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(36.48 KB 415x500 agdg.jpg)

(78.66 KB 800x1057 AGDG BEFORE NODEV.png)

AGDG - NoDev for Old Games edition Anonymous 07/26/2022 (Tue) 07:35:09 Id: d719a0 No. 653563
Archive of last thread - https://archive.is/XSo7Z DEMO DAY 8/8 SOON Post progress and ask questions about others progress. Resources: >#8/agdg/ via irc.rizon.net >https://matrix.to/#/+agdg:matrix.org via matrix programs >Dev resources: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/resources >Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/ >http://mu-sic-production.wikia.com >https://pastebin.com/qtDwktHP
How difficult would it be with Godot to add support for multiplayer?
>>653577 Depends on what you're planning to add in functionally, can't be too bad. >>653563 I was looking for the previous demo day demos but couldn't find any. Does anyone have archive of the last entries?
>>653578 So adding support for 4 players coop only would be fairly simple to do? Hmm that sounds good then. Also I got anudda question, for my game since I am planning to add Hexen styled hub maps I want that most sources of monsters are in form of eggs, queens, mothers and nests but the problem is how do I make the nests and monster periodically respawn when the map is not being loaded. When I have for example 50 maps do I need like all 50 maps loaded in ram or something so that those maps not currently visited by a player have some activity? Since for my tonk game I want it to make it as a action RPG and give the player the opportunity to grind for geld.
>>653583 well now you gotta look more into it since I have no idea how to do it, ask some godot guys about how to implement it. For the 2nd part a simplified guess is you can just have a function that reads the system's clock in-between entering levels, it store the system's or game's time when you leave a zone, and when you re-enter the zone, it will calculate the difference with current time. If it exceeds 1 min, it'll immediately spawn bunch of eggs from nest, if its 2 min it will immediately spawn eggs from nest and spawn some insects too, depending on how much time you'd want. The spawns will not move around in the background when you're not in the zone, they'll behave as if time has paused there. Keep in mind this is simply a guess and you should read about some actual games that has implemented this.
Hello Anons. I'm trying to make a minigolf game about my cat daughteru in Unity. But every time I make any sort of progress in learning Unity my Blender knowledge falls out of my head. At the same time any progress I make learning Blender makes Unity knowledge fall out of my head. Am I just too retarded to live? Will I ever be able to complete a game? I'm looking at the engine and I literally forgot everything I did to make this thing. I had to get some help from a coding friend at one point and I'm completely lost again. Will I ever finish a game?
>>653590 >well now you gotta look more into it since I have no idea how to do it, ask some godot guys about how to implement it. I guess it's going to be at the backlog then, since my game fundament is still not finished, I have a lot of features planned to add in. >For the 2nd part a simplified guess is you can just have a function that reads the system's clock in-between entering levels, it store the system's or game's time when you leave a zone, Hmm I guess I could try that by adding a day/night time cycle system where a game doesn't last longer than a month so basically when a month passes then its back to month 1, basically a perpetual 1 month only since I don't see the point to implement a full 12 month system. I guess that should be good enough. >Keep in mind this is simply a guess and you should read about some actual games that has implemented this. I had STALKER in mind where it has a A-Live system meaning that "unloaded" maps still show signs of activity which is the mostly visible in Clear Sky where NPC's try to take other territory and monsters migrate to different areas. I guess trying to clone Stalker system would be far more complex and out of my ability. Looks like then I have to stick with a simple timer then. Not that it matters that much since there won't be much interaction with monsters as all they do is just roaming around and waiting to get killed by the player and das about it. I mean my game is going to be open source as well so maybe in the future a competent programmer is willing to help me out or something I dont know.
Looking to getting into godot, but do I learn python/gdscript or do i go for C/gdnative? I want to make some sort of FPS game with online multiplayer/coop.
>>653577 In my experience if you didnt program your game from the outset to have multiplayer, adding it in later might be a bit of a hassle. Obviously it depends on the size of your game though.
>>653625 Well shit I have quite some code, does that mean I need to refactor all of my code just to add multiplayer support? Oh man this sucks.
I've HAD IT with these niggers! fucking discord trannies can't get it done right, waited more than 10 years for a new timesplitters game or TS on PC. I want to start a new community project for making our own timesplitters remake, we obviously need modelers, coders and texture artists but I think we can still use the original soundscape from the games. any volunteers? the plan is to start with TS1 and work our way through the games focusing on multiplayer, TS1 is a good starting point because it was made for multiplayer and has a decent amount of content.What should I get started with first? modeling the weapons or modeling the maps/mapmaker? modelling the characters is going to be a bitch as there is over 100 of them in TS1. OpenSplitters, right here, right now, present day, present time. we're hiring! If you want to join the project just make some contribution and post it ITT. hopefully we get some anons in here, make demo, then finish the game. if any of you fags have programming experience let us know we need it. >>653633 > does that mean I need to refactor all of my code just to add multiplayer support? Oh man this sucks. Yeah, you need to program a game from the ground up with multiplayer in mind or else you'll have a bad time, adding it in later can be difficult or impossible in some cases
>>653639 Ah hell that is some tough decision because I already refactored my game 2x times. one for code and one for moving on to 3D.
>>653595 maybe implement 1 thing at a time, not go overboard with adding features cuz its easy to get your game complicated and messy. And look for older games, they used to have some material for gamedeving. My idea came from how diablo2 handled respawns
if you are making an indie game for the love of fuck include some actual gameplay I can't count the number of indie games I've tried that turned out to just be a glorified walking simulator with zero game or interactivity
(21.13 MB 630x500 2022-07-24 13-33-57.webm)

We are adding the faerie village soon, it will be a colony management minigame and you can employ faeries to work in your farm
>>653645 Well I played Diablo 1, Torchlight 1-2 and Grim Dawn now. I already have some vague idea what my tank action RPG game is going to be, and I implemented couple of features already such as a inventory addon (written by somebody else), a shop system and a basic weapon system. What I need now is a good Hexen like hub map structure and well a AI system which is not complete now because the code anon that wrote the code for me hasn't been there for a long time which sucks because he is a good fella. Then I have a basic GUI manager to fix a couple issues and well I'm kinda at the stage now where I can implement new assets now. >>653649 What are you on about? My game is going to include combat so I have no idea why you think mine would be a driving/walking simulator.
>make small amount of progress >procrastinate >give up >repeat
>>653682 If you made up a demo could you point to that? Might be easier to tell what your options for multiplayer are then.
>>653633 You may need to write remote versions of a lot of your functions. Which in my experience takes a while and debugging it takes forever. https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/tutorials/networking/high_level_multiplayer.html It really is important to program multiplayer in from the outset because it can completely change how you code everything.
>>653697 https://gitgud.io/Boris/fer-char-3d well I have a repo for this. >>653740 Oh damn looks likes its out of my option then, well shit. I thought adding 4 player Coop support would be trivial.
>>653681 What percentage are through through development, give or take? When you're getting towards the end I recommend trying to fix up those animations a little. That awkward turning as he's using the scythe looks real jank.
>>653759 Okay, 3D from the player's perspective makes things difficult because you have to have a separate camera for each player. You could try and do local multiplayer and then people could use something like Parsec to play online but if you haven't already laid the groundwork it would be a considerable amount of work. Not saying you can't do it but you might have to get creative. Were the other players each going to get their own tank or were they supposed to each occupy a crew position in a single tank?
(10.56 MB 640x480 2022-07-26 15-02-52.webm)

>>653593 >Am I just too retarded to live? Depends if you know how to read/write; Literally start a diary that explains fully what was done and how. Not so you can read it again and learn again, but so that the need to explain in simple concise terms what was done forces some of it to cement inside your nogging. >>653595 Keep it simple or you will end up like me with a almost 5 year project full of cool features that somehow is still not a game. >>653770 33% I'd guess. We are stuffing as much low hanging fruit gameplay we can in as little time as possible right now. Like grindable skills with addicting feedback.
>>653845 >Okay, 3D from the player's perspective makes things difficult because you have to have a separate camera for each player. Wouldn't that happen automatically anyway because the Camera is a node? I didn't wrote my own camera code, or I am missing something? Like wouldn't it just be sufficient to constantly send packages of the player camera position? >You could try and do local multiplayer and then people could use something like Parsec to play online but if you haven't already laid the groundwork it would be a considerable amount of work. So that form multiplayer would work only like a LAN system where players need to be on the same network instead of their own network? Then I would have absolutely nobody to play with because I don't have any cool friends in my circle that is willing to play games with me ;_;. >Were the other players each going to get their own tank or were they supposed to each occupy a crew position in a single tank? One tank per player, maybe when its not too complicated a pet and companion system too, not quite sure about it. >>653857 Granted I didn't played Action RPG games yet as I started my tank project but now when I come to think of it I just want it pretty much like similiar to Diablo 2 and Torchlight 2 but with tanks instead and third person/first person camera style instead of top down camera. Feature wise I do try to keep it simple and not add too many advanced features I think, I have yet to see. Well I wasted 7 fucking years of my life time making microtank mod for GZDoom and when I look back at it its not quite polished and lacks a lot of content so I did pretty poorly with this GZDoom tank project. Though there was one anon from zzzchan that actually liked my microtank mod. For features I would like to have these things: -Being able to drive a tank (added) -Being able to walk on foot -basic crafting system for advanced items (higher tier items can only be acquired this way) -shop system for basic items -Hexen hub map system (still a much simpler system then a open world system which is probably a lot more complicated) as for the hub map system there would be though a small obstacle because I want it to be persistent as in when the player revisits the map it still retains the same state as the last time the player visited it. -advanced weapon system for the weapons I want to make several weapon types which each have a role and purpose, so far I have only implemented a magazine system and different ammunition types. So for the weapons I want it to be the highlight of the game to show that the player can use the weapons for variety of situations. -Basic quest system nothing too complicated, the NPCs will tell some bit of description and then some stuff happens based on the mission, some repeatable missions and main missions. -material and artifact based loots monsters won't drop any weapons or other items, only materials, components and artifacts which are used for crafting or for selling it off to make a profit out of it. As for the monsters, well I don't have any specific ideas and to be honest that is my weakest point because I am too stupid to write a AI code on my own since it seems to require higher maths which I lack, fuck if I would have only knew that earlier about this issue. I thought Godot is popular enough so that there is enough barebones addon to make games with it or something so that I don't have to do everything from scratch, so that I can spend more time on the other aspect of my game. Also are any of you anons versed in Digimon lore? I could use a advisor soon-ish for that soon. Or should I completely drop the Digimon idea and instead use various funny looking monsters from Sven Co-op custom maps?
>>653898 >should I completely drop the Digimon idea and instead use various funny looking monsters from Sven Co-op custom maps That all completely depends on whether or not you plan on selling your game. Keeping it free? Go with digimon. Want to sell? Use whatever you can find or make.
So, I'm going to make a multiplayer WW2 FPS in godot, how do I build it up from the start to include multiplayer and bot support? Also How could I differentiate the game from other tactical hardcore WW2 shooters?
>>654059 You do that with hard work and determination. Do you think you can do that?
>>654059 >How could I differentiate the game from other tactical hardcore WW2 shooters? Single player campaign with Axis protagonists
>>654028 I don't plan on selling my game, since I want to make it FOSS instead and hopefully some people are willing to donate to my patreon so that I can afford myself some more coffee or something. Besides if I did plan on selling my game then I wouldn't have setup a public gitgud repository.
>>654240 Then that answers your question. Also im not sure why your so bothered about lore. Digimon has never really kept its lore super consistent to begin with.
>>654240 Noble endeavor anon
>>654252 Oh okay. >Also im not sure why your so bothered about lore. Well part of what I enjoyed of UFO Aftermath, Spellcross and Torchlight is the lore so I like reading a little bit of text of why things are like that, even Doom 1 has a little bit of lore when you finish a map as it explains some background stuff. I'm not going to make my game into a story heavy game but at least a little bit of story going on for the curios player. >>654256 Thank you Anyon.
Reposting from last thread: New Update. 0.3.3. Hope you like donuts. https://mega.nz/folder/xVUXmR5D#inKyQJm0ZWy4Lyu4zcp85g And gloryhole Edition: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/850323 Sorry for the reddit spacing, they are different things, so I think it needs a distinction.
(3.76 MB 1025x3062 929.png)

>>653898 >Also are any of you anons versed in Digimon lore? Not really, but just know that Juri canonically wants to fuck Leomon. Make sure that goes in. Also Izumi almost takes her shirt off. I wish I knew more, but I can't remember the show. I loved the games.
>>654269 Hmm, well I read a little bit of the 2 encyclopedia pages about digimon and they are sort of sparse with their lore and as another anon pointed out it is indeed inconsistent with its lore so thats going to be a bit of a roadblock there. >but just know that Juri canonically wants to fuck Leomon. Make sure that goes in. Also Izumi almost takes her shirt off. Best I can do is that a NPC references that event.
(29.97 KB 392x409 423.jpg)

(292.77 KB 418x322 416bfsdr2123.png)

(65.88 KB 470x542 Capture (2).JPG)

>>654275 What's wrong, anon, can't handle fucking dykes straight?
>>654266 So is your goal to like usurp Steven Universe with right-wing memes and stuff that would trigger rainbowhairs? Because while I think you're a degenerate for wanting to fap to the dog shit SU character designs, that is nonetheless a noble goal.
>>654266 >>654286 I think its less with any goals and more with wanting to fuck them. And its working, he's figured out the target audience and people are buying this, and any agenda is just a unintentional side effect.
(61.33 KB 1079x608 racist.jpg)

(1.99 MB 1920x1080 defy_it.png)

>>654286 >>654330 Yeah, it is a side effect, spent way too much on 8chan, and my humor and ideas just tend to lean more that way. Game exploded recently because of the new art, and more exposition meant more SJWs trying to cancel me. The worse I've gotten so far is a guy getting triggered over the idea that Steven being a male Gem can have control over female Gems because I explicitly mentioned it is sexist, but there's nothing wrong with it and it's natural in-game.
(38.97 KB 480x270 Be Racist.mp4)

>>654364 I think people are just happy there's a porn game on indie sites that isn't just repurposed HoneySelect models in a click through "visual novel"
>download bunch of handpainted textures from OpenGameArt >apply textures to my house model >import it to Godot >Godot lags like a motherfucker now >for some reason the imported model has 6 gorrillions materials What the fuck man, how the fuck I am supposed to texture my damn models when Trenchbroom does this shit? Is there any other damn map editor I can use instead? I'm fucking sick of Trenchbroom already and I dont want to use Blender for making maps with, I don't mind if I would have to use Wine to run the map editor but please just tell me of any good alternatives that doesn't want me to drink bleach.
>want to get into gaming as a career like the oldfags of yesteryear >zero experience To setup my own gaming company or just to sell games on my own what do I need to do? Surely it can't be as easy as making a game then just throwing up a website to sell it on, can it? >>654482 Whats wrong with blender? its made for making maps and other models, the only option you have really, unless you buyfag some shit software made by kikes then you're shit out of luck for any alternatives
>>654575 I don't like that Blender doesn't have a several settings for changing the snap size so that its easier to create consistent sized models such as in scale of 2, 5 or 10, editing terrain with it is a pain in the ass and I don't like it at all how the camera controls. I want a damn FPS camera control for editing maps which is much better then whatever stupid controls it is using, I did used the fly/walk mode on Blender but for some reason as soon I press other keys it reverts to default camera control.
Should I stay low poly or should I go for higher poly counts? Does it even matter? Going to try and finish off the set of weapons then move onto tanks/vehicles. little experience modeling humans so that may turn out ugly.
>>654878 are you making a tactical game or something?
>>654878 Low poly is kind of in right now. A lot of indies have moved on from pixel art to low poly I think in order to differentiate themselves but also cash in on ps1 nostalgia.
>>653595 It's obvious that stalker doesn't have as elaborate system as you make it out to be. Think of it in terms of complexity and development time. Would you spend your precious time implementing mob per mob detailed system, or would you go with a random x mob_count. I recall seeing bandits occupying parts that were previously owned by soldiers. Kinda unbelievable for a real "live experience", don't you think? >>653682 Take a look at famous Warcraft 3 custom maps: tanks wars and ship wars. Steal an idea or two about auto shooting cannons. I think less autism is fun and has a wider reach of an audience. >>654364 Tell me a secret mate: how much money do you get on patreon after the cut/taxes/stealing? If that is a secret give us a percentage, please. do you draw it all by yourself or do you have an artist from California?
>>655495 >It's obvious that stalker doesn't have as elaborate system as you make it out to be. Think of it in terms of complexity and development time. Would you spend your precious time implementing mob per mob detailed system, or would you go with a random x mob_count As I have said before I just keep it simple and use a week/month based cycle timer and that's it, which can be further influenced by using obstacle reduction rounds against nest to delay their respawn. >I recall seeing bandits occupying parts that were previously owned by soldiers. Kinda unbelievable for a real "live experience", don't you think? Those soldiers were probably fresh out of the grinder, so no wonder they got their shit pushed down from vodka chugging bandits tbh. >Take a look at famous Warcraft 3 custom maps: tanks wars and ship wars. Steal an idea or two about auto shooting cannons. I think less autism is fun and has a wider reach of an audience. Don't have Warcraft 3 and isn't OG Warcraft 3 now fucked because Blizzard is trying to sell to the golems their refunded edition? I don't want to make the weapons /k/ tier autism but I mean that using different types of ammunition have their purpose as well as elemental related damage, so you can see that a monster explodes in a fireball when struck by a fire elemental enhanced ammo or monsters struck by poison ammo explodes in a poisonous gas cloud that lingers for a while, I mean those sort of things. One of things that bothered with RPG games how boring their elemental damage system was, they didn't caused any special animation or whatever when a enemy got hit or killed by one which sucks and is some missed opportunity. Funnily enough Fallout 3 did that better so when you cause critical hits with the plasma or laser rifle gun they either melt down in a red sparks or melt down in green globs.
>>654575 >Surely it can't be as easy as making a game then just throwing up a website to sell it on, can it? This nigger thinks it's easy. But yes, just make a game and put something up somewhere. Put it on Newgrounds or Itch or something. If you're aiming for something broader try contacting a pubisher. Also look into indie game channels to look at methods for marketing your game. Some youtube channels like hosting showcase segments where a bunch of games are shown off.
>>655495 >>654364 I hope that game turns you into a millionare.
>>655555 I guess that settles it. It's gonna happen.
(270.32 KB 472x472 Check it Out.png)

(9.85 MB 426x236 OlderGamesAreBetter.webm)

Does anyone have the demo days pixel art image for all 4 days, one for summer, winter, spring etc?
>>654917 Yeah, a tactical WW2 FPS set in afrika, it will be similar to red orchestra but with less bullshit. >>654918 low poly it is then, I think I can keep everything under 2k tris, vehicles maybe take more.
>>655495 >how much money do you get on patreon after the cut/taxes/stealing? If that is a secret give us a percentage, please It's cool, anon, it isn't a secret. It honestly is not much... But mostly because Patreon doesn't outright shows you how much you are losing. I'm making 1000$+ this month for the first time, and they are taking 85$, so far (maybe it's more once the month is over). And previous times, where I was making like 500$ they took around 50$ or so, but in my patreon, it shows I was making those 500$, I only know I'm losing that 50$ because I check the statistics they show. I personally don't mind the commission they take as much as I hate their retarded censorship. >or do you have an artist from California? I think my artist is from California, actually. The biggest problem for me with patreon and paypal at the moment is that I'm a spic, I can't withdraw money directly from it, I need to use third parties, and that takes so much money from me that it's honestly sad. I'm looking for alternatives, but there isn't much. >>655555 >>655563 Slowly getting there.
(348.17 KB 2100x2831 Reimu Hakurei smoking 13892.jpeg)

Fine if there is no other option left then I'll try to make maps with Blender then. Oh man this is going to be fun. Is there for Blender at least some kind of addon that makes making levels easier or something? Such as FPS styled camera, grid snapping which can be changed from a drop down menu like Trenchbroom does and objects management like group within group of objects so that I can do fine editing of the objects or move it as a whole, that's one of the few things that Trenchbroom did right.
>>656256 >Trenchbroom I just had a look at that, and it's not the right tool for the job. The Quake family of engines are gear towards indoor environments and buildings. Creating overland terrain in that just looks like it will be a world of pain. What you want is a heightmap based terrain editor. Did you have a look at this plugin for Godot? https://github.com/Zylann/godot_heightmap_plugin From my brief reading of their docs it looks like it will be good for creating overworld terrain.
>>656408 >I just had a look at that, and it's not the right tool for the job. The Quake family of engines are gear towards indoor environments and buildings. Creating overland terrain in that just looks like it will be a world of pain. Hmm well Half Life 1 has some outdoor section and it uses the Quake engine too, so initially when I used Trenchbroom I hoped it would be suitable for outdoor environment too, looks like I was wrong and as you said its a world of pain. I tried making a shitty village map in Trenchbroom and the result was crap since I couldn't get the terrain and cliffs to look correct. >What you want is a heightmap based terrain editor. Did you have a look at this plugin for Godot? I did looked at this plugin but for some reason when I made a terrain with it, it caused terrible performance on my end I think I set the terrain size to 1024x1024 or 512x512 I forget which and it was just the terrain and the player tank and that's it.
(26.84 MB 1280x720 Unity - Draw Calls.webm)

Found a short video on improving performance in unity when importing stuff from blender, and when rendering 100s of objects at once. Might be useful for someone someday
(695.86 KB 1916x904 skill screen.png)

character screen 99% done inb4 sperging over the rainbow colored bars
>>658772 What do the alpha, beta, whatever bars mean though?
(5.28 MB 1920x1080 2022-08-02 16-30-52.mp4)

>>659604 These are the nutrients, each is linked to an attribute, when above 50% they start giving bonuses to the attributes, each attribute has a passive bonus linked to it, we use the attributes as intermediary between the nutrient and the bonus because you will have equipment and other buffs later on that also increase stats.
(51.56 KB 333x333 1431890434641.jpg)

Meh fug this, I have to much shit going on my life right now. Looks like I cant work on my fucking game right now, not that I can do it anyway when I feel as energetic as Jeb Bush.
>>659948 I believe in you.
(1.61 MB 2100x2831 1617563111839.jpg)

Stupid nodev question, but I wanna make a Postal 2 clone with a much more expanded and detailed gore system. What should I be working with? I find working with UE and Unity iffy because of all the info that they ask for, but Godot's 3D also sucks ass.
BTW, I am not this post (>>656256) so please don't make assumptions of me, life is already absolute shit, don't need more of that
>>659982 Just use godot bro, if SoF2 can have a detailed gore system on ps2/xbox of all things then godot can easily handle it. >postal 2 clone you better make it fun and have a coop mode with 16+ players faggot, make it super edgy like postal 1, include a school that you can shoot up or an anime convention you can mustard gas. What are your ideas for this postal 2 clone? what country are you going to set it in? are you going to make it cute and funny? gonna include some epic maymays like happy merchant or niggerz? whatever you do you better make it to be able to run on toasters so everyone can play, godot is good for that too, unity is literally spyware and unreal is bloatware that may also be chink spyware
>>660025 I don't know about Godot, I played Cruelty Squad and I tried doing a basic 3D game in it, and the performance was fairly abysmal for what little it had >What are your ideas for this postal 2 clone? I don't want to be an ideas man but it is just "incel shoots women" the game. You get past the levels by killing women. And in between levels you can see scenes where the frustration against women is explained. I won't go into details because everyone has great ideas, but they mean nothing with no action >you better make it fun and have a coop mode with 16+ players faggot, make it super edgy like postal 1, include a school that you can shoot up or an anime convention you can mustard gas. Besides coop, you could count on that.
>>659981 Uhm thanks. Right now I just wasted a lot of time playing RPG games instead of getting shit done, welp.
>>660036 >incel shoots women game cool, like a reverse duke nukem, kill those babes! >ideas man me too, i should be working on my game but i get sidetracked by everything, i could have a demo by demo day but im too lazy and cannot bring myself to work 12 hours a day on my game >besides coop shieeet, coop is one good addition to any game, pissing around with 16+ players is pretty fun and I hope you open source the game so if you dont add coop someone else will >inb4 closed source buttsauce, needs to be open for mods n shiet my nigga
(24.12 KB 186x292 1638816990212.png)

>>660064 > I hope you open source the game so if you dont add coop someone else will I'm sure I will, given that the subjects that the game may involve, may not allow me to put it in any store whatsoever
>>660069 IF postal 1 and 2 can get on steam, then so can your game, unless its full 1488 with no jokes or satire
(76.84 KB 640x429 uh...............jpg)

>>660071 Given how some eroge is being deleted from steam, I wouldn't count on it
>>660073 Then just make your own website and sell it there, that's what i plan on doing if i ever finish a game.
>>660055 If you cant get yourself to work at least plan things out or write down ideas you have.
>>660170 I have already made a document detailing some few things what I intend to do with my game, and I have no more ideas left how to make the description more descriptive.
>>660172 Post document
(1.07 MB 220x231 1657391117538.gif)

>>660488 I have nothing to report. I have halted work on my project that I posted about here to finally finish another game I was working on with a buddy for a couple-few years. I'm going to take a bunch of time this month to polish up FPRogue real good before I put in on steam and wherever else. Got a business number and name so now I have to do the paper work to get my steam account going. >>660360 Anon I see no mention of digimon. What the hell happened? Also >Main Menu (WiP) You can at least finish your damn main menu anon come on now
>>659982 The game engine is a question that comes later. You should be focusing instead on creating lots of models'n'textures. You can use Blender for that. In all honesty you can use blender for creating a level too! I see your nodev, because you don't know yet that you must learn modelling/texturing/drawing yourself or hire an artist. btw dismemberment is easy to program, like this: create a signal for an object on entering the body; deduct some health from this body part; if the result is a big negative number, replace the model with the gibbed version, or detach a single object from the parent. >the performance was fairly abysmal It will always be if you're just a filthy code monkey. Let the process logic sleep for awhile, don't make every enemy "think" every frame. If your model has gazillion polygons - optimize them, no engine is gonna chew them all. Learn from the best, but don't shy away looking at the rest. The cum chalice guy is a good example. He never wished to learn how to think logically. That must be the main reason why he lost all of his patreon neetbux. He is an idiot. It's not that he failed spectacularly here and there, It's because he consistently refuses to improve and accept any help from anyone. My advice: pick a specialty in the game design and stick to it, gather a team, and just fucking DO IT! >>660488 Alright HH guy, currently I'm struggling with the finding an artist, where does one find such a guy? In the meantime I'm developing your mum's backdoor.
>>660569 >Anon I see no mention of digimon. What the hell happened? Got a cease and desist letter from Bandai Namco Haha just kidding., uhh no idea how to hell I should reference them without specially calling them as digimons, the reason being is that I want the player during the first stage of the conflict not being aware what he is facing against to. >You can at least finish your damn main menu anon come on now Meh, I am terrible at anything graphics related. I tried improving the mainmenu graphics but it just ended up looking very cheesy.
>>660574 >I'm struggling with the finding an artist, 2D or 3D? I can be your artist for the small price of ZERO dollarydoos and a half eaten hotpocket, im shit at modelling but I try. What kind of art do you need? guns? cars? those are easy to do, humans however are pretty hard in my opinion. >where does one find such a guy? If I had to guess maybe some online ad space where people post their portfolios and then you contact them by email or something along those lines
>>660365 And since you posted your I guess I'll post mine. Pretty haphazard and scatterbrained. Some of it is out of date as well. https://a.uguu.se/VsULUbn.odt
>>660590 Damn thats a lot of mechanic, well I can only hope you have enough time to implement all of this. I don't think I am going to play this type of game at all since I'm not fond of rogues/rogues like (or whatever the hell they are named nowadays). Since I don't like losing shit when dieing, its already bad enough that Diablo 1/2 pulls this shit tbh. Hmmm, I should rework on my documentation too but as I said before I don't feel like it right now trying to rewrite it, add new ideas and maybe trashing some old ones. Oh I have some new idea which is the ability for the player to customize weapons and ammunition. One thing what I liked about OpenMW is that it lets me enchant bolts to add additional spell effects to it as well enchanting weapons to make it even more powerful. Hmmm that sort of "Enchanting" system wouldn't be that hard to do, at least for the GUI part, the difficult part however would be items sprites because I want them to be easily distinguishable and particle effects so that for example a APHE infused with incendiary mixtures has a different particle effect than regular APHE. When I am going to add elemental/special effects to my ammunition then I want a special effects for explosions and giblets too, like for example if a enemy is struck down with chemical weapons then it should look like he is going to melt in a gooey slime, kinda like how Fallout 3 does with laser and plasma weapons. It might be a lot of work for this but I don't want that elemental effects look boring, so if a player likes using incendiary or chemical weapons he should be also "rewarded" with special deaths against his opponent.
(135.47 KB 1338x2133 Demon grill.png)

>>660488 Doing character design mostly. Working on hotbar system but nothing amazing to show.
Anyone have any resources on low resolution texturing? like a PS1 style? what were the system restrictions on PSX textures again?
>>660959 This guy is talking about making a PS1 style fantasy console and covers a lot of the PS1 aesthetic: https://www.david-colson.com/2021/11/30/ps1-style-renderer.html PS1 had a max texture file size of 256x256 with 24bit colour depth. I can't find any info on it but I'm pretty sure there was a colour palette limit per texture too.
>>660586 Thank you for the offer, kind stranger, but i must decline. I'm doing this fun educational activity not for monies, but for cummies! Looking to bless the world with this fetish of mine. Amen! If i (or an artist) manage to get a partial investment return then it's extra cool. 2D isometric stuff shouldn't be that hard to create, yet here i am, struggling to get some paid asset flips of okay quality and of a single style. This may be a mistake of mine, just wanted to be "not like the other girls" with their RPG maker asset flips with a top down view. The game will be EROTIQUE in the style of rpg maker erotic games. So i should probably head to pixiv and catch some poorly received talent. Of course I'm not gonna pay with "possibilities", I'm gonna pay with greenbacks, even though I'm dirt poor and hazardously thin by American standards. >>660581 Forgive me, God of programming, but you don't have to make everything perfect! Make it good enough instead, if the stuff sticks, then you try to improve it. Take a look at mine craft for example: the mechanics are dumb simple, and that's why they are loved by millions. As a professional code monkey myself i would tell you this much. Like John Carmack said: create, don't overthink and see what works.
>>660874 Yeah roguelikes arent for everyone. But im going for a more old school approach where your character can be resurrected if you can haul your body out with another character or your items get inherited by your next character. Things like that.
(3.56 MB 256x188 minus_20_social_credit.gif)

Don't forget to post a Bitcoin or Monero address as part of your Demo Day submission to get 15USD reward for it.
(619.54 KB 1920x1080 cama_kiki.png)

(517.66 KB 1920x1080 cama_jenny.png)

>>660488 Backgrounds. Will likely release a new version in the upcoming weeks. >>660902 Looking good, anon.
>>660586 Can you post some of your stuff? I may need a bit of art in the future.
>>661098 >Forgive me, G*d of programming, but you don't have to make everything perfect! But I only know Python and GDScript, I thought g*d of programmers would be somebody knowledgeable in C/C++ or something. And I don't even know math. Meh I won't implement customizable weapons/ammo right away, if anything this one comes later because I want to finish the other fundamental aspect of my game first before adding in more advanced features. Like I need to add support for Hexen style hub maps, monsters eggs, global timer, Monster AI, chassis swapping and so on... So quite a few features to do before I work on the more jewcy aspect of my game. Time is not a issue for me I am a NEET after all, however my fucking severe depression is hampering my motivation to work on my game. I don't care if its going to take a long time for my game, What is another 7 years wasted which I did for my GZDoom/Skulltag micro tank mod, meh. Though if I am not mistaken there wasn't any noob friendly 3D engines that I could jump to back then, no idea well there was Ogre 3D and Irrlicht I guess but those are more for advanced programmer which I am not. Besides as for code, I'll try to make my code somehow readable I don't know how true that is because so far yet nobody gave me any feedback on my code at the moment or at least I can not recall it, I admit I made a grave mistake of not commenting my code more thoroughly which would benefit everyone. Well shit I guess when Godot 4 comes around the come that means I have to refactor my damn game anyway because of the major changes they do with GDScript, g*d damn it. >>661129 Looks like I wont get your sweet sweet 15 dollars this time since I haven't done enough shit for my game. >>661124 Oh okay that's a interesting concept I think. The only roguelikes I tried to play was Elona but I didn't went very far because it was way too randomized for my liking, like drinking even from a damn fountain can fuck you over and can even get you pregnant from a xeno scum.
>>661658 >Time is not a issue for me I am a NEET after all, however my fucking severe depression is hampering my motivation to work on my game. Didnt we tell you to get new meds or go off your meds or find a new doctor or something? Anyway im sure you know that working on your game will make you feel a bit better. Worked for me.
>>661733 (checked) >Didnt we tell you to get new meds or go off your meds or find a new doctor or something? Fuck you're right, I do need to find a new Doctor, that guy suggested to me I should go to the damn clinic instead which I don't to, because the clinic is full of insane that screams and rambles like a bumbling idiots. >Anyway im sure you know that working on your game will make you feel a bit better. Worked for me. I'll try screwing around with Blender more then. I just wish there was a good Trenchbroom like plugin for it.
(191.42 KB 928x545 jenny_sketch_animated.gif)

>>661135 Release soon.
(204.51 KB 1920x1080 AxeImg.png)

(799.66 KB 1440x900 untitled.png)

Meh made some shit. No fucking idea how the hell I can improve my texturing, is there any better tool for 3D Painting then 3D Coat? I don't like it how limited 3D Coat painting tools are and Blender Painting tools is so barebones it might as well not be there at all. Also how hard is it to learn character modelling and animation?
>>662463 >how hard is it to learn character modelling and animation? Character modelling is quite hard, animation on the other hand is quite easy when you get the hang of it as its literally just moving things frame by frame then allowing the program to fill in between each frame. What kind of game are you making anyways?
>>662472 >Character modelling is quite hard Oh god, so it takes 6 million years in Blender to just to become pro efficient at making character models? Damn man, no idea how the hell I am supposed to do that then when I am a one man army. I guess then its not a bad idea then ripping of character models from other games/mods I guess, the only problem would be the fucking art style as well as polygon count, hmmm well shit. If I had only another modeller on my team at least but alas it wont be happening it seems. >What kind of game are you making anyways? A tank versus corrupted/evil digimon action RPG game. The basic premise is that it's set during the 90's (Around the time of Digimon Adventure and where the first digimon tamers get teleported to the digimon dimension) with the main exception that the lord of evil digimons (devimon? I forget, the one digimon who is producings black gears) has gained over times a much greater power which is enough for him to already start havoc on several european places. And it is up to the player to investigate what the hell is going on and making new allies or foes during the course of the campaign.
>>662477 >so it takes 6 million years in Blender to just to become pro efficient at making character models? It depends on how detailed you want your characters, if you want some low poly shit just look at half life for reference, since that game was able to have facial animations and other cool shit with very low poly models before the HD update >digimon tank game weird concept but ok
>>662489 >It depends on how detailed you want your characters, if you want some low poly shit just look at half life for reference, since that game was able to have facial animations and other cool shit with very low poly models before the HD update Hmm I was more thinking along the lines of UT2004 characters which seems to have a good balance between low polygon count and texturing details. OG Half Life 1 looks a bit way too low poly for my taste. >weird concept but ok Is it really that bad of a concept? The next alternative would just to add fantasy monsters instead such as slimes and skeletals and what else there is out there on fantasy creatures, that and some weird looking monster design from custom maps.
>>662493 >The next alternative would just to add fantasy monsters instead such as slimes and skeletals and what else there is out there on fantasy creatures, that and some weird looking monster design from custom maps. I'd say go full sci-fi and have aliens and robots and kaiju and stuff. Not to different from digimon if you go that route.
>>662656 hmmm got any example pictures of what you had in mind? Keep in mind my modelling skill is shit and I need to learn how to do character modelling, rigging and animation works which is going to be a long time. I made a couple of shitty looking mechs for my micro tank project long time ago since that one is easier to do since it still falls under hard surface category. I guess since PS1 styled games are the hottest trend now and couple of jewtube tutorial videos are being made for it I could try learning from that too but with the difference I try with a higher polygon and texture resolution count because I don't want it to be that low poly. Maybe one day I can imitate the art style of Unreal Tournament 2004...

(161.16 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

>>662668 Go the route of something like edf. Giant spiders and ants and things aren't too different from a dokugumon and grey aliens aren't that different from a vademon and any giant dinosauresque kaiju has a digimon analogue. That picture makes edf look impressive but if you look at some footage of it the game is super jank and not too worried about high fidelity models since its more important to have a lot on screen at one time. So if you go the ps1 route you probably wouldn't have much of a problem with having a lot on screen as well. I guess at the end of the day what I'm saying is don't worry too much about how your models look. As long as you can tell what they are and the game is fun you can get away with a lot of jank.
(126.77 KB 1024x768 UT2004 2.jpeg)

(274.19 KB 1024x768 UT2004 3.jpeg)

(515.58 KB 1440x1080 UT2004 1.jpeg)

>>662674 >Giant spiders and ants and things aren't too different from a dokugumon and grey aliens aren't that different from a vademon and any giant dinosauresque kaiju has a digimon analogue. Well I thought those digimon creatures have a interesting design this is why initially I wanted to go for this route, though if that one tor anon comes back and sees I don't have any digimon creatures in my game now he would probably end up disappointed, maybe I don't know I am not him. >Go the route of something like edf. I don't think I can make huge battles like in EDF or Serious Sam besides I prefer smaller scale conflict but in turn better tools for mob control and the like, basically being more aware what type of monsters the player is facing against since that is going to be a bit important. When I was younger I used to play the shit outta RPG invasion servers on UT2004 that and UT99 monster hunt (no RPG mod for it though). The reason I want to go for this route of a typical battle is because I don't want that the player just hoards tons of high explosive shells and hand it out like candies so to speak, to make different types of ammunition more important but I try also not to make it like in Doom 4/Eternal (I forget which) where player constantly switch weapons just to deal against a single monster, so I need to find a balance here... Hmm well on second thought it wouldn't matter that much anyway since the player is driving a tank thus he can always use a heavy weapon and a light weapon, and if I managed to implement other types of vehicles then things would be a bit more different too. I am not quite sure how many monsters there are going to be on screen hopefully between 20-50 that should be plenty to kill with more monster spawning in temporarily when the "older" monsters dies. >but if you look at some footage of it the game is super jank and not too worried about high fidelity models since its more important to have a lot on screen at one time. So if you go the ps1 route you probably wouldn't have much of a problem with having a lot on screen as well. Well UT2004 looks fairly dated too and its not super detailed either since its a awfully old game by now, though admitelly as I mentioned before my texturing skill sucks as you have probably seen from my attempt at making a axe model so I guess I am pretty much stuck with PS1 style but in cartoon or some crap, meh. Sucks being too poor affording a good modeller I guess. >So if you go the ps1 route Yeah I probably just end up doing that.
>tfw made zero progress How do I get motivated? I really want to make this game yet I can't seem to just hunker down and work on it for a few hours a day. it's sorta hard doing low poly and making it look good at the same time, can't wait to try my hand at low poly soldiers!
>>662734 >How do I get motivated? I really want to make this game yet I can't seem to just hunker down and work You get motivated by hunkering down and working on it
>>662764 I guess you're right, I should just focus on making game. gotta get it together! Thinking about leaving texturing to last, so I do the animations and other stuff before texturing, or should I at least color them in a bit to make it less boring? I can always change it later.
>>662788 You can color them so that you can tell things apart but if you can't texture them then you may need to get somebody else to do that later on.
(40.17 KB 750x748 f26.jpg)

So since I don't have a demo this time either I was wondering if I should stream everyones demos? I've never streamed before and I have starlink internet so I'm not sure how it will go but eh why not right? When would be a good time? In the evening?
>>663564 Anytime you like, just make sure to post before you start and what game you'd stream
>>663564 I'd say the day after demo day, once everyone has submitted their work.
So I've been trying to figure out how implement this: https://yal.cc/top-down-bouncing-loot-effects/ in unity, but I can't really figure out how to convert the game maker logic into c#, specifically the vertical gravity part. Any hints / tips / solutions would be appreciated.
(53.95 KB 1280x720 demoday.jpg)

>>664152 As for gravity, I don't recall whichever position is up or down so either the x or y axis, basically you want to keep track of its original height value and use another variable where the object goes higher and descends to the ground based on a certain speed but never below its original height value, so you could use that to implement fake gravity I think. I did something similar for my 2D tank game in order to implement falling bombs where I just used another variable as a offset variable and reduce it to a certain speed towards 0 so that the bombs "position" goes back to its original height value it spawned from, I forget though the exact details of my implementation. Maybe these code will help you out, I don't know. Its written in Godot GDScript though so you need to translate it to c# or whatever language you use. https://gitgud.io/Boris/fer-char-2d/-/blob/master/Core/Weapons/BombBase.gd https://gitgud.io/Boris/fer-char-2d/-/blob/master/Base/Scripts/AirSupport_Bomber.gd >>664358 No demoday for me this time, meh.
>>664398 Yes demo day from you. Show us what you've done, even if its not very much.
>>664483 It is really not worth it, I will only post to the demo anchor post if I made significant amount progress, all I added recently is some gems which is not even obtainable ingame right now. I haven't yet gotten around to design a new map either.
>>664358 I'm waiting for the thread.
>>664491 Post gems please
>>664533 Someday I'll be gone and demoday will die because apparently I'm the only one who's not too autistic to make a demoday thread.
Thread is up. >>664560
>>664557 Who's got time when you've got to make graphics, code, plan, tweak and make content.
>>664592 >whos got the time to make deadlines Yesdevs
(927.13 KB 1440x900 untitled.png)

>>665079 Cool. Give them a nice clinky sound effect.
>>665199 (checked) I'll see what I can do.
(269.39 KB 1920x1007 09-08-22-1660065369_scrot.png)

Is there for Blender 2.79 a FBX importer where it imports the animation/bones correctly? I downloaded a animated chest from (((Unity Asset Store))) and the animations are fucked up but it seems the model is sort of imported good, though part of its models are not attached to the chest but floats in air instead. inb4 I need to use Blender RAM eater edition to get better FBX support
Stream will start in about 20 mins.
(1.29 MB 1080x1080 AGDG DEMO DAYS.jpg)

(569.92 KB 1000x1000 GORILLAZ best album.png)

I made an edit of Demon Days album cover into Demo Days with the 4 seasons pixel art. Aside from no longer being minimalistic and cartoony, how does it look? Any better way to fill the squares with something different?
>>665916 Looks fine enough by me. I don't know of any other pictures to use instead.
After all this time I just discovered the Tween node in Godot. Would have been nice to know about it before but oh well.
(228.78 KB 1440x900 AlexanderCrossbowimg2.png)

(411.45 KB 1440x900 AlexanderCrossbowimg.png)

Welp I have made a crossbow model based on a image, I will make later a couple more crossbow model and bunch of bolts too. Then hopefully using a crossbow in OpenMW is going to be more fun as there is more variety to choose from.
(1.46 MB 600x261 speech.gif)

Npcs speak now
Archive of 8/8 demo day since its unpinned now - https://archive.ph/tjS2J
>>667578 You should make one of the NPCs say "watch the sky" as an easter egg
(377.55 KB 1440x900 AlexanderCrossbowimg.png)

(327.87 KB 1440x900 AlexanderCrossbowimg2.png)

(596.15 KB 1440x900 WillowCrossbow2.png)

(712.35 KB 1440x900 WillowCrossbow1.png)

About to make another crossbow model and the previous model is texturized now. I couldn't get sadly the Crossbow model to work properly in OpenMW some how, so I need to ask on their chat channels for help soon.
I have been watching tutorials for Blender for the past 4 days, is it normal that I want to keel overand cry?
>>669109 What's the problem? You maka da shape like anon above.
>>669109 It's ok Anyon, have a gabumon plush maybe it makes you feel better.
(982.53 KB 800x450 quick special.webm)

Scythe special done
>>669228 post more sad cat
How feasible is adding id Tech 4's lighting to an id Tech 3 game?
(31.98 KB 400x385 1539212456590.jpg)

(60.09 KB 640x640 1539216150444.jpg)

(1.80 KB 125x95 1539220841550s.jpg)

(49.75 KB 960x960 1540825478753.jpg)

(116.99 KB 1200x1200 1578802884731.jpg)

>>669228 cute, thanks >>669109 I'm intimidated by the UI and the complexity of it all, I thought it was gonna be as easier
>>669487 woah, trippy effect how are you handling draw distance though?
>>669721 cute, thanks
(189.31 KB 671x433 fufu.png)

>>671284 >>671290 You're welcome.
What's a good way to store information on a great number of pre-defined RPG battles that I can call on as needed? Info like included enemy types, enemy levels, number of enemies, encounter locale, etc. Is JSON a stupid idea?
(38.70 KB 854x480 Chad Warden.jpeg)

>>671372 JSON is a gay ass format for gay niggaz. t. JSON user
>>671284 It's just like anything anon it takes consistent practice. It also kind of depends on what your goal is, if your goal is to be a super awesome 3d artist and work at pixar or some shit then it's going to be really disheartening because of how far away it is. if your goal is to make some low poly assets for a game you're working on then you'll be able to get there a lot faster. Keep following tutorials and then trying to make basic assets like rocks and walls and things. >>671372 Can you not just use a data class and store everything you need in there? You could make it a scriptable object probably too if you're using unity.
>>671372 Or you know, set up a variable database with scripts that determine what strings to call on.
>>671372 >What's a good way to... The answer is a non-helpful it depends. It depends on your engine, what language you use, what libraries you can use, your experience, flexibility neeed, etc. Without further information it's hard to say what would be a good strategy for you, but... >Is JSON a stupid idea? No, It's not. JSON is human readable and editable, and has been around for awhile, so it should be easy to find tools and libraries to read and write it. A potential encounter JSON file could look something like this: { "slimes_2_rat_1": { "monsters": [ { "id": "slime", "quantity": 2, "level": 1 }, { "id": "rat", "quantity": 1, "level": 2 } ], "locales": ["grass", "forest"], "tags_required": [], "tags_forbidden": ["slime_repellent"], "xp_bonus": 0, "gold_bonus": 0, "loot_bonus": [ { "item": "quality_rat_skin", "chance": 0.25, "quantity": 1 } ] } } } The above was cobbled together by hand, so beware typos.
I found out in unity if you want to use OnPointerEnter/OnMouseHover functions, whether in script or from the Inspector menu, it needs something with a graphics component which act as the "trigger area" for that object. So when you normally have Buttons or any object, the image for button is the "trigger area", and as big that image is, so will be where the OnPointer function will be activated. I this found out while trying to make the area around the button be the trigger point for a method, found out that making the object itself bigger did nothing, but the image (or any graphics component) does. If you want a invisible trigger area around a regular sized button, add the regular image component, make it bigger, and turn transparency to 0.
>>671893 I might be lacking imagination but what example would this be useful for?
>>671827 tbh all those brackets floating around makes it look ugly to look at.
(39.86 KB 337x279 1example.PNG)

>>671894 almost never if you have good clean UI, I had a long pop up text appear when the mouse hovers over the area of 4 buttons (the description), I couldn't get it activated in the empty space inbetween the buttons. That's how I found that an image itself is a trigger area. So now I have a blank transparent rectangle over the area so that it gets activated.
i want anime girl
>>671286 the grass has LOD, it groups up several blades into a single billboard
>>671893 this sounds terrible and hacky
>>671939 I want a big tiddy anime grillu in my geimu too anon.
(2.10 MB 1194x866 sickle and hoe.webm)

Sickle and Hoe
>>672767 That looks and sounds pretty satisfying (though I'm not a big fan of how spherical the particle explosions are during the windup, but as someone not experienced in particle effects, I can't really say what would make it look better)
>>672767 >>672841 I recommend just placing a simple glow on the wrist or the equipment, from white to yellow to red. It would be a better indicator for range / charge levels, wouldn't be visually distracting, and would result in a whole lot less particle effects floating about.
(17.69 KB 966x678 fyFK4kTx.png)

Since there is clear demand for it, next demo day I'll post the GigaMaidens demos I have. Don't expect anything anywhere near finished.
>>672937 Post us some previews of what you've got Josh.

(4.85 MB 2040x2480 Drarinfanart-SoylaKagura.png)

(2.19 MB 2413x3390 sachiprofile.jpg)

(11.29 MB 1920x1020 GigaMaidens-IBSbuild.mp4)

>>672943 Alright frien. Hello AGDG, I am GigaDev, the creator of the infamous GigaMaidens. Now in case you don't know what this is I'll just give you a brief primer. GigaMaidens is a 1-on-1 fighting game I've been trying to develop for the past 9 or so years, since before Skullgirls was even announced. It is a 3D fighting game in the vein of SoulCalibur, and heavily inspired by early into 3D fighting games, such as Tech Romancer, Bloody Roar, Tobal no. 2 and a few others. The key identifying factor here is that these early 3D games were a lot more stylish and crazy than the relatively grounded martial arts of games like DOA and Tekken. So they had things like screen filling lasers, explosive projectiles, characters jumping like they were on the moon, and huge launchers into gigantic air combos. Despite the art I posted above it is not a 2D fighting game, that is just one of various pieces of art I commissioned of my game and characters just for fun. The idea of the game is that all the playable characters are giant women who wreck cities as they fight. The game takes place in a universe with characters I've had in my head since I was in junior high, alongside characters from one of my longtime artist friends. Over the years I managed to get two builds done with the help of various freelancers and subcontractors I worked with, but I had to stop because I wasn't seeing great returns for the money I was sinking into it. I am still committed to getting this game done but I am going to have to try a few different approaches. The videos you see here are of the two builds I've had made. The first one, we'll call it the Nightmare Sachi build, was was made between 2015-2018 with the help of various freelancers in Unreal Engine 4.19. I tried getting it to run properly but I only just remembered that you had to type something into the console to get both players to spawn and for the game to begin functioning, and I forgot what that console command is. I'm also unable to get in contact with the coder who did this for me. I'm ashamed and I should've written it down somewhere. If you want to see how the game looks like when it is functioning, I have that footage on ZOG-Sanctioned Brainwashing Website. https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=U9nGu_wda3g The second video is of a version of the game I made with the help of professional subcontractors, which we'll call the IBS Build, named after the initials of their studio and also after the chronic disease I got while making these. It's not as pretty as the Nightmare Sachi build, but it has a lot more functionality and backend code for things like: >Menus >Hit detection >8-way running >Hit states >Various movement and gameplay mechanics – crouching, guarding, special meters, etc. >Special moves >Win/lose state >Pause menu >Groundwork code for GGPO netplay I was going to attach it here but the file is too large. Thankfully I also have a YT version. https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=8AKwA2BDync I'll have these demos zipped up and ready for you anons to kick the tires whenever the next demo day rolls around. Now as for the current status of GigaMaidens, it's going to take a lot more than my simple nodev ass to get the game finished. I'm going to eventually apply for funding to get it done, but in order to do that, people who provide funding prefer it if you have completed games under your belt, so I've put GM aside and I'm presently focusing on my catgirl minigolf game (which I've posted about a couple of times). Yes, I am autistic and have many OCs because this is a universe I've been building for decades. I'm trying my best. I sincerely hope you like my characters and the stories I've made for them whenever I'm able to share them with you. Lastly, I have a blog where you can read all about my projects and characters. I post various things like artwork, music and lore about my characters, and I try to update it at least once a month. https://www.gigamaidens.moe
>>673155 >early into 3D fighting games *early forays into 3D fighting games.
>>673155 well you've got some good girl OCs for this game part of me wishes it was 2D because of the natural appeal, but 3D can still be gud Any idea of a timeframe or a goal? Do you think you might be finished with most of it in 3-4 years?
>>673155 I hope to see this much effort in your never ever game rather than just your paragraphs
(2.39 MB 540x540 ariecomplete.gif)

(4.34 MB 729x685 outgoing.gif)

(449.24 KB 1536x2048 sachi-tedbob84-v3.jpg)

>>673176 >part of me wishes it was 2D because of the natural appeal, but 3D can still be gud There are multiple reasons I'm going with 3D. >Everyone and their dog is making a 2D fighting game, I'm trying to take the high road >Fulfilling a niche of a game style I personally don't see enough of >Homaging 3D PS1/Dreamcast fighters I really liked >Learning 3D pipeline >3D models can be used in a lot more ways than static 2D art In any case, if you check out the 3D fighting games I mentioned, a lot of them have elements of 2D games that really make them unique and fun. Look them up. >Any idea of a timeframe or a goal? Do you think you might be finished with most of it in 3-4 years? I'd love that, but I can't promise it. I'm terrible at coding and I would need a lot of help. Maybe if I got a team of Anons to really help me out, but they'd have to be kinda passionate about fighting games and willing to listen to me. I've tried learning coding for years. I just don't know how to use any of what I've learned to get what I want out of it. I'd love to be able to do the whole game on my own but I'm not sure I can. I'm primarily an artfag with a tiny amount of coding knowledge and not nearly enough to be able to make the whole thing by myself. After I come back to GM the plan is to overhaul the graphics to give them more of a PS1/early Dreamcast aesthetic, low poly but high detail with pixel aliasing and a bit of cel shading. I like the clean and shiny pseudo-realistic anime style we had on the models before this but I think it might be too high maintenance to make everyone that way.
>>673232 >Those models Damn, did you made it yourself?
(4.28 MB 1920x906 charged planting.webm)

>>672841 >>672858 We will look into improving the effect later, still have a lot of bugs to iron out
(1.73 MB 1920x914 charged harvest.webm)

Also harvesting now works
>>673633 >>673636 Another idea I'd add to charging, which also double as a QoL feature, is to accelerate the speed of the charge the longer you hold it. While there is an appeal to a steady charge, an accelerating charge would be more respectful to player time, without compromising the satisfaction of getting something done in a burst.
>>673661 I disagree, being able to precisely get the charge to the level you need is more important, you wont be using lv10 charge all the time. Charging is already a huge time save by itself.
>>674118 How about you click to activate your swing and then drag to get the exact level you want? So then if you just want a full power swing you just swipe your mouse real quick and you're done.
>>673636 I hope that's not the final charging sound your going to use. That high pitched beeping is annoying and I cant imagine hearing it over and over would somehow make it less annoying.
>>674142 >>674149 Oh, this would be interesting, gives out a lot of control, but I think it would take quite a while to implement. We could make this an option to replace the charge effect for people who doesn't like the current one
>>653563 Extra Credit for Cookie Clicker clone should be someone else makes a wiki for it.
>>671372 JSON is an incredibly stupid idea and should never be used for engine data,it fails at being human workable because it's too computery and fails at being a computer format because it's too humany/texty.Just an all around mess that has no idea what it wants to be but keeps on existing due to sheer inertia.Using it for anything other than the most basic of data condemns you to torment in an eternal hell of unneded runtime format conversions. Mind you it might still be your best choice if you have to use something pre-made,doesn't make it less stupid though.
(194.44 KB 409x551 1471244409886.png)

Do MOAR COARS even matter for gamedev or do vidya programs use more frequency instead?
Little update on my Blender learning. Not progressing as fast as I'd like but progress is progress.
>>678850 You keep doing you, just remember to be mindful and think of the moment to moment building for most of your creation instead of the full picture.
>>678843 I want to say that in this day and age if processing power is an issue for your game you are probably doing something wrong or could be doing something much better.
(802.83 KB 1080x5633 Screenshot_20200706-232740.jpg)

I had saved this screencap a while back, can someone explain State Machine as explained here? Im too retarded to understand
>>678988 Without all the dumb unity bullshit I can tell you that a state machine is simply a function in a loop with some if statements in it that check the "state". The state literally being just a number so that the right function in the loop runs. You get from one state to another by checking whatever you need to check within a states function. So it looks like this: int state = 0 func SMachine(): #runs in your process function or your game loop or whatever you have if(state == 0): character is idle if(left key pressed) state = 1 elif(state = 1): character is moving left etc etc The issue with state machines is that they get unwieldy when they get large. If you do do all your state checking within each state it can be cumbersome. If you start to do some state checking outside of the machine, like in my example if you checked for key presses somewhere else, you might get state changes at unexpected times. That said they can work fine for things that are a bit more complicated, its just that its a bit harder to keep track of all of your states when you start having lots of them and lots of ways to jump between them.
(53.67 KB 510x346 N41tlLG-220026578.jpg)

>>678995 so statemachine is a big if-else statement that runs continuously? What does the screencap says that warrants so many classes? Why is there a State class with virtual? Is it actually useful to use state machine?
>>678995 At least in Godot, you can use a script to switch the script on something. Thus a state machine is separated into a dozen different scripts referencing a single script with common functions like move_to(tile) somewhere. Much easier to read. The trick with state machines is that you model them. There's modeling software out there that can generate graphs from text input, just run a script that checks each state for connections to other states and auto-generate a visual representation.
>>679011 People like to over complicate state machines. I don't know much about unity but I've seen with godot some examples where each state in a state machine is its own node in a scene with its own script. I'm not a big unity guy but that pic looks like it does something a bit similar where the statemachine and the state are classes and the class checks isrunning to actually run whatever behavior. I find it all superfluous. At the top of the pic it looks like he's warning about what I said before where too many checks can become cumbersome but he acts like he's solved the problem by just separating the same state machine into separate files which in my opinion solves nothing. You still have to do those checks eventually, now they're just spread across multiple scripts. Anyway there is nothing a regular old state machine can't do that a fancy one can. If you have trouble keeping things neat then just do something like this. func Machine(): if(state == 0): State0() elif(state == 1): State1() etc etc func State0(): Do state0 stuff state = State0Checks() func State0Checks(): var newstate = 0 if(pressed key): state = 1 return newstate
>>679011 I guess I'll answer your questions better. >so statemachine is a big if-else statement that runs continuously? Yes. Generally once per frame or loop or what have you. >What does the screencap says that warrants so many classes? What I said before. People code them poorly and then think the solution is to code them poorly across multiple files >Why is there a State class with virtual? when a function is virtual that means it should be overridden by a inherited class. You can see there when he says he made a player version of it he overrode the State function to fit the players needs. >Is it actually useful to use state machine? Yeah state machines are fine. They work best for simpler things like monsters that run around and stuff. The problems come in when you have things from outside the machine interrupt it. Like if you have a monster get hit by the player and stun it. I mean you really could have the monster check in every state if its being hit but its easier when the player just tells the monster that its been hit and puts it into the stunned state. Its easier that way, but like I said when you start doing that you can get unexpected behaviour that will need to be debugged but in the end can work just fine if your logic is sound.
>>679030 >>679025 thanks for your input. I will use state machine now to plan character movements, I guess I'll have to watch more videos of it to actually make it into use.
(27.38 KB 423x328 1661089747740544.jpg)

>>679086 I just realized I made a typo here >>679025 it should be if(pressed key): newstate = 1 return newstate But anyway, after looking at your pic one time I think I can explain the main difference between it and a regular state machine exactly. Whereas in the old way you would do it like this somewhere within your player class in a physics loop or something: if(state == 0): do state0 stuff The way your pic shows would end up looking more like this: PlayerController mystatemachine = new PlayerController() //first actually instance your controller class mystatemachine.Start() //this starts up the state machine within the controller And then somewhere if a loop you would run mystatemachine.Update() // this actually runs the states code within the machine It must be a dumb unity thing because I don't know why you would wrap your state machine in so many layers like that. But to explain it more fully: To begin with he should have showed the State class first. We can see that it has one virtual function called updateState. It looks like this is where all of your behaviour will be. Technically its the same as where I wrote "do state0 stuff" above. The reason its virtual is so that you can later add in the behaviour when you override it. Otherwise it would never do anything. Also if I'm remembering my C# right, this class should actually be declared "public abstract class State" since it looks like you would always ever inherit from it and never make a plain State class instance on its own. We can see this when he makes his PlayerDefaultState class further below since it inherits from State. He overrides the updateState function and adds his new behaviour. But to actually get the state running, first we need our state machine. So now at the top we have our state machine class. It contains a State variable that holds the currently running state and a isrunning bool variable that tells the machine to run when you want. It also contains a list of all of its states called mstates but it looks like he forgot to declare it. So it looks like when you would make your state machine like he does, you would first make new classes for all of your states and put them in a list to pass to the machine. So whereas in the old way you would just make your check for the state and then run its code, in his way you would make a PlayerStunnedState class, a PlayerAttackingState class, a PlayerFlyingState class and so on. Then you would put them into a list and pass that to the machine. Then set the machines mCurrentState with the one you want at the moment. The machine has an Update function that runs the updateState function on the state, thus giving us our desired behaviour. Now at the very bottom we see that he has set up his PlayerController class to hold a statemachine and his inherited new state for the machine. He has a Start function that calls a SetState function, that was never declared, for the statemachine but its pretty easy to tell that it would probably set the machines current state to the mdefaultstate that he passes it. So to summarize: First you would make a bunch of new inherited classes to give them their own behaviour. Then you put them into a list and then pass that list to your statemachine. Then you give your machine a default state and run Start to set that default state as the currently running state. Then, presumably once per loop, you would run Update function on your playercontroller which runs the Update function on its statemachine which runs the UpdateState function on your state. That last line is the most egregious in my opinion. He also has an Init function for his state machine which calls an enterState function that's never declared in the State class and honestly I'm not quite sure what it would do since its not really in the nature of a state machine for individual states to need prep or anything. You should just be able to set the new one to be current state and run it. But I'm not against improvement. So after looking at this I think we can improve the old way a little bit. If whatever language you're using supports variables holding function references we can do something like this. var currentstate = null #rather than being an int that we check to figure out our state, this will hold the state function itself func State0(): do state0 stuff currentstate = State0Checks() func State1(): do state1 stuff currentstate = State1Checks() func State0Checks(): if(pressed key): currentstate = State1 #rather than set a state variable as an int we get a reference to the state function that we want and then in our main loop we would run currentstate.Run() #run the function for the state we wanted This way we avoid having to check each case, if 0, if 1, if 2, etc etc.
Is there anyone with knowledge of Javascript and RMMV willing to help me out with an issue I am having with creating a simple plugin? I want to rip text from a file, hunt down the specific variable by actorID, type, and have an RNG call a random message within that category. Whenever I call it in a script for a common event, the damn thing keeps giving me a referenceError saying my function is not defined. (CallVictoryQuote). The call itself is supposed to just grab text from the file since I have the YEP plugin, and then another plugin that calls common events from an actor's notebox. The Common Event call would go like this: var actors = $gameParty.members(); var partySize = actors.length; var num = Math.floor(Math.random() * partySize); var msg = CallVictoryQuote(actors[num]._actorId, "exp"); $GameMessage.setFaceImage('Anonymous',0); $GameMessage.setBackGround(1); $GameMessage.setPosition(2); $GameMessage.add(msg); this.setWaitMode('message'); The JS is in this link: https://jsfiddle.net/0pzdtLbk/ Mock me if you must, I feel like a grug brain.
(461.03 KB 744x508 Capture1231231.PNG)

agdg on the cuck chan anonymous image board immediately rejected me for being a "whodev", can a loser with no friend circle post their game on here?
>>680799 First of rule of here is not to mention cuckchan. Just post your shit dude.
>>680799 Lmao has cuckchan gotten that bad? Some people will shit on you for being from there but as long as you're not annoying you'll be OK.
>>680799 The hell is a whodev?
(945.95 KB 960x540 0001-0149.mp4)

>>680802 im not from there, i just tried their agdg and it felt like redit where you have to make an account to have permission to speak >>680801 its just a silly game where you can upload images(like what tower unite or anarchy arcade can do) but with a bigger focus on that feature
(111.71 KB 617x456 1376139361068.jpg)

>>680799 >agdg on the cuck chan anonymous image board immediately rejected me for being a "whodev" >whodev It's an anonymous image board, that's the point.
>>680799 Go for it, just respect >our culture
>>680799 >i last posted on here like 4 years ago but crabs bullied me out. anyways, will i be "part of the community" if i show some stuff on here beforehand? i want to submit for demo day and have barely gotten any real feedback. I don't know if I would say you were "rejected".
>>680814 Looks comfy anon, do you plan to 2D avatars ala worlds.com?
(4.45 MB 1920x1080 0000-0213.mp4)

(4.45 MB 1920x1080 0000-0213.mp4)

>>680836 thank, havent thought of multiplayer yet, its made for otaku and image exploring. theres already billboards in tho >>680821 i know, but i rather not bother with that place
>>680843 You upload the images onto the map, maybe you can give the images functions? The billboarding effect is nice, it would be amusing to see if you can adjust the resolution/quality of an image in the game. >>680570 I'm kind of curious about this because the code in that fiddle link has it wrapped in an IIFE? Can anyone explain this, is this a common thing for Rpg Maker MV?
>>680570 I think you meant for this: var lines = string.split("\n"); to be this: var lines = file.split("\n"); >angle brackets Why? Aside from creating some bastardized XML like file format, I don't see a need for them. Also, your code doesn't clean up trailing angle brackets, so numbers won't at parse as you expect. split(":").trim() Two bugs. First split() returns an array, so trim() won't work (that needs a string). Second is that split() should be limited to splitting at the first colon, otherwise messages with a colon willl get chopped off. Fixed version: split(":", 1)[1].trim() Rather than figure out other problems with the code, I went and coded my own version of GetQuote() and changed the file format to something I think is more sensible. function pickRandom(array_in) { return array_in[Math.floor(Math.random() * array_in.length)]; } function GetQuote(file_string, actor_id, type_id) { var lines = file_string.split("\n"); var line = ""; var linesplit = []; var key = ""; var value = ""; var current_type_id = "unknown"; var current_actor_id = -1; var messages = []; for (var i = 0; i < lines.length; i++) { line = line[i].trim(); if(line.length <= 0) {continue;} //empty line, skip if(line.startsWith("#")) {continue;} //comment, skip linesplit = line.split(":", 1); if(linesplit.length < 2) {continue;} //bad line, should log a warning key = linesplit[0].trim().toLowerCase(); value = linesplit[1].trim(); if(key == "actor") {current_actor_id = parseInt(value)} else if(key == "type") {current_type_id == value} else if(key == "message") { if(current_actor_id == actor_id && current_type_id == type_id) { messages.push(value); } } else {continue;} //unknown key, should log a warning } if(messages.length <= 0) { return "MISSING QUOTE! actor_id:" + actor_id.toString() + " type:" + type_id; } else { return pickRandom(messages); } } Beware bugs and typos in the above code. I've only typed it out and haven't tested it. Your example file would now look like this: #Our example #Lines starting with # are comments and ignored. Actor: 1 Type: exp Message:We did it! message:I just wanted to play video games. Type: level Message:This feels alright. message:<WordWrap>So... this is the true power of shitposting! Type: drops Message:Nice! I love free shit. message:Where the FUCK are the video games!
>>681192 Considering that I was going through other people's examples, I didn't know what could be used or not for this engine. Hell I couldn't get the damn function calls to work until I finally got rid of that IIFE container and it finally started to run without that damn "Not Defined" error that kept cropping up. I also had to change the file reading function like this: function getFileString() { var myText = ""; const fs = require('fs') return fs.readFileSync("data/victoryquotes.txt", "utf8") }; If this works out I could add parameters for file path and file name, but for now this works. At the moment it breaks when it tries to trim the text but I'm slowly making progress! Thank you very much!
>>680843 You type like a Discord tranny and your game looks like meaningless ironic-weeb trash. You should give cuckchan another shot.
Working on a Vulkan engine, added video playback support using ffmpeg building with MSVC was a mistake. Also found an archive of ripped meshes from the shitty Muv Luv gacha game that crashed and burned, almost wanna try creating a Muv Luv game now. aNCHOR would definitely sue me into the ground if I used their assets.
>>681424 >another enginefagging atleast you have something to show for
(546.28 KB 1566x881 jenny ver 0-4-1.png)

(2.62 MB 1920x1080 kiki_room_test.webm)

(1.07 MB 1920x1080 Gem Domination_0009.png)

(1.06 MB 1920x1080 Gem Domination_0012.png)

The new version is up for patrons, so, sorry, guys. Still, take a look.
>>682272 Keep up the good work
Also, Gem Domination Wardrobe Edition is up! You can play it on Newgrounds or http://Itch.io, while you can also download it to your PC/Android. Have fun playing Dress-up while you wait for the new update! https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/855890 https://amazonessking.itch.io/gem-domination-wardrobe-edition >>682274 Thanks, anon.
>>683240 Prepare to get blammed bucko
(21.97 KB 600x600 27b.jpg)

I don't understand. These characters are vile. How the fuck do you get off to this shit. They're either badly drawn stick figures or badly drawn land whales. They even have trout lips.
>>683240 <SHIT CALARTS PORN Only at Negrogrounds.
(106.78 KB 403x774 Marge's Halloween costume.jpg)

>>683504 I don't think he gets off to it, but there's a huge audience for this stuff. Look up how much Simpsons porn there is. Fucking bizarre. It gets really niche and weird.
>>683529 well she's got a decent body at least >>683504 the fanarts gives them pretty good bodies, and fan's takes on their faces make them look less vile though he should have been less faithful to the calarts style imo, but I might give it a shot
>>683529 >Draws a generic hentai woman body >Paints it yellow >Gives her a Haydee helmet to cover up her face completely, therefore totally removing all semblance of being Marge >Draws a bunch of Simpsons characters next to it and calls it marge
If anyone wants an easy way to make some games for the Dreamcast and Wii, there's a program called Titan IDE: https://titangamestudioscom.wordpress.com/2020/07/26/make-games-for-dreamcast-nintendo-wii-and-pc-with-the-new-titan-ide/
>>684096 Whats similar between the wii and the dreamcast that makes this possible?
>>684602 PowerPC
(2.03 MB 1453x1023 jenny_v0-4-3.gif)

Gem Domination v0.4.3! https://mega.nz/folder/FM9lxTwZ#tJAkuJYBkBS-8VG6eEUtLA Come help Jenny do business! New version is available for PC/Linux, MAC, and Android.
>>687639 Can't wait for the PS5 version!
>>687663 It runs on my switch so that's cool :^)
>>687639 You know, even though everyone here gives you shit for your choice of series to make a porn game of, I will say you're at least consistent in your updates.
(838.40 KB 1920x1080 2022-09-05 16-23-07.mp4)

>>653563 working on a simple virtual pet game based off of interactive buddy that will double as a website to promote other projects. Right now I've made: >A tool system that should let me modularly swap between tools I develop, Currently have 2, one that lets me pickup the pet and whack them around the screen, and one that lets me pet them. >A chatbox on the right that lets the virtual pet talk to you (all it can do right now is react to being whacked against stuff) >Basic behaviors for the pet, (walking left, walking right, looking left or right ect.) >A bit of spritework, (not in the video) but the pixelart is getting a bit warped at this resolution, so I wanna see if I can fix that.
>>687738 Make the pet a generic catgirl bait and rake in millions. What other projects is this supposed to promote?
>>687917 Basically just anything I plan on doing in the future, I have a few small games under my belt, but I dont think they're that great, save for one.
This is a code I found for unity to have the debug console visible in-game, just as it would occur in editor. It also generates a log file with specified path (currently it's on desktop). It's currently toggled by space key. Can also show the stack trace if added in myLog. https://answers.unity.com/questions/125049/is-there-any-way-to-view-the-console-in-a-build.html using UnityEngine; public class ConsoleToGUI : MonoBehaviour { string myLog = "*begin log"; string filename = ""; bool doShow = true; int kChars = 700; void OnEnable() { Application.logMessageReceived += Log; } void OnDisable() { Application.logMessageReceived -= Log; } void Update() { if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space)) { doShow = !doShow; } } public void Log(string logString, string stackTrace, LogType type) { // for onscreen... myLog = myLog + "\n" + logString; if (myLog.Length > kChars) { myLog = myLog.Substring(myLog.Length - kChars); } // for the file ... if (filename == "") { string d = System.Environment.GetFolderPath( System.Environment.SpecialFolder.Desktop) + "/YOUR_LOGS"; System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory(d); string r = Random.Range(1000, 9999).ToString(); filename = d + "/log-" + r + ".txt"; } try { System.IO.File.AppendAllText(filename, logString + "\n"); } catch { } } void OnGUI() { if (!doShow) { return; } GUI.matrix = Matrix4x4.TRS(Vector3.zero, Quaternion.identity, new Vector3(Screen.width / 1200.0f, Screen.height / 800.0f, 1.0f)); GUI.TextArea(new Rect(10, 10, 540, 370), myLog); } } You can "add" a console log through the unity store but why bother with that
I know this is very improbable, but does anyone have access to J-Blow's Jai beta? If yes, leak that shit please
>Flunked Computer Science >Wanna Godot yesdev >No vectors >Dynamically typed Arrays only >"GDScript sucks!" >Don't want C#. >C# ruined my Java >Know C >Look up GDNative >Arrays it is >Thinking sorting/searching >Array.sort() alphabetical only >Discover binary search >Takes forever to implement >Keep adding semicolons >Static functions takes hours >Enums are fucked >'else if' is elif >Finish >Alt+Tab to close docs >Think up to search "binary search" >Array.bsearch() exists
>>691879 Now you're 1 step closer to the real dev experience
>>691879 saddest kot
(2.28 MB 640x360 blin cat.webm)

>>692279 Blinis
>>653563 I'm a newfag to GameMaker Studio 2. What is the best video tutorial for it? From Youtube or torrent Udemy or such? I got difficulties with making games from Youtube tutorials as I kept making stupid errors that made me start over I may have ADHD, but I feel there's a better tutorial than that and idk which one. >inb4 subscriptions I got the permanent license for it before they Jew it out, yet I didn't use it much due to life issues until I'm motivated to try learn it now.
>>692545 I'd say just practice every day. Make something small which you are comfortable with and then slowly work your way towards it. if anything you need to learn a bit to do some problem solving like divide a task into smaller problems and try to approach one of them at a time till the whole is complete. A advice that I should heed myself more often too. As for the tutorials well I have never used udemy before so I cannot vouch for their quality, if you have the chance to torrent it well I guess you could take a look as you are not paying for it. I often myself just used written tutorials which I prefer or youtube tutorials which it seems every mother is doing that nowadays.
>>692591 <I'd say just practice every day. I get that every time yet I don't know exactly where to start learning for GMS2. Usually there's a true beginner guides like: <3D Blender >Make a tea cup <Pixel GameMaker MX >Make a platform with characters using Nodes Pixel GameMaker MX is very buggy atm so I want to try GMS2 right now
>>692601 Well doesn't the udemy thing you mentioned have a beginner course that you can try to learn from?
>>692607 Yea, but usual tutors there could be bad qualities and it would be harder to understand what they could speak with shitty quality microphones and possible blurred screens. I check some previews and I couldn't even comprehend what they're doing.
>>692621 >Those prices for a fucking tutorial >People actually bought those shit Jesus christ. >I check some previews and I couldn't even comprehend what they're doing. Welp looks like its not worth a pirate then if its that bad, how the hell don't they do any sort of quality control anyway? A rhetorical question. Hmm I have no idea about game maker 2 so I cannot give you any specifics too it, else I would have given you a more useful direction. Then I guess you have no other choice but to check out youtube tutorials then, its used by a lot of people yes? If that's the case then theoretically there should be a tutorial for beginners.
(57.68 KB 1024x882 20211117_234933.jpg)

>>691879 Any engine takes an adjustment period, i believe in you dude
>>692637 What I find for all those Udemy Tutorials is that they're deliberately over priced so then they can have "sales" often. If you can find the creator of tutorial you want on youtube or their website they often will have coupons there for the properly reasonably priced tutorial
>>693010 >>692621 >>692637 Just wanna add, never fall for the skillshare meme. Any tutorial that I've ever found useful has been free.
>>692637 Yea, I did those tutorials before with breakout and space invaders, but even from those, I sadly forgot most of techniques and I want to relearn and maintain keeping those info. Part of me say those tutors often excludes really important informations or such that would've been so helpful in the long run like VAR and DEF and such. >>693022 >Any tutorial that I've ever found useful has been free. <Not posting tutorials you ever found. Come on, man. I got curious about it..
>>693041 Just look on youtube. I recently went through making UI in Godot. There's plenty of decent stuff. Introductory decent stuff.
>>693010 >What I find for all those Udemy Tutorials is that they're deliberately over priced so then they can have "sales" often. The people making these tutorial flat-out admit this. The way these sites are set up is that if you are not on sale you will be buried, so you practically have to overprice to the point where the price on sale is the price you actually want to charge.
>>693010 >>693097 >Udemy prices are intentional expensive because of how the website is designed that encourages sales Well that its just plain fucking stupid from Udemy.
>>693447 When you think about it, the business model of tutorials is flawed. They are competing against a free catalog that grows perpetually, and they are limited to introductory classes, because nobody's going to make something like an online college level tutorial set.
(634.22 KB 320x240 rocketGG2.mp4)

>>693526 I think GameMaker's pretty easy to learn, as someone who's been stockholmed into it for 2 decades. fuck, 2 decades. I could've learned actual coding or something in that time and become a Real Programmer. You should reasonably be able to learn by dissecting projects and reverse engineering any features you'd like to have in your own projects, learning and understanding things work (variables and input detection and shit).
(314.41 KB 1920x1011 17-09-22-1663435899_scrot.png)

>>693523 Nobody on udemy bothers to make "higher" level tutorials for more experienced people? >>693527 >20 years of game maker development Oh dog and I thought I had it bad that I was fucking around with doom modding for about 7 years before learning GDScript, fugg :---DDD Meh whatever then I do again Doom modding, since I had ran into issues with the UE1 model exporter plugin, kind of a shame really because I liked UT99 monster hunt game modo. Uhh can anybody give me some pointers what I need to do to make this renamon hand model more suitable for FPS animation? The problem with this model is that the bones for some reason are very miniscule scaled, some of those bones are hidden inside another bone and that the detail of this model is way too high. Would it be difficult to just remake the bone setup using the same set of vertex groups, deleting a lot of polygons so thats its more low poly and adding bone constraint so thats it a bit easier to animate with? Sorry for asking dumb question but I am not really familiar with animation stuff.
>>693549 >Nobody on udemy bothers to make "higher" level tutorials for more experienced people? Smaller demographic right?
>>693596 Well if that's the case then too bad for them I guess.
>>693549 >be teacher >have gaming laptop >school had decided that qualifies me to teach programing HALP >>693549 Are you making this FPS from scratch or are you planning on porting the model to an existing FPS game? If you are porting to an existing game then chances are you will have to re-rig the whole thing anyway to match the existing animations. If you are making it from scratch then why reinvent the wheel?
>>693599 (checked) >HALP My condolence anon, can't you just talk them out of this whole thing instead and tell to them that you are not any good with teaching programming? >Are you making this FPS from scratch or are you planning on porting the model to an existing FPS game? If you are porting to an existing game then chances are you will have to re-rig the whole thing anyway to match the existing animations. If you are making it from scratch then why reinvent the wheel? Well I am deciding to work on my renamon GZDoom mod instead, so no I am not doing everything from scratch. GZDoom doesn't support skeleton models at all but the md3 model exporter plugin can export those models just fine as it will get converted to vertex based animation instead. >If you are making it from scratch then why reinvent the wheel? Does that mean I can fix the bones instead?
>>693604 Do the bones animate wrong? If no then just select them using the hierarchy. If so, then that depends on how much time you are willing to spend fixing the bones. If you are looking for an automated tool, IIRC the VRCat blender plugin had some tools for automatically fixing certain bones problems.
(283.98 KB 1920x1011 17-09-22-1663445674_scrot.png)

>>693606 I think the bones animate just fine, its just that several bones are looking at the wrong directions, have no constraints which can cause stretching and somehow are small, normally the bones would be about the size at the part they are in.
>>693599 >be teacher >have gaming laptop >school had decided that qualifies me to teach programing Better start preparing to be the school's IT department too, lol.
(350.39 KB 1920x1011 17-09-22-1663448511_scrot.png)

Looks like I have answered my own question, so I can just edit the bones just fine without fucking it up too much as long it retains its weight paints and bone/vertex names. Well alright I try repeating the same process for the other hand and then I'll try animating a gun with her hands. If that doesn't work out I guess I just need to use a different model then or something, I don't know. For some reason its a bit difficult finding a good renamon model whose arms I can rip out for FPS animation. Funnily enough GZDoom can handle that model just fine with the md3 model format without screwing up the model too much, except that it doesn't load the texture correctly but its a bit hard to get the surface texture parameter right because its not really obvious which numbers belongs to which material.
>>693639 We have 3 IT guys, 1 is a district wide guy who only shows up sometimes and the other 2 wont do anything unless we submit a ticket this year because the district accused them of not doing any work last year because the kids were breaking their chromebooks so often that submitting tickets were a waste of time and they just did a daily sweep of the rooms and collected them. Fucking hell I would hate their job this year. They gave the kids touch screen chrome books this year and they 100% will break if you try to pick it up by the screen.
(14.17 MB 1024x768 2022-09-18 10-13-53.mp4)

Well after fixing a handful of bugs that to get the weapon working I got it sort of ingame now and I noticed the animations are not quite correct because of my wrong assumption, oh dog looks like I have to redo the animation again then, welp.
>>694140 >shooting left handed >but on the right side of the screen
(2.87 MB 1024x768 2022-09-18 19-34-40.mp4)

>>694363 Better now? Inb4 bullet case spawn is wrong too.
>>694417 Almost. See how this guy has his left hand supporting the rifle from below?
>>694423 You mean I should angle down the left hand so that it looks like a "C"? I don't know how to say it in engllish, or "triangle shaped"? Sorry if I am bit dumb.
>>694427 Well I mostly meant that it looks like renamon or whoever is holding the side of the rifle with her left hand rather than the bottom of the rifle.
>>694431 Oh I think I get it now, yeah I am going to readjust this animation again soonish then. So if I understand it right the left hand needs to hold the rifle like almost from the bottom up instead of what I am doing now. I guess that's what I get for not using more reference material. >renamon or whoever is holding the side of the rifle It's Renamon.
>>694433 Yeah thats it. Also why renamon? Whats the plot of your game?
>>694440 >Also why renamon? Whats the plot of your game? There is no plot to it as it is just a GZDoom mod. And as for Renamon well I just like playing as her and killing monsters. I mean if I would play Sven Co-op with the Renamon skin its almost the same thing. Except that killing monsters in Sven Co-op is not that good like in GZDoom. Because in Sven Co-op the maps are quite small which is not well suited for large amount of players and other players often bum rushes to the exit and the loading times of this game is atrocious long compared to UT99 which is just as old as Sven Co-op and has modding support out of the box, has a much faster loading times. And besides for plot I am not that good of a writer anyway.
>>694445 Reminds me of this guy's stuff lol.
>>694450 Nice, I have seen this image before. Yeah it's just basically crippling autism what I'm doing now. Besides I am not experienced at all with making character models from scratch so it was easier for me to just repurpose a existing furry model instead.
(214.56 KB 960x540 untitled.png)

(26.47 KB 400x400 It's nerf or nothing.jpeg)

>>694423 I don't think I can do it any better with this type of hand model, her fingers are just too massive and if I would scale down the arms model any smaller then her arms wouldn't be large enough to cover the gun. Well shit, what should do I now? Should I just download a generic anime human female character instead and theme the mod around a different girl instead of Renamon?
>>694464 You could try redesigning the guns.
>>694494 I can't think up how to redesign the guns for that. I'm creatively bankrupt when it comes to this sort of thing. Well I did made some custom gun design but its not really from my own as I tried to turn one of those weapon sprites into 3d models.
>>694498 Could also have her claws pulling the trigger if her digits are too big. Or scale up the guns. >I can't think up how to redesign the guns for that. I'm creatively bankrupt when it comes to this sort of thing. Just look up what /k/ommando fursuits (Yes, those exist) have done, and run with their ideas.
>>694464 No do renamon. It's hotter that way.
(677.80 KB 937x953 gggggggg.png)

Some anons have any advice for the marketing side of dev?
>>694648 Unironically and unfortunately reddit. You're trying to get eyes on your game by as many people who will go "Oh shit that looks fun". You should be posting videos and pictures of cool shit from your game on their game dev reddits. Apart from that the usual social medias, you've probably got a 0 budget for advertising so you're relying entirely on people thinking your game looks fun from your trailers or whatever you post. Bear in mind you're also competing with a gorillion other trash games now so you've got to make sure you've got juicy shit in your videos or else you'll probably go ignored.
>>694648 >>694652 >Bear in mind you're also competing with a gorillion other trash games now so you've got to make sure you've got juicy shit in your videos or else you'll probably go ignored. Something that I'd also advise is that you stream gameplay of it, and link it to the relevant threads so that people can watch and be aware of it. Here are the general stream threads for 8moe and a few of the webring imageboards: >>>/v/674144 https://prolikewoah.com/geimu/res/36599.html https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/146063.html
>>694648 There's a couple of YT channels that do indie gamedev. They would have a video or two on marketing.
(1.11 MB 1092x1023 assborg.png)

Sorry for my late response, Joe Biden hexed me. >>694512 >Could also have her claws pulling the trigger if her digits are too big. Or scale up the guns. Her claws is already touching the trigger. And the gun is already fairly big, if I would make the gun any bigger then it would obscure too much of the players view. >Just look up what /k/ommando fursuits (Yes, those exist) have done, and run with their ideas. So should I look for "Furry soldier" or something on the search engine to see that? And yes I have seen those real life furry soldiers before or well furry suiters carrying a gun. Hmmm. Yeah I am going to look into that and see what I can do. >>694643 Well alright then. I guess I just have to deal with it that I can't get her hands properly positioned then, welp. I also did looked into several other Renamon models that I can rip apart for the FPS animation and they had even more of a broken or dysfunctional bones setup for some reason, I have no idea if the model was already like that or that the Crowbar tool didn't do its job properly. The models that I looked into it were from GMod before I found a furry affinity blender model. >>694576 KC tier
(7.31 MB 1024x768 2022-09-19 10-38-51.mp4)

>>694423 >>694464 Well I redid the animation again for the 5th time, is it better now? I would like to start working on another weapon now, I guess a shotgun would do. Shotguns are pretty neat.
>>693599 Teaching programming is easy as long as the other teachers don't know it. Just teach them HTML or some scripting shit. Looks like magic to people who don't know shit, and you can prepare a lesson plan by reading off a tutorial step by step. Bonus points for having them make a game as a group project. Pygame asteroids or some shit.
(7.59 MB 1024x768 2022-09-19 17-36-05.mp4)

Well now I implemented a shotgun. Before I start adding more weapons I need to add support for iron sight mode (no the mod won't play like a tactical game, its going to be action focused) the iron sight mode will be there for accuracy boost over longer range, minor speed debuff though. Also I noticed her nails texture wise are a bit fucked so I need to correct it, since luckily its just pure black I will merge it with the main texture so that I don't use up another texture slot just for the nails. Then I also noticed the shotgun reload animation is a bit scuffed where the wooden thing (I don't know the correct term of it) doesn't get pumped and I could swear I did animate that part. Hmm though on the other hand it got me thinking if I should just use generic furry/monster girls hand model instead that is if I can find those. Because I'd do would like to add support for other "classes" well its not going to be real classes, more likely just a skin choice so you can play as other girls instead.
>>694779 >>694927 Hey anon. Isn't 3d enemy models easier than drawing sprites?
>>695095 No idea, I haven't made any attempts at making enemy models so far yet. Hmm I guess I could try by making really basic enemies first such as slimes and skeletons I think.
>>695101 Did I screwed up with the animation again or something? If it comes to shotgun speed, I would actually try to slow it down to similar speed to Half Life 1 Shotgun or OG Doom Shotgun, too make it not too strong. Right now it can even kill cyberdemon in seconds, as I have not enough weapons to change the weapon balance. And no I won't gimp the shotgun either to make it completely useless, it will be fairly accurate and do a lot of damage, like it can 1 shot a few group of imps or something.
>>695101 Who's this boomer and why's he so quick on the draw? the left to right makes me want to sub
>>695140 Firing speed is fine, it is the timing on the animation that feels fucked. Feels limp and robotic.
>>695143 He's a competition shooter. He has a viral video where he reloads his shotgun in like 3 seconds with a gun set up for competition so he can speed load it.
>>695172 Hmm, I should look then how other weapon mods that add realistic weapons do their animation then, such as the Sven coop weapon pack and see how if I can match the animation somehow to it, probably not 100% but maybe close enough I guess.
>>695181 I would avoid realistic animations considering you're working with a stylized anime animal. Need more exaggeration or emphasis on certain animations. Make it really feel like she's SLAMMING that pump action.
>>695183 Good point. >Need more exaggeration or emphasis on certain animations. Make it really feel like she's SLAMMING that pump action. Looks like I need to practice on my animation skill then, hmm. Know of any games or mods that I can look into that to see how I should do the animations?
>>695375 Alright so I have to take clues from XIII animation, that looks something that is workable. Also another anon told to me I should look into Serious Sam 3 weapon animation. Yeah give me some time I need a break first before I start working on animation again, I'm feeling tired right now.
>>695178 >He's a competition shooter Yeah, who?
>>695378 What do you use to work on your animations?
>>695393 Blender 2.79
>>695095 Not the anon you're replying to but I'd imagine it is, but not as worth it as spriting. Most games that age poorly graphically are 3d while almost every 2D game has aged well. Think about that for a second.
>>695394 thanks anonimator
>>694675 Names?
>>695397 You're welcome. >>695395 Well I'd say each have their own advances and drawback, so you have to pick one what suits your game the best.
>>695392 It's literally his channel in that link.
>>695185 Reference real life and shooty bang videos, then turn up the "energy" and force of the motion to emphasize certain actions. Timing and stuff. 12 Principles of Animation type shit.
>>695392 >feline gondola
>>695428 make it so anon. make it so
(106.60 KB 885x691 15286473514170.jpg)

>>695427 Can't I just imitate stylized video games weapon animation instead? Like games like Borderlands, XIII and a handful other anime/cartoony games? I am not really that creative so that I can think out of the box and do things differently, like I need references to work with. t. creatively bankrupt man.
>>695463 Just do it like this
>>695466 (checked) Wouldn't it look too samey if I would use this animation style for every magazine based weapons? Because I planned to add quite a few weapons. Some weapons from Sven Co-op, UT99, C&C Renegade and Half Life 1. Not all mind you, because that would be indeed a bit excessive but I need my weapon variety, I like shooting at things. Yeah I am aware it is going to take a bit long time adding all those weapons, well for me personally I don't intent to stop playing GZDoom anytime soon. It supports a lot of custom maps and there is plenty of nice monster pack mod for it too. But yeah thanks for trying to help me out mannu.
>>695398 Heartbeast, GDQuest. >>695463 Do what you want, anon. Quirky looks and awkward animations can be endearing when part of a full project.
>>695473 >Do what you want, anon. Quirky looks and awkward animations can be endearing when part of a full project. Hmm, well wouldn't the other anons then constantly criticize my lack of animation ability though? I think the other anon is right and that I should do indeed spend more effort animating the guns.
>>695485 Ok, but remember that people will shit on you regardless of what you do.
>>695485 You'll have to get over a lot of anons faggotry when you create anything accept the good criticism, ignore the bad, and make something good out of it
>>695492 From all the projects I have posted here so far, almost no anon shitted on me of what I am doing. So I think I am doing okay, probably its because I almost have some progress to show when I am plan on doing something. >>695496 Sounds like a good advice then. So far the other anons were actually pretty friendly and gave me tips to improve my animation. >make something good out of it I think this time I can actually make a successful project for once because I am not trying to force a certain gameplay style/element over a game that is clearly not designed for it. My first project for doom was Micro Tank and I really still feel burned out from this project as it was not promising anymore, I worked on this shit for over 7 years and it was starting to get really on my nerves now as I never got anything substantial to show for it. My Godot tank project was theoretically supposed to fix this issue since I have to do almost everything from scratch. Were I aware much earlier on there was no good 3D map editor for what I need then I wouldn't have bothered to start with this project. Other anon told to me that Trenchbroom is really not suited for the task as I was doing back then. Thank you anons for being so understanding with me.
(3.88 MB 1920x1080 2022-09-20 20-05-24.mp4)

Hmm, let's try to get a single animation to look right first before I start doing the others. How's this?
(4.17 MB 3080x3496 sachi-pixsoda-fullpng.png)

I went to go to the AGDG channel on Rizon but there's no one there except one other Anon. I'll try to post GM and HIN updates here although I haven't done much over the past month or two. I've been mostly drawing stuff. The next update I have planned for the GM blog is a deeper look at a character.
>>695935 >I went to go to the AGDG channel on Rizon but there's no one there except one other Anon. I used to lurk there for months but nobody talked ever there so I went away. If you are still interested in IRC I can come back.
>>695935 Fuck off Josh
(4.91 MB 1920x1016 2022-09-21 21-43-01.mp4)

More progress on virtual pet game, I tried using raw pixel art and forcing the resolution to line up with it, but what I'd have to do for that in godot would throw my mouse pointer stuff off in a way that'd be VERY annoying to deal with.
>>696572 This reminds me of that flash dummy game.
>>695935 the matrix channel has some people.
>>696577 Interactive buddy? yeah, that's the feeling I'm trying to evoke.
>>696572 Looks interesting, what plans do you have for this game? >>696578 Too bad though that the matrix channel barely get used.
(9.78 KB 256x280 Gamingsmall.gif)

(10.26 KB 256x280 DingoAnimationSadSmall.gif)

>>696583 So, right now my plans are to add: >"Food" My character is a robot so I just mean food as a mechanic. >More obvious UI for the happiness meter. >Contextual Emotes and behaviors based on the meter, >A way to change that little green strip on my character as a customization feature >Ways to change the UI color and the color wallpaper of the room. >Money to buy stuff >Stuff to buy, (lots of tools mostly, like lazer guns, hoses, balls to catch and throw maybe ect.) >UI for the stuff to buy to exist in. >Creating a prettier looking chat box with little emoticon faces. >Night and day cycle. >Extra menu that links to other projects I've worked on/working on, and vtuber stuff I want to get my game done by November and I'm kind of realizing how big this thing is getting. It's supposed to be a free game too lol.
>>696594 Most of the features look like they should be trivial to implement in GDScript, sure it takes a bit of time to get there but none of that looks too complicated to implement. It's just that you have a bit ambitious plan. Maybe release your game in 2-3 stages instead with lesser features and then release a patch that adds the remaining features.
>>696578 Matrix channel? Is that on IRC?
>>696604 Matrix channel and the IRC are 2 separate things. I am not sure if this link is still up to date, if not then its this one: https://matrix.to/#/#agdg:matrix.org >https://matrix.to/#/+agdg:matrix.org via matrix programs This one you connect with just a plain ol' IRC client. >#8/agdg/ via irc.rizon.net
>>696599 Yeah, a lot of my time is actually just spent making art assets. I've spent more time working on pixelart then in godot for this project.
>>696609 >pixel art Yeah that sure indeed takes a lot of time. That's why I just make 3D tank models and other hard surface models instead since its for me the fastest method to produce assets for little effort since I am a lazy man, so that I can focus more on the scripting part.
>>696614 That's weird. Pixel art takes me no time at all but 3D models take me forever.
>>696615 >>696614 I think it just depends what your good at, I'm kinda mid-teir at a lot of things (except for cg, where I know nothing) but honestly asset creation can take a lot longer than development when you get later into the project, thats why its usually a good idea to only make assets when you absolutely need them. Or in my case, when its fun.
>>696615 Hmm that is indeed strange. Normally I'd except from other people that it takes them ages like a month or so to do a full set of a sprite sheet, but the opposite? Well at least I know the people who worked on the what da fuck mod told me when they made I think the ronald mcdonald sprite or was it peter pop off I forget it took them about a month to finish it. >>696623 I first started off doing ugly and optimized models with Wings 3D before I started becoming more proficient at making hard surface modelling with it and then later I ditched Wings 3D for Blender. Honestly looking back at it I don't miss Wings 3D anymore as it is just too limited for any kind of serious modelling work with it despite they are inspired by other programs which had more features such as animations which is for me odd why they didn't added that. Just alone fiddling around with the UV Maps/Materials in Wings 3D was some janky shit.
(176.51 KB 652x825 kashamilkshake-roweniee.png)

I was working on Hole-in-Nyan with a friend of mine but he had to leave due to obligations to his own project. These past few months I've been largely focused on 3D modelling practice and artfagging but now I'm gonna have to put my coder hat back on. Anyone else here one-man-banding their whole game? Care to impart any tips for a guy solodeving a 3D C# unity game?
>>696922 Stop using unity and switch to godot. I'm very biased Also, that character is very cute did you draw her?
(773.42 KB 1650x1739 kasha-milkshakejump-tshirt.png)

>>696925 I'm probably not gonna switch engines right now, especially since I don't know how to do 3D stuff in Godot. And I didn't draw that specific picture of her, but I did design her. She is Kasha, my daughteru. Here's a pic I did draw.
>>696928 Oh... youre the gigamaidens guy. Unironically best of luck to you. We really need more uncucked devs in the industry. please work faster I'd say you really should maybe work on smaller projects tho.
>>696938 Hole-in-Nyan IS a smaller project. I'm just retarded and can't code. But I'm building my skills. I'll do a writeup on this game later but I previously posted about it here. >>653593
>>696944 I'd say if you're having trouble with coding to give godot a look. Might have a bit of a better time with gdscript than c#. Not to mention the hierarchy system with nodes in godot is pretty simple to use.
>>697021 I second this. I'm playing around with Godot and it feels like going back to the flash days with Actionscript 2. I first started learning to code witht hat. Very user friendly.
>>696944 Well, it looks like you know how to draw, so you may want to consider just making a 2d game, that'd make it a lot easier to make something quickly, and not have to keep re-learning thing.
(117.76 KB 948x1024 EuINv2fXEAcuTmp.jpeg.jpg)

>>697087 Hopefully he's not a retard and takes your advice, that way he can build a solid foundation or else he's gonna be LARPing as a dev for the rest of his fat fucking life.
Did you guys hear Dunkey opened up his own indie publishing studio (I think) called Bigmode Games? I don't know much about Dunkey other than that he's an irritating youtuber with shit taste in games and a voice that sounds like his sinuses are clogged with chocolate pudding. But one of my gamedev friends says he wants to apply for Bigmode to publish his game.
>>697797 He is a prudish unironic left-leaning SJW who loves TLOU2 and hates fanservice in Japanese games.
>>697797 I dont see how the hell dunkey can "publish" games? How much money does he have to fund them? Can he do any advertising for them other than just telling people to buy them on his channel?
>>697818 He makes over a million a year from his Twitch streams alone
>>697819 Cool how you don't have to be talented to make money these days
>>697821 Diligence suffices. That's good news if you apply yourself.
(95.95 KB 689x561 photo_2022-08-15_18-57-04.jpg)

>>697800 That faggot unironically loves the faggot butt fucking scene? And hates anime tiddies? Yeah what a faggot.
>>697800 Yep and his fans defend him for shit takes because lol he's a comedian bro can't you take a joke, except he will do legit criticism of something but hide behind it was just a joke bro when he gets push back.
(17.32 KB 800x800 kashaearth-800.png)

>>697021 >>697037 >>697087 >>697337 Thanks for the advice Anons. I've been trying to learn the 3D gamedev pipeline so I'm building a pool of skills in that regard. I've already made great progress learning blender and stuff for this purpose. What sort of game would you propose I make in Godot? I've had plans laid for a 2D platformer with Kasha but that's shaping up to be another large project and I'm trying to scale things down to something manageable. I'm trying to think of a small game that makes use of her, uh, cat magic. So she turns her tail into stuff, like different Kirby abilities.
>>698014 A simple 3D platformer would be good, with her tail providing different mobility options (flight, double jump, swimming like its a rotor) and could even serve as a melee ability along with swipes and bites. That way you can create a sandbox level with multiple objectives instead of multiple levels, and really nail the feel of the gameplay. So in summary, a single world 3D platformer sandbox level with cat-like objectives, such as knocking bird eggs out of nests to collect the stars/jiggies/bananas.
>>698018 >cat-like objectives, such as knocking bird eggs out of nests This seems oddly specific, you got a story there? First I heard of a cat doing that but I fully believe they would.
>>698020 It's an innate behaviour in cats. Mostly in domesticated cats it's just them knocking things off tables with a paw because it's instinctive, but it stems from knocking eggs and whole nests out of trees to slurp up delicious egg yolk from broken eggs or to feast on those scrumptious baby birds. When people say cats are devastating bird populations, it's not that cats are hunting mature birds when they're on the ground feeding, although they definitely do that too. No, it's the way cats treat the next generation of birds before they're mature that really devastates the ecology.
>>698018 It sounds like the gameplay would be similar to Tails' levels in SA1.
>>698014 Something dead simple. Something you could make in a few weekends. My first game was a flappy bird clone combined with the controls of something like asteriod.
>>698025 I'd write it so that Kasha has good and pure reasons for doing naughty kitty things. Maybe the birds were evil pests who attacked Milchi's crops. Or the mice are Jerry-esque troublemakers who will destroy the whole house if Kasha doesn't do something about them. So we'd see the cat activties from the cat's perspective. I think there might be something to this idea, I could probably do it like an 80's arcade-style game, similar to this? Seems like it'd be easy. I have the pixel art skills for it. But I wanna think of some kind of fun hook.
>>698287 If I ever get that PGMMV shmup i'm working on off the ground, can I add Kasha to it with your permission?
>>698290 That sounds cute. I'd love to see it. Is she just flying through the air by herself? Or does she have some kind of ship? I think the former would be more silly and cute in a Parodius kinda way. Maybe her bullets are all just little "NYA!"s.
>>697797 >>697874 >>697800 >>697869 Dunkey isn't left leaning in the slightest and if you think so then you're underage b&. He's known mostly for his comedy videos in games and pretty reasonable takes for the most part. He's only really a shit eating contrarian for the sake of it at worst, and I can definitely agree his TLOU 2 review was pretentious as fuck and did water my opinion of him. Watch his older videos from like 8 years ago onwards until about 2018, and you'll find yourself enjoying his stuff. Since then his comedy has noticeably dried up and he's had to resort to acting like he didn't enjoy Persona 5 by shitting on jrpgs. Back to the sjw thing, he did briefly mention hasanabi in one of his videos, but when the niggerape tirade happened in the streets back in 2020 you gotta give Dunkey credit for being one of the only breadtubers that didn't end up with #BLM in his bio or posts. He only took the moderate route which is a fuckall better than everybody else at the time and it's miraculous if you consider how many people gave in back then. As for his company, I unironically am looking forward to it. You can expect him to publish games based on merit alone if you understand his style of criticism.
>>698436 I think the dislike he gets stems from his wish to make "positive" content plus that contrarian nature he adopts for the sake of "fresh" takes and/or comedy.
>>698436 >isn't left-leaning in the slightest you know literally nothing about the guy. https://archive.ph/Npxwd
>>698679 You have to remember his hands are constrained as a jewtuber. Whereas back then he openly said "faggot" and "KILL THAT NIGGA" his newest videos are him lazily making dumb kid jokes with funny haha sounds to them, so anything he does that's actually funny or entertaining is really just his xenoblade video that is amassing all this butthurt and the zoomernon nodevs here fall hook line and sinker at Dunkey's constant bait. I mean the anon who brought dunkey up in the first place said he doesn't know much about dunkey, and the proceeding anons stated as much as well. It's okay to not know things though like >>698683 here seems to think he knows somebody by his post on twatter baiting literally nobodies in the same screenshot into freaking out. You need better caretakers.
(198.50 KB 600x600 1573884112532.png)

Dunkey is a breadtuber, has bad opinions on games, an annoying voice, and a cult of zoomers eating his every turd. That's all I need to know that his brand is poison and I don't need my games associated with him.
(341.88 KB 680x1671 retarded tapestry.jpg)

>>698702 >Dunkey is a breadtuber, has bad opinions on games, an annoying voice, and a cult of zoomers eating his every turd. The biggest crime is pretending to be retarded, which as we all know is still being retarded. Even being a leftist twat "ironically" is still being a leftist twat, like fellating tranny dick in TLOU2 and hating on weeb games and fan-service.
>>698290 How is PGMMV? Does it have a lot of the built-in stuff like RPGmaker, such as handling text dialogue and built-in databases and stuff?
>>698686 >he's just baiting impressive I guess he just "ironically" likes TLOU2 to the point of making a 20 minute video where he cherry picks and conflates comments to make everyone who disagrees with him look retarded Doesn't help that he also liked God of Soy and Celeste among other shit, and dislikes anime and fanservice generally. Conflating legitimate criticism with the retarded ones to make himself look like he's the most sane person in the room is a slimy tactic.
(11.79 KB 358x272 FB_IMG_1528473227751.jpg)

>>698702 oh you don't need your games "associated" with him, huh? welcome to your new home www.twitter.com try to get some sunshine in between
>>698781 Shut the fuck up dunkey we know it's you. No one's signing up for your garbage "publishing firm" and you'll be a shell company shilling NFTs on twitter in six months.
>>698783 To be fair, getting at Dunkey's money should be an incentive for a lot of indie devs who don't give a shit about him otherwise, he's probably doing fine in terms of dev applications The real issue is how cancerous of a publisher he will be to the ones he takes on
(46.88 KB 168x337 I WILL KICK YOUR ASS.png)

>>698436 >Dunkey isn't left leaning in the slightest and if you think so then you're underage b& The fuck is this for a fucking logic? >>698781 >Don't like some random literally who eceleb? >then you belong to twitter? I'm gonna kick your fucking ASS
>>698788 When you put it like that it was probably b8 Problem is there are so many retards out there that it's hard to tell who is merely pretending and who is "merely pretending"
(80.53 KB 750x600 EXSxJQtWoAMgl7N.jpg)

>>698806 if you can blame someone for pretending to be retarded, you can blame someone for not having good enough judgement to tell if somebody's "merely pretending"
>>698287 If you want a good kitty, then make the eggs she's knocking out of nests cuckoo eggs. And make the mice into rats, which are far less sympathetic to the general audience.
>>698851 I was thinking they'd be buzzard eggs. I get the idea of making them rats but I was gonna go with mice simply because of this little motherfucker. I want Kasha to get revenge on Jerry for Tom and all catkind.
>>698891 I remember I hated the episodes when Jerry would start shit and end up winning. I need justice in my cartoons.
Does any anon here do his own music?
(1.38 MB 1488x836 soefasfasf.mp4)

I made something
>>699481 Good job, anon. Will this be a unit movement waypoint thing or an animation path thing? If the latter, you might want to look into bezier interpolation stuff to smooth out the corners.
>>699481 game of the year 2022
I'm not developing a game, I'm developing a text editor. Yes I know, there's a fucking billion out there, but none of them have everything I want. Any features you guys want that your favorite text editor doesn't have?
>>699595 Not to be that kind of guy, but why not extend something that already exists?
>>699605 I want to get better at low-level programming. I don't want to have to learn someone's codebase/api to start doing stuff. Sublime Text is closed source and you can't modify it fully, you're stuck with what the devs let you work with. VSCode is open-source, but I personally don't like it, and it would be quicker to just start from scratch than to modify it. Emacs is great, but it can't handle big files and is slow sometimes. And I have a lot of free time.
>>699621 How about vim?
>>699621 Oh and I should say one feature Ive seen in vs code that I like is when you can hold down your mouse wheel and create a new cursor on each line you hover over and then type whatever you want on multiple lines or highlight the last half of each line,etc.
>>699652 I was just about to suggest this. I got hooked on this, and have been using plug-ins and such whenever I find it missing.
>>699481 one of the best tower defense games out there
(77.48 KB 960x540 cursors.mp4)

>>699648 I really don't want to learn vi-style keybindings. >>699652 That's already one of my top TODO's, multiple cursors are really fucking good. There's a also a really nifty trick with them that's really hard to describe, so here's a video. I want to extend this to let the user paste multiple things out of order if they want by copying them in order, then choosing the order that they want to paste by setting the new positions.
>>699690 >I really don't want to learn vi-style keybindings. Do it, it will be good for you.
(492.00 B 128x128 cuckoo400.png)

(632.00 B 128x128 kasha400.png)

(477.00 B 128x128 mouse400.png)

Started this project. Probably shouldn't be doing the sprites first, but... it's what I'm best at and I feel like I gotta do something. Starting to figure out the GDD right now. This game is about pest control and Kasha to stop these creatures before they destroy her whole house. I want this to be a fast-paced arcade style pest control game. I'm taking inspiration from Gnat Attack and the original Mario Bros where you have a quota of enemies to defeat and you clear stages by defeating all enemies. I'm following some material on 2D platformers in Godot but I hope I'll be able to take it from there after I'm done.
(29.67 KB 959x1128 HappyDingo.png)

>>699821 Nice! if you need any help, feel free to drop them here and I'll try to drop in to see if I can point you in the right direction.
>>699875 *Drop any questions Sorry. brain dum.
>>698734 yes, extremely easy to use drag n drop stuff, as easy as scratch
>>699877 Sounds good to me. I like gamedev but hate programming, if that makes sense. I'm playing around with RPGMaker now and having fun, even if I've already found some annoying limits.
>>698945 Sort of but not really. Want to learn though.
>>699948 Unfortunately if you want to make a truly great rpg maker game you'll have to learn scripting and eventing
>>697797 >Dunkey cancer is spreading to indie publishing Fucking great. Reminder that he lied and misrepresented Octopath Traveler, and he got people to dogpile anyone who says he's a bad critic with his Game Critics Part 2 video. https://archive.ph/LM1Tz
>>699821 Good idea, I think that'll work and is very doable, and will give you history, experience, credibility and potentially revenue
>>700170 Octopath is soulless overpriced garbage irregardless of his opinion.
>>700170 everyone knows he hates JRPGs for some reason, I'm pretty sure he only played them to say that he did indie devs who like non-earthbound style JRPGs probably aren't gonna apply to his shit, at least if they've paid attention to how he is with them.
>>700194 I don't agree with most of Dunkey's opinions because he really loves a lot of AAA shit for some, but where does this JRPG thing come from? He loves the Persona series and if I remember correctly, Chrono Trigger his is favorite game. He doesn't like a lot of JRPGs because to be honest, a lot of games in that genre are copypaste. You don't have to be some YouTuber e-celeb to figure that out. It's the same for those survival-crafting games, some are really good ones like Subnautica and Don't Starve but 90% of them are the same game.
>>700187 >"irregardless" Kill yourself
>>700170 >Reminder that he lied and misrepresented Octopath Traveler What did he say about it? Was he one of those fags that said the eight stories weren't connected at all and that there was no larger meta-plot to follow?
>>700199 He literally said in the video where he likes Persona 5 that he hates anime (besdies Hayao Miyazaki), turn-based combat, and (J)RPGs (he also never said anything about liking the rest of the series) and that Persona 5 was the exception to the rule by being that good to overcome his normal dislikes of it. He never explicitly said Chrono Trigger was his favorite game anywhere, he only implied it in a very small part of a large joke video, but the problem with him is its hard to tell when he's joking or serious. >>700202 Irregardless is fine, it's not technically a typo
>>700503 Oh, and random encounters i think*
>>700503 >and that Persona 5 was the exception to the rule by being that good to overcome his normal dislikes of it. I'm call bullshit on that. It seems like there are loads of people that hate anime, turned-based combat, and JRPGs that suddenly changed their opinion just to be be with the "In" crowd regarding Purse Owner 5, the title that (According to actual SMT and Persona fans) is the most casualized entry in the entire series.
>>697797 Literally another Dangan/Nicallis in the making.
>>700870 So he's going to release the same game 5 times?
Does anyone ITT know about making your own hardware? I want to make games like the rest of you fags but I want to do it on my own open sourced hardware, sick of the PC jew, the steam jew, the cucksoles and the handheld chinkshit. just wanna make some good games for my own little system, doesnt need to be that powerful, dont care if it looks like a PSP game, some of which look very nice like MGSPW, as long as the gameplay is good I have no problems. so is there any guides on making your own hardware from scratch? all im getting from search engine results is tutorials on how to make your own machine using prebuilt parts or a raspberry pi
>>701148 How "from scratch" do you want to go? If you're talking about doing TTL on a custom board, holy shit my nigga. In addition to what the other anon posted, I'd recommend some Ben Eater videos and jdh's handmade computer. No man does wiring like Ben Eater. Ben Eater will also show you how to use chips and try to get timings right. At some point, you need to bend over and accept someone else's chips inside you, pleasurably. Even shitty 3D is going to need shitty 3D hardware, and you are probably not going to be the source of it. Then again, maybe you want to go Commander X16: a 6502 main processor, with a super fast, super modern FPGA implementing a sound and video chip? There are a lot of levels that you can go to if you think that a Raspberry Pi is too high-level. Take, for instance, "The High Nibble"s IMSAI 8080 kit, which is a fancy Pi Nano connected to a custom IO board. What, to you, is a prebuilt part?
>>701148 Gotta start with a mine, anon.
>>699875 You should stream more Mr Cole dingo.
>>700804 SMT fans have had an autistic hatred of Persona ever since 3, and Persona was always a casual series. Logically it would make sense that more mainstream appeal is gained through further casualization and making "broad appeal" moves along with improvements in graphics and presentation aspects. Plenty of "actual Persona" fans liked it, though it definitely did have flaws not least of which was its character writing.
>>701264 more like mr. cool-dong
>>701264 I mean I do, but I know what you mean. Maybe sometime I'll try jackbox again now that there's more people regularly using the stream stuff.

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