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(65.13 KB 1024x576 MW5 phone Number.jpg)

Call of Duty Thread: Please Insert Your Phone Number To Post Edition Anonymous 09/23/2022 (Fri) 12:38:44 Id: 9221e5 No. 697356
The old COD thread is dying, and the new game is almost out With Vanguard being such a shitshow, MW2/II/5/Electric Boogaloo REALLY needs to be a hit for Activision... And then you see this. While the game doesn't look too bad from what I watched(I didn't participate in the beta), other people HATE IT, but that mostly just include people who cried about the previous MW game. What are your thoughts about the sad state of gaming, COD in particular? Zombies discussion also welcome. What are some other games that also pull this phone number bullshit? I am genuinely curious, definitely never heard of a western triple A title with single player ever doing this before
(1.77 MB 601x4895 MW5 pre order bonus.png)

Speaking of desperation, Vanguard is already pretty much being thrown under the bus right now. They're throwing everything at MW5 right now, but with how many people hate the game already and how it looks like it will be even more invasive than previous recent titles, if the phone number requirement is of any indication, I think Activision is going to be sorely disappointed That leaves the franchise in an interesting situation, there is no major COD release planned in 2023, which is a first in nearly 20 years, and 2024 is Treyarch year. That means Zombies mode, and what looks like some sort of a focus in single/multi on Fallelujah or some other real middle eastern conflict, so that is going to be interesting, at least
(25.65 KB 481x356 implodes.jpg)

Reminder >Cawadoody was never good >ever >neither was Battlefield, Gears of War or Medal of Honor >if you enjoy any SGWW game you have objectively bad taste and are apart of the cancer hurting gaming You may proceed with your thread
>>697365 CoD was alright until World at War
>>697365 MW2 is top kino.
>>697365 did anyone like gears or MOH? both were mediocre and were only ever played because at the time, they had little competition. cod and battlefield, on the other hand, were once best at what they did, so they have some benefit of the doubt
(1.06 MB 498x280 cow.gif)

>>697365 True and factual
>>697385 MW2 is fucking shit
>>697365 United Offensive was good, fag.
How good can MW2 be? Aside from campaign remastered, what can they add to the multiplayer to make it a financial hit? Tack on battle pass rewards, operator DLCs, DLC maps and weapons not in the original game?
>>697407 why are there so many contrarians on /v/?
>>697365 >>697357 >>697356 >>697468 Has the campaign leaks been confirm yet? The whole game plot reads like predictive programming thread on /x/ to normalize NATO military action in Mexico.
>>697357 COD fans are literally crying about doors, it's so funny
>>697365 And what about forgotten hope 2?
>>697474 A "Second Punitive Expedition" is a good plot for a near future shooter >reasonably conceivable >decent terrain variety >everybody already hates cartel soldiers and has no issue seeing them shot by the dozen >Spanish speaking American soldiers, innocent Mexican civilians, and (miraculously non-corrupt) Mexican police/military are easy enough to work in that even the shittiest, least ethical "journalists" and twittartti would struggle to claim its about killing brown people >native Mexican Spanish speakers are easy to find and cheap so you don't have to settle for a stupid accent in enemy VA They'll still fuck it up because it's CoD and everything is fucked up there.
>>697470 The go-to game for 13 year old Xbox 360 kiddies wasn't good in the slightest. >no vehicles >regenerating health >perks >killstreaks >death streaks >small maps with everyone running around like headless chickens trying to get noscopes I feel silly even replying because you obviously must be joking.
>>697594 I wish Mexico was a more popular setting for open world games.
>>697470 >Defending the game with fucking deathstreaks kys
>>697365 >neither was Battlefield >shitting on BF2 >>697938 Best you're getting is heavy handed quasi-latino californias like in the new Saints Row.
>>697929 I was talking about the campaign. Not online.
>>698082 >6 hour long campaign with retarded characters and plot, terrible pacing and garbage sections like Favela No, Spec Ops wws the only decent thing
(196.45 KB 800x450 plankton.jpg)

>>697365 >this is now considered a controversial opinion on /v/ CODKIDDIES GET OFF MY FUCKING BOARD
(56.82 KB 434x504 disgust.jpg)

>>697470 >"MW2 is fucking shit" >contrarian How fucking new are you?
(15.81 KB 350x350 1466476213916.jpg)

>>697470 u wana go lil niggy?
>>697929 >killstreaks were a problem >perks were a problem lmao
>>697356 >People making soul vs soulless argument for Nu-modern warfare 2 >Nu-MW2 beta so bad it makes OG MW2 look like ocarina of time Feel more passion playing Call of duty ghosts. Nu-call of duty don’t even feel like call of duty anymore.
>>698965 It's been the same fucking garbage since MW2
>>697470 Why are there so many 12 year old cum guzzling faggots like yourself who actually enjoyed spamming knife with the same gay perk loadout or quickscoping over and over? Even with their flaws I can understand having a nostalgic fondness for WaW or MW1 but MW2 was a shitshow designed for hyperactive kids coming off their Ritalin high after school.
>>697365 Allied Assault was fine.
(34.55 KB 407x405 1570853830724.jpg)

>>697365 Eh. I have a bit of a soft spot for MW and WaW so I decided to re-examine them a little while back. I've gone back and played them to check how thick the nostalgia goggles were and although they're quite arcade-y I would say that properly assessed in the hindsight and intervening decades of CY+7 they're somewhere slightly above "decent", maybe in the neighborhood of ~7.5 for MW and ~7 for WaW. In particular, the campaign in MW is still a pretty decent spectacle even if it reads like a sub-par Tom Clancy novel and it could very reasonably be considered to be the nearest thing to to a definite point when a very aggressive cancer started to really metastasize in the industry and shit up everything it has touched since. I fully understand the reflexive hate and much of it is richly deserved but it shouldn't dissolve into contrarianism. With that said pretty much everything since WaW has been, in my very limited experience, dogshit that has done nothing except rehash MW year after year while chasing whatever [current trend] in shooters is. I hope against hope that the franchise will eventually be taken out behind the woodshed but considering that Ghosts, Black Ops 3 through Cold War, AW, IW, WWII and Vanguard didn't manage to do so I am not optimistic. Also, a video request: I once saw a video of someone making some very good points about how the multiplayer and especially map design in MW2 was shit and I've been looking for it ever since with no success. It was basically a voiceover with gameplay footage in the background, IIRC it was 11 minutes or so long and I saw it on 8ch ca. 2016 (though it seemed older) in potato quality, no better than 360p.
>>699208 My nostalgia for WaW is basically just shishkebabing MP40 extended mag queers with my M1 bayonet. Ironic considering my last post, I know, but it felt a lot more satisfying when the upgraded melee was only usable with a full-sized rifle, and so did getting kills with said rifle. None of the CoD campaigns post MW1 are particularly memorable to me. They lead you by the nose, and even the most memorable moments for most people like the ghillie suit stealth mission ending in the extreme range Barrett shot are just following the explicit instructions of some other dude. If I want to enjoy a schlock action movie campaign I'd rather play Halo 1 or 3.
>>699252 Oh, I guess I have to mention I am baed4b because I'm currently traveling.
(1.07 MB 1440x1080 1594716287-2.png)

>>699256 >Self identification in an intrinsically anonymous medium. Don't mind me, I'm shitposting.
CoD used to be a decent Battlefield clone and became Counter-Strike 4 Kidz. Such a shame.
>>699264 Context matters anon I fucked myself by indirectly referring to my other post to begin with
>>699208 Every map since MW2 has been literally just 3 lanes
>>699434 Ok, disregarding the whole Cod/MoH thing: anon, can you expound on this subject? As a teenager I dabbled a little with making counter strike maps. From my analysis of popular maps, the "3 paths" ended up looking like the right way to do things. If the paths had too many interconnections/windows, it would begin to approach an arena map. Arena maps worked for HL deathmatch but they were too chaotic for counter strike and they eliminated much of the movement strategy. I'm interested in this subject so if you know of a better way, please ramble on.
>>699436 Unless you're some tryhard compfag that hates fun there's so many ways to do it, from verticality to open ended spaces filled with cover. But no, have some more 3 lanes faggot
>>699445 >verticality Sure, you play with it, but ultimately it's still 3 paths with a couple of interconnections. >open ended spaces filled with cover That's what I meant by arena.
(25.28 KB 476x476 [Laughs In COD Mines].jpg)

>all of these sub 1.00 KD rejects getting angry at a 10+ year old game man, I didn't know us COD fans had this much power over /v/
>>697365 This.
>>699436 CoD has such a fast TTK that any map which is more open than the 3 lane pattern is a frustrating clusterfuck of getting killed from every direction. Counter Strike is a bit slower on top of only being one game mode (which is S&D in CoD and one of the most popular game modes anyway). It is possible to design more open maps, but they'd need to be quite large like Battlefield maps to avoid the clusterfuck situation, and Activision probably doesn't want to allow their devs to optimize for that.
>>699560 Large maps aren't the answer at all, especially since COD retards hate stuff like bulletdrop. The answer is giving options beyond the 3 lane cancer with verticality and different pathways.
>>697356 The desperation of those going broke from getting woke.
(101.72 KB 1918x1080 kbnEkJ5QwC4VsbQhm2VjeA.jpg)

>>699501 >I recently got a 0.46 K/D >I was pretty bummed out about it >But I think whoever was knifing me repeatedly was more happy to get a Nuke on a kill streak than I was sad about being called a faggot >So whatever
>>697929 >no vehicles Having vehicles in first person shooter games dillute the pureness of having the simple objective being to win as many points as possible through having the most kills, in a team deathmatch for example.
>>700471 The func_vehicle in old school Counter-Strike was pretty lulzy though.

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