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Stop complaining about loli you fags Please do not post images of women shoving live animals up their vagina

/vore/ - Goldfish vore and real life vore Anonymous 09/24/2021 (Fri) 16:02:02 No. 1099
Real life vore thread.
love these... i wish there was more irl vore of mice etc to be found like this one is made. Its way to difficult to find any of this stuff tho ... sadly.
any mousies?
wow I wont lie... I searched for this vid for years ty ;)
>>1106 god bless u anon
Some of (what I think are) the publicly available ones on ThisVid: In this case, Mikayla swallowing 30 fish https://thisvid.com/videos/giantess-vore-30-live-fish-swallowing/
Or would you rather have her only swallow 26? https://thisvid.com/videos/giantess-vore-26-live-fish-swallowing/
>>1106 I told myself that I would never fap to this again. Well here I cum.
>>1128 nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope
>>1128 Holy fuck I've been into vore for 15 years but after jerking to this for the first time in my life I'm starting to think that I may be a fucked up person.
>>1128 First time in my life I've gagged and felt genuine disgust at vore. Thank you for curing me.
>>1128 Jesus that was something. That first one was BIG. Imagine when she had to shit them out in the morning.
>>1128 Damn when she got up to walk out of the room she had a pretty big dumper.
What did I miss? :0
>>1144 Some crazy thot choking down a big mouse and like 2 baby hamsters. I knew that wasn't gonna stay up for long.
>>1128 >>1106 Could anyone post these on anonfiles or something else? I'm deeply curious on what I missed
>>1106 Do you know her name or have any more of this girl by any chance?
>>1128 Sorry the above request for information was for this particular video.
>>1128 I admire her dedication to get that 1st mouse in her stomach after gagging so many times. Hats off to the mouse too he was not going quietly. It looked like he even bit her tongue out of desperation. After seeing what happened to the first one the other two mice just gave up.
Yeah, could there be a repost of this if possible? Would love to see what was missed
Thirded. I left the download overnight and it got removed while I was sleeping, cancelling the download.
>>1128 Yo lets get this one up again
I can share if people have mega links with more rl vore
>>1128 who is this?
There's Zera, and a video from Vorewhores.com in this folder. https://mega.nz/folder/UUdklJJS#OTBfLANcG0hjuTyMhMpPnw
Looks like mega is becoming more strict with extreme content. I wonder if people should start moving to Dropbox or something.
>>1146 you missed a woman crunching down and swallowing mice... i think i dont like vore anymore
>>1128 was this the Zera video?
That live mouse swallow vid was sexy AF though, still got it saved on my phone a beat off to it
>> No, the Zera video is fairly well known. This was a girl that I have never seen before. You rarely see videos like this. I wonder if she has done any more or if anyone knows anything more about her.
>>1195 Just to clarify this was not hard vore.
>>1213 >>1214 Who was the woman? What did she look like?
If only I could have been that mouse in that video
>>1215 We know someone here has the video, they should re up it for the bros.
I would resend the hamster vid but I’m afraid of demonetization. I might break the video up into chunks and post it on Dropbox.
>>1224 Just upload it to anonifile
>>1224 Like other anon said, just upload to anonfiles
Update: So I can't redownlaod the video due to violations but I managed to get a video of the same woman earlier. II can't upload it to anonfiles for some reason so I hope it can stay up on dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k7fvfnnmpqlaieh/MyAirBridge.com%20Envie%20ou%20compartilhe%20gr%C3%A1tis%20arquivos%20grandes%20at%C3%A9%2020%20GiB%20de.mp4?dl=0
>>1230 You're a damn good man anon
Ohh you are mentioning this girl. She swallows like 6 mice in 2vids, not the greatest vids of all time. There is a big round (ugly round) wiman wo forces a dead rat down and in another vid 2live ducklings. She gets sick after the ducks. Thats a vid i doesn't want to watch again lol. Btw did anyone got the alice vids where she swallows her panties and some small animal (not mice / hamster, something different)?
I thought I had seen most real life vore videos the internet had to offer but some of these are new to me. I know Alice use to do a lot of this stuff but many of her videos were on VHS and lost to time. She even had some post vore scat videos. I know the premise of one was she turned a soccer team into a bunch of pinkie mice, she even put one of them in a condom and swallowed it. She then proceeded to shit all of them out. It was totally wild. I know it's a long shot but does anyone have some of her old material?
>>1233 Swallowing ducklings? That is now. Have a link ?
>>1238 that video is completely fake tho
>>1141 What was the video?
Any have Vorewhores.com or Alexandria Stars fish vore video? https://vorewhores.com/product/bbv15/
>>1237 Of course. I grabbed every live vore video I could, knowing any posting was likely short-lived. https://file.io/t85xkdoh38iO
>>1145 I'll echo the many above: I'd love to see this. I talk to a woman who swallow dwarf hamsters on a regular basis, but I've never been able to see it.
>>1246 It says that file has been deleted. Any chance for a re up?
Whoever in here is reporting all these links and getting them taken down can fuck off. If you don't like this stuff why are you in this thread move the fuck on.
>>1250 Really?! Goddamn that was fast. Uh...I'll see what I can do?
>>1252I will be ready this time lol
Okay crew: go go go! Get it while you can! (Same Alice video I posted before) http://sendanywhe.re/4S2WALAA
>>1257 I got it captain. Godspeed
>>1259 At least someone did. Who knows how long it'll last. But maybe my karma will pay off in getting some of the videos I'm after/have never seen (like the hamster one)
since everyone has been kind http://sendanywhe.re/81OL57TL
>>1246 would be so grateful for a megalink of any oralvore or alexandria videos, lost everything.
>>1270 Aw. It says it exceeded the traffic quota, so I'm out of luck (unless you repost, but no pressure)
>>1128 can anybody get this back up? know it's been asked several times, but couldn't catch the other links.
>>1273 She has some nice lips
https://thisvid.com/videos/sore-loser-full-and-denoised/ This is the full 78 minute vid of Alice's Sore Loser. Unfortunately this video is private so you have to be the uploader's friend to see it and he has not been on for 3 years. =\
>>1270 What was this?
There's a fuckin snitch in this thread
>>1128 Someone gonna be able to reupload? As many have said, preferably with anonfiles so that it won't get taken down so quickly
>>1296 They refuse to let us have nice things
>>1301 I'm happy that there's a snitch lmfao, y'all are literal zoosadists.
(154.74 KB 1000x1000 1631725008634.jpg)

>I'm happy that there's a snitch lmfao, y'all are literal zoosadists.
(396.00 KB 406x406 Chad Smile.png)

>>1306 Ok zoobaby
https://anonfiles.com/13Rfl3Kfuf/Zera_Cat_Girl_1_Devours_10_Mice_F_1_mp4 I would like to close my link-posting with the following: >niggers aren't people >trannies are mentally ill and will never pass >Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself >neither did McAffee >9/11 wasn't an inside job >the Moon landing was real >Israel has fucked us over - Lavon Affair, among others >women aren't equal to men - we have strengths and weaknesses >there is a pedophile satanist cult in charge of the USA - see the Bohemian Grove >the Rothschilds hold the most wealth in the world and are manipulating events, as is the Bilderberg Group >the Western world is fucked >you should probably kill yourself
>>1273 Uhhh, this seems better than Zera...
(134.16 KB 974x998 1631217182990.png)

>> 9/11 wasn't an inside job >>the Moon landing was real
>>1128 anyone manage to snag this willing to put on anonfiles?
Are there any actual communities for RL vore out there? Or is this one thread on this one board all there is?
>>1324 disgusting male vore
>>1362 this
>>1247 lol, how do you find women like that
idk if this video is real or not but i would like to contribute https://www.ign.com/videos/2010/02/11/jace-hall-show-jane-badler-swallows-a-mouse
>>1421 How would you consider for a moment that that might be real?
>>1502 To be fair, it does look really realistic. But yeah, not very likely.
>>1128 Now I've gotta see this. Anyone have a reupload?
"Claudia and Wink fight over white fuzzies"?
>>1519 >"Claudia and Wink fight over white fuzzies"? *Anyone have "Claudia and Wink fight over white fuzzies"?
>>1518 Yes, please someone who got it originally reupload it to anonfiles or something. I have a collection that I will be sharing in return for everyone else's generosity as well. Here is one from Riley Jane, still one of the all time bests imo. https://anonfiles.com/J8g4G4K2uf/Riley_Jane_Apex_Predator_mp4
>>1368 I think this is it unfortunately bro, would be happy if someone could prove me wrong though.
You're a hero anon, thank you!
>>1569 getting a "can't connect" error from firefox
I can't access the Anonfiles webpage, any help guys?
>>1573 looks like anonfiles is down atm
>>1575 Okay, thanks for the info :).
>>1569 The snitch in this thread took down the whole Anonfiles website to prevent anyone from seeing that video. It triggered him that much.
>>1578 Any place else we got to share/ did anyone back the shared content?
>>1128 honestly at this point I just wanna know what the video was :o
>>1578 There’s definitely a snitch but no way they took down the entire website over a few files.
>>1190 can you reup the Vorewhores vids?
>>1569 holy based
>>1569 >>1128 fucking hell... does anyone know anything about this woman? where did this video come from?
Any males?
Anyone have any real life post vore scat? I know its terribly rare.
>>1578 lmfao
>>1666 >Not showing face Gross
I would love to see some live prey with digestion noises afterwards, if it even exists
>>1606 The woman in question is Lucy.Lumicid. She has an Instagram account.
>>1720 Oh nice, thanks. Where did that video come from, and did she do more? I'm guessing she can't put this stuff on her insta or onlyfans.
>>1744 I am also interested. Come on people, lets keep this train going. I'm gonna make it a point to make at least one share for every share someone else uploads. If we all did that we all win! If anyone has any of Riley Jane masturbating, or anyone pissing on fish, I would be very interested. Also, anything with Angelique from CC would be much appreciated. Link relevant. https://anonfiles.com/z6x3l4L5uc/Produced_for_OV_mp4
>>1720 Damn, that girl is obviously a total freak. Wonder if she does customs and if she would be comfortable videoing herself taking a dump a day after downing several mice.
>>1745 Here is another one everybody. Nova Vore https://anonfiles.com/Xdd9m5Lfu4/Untitled_01_m2t
>>1752 Can you link me to what this is before I commit to downloading 1.1gbs on my shitty internet?
>>1753 come on guy, it's untitled_01_m2t, dont ya know what that is?
Hate to spoil things but is lumicid a troony? Something off about her to me.
>>1753 >>1754 Haha, it is worth it. I promise.
>>1756 I know what you mean about the face but body, voice and mannerisms seem pretty feminine to me
Yeah, now that I've watched the whole thing, she reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld when George dates a girl who is pretty from some angles and not from others. Sometimes she looks really bad and other times she reminds me of Natalie Portman almost. It's weird. She has very good dialogue though. Something which other girls don't have.
>>1759 lol pretty accurate
>>1756 I wish lol
>>1800 ewww fuckin degenerate over here
>>1805 Talking about degenerates in a real life vore thread
>>1273 Please. This was such a tease where is the rest!
>>1273 Bumping for this one
>>1806 was a joke
>>1190 You got another copy of the vorewhores video? The mega link's dead.
>>1755 File does not work. Unfortunately.
Anyone have a sexy male swallowing a mice? (With face?)
>>1852 Should be good. Check your player. Working for anyone?
even if we fap to this we do understand it's really immoral, right?
>>1909 Works for me!
>>1755 >>1908 Awesome! Thank you guys, glad to see this is still going!
>>1910 I will probably get some flack for this, but... I do, that's part of why I am here. I can feel reasonably okay with watching and sharing things that have already been made, but I really don't want to pay for the content or in any way contribute to more of it being made. I've done that before and it really doesn't sit well with me. It's taken me a long time to accept this as part of my sexuality, and to be okay with the fact that I find it hot. I just don't want to actually contribute to any animals being hurt.
>>1913 it's not my main fetish, and I'm really grateful. The few times I fap to this, at most once a month, I'm then happy to have other kinds of degenerate fetish where things are just weird. Do you think there is some self-hate in being aroused by this? People will think I'm trolling, but I'm a vegetarian.
>>1915 I can relate, I am not a vegetarian, but I have felt for a long while that if I could get up the motivation to change the habit of eating meat, I would feel a lot better about being one. I know for me there was a LOT of self hate, for a long time. Though I don't think there has to be. While there are a lot of other things that are up there in my fetish list, this is probably my main one. It took a lot of work with a sex positive sex therapist for me to come to a place where I accept this part of my sexuality, and to get to a place where I can express it in a way that doesn't weigh too heavily on my conscience- I swore off all porn, and especially live vore, for a long time, but that was damaging and repressive in itself. The place that I've come to from working with her is that as long as I don't contribute to harm being done, I can live with myself and even like myself while still allowing this to be a part of me and not repressing my sexuality. Donating to animal welfare charities has helped as well. The ironic thing is that I think part of why it is such a big turn on for me is because I love animals so much, and have so much empathy for them and their suffering. It makes content like this that much more subversive and arousing. Eroticism is weird.
I don't care about the fish, but I can see how people would be bothered by rodents. I draw the line there. The higher the animal the more people will empathize with it, but the deeper the connection between it and the girl. In the Lucy video when she said "I'm proud of him", I was like "damn, so am I. He fought back in the face of certain death. May his tiny soul be carried to mouse Valhalla."
And PS, I worry more about the girls than the animals. Porn is very degrading to women, and a lot of them end up overdosing or committing suicide. So don't shame them, I guess is what I want to say.
>>1919 Thank you. What she's doing isn't really my thing, but she's probably the best girl from that site. Whenever a fish goes down, you can tell that either she's genuinely enjoying herself or that she's a very good actress.
(2.09 MB 3840x2160 2160p_Moment.jpg)

>>1910 >>1913 as an act cant say i see it as immoral to be honest, a lack of knowledge used to make me think that but its totally normal, it doesn't seem it but there's nothing more natural on the planet than this when you think about it. in all other countries they eat some kind of live animal, the west just seems to have gone a bit mad about morality. you should see what animals do to each other you can own a pet and it can kill and eat and you can buy animals for it to eat but you doing it is immoral its a bit of a paradox, even the ones you think are vegetarian eat small animals to grow their horns deers cows etc. i honestly think not doing it is a complex to believe you are inherently good. you can have this fetish and still be good though, its hot to watch a woman swallow an animal yeah sure but if i see a bug in my house ill let it out in a cup, or i move hedgehogs out of the road. we aren't like torturing everywhere we go we just have this and we live with it. vegetarians and vegans unknowingly eat insects with their food but they have a bit of a reputation for looking down on others ways of life. my sexual identity is totally separate from my neutral behaviour i don't eat lots of things im essentially pescatarian, and ive done tonnes for the environment but this is hot as hell and i cant not like it. you don't know animals if you think they're all cute and fluffy they do the most terrible things to each other. as self hatred it looks that way but if the person has your back it shouldn't get to that stage. domination, lack of safety, feeling safety in a woman, giving everything to her, lots of people say they feel like they'd die for someone they love, a woman literally consuming your entire existence everything you are where and will be, i find all these huge final adrenaline surging emotions manifest in this fetish all at full blast before you can sense them all for their unique aspects, its a big rush thinking about going through that mouth to the back of her throat and into her body, maybe its also about returning to where you actually came from aswell which is a woman's body. ive also found crazy as it is the more you like an animal and think its cool the stronger your connection to it the closer your feelings are to being swallowed. but the way i found out was a freak accident
(840.97 KB 320x180 katv3.gif)

it was everywhere until recently tbf, did you know goldfish where originally bred for food they are not naturally occurring
(1.07 MB 320x180 katv4.gif)

love this fetish i just wish we had more of a team spirit i have to say the betrayals in live vore are no joke lol
(50.28 KB 320x180 ClipboardImage.png)

(51.25 KB 320x180 ClipboardImage.png)

bros the long blonde hair, where did they find this sexy lipped white claudia lol if you see this i love you sandra and i want you to eat me alive i dont care if you have a long tongue and your different cant wait to see where you take this, will u marry me <3 ps swallow live prey give us what we want!
>>1920 I empathize with the women too. I have friends who are sex workers, and it's not like all porn is bad for the people involved, but I certainly think that the people who are willing to engage in this kind of porn are far more likely to be doing it for not the most "self actualizing" reasons, and it can be very harmful to reputations and the rest of their lives if it gets out. Case in point- SImone.
>>1924 Oh, I hear you. That's why I'm not judging others who are into it also, and have different boundaries than me. I totally agree that nature is fucked up, and it's not like the animals in most of these videos had any other fate than ending up as food anyway. This is part of why I feel okay watching these videos and participating here. I have no problem giving feeders to my pet snake or lizards. It is really more of a "What helps me feel good about myself," and causing that kind of suffering is different when it's purely for sexual gratification- if not in the actuality of the situation, then at least in how it effects me psychologically. I just want to be able to sleep at night. I am not knocking anyone else's views on it, and if there is a strong case to be made for the acceptability of eating meat (as I think there is) then there is also a strong case to be made for this. I am merely stating what works for me, and letting someone else know that they were not alone in having conflicting feelings about it.
>>1924 >basing your morality on what animals do lol
No. 1934 basing morality on what humans do which is this which is what animals do? lol paradox
(1.56 MB 1920x1080 roxvfrog4_Moment1.jpg)

>>1934 humans are definitely as brutal as animals so your going in a circle. your also perhaps putting yourself on a pedestal because you find safety in your humanity, try being homeless, stranded or publicly admitting you like vore see how moral everyone will be with you. killing and bullying for reasons unknown is what humans do best of all, this atleast is pretty natural. you for example choose to handle it with a joke to make you look better and someone else look worse yet were all in the same thread for the same reason i assume? life is full of paradoxes open your mind and you'll feel better or dont free will and all that
>>1932 i get what you mean for instance i wont watch like a puppy or a cat be tortured because it makes me sick, or senseless torture of anything without reason, paradoxically ill watch this but its a normalish thing. psychologically were all at different stages, ive been in a place where the lizards coming and going had more rights and freedom than i did i got through it by imagining id been swallowed by the woman i was closest to, so i can completely feel if a girl swallows a lizard because they had it better than me once upon a time, so I'm not in a position to brag. is it "good" well my fetish is amplified massively but i can definitely think of worse ways to be.
>>1931 i may be very different but i felt suicidal when it got out about me liking this, really thought id die, but just hang around and its not as horrific as you imagine stay off social media and stay away from anyone who tries to laugh at you and you'll get through it. hanging on to those things will push you over the edge, call help lines get therapy and simplify everything. its not a fix all but i happen to picture the bullies laughing at my suicide and the scrutiny after i had an experience of no one helping and it made me mad enough to realize people just suck. dying will mean jack shit to them they will crawl over each other to look that bit cooler. they're lives are simpler than mine. think of it like wind in the trees or birds chirping. just noise of the planet it keeps turning weather you like vore or not. bullies will find someone else to laugh at tomorrow why would you care what they say or think. fear factor, im a celebrity, naked and afraid and all sorts of shows do it lit no biggie dont guilt yourself into a corner
>>1935 >>1936 Animals are not moral agents, they have no concept of morality. My point is that justifying the morality of actions based on what animals do doesn't make sense. It's like saying "well wildfires can start naturally, so it's fine for me to torch this forest". Animals (and primitive humans) do/did horrendous stuff to each other all the time (like murder, rape, etc.) that we have decided are immoral and punish those acts accordingly. I don't think I'm better than anyone here, I'm a massive degenerate, but I'm not trying to justify swallowing animals alive as being moral (it's not, that's why it's hot).
>>1940 humans are not moral agents in my experience lol take.. erm this thread for example XD comparing this to murder and rape or torching a forest is a bit extreme, id say more like a camp fire. to which we plant trees after were not feeding the entire planet to a woman are we? (if there is a women who can devour this planet plz message me bro) just havin a bit o sexy fun also this fetish glorifies women to an extreme which again i think is a good thing they get a hell of alot of tough breaks in their life. i wouldnt put this anywhere near rape.
Less philosophical discussion, more mice getting swallowed please.
>>1960 >humans are not moral agents in my experience lol by "moral agent" I mean something that can tell right from wrong, not something that always acts morally (though I'm not sure all humans could be considered moral agents by this definition, and this also assumes free will exists). The severity isn't that relevant in my opinion, the logic is the same - you are causing suffering unnecessarily, and it being "natural" doesn't make it moral. To be fair though, this assumes you assign moral value to animal life, which most people do, even though they may have some cognitive dissonance surrounding meat eating for example. Whether or not watching and enjoying these videos is wrong is a different question, you're not actively participating in it and as long as you don't pay or encourage others to do it, you have no responsibility in their creation. Dunno really. We're still massive degenerates though. Also stop simping bro.
>>1962 Agreed. Post more mouse vore
>>1962 Indeed... cant ever get enough
Moar male vore please ;_;
Probably better to stick with goldfish. Less likely people will get so upset.
(25.58 KB 400x400 63IZTeus_400x400.jpg)

>>1938 >i may be very different but i felt suicidal when it got out about me liking this Don't worry anon. We're all same and here for you <3
https://mega.nz/file/ZLAUCJrS#e8UgMaG_LPC2sq6E6JCXwCot1fKE-3LRsP5dnzTxYhI Something entirely wholesome: woman eating fish that are already dead then rubbing her tummy. Still hot as hell.
>>1981 were you doxxed or something? I couldn't imagine telling anyone I'm into something so weird, unless it's my wife or long-term girlfriend (and even then).
>>1983 No, but i think i got mentioned on kiwifarms thread a lot
>>1983 That's weird. Sorry to pry, but kiwi farms doesn't just go after random people. It's mostly just lolcows. Are you a public figure or an artist in the vore world or something? Or did you have a beef with someone on that site? If you don't feel comfortable answering that's fine, I'll stop.
>>1986 There's a "zoosadism general" thread. I was active a lot in rl vore world,they Posted screenshots of a RL Vore group and i was talking about swallowing a whole mouse alive and shit..
Anyone have a full version of this?
>>1999 zoosadism?! that's horrible, where? where is that thread? i must know so i can avoid that better
>>2016 did you say sonic fox that guy from all the fighting games fucks dogs and that or is that a nickname someone took on?? ugh im ok with vore and that's weird for most and swallowing is normally sexy but, but screwing a dog, even wanting it to die from it im feeling sick... that's zoo beast necro i knew there where rich women that eat men which on the surface sounds cool but they trick and murder them first that's terrifying, i saw a convo where one was boasting they'd never catch her and how many men shed killed and eaten from nights out and that. if you don't have their fetish and a woman is looking to kill you regardless of what you want that's pretty terrifying, makes me look over my shoulder. i think thats a full death fetish cannibal/murderer as a cult fetish i was like ok back away slowly I'm way out of my depth here I'm gonna go watch some swallowing stunts..
>>2016 ...christ.
Theres a clip of some woman toying and eating a small hamster/mouse, anyone know it? She has a large stomach and brown hair, probs latino
I believe she went by the name 'eva vore clips'
Kiwi farms is a site you should stay away from if you don't want to lose all hope in mankind.
>>2027 I doubt those videos of women are real. Rogue femcans isn't exactly a known societal phenomenon.
>>2065 >t. 8chan user
>>2039 hmmm. all the vids i saw from "eva vore" was either with a russian gal, totally white skin, a broken incisor... in her clips she is at various level of being pregnant, or after childbirth. Dyed hair, sometimes black, red, or blondish... or with an other russian girl, very skinny, lot of tats, dyed greyish hair... they are swallwing mice, hamsters, and various small objects.... I havn't seen any brown haired latina with large stomach so far... but i definitely loved to see on, i am very much into chubby bellies and shit...
Anyone got post vore Scat vids?
Anyone here into male vore?
This should satisfy most of the people here. A lot of these videos I never saw till recently. Figured I'd share the love. Get them while you can, not sure how long the mega is gonna stay up. https://mega.nz/folder/MEtlmQbY#zQ69_e8jtqL9AWKMM03SBA
>>2075 Any male rl vore videos like this?
Thank you so much for the mega link !! Is there someone here who know a website where it is possible to buy video like this with real vore, or models who accept custom request for this kind of video, it interest me a lot .
>>2075 hmm... i am not realy into anal vore, but who is that cute gal wh put those huge kois into her bumhole...?
talking about FCS here you guys be careful out there if you want to safely voreflirt with women don't say the name unless you want to be fridge food instead of swallowed
>>2075 holy based. where did you guys find the Lucy vids? she's insane
>>2094 Lucy will do all kinds of stuff she just charges a lot of money for it
>>2097 You've just described every girl I've ever been involved with.
>>2078 This.
>>1755 love it
>>2007 Who is this?
>>2087 I do, but it's not the full vid (the one on thisvid)
>>1273 Anyone have any info on this
lol too ez to track
Oh she's Polish. That explains her becoming a fetish model: hiring people to screw in light bulbs is expensive.
>>2268 Indeed... found her 3 years ago but she changed her acc a little so I lost her smh. Great to see shes still existing yay :)
Anything new?
Feel free to post even old stuff guys. In fact, that’s probably better, since the creator already got all the money they’ll ever get from the older vids.
>>2075 What is “ IMG_8823.TRIM” from? Who made it?? The Japanese girl sucking on mouse.
>>2329 ThisVid would have plenty of great mouse vore, but unless someone makes a way to snag the private (AKA the only stuff worth watching) videos, yer not gonna find anything good from there.
The problem with this vid is it’s full. It won’t let you upload vids that are already there, so everyone who got in early can see all the awesome core vids and the rest of us are out of luck. I was thinking of commissioning a video just so I can upload it there, but I think commissioning a vid that is entirely yours that the girl can’t sell on her site is usually stupidly expensive. Thoughts?
>>2341 Upload it somewhere and ask ppl to trade with u
Video pls
>>1233 >wiman wo forces a dead rat down I need to see that
https://mega.nz/folder/mEoWxCbB _5jgvJxg2PGaJXrnV4TcKw
>>2440 >>2185 You two are wonderful. Thank you so much!
>>2440 Does this have any Scat?
>>2440 MAH DUDE!!! Not all heroes wear capes. Thanks a bunch.
(3.65 MB 576x1024 IMG_1914.mp4)

>>2610 WOW fuck me just look at that tanned titaness, how much to be that fish??
>>2610 Wiem, że dla tych wszystkich profesjonalnych FC przepraszam za wypowiedzenie tego słowa w tej grupie. Zastanawiam się, dlaczego po prostu nie zabijają gwałcicieli ukrywających się na krzesiwie, którzy nadal nękają swoje ofiary? Ty też nigdy nie dostajesz imienia od biednych, przemilczanych ludzi. Jedynymi osobami, które mogą je złapać, są prawdopodobnie kobiety, które mogą je zabić
>>2610 What oh my god she looks like someone you'd never be good enough for
>>2610 she's tantastic tantalising tangible she's the tan
>>2610 This is the first time I have realistically considered downloading TikTok (not for this vid, but are there vore vids to be found there?)
(4.16 MB 576x1024 IMG_1947.MP4)

There are a few gems. Here’s a favorite of mine
>>2674 that burp was hot, is this the part where we all dl ticktock?
(9.50 MB 640x360 vk.com - Messenger.mp4)

newer zera mouse vore
>>2702 based but glowies got to it quickly :(
What was it? Zera looked really good in that one, but you could tell she didn't want "Rob" to share it. Too late now, I guess.
Considering the tictok videos, is vore starting to catch on? Are the girls getting the message finally? The first girl especially really seemed to be enjoying herself. So are the people reporting just haters or something? None of this is any more illegal than any other videos of women eating. It's not like we're doing anything bad. People eat fish all the time and the mice are all feeder mice; they're meant to be fed to snakes. That's something I DO think should be illegal. I'd really rather have a fetish model next door than a crazy asshole with a reticulated python.
>>2709 Lmao yeah fuck snake owners. But people are taking down irl vore stuff cus they get freakef out by it. Imagine seeing this stuff from a normies perspective.
>>2707 ~30GB of RL vore videos, looked like a lot of Alice, Claudia, Wink and others. Only got the chance to watch a couple though. Fuck glowies and snitches
It's probably the OV team. They're (understandably) very protective of their videos, and take steps to prevent sharing them, rather than normies. Honestly, this board is hard enough to find that I'd question the normie's motivations.
i tried to download the claudia vid but it didn't work. and that was yesterday!! fuck me, and of course today it's gone
>>2709 I think they’re doing it more from a dare factor than a vore one.
>>1230 anymore of her? Where did you find this anon?
just want to say thank you to those who share, it is greatly appreciated.
>>2702 Next time put this stuff in a zip or something so Jannies take longer to figure out it's based.
>>2702 REup pls?
https://anonfiles.com/7c8eldP7u5/part_7z Key will be published on a later date
>>2806 >1.7gb What is this
Any male vore?
>>2815 he has to post the password so we can see...
>>2806 Big brain guy right here, well done.
It's a virus
>>2820 Gtfo snitch ass bitch
>>2820 >>2830 It's literally an encrypted 7z archive, look at the file header you dolt.
>>2838 Their stupidity knows no bounds. They are snitches that don't want anyone looking at it while they contact any method they can to destroy it.
Any mouse/frog vore please? Anonfiles if possible. Mega jannies are way too fast
>>2709 what tiktok videos?
>>2610 The girl in this is on tiktok as josielyster, I thought I recognized her from this vid. Seems like both vids were posted the same day, wonder how many fish ended up in her belly https://thisvid.com/videos/josie-swallows-goldfish-in-pool/
>>2806 Alright it's been long enough. Give us the password.
>>2075 >>2702 Guys i'm totally late :( may i kindly ask a gently soul to re-up these files? I would be so grateful for your generosity!
>>2990 L Abb .
>>2996 nonsensefag
>>3011 sensefag
>>2996 wat
anyone want to trade? Msg me on thisvid
>>2990 >>2806 I tried "LAbb", "LAbb.", and "L Abb ." but nothing worked. What is the password
So tictok YouTube random vore, Instagram pro paid, this vid mad vore experiments, keep the big shops protected nobody with proper knowledge actually likes to tell because companies always board the hype train to profit but don't actually harbor us if the law gets funny. And throw us under the bus, that's why new questions arnet answered. Any girls who want to experiment but are too scared of judgement this vid is usually the place that allows that. I think but we have a good relationship there don't show your face and Ur fine.
>>1099 hello, does any of you have a video where a woman from Russia swallows a hamster? eva vore
>>2996 It no work
>>2806 QS 1.0 - Ed25519 Signed Message: The password is OrdonjuvRejeuftyodd1 . Signed for authenticity. SIG: 4A9O+bOULVAhO0R66ktMNXXHPSCUEmACcyRXJ0sAMo5LAoZq97dW/PsLWH8H/7IsZTUobtcmMXEwV6H0kp12Cg== PK: VoreMEydxcWaeIngWeEdhcx6+X8jLd2BPegboEwolIA=
Anyone got post vore scat stuff?
Annyone alexandria star video ?
>>3062 based, this is how content should be shared. appreciate the upload.
>>3062 Dunno how or what that files about just seems like a glitchy VLC
>>3062 I just love Claudia test subdject. What´s her other stagename? If I want to find her on PH? Or Roxannes other stagename. I would also want to watch there normal porn as well!
Claudia did normal porn under some pun of Halle Berry's name, but I can't remember quite how it went. Good luck.
>>3099 Great! I found her! Ally Berry! Now I just need to find out who the HELL Roxanne is!
>>3082 Anyone Alexandria stars?? I'm search tio
QS 1.0 - Ed25519 Signed Message: https://anonfiles.com/H52197Q3u8/p2_7z Password will be released later. SIG: OAScSFId40jRBwNo3ErOkiktK2XSaT7uWG01ZB1+gZbCau+suEkADevJaSSjxjedQey0k0tN5SJStT2z8xVIAw== PK: VoreMEydxcWaeIngWeEdhcx6+X8jLd2BPegboEwolIA=
if you have any questions, email me at justincaseforyou@gmail.com as noted on the site.
>>3194 The legend returns, was loosing Roxanne the most gutwrenching moment in ov history? I hear she made so much money and got so many messages she quit? Still couldn't she use an agent?
>>3207 Hagrid"now what you have to understand about that is.." quick under the cloak hide! You can't talk about Roxanne whithout a flare up because she doesn't want to be talked about anymore which is hard when you've been on so many journeys and movies with her. But talking about her in any sense just gets a bad reaction.
I think we all need therapy to process Roxanne leaving May this song bring you comfort in these darkest of nights https://youtu.be/3T1c7GkzRQQ
>>3192 I know I would NEVER provide a photo ID for something like this, no matter how much money I was willing to spend, given the legal grey areas in many places. In fact, a huge reason a lot of us are sharing this stuff to begin with is that there's no easy way to just buy what you want anonymously.
(154.74 KB 1000x1000 1631725008634.jpg)

>This is J from oralvore. I will now require a valid photo ID for future purchases on my site.
>>2007 This one please
>>3116 how do we open this
>>3192 What are Roxanne's other stage names?
Was there some sort of drama about Roxanne leaving? Also, to J. I think it's more likely that your site got hacked or something, dude. Some of the shares here are of pretty much your whole site, including vids with watermarks. I'd look into your opsec before you make your entire customer base angry at you.
First off, I'm not even the guy posting. I literally only lurk but this so stupid it's forcing me to reply. >>3192 >I will now require a valid photo ID for future purchases If real you just lost a sizeable chunk of future sales here alone. >>3280 >J from OV again. I have all of your credit card info. If you do not take down posts sharing my content, I will expose your purchases to your friends and family via social media. And here you just fucked the entire business lmao. Requiring ID then making threats to embarrass customers at your own discretion is just about the worst thing you could do to your reputation as a fucking fetish porn video distributor. You'd have to be an absolutely bottom tier retard to interact with anyone doing what you're doing right now. This has to be some normie troll trying to spook people out of buying content or something because I refuse to believe someone as dumb as you sound could even figure out how to use a computer.
was 100% J from oralvore. he deleted his threats.
>>3285 Yeah, that settles it. Assuming this is real, I'm not making any future purchases there. Imagine buying a video or two, and then getting _fucking blackmailed_ because someone hacked the site, my computer, or he just screwed up identifying piracy. It just isn't worth it. The photo ID thing is probably just for more blackmail potential as well.
>>3285 holy fuck what a dumbass lmao
getting out of this community soon but going to leak every single oralvore video I have before. thanks for a good time you freaks.
>>3329 holy based
(30.84 KB 640x486 truth.jpg)

>>3351 Well you single-handedly destroyed your entire business today buddy. Congratulations!
>>3351 >Your contact info was never encrypted, I have a failsafe of anyone who ever purchased from my site in a plaintext notepad file. You really don't know when to stop do you?
>>3351 I feel like this is someone trolling lol. No way is anyone this stupid.
>>3352 Based moment
>>3354 oh lol he deleted it, guess it actually was him lmao
If that was Jim from OV then I'm Mary Fuckin' Poppins. I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt that he's not insane enough to threaten to blackmail his own customers.
I think the OralVore people's problem is that they are trying to make way more money than is possible in such a niche fetish. Live vore is only gonna attract so many pervs. That's just the way it is. Also, the concept that they should ever pay for porn, or that they will ever be willing to pay for porn is just foreign to almost all people. There are always gonna be a few guys with money burning holes in their pocket, who will fall in love with a specific girl, or want to commission specific things, but they're rare. And all that's just for normal porn. And if a video is online, someone is gonna find it and share the hell out of it. It's as inevitable as the tides. Most fetish vid makers accept all this and adapt. Galas, for example, just makes a ridiculous amount of videos in a lot of different genres and let's guys buy and share all they want. Katelyn Brooks does the same thing, but sticks to giantess stuff. They both seem to make a decent living without tracking down people. Of course, they're both girls, so if Galas needs extra cash, all she has to do is run down to the pet shop, buy some fish, do her thing, and have mr. Galas film it and put it online. Boom, a few thousand more simp bucks. Jay, on the other hand, has to book a girl, probably pay her in advance, and do all the leg work himself. But he should know that's the name of the game: the girl is what the porn is all about ESPECIALLY with live vore, where the girls virtually take on the roles of goddesses. I'd say he should probably try and expand into other fetishes, more common ones, if he wants the big bucks. I'd hate to see OV go, but I suspect there will always be crazy thots out there who will eat living things for money or even just because they're evil or something, so don't be too worried.
anyone got any anal/pussy vore?
>> 3390 Bump
Does Katelyn brooks still have fish videos on her site? I remember she had some pretty good ones. I doubt she still has those but if she has ill buy an upload here on payday
>>1666 this is so fucking hot, I wish I was this mouse
Did anybody have any Lucy lumid vids?
>>1652 Was that a woman?
what is the best way to upload a ton of data for sharing?
>>3416 >Anonymous Mega usually, just don't post the link directly here. As they have been reported. Just depends what you're uploading
>>2440 What was that?
>>3415 No, that's from a man.
tread lightly
>>3260 >Password will be released later. ...you don't
>>3116 Where is the password?
>>2440 >>2447 >>2484 What was that people?
Makayla has new videos where she's pregnant - and sending some fish into her massive belly. I'd buy them in a hearbeat if I could use my card. Does anyone have them?
Definitely some troll posts earlier. Why would J somehow be so focused on an obscure thread, on 8chan that itself is quite obscure?
>>3467 Eh, I feel like the quality of work from Makayla has somewhat declined in her recent videos compared to her older ones — late 2014 to 2015 was peak Makayla, in terms of swallow skill, and especially upclose work.
>>3479 Omg does anyone have the rest of this??
>>3479 Virus
>>3477 Reup possibly? They're gone already
>>2484 >>2440 >>2447 Can anyone reupload this!
I still would like to know what other stage names Roxanne from OralVore goes by. She must have done normal porn as well!
>>3505 No. It's a .mp4 with claudia getting a bag of mice but not eating them.
(53.09 KB 629x518 IMG_20211031_233239.jpg)

Seems like no one here is into male vore..that shit is underrated
>>3478 What video was this? It looks like it says girl swallows 20 mice?! I want to see what this is but it's already down
>>3542 your post is a hour old and its 404 not found.
>>3541 I know ;)
>>3542 >>3543 Fuck glowies
Start your own thread for male vore. No one else wants to see it.
>>2440 Someone answer us
>>3556 >Tranny Ew no please
Hey there.. would anyone know where I could find more of Nova’s stuff?
Can anyone please upload this?
>>3554 Name of the girl?
You faggots have already ruined Halloween and the word gay. Do you have to ruin vore too?
>>3540 Notice the other %20 occurrences in the URL. I'm pretty sure it indicates a space in the actual title. Probably actually reads 'Girl swallows mice - ThisVid.com.mp4'
>>3554 i cant see a girl,i just see a throat
one of the OV girls is trans. It's not Claudia. I'll let you guess which one it is.
Proof or it's just slander, dude.
>>3639 Wink?
>>3631 Name of the throat?
>>3116 QS 1.0 - Ed25519 Signed Message: Password is 93SEQ?%%OUcifyhj&{fy . SIG: 0LDx9+c+j7E1DWbeWSGFLeef6OTBON4hqDc51uAY42MBcjcgDZfGJAOOvStvHMCYDV+/rpk2xC24hzv9gWb3CA== PK: VoreMEydxcWaeIngWeEdhcx6+X8jLd2BPegboEwolIA=
Wink is trans. She underwent HRT, that’s why she has so much body hair.
>>2440 >>2447 >>2484 Reupload this motherfuckers
>>3656 Kokuho_Rose, she is japanese.
>>3669 Did she ever do anything else with mice, I know she had some stuff on thisvid. But she disappeared, does she have any other presence online ?
Does anybody have Lucy lumid vids?
>>3670 I heard of other mice vids but never saw them. I only have one fish vid of her and some food swallowing vids - all from Thisvid. And the fish video is not very good. Mostly camera shaking and blurry image. :/ - "does she have any other presence online ?" ¯\_(:/)_/¯
>>3686 Yeah, I also remember people talking about it. I also saw Sarah Bigbutt buttcrush videos with mice and rats I have searched far and wide but either noone every responded or it was removed. Wish I would find it again.
(2.72 MB 720x1280 Bbw chugs a goldfish.mp4)

Why all the anonfile, especially not being able to preview, am I the only one that doesn't download without being able to preview, like mega
If you want problem with your computer/phone download from anonfiles My norton warn me everytime and if I still do I get intrusion attempts on my computer
>>1233 Anyone got this?
If we could only find the holy grail of the girl pooping out the remains of the digested mice... It has to be out there somewhere...
>>3747 there's an alice video where she does that
I have a large collection of never seen before amateur goldfish vids i may post
https://anonfiles.com/hc0464Seue/tube-challengediamond_mp4 Diamond Tube Challenge Wish I had more to share, but mah 'puter went kaput last year, motherboard fried and harddrive died, so I lost everythin' 'ahv bought, includin' the Mackenzie/Sharkgirl pinkie mouse vid. That really sucks, since she and Stacy are the only two OV girls I particularly like. And no, I wasn't smart enough to have everything backed up on a separate HD/device, or on Mega. Oh well. Here's my meager offering.
>>3799 I miss Diamond so much
>>3799 Never knew Sharkgirl did pinkies! Would love to see that...
(1.97 MB 1280x720 clav20s_Moment7.jpg)

(1.97 MB 1280x720 clav20s_Moment7.jpg)

(1.05 MB 1366x768 perfect teeth.png)

mice have whiskers and lightning reflexes sharp sense of smell from being bitten too much by predators' its so odd when one walks into a girls mouth and down her throat. maybe because it smells like food they dont get it
@jim from oralvore, shut your faggot ass up before i report you to PETA and get your whole operation shut down
>>3848 Sure if you want your info leaked
I'm just here for videos lol :P
>>3820 Eh?
>>3848 what a mug do you know how many animals the peta euthanize behind closed doors? they also insulted Australia zoo who do ground-breaking work for animals? maybe look into the petas practices first?
>>3866 JESUS CHRIST DUDE THANK YOU. I got everything downloaded for anyone who wants anything after this ends up getting DMCA'd. Theres 89GB worth of amazing content here.
Massive Zera compilation with some never before seen vids. https://anonfiles.com/vfW8NfSdu8/82_wmv
Does anyone have or know of any videos where it's not just the girl swallowing something but where there is also a focus on her body, specifically her ass? That's the kind of stuff I like.
>>3876 Can you upload it to mega? Google wont let me download anything
>>3934 It let's me download just fine even today, whats the issue?
Please Can someone share this video. https://vorewhores.com/product/wv86/
>>3935 Download limit exceeded :(
>>3935 not that guy (and I also haven't downloaded any file!). Download quota has been reached. If one is logged in it may ignore the limit, but as you can guess these files are not something that in certain countries one wants to download with a google account (since it has the phone number).
omg holy cow thank you so much for sharing
>>3876 Since everything is blocked I cannot even check file size, but if it's not too much trouble could you upload on mega/anonfiles newaltrailer new anahi video production pinkievorepart2 newlisa fire mouse 3 newswallowing squeakers I don't think they have ever been shared before. I don't know what I could give in return
Does anyone has Galas or Riley collection?
>>3866 It is very kind of you to share your movie collection. Unfortunately, I can't watch anything because the number of views is still exceeded. If you can, send me videos of Eva by e-mail. Eva and hamster. Also write what you are looking for yourself. If I have it, I will share it.
>>3866 My mail is xhunterx213@o2.pl
Anyone got any real life unbirth/insertion stuff?
>>3820 girl name?
I suggest people either use Torrent or this https://degoo.com/ which offer 100 GB free
>>3866 >>3876 Can you two or someone else make a torrent of this or a new copy? It wont even let me do the whole copy and download trick
>>3866 This needs to be upped somewhere less bad
the trick is: 1. add selected video to "starred" by right clicking it 2. create a folder in ur drive, name it anything 3. in ur starred videos on the left, click and drag the vid to ur new folder u created in step 2 4. right click and download the folder
>>3062 I can’t open your file. Can you tell me pass agein?
>>3657 I can’t open your file too... Please tell me pass..
>>3965 This is the password: 93SEQ?%%OUcifyhj&{fy You do not need the last "space" and "."
why is there barely any videos of women eating ants? it seems so obvious but i think i have only seen one video of it ever
>>3866 Thank you so much for sharing this awesome collection with us, this videos are very very good !! :-)
we need more of EVA the russian babe
I heard a rumour on a discord server a couple months back about a girl who shoved a kitten up her ass anyone know if such a thing even exists?
>>3972 why is there an upload limit on this actual site
>>3981 missed a girl putting a frog up her ass there it got taken down quick, why is anal vore so diff to oral vore? basically the same thing
>>3984 Wtf... ngl I feel bad about the goldfish sometimes I don't even know what they were thinking with this
>>3979 That has to be fake! That cat would tear her a new one!
>>3992 I would say it's definitely possible, not your average girl, but some can stretch for some pretty big toys, I wouldn't think it's impossible. I talked to a woman that met a girl at a bdsm munch, went back to her house and watched her unbirth a kitten, small, but all the way into her pussy
>>3791 Please do if you get the chance
>>3996 I would pay to see that! :-)
Shit have you never heard of Kinkyjo? She can fit a horse's cock in her ass all the way to the balls and not blink, she is a legend.
>>4007 Yeah, a kitten would probably devastate some insides, but perfectly believable that some folks could get one in there (in the same way you can imagine what extreme deepthroaters might be able to swallow)
>>3848 Aside from the few Alice anal vore vids, had anybody else seen mice anal vore ?
please post
please post them!!!
>>3866 can someone put the Japanese goldfish vore ones together on mega or something?
>>3753 Where
>>4008 this convo is so unhinged if they put it in something so it couldn't scratch them i honestly think so... then honestly girls can apparently take 3 fists and shit should we make a evil pact here? spread live anal vore culture over the next few years.
>>4041 i could use a pass time
>>4041 a girls ass may as well be Narnia but warmer
(413.71 KB 500x375 ClipboardImage.png)

(575.36 KB 640x430 ClipboardImage.png)

(421.16 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)

(58.87 KB 300x203 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3979 can i just point out a comparison, this convo is so so deranged, but oh well what does sanity get you lol. the comparison.. not to mention they can swallow actual metal swords with training. if it wasn't illegal a newborn kitten would get swallowed up by full grown woman used to this with little resistance, but shed go prison...
>>4046 Depends on what country and what local laws they have toh.
Hi everyone, is there someone who know where we can find more from EVA Vore ( the woman who swallow hamster whole ) ? or a website or adress where it is possible to contact her for a custom ?
>>4046 See you say that, and yet swallowing hamsters, mice, fish etc. is just as illegal and people still do it.
>>4067 Probably because those animals breed like rabbits.
(4.39 MB 640x360 IMG_2526.MOV)

>>4071 Part 2?
That’s all I got unfortunately >>4073
>>4071 You can see that struggle (with that tear)
Does anyone have hard vore content? I know its not as popular, but some one has to have it.
(26.90 MB 1280x720 Brazilian Belly -.mp4)

does anyone have this video? it was online years ago
>>4095 If you find some please share they're impossible to find
>>4067 because they're.. well not kittens or puppies... your have to have some kind of code to keep yourself from turning into a murderer, if you can kill a kitten or puppy your evil im sure the world would agree
>>4071 hands down the best goldfish swallower, stephinas lobster video obviously shook me up but in pleasing a woman she was amazing. i didnt know avery still worked with them she's a bomshell
(319.97 KB 255x240 1635856412338.gif)

>killing pupperinos and kitties is worse because uhhhhhh... >they're just heckin cute okay????
>>4119 baby dogs and cats anchor our tainted souls to the world if you sacrifice one to a goddess there's no going back for you, you'll be forced to wander the world neither living nor dead. the puppies or kitties soul will haunt you every time you see a woman eat. then again if a woman had you right where she wanted you sexually emotionally and mentally and you where on the back foot... wrapped her arms around you put her mouth right near your face so you could hear the yelps and meows of the puppy and kitty ghosts and said give me your puppy I'm hungry... then you must run to save your soul
>>4071 my mind when new fetish girls say they cant do live vore mmkay i fully understand the big risks involved physiologically impossible... https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=deep+throat&&view=detail&mid=E0DCF58C0181DAE1E1DAE0DCF58C0181DAE1E1DA&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Ddeep%2Bthroat%26FORM%3DVSRANF
>>4128 What was that?
Can someone re-up the frog analvore on this vid🐸 pmsl I went to show someone how she farted with it in her ass and it screamed but it's gone!! Anyone have anal vore?
>>4139 Saw that too I just caught anal vore, girls doing it who are hot enough to make you cry could give you the fetish even if you don't have it
>>4134 It's not directly vore he's just highlighting how much woman can actually swallow. Compare those to animals. There was a video of a woman getting a few foot long snake taken out of her stomach apparently she was drunk and swallowed it. The hole vore community was Kermit lol
>>3539 I love male vore, it's too rare sadly :(
Speaking of kittens and puppies, I've talked to a few women that have said they would swallow, given the opportunity, and a few even more rare conversations, saying they already had, anybody else have any conversations like that, I have a hard time believing most of them most of the time, but sometimes, I'm almost convinced, say what you want, I'd still watch , morality aside
>>3979 I watch fucked up material on rekt threads but still I can't imagine watching that kind of thing willingly what the fuck, some people really need that type of content to beat their meat? That's horrific, in a totally different league than a goldfish.
>>4128 >Video no longer available
(82.38 KB 194x254 1631803569147.gif)

>>4161 you're so cringe bruh.
> 4122 >>4161 Having these images saved on your computer is embarrassing
>>4198 strong autism vibes from that one
>>4144 "Would swallow" I can echo as male pred. "Have swallowed," unfortunately not.
(108.88 KB 186x207 ClipboardImage.png)

i'm not trying to be specific, but why goldfish other than all small fish?
>>4211 They give goldfish away as carnival prizes, buying a dozen, that'll be in some woman's stomach within a couple days, isn't a big investment.
>>4211 They're feeder goldfish, mass produced rejects that fish breeders provide to pet stores and the like as food for other fish and fish eating animals. Granted most of them are kept in piss poor conditions and may be riddled with parasites and other diseases that would otherwise fuck up the pets eating them, but they're sold at like cents a pop. There's also minnows that too are mass bred and sold at mere cents. As opposed to other fish, which depending can run up to 2-10 bucks a pop; with some ornamentals going as far as up to 50 bucks or more. Buying those in bulk adds up real quick t. aquariumfag
If anyone has a massive retic or something like that, I'm still willing to be snake food. disposabledogstud on gmail
even tho i love animals, espceially kittens and puppies, i would aslo still love to see a girl swallow one whole one day
>>4238 It's something really morbid but yet enticing about it.
>>4208 >Anonymous Is it something you'd try given the chance, I'd honestly watch any pred do it lol. Have you done mice before ?
(37.25 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

Just imagine some crazy thot struggling to swallow an adorable baby kitten. It is like right at the limit of what a human can swallow and she finally manages to force it down... Diamonds..
>>4208 Fag
Did anybody have a full version of this, or know who it is?
>>4269 Imagine how that mouse is feeling with those massive lips wrapped around it.
How big are you?
>>4243 I would try it. I've had a wide variety of live prey, full-sized mice included. Plenty still on my wishlist: impossible (e.g. human) and possible ones.
>>4296 is there a preview function? What is that?
>>4297 Goldfish vore
>>4297 A recent Alexandria vid starring Michelle
A Lisa vid where she downs 4 big fish https://anonfiles.com/7a90YaT1u0/4_FIsh_mp4
(491.95 KB 1794x1350 2 turtles hard vore.jpg)

>>4106 >>4095 I got tons of hard vore videos but I clearly can't post it here. Most of it is from China or Russia. Russians and Chinese girls do the best with cruelty, especially the chinese, they're really in it without needing to fake it. This stuff is rare because it's behind paywalls and tons of other restrictions, which make it impossible without being from the country. For example, buying IRL hard vore vids from China involve having a mainland Chinese phone number to buy a recharge chinese card to pay. Fortunately as a Russian, I know a lot of Chinesebros who sell them to me without those issues. This swallow stuff doesn't do it for me. I really enjoy female cruelty from crushing to hard voring. Is it possible if we can make a irl hard vore thread because I got a lot of it that's never been seen. I want people to view the female chinese cruelty because it's just so satisfying. This video is an example, a chinese girl hard vores two turtles. I don't think this is allowed so I'll just post the video preview of it.
Anybody got Sinclair mouse videos?
>>4308 just share what u like mate never even seen that video I thaught id seen all of zeras apparently she swallowed a lizard too, reminds me of a disturbing genki genki I saw https://www.tori.ng/news/15639/shocking-moment-waitress-eats-scorpion-alive-while.html
>>2403 bump
>>4304 Thanks a lot man
Here for you ♥️ https://mega.nz/file/kpFT0S7L#hy5kyBXDe3RisKvfzuFaSMh4k1pDQSvTuy4Q0OXSeps Anyone got more Nova Pinky stuff?
>>4304 Got anymore lisafire videos? I saw previews that she swallowed alot more and has more vids. Like mice and huge fish.
>>3942 can someone bacukup these on mega or anonfile? I've tried to download from the gdrive, but I don't have an account to spare and I can't make one without a phone number.
would be good if we can upload to gdrive and mega. anonfiles downloads extremely slow, gonna take hours
anyone got random goldfish videos from real like? Like from a dare or something
>>4342 use idm or similar accellerator and anonfiles will get faster
>>4308 Looks like Zera. She is not Chinese. Would love to see it.
>>4332 >>4304 I second this
Here are previews of my collection of videos that I’ve bought, traded, and collected throughout the years, including exclusive custom videos. Vore collection https://mega.nz/folder/j9UGzbBD#XN9S5cAUV10Mup-bO07RCw And this link is women using fish, bugs, frogs and other critters for buttcrush, insertion, toilet slavery etc… (scat warning) https://mega.nz/folder/6pVGmRhY#85agPU1hbDmyXCHkBo7bLA If you want to purchase any, contact me here: https://mega.nz/C!7CZ31SRY
>>4383 oh no this dude again, traded with him and it felt obnoxious go somewhere else
>>4383 This is a sharing thread NOT a trading one
>>4384 Why is that?
>>4329 All that shit to just swallow one dead fish. Fuck that.
>>4384 >4384 >>4384 You one of the people i blocked after begging for videos and having nothing good to offer in return? Nah, i will do what i please, cry more though ;)
>>4329 I never begged nor contacted you ever before. I don't even know you but I know your type. Go do what you please in any other place, not in a SHARING thread. This isn't your place and will never be.
>>4390 Yet you said that you traded with me before, so that was a complete lie. This is a live vore thread, i can post whatever i want. Can't play god and tell others what to do lmao. If the post does not pertain to you, move along, very simple
>>4391 NO I didn't say that. It was another person
>>4388 lol I wasn't even begging, maybe use better wording if you went to school?
>>4388 now who's the one begging for money
>>4308 I have tons of HV as well (probably all the HV in the world), but I would like to see your previews and will show you mine. I have all from Zera, + those turtles, so I'm really searching for something out of reach, like those mysterious Chinese girls. Find me on Mega: femalemouth@abv.bg
attention seeking idiot, just ignore o/
>>4394 LMAO
tradeniggers will hang
Those girls are doing it all wrong. They need to swallow the fish, digest them, then shit them out. Not shit into the bowl the fish is in, what complete cretins.
>>4390 Whats? XD i Just shared one Video 🤣
I have a video with Chinese hv, but I can't upload anything to this site, don't know why. Even posting here is hard. Get loads of stupid capcha.
So many terminal autists and cringe fags using "XD" unironically and posting faggot reddit reaction memes. I'm out. Was good while it lasted, but the retards took over.
yeah those reactions are cringe
(83.33 KB 856x645 1635801753694.png)

>>4422 >So many terminal autists and cringe fags using "XD" unironically and posting faggot reddit reaction memes. >I'm out. Was good while it lasted, but the retards took over.
This chat wildin lmao. I just like keeping the share train going :P
I'll share something later tho. Got responsibilities
>>4429 looks like you're the one spamming and taking over so who's it I don't know
also, i am not quite sure if the guy is legit at all. while it looks like a good 20% of the previews are some unseen shit (the rest is common stuff that was uploaded to various sites milion times...) likely most of his shit is just the screencaps... Story: i added him, and told i haven't seen this and that, and asked him what does he want in return for those videos... and, i didn't get any answer, but a day later he removed me from his contacts...
>>4208 ANON. I would do anything to see that,please. are you still active?
>>4208 please post on this thread, so we continue convo :-) https://8chan.moe/vore1/res/1099.html#4208
>>4143 same...i'm thinking about creating content
Do anyone have some anal vore vid ?
>>4462 ?? This shit doesn't even make sense lmfao. If i just had screencaps, wouldn't i try and scam you or do something with them??So I just added you and removed you just for sport? I remove time wasters, scammers, or convos that don't go anywhere. "the rest is common stuff that was uploaded to various sites milion times" Is that why a thread like this exists, because the content is so easily available on the web? Amazing how salty people make shit up on the fly
>>4487 if you want to share like we all did, do so. Otherwise, fuck off.
>>4488 Yuck, you reek of desperation. Keep trying though ;)
>>4487 >>4488 Please guys don't fight...it breaks my heart ;(
>>4488 this. fuck tradeniggers.
>>4489 You reek of faggotry and loneliness. Keep trying though ;)
>>4497 Please stop.
>>4497 >>4497 Yikes, edgy and cringe seems to be a given with you basement dwellers, you can almost smell the doritos encrusted in your finger nails as you type 😂
>>4492 I'm chilling. I find it entertaining to see these entitled 12 year olds rage ❤️
>>4502 Just ignore them....Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world <3
Hi everyone, does anyone have WVAMPH3 video from voreclub ? Wink's frog vore on glass
>>4483 As a male pred, I can endorse the experience as a whole. Anything I've recorded of myself I'm keeping private, unfortunately.
>>4517 Why?
>>4524 Which part? Why endorse it? Because I'm a pred, it feels good, and it turns me on. Why keep it private? No small part because I'm a teacher, which, like it or not, kinda makes me a public figure.
>>4462 Thanks for clarification
>>4511 I might have it. Lemme check
>>4511 Sorry. I dont have it :(
Omg lol I regret sticking up for you on the pure fact homosexuals get a rew deal all the time... But please fuck off back to the male vore section...
male pred eww also vomited
I have WVAMPH2 but not 3, sorry!
I wanna see a snake swallow a small dog or cat alive while the owner looks on from a distance screaming and yelling for their kidnapped little baby animal to be saved but yet it will be savagely digested in front of their very eyes.
Anyone have all videos of Lucy lumid????
>>4561 I love the idea. I'm not a sadist in most regards, but I definitely am as a pred. I'd make it happen if I could.
>>4558 can you send it ? I liked it too
>>4561 rank fuck animal pred read the titles
>>4586 >>4586 fuck you i hope a smelly fat guy swallows and digests you
>>4616 Rape wow, if I see a fat gay rapist trust me his as good as a broken neck. Fuck off back to prison
I can't stand these greedy bastards trying to re-sell other peoples videos. Share what you got or piss off https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vSTaWUH_SMvpuKH1qb_w9vVDd1uoo1E0/view?usp=sharing
>>4620 your fatass would probably slip and fall on your own rolls and break your own neck. You like that prison cock don’t you fat boy.
>>4620 come suck my dick you little niggerslut
>>4622 Missed it unfortunately, never seen this one before but it looks nice!
>>4574 I have plenty of videos I'd be happy to share, if I can figure out how to upload it I will.
>>4628 Go fuck your raping grandfather you mega maga faggot
>>4625 Fuck off back to your stupid gimp ass life nobody invited you here all you raping queers just get yourself a prison sentence
>>4628 Just die you freak literally trying to ruin the fun because your a closet prison reject.
>>4628 You don't have one Ur arguing on an anonymous forum your a dickless coward who's mum would say the same
>>4625 You probably can't even see past your seal blubber body fatty batty dickhead
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H1IC9KmlXpY Homosexuals pls go back to your zone nobody likes rape
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v7F82Bm9tII Not a fan of braces but If only to shut these rapists up
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dPtp0zrQtLE&list=PLD88ABCC944FCC15A&index=5 See this is why girls should just bite a rapists head off while his legs twitch. Don't enable these peices of shit
>>4656 She's adorable with those braces, and her eyes are magical <3
>>4654 stroke that tiny cock for daddy you little niggerfaggot
Anyone has all Galas videos?
>>4673 I would ^-^
>>4673 I'll cut yours off and choke you and hang you with it you big gay pink pig
>>4673 Fucking gays don't have any content so they try to rape straight ppl it's just sad how closet and alone they are
>>4673 Fat pasty honkey home alone
>>4673 I'll stroke a hack saw across your eyes then make you crawl on glass while you squeal you rape trash
>>4673 just a fucked up haggis of a cunt with no real dad to tell his fat fucking ass where to go
Anonymous, thank you so much for uploading that Val video, it's amazing
Does anyone know what happens in the VALV22 oralvore video in the end? It's their best seller. They say Val does something amazing in the end, but they don't say what
I still want to know what Roxannes other stage names are.
>>4700 i’ll rape your cock off and feed it to my gay dogs
>>>4720 For her sake, I really hope the amazing thing she does is get her damn teeth fixed.
>>4741 Your dog's I'll rip their ribs and bones out, then I'll dress you in their skin then I'll make a furry iron maiden by stabbing the bones back into you cover you in petrol and let you dance around a camp fire you camp faggot
Goddamn. So much drama. The least you could do is threaten to swallow each other. Otherwise, maybe knock it off?
>>4765 mmm swallow daddy don’s dick baby
Does anyone have Lucy Lumicid's pinky videos?
>>4269 Seriously can anyone say where this is from? please
(2.23 MB 1896x1598 pinkies 200720.jpg)

(2.16 MB 1896x1598 the swallow pt 2 .jpg)

(2.33 MB 1896x1598 the swallow part 1.jpg)

Does anybody have Lucy lumid vids?
I hear she swallow alive little dacks and some alive birds....... She is a hell her stomach I think is a same hell
I hear she swallow birds alive and little dacks...... And she try to swallow baby cat...... I think she I a hell
>>4889 Lucy said she would also video herself shitting out the mice. She just wants a lot of bread for it and times are tough.
>>4892 I talked to her, she hasn't done a bird, or anything larger than rats/mice/hamsters, but given the chance, and opportunity, she'd love to swallow a newborn kitten
>>4895 Can we someone unite and make this happen?
any and all lucy lumicid videos will be appreciated. someone link me to her to catalog, i might buy a video too :)
>>4895 wait yea let's make this actually happen
>>4889 for anyone who missed them, there are a couple of Lucy vids linked earlier in this thread... The links still worked as of like 5 days ago. they're pretty crazy None of them are for the images you posted though. I'd love to see those ones too.
>>4895 fuck can you imagine if we made this happen... would it even be possible to do? even a small newborn kitten is bigger than the biggest mouse she swallowed also i think we've hit the bump limit, we should probably make a new thread
>>4895 Post screenshot of that conversation!
>>4907 If it is like the runt of the litter and she really coats it in saliva... maybe.. just maybe.. she could force it down.. and my cock would blast off and go into orbit around saturn.
(46.04 KB 512x380 unnamed.jpg)

Seems totally possible, I watched a girl shove a full stick of butter down her throat , she literally had to push it down her throat with her fingers
I'm not sure I'm comfortable funding kitten murder. What's the legality here? It seems to border on abuse. Kittens aren't sold just to be fed to other animals.
>>4917 Even if she couldn't ultimately swallow it, I would like to see her try.
>>4977 actual saint. where could I buy more videos of her? I'd like to share videos since you just did.
>>4722 >Only other vids I could find were the now defunct fetish auteur site where she was Riley Pier
(1.50 MB 4032x3024 IMG_0183.jpg)

(1.39 MB 3088x2316 IMG_8856.JPG)

(1.61 MB 4032x3024 IMG_8918.jpg)

(2.28 MB 1883x996 33.PNG)

Hey guys! Im working with my close friend. She makes the best vore customs. She's filipina, but she has the best american accent for those vore dialogues. She uses an Iphone 11, can open mouth swallow gummies and ants. And has a real awesome wide open throat. Chat me on IG @random_photography_ph. Her customs are real cheap, like 20usd for a 10min vid..
(2.28 MB 1883x996 33.PNG)

(3.10 MB 1904x1014 543345.PNG)

(2.77 MB 1893x1017 4324.PNG)

(2.26 MB 1574x869 8.PNG)

more from VOre Giantess Nikki! Instagram @random_photography_ph
>>4919 You should not be - a murder is a murder. Let's keep the line at the pinkies level max...
if it wast for a video on youtube i accidentally clicked on i would never be into this fetish but by god these videos are hottest thing i have ever seen
>>5011 Agree. I have vids of Asian dudes eating live mice, adult mice at a restaurant. Live miice are sold as food.
Anyone have any vore groups on tg? Mega and anonfiles.com don't work good for me.
>>5021 this one ... not muuuch life vore but it has to grow I think ;) https://t.me/joinchat/wYn5fn-zwGI2MGE0 I found the insta of the woman from the last two anonfiles videos and damn I cant unsee and think about all the mice she must have eaten till now
>>4895 doesn't she live in France?
Is anonfiles.com down? All I ever get is 503 service temporarily unavailable, but since days. Sadly.
>>5043 Nope works for me. Just checked, also, last time I had talked to her , a few weeks ago, she had done 8 prey, pinkies, mice, and baby rats. All in one, and after that, she did 8 more the next day, and had a video of her teasing, licking, then swallowing, then a separate video of her masturbating while full of prey
>>5044 We need that one ASAP
Is Lucy's acne some kind of karmic retribution for her crusade against various small mammals of the world?
>>5044 so is she actually into it then? or is it just something she does for money
>>5043 She loves doing it, she often records and watches herself do it, she's just smart enough to make money. I would liken her to being the new zera, in how much she enjoys it
>>5050 nice!
NEW THREAD >>5052 >>5052 >>5052
>>5057 How do I join it, no link or anything?
>>5058 it's in the catalog but yeah you can't follow post number links on mobile for some reason. here: https://8chan.moe/vore1/res/5052.html
Got it, thank you sir!
>>5060 No worries boss
I sent Lucy the link to this thread so hopefully she sees it and posts more
>>5305 Thanks ☺️
>>5048 No, it's not, and actually it has gotten better since I'm doing it :) you'll be an ugly incel forever though :)
>>4897 You could just simply contact me, but given what you guys do here, I don't think I'll be selling more videos. Oh, and also, I'm not a tranny.
>>2263 You must be American then.
>>5367 Says the zoosadist that wants to torture domesticated animal babies to death for a fetish. Like I give a fuck about your opinion lady. Chew cyanide.
>>5367 lol seething
Oh and to clarify: I never said I'd do a kitten, nor a duckling. I don't know where this came from.
>>5407 *Animals bred to be eaten
>>5435 why does that matter?
>>5436 Because they'd end up eaten anyway
>> 5434 If it really is you, which I severely doubt, I’ll give you the same advice I gave the guy from OV. If you do a video, resign yourself to the fact that it will be shared. That’s just the way it is. What you should do is make sure the money you get for doing the video is worth it to sell to just the guy who commissions. So don’t do a video for a hundred dollars to sell to ten people, do a video for a thousand dollars for just that guy, and if he wants to use it to trade, which he will anyway, don’t lose any sleep over it. You can even still sell the video yourself since it actually takes some internet sleuthing to even find this stuff. But I still doubt you are Lucy, so maybe it doesn’t matter anyway. PS please don’t do kittens. Not just for the kittens, but that probably is animal cruelty in a legal way. I don’t know about Poland but it probably is in most US jurisdictions. Stick to animals that are sold for eating.
Lucy please don't listen to these idiots. Continue to devour and digest stuff, even if I cannot see it I want it to still happen. You have lots of fans.
>>5501 No, no, no, if someone pays more than $100 for a clip, he won't share it, believe me. No kittens, please!
>>5501 Thanks. And yes, I make the price high enough for it to be impossible to buy to just anybody. And yes, I was aware of the possibility of it being leaked. And yes, I won't do kittens, legal reasons being quite an important factor to it. Thanks for you message!
>>5533 Do you really think I ever sold a video for less than 100$? If you do, well let me tell you that not. I think some people just need validation from online strangers, that's why they'd share a video that is much more expensive than 100$. And again, I'm not doing ever doing kittens or ducklings or anything that's not bred as food for predators.
>>5538 Please reconsider. We must see you swallow a tiny kitten.
Even if its a kitten , I would pay the price of gold to see one being swallowed or anal vored
>>5538 The problem is that this kind of content is really difficult to find, so people have set up underground communities and relationships to trade rare videos in order to get access to other rare videos. Once that video becomes common enough in that niche circle, it can spill out into the rare public threads such as this one. And when we discover a new, talented producer we kind of swarm like a school of rabid piranhas. Apologies for that, but it's just kind of the nature of the beast. I'm sure there are people here who would pay obscene money for your content. I know I would consider spending thousands to have my specific fantasy fulfilled, and it doesn't even involve kittens or ducks. You might consider working with one of those content communities. They can pool more money to commission videos from you, and if the members want more content in the future and value the trust you put in them they might even be less likely to share the videos outside the group. One of your customers may have even been a front for one of these groups. If you continue to make content (which I personally hope you do) you should *expect* that content to be shared eventually, not just be "aware of the possibility". Follow basic cybersecurity practices to make it difficult for people to track you down IRL if they try. There has already been a troll here threatening to dox you. Not sure how serious they are or how successful they would be, but it's something to keep in mind. If you're already doing these things then awesome... These are just some random thoughts that my spergy brain has been tossing around. Assuming you're actually Lucy, I wish you the best regardless of what you choose to do. And sorry to everyone else for the autistic text wall
>>5575 Yeah I agree, you got a point there. Well, your idea is actually quite cool, to have like a fan group of supporters/spectators and work with them. But you can never be sure if someone's gonna value your trust, it always takes time, years I'm definitely talented when it comes to swallowing, roleplay, dialogue and building up the mood hehe and now you made me curious about your fantasy :D If you wanna talk to me more about security, you already know where to find me, since my Instagram has been listed here *facepalm* I'm not gonna ask any questions here Yeah I saw the post about kiwi farms Wow there are actually nice people here too :v
>>1161 I'm telling you it was a true warrior lol, it was hard to get and put him in the cardboard container when I was buying him, he was very smart and agile
>>5582 Lucy what's it like when you poop them out. How digested are they? Does it vary? Do you normally eat food around the time you eat them so you produce more stomach acid?
>>5537 You’re welcome. Thank you for replying. I love what you do, by the way. Don’t pay attention to the haters and stay safe. And thanks for being so kind and understanding of us. If I may simp for a moment, you’re beautiful inside and out.
it is extremely important to not do anything illegal, if someone gets your ip address they can call your isp and report abuse is coming from your address and they are required by law to give police information about who owns that public ip address. I know because i've gotten someone arrested, it was in a live video where a dude broadcasted himself killing a dog by stabbing it in the throat while he was tied to a tree and i used wireshark to capture his ip address contacted the local police and BOOM, ROASTED, he got BUSTED. https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/man-charged-with-slashing-dog-tying-it-to-tree So in short, don't hop on calls with peope because streaming data puts your ip address out there, and that is just as bad as putting your own address out there
Can we just take a second to recognize that eating kittens alive is taking this too far? I mean I'm sure a kitten is more self aware than a mouse. Eating goldfish is really the limit for me, mice I wouldn't ever do but I get it and tolerate it. But kittens??? You guys wanna see someone eat a kitten??? Why??? I mean shit why stop there how about a mom swallowing an aborted fetus alive. That would be hot as hell right guys!!!
>>5631 An aborted fetus is dead. How about a premature birth that was likely going to die anyway? Do you think you could do that if we found a way to provide you one Lucy?
>>5641 just stop and realize this shit ain’t anywhere close to being normal. it’ll never happen, so quit asking. You sound like a deviant pedophile.
(139.85 KB 443x594 1637518195655.gif)

>>5641 No fucking way the fuck lol no but as a dark joke I find it funny, but no way I consider it as an actual possibility >>5596 Thank you! I like the post where someone said that I remind him of a scene where a girl is pretty from one side and not so pretty from another angle and I agree, that's how I am, but in general I consider myself hot :D I like when guys compliment me, so go ahead, simp as much as you want <3 >>5589 It depends, until two last times I couldn't find anything left of them when they were out, and the last two times actually left recognizable traces. I usually eat a lot before and after the swallow. So they get comfy when they arrive. They basically slowly lose consciousness because of lack of oxygen. >>5622 I love you <3 thanks for that. I do love animals A LOT, I donate for shelters and other stuff, I leave the food for birds in winter, etc I'd never chew on whatever I swallow, and I'd never hurt an animal in any other way, so I guess I'm a bit weird lol
>>5596 PS and I know you guys often struggle with not being accepted for your preferences, usually not coming out to anyone ever For me swallowing those tinies is not any worse than eating meat that comes from horrible slaughterhouses where animals actually get tortured.
>>5437 brainlet logic
>>5644 why you posting selfies bruh
>>5649 are you vegan or vegetarian?
>>5663 vegetarian. I really should go vegan though
>>5665 Good for you. Maybe you should create a vore thread about eating leaves.
>>5533 wdym id buy and share it even if it was $200
>>5668 Nah this shit is hot because it's so morally wrong, anyone trying to justify it is coping hard
>>5678 Yes, you will share if it's normal vore. But if it's a rare hard vore and noone else is buying/sharing such stuff, you would only trade.
>>5703 nah i’d still share it out.
Anyone here ever swallowed a goldfish?
Hey you know voreqeen???? She she'll video with vore dackling and scat only 180$ my oikonomy is suck sorry
hey my sexy dog farted so now I'm sniffing her fart ;)
>>5848 It's fake, don't purchase it.
Really?????you know 100℅ this?????
any one having beverly vore videos? even snippets? MAN i love that bitch!
>>5848 >>5852 >>5853 Yes, I can confirm this either.
Did jannies delete the new thread?
(692.04 KB 901x464 evaa.PNG)

please share this
Does anyone know what Valerie does at the end of this video? https://vorewhores.com/product/valv22/
>>5970 I guess so... What happened or was shared there that I missed? haven't checked in a few days.
>>6012 not sure, I didn't see anything different from the kinda stuff shared in this thread
>>5984 It turns out that she actually enjoys swallowing fish! She does many for free, beyond what the guy was paying her for.
>>6036 Found the moderation log for it 8chan.moe /.global/logs/vore1/2021-11-27.html Guess for future threads we'll need to stick to fish & eels since they technically aren't covered by the law
Seems Lucy succeeded in shutting it all down. Damn her.
I managed to save this partial backup of the other thread.
>>6230 No, damn the stupid shit fuck that told her about the thread and this site. He's someone with endless stupidity.
>>6230 Shutting what down?
>>6231 Thanks. Dang I wonder what was in those 4 mega links that I missed
>>6238 Damn, that girl was actually hot. I did not see the swallow tho!
I want to see girls put baby rabbits and other animals up their pussy
>>6247 Nah, she's too fat and ugly
Are there other girls on Alexandria Star that are as good with vore as Makayla? Makayla seems to be the only one with real swallowing talent. Contrast that with OralVore where there are multiple talented girls coming through.
>>6270 I think you're confused about which video you watched.
>>6272 Yeah none are as good as her at swallowing. Angel rose was great at acting cruel though, shame there aren't many videos out there of her.
What the hell happened to real life male vore thread?
How come this trash site allows woman swallowing stuff, but not males? Or are the owners obsessed with gay shit? ___ This user is a faggot
Edited last time by Joemama4621 on 12/04/2021 (Sat) 03:57:01.
i heard of someone named alexa not sure who that is or if she does mice anyone have a pic
>>6265 Bro do you have her more videos
What happened to other thread?
>>6287 Nah, Eva is pretty fat and ugly. Definitely has gotten moreso since her first video. Alexa, on the other hand, is indeed quite attractive.
>>6309 No one like male vore. The only exceptions are sufficiently feminine femboys or MtFs.
>>6299 Like, I'm actually looking. I can't find a single girl on Alexandria Stars that can open mouth swallow goldfish like Makayla can. There may have been some obscure girls/one-hit wonders that I'm not aware of, though. I agree with you regarding Angel Rose's acting (although she isn't my favorite aesthetically and skill wise). On the other hand, Victoria is beautiful, but doesn't seem as skilled as Makayla. The problem is that the Alexandria Stars, as well as other Florida content producers on c4s go too heavily for that sleazy pornstar look. Tatted up, smoking, etc. It's really not attractive compared to the cute girls next door models (see: Becky from VoreWhores).
someone is uploading the first threads mice videos to thisvid not that they would last very long on there
In thisvid there is one dackling vore video... Someone can upload it?
>>6374 It's not real. Same with her mouse/rat video. She 'swallows' off camera....BIG sign it's a fake.
Ok tnks
>>6364 Alexa is obviously the girl I was referring to mongoloid.
anybody have the swallow part 2
>>6384 Let's not cross this wall my friend, or else I'll go Genghis Khan on yo ass.
Which one? Do u have a link?
worng link here is the right one https://anonfiles.com/x9rc8bVau9/the_swallow_part_1_mp4 and like i dsaid im looking for the second part tats 40minutes
>>6450 Male vore is trash. No one wants that shit poisoning the site, there's more than enough flooded on YouTube.
>>6455 Nah, bro. Take your toxic shock someplace else, this is not the thread for it.
Do any of y’all know how to download a private video from thisvid?
>>6563 Isn't there a hack to do that with the video thumbnail? The same exploit as LiveFetish?
>>6563 If you get Jdownloader and sign on to your thisvid on there, you just copy the thisvid link to w/e you're watching and it'll pick it up automatically or manually input the link and it'll work.
Anyone have any Latin Crush Goddess vore vids?
Can u tell the steps? I tied to download jdownloader but it didnt work :|

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