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Undertale/Deltarune vore Anonymous 09/05/2021 (Sun) 12:07:11 No. 238
A thread for vore art/vore content of characters from both games. Requests/mods/edits are fine too.
Undertale vore pov is so rare
I wonder if Spaghettiz has anymore Frisk/Chara pics or is willing to make more, I'm totally editing existing ones for anyone's preference so I'll take alt requests
>>256 >>255 did you make these kris/chara edits? they're fantastic!
>>254 not from spaghettiz, but would you be able to edit this to give susie a big belly?
>>257 I did make those edits yes thanks. Really wish he had more stuff to edit tho, especially Undertale related >>258 That's definitely out of my range lol sorry. I gladly would if I could. Spaghettiz's stuff is easier to edit because it's mostly uncolored sketches anyway
I can try making edits for his other UT characters for like different AUs and stuff but unless he has more Im not aware of theres only going to be Undyne Alphys Frisk Kris Chara and Temmie No idea how youd contact him for more
>>262 theres officer undyne
>>264 >>269 fantastic stuff anon! this looks great!
>>270 thanks ill take more colorless undertale sketches both made specifics for the thread or just found. really want to color some pov and maw stuff but that is rare in this fandom
>>271 how do you feel about adding shading to existing edits? asking because there are one or two mawshot arts that are fine, but lack it and you like maw stuff it seems. like this for example.
>>276 Sure, if you have anymore, I can try shading them too
>>275 Alright, I'll do a couple of these
>>276 This suffice?
>>262 Where did you find these? Cant seem to locate them in any of Jushy's galleries on FA or Aryion
>>286 >>281 these are fantastic! good job anon. The shading one especially great! searched around for some stuff you would like, and I think these may suffice for some edits.
>>284 Not the anon you replied to, but Jushy has a twitter he posts stuff to. Check and see if they're there.
>>295 Did not know there was a thread on here for this stuff. Nice! Here's something that I think you could have fun with - how about adding detail and shading to this? It was a comic Chubbyjam was supposed to have finished and released a long time ago, but it never got out. Through posting on halfchan, it was released. I think it might be an interesting thing to try.
>>311 noticed this one here and decided to do a kris edit. not the anon from before who was doing the spaghettiZ edits, but thought to contribute anyway.
Anybody have any Muffet or Mettaton flats, I want to see if the Spaghettiz anon will color those.
>>320 is this a mettaton one?
>>329 Not the anon but somebody's colored that before
>>295 Any maw in particular the board wants this to be specifically?
>>354 beautiful! >>388 if you're fine with it, how about the third one?
>>391 meant as the character for the colors which character should i make the maw for Frisk to be in
>>395 sorry - how about the colours be of muffet?
also, would anyone be willing to make a drawing based off of this? https://ghostbin.com/paste/dYj1E
>>400 probably couldve been better but here it is
>>402 anon this is fantastic! Seriously, youre fantastic at this
>>281 found this in my old collection. What do you think of a nudity+shading edit to this? I really wish this artist did more susie, would be nice to see her as assfat more. sidenote: anyone else got stuff like this?
>>403 thanks too bad all my go tos are either hardly drawn or already colored lol >>405 I can try shading adjustments but edits for something like this are def out of my league
Anybody have any Mad Mew Mew art? Super underrated, I think only Chubbyjam has drawn her for vore
another edit
>>406 in that case, could you try some shading adjustments? >>408 i will look around. surely there has to be more.
>>409 its amazing what colour can do to a piece - good stuff anon
HughoftheSkies recently released a game with Gardevoir and Toriel vore plus a struggle simulation. https://aryion.com/g4/view/716851 https://aryion.com/g4/view/703850
>>424 I played this recently, and it is surprisingly well done. The kind of POVs it has is not my thing, but this seems perfect for those into it. I want to see a Susie version of this...
newest edit enjoy
>>426 underrated character for vore stuff - good shit anon! you got any favourite characters yourself?
>>436 glad to hear Alphys is pretty good too I like Mettaton Undyne and Muffet the most. Alphys, Frisk/Chara, and Temmie right behind >>408 Mad Mew Mew is definitely one I didn't think I'd read Could be good too + Catty
in short I am not super picky but it depends I just don't like the skeletons or Asgore very much compared to everyone else
another edit that makes Mettatons maw empty and inviting
>>442 mettaton deserves more content to be honest. The whole robot shtick can lend for some interesting scenarios. Same with the Live TV aspect in his neutral/pacifist battle, digesting Frisk live for extra viewers. These arent for editing, although you can do that if you want, but I figured you may really like these.
>>438 what do you think of editing chara/frisk stuff to be kris instead?
>>446 the ones up top here>>255 and >>256 are ones I did but I could try it for other stuff too >>445 these are great thank you for posting them Mettaton has a lot of potential that doesn't get used Also, here's a new edit
>>448 could you edit frisk in these to be kris, and for the one with struggle text, tint it purple so it's susie talking? also, based taste btw, ill look around for more mettaton stuff since I am sure there was a lot of good shit around.
>>448 this is fantastic btw! the colours really make it hotter
(2.74 MB 3585x2190 mew.png)

>>408 I did this but never posted it anywhere cause I thought it was shit
>>457 you're too critical of yourself, because this is pretty good! I like the idea of her constricting Frisk and being really brutal on him, taunting him while he slowly begins to soften inside~ I want more shit like this someday in general vore stuff. Good shit! You got anywhere you post to?
>>465 Shardbombs on eka's. 90% of what i'm drawing atm is in the request thread here so you could also just follow that.
>>492 I really love your art anon, good shit!
>>286 there needs to be more ralsei on susie vore to be honest. Cute gote makes for best pred and angry dino makes for best prey~
would the edit anon here be down to do a shading edit to the internal part here? the original artist did it really awkwardly.
>>528 not my cleanest work but i applied shading to both noelle and susie hope you enjoy
>>529 anon this is brilliant! thank you for this! not trying to sound overreactive but your edits are legitimately fantastic. Here, I do not know if it is enough as a thanks but I looked though my personal archives and found some stuff you may like.
>>532 i wish some other works of sludgeon's survived their purge
>>479 there more to this?
>>604 more temmie vore is good
>>315 made another edit
I'm looking for two Undertale vore comics made by TaiRedFox. The first one had a last panel that ends with Asriel having a thought bubble of the ice wolf staring at him. The other one is where Asriel swallows the artist's oc, nando.
i have these edits for temmie from 8kun before everything went to shit there
>>662 good shit - temmie is prime for edits tbh >>661 do you remember any other details about them? or do they have a furaffinity account? if so, you could use furarchiver to dig into their account and see if the posts are stored there.
I know that they an Aryion account and that was how someone else sent me that 2nd comic from the previous domain site. I think the name of it was called Something to do. I still don't know title for the former. I've also tried furarchiver and I don't think i had any luck.
>>682 this it?
What is the sexual appeal of vore? Why is the idea of being swallowed by someone whole and trapped in their stomach arousing?
>>700 its kind of the wrong thread to say it on, but i guess i can explain it. people find it attractive for different reasons, but the sexual appeal can be of being dominated by another person (via being in their stomach, digested by them, kept by them, and being reduced to a prey of that person), or having intense and intimate comfort, but there are other reasons too. a lot of people into this fetish like the intimacy of being inside another person's stomach, while others like the idea of being dominated by another and becoming a "part" of that person. it varies from person to person. its like most fetishes - there are tons of different reasons behind why people can like them. vore is moreso on the BDSM side of things i suppose. was this helpful?
>>699 hot
You got the first part correct, but I’m looking for another comic that had a similar premise except it ended with Asriel having a thought bubble of the ice wolf staring at him.
>>700 There is no rational explanation you just have an oral fixation one day, feel a bit arose watching an insect get eaten the next, some other week some woman in a music video eats someone and than next thing you know people you think people being swallowed alive is stimulating and arousing.
here's hoping chapter 2 gives more vore content too

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