuck mark. I mean it, FUCK MARK. I WILL FUCK MARK, I WILL RAPE MARK AND HAVE ALL OF THE POZPIGS IN NEW YORK GROUND HIM TO THE FLOOR UNTIL HE'S NOTHING BUT A PROLAPSED JEWCY HOLE, I WILL PIERCE HIS PROTUDING ANUS WITH "Anons Property" and SMEAR HIS OWN SEMEN ALL OVER HIS FAT FUCKING FACE. THAT TUBBY CUNT MAKES ME RAGE WITH AROUSAL AND ONE DAY HE'S GOING TO LEARN HIS LESSON THE HARD WAY.
Lmao kids
(140.03 KB 494x778 Xbone_why.png)

>>653657 >lel thread is grounded Butt WHY?
>>660629 Mark is already our little slut, what's to stop us from smashing through his door and having our way with him? If we have enough anons to rape mark, nothing, and I mean literally nothing will stop us from using mark as a human cumdump.
>>660647 HOW NEW ARE YOU? >>660615 Jesus fucking Christ. The state of LOL threads is always, always in flux, most often without explanation. Is this your first year on cake/v/?
And is this "Mark Mann" in the room with us right now?
And is this "Mark Mann" in the room with us right now?
(95.14 KB 720x720 mark finds this funny.webm)

>>660673 >>660672 We have to summon him with cake and his mothers perfurme
>>660676 i bet he'll notice us if we tell him to TAKE A PEEK
Okay, why the hell did the new #GG thread got deleted? It wasn't even blacked shit but a parody of it with Straight Shota and Milfs.
>>660695 Maybe don't make threads that give us the reputation of blacked.moe? Just a thought, should be obvious that's a kind of trolling, make a better one without interracial bullshit, parody or ""irony"" be damned.
(1.03 MB 1566x1970 1-31-21 Cuckcid Strikes Again.png)

(8.19 KB 472x20 Codexx.png)

>>660696 >don't make threads that give us the reputation of blacked.moe? You can't erase Acid's sins.
(66.34 KB 388x389 1539150897939.png)

As if anyone needed any confirmation cuckchan is among us. Make sure to report any posts using cuckchan terminology, get the fuckers IP deleted.
>>660728 Was it the word JANNIES that got your panties in a twist or what? That words been used by 8chan prime newfag.
>>660733 Everyone stopped saying jannies and moderators a few years after moving to 8chan, since they were relabeled as volunteers. On top of that, new or old, he's using a wojak derivative image. You reek of cuckchan immigrant, or someone acting like one just to annoy people. Integrate, or don't and keep making anons upset. I don't really care.
>>660736 how many people use this site?
>>660893 only me...
>>660717 Why is this loser Head still here whining
Where did all the bronies and pegasisters gather now?
(363.65 KB 635x665 thebigjewcy_final.png)

Mork, where mork?
Pokemon thread is the new target of (((Niggerpilluciano))) spam, since his efforts to shit up the Xenoblade thread were thwarted.
>>660908 They effectively don't exist anymore, the "community" is nothing but porn now really.
(3.22 MB 1500x2100 equestriagirls.png)

>>661191 >implying the bronies were ever not just a bunch of horny furries.
>>661237 As opposed to all of the non-horny furries?
>>661304 As opposed to the previous anon's implication of there being non-horny bronies.
(1.21 MB 1280x720 Undead female merchant.png)

>>660893 >how many people use this site? LOTS AND LOTS!
Some anon wanted to see what the resident pedo had to say.
>>660717 There's like 4 levels of NTR, right? >Level 1 Character(s) implicitly in a relationship having sex with someone else. You basically have to be familiar with the character/story to even know this, who gives a shit. >Level 2 Character(s) explicitly in a relationship, by either mentioning their partners or them being shown by the story, having sex with someone else. Getting uncomfortable. >Level 3 Character having sex with someone else while their partner watches. Unfathomable. >Level 4 You assume the POV of the man being cucked. OH SHIT NIGGER WHAT ARE YOU DOING.
>>661546 There's actually one level before >Level 0 Character(s) are in a fan pairing with someone else. 100% headcanon (i.e. tumblr/twitter bully a fan artist tier)
>>661542 Thanks! I'm the anon, I'm assuming this was in context to raping minors or something?
>>661555 If you want the context, just read the thread. Only those two posts were deleted.
>>661565 😭😭😭
>>661565 artist name?
>>661565 also why is she balding
>>661556 I sometimes I forget there are IDs associated with posts. Seems like someone took to heart my meme pic.
(1.83 MB 1400x2200 Forehead loli.jpg)

>>661581 5heads are cute.
any reason in particular why my post about a level 5 (or omega level) NTR scenario and reply to >>661546 was deleted? (that description was based on a real manga, it wasn't just a shit post)
(134.13 KB 428x339 Nagatoro_glare.png)

>>661707 Dude, you wrote 500+ word short story about some guy getting cucked. You also did it in the fucking meta thread. Take your dog shit to the cuck boards be happy I didn't permaban you.
>>661711 >meta thread >/v/ meta thread sorry about that! I thought it was a /b/ thread. I changed all the CSS Color Themes to a dark one so all the boards look the same to me in full-screen mode. >short story about some guy getting cucked. didn't seem that long when I typed it out... I did a bad job explaining that I'm not a fan of how that story is going. I shouldn't try to be ironic when I'm half-asleep. sorry again and thanks for letting me know.
(40.86 KB 311x285 Confused Tsuzuru.png)

>>661565 >Deleted Okay, so can you tell me why those images are banned? I don't think you should ban a loli that is /v/ related just because some pedo posts it. Nor should it be banned just because it's parody of a real girl. Both those things apply to some unteralterbach characters.
>>661808 Its because they are based in a real girl who was at a minecraft convention.
>>661811 no, its because the mods are rulecucks and bow down to ZOG, >muh cunny, like thats a yikes from me chief who cares if its based on a real girl? after all loli is not cp so nothing bad could be going on if you draw FICTIONAL art based on a real person, so is that shadman loli hillary clinton going to get the ban hammer too? probably not
(240.87 KB 510x510 nonose ayylmao.png)

>>661811 >Its because they are based in a real girl who was at a minecraft convention. Everyone is aware of that now, I think. The same is true for half the Unteralterbach girls, so that's not a reason to ban it.
Will this nigger ever just die?
>>661819 From my understanding it's a global rules issue, specifically number 2. I agree it's bullshit, and I'll try to verify with the administration sometime soon, but for right now that's basically your answer https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/globalRules.html
>>661838 >From my understanding it's a global rules issue, specifically number 2. There's a lot of stipulations under rule 2, and you didn't cite any, so I'm not sure what your understanding is. From my understanding, unless it's literally traced CP, GR2 says it's explicitly allowed. It's not realistic, and it's not 3DCG using one of those funky mocap suits for the basic structure.
>>661844 Let me confirm with the administration, if that's alright.
(58.09 KB 851x1600 Kid Kat (@sshun3).jpg)

>>661844 >GR2 And just in case anyone is retarded, that's Global Rule 2, not Gravity Rush 2.
>>661844 The two of the three members of the Charred Council are busy, I'll try to nag codexx and he if he's around.
>>661844 Okay, so I spoke to someone about it and basically the issue is that the guy posting the minecraft girl was a known spammer, but the image itself was stylized enough where it was basically an art piece. The image itself is fine, but the poster is a known spammer. Apologies for the confusion.
>>661819 >>661816 Ok after some discussion in the mod chat we found out that the image in question wasn't actually banned. While I am personally uncomfortable with it, it is technically not traced CP and is therefore allowed on the site. sorry for the confusion. Also I have been asked to tell you to stop reporting shit on other boards that are only forbidden on /v/.
>>661808 >>661838 >>661844 These images aren't banned, not on a global level. That post was collateral damage from a loli-pedo argument involving these images that broke out on the GG thread (see >>661829). Those topics have not been welcome on /v/ for some time now, and the board staff has the right to ban them outright along with any related images. Other boards are free to allow these images of the "Minecraft girl" (and other unrealistic pornographic content) and discussion of the relation between loli porn and pedophilia.
>>661887 yeah yeah the mods here can delete any post they like and ban anyone they like and never be held accountable because its a private board that does what it wants we've heard it all before. but you do know you haven't gone down the slippery slope enough to ban all realistic porn yet right? sure you've killed off all the demand for it by driving everyone out leaving the /delicious/ thread dedicated to it dead along with the board as a whole but someone could technically still post realistic loli CG there if they didn't mind posting for no one.
>>661931 Nobody wants realistic 3DCG because it is disgusting, 2D and stylized 3D or bust.
>>661936 you're on a board thats slower than the booru I use for loli 3DCG what makes you think you can make sweeping declarations about what people want?
>>661949 A lot of those 3D models Still look really bad (like poser models from 2005 DeviantArt). Somebody needs to make a Loli CG style guide. Look at the Sarah model from TLoU, it's perfect. Great features and just stylized enough to stay out of the uncanny valley.
>>661885 You shouldn't allow it
>>661885 >I have been asked to tell you to stop reporting shit on other boards that are only forbidden on /v/. I don't do that, but the guy talking about zog might.
>>662012 If that picture is taken as a valid argument to ban minecraft girl drawings, then that would mean banning Unteralterbach, which isn't happening.
>>661887 >Other boards are free to allow... discussion of the relation between loli porn and pedophilia. Then why doesn't pedonigger go shit up /b/ or something instead?
>>662027 New /b/ BO has disallowed pedoshit.
>>662027 Because /b/'s BO banned that topic as well (Rule 1: No pedoshit, absolutely none), and maybe because that individual enjoys using that topic to mess with you.
>>662020 I hope they ban Unteralterbach on ground of it being shit taste.
>>662035 Unteralterbach is great, though.
>>662040 I'm pretty sure b10b5e is that butthurt pedofag that keeps trying to conflate loli and pedo in order to get it banned as a way to strike back at the 8chan community for rejecting his kind.
>>662041 I am not, you fucking idiot. I tried to get pedoniggers banned and expelled as much as possible. It's you fucking faggots (the lower caps dude and the other one) that kept bringing this shit up and ban evading. I simply don't give a fuck anymore about this site and its absolute state.
>>662040 It's only selling point is controversy and krautchan memes. The art is dogshit and I don't know how anyone can fap to it without the obvious answer of "the taboo". I'm surprised the board that was adamant in saying "visual novels are not videogames" would suck the dick of that krautshit just because it tickles their pickle.
>>662058 Wait, VNs aren't allowed on this board? Are they just not present on the site at all, then?
>>662058 That's just like, your opinion, man.
>>662041 >this >the 8chan community lol. lmao even. >>662044 I don't think you making collages that showcase loli artists being pedos is owning the pedoniggers like you think it is but by all means keep trying.
>>662058 >I'm surprised the board that was adamant in saying "visual novels are not videogames" What board are you referring to? It certainly isn't this one. We even have a VN thread.
>>662066 Pure VNs aren't video games, but they're still allowed.
(145.56 KB 1300x724 AJ Gay Community 13.jpg)

>>662044 >I simply don't give a fuck anymore about this site and its absolute state. Then why are you here?
>REE MUH LOLI How many times is [boogyman] going to sperg out about stupid shit no one else cares about? so what if people want to molest fictional children, stop being pedophobic
>>662107 >fictional children you aren't even allowed to call them that.
Mark is a fucking nigger.
Meta thread is for funposting. Change my mind.
>>662132 It's a lot like /support/ over on smug, in that they're both the designated shitting funposting board/thread of their respective communities.
>>662127 Ayo cracka thats our word, you cant use the hard R!
>>662149 Niggers don't want you saying nigga either.
>>662241 I was testing something with the mod tools to see what kind of log entry it would generate.
(73.78 KB 960x720 Haman_Karn_(Frown).jpg)

Mark I hope your hemorrhoids burst you son of a bitch, and if you don't currently have some I hope you get them.
>>662292 tomino is a hack zeta was the worst piece of shit i have ever watched
(83.15 KB 1266x688 daisetzusan oroshi.png)

>>662293 You are a nigger and should go hang out in a tree.
>>662295 literal trash watch wing or iron blooded orphans
(285.56 KB 632x483 1447002355354.jpg)

>>662301 when you watch works by tomino you become physically ill
(223.03 KB 500x375 Words of Wisdom.png)

>>662305 SIEG KAISER
>>662241 >>662266 Why were these deleted?
>Your entire post is hilarious. Go back to discord. Is there some sort of reason to delete my post? I don't get it. Why does that thread even exist in the first place?
Is it possible for the mods to restore a thread shortly after it gets pruned? Because I want that to be done for the threads that were recently killed by that spam attack from a bit ago, specifically the /hgg/ (>>386284), Yu-Gi-Oh (>>548420) and Most obscure game (>>471152) threads. I just want to see if it's possible, if it is then it could be a useful tactic against spammers by reversing the damage they've done to the board, especially in the event of a major spam attack that wipes out a chunk of the catalog.
>>662369 No, trash bin only applies to posts deleted by moderators.
>>662369 Pruned threads cant be manually restored (easily), it is best to just remake them
(258.41 KB 1041x1504 IMG_20180320_104557.jpg)

>>662418 Actually I never did for some reason.
(165.50 KB 750x738 attention pls.jpg)

>>662505 Yeah getting one too when posting any reply through se. Can a mod tell codexx? Also what's with the duplicate threads on both here and zch?
Why was the best vidya girl thread anchored? Don't be faggots
>>662529 Because the nigger OP copied the thread 1:1 from zzzchan, faggot.
>>662529 And if it's about "copy-paste" threads: it uses different images, and it was posted on both boards within short times of each other (so it was more likely simple crossposting than thread theft)
>>662530 Caring about this shit to such a degree that threads will get anchored shows that metadrama has far more of an impact than it has any right to At this rate more and more threads will be deleted for very retarded reasoning, as if a simple best vidya girl thread should be the exclusive right of a single imageboard The only people who bring this shit up were retards whose posts should have been removed, thread was going fine and normal until those autists got involved, this autistic thread policing bullshit will only hurt this place and activity if it continues, mark my words
(67.08 KB 500x360 1337837650848.jpg)

>>662533 I feel the best way to go about would be somebody bringing a screencap that is proof it was actually the exact same OP, and dupe threads should only be anchored if there is a days difference between postings instead of merely minutes. Blame zzziggerchan being a hive of retards who used to use Julay /v/ because "we're so great Mark isn't here let's all post wojaks and talk about Mark not being here and post buttholes". I expect them to throw a fit every time anything is even remotely shared between sites, it's why gamenights aren't common anymore and daring to crosspost a gamenight on multiple sites results in a swarm of these niggers throwing a tantrum.
Uncommon Time thread gonna be soon? 11th is when we do this, yeah?
>>662529 Because I genuinely hate you reddit loving niggers. do you not remember why we hate reddit? Do you know anything you newfag? of course you dont. if you knew anything, if you were a true anon you would know full well why and you would be asking me why I haven't just permabanned that annoying faggot. Kill yourself. No one will miss you, in fact they will be happy you are gone, you fucking vermin.
>>662548 Half that site fell for /cow/ D&C so why should I give them the benefit of the doubt? even their gay administration believes this place to be "le pedochan" because of /cow/, and their own hatred of Mark and Acid.
>>662542 I was also wondering this. Do we have any streamfags? What are sleepy/v/'s plans?
(6.55 MB 640x358 kill yourself.webm)

>>662551 You are the most braindead retard on this fucking site. You really have no idea what I am talking about? you just have no fucking clue because you're such a fucking newfag. The reason we hate reddit is because they stole our shit. Reddit would regularly steal memes from 4chan and that is why we hated them long before the fucking exodus. Now you're sitting here seriously saying that we should just allow niggers to steal entire threads. Fuck you, Kill yourself.
(54.34 KB 172x226 134140107561.png)

>>662563 I don't check zchan often so I only followed the ban reason, I fucking hate going there because everyone is high on their own "at least Mark isn't here" fumes.
Does barry shit up this board too?
>8chuds mad over based zchiggers everytime, sleepychads just cant keep winning! >someone unironically brought up julay /v/ Holy shit! rent free!
>>662572 >accursed place Lol, half the users here crosspost. A ton of threads on 8moe were copied wholesale and literally every single game night has come from there. You better start believing in zzzchan, you are posting on it. >muh board loyalty Lol, even harder.
>>662546 >we >literally doesn't say anything in the entire post, just a string of rage/hatred >"true anon" >brings up reddit for no reason I really hope you're just impersonating a hotpocket, if not I dunno what kind of retards Mark has been hiring if you're an example of the current team. >>662562 >this was his reasoning Ah yes, so all art not made natively on here should be banned too? All danbooru art? Any videos taken from places like jewtube? There goes the Falcom thread, half of all threads really, and the webm/mp4 thread too Any art that drawfags posted on twitter/elsewhere before posting here, or hell how about removing drawfags entirely since 90% of them have twitter accounts. Hey, while you're at it, ban Acid too, he has a Reddit account and therefore is a cucked nono doublebad evil redditor, Mark has a twitter and retweets literal trannies so he's just as bad too by extension. For someone who claims to have knowledge about some notion of purity, you sure are ignorant of a lot of things, or probably selectively ignore them to lie to yourself.
>>662580 Why doesn't 8chan have gamenights? used to be quite fun, last time playing JKA was pretty cool
>>662582 I literally have no idea. Considering here has more users supposedly then the pool for those with the know how or willingness to host should be higher. Its been bothering me for over a year. >>662583 > Zzzchan also has a big /tv/ and /cow/ problem. >I don't browse there but I know, listen and believe. Go on, give me an essay on why you are right.
Hello everyone, So I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on what happened with Felbot. So sadly we had to remove him from the team due to creative differences and his outright refusal to work with the rest of the team to reach the best possible solution. I wish nothing for the best for him, and I hope this doesn't leave too much of a sour taste in his mouth. That said the /v/ team has always worked as a TEAM, he was constantly porn dumping in some threads and refused to follow the teams direction on how things should be done. As for the zzzchan copies, 1:1 threads will continued to be banned if copied from zzzchan. Obviously we can't do anthing on zzzchan if our threads are copied over there, but we will continue to NOT allow directly copied threads here with either a public ban (mark of shame) or a deletion of said thread. Thank you, Mark.
>>662581 How about you fuck off back to reddit you subhuman faggot.
>>662587 >Felbot I WANT GOSSIP, WHAT DID HE DO??
>>662590 read the post, he actively refused to work with us and also would dump porn in certain threads.
>>662592 Oh. Thats boring. Can you make something up?
>>662593 He gassed The Loathsome Cake Eater's dog 666 gorillion times.
>>662584 If I knew how to host games using a VPS I would host some games here, but until then I'll just recommend going onto empty servers to play older games together
>>662588 You first, newfag. >>662587 This is more likely a simple crosspost (both threads made on the same day), and the images were different If you ban crossposting, this place would literally become the most restrictive and metadrama-filled board relative to the wearing They don't give a shit about 8moe threads posted there, thread shitstirrers are simply removed or banned Only the most autistic retards care about metadrama
>>662588 You first, newfag. >>662587 This is more likely a simple crosspost (both threads made on the same day), and the images were different If you ban crossposting, this place would literally become the most restrictive and metadrama-filled board relative to the wearing They don't give a shit about 8moe threads posted there, thread shitstirrers are simply removed or banned Only the most autistic retards care about metadrama
>>662587 slit your own wrists
>>662587 >creative differences This is a parody of what people say when firing others, right?
(117.78 KB 305x338 mfw you did it.png)

>>662587 >>662592 Wait, was he the mod banning people for reporting porn dumpers? Holy shit, that would make sense getting all pissy at people reporting him. If so he would be the worst mod we've had since blue, if any of you are oldfaggy enough to remember him.
>>662661 >Wait, was he the mod banning people for reporting porn dumpers? The hell are you talking about? I never did such a thing.
>>662546 >>662562 >>662588 >>662663 lmao are you actually felbot? yep can't see any reason you were removed from the team :^)
>>662667 >that raw sperging Jesus, is it that difficult to get a mentally adjusted person to mod? People shit on Mark but I've never seen him act like this. There was a guy porn dumping all over the board two or three weeks ago, he kept calling people telling him to stop "sad faggots" or something similar, here's an example of him >>653447 I wonder if that was Felbot? Mark did say he kept porn dumping and that behavior tracks with how he's acting here.
>>662673 That one isn't me at all. The reason he says I am porn dumping is because I posted a bunch of peach and daisy stuff in the mario thread.
>>662675 You are okay
>>662675 My apologies
>>662675 lmao that was you? you dumped over 100 images of unspoilered porn I can see why he might be upset
I'll be a mod. Interview me now.
>>662723 what was the last game you played?
>>662726 Welcome aboard.
>>662724 Madness Project nexus.
>>662732 Thats actually pretty good. ill recommend you to mark.
>>662738 The fact that it was deleted leads me to believe that it was a real email. lol. Maybe I'll shoot you one mark.
>>662750 Nope, it was my mistake. Turns out Mark actually gave him permission to post that email.
(4.93 KB 237x181 flork shrug.jpg)

>>662755 I thought it was a fake email because he's been a whiny bitch this whole thread, so I reported it as shitposting.
>>662587 free my boy
>>662587 Oh that's unfortunate. Who the fuck is felbot?
>>662592 >would dump porn in certain threads. sounds like he was a cool dude. what kind of porn, what boards?
(31.31 KB 320x148 BoF4 Ryu FFFUUUUU.webp)

>>662661 do you mean cobalt, you retarded cunt?
(138.89 KB 1266x688 82b.png)

>>663014 >newfag wasn't here for blue
>>663008 >what kind of porn Technically I didn't post porn I just posted Ecchi. very tasteful and lewd images but no nipples or vagina shown. Aside from the peach and daisy stuff already mentioned I also posted most of the stuff in the senran kagura (I am both 8d2734 and 688cd2) thread and I was the one who made the beach thread and posted a ton of lewd stuff there. >>662894 I was just another mod here. Hi.
>>663212 oh, well I enjoyed all that stuff and the threads. sorry you got shit on for lewd posting. one of the few reasons I come to this /v/ is because its the lewdest one. at least now you can just enjoy being an anon instead of all that stressful mod stuff/politics.
(411.70 KB 1174x2000 5702021.5150000015_luz2.png)

>>663222 (check) >posting cute brown dyke out of nowhere (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
(24.64 KB 520x394 ....jpg)

>>663250 >>663256 Why were these two deleted and not the actual pedo?
>>663285 > that's why I find it ridiculous to suggest there's no correlation between lolicon and pedophilia. that's just a feeling you have. with no real data to back it up. and you can't really be objective because of your own attraction. are you that same guy that had a short pawn in dragons dogma and you said it looked like a real girl to you?
(503.33 KB 850x1088 Clownpiece.png)

How in the hell is this retard not only still here but people still engage with his self delusion narrative and fall for the bait all the time? How come you retards can't just report and ignore this nigger considering his rhetoric should be obvious by now?
>>663295 >I do have a "short pawn" in dragons dogma and from my perspective you'd have to be a delusional fuckwit to see her next to a "regular height pawn" and interpret them as anything but a child. did you ever take a picture and show it off in a thread on here?
>>663299 but you did take a picture and post it in a thread, right?
(572.83 KB 720x400 OH MY.webm)

>>663301 i feel like thats hand-in-hand with saying "of course anons are gay look at all the jokes they make thatre from faggot porn"
>>663301 you have any pictures of that pawn you could post now?
>>663311 (check) >give me one compelling reason and I will. just look at those numbers...
>>663315 take a screen cap then?
>>663317 don't change the subject, so you're not going to post that those pawn pictures?
>>663321 why are you being such a fucking chicken about this? post your pawn. you did it before, right?
>>663323 >nice digits by the way how the hell did you pull that off? god wants you to post that pawn. that's how. lets prove your theory. if a pawn you made gets everyone's dick's super hard then you're vindicated. you should be an authority on hot pawns that look like digital children, right? come on, lets do this. wow me with that pawn.
>>663324 Don't bother, the dude's a bullshitter and he's just fucking with anyone. He's probably that salty /hebe/nigger trying to conflate 2D with CP again.
>>663325 if he's legit then he has images of that pawn, its time to put up or shut up. >>663323 put your cards on the table.
>CP is legal in Saint Lucia and Dominica holy crap! fellow CIA agents, how do i get there?
>>663327 helicopter ride?
>>663329 >implying jim-chan was ever free. so you're a chicken that won't post a picture of your "beautiful" pawn that you posted before... what a fucking bunch of bullshit. are you really just some lame ass troll? all that shit you kept talking was just nonsense?. (what a surprise) you're (probably) not even an old fag. with how crazy you talk about "old 8chan" I doubt you ever posted once on that fucking board.
>>663334 implying hot-weasel and his wizard-chan shit was any better.
>>663296 Well the funny thing about that is that I was the only active mod around those hours and I was demodded.
>>663337 you've betrayed some of our most sacred traditions. you are not an "anon" you never were. (may kek and Bateman have mercy on you) don't fucking speak to me (or anyone) as if you know what frederick was about. only a fraud (like you) would ever put him on a pedestal after knowing what he did (and what he's become). anyway, your last few post were very edifying. you love to act like this big troll having such a good time. (that joker quote was a nice touch by the way). the one thing that you fucked up on... I already know you lied (you did post that pic here), so I've already seen your (ugly) little pawn. you already know the reaction it got last time, nobody was impressed. I think one anon called it a deformed midget? you've made yourself way too easy to spot "anon". see you around!
(5.15 MB 1280x720 GETS.webm)

(260.65 KB 800x450 Gets1.mp4)

>>663355 >663355 >Triple dubs Very nice, impressive.
>>663358 thanks anon, at least somebody knows how to check' em around here. >>663359 its done "anon" let it go. remake that ugly pawn. >jim-chan and yet that's all you've ever referenced... >mind game the only one playing a game here (its /v/ after all) was you. and you played yourself. good job.
>>663361 hes a fraud, just another filed troll with too much time on his hands. "I hate this place, but spend all my time here!" what a fucking lolcow. >>663364 Nigger, I've already seen your pawn! you got embarrassed as fuck when nobody liked it. just stop. its sad as fuck seeing you do this. >>663364 >I had to reference the time before jim-chan tell me something about the before time then "anon".
>>663373 man I wish I saved that webm when some absolute madlad used one of those paid website review services to hire random normalfags to review /cutegirls/ and we got to witness their horror and confusion. I hope one day we can have that again in greener pastures.
>>663368 ever notice how he only ever talks in vague bullshit terms about anything? (because its a fucking grift) then the moment anything more specific comes up he fucking crumbles? (like his his ugly pawn he can't show anyone ever again, lol) >>663373 who said /hebe/ wasn't a thing? they should have been an "unlisted" board. if they had to be around at all. still makes no sense for non-glow in the dark fags to want to be talking shit like that on the clear net. hence why /hebe/ should have been called /fbi/ >>663375 he made that video practically sucking jim's cock. fuck him and the pig fucker for all that shit. >>663375 oh noooo the mincraft loli! still can't stomach to show off that pawn still? nigger why did you make her eyes so fuck up by the way. you never answered that. (did you really think that looked good?) >>663377 (check) >I hope one day we can have that again once this meta thread goes full "metaverse" your going to see some serious shit.
I guess it would kill you. >>663377 this one is me.
>>663361 That's like walking into a death trap to see how brave you are, it's stupid arguing with trolls and douchebags lacking in good faith especially with how unsubtle they are.
>>663372 he just did another one. >>663381 (he's very original, next he's going to tell us the cake is a lie!) >>663381 do you like minecraft so much because minecraft is known to be full of pedos trying to groom children?
>>663387 >who said I like minecraft? don't think anybody on this site posts more minecraft shit then you. and you keep repeating it... (you must have a hard-on for that blocky shit and its pedo community). post it some more nigger! we know you love minecrift! >>663364 >do better than that to get what you want. you know what is funny as shit? I was the one that got you to post your deformed pawn in that thread. that was me you dumb nigger!
>>663393 as they should! bravo to these chaps
>>663397 oh no! the resident evil bitch that only you seem to be obsessed about. she looked better in the og re2 art, this remake bitch got hit with an ugly stick called the RE engine. the numbers already told you nigger, post your shame! stop being a chicken and let everyone see your "masterpiece". (why did you give her bloodshot looking eyes by the way? or was that just the fucked up way you took the screen shot?) pawn! pawn! pawn! (do it faggot!)
>>663402 nigger, you know irl pedos go on minecraft and youtube and use the game to groom irl children. that's why pedo glow boy likes it so much he post it over and over.
>>663412 go look up Lionmaker and other pro minecraft pedo fags. (look up Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein when you get done with that)
>>663422 >>663427 >guy pretending to be a pedo vs guy pretending to not be one just kiss already.
>>663420 irl means "in real life" minecraft is considered a "virtual space" as in "not IRL" but irl kids are groomed in the game and around it on youtube. nobody gives a shit about blocky loli art. now fuck off sperg.
>>663436 (1) hmmmmm >>663437 irl means "in real life". figure it out, its common net speak
>>663443 fuck off micro shill. nobody said loli had anything to with your pedo groomer game. >>663449 how many sock puppets do you have?
>>663454 >still no pawn... >>663456 how about I just say bill gates? bill gates should not hurt children irl or in vr or in that blocky game. no more hurting children bill!
>>663461 tell your boss to stop fucking kids and that xbox sucks just as much as PlayStation. >>663462 >le shadman is this some kinda power move? fucking shad art? >>663463 ask his ex-wife
>>663462 What bad taste. Everyone knows chuuni late teens/early 20s laura is best laura.
>>663466 maybe to the small collection of boring normalfags this site courted as a reward for sanitizing itself. >>663469 now you have become the dragons dogma boogeyman. if won't end until you post the pawn so you better do it.
>>663466 (check) >What bad taste. he has to keep posting art that's (almost) as ugly his pawn. he's full on cope about that shit.
>>663469 >I have never played Dragon's Dogma. good, your pawn would be ugly and shameful. never play that game again
>>663472 >maybe to the small collection of boring normalfags this site courted as a reward for sanitizing itself. >you have to be a pedo or are a normalnigger No, kid laura is a feral trash gremlin, adult laura is a sexy, leather clad girl. >>663473 It stands to reason then.
>>663478 that movie was shit.
>>663478 how can dafne keen be real if our eyes aren't real?
>>663478 Sure, and its also objectivly the worse version of that character.
>>663485 who are (you)?
>>663491 think again hes actually wrongthinker #2
>>663484 western rule 63 wolverine was always a bad idea
>>663499 Only because the western comic industries is shit, she literally came out of the x-men evolution cartoon and people really liked a moody teenager fem-wolverine.
>>663502 nothing about x-23 is an improvement on wolverine. (but she was fun to play as in MvC3 and she had a good theme song)
>>663509 I never said shes an improvment, shes her own character by now. And also again, shes hot, so theres a net gain there over her not-dad.
>>663511 >shes hot not with modern marvel art. >so theres a net gain there over her not-dad. shes just a female version of Logan with the y chromosome removed. he should be an (older) twin brother. but they make him more of an uncle... bleh
>>663521 >not with modern marvel art. Notice i didnt use modern marvel art, wich managed to make she-hulk shit. > but they make him more of an uncle... bleh Not dad. Trust me, its better if you think of her as wolverine's daughter.
(13.25 KB 900x486 Pawn.jpg)

>80 posts deleted anyone archived? what did i miss? what happened this time?
>>663894 OK groomer
BTFO lmao
Guys you know it would be easier to just delete the whole fucking thread. >>663892 >board wide IP wipe? What in the fuck are you thinking?
>>663901 There's thread wide IP wipe and that guy had over 40 posts ITT.
>>663902 It's the one resident pedo schizo who constantly tries to conflate lolicon with his sickness so he doesn't feel so desperately alone My question is why don't they go literally anywhere else and do this shit? They clearly aren't welcome here
>>663902 This is one of the reasons why I've stuck with using tor, even after they exiled all the pedos. I don't want to risk one post that triggers a vol to wipe 2 weeks worth of posts, possibly including threads.
>>663903 It's mostly /cow/ schizos and /b/ former pedo general leftovers looking for drama.
>>663904 That's what thread wipes are for, it only deletes a singular ID's posts in any given THREAD
>>663905 Why do they NEED lolicons to be pedophiles? Why are they so desperate on insisting and "proving" this?
>>663907 Because they want to be proven that they were right to try and ban loli from the webring starting with their own shithole.
>>663907 Because lolicons indulge in fiction and show no interest in children. A lolicon likes an idealistic nonexistent body type. A pedophile likes to harm children and they know thats terrible, they hate themselves over it. They can't handle people enjoying something safe and harmless, they must drag others down with them. Misery loves company.
>>663914 >b-BUT THEYRE STILL FICTIONAL MINORS! THEY HAVE THE BODIES OF CHILDREN!!! All this proves is that they viciously study children's bodies to try and "prove" the accuracy of lolicon I hate them so fucking much
>>663903 Okay but heres my point. Just fucking ignore him.
>>663918 He already got BTFO lmao
>>663902 I'm also wondering why my post got wiped. I wasn't advocating for der kindershlongen.
>>663914 >A pedophile likes to harm children and they know thats terrible, they hate themselves over it. They can't handle people enjoying something safe and harmless, they must drag others down with them. I've known tons of amoral normalfags that feel no regret or guilt for anything whatsoever. I think pedos hate loli because lolicons keep kicking them out every time they try to recruit, just like OG 8chan, and like this site.
YOU CAN DELETE THIS COMMENT A THOUSAND TIMES BUT YOU CANT DELETE THE TRUTH! >>663509 Theres actually several nice curry joints in dallas. Listers timing aside.
(10.25 KB 320x375 1 bit promotions.png)

>>663920 >I wasn't advocating for der kindershlongen. Quit lying. Pururin is infallible.
>>663921 Lolisho spaces aren't a place to talk about real world people or concepts, period Why is this so hard for them to comprehend?
(19.22 MB 480x360 ATHF S01E10 Dumber Dolls.mp4)

>>663937 BaB ep1 sadly comes in at 40mb even at 360p
>>663940 commence the jigglin
Stupid question: aren't the system filenames here sha256 hashes? Yet when I save files, the hash often differs from the one on the filename.
>>662587 >he was constantly porn dumping in some threads and refused to follow the teams direction on how things should be done. Good riddance. Getting tired of these niggers shitting up threads. And to think that I used to be a lewdposter, but fuck man these fuckers don't know when to give it a rest and not completely destroy an entire thread in lewd shitposting. One of the main reasons I stopped being a lewdposter.
>>664181 Move to a site with a lower libido.
>>664181 Lewdposting is imageboard culture, just because your androgens and testosterone dropped doesn't mean that applies to everyone else. You want zero lewdposting, fuck off to /leftypol/, I'm getting sick of these limp wristed betas and sexually frustrated jealous literal incels from deleting any kind of lewd and hornyposts. There was a post about an anon who had a gf in the gg thread, who he taught to give god tier head, which had pretty wholesome posts congratulating the guy and being happy for his accomplishment, that is until a couple of no fun virgins became angsty it wasn't them getting sucked and they reported the post until it got prioritized and caught in a wave of deletions. As if you can't even be glad for another man for getting what you don't have, no humility, not you but the lonely bitter faggots who called it "cuckchan" as if it's cuckchan to talk about feeling pride and joy about making love, I swear the cognitive dissonance some users have is pitiful. Literal faggots. They'd rather sarcastically congratule a man whose been cucked by a nigger than someone who ended their relationship on good terms.
>>664199 >X is imageboard culture
>>664199 >can't even be glad for another man for getting what you don't have, no humility, sounds like a womanthing did I just crack the tranny mystery?
>>664181 You sound pretty gay bro
>>664202 wrong. I brought him back because we spoke about it, and I'm willing to give him another chance. I'm not the power hungry hotpocket some of you people make me out to be.
(2.50 MB 2134x1904 nep_naruhodo.png)

Tl;dr of recent happeninges?
(168.12 KB 425x450 XDDD.jpg)

>>664252 Not much, our boy felbot got demodded for being a peach and daisy patrician, pedofag trying to argue his usual stupid shit again and refusing to post the pawn. Talking of which, why did my posts get deleted? I was still savoring those pawn trips, you know?
>>664288 >after all that pining he missed when I posted the pawn and now its deleted tough luck.
>>664288 Ironically your posts were deleted by the same mod you keep sucking the dick of, felbot
Oh uh, Felbot? Can you be a bro and restore my posts please? >>664309 I couldn't give a rat's ass about your shitty 'It was me Dio' post getting deleted, I just want my pawn trips back is all, you faggot.
>>664288 Felbot is a sperg who deserved to get demodded for being an autistic sperg who probably couldn't be trusted around any kind of machinery I didn't mind the daisy posting though, demodding him for that is just peak faggotry
>>664252 I remember when an anon translated this
>>664328 I restored your trips: >>663555 No idea what else is missing.
>>664406 Cheers mate! The other one that got deleted was this >>663372 but you can leave that one deleted if you wish, I don't care for it as much.
>>664410 I didn't restore that post because it was part of the pedo argument that got wiped.
>>664451 >for free All mods are payed in anal sex each wednesday.
(485.84 KB 751x751 1466849714469.png)

>they are still this butthurt about Acid after all these years >they still claim they weren't the ones who tried to be fed informants
Yo, Mark, why are you deleting posts that provide good info and ask for sources, yet leave up the unironic niggerpill posts and nigger porn spam?
(32.47 KB 184x184 1512143277.png)

>>664204 >I'm not the power hungry hotpocket Worse, you're a fat incompetent jewish mouthbreathing lisp ridden retard who doesn't know any discipline, thus you don't know how to make people respect you and keep them in check. You fat bitch, you pig, you fucking hambeast motherfucking oinking waddling obese moleman, the moment I see you I'm squeezing your mantits. You're a jewcy boi. That's all you ever will be, one big fat joke.
>>664648 because hating niggers is just a LARP clearly
>150 posts down what happened today?
Mods, when are you going to move >>662939 and >>660699 to /gg/? I've been constantly sending reports to you to move them for a few days now (especially the latter) and while one did get transferred, the other two are still on the catalog. You guys should really think of a proper schedule when it comes to moving those threads to /gg/ because this is getting a little tiring for me to remind you about doing that.
>>664977 Only globals can do that. pinhead.
>>664715 >half the boards population (5 people) shitposting in this thread for a few hours and then it all being deleted is spam now when can this gay meme of calling any posts you don't like spam come to an end?
>>665017 When we bully mark hard enough to do his job right
>>665018 is that why we're doing it? I just want him to end his miserable life already in contrition.
>>665020 He's too cowardly to kill himself, so if you want to straight up make him have an "accident" be my guest, but the fact /pol/ never tried killing him tells me he's never gonna get a hit.
>>665022 technically hes working on killing himself every day by being an average american. I just wish he'd pick up the pace at least.
>>665023 Heroin, get him heroin. If Mark gets addicted to heroin, he might fight a wild pack of niggers and get rekt.
>>665024 >pay for his escape from reality thats kind of the opposite of what I've been doing which is remind him of reality on a regular basis so this hugbox hes built for himself as a means to avoid it amounts to nothing.
>>665025 Yeah, but it's a videogame board, that's where people looking for an escape go to, there's always a certain amount of delusion. You might need to rethink your strategy, I don't know how marks psyche operates, just how it manifests. He couldn't even bring himself to retire for some reason, he's hooked on the board, if you do something that's absolutely out of his control, I.E he can't janny, then that might upset him. He was pretty fucked up when gayhoole stopped being friends with him.
>>665029 >implying he doesn't rulecuck solely because its something that upsets him thats his whole modus operandi. you just want me to stop because it upsets you too or else you wouldn't be here taking advantage of the hugbox hes created for himself.
>>665031 I don't care what you do, I just like giving out ideas to see if there's an anon crazy enough to put mark through actual peril. I had a dream a few weeks back that mark pinned a thread that a bunch of guys were after him, and they wanted blood. There were anons asking him "what the fuck did you do!?" and he refused to talk about it, and only mention how fucking terrified he was that his life was in danger. I think it had something to do with sonic mania, anti-gamergaters putting a hit out on him or some wild mad max shit involving schizos and niggerpill, it was pretty non-sensical but I remember being absolutely enthralled.
>>665035 >dreaming about being on this board ITS TIME TO STOP
(173.25 KB 806x814 20200611_175452.jpg)

>>665031 No wait, I remember now, /cow/ and kiwi trolls astroturfed hard enough and made Q-niggers believe that mark had 500gb of hardcore Democrat activism, which he denied but then it turned out someone actually planted it to frame him, which was HORRIBLE timing because when interviewed mark said he tried to take the piss and say he did it, he loves it and regrets nothing, causing a shitstorm so severe that there were boomers that wouldn't stop harassing him and raiding the site, they wouldn't leave him alone because they thought he was part of the jewish sect of the deep state made to betray jim, which is why he moved away from pigchan because his bunker was where he was able to host his illegal content through the darknet. Mark then had contacted a lawyer to help clear his name, but that lawyer was also into the conspiracy, who then proceeded to dox mark and then a wave of irate boomers called a swat, which had his computer seized, when they found nothing, the boomers decided that mark HAD to be guilty and apparantly hired feds to pose as gang members to keep goading mark and got into a physical altrecation with one after weeks of sleepless nights. It was some pretty severe autism, I remember mark asking anons if he could live with them, and the site was in danger or something, that's all I could remember
(13.68 KB 288x288 stop.jpg)

>>665040 yeah thats some pretty severe autism alright.
(551.43 KB 720x566 2z1cfqll3dt31.png)

>>665041 It really was, anons were scrambling to figure out what was happening because no one had a fucking clue of why dream mark was being paranoid until checking back to pigchan then it was too late, it became a feels trip with anons reminiscing about the times mark got in trouble in 8chan prime and how they enjoyed being with him through the tough times, autism and controversy, ominously alluding that this was the final happening before mark called it quits or kicked the bucket, which is where sonic mania came in and the other stuff. The rest was just reminiscing about "the good 'ol days" and how he was going to be gone, thankfully that was just a dream but it was still so vivid
(45.48 KB 600x600 STOP.jpg)

>having dreams about mark and this board about how he'll go mad from trolls and get into witness protection from boomers And I thought people were joking how insanely autistic herdniggers would get for their supposed lolcow. Jesus that's a new bar
>Kazu permabanning niggerpill FUCK YES! It's about time. >Kazu permabanning anons Holy shit no nigger what are you doing!? If any of you anons get caught in the wave, be sure to clear your name in the appeal. Don't make a retarded two word appeal because you will not be forgiven that easily, I hope Kazu looks at each appeal carefully, because if he's careless then this place will die by the end of the month, IP wipes should only be used if the post history becomes unsalvageble. I like this change and hopes it boots nigpill out for good, but for the love of god BE CAREFUL.
(19.47 KB 480x480 byudiffull :OOOO.jpg)

>>656564 At last I truly see. /cow/s are gossip girls bickering about their GamerGate BF.
>>665069 >I like this change and hopes it boots nigpill out for good permabans only punish everyone else because the person getting banned is the only one that knows which IPs they can still use while everyone else scrambles to find one they can still post with. it will boot out every person that understands the need to post through a proxy before it boots out the intended target and do you really think this board will be fine when all thats left are the NPCs that think theres nothing to fear because they have nothing to hide and bareback this site as a result?
Permabans are retarded; bans being temporary are one of the few things I agreed with about the moderation here On ziggerchan it became so awful to use because all my VPN nodes from a location were banned there for months, each time I'd try to post, it would all be wasted and impossible to get all that text back since the text box disappears before you receive the ban message, it was so angering that it basically turned me off using the site much at all, and even now many of those VPN nodes still don't work (presumably because their boogeyman uses them) I don't want the same thing to happen here, use your brains you retards
>>665187 >>665204 I recently made a change that will cycle all IP bans off after a set amount of time, so we don't need to worry about VPN IPs being permanently banned. Word of this is probably getting around to various volunteers, and they're taking this to mean a permaban is temporary and the default. I can say that, at the global level, this is not the case: a permaban is used when a permanent ban is justified, such as the posting of Democrat activism. That ban is permanent and if the user is caught again on a fresh IP they will be banned. But there's no sense in keeping the IP used banned forever when it's shared by other users who have done nothing wrong. Of course, we don't dictate moderation styles to board owners, so a board is free to use this how they wish. The problem might be that ban windows default to no set duration, which corresponds to a permaban. It's obviously good practice to fill in a reasonable ban length, and as far as I know it's board policy on /v/ to keep bans short. I was looking at revamping moderation tools in a future update, and a sane default ban time might be a good way to reduce permabans by lazy moderators.

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