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猫女神ゆりアリャナ#1 バステト 10/01/2020 (Thu) 05:03:35 No. 334
>>1300 The CYOA won't load for me, probably net is fucking up currently, la~
>>1304 100 Commoners +10 Dying +20 Disrepaired +20 Isolated +15 Unsophisticated +15 Sparse +10 Inconvenient +10 =200 Duke -20 Absolute -20 Ancient -20 Holy Blood -20 Long-Lived -10 Scholars -15 Well-Documented -5 The Look (beauty) -15 Sufficient Religious Centre -20 Cozy Tech Upgrade -20 Advancing Technology -15 Power Upgrade -20 =0 ... My first order of business will be to destroy my 'residence' or turn it into a barn nya~
Edited last time by Voxxe on 11/01/2020 (Sun) 05:17:31.
>>1305 The net was acting slow for a while nya~ >>1306 I'll just live in the Sanctuary until I have money to build a private residence suitable for a noble of my status nya~ ... ALL HAIL THE HOLY VOXIAN EMPIRE NYA~!
Edited last time by Voxxe on 11/01/2020 (Sun) 05:20:19.
Good night, sleep comfy nya~
>>1310 Good afternoon nya~
https://smuglo.li/a/res/850278.html#850278 What do you think about virtual idols nya~? ... I'm quite interested in being one myself nya~
(426.34 KB 1377x1896 2p27y.jpg)
I bet $500 on Trump winning. I'm not sure he'll win given the fraud and biased media otherwise I would have bet more nya~
>>1314 https://www.zerohedge.com/political/krayden-whats-stake-tuesday ... The media says Trump is likely to lose, butt the bookies actually favoured Trump to win nya~
>>1313 Good evening, how are you tonight nya~?
I created this board because I wanted to post whatever the fuck I wanted. I have no other expectations nya~
Africa is the place to be for the ambitious man with a death wish nya~
>>1318 Mercenary Rifle Outsider* Future Fighter* Disciplined* CCP-Hand Business friendly 'Legitimate' Warlord Following Western Mercenaries—Core Air Quarter—Core Budget Drone-Force—Core CCP Mission Local Militia Child Soldiers Civies Towed guns Gun Boats Pirates Gold Coast Legitimate business Raids & Plunder >Targeting competitors CCP backing >The CCP is the rising world power, and the only one that has the stomach for direct colonisation.
China, after the fall of the Qing, was the place to be for the ambitious man with a death wish nya~
>>1320 British Scarred Gwailou Monster Far-Flung Flung Foreigner* Modernized Hammer* ... Logistical Master Agricultural Organizer Industrial Agitator ... British Foreign Puppet ... A Hungry Locust's Army +25AC >Hierarchy from superior to inferior: 10X British Foreign Contingent 1X 3 Bi-Panes 1X 3 Destroyers 3X Heavy Modern Guns 3X Western Style Infantry 7X Peasant 'Soldiers' ... Industrial Ventures Outside Support ... The South ... Your Own Self A New Faction... >I will be the next Emperor of China, and I intend to do this by pretending to be a puppet of Britain. I will draw brave Aryans from around the world with the promise noble Titles and vast lands. I will buy the loyalty of the Chinese poor with food and industrial goods, and rely on perpetual mass assault and a no-retreat doctrine. The only way the army stays in-tact is by building momentum, if worst comes to worst, I'll try and drag one of the European powers in to aid me nya~
Certain elements of early /pol/ worked because it was not /National Socialist/ or /hitler/. There was debate between different politically incorrect (as determined by the satanic elite) positions. The present focus on 'degeneracy' rather than racial survival and eugenics is self-defeating. Hitler lost because he would not consider the big picture, he would not consider 'Jewish' nuclear science. He would not consider espionage. If Hitler was smart he would have focused on espionage and assassination. If he truely understood that the masses of America and Britain were just manipulated goyim. Conventional war was foolish and immoral in that circumstance.
I have thought of a way to marry Christianity and Norse religion! It starts from the premise that Jesus was the son of Odin! I though about what would have happened if the Nordic/Viking peoples united under one Emperor and conquered Europe and the Vatican. They would obviously discover the usefulness of organised religion and so might develop a new syncretic religion perhaps by starting with the premise that Jesus was the son of Odin.
╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭ Children are property of their mother unless the mother has entered into some form of relevant contract. The mother can legally do whatever she wants with her children—as long as they consent on record—including selling them to the highest bidder... butt only individuals can own a child. If the child did not consent, another adult can challenge the Mother for ownership of the child butt only if the child consents on the record. A child can only have one legal parent/master at a time. The legal parent/master is responsible for all the actions of the child. Children automatically become legal adults at 20, or earlier if they pass a citizenship test… This is a libertarian vision. Individuals decide, not a central authority. It is as degenerate or not degenerate as the humans involved.
The two relevant CSS files are archived here: https://archive.md/AZrDv https://archive.md/QV5Sg Too pretty to be lost. I hope someone will re-use it.
比特幣Craig Wright 圖靈完成 MI6 毘濕奴生活在區塊鏈上 BSV 是比特幣 Most Blockchain Patents 克雷格(Craig)簽約 Gavin Andresen 格雷格是新婚 Ghislaine Maxwell 幫助資助Isis Greg Maxwell 許多襪子木偶賬號 Blockstream 由...資助 Bilderberg Group, AXA and Henri de Castries 他們想窒息區塊鏈 1mb Blocksize limits 比特幣鏈分叉造成大問題 high fees and doesn't scale 閃電網絡18個月 Tweety Birdbrain connection to Donald Trump 他媽的黑鬼和kikes Bonded courier 已經到來並帶來克雷格鑰匙 will sign after Ira Kleinman court case MI6代理人幫助Craig提供了比特幣 Gareth Williams 比特幣SV將迎來新的黃金時代。沒有更多關於歷史的謊言。permanently embedded in Blockchain
Mask wearing is (part of) a new religion (of absolute slavery), so why not? Unfortunately, the elite sponsored orthodoxy almost always wins as they have monopolistic control over the media.
比特币 Bitcoin SV 真的 BSV 比特币SV是真正的比特币 Bitcoin SV is the real bitcoin 克雷格*赖特 Craig Wright 僵硬 The Stiffening 基克流 Kikestream 克雷格*赖特是中本聪 Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto 郁金香信托 Tulip trust 有偿的先令 Paid Shills 民運 Demoralization 发布 Pajeetposting 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-Glownigger system 台灣 臺灣 911 Inside Job 资本主义不是无政府主义-资本主义 Capitalism not Anarcho-Capitalism 梅格格雷格 1 meg greg 资金 Axa Funding Blockstream 无限块大小 Unlimited Blocksize 图灵完成 Turing Complete 生活在区块链上 There is AI Living on the Blockchain 聪视觉 Satoshi Vision 一半 Halvening 唐纳德 特朗普 Donald Trump 高智商 179 IQ 大甩卖 The Big Fat Dump of May 21st 2020 乡绅矿业 Squire Mining 元网 Metanet 福斯特教授 ProfFaustus 他是免费的 He Does It For Free 他僵了 He Stiff 基于和重新填充 Based & Redpilled 他妈的 Fuck blockstream 他妈的 Fuck /r/btc 逆势 /u/Contrarian__ 维基解密是一个骗局 Wikileaks is a Scam 每日剂量 Daily Dose 比特币核心 Bitcoin Core 犹太互联网防卫队 Blockstream Internet Defense Force 一个他妈的1mb的帽子 A Fucking 1mb cap 屠龙者行动 Operation Dragonslayer 现金 Bcash 比特币聪愿景将获胜 BSV will win 不是广告客户友好 Not Advertiser Friendly 配音 Dubs 检查一下 Check em 希特勒没有做错任何事 Hitler Did Nothing Wrong 惩教署 CSW 格雷格,你没事吧? Greg are you okay? 轻拍 Dabbed on 假新闻 Fake news 比特币 BitCoin
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-19/morrison-coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-mandatory/12572992 ... The PM of Australia has revealed an element of the synagogue of satan's plan. With a fake pandemic—really only about 3x worse than the regular flu—they intended to turn all the world's people into cattle/slaves using the same justification that tyrants always use—perceived safety. The satanist elite really want to bring about the 'beast' power as described in the zionist (Jewish supremacist) protocols and book of revelation. They view it as their blueprint, butt they don't believe God will eventually strike them down. They simply want ultimate power and this requires turning everyone else into a slave. The only factor of importance, when judging a pandemic, is deaths and/or infertility/other permanent debilitations. The forced lockdowns for everyone but black-supremacists/communists reveals to anyone that can see/think an extremely sinister agenda—one of genocide of the Aryan/European population and absolute slavery for the rest. Those who surrender to the system and sacrifice all ownership rights—including even ownership over your own body—are no longer human, in that they have lost their free will, and have become as livestock. These livestock will attack all those who reject being assimilated. World war Z, the zombie apocalypse is upon us. ... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-53840086 ... Fortunately the elder satanists have been getting impatient and revealing the intentions a little too quickly/obviously so there appears to be significant push back... resulting in the Australian 'Liberal' (LOL) PM backtracking and sliming his way out of his tyrannical statements.
The writing is literally on the wall... only there is nowhere to run anymore... Not for the vast majority of White 'Europeans,' that is. The most powerful forces in the world are against us. Those of us of an Aryan background worldwide need to unite around parties that are both pro-Aryan and pro-Liberty. They must also have full-spectrum media and paramilitary (confederation of militias) wings. This is the only way to secure a bright future for our folk.
Having reflected on the nature of Jewish power over almost two millenniums, I have concluded that trying to fight Judaism is foolish. Jews rule the Western world, and soon, the Eastern world. They achieved near total victory in WW2. The foolish goyim do whatever they are told. Those who resist, like Brenton Tarrant (if not simply a false flag), only further strengthen their narrative as they (Jews) control the money-media. Resistance is futile. What then is an Aryan to do? Embrace nihilism? Delusion? Nay, we shall join them! If you can't fight them, join them, so the saying goes. Thus the only way to achieve the 14 words and a future for white children is through the embrace of Judaism. We Aryans shall infiltrate the Tribe and their synagogues, we shall become JEWS! Those who say we are not Jews we shall brand antisemitic and not true JEWS. Thus the Jews will no longer be able to destroy us without destroying themselves. HAIL VICTORY!
Kitten Princess Cutie Cutie pie Honey Sweetie Cupcake Sweetheart Adorable Sugar
>If she bleeds she's ready to breed >If he ejaculates, he's ready to seed I completely oppose the present 'morality' of western societies. I think incest is the best way for families to bond. I also think any age limits to sexuality are delusional, except for penetration which can cause physical damage. But in this case, all forms of physical damage to another should be considered negative regardless of age. If you don't believe in Eugenics, there is no reason to oppose even reproductive incest. If you believe in Eugenics then only reproductive incest should be opposed... but some forms of reproductive incest are still better than some forms of outcest, like fucking niggers or ugly fucks. Also when it comes to free expression, there should be no limits so long as this expression is done in private with the consent of those involved. Also free expression on the internet is critical. Consent is not complicated, if someone does not say no or stop, when they have the ability too, they consent.
☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・。゚ ☆・ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ・::・゚★,。・: 。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆ 比特幣Craig Wright 圖靈完成 MI6 毘濕奴生活在區塊鏈上 BSV 是比特幣 Most Blockchain Patents 克雷格(Craig)簽約 Gavin Andresen 格雷格是新婚 Ghislaine Maxwell 幫助資助Isis Greg Maxwell 許多襪子木偶賬號 Blockstream 由...資助 Bilderberg Group, AXA and Henri de Castries 他們想窒息區塊鏈 1mb Blocksize limits 比特幣鏈分叉造成大問題 high fees and doesn't scale 閃電網絡18個月 Tweety Birdbrain connection to Donald Trump 他媽的黑鬼和kikes Bonded courier 已經到來並帶來克雷格鑰匙 will sign after Ira Kleinman court case MI6代理人幫助Craig提供了比特幣 Gareth Williams 比特幣SV將迎來新的黃金時代。沒有更多關於歷史的謊言。permanently embedded in Blockchain
It is appropriate to have a double-standard for promiscuity because of biological differences between men & women. Male biology is alien to monogamy and this evidenced by a few things:
-men have much higher sex drives than women
-men are fertile for much longer
-men cannot get pregnant; this means they never experience a point of physical immobility until age related issues or a crippling disability. If monogamy was rational it would require men to have much lower libido & a much shorter fertility window. Male biology is geared towards fucking as much as possible; this conflicts with a woman's long-term pregnancy, so man is meant to be impregnating multiple women, simultaneously. "Cheating" is an objectively false concept devised by women to try to coerce maximum resource allocation from men. There is no such thing as "cheating" for men.
https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/09/u-s-is-in-middle-east-to-protect-israel-not-for-oil-trump-says/ USA was originally in the Middle East for oil, now the USA is in the Middle East to protect Israel. Trump says it like it is. This is why they hate him so much. Besides this, he's not that different from your average Democrat president a decade ago. If only all Antifa and BLM supporters could be deported to Haiti or Black Nationalist Africa. It is very notable that there are many black nationalist states, but not a single white nationalist state. Why? If you answer that question honestly you will start to wake up. https://www.amren.com/news/2020/09/the-tribalization-of-american-society-a-japanese-perspective/ The comments on this article are great. Japanese people are so insulated from mass immigration, and critical race theory attacking the ethnic Japanese. They end up siding with the Blacks and Communists without understanding because what western news that reaches Japan is controlled by the Synagogue of Satan via outlets like Reuters (Rothschilds et al.) It truely is fully Orwellian… control the media, control the language, control hearts/minds, control the world.
Elves >Hardcore Matriarchal Momdom Mothercon Society>The typical Male is a perfect Trap who engages in incestual relations with his Mother.>A human outsider won't be able to tell an A cup female elf from a male elf when they are clothed
>Some males rebel and leave their Mother to become adventures and/or live among humans.
>Gender roles are somewhat swapped in Elven society, and females typically pursue males of interest. The interests of males and females are generally not that divergent although males can only be advisors in politics, not leaders. Both females and males hunt and fight...
 Giants are just really big humans. They require a lot more food, and so live in more primitive societies hunting big game. That is, unless they have conquered a human kingdom. Sometimes a Queen giantess will mate with her subjects and give birth to litters of children that are dwarf giants. She may also reward her subjects by providing her milk. Sometimes, a giant will impregnate all the women in his kingdom by cumming into a pool that women then enter. This produces ultra-dwarf giants or really big humans.

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