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(388.62 KB 386x551 holy molly.png)
Devil May Cry Thread Anonymous 08/30/2020 (Sun) 22:16:30 Id:a04df4 No. 95440
Hey /v/, so I'm unsure if you've realized but Devil May Cry has a 20th anniversary next year. The original game was released on August 23rd 2001. Anyway as you know despite it's rocky history, Devil May Cry is still one of Capcom's biggest game franchises. So while I'm not expecting a full blown Devil May Cry 6, I do wonder if we'll get that special edition everyone and their mom has been asking Capcom for ever since DMC5 released without a playable Vergil. Either that or a younger team at capcom will be reassigned to remake DMC1 with DMC5's engine and mechanics, which I'd be kinda okay with. Either way I'm sure we'll get some kinda promotion to go along with the 20th Anniversary, and with that out of the way let's get to the important questions. >FAVORITE GAME >FAVORITE DEVIL ARM >FAVORITE GUN >FAVORITE STYLE >FAVORITE CHARACTER >WOULD YOU GO GAY FOR DANTE?
>>95440 For some reason, I've never played any of the series though Dante made a guest appearance in a S.M.T Nocturne, you may have hear of it. Anyways, what is the consensus on the remasters released on PC recently?
Should i bother playing 2 and 4 or just continue playing 1 and 3? >WOULD YOU GO GAY FOR DANTE? I'd buy him a beer.
(106.94 KB 300x301 cringe days.png)
I played DMC2 for the first time recently. I knew it was bad but holy shit, this is like something AVGN would talk about. I was able to kill one boss by standing around and shooting him, only moving slightly. >>95455 >Should i bother playing 2 NO
>>95455 >>95451 Do it like this 1 > 3: SE > 4: SE > 5 Just skip DMC2.
>>95455 >Should I bother playing 2? Oh god no, no no no no. It's literally Devil May Cry 1 if it were bad. Some fans act like "it's actually not that bad" but it really is. You can defeat almost every enemy in the game by standing completely still and shooting them. The wind-up animations for enemies is so long you can just walk away slightly without them hitting you. The game actually becomes easier if you stop trying and become a turret.
(2.15 MB 640x360 DMC1 MUSIC.webm)
>like dmc1 because it's unique and adheres to being a game and less about pulling combo mad-tier autism >but dmc3 has so much qol stuff but it turned into it's own thing with later games adding new perspectives and refining the game >there's nothing like dmc1 music
>>95458 >>95459 >>95465 Maybe i'll just give it a try to see how bad it is. I have the HD collection on my PS3 anyways. So then what about 4? Is worth playing it? >>95469 DMC's OST is pretty fucking great.
I wouldn't go gay for Dante, but DMC4 Nero looked cute. Then they turned his looks into Donte 2.0 in DMC5.
>>95465 >i'm just going to forget actual mechanics in dmc2 and not mention it's being burrowed and expanded on in later games i guess it's easy not getting S ranks if you just shoot all day and there was some dmc2 autist that actually made a complete guide of how to get s ranks in dmc2 and noted that it's extremely busted and harder than it should be to get on dmd
>>95474 4 IS worth playing, but keep in mind it's literally half of a game.
>>WOULD YOU GO GAY FOR DANTE? Nah, id like to hang out with him though.
>>95440 >WOULD YOU GO GAY FOR DANTE? What kind of Tameem-isque question is that? No, I want to hang out with him chilling in his office listening to cuhrayzee music and eating Pizza.
>FAVORITE GAME Maybe the first one. I remember liking the fourth. Fifth just has trash characters you have play as even do the Dante parts are pretty good once you get there but then I lost interest at that point. >FAVORITE DEVIL ARM Rebellion. >FAVORITE GUN Shotgun. >FAVORITE STYLE Trickster. >FAVORITE CHARACTER The fat researcher guy that Dante shot in the head. >WOULD YOU GO GAY FOR DANTE? If I was a demon I would. Nero and Vergil yes either way.
>>95559 ...even though the Dante parts are pretty good...* god that was a retarded error
I hate how they changed sword inputs in 5 for Dante. It screws with my muscle memory.
>>95559 I understand not liking V, but what did you not like about Nero, especially if you liked DMC4? He's different from Dante but not wildly so.
>>95652 I didn't mind V but I really didnt like how Nero had usable fists that you had to pick up or buy.
>>95600 I prefer Devil Sword Dante honestly, it takes some time but it's a much better moveset in my opinion.
>tfw played 3 like eight times already >every time quit after beating Cerberus because I want to be stylish but I don't have the red orbs or combos for it >don't have a controller anymore so I can't go into that loop again the worst part is that I really want to play 4 but my autism won't let me play a series out of order. I finished fucking 2 but not 3.
>>95712 Use guns to shoot off the ice and then smack his heads around
>>95718 I said after beating cerberus. And it always feels like a cheat win because I'm more struggling than stylin on him, or any other boss.
>>95722 Don't, he's just simply designed that way.
>>95459 >3: SE isn't that just easy mode for amerimutts that got their asses kicked by the original
>>95741 It restores difficulty to the original Jap settings.
I just want some kind of announcement. Whether its DMC5SE or DMC6. >>95741 Well guess what? You can play yellow mode on hard and get the original experience anyway.
DMC2 OST is stellar. Fight me on this!
>>95835 Shame the game is terrible
>>95667 I feel like Nero's arms would feel better if you could switch freely like Dante's styles. It would add a ton more depth to Nero on picking which arm to bring it and building your playstyle. It was always annoying that I was stuck with an arm when another arm would of worked better in a situation. Just imagine riding the rocket fist and then switching to that arm to power up your sword.
(269.95 KB 906x1200 D1FyTXgV4AEWfDC.jpg)
(153.22 KB 1200x1200 D1bRoXAWkAEI_kn.jpg)
(88.19 KB 1027x933 D2tL8nkX0AMsm5M.jpg)
>>95546 >that top middle picture What the fuck its like as if tameem completely forgot the point about that character in that movie. That kid was a lonely loser fucking dork where if it wasn't for his psychic powers he would have probably have became a school shooter instead. >The pic below it >literal fuckboys W E W I imagine DmC Dante offing himself before he turns 30 in that case. Donte will especially NEVER be as chool as DMCV Dante who is essentially DMC3 Dante but much older, more experienced, aged like fine wine, is just as witty but no longer unintentionally goofy and is wearing a shirt.
>>95882 I played through the series this summer and always thought those claims were bogus. Boy do I have egg on my face. Its fucking terrible.
(21.33 KB 274x386 HAHAHAHAHA.jpg)
>>95998 >always thought those claims were bogus. Boy do I have egg on my face. Just how many bullet casings did you leave littering the ground, anon?
>>96033 The devil was crying casings. Ah boo.
(3.23 MB 720x394 DMC MJ edition.webm)
>>95740 So when can I start stylin'? The most I felt like it was the Vergil fight when I'd parry him with my own attacks and even then I'd fuck up at the end and would need to either play safe or die. >>95991 You only need to look at Bleeding Edge's characters to know what kind of hell we've been spared with DmC.
>>96236 You gotta earn the style.
(61.44 KB 600x411 ClipboardImage.png)
>>96241 I guess I'll try again once I have a controller, I still have the HD collection installed anyways >>96250 This is an honest question because I've barely used any, would the world be a better place without the existence of social media?
>>96258 >This is an honest question because I've barely used any, would the world be a better place without the existence of social media? Yes, it would.
>>95455 i mean if you want to experience the whole series. but is BAD, there is no around it.
>>95835 I can't even remember most of the OST besides the option menu
(550.77 KB 1024x576 dante whatever.png)
>FAVORITE GAME 5 I think. I have to replay 3 again to be sure but I believe 5 is better >FAVORITE DEVIL ARM Cavaliere or Balrog >FAVORITE GUN Grenade Launcher from DMC1 was pretty strong but overall shotgun, especially DMC3 one >FAVORITE STYLE Royal Guard >FAVORITE CHARACTER Dante >WOULD YOU GO GAY FOR DANTE? He is still protecting his virginity What the fuck happened to Lucia?
(202.97 KB 792x330 dante loves cuh ray zee.png)
DMC5 is pretty good and all but what the fuck happened to the music? You can listen to battle themes and boss musics like cerberus from 3 and 4. It has its own style, pretty edgy and the game either insults you or makes you seem like an overpowered entity. DMC5 sountract is really out of touch. Never liked Devil Trigger music, it is some normalfag tier pop shit. Dante's theme is kinda enjoyable, it resembles 3 and 4's musics a little bit. Also I prefer nero's long hair than the short one. He looks way better at DMC4 in my opinion. By the way, why did they fuck up Lady and Trish's face? To appeal to western audience? Nico is also pretty ugly. She is a lot more bearable with her alt skin which makes her white and no glasses.
>>96341 I hate how people claim the RE engine caters to SJW with the faces. They are just learning how to use it. Look how terrible the faces are in RE VII and compare that to the current RE coming out. The engine is just shitty for faces.
>>96250 Reuben is hot ngl.
>>96377 There is a difference between looking bad because bad graphics and intentionally looking bad like a true mutt. Have you ever played any DMC outside of 5? You will realise how fucked up Trish and Lady's face is. They also made Morrison a nigger for no reason.
>>96250 >Nu-Dante and ND VA getting fucked for being retarded Don't care lol
>>96428 Capcom didn't get rights to anime Morrison in time for DMC5, so they gave him a color treatment.
>>96511 >reuben >new Are you fucking retarded? Guy has been dante since day 1, hes been working with capcom since RE2.
(131.58 KB 270x263 [concern intensifies].png)
>>96511 >Reuben >Nu-Dante
(65.51 KB 641x589 1427763464612.jpg)
>>96511 You fucking retard.
>>96340 Dantes power doesn't come from his soul, but from his virginity instead. >What the fuck happened to Lucia? Shes probably in some hole seething about not being able to absorb Dantes virgin essence. >>96428 >They also made Morrison a nigger for no reason. Hes just tanned now after spending some time on the beach thats all. Hes obviously still white on the inside.
>>96539 >Guy has been dante since day 1 Well, no, he wasn't Dante in DMC1 or 2, he started voicing the character from 3 onward.
>>96539 >>96584 >>96590 I'm pretty sure he means he prefers Drew Coombs, Dante's original VA, over Reuben. To be honest I do too He's not referring to the DmC version because nobody even refers to him as Dante, he's called universally called Donte.
>>96805 Yeah but wasnt reuben the mocap actor at that point aswell?
>>96539 >>96584 >>96590 >calling me a retard >none of you even know Langdon only starting voicing Dante in the third game I know this is probably a incredibly controversial opinion considering he's usually who people think of when thinking of Dante, but I genuinely don't like his portrayal of the character and wish they stuck with Coombs or Kaminsky even with as awful as DMC2 was. I'm not including Phillips because DmC doesn't count. Donte sounds more like the fucking Scout from TF2 than he does Dante.
(963.42 KB 802x710 1346998111679.png)
>>95440 >FAVORITE GAME 1 because i can't play DMC games worth a shit and DMC1 feels more like a 3D castlevania, i still beat all the games sans 2 on hard mode but i wasn't styling on the enemies. Style switching on the fly is way too much for me, i can't seamlessly combine moves from two different weapons in the same combo and the only advanced move i can pull off is killer bee/helm splitter jump cancelling. >FAVORITE DEVIL ARM Cerberus. >FAVORITE GUN Shotgun cause it knocks most enemies on their asses. >FAVORITE STYLE Royal Guard because it's the only one i can use effectively, timing>complicated inputs, i don't even need to swing my sword at all, just block and perfect release. >FAVORITE CHARACTER Vergil, i mostly like him for his way of wielding his katana though, that "teleports behind you, slashes you a hundred times and then strikes a pose while sheathing his sword" move of his was so cool it got copied by a lot of games, ikaruga in senran kagura for example stole a shit ton of his moves, she even runs the same way (gripping the sword), the girl is such a blatant vorgil reference that a lot of japs speculated she was actually his daughter since she's adopted, they legitimately were expecting a DMC crossover after the ninja gaiden one. >WOULD YOU GO GAY FOR DANTE? >the gay community
>>96829 I never called you retarded, I'm just saying Reuben is the definitive voice actor for Dante. Kinda like David Hayter with Snake, Ryan Drummond with Sonic, and Charles Martinet with Mario.
>>96829 >I was only preteding to retarded! >I didn’t imply I support that faggot Patrick Klepek or anything by doing a dumbass statement like that! >I am now trying to weasel my out by pointing out that I was only talking about the old Dante VAs! Remember to ignore my limited vocabulary buzzwords like ‘Nu’ or using his works with Naughty Dog to support cuck like Klepek Wow, you are a fucking faggot waste of space, but please continue doubling down while telling everyone that Reuben who has mocap and fuckng voiced Dante close to 16-17 years is the definition of ‘Nu’ according to your very own imaginary dictionary, you retard.
(108.43 KB 1242x1453 mcfucking.jpg)
>>96926 Anon, are tweaked out or something? Calm the fuck down.
>>96927 Are you that faggot who was caught doubling down? If yes, you should McFucking Kill yourself.
>>96931 No, I entered the thread expecting people talking about DMC and instead found you sperging out hard over some fag not liking a voice actor.
>>96829 You should very well understand what your use of "nu" implied. You don't use nu to denote the traditional depiction of a character, which, whether you prefer it or not, has been Reuben's for well over a decade. He's no more "nu-Dante" than Mike Pollock is "nu-Eggman".
So I'm curious, is DmC just shit as a DMC game or shit even on its own merits?
>>96850 >Ryan Drummond with Sonic I liked Jason Griffith after he started getting his shit together by Sonic Unleashed.
(24.08 KB 386x356 b13ohfnoq5fz.jpg)
>>97072 Fuck that guy and all the other 4kids faggots. He butchered Usopp and he butchered Sonic. It's sad that he gets to play Sonic in recent cartoon appearances and in Smash. Total bullshit. The only decent cast member to come out of 4kids was Mike Pollock. As iconic as Drummond was as Modern Sonic, Jaleel White will always be my favorite, at least for "Classic" Sonic. And Long John Baldry is unbeatable as Robotnik.
>>97068 The story and writing is awful no matter how you look at it, but it's decent for a western action game. It had a lot of annoying elements, though, like enemies vulnerable only to certain kinds of weapons, but the console-only re-release fixed most of them. It doesn't live up to its legacy at all, but taken in isolation, it's "not bad".
>>97131 Wasn't the story pretty bare bones? Just Dante & Vergil are the chosen ones destined to kill Mundus and avenge their parents or whatever, so they go around fighting his minions until they device a plan to make him vulnerable and take him out.
(1.99 MB 382x289 Red Card.gif)
>>96511 >nu-Dante >being critical of masks and covid lockdown means you're "being retarded" >doesn't care that commies are attempting to struggle session someone over their beliefs >>>/resetera/
>>97068 As a DMC game, it's shit and inferior in every way to the best games in the series. As its own thing, it's an above average action, hack 'n' slash game. >>97133 >Just Dante & Vergil are the chosen ones destined to kill Mundus and avenge their parents or whatever, so they go around fighting his minions until they device a plan to make him vulnerable and take him out Pretty much, then at the end of the game Vergil does a surprise reveal that he was evil the entire time and only wanted to kill Mundus so that he could take over the world unopposed. https://invidiou.site/watch?v=ZLi9QthkIOI
>>97068 It's fun but the writing is unbearable and so is the story.
>>97133 The story didn't have much to it besides "fuck the man", but a lot of the writing was just dreadful, and Vergil was handled especially poorly towards the end.
>>97133 Vergil performs a sniper abortion and before the climactic fight against Mundus Dante's last words are "and I've got a bigger dick"
>>97133 I WISH it was barebones, the story was outright awful.
>>97337 >>97133 Story could have been golden for a game that doesn't take itself seriously. Like the mexican mod videos are fucking 10/10. Like I would kill for game about 2 shitty half-Mexican half-demon brothers trying to take down a demon overloard that turn on one another at the end.
>>97435 Well, the entire reason it was so shit in the first place is the writers lacked any sort of self awareness for what they were writing, unironically thinking everything they were doing was cool as shit. No way they'd write a story like that.
>>97068 I recently played it for the first time last week. The biggest problem with its writing is that it takes itself too seriously. Even the "humorous" moments are awkward due to the voice actors and writers being awful. The word "tryhard" comes to mind, like Shadow the Hedgehog but dialed back. Gameplay-wise, it's worse than the other DMCs but is serviceable. The non-Rebellion weapons are all fairly boring, the colour-coded enemies are cancer that arbitrarily kill your momentum, and the difficulty isn't there. On the upside, the platforming sections where the level bends and breaks around you are cool to look at once and the boss battles have character but are piss-easy. It's worth a single playthrough if you're curious so long as you pirate it.
Chances of any kind of DMC news at TGS?
>>98477 There's a lot of capcom showings at TGS so it's vaguely possible.
I really hate Devil Sword Dante and Sin Devil Trigger. DSD just for existing gives every attack in your moveset these summon swords which auto give the top ranks and add AOEs that clear out the mooks for you for a character who's majority of the series been designed around fast 1v1s. Sin Devil Trigger effectively auto wins boss fights when you get to SSS, this is easy because of the former Aoes grinding on enemies filling the meter for you and then use Quadruple S to just win. It just makes so much of the fights in this game feel free now because your moveset isn't strong because of all the mechanics on top of it, the base moves themselves are now insane. Hope if we get another game Dante shits out a kid or something to take his move set to reset this power level creep
>>98477 Probably V definitive edition with extra content.
>>98477 I've been let down before, but here's hoping.
I still think Dante's best costume was his original in the first game, but without a coat, just looks pretty damn cool to me.
>>102714 Didn't they have that in DMC3
>>98477 Don't expect anything, you'll only set yourself up for disappointment. >>103404 If i remember correctly thats exactly what it was. I like his DMC1 outfit the best because it looks the most memorable and iconic to me somehow. If Dante ever gets in Smash Bros he needs that outfit but considering how the game has been dead for months and nintendo rather have more fucking FE characters in the game hes never gonna get in.
>>102252 You could choose not to use it if you feel it makes the game boring.
Special Edition announced as next gen launch title.
>>107920 I've been hearing they're only adding Vergil as DLC on PC, wonder if they'll add the other extra content in a patch or if they'll have a separate Special Edition release on Steam at a later date?
(153.64 KB 1024x1024 foolishnes red ranger.jpeg)
>>107920 Woolie's pants must have exploded.
>Adding Vergil as DLC Modders already did that.
>>107970 His files were in the game already but in an incomplete state, modders just touched it up and made him fully playable. Capcom basically did us a solid and let us have a playable Vergil since the beginning.
(27.63 KB 400x300 tumblr_lq5iktU5cJ1qkzq2g.jpg)
Anyone else just angry with the industry right now? Have to wait for 9th gen consoles to release before we get an extra character and some reflections as DLC? Half this shit could've been done on PC on release, especially LDK and turbo.
>>108056 >now Where were you 13 years ago?
https://twitter.com/PatStaresAt/status/1306408688593272835 >So I spoke with folks at Capcom, the PC version of DMC5 is only going to be receiving Vergil as DLC, and won't be getting the SE version Legendary Dark Knight Mode, Turbo Mode, Raytracing support etc. Wtf.
>>108659 Capcom's good again, they said. What a bunch of fucking niggers.
>>108682 How did they fuck up so quickly?
(34.20 KB 720x623 EGUTu59W4AActrc.jpg)
Bumping with I AM THE STORM THAT IS APPROACHING The new theme sounds pretty damn good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL3EJKtNpLU
>>108659 If they can already add Vergil to the PC version, why can't they at least add the extra modes as well? I don't care about raytracing but getting cucked out of new modes is bullshit.
>>108659 I just hope fags can add that shit back in with mods.
>>108682 >>110573 >>110601 Remember when capcom said that they werent planning on making a SE for DMCV back when it released a year and a half ago? Welp they went and fucking did it anyways. Yeah, capcom tends to be liars anons and sometimes for the better. Because of that there IS a chance that we may just get it too, lets just wait and see what happens. >>110601 People put Vergil and turbo mode in the game as mods already, just not LDK from what I know.
>>110616 Well Vergil is pretty Jank with the mods, I'm hoping that he'll be less Jank with the official release.
>>110640 >I'm hoping Hes being made and polished by the official dev team who made the game which possibly composes of dozens to hundreds of dudes. No shits hes gonna be less jank, bro. Although he looks too similar to the mod I don't think he was able to do that V summoning thing from what I've seen from the mod. I also don't like how he skips his normal DT and hops straight to his SDT, but hey hes gotta look cool am I rite?
>>110616 People actually believed that? There's been SEs for the last two games, why wouldn't they make one for the latest game?
So kikecom have Vergil as dlc to get money from the people who won't by special edition, is that right? I don't otherwise understand why you wouldn't just have him in SE and increase it's price
>FAVORITE GAME DMC4 >FAVORITE DEVIL ARM angi & rudra >FAVORITE GUN dual ballers >FAVORITE STYLE royal guard >FAVORITE CHARACTER lady in DMC3SE (not that trannyface in DMC5) >WOULD YOU GO GAY FOR DANTE? whats the point?
(1.18 MB 4096x4096 Eiczrr0UwAA4nld.jpg)
(577.06 KB 1186x1148 EiczrkNUcAAG3_C.jpg)
>>110700 People are retarded, especially twitter users. Nearly every couple of posts I see in any kind of vidya thread I see a post so fucking braindead that my IQ drops a few points. >>110811 Lady's concept art looks pretty good. Her jaw in the actual game doesn't do her any favors though, but remember she is also in her 40's, most woman typically turn into ugly goblinas at that age, Lady got off rather well.
>>111071 The change to the RE7 engine didn't help her looks either, but at least she didn't turn into a complete mongoloid.
>>110811 >trannyface in DMC5 >>111071 >most woman typically turn into ugly goblinas at that age, Lady got off rather well From what I have heard, Capcom skips a step in the mo-cap production that results in the faces of their characters being far wider then they should be. It makes male characters look beefer but it also does that to female characters as well.
(2.43 KB 224x217 1429335635888.jpg)
>>111071 >Lady waited till its too late >Nero will never be Uncle Nero in 6
(17.52 KB 455x256 D1vImXoX0AAY-T-.jpg)
>>111184 Thats still no excuse for Trish to look like a fucking crackhead. I know she was supposed to be based off a middle aged lady but jesus fucking christ. Like how did they mocap guys at capcom mocap a pretty banging model who looks like DMC4 Trish yet the result ended up looking like an entirely different person, yet they still went along with it? If I was the mocap actor for Trish I would be downright offended at what they did with my fucking face.
>>111071 > but remember she is also in her 40's Anon, we both know the only reason she's ugly is because capcom scanned some ugly woman and made the model look even uglier than the original already was because of how incompetent they are. >>111247 >Thats still no excuse for Trish to look like a fucking crackhead. I'd say she looks more like a jewish man.
(580.71 KB 638x360 ClipboardImage.png)
(406.46 KB 512x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>111247 >excuse Not an excuse, just an explanation. Consider the following. Notice that Trish's face looks longer then the actual actress'. This might be a combination of the mo-cap skips, but it seems also very likely the fact that they had her hair line start higher on her forehead, and that again might be botched mo-cap adjustments.
>>95559 Nero is way more fun to play. Yes Dante is complex, cuuuhrazeyyy and all that and I love his playstyle but you will never convince me that style switching isn't somewhat of a chore. >>96428 Trish never looked good. All the concept art of her in 1 was better. Lady looks way better than she does in 4 and gotta keep in mind she's like 40 now. https://youtu.be/EcyZ-l_RpdI
So DMC5's gameplay looks pretty interesting although is everyone supposed to look ugly as fuck in that game?. How do I get into this series? Release order? Do I play the FUCK YOU edition? Also, am I an edgy fuck or is Vergil's new track pretty neat?
>>112158 Trish is the only bad looking one. As for getting into DMC Play 1, either emulate or grab the HD collection. If you've played a lot of action games 1 will be a bit rough because it was basically an RE game first and action game second. If you can't deal with 1, move on to 2. Endure 2 for as long as you can. Its shit but you have to play it so you can appreciate DMC's history. Then play 3SE, HD collection is easiest. This is the game that saved the franchise and set the standard. This version lets you play as Vergil too, so that's fun. It also had yellow mode and gold mode, gold has checkpoints while yellow is the original version where death means mission restart. Go with what you want but gold is less down time. For 4, you'll want 4SE which runs very well on PC. This has five characters to play as. The game was very rushed though, literally you spend the last half redoing levels and bosses with a few new ones in there. I haven't played DmC but from what I hear its a decent game but a terrible DMC game. Sadly the DE isn't on PC but I think much of the DE is from mods anyway. Maybe grab this one for console or deal with PC if you want it. Then play 5. SE is right around the corner for next gen and likely PC will be waiting about a year to get it. We do get Vergil DLC though. 5 has three characters and for me is the best of the franchise. Lastly, yes, Vergil's theme is amazing.
>>112187 >Trish is the only bad looking one. Nah, Lady is ugly too. Maybe trish is more ugly than her, but she's still ugly. Nico is a mutt. All the male characters have flaws too, except for maybe dante, but they're not as bad as the girls. The order from worst to best would be V < Vergil < Nero < Dante < crew cut
>>112158 Get the HD collection, 4 and 5. Play it in numerical order or chronological order which is >3, 1, 2, 4, 5 Its not that hard anon. 3 is in the front because its a prequel much like MGS3's case. >>112230 >judging guys by how handsome they are Faggot. I bet you think about their cocks too.
(11.12 MB 640x360 Bury The Light.mp4)
I really like DMC1 so far. Thanks anons. >>112187 >Lastly, yes, Vergil's theme is amazing. I really like the chorus.
Also I'm curious, how do you DMC fans feel about the aatarox mod for RoR2? It's pretty fun despite being fairly simple compared to DMC1.
(2.29 MB 2479x1630 ain't no one gayer than u.png)
>>114109 >League of Legends shit >You fans
(13.61 KB 861x205 aatarox.png)
>>114120 Aatarox is a LoL mod?
(502.65 KB 1280x1024 it_says_here_you're_a_fag.jpg)
>>114126 It's based on a LoL-character you double nigger
>>114130 >Style meter >Literally has music from DMCV tied to said style meter >Has two devil trigger modes >Has stinger(kind of), High Time and Helm Breaker as abilities How the fuck would I know you triple nigger?
(581.66 KB 815x1013 is this nigger serious.PNG)
>>114133 The model is too detailed and simplistic to be an amateur effort, but still simple enough to be played on a browser. The name, the structure and overload of abilities should also be obvious to anyone that was around during it's height.
>>114144 Well, I didn't play LoL and I thought it was the guy's take on the devil trigger model like alastor's. You know what, fuck it. Is DMC2's Trish supposed to play better than Dante? Especially the Stinger animation.
>>114109 The same way I feel about the Dante clone in LoL, I don't care one way or the other.
Do any of you guys mod DMCV or any of the other ones? Which mods are you favoite? I personally dont use any but I like to watch videos of people using some crazy fucking shit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYJKUNRbxFE
>>116853 I'm just hoping they surprise us and give Vergil Beowulf and Force Edge back.
>>116859 I heard that one of the devs was talking about Vergil on twitter and mentioned his weapon(s). Don't know how accurate that is or if its complete bullshit but only time will tell.
>>112147 I honestly don't really understand how it feels like a chore, especially considering how cripple Nero is an actual chore.
(318.91 KB 528x638 WEAPONS.png)
>>116859 Yep. Its this tweet from Matt Walker right here confirming Vergil to have more weapons. https://twitter.com/retroOtoko/status/1310149268112420864
(454.77 KB 2048x1536 Mark.jpg)
>>108659 There is no confirmation of this, and if you're going to link twitter then at least use nitter. Trust Twitter users for information is dumb.
>>116919 TGS had a lot of corporate "at this time" type of speak. DMC5 got seven mystery DLCs added to the Steam database too. It sucks they're not releasing right away on PC but they probably figured trying to nickel and dime PC players would backfire as much as what they're doing right now. We'll maybe get the SE features later as separated DLCs. Remember as well that they said no plans for any DLC or SE after Bloody Palace.
I'm a faggot who has only played DMC4. If I want to actually see the best this series has to offer, which games should I play? I know 1 and 2 are good. Is anything else worth it?
(88.19 KB 1027x933 D2tL8nkX0AMsm5M.jpg)
>>117140 DMC5 disphit.
>>117140 Play DMC3 and then play DMC5
>>117140 >DMC3 >DMC5 >DMC3 w/ mods There.
>>117187 What about DMC5 with mods?
>>117188 I don't think/know/care if DMC5 has anything that affects the game as much as weapon/styleswitcher mod for DMC3.
(52.04 KB 550x631 vergil confusion.jpg)
>>117234 Anon we already have had turbo mode and motherfucking vergil for over a year now. Do I really have to post this video again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYJKUNRbxFE Theres also a co-op mod that makes more missions playable via co-op including with vergil, something that the console players will never be able to get. https://www.nexusmods.com/devilmaycry5/mods/353
>>117242 Modded Vergil is really Jank though, also apparently they're giving him his missing weapons and the ability to switch into V.
>>117246 I wouldn't consider him jank though, just unfinished but polished by the modding community enough to be fully playable. I'd rather wait for Vergil to come out officially to play as him though.
>>117253 Yeah I haven't touched the Vergil mod precisely because when I do play as him in 5, I want it to be right. >>117234 You have Breaker switchers for Nero, co-op mod which also includes letting you play any mission as any character. Strife which has PvP. I haven't played any of them but they are significant mods.
(227.37 KB 956x715 Sparda.jpg)
You know, the last thing I expected out of DmC was this BDSM treatment of Sparda.
(274.57 KB 1185x2048 Dantette.jpeg)
(245.16 KB 1269x2048 Vergilla.jpeg)
>>124711 Ugly manjaws
>>124718 I wasn't looking at their jaws if I'm being honest, but yeah you're right.
>>124711 DMT Devil May Trans
(18.32 MB 1280x720 Gordon May Life.mp4)
>>128574 Nice for DMC's 19th US birthday. Planning on playing the original with Super Dante on Hard for the first time, later today
>>128574 betty nice
So do you guys think Vergil will get his Beowulf and Forced Edge back? Or do you think they'll take the lazy route and just give him a V transformation without the other two weapons.
>>129602 >Forced Edge OwO
>>96250 Hopefully his popularity with the japs protects him.
>>129602 The SE OST does have Beowulf on there but that might just be a battle track. I hope he gets an all out Yamato, lots of summon sword moves, V's big nuke attack, a Urizen nuke attack, V's cane with familiars to end combos and a Urizen form for the gauntlet weapon.
>>129824 I'm more worried that they're gonna gimp Vergil and make the excuse that "You can freely switch between Vergil and V" >>129706 He's still around, so yeah.
(1.31 MB 1280x1891 Adolf being awesome.jpg)
>>96250 >Hey someone is being mean and not blindly following what the mainstream media says, fire him pls. I would unironically put these cunts in concentration camps.
(2.44 KB 125x125 faggots.jpg)
>>96250 >Reuben >Conspiracy theories. In other news grass is fucking green. Reuben has been outed as a conspiracy nut Anons how will he ever recover. This is not news at all thats the best thing about Reuben.
>>129836 Would love to see someone make the AJL - The anti-Journalist League as a joke. One of the rules can explicitly say "but please dont harass jewish reporters" because it would piss everyone off
(2.26 MB 387x251 chuck norris thumbs up.gif)

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