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(130.24 KB 500x195 153369211663389619.jpg)

(129.74 KB 640x853 aO2JrvN.jpg)

(180.52 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

MMO Thread Anonymous 09/22/2022 (Thu) 22:24:22 Id: e10240 No. 696923
New thread since the last one was made 8 months ago and has since been anchored and hasn't been bumped. Some of you might've heard about this but a once popular (still is kinda) MMO called Wizard101 was hacked by an angry ex-employee and filled messages in the game with profanity and such. https://archive.ph/Sw5If Even though the messages are pretty funny. The employee pretty much succeeded in the opposite if he thought people would wonder why he hated the company so much and thought they really fucked him over somehow so they quit the game, but instead it got the game more attention and they're offering free membership to all players from the 20th till the end of the month. Anyways that's the biggest MMO news recently. What MMO have you been playing? What MMO are you looking forward to playing? What old MMO do you want to go back to playing?
I’ve been playing some WoW on a private server. I remember why I got so addicted to it before, it really sucks you in and makes you forget about the real world. Ahhh, wish I could play it in moderation, but wow is like heroin for me, probably going to quit soon. MMORPGs have to be the best cope there is for losers. Btw are there any modern mmorpgs that are close in quality to WoW? Or is everything else still trash?
(238.60 KB 1920x1080 WoWScrnShot_092022_183035.jpg)

>>696943 It's a pretty sinister game, also pretty fun to just solo older raid content at level 90 because you can.
Played tower of fantasy, played Guild wars 2 None of em really appeal
>>697046 I tried GW2. I like the jumping puzzles and the general flow of the world and leveling. The character models also look decent. But the core class design seems pretty fucking shit. No proper flow to any of the abilities while leveling, just spam random shit. Got bored in like 3 hours.
>>696943 >cope cease this
>>697047 >Got bored in like 3 hours. Same i powered through but it didnt feel like it was going to get better even if i opened my wallet same for tower of fantasy
While not strictly an MMO, has anyone here tried Veloren? It's a FOSS CubeWorld clone with lots of content and a good bunch of servers, a very active multiplayer community for such a game. I think we could host a gamenight. https://veloren.net/
Whoops, looks like my Nigger was deleted by accident. Nigger.
>>697132 Yes I played it over a year ago with an anon. It was very basic and clunky with not much of anything to do. Perhaps it's been developed a lot more since then, I would assume so. But the voxel shit will never not be hard on the eyes and ugly. What "content" does it have now? From what I remember melees were functionally unplayable and the hitboxes on all the mobs were completely broken.
>>697167 They are on devlog 183 by now https://veloren.net/devblog-183/ I would suggest you to play it again to find out, honestly. It's just too much for me to put into a single post.
>>697172 Okay. Which server?
>>697184 I just connect to the default Ameriburger server, its where most people are.
>>697186 I don't see a "default" US server. The only default official server is a germany server.
>>697186 >>697189 So is the content just the same shit where you go in a dungeon and get loot then go to the higher level dungeon? Because there's no guide or direction it gives you in the town at the start and I already grinded to like level 80 mind numbingly doing dungeons back when I first played.
>>697202 I walked for like 3 minutes finding nothing then get 1 shot by a crocodile. Looking through the patch notes it just seems like 99% of it is random bullshit and not any real game development like quests or some sort of direction for you at the start of the game. Also melee still seems completely fucking useless as your base attack can't hit anything that is circling you like this retarded fox in the cave. Only spells were useful the last time I played because they had AoE impact so you could actually hit the retarded hitboxes of mobs properly. It seems like all they've done is add a bunch of world building shit and not anything substantial to the gameplay. And new voxel models aren't exactly impressive.
>>697210 Oh and retards can just come and take the loot off a mob you spent 5 minutes circling like a fucking retard desperately hoping your hits will actually touch the hitbox. I forgot about that. This is what happens when you don't take your opportunity to shill your game anon, I will fume about how awful it is.
I kinda wanna go back to trying out different MMOs. There's a fairly new Ragnarok MMO called Ragnarok V Returns which apparently the p2w isn't bad, not that I'd spend money on it anyways.
>>696943 They sure succeeded in making it addicting. Running around and doing archeology is sort of fun.
>>697322 >Running around doing archeology while listening to Frank Klepacki music for the grind It was something alright.
>trying to hunt down a faggot invisible pink bird because (((Blizzard))) thought making a bunch of almost unique animals to tame invisible was a good idea >the fucker travels the entire region it spawns in at walking speed >but the tracks that point you in its direction are often several minutes old >only hunters can see the tracks so the only way somebody can help you is if they are your competition
I would like to play a solo version of WOW, where you can stop time like in the Baldur Gate series and micromanage every guy in a raid. It would be effectively a cross between WC3 and WOW.
>>697048 what?
>>697342 People solo WoW. You just need a multiboxing program. There are videos of people soloing entire 40 man vanilla raids using multiboxing. There's also a 5 man TBC server you can multibox on.
I wanna keep making these charts for MMOs just for the hell of it. I still need more to fill out for which ones have fishing in them. Next one I wanna make is one you can tame creatures in.
Nobody was ever autistic enough to make an Everquest Online Adventures private server, were they? I have no idea why I have the itch to play it, since I'd only spent a few months with it, like I suspect most people did - waiting for FFXI to release outside of Japan. I don't remember it being particularly good either. I just want to fucking play it again, and I think I just want to play it so bad because I know I can't.
>>696923 That moderator has a pretty nice rack. >>697739 Isn't that just Everquest for ps2? just go play project 1999.
(300.30 KB 327x676 imagine.png)

>>697741 >Isn't that just Everquest for ps2? I think there were substantial changes for the console format, and they're not really the same game. Never played the Frontiers expansion to see what it brought, but I remember Everquest players talking mad shit about EQOA because it wasn't just "EQ on PS2" like they were expecting. I never played vanilla Everquest, and barely played EQOA, so I can't compare them firsthand. Apparently there is, or was, a private server project in the works called The Return Home, but they haven't updated the development blog since 2018. There's a discord server, but I don't have or want an account to check for activity.
>>696923 Shit, I remember playing that game back around the time it came out in college with some friends. Objectively it wasn't that great and Kingsisle is very money hungry but I remember really enjoying the combat system.
>>696923 KingsIsle is EA-tier greedy as fuck. They ran a sale once in their premium shop with tiers and use have to use the paid currency to get the tiets and the highest tier was some scooter mount for your player and by the time you got it and did the math you came to the realization you had to shell 700$ for it.
>>697755 >Shit, I remember playing that game back around the time it came out in college with some friends. Holy shit, you are really old.
>>697755 I played it every time I got home from middle school for about two years straight. Yea I enjoy the combat system and the various different animations for cards. I also think it has the best housing system of any MMO and I enjoyed decorating the different houses I had. >>697762 The p2w shit in the crown shop is ridiculous. I remember being in ranked PvP with gear I'd have from regular drops in the PvE content and I'd be like level 50 getting shit on by a level 10 with gear he bought from the crown shop. That was actually a common thing from back when I played it.
(101.13 KB 640x800 shadow_of_yserbius_a_front.jpg)

(306.99 KB 1261x1600 Shadow of Yserbius Ad.jpg)

(25.13 KB 530x333 ys1.jpg.cf.jpg)

(66.86 KB 580x358 ys4.jpg)

>>697768 >Holy shit, you are really old. Some of us still remember when you had to dial-in to a 1-800 number to play your online multiplayer RPGs. Shadow of Yserbius started off as a side-game on the Sierra Network, but got it's own single-player and multiplayer offline/LAN releases, as well as several expansions
>>697790 I've read online about a LucasArts MMO called Habitat that ran on the Commodore 64. How crazy is that? It released in 1985 https://frandallfarmer.github.io/neohabitat-doc/docs//
>>697790 What does it feel like to be so old? t.20 year old
>>697792 >tfw 25 <tfw your post makes me feel old already
>>697792 I'm not going to feel old until the President of the country in my birth year finally croaks.
(405.52 KB 640x640 Cool bug Fact's.mp4)

>>697810 Both the president of my birth and the one that came after him are dead.
(3.63 KB 128x109 PP.jpg)

>26 >almost 27 Almost daily I think about how my life is running out. I talked to one of my co workers once who was like 19 and he had never heard of TF2 or final fantasy. What kinda gamer hasn't heard of those? I mean yeah he was literally 4 when TF2 launched but still. Now that I think about it he might have been 17.
(16.75 KB 496x448 kirby cretin.png)

(239.68 KB 611x208 fantasyearthzero.png)

This sort of sucks because I actually liked Fantasy earth zero back when it was available in english. Now it's finally closing even in Japan on the 28th, if your curious, feel free to give this game a try since it might be the last time you play it. It's IP locked so you'll need a vpn and japanese locale before downloading and installing. Event has npc's with max level and currency so you can grab the necessary gear. I'll check it a bit then log off.
If anyone is playing on everlook in november I plant to dedicated all my autism to griefing and fucking with people, probably as a rogue on horde.
>>697814 >turning 30 >weeks before, have existential crisis >now every spare moment is filled with thoughts on death sucks
>>698286 Don't sweat it. Shit doesn't really start falling apart until you're 42. Seems to be the cursed age when recovering from injuries is a crapshoot, and old injuries start causing problems. Anywho, I feel like I want to play Ragnarok Online again, but I remember what a tiresome slog it is most of the time. I am aware that I am just nostalgic for the feelings I had when I really enjoyed it, partying with people, hunting for rare cards, and the general comfiness of the music and towns.
>>697322 Arch was "eh", though it did feel like a bit of wasted potential. On the flip side, I was one of the first people on my server to get the bug mount out of it, as well as the Sandstone drake recipe, so it wasn't a total wash. Never did get the Zin'rokh model sword, though. >>697334 Wew, and I thought the Molten Front memetames were bad. On that note, guessing that's a 9.2 thing. I ended up hanging it up before the fruit bowl patch hit. >>697851 >Yet another F R E S H base vanilla server Pass. I'll probably stick with Turtle for a while as far as WoW servers go. >Population is large enough where grouping isn't a shitshow, but small enough where you aren't competing with dozens of people for basically everything >Custom content is actually pretty decent, if not somewhat underdeveloped, new items actually feel pretty authentically vanilla >New quests + tents giving quick rested XP make the leveling curve not too obnoxious, though still not too quick >Class reworks make certain specs more viable without totally overhauling them >Cash shop shit isn't super overbearing >Game content itself seems to be more or less not censored like official Classic <Very carebear-y server due to being PvE <Mods can be a bit snippy, though it's not super egregious Overall, genuinely been having a pretty good time with it.
>>698481 >Pass. I'll probably stick with Turtle for a while as far as WoW servers go. The healthy decision. I just get bored of TurtleWoW because the only joy I get out of Vanilla is greifing people. I have no reason to play that god awful expansion outside of that. Maybe if they made the raids 5-10 man I'd be more interested in playing TurtleWoW. 40 man drone raids are incredibly lame. At least ChromieCraft is 25 man raids, better than nothing. Still pretty shit though.
>>698481 It's a MoP thing, the worst offender being a pink crane that travels the ENTIRE LENGTH of Valley of the Four Winds at walking speed, with your only hint to its location being tiny easily missed foot prints that are usually a few minutes behind, and can only be seen by hunters. Worst part is the nigger is only unique until 5.4 when the dump a buttload of cranes in the same color all over Timeless Isle.
>>698551 Nothing more iconic than Blizzard and invalidating their own retarded time sinks to spite their players.
>>698558 This is what made me give up on WoW. Truly they get a good laugh out of mocking their players.
>>698551 Weirdly, I don't recall anyone complaining about it when MoP was live. I probably wasn't paying attention, though.
>>697814 I'm 24 and I probably have less than $500 in my bank account. I really should have gotten that IT certificate, or maybe that STILL would have been a waste of time who knows? I knew about FF before I could read because older brothers and played TF2 back in 2011, but to tell you the truth I knew about Gang Garrison first before I knew tf2 existed. Your coworker simply isn't big into videogames thats all, either that or he's hyperfocused on what he likes or is retarded.
(3.52 MB 1443x1453 goodnight gamer.png)

Archeage will never be the game it could be. I just wanted to do mmo pvp boat stuff
(1017.91 KB 500x400 1468198452417.gif)

>>698627 I'm 30 and don't have a bank account.
Are you guys still playing on that Mabi private server?
>>698694 >I'M 44 AND I SAY, KILL 'EM ALL! Get yourself set up with a local credit union that has checking and debit cards. Far better than a bank account, for various reasons.
>>698707 Jesus, this. I don't even pay attention to my balance on my debit card. I just put a hundred or two dollars on it at a time and use it until it's declined because my credit union doesn't do overdrafts. At all. That alone has probably saved me over a grand.
(425.46 KB 663x579 memories of endless trash.png)

>>698481 >>698521 God please no, don't do this to me. I really love WoW in an abusive way and want to play on a private server again. But I also want to finally max a character instead of giving up halfway. And TurtleWoW has unique content and I'm a sucker for PvE stuff. But it's almost the holidays and I'm going to be so busy already.
(154.13 KB 1920x1080 WoWScrnShot_073122_073055.jpg)

(159.63 KB 1920x1080 WoWScrnShot_073122_073058.jpg)

(179.72 KB 1920x1080 WoWScrnShot_073122_073106.jpg)

>>698757 Been playing a panda server in a crossposters guild, about to get my 5th level 90, first short set of Pandaria quests for Alliance is just fucking fantasy Vietnam, complete with a copter section where you gun down Horde with a machine gun and rockets.
>>698757 Don't do it anon. Boar asses are not worth it. WoW is like shitty dirty crack.
Might as well ask here. Is there an addon or mod for WoW that wont get you banned that reverses all the stupid name changes and other censoring they've done in Classic? I know Wrath comes out in a few days and I'll probably almost never return to any of the locations with npcs they've changed (mostly BT). But still I'd be nice to know for any other changes they do in the future. I've tried looking around a little bit before. But all I ever get are articles about the changes or random interface addons to change name plates and the like.
(517.41 KB 920x630 Tired Kira.png)

>>698928 Unsure, but from what I hear they already ported the Body 1/Body 2 and pronoun select to Classic.
>>698931 Yeah they did that like two or three weeks ago. Not sure about the pronoun thing. But the body type thing is definitely there. Getting rid of that kinda stuff is probably impossible. But you'd think somebody would have made an addon or at least had an option within another addon that reverted all the name changes they've done. I even looked up some interface addon tutorials awhile back. It's totally do able, but for someone like me with no experience writing Lua scripts, it would take days to even begin to learn how to write one. While seemingly (again keeping in mind I don't know what I'm talking about), someone with experience could jam out in an hour or two. I even thought of a clever name you could call it. Remember the no changes people when classic first came out. Well you could call this de censoring project "UnChanges". A lot of the people who demanded these changes are very much spiteful mutants. So I guess the people who could do it just don't want to paint a target on their back. And in the grand scheme of the game it doesn't really matter that much, or at least not enough to expend much effort fixing. So it'll probably all just stay that way for good. It's more about the principle I guess.
>>698928 They're called private servers. Surely you aren't giving Blizzard money to play their bugged terribly scripted servers instead of servers that are completely free?

(830.70 KB 1024x768 SMT13.png)

(1.03 MB 1024x768 SMT15.png)

(1.05 MB 1024x768 SMT12.png)

>>699072 Welp that's more fucking MMO drama to add. God fucking dammit I hope we don't lose ReIMAGINE. The amount of time I've spent on the game and with you guys. At least there's Phantasy Star Universe Clementine for me to fall back on if ReIMAGINE ends up being kill but even then Clementine doesn't look to be in a good state and they're not sure if there's gonna be more updates to the game. https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/topic/26403-a-small-update/
(2.95 MB 1920x1080 Scholar 7 sunset.png)

Quit FFXIV due to getting fed up with the downward spiral of quality and the devs not giving a shit anymore and forcing everything to be 2-minute-burst linear crap. I waited four fucking years for them to fix healer and they did jack shit and just said crap like "If you don't like 1-button-spam just go play the hardest content in the game" and kept giving the role nothing but crappy, frilly, overly feminine robes and dresses. Am certainly going to miss my potato though, and the RPshit that was actually kind of fun when I wasn't at the throats of some of my fellow guild members over political bullshit. Anyway... Anyone know any good MMOs that are fun to play healer or a support role in? I thought about trying FF11 but I'd also prefer a game that's not too terribly grindy as I do like to play other games. There was that one private server mentioned in the last MMO thread but I forget the name. Honestly though, I'm sure almost anything would be an improvement over FFXIV at this point, especially on the healer front with how it's just 21111111111211111111111 offensive spell spam on repeat ad infninitum with miniscule healing actually required in that game .
>>699211 The best healer MMO transcended the genre entirely. store.steampowered.com/app/955740/Mini_Healer/
>>699224 Heard about that game. I'll consider giving it a shot... though the only singleplayer games that've really worked for my healer fix are xenoblade and the Tales of series. But maybe this game could do good at that as well. Have you tried it yourself, anon? Also here's a few more pictures I took during my time with FF14, god knows the photo tools were one of the few redeemable things about it. Sorry for the watermarks on some of them as I can't find where I saved non-watermarked copies of the screenshots.
>>699237 >Have you tried it yourself, anon? Yes. It mimics the essence of healing in an MMO basically perfectly, probably even exceeding it since you don't have the variable of subhuman niggers fucking shit up. It's a decent game, got kind of bored after 10 hours but there are multiple classes to choose from so I'll probably spin it up again soon to replay a different class. The itemization and inventory shit is probably the most clunky aspect. But all of it respects your time and there's basically no stupid shit to grind. You just smash bosses.
How about Hololive's future MMO?
>>699211 I haven't subbed to FFXIV since 6.1 and I'm thinking about actually quitting the game and never subbing again. I haven't really had the urge to sub and do something in the game and if I did it would only last like a week before I get bored again.
>>699072 wait, what?
>>699274 It's dead, it's all dead, even the wiki is dead.
>>699280 Jesus Christ, what happened?
(494.67 KB 500x223 1465966007815.gif)

>>699286 Nobody knows at all currently, and they won't fucking say anything.
>>699287 damn.
>>699274 >>699280 Judging by this screenshot someone posted in the SMT IMAGINE thread it sounds like maybe some internal drama between the private server developers or specifically this person was just shit on by the community for some reason. I really don't know but it doesn't sound like Atlus got involved. Wish whoever was in their discord can post more screenshots.
>>699290 Whelp I spoke too soon. Wonder why Atlus is doing this now after all these years of the server being up.
>>699290 >>699301 This is why you never trust proprietary software private server jews. Assuming the source is proprietary.
>>699290 >>699301 But why? Why would that do that?
>>699072 NOOO IM NOT DONE GRINDING YET It's back to single player games then.
>>699325 I was at 70/90 demon memory filled in my demonic compendium and at 90 is when you can get really good demons like Pallas Athena. Got cucked pretty hard because some of those DCMs and demons took me a while to get and the macca to save up for them. Atlus are fucking niggers
(54.64 KB 798x598 sketch ff11 cat.png)

>>698704 Naw, the brief revival of our activity on MabiPro, at least as far as i know, ended with our autist blacksmith bowing right the fuck out AGAIN before hitting rank 1. He then went on to Wings FF11 and ducked out on THAT to play SMT Reimagine some more; no clue what he's going to do now that it got nuked. Kyoupon might still be playing but that motherfucker is more distant than pluto.
>>699072 >>699301 >>699290 >tfw they never replied to my request to reset my password >tfw missed out on the opportunity to play for the last time with Gold Busters RIP to my character Jaga.
(997.61 KB 1920x1080 20211031_1433_36.jpg)

>>699325 >>699407 >>699409 I know I was not around for people very often, but fuck it sucks that the server died this way.
>>699407 My demon was ONE rebirth away from r8 mitama. I have a bunch of Mitamas afterwards to use too. I was picking up Masakadu gun skills for my character. Also, I have nearly 2k CP to roll gacha with. So yes, I am annoyed by this. If they go back up, there better be compensation for everyone. >>699408 I wouldn't call a handful of people erratically logging in a "revival." Heck, the Steam chat is dead 99% of the time. Admin support there is also a dumpster fire. I can't believe the playerbase there clap madly like seals when the admin does a bare minimum reparation for a screw up they themselves took part in making. There's numerous reasons added up to why I didn't want to stick around. That said, I don't blame anons for getting older and not having time or motivation for poopsock timewasters like these anymore.
>>699413 On a server that barely logs a hundred people at a time, i'd definitely say a dozen in a group would be a surge, to say nothing of your blogpost updates which is more than the rest of us bothered with. There's always people willing to waste time on MMOs, but the biggest hit we took was dropping from 2-3k people three years ago to barely 200 now; we got 100-150 people to rush into Mabipro back then, probably half of which didn't stick around more than a week but we got them in and i half-swear that's when pro logged it's highest user count. But, the numbers are much lower and most people still remember mabi well enough to be tired of it so they won't bite, to say nothing of anyone still playing other shit they're hooked into and refuse to give up.
>>699419 If you had to make that realization post hoc you're probably a fucking retard.
>>699408 He made the right move considering he played it unknowing it was gonna get abruptly shut down. >>699409 I remember you. I remember asking if your name was a reference to Fist of the North Star but I think you told me it wasn't. >>699412 At least we solved your character loading issues and you got to play one last time. >>699413 >>699417 Speaking of private server populations I wonder how much ReIMAGINE had. I don't remember there being a player counter on the website but I did see a discord invite link once and saw the discord had 11k members with a little over 4k active.
Playing on a private server is an exercise in tragedy because no matter how much you achieve, that server's going to shut down inevitably. Are any private servers still up from their initial launch? WoW, SMT, or anything else?
>>699428 All things die eventually; i played shitloads on Firefall and Maplestory 2 and they both got axed, to say nothing of anybody who really loved City of Heroes or arguably the Ragnarok Online classic server. Official servers are definitely more stable, but everything's liable to crumble sooner or later.
>>699428 I mean you can say that about any online game really. There are plenty of private servers that have stayed up longer than other official MMO servers. The real issue of private servers is their server quality, its stability, the amount of bugs, whether or not the server population is bloated with chink currency sellers, if the server gets frequently updated or not. ReIMAGINE was by all means a pretty good private server.
>>699428 If private servers weren't all run by turbo jews it would be trivial to allow people to export their character data and back it up locally or import it to another server. But they are all jew faggots that refuse to embrace anything that even resembles an open software standard that could potentially threaten scooping up every last dime they can get from their shitty half-baked projects.
(103.38 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)

Well seeing as how I can't play SMT ReIMAGINE anymore and I know I said I can fall back on PSU Clementine but I honestly completed pretty much all the content in the game besides run the same missions on higher difficulties and collecting the best S rank weapons. So now I'm gonna be playing Toram Online if any of you have heard of it. I've only played it up to level 50 (max is 250) so I have a basic understanding of the game. You can use your friends characters as AI party members to help you in the game and their levels don't scale to yours so they can basically one-shot a lot of things to a certain point. Also the combat is supposed to be pretty unique with how you build yourself I can't really explain it too in-depth but you can basically combine weapon skills of different classes with each other.
>>699489 Toram Online was in the OP of the last MMO thread, made back in janurary. Grinding barely gives you any EXP, the bosses eventually turn into bullshit, the crafting system is a hell slog, and the maps are fairly small with a lot of them being unused in the plot. But other than that it's a cute anime game, i got to the end of the free exp plot train back in march, like level 130 i think, maybe soonish ill go back and see how much further they pushed since. I actually got to Toram, which was a shock to find out the title MEANT something.
>>699536 My main problem with the game is traversing the map with barely any free fast travel spots. Even though some of the maps are small it's still annoying when you gotta travel like five zones to your destination then the game just tells you to go back five zones to another destination. At least the OST is pretty good.
(71.57 KB 990x861 10138054a7.jpg)

>>699428 >Are any private servers still up from their initial launch? WoW, SMT, or anything else? Schthack is still going, and I think still the most popular - but Ephinea has drawn a lot of the users off because it's (IMO) the better server.
>>699662 I know certain monsters have warp feathers to certain spots if you kill them at said spots, and once you get far enough in the plot they let you warp to usually those same spots for coin or even free if it's a town, but i almost enjoy running around like a spaz; can't say you know a game until you got the maps all straight in your head, and that requires exploration.
Sell me on Trickster. I need something to distract myself from Imagine going down.
>>699837 From what I hear, you can still play Imagine on the Russian private server. I wouldn't get too attached to it, though.
>>699847 Uber pixie is inferior to regular pixie.
(85.67 KB 427x368 Pixie in a dress.png)

>>699850 Imagine also had this variant.
(429.46 KB 213x201 angry dome.gif)

>>699851 Which is the model ReIMAGINE used for Super Pixie when they added her. I never got to have her.
>>699837 Has a god-tier OST if you care about music in your vidya which why wouldn't you. It's pretty cutesy and has good looking sprites. My main problem with it was the questing system. Say you get a quest that tells you to kills an enemy X amount of times. You complete it, but you actually have to do the same quest X amount of times to ACTUALLY complete the quest. And that amount of times can be 5 or 10 times from what I remember. So it's basically kill 10 enemies 10 times. Also add the fact that some quests tell you to collect an item from an enemy and the drop rates are honestly fucking shit. Last thing I remember having a problem with and I'm not sure if it was fixable was the native resolution for the game being a small window.
>>699872 That sounds awful. What else is there left to play? Champions online is stilla round, but is shell of its former self. Secret World is empty, and Secret World Legends is crap, and kinda neglected nowadays. Granado Espada is still around, but its hella grindy after lvl 40. TERA and CoH only exist as private servers now
>>699968 I just got done streaming Toram Online on 8chanTV for about two hours. You could look up more about it but I personally like the game. There's the Phantasy Star Universe private server which me and a few other anons played a couple of times. I enjoy that game as much as I enjoyed SMT ReIMAGINE but the thing is once you've done all the missions the only thing left to do is just do those missions on a higher difficulty, try and get rare missions, or just collect better weapons. There is custom content like a summer event that's really cool but that's the only custom content in the game and there might not be more due to drama surrounding one of the lead developers. Hopefully the server itself isn't in jeopardy. I played Granado Espada a little over a year ago and I thought it was alright but there was bots every fucking where auto grinding in nearly every zone on every channel. I'd love to go back to City of Heroes and fuck around with the character creator. Supposedly the Homecoming server has around 500-1000 active players while the other servers are dead nigger storage. Not sure if Homecoming ever started making custom content like Thunderspy did.
>>699996 Was the homecoming server the tranny server?
>>699968 There's FF11 I guess if you want an older-style MMO. And the XP rates aren't abysmal on the actual live servers nor on that one private server, "Wings", that was mentioned earlier in the thread.
>>699311 dunno if its true but some retard that was disliked and "burned out" out of spite sent something to atlus that endend in a lawsuit
>>698704 Playing Auranogi, seeing the 10 year+ content gap due Nexon attempting to C&D them, so they can't get people to help them implement content from live
>>700099 It's the reddit server so yeah you could say there may be some trannies on it. The thing is though Thunderspy was made by a cuckchanner and at first the owner would let players say nigger and faggot and so on but redditors who found out about that server complained and he caved in to them. So there's really no server safe from reddit trannies.
>>700099 Not only is homecoming the tranny server, it's admin is none other than Leandro, the asshat that hid the fact that he had the game's source code for ten years so that he could be god of his tiny little space.
>>700230 >>700261 Absolutely disgusting. Anyways, MMOs tend to have shit gameplay so I'm not really sure what people are looking for by playing them if the community is plebbit tier. I think the trick is to find a game where the original publisher and developer went defunct so there is no one who owns the rights (basically abandonware) then set up a server in some anon's property if the states or one of those places where they still allow CP (since you KNOW they don't give a fuck) then advertise it here and gatekeep HARD. Expecting anyone from any other community to have even the shit that passes for standards here is a pipedream. On that note, does anyone remember a weird MMO that came out something like 15+ years ago which controlled like a beat'em up and had an egg theme. I remember it was kind of like Ragnarok in that all characters started as the same class (I believe your starting equipment was a dagger and a buckler), I got into the closed beta but couldn't play because my PC would chug even though the graphics were sprites, in fact I think that was when I became convinced I had to get a new computer. I know it came out before L4D, I have tried searching for this thing but cannot remember what the name was.
>>700368 DFO? Only beat em up MMO i played was Rusty Hearts and the only RO clone i played was Asgard, which i played for five minutes like a fool before deciding to go back to RO.
>>700382 Nah, it was much less popular than DFO, also in DFO you start as a class whereas in this one you started as something like Novice from RO. I think it failed pretty quickly out of the gate but I've been meaning to go back and play stuff I never really got to spend the time I wanted to on. Though considering how small this thing was I don't even know if there is a server, private or otherwise, still running for this. Also, anyone know of any Fantasy Earth Zero private servers?
>>700368 The MMO you're describing sounds like Dungeon Fighter Online. Anyways when Leandro first opened up the CoH server we did play on that back on old 8ch for about a month or two as far as I remember. I do remember we played on villain side of course and our Supergroup name was Thule Society. When we play on private servers of any MMO that happens to be hosted by some faggot or tranny or whatever we just gotta be under the radar about it. Obviously don't go around typing nigger in public chat. Nothing should happen unless some fag contacts the mods of the game and tells them some players from a le nazi imageboard are playing the game.
>>700368 Used to play Kritika online. Loved the Vampire chick class. Went to shit when they started putting those "special" classes (the ones without sub classes) Nowadays theres a global "play 2 earn" Kritika, but they started already to merge servers so. Found theres still a SEA server of Cosmic Break. Sadly no servers for C21
>>700394 I know I only played on Thunderspy, I thought Thule Society was also Thunderspy but my memory is not the greatest. >>700396 I remember looking at Kiritika but never getting into it. Too many online action games are lobby-based which I feel makes them not MMOs. I wouldn't call Vindictus/Mabinogi Heroes an MMO for example since it doesn't support a bunch of players in the same map. Also, guys, it wasn't DFO. You think I wouldn't have found DFO immediately upon searching online and beat em up if that is what I was looking for? As an aside, I wonder if you could use the Beats of Rage engine to make an MMO, I think that has some support for online play.
>>700406 I actually remember that's what caused the CoH threads to fade out. Once Thunderspy launched anons from Homecoming wanted to leave for that but there were plenty of anons in Homecoming who were pretty high leveled and didn't want to start over.
>>700406 There was an online fighting game named "GetAmped" and "Getamped 2"
(85.01 KB 829x643 1612145941697.jpg)

>>699847 Imagine is still up on the Russian server New Order, it forgoes the gacha system and player power nerf of RE: with allowing you to just buy most of the end game gear with enough grinding and CP along with some other differences I can't remember. I'd try it myself but I don't think I could stomach starting from scratch again.
>>700428 My main reason for not jumping on the RU ship is to not give Rayshen points for pumping up that place's player count. Starting over is another factor too. From what I see in clan chat, New Order has it's share of crashes or issues. Maybe some mad lad will step up with a closer located server, though I won't hold my breath for it.
>>700452 My bar is petty low, if a SMT server allows me to contract bosses, allows me to learn all the skills and max out it's stats in a single character, then i'm willing to put up with it no matter how grindy it is.
What's the status of Lord of the Rings Online? Last I heard that limited-time free stuff they gave out for an anniversary ended up being a permanent freebie to everyone in the game.
>>700556 They made a lot of stuff permanently accessible to F2P last I remember. Like the classes that were locked behind a paywall.
>>700557 Even the dungeons and raids? Most of that was locked behind having to pay which is one of the reasons I dropped the game.
Cas, we lost you for the photo.
>>700624 I was always curious about who is who across the different games we played together. You were Binarykid in ReIMAGINE right? I think he told me he played PSU when we weren't on it.
(602.24 KB 1280x720 psu20220927_205928_001.jpg)

>>700624 Shit, I was busy hopping through player shops for synth stuff.
(100.85 KB 800x600 Pistory.jpg)

>>700368 Were you talking about Pi Story online by any chance? I don't think that mmorpg ever made it past one year in english before it died.
To the anon who got on Toram Online with me, sadchaos, if you read this I would decide on what weapon type you want to start building. You can unlock skills for it in the library in Sofya City and look up what stat points you should distribute for which weapon. If you change your mind on the weapon you want to use the game gives you an item that lets you reset those points. Best way I figured out of getting a good weapon fairly early is just farming mob drops and selling them for spina on the market board in stacks. Then just look up whatever weapons on the market board that have high ATK power and are sold cheap. Look for something with over 100 base ATK and sells for around 20-30k.
>>701119 Yeah, I think this is it, got the eggs and everything. I can finally know peace, thank you for freeing me from this vale of tears.
>>701254 See, i just rolled with whatever the story gave me or hunted monsters for gear. Protip: if you hover over the critters on the map they show you what their drops are; never any specific gear, but if the mobs drop your weapon type and are a higher level than your current weapon type, it's probably worth busting some heads for some new kit. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than ponying up all your golds on a market weapon that'll be obsolete after a dozen story missions, to say nothing of armor options. Also, you can use your alt characters as companions too in addition to your friends list, even build them up as you like; i went fists for knockdown, for example.
>>701340 It seems like the game encourages you to use a high level mercenary in your party to make playing through the game a lot easier. I would farm bosses for weapons but I need to understand how to break parts off a boss easier because that's specifically required to get a weapon drop.
>>700396 There are files of Cosmic Break's beta leak floating around and no one is using them, i hope that they could be used to recreate a Kotetsu Senki C21 server but it will most likely never happen due being a very obscure game There are some autists that are trying to make an Onigiri private server and the hues made private servers of GA1 and GA2 >>700179 >Pic related
>>701480 Onigiri, man that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Thought about getting into the game with the reboot but it fucked with the graphics and somehow made everything MORE grindy. I remember that game being a bit of an oddity but somewhat fun until you hit the grind wall around that one toxic area and everyone just farmed the same dungeon ad infinitum for XP. Also remember how that game is the last MMO I mained a female char in because I accidentally catfished someone and felt guilty beyond belief about it. Also still have the MMD models I exported from that game somewhere on my old computer. Or this current one. Just got to find them.
(862.39 KB 220x146 dog kidding.gif)

>>701419 See, that completely out-juked me for most of the game because i don't play mobile games: when you down a boss, say from a fist attack from your partner, you have to put your mouse over the "TAP!" icon as if you're tapping on a phone. My friend and/or former guild boss knew to do it but i'm just fucking retarded i guess. As a side note, crawling lets you move past aggressive enemies, which is very useful when you get to the jail area.
>>701542 Okay, I should probably level a fist alt or try and get a friend mercenary as one. Also I found that Dual Swords are pretty good DPS and I've barely put any build into it yet.

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