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weird vore art thread Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 22:19:18 No. 567
for the stranger types of vore, like navel, ear, horn, vaccum, etc. So long as it is not the usual types like anal/breast/oral/unbirth/absorption/endosoma, etc
i feel like the whole point of vore for me is that it's oral. people goin up peoples asses, bellybuttons, ears... it's not vore, youre just sticking something in an orifice. its not about the destination, its about the journey
(418.66 KB 700x1050 willudie-334334-Wakey Wakey.png)

(5.53 MB 4300x2000 Apathy-691133-Lucy.jpg)

(117.61 KB 979x816 266940.jpg)

Nasal and Navel Vore are great in my opinion, people who like hem are just such a rarity. Iys hard to find any decent art of them.
>>600 how did you get into that type of vore, out of curiosity?
>>615 It is a bit screwed up when i really think about it, but for as long as i could remember i've always had a fascination with the idea of shrinking down and climbing into peoples bodies & orifices. Even when i was in elementary school, when a teacher had the class write a short story of their own. I wound up writing a story about shrinking down and exploring the inside of a friends ear. Not sure what got me into it, could be all the tv/movies/cartoons i watched as a kid, stuff like honey i shrunk the kids, magic school bus, secret world of arriety and an american tail. Among others.
One of the rarest forms of vore that I quite enjoy, is female urethral/ bladder vore. It's just such an underused orifice in general. But I totally get that most people aren't exactly into that mix of vore, sounding and watersports. While there are a handful of pics, most of em contain furry characters. I'd love to see some human preds shoving micro-sized prey up their urethra. Like I dunno, Zelda sending Navi into her apple cider dungeon

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