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(113.06 KB 1280x720 Letter.jpg)

Halo studio 343i's head, Bonnie Ross, has left the company Anonymous 09/12/2022 (Mon) 20:50:34 Id: db8028 No. 688771
>>688771 >Family medical crisis Aw, that's sad. Is one of her cats sick?
>>688771 Good. Cutting off the head won't solve the massive problems with the company or their mishandling of Halo but it's at least something.
>>688771 Does it even matter anymore?
(245.80 KB 2160x2700 Spartan.jpeg)

>Ross is actually gone >after all these years hory sheet One does wonder if she's telling the truth about a family medical crisis, I don't see why that require her stepping down from the company. 343 leadership are very unpopular among both employees and Halo fans, it sounds like a cover for resigning. Maybe a mandate from Microsoft?
So she was politely fired as even M$ couldn't handle the bad press she pulled?
>>688779 >>688781 Most Halo fans suspect she was fired, 343i has had problems with the higher ups for years and Bonnie Ross was the franchise manager. Whether or not she was actually the problem is probably irrelevant to the situation, journos and industry people are saying she was actually instrumental in keeping Microsoft interested in Halo but the hammer was going to come down on somebody. Something I didn't mention in the OP was the announcement of 343i getting an leadership restructuring. This is definitely bigger than her.
(126.46 KB 351x391 All fine.jpg)

>I am incredibly proud of the work everyone at 343i has done with Halo Infinite, the Master Chief Collection, the Halo TV series and so much more
>>688795 The Master Chief Collection wasn't even finished by 343i, but Certain Affinity. The guy who fixed the MCC is now the new studio head at 343i, so that's something.
>>688771 Best news in years for gaylo fans. Bitch was fucking awful. >>688779 The timing of this leads me to believe it was due to the on-going + growing backlash against 343. >>688787 >343i getting an leadership restructuring I wish all the fans would have properly voiced their anger so much sooner. >>688795 Her legacy will be one of unfinished, low quality, and broken games that likely hurt a major brand so badly that recovering to anywhere remotely near the height of what it once was is next to impossible. She killed the cash cow.
(355.55 KB 600x406 kane don't care.png)

>shit game leads to firings and restructuring good, it deserves it. it seems like we just got done mocking saints woke and then this happens, I hope it keeps happening pic related to gaylo fans, you get what you deserve for actually playing any of this shit
>>688774 >>688779 They had to do fucking something. The normalfags have been braying for 343 blood for weeks, ever since the updated road map dropped with canceled split screen, no new fucking game modes. Well, okay, one new game mode but it wasn't one anyone asked for naturally. Watching Halo Infinite's dev cycle is like watching the DSP of game development. "Pay me same price for less khantent, nothing I could do dood waaaw." Jewtubers are comparing the Steam playercount to 2042 and realizing that 2042 is doing better. The game is quickly plummeting to Lawbreakers status.
>>688850 how about they MAKE A FUCKING BETTER GAME next time, then? maybe it's too much to ask from a studio that literally blew it's load developing AI for one enemy class that is still easy to kill for their first game(halo 4) I am so glad all of these shitty shooters are failing. I knew I would live to see the "console shooter wars" die off but I never expected it would be such a shitshow
>>688819 >I wish all the fans would have properly voiced their anger so much sooner. I mean some people were already mad at halo 4 like a decade ago. Not to mention the massive backlash against halo 5, 7 years ago. The fans have been very vocal about their dislike of 343 and microsoft has just not been listening. Its actually quite amazing, as someone who grew up in the 2000s you would think halo fans are the biggest normalfags who would lap up anything but they are probably the one fanbase most hostile to the developers making the games.
>>688851 >a studio that literally blew it's load developing AI I am reminded of that CoD Ghosts webm where the guy was bragging about fish AI that moved out of the way when you got close to them & then it cut to footage of Super Mario 64. I also remember it also being compared to the lean feature that was in FEAR
>>688855 yeah, thanks for reminding me of that actually, did the fish thing even made it into the game? I heard a shitload was cut from that game then again, being proud of fish AI is still being proud of SOMETHING, 343 is proud of only releasing one extra map within almost an entire year of development time, plus some cosmetics. That's like a week 2 update, remove shit cosmetics and focus more on map development and you have 2 new maps for the update
(9.96 MB 640x360 CoD Ghost - Fish AI.mp4)

(3.96 MB 1280x720 CoD Ghost vs Super Mario 64.mp4)

>>688859 Found that Mario 64 comparison clip. Also, the fish in the final game don't actually move out of the way so they lied about that!
(369.02 KB 1168x1280 KANE LIVES.jpg)

(554.88 KB 494x4757 Kane Lives in Death.jpg)

>>688829 I love how even 7th Gen normalfag trash is now feeling the pain I've been feeling since the early 2000s. That's how bad these companies have become.
>>688771 That announcement of theirs where split screen coop wouldn't happen, really helped bite their ass.
>>688853 It's amazing Halofags absolutely shit all over 343 and M$ with hatred that would rival here.
>>688918 >That announcement of theirs where split screen coop wouldn't happen, really helped bite their ass. Wait are you fucking kidding? No fucking splitscreen in a Halo title?
(779.51 KB 1017x1017 Halogelion 2.jpg)

>>688923 Along with no forge no custom game modes and most of the fun game modes people play halo multiplayer for wasn't even in the game for a long time for fucks sake slayer which has been a staple in every halo game from the first wasn't even in it on launch and after nearly a year there is still no content being made. gaylo fans are enraged and demand blood for how hard 343 ran the franchise in the ground.
>>688930 Could the Xbox One even handle Halo Infinite in splitscreen mode? I mean, Halo Infinite isn't exactly a graphical tour de force, it just runs like absolute shit.
Does Halo Infinite screwing the pooch make MCC retroactively better now?
(98.90 KB 602x792 My First FPS.jpg)

(296.40 KB 526x455 stare of rage.png)

>>688953 maybe
(68.86 KB 709x291 343_better_luck_next_time.png)

>>688853 >I mean some people were already mad at halo 4 like a decade ago As any self respecting person should have been. >The fans have been very vocal about their dislike of 343 Now that was the problem. It was about how they dislike 343, but back then they still incorrectly had hope. Now search for halo and you find a fuck load of fire 343 and gaylo is dead popping up. There is little to no hope left in them now (the cashcow is nearly dead), and MS finally picked up on it. At the end of the day they were at fault. They were the ones who kept 343 going by falling for the usual line of "Oh we will get it better next time around!". Or "if we don't support them, then Halo is gone!". Like a battered wife, they stuck around long past the point where any reasonable person would have left. >>688953 Nah, about a half decade of patching a broken mess did that.
(253.25 KB 697x646 LOL GAYLO.jpg)

>>688923 Ackchyually https://archive.ph/1mexU >As spotted by Eurogamer, French Halo community Halo Creation shared a video that shows a menu glitch that allows you to play the game in split-screen co-op. The Twitter account for the community has shared a helpful video of the glitch in action, which was discovered by Halo player Alexis B., and all the steps you need to follow. >Essentially, it involves some quick actions on your part, an Xbox Series X or S, and a friend also online. Maneuvering through some different options and connecting another controller at the right time will let you play local, split-screen co-op, and it apparently works with up to four people.
>>688923 >No fucking splitscreen in a Halo title? That's been the case for all of the 343 Halo games, even Halo 4.
(139.64 KB 406x576 Bioshit Infinite.jpg)

>Just realized it's called Halo Infinite, has fucked up development, & poisoned its respective franchise. Did Ken Levine land a gig at 343?
>>688984 Last anyone knew, he was leaching off of T2's money: https://archive.ph/45Z6Y
>>688983 Halo 4 has split screen. Halo Cinco Bodyguards doesn't. One of the biggest features that was supposed to be a selling point was the return of split screen in Infinite, because muh Open World meme and to showcase the power of the Xbox SeX. As seen here >>688973 they managed to find time to do a fucking battlepass than finishing up split screen.
>>688850 Imagine that. A titan of a franchise that carried the Xbox & 360 reduced to an EA tier greedy scam missing basic features the original trilogy of games had available right away.
>>689001 That's literally every AAA title nowadays
(445.84 KB 374x476 [CAT Of AGRESSION].mp4)

>>688940 I don't care if the shitbox one can't handle split screen it is a halo game split screen is a must even if performance suffers.
(9.62 MB 1280x720 Halo splitscreen.webm)

>>688940 >>689016 A working splitscreen mode on Xbox was found accidentally some time ago
>>689016 What happened to the Perfect Dark mentality of "it runs like shit but it's fun so we'll let players do 4 player split-screen with 8 sims and explosive weapons" In any case, I don't think Bonnie Ross is going to be missed. I think she took a walk before she was pushed. She knew what was coming. She botched the flagship title for the Xbox. Twice. Thrice even. First it missed launch, then it had a multiplayer launch that was completely terrible, and now they've abandoned promised features. 343i has done nothing but fuck-up and has survived due to the momentum of the Halo brand which has severely fucking slowed in recent years. So when a family member got sick (assuming it isn't personal mental health leave) she decided she had an easy out.
>>688771 >It took them 4 blunders in a row to kick their manager Although if it were Sony, they'd probably stayed their course because it's cardinal sin over there to fire a female in the game industry.
Why are 343 so fucking incompetent? I don't even fully understand what happened but all I know is that I played Halo Infinite's campaign and enjoyed it and they patched out some of the things that made it fun. For absolutely no reason. Like they patched out Grapple Launching off fusion coils. WHY? Why would you patch out stuff that makes your game more enjoyable if it has no bearing on your competitive multiplayer aspect in any way whatsoever? I genuinely want to know the reason. Their heads are completely up their fucking asses here. I don't know what possible reason you'd have to patch out an insanely fun feature like that.
(587.31 KB 1302x664 bitcoin and women.png)

>>689061 It took a women to cause immense butthurt and run a titan of gaming into the ground over the course of years to get fired I don't think even Sony can handle that. It is a cardinal sin in every company but every once in a while a women's incompetence will be so great that that it cannot be ignored.
(407.31 KB 1920x1594 FblEtEaWAAQVsyP.jpeg)

>Make seasonal live service game >Game is in such a bad state that you delay for a year and then make SEASON 2 last almost an entire year (10 months) Season 2 launched May 3rd and for TEN MONTHS you'll get: >Features that came standard in every halo game, but now in "beta" >Cancelled couch co-op >2 new* maps (*made in forge) bringing the total new maps since launch up to 4 >Match XP beta™ (meaning a proper progression system that isn't unfun challenges that force you to play a certain way) >One, singular, new mode that nobody cares about >Vague QOL improvements How do you fuck up this badly? Like how? I'm genuinely curious about the behind the scenes of this trashfire because it just seems like everything about it was a total clusterfuck before Staten came in. Which is a shame, too, 'cause the game itself feels great to play but everything surrounding the game is so un-fun that it just feels like a chore. At the very least it seems like they got the right people in charge, finally.
(35.74 KB 636x464 What were they thinking.jpg)

>>689102 What does it fucking say when fucking Destiny's bullshit does this much better and that game has been a mess for years how does one set the bar that fucking low?
>>688798 Is MCC finally fixed?
>>689004 This says a lot about our society.
>>688855 >>688868 Didn't Ocarina of Time also have that? How is that impressive? That's standard environmental dressing in any halfway decent game. >>688923 The funniest part is some players found out you can do split screen in the game anyway. Through a glitch. I haven't looked up the details but my money is on they got 80-90% of the way done with the feature and gave up on it. The glitch is most likely using that unfinished feature. >>688972 343 pretended to be humble and give a fuck every single time and every single time they were duplicitous sacks of shit that doubled down on the next game. Last time, get this, they said they'd never make the mistake of removing split screen again.
>>689127 It's been fixed for a while, now it is a non-terrible option for owning all the Halo games on PC, with mods and such.
>>689061 >Although if it were Sony, they'd probably stayed their course No, they wouldn't have. Look at all the Sony-owned studios that closed (And how soon) after they released a Vita launch title.
>>688773 More likely, rotten vagina from whoring out.
(6.71 MB 1280x536 Noble Six's Giggles.webm)

>>688779 Do anons play as male spartans or spartans with a tactical advantage?
(120.17 KB 1204x1596 MaestroNoob.jpg)

>>689376 Hearing a woman moan is going to get me hard, distracting me and giving me a tactical disadvantage.
>>689074 >Pic Their faces are of soulless drones but still with the smiles of a predator. Parasites through and through.
>>689376 My Hyper-Lethal Spartan-III GF can't possibly be this cute!
>>689379 I can just tell by that art style this guy does a lot of dickgirls, doesn't he? Removing the helmet from military girls also removes like 90% of the appeal.
>>689387 Dickgirls aren't gay
(485.28 KB 2540x1990 futa.jpg)

>>689390 Futanari you mean, "dickgirls" don't have vaginas you homo.
>>689399 Same thing.
>>689399 Dickgirls refer to both futas and shemales, without distinction.
(31.86 KB 500x500 faget.jpg)

>>689390 >>689399 >>689404 >>689405 Ok shut up, I made an off-handed remark about some guy's art, that doesn't mean you porn addict with no posts before now have to derail the thread.
(37.94 KB 600x600 ur_a_faget.jpg)

Gaylo still won't recover from this, the last game the community actually liked was Reach, removing one person won't save the company
>>689409 Maybe next time you will learn to shut your asshole and not make the comment at all.
>>689387 >spoiler I agree. Funny enough my female friends agree as they had the same comments when they were telling me about the mandalorian show. So I guess this applies to both genders. The helmet must stay on. >>689412 >the last game the community actually liked was Reach Even then if you remember right, a good portion were already pissed about the changes in Reach.
(1008.41 KB 1920x1080 Viewmodel FOV.png)

(1.44 MB 1920x1080 Viewmodel FOV 2.png)

(1.33 MB 1920x1080 Viewmodel FOV 3.png)

>>689376 >Modified viewmodel FOV A man of taste, fucking faggots make viewmodel sliders and they're barely worth a shit as the gun still remains fuckhuge like you're holding it on the side of your head. And the faggots that scale FOV and viewmodel differently need to be beaten to death with a fucking shoe in the name of Allah.
>>688829 Halo was great, keep malding over it Kane. >>688984 It would be 6 gorrillion times more (literally) jewish.
>>689549 Halo was never good.
>>689589 *always Your contrarian retardation will never ever change this.
I guess she should be called Bonnie Voyage now. >>689414 The gnomon of that sundial should be reshaped into the Kiwifarms logo.
>>689594 I'm just curious, when did you start using /v/? You can be completely honest, it is a real question. I ask because /v/ used to be very, very strongly against Halo but slowly more people confess to liking it. I think it's younger people who grew up with Halo entering the board.
(263.57 KB 2160x2700 THIG.jpeg)

>>689549 >>689594 >malding >contrarian This ain't Twitter, friendo. While I'm also partial to big Spartan booty, I don't enjoy this shittery.
(436.68 KB 768x576 Go Home.webm)

>>689617 Contrarianism has nothing to do with twitter and is easily observable on media-hobby focused image boards and forums
>>689609 I first started when Habbo Hotel raids were still occurring (I was banned by a mod during one of them) and I've always thought Halo was a decent game. I believe the ire for it originates more from its influence than the game itself, similar to how you have contrarians here now who say Half-Life was never good. If it was like Perfect Dark, a fun console shooter that didn't overstep its boundaries, I believe everyone here would agree that it was good but because it became Microsoft's desperately needed flagship franchise for their nascent console, it became the target of anti-conformist ire. In reality, Call of Duty and other game franchises which aped the regenerating health mechanic still would be shit, they would have just been shit for other reasons. Shooters which aped Halo in a bid for success were not bad because of Halo but because they were made by lazy assholes copying what was successful. It had a good run for at least 3 games. Nothing groundbreaking but respectable for what it was and it did its job properly. This just goes to show that marketing does way too much for the success of a game.
>>689721 >similar to how you have contrarians here now who say Half-Life was never good I'm not saying that as a "contrarian" opinion, I'm saying that as an object opinion when I played through the game a few years ago. There are some good things about it, but it's ironically the parts of the game that people "hate" (Such as the first-person platforming and Xen) that are actually the best parts of Half-Life. Everything else about it is just people looking back at the game through (I hate this term) "nostalgia goggles". But, that's also an opinon developed by someone who grew up with FPS titles from the aughts and later, which took everything that Half-Life presented to the industry and ran with it, so it could be that my view of Half-Life is tainted by the fact that everything it did back in 1998 isn't as unique or innovative just a couple years later. However, I reject that being the sole reason why I consider Half-Life to be overrated because I fired up Doom around the same time and I was stunned by how awesome of a game it was, though confused as to why people didn't noticed that Doom is just first-person Zelda with twin-stick controls.
(653.17 KB 664x516 Noble_6_check_em.PNG)

>>688999 >not one check for these trips
>>689739 It sounds like you agree that Half-Life is at least worth a playthrough (I'm also one of the ones who doesn't mind first person platforming, but then again I literally grew up with the game so there's that). I'm talking about those who conclude that because corridor shooters from the late 00s and later that focus on story are ultra-shit, Half-Life is retroactively shit. It's a glorified Quake mod with upgraded graphics but then again so were a huge number of shooters from that period (once upon a time Epic actually had competition for Unreal Engine licensing). The multiplayer scene was arguably even better than that of Quake's however. Half-Life 1 custom games were truly magical at their peak and sadly it's not something one can experience now.
>>689764 >It sounds like you agree that Half-Life is at least worth a playthrough Not really. It's like when I watched Citizen Kane. It's not a bad game, but I'd rather I spent my time playing something else.
>>689784 Did you try Opposing Force? Still to this day the best thing Gearbox ever made. Which is kinda sad.
>>689797 No, the only EP I played was Blue Shift.
>>689805 Play OF anon, it's very worth it.
>>689805 Blue Shift is shit. OF is better than the vanilla campaign but shorter.
(1.35 MB 751x1064 Doom_Eternal.png)

>>689739 >Doom is just first-person Zelda with twin-stick controls. and the reboots are first person Darksiders which isn't a bad thing
>>689822 It plays nothing like Darksiders and it is indeed shit.
>>689829 It's a first-person character action game about saving the world from the Christian apocalypse while fighting demons, there's where the comparison came about.
>>689832 >NuDoom >Christianity It's all Ayys and interdimensional capeshit faggotry.
Gaylo is pimping some world premiere on the 25th.
>>697411 Probably Forge or some shit
>>697416 I saw some people suggesting it was a a halo 3 map collection added to infinite since the esports event was also halo 3 related. Some said it was confirmed it won't be the BR mode or forge, but I didn't see where the devs mention it and I am too lazy to track it down.
>>697416 Can't be Forge, then they'll have people recreate old maps that they want to resell to the plebs playing.
>>697416 Honestly forge being announced would be the one thing that could turn Halo Infinite around at this point. I honestly don't get why the mode wasn't in there at fucking launch since it's basically an infinite content generator and keeps the community going. I know it'd be one of my priorities if I was in charge over there.
>>689376 >that fufufu~ after headshotting 3 shield jackals in a row
>>689376 What a weird, cringe video...
>>688779 didn't they change the female/male armor to heavy/light armor and nerfed the female hips for halo reach in the mcc?
>>697872 Been playing MCC today and I use the female spartan body. And you got it half right as they changed it to heavy/light and let you choose a male or female voice. I think that the hips are unchanged but it's been ages since I played reach on xbox360 so I'm probably not the best judge.
(7.41 KB 640x448 tmnta-Have Sex inshell.png)

>>689390 >Dickgirls aren't gay Stop making up excuses and just come out of the closet.
Is the MCC on pc still as broken as it was on console? Halo 1 lacked most of its fx.
>>689390 Reminder that deviance organizes in clusters. Any straying from normality ("lol normalfags!!!") will eventually merge with abnormal sexuality. And you will be fucked, literally.
>>698028 It's much better now though it's still chuggy in places. Not sure if they've filled the entire checklistof features they were going to include but friends and I got through a full Reach Campaign without too many issues not long ago (and most of those issues were likely client-side third-world internet problems).
(2.21 MB 768x480 The Pit Flythrough.webm)

>>697411 The "big" news was a single halo 3 map (The Pit) that was remade in forge for infinite. The visuals of the map also look like shit. The community made remake maps look fucking better. As an added bonus, it is a wip and not releasing until after forge mode does sometime in November. You really have to try to be this bad.
>>699474 I like how every AAA company prances shit like this while trying to shill as hard as possible for fags to "get hype".
>>699490 That is the reason why even streamers are losing the trust and viewship from normalfags. Every unimportant thing is forced to be (((hype))) and have shills talking about it as if it was the best thing to exist. People are simply moving away from all that noise and lies.
>>699474 The Pit? I think I remember that map being pretty fun. Wasn't it industrial as shit? Why's it got all this neon slapped on?
>>699490 At least now more and more people are not having it. >>699949 Yeah it was an alright map. This new one looks worse on top of the colors/lighting all blending together in a way that feels visually impairing. Their style completely ruins what is otherwise a fine map. Compare their forge creation with what the community has done and it is like night and day.
(9.80 MB 1280x720 (((kig-yar))).mp4)

Wanted an excuse to post this.
>>699992 Modern AAA devs can't light for shit, literal hacks that make everything look too bright or saturated.

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