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(56.44 KB 670x542 old yoshi.png)
(30.22 KB 851x632 lttp source code.png)
(113.94 KB 426x323 lol.png)
New massive Nintendo leak Anonymous 07/24/2020 (Fri) 19:31:15 Id:60d690 No. 69748
So, apparently somebody decided to leak a truckload of old stuff on 4chan /vp/ A friend told me about this, don't bully. The leaks include the source code of various games (including ALttP, SMW and Pokemon Platinum), various prototypes (like a netcard for GBA and a DK game with Yoshi Island's art style) and some oddities like like an internal mail about sharing porn in the office and an official DS emulator. Google document containing the links and a description of the leaks: https://docs.google.com/document/d/176d5yx2GtWDudFNQW4mJC8QYE1B4uJdhk0HD45nandU/preview?pru=AAABc6Y7GHk*N94GHi8jWtiHGtDcPaIq-A# Archived version of the Google doc (in case it's deleted): https://archive.is/ideIK The leaks: Original Anonfiles links: other.7z https://anonfiles.com/Bag7R5H6oa 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z https://anonfiles.com/Za4dQ7H6oc netcard.7z https://anonfiles.com/52acR3Haob Google Drive mirrors: other.7z https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zuc8aDqyqd9WctTSr5L7R-A9_tlxhW9a/view?usp=drive_open 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QUu7ZvF7obMrk71CVYl6p5Z5PwzGlgrg/view?usp=drive_open netcard.7z https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wi0s6iUEIC5gcT8WtqTNzE8kJZDzVX3m/view?usp=drive_open MEGA mirror https://mega.nz/folder/VQhRmLRA#FSXKMuYjg9o49LB0sHDaNA 'Contents of the leak: Full development repository for Ensata official DS emulator \20100713_cvs_backup.tar\ensata\ Full development repository for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl \20100713_cvs_backup.tar\pokemon\pm_dp_ose\ Full development repository for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, ending in March of 2006 \20100713_cvs_backup.tar\pokemon\pokemon_dp\ Full personal development repository by a Diamond and Pearl dev \20100713_cvs_backup.tar\pokemon\yama_work\ Full development repository for NetCard (cancelled GBA peripheral) \netcard.7z iQue GBA stuff Full development repository for Game Boy Advance BIOS \other.7z\agb_bootrom.zip\agb_bootrom Full development repository for Game Boy Color Boot ROM \other.7z\agb_bootrom.zip\cgb_bootrom Full master ROM database (America and Japan, NOT Europe) for Famicom and NES including the ROMs (and I mean everything - there’s even Nintendo World Championships 1990 and shit like that) \other.7z\NES \other.7z\HVC Master ROM of Super Mario RPG Source code to Star Fox Source code to Star Fox 2 Source code to Link’s Awakening DX Link’s Awakening DX bug reports Source code to Wild Trax / Stunt Race FX Source code to Yoshi’s Island Source code to Mario Kart Source code to F-Zero Source code to TLOZ A Link to the Past TLOZ A Link to the Past dev stuff & bug reports Source code to Super Mario All-Stars (including Mario World?) Source code to the Wii VC Game Boy Emulator Some weird prototype game (“super_donkey”, from early 1993 - Yoshi’s Island style) Super Mario Kart prototype(s) Full development repository for a tool to upload titles to the Wii Shop Channel “WallPaperPasswordMaker” source code Random test program source code Seven early 1990s tape backups Several Super Mario World 2 prototypes - “Super Mario Bros 5: Yoshi’s Island” eTicket signing keys for an unknown system Private and public keys for “various arcade manufacturers” Game Boy Advance and Iris (early 2003-era DS prototype with 1 screen) board documentation Tons and tons of CAD documents in general relating to Nintendo products Wii private keys? ES/FS source code (IOS) (also a p2p/voice chat lib?) P2p lib: /netcard.7z/gba/depot-offline/sw/common/sdks/p2p IOS Arm Toolchain patches: netcard/gba/depot-offline/sw/devroot/tools Hamtaro Ham-Hams Unite! debug build other\CGB\B86__ハム太郎 2\Master\USA\ham2usa_020807 SuperFX Test Program (1991)
Edited last time by Mark on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 19:41:41.
>>69748 >Pokemon Platinum Pokemon Diamon & Pearl* My mistake.
I have no idea what to do with any of this. It's entirely unworkable and esoteric. Can anyone on a modern machine even build anything from this without a huge amount of autism and reverse engineering? In either case, it just finished downloading, and I'll hold onto it forever I guess
(47.97 KB 506x492 ys_28.PNG)
More stuff: >a Neocities page with info about some of the SNES ROMs from the leak: https://lombtv.neocities.org/info.html >working prototype of Yoshi Island https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/705829278851268649/736272574924718080/ys_romX_0_FIX.sfc >Working prototype of Super Mario Kart https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/705829278851268649/736272574924718080/ys_romX_0_FIX.sfc >>69767 In theory using a C/Assembly compiler would work, but I haven't seen anyone try it.
(43.62 KB 320x320 beta yoshi.gif)
(7.00 KB 81x93 longshi 2.png)
(604.00 B 68x88 fat longshi.png)
Also beta Yoshis.
>>69767 >Can anyone on a modern machine even build anything from this without a huge amount of autism and reverse engineering? I guess you can use homebrew compilers to recompile them. Maybe someone can analyze the assembly code, reconstruct it in C, and then natively port these games to PC and other platforms just like what happened to Super Mario 64. >>69784 I thought these were already shown by Nintendo in an Iwata Ask.
Someone's reporting that the (((Discord))) links for Diamond and Pearl are fucked, and that the google drive for them aren't working, any other mirrors for those?
>>69788 GDrive links are temporally blocked when too many people download them. Use the MEGA mirror, and then reupload everything on other sites to avoid losing everything.
>>69748 >Source code to F-Zero Does that mean the fans can finally take matters into their own hands?
i heard rumours about super mario 64 60 fps and proper camera patch floating around
(1.52 MB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>>69838 No because they just one like GX. It would be easier to make one from scratch (in unreal because most devs are hacks) than making a modern F-Zero from the SNES game. >>69844 There's a lot of stuff going on with the Mario 64 PC build. One guy is doing a graphics mod to make it look like the old promotional renders. It's iffy to say the least, the models look okay but the stages don't mesh with them as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4K00GJN8IE
>>69849 >no because they just only like GX that would be shameful, even a classic Mode 7 F-Zero is still a lot of fun to play than a majority of racing games, even X still fun to race as well
(7.61 KB 256x120 mNFZTpx.png)
(5.03 KB 252x252 Edtnh8pXYAIEq9c.png)
Apparently. the source code of Star Fox 2 is from the winter CES demo (https://invidio.us/watch?v=8UrxqVYODho). Here's a link to a compiled ROM: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/705829278851268649/736344065972633600/SF2_-_1-24-1995_CES.sfc Pics related are from an older beta.
>>69838 SNES F-Zero is trash. Literally does not keep track of opponents once they're off screen, only order. The results in NPCs appearing right behind you have a supercut so you have to play 100% perfect. >>69849 X is pretty cool.
(129.12 KB 320x475 BOB BOB WAHOO.jpg)
>>69898 >Nigger in an anthro only universe I'm laughing hard
>>69748 Wonder who could be behind these leaks lately
>>69915 Supposedly they're part of the 2TB data that one autist stole from Nintendo years ago. It's just that it's being leaked in small bits.
>>69930 What was the story on that? I remember something about it, but not very much
StarFox2 has a DOS build tools. The other workstation / server was most likely a Sony NEWS (m68k a.out, $SonyId everywhere). I'm trying to find specific 65816 assembler used, the names were generic as65c, link, load. The DMG / GBC seemed to be using DOS tools which are included. Don't really care about the newer stuff.
>>69784 That Yoshi looks anorexic.
How fascinating. Too bad I don't know assembly. Oh well. Maybe another autist can use this information to reverse engineer some titles and run the games natively without emulators.
>>70036 >reverse engineer
(32.11 KB 1088x768 kbjgm00d_fr.xwd.png)
(48.86 KB 2048x1024 rrr_4x4_f.xwd.png)
>>69981 all the graphics are in "CGX, SCR" format, a CAD format with header info "NAKI1989 S-CG-CAD Ver1.23 901226". There are a few "xwd" files that were interesting.
>>70046 Yes.
(79.73 KB 525x600 PhotoFunia-1535067596.jpg)
>>69904 >Nigger in an anthro only universe >>69898 It does looks like a negress in the right picture, but looking on the left one she probably wasn't, it looks fair skinned with brunette/reddish hair from what i see in the tiny portraits. Honestly i am kinda curious of what they were planning originally.
(7.51 KB 250x158 room.png)
(9.47 KB 256x190 ratata.png)
(112.54 KB 1515x1083 revolution.jpg)
(701.87 KB 1080x1612 badges.jpg)
Beta/prototype of Diamond & Pearl: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/697478032528506900/736378705496244284/main.zip Rename it to .nds if your emulator doesn't detect the .srl file.
(23.01 KB 275x284 1469552774980.jpg)
>>69898 >niggers are considered animals in the star fox universe
(121.55 KB 720x400 1467641439148.webm)
>>69898 >Niggers are animals in Star Fox Like pottery >>69965 Guy is on parole and was deemed too autistic to serve jail time. Yes really.
>>70104 shame zchan went down, they had a nice thread about pokemon beta. I don't care enough to go back to cuckchan just to take a look at these leaks, hope somebody documents(or archives the threads that do, at least)
>>69748 So does this only contain information of old games for the NES - N64 era? Or could there be new shit in there.
>>70104 >lip badge >is a badge of lip nice touch
(49.76 KB 780x427 Bowser.png)
>>70175 w-what
(130.50 KB 572x303 1463099280948.jpg)
(89.10 KB 314x375 proto yoshi.png)
(36.87 KB 464x588 proto link.png)
>>70143 >I don't care enough to go back to cuckchan just to take a look at these leaks I have been lurking the threads on 4chan's /v/ and /vp/ while posting here what I consider to be the most juicy stuff (ROMs that were fixed and can be tested). Surprisingly, the threads have been pretty alright, with people knowing what they're talking about, lots of sprite sheets, screenshots of weird stuff, and a couple of memes, all while keeping the faggotry at a minimum. >hope somebody documents(or archives the threads that do, at least) Here, use these archives so you don't have to deal with the shitposters in real time: /vp/ threads: https://archive.nyafuu.org/vp/thread/44305551/ https://archive.nyafuu.org/vp/thread/44311463 /v/ threads: https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/518363794/ https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/518380786/ https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/518390767/ https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/518399461/ https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/518407851/ https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/518416232/ https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/518424725/ https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/518430805/ https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/518439794/ https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/518447238/ Bonus: The lead dev of the original Star Fox talks about some of the stuff in the leak. https://nitter.net/dylancuthbert/status/1286789583061934080
(60.50 KB 200x200 intimidating furry.png)
>>69898 I think the original idea was to do something like Starlink, where they'd eventually bring in human characters alongside more alien ones like Star Control, but for kids, using the original characters to attract kids to new IPs. Fans of Star Fox would play the Star Fox "sequel" and be introduced to other genres that had other characters, increasing the amount of "hooks" and childhood characters that people identified with without forcing kids to look out at other things themselves. Or you know, add a human character for fun because why not. Probably had an Earth level.
(183.47 KB 477x342 1345086826530.png)
These e-mails are a riot Pile of CRAP Subject: Re: Interactive girls Suck From: "Karyn" To: #trash, colin\ Date sent: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 16:50:47 GMT>If this is the idea of a male fantasy then men have considerably less imagination than I gave them credit for. Take it off the net before it causes offence. Yeah, well, that does presume that this is our idea of a sexual fantasy and not merely a shit ware which only deserves ridicule. Well fucking said. I totally agree, the only difference between the images in the ware and the ones in the SUN or Daily Sport newspapers \n>is that you see some pubic hair.Wow, some justification for distributing porn arround the . WELL FUCKING SAD.\n\n Oh and I can play pool....it's truuuuuuue.
(57.45 KB 492x550 1345948770355.jpg)
From: "To The Moon Alice!" Date sent: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 16:16:37 GMT\ Subject: Re: WARE From: "Schabba" To: #TRASH, colin\n Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 11:15:47 GMT Does the wife always have a headache ? Is the missus always too tired? Or are you simply into computer porn ? Of course ALL girls drink cheap champange and take their clothes off to any loser. Honestly do we really have to have this sort of trash touted around? Indeed. I much prefer those realistic type games where a small plumber joins forces with his dinosaur friend to jump on tortoises in order to collect mushrooms. Or perhaps where a fish is given a licence to kill so that he can rescue penguins from a fortified toy factory.
>>70054 >Source code avaliable There's no reverse engineering required, it's just 6502 assembly, what you were trying to say is re-writing the games in C or any portable high-level language and writing it for the personal computer.
(92.46 KB 912x1024 Hahahaha_Hanibal.jpg)
>>70247 >>70252 Looks like Karen got a fucking job at Nintendo. >Or perhaps where a fish is given a licence to kill so that he can rescue penguins from a fortified toy factory. And now I know why. Fucking make that shit, lady, sounds fucking wacky and I love it. Who knew that sarcasm could be a great way to pitch games?
>>70278 >Fucking make that shit, lady, sounds fucking wacky and I love it. It was made 30 years ago: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Pond:_Underwater_Agent
(136.73 KB 214x300 jamespond.png)
(30.38 KB 256x320 James_pond_2_cover.jpg)
>>70278 Uh, I hate to tell you this, 70278, but...
(47.15 KB 464x454 majima laughs everywhere.jpg)
>>70283 AHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my god that's great, someone actually went and made it the fucking madman!
>>70289 Ah shit, I laughed too soon, it was made three years before that email. Dammit, that would have been funny,.
>>69784 That is discomforting.
>>70316 >>69784 It reminds me of some draft sprites I did. Looks like a blockout that was left in the game for reference while the character was being developed.
(756.00 B 88x172 weird mario.png)
>>70321 Oh fuck could you imagine skinny Mario riding beta Yoshi?
(4.26 KB 250x250 ClipboardImage.png)
>>69784 >>70365 Thanks, I hate it
(59.03 KB 410x382 wha.png)
>>69784 I DEMAND RULE 34!
Is this stuff from wack0's deposit again?
>>69904 BLACKED vs KNOTTED, lmao.
>>70283 aw shit I actually played this when I was younger I totally forgot it was a thing. I recall it was okay but nothing great.
>>70411 >vs Nah, it's an easy choice.
(287.10 KB 1280x960 smug HYAA.png)
>>70433 I meant it more as an in-game fight between the two , in any case we all know knots are the superior choice
>>70440 what if you had a knotty Wolf bf but then you found out he was null
(73.89 KB 1093x1440 1594866060723.jpg)
>>70442 >>70440 >being fags >not giving them your superior humang benis
>>70440 But would you join team Fox or team Wolf
Someone needs to make a torrent of this and all the previous leaks.
>>70449 >implying that the best way to prove the superiority of human dick isn't to fuck the alien males into submission I disagree with your tastes, but I respect them.
>>70449 if he's a nullboy then that means that the only benis that's gonna be involved is gonna be yours anyway òwó
>>70175 I need more information.
>>70241 >I have been lurking the threads on 4chan's /v/ and /vp/ You have to go back.
(50.95 KB 420x410 don't you fucking owo me.jpg)
>>70498 >owo >>70442 >>70440 >being pidors Absolutely civilian.
(39.48 KB 562x600 absolutely_civilian.jpg)
>>70542 >not sticking to your guns based on 10+ years of imageboards lurking experience please remove yourself from existence, newfag
(1.43 MB 1736x1000 zsf.png)
DMCA when?
(166.15 KB 726x288 ClipboardImage.png)
Sauce code to Mario 64, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Probably incomplete, it's from the iQue builds rather than the originals. https:// anonfiles.com /TfRfh2Ico5 Download is slow as shit.
>nintendo leak I was expecting an Alison Rapp watersports video
>>70869 Anon why the fuck would you even think of that.
>>69793 For anyone not in the know, there's a workaround for download limits on gdrive. You right click the file, make a copy of it on your own drive, then download it from yourself. It's fucking stupid but that's how you do it.
(436.09 KB 1164x677 beta luigi 64.png)
(439.83 KB 607x475 beta luigi 64 2.png)
(272.88 KB 650x509 beta luigi 64 3.jpg)
>>70867 They found Luigi in the files.
>>70909 You're saying L is Real 2020?
(66.78 KB 656x518 Edzh_dxXsAAJEvh.png)
(69.03 KB 656x518 Edzh_dPXkAQQb87.png)
(61.94 KB 656x518 Edzh_cfXsAITKzE.png)
(76.27 KB 656x518 Edzh_cdXsAAlom5.png)
(6.64 KB 200x151 Zelda 64 showcase.jpg)
Beta version of the Kokiri Forest. Compare it with what was showcased here: https://invidio.us/watch?v=v9S-kUj5vcc >>70923 L became real exactly 24 years and 01 month after Mario 64 was released in Japan.
>>70939 >The great Deku tree had everything from just above the first branches lopped off Not wonder a measly parasite killed him despite me killing the parasite.
>>70909 Why is he in the iQue builds? He wasn't found in the US decomp and that was 7 years before the iQue version.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1aWqW8q-9U Someone got the best level on M64 to work.
>>70939 >L became real exactly 24 years and 01 month after Mario 64 was released in Japan. holy shit, maybe that's why they timed the dump for this date
>>70867 >Majora's Mask Man I would kill for some ROM hacks for that game which added extra days
>>70535 ówò
>>71112 The hacker was known to be extremely autistic, so that's actually a valid possibility. The real question is Does L still possess the Death Note?
>>70867 Is there a mirror available?
>>70867 Anything from the OG Custom Robo?
>>69748 fuck shot as in fukku shot as in hook shot.
>>69786 Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Mario 64 was already written in C in the first place.
(61.05 KB 604x905 1595740466294.png)
(97.64 KB 692x912 1595739330306.png)
Already some stuff of proto-fay.
Apparently porn was found in Argonaut's SF2 folders
Are there parts of this dump that need picking through yet? >>71255 Too ethnic.
>>71266 It's a goat & humans are confirmed in universe if not already before as apparently captain falcon/samus are in the same universe.
>>71263 >British developers like small garden birds And this is news... how?
>>70498 lemme elaborate tho
>>71243 Yeah the N64 uses a weird multi threaded version of C.
(55.26 KB 596x239 KevinHeresy.jpg)
>>69981 as65c could be referencing the 6502 assembler that can be found on the C Users' Group diskette 219 (A CD image of this can be found on archive.org, just look for C_Users_Group_Library_Walnut_Creek_August_1994 or something) and the sources still compile with gcc with some minor modifications and commenting out #define AZTEC_C 1 in two places.
>>70867 >Sauce code to Mario 64 OOOOOOOH BOI Could this be the breakthrough that will enable a 0 A press run? Imagine the rage if half an A press is the absolute best even abusing gamma rays flipping bits
Also, what did you niggers find that actually deserves pinning the thread? It was actually interesting enough to keep in the front page by itself and I found nothing skimming through it.
>>71360 >Could this be the breakthrough that will enable a 0 A press run? No because we already have a full decomp of the US ROM. The source code that was leaked was the iQue Player version. It's only interesting because there are beta assets included.
>>70869 >Alison Rapp It's been years since I heard that name, anon. You just made me think of slightly happier times.
(1.25 MB 1075x807 2016-02-10-09-39-11.png)
>>69748 >don't bully it's bully time
>>69981 I don't really care about the newer stuff either, and yeah when I realized they were using NEWS-OS I facepalmed, because there's an entire archive literally named 'NEWS'. It was staring me right in the eyes and I missed it for a day or two. The earliest date related to NEWS-OS seems to be late 1992 though, so they probably used another form of Unix before then. I think I saw a folder named 'Amiga' in there somewhere as well. I wonder if they were on Amix before switching to NEWS-OS? I also wonder if the assembler that was released from the VirtualBoy SDK has some ancestry in the tools used around this time (it has been reported to still be able to assemble 65C816 code)
>>71364 Decompiled code can be much harder to interpret than the original code, tho.
>>71379 Also it's interesting to see how they originally did it.
>>71366 No way it's been that long. Seems like only yesterday Rapp was outed as a whore.
Which link contains the Star Fox stuff? I'm mostly interested in just SF stuff atm
>>71412 other/SFC.7z/ソースデータ/ has some of it other/NEWS.7z has some more but it's kind of randomly strewn about in different backup tapes.
Some twitter nigger made this video about 4/v/'s reaction to finding Lugi. https://invidio.us/watch?v=tmyGySfJg48
(10.74 KB 1022x714 screen.png)
>>71412 other.7z / SFC / ソースデータ / StarFox Archives are LZH.
(97.11 KB 960x720 MSG Fraw Bow L.jpg)
>>71421 >>71447 Nice! Thanks a lot Anons, this should be really interesting
(2.35 KB 640x400 dosbox.png)
>>71284 x816 seems support the right syntax, it compiled a zelda few files so far. There is also ArgAsm 65816 (and SuperFX) macro assembler found in the StarFox2/BIN directory. Still trying to find a modern assembler supports the same syntax. I haven't touched 6502 assembly in years, never mind 65816 so I'm not familiar with the different syntaxes used.
>>71462 actually x816 didn't do shit, binaries output is empty.
>>71379 They manually renamed the variables, structs, and subroutines to make more sense. Even then, the leaked source code is based on the iQue Player version which has all the bug fixes of the international version. I think pannen is currently using the Japanese version.
>>71462 Which Zelda are you compiling?
This thread is one of the few times I wish we were as active as halfchan, there's so much stuff here
>>71682 Don't be. 4cuck is shit. A friend linked me a /v/ thread and I tried to make one post and legit 10-20 posts popped right up and I got drowned in the noise. That's all the site is, normalfags and noise. It's slow here, but the posts are magnitudes better.
>>71753 Agreed, 4cuck is basically twitter at this point.
>>71576 REAL
>>71449 >>71576 >>71776 >>>/cuckchan/ >>71753 It's infuriating to have to go to that shithole to stay on top of this. Once le L became le real XD every leak thread turned into a swamp of faggots spouting unfunny memes, reactions, and mario 64 lore shit. And that's on top of faggots posting already discovered shit like the uncompressed Star Fox voices, or posting unrelated faggotry like WHAT GAME DO U WANT LEAK NEXT and POST THREAD THEME. Oh, but don't complain about their faggotry because then you're the one shitposting. Fuck 4cuck and the redditors who live there.
>>71782 The internet is dead
>>71800 No it isn't, you're posting just fine.
(19.52 KB 480x360 suicide.jpg)
>>71800 Well then you better kill yourself.
(972.53 KB 1635x2364 fag.png)
>>71898 >Dracovar It'd be nice if he didn't have smega covered dicks on every picture he made
I'm consistently surprised how many anons on /v/ are gay considering the extremely anti-LGBT posts made every single day. I bet a lot of you are the same people who make said posts. Is it some kind of internalized hatred?
>>71987 The truth is that anons don't give a shit about what you look like, who you fuck and what god you believe in. Everyone outside of this site is a Jewish nigger faggot.
(4.16 KB 234x215 toad.jpg)
>>71987 >I bet a lot of you are the same people who make said posts. Is it some kind of internalized hatred? A-ahah.. I have no idea what you're talking about, anon..
>>71800 its never coming back either
>>71782 >No fun allowed
>>71934 he wants to fuck the chicken from Family Guy
(14.83 KB 896x672 SUPER_~1-200726-234429.png)
super donkey.
>>71987 The ratio is no different than elsewhere, it's just easier to spot the obnoxious yammering faggot paraders in text.
>googledoc learn to fucking bittorrent you mongoloid. Also what the hell is wrong with you telling us to go to a google server.
(382.69 KB 1080x1080 Black-cock.jpg)
>>71987 Liking cock doesn't make you gay anon. i love my cock. And soon so will everyone else.
>>71987 just because I love my transgender gf doesn't mean I'm going to tolerate annoying faggots being annoying faggots
>>71987 there's a tremendous difference between being gay and being a colossal faggot. The latter doesn't require the former
>>71987 It's just nu/pol/ being edgy and contrarian, plus the general alt-site culture of "no fun allowed" combined with "everything sucks".
(488.35 KB 1080x1821 I wont tone it down.jpg)
>>71987 Furries and faggots always shit up every thread.
>>71987 > Is it some kind of internalized hatred? No, we are getting tired of bans, destruction and cancels by unstable mentalities.
>>72296 That's a damn fine cock anon.
(149.98 KB 406x591 ubermensch.png)
>>72296 I like cocks too.
>>71987 >Is it some kind of internalized hatred? "Internalized hatred" isn't a real phenomenon, it's just something lefties made up to silence minorities that contradict their narrative. That said I'm not surprised gay people hate gays, have you seen the shit gay people do? If anything, being gay just gives you more reason to hate gays.
(168.38 KB 441x440 no u.png)
>>71898 NO U >>71987 I just want porn to exist for the sake of it existing.
>>71987 I'm about to drop an authentic blackpill in the original sense, which you can distinguish from the fake article by the fact that it's literally impossible for most people to even perceive (Lovecraft was wrong, forbidden information doesn't make you go nuts unless you're already halfway there, what actually happens is you just... fail to see it). "Beauty" refers to a set of concrete traits. "Masculinity" refers to another set of concrete traits. These sets are mostly mutually exclusive. Men are gross, so people hate them. Virtually all homophobia, transphobia, etc., properly understood, is misandry, and virtually all human beings are misandrists. Notice how every single anti-gay picture in this thread features a guy? And not a cute guy, a guy who has avoided most of that certain set of traits, but very much the opposite? Notice how no one gave a shit about trannies before people started posting hons? Notice how most enemies in games where the objective is to kill them are male? Are you asking questions yet?
>>72381 I mean, I see your point but classic art is full of depictions of beautiful male bodies, and not of the femboy kind either.
>>72409 And modern art is full of depictions of the Doom Guy-- fine, but it's a different thing.
>>72381 >masculinity and beauty are mutually exclusive pic >if you have an instinctive revulsion of men fucking each other in the ass it's because you have a revulsion of men >if you hate men pretending to be and demanding equal treatment to women you hate men >every single anti-gay picture in this thread features a guy All two of them? Wow! >And not a cute guy, a guy who has avoided most of that certain set of traits, but very much the opposite? So you think they contain manly men? Both seem rather emasculate to me. What are you trying to imply here? >no one gave a shit about trannies before people started posting hons Hating transvestites goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. >Notice how most enemies in games where the objective is to kill them are male That is because the role of the fighter has in almost all cases been filled solely with men. You don't kill men because you hate men, you kill combatants who, by necessity, are men. >it's literally impossible for most people to even perceive I can perceive it just fine, the problem is that your pill has gaping holes larger than your prolapsed anus.
>>72430 >pic
>>71782 There are worse memes that cuckchan spews any time that's ten times more cringe, nigger. >>71987 I think that some anons are just shitposting as usual, everyone is aware the LGBTQ is cancerous and most gays are really crazy.
Remember, niggers. There is a difference between being gay, and being a faggot. Don't be a faggot.
>>72430 Bear in mind, I'm not saying any of this is bad. I'm reasonably certain that misandry is a necessary consequence of how the species works. I'm certainly not condemning anyone for it. >pic Hairless, beardless, slender, generally youthful. I think this confirms, rather than rebuts, my point. >if you have an instinctive revulsion of men fucking each other in the ass it's because you have a revulsion of men People don't have the same revulsion towards lesbians (except the mannish kind), aside from various mullahs, who are reliant on performative outrage for halal clicks. If gender is isolated as a variable, yes, the overall mood seems to be against men. >if you hate men pretending to be and demanding equal treatment to women you hate men But why would you want equal treatment to women? Because they're treated better, right? Why is that? >So you think they contain manly men? Both seem rather emasculate to me. I'm not talking about behavior, I'm talking about physical traits. >Hating transvestites goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Yes, but why? Polly Oliver's a hero, but the reverse isn't- why is that? >That is because the role of the fighter has in almost all cases been filled solely with men. This is an interesting thing to point out, because it ties in with some other theories I have about this whole thing. >your pill has gaping holes I'm saying that the women-are-wonderful effect exists. It has been proven to exist, so I'm very confident that I'm right.
>>72490 When I said "yes, but why", I wasn't conceding the point. I was saying "if we accept this as a premise, why".
>>72490 >But why would you want equal treatment to women? Because they're treated better, right? Why is that? Kikes. Duh. Going all the way back to Rome, kikes have used feminism as a weapon to destroy civilization. It's a completely unnatural thing that can only exist once the demonspawn infiltrate enough to have sufficient cultural control.
what the fuck happened to my thread why is everyone talking about homosexuality
>>72024 >>>/cuckchan/ You can be a nigger there. >>72439 >cringe Leave too nigger lover.
>>72522 /pol/ happened
>>72522 Gay Yoshi
>>72522 >what the fuck happened to my thread Gay posting and something about misandrists.
>>71283 I agree, that's max heresy. If its going to be a nullo then it doesn't matter if he's horny, he's going to have to take dick regardless since that's the only sexual pleasure he can have òwó
>>72541 For someone who makes fun of Nazis for blaming everything on the Jews, you sure do blame /pol/ a lot.
(22.78 KB 446x189 vthevidya.png)
(741.39 KB 1204x677 ClipboardImage.png)
>>72522 Maybe instead of homosexuality, we can discuss which Starfox crew member is getting the best head
>>72620 Judging by the leglift, id say peppy, guy deserves it.
>>72625 but slippy looks like he's literally dieing that's how good it is.
>>72626 Looks more like the girl messed up and pulled on his foreskin (>implying) with her teeth.
>>72640 idk man, if she was biting his foreskin you'd think he'd be pushing her off. i think its ecstasy that slippy is experiencing right now.
>>72620 Fox = Confusion Peppy = Surprise Slippy = Fear Falco = PAIN
(18.48 KB 423x468 head.png)
(24.84 KB 500x270 oh my fuck.png)
>>72620 >somebody took the meme and actually drew it 10/10 Peppy
slippy is getting head so good its making him fucking transcend.
>>72541 /v/ is /pol/ Anywhere. Stay mad.
>>72712 Fuck off, Luciano.
(498.92 KB 1200x1200 giga.png)
(470.27 KB 815x823 spite.png)
There's a lot of interesting fan art coming out of this. >>72712 The thread's moved on, don't be a fag.
>>72381 >>72430 >>72490 Why did you stop? It didn't make a whole lot of sense but it was still pretty interesting.
>>72731 Does anyone have that collage of the beta D/P mons or do I have to dive back into the sewers and drag it out for us?
(342.11 KB 1702x4501 betamon.png)
>>72749 Here. I wanted to share it earlier, but everyone was busy with "other things".
Any link to a playable Super Donkey rom?
>>72772 Regigigas looks so fucking goofy oh my god
>>72772 Beta Yanmega is hardcore.
>>72772 You can tell some of these are straight off the scratchpads like we saw for GSC. That doesn't discount the fact that trips here points out >>72777 . Personally, beta Regigigas looks like he could be doing the John Lennon walk. Noted improvements on their final design: Yanmega, Lickilicky's back sprite, Togekiss, Abomasnow, Bronzong, Cranidos, Rampardos, and Lumineon. Jury's out on the Lake Trio, I wish we could see the corresponding front sprites. And that freaky thing with the drooping testicles-chin is just Landorus. Imagine they let that shit run in Gen 4, we never would have had genies in Gen 5.
>>72772 A yanmega that doesn't look like a toy and a rampardos that doesn't look completely retarded? Were these designs even made by creatures inc?
Could a guy be a pal here and post more compiled roms?
Also holy crap this website runs way better then 8kun
>>72861 I posted some links here: >>69898 >>69781 >>70104 The Google doc on the OP has links for a lot of other stuff. >>72861 And it'll be faster when the site is upgraded to a new version of Lynxchan in a few days.
>>72891 >I posted some links here <All are Discord links >The Google doc on the OP has links for a lot of other stuff. Why not just download from MEGA?
>>72909 >All are Discord links The leak originally came from a private Discord group, and my internet speed is too crappy to create mirrors. >Why not just download from MEGA There are mirrors of the entire leaks inside of the Google doc. Here's an archived version of that page if you don't want to open the real one: https://archive.is/4D8FJ
Have there been any source code leaks for any of the 3D Zelda games?
>>72920 Partial source code of OoT Full source code of MM Alpha/beta assets of OoT Something about Ura Zelda (no idea what could be there)
(972.72 KB 200x224 Assburger - Spede Thinks.gif)
>>72534 >We must only have serious discussion.
>>72922 >Alpha/beta assets of OoT Something about Ura Zelda (no idea what could be there) I hope it's the Unicorn Fountain.
(1.32 MB 640x480 (You).webm)
>>72924 >we must all be meme spouting faggots who talk like reddit whenever something leaks
>all sorts of leaked info coming out for Mario 64 <le funny redditors keep pushing their retarded "every copy of Mario 64 is personalized, ooga booga there's a spooky Wario I'm so fucking clever" nigger shit <keep trying to pass it off as legitimate lost content among real lost content coming out Fucking niggers.
(2.20 MB 2883x3642 the iceberg.png)
>>72942 I'll be honest, I myself actually enjoy all the iceberg shit. I hate the reddit-tier memes, but the creepy iceberg stuff itself takes me back to when the internet was a much less shitty place and creepypasta wasn't so godawful.
>>72944 >People don't know about the grabbable bridge or the 1-up on Whomps
Do the leaks provide any clue to the as-of-yet unreplicated TTC upwarp?
>>72992 Anon why would it I don't even think the iQue resources are bootable, as most of the Mario 64 stuff that I've seen had to be imported into the base N64 game to show off in action. And even if it did, the coding would probably be notably different than that of the original, so it could easily be a case like the VC Bowser in the Fire Sea skip where it only exists in this version.
>>72996 >>72992 Wasnt the upward due to some tilted surface and collision detection? I thought he did something with the rotating planks. Anyways getting into TTC (such as with memory corruption) is probably the more important thing. >>72996 People could conduct static code analysis against the hardware's limits to find overflows and such
(3.56 MB 1728x2148 mario64.png)
>>72942 How did Mario 64's oddities became popular between normalfags in first place? >>72944 Iceberg images only are fun when they don't include fake shit on purpose.
(10.97 KB 571x351 Who.png)
(478.88 KB 657x559 4.png)
>>72620 Cats have sandpaper-esque tongues and a mouth full of fangs, Peppy is screaming in pain.
>>73363 But what on Earth is going on with Fox? He looks like he just came both of his testicles out.
>>73238 Blame cuckchan's /x/ and the normalfaggots who browse cuckchan just to lazily copypaste the content there for attention whoring.
(1.18 MB 1416x1300 GAY WARNING.png)
It appears the weird beta faces from Star Fox are becoming a meme.
>>73413 Don't their tongues have thousands of little hook/cup shapes, causing said sandpaper sensation? Isn't it to rasp meat off the bone?
>>73413 This wouldn't look too bad in color
(69.36 KB 983x505 Clipboard06.png)
(58.42 KB 506x492 Clipboard07.png)
Tried to build some sources from the other.7z, but only the Star Fox source got built and I get a "Super Star Fox Weekend Competition" ROM.
tcrf has a page for a halo: ce beta leak that supposedly happened just now. what other games have gotten leaked?
(81.60 KB 1280x720 nova.jpg)
>>74298 That leaked a week ago unless its a new one, we got a xbox os leak but that didnt really amount to anything, there was also the starcraft ghost leak. Some beta stuff from pokemon gold came out as well a few months ago.
>>74340 is there a full list of leaks from the xbox one? man, it's been a christmas for leakers, literally cannot keep up with everything. nobody even remembers the valve leak anymore
>>74340 The Ghost leak happened immediately after a popular Youtuber made a video about it, I wonder if that had an effect or if it was a coincidence?
>>74298 You got me really hyped when you mentioned that anon. I read your post and what I first thought was, "could they have leaked the development materials from one of the earlier story concepts for the game? From before it was retooled into an XBox game? Perhaps even from when it was being made to be an RTS? Perhaps even something that would confirm my hunch that Halo was to be set in the Marathon universe until Bungie signed the deal that would give Microsoft the rights to Halo's IP?" Alas.
>>73504 yo nigga, I got it to build with two edits. >VARS.INC - contest equ 1 + contest equ 0 but now it does't build... complaining about AND.PCR >BANK0.ASM : LINES 74-79 public bgandpcr ;; IFEQ CONTEST ;; inccru bgandpcr,data\and.pcr ;; ELSEIF bgandpcr ;; ENDC For some reason IFEQ CONTEST was evaluating to true, so I just commented it out. Make sure to "set sasmheap=1000000", then make, make sg.rom.
>>73504 huh, was that ever a thing?
>>74524 It was from a promotional competition when the game was first released. The competition used a specially made cartridge with a modified version of the normal game rom. After the competition you could buy one of the limited number of cartridges from Nintendo Power. These days, it's one of those stupidly expensive games collectors horde on Ebay.
>>74610 huh, I thought the only "competitive" games were the sports one and mario 3
>>74612 Donkey Kong Country has a similar Competition Cartridge, but that's all I know of.
(2.57 MB 1376x712 startup.webm)
(81.11 KB 581x1037 Eg6L-HuWkAIApac.png)
(57.24 KB 644x529 fug.jpg)
(61.06 KB 692x521 more fug.jpg)
Bumping with a new leak that came out today: anonfiles.com/Tfy4KdQ5oe >Pokemon Emerald source code >Something about GameCube's successor, which could have been hybrid like the Switch >Wii's Start Up Disk (compiled file here: anonfiles.com/FbabO9Q8o7) >some other Wii and GameCube stuff
>>97211 >Wii's Start Up Disk Is that the same disk that was needed for Wiis that didn't come with an OS like the one that was sold on eBay a few years back?
>>97224 Yep. That one.
>>97225 Huh, so could it have any utility? Maybe be used by chinks to make pirated wiis?
>>97235 Maybe someone could use it as a way to trick the console into installing a Linux distro, but there were only around 30,000 Wii consoles that had this defect and most of them were presumably sent back to Nintendo for replacement or repair. There is only one that still had that issue and it was bought by an AssemblerGames user a while back.
>>97240 *only one that is KNOWN to have that issue
>>97235 >Huh, so could it have any utility? Not really. It's just a historical curiosity. Custom software for the Wii is in an advanced state where this kind of primitive tools aren't needed anymore, and chinks would have a better time with the technical schemes that where leaked years ago and Dolphin than with this.
>>97211 Anything on games like Smash Bros Melee, Super Mario Sunshine or Custom Robo?
>>97250 Then how come their chinkware consoles are still stuck with NES and SNES style and they havent moved farther up the tech tree?
>>97211 That GameCube successor doesn't seem to be a hybrid like the Switch, but rather a console that is interconnected with some companion handheld like the Dreamcast and its VMU. >>97251 I doubt anything Melee related would be in there as it was technically made by HAL Laboratory and they probably have their source code repositories on their own servers, assuming they even preserved it. >>97256 A lot of chink consoles are Android or Ubuntu based now.
>>97251 Nothing yet(?)
>>97256 NES-tier hardware is extremely cheap to manufacture and has decades of "testing" and being proven to work in most cases. Everything above 16bits would represent a cost too big for the shady manufacturers of copycat consoles, to a point where manufacturing an android-based device with emulators preinstalled becomes a cheaper alternative.
Why is this stickied again?
Based Gigaleaker, leaking everything in batches. I wonder why he's taking this approach?
>>97265 The gigaleaker has been in domiciliary arrest for years. He gave the full leaks to his discord buddies before being v&'d and they have been releasing them bit by bit to avoid attracting too many unwanted viewers (or because they're cunts who like to sit on the good stuff, who knows).
>>97263 Youd think they would start producing more technologically advanced bootleg consoles to sell on poor countries to gain more market, but the bugmen mind is mysterius.
Since Mark is lurking the thread, can he update the OP to include an updated archive of the main Google doc? This was archived 5 minutes ago: https://archive.is/ideIK There's also a secondary document detailing the discoveries found in various leaks, but faggot vermin raided it and made it difficult to read: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qV8liZZ4EkCGAQ55TjuoCy01QIlfhT-WS7mTTq2pqhg/ (I'll archive this link when the document is fixed) >>97270 Is cheaper to put a NES-like chip or a cheap android SoC in a case that resembles a modern console.
>>97278 >faggot vermin raided it and made it difficult to read Wouldn't surprise me if they were (or paid by) Nintendo.
>>97278 updated with the new link
>>97257 >I doubt anything Melee related would be in there as it was technically made by HAL Laboratory and they probably have their source code repositories on their own servers, assuming they even preserved it. fugg, I was hoping to see some canned characters
>>72534. Except that I don't like niggers and you're being extremely autistic. >>74298 I'm wondering who's behind those leaks. >>97211 Do the new leaks contain source codes of GameCube games?
>>97315 Citing the Google doc: Stuff leaked: - Wii Startup Disc - Pokemon Emerald source code including Windows development tools - Some cancelled GameCube dock - MIDI files for Gen 3 - Project “Tako” / “Vegas” (part of the Wii hardware) development repository backup from May 2006 Information about Vegas: So the Wii was developed across several companies. These companies would have sent files to each other as a method of cooperating during the creation of the product. Nintendo, obviously, did a lot of the work. BroadOn developed IOS with IBM developing the CPU and ATI developing parts of the hardware. The BroadOn and ATI trees have now leaked - the BroadOn tree (containing full dev history of IOS) leaked on May 1 and the ATI tree leaked today (September 2). ATI tree includes: - Files relating to the Wii’s hardware from 2003 to May 23, 2006 - Pre-release versions of boot0 and boot1 - GameCube stuff - “NNGC Portable Model” block diagram from July 2004 - NDEV1 and NDEV2 schematics - Vegas schematics - Broadway Evaluation Board schematics - Wiimote stuff? This leak contains more technical stuff than anything. It's porn for the /tech/ies who want to know how the insides of the Wii and GC work, but so far the only source code leaked was from Pokemon Emerald.
>>97289 >blue ID hmmmm
>>97334 >It's porn for the /tech/ies who want to know how the insides of the Wii and GC work, Ironic that Wii/GC emulation is exceedingly good already so nobody will get any use out of this.
>>97375 Even if Dolphin was garbage the devs wouldn't be able to use the leaked documentation and firmware for legal reasons.
>>97334 >Pokemon Emerald source code including Windows development tools Fangames are gonna get better on a technical level then?
>>97378 >legally proving that someone read a document Haha, good one anon.
>>97381 Maybe. Most fan games use Fire Red simply to avoid fucking with RTC shit. Have any of the other Pokemon titles had their source leaked? If they haven't it might be interesting to see just how bad GameFreak's coding is (remember that Gen 3 is easily the most stable and bug free of the series).
>>97405 Pretty sure Gold/Silver got leaked, there was a bunch of art being made for beta designs like Army Octillery.
>>97405 >Have any of the other Pokemon titles had their source leaked? Red/Blue, Gold/Silver and Diamond/Pearl as far I know. >>97403 Is less about people reading leaked documents and more about their implementations being too similar to the ones described in the documents and more importantly the source code. If Nintendo found that parts of the code of a OSS emulator were the same as the ones found in leaked SDK they could sue the devs for a lot of retarded stuff like copyright infringement.
>>97412 Abolish copy jews
>>97412 >If Nintendo found that parts of the code of a OSS emulator were the same as the ones found in leaked SDK they could sue the devs for a lot of retarded stuff like copyright infringement. I'm a programmer, but I have no idea what the legal definition of "copied code" is. However, it would seem trivial to me to rewrite the code with similar performance in a non-infringing manner, unless it is very low-level stuff. John Carmack was cleared of charges in the Bethesda-Facebook lawsuit where he was accused of "stealing" his own code that he wrote at Bethesda to use for Oculus so I doubt it's hard to circumvent.
(144.16 KB 213x214 SamusGO.gif)
I'm still waiting for the link with the Super Metroid beta stuff. Apparently in the original version Samus was naked in the game over animation and one of the female music team members made her death sound which they dubbed too erotic.
>>97418 This.
>>97455 LEWD! See, I knew Samus was always fap bait rather than a feminist icon of a strong womyn who don't need no man.
>>97511 Meanwhile, I want Ridley to crush me with his crater ass
>>97511 She's both really, a character can be a strong woman and also really sexy, only feminists believe a woman being sexually attractive is Bad.
>>97772 Most likely on HAL Laboratory's file servers. I haven't seen anything related to Nintendo's subsidiaries other than GameFreak.
>>97772 I'm waiting for a build of Mother 3 on N64 to leak.
>>97781 >>97865 They're holding it back for the N64 mini. Right?
>>97874 Depends on how finished the game was in the Spaceworld trailer. It's said to have been at least half done before being canned so there's got to be a sizable demo out there somewhere.
>>97874 > N64 mini Lmao never
>>97865 >>97874 Why do you guys want that so much? By all accounts it was terrible, the game's own director left the project because of how bad it was turning out. They cancelled it for a reason Most of the ideas they had for it were worked in the actual Mother 3 instead.
>>97960 Even if it is shit it would still be a nice find. It was one of, if not the most anticipated games for the 64DD. Plus, there were apparently a lot of stuff that was missing from the GBA version like that minecart scene.
(3.13 MB 1569x1080 earthbound 6 4.png)
(2.92 MB 1459x2087 earthbound 64.jpg)
(2.97 MB 1570x2114 earthbound64.jpg)
>>97960 Given the way it's talked about in interviews, it was only terrible on a technical level, something I can buy considering how ugly it looks, plus it was supposed to be way sadder because Itoi was going through depression at the time, which only increases my interest. Let me dream alright?
Why is the thread pinned again?
>>97989 New leaks.
>>97211 >Wii start up disk >Emerald source code Holy fucking shit nice. I never thought the wii start up disk would pop up anywhere. Can't wait for wii hackers to look into that. >>97989 It's cool.
>>97960 Morbid curiosity mostly, I know it exists out there somewhere and I want to see it for myself.
>>98029 >Can't wait for wii hackers to look into that. Is it really necessary at this point? The wii is such an old console, that you could easily emulate it on most laptops.
>emerald source code Can we now confirm how the Battle Frontier "cheats" by using teams that are strong against yours?
>>98389 >Is it really necessary at this point? No. Wii hacking has been a thing ever since that exploit in Twilight Princess was discovered. Plus, that disc would only work with those launch Wiis that didn't have an OS preinstalled and there is only one that is still known to have that defect.
(3.16 KB 160x144 Picross GBC.png)
(3.63 KB 160x144 wut.png)
(16.74 KB 484x373 X.png)
(85.77 KB 1080x968 WORKBOY.png)
Guess what, more leaks. Today's leak includes: >Pokemon Picross, a GBC game that was never released >Pokemon Platinum's source code (MASTER_CPUJ00.7z) >An English localization of X, a GB game that only was released in Japan >a cancelled Kirby GBC game about... sewing? >more unreleased Game Boy games: https://pastebin.com/raw/GcZSGmJt >WORKBOY (https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Z-D8RCFGfFc) >probably more shit I don't understand Original links: anonfiles.com/LbI9xeT0ob anonfiles.com/t7A3y5Teo2 anonfiles.com/tcWey4Tao7 MEGA mirrors (save them in your account instead of directly downloading them): https://mega.nz/file/nAo3ETyT#zVGct09tKhvi2MVATDkI9NzyFJ-sq5sGjPWUj99x3OM https://mega.nz/file/XUZ1zCYS#S_x2wehFYFYCCgjH4tk3T-jOM0qjie-9DwmPJQ6M7j8 https://mega.nz/file/aVAxnKyQ#sS6I6IW4cUisdxFcpCxAxgMoNTMfA2yAgxIdSSpOiQo Pokemon Picross for Game Boy Color: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/705829278851268649/753250625483047003/Pokemon_Picross.GBC
(8.89 KB 160x144 CGBBGWJ0-0.png)
(2.83 KB 160x144 DMGB7A-0-0.png)
(2.88 KB 160x144 DMGWDE-0-0.png)
(1.59 KB 160x144 DMGFXX-0-0.png)
(70.61 KB 397x375 DMGARTJ0.png)
The filenames are the code names that can be found on https://pastebin.com/raw/GcZSGmJt CGBBGWJ0 is Game Boy Wars Pocket Tactics, also known as Game Boy Wars 3. Pocket Tactics the game's name when Intelligent Systems still was working on it (remember Hudson Soft took over the franchise after Game Boy Wars 1).
>>102179 >platinum source code I eagerly await someone looking at this code and seeing how much of a clusterfuck it is.
>>102179 Any of them playable besides a few screens? Getting my hopes up I know.
(147.80 KB 500x310 carlossays.png)
How does a company with a plumber for a mascot have so many leaks?
(892.34 KB 519x731 Luigi's_Bedtime_Punchout!!.png)
>>102284 Gotta be an inside job.
(170.72 KB 2560x1600 screenshot.png)
>>102279 I haven't downloaded anything due to a lack of space and internet speed, but some guy from 4chan /vr/ put some of the ROMs into a .zip file and the games played just fine. Pic related is a screenshot of Lunar Space/X
>>102179 >Workboy I swear old Nintendo Power talked about some upcoming GB titles being stuff like pocket planner and notes
>>102347 Very cool
(365.16 KB 1200x845 C2NX3IPXAAA2Gfc.jpg)
>>102357 Found it. Forgot that the wanted to have a keyboard for the brick
>>102348 Anyone have the other GB/GBC roms for DL without the rest of the stuff? Looking for Rockboard and Robopon.
>>102359 That's pretty fucking funny. Reminds me of that sewing machine that needed a GBC to run programmed stitching. I'll try to find a link of it.
>>102368 Found the one I was talking about. https://archive.fo/WjmVS I remember my mom showing this to me when I was around 12 years old.
>>102363 Somebody compiled the ROMs listed in the pastebin, but they have weird formats and I have no idea what to do with them: https://anonfiles.com/z9Z8zeTdo2/newroms_zip There's also this zip that contains .lst files that list the names of the ROMs: https://anonfiles.com/37L037T1o5/romnames_zip >>102357 >>102359 Yep, and the ROM seems to work (although most tools require that special keyboard). https://nitter.net/lombTV/status/1303727759655669766 >>102368 >>102372 There's an emulator that supports it, by the way: https://shonumi.github.io/articles/art22.html
>>102377 That's awesome. I love seeing old shit like this still working with workarounds because I'm sure the cart is impossible to find.
>>102377 > they have weird formats and I have no idea what to do with them: It appears to be a simple file name swap to turn them into .gb files.
Fuck yeah Gargoyle's Quest
(12.19 KB 259x194 descarga.jfif)
if bounced from karma studio was found, i hope this and katakis 3d will be found forgive my bad english
(17.75 KB 1366x768 Sin título.png)
bug found in bounced when reaching ice level after passing a level, game crashes and goes blank
>>102359 Was the Gameboy even powerful enough to act as a personal computer? It seems really limited to me, was this just some meme thing or a serious product?
(829.85 KB 1514x2048 DdwLKazUQAA7Te-.jpg)
(842.14 KB 1510x2048 DdwLKazVAAAFJE-.jpg)
(798.92 KB 1524x2048 DdwLKazUQAEegB7.jpg)
(868.42 KB 1532x2048 DdwLKazV4AADptu.jpg)
>>104934 Looked through scans and also mistook the "WorkBoy" for the InfoGenius carts that DID get released. It seems as though WorkBoy would have done as much as the Planner cart with some extras like a calculator. I think the developers of the WB thought they could turn the Game Boy into a cheaper alternative to laptops at the time for on-the-go/travel work, back when having laptops/working while on the plane wasn't as prolific. The publisher probably realized that it'd hard to sell an $80 cart+mini keyboard for a toy-centric product with no lit screen when those in the early 90s that would need a digital planner for work would rather purchase a $2000 laptop from the era anyway for their important white-collar busy job.
>>103410 >>104094 Anon, I'm not sure what you're trying to say.
>>105160 imagine using this without a backlight ouch
>>105324 It would be like using a daily planner. No backlight on that either. Still a crazy idea that seems extremely gimmicky.
>>105324 Ah didn't see it had maps. That would be impossible to use.
Someone made an index of which of the GB games were new, new translations, and revisions not yet seen https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ay20atcx39ytrM1YOhC0aST5t7M_JZegdOrbUyYc6_I/edit#gid=267864928 For use with >>102492 >>102377
(3.02 KB 160x144 Supershot Golf Robot-1.png)
Of all the stuff in the leak, I'm surprised nobody has talked about Supershot Golf Robot. The Americanizing of the really generic golf game Golf Ou is truly something. The dialog is now all about robots having enslaved humans and forcing them to golf. From what I've played, there's only a single actual graphical change beyond the title is the old instructor was turned into a taunting robot.
that the game has a bug that prevents progress
>>97256 There's apparently fake GBA variants out there. I know for sure there's plenty of fake GBA game carts out there.
>>105591 >The dialog is now all about robots having enslaved humans and forcing them to golf. Are you a bad enough dude to save the world with golf?
>>70289 Argonaut Software is British, she's just mentioning shovelware from her country.
(143.63 KB 266x355 chair spin.gif)
Apparently there was another round of leaks feat. a cancelled GBA successor, lotcheck roms for the Famicom disk system and allegedly Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Does anyone have a magnet?
>>120333 >Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Noice, maybe we'll get some romhacks now.
(530.01 KB 640x480 interesting.png)
>>120366 What's preventing people from making romhacks of that game?
>>129361 >My best guess is that in order to reduce the chance of leaks, the dev team, art team, and writing team all work with as few interaction as possible I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case and why the code is such a clusterfuck.
(657.64 KB 900x1236 62065350_p0.jpg)
(407.47 KB 700x979 60945556_p0.png)
Reposting from the Pokemon thread A new batch of Nintendo leaks came today, and between the usual stuff there's the source code of Pokemon Sun & Moon (not sure if it's the original edition or the Ultra edition): anonfiles.com/Xa5dk9gbp1 anonfiles.com/F2p3v2g4pb anonfiles.com/D6J0vagapd anonfiles.com/50Qbv3gcpd Mirror: https://mega.nz/file/nSQhSAaR#Qx84MJBKYawB-px6dD3ffE77WpdN5ltenekdUCgzpkY According to 4chan /vp/, there are some things missing from the source code: - resources (models and text) - some build scripts (the code reference files built by some ruby scripts, but they're nowhere to be found); there are also some garc files but I cannot find which code is responsible for building them. - some debugging libraries, required to run niji_local.exe My best guess is that in order to reduce the chance of leaks, the dev team, art team, and writing team all work with as few interaction as possible. – Some /vp/fag. This leak is a couple of hours old and people still are figuring things out, so more interesting stuff may appear later, Fuck Lynxshit for not keeping the format of the text I copied and turning it into a mess without new lines.
>>120529 Compiling it into a working program? Source code does not equal tools to finish up the program and make it run.
(140.96 KB 1250x677 unknown.png)
(98.29 KB 355x341 Ekifr00WkAAnbzD.png)
(24.22 KB 472x232 20201017_122709.png)
>>129371 In case anyone cares about the SM leak, here is what I found so far Not sure if this is just a placeholder, or if red/someone that looks like him was supposed to be the male protagonist, at one point Also, interesting to point out that despite what one might think, there never was a "Z" game coming out for the 6th gen games, or at least not just a third game. Looks like "Ultra Changes" were going to be introduced this gen, but were scrapped so they could work on the hoenn remakes and sun and moon games(altho this is not brand new information, it has been known for some time now)
>>129569 Is there anything other than pokeshit?
>>129592 >Pokemon >Shit Oh ho ho Wow wow woooow
>>129592 might be, the leak was just dumped and people are looking thru it BTW, as much as I hate linking twitter nobodies, this guy is actively tweeting about every single little thing he is finding in this source code leak, if you're actually interested https://twitter.com/MrCheeze_
(5.69 KB 250x219 1347328789191s.jpg)
>>129364 If the game were developed honestly and not with scams and cheap gimmicks and cut corners all over the place, they wouldn't need to be afraid of leaks.
(72.32 KB 627x598 ClipboardImage.png)
(93.14 KB 636x573 ClipboardImage.png)
>memory leak happens as soon as internal tool boots up with a recomendation you save and restart the tool to work around it >tells you to pray if you have to maintain this tool GF's code is a clusterfuck and they know it.
>>120333 Anyone have the links for THESE leaks? So far, what I can tell, here's all the leaks posted: >>69748 >>97211 >>102179 >>102348 >>102377 >>129371 Did I miss any?
>>129688 do you have the most recent one like 2015 or something. then his new gf made him throw his bottles away. pretty sure he had like 5- 7
>>129371 Since fucking when does anonfiles block Tor users?
>>120366 >>120529 >>129373 God, I'd love it if this at least helped for actual Mystery Dungeon hacks of the actual game, with edgy stories and fixed dungeons and all that good stuff. The autist in me has thirsted for that for so long, but all I've ever gotten for 15 years has been FireRed romhacks LARPing as Mystery Dungeon.

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