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Caption Generator Anonymous 09/13/2022 (Tue) 23:24:44 Id: f3edac No. 689793
Step 1) Visit https://deathgenerator.com/ Step 2) Pick a game of your choice to caption Step 3) Make a caption Step 4) Post the result(s) ITT Step 5) ????? Step 6) PROFIT!!!!!!!!! Images gracefully stolen from anons in the GG thread
(8.23 KB 512x448 j.png)

(24.10 KB 376x592 canvas.png)

(14.65 KB 480x320 canvas.png)

(38.17 KB 700x480 98747923497235454.png)

(27.93 KB 600x336 ff.png)

(131.17 KB 626x474 canvas.png)

(7.39 KB 512x164 NOOKED.png)

(11.22 KB 640x356 Coming soon to your pod.webp)

(24.09 KB 686x386 doggo.jpg)

>>689880 Haha get it, because black guys have bigger penises (haw haww haww) which means more pleasure (haw haww haww) and your woman now becomes a negro cocksleeve due to the size difference (haww haww hawww) and turns into a sadistic abuser (haww haww hawww), emotionally scarring you (hawww hawww hawww) and taps into your deepest insecurity (hawww haww hawww) which makes your little prick hard (hawww haww). Cheating whores and negrophilia, how hilarious /tv/.
(12.01 KB 896x224 The loler.png)

(9.00 KB 512x480 fox waifu.png)

(127.79 KB 626x474 Oak getting sent porn.png)

(43.13 KB 512x448 my son.png)

(9.67 KB 480x128 hamtaro.png)

(10.92 KB 320x432 doug daughter.png)

(13.29 KB 492x279 WINTIPS.png)

(16.75 KB 496x448 kirby cretin.png)

(4.93 KB 480x128 ya forehead.png)

(15.80 KB 1284x452 cunny bunny.png)

(2.19 KB 304x224 canvas2.png)

(2.00 KB 568x120 owo.png)

(147.56 KB 768x1792 Joseph gay shit.png)

(27.70 KB 640x400 as I like to call them.png)

Reposting in the appropriate thread.
(81.68 KB 768x448 jojo-Im your dad now Jotaro.png)

(84.72 KB 768x448 jojo-Jews did 911.png)

>>689955 4th is very appropiate.
(14.60 KB 480x320 millionaire.png)

(489.00 B 135x120 ♥W♥.png)

>>689955 This is the face the furry robot makes when you hit his synthetic prostate
(3.58 KB 448x128 thanks_doc.png)

(23.03 KB 148x125 150874.png)

>>690041 >WTC When they Cry?
(29.34 KB 640x448 madden95-aeiou.png)

>>690042 Yeah, they still cry about the yolocaust.
(5.83 KB 480x120 Protoman.png)

(110.48 KB 640x480 Hotel Mario 64.png)

(3.51 KB 592x120 Uncommon Tale.png)

(9.64 KB 480x104 bof4-Really nigga.png)

(35.44 KB 700x480 mgs-Nanomachines... Really.png)

(567.32 KB 768x768 Jews did Rokkenjima.png)

(17.52 KB 640x448 Clones.png)

(26.23 KB 640x384 Boss Nigger.png)

(15.37 KB 608x370 Benimaru Garrison.png)

>>689955 Fuck, someone already beat me to it.
>>689904 Thanks for reminding me of this. Gave me a laugh.
>>690075 By the way, here's a fun story: >search "fellow white people" >this is on the front page as a tweet by one Michael Skolnik >search his name >no mention of Jewish heritage >no wiki article, his personal page links to a wiki page that no longer exists >Wikipedia helpfully suggests searching his name >The first two results are articles about the Jews and Ashkenazi Jews that both cited him as a source
(28.44 KB 640x400 truth.png)

(4.69 KB 480x128 Hamsters.png)

(20.05 KB 448x640 Nukes.png)

(45.21 KB 640x400 classic.png)

(9.76 KB 512x448 goat.png)

(5.05 KB 512x448 sins.png)

(37.55 KB 975x343 snake milk.png)

(32.63 KB 975x343 terraria.png)

(37.89 KB 975x343 buck.png)

(34.71 KB 975x343 smacks lips.png)

(33.18 KB 975x343 vincent.png)

(45.84 KB 1074x378 grot.png)

(59.91 KB 975x343 RAT FURRIES.png)

(33.73 KB 975x343 shane.png)

(50.13 KB 1074x378 wizard yo.png)

(48.57 KB 1074x378 FW.png)

(4.35 KB 472x88 Bowser fuck around.png)

(6.42 KB 472x279 Bowser yoshi egg.png)

(92.94 KB 768x448 Jotaro..png)

(85.93 KB 768x448 Kakyoin.png)

(99.39 KB 580x859 MoviePoster.jpg)

(3.41 KB 472x88 Bowser Monkey.png)

(3.47 KB 472x88 Bowser BOB-OMB.png)

(4.33 KB 472x88 Bowser thinking.png)

(4.72 KB 472x88 Bowser wants Daisy.png)

These Bowser pics are quotes from the movie.
>tfw you captured you cute, tsundere meteor gf
(5.14 KB 472x216 Bowser Koopa Special.png)

(4.04 KB 471x146 Bowser nest.png)

(6.19 KB 472x254 Bowser Destiny.png)

(318.20 KB 550x600 ian pickelhaube.png)

>>690101 Dem spicy references, specially the ian one, always thought so myself.
(37.71 KB 1284x452 Reddit Game.png)

(10.10 KB 478x198 SimCity 2000png.png)

This thread is golden and I want to save all these, but I 'm too lazy to do so.
>>690386 https://www.downthemall.org/ Download links and filter images.
(24.28 KB 376x592 WormsMany.png)

(37.05 KB 768x448 ds3-hip.png)

(3.04 KB 212x82 ff7-Tifa ...Like hell..png)

(10.09 KB 512x448 gadget mourns.png)

(16.26 KB 480x320 josh remembers a past life.png)

(9.65 KB 448x384 sod-coping you skate vert.png)

(4.84 KB 512x144 billnted-TOP KEK.png)

>>689793 >the Streetfighter one >mfw
(18.31 KB 512x448 cn-No hymen no diamond.png)

(43.43 KB 512x448 coolspot-Hitler Was Right.png)

(9.68 KB 512x480 Tamamo-no-Mae.png)

(1.69 MB 768x448 SFII YWNBARW Animated.webm)

>>690360 >>690367 >Those Keen ones My fucking sides, holy shit
(195.18 KB 975x1372 Wizard needs food.png)

(20.25 KB 512x448 Silver.png)

(146.76 KB 626x474 Lopunny.png)

(4.42 KB 600x108 Cunny.png)

(1.23 MB 376x592 the_many_wakes.mp4)

(19.36 KB 640x452 pleaselet.png)

(7.94 KB 436x150 mfw.png)

(11.57 KB 512x448 inanotherhouse.png)

(7.58 KB 512x160 dragon.png)

(11.36 KB 512x160 flea.png)

>>691675 Shouls this replace the current banner or is the current one better because it shows how many replies the post got?
(10.73 KB 640x224 wof- N GGERS.png)

>>691710 Why not keep both and remove Ness getting sucked off by Kirby?
>>691844 I was fucking around with that one too. I actually played this game with my mom when I was a kid. If you use an underscore you can create the appearance of a blank letter space. The dark spaces are supposed to be unused.
(4.32 KB 640x224 People who annoy you.png)

(36.54 KB 768x448 A cat is fine to....png)

(1.47 MB 320x240 manclap.gif)

(4.45 KB 448x128 goku2-N.png)

>>692503 Quick edit.
(33.35 KB 975x343 Jas.png)

(33.62 KB 975x343 Vincent.png)

(65.66 KB 975x343 Sigvald.png)

(56.09 KB 975x343 joe 1.png)

(48.18 KB 975x343 joe 2.png)

(33.13 KB 975x343 goosh.png)

(27.71 KB 700x480 MGS plot.png)

(17.44 KB 512x448 Bad Enough.png)

(92.31 KB 640x480 SH2 Items.png)

(22.83 KB 512x448 Cool School.png)

(14.00 KB 512x448 Jurrasic Fucktard.png)

(8.77 KB 496x448 advice.png)

(7.40 KB 512x448 Statue of liberty.png)

(48.70 KB 768x448 Dio sees the future.png)

(45.38 KB 768x448 Kakyoin goals.png)

(38.19 KB 768x448 Lilith pits.png)

(74.58 KB 768x447 Dio's magical realm.png)

(62.58 KB 768x448 flat_supremacy.png)

(42.09 KB 608x384 download.png)

(35.46 KB 700x480 mgs.png)

(14.54 KB 320x320 flintstones.png)

(8.63 KB 512x448 friday.png)

(17.81 KB 642x400 duke.png)

(29.93 KB 512x448 ffeud.png)

(26.63 KB 512x448 homoalone.png)

(18.06 KB 512x448 kickmaster.png)

(30.56 KB 608x370 kof.png)

(16.97 KB 496x448 kirby.png)

(16.25 KB 512x448 zelda.png)

(12.10 KB 512x448 Phone sex.png)

(4.70 KB 320x288 Wesley Snipes.png)

(25.39 KB 862x228 Gibberish.png)

(4.60 KB 480x120 I don't trust the dead.png)

(28.84 KB 512x448 lockon.png)

(25.31 KB 480x320 millionaire.png)

(260.31 KB 752x490 mk2.png)

(8.73 KB 512x448 ninjagaiden.png)

(17.77 KB 448x384 skateordie.png)

>>700680 That last one made me crack a smile.
(18.50 KB 512x448 paperboy.png)

(30.23 KB 480x338 parishilton.png)

(12.90 KB 512x448 pictionary.png)

(16.19 KB 512x448 zelda2.png)

(2.84 KB 472x88 mpa.png)

(11.47 KB 512x448 wallybear.png)

(12.04 KB 320x288 thornberries.png)

(12.55 KB 512x448 worldheroes.png)

(11.06 KB 512x448 wrathofblackmanta.png)

(11.00 KB 320x288 xmen.png)

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