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Gravity Falls Vore Anonymous 08/31/2021 (Tue) 18:57:03 No. 176
A place for gravity falls related vore
(141.47 KB 591x546 skullpines.png)

(15.12 MB 2731x3000 Dipper in Wendy.png)

(88.66 KB 597x544 wendy.png)

(151.43 KB 774x647 wendy gurgles.png)

>>179 where did you find that one?
>>179 Any more edits like this?
(2.30 MB 3650x3500 SpaghettiZ & MeatballZ.png)

No skulls, but got the color edit of the original
(1.99 MB 2180x1717 mw14-669843-Just+.GIFfany.png)

>>521 I could try my hand at another if you guys liked it
>>636 totally, would love to see more

(226.03 KB 1737x1436 pyv1.jpg)

(272.03 KB 1725x2150 pyv2.jpg)

(279.44 KB 1514x2157 pyv3.jpg)

>>636 Definitely would like to see edits like these, especially with how the editor even added weight gain to it

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